The Morphing Of Socialism & Nazism…One & The Same…Their Hatred of Judeo-Christian Ethics…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  • The Nazi era is (rightfully) seen as the pinnacle of man’s inhumanity against man; a genocide of unimaginable proportions. And the fact that this blogger’s family suffered directly (not unlike too many others) makes it that much more personal. And if one wants a glimmer into the above reference take a peek

But as history marches on, so too the attendant lies and distortions. Yet there is one aspect which rarely gains attention, and its underpinnings couldn’t be any more relevant to our times.

Many have been taught a revisionist form of history, and most of the “credit” should be given to leftist profs –…the bane of western civilization.

The humanities courses taught in U.S. academia – the bar which most western academies aspire towards – is nothing short of a national nightmare – …and this blogger’s experience re the above runs six ways to Sunday.

Alas, the historical truth lies within –….and no amount of obfuscation will change the historical facts. For its relevance couldn’t be starker, as today’s leftist forces – their mirror image – feign distance from the Nazi’s murderous ideology, pretending that the worst atrocities, in collective memory, were perpetrated by those removed from socialist dogma, but “only” committed by far right fascists! How dare they.

And to make matters more enraging, they demur that totalitarian ethos is the sole purview of the far right, but the truth really lies within their twin pathologies; hatred of that which is intertwined with Judeo-Christian teachings. For it is no accident that the far left and Islam march hand in hand, as both are irredeemably hostile towards the “Saturday” and “Sunday” people –

So, as another Christmas season recently ended; as readers view the swath of destruction from the worldwide rise of Islam; leading to the footprints of the Radical-in-Chief, domestically and beyond, it is imperative to forge the connection between Nazi socialism and the left. Finally, understanding why Christmas is being expunged from the public square.

‘Video: Nazi Christmas’

by  on DECEMBER 25, 2012 

Well, how coincidental! What we have been witnessing in America for some time has been the removal of Christ from Christmas by… you guessed it, socialists. This is not unchartered territory.

Check this out from the New York Times:

1937 ‘Neo-Pagans’ Target Carols

BERLIN — De-Christianization of famous German Christmas hymns, such as “Silent Night, Holy Night,” is the outstanding contribution to the current holiday season of the rapidly spreading German faith movement or “religion” of National Socialism. In the new versions of the old songs reference to Nazi tenets of race, blood and soil replace familiar words concerning Christ, Child and the like. The accepted English translation of Mohr’s “Silent Night,” stanza three lines two and three is: “The Son of God loves pure light, radiant beams from thy Holy faith.” Equivalent lines in the Nazified version are “German blood, O how laugh the lips of thy children, blessed with joy.”

The socialist left of today not only seeks to diminish the meaning of Christmas while painting Obama as a messiah (note the decorations hung above a photo of Hitler in the video below) but it continues to paint Hitler as a right-wing fascist, despite the fact that Nazi means ‘National Socialist Party’.

A hidden treasure and the best book written on the middle east ever – The Forgotten Ally, click for details.

A shining example of left-wing projectionism.”

NOT sure about anyone else, but this American-Israeli has a long historical memory. As such, it is incumbent to be alert to past similarities, especially those which mimic the dangers within. And if this upsets the sensibilities of others, then so be it. For in the realm of the Jewish people’s collective murder (and genocide in general), this blogger neither forgives nor forgets. Nor should others.


11 thoughts on “The Morphing Of Socialism & Nazism…One & The Same…Their Hatred of Judeo-Christian Ethics…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. My son, a product of the American University System and, ahem, Christian ones at that, just asked me this week, “wasn’t Nazism and all that associated with right-wingers?” He’s been taught just as you have said.

    • Vanesa, not only did I attend US academia but I sent two sons through its halls. One went to MIT and the other Caltech. I “encouraged” them to stay away from programs like Columbia and the rest of the Ivies (even though those schools offered them merit based scholarships, and MIT & Caltech only have financial based aid, which they didn’t quality for!).

      The point being, I paid full freight NOT to have them (mis)educated, although they were engineering majors and every penny was well spent. It would have killed me to know that my sons were being infected at the Ivies, or any other school.

      The upshot is: it is that serious.

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