SYRIA’s Muslim Brotherhood Mafia Picks CANADIAN ! Brotherhood Islamist To Head Its Political Bureau. Why Is This Germane? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

This site – as hundreds of thousands of viewers are already aware – revolves around pressing issues germane to Israeli and American concerns. As an American-Israeli blogger and investigative journalist, such a targeted concentration is highly understandable. But it doesn’t obviate a caveat presented within these pages, especially the oft-reference to  ‘western’ interests. Of course, since Canada shares a lengthy border with America, its fate is very much conjoined with America’s. Its dangers too. 

That being said, a centerpiece expose’ – at the launch of this site – revolved around the devastatingly dangerous infiltration/penetration of the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia into America’s power centers, and it exposed their stealth-like burrowing into America’s communities. Undoubtedly, they have a step by step, overarching Grand Plan, one which is dedicated to “sabotaging the miserable house from within”. And, this is no conspiracy theory!

Having investigated said issues for well over a decade, nothing which shakes out elicits any shock (“and Lee Kaplan utilized my foundation in forensics and investigative journalism to “follow the jihadist money”. Unfathomably, the ISM was able to accomplish the above money laundering, courtesy of their IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. Specifically, my name appears at the end of the expose’, “Does The Pro-Terror Left Violate U.S. Tax Laws?“ ). In fact, quite the opposite, their jihad is the expected outcome. Now, whether or not we are referring to the (Sunni) Brotherhood Mafia, Hezbollah, its (Shiite) counterpart, or any hydra thereof, is neither here nor there, at least for western interests. ALL Islamists aim for the same result – the TOTAL destruction of the west; Israel first, America next. So, once they take a break from their jihad against one another – a centuries long battle for political-theo-tribal hegemony – they will pick themselves up (those who remain breathing) and will aim/arm for our jugular. A common jihadi cause to rally around. 

Most revealingly, especially in relation to the upcoming ‘news’, readers must heed this blog’s warning: jihadi sleeper cells (mostly throughout the US/Canada, elsewhere in the west too) are watching, preparing and awaiting orders to pounce. They will do so, when least expected.

The point being, the above Islamic burrowing has been demonstrated, time and again, but is anyone listening, whether in this blogger’s American birthplace, in Canada or the rest of the west? Graphically described in the commentary linked atop the paragraph, the following is just its tip:

Jamat ul Fuqra are awash in infidel blood. Most infamously, they are the head choppers of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl. They are particularly fond of beheading. Say what? Too close for many fellow New Yorkers (my home state) comfort, the group receives some of their paramilitary training at their Islamberg compound in New York State. Not to get too specific – as part of a “research” project  in 2006 –  this blogger accompanied a trusted contact to the outskirts of the compound, knowing full well that this was as far as we would get. No matter. We came, we saw, we went…..hearing constant sounds of gun popping, and intermittent shouts of  “allahu akbar” – god is great – in broad daylight !! Menacing-looking guards dressed in (Islamic) combat fatigues roamed around, and watch towers were on each side, clearly visible.”

NOT only that, but countless American-ensconced jihadis bear noting…watching: Hezbollah (Iran’s proxy arm) sleeper cells are DEEPLY burrowed within ‘any city/town USA’ & Iran’s Latin American forward bases can be counted on to assist in the onslaught of unsuspecting Americans. Pray tell, do you know who your (Muslim) neighbors are? 


The political bureau of the Syria’s Muslim brotherhood (MB) announced (August 9, 2013) the official return of the Islamic movement to open political activity on Syrian soil after more than three decades of being banned by the Syrian regime.

Following is a translation of the MB’s announcement (originally in Arabic):

“Hassan Hachimi, MB’s head of political bureau, inaugurated during his visit to Aleppo in northern Syria few days ago the first office of the organization in the country after an absence that lasted decades of open political activity of the MB.”

“The opening of an office of the MB party inside Syria is a great challenge in the face of Assad’s regime and a step that stresses the Muslim Brotherhood’s determination for a public return and to found, along with all other Syrian groups, a new political life in the country.”

“The decision to open the first office in Aleppo comes to pursue the current effort that intends to connect the political, military and civil activities, to coordinate between them and to enhance the MB’s efforts to unite the ranks and message in order to expedite the fall of the Syrian regime.”[1]

Hassan Hachimi, 50, a Toronto architect, fled in 1979 his hometown of Aleppo to Saudi Arabia after his father was persecuted for involvement in the Muslim Brotherhood[2]. In 1996 he arrived in Canada[3] and soon has become increasingly involved in the political activity of the Syrian opposition in exile. In April 2006 he attended in Montreal a conference of the Syrian opposition in exile which called for democratic reforms.[4]

Three years later Hachimi joined the committee of “Damascus Declaration” in Canada (Syrian opposition bloc founded in 2005) and was appointed to its Vice President and the coordinator of its activities in Ontario. The committee, first convened in Canada on August 29, 2009, expressed in an official statement its support of democratic political change in Syria.[5]

During the current civil war in Syria Hachimi played a prominent role in the Syrian opposition as a member of the General Secretariat at The Syrian National Council[6] and later as a member of the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces.[7] In an interview to CBC (April 9, 2012) Hachimi was introduced as a “foreign affairs liaison for the Syrian National Council”.[8]

Toronto Star, referring to Hachimi as the “Canadian representative of the Syrian National Council”, reported (February 11, 2012) that Hachimi met Foreign Minister John Baird twice to discuss the crisis in Syria.[9]

Hachimi was first and officially mentioned as the chief of the political bureau of the Muslim Brotherhood on April 15, 2013[10]. He replaced in this position Ali Al-Bayanouni, the former leader of the Muslim Brotherhood.[11]

In recent article (June 8, 2013) for the official bulletin of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hachimi expressed his disappointment of the helplessness of the international community towards the ongoing crisis in Syria. “The international policy and its diplomatic and intelligence tools failed to see all this [mass killing of civilians], yet it didn’t stop talking on minorities and terrorism,” wrote Hachimi. [12]….herein are the relevant footnotes, many of which are familiar to this blogger. Solid as rocks…

So, the urgent questions to Canadians are: How surprised are you that a fellow Canadian is now appointed to head a bureau in Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood Mafia? And, does anyone think he is a lone wolf jihadi? More to the point, how many ‘Brothers’ are burrowed under the Canadian radar, awaiting orders from their newly appointed Canadian-Syrian ‘Brother’ to strike? More specifically, does anyone believe that marching orders won’t be given, as to when and where to strike within Canada; a mostly free wheeling, non-confrontational nation, rife with leftists, but better known for its scenic beauty, rather than Muslim Brotherhood sleeper cells? Think again.

As such, with the Mid East on fire, and with Syria the flash point (Iran’s testing ground) for the precursor to WW 3, isn’t it high time that Americans/Canadians (westerners in general) wake up to the sleeper cells/agents in their midst? And, as one who heard the ‘rat a tat tat’ of gunfire at the Islamic compound in Islamberg, in upstate NY, guaranteed, they are deadly serious.

Thus, as worrisome as it should be to Americans, whose POTUS is inextricably linked to the Brotherhood Mafia, what assists can Canadians expect to get from him, not if, but when their sleepers arise? Rhetorical question.

ADNAN OKTAR’s Islamic Mouthpiece(s) Receives Another (Jewish) Gift: Israel Hayom, A Zionist/Israeli Paper, Lends Its Platform. Addendum To: The Jewish Press Has Mega Explaining…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

As duly warned within a recent commentary – dated August 11, 2013 – The Jewish Press (Other Jewish/Israeli Media Outlets Have Mega Explaining To Do: Are They – Unwittingly, Or Not – Providing Cover For Islamic Supremacists? What’s Going On?) has allowed Islamic supremacists to disgrace its pages. Moreover, it was further asserted, they were not alone in lending said media megaphone to PROVEN Islamic forces.

Mind you – as this site is painfully aware – it is difficult for most to swallow the bitterest of pills; yes, far too many ‘peace’ activists are nothing of the sort. It is what it is, despite what one wishes them to be. Not only that, especially in Adnan Oktar’s case, his syrupy message, also a poison pill, is offered up by comely females – such sweet, prettily packaged music to (besieged) Jewish ears! NO schmatta-wearing, foaming-at-the-mouth, garden variety Islamic adherents are his mouthpieces. So, understandably, it is easy enough to fall prey. Nevertheless, and herein lies the caveat and onus, media outlets – and not just Jewish ones – are ethically/morally bound to investigate those they lend a voice to. Consider: Would any paper – Jewish or otherwise – give a platform to Hitler’s followers? Same thing. For the (media) record, they would be raked over the coals for doing so. 

Specifically, to fully internalize where the dangers lie, one must understand who Aylin Kocaman fronts for, and the methods her group employs to reel in those who are truly grasping at straws, in their desperate quest for any sweet murmurings of ‘peace’ – lullabies of sorts. Sort of like scorned lovers, seeking any form of reconciliation, however, reuniting is far more dangerous (read:on steroids) than going their separate ways.

Moreover, the aforementioned shill answers directly to Adnan Oktar, therefore, it becomes mandatory to peer within: Turkish Creationist Promoted By Muslim Brotherhood Blames “Atheist Zionists” For Middle East Troublesas a result, its impact will become deadly clear.

Post haste, meander onto the ever so revealing clip: Turkish Thinker Adnan Oktar Tells about His Struggle against the Freemasons
Al-Jazeera TV (Qatar) – September 28, 2007 –
, but pay particular attention to the discussion at 1:40 minutes, as the ‘stealth’ jihadist demonstrably shows his Islamic supremacist ambitions, and exhorts the absolute imperative to eliminate Zionism.

Need more convincing, but do take heed, for the following entangles with additional angst: Adnan Oktar’s ‘peace’ efforts are shot to smithereens, duly exposed herein –, as well as at –

Not content yet with the evidence? Alas, they further opine/feign within: ADNAN OKTAR’S CULT FOLLOWERS CALL FOR TURKISH-ISLAMIC UNION FOR WORLD PEACE……..Sex, flies and videotape: the secret lives of Harun Yahya …and blackmail galore! Jewish media outlets, you got that?

As to his ‘hotties’, of whom Aylin is front and center, well, nothing works better than a veritable feast – to one’s eyes: TURKEY’S ANTI-EVOLUTIONIST SHOWGIRLS : An Islamist fringes wraps its hard anti-Darwin message in skin-tight Versace, drag-queen make-up and po-mo posing …and the least of it entails titillating male fantasies!

Gents – perhaps some ladies too – don’t get too excited by the above showgirl link, for the aforementioned Aylin does more than just purr…see the following threatening messages lobbed directly at a ‘friend’ of mine in a “pro-Israel” Facebook group no less:

Lisa sent me the following screen capture of Aylin Kocaman’s threat, in a post (now offline) – link within –


aylin kocaman threatens lisa michelle 25.5.2013

Read the whole malevolent exchange ! Pray tell, does this sound like someone who yearns for ‘peace’?

But there’s more. Just keep perusing, as you scroll down to the main event. Enter: Israel Hayom.

Turkey, Israel & The Egyptian Problem

August 28, 2013

Aylin Kocaman
Turkey, Israel and the Egyptian problem

The reason for the disaster into which Muslim countries have fallen is not some imaginary conspiracy perpetrated by the ever-mysterious “them,” but the Islamic world itself. The only reason for brother killing brother in Muslim lands, a never-ending descent into barbarism and the presence of man hunting snipers, is Muslims themselves.

Yes, the West has always had designs on the Middle East. There have always been Western countries that have nourished radicals for their own interests. There have always been voices saying, “Let us create turmoil so they turn on one another and leave us alone.” They did not conceal themselves; they felt no need to because a single spark in the Middle East was all it took. Yet if such a tiny spark sets the whole Middle East aflame, it is Muslims alone who are responsible.

Which Muslims? Enlightened Muslims who refuse to unite, who cannot strengthen themselves in the face of radicalism and who are invariably passive. These Muslims realize that radicalism is a scourge, but spend their time merely bewailing the fact rather than uniting. If they were to combine together with all the good people in the world — Christians, Jews, Buddhists, atheists and communists without discrimination — and the power of love was to emerge, then neither the Islamic world nor the world as a whole would be in this state. It is illogical to blame others for the turmoil in the Middle East.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is livid at the massacres in Egypt. Turks expected the tragedy we are now seeing from the time the military intervention happened, and it may be because of these events that Turkey has taken such an interest. Turkey has seen four separate coups. It is a country that has hanged its own prime minister and ministers because of these coups. It may be the country that best knows the savagery represented by military interventions against the government and its policies. That is why there was a mass reaction and considerable anger in Turkey against the Egyptian military intervention. The reason for that reaction was not that Turkish people supported Morsi, but that they were opposed to coups.

There has been much mention that “democracy is not [solely] the ballot box” to justify the slaughter in Egypt. That was an argument also used against this Turkish government during the Taksim Gezi Park protests. The fact that these words, from the French Jewish writer Bernard-Henri Levy in 2011, were used at a conference attended by Israeli Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, suddenly concentrated minds in that direction. Some newspapers carried headlines reading, “Did Israel plan the events in Egypt?” That is why Erdogan ascribed responsibility for the increasing spread of that idea in Egypt to Israel.

