“BIRTHERS” Reaching Critical Mass: Congress Will (Soon) Receive An Earful & Eyeful…What, If Anything, Will They Do? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Stepping into “doo doo” is nothing new at this blog site. In fact, much of it is done sans a pooper scooper! On a personal note, when one owns a large sized Golden Retriever, the aforementioned instrument has more than enough usage. But at least she’s loyal! Regardless, if one is not prepared to get down and dirty, at least every now and again, then nuggets of important truths usually stay buried. Such an outcome is unacceptable. Untenable.

Now, it is imperative to forge ahead with this topic and place the pejorative moniker, “Birthers”, in its rightful place – the garbage heap. For even if Barack HUSSEIN Obama was born in Hawaii (quite possibly in a manger) Americans have every right, even an obligation, to put to rest their growing suspicions, as to whether or not their POTUS is Constitutionally eligible to serve. This is a prerogative of every American citizen. So one has to wonder: Why are said questioners consistently, viciously and vilely defamed? Indeed.

But before we get to the meat of the matter, along comes a “mainstream” media outlet positing the same, be still our Conservative hearts: Yahoo reports Obama born someplace else…perhaps on the moon!  

“A screenshot of the original article (emphasis added) can be seen below:

But no sooner than the beans were spilled, a “revision” was posted to correct her “error”…oh me, oh my, what a tangled web they reflexively weave…may they choke in the process.
http://www.wnd.com/2013/06/uh-oh-yahoo-reports-obama-born-someplace-else/#5yKCi1DUYLViY7XG.99http://www.wnd.com/2013/06/uh-oh-yahoo-reports-obama-born-someplace-else/. Sh-t (further) hitting the fan, so to speak – http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/erik-wemple/wp/2013/06/22/obama-birthplace-mistake-yahoo-news-declines-comment/. Never mind, the “birthers” march on…forward…onward and upward…kadima (as we say in Israel)…


‘Sheriff Arpaio wants this in Congress. That’s where we intend to take it’

  •  Audible gasps, shock, outrage and support for a congressional investigation were the responses by law-enforcement officers, elected officials and attorneys to a presentation by Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse of evidence that Barack Obama’s birth certificate is fraudulent.

Arpaio’s lead investigator, Mike Zullo, made a public presentation Saturday at the annual convention of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association in St. Charles, Mo., then held a closed-door session for police officers, elected officials and others.

Zullo said he was amazed by the number of law-enforcement personnel and others at the conference who were not aware of the evidence that Obama’s birth documentation is fake.

He told Gallups the overwhelming response was “absolute shock,” noting “audible gasps” could often be heard during his presentation.

Zullo said one official came up to him afterwards and said: “I have been purposely ignoring this matter – until now. I will ignore it no longer.”

Several constitutional officers, public officials, attorneys, elected officials and others are now pledging full and personal support for moving the issue to a congressional investigation, Zullo said.

He said the virtual media blackout had kept many of the officials in in attendance uninformed and they are now outraged that they have seen the evidence that they should have seen from the beginning.”

Zullo said the media is being “side-stepped.”

“We are making inroads and contacts that we have never made before,” he said. “This conference is really going to pay off in moving things forward. Very important people are now beginning to see the amassed criminal evidence of perhaps the biggest fraud in American history. They are moved – they are shocked – and they are ready for action. Plans of action are now being laid at this very conference. This meeting could prove to be monumental.”

Obama’s birth certificate became an issue before the 2008 campaign — raised first by Hillary Clinton’s campaign — because of allegations he might not qualify for the presidency as a “natural born citizen.”

Though the Constitution provides no definition, many scholars believe the drafters of the Constitution understood it to mean someone who was born of citizen parents. Obama’s father never was a U.S. citizen, and some critics suspect Obama was not born in the U.S.

Arpaio launched his Cold Case Posse investigation after Maricopa County constituents expressed concern about placing an ineligible candidate on the 2012 presidential ballot.

Zullo recently met with members of Congress concerning the evidence his team has gathered.

After examining the evidence, he said, “They’re looking … and saying, ‘My God, a fifth-grader can see through this.’”

Evidence from Arpaio’s investigation was entered in a legal case pending before the Alabama Supreme Court. It was brought by attorney Larry Klayman on behalf of 2012 Constitution Party presidential nominee Virgil Goode and Alabama Republican Party leader Hugh McInnish, who are seeking to force Alabama Secretary of State Beth Chapman to verify that all candidates on the state’s 2012 ballot were eligible to serve.

The case, dismissed at a lower level, is now before the Alabama Supreme Court, where strict constitutionalist Roy Moore was elected chief justice in November. The case becomes all the more intriguing because Moore is on record previously questioning Obama’s constitutional eligibility to serve as president.

The affidavit in the Alabama case, written by Zullo,says his team “concluded that there was probable cause that forgery and fraud had been committed in respect of two documents: 1) the long-form or original birth certificate computer image presented by Mr. Obama, which contained multiple errors and anomalies, many of them serious and: 2) the selective-service document for Mr. Obama, which contained a two-digit year-stamp.”

“This was contrary to specifications issued by federal regulations to the effect that the year of issue should be expressed as four digits on the stamp, and also contrary to any other selective-service registration document that we had been able to examine,” Zullo wrote.

The evidence, he said, should be put before Congress.

Zullo said Arpaio “continues to recommend that the Congress of the United States open an immediate investigation, including the appointment of a select committee, as regards to the authenticity of Mr. Obama’s documentation, whether any crimes have been committed, and to determine Mr. Obama’s eligibility for the office of president of the United States.”

The Obama administration has dismissed questions about Obama’s eligibility with mockery and ridicule.

In a brief asking that the Alabama case be dismissed, Democrats quoted late-night comedian Jimmy Kimmel.

The party insisted: “In order for one to accept the claim that President Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery [and that he is ineligible], one has to buy into a conspiracy theory so vast and byzantine that it sincerely taxes the imagination of reasonable minds.”

The brief scoffs at “birthers” as a “tiny cabal of zealots” and quotes Kimmel saying: “These people could have personally witnessed Obama being born out of an apple pie, in the middle of a Kansas wheat field, while Toby Keith sang the National Anthem – and they’d still think he was a Kenyan Muslim.”

But Arpaio is one of few law enforcement authorities to look into the issue, and although his work largely has been under the radar in recent months, it is continuing, Zullo’s affidavit confirmed.

In a 2010 interview with WND, Moore said he’d seen no convincing evidence that Obama is a “natural born citizen” – as the U.S. Constitution requires of presidents – and a lot of evidence that suggests he is not.

“This is the strangest thing indeed,” he said. “The president has never produced [evidence] in the face of substantial evidence he was not born in our country. People are accepting it blindly based on their feelings, not on the law.”

More recently, when a majority of the state’s high court denied a 2012 petition filed by McInnish seeking to require an original copy of Obama’s birth certificate before the sitting president would be allowed on the state’s ballot, Justice Tom Parker filed a special, unpublished concurrence in the case arguing that McInnish’s charges of “forgery” were legitimate cause for concern.

Parker wrote: “Mclnnish has attached certain documentation to his mandamus petition, which, if presented to the appropriate forum as part of a proper evidentiary presentation, would raise serious questions about the authenticity of both the ‘short form’ and the ‘long form’ birth certificates of President Barack Hussein Obama that have been made public.”

In his concurrence, Parker described McInnish’s petition: “McInnish seeks from this court a writ of mandamus, directly ordering Beth Chapman, as secretary of state for the State of Alabama, ‘to demand that [President Barack Hussein] Obama cause a certified copy of his bona-fide birth certificate be delivered to her direct from the government official who is in charge of the record in which it is stored, and to make the receipt of such a prerequisite to his name being placed on the Alabama ballot for the … November 6, 2012, general election.’”

Parker, who also wrote a concurrence in another case arguing Roe v. Wade should be overturned, agreed that Arpaio’s findings were legitimate cause to question Obama’s presented documents but nonetheless joined his fellow justices in denying McInnish’s petition.

“The Alabama Constitution implies that this court is without jurisdiction over McInnish’s original petition,” Parker explains. “The office of the secretary of state of Alabama is not a ‘court of inferior jurisdiction’ that this court may control through the issuance of a writ in response to a petition.”

Now, however, the case is coming from a lower court, suggesting the Supreme Court may have some opportunity for action.

Some of Zullo’s evidence:

Zullo testifies that the White House computer image file of Obama’s birth certificate contained anomalies that were unexplainable unless the document had been fabricated piecemeal by human intervention, rather than being copied from a genuine paper document.

“As of the date of this report, this investigation remains open and ongoing and additional forensic evidence continues to be uncovered, further validating the original investigational findings.”

His testimony continued, “Mr. Obama has in fact not offered any verifiable authoritative document of any legal significance or possessing any evidentiary value as to the origins of his purported birth narrative or location of the birth event.

“One of our most serious concerns is that the White House document appears to have been fabricated piecemeal on a computer, constructed by drawing together digitized data from several unknown sources,” Zullo wrote.

Zullo also noted that the governor of Hawaii was unable to produce an original birth document for Obama, and it should have been easy to find.

He said raising further questions is the fact Obama has refused to release: Original, long-form 1961 Hawaiian birth certificate, marriage license between Obama’s father (Barack Sr.) and mother (Stanley Ann Dunham), name change (Barry Sotero to Barack Hussein Obama), Obama’s adoption records, records of Obama’s and his mother’s repatriation as U.S. citizens on return from return from Indonesia, Obama’s baptism records, Noelani Elementary School (Hawaii), Punahou School financial aid or school records, Occidental College financial aid records, Harvard Law School records, Columbia senior thesis, Columbia College records, Obama’s record with Illinois State Bar Association, Obama’s files from career as an Illinois State senator, Obama’s law client list, Obama’s medical records and Obama’s passport records.

In action related to the same case, Klayman asked the court to strike the brief from the Alabama Democratic Party. He called in “frivolous and arrogant” and said “in addition to mocking in disrespectful fashion the seriousness of this case and the integrity of our judicial system, [Democrats] seek to improperly present new evidence not on the record for appeal.”


Aside from all the technical findings and evidence leading in the direction of ineligibility, isn’t the following indicative of a POTUS whose leanings are so antithetical to American ethos, it is more than reasonable to question his bonafides? 

And isn’t it more than curious that his first term has a track record of so many anti-American directional markers?  https://adinakutnicki.com/2012/08/20/americans-hope-to-change-the-occupant-of-the-white-house-an-anti-american-potus-runs-an-un-american-campaign-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/. Inquiring minds need to know: Who is this man?

But as always, getting back to ones roots usually tells the tale, at least in a familial sense – https://adinakutnicki.com/2012/10/11/the-islamist-in-chief-his-kenyan-wahhabi-relatives-obamas-inner-roots-addendum-to-the-ties-that-bind-the-islamist-in-chief-to-sunni-islam-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/. Therefore, the burden of proof is certainly on the POTUS, to finally bring this divisive matter to rest. Or, is he above the law of the land? If this charge sounds like hyperventilating, one has to understand what lengths Obama Inc. will go to in order to protect their man – https://adinakutnicki.com/2013/05/15/regime-gone-wild-obama-inc-repeatedly-caught-with-their-pants-down-where-is-this-leading-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/ . IF they appear as lawbreakers, it is because they are.

Besides, to let the matter rest without a FULL Congressional hearing is a grave dereliction of duty. Again, if Congress can definitively prove that there is no “there there”, then the matter should finally be put to bed. It appears as if some in Congress are catching up to speed, as evidenced within said link – http://obamareleaseyourrecords.blogspot.com/2013/06/breaking-congressman-jeff-duncan-calls.html…and Rep Jeff Duncan lets it rip. 

Stay tuned for more on this issue from the valiant Sheriff, as he will have a press conference on June 28 –http://networkedblogs.com/MwGNT

Those who have nothing to hide have nothing to fear. Simple as that.

UPDATE: Eligibility resurrected ” Most recently, Grace Vuoto of the World Tribune reported that among the experts challenging the birth certificate is certified document analyst Reed Hayes, who has served as an expert for Perkins Coie, the law firm that has been defending Obama in eligibility cases.

“We have obtained an affidavit from a certified document analyzer, Reed Hayes, that states the document is a 100 percent forgery, no doubt about it,” Zullo told the World Tribune.

“Mr. Obama’s operatives cannot discredit [Hayes],” the investigator told the news outlet. “Mr. Hayes has been used as the firm’s reliable expert. The very firm the president is using to defend him on the birth certificate case has used Mr. Hayes in their cases.”

The Tribune reported Hayes agreed to take a look at the documentation and called almost immediately.

“There is something wrong with this,” Hayes had said.

Hayes produced a 40-page report in which he says “based on my observations and findings, it is clear that the Certificate of Live Birth I examined is not a scan of an original paper birth certificate, but a digitally manufactured document created by utilizing material from various sources.”

