The Totalitarian Grip Of Obama Inc & Its Nexus To Germany’s ‘Iron Curtain’…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but everything required to ensure its rise took place, one brick at a time. And this comparison is more than resonant, particularly when attempting to understand the horrific “transformation” (hope and change-like) of America into a (on the brink) totalitarian-ruled nation. Yet even though the building blocks originated decades ago, it has become abundantly clear that the rise of Obama Inc. was meant to cement its cornerstones into a done deal.

Thus, NSA’s current task (aside from foreign spying and other necessary security operations), TOTAL spying, more than supports said thesis. Besides, their underlying DOMESTIC gig is painfully obvious, apart from the denials exhorted by the willfully blind or the dangerously malevolent. Never mind Obama Inc’s shrill lies to the contrary, now that they have been caught behaving like a security appendage of a police state – (almost) accomplished.

A few months ago this blog posited a shocking theory; one which resonated around cyberspace, and the reaction from readers veered from abject fear to “this can’t be” true. Well, it is. The commentary asserts: from a historical perspective, the glaring comparisons between DHS and Germany, both during the Nazi era and until the Berlin Wall fell, are acutely parallel. Its proofs and efficacy can be read within these links –…with an understanding in mind between the morphing of socialism and Nazism, and their common hatred of Judeo-Christian ethos – Moreover, now that NSA’s total spying on ALL American citizens has been outed, the following likeness to Nazi Germany’s police state is more than efficacious –

As such, in the same manner in which history’s ‘Iron Curtain’ descended, so too is America’s, under the (mis)reign of Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

‘Obama’s ‘Iron Curtain’ descends on America’ – By Judi McLeod – Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Under Obama, the net is getting tighter. The IRS spied on average citizens who make up the nation’s Tea Party groups, among others identified as ‘Enemies of the State’

Under the Marxist rule of President Barack Hussein Obama, Uncle Sam morphs day by day into ‘Uncle Satan’.  Ironic when contemplating that Iran has long called America “the great Satan”.

Comfortable with the guarantee the government will look after them from cradle to grave, few see the walls going up around them.Far more wily than Uncle Sam or Uncle Sugar, ‘Uncle Satan’ lures scores of U.S. citizens motivated by entitlement mentality with food stamps,  free cell phones and unquestioned access to social security,  into a trap from which they will never escape.

Canada Free Press (CFP) reader Alan Beckler sends interesting but chilling thoughts about the walls going up around American citizens today.

Dire warnings from this excerpt from ‘The Rise and Fall of the Berlin Wall’ will be lost on low information voters dependent on government handouts but will send chills down the spines of the millions who see that the IRS and Justice Department scandals mark the beginning