If you ask me, such an accusation should not have been made. That was a gambit that should not have been made in Turkish foreign policy. Israel should not have been accused with such evidence, especially at a time when Israel and Turkey have entered a fine period of peace, when an alliance between the two countries could lead to greater peace and well-being and when radicals are just waiting for the opportunity to blame Israel.

Of course, democracy is not just the ballot box, but the ballot box is a precondition. The government’s subsequent actions consolidate it. When that fails, the solution must again be sought in democracy. Not with tanks.

The Muslim Brotherhood did not strengthen the democracy that emerged from the ballot box during its administration. It did not use it well and build on it. There needed to be a deep-rooted change within the Muslim Brotherhood for it to grow. A society that values art, beauty, music, science and women and that does not discriminate on the grounds of religion, ethnicity or clothing should have emerged. The Brotherhood should have eliminated the threat of radicalism through giant reforms; however, since it failed to do that, it was thought of in the same terms as that threat. But that failure does not justify wanton repression or slaughter, of course. And likewise, it does not justify seeking scapegoats.

Those who thought the threat of fundamentalism could be removed with military intervention were wrong. Fundamentalism is a serious and broad-based problem in the Middle East. Fundamentalists represent a majority among members of the army in Egypt, and they will very likely be in the new administration. And some radical groups angry at the status quo in Egypt will become even more radical. The threat to Israel will therefore not be over. If Israel wants to end the threat, this is not the solution.

As a Muslim who knows Muslims, their current perspective and the region very well, and who also strives against anti-Semitism, I must issue this important reminder: The slaughter in Egypt has begun spreading opposition to Israel in a far stronger manner than ever before. Anti-Israeli voices are now much stronger. Opposition to Israel inevitably leads to anti-Semitism, and this also does grave harm to Muslim minds in need of proper education.

Israeli politicians, the Israeli press and writers should be more careful than ever before. They must not forget that every loose word will nourish the radicals and inevitably harm innocent Jews and Muslims. They must also bear in mind that this will put Muslims like us, who are striving with all our might to eliminate anti-Jewish feeling, in an extraordinarily difficult position. They must try to see that it is not easy to win over a society raised with prejudices against the Jews. They must try and make it easier for us.

It is for good reason that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calls on his staff to avoid commenting on Egypt; this is a very smart and appropriate call and he is to be commended for it. In my opinion, the best policy for Israeli politicians to follow in this sensitive time is to take no sides in Middle Eastern domestic conflicts. It is important for Israel to adopt a moderate and calming policy rather than an aggressive or partisan one. Israel must do its best to try to calm things down and always speak of peace. It must never inadvertently strengthen the radicals’ hand.

And what of Turkey? Turkey must definitely facilitate the improving of relations with Israel. The voices emerging from Turkey at this stage are highly important. We must not forget that every angry voice may cause damage, even further increasing anti-Semitism in the Arab world. A peaceable Turkey that calms matters down and extends the hand of friendship to Israel would be much better.

Aylin Kocaman is a commentator on Turkish TV, a columnist for Asharq Al-Awsat, Al Ahram Weekly and Gulf Daily News, and a peace activist.

Most significantly, while the above author, in tandem with Adnan Oktar – with whom she consorts/reports to- opines that ‘peace’ and understanding are the only way forward to stamp out anti-semitism and strive towards world harmony, the flip side is DANGEROUSLY/wildly different. Adnan Oktar’s ties/backing by the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia evince a whole other truthful (Islamic) agenda!
And, if this site’s previous evidence – discerned through the Jewish Press’s ‘outreach’ – isn’t convincing enough for readers, then surely little else will suffice. For if all it takes to convince well known Jewish media to jump aboard their ‘peace’ wagon are honey-laced murmurs, then we, as a Jewish people, are in for more than a bumpy ride; one which will be a catastrophe of our own making!
Sach ha’kol, at the end of it all, Israel Hayom, underwritten by a mega Jewish philanthropist, Sheldon Adelson, surely can’t be in sync with Adnan Oktar’s designs for the Middle East via the Turkish-Islamic Union. He knows better. But it appears that his Editors (as well as the Publisher) failed to do their proper due diligence, as required by any conscientious media outlet. To wit, they must be remonstrated, if not by their boss, then by the court of public opinion – Jews and non-Jews alike.
In its essence, the same challenge given to The Jewish Press is presented herein: Israel Hayom – other media outlets as well – we are watching…waiting…

As The Mid East Burns, How Many Tie-Ins Are Needed To Link The POTUS To The Brotherhood Mafia, Familial Or Otherwise? His Fingerprints Galore…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

When it comes to the Brotherhood Mafia, and Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s ties therein, no one can jive talk in this blog’s direction, least of all the anti-American POTUS’s shills. If any of his surrogates want to challenge said assertion, go right ahead. Guaranteed, they will be smacked down tout de suite. 

Furthermore, if one is stupid enough to attempt to explain away this or that 501 (c) (3) filing as ‘legitimate’, while koshering Islamic terror entities, well, again, bring it on. It is not as if this blog is a neophyte in the non-profit arena either. More than willing to meet in the sandbox.

To top it off, this site offers up a veritable feast of evidence to support the thesis posited above. Start perusing. Is anyone still wondering why the Mid East is burning down? After which, stop scratching. And, Northeast Intelligence Network more than recognizes the direct nexus between the leader of the heretofore free world and the Brotherhood Mafia. Like pigs to shit. So, if it looks like a cozy relationship it IS one.

YET, one would be gravely remiss if the following wasn’t pointed out, once again, – Islamic roots-wise


Report says Malik directs radical Islamic movement’s investments

Published: August 21, 2013

NEW YORK – President Obama’s half-brother in Kenya could cause the White House more headaches over new evidence linking him to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and establishing that controversial IRS supervisor Lois Lerner signed his tax-exempt approval letter.

Malik Obama’s oversight of the Muslim Brotherhood’s international investments is one reason for the Obama administration’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood, according to an Egyptian report citing the vice president of the Supreme Constitutional Court of Egypt, Tehani al-Gebali

In a news report on Egyptian television of a Gebali speech, translated by researcher Walid Shoebat, a former Palestinian Liberation Organization operative, Gebali said she would like “to inform the American people that their president’s brother Obama is one of the architects of the major investments of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

“We will carry out the law, and the Americans will not stop us,” she said. “We need to open the files and begin court sessions.

“The Obama administration cannot stop us; they know that they supported terrorism,” she continued. “We will open the files so these nations are exposed, to show how they collaborated with [the terrorists]. It is for this reason that the American administration fights us.”

Shoebat said Gebali explained the news is important to Americans who are concerned about their president’s actions, calling it “is a gift to the American people,” implying there were more revelations to come.

In an interview on Egyptian television, Gebali said the cost to Egypt has been great, and she vowed her country will not allow any conspiracy against its people or the Egyptian state. She insisted that pushing Egypt to bankruptcy is unacceptable, because it would plunge her country into a dire state similar to Iraq and Libya.

Shoebat said that if the reports are correct, Turkey appears to play a central role in the alleged conspiracy. He emphasized that Egypt has asserted to the international community that it will not tolerate any attempt to push the country to bankruptcy.

Shoebat’s blog linked to three “very credible sources” that corroborate the report on Gebali’s comments.

Shoebat reported in May that Malik Obama is the executive secretary of the Islamic Da’wa Organization, or IDO, a group created by the government of Sudan, which is considered by the U.S. State Department to be a terrorist state.

In 2010, Malik Obama attended an IDO conference in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum. One of the objectives of the IDO is to spread Wahhabist Islam across the African continent.

Sudan President Omar Al-Bashir supervised the conference. Bashir is wanted by the International Criminal Court on seven counts related to crimes against humanity.

Shoebat asserted the evidence places Malik Obama “in bed with terrorists, working in a terrorist state as an official of an organization created by terrorists.”

Malik’s tax-exempt problems

WND reported in May that funds contributed in the U.S. to a 501(c)3 foundation run by Malik Obama have been diverted to support Malik’s multiple wives in Kenya, an expert on Islamic extremism has charged.

Lois Lerner, the director of the IRS tax-exempt division currently under congressional investigation, signed the letter approving tax-exempt status for the Malik Obama’s Barack H. Obama Foundation.

Lerner, currently on paid executive leave from her IRS supervisory position, took the Fifth Amendment before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on May 22 rather than answer questions on inappropriate criteria used by her IRS department to delay or otherwise deny tax-exempt status for tea party and “patriot” groups.

Shoebat has detailed his allegations in a 22-page investigative report titled “New IRS Scandal: Islamic Extremism and Sex Slaves: Report Reveals Obama’s Relatives Run Charities of Deceit,” published on his website

After a thorough examination of available evidence, Shoebat explained to WND his allegations against the Obama family tax-exempt foundations:

When Malik Obama and Sarah Obama raised money in the United States as the respective heads of foundations claiming to be charities, not only did the Internal Revenue Service illegally grant one of them tax-deductible status retroactively, but these foundations have supported – to varying degrees – illegal operations that acquire funding for personal gain, philandering, polygamy and the promotion of Wahhabism, the brand of Islam practiced by Al-Qaeda.

For the past two years, since long before the current IRS scandals became public, WND has been reporting irregularities in two IRS-approved 501(c)3 organizations operated in the U.S. by Obama’s half-brother and step-grandmother in Kenya.

WND reported in September 2011 the Barack H. Obama Foundation apparently received IRS approval one month after an application was submitted in May 2011. The IRS determination letter June 11, 2011, granted a highly irregular retroactive tax-exempt approval only after the group came under fire for operating as a 501(c)3 foundation since 2008 without ever having applied to the IRS.

In October 2012, WND reported a separate foundation, the Mama Sarah Obama Foundation, created on behalf of Obama’s step-grandmother in Kenya, has transferred funds, 90 percent of which are raised from U.S. individuals and corporations, to send Kenyan students to the top three most radical Wahhabist madrassas in Saudi Arabia.

Since its founding in 2008, the Barack H. Obama Foundation, operating out of a commercial mail drop in Arlington, Va., has solicited tax-deductible contributions on the Internet, listing addresses and telephone numbers both in the U.S. and Kenya, without disclosing the group lacked an IRS determination letter.

In September 2011, the IRS confirmed to WND that the Barack H. Obama Foundation had received a determination letter in June 2011, awarding the group tax-exempt 501(c)3 status retro-actively to 2008

Malik Obama, best man at the wedding of Barack H. Obama, Oct. 3, 1992

Tax-exempt polygamy?

On March 3, 2013, Andrew Malone, reporting for the London Daily Mail, documented that Malik’s youngest wife in Kenya, Sheila Anyano, 35 years his junior, had spent the past two years living with three of Malik’s other wives at the “Barack H Obama Foundation rest and relaxation center,” a restaurant complex that profits from visitors drawn by the family’s connection to the American president.

According to the Daily Mail, members of his extended family in Kenya have accused Malik, a practitioner of Islam and a polygamist, of being a wife-beater and philanderer. Malik is accused of seducing Sheila, the newest of his estimated 12 wives when she was a 17-year-old schoolgirl – a crime in Kenya, where the legal age of consent is 18.

Malone tracked down Sheila’s mother, Mary, who explained to the reporter that Malik Obama had “secret trysts” with the girl after spotting her attending prayers at the mosque he has built in Kogelo, the family’s ancestral home.

Sheila, now age 20, told Ambrose that marrying Malik, now age 55, was the “worst decision” of her life and confirmed that she and Malik kept their marriage “a secret,” because she was 17.

“At first he was good, after he started speaking to me at the mosque,” Sheila told the Daily Mail. “But he has changed. Marrying him has been the biggest mistake of my life. He beats me, but mostly he’s just nasty and quarrelsome.”

Shoebot charged that Malik Obama is abusing non-profit funds.

“There is no evidence to suggest that Malik is building any houses in Kogelo for widows and orphans as claimed,” Shoebat said.

Neither is there evidence that the Mama Sarah Foundation has built any homes for widows, orphans and HIV/AIDS victims.

“The only evidence where monies were spent involves the Barack H. Obama Recreation and Rest Center in Kenya, which housed Malik’s 12 wives in a facility that includes a restaurant and a mosque with a madrassa,” he said.

“While building mosques is legally considered charity, evidence shows the entire funding came directly from entities and individuals from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain,” Shoebat said. “There is nothing of charitable nature to show for all the funds Malik raises from the United States. To date, there is no evidence for any accomplishments toward building homes for orphans, widows and AIDS victims in Kogelo or anywhere else in Kenya.”

Limited financial reporting

An IRS Form 990-EZ required for tax-exempt organizations was filed on May 23, 2011, only days before the IRS determination letter was sent.

Barack H. Obama Foundation, Form 990-EZ, filed May 23, 2011, page 1

The Form 990-EZ appears to have been hand-written by Malik Obama himself, complete with an unorthodox page of calculations evidently included to back up the amounts entered into the form.

The Form 990 reported the foundation had received $24,250 total gross income for 2010, derived from contributions, gifts and grants.

“We were not very successful this year because of limited contributions,” Malik reported on the Form 990. “The Foundation sponsored a Youth Tournement (sic) and embarked on construction of community bridges.”

Malik surfaced during the 2008 presidential campaign, dressed in African garb and holding a photograph of Barack Obama in African garb.