“In over 20 years of examining documentation of various types, I have never seen a document that is so seriously questionable in so many respects. In my opinion, the birth certificate is entirely fabricated,” he says in the report.”

Nail in the coffin….

RE-SHAKING The “Down Low Skeletons” In The POTUS’s Closet…The Unexplained Remains Hovering Nearby…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

While Doug Haggman, Northeast Intelligence Network’s Director, is male and Christian, and whereas this blogger is female and Jewish, therein lies our obvious differences. HOWEVER, what is most germane exists within our commonalities: We are truth diggers and hard “nuts” to crack. In other words, he is self admittedly not easily persuadable and a skeptic until proven otherwise, but raise it more than a notch, and therein you will find his female counterpart. A typical “Taurus”…a bull in a china shop.

That being said, one also has to have a few screws loose to go around accusing the POTUS of this and that, let alone the real possibility of complicity in the ultimate crime. Yup, you read that right. And this American-Israeli has all mental faculties intact, thank G-d for that. But there is more than a recognition that raised eyebrows often accompany such utterances, as if by dint of becoming a Commander-in-Chief one is no longer capable of being involved in such heinous activities. Hogwash.

Let’s recap: The question was asked, and answered, back in Sept 2012, posited as such: Who Is Barack HUSSEIN Obama & What Is He Hiding? – https://adinakutnicki.com/2012/09/12/breaking-news-addendum-to-who-is-barack-hussein-obama-what-is-he-hiding-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/And assorted corroborating links spell out the dastardly details. Yet to get the readership more currently up to speed, his “missing time”, when Benghazigate blew, tells us all we need to know and even brings some imponderables into sharper perspective – https://adinakutnicki.com/2013/05/24/whatwho-was-occupying-obamas-missing-time-as-americans-died-in-benghazi-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/.

Yet specifically, regarding the “re-shaking” aspect, how about trying this one on for evidence-worthy scope – https://adinakutnicki.com/2012/10/03/the-down-low-potus-and-rev-wrights-guiding-hand-trinity-churchs-many-secrets-stripped-naked-addendum-to-mysterious-deaths-never-far-from-barack-hussein-obama-commentary-by-adina-kutn/

More than a slam dunk.

‘Author Larry Sinclair on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report this Thursday’ – audio embedded!


The Hagmann & Hagmann Report – Doug Hagmann

10 June 2013: Join us for power-packed radio broadcast on Thursday, June 13, 2013 when we are joined by our special guest Larry Sinclair (website), author of Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair – Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder?

As a long-time professional investigator,  I was initially skeptical of the claims made by Mr. Sinclair. Perhaps it was a case of mistaken identity, I thought, as I interviewed Mr. Sinclair about his reported experiences with Barry Soetoro, a/k/a Barack Hussein Obama, while Obama was a junior senator from Illinois. Accounts of consensual sex and illicit drug usage by the putative President of the United States?

As Mr. Sinclair provided detail after detail, my skepticism waned until it disappeared completely – and I consider myself a pretty “hard-sell.”  After reading his new book, I am even more convinced of the veracity of  Mr. Sinclair’s account and why it matters today. Acordingly, it is our honor to have him as our guest this week.

Please join us for what promises to be a riveting show Thursday, June 13, 2013 during the final two hours of our broadcast.


In this regard, is it any wonder that Obama Inc. is desperate to shut Doug Hagmann up, one way or another? https://adinakutnicki.com/2013/06/09/a-political-dissidents-list-dhs-insider-confirms-the-true-intent-of-nsas-spying-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/. In addition, his revelations of a “political dissidents” list smacks of an out of control POTUS at the helm. 

Aside from the above preponderance of truths, it must also be recognized: A penchant for crossing all boundaries in ones personal life – https://adinakutnicki.com/2013/02/21/the-continued-adventures-of-the-down-low-potus-his-previous-body-double-reggie-love-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/ – which led to the above charges in the first place, plus ignoring the rule of law – again and again – lends more credence, than not, that this is a man who is capable of anything. As such, scandal after scandal must be kept at the forefront; as his horrific stewardship underlines the unvarnished, inherent nature of the leader of the free world – https://adinakutnicki.com/2013/05/15/regime-gone-wild-obama-inc-repeatedly-caught-with-their-pants-down-where-is-this-leading-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/.

Let’s give the besieged POTUS the benefit of the doubt, regarding the more than suspicious death, at the age of 33, of an award winning investigative journalist, one who brought down Obama’s General McChrystal. He died yesterday in a HIGHLY unusual fiery car crash, hot on the heels of his most recent expose’ regarding the runaway NSA, and whose most recent contact also happened to be with Assange from Wiki Leaks –http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/timstanley/100222652/wikileaks-says-michael-hastings-contacted-it-just-before-his-death-are-they-implying-he-was-murdered/. But don’t be distracted by the “truther” moniker in the above link, oftentimes such bugaboos are used to silence questioners. YES, 9/11/01 was executed by Islamic terrorists, and Bush’s regime had nothing to do with imploding the towers. So by conflating the term “truther” with other conspiracy-laden matters, well….besides, dying in a car crash is not unusual, but this type is more than one in a million. Just something to ruminate over…and in absolute need of the deepest forensic examination, atop hiring the most competent expert to recreate said (more than unusual) crash….UPDATE: Hastings sent revealing email to colleagues right before his death – http://ktla.com/2013/06/21/exclusive-hastings-sent-colleagues-email-hours-before-crash/#axzz2X6fLzQmI 

Jury or not, it is increasingly clear that he has actual skeletons to hide and their rattling is not for nothing…pleading to come to the forefront.

The Commander-in-Chief…a human train wreck. Dropping like flies!

The Totalitarian Grip Of Obama Inc & Its Nexus To Germany’s ‘Iron Curtain’…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but everything required to ensure its rise took place, one brick at a time. And this comparison is more than resonant, particularly when attempting to understand the horrific “transformation” (hope and change-like) of America into a (on the brink) totalitarian-ruled nation. Yet even though the building blocks originated decades ago, it has become abundantly clear that the rise of Obama Inc. was meant to cement its cornerstones into a done deal.

Thus, NSA’s current task (aside from foreign spying and other necessary security operations), TOTAL spying, more than supports said thesis. Besides, their underlying DOMESTIC gig is painfully obvious, apart from the denials exhorted by the willfully blind or the dangerously malevolent. Never mind Obama Inc’s shrill lies to the contrary, now that they have been caught behaving like a security appendage of a police state – https://adinakutnicki.com/2013/06/15/rep-maxine-waters-corrupt-to-her-core-a-racist-to-boot-revealed-obama-incs-surveillance-game-plan-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/Mission (almost) accomplished.

A few months ago this blog posited a shocking theory; one which resonated around cyberspace, and the reaction from readers veered from abject fear to “this can’t be” true. Well, it is. The commentary asserts: from a historical perspective, the glaring comparisons between DHS and Germany, both during the Nazi era and until the Berlin Wall fell, are acutely parallel. Its proofs and efficacy can be read within these links –https://adinakutnicki.com/2013/02/16/the-disturbingdangerous-parallels-between-dhs-nazi-germanys-gestapo-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/…with an understanding in mind between the morphing of socialism and Nazism, and their common hatred of Judeo-Christian ethos – https://adinakutnicki.com/2013/01/06/the-morphing-of-socialism-nazism-one-the-same-their-hatred-of-judeo-christian-ethics-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/. Moreover, now that NSA’s total spying on ALL American citizens has been outed, the following likeness to Nazi Germany’s police state is more than efficacious – https://adinakutnicki.com/2013/06/07/america-police-state-in-the-making-the-muzzling-of-citizen-journalistsbloggers-nsa-spying-on-millions-too-what-say-you-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/.

As such, in the same manner in which history’s ‘Iron Curtain’ descended, so too is America’s, under the (mis)reign of Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

‘Obama’s ‘Iron Curtain’ descends on America’ – By Judi McLeod – Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Under Obama, the net is getting tighter. The IRS spied on average citizens who make up the nation’s Tea Party groups, among others identified as ‘Enemies of the State’

Under the Marxist rule of President Barack Hussein Obama, Uncle Sam morphs day by day into ‘Uncle Satan’.  Ironic when contemplating that Iran has long called America “the great Satan”.

Comfortable with the guarantee the government will look after them from cradle to grave, few see the walls going up around them.Far more wily than Uncle Sam or Uncle Sugar, ‘Uncle Satan’ lures scores of U.S. citizens motivated by entitlement mentality with food stamps,  free cell phones and unquestioned access to social security,  into a trap from which they will never escape.

Canada Free Press (CFP) reader Alan Beckler sends interesting but chilling thoughts about the walls going up around American citizens today.

Dire warnings from this excerpt from ‘The Rise and Fall of the Berlin Wall’ will be lost on low information voters dependent on government handouts but will send chills down the spines of the millions who see that the IRS and Justice Department scandals mark the beginning of the ultimate capture of the U.S. citizenry.“While doing some Cold War research today, I ran across a most interesting article on the Berlin Wall history. Attached is an excerpt. What is so chilling is that one could change the German names to present administration names and with our current IRS and DOJ ‘scandals’, it is really chilling.

Nothing in the Common Core curriculum teaches children about the fate of ordinary people trapped behind the Berlin Wall.  Their teachers likely think of the Wall in terms of Alfred Hitchcock’s movies.

It was only 24 years ago; roughly one generation ago, that the Berlin Wall came down.  Celebrations televised worldwide were joyous, people scaled the wall, with souvenir hunters taking chunks of it home for the mantle piece.  Like the tragedies of many wars, too soon forgotten were the 5,000 people who attempted to escape over an Iron Curtain, that stood for 28 long years, including their estimated death toll of well over 600.

Just like some governments we know determined to never let any crisis go to waste, the Socialists watched for the right moment to entrap their own citizens in 1961 Germany.

“Building workers in East Berlin’s Stalinallee confronted by a 10% production quota increase saw no reason to strain themselves for a meagre paypacket, and on June 16, 1953 they stopped work. Next day their action was repeated in over 350 towns and cities across the DDR.

“Strikes became demonstrations, not just for new economic policies, but for free, Germany-wide elections and an end to the all-pervading Socialist Party rule. The East German government was at a loss. Soviet tanks rolled in, the uprising was put down and several hundred lost their lives. In that year, another 332,000 would leave for the West. Committed communist poet Bertolt Brecht suggested it might be easier for the government to dismiss the population and vote in a new one.

“That was it. The gloves were off. Ulbricht tightened his control, branded any and all vocal opposition as the criminal actions of those favouring a return to fascism, militarism and atomic war. Citizens’ private lives were opened to public scrutiny and direction. Religion was ‘out’, weddings were to be conducted in Registry Offices only, and young people taking Confirmation could lose their right to education. Under the direction of First Secretary Erich Honecker, all western-facing television aerials were to be destroyed. The single Trade Union was to focus on the new slogan: “World Competition” – in other words, more work!

“Art too was to be State-directed. Walter Ulbricht wanted no more abstracts of “rotten fish and lunar landscapes”, rather heroic portraits of working men, with muscular arms, powerful chests and proud smiles on their faces. Historic buildings were left to fall while new faceless identical blocks were put up in endless rows. Germany’s legacy of historic palaces became kindergartens or old people’s homes.

“… It was decided to soften the population and win hearts. In 1958 rationing of fats, meat and sugar was ended – though with no guarantees of sufficient supplies! Economically there was to be a great leap forward; industrial production was to be expanded, with the illusory aim of overtaking the West by 1961. At the same time however, many previously independent firms were nationalized, and peasants were forced into unpopular Agricultural Cooperatives. So unpopular were they in fact, that peasants unwilling to cooperate were imprisoned. But discontent remained. In 1959 another 143,000 left, and one year later, 199,000.

“During the 1960s both in East Germany and in the Soviet Union, economic policy fluctuated uncertainly between central control and a limited free market economy. Ulbricht brought new people into his administration with new ideas on market competition and productivity. For a time East Germany became world competitive but only in a very few sectors – and the living standards of East German citizens, having risen slightly and briefly, remained stagnant then began to fall as consumer shortages again became apparent. State deficits grew rapidly, world competitiveness became a far-off dream, and discontent continued to mount.

“Economic and budgetary distortions remained, making it difficult either to direct resources or to control a budget. Social subsidies remained on a variety of goods and services including public transport, rents, food and the arts. And the economy was weighed down by an enormous bureaucracy, as well as the Stasi (Staats Sicherheit = State Security), a massive spying operation itself employing thousands, “assisted” by equal numbers of Inoffiziellen Mitarbeitern or unofficial collaborators, unfortunate citizens who had been blackmailed using some minor indiscretion into informing on neighbours and their movements.

“Everyone came to suspect everyone else; after the Fall of the Wall, West Germans (Wessies) would come over to the East and exclaim how dirty everything was and why couldn’t people paint their houses. One simple reason: no paint. But if you did manage to lay your hands on a pot of paint or a length of timber, your neighbours would cross the street to avoid you, assuming that you had to be spying or a Party member.

“Only after Unification, did the full extent of Stasi activities become known, as some 180 kilometers of files and 35 million other documents came to public view. In addition there were numerous photos, sound documents, and tapes of telephone conversations. The psychological impact on the population was almost worse than their physical shortages.”

“Does this have a familiar ring to it as a possibility?”, Beckler asks in this morning’s email to CFP.

By the time socialist governments throw the net over their citizens, it is almost always already too late to escape.

Under Obama, the net is getting tighter.  The IRS spied on average citizens who make up the nation’s Tea Party groups, among others identified as ‘Enemies of the State’.  The same IRS hired by Obama to administer ObamaCare.

Yesterday when Tea Party groups protested in cross-country demonstrations, armed Dept. of Homeland Security agents were out in full force.

Barack Obama’s ‘Iron Curtain’ is descending on America.

http://canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/55383demonstrated herein too, as DHS sends armed ! guards and helicopters to monitor Tea Party IRS protestors – http://clashdaily.com/2013/05/dhs-sends-armed-guards-and-helicopters-to-monitor-tea-party-irs-protests/. Nazi-like.

It must be internalized: Sans said parallel totalitarian building  blocks, it would have been verily impossible for an entire administration to become mired in so many anti-liberty activities – bordering on explosions – if they weren’t backed by a majority within each and every power center, and then some. So, one travels from Benghazigate  – http://adinakutnicki.com/2013/05/18/benghazigates-nuggets-thinking-outside-the-box-leads-to-the-missing-most-intrinsic-piece-of-the-indictment-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/ …to all the place markers  causing the regime to go wild, and the curtain lifts –https://adinakutnicki.com/2013/05/15/regime-gone-wild-obama-inc-repeatedly-caught-with-their-pants-down-where-is-this-leading-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/ .

As scary, awful and as depressing as it is, there is simply no other conclusion: An impending ‘Iron Curtain’ will blind generations of Americans to come, if not thwarted.

An American nightmare! A western calamity!

The POTUS’s “Enemies List”: Stalwart Patriots Snagged By NSA/DHS/IRS/DOJ…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

As IRSgate heats up, Benghazigate alike and DOJ too, investigators/journalists from the alternative media are increasingly within NSA’s (DHS’s) surveillance net. It is overwhelmingly obvious: Obama Inc. is engaged in a KGB-like sweep via an “enemies list”. In fact, the NSA’s “warnings” to Doug Hagmann, from Northeast Intelligence Network, are clear as a bell – https://adinakutnicki.com/2013/06/07/america-police-state-in-the-making-the-muzzling-of-citizen-journalistsbloggers-nsa-spying-on-millions-too-what-say-you-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/.

All of the erupting scandals have two glaring common denominators: the factor of intimidation via a lawless regime gone wild – https://adinakutnicki.com/2013/05/15/regime-gone-wild-obama-inc-repeatedly-caught-with-their-pants-down-where-is-this-leading-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/…and what is not so obvious is how the co-option of government powers is less about targeting terrorists (via the Patriot Act), but spying into every citizen’s business; whether a grade schooler on the internet, or a grandparent talking to the kiddies on skype. Their prying “eyes” are everywhere.

Now, readers are familiar with a focus of this blog, particularly, the tracking and tracing of the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia. Within this purview lies an array of investigators and diggers to depend upon, as well as a highly chosen library of books dealing with the subject matter at hand.

 A “bible” of sorts, often used as back up research and resource material for this site, is none other than ‘Muslim Mafia: Inside The Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America’, by Dave Gaubatz. As a matter of record, its essence was highlighted in one of the first commentaries at this blog – https://adinakutnicki.com/2012/07/25/the-muslim-mafia-aka-the-brotherhood-their-overarching-plan-what-it-means-for-americas-future-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/Therefore, it is more than disturbing to learn that he too has become a victim of Obama Inc’s IRS vendetta squad.



Gaubatz audited after book exposed CAIR tax fraud

June 5, 2013
by Dr. Richard Swier

In a strange twist of fate, it appears that in 2009 the IRS targeted Iraq War veteran David Gaubatz who was involved in exposing the HAMAS front group Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR). Based upon Gaubatz’s book Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret World that’s Conspiring to Islamize AmericaRep. Sue Myrick, R-N.C., and other congressional leaders asked the IRS to investigate CAIR. Gaubatz’s book called attention to CAIR’s missing IRS filings and foreign donations.

World Net Daily reports, “At the same time the Internal Revenue Service delayed or denied requests for tax-exempt status from hundreds of conservative non-profit groups, it was quietly restoring the tax-exempt status of an Islamist front group accused of collaborating with terrorists. Last year, the politicized agency reinstated the Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations’ tax-exempt status despite years of delinquent tax filings. CAIR officials had met with officials inside the White House before the decision was made.”

In an email to WDW Gaubatz states, “Once my book (Muslim Mafia) came out in 2009, I got a letter from the IRS for an audit. They wanted a copy of my book, info about the Center for Security Policy, World Net Daily, etc… and then slammed me with a $146,000 tax bill. I had always completed my taxes on time and paid what I owed. I had two accountants go through my tax info, and in actuality the IRS owed me, but I am too small to fight the govt. Now they take it out of my disability pension (from war in Iraq).”

Gaubatz notes, “Anna Prillaman (IRS Tax Compliance Officer from Richmond, VA office) was reviewing my book Muslim Mafia, and wanted to know exactly which mosques I visited in 2007 and 2008…The IRS insisted I list the individual mosques.” Prillaman gave Gaubatz 15 days to respond to the tax bill.

World Net Daily notes, “Though Democrat-connected CAIR did not officially endorse Obama, many of its staffers helped turn out the Muslim vote for his re-election. CAIR boasted that its own polling showed more than 85 percent of Muslim-Americans voted for Obama. In 2011, the IRS stripped the group’s national office of its nonprofit status for failure to file annual tax reports as required by federal law.”

“During the years CAIR failed to disclose its donors to the government, it solicited funds from Libya, Sudan and other terror-sponsoring foreign governments, according to ‘Muslim Mafia‘. CAIR is not registered as a foreign agent. CAIR repeatedly failed to file its annual disclosure report, IRS Form 990. CAIR blames a clerical error for the delinquency and claims to have completed the forms. However, several news organizations, including Politico.com and Gannett Co., have asked CAIR for the 2007-2010 documents, and CAIR has not been able to produce them,” states World Net Daily.

CAIR’s is an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terror-financing case, this failure to comply with federal disclosure laws is all the more troubling,” U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf, the co-chairman of the Congressional Human Rights Caucus, wrote the IRS in a separate request for investigation in 2011.

World Net Daily found:

CAIR’s terrorist ties run deep. The Justice Department lists it among U.S. front groups for Hamas, a Palestinian terrorist organization. And several CAIR officials have been convicted or deported on terrorism-related charges.

The FBI says that until suspicious ties between the leadership of CAIR and that of Hamas are resolved, it will no longer work with CAIR as a partner in counter-terrorism efforts.

Despite these red flags, the IRS in June 2012 sent CAIR-Foundation Inc. a letter stating the controversial nonprofit had regained its tax-exempt status as a 501(c)3. At the same time, the IRS demanded tea party and other patriot groups turn over donor rolls, membership lists and contacts with political figures, among other things, before the agency would consider granting tax-exempt status to them.

CAIR Foundation, which is listed at the same 453 New Jersey Ave. address as CAIR’s national headquarters in Washington, told the Washington Post that “all the paperwork issues have been resolved” concerning the organization.

However, WND has obtained CAIR-Foundation Inc.’s latest filing, and even this tax document is incomplete. It is a partial return for the calendar year 2011, covering only the period from Aug. 9, 2011, to Dec. 31, 2011. The final page of the return, in fact, requests an extension from the IRS.

“Additional time is required to obtain information necessary in filing a complete and accurate return,” states CAIR’s accountant Joey Musmar.

The filing says the organization solicited $3,964,990 in gifts, grants and other contributions that “were not tax deductible.” An annual fundraiser raised a net $106,879.

At the beginning of 2011, CAIR’s liabilities exceeded its assets by $940,279.

It also owed “CAIR Inc.” $722,261 for “charity consulting.” This amount is listed as a “loan.” CAIR Inc. is listed as a “C Corp.”

CAIR insists its tax returns for 2007-2010 exist. Yet it still won’t produce them, despite repeated requests. According to the IRS, nonprofits must make their tax returns available to the public upon request.

CAIR lists Todd Gallinger, director of chapter development, as its contact for such matters, at (202) 488-8787 and tgallinger@cair.com.

It’s not clear what, if anything, the IRS investigated concerning CAIR’s filings. The agency did not respond to requests for comment.


It is NO accident that CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood’s US propaganda arm, receives favorable status from the IRS, as opposed to Dave Gaubatz, a patriotic warrior like few others. And this disparate treatment is par for the IRS’s course, even before Obama Inc. completely co-opted the agency.

In fact, this blog detailed an investigative series which dealt with the IRS’s partiality to the ISM – another hydra from Islamic jihad – bluntly described herein – https://adinakutnicki.com/about/.

Memo to fellow patriots: Grab a cup of coffee, tea, or whatever (non-inebriating) drink you prefer, perhaps a sweet or two, and view this clip – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdPpdu8OGDQ – entitled, ‘The Spy Factory: Nova’.  Not only is it completely relevant to the domestic spying at hand, but it will blow your socks off. It will prove, beyond a doubt, that NSA’s spying failed to stop 9/11/01, even though all their conversations/movements were recorded all the way from Yemen to many cities within the U.S. In effect, while their failure to thwart the largest terror attack on American soil was spectacular in its scope, the agency’s powers have not diminished, but grown exponentially, despite said massive intelligence failure. Unfathomable.

This blog can’t speak for anyone else, but it is manifestly clear: NSA, as it stands, is a hindrance, rather than an effective intelligence security agency. More to the point, their non-paralleled failure – by refusing to hand over the 9/11/01 plotters’ conversations  while already ! in the U.S. and hiding in plain sight – not only indicts them, but proves that their potential for abuse is staggering. And now that millions of Americans are in their tapping sights, undoubtedly NSA’s mind boggling surveillance must become priority number one and reined in!

America, Police State-In-The-Making: The Muzzling Of Citizen Journalists/Bloggers; NSA Spying On Millions Too…What Say You? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

EVERY generation has its burden to bear, and most are familiar with the hell on earth wrought by Hitler’s totalitarian regime and its onerous consequences for the world. Most significantly, failure to stop his evil designs wiped out half of world Jewry, and other “undesirables” similarly died under his boot! YET, even though many of the signs were evident, well before millions were burned in his furnaces, few stood up to be counted, while they could. And we all know how said silence turned out, as a result, many millions were thrown into the crematoriums with barely a whimper from within and without Europe.

Of course, the Iranian regime is seen as the current Hitlerite incarnation, but this is self evident because its leadership continually promises to wipe out half of world Jewry, as well as others who thwart their hegemonic designs. Even so, Obama Inc., as leader of the free world, is more than dragging its feet – https://adinakutnicki.com/2013/06/06/the-ultimate-betrayal-from-barack-hussein-obama-towards-israel-the-poison-pill-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/ – proving how far America has fallen into the pit under his stewardship. History repeats.

NEVERTHELESS, what is less obvious is the lengths this renegade regime will go to in order to execute their plans, even after being caught in scandal after scandal – https://adinakutnicki.com/2013/05/15/regime-gone-wild-obama-inc-repeatedly-caught-with-their-pants-down-where-is-this-leading-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/But the following report should thrust this issue straight into the forefront, if not, nothing else will. For the targeting of the head of Northeast Intelligence Network absolutely demonstrates that alternative media is decidely in their cross hairs. 

‘Surveillance & Intimidation by the Obama regime’ – Northeast Intelligence Network’

4 June 2013: I have been outspoken about Barack Hussein Obama (a/k/a Barry Soetoro) and his list of lies and deception, but have not limited my investigation and criticism to him or his administration alone. I have, however, reported extensively on the murderous attacks at Benghazi and the entanglement of lies involved in that attack. I have spoken to and interviewed government whistle blowers, and now they are in danger.  I have developed certain contacts in the press, all which will remain undisclosed. I will state, however, that some of my press contacts are related to a certain “scandal” that has made national and international news. While that “scandal” (read CRIME) is still percolating just below the surface, too few have done and said too little.