Abongo “Roy” Malik Obama displays a 1980s-era photograph of Barack Obama in Kenya

Born in Kenya to Kezia

Born in Kenya, on March 15, 1958, Abongo Malik “Roy” Obama was the first child born to Barack Obama Sr.

The son of Kezia, Obama Sr.’s first wife, Malik was only 18 months old when Barack Obama Sr. arrived in New York Aug. 8, 1959, on a BOAC flight in transit from Kenya to begin his undergraduate studies at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu.

Having abandoned Kezia in Kenya, Obama Sr. subsequently married Stanley Ann Dunham, Barack Obama Jr.’s mother, while in Honolulu, according to the account Obama relates in his autobiography “Dreams from My Father.”

Obama family portrait taken in Kenya. Abongo “Roy” Malik Obama stands to Barack Obama Jr.’s immediate left…..herein too –

It gets worse, as if it isn’t incendiary enough. Wrap your thinking caps around another smoking gun, one which directly ties Obama Inc. to bribery charges, and to…you guessed it…the Brotherhood Mafia ! You don’t say….

In the main, if one still can’t make the ‘quantum’ leap, as to the terrifying Islamic agenda, perhaps this will be convincing, albeit ever more graphically cited: The Nefarious Schemes of Islam For The Destruction Of Western Civilization…straight out of the jihadist handbook! Their plans are so brazen, bold and horrifying that many believe they are just spitting in the wind. Nope. Those who refuse to take them seriously will be lucky if they escape with their head atop their shoulders.

Back to the POTUS. As detailed above, in  October 2012, this site revealed the Islamist-in-Chief’s familial ‘smoking gun’, but going to the mat for the Brotherhood Mafia is more than a family affair; it is deeply ideological. It comprises the ‘green’ side to his political hybrid leanings; torn between two totalitarian, anti-American paradigms – the red/green alliance! Bear in mind his authentic alter ego – Valerie Jarrett, a highly dangerous red/green devotee.
Come on…way more than enough tie-ins…links…proofs….
UPDATE: Glad to note that Western Center for Journalism hopped on board with more than enough nails…to seal Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s fate!

Syria’s Chemical WARFARE Not What It Appears: ‘Rebels’ Fingerprints Too. Why It Matters…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

This site has CONSISTENTLY coined the warring between the so called Syrian ‘rebels’ and Assad’s goons as ‘six of one, half a dozen of another’, as mentioned back in November 2012. No Islamic-washing on this end. The point being, BOTH factions are guilty of butchering the innocent, yet one is backed/armed by Obama Inc – ‘good’ terrorists vs ‘bad’ terrorists, via the depraved mindset of (im)moral relativists. The road to (western) hell is paved with PC, leftist delusions and their Islamic helpmates.

Alas, to properly catch the newly initiated up to speed, some backtracking is mandatory. Benghazigate, the result of an illegal war in Libya had several derivatives, but two stand out front and center: Arming the Syrian Brotherhood Mafia, of which Al Qaeda was an outgrowth – in tandem with other factions – and the attendant quid pro quo between Obama Inc. and Morsi’s Egyptian Brotherhood Mafia, designed to gain the release of the Blind terror Sheikh from imprisonment in America. Well, THAT plan went awry, hence, payback via dead Americans in Benghazi. Unintended geo-political blow back.

In fact, the Islamist-in-Chief’s failure to deliver the terror Sheikh’s freedom, plus the inability to cement Morsi’s hold on power, will have out-sized political consequences for Obama and surrogates – G-d willing. An 8 billion in baksheesh/bribery (courtesy of the American taxpayer’s kitty) between Obama Inc. and the Brotherhood Mafia (for sundry reasons) is drip, drip coming to light, as a poison pill from his ‘Brothers.’ You lie down with (Islamic) dogs…you wake up with more than fleas.

That being said, Obama & mouthpieces have dragged their heels repeatedly, even after knowing about Syria’s chemical warfare. Yet, time and again, the powers that be seemed less than concerned. Hell, Obama, wifey, ‘the girls’ and even the family pooch descended upon Martha’s Vineyard – chemical warfare reports be damned. Fellow freedom fighters at Watchdogs of Our Freedom – WOOF – said it best:


    When the Obamas embarked on their latest undeserved vacation, returning to Martha’s Vineyard in the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts, they must have forgotten “Bo,” the presidential dog. For whatever reason, “Bo” flew separately to the sumptuous vacation resort, marking the first ever use of the MV-22 Osprey as a presidential conveyance. The cost was astronomical of course, but sequestration can’t keep Bo and O apart, not on your life! But, why the separate flight? WOOF suspects that after the long series of accidents and test-flight malfunctions that marked the early development of the MV-22, Bo was picked to ride in it first in case—well–you know! Fortunately all went well and the Obamas can continue to frolic in vacationland without a care while the country collapses! Good boy, Bo!

GO WOOFERS!! But let us not leave out an important vacation guest, the POTUS’s true ‘Love’ interest, his constant companion, though no longer on the White House official payroll – his ‘body double’.

Leaving his icky love life aside, and since the Pyromaniac-in-Chief understood – and he damn well did – that it was the ‘rebels’, a hodgepodge of Islamic groups he helped arm to topple Assad to empower the Brotherhood Mafia, who eventually utilized chemical weapons, wouldn’t that account for his hemming and hawing? But this does not exclude the real possibility that Assad’s goons did the same…and it could be a chicken egg scenario, as to who shot off the first chemical explosive.

So, it took time (not unlike their fairy tale stories re Benghazigate..the video made them do it..akin to the dog ate the homework fabrication) to concoct a scenario where Assad – and he alone – became culpable.

Most intrinsically, BOTH sides are Islamic barbarians, but a worldwide cry to DO something couldn’t be ignored, even by ‘The One’. So, we are now facing a full out missile war in the Mid East, but the upshot is: Regardless of the machinations of the wayward Commander-in-Chief innocent Syrians are being gassed, and if allowed to get away with such war crimes, surely their ante will be upped when Iran outwardly declares: “Yes, we too have nuclear weapons/WMD’s. Try and stop us…we will ‘gift’ them to any ‘holy’ warrior we damn well please, as we add, “Peace be upon him (Islam).” Yes, the ‘religion’ of ‘peace’ can kill anyone they deem a threat to the ummah and no one dares to thwart them. Let us admit in unison – there is power in numbers – and be done with it: Islam IS a death cult, no ifs, ands or buts.


Contrary evidence arises as U.S. considers punishing Assad regime

August 27, 2013


NEW YORK – As the U.S. considers a response to what it calls a chemical weapon attack by Syria’s Bashar al-Assad regime that killed hundreds of civilians, reliable Middle Eastern sources say they have evidence the culprits actually were the rebel forces trying to take over the government.

Secretary of State John Kerry accused the Assad government Monday of covering up the use of chemical weapons in “a cowardly crime” and a “moral obscenity” that shocked the world’s conscience. Kerry claimed the Obama administration had “undeniable” evidence “that the Assad government was culpable in the use of chemical weapons on civilians” in the Aug. 21 attack in Damascus suburbs.

Reports that the Obama administration is considering a military strike against the Assad government continued to circulate Monday. Meanwhile, U.N. weapon inspectors in Syria were fired upon by snipers as they attempted to investigate the site of the Aug. 21 attack.

Assad has rejected charges that his government forces used chemical weapons as “preposterous” and “completely politicized,” the Los Angeles Times reported.

He argues Syrian forces were in the targeted area.

“How is it possible that any country would use chemical weapons, or any weapons of mass destruction, in an area where its own forces are located?” Assad asked in the interview with Izvestia, according to a translation provided by Syria’s official news agency and published by the Los Angeles Times.

“This is preposterous! These accusations are completely politicized and come on the back of the advances made by the Syrian Army against the terrorists.”

Rebel attack?

With the assistance of former PLO member and native Arabic-speaker Walid Shoebat, WND has assembled evidence from various Middle Eastern sources that cast doubt on Obama administration claims the Assad government is responsible for last week’s attack.

A video posted on YouTube, embedded below, shows Free Syrian Army, or FSA, rebel forces launching a Sarin gas attack on a Syrian village.

Another video posted on YouTube shows what appears to be Syrian rebel forces loading a canister of nerve gas on a rocket to fire presumably at civilians and possibly government forces.

As seen below, a screen capture from the video shows rebel civilian forces placing a suspicious blue canister on top of a rocket-launching device.

A separate YouTube video from Syrian television shows a government-captured arsenal of what appears to be nerve gas weapons seized from a rebel stronghold in Jobar, Syria.

The image below shows canisters in the seized rebel arsenal from Jobar that appear to resemble the canister launched by rebel forces in the first image above.

Syrian TV news report of rebel weapons seized in Jobar, Syria

A close-up from the Syrian television news report, seen below, shows a chemical agent identified as having been made by a “Saudi factory.”

Syrian TV news report showing chemical agents identified as manufactured in Saudi Arabia

A report from the Russian Arabic-language channel RT Arabic shows captured rebel arsenals apparently with chemical agents manufactured in Saudi Arabia and gas masks, supporting Russian claims that the rebels are the culprits in the alleged chemical attack.

On Aug. 23, hosted an audio recording of a phone call broadcast on Syrian TV between a terrorist affiliated with the rebel civilian militia “Shuhada al-Bayada Battalion” in Homs, Syria, and his Saudi Arabian boss, identified as “Abulbasit.” The phone call indicates rebel-affiliated terrorists in Syria, not the Assad government, launched the chemical weapons attack in Deir Ballba in the Homs, Syria, countryside.

The terrorist said his group, which comprises 200 terrorists escaped from al-Bayadah to al-Daar al-Kabera through a tunnel, needed to buy weapons to attack Homs.

The Saudi financier, who was in Cairo, asked the Syrian terrorists to give details about his group and how it will receive the money. The Saudi admitted his support to terrorists in Daraa and the Damascus countryside. The Syrian terrorist told him that one of the achievements of his “battalion” was the use of chemical weapons in Deir Ballba.

The recorded phone call disclosed the cooperation between two terrorist groups in Syria to bring two bottles of Sarin Gas from the Barzeh neighborhood in Damascus.

Russian media sources have consistently reported Syrian military have discovered rebel warehouses containing chemical weapons agents and have documented rebel chemical weapons attacks on the Syrian civilians the military.

That being said, Obama & mouthpieces have dragged their heels repeatedly, even after knowing about Syria’s chemical warfare. Yet, time and again, the powers that be seemed less than moved.

Now, since the Pyromaniac-in-Chief understood – and he damn well did – that it was the ‘rebels’ he helped arm who utilized chemical weapons, wouldn’t that account for his hemming and hawing?

By extension, we are now facing a full out missile war in the Mid East. Hence, Syria’s chemical warfare must be met with the harshest of military penalties. But no one should be foolish enough to give the Islamist-in-Chief kudos for stepping up to the plate. It would be akin to giving high fives to those who burn down forests, yet turn around and grab fire hoses to ‘assist’ in tamping down their handiwork. Same thing, but on a globally catastrophic scale!

PREDICTION: Whatever happens to Assad’s rule, rest assured, a hybrid leadership of Brotherhood/Al Qaeda will take its place. And, GO IDF!!

That’s all folks. 

UPDATE: Just came upon the following assessment from Northeast Intelligence Network. Concurs with this blog’s thesis. 

FURTHER UPDATE: Western Center For Journalism – Revealed: Obama Planned Attack On Syria In 2011shoring up this site’s main thesis – Barack HUSSEIN Obama went to war in Libya, in order to arm the Brotherhood Mafia in Syria, of which Al Qaeda is a principal partner!

Israel: The Most Imperiled/Targeted Nation In History. What Are Its Options, Now That Its Leaders Left Zion’s Fate To U.S. Dictates? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

In hoping against hope to become like any other ‘normal’ (western) nation, Israel’s leaders have placed the ancient Jewish nation (re-birthed a mere 65 years ago) in mortal peril. Whether or not such forthright statements make many uncomfortable is hardly of any consequence. At least it shouldn’t be.

So, if ensuring Israel’s survival is first and foremost – personal sensibilities aside – listen up to the sage advice (once again) of this blogger’s mentor, Professor Louis Rene Beres.

Ensuring Israel’s survival: Targeted threats and remedies

08/19/2013 16:08   By LOUIS RENÉ BERES

In limiting the expected harm of a nuclear Iran, Israel would be well-advised to further enhance the credibility of its nuclear deterrence posture.

View of the Israeli nuclear facility in the Negev outside Dimona
Photo by: REUTERS

When it is assessed in narrowly scientific terms, modern Israel’s physical survival has never been a safe bet. After all, from the very beginning, even before the UN’s  grant of statehood took legal effect in May 1948, the common goal of Israel’s enemies has been plain. Unrelieved, even by time, this goal remains what is has always been: collective Jewish extermination.

There is an obvious corollary to any such proposition in world politics. Israel exists perilously, in a tentative condition of permanent insecurity and unending vulnerability. Among other more particular liabilities, this situation represents the most bitter of historical ironies. Israel, an ancient nation that was ingathered in mid-20th century, expressly to prevent another genocide, has been targeted for another “Final Solution.”