Suddenly – without breaking any laws whatsoever, in my quest for truth, I find myself in a rather “uncomfortable” position – a situation that has pretty large fingerprints and dire potential consequences for ALL journalists, citizen journalists, bloggers, and ANYONE who is simply seeking the truth. On the advice of counsel already contacted, I have been instructed not to say much. Yet. But I will not be muzzled, nor shall the truth.

Folks, we are at war… a war for the very freedoms men and women before us have died. My search for the truth will not be stopped by the Chicago mob, the Washington mob, or any other criminal enterprise.  YOUR freedoms are at stake. YOUR Constitutional rights are at stake. It’s time to wake up and wake others up to what is happening around them – around you… and soon, TO you.

Please read this… use social media to share it. Tell others. WARN OTHERS. Get informed. Click here for the details by Marinka Peschmann. Today. Now. While we still have the chance. I am asking for your help.

More will follow… you can take that to the bank, err, I mean your mattress – http://www.homelandsecurityus.com/archives/8555.

Yes, the links are imperative to read, in order to internalize the depth of Obama Inc.’s crimes. Marinka Peschmann deftly lays bare this criminal regime, posing as America’s leadership. 

IF anyone thought that previous commentaries comparing DHS and attendant security services (NSA included, as it SEIZES phone records of millions of customers, most of whom pose no risk to national security – http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/jun/5/nsa-seizes-phone-records-verizon-customers/…and their sweep SPECIFICALLY targets millions of Americans, yet EXCLUDES foreigners –http://www.forbes.com/sites/andygreenberg/2013/06/05/nsas-verizon-spying-order-specifically-targeted-americans-not-foreigners/) to Germany’s SS was overreach, well, the linked commentaries should put that fantasy to rest – https://adinakutnicki.com/2013/02/16/the-disturbingdangerous-parallels-between-dhs-nazi-germanys-gestapo-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/The parallels are absolutely stunning in (historical) context, and this is without yesteryear’s Nazi SS fielding today’s technology!

And it is precisely why whistle blowers are feverishly in their sights, admonished to stand down and to shut their traps – or else –  http://adinakutnicki.com/2013/05/04/dhs-a-malevolent-anti-american-behemoth-targeting-whistleblowers-patriots-valerie-jarretts-fiefdom-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/

Similarly, Rosen, though a FOX News mainstream journalist and not part of the alternative media like Doug Hagmann, found himself in their dragnet, along with other reporters. Know this: IF the NSA’s ILLEGAL sweep ensnares a veteran investigator and journalist from Northeast Intelligence Network, none of us will be safe. Not only that, if allowed to spy on millions, as if average citizens are deemed guilty without probable cause, then America is no different than a police state. Most significantly, the leadership will eventually silence one and all. And THAT’s their end goal. 

UPDATE: and the following was posted by Glenn Beck, on the heels of this blog’s latest commentary – http://www.wnd.com/2013/06/beck-not-a-jew-alive-if-hitler-had-obamas-tech/…more than stunning in its related implications.

FURTHER UPDATE to NSA’s surveillance of Doug Hagmann, Northeast Intelligence’s Director – http://www.homelandsecurityus.com/archives/8638…as spooky as it gets…

WOE To All “Bitter Clingers”: Yes, They’re Coming To CONFISCATE Your Guns! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Getting caught with ones pants down – skirts alike – is surely an embarrassing moment, but it can be enlightening for the onlookers, voyeurism beside the point. Such is the case with hot button issues like gun confiscation, aka gun control. 

As patriots bear witness to leftists going postal, it behooves those who cherish liberty and freedom to take their threats to heart, even when seemingly irrational – https://adinakutnicki.com/2013/01/03/leftists-go-postal-over-gun-control-threatening-to-kill-legal-gun-owners-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/They are deadly serious.

In fact, the left has been gunning for the Second Amendment for decades, and has no intent of letting up, especially with the Radical-in-Chief shielding their backs. But it is also the case, a weakened POTUS is less likely to own the political capital required to get the job done, if patriots keep up all due pressure – https://adinakutnicki.com/2013/05/15/regime-gone-wild-obama-inc-repeatedly-caught-with-their-pants-down-where-is-this-leading-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/. Nevertheless, stay alert to the signs, so you don’t get caught with YOUR pants down!

In the main, their quest is endless, even if abusing the kiddies is the primary way forward. For if this is not the case, then how could the following take place? – https://adinakutnicki.com/2013/03/16/gun-control-madness-its-after-shocks-directly-related-to-students-gun-stores-too-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/

Most ominously, when the biggest criminal gang in the world, the UN, is the POTUS’s “go” to address, then Americans (westerners alike) have no choice but to remain hyper-vigilant – https://adinakutnicki.com/2013/03/28/obama-crew-march-in-lock-step-with-un-thugs-chiefly-to-disarm-americans-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/. Washington’s current leadership are evil incarnate, as they ignore the purview of Congress in matters requiring its assent – http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/kerry-arms-treaty/2013/06/03/id/507825?s=al&promo_code=13B4C-1…thus, hewing to UN dictates!

So while the following is not good news, it can be utilized to turn the electoral screws on all those seeking to gut the Constitutional right to bear arms. A silver “bullet” in appropriate hands.

‘Ooops… Hot mic reveals lawmakers intent to confiscate guns’


Please comment on this article at Canada Free Press

By Douglas J. Hagmann

14 May 2013: Every American gun owner, regardless of the state in which you live, is presently or will be the target of gun confiscation. A state-by-state framework of confiscation is being erected in front of us all to strip us of our rights under the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Proof of this nefarious intent of disarming citizens was serendipitously caught by a “hot” microphone at the conclusion of the May 9, 2013 meeting of the New Jersey State Legislature.

At the conclusion of the New Jersey Senate Budget & Appropriations Committee meeting last Thursday, an open microphone caught three state senators, identified by voice as Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg, Assistant Majority Leader Sandra Cunningham, Senate Majority Whip Linda Greenstein, and at least one staff member talking candidly about their intent to confiscate all guns from the people they serve. It should be noted that Senator Loretta Weinberg is the chief proponent of the anti-gun legislation being moved through the New Jersey State Senate.

For anyone doubting the bitter contempt these legislators hold for gun owners and pro-Constitutionalists, a YouTube video that captured the “open microphone moment” is available for review here.Although some of the candid conversation is a bit difficult to discern due to the ambient noise, their message is clear. “We need[ed] a bill that was going to confiscate, confiscate, confiscate,”stated one high ranking senate member. “They don’t care about the bad guys.  All they want to do is have their ‘little guns’ and do whatever they want with them,” added another in an obviously demeaning manner. Another conceded that gun owners do, in fact, want to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, but added that “they don’t have any regulations to do it.” Oh really?

During the second hour of The Hagmann & Hagmann Report that aired last night, we interviewed the highly credentialed Scott Bach, Esq., Executive Director of the Association of the New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs who explained the draconian laws being written and passed in the State of New Jersey. “Clearly, this is about nothing less than disarming the American public, and the current battleground is in New Jersey,”  stated Mr. Bach. “You might not be experiencing it in your state… yet, but you will. It’s just a matter of time.”

We must do everything we can to preserve, protect and defend our Second Amendment rights, or we will lose much more. Regardless of where you live, the fight is coming to you, if it has not yet arrived. We must be proactive, and yes, we can make our voices heard to counter the utter contempt of these lawmakers regardless of your state of residence – while we still have the chance. Let’s hold these opponents to our constitutional rights accountable for their words and actions.

The time is now, and the fight has been left to us. Make your views known and your voice heard by contacting the NJ Senate Majority Office by phone (609-847-3700) and/or fax (609-633-7254). Do it before it disappears as an option.

More information: Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs – A grassroots organization fighting to preserve our Second Amendment rights.


Chillingly, did you know that the Radical-in-Chief has a “litmus test” for his military commanders? In fact, this topic was duly explored herein – https://adinakutnicki.com/2013/06/01/u-s-chairman-of-joint-chiefs-of-staff-fires-a-decorated-commander-the-costs-of-teaching-the-truth-about-islamic-jihad-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/ …and Gen Dempsey was its star. Most tellingly, the wayward Commander-in-Chief doesn’t care a whit about their loyalty to America, but quite the opposite, asking: How willing are they to shoot American citizens? Think this is crazy talk? NOT so fast. 


Posted 01.26.13 by Greg Campbell, TPNN Contributor

By Greg Campbell
TPNN Contributor

Noble Peace Prize nominee and humanitarian Dr. Jim Garrow is not known for outrageous accusations. Dedicated to his humanitarian work, he has not ventured into the spotlight for a moment other than to write a book about the trouble of China’s one-child policy. That has changed as he has recently divulged information he says he received from a former senior military leader in the Obama Administration.

Garrow announced,

“I have just been informed by a former senior military leader that Obama is using a new ‘litmus test’ in determining who will stay and who must go in his military leaders. Get ready to explode folks. ‘The new litmus test of leadership in the military is if they will fire on US citizens or not.’ Those who will not are being removed.”

Dr. Jim Garrow has spent the last 16 years rescuing baby girls from the harsh realities and near-certain death of China’s one-child-per-couple rule. From his efforts to raise awareness of the problem and his willingness to facilitate the adoption of these infants, it is estimated that he has saved 40,000 babies and has been considered for a Nobel Peace Prize. While he has not released who his source is, Garrow has maintained a pretty low profile and seems to not be associated with any fringe ideologies.

It is a bold accusation, but one that fits into a bigger picture. As America becomes, arguably, more and more polarized, states have discussed secession and state and county officials all across the country have publicly claimed that they will refuse to enforce executive orders that violate the Second Amendment.

Whether one agrees that America should be so polarized or not, the fact remains that this revelation comes at a time when America is deeply divided on a variety of issues ranging from gun rights to the basic question of how to solve any one of our fiscal crises. With such deep divides, the issue of secession has been discussed and people all across the country have expressed worry at a looming federal presence.

Added to the volatile mix of ideologies is the recent executive orders that were aimed at enacting gun control measures and the near-constant threat of outright bans on many firearms. Such speculation has fueled dissent and discussion amongst mainstream Americans as to how far the government ought to be allowed to go.

The Washington Free Beacon recently reported that the head of Central Command, Marine Corps Gen. James Mattis is being dismissed by President Obama and will leave his post in March. While unwilling to divulge the source, Garrow stated, “The man who told me this is one of America’s foremost military heroes.”

If what Garrow says is true, than this is sure to rouse anger and distrust from conservatives across the country who have accused the president of exceeding his authority on numerous occasions and have voiced concern over sweeping policies that are of dubious legalities. If Obama is preparing to stock his inner-circle with only those that will follow his orders beyond what should rightfully be expected from soldiers who have sworn to protect this nation, than America may see a turbulent four years.

The true irony of Obama’s presidency is that while reports such as the aforementioned have surfaced and as drone attacks continue across the globe and families mourn the loved ones lost as a result of the Justice Department’s flood of weapons to Mexican cartels, President Obama actually received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009.


And those who dismiss the notion that martial law couldn’t happen in the streets of America, especially when a “crisis” presents itself, it is already a done deal – http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2013/05/pentagon-unilaterally-grants-itself-authority-over-civil-disturbances-2648202.html?utm_medium=verticalresponse&utm_campaign=&utm_content=beforeit39snews-verticalresponse&utm_source=direct-b4in.info&utm_term=http%3A%2F%2Fb4in.info%2Fc4V2. Moreover, it was previously posited at this blog – https://adinakutnicki.com/2013/03/23/signs-of-civil-war-could-lead-to-martial-law-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/. Indeed, Boston’s jihad tested the waters – https://adinakutnicki.com/2013/05/11/the-opening-of-a-pandoras-box-martial-law-via-jihad-in-boston-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/

So “bitter clingers”, yes, cling to your guns like a life raft. Live free or die. It’s that stark. That clear. Deadly serious.

Holder’s DOJ, As If On Cue, Bellies Up To Invoke Islamic “Blasphemy” Laws In The USA!…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

HOT on the heels of Friday’s commentary, ‘Freedom of Speech: Its Evisceration of All Meaning, Its Collision Course With Moral Relativism’ – https://adinakutnicki.com/2013/05/31/freedom-of-speech-its-evisceration-of-all-meaning-its-collision-course-with-moral-relativismhistoricism-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/…along comes a major Exhibit attesting to its veracity, and a bonafide test case as well. Oh, how fast the (Constitutional) dominoes fall. Again, this site lays no claim to soothsayer status. None at all.

Regardless, one must first internalize what is animating DOJ, as they effectively mandate the institution of Blasphemy Laws within America’s shores; laws which are inherent within Islam’s Sharia Law and diametrically opposed to Constitutional Law! Blasphemy Laws essence can be found within Andrew G. Bostom’s trenchant analysis at American Thinker –http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2013/03/ten_key_points_on_islamic_blasphemy_law.html. Study its contents well, as if your freedoms depend on doing so…and those of us who are familiar (as this blogger is, for over a decade) with this subject are equipped to see from there to here. Knowledge IS power. Fundamental at its root. 

This is precisely why the subject registers high on the scale of exploratory topics herein, commensurate with the following exhibits:

Exhibit One:  Back in July 2012, a mere month after this blog’s inception, it became incumbent to alert the readership: yes, the Radical/Islamist-in-Chief is Allah-bent on criminalizing any criticism of Islam – https://adinakutnicki.com/2012/07/28/alert-radical-in-chief-obama-tasks-illegally-bent-ag-holder-to-criminalize-islamic-speech-via-thuggish-un-dictates-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/ …and their game plan is coming to fruition.

Exhibit Number Two: And proof of the above lies within Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s installation of Shariah Law all over the Arab/Muslim world – https://adinakutnicki.com/2012/12/26/the-leader-of-the-free-world-helps-install-shariah-law-all-over-the-mid-east-beyond-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/in anticipation of the super power of the world becoming Shariah-compliant under his “guiding” hands.

Exhibit Number Three: Straight onto the chopping block are the First Amendment rights of American citizens, as criticizing ! Islam becomes a “crime” –  https://adinakutnicki.com/2012/12/22/first-amendment-rights-on-the-chopping-block-via-criminalizing-criticism-of-islam-addendum-to-shariah-law-its-silencing-of-all-dissent-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/Holy Moses.

Exhibit Number Four: The end game is to strip away free speech, all in order to submit Americans (and the rest of the west will fall into line) to Sharia’s Blasphemy Laws –https://adinakutnicki.com/2012/12/15/shariah-law-its-silencing-of-all-dissent-its-encroachment-into-the-entire-west-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/.

Exhibit Number Five: Is it any wonder that Holder’s DOJ imposed a MEGA mosque upon a community, even though citizens objected to its over the top plans within their community? – https://adinakutnicki.com/2012/12/31/a-radical-racialist-islamist-apologist-doj-imposes-a-mega-mosque-on-a-u-s-community-addendum-to-radical-in-chief-tasks-illegally-bent-ag-holder-to-criminalize-islamic-speech-commentary-by-adin/. It shouldn’t be.

Exhibit Number Six:  It is rightful to posit: Why is Congress giving “inquiring minds” the finger re Al-Jazeera, the Muslim Brotherhood’s tv front arm, as it forces its way into American airwaves, even as Shariah Law is its main objective? https://adinakutnicki.com/2013/02/25/congress-gives-inquiring-minds-the-finger-dont-dare-ask-questions-about-al-jazeera-the-tv-arm-of-the-brotherhood-mafias-propaganda-arsenal-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/.

Exhibit Number Seven: Enter, Rep Louis Gohmert, as he pieces together the main beneficiaries of gun control – Shariah Law advocates – https://adinakutnicki.com/2013/03/02/explosive-dhs-insider-reveals-congressman-louie-gohmert-too-disarming-americans-gun-control-empowers-the-redgreen-alliancesharia-law-its-beneficiary-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/.

Exhibit Number Eight: Besides, how dare anyone silence patriots, as they witness their country descending into the death grip of Islam? – https://adinakutnicki.com/2013/02/09/the-silencing-of-patriots-daring-to-criticize-islam-so-ordered-from-the-bowels-of-washington-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/.

Exhibit Number Nine: Atop all the above outrages, CAIR is allowed to target Americans through constant bullying, as evidenced in their push into the Eastern District of Tennessee – https://adinakutnicki.com/2013/05/21/hamass-cair-its-targeted-american-bullying-their-commonality-with-communist-propagandists-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/.


Social media postings that ‘violate civil rights’ subject to federal jurisdiction

Bloggers beware. And those who use email, too. And those on Facebook. And Twitter. And anyone else using social media: Diss a Muslim and the Department of Justice will be on your case with the full weight of federal law.

The Obama administration, which is launching a series of Muslim Outreach Summits so that Islamists can tell federal officials how they better can serve that community, says it also is holding educational outreaches to let people know that Internet postings that violate civil rights are subject to federal prosecution.

Bill Killian, U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee, is scheduled to appear at an event sponsored by the American Muslim Advisory Council of Tennessee next week, and will “provide input on how civil rights can be violated by those who post inflammatory documents targeted at Muslims on social media,” according to a report in the Tullahoma News in Tennessee.

“This is an educational effort with civil rights laws as they play into freedom of religion and exercising freedom of religion,” he said. “This is also to inform the public what federal laws are in effect and what the consequences are.”

He said everyone needs to understand that Internet postings that violate civil rights are subject to federal jurisdiction.

After all, he said, while some Muslims may blow up buildings, hijack airliners and kill thousands, there are terrorists of other religions, too.

“[Oklahoma City bombers] Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols were both Christians as was the guy who shot up the Sikh temple [in Wisconsin],” Killian claimed.

The federal strategy immediately made the “Corruption Chronicles” feature assembled by officials at Judicial Watch, the corruption-fighting activists in Washington.

“In its latest effort to protect followers of Islam in the U.S. the Obama Justice Department warns against using social media to spread information considered inflammatory against Muslims, threatening that it could constitute a violation of civil rights,” the organization said.

Judicial Watch noted that the Obama administration already has reached out to personally reassure Muslims that the DOJ is protecting them. In that unprecedented move, Attorney General Eric Holder assured a San Francisco-based group called Muslim Advocates, which urges members not to cooperate with federal investigations, that he is grateful to have Muslims with which to partner.

The Obama administration also has hired a special Homeland Security adviser, Mohamed Elibiary, who openly supports an Islamist theologian who condemns U.S. prosecutions of terrorists, Judicial Watch said.

And the president has ordered the National Aeronautics and Space Administration to focus on Muslim diplomacy and officials with Homeland Security covertly have met with extremist Arab, Muslim and Sikh groups to talk about national security matters.

The State Department lent its weight by sending anti-America imam Feisal Abdul Rauf on a trip to the Middle East for outreach to Muslims.

Explained Judicial Watch, “Over the years, the Obama administration has embarked on a fervent crusade to befriend Muslims by creating a variety of outreach programs at a number of key federal agencies.”

Tullahoma News said Killian wants to let people know about Muslim culture and civil rights laws.

“We want to inform everybody about what the law is, but more importantly, we want to provide what the law means to Muslims, Hindus and every other religion in the country.

“It’s why we came here in the first place,” he continued. “In England, they were using Christianity to further their power in government. That’s why the First Amendment is there.”

WND had reported just a day earlier on the “Muslim Outreach Summits.”

WND initially discovered documents referring to the Muslim summits while examining a U.S. Department of Education procurement of data-gathering and report-writing services.

The services are specific to information being assembled by the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, or WHIAAPI, which Obama created via executive order in 2009.

Upon closer inspection, however, WND learned that the Education Department explicitly will direct the selected contractor to chronicle findings and recommendations gleaned from the Muslim Outreach Summits.

The White House views this year’s venues as an extension of a previous outreach to “new immigrants and refugees – some of the most underserved in the AAPI community,” according to a document titled “WHIAAPI 2013 Faith-Based and Community Engagement.”

Complementing the prior effort will be the three “regional convenings,” tentatively scheduled June 15 in Chicago, June 22 in San Francisco and June 29 in New York City.

“These cities are main AAPI immigrant hubs and entry points for new immigrants/refugees,” according to a related document, “Questions Received from Vendors: Development and Preparation of the AAPI Annual Report to the President.”

“Each convening with [sic] include panel discussions/workshops with federal officials on key issues impacting the community and also an open-dialogue session to hear directly from the community about issues of concern.”

Sometime after the three Muslim Outreach Summits, the chosen contractor will develop and then present its summary report to the president and to newly appointed WHIAAPI commissioners.

The contracting action – the first of its kind since its inception in 2008 – will help lay the foundation for the initiative’s future work, the document says.


  •  It’s about time these poor folks got some protection from American bigots
  •  That’s what DOJ is for – to protect the civil rights of ALL Americans
  •  The First Amendment doesn’t protect ‘fighting words,’ so the DOJ should prosecute these violations
  •  It’s a prudent way to prevent violent hate crimes against Muslims
  •  This is a great policy and should be enforced against anyone who posts inflammatory messages against ANY religion
  •  Only right-wingers, bigots and conspiracy theorists would worry about this policy
  •  It’s another reason to unplug from such governnment-monitored platforms
  •  Hmmm. Just when did we give up the First Amendment?
  •  The next step: DOJ also institutes Shariah law and criminalizes ‘blasphemy’ of Muhammad
  •  The DOJ would never enforce such a policy if the attacks were against Christians, Jews and other religious groups
  •  This kind of political correctness and ‘multi-culturalism’ will be the death of our great nation
  •  Does this mean they will arrest IRS agents for targeting Jewish groups, too?
  •  This is just more proof the U.S. has descended into tyranny
  •  This is a religion whose adherents behead people, chop off hands and ‘honor-kill’ women, and what I SAY is inflammatory?
  •  Go ahead and prosecute me: We’ll see if bogus civil rights violations trump the First Amendment
  •  Other


It goes without saying, a DOJ which is mired in mega scandals, relative to muzzling free speech of journalists, all the while giving cover to a regime gone wild, is in ZERO position to place the handcuffs on any American who asserts their Constitutional right to free speech, or so one would think  (https://adinakutnicki.com/2013/05/29/irsgate-obama-inc-about-to-be-blown-wide-open-its-revolving-irs-door-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/. But such a regime ignores all conventional wisdom, thus going for broke – https://adinakutnicki.com/2013/05/15/regime-gone-wild-obama-inc-repeatedly-caught-with-their-pants-down-where-is-this-leading-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/).

Alas, their latest audacious move, found above, proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that turning the United States of America into Sharia Law-compliant is sacrosanct, and will forward march at ALL costs, as asserted herein – https://adinakutnicki.com/2012/12/22/first-amendment-rights-on-the-chopping-block-via-criminalizing-criticism-of-islam-addendum-to-shariah-law-its-silencing-of-all-dissent-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/.

In this regard, this blog is warning, once again: your inherent freedoms are on the actual chopping block, slice by slice. And freedom of speech is the first, and most important, one they must grab. Its intrinsic import demands that all dissenters must be silenced and squashed. Are each of you ready to surrender? If not, what are you going to do to protect the hard fought, cherished liberties all Americans take for granted, as do most westerners? It’s your call. Your freedom is in the cross hairs.

Last but not least, a shout out to the oft mentioned “good ole’ boys”, you know, you guys (and gals) who are none too pleased to be pushed around by anyone’s radical dictates…perhaps a mass Facebook/social media campaign ought to “test” the waters. In this regard, let’s see if DOJ’s shock troops get their way. 

This blog is betting on a type of non-complacent American, one who intuits when their personal red lines of freedom are disappearing before their horrified eyes. 

Freedom of Speech & Its Evisceration Of All Meaning: Its Collision Course With Moral Relativism/Historicism…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Some constructs are obvious on their face, but many require a helping hand from those who are imbued with deeper critical thinking skills. And, this is what separates average folks from ones who are blessedly endowed with a true ability to see from there to here. It must be emphasized, this blog would be a lesser force for enlightenment, if not for the wisdom gleaned through several associates – https://adinakutnicki.com/about/ . And for that, among  other things, there is immense gratitude.

That being said, the western construct of freedom of speech is bandied about without much understanding of its true meaning/intent. But those of us who studied Constitutional Law do have a leg up on its interpretation, but tragically leftist legal scholars have perverted its essence. Herein lies its basis: 

‘First Amendment of the Bill of Rights to the United States Constitution’


The Bill of Rights to the U.S. Constitution was ratified on December 15, 1791
“Censorship reflects a society’s lack of confidence in itself. It is a hallmark of an authoritarian regime . . . .” — Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart, dissenting Ginzberg v. United States, 383 U.S. 463 (1966)


Its intrinsic understanding couldn’t be any more compelling, particularly due to today’s upside down, PC-driven world. A world in which moral relativism/historicism has stripped bare any rendering of good vs evil, yet at the same time some speech is “preferred” speech. In reality, the leadership of the free world, one which is as morally compromised as can be (https://adinakutnicki.com/2013/05/15/regime-gone-wild-obama-inc-repeatedly-caught-with-their-pants-down-where-is-this-leading-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/) has become the arbiter of which speech is allowable, and which is forbidden. Hence, the following has become the western “norm”, as AG Holder (Obama Inc’s chief’s legal enforcer) chills the public discourse – https://adinakutnicki.com/2012/07/28/alert-radical-in-chief-obama-tasks-illegally-bent-ag-holder-to-criminalize-islamic-speech-via-thuggish-un-dictates-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/.