Jurisprudentially, because war and genocide need not be mutually exclusive, a second Holocaust could be unleashed, in whole or in part, by nuclear and/or biological attacks. In preparing to launch such attacks, determined enemy states such as Iran could be aided, even unwittingly, by more or less simultaneous Palestinian movements toward a “Two-State Solution.” It follows that the targeted threats from Iran, and the targeted threats from “Palestine,” are not really separate and discrete, but rather intersecting and interpenetrating. In narrowly military parlance, they could be described as “force-multipliers.”

Oddly, perhaps, this critical linkage of threats has yet to be meaningfully understood. In brief, Iranian nuclearization and Palestinian “self-determination” could become mutually reinforcing, or, in somewhat technical/biological terms, “synergistic.” Israel’s survival could then become substantially more problematic than if the Jewish State had to deal with only one or the other of these two existential threats.

“For what can be done against force, without force?” inquired the Roman statesman, Cicero, more than 2000 years ago. The use of force in world politics is never evil in itself. On the contrary, in preventing nuclear and terrorist aggressions, force or threats of force may almost always be required; often, they are indispensable.

All states have a fundamental and irreducible right of self-defense. This “peremptory” right is made explicit and unambiguous in both codified and customary international law. It can be found, most conspicuously, at Article 51 of the UN Charter, and also in multiple jurisprudential clarifications of what is correctly called anticipatory self-defense.

In law, Israel has every available right to forcibly confront both the expected harms of Iranian nuclear missile strikes, and the more-or-less related expressions of Palestinian terror. The problem is that although such a confrontation could be perfectly lawful or permissible, it would not necessarily be operationally successful. In all world politics, any specific national military posture may be perfectly legal, but still be ineffectual.

What is to be done?

On the Palestinian front, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has already accepted the idea of a 23rd Arab state that would be “demilitarized.” The core dilemma, however, is that the Palestinian side (Hamas, Fatah, it makes little real difference) still seeks only a One-State Solution (see their official maps), and a demilitarized Palestine could never be made to work. Any post-independence abrogation of earlier pre-state agreements to demilitarize, once announced by a now-sovereign Palestinian state, could prove incontestable under authoritative international law.

Iran is a determinedly frontline Islamic state, one with a plausibly near-term potential to inflict nuclear harms upon Israel. The “international community” has done nothing to genuinely impede Iranian nuclearization. Once-heralded “economic sanctions” have caused ordinary Iranians considerable economic pain and discomfort, but they also have not slowed the development of that country’s nuclear weapons option.

An aptly palpable metaphor comes to mind:  For Iran, these sanctions have irritated little more than would a fly on an elephant’s back.

What about America? If US President Barack Obama’s wish for “a world free of nuclear weapons” were ever taken seriously, even as a carefully crafted end-run toward a Middle East Nuclear Weapon Free Zone, Israel wouldn’t stand a chance. Fortunately, this American presidential preference is not only prima facie foolish; it is also patently unrealistic, and therefore destined to fail.

For the foreseeable future, at least, Israel will likely retain some deterrence benefit of its alleged, still-undeclared “bomb in the basement.”

Over time, however, it is likely that the longstanding Israeli policy of deliberate nuclear ambiguity will have to give way to certain limited and selective forms of nuclear disclosure. In this calculably reluctant policy transformation, enemy states, real and prospective, will need to be convinced that Israel maintains both the capability, and the willingness, to respond to determinably major first-strike aggressions, with an “assuredly-destructive” reprisal. In the vital matter of perceived capability, such enemies will need to believe, among other things, that Israel’s nuclear forces are distinctly usable, and also capable of penetrating their enemies’ active (ballistic missile) defenses.

Sometimes, especially in complex matters of military strategy, truth is counter-intuitive. Expected “usability” may vary inversely with expected yields of destructiveness. This means that any enemy perceptions of a too-large or too-destructive Israeli nuclear weapons capability could  actually impair rather than enhance Israel’s essential nuclear deterrent.

The “Road Map,” or Middle East Peace Process, will not save Israel. Expanding economic sanctions against Iran will not save Israel. Once Iran had begun a countdown-to-launch of its nuclear weapons against Israel, US President Barack Obama’s only possible assistance would be to help with the mass burial of Israel’s myriad dead. Moreover, before even this post-catastrophe “remedy” could be applied, entire Israeli cities would first need to be transformed into giant cemeteries.

To cope with any prospective harm issuing forth from Iran and “Palestine,” Israeli planners will need to focus intently upon effectively diminishing both threat components. In the best of all possible worlds, a Palestinian terror state and an Iranian nuclear capacity could still be prevented. As a practical matter, however, the best available outcome at this time would include: (1) a Palestinian state, without any sovereign-authority over Jerusalem, and within still-manageable borders for Israel; and (2) a very slowly nuclearizing Iran, one that remains fully rational in all decisional matters of war and peace, and fully subject to Israeli nuclear deterrence.

In limiting the expected harms of “Palestine,” there would be little point for Israel to seek enforcement of any pre-independence Palestinian commitments to demilitarize. For both legal and strategic reasons, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s declared policy contingencies notwithstanding, no such demilitarization measures would actually be implemented.

In limiting the expected harm of a nuclear Iran, Israel would be well-advised to further enhance the credibility of its nuclear deterrence posture. This could be done, incrementally, and in part, by moving cautiously beyond its tenuous stance of deliberate nuclear ambiguity or “bomb in the basement,” and by continuing its reciprocal improvements of ballistic missile defense, especially the Arrow.

Significantly, at this already late date, any residual benefits of a preemptive strike against pertinent Iranian hard targets, would likely be outweighed by any prospective costs.

To posit that Israel is running out of options re Iran (and its surrounding genocidal neighbors) is the biggest understatement. In fact, there have been several blaring headlines to said effect, and this is no longer debatable – Analysts Predict Iran Able To Produce Bomb By Mid 2014 . IF past is prologue, surely this time frame must be considered the most ‘hopeful’ scenario, certainly not the most realistic.

Thus, as Professor Louis Rene Beres postulates – unarguably the world’s expert on this issue – the heretofore ‘red line’ has come and gonehence, Israel’s poohbahs essentially allowed Iran to gain the bomb! Hitching Jerusalem’s fate to Washingtonnot only in the Iranian arena, but throughout the Mid East’s firestorms, (read: Syria)  will (eventually) exact an unbearable price (at least for the dead Jews !), and it makes no sense to whitewash its efficacy, as comforting as daydreams may be.

UPDATE: This just in: 

A definitive legal analysis of Israel’s actions against Syrian weapons transfer to Hezbollah under international law. Take it to the (legal) bank!

BENGHAZIGATE’s Jihadi(s) & The Connection To U.S. Military Trainers & Syria’s Chemical Warfare! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

This site, ad infinitum, highlights the absolute nexus between Obama Inc. and Islamic jihadists. For those of us who still have functioning brain cells and are not suffering from ‘battle’ fatigue, the evidence, thus far, renders more than probable cause to issue an indictment. It seals the case.

Their fealty to the Brotherhood Mafia has exploded on many fronts, including via jihad on Boston’s streets! Not only that, but the soon to be fireball to engulf the Mid East, even as this is written, couldn’t explode sans the Pyromaniac-in-Chief’s handiwork. Now, hardly a soothsayer, but this blog WARNED, back in December 2012, a full 8 months ago, that the precursor to WW 3 would run through Syrian chemical warfare !

Adding to the indictment is a more than compelling piece of evidence: Not unlike other instances, whereby Obama Inc’s Pentagon has trained Islamic jihadists, so too they (however inadvertently) trained Benghazigate’s first in command. To make matters even more incendiary, a preponderance of these aforementioned jihadists became AWOL from U.S. bases, once duly trained. Specifically, “Islamic Terror Supporters Living on our Military Bases, then Disappearing” The public is not aware of a dangerous trend happening inside America, and the media (right and left) will not expose this national security trend.

For many years foreign nationals (sent by their respective governments) from such countries as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and other Islamic based countries are traveling to America to work and live on U.S. military bases…..”

Say what? Cause and effect.

Mastermind Behind Benghazi Attack Trained In The U.S.

AUGUST 24, 2013 BY  

It is has been widely reported in Egyptian media that one of the leaders in the attack against the Benghazi consulate on September 11, 2012 was Mohsen Al-Azazi.

According to Ahmed Moussa, a former high ranking intelligence official with the Egyptian government and several other sources, Al-Azazi’s passport was found in the house of Khairat Al-Shater, the Number Two man in the Muslim Brotherhood hierarchy, now under house arrest in Egypt by the Egyptian military.

But according to an ongoing Egyptian investigation by Egypt’s Supreme State Security Prosecution, Muslim Brotherhood second-in-command Khairat Al-Shater was just tangentially involved in the attack on the Benghazi consulate. The actual mastermind of the attack was a man by the name ofTarek Taha Abu Al-Azm, now in the custody of the Egyptian military.

In what is reminiscent of the attack on the World Trade Center towers and Pentagon on 9/11, where some of the hijackers reportedly received flight training on U.S. military installations, per Egyptian investigators, Al-Azm, the mastermind of the attack on the Benghazi consulate, took military courses at a U.S. Air Force base.

Per Muslim Brotherhood researcher Walid Shoebat, citing multiple Arabic news sources, Al-Azm is a seasoned jet fighter pilot and a former Major in the Egyptian Air Force.

Per Shoebat, translating from a pro-Jihadi website, the Arabian Sword:

Al-Azm is a former Major in the Egyptian armed forces who graduated from high school and joined the military academy, graduating as an officer of the Armed Forces Officers. Al-Azm traveled to the United States for military courses until he reached the rank of captain and was put in charge of an air base for the Egyptian armed forces.

Per Shoebat, former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak had jailed Al-Azm for terrorist activities. But when Obama-backed Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Morsi ascended to the presidency, Al-Azm was immediately released.

But this is just the beginning of a blockbuster story.

Libyan Intelligence document dated September 15, 2012, names six Egyptians from the terrorist group Ansar al-Sharia, based in Egypt, as being behind the attack on the Benghazi consulate. Then-Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Morsi is named as a co-conspirator.

Per Walid Shoebat’s translation of the Libyan Intelligence document:

The most distinguished names that were obtained from the confessions by members of the cell, is the person, the President of Egypt, Mohammad Morsi…

Along with Morsi, the Libyan Intelligence document goes on to name five other co-conspirators, all members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

This is the same Mohammed Morsi who Barack Hussein Obama was fawning over and sent hundreds of millions of dollars to in foreign aid. The same Mohammed Morsi that Obama is stillsupporting.

But it gets worse—much worse.

According to Arabic News Channel TV14 and reported on by Egypt Daily News, Obama sent aneight billion dollar secret bribe to the Muslim Brotherhood to guarantee that the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula be turned over to the terrorist group Hamas. Hamas, a Muslim Brotherhood sister group, works directly with Ansar al-Sharia in the Sinai Peninsula. Channel TV14 goes on to say that the agreement was signed by Mohammed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood’s second in command, Khairat Al-Shater, now under house arrest in Egypt.

And what does Khairat Al-Shater have to say? He’s singing like a bird and says he has documents that will put Obama away for a very long time!

As reported by at least six Arabic news sources, as translated by Walid Shoebat:

In an interview with the Anatolia News Agency, Saad Al-Shater, the son of a Muslim Brotherhood leader, the detained Khairat Al-Shater said that his father had in his hand evidence that will land the head of United States of America, President Obama, in prison.

But there’s more: the eight billion dollars that Obama sent to the Muslim Brotherhood was shared with Ansar al-Sharia, the group that attacked our consulate and CIA Annex in Benghazi on September 11, 2012.

That means Barack Hussein Obama in essence funded the attack on the Benghazi consulate!

Funding terrorists? The mastermind of the attack on the Benghazi consulate trained in the United States? Obama secretly sending billions of dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood?

Who exactly is Barack Hussein Obama, and who is he working for?

YET, even though FULLY aligned with his Brotherhood Mafia, it is decidedly the case, if one does not deliver the goods, then all bets are off… they are a very unforgiving lot….and, that’s putting it mildly. In other words, Barack HUSSEIN Obama failed to strong arm Egypt’s strong man, General Al-Sisi, into releasing the captured Brotherhood heads. Reporting on this ‘delicious’ kismet does have its rewards. In any case, they are willing to ‘inadvertently’ reveal other connections (read: Benghazi killers), plus 8 billion other reasons to take down the Islamist-in-Chief!

Stay tuned…

UPDATE: More than enough wind to these sails…just saw this….…and this blog’s sources concur with Right Scoop!

Obama Inc. Pays JIZYA To Fort Hood’s ‘Soldier For Allah’ (‘Workplace Violence’ Aside), Spitting In America’s Face…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

NO one should be foolish enough to believe that military regs can’t be altered by orders from the Commander-in-Chief. Take a peek within, and you tell this blogger if protocol and regs aren’t under his ‘umbrella’. Besides, and in actual fact, the military is subordinate to the dictates of the person who sits in the White House. Therefore, let us take it off the table from the get go: The spurious claim that (jizya) payments, to the Fort Hood jihadist, can’t be ceased is sheer balderdash. It is a lie of monumental anti-American proportions.