Yet, if more heft is required to delineate why freedom of speech, in its Constitutional interpretation, has become DOA, peer within what is at stake…onto its chopping block – https://adinakutnicki.com/2012/12/22/first-amendment-rights-on-the-chopping-block-via-criminalizing-criticism-of-islam-addendum-to-shariah-law-its-silencing-of-all-dissent-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/.

Enter, once again, Professor Paul Eidelberg (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Eidelberg), gifting us sorely needed critical thinking skills.

Freedom of Speech

Prof. Paul Eidelberg – 

Freedom of speech is not an end-in-itself or merely an exercise in self-expression. Nor is it the meaningless prattle of children—although much babbling often occurs among adults. Rightly understood, speech manifests reason, the quintessential function of which is to communicate ideas, to inquire into their truth or falsity, their expediency or inexpediency, their justice or injustice.

Since speech is an intellectual/moral phenomenon, to sever it from reason, truth, and justice is to relegate this distinctively human faculty to a mere instrument of self-aggrandizement.  This is the tendency of normless as opposed to normative democracy, a tendency that degrades man and makes a mockery of his right to freedom of speech. It has also made nonsense of the term “liberal.”

In the lexicon of America’s Founding Fathers, a “liberal” was a person free from prejudice, that is, from unexamined opinions. “Liberals” could be friends despite their differences because what they held in common was more important than their differences”: confident belief in the efficacy of reason and in the existence of immutable truths concerning justice. Hence Jefferson could say in his First Inaugural Address, “We are all Republicanswe are all Federalists”—a perfectly liberal sentiment.

Unfortunately, the pillars of classical liberalism were shattered during the twentieth century, primarily by invasion of historical relativism in the halls of learning. Today, in the minds of most liberals—also called “Progressives”—truth is relative to time and place. Like Darwinism, truth is evolutionary. But why “change” should be “progressive” and not retrogressive is hardly obvious. Nevertheless, it’s the mantra of politicians who know how to arouse discontent and democratic envy.

Indeed, as a result of democratic envy, justice in contemporary America has been reduced to equality—equality abstracted from a person’s efforts or contribution to the common good. We see, therefore, that just as freedom of speech has been severed from ethical constraints, so equality has been severed from merit.

Now, it needs to be emphasized that if freedom of speech is divorced from truth, democracy is no more justifiable than tyranny. Stated in a more general way, if there are no valid or objective standards as to how man should live, then there are no rational grounds for preferring democracy to tyranny. This is a logical consequence of moral relativism. Notice, moreover, that moral relativism does not logically justify the toleration of all lifestyles. Relativism undermines any objective grounds for preferring tolerance to intolerance. Even if relativism were true, it would be deadly, especially when confronted by Islamic absolutism, whose mantra is the love of death!

The only rational defense of freedom of speech or of intellectual freedom is that it can facilitate the quest for truth, including the truth concerning how man should live. But no such quest can even begin unless we already know, in some general and authoritative way, what is right and wrong. Clearly, the claim to academic freedom can have no justification unless it is commonly understood that it is wrong to cheat or deceive, to plagiarize or steal, to defame or murder. This suggests that moral relativists, who very much dominate the academia, take civilization for granted.

The true father of civilization is none other than Abraham, the father of the Jewish people. In his discovery of the one and only God—in Abraham’s monotheism—the God of Nature is also the God of History. This monotheism is the only solid foundation for the moral unity of human nature and the idea of the human community—an idea remote from Islam, which posits the primacy of force. To the contrary, the God of Abraham posits the primacy of reason. This is why freedom of speech has its home not in the dismal and distorted monotheism of Islam—a harbinger of death—but in the life-enhancing monotheism of Judaism.

In contrast to Islam, which regards all infidels as guilty, Abraham questions God that the imminent destruction Sodom and Gomorrah may result in the death of some innocent lives. But the point requiring emphasis in the context of this article is that the freedom of speech displayed by Abraham was manifested again and again by the prophets of Israel, who fearlessly admonished kings. Why so? Because the laws of God transcend the laws of men.

But isn’t this teaching of Abraham manifested in America’s Declaration of Independence, which admonished the king of Great Britain on behalf of the “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God”?


For an eyeful regarding freedom of speech, and where it is relegated within the current U.S. landscape, this should set the (legal) record straight – http://www.wnd.com/2013/05/judge-lets-muslim-violence-silence-christians/ 

And, while the above is surely not the ever patient Prof’s maiden voyage into this insidious maelstrom, precipitously due to moral relativism/historicism, there are always lessons to impart – https://adinakutnicki.com/2013/04/23/the-incalculable-price-of-moral-relativism-the-co-option-of-freedom-of-speech-its-direct-nexus-to-bostons-jihad-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/Most significantly, the moral decline of America – the west’s guiding light – can be traced back to historicism, the twin pillar/devil to moral relativism.

As such, Professor Paul Eidelberg is incontrovertibly the master of its domain. Learn his lessons well! Pay them forward!

IRSgate: Obama Inc About To Be Blown Wide Open; Its Revolving IRS Door…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

One doesn’t operate a corporate tax practice without countless interfaces with the (dreaded) IRS behemoth. In fact, having them on speed dial – at least its Chief Compliance Division & Taxpayer Advocate Service – is more than prudent. Not doing so would be downright inefficient. And this blogger is anything but disorganized.

Now imagine said practice deeply involved with forensic accounting, as well as non-profit 990 filings for both 501 (c) (3) applicants which deals with religious, educational, charitable, scientific entities and the like, and 501 (c) (4) involving social welfare, civic issues, political-oriented orgs. The ability to fully distinguish between the applicable requirements for tax exemption requires a certain skill set – https://adinakutnicki.com/about/. Taken a step further, it means understanding what is allowable and what isn’t, and not only from the perspective of the non-profit applicant. It involves a discerning and keen eye, intuiting when even the regularly invasive IRS has crossed the line. Going up the chain of command may become necessary, especially when said Field Agent appears out of their depth. (as an aside…generally the sharpest tool in the shed doesn’t become an Agent, they opt for private practice or a challenging postion in the high paying private sector) And any practice which can’t tell the difference between legal and illegal IRS behavior is less than reputable.

So when IRSgate first hit the fan, the immediate recognizable sign pointing towards illegal conduct was the highly personal, inappropriate, totally irrelevant, intrusive nature of the questioning. Questioning which is out of bounds under any circumstance, even if it involves an insatiably “curious” IRS Examiner.

‘IRS Officials Visited White House More Than 100 Times During

Targeting – Bush-Era IRS Chief Visited WH Once in 4 Years.’

Monday, May 27, 2013 23:14

Rick Moran * American Thinker

More grist for the conspiracy mill – except the way this thing is going, conspiracy may be the least of our worries.


Top IRS officials, whose agency was under investigation for targeting conservative groups, visited the Obama White House more than 100 times over two years while the probe was going on, far more often than in previous administrations and frequently enough that Republicans suspect White House officials knew about the targeting.

Lawmakers now investigating the Internal Revenue Service practice zeroed in on those nearly weekly White House meetings to determine whether an IRS official — or someone higher up in the administration — had approved the targeting and whether it was politically motivated.

The frequent meetings also raised questions about the White House’s claims that it couldn’t have instigated the targeting of conservative groups because it took a hands-off approach to the tax agency, going so far as to describe it as independent of the administration even though it’s part of the Treasury Department.



Here’s some more meat on the bones – “The Washington Examiner reported on Monday that Mark Everson, Commissioner of Internal Revenue from 2003 to 2007, during the Bush administration, visited the White House exactly once while in office. Indeed he felt like he’d “moved to Siberia” so out of the ordinary political loop was he. But Douglas Shulman, Commissioner from 2008 to 2012, during the Obama administration, visited the White House 118 times just in 2010 and 2011. His successor, Steven Miller, also visited “numerous” times.” – http://www.commentarymagazine.com/2013/05/27/a-frequent-visitor-to-the-white-house-irs-scandal/

Want to know where the IRS is really headed, if the brakes aren’t applied?  

‘Obama’s IRS Spies’ – video embedded

MAY 28, 2013 BY  
Floyd Brown, in his prescient exposé Obama’s Enemies List, shouted from the highest mountain, warning of a rogue Obama administration and its mammoth enemies list; but the Establishment refused to listen. Now that the IRS scandal and attack on the Press has proven him right, the mainstream media is playing catch up.
As long as it was just those so-called “extremist” Tea Party, pro-life, and Christian groups that were being attacked, no one seemed to care. But now that we know the Obama administration is an “equal opportunity” attacker, going after the Associated Press, Fox News, local reporters, Romney donors, Benghazi whistleblowers, etc., etc. (with more Obama enemies sure to surface), the country now seems to be taking notice.

But this is only the surface of how the Obama enemies list works. Everything, and I mean everything, is geared towards an enemies list, which is predicated on having an extensive surveillance state.

The communist Saul Alinsky, Barack Hussein Obama’s favorite community organizer, famously said, “The issue is never the issue.” Put a little more plainly: “Deception is our Modus Operandi.”

Case in point: ObamaCare.

Presumably, ObamaCare is about access to healthcare. But doctors are dropping out of the healthcare system in droves, healthcare is already being rationed, and healthcare costs are skyrocketing as much as four hundred percent.

The issue is never the issue. ObamaCare is notabout access to healthcare; it’s about an elaborate system to support an enemies list.

Enter the IRS, now in charge of ObamaCare.

In order for the IRS to supposedly determine whether Americans are eligible for government subsidies to pay for mandated health insurance, they must collect a horrendous amount of information on every single American. The IRS is creating a database so vast that it makes George Orwell’s dystopian society in the book1984 look like amateur hour. Called the Federal Data Services Hub, it will combine the IRS’s income and employment database with the Social Security, Homeland Security, Department of Justice, and Health and Human Services databases. Combined with the proposed Immigration Bill creating a national ID system, this will be the mother of all databases—the mother of a complete and total surveillance state.

Does America really believe that the same woman behind the targeting of conservatives at the IRS, former commissioner of tax exempt and government entities Sarah Hall Ingram, now promoted to the head of the IRS’ Affordable Care Act office, was a coincidence? That the person in charge of sending hundreds of questionnaires to Tea Party, pro-life, and Christian groups asking for personal information was promoted to the ObamaCare office by some objective bureaucratic points system?

The issue is never the issue. ObamaCare is not about healthcare; it’s about surveillance. It’s about control. But most importantly, it’s about having access to the information of your enemies. And Obama specifically chose Sarah Hall Ingram to be in charge of this mammoth enemies list.

Conservative groups were prevented from obtaining tax-exempt status by the IRS, forcing them to divulge donor lists, intern lists, and political and family connections, Facebook posts, tweets, event records, transcripts of speeches, even the content of their prayers, all as part of an effort to collect data on their enemies.

Imagine you are a Tea Party member who needs hip replacement surgery. Sarah Hall Ingram, Obama’s chief ObamaCare enforcer, sees the request but also sees through her extensive database that you are part of a local Tea Party group that had opposed ObamaCare, the plan you are now locked into. Think you’ll get a hip replacement? Think again. First will come the endless questions. First will come the long wait. Only when you come around to Obama’s “common sense” approached to healthcare (that is, socialized medicine) and drop the whole perceived Tea Party nonsense will you get the healthcare you need.

The issue is never the issue. ObamaCare is not about healthcare; it’s about a surveillance state. It’s about Obama having access to information on his enemies.

If ObamaCare is allowed to continue—if the Obama administration is allowed to continue, we will no longer have a United States of America. It will be something else. A truly Orwellian nightmare with Barack Hussein Obama as Big Brother and the enemies of the state being conservatives.


Most significantly, the IRS is supposed to function independently of the White House and without its interference, unless a COMPELLING public interest is at stake. Color this blogger a skeptic, but when a regime goes wild, isn’t it reasonable that illegal behavior on the part of the IRS would be encouraged and given more than a wink and a nod? – https://adinakutnicki.com/2013/05/15/regime-gone-wild-obama-inc-repeatedly-caught-with-their-pants-down-where-is-this-leading-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/.

Extrapolating herein, it was patently obvious that the targeting of Conservative groups (Jewish Zionist ones alike – http://www.commentarymagazine.com/2013/05/29/did-the-palestinians-ask-obama-to-target-pro-israeli-501c3s/ – whose audience is mainly Conservative…yes, there are politically Conservative Jews!) was directly related to electoral interference. For IF an organization spends an inordinate amount of time away from accomplishing the goals of their Mission Statement ; IF much needed funds are expended on corp tax accountants (they don’t come cheap!), in a vain  attempt to comply with reams of questions which are non-ending; IF a non-profit’s status is held in abeyance, therefore, donations become taxable and fewer pour in; then the amount of damage accrued to a confluence of targeted groups becomes insurmountable, effectively tipping the electoral balance…akin to stealing the election in broad daylight! 