Not only that, but such a ‘bitch slap’ has become par for the course, demonstrating, once again, the contempt the Islamist-in-Chief holds for the military, as well as America in general. All of this is aside from the fact that Hassan is guilty and may receive the death penalty for ‘workplace violence’ ! As Texas Senator Ted Cruz contends…GO Texas…one of the few sane members of Congress – “But if we ever hope to defeat the ongoing threat from radical Islamism, we need to start by calling this terrorist attack on our armed forces by its name. Hiding behind “workplace violence” and excluding evidence on Hasan’s pursuit of jihad will not make terrorism go away or properly honor the American heroes who were slain at Fort Hood on November 5, 2009,” said Cruz.

Tragically, proofs to the above are too lengthy to delineate, yet a few will suffice to place the onus where it belongs – atop Obama Inc. and the red/green alliance. Bear in mind, special dispensation is only afforded to Islamic jihadists, and not to ‘garden variety’ American killers, albeit held in military detention. Simply put, Islamic killers are a protected group. How so? Let us count the ways…

The hunt against vets, yet bypassing Muslims, who served is off and runningAnd, even though ‘Mama Janet’ resigned the pursuit against vets is non-stop ‘Putinesque’. But those who believe that Pentagon heads are bucking the Islamist-in-Chief’s ‘protectzia’ (a word coined in Israel/Hebrew for those who gain special privileges due to knowing/greasing the right palms) of Islamic jihadists, think again. The U.S. military high command is full frontal, as they serve as a shield for Muslim terrorists, and on American soil too! Need more heartburn? Should there be any doubt as to why Chuckie-boy Hagel was tasked as Sec of Defense

As such, why shouldn’t they treat the Fort Hood ‘Soldier for Allah’ as a rock star? Damn him for all eternity – and his enablers – to hell.


Army killer gets $80,000 a year, helicopter rides while victims suffer

Published: August 2013


Nearly four years after Islamist Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan shouted “Allahu akbar!” (“Allah is greater!”) and brutally murdered 14 people (including an unborn baby) and injured 30 others at Fort Hood, Texas, he now receives free helicopter rides from the local jail nearly every day, lives in a private room built to accommodate his medical needs, wears a beard against Army regulations, travels with his own security detail, has received numerous trial delays and collects a full salary of about $80,000 a year – all while many of his victims say they’ve been forgotten.

According to KXAS-TV, the NBC News affiliate in Dallas, the Army psychiatrist has been paid more than $278,000 since the Nov. 5, 2009, shooting because the military has said it cannot suspend his pay without a conviction.

Hasan, 42, is facing 13 counts of premeditated murder and 32 counts of attempted premeditated murder as his trial begins Tuesday. The New York Times reported the Army has spent more than $5 million on Hasan’s case and secured the courthouse with massive sand-packed barriers to protect him from explosions.

The Army has paid for Hasan’s military defense lawyers, paralegals and experts for his defense. Hasan also enjoys a heavily guarded trailer near the courthouse. The court-martial is expected to last at least a month.

No other inmate at the Bell County jail is treated the same way.

After struggling to cope with the tragedy, Staff Sgt. Josh Berry, 36, a soldier who survived Hasan’s attack committed suicide on Feb 13.

In what his father described as the “his absolute proudest moment in the United States Army,” Berry met President Obama at a service for victims of the brutal attack. During the memorial service, Obama never once used the word terrorism.

Berry, who had suffered from post-traumatic stress in Afghanistan, injured his shoulder as he leaped for cover in the storm of bullets at Fort Hood.

“He was in a war zone 24/7,” his father, Howard Berry, told NBC. “He honestly was.”

After he survived the worst shooting on an American military installation, the Army sent Berry to receive treatment at a VA hospital in Cincinnati, but his condition worsened as he no longer felt safe at home.

“He was never at peace,” Howard said. “He was never at peace. Every day, since the Fort Hood shooting, he suffered.”

According to his father, Sgt. Berry felt the Obama administration had forgotten the victims of that tragic day. The victims were denied Purple Heart medals and combat-related benefits because the Army determined the shooting was not an act of terrorism – despite Hasan’s own admission that he killed innocent Americans to defend the Taliban.

Here’s video of the KXAS-TV investigation of the case:

As WND reported, for years, the Obama administration has maintained that the victims of the 2009 shooting simply were in the crosshairs of “workplace violence.”

“He felt that there were considerations being given to the shooter that weren’t being given to the victims, and he couldn’t understand,” Howard Berry said.

Maj. Greg Majewski, Berry’s former commander, said the government’s delays and treatment of the victims “weighed heavily” on Berry.

“It affected his ability to cope because he would definitely get obsessive about it,” Majewski said. “It was something that was constantly on his mind. … I just cannot imagine Josh taking his life if the events at Fort Hood had not happened that day.”

Howard Berry said, “I can understand why [Josh] did what he did, because he felt that our country left a wounded soldier on the battlefield. And he felt that he wasn’t given the same consideration that our enemies were, and he didn’t understand.”

Hasan had been on federal officials’ radar screen for at least six months prior to the shooting over postings he made on the Internet. He likened a suicide bomber who kills women and children to a soldier who throws himself on a grenade to give his life in a “noble cause.”

Intelligence officials also intercepted at least 18 emails between Hasan and the radical American-born cleric Anwar al-Awlaki. Hasan told al-Awlaki in one of the emails, “I can’t wait to join you” in paradise. He also asked al-Awlaki whether it was appropriate to kill innocents in a suicide attack, when jihad was acceptable and how to transfer funds without attracting government notice.

Staff Sgt. Shawn Manning was shot six times in the attack, yet he is denied the same benefits a soldier shot in a similar action overseas would receive.

Fellow soldiers that day “were killed and wounded by … somebody who was there that day to kill soldiers, to prevent them from deploying,” Manning said. “And if that’s not an act of war, an act of terrorism, I don’t know what is.”

Staff Sgt. Alonzo M. Lunsford Jr. was shot once in the head and six times in the body. He pretended to be dead and then tried to get out of the building, but Hasan shot him again in the back.

Now, according to the New York Times, Lunsford will face Hasan in court Tuesday when he testifies at the trial. Lunsford told the Times the Army garnished his pay when he sought treatment at a military post-traumatic stress disorder program and rejected his request to pay for an operation to remove a bullet still lodged in his back.

“We don’t get passes the way Major Hasan got passes,” Lunsford said. “Each one of us has gotten a raw deal somewhere down the line.”

Spc. Logan Burnett, another survivor of the attack who was shot three times, said he feels the Army has catered to the needs of Hasan but forgotten his victims. Burnett told NBC he was particularly disturbed by the government’s refusal to designate the shooting as a terror attack.

“The day that came out was the day the government looked at every single one of the victims of the Fort Hood shooting and spit in our faces.”

It merits repeating: Special dispensation is only afforded to Islamic jihadists because The Islamist-in-Chief’s roots take precedence over American interests. That’s for sure. Simply put, Islamic killers are offered American protection, at least under the umbrella of Obama Inc.!

The Targeted Assassination Of Michael Hastings – The Question Is No Longer: Was The Investigative Reporter Murdered, But Who Ordered The Hit?…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Just because one orders drone hell-fire deployed against Islamists – whether American citizens or foreign born – doesn’t obviate the fact that one can also be an adherent to Islam. Think of all the inter-tribal Muslim killings and this becomes a moot point. In fact, John Brennan, CIA Chief, was chosen to lead the spook agency due to his fealty to Islam and due to the many skeletons rattling around his closet with Obama’s name attached to them. Payola, plus like-minded surrogates. A double anti-American whammy.

Be that as it may, the ‘convenient’ death of hot shot award winning investigative reporter, Michael Hastings, was not an accident, regardless of media spin and other supportive echo chambers, including law enforcement. And, those of us who see from there to here, knowing that the label of  ‘conspiracy theorist’ may stick, will one day be vindicated, even if not within our lifetimes. No matter. It is what it is, despite the dodging, lying media and Obama Inc’s surrogates, as they lead America into the depths of hell.

Nevertheless, what does the above have to do with an Islamist CIA head, and the assassination of Hastings? Everything.

Was Obama’s CIA Chief Behind Journalist’s Murder?

AUGUST 16, 2013 BY  
 According to a hacked email from Defense contractor Stratfor that was reported on by San Diego Channel 6’s Kimberly Dvorak, it was former counter terrorism czar and now CIA chief John Brennan—and not Eric Holder’s Department of Justice—who was behind the recently revealed media witch hunt. Per the email, written by none other than Fred Burton, the president of the huge military contractor Stratfor, “Brennan is behind the witch hunts of investigative journalists…”

Hundreds of phones were tapped and emails gone through at the Associated Press and Fox News, all in a witch hunt to find out who was leaking information that was making the Obama administration look bad. James Rosen, a seasoned reporter at Fox News for years, was even named as an enemy of the state, charged under the Espionage Act. It turned out to be a ploy to get a judge to okay tapping Rosen’s work and personal phone, along with the phones of friends and family members.

Brennan, then as now in charge of Obama’s drone assassination program, has targeted American citizens on foreign soil, specifically the murder of Anwar al-Awlaki and his 16-year-old son, Abdulrahman, in Yemen, along with five other Yemeni teenagers.

The question is, did Brennan take the witch hunt of journalists to the next level? That is, did Brennan order the assassination of an American journalist? It’s really not that far of a stretch, as deeming an American citizen an enemy of the state, guilty of violating the Espionage Act—as was done with Fox’s James Rosen—carries the death penalty.

According to the widow of Michael Hastings, the Rolling Stone reporter killed in a suspicious car crash, Hastings was working on an exposé of John Brennan. Given that the official story of Hastings’ death is falling apart, do we need to look at John Brennan for answers?

According to the official story, Hastings was traveling at 100 miles per hour when he hit a tree, causing his 2013 Mercedes Benz C250 to explode and burst into flames. San Diego Channel 6’s Kimberly Dvorak contacted a San Diego State University professor of Mechanics to analyze newly unearthed video of Hastings’ vehicle seconds before the so-called crash. The professor stated that Hastings was only traveling 35 miles per hour, not 100 miles per hour as investigators claim. Further, according to Dvorak, a witness states that the vehicle blew up before it hit the tree. The unearthed video seems to corroborate this, as multiple explosions occur prior to the vehicle coming to rest at the base of the tree, not to mention the fact that there was minimal damage to the tree. Further, the engine and drivetrain were ejected several hundred feet from the vehicle at a ninety degree angle to the direction of travel. According to the laws of physics, this is impossible. This proves the vehicle exploded before hitting the tree.

Adding further fuel to the conspiracy fire, Hastings sent out a frantic email hours before his death, stating that he was working on a big story and needed to go into hiding, adding that the FBI was investigating him. When the email became public, the FBI vociferously denied investigating Hastings; but friends of Hastingsnot only confirm that the FBI was investigating him, but that the FBI had visited Hastings’ home the day before his death!

The question is not was Michael Hastings murdered, but who did it?

Did the head of the CIA—John Brennan—order the assassination of an American citizen on American soil?

Did John Brennan call for Michael Hastings to be tried under the Espionage Act, and did that prove to be too inconvenient for the head spook? Sources close to Hastings state not only that Hastings was investigating Brennan and his rogue CIA agency, but the NSA as well.

Of course, the NSA is playing damage control right now, being caught with their hand in the cookie jar, vacuuming up virtually all electronic communications. Just-opened mega database facility the Utah Data Center is storing virtually all the world’s communications. As revealed by whistleblower Edward Snowden, under the two NSA programs—PRISM and XKeyscore—the NSA is gorging itself with virtually everything that travels over wire, fiber optic cables, or satellite: Phone calls, emails, Facebook posts and chats, Skype, financial transactions, travel arrangements, even online web browsing and Google searches.

Did Michael Hastings discover that John Brennan had his hand in this or that he was involved in some other nefarious activity, and this needed to be hushed up fast?

Perhaps this is all a conspiracy theory.

Or perhaps not.

Moreover, do bear in mind the following expose’ re a CIA insider, and then consider the lengths the Islamist CIA Director will go to to ‘silence threats’. This is not to suggest that REAL threats don’t warrant elimination, but when the fox is running rampant in the unprotected hen house….

Most intrinsically, who but Hastings’s significant other would know that the target of his last investigation was none other than Brennan? In fact, some ‘pillow talk’ often veers away from the murmurings of sweet nothings into weightier topics, and most of us know this to be true. So, who indeed. Just for the record: Whether or not Holder’s Dept of (in)Justice was directly involved – from the get go – is of no consequence. But rest assured, his crew was ordered to give ‘legal’ cover, regardless of the actual law of the land. And, that, dear readers, is all we need to know about whichever juncture he partook in this plot. AG Holder is up to his neck in whatever went down. Yes, he is.

Consequentially, isn’t it a tad too coincidental, just as Andrew Breitbart dropped dead, as he too was about to break a mega story re the Radical/Islamist-in Chief (but never mind us knuckle draggers/doubting Thomases…those of us who have such suspicions are relegated to the fringes of ‘polite’ society, yet the ‘inner sanctum’ is scared witless of said questioning…why?), Hastings is no longer among the living and he too was about to release explosions re Brennan and his boss, Barack HUSSEIN Obama! What a coinquidink. IF the above is just happenstance, well, then pigs fly and the moon is made of green cheese. And, then this site’s (‘outlandish’) claims can not be deemed conspiracy theories either!

Fair is fair.