Consider this grudge match: if a middle class earner tries to go up against a millionaire in the money arena, and then the millionaire attempts to fight the billionaire, does anyone have a doubt who will come out on top?

In essence, Obama Inc’s abuse of the IRS’s purview – which is NEVER allowed to show any bias whatsoever in its mandate – not only indicts all players into jail cells, but it proves beyond a doubt that the IRS has become irredeemably tainted. So not only should their top colluding henchmen/women share adjoining cells with Obama Inc., but the IRS itself must be dismantled, reg by reg.

A flat tax is becoming more and more appealing and the prudent way forward. It will cure much of the sickness feeding Washington’s voracious appetite, and that would be a positive outcome out of an outrageous abuse of power polluting the Beltway!  

UPDATE: Tom Trento, as always (https://adinakutnicki.com/2013/05/10/seal-team-six-spars-off-against-obama-inc-a-ringside-seat-for-one-all-omg-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/) is right on the mark, as he interviews Walid Shoebat – 


“Islamic Extremism and

Sex Slaves…courtesy of the

scandal-ridden IRS”

President Obama’s relatives run Charities of Deceit
When Malik Obama, President Obama’s half-brother, and Sarah Obama
the president’s step-grandmother raised money in the United States,
they claimed it was for charity work in Kogelo, Kenya. It was later
discovered that not only did the IRS illegally grant one of them
(Malik) tax-deductible status retroactively, but in so doing,
it supported an operation rife with polygamy and terror recruitment.
5-6pm (E) – Weekdays
WNN-1470am – Boca Raton, FL.
Jay Smith – Islamic expert from London
explains Muslim savage attack on Lee Rigby

GUN CONTROL Freaks Take Aim In Israel: Not Solely The Purview Of U.S. Leftist Revolutionaries…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Readers are familiar with this blog’s ZERO tolerance regarding gun control, and its resonant outrage regarding the disarming of law abiding citizens. Aside from leaving citizens defenseless, equally enraging is the push to eviscerate a U.S. Constitutional bedrock. In other words, a double whammy is struck at those whose only “crime” is their intent to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. Yet those who bear watching – garden variety criminals and terrorists – will always, by hook or by crook, gain access to firepower. History has proven this to be the case, so let us cease pussyfooting around the matter. Black markets thrive, regardless of this or that “control”. A fool’s paradise.

That being said, now that Americans are witnessing a regime gone wild – https://adinakutnicki.com/2013/05/15/regime-gone-wild-obama-inc-repeatedly-caught-with-their-pants-down-where-is-this-leading-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/ – does anyone in their right (no pun intended) mind believe that Washington’s miscreants are trustworthy, so much so that one would place their faith in the leadership to “have their back” when the chips are down?

And the fact that the left goes postal any time their power is at risk, isn’t this another ! qualified reason to keep ones guns close, rather than giving them up? – https://adinakutnicki.com/2013/01/03/leftists-go-postal-over-gun-control-threatening-to-kill-legal-gun-owners-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/Let’s hope so.

And while Americans have their crosses to bear – chiefly in the footprints of Obama Inc. – what can one say about Israel’s demented left, you know, those who also (dis)grace these pages…the bane of this American-Israeli’s existence – http://www.inquisitr.com/671508/the-inquisitr-interviews-adina-kutnicki-the-reality-of-life-for-an-israeli-patriot/. Besides, with terrorists embedded within the fabric of Israel, whether in Israel proper or beyond the mythical “green line” – basically an armistice line created after Israel beat back several invading Arab armies – shouldn’t the “right to carry” be an inherent Jewish interest, at least if survival is the goal? One would think so. And since the enemies at Israel’s jugular have no intention of taking up knitting, then surely the (Jewish) right to bear arms is more than a necessity – https://adinakutnicki.com/2013/05/12/balance-of-terror-abbass-pafatah-arabs-murder-jews-yet-the-peace-train-chugs-along-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/.

Full disclosure: it is entirely heartwarming to see a Jewish boy (or girl) at target practice. You never know when the skill will come in handy, whether in Israel or elsewhere. 

‘Ex-Security Chief: Don’t Rush to Take Our Guns’

Former IDF security chief says guns can prevent murder.
By Maayana Miskin
First Publish: 5/22/2013
Gun range (file)

Gun range (file)
Flash 90

There have been increasing calls in recent weeks to restrict gun ownership, particularly in light of recent domestic murders committed by off-duty security guards. The murder of four people in a Be’er Sheva bank this week spurred further calls for increased gun control.

That would be a mistake, says former chief of IDF Internal Security Gershon Eckstein.

“I don’t recommend getting worked up and coming up with all kinds of proposals to reduce gun ownership and collect weapons in the wake of the horrific murder at Bank Hapoalim in Be’er Sheva,” he said.

“Just three years ago, the streets of our cities were plagued by terrorism, and more than a few terrorist attacks were stopped by an immediate response from citizens with personal weapons,” he noted. Armed citizens stopped terrorists in multiple tractor attacks in Jerusalem and during the shooting at Merkaz Harav Yeshiva. Guns have also been credited in ending attacks on motorists by Arab or Bedouin gangs.

“We are still not free of terrorism, and it could return to our streets,” Eckstein warned. “A terrorist attack that is not met with an immediate response could continue, and leave many victims. The police cannot be everywhere at once.”

Weapons could also be used to stop attacks like that in Be’er Sheva, he said. “Imagine if the murderer had been mentally stable, and if one of the other customers waiting at the bank had started to murder civilians,” he said. “The first thing he would have done would have been to neutralize the murderer using his weapon, and that would have saved lives.”

“The personal weapons owned by the Israeli public are the final line of defense and of immediate response, and need to be used to save lives,” he concluded.


In the main, the thesis, “leftist dogma the same world over” –https://adinakutnicki.com/2012/07/01/leftist-dogma-the-same-world-over-freedom-loving-people-beware-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki-32-2/is proven again and again; chiefly through intuiting their end goals: controlling the populace.

Totalitarians to their core.

The Radical-in-Chief & His Communist Hawaiian Roots: More Than Just An Exotic Locale…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Oftentimes the missing piece of info which is required to tie-up essential loose ends – of otherwise disparate threads –  enters the picture. Think of a jigsaw puzzle, but with key pieces missing – until now.

Such is the case with “Barry’s” (his name in Hawaii) “red” roots, and its attendant implications. We know that his grandparents (who raised him) were thick as thieves with “Uncle Frank”, and  American Communists were “hopeful” when Barack HUSSEIN Obama received the Demsters nomination back in 2007. Why?  

American Thinker had this to reveal, “in Hawaii was an African-American poet and journalist by the name of Frank Marshall Davis, who was certainly in the orbit of the CP (Communist Party) — if not a member — and who was born in Kansas and spent a good deal of his adult life in Chicago, before decamping to Honolulu in 1948 at the suggestion of his good friend (and Communist Party member) Paul Robeson. Eventually, he befriended another family — a Euro-American family — that had migrated to Honolulu from Kansas and a young woman from this family eventually had a child with a young student from Kenya East Africa who goes by the name of Barack Obama, who retracing the steps of Davis eventually decamped to Chicago. In his best selling memoir ‘Dreams of my Father’, the author speaks warmly of an older black poet, he identifies simply as “Frank” as being a decisive influence in helping him to find his present identity as an African-American….-http://www.americanthinker.com/2008/07/what_barack_obama_learned_from.html

We also know that Obama’s mama, Stanley, was deeply in bed with “red” sympathizers and this is a fact – http://mediamatters.org/video/2012/06/18/foxs-crowley-obamas-parents-were-communists-mot/162197. No white/red washing tolerated at this address.

Most galling, the above was known before the POTUS ascended to the throne, yet he was “chosen” anyway. Average folks (clueless saps) believed that voting for him would demonstrate their race-blind bonfaides…how’s that working out – https://adinakutnicki.com/2012/08/20/americans-hope-to-change-the-occupant-of-the-white-house-an-anti-american-potus-runs-an-un-american-campaign-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/. Nevertheless, those who really pull America’s strings know exactly what he stands for, and this is precisely why America is near financial implosion. But it is always noteworthy to hear from a “ghost” from the past. The sordid past is NEVER buried…its skeletons come back to haunt.

‘Exposed: Hawaii’s Communist Past’

APRIL 13, 2013 BY  

map Hawaii SC Exposed: Hawaiis Communist Past
Americans don’t have a lot of information about Hawaii, other than the Hawaiian Ice and the presidential windsurfing.

It was easier for Obama to run his campaign out of Chicago, where none of Hawaii’s communist past could haunt his campaign.

Hawaii may have been a US territory, but Moscow controlled the labor. When Hitler invaded the Soviet Union, Moscow placed a call to their Hawaiian operatives and told them to knock it until after the war.

We have Jack Kawano to thank for that piece of information. Jack Kawano was a member of the Longshoremen’s Union and joined the Communist Party of Hawaii in 1930. He helped organize the sugar plantation workers and rose up through the ranks to become President of the Longshoremen’s Union, Local 136.

Communist organizers from the mainland recognized his leadership abilities and invited him to join the “Traveler’s Club”, the communist underground.

It all came to an abrupt end when communist insurgents staged a revolution in 1949, holding the Hawaiian Islands in a state of siege for 177 days.

Kawano was so shaken by the violence that he offered to tell his story to the House Un-American Activities Committee.

He repeated his testimony in an interview with Richard English for the “Saturday Evening Post”, dated Feb. 2, 1952 in an titled “We Almost Lost Hawaii To The Reds.” If you can find a copy, it’s worth the read.

Kawano’s testimony shattered the Communist Party. He described his meetings with his communist advisors as “professional guys and teachers from the University of Hawaii”. They explained the theory of communism, by breaking a twig. Then they tied a dozen twigs together and explained that if the twigs work together, it’s impossible to break.

It’s a weak argument. All the twigs eventually go down in flames. In communism, the little guy does all the dirty work.

The bombshell came when Kawano revealed a plan to take over the leadership of the Democratic Party, which they called “unorganized and weak.” They planned to take over the Republican Party later on. Seems a little prophetic, doesn’t it?

Jack Kawano was one of forty-one communist delegates who attended the territorial convention of the Democratic Party in Hawaii.

Kawano described his trip to San Francisco for special indoctrination at party headquarters.

Kawano listened to lectures on communism for six weeks, describing the school as “mostly students from California, and one Mexican.”

He attended classes in Marxism, propaganda, and training in how to agitate the police. And finally, he was forced to listen to the complete history of the American labor movement and the Communist Party.

I’m surprised they didn’t die of boredom. I guess we should remember that the lectures were probably written by some intellectual genius from Berkeley.

And who needs training on how to agitate the police? I’ll just remind everyone that the students at UC Davis were pepper-sprayed in the face, and then they filed complaints against the university police. Still up to the same old tricks.

This gives us a much different picture of Barack Obama and makes the leadership of the Democratic Party look ridiculous.

I guess we can stop wondering why we only have two political parties. They couldn’t control more than two parties.

More than likely, this is the reason Joe Biden and his “fellow travelers” want Americans to turn in their guns. Gun control is the path of least resistance.

If organized labor is a weapon, that explains the flood of immigrant labor and Janet Napolitano’s feigned ignorance of anything suspicious.

I’m the same age as Bill and Hillary Clinton. My husband was a graduate student in the Russian Department at the University of California Davis, when Bill Clinton was running around Moscow. I know that any travel involving the Soviet Union required the cooperation of the KGB.

Add Hillary’s legal career getting a jumpstart from a couple of communist attorneys in Berkeley; I’m going to call that a yes.

I met my first Soviet Agent in 1970. He was following my husband. I stood there with a stupid look on my face while my husband chatted with the KGB. When I expressed my concern, he told me to mind my own business.

That marriage ended when the KGB arranged a job for him in Washington DC. He left me standing around Davis and took off. Never saw him again.

So don’t tell me that the University of Hawaii never had any communist organizers. I know all about how communists organize inside the Russian Departments.

I judge people by what they do, not what they say. All I’m hearing is the same old communist double-talk from years ago.

“Until you expose corruption and evil, you never know to what extraordinary measures they will go to cover it up.” -Anonymous


If one is seeking to understand why America is unrecognizable, a mere 4 plus yrs after “The One” took over, look no further. Here are all the clues you need, so stop scratching your head.