Syria’s Catastrophic Chemical Warfare: Inching Closer To Israel’s Borders – ‘Red Lines’ Be Damned…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

It is impossible to quantify all the damage wrought by blow back, but in geopolitical terms its effects are always deadly – sooner or later. It matters not a whit if one intended this or that horrific outcome. But the fact that certain chess pieces are put in place to move the ‘process’ along – and, consequently, unthinkable results accrue – mandates that those who had a hand in the outcome must step up and assume responsibility, even if others have to drag them, albeit kicking and screaming, to accept the onus. You reap what you sow.

Such is absolutely the case with the Islamist-in-Chief, the moment he ‘reset’ the geopolitical chess pieces to align with the Brotherhood Mafia’s interests, back in Cairo in 2009. This was the regime’s opening shot under the guidance of his surrogates. Hence, the Arab Spring/Nightmare was prodded along, but their mischief making was still in its infancy, until Benghazigate exploded. Lest anyone believes otherwise, the arming of Syrian ‘rebels’, a conglomeration of Al Qaeda and Brotherhood offshoots, was purposefully designed to unseat Assad and was certainly not in America’s interests, even though Obama Inc. sees no Islamic evil, hears no Islamic evil. After all, who expects pyromaniacs to admit to their fire sprees? 

Besides, back in August 2012 – a full year ago – this blog warned about chemical warfare in the offing, either via the so called ‘rebels’ or Assad’s goons. Most significantly, at least for this site, how many ‘red lines’ must be crossed before Israel’s leaders unhitch the nation’s fate from Obama Inc? Is it, ’till death do us part’? Looks likely.

DEBKAfile Special Report August 22, 2013
Damascus under alleged chemical attack

Damascus under alleged chemical attack

By two comments, Israel confirmed Wednesday and Thursday, Aug. 21 and 22, that the Assad regime had used chemical weapons on civilians in the region of Damascus – the first came from Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, who said “The use of chemical weapons by the regime is not a first” and the second from Strategic Affairs Minister Yuval Steinitz. The latter reported corroborative intelligence obtained by Israel.
They were referring to the allegations of the use of poison gas by Syrian activists causing up to 1,300 deaths. Wednesday night, Russia and China again saved Bashar Assad from UN Security Council action or even condemnation of his actions.
DEBKAfile’s military sources add: When a chemical warhead is fired at any point on the globe, it is picked up at once by US monitoring devices. American and Israeli spy satellites passing over Damascus every few hours can also tell when chemical shells are fired. This makes nonsense of the pretense by US and Western powers that Syrian opposition claims are short on proof and Independent on-the-spot expert investigation is needed to establish the facts of the case.
Wednesday night, the phone conversation between US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Moshe Ya’alon on the situation in Syria focused on an exchange of intelligence. Israel had recordings of commanders of the Syrian gas missile batteries ordering them to be fired earlier that day. The other purpose of the conversation was to hold Israel back from responding to the chemical attack on Damascus – or even warning Assad. Hence, Steinitz’s verbal contortions to account for Israeli inaction by the overworked pretext that it only strikes when its national security is in jeopardy.
This argument is not only absurd, it is dangerous: If the Syrian ruler is capable of using poison gas against his own people in his own capital, he would have no compunctions about launching chemical missiles against Israeli and Jordanian cities, whenever he feels his regime is in danger or judges it beneficial to his interests. The US and Israel ought to have acted in good time to avert the human disaster befalling the citizens of Damascus Wednesday and taking chemical weapons out of the Syrian equation. But they didn’t.
At the UN Security Council, as in world capitals, diplomats can be counted on for language to cover up the fact that Syria has crossed the “red line” set by Washington and Jerusalem – just like Iran, with regard to the point reached by its nuclear weapons program. Clouds of diplomatic claptrap are put in circulation to take the heat off for direct action against either peril.

Sounds Machiavellian? It is! 

Al Jazeera ‘America’, The Brotherhood Mafia’s TV Propaganda Arm, Debuts: America Is In Grave Danger…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

FAR be it for this blog to get enmeshed in corporate skirmishes – as if there are not enough REAL threats to report on – but this one takes center stage due to a whole lot more than 2 well flushed entities dueling it out in actual court, as well as in the court of public opinion. Much more.

First off, though many of the current media outlets are indisputably anti-American and noxious, the launching of Al Jazeera ‘America’  (an oxymoron of Orwellian proportions, but never mind) will make them appear like piker’s in the propaganda department, yet few viewers will have a clue. Herein lies the danger and crux.

NO amount of effort has been spared at this site to alert readers to the dangers of the Brotherhood Mafia. And, it is hardly the case that such opprobrium is without merit. Hell no…if only…in which case this blogger would issue mea culpas all around and just ‘fess up to jumping the gun. Saying sorry is not all that difficult, if warranted.

Alas, the dangers posed to America (and the west) become manifestly higher through every level of the Brotherhood Mafia’s infiltration and penetration, yet compounded exponentially via the launching of its ‘American’ channel. It can best be compared to letting pyromaniacs into ones neighborhood, and not expecting to find all the structures in smoldering ruins. Who would allow such imminent dangers to accrue? Moreover, by giving the keys to the airwaves to Islamic mouthpieces – those who seek nothing less than America’s complete submission to Sharia Lawdoes anyone believe that freedom of religion will remain part of the American landscape for too long? Besides, wherefore America goes, so too does the rest of the west.

Even so, NEVER mind all the media ‘star’ power they have accrued along the way, for it is not as if whores don’t come in all sizes, shapes, genders and backgrounds. Oh yeah.

In fact, in relation to Egypt’s current thrust against the Brotherhood Mafia, along comes Al Jazeera doing what they do best: Al Jazeera Caught Airing Fake Death of Muslim Brotherhood ProtestorNo shock evinced on this end.

But, sans Al-the whore-Gore none of the following would be possible, as he pimped himself for the entry of Al Jazeera ‘America’! Yet, if anyone thinks Congress will lift a finger to stop the Islamic putsch in its tracks…keep dreaming. Leading the championing of the Brotherhood’s media arm into U.S. households is none other than Hillary Clinton and John McCain, you know, the shrill cheerleaders for Huma Abedin, the most dangerous Brotherhood/Sisterhood operative in America’s power centers, bar none. So, while Gore was the bag man, Hill and John (others on Capitol Hill too) worked the aisles of Congress.

UPDATE: Al Jazeera Sues AT&T Over Contract Dispute As New Network Launches

By LISA DE MORAES,  Tuesday August 20, 2013
2ND UPDATE, 6:45 PM: Al Jazeera America has released a statement about its lawsuit against AT&T: “Al Jazeera America made a decision to seek judicial intervention in its dispute with AT&T,” the network said. “Unfortunately AT&T’s decision to unilaterally delete Al Jazeera America presented us with circumstances that were untenable — an affiliate that has willfully and knowingly breached its contractual obligations. Accordingly, we had no choice but to take this action and to enforce Al Jazeera America’s rights under its agreement with AT&T — and to compel AT&T to do the right thing. Al Jazeera America’s strong hope is to resolve this matter quickly so that AT&T’s customers will have access to our unbiased, fact-based and in depth coverage of the news that is important to Americans.”

UPDATE, 5:45 PM: Al Jazeera has sued AT&T for refusing to carry the Qatar-based company’s new Al Jazeera America as part of its pay TV service, claiming AT&T is violating a deal it had with Al Jazeera’s U.S. division, according to a filing in Delaware Chancery Court. AT&T officials’ decision amounts to a “wrongful termination of an affiliation agreement,” Al Jazeera said in the filing, which accompanied a sealed complaint, Bloomberg reported late this afternoon. Details on the case came from a cover sheet that contained a brief description of the network’s claims, Bloomberg reported.AT&T announced shortly before the new network’s launch this afternoon that it had dropped Al Gore’s Current TV channel last night, and would not carry Al Jazeera America, on U-verse due to contract disputes. Al Jazeera had paid $500 million for Current TV in January and replaced it with Al Jazeera America. “AT&T’s decision to unilaterally delete Al Jazeera America presented us with circumstances that were untenable — an affiliate that has willfully and knowingly breached its contractual obligations,” a rep for Al Jazeera told Bloomberg.

PREVIOUSLY:  “Al Jazeera viewership is going up in the United States because it’s real news,” RNC’s least favorite miniseries heroine Hillary Clinton explained in an old news clip that Al Jazeera America dredged up to show in its first hour of on-air existence this afternoon. “What Al Jazeera has done is achieve something that all of us … want to achieve and that is to make a contribution,” added Sen. John McCain, standing in front of a backdrop plastered with the new network’s name.

“We are here to tell the story, the way it happens — as it happens,” on-air talent Antonio Mora and Richelle Carey told viewers in the network’s opening moments. Voice-over Guy jumped in to tell viewers it’s creating “original American programming, from New York to San Francisco, with a rich mix of content “from home and around the world, because journalistic integrity knows no borders” as a guy rides by on a motorcycle sporting antlers on his helmet, representing America. Congratulations if you chose “integrity” as your drinking-game word for the network’s first hour of on-air life, though “community” also was a big player, and  “Nashville” a surprising contender in that first hour, which wasn’t so much a news program as a one-hour infomercial for the network, during which were introduced some of its on-air personalities, including Joie Chen, Mora, Carey, Ali Velshi, etc.

Related: Al Jazeera America’s Interim CEO: Network’s Name Not A Liability

Chen, who’s anchoring the network’s evening news program America Tonight, got by far the most airtime in the first hour, talking about “great storytelling,” “great journalism” and “great opportunity.” Added Velshi, who’s hosting new Real Money, “It’s about exposition.” Although there was loads of talk about the network’s Nashville bureau in that first hour — one of 12 around the country and also including Washington D.C., Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Seattle, New Orleans, Dallas, Denver, Miami, and San Francisco — the network pointed out proudly, over a shot of the Statue of Liberty, that it will be headquartered in New York City, the “media center of America” and the cultural center of the world. New York’s also one of the places you could not see the launch — because Time Warner Cable announced back when Al Gore’s low-budget network Current TV was being sold to Al Jazeera to create the new network that this is not what it had signed on for. The two sides are still talking, Al Jazeera’s interim CEO said in a recent phone news conference call with the press.

(AT&T U-verse joined Time Warner Cable late last night, citing contract disputes dating back to the channel’s time as Current TV, an AT&T spokesman said this afternoon. “We dropped the Current TV channel, and will not carry Al Jazeera America on U-verse due to contract disputes. We could not reach an agreement with the owner that we believed provided value for our customers and our business,” AT&T said. AT&T U-verse, which has about 5 million subscribers nationwide, said it dropped Current TV at 11:59 PM ET last night — that’s just 15 hours before Al Jazeera America launched in that channel spot in what was to be about 40 million homes. On the Al Jazeera America website, the network still said it is available on the service at launch time.)

A great deal of time in the first hour of the network’s life was spent listening to Americans who are unhappy with current TV news choices:

“I’m always amazed at how American-centric the news is here, and I’m not sure that it’s always the same in other countries,” said a random guy in Manhattan who was wearing a Dairy Queen T-shirt and holding a Starbucks coffee.  “I don’t always feel like we’re getting fed the truth and the whole story,” added a heavily tatted guy in a Nashville bar.

Speaking of the whole story: In this getting-acquainted hour of Al Jazeera America, viewers were told the parent media company launched in 1996 and “global media” was forever changed. They also were told that Al Jazeera English launched about a decade later. They were not told Al Jazeera is part of an international news group funded by the Qatar royal family or that, in July, more than a dozen Al Jazeera staffers at its network in Egypt resigned, charging the network with bias in its coverage of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Related: Al Jazeera’s Egypt Bureau Raided, Personnel Arrested

“I don’t pay it a lot of attention and I don’t have a lot of understanding — I know it has something to do with the Middle East,” a Nashville hairstylist who calls himself Mr. 24/7 said about Al Jazeera America. Nashville, Mr. 24/7 explained, is not a trend-setting city, though he thinks that may change now that AJA’s in town.

As promised, Al Jazeera America has very few ads. The network’s very first: Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor: “The best a man can get.”

Finally, after one hour of meet-and-greet, the new network got down to the news, anchored by former CNN regular Tony Harris. The network made a point of leading with nearly seven minutes — an eternity in the TV news business — about the escalating political crisis in Egypt. This was  a strong statement, in TV news circles. Then, a lengthy piece on the wildfires in the western US, including a bit about the military aircraft used to help firefighters battle the flames. After the latest on the NSA leaks, a Vonage ad and a report on the weeks-old hunger strike at prisons across California, they head into a report on the difficulties being experienced by JC Penney. Harris threw to his former CNN colleague Velshi.

“Great to be working with you again — I missed it!” Velshi said happily.

As a matter of record, freedom of the press/media is certainly not a national suicide pact. To wit, would Hitler’s propaganda arm been given a license to beam into U.S. households during the Nazi’s reign, only to claim that a so called democracy must include ‘diverse’ opinions? And, if Fed regulators know – as well they should ! – that Al Jazeera is the brainchild of the Brotherhood Mafia, and that their plan is to upend America from its roots – via the democratic process, until they gain a complete foothold – would they still accede to its launch? Not only that, its Qatari founder, Sheikh Hamad bin Thamer Al Thani, was recently deposed, and his son, who is against the Brotherhood’s encroachment, replaced him.

As such, since this ‘beaming’ is taking place under Obama Inc’s protective (Fed) umbrella, isn’t it safe to conclude that they are in bed with its plans? Asked and answered. 

The Sharia States Of America IS their goal. Very doable. Know this: The underlying purpose of Al Jazeera ‘America’ is to soften up public opinion to eventually IMPOSE Islamic Sharia Law; a set of Muslim strictures which are antithetical and irredeemably hostile to individual freedom and liberty. Most intrinsically, the lie that freedom of religion means that the U.S. Constitution must allow for Sharia Law is just that – leftist hyperbole, as predictably argued by the ACLU. For IF a construct – political, religious or otherwise –  is in direct contravention of Constitutional underpinnings, then its implementation, de facto, becomes obviated under U.S. law. 

Besides, since when did a majority of Americans accept that Islam & its relationship to blood is compatible with U.S. laws? This is not poppycock, but amply evidenced within the above scholarly link. And, the absolute fact that Al Jazeera was founded by Muslim Brotherhood operatives, whether its ‘American’ component or any one of its foreign channels and offshoots, should make it a NO GO in America – or so one would expect!

UPDATE: Apparently, Cliff Kincaid is in agreement with this blog’s assessment.

Egypt’s Al-Sisi Triumphing Over Brotherhood Mafia:Trampling Over Barack HUSSEIN Obama Too…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

This blog asserts that Al-Sisi, Egypt’s strongarm military ruler, evinces leadership skills which Israel’s political echelon lacks. Sounds shocking (besides, aren’t Jews supposed to be smart and all that jazz?), but not if one really understands what makes Israel’s political leadership tick.

In other words, whereas an economic (and otherwise) basket case like Egypt gives the Islamist-in-Chief the finger – as he dictates orders to re-install Morsi’s Brotherhood Mafia to power – PM Netanyahu continually bows down to Washington’s demands. Never mind that Saudi Arabia and Gulf rulers will kick in funds to cover the aid which Obama Inc. threatens to withhold, if Egypt’s rulers hold steady and refuse to toe Washington’s line. The fact of the matter is that Israel’s economic situation is healthy enough (even before billions in revenue are due to pour in from its massive gas deposits), so much so that the aid given accounts for less than 2% of its massive GDP, even in relative terms to its tiny size! Clearly, much more is afoot than financial jitters, as evidenced in the opening paragraph’s link. Precisely.

In this regard, you gotta tip your hat to Egypt’s military junta (even though there is certainly no love lost on this end, as they stoke anti-semitic/anti-Israel behavior, to the point that no one – least of all this blog – should be oh so shocked if they eventually, once again, turn their guns on Israel) because they are taking care of THEIR national interests, unlike Israel’s craven, appeasement-oriented leadership

Brotherhood’s top leader Badie detained. Islamist resistance to army folds

DEBKAfile Special Report August 20, 2013
Muslim Brotherhood's Supreme Guide Mohammed Badie detained

Muslim Brotherhood’s Supreme Guide Mohammed Badie detained

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Supreme Guide Mohammed Badie was detained early Tuesday, Aug. 20, in a Cairo hideout near Nasr City, where one of the protest camps was broken up last week. Most of the Brotherhood’s leadership are now in custody or have fled the country, some of them to the Gaza Strip. The Badie arrest marks the collapse of his movement’s resistance to Defense Minister Gen. Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi’s takeover of rule from president Mohamed Morsi. Protest rallies scheduled for Monday in Cairo and other Egyptian towns were cancelled after the army was deployed at key sites. After a week of violent clashes, life began returning to normal in Egypt’s cities. Badie’s arrest was aired non-stop through Tuesday night by Egyptian state television. Next week, he and other leading Brotherhood members go on trial on charges of inciting violence and causing the deaths of hundreds of civilians, soldiers and police officers.

DEBKAfile reported earlier on the deep Saudi involvement in lobbying the West on behalf of Egypt’s military rulers and in negotiations for Moscow’s support.
Monday, Aug. 19, communiqués from Riyadh made it clear that if the Obama administration withholds military or economic assistance from Egypt, Saudi Arabia would replace those amounts. Foreign Minister Saud al Faisal set out on a tour of European capitals – according to DEBKAfile’s Gulf sources, with a tough message: Call off your campaign against Gen. El-Sisi and your pressure to restore Muslim Brotherhood rule in Egypt, or else your economic ties with Saudi Arabia will be affected – or even severed. The Saudi minister knows that, with the exception of Germany, no European government can afford to forego those ties.
The Saudi campaign had its first success in Paris, where in a joint French-Saudi statement, President Francois Hollande, backing off from French denunciations of the military crackdown on the Brotherhood, appealed for Egypt’s “roadmap” (authored by Gen. El-Sisi) to be given a chance.

Read our previous report below with details of the Saudi diplomatic campaign to stop the flow of Western condemnation of Egypt’s military regime:
Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates – not Israel – are lobbying the West for support of the Egyptian military. Their campaign is orchestrated by Saudi Director of Intelligence Prince Bandar Bin Sultan – not an anonymous senior Israeli official as claimed by the New York Times, DEBKAfile’s Middle East sources report. The prince is wielding the Russian threat (Remember the Red Peril?) as his most potent weapon for pulling Washington and Brussels behind Egypt’s military chief Gen. Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi and away from recriminations for his deadly crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood.

The veteran Saudi diplomat’s message is blunt: Failing a radical Western about-turn in favor of the Egyptian military, Cairo will turn to Moscow. In no time, Russian arms and military experts will again be swarming over Egypt, 41 years after they were thrown out by the late president Anwar Sadat in 1972.
Implied in Bandar’s message is the availability of Saudi financing for Egyptian arms purchases from Moscow. Therefore, if President Barack Obama yields to pressure and cuts off military aid to post-coup Cairo, America’s strategic partnership with this important Arab nation may go by the board.

It is not clear to what extent Russian President Vladimir Putin is an active party in the Saudi drive on behalf of the Egyptian military ruler. On July 31, during his four-hour meeting with Prince Bandar, he listened to a Saudi proposition for the two countries to set up an economic-military-diplomatic partnership as payment for Russian backing for Cairo.
Last Friday, Aug. 16, Putin convened his elite military and intelligence chiefs for an extraordinary meeting in the Kremlin to discuss the Saudi proposition. No decisions were reported – only a suggestive quote from Putin saying that the session was called to “discuss the situation in Egypt and take the necessary steps to the put Russian military facilities at the Egyptian military disposal.” He added that “Russia will arrange for joint military exercises with the Egyptian army.”
Both notions were left dangling without elaboration, a lure without a commitment.
The New York Times of Sunday and Monday (Aug. 18-19) pushed an account of Israel’s diplomats suggesting they were fanning out across Western capitals to urge them to support Egyptian Defense Minister Gen. El-Sisi despite his suppression of the Muslim Brotherhood, with the argument: “At this point, it’s army or anarchy.”
This entire conception doesn’t hold water. From Israel’s perspective, the Bandar initiative if it takes off would lead to the undesirable consequence of a Russian military presence in Egypt as well as Syria. This would exacerbate an already fragile – if not perilous situation – closing in on Israel from the south as well as from the north.

The Israeli and Egyptian armies strictly limit their cooperation to counterterrorist action in Sinai against al Qaeda, Salafist and other terrorists threatening both countries and the Suez Canal international waterway. Even then, the IDF does not go beyond responding to Egyptian requests in cases of mutual security concern. Israel has absolutely no involvement in Gen. El-Sisi’s war on the Muslim Brotherhood.

On the diplomatic front, Israel’s assets barely hold their own against the hostile Palestinian propaganda permeating Western capitals – least of all come up with the strength and skills for orchestrating a campaign on behalf of Egypt, as the NYT seems to believe.
Indeed, Israel has been extremely wary of any association with the Egyptian defense minister’s domestic affairs out of the cold calculation. If it suited his political and domestic agenda, the general might easily turn around and accuse Israel of unwarranted meddling as his fall guy.

On Saturday, Aug. 17, El-Sisi remarked “This is no time to attack the US and Israel, because our first priority is to disband the Muslim Brotherhood.”
Jerusalem found this remark alarming rather than comforting, noting that he made no promises about the future.

Israel’s leaders can opine – until the cows come home – that what they see from their positions of power its citizens can’t see from the outside peeking in. Fine and dandy, but no less a whole load of stinky manure.

The fact of the matter is the following: One only has to peer within a PA Intelligence Officer’s binoculars to visualize, hence, internalize, the mortal danger they have placed the nation in due to their policies/’strategies’ of appeasement, clearly evidenced through Dr. Martin Sherman’s masterful interview. Its dangerous results are more than crystallized – their (lofty) vantage point notwithstanding and scare tactics brushed aside! 

Unfit to lead cats and dogs.

Extracting ‘Justice’ For ‘Tray’: Whites Beaten To A Pulp, Yet Obama’s Goons/Media Stone Cold Silent. Will Obama Inc. Get A Free Pass?Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

One needn’t receive direct marching orders to execute ‘this or that’ criminal game plan, but the fact of the matter is that Obama Inc.’s goons made it plain: Extract ‘justice’ for ‘Tray’, regardless of the so called ‘law’. In effect, never mind about paying a price for said criminal behavior, orders have been given: Hands off those who pummel ‘Whitey’ on behalf of ‘Tray’. Barack HUSSEIN Obama has your backs!

The tippy top of said ‘legalizing’ is via the racialist spear belonging to the Radical-in-Chief’s henchman/hatchet man, AG Holder. You know, the Black dude who set the stage for illegal behavior, when he utterly refused to hold the Black Panthers, a decades long domestic terror group, responsible for outright intimidation and criminal violations during the 2008 electoral run. This is the same terror group which logs many visits into Obama’s White House! How about them apples.

Adding criminality to patriotic fury, isn’t it enraging to find out that the highest law enforcement officer in the land is racially-bent on creating classrooms which favor Blacks over any other American group of school children? What is he trying to accomplish, other than to set back ALL the hard fought achievements gained through the civil rights era? Not only that, but it is ILLEGAL to discriminate against one group in favor of another. Doesn’t Obama Inc. know that? Are they plain dense, or just above the law of the land? Rhetorical questions. 

Furthermore, is it hyperbole to suggest that this illegal regime must fall in tandem with its AG?

Black Mob Of 50 Puts White Man In Coma – video embedded

AUGUST 13, 2013 BY 
What would you think if I were to tell you that a mob of 50 white people beat up a Black man in St. Paul, Minnesota this week, but the national media ignored it?

IF your heart can withstand it and your head is not exploding, think about the White student beaten to a pulp by a gang of Black teens on a school bus, yet the media and Obama Inc are dead silent! Reprobates.

And, adding to the dangers for White America, along comes another brutal beating by a Black mob on ‘Whitey’ – with a similarly dead silent media – as they cover for Obama Inc.’s henchmen. What will it take to summon ‘The One’  to a press conference, thus, exhorting to America that justice must be meted out, but also for those who are not part of Black America? 

One must first recognize, and then admit, that the brazen chutzpah emanating from the racialists in charge of America is beyond a national nightmare. How is this so? Well, being that the Commander-in-Chief is Black (more a mixed breed, but let’s not quibble…he uses his Black side to effectuate racial politics and that is that), and his AG is a jacked up Black man bent on exacting revenge on White America, their utter gall is beyond anything imaginable. Contemptible. Consider: If the two most powerful men in America consider themselves ‘victims’ of racial injustice, then what exactly will satisfy this dangerous crew?

Now, it is not as if this grievance-mongering gang hasn’t noticed the most powerful people in Washington aren’t White! You think? So, the most pressing question of all is: What precisely will satisfy their unquenchable hatred of those who are not Black? Mind you, the amount of damage they – and fellow Demsters – have wrecked upon the Black community is horrific.

In fact, it is THEIR treatment of fellow Blacks, behaving as if they are incapable and in need of perpetual hand outs – thereby, abusing them as fodder for their race-baiting – which has taken the civil rights movement back to a bygone era. They have no interest in recognizing the advancements afforded Blacks, some of which are even beyond anything imaginable for poorer White Americans, as affirmative action has caught them up to speed. Many racialists (given cover by the gangsters in Washington) want ‘reparations’ too, well, this blogger would like her beloved late husband to rise from the dead…so what? Life isn’t ‘fair’. 
Most disgracefully, the notion of allowing average Blacks to simply build on their own achievements is a non-starter. After all, it doesn’t fit in with their racial politics.  And, this is the G-d’s honest truth. A pox on their race-baiting heads. As such, they will be culpable for the ensuing race war, soon to become a wildfire through their fanning of the flames.
Whites and Blacks alike – all people of conscience. Never forgive them. Never forget their anti-American crimes.

RUSSIAN BOOTS On U.S. Soil: The ‘Cooperative’ Efforts Of Obama & Putin, Despite ‘Rift’ Over Snowden…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Readers may recall the startling info blared within these pages, specifically, on July 8, 2013: A mere few weeks ago, a detailed report described the knee deep connections/efforts between the Radical-in-Chief and his Russian (red) counterpart, PutinIn other words, Russian troops have been training on U.S. soil and they will continue to do so, despite the rift over Snowden. What’s going on? But before you move along, do make sure to peer within (written Dec. 2012) to internalize why Valerie Jarrett is KEY to Russia’s infiltration/penetration!

This site warned: Do not pay heed to the ‘lover’s spat’ between fellow ideologues. The anti-American POTUS and Russia’s strongman are deeply in sync, despite their differences over divvying up the Mid East. In addition, the kerfuffle over Snowden is just a sideshow. In the scheme of what they are both after – the knock down of America from its super power status – their bumps in the road are chump change. And, don’t be fooled by Obama’s & Putin’s public scowls, or reportedly this or that schism. They are sideshows to their dangerous plans already afoot!

Michael Savage Says Russian Soldiers To Be In Charge with Fema New Law Passed

Friday, August 9, 2013

At a time when President Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin appear to be clashing over the extradition of Edward Snowden, it’s hard to imagine signing an agreement that allows Russian troops to provide security at events on US soil… but that’s exactly what the Obama Administration did recently. 

According to an agreement signed in Washington, DC last week between FEMA and the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry, Russian troops can now be deployed to provide security at so-called “National Special Security Events,” such as the Super Bowl and G8 summits.

This is a perfect example of the smoke and mirrors tactic that the Obama 
Administration has been using throughout his presidency. Their motto is:
”Never let a crisis go to waste.”

In this case, they’re simply using the NSA crisis to distract Americans as 
they adopt disastrous measures to weaken American sovereignty.

How can this possibly be anything but a blatant effort to erode US 
sovereignty and move the nation further down the road toward global 

Concerns about foreign troops being used on US soil have lingered ever since the release of State Department Publication 7277, which is a blueprint for the harmonization of US and Russian forces under a framework of United Nations-led global government.

Under the terms of the new deal, Russian troops could be deployed at ”National Special Security Events,” as determined by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Events that have been awarded this status in the past include the Super Bowl, international summits such as the G8 and presidential inaugurations.

Back in 2008 it was reported that US and Canadian authorities had signed an agreement that would pave the way to using each other’s militaries on both sides of the border “during an emergency”.

Most intrinsically, if it looks like a socialist, Marxist, communist looking glass, it is. Besides, why would the most vile red leaders support the Radical-in-Chief’s candidacy, if not for their like-mind? Forest from the trees…most always leads from ‘there to here’.

So, while everyone is concentrating on the melodrama between the two leaders, both carry on with their deeper than deep red infiltration. It was a phased plan, designed decades ago, but finally cemented into action; all ‘credit’ to the cooperative Red/Islamist-in-Chief via the ‘Bringing Down of America’! 

The Brotherhood Mafia & Its (Metaphorical) Knife At The POTUS’s Throat: Reaching For The Jugular…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

The absolute nexus between Barack HUSSEIN Obama and the Brotherhood Mafia has already been proven. But for those who require a primer, please peer within: As is said, if it looks like a cozy relationship it is one. More specifically, if one throws the weight of the leadership of the free world behind Morsi’s Mafia, well, not being able to seal the deal has out-sized repercussions, even if one is heralded as ‘The One’ !

Nevertheless, despite the Islamist-in-Chief’s most assiduous efforts, the chink in his armor comes from his actual roots; the Wahhabi Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Mind you, when it comes to Islamists and their inter-tribal squabbles, it is not as if one can just walk away and stay intact, hell no. Yet, when it comes to the POTUS they understand that disparate ‘delicate messaging’ will have to be executed to bring him in line. Works on this end…whatever it takes.

But make no mistake: Even though the Saudis are at odds with Egypt’s Brotherhood Mafia – as they prop up Egypt’s strongman, Al Sisi, to the tune of billions of dollars of aid, thus, allowing Egypt’s new sheriff in town to give the Islamist-in-Chief the finger– this is just for tactical purposes, and has no bearing on which side the POTUS has thrown down his gauntlet in this latest Mid East firestorm. In other words, roots aside, a deal has been made with Morsi’s Mafia, even at the expense of angering the Kingdom. The tussle is a matter of life and death for Saudi Arabia, in as much as they understand the direction Morsi’s Mafia is taking – a fight to the death for hegemonic rule, something which is unthinkable in the desert Kingdom. They rule Sunni Islam and Morsi’s Mafia can take a hike.  

Similarly, the Saudis (as well as the Brotherhood) are at odds with Iran’s mullahs and their supporters for hegemony, but this other side of the inter-Muslim tussle involves the Shia side of Islamist warfare, so, let’s not digress (and risk getting a headache in the process). It is enough for us to meander to the heart of the matter, one which may very well end the Islamist-in-Chief’s reign and which has the possibility of 8 billion reasons to land him in jail…   plus, so much more….Hint: Benghazigate’s fires…and perhaps the Blind terror Sheikh too.


Son of jailed leader says evidence could put U.S. president in prison

Published: August 14, 2014

U.S. Republican Senators John McCain of Arizona and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina.NEW YORK – The son of a jailed Muslim Brotherhood leader in Egypt is claiming his father has evidence that will land President Obama in prison.

The claim came as the Obama administration, with the assistance of Sens. John McCain, R-Ariz., and Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., and the open involvement of the No. 2 man at the U.S. State Department, made a concerted effort to see Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Egypt released.

In an interview with the News Agency Anatolia in Turkey, Saad Al-Shater, the son of imprisoned Muslim Brotherhood leader Khairat Al-Shater, said his father “had in his hand” evidence that will put Obama in prison.

In a thinly veiled threat, Saad Al-Shater said a U.S. delegation was sent to Cairo by Obama to press for the release of the imprisoned Muslim Brotherhood leaders, including his father to prevent the release of explosive information.

Arabic-speaking former PLO member Walid Shoebat has translated the report by the Turkish News Agency Anatolia as follows:

In an interview with the Anatolia News Agency, Saad Al-Shater, the son of a Muslim Brotherhood leader, the detained Khairat Al-Shater, said that his father had in his hand evidence that will land the head of United States of America, President Obama, in prison. He stressed that the senior U.S. delegation currently visiting Egypt, knows full well that the fate, future, interests and reputation of their country is in the hands of his father, and they know that he owns the information, documents and recordings that incriminate and would condemn their country. Such documents, he says, were placed in the hands of people who were entrusted inside and outside Egypt, and that the release of his father is the only way for them to prevent a great catastrophe. He stated that a warning was sent threatening to show how the U.S. administration was directly connected. The evidence was sent through intermediaries which caused them to change their attitude and corrected their position, and that they have taken serious steps to prove good faith. Saad also said that his father’s safety is more important to the Americans than is the safety of Mohamed Morsi.

Writing in his blog, Shoebat noted that six different Arabic sources confirmed the interview with Saad Al-Shater and the report of Al-Shater’s claims.

Shoebat said the interview with Saad Al-Shater was Aug. 7, making it likely the reference to the “senior U.S. delegation currently visiting Egypt” was about the trip by McCain, Graham and U.S. Deputy Secretary of State William Burns.

On Aug. 6, with interim Egyptian Vice President Mohamed ElBaradei, the former general director of the U.N. International Atomic Energy Agency, McCain and Graham called Khairat Al-Shater and other jailed Muslim Brotherhood leaders “political prisoners.” They told reporters in Cairo that failing to release Muslim Brotherhood prisoners would be “a huge mistake.”

Egypt’s interim president, Adly Mansour, rebuffed the U.S. delegation’s request, telling reporters in Cairo that it constituted an “unacceptable interference in internal politics.”

On Aug. 6, the Associated Press reported the Egyptian government planned to prosecute Khairat Al-Shater and the other imprisoned Muslim Brotherhood leaders on charges of inciting violence last December when Muslim Brotherhood members attacked sit-in protestors outside then-President Mohamed Morsi’s office, resulting in the deaths of 10 people.

ABC News reported that Burns traveled separately late Sunday night, Aug. 4, to the notorious Tora Prison in the middle of Cairo to meet with Khairat Al-Shater, despite claims by the Muslim Brotherhood that Al-Shater refused to meet.

In an Aug. 6 interview with CNN in Egypt, McCain mentioned jailed Khairat Al-Shater, an openly acknowledged Muslim Brotherhood leader, when asked about individuals who could successfully negotiate a future Egyptian government.

 The senators created controversy at a press conference in Cairo broadcast by Al Jazeera when McCain called the July 3 ouster of Morsi a “coup,” a word the Obama administration has resisted.

Shoebat has published evidence documenting Khairat Al-Shater has been implicated in weapons trafficking through the Sinai and into Gaza as well as negotiating prisoner releases in exchange for terrorists.

Former U.S. Attorney Joseph diGenova, legal representative for Benghazi whistleblower Mark Thompson, claimed this week that intelligence officers with knowledge of the attack on the Benghazi consulate believe it was was tied to 400 surface-to-air missiles intended for Syrian rebels that U.S. officials feared could be used to shoot down an airliner or attack a U.S. embassy.

Two weeks after the Benghazi attack, WND was the first to report sources claiming the Benghazi compound was an intelligence and planning center the CIA used to recruit and arm Islamic rebels to fight Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

It may very well come to pass that the bane of America’s patriots, the free world in toto – the wayward, anti-American Commander-in-Chief, plus his whole entourage of enablers – will be brought down by his ‘Brothers’. Now, far be it for this blogger to gloat (just a little…this blog earned it !), or to cheer the Muslim Mafia on, but hoisted on his/their own petard may very well do him/them in…a purging from the top down.
Kismet…magically delicious…faster faster…

Independent Counsel Needed: Investigate ‘High Crimes & Misdemeanors’ In The White House…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Whereas this op-ed writer, blogger and investigative journalist holds no claim to being a Constitutional expert (whose expertise lies elsewhere, primarily in geo-politics and the Mid East/Islam), a close associate surely qualifies. Unarguably, he is considered world class.  

Most assuredly, trampling on the Constitution is no small matter, even if one attempts to hide behind the ‘living breathing’ nonsensical mantra, as Obama (a so called Constitutional lawyer…oh please…talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel) and surrogates regularly intone its ‘merits’. And there are so many examples of the administration’s malfeasance it is hard to know where to commence the indictment. Yet, even a few will suffice, starting with their obsessive quest to eviscerate the First Amendment, a hallmark of any free society. Specifically, what more proof is needed than to internalize that the highest law enforcement official in the land, AG Eric Holder, is initiating ‘legal’ actions against Americans who criticize Islam? Are you thinking this blogger has lost it? Think again. Contained within the above link are more than enough exhibits to place Holder, and his boss, in the dock for high crimes and misdemeanors! 

NOT content with violating freedom of religion and speech, the regime in Washington is gunning for the Second Amendment ! How audacious. The right to keep and bear arms, without a scintilla of a doubt, is a bedrock of America’s Constitutional Republic, but not according to Obama’s thugs. Yes, they will grab America’s guns – whatever it takes. And, the UN is their go to address, as they seek to strip Americans of their right to bear arms, yet patriots have other ideas, even as leftists go postal over gun control. It will be out of their cold, dead hands.

EVEN some in Congress are beginning to see that they have Constitutional options to indict this runaway regimeand it is not as if true scholars and patriots aren’t giving them Constitutional legal cover.

Along comes Professor Paul Eidelberg – a more than qualified Constitutional scholar and patriot – to America’s rescue, as he gives ‘We the People’ all the Constitutional muster needed to indict the criminals ruling Washington. Get busy. Start your petitions!

‘Needed: An Independent Counsel to Investigate the Obama Administration’

Paul Eidelberg (Ph.D., University of Chicago)

The failure of Barack Hussein Obama, the President of the United States, to protect American citizens abroad indicates that he may have violated Article Two, Section One, Clause Eight, of the U.S. Constitution which sets forth the presidential oath of office in these words:

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”


Whereas the present writer, a native-born American citizen who served as a Lieutenant in the United States Air Force, and who conducted seminars during the Korean War to inform American soldiers about the totalitarian nature of America’s arch enemy, the Soviet Union;

And whereas this author has written books on the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, as well as a book entitled “Beyond Détente: Toward an American Foreign Policy,” a book based on Washington’s “Farewell Address”;

And whereas the principles elaborated in the latter book obliged the present writer to urge President Ronald Reagan to transcend the futile policy of détente with the Soviet Union—indeed, to promote the disintegration of that “Evil Empire”;

And whereas the same author sees that the Barack Administration is pursuing the discredited policy of détente vis-à-vis Islam, an imperialistic ideology which, like that of Communist Russia, does not recognize any international borders or the nation-state system;

And whereas this American, for the previous reasons, is more keenly aware of the perilous course of the United States, as well as more profoundly concerned about the well-being of Americans serving in American embassies and consulates abroad;

Indeed, whereas some of these Americans have perished because of the détente or ideologically neutral mentality of the Obama Administration and its possibly criminal negligence:

I therefore urge Americans to petition the Congress of the United States to reconstitute, in accordance with its Special Prosecutor Act of 1978, an Independent Counsel to investigate and prosecute designated high-ranking Executive Branch officials, including President Barack Obama, who are suspected of possible malfeasance in high office.

For those who are unfamiliar with Professor Paul Eidelberg’s background and groundbreaking scholarship, see within for his latest scholarly contribution.

IF the master Prof gives the heads up, citing the Constitutional underpinnings for said Independent Counsel, then take it to the bank. To heart. And this blog stands shoulder to shoulder with the recommendations herein. No additional ‘proofs’ required (nor footdragging or pussyfooting), other than a basic understanding of High Crimes & Misdemeanors