Never mind his first term, the damage is done. But the second term will be exponentially worse – https://adinakutnicki.com/2012/08/02/revealed-the-second-term-plans-of-an-obama-presidency-nothing-short-of-a-national-nightmare-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/  as his current nominations surely confirm via ‘Obama’s Czar Pick Snagged In Castro Love-Fest’ – “President Barack Obama’s nominee to head the Federal Housing Finance Agency went on a trip to Cuba in 2009 aimed at opening relations with the communist nation, WND has learned.”
http://www.wnd.com/2013/05/obamas-czar-pick-snagged-in-castro-love-fest/#fhwBtpQcrrGTv5kU.99 http://www.wnd.com/2013/05/obamas-czar-pick-snagged-in-castro-love-fest/

And it is through the co-option of DHS, and its relevant bodies, that the above designs will be implemented, thus requiring the full attention of patriots –  https://adinakutnicki.com/2012/12/27/dhs-americas-planned-deconstruction-via-valerie-jarrett-domestically-foreign-policy-wise-addendum-to-barack-hussein-obamas-deconstruction-plans-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/.

Yet Valerie Jarrett deserves watching like a hawk, as she is one insider who is more than poisonous for America’s interests, and is truly running the show at DHS and elsewhere – https://adinakutnicki.com/2012/09/28/valerie-jarrett-barack-hussein-obamas-communisthidden-hand-familial-ideological-ties-that-bind-addendum-to-valerie-jarretts-communist-leanings-why-she-matters-commentary-by-adina/Birds of a communist (and Islamist sympathizing) feather.

Therefore, is anyone shocked to find out that the following anti-American dregs support the Pyromaniac-in-Chief? –   http://adinakutnicki.com/2012/11/04/obamas-openly-communist-supporterssurrogates-here-there-everywhere-addendum-to-world-leaders-endorsing-the-radical-in-chief-most-vile-dregs-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/.

As such, the “red” side has been more than amply exposed. As to his “green” side, it too can be found all over this blog’s commentaries – https://adinakutnicki.com/2012/10/11/the-islamist-in-chief-his-kenyan-wahhabi-relatives-obamas-inner-roots-addendum-to-the-ties-that-bind-the-islamist-in-chief-to-sunni-islam-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/. The ultimate queries become: isn’t it obvious why jihad has come to Boston under his watch? and why are Obama Inc.’s verbal gymnastics so contradictory, if they are meant to protect Americans? Most tellingly, a Saudi national suddenly goes from a “person of interest” to nothing to see here…moving right along – https://adinakutnicki.com/2013/04/17/when-is-a-person-of-interest-no-longer-one-the-wahhabi-roots-linking-jihad-in-boston-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/. Again, why?

And those of us who are losing sleep over Obama Inc’s jaw-jaw with Iran’s mullahs, plus the fact that orders are being given to “downsize” America’s nuclear arsenal, well, best to stay awake and brace for more bad news…oh, when/where will this nightmare end? –  http://frontpagemag.com/2013/dgreenfield/iranian-lobbyist-now-works-for-organization-that-oversees-american-nuclear-weapons/. An interesting coinquidink…this blog was none too pleased when Chuckie boy was nominated as DM, and his tie-in to the Iranian lobbyist, who is overseeing America’s nuclear weapons, offers more than enough proofs for said angst – https://adinakutnicki.com/2013/02/26/chuck-hagels-underbelly-gutted-why-the-islamist-in-chief-will-go-to-the-mat-for-him-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/ . Indeed, the DM was a paid operative for Iran’s interests in between his stint as Senator and his “revert” to Capitol Hill. Hmm.

Due to all of the above, plus all the revelations emanating from scandal after scandal – https://adinakutnicki.com/2013/05/15/regime-gone-wild-obama-inc-repeatedly-caught-with-their-pants-down-where-is-this-leading-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/, isn’t it high time to try Barack HUSSEIN Obama (& surrogates) for “high crimes and misdemeanors” – http://constitution.org/cmt/high_crimes.htm?

“Sheep To The Slaughter” Via Obama’s Revolutionary Dictates…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

“Silence of the Lambs” (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0102926/), a bone chilling psycho thriller, elicits shivers up the spine, even if viewed via DVD/video and not at the cinema on full screen. The point being, even though viewers realize (at least one hopes so) they are watching fiction they still can’t help but recognize; yes, such evil does exist, even if not an exact replica of the story line. Tingling performances by award winning actors, Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins, resonates evil personified. 

Why is this relevant? Evil on its face, often by design, must be seen for what it is. It dare not be confused with “different strokes for different folks” regarding this or that. Once one crosses a certain Rubicon it should be considered as a pivotal point; often a leading precursor to a disaster-in-the-making, and not just on a personal level. 

So the questions become two-fold: where is this line drawn? and how is it recognizable for what it is? A good barometer is to trust one’s gut and to look around at the landscape for guideposts. But one must be rational enough to see relevant markings for what they are, and not what one wishes them to be. And being familiar with history absolutely illuminates said trails .

Extrapolating therein, then consider: what has changed significantly since Barack HUSSEIN Obama took over the helm, even though many fault-lines were previously visible? Well, aside from the fact that he has placed in motion foreign fires, resulting in a chain of global conflagrations – https://adinakutnicki.com/2013/04/07/the-potuss-miscalculations-are-driving-n-korean-iranian-bellicosity-almost-to-the-brink-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/ – his domestic grabs concerning individual liberties are off the hook. 

On the domestic front, once the economy implodes it is almost a done deal – https://adinakutnicki.com/2013/04/10/the-intersection-of-killing-the-dollar-the-new-world-order-joe-biden-enters-the-fray-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/ – and Obama Inc’s trajectory is just about on target. Every economic policy they design purposefully pushes the fiscal house closer to the cliff. But never mind, Obama & gang party hardy, never missing a chance to kick it up with Beyonce, JayZ or the rest of Hollyweird’s (vomit) crew, even as N. Korea threatens to explode the entire peninsula, and the Mid East is more than a tinderbox. Alas, fiscal imprudence (who do you think pays for Obama Inc’s celebrity soirees?) goes hand in glove with tone deaf behavior – http://nation.foxnews.com/austan-goolsbee/2013/04/10/hannity-blasts-ex-obama-economic-adviser-over-white-house-party-you-re-drugs-you-can-t-be-serious.

Yet the above, dangerous as it is, can’t be implemented without booby traps set for gun control, even as the left babbles otherwise, yes, it’s all about the kiddies –  https://adinakutnicki.com/2013/04/13/obama-incs-gun-control-fetish-its-trap-back-doors-commentary-adina-kutnicki/. Nevertheless, all is not lost, at least if one refuses to be “silent as a lamb”.

‘Silence of the Lambs in America’ – Northeast Intelligence Network

In present-day America, we are being bombarded with increasingly dire headlines about the condition of our nation. Common elements among these headlines of domestic disorder and discontent are reports of unbridled government overreach into our lives, from much-publicized gun control laws, warrantless searches and seizures, to the perverse and absurdly shameful degradation of our human dignity at the hands of the TSA and the DHS. Today, we are facing an assault on our freedoms for which those who lived before us have shed their blood, entrusting us with the gift of an indivisible nation under God. Yes, under God.

As Americans, we are witnessing the systematic dismantling of our country by the incremental erosion of our liberties and rights by methods that are shaking the very foundations upon which this country was founded. We’ve seen this before, as history is filled with examples of our current predicament; but somehow, today, things seem different to those who are paying attention. In many ways, things are indeed different, yet it is fitting to cite what was written long ago: “The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.”Time seems to have sparated us from the ultimate sacrifices of our forefathers, for we no longer see their blood that once stained dirt on the battlefields of America. We no longer relate to the sorrows of our ancestors or their sacrifices, nor do we feel the pride of their successes. We are no longer taught the history of a nation that freed itself from tyranny and oppression. Instead, we are subjected to the deliberate perversion of history that characterizes our founders as terrorists – along with portraying those of us who object to such depictions as threats to the state – by an ever-increasing totalitarian government operating in tandem with modern-day academia and a state-sponsored press.

Today’s headlines proclaim that those of us who cherish the rights bestowed upon us by our Creator are now considered to be terrorists. This is the result of the cancer of moral and cultural degradation that we have allowed to take root in the very soil stained with the blood of our forefathers. The ultimate test of a moral society is the kind of world that it leaves to its children. What are we going to tell our children and grandchildren about what we’ve done to stop the metastasis of tyranny?

Answering the call

Just as the insidiously evil oppression by our government existed in many forms in the past, so does the template for freedom. The question is whether we are prepared to answer the call to preserve our remaining rights and regain our liberties lost. To do so, however, requires us to recognize not just the symptoms, but the disease itself. For it is the disease of evil –  aided and abetted by silence in the face of evil – that allows tyranny to exist and flourish.  Fortunately, we have an example to which we may refer. There are lessons to be learned by history, and examples to personify.

Sixty-eight years ago this week, Dietrich Bonhoeffer (pastor, martyr, prophet and spy)[i] who was arrested in Hitler’s Germany, was hanged in Flossenburg, a Nazi death camp. Much has been written about the life and death of this man, with particular focus on his faith-based convictions in thought and deed. The manner in which he lived his life in a country that experienced the perverse incremental transformation of political, moral and religious values should not only serve as an example to us in America, but as a warning. Properly viewed, his senseless execution by the direct orders of a maniacal and tyrannical madman exists as a metaphorical exclamation point at the end of a sentence – his death sentence. He met his fate as he lived his life, with such unwavering convictions that even the most respected of his peers were unable, or perhaps unwilling, to stand firm beside or behind him.

Sadly, most high-profile Americans claiming to possess intellectual honesty and moral integrity (particularly those with a microphone or keyboard and an audience of significance) seem to lack the corresponding desire and courage to point out the disturbing similarities between the state of Hitler’s Germany and present-day America. And there are many such parallels. The precious few who do point them out are the victims of a relentlessly vicious campaign of character marginalization, and accusations of racism and bigotry. We become “magnets of marginalization” by people with a rabidly Progressive and Socialist mindset. Unsurprisingly, the tenor and tempo of such accusations are rising, as they are met with little resistance.

The reason for this tenacious campaign against men and women of faith is simple. It exists in the legacy of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and has the ability to exist in each of us, should we summon the courage to be steadfast in our refusal to acquiesce to the tolerance of evil. Dietrich Bonhoeffer was outspoken against those who remained silent in the face of the moral and religious degradation of his country. He spoke out against lukewarm pastors and cultural Christians who supported Hitler, or acquiesced under the pressure of the false doctrine of tolerance.

As we’ve seen from issues ranging from infanticide to the insidiousness built into the health care bill that requires Christians to act against their beliefs, the majority of the Christian conservatives have capitulated through compromise. Unlike Dietrich Bonhoeffer, they endorse the perversity of political and social correctness that exists in present-day America, opting against taking a stand for their faith.

As God-believing Americans who cherish the rights bestowed upon us and enumerated within our Constitution (perhaps better known in the Western media as “bitter clingers”), we are in the midst of the destructive transformation of our nation. The tinder is present and ready for ignition, needing only one spark from any source to ignite America into a state of chaos that would result in a tyrannical clampdown.

The firewall to prevent this transformation – the Christian leaders and the body of the church – is crumbling by inaction and outright apostasy. The parallels between the present-day United States and Hitler’s Germany are evident. Just as the similarities are evident, so is our collective inaction, which is eviscerating the very soul of America. It is this silence and inaction that will rip America from her Judeo-Christian foundations, and make it possible for a fall of biblical proportions.

Sixty-eight years ago, Dietrich Bonhoeffer died not only for his faith, but to illustrate that we must not be silent in the face of tyranny. If not for our own sakes, let us summon that same courage for the sake of our children and their children. After all, the ultimate test of a moral society is the kind of world that it leaves to its children[ii].


Due to the above, and so much more, is it unreasonable to compare the precursors to Nazi socialism with America under the reign of Obama? Disarming the populace, (purposeful) economic implosions via fall guys and straw men are resonant comparisons. In historical terms, the Nazis scapegoated the Jews & smaller “suspect” segments of society, and the Radical-in-Chief has vets and conservative folks to feed off of – https://adinakutnicki.com/2012/10/16/gunning-for-tea-party-activists-enlisting-u-s-army-to-huntidentify-them-addendum-to-warning-all-patriotic-americans-the-enemy-is-you-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/. Don’t EVER forget: the stirring of class and race warfare fits both profiles. If the (historical) shoe fits – https://adinakutnicki.com/2013/02/16/the-disturbingdangerous-parallels-between-dhs-nazi-germanys-gestapo-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/.

So as America sinks to its lowest depths in world stature and economic weight, the POTUS & wifey (with attendant crew) behave as if they are already dancing on its (historical) grave. Thus, every pressure to remove this criminal regime is a patriot’s duty. And with scandal after scandal – “the gift that keeps giving” – their removal is appearing within reach – https://adinakutnicki.com/2013/05/15/regime-gone-wild-obama-inc-repeatedly-caught-with-their-pants-down-where-is-this-leading-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/ .

What say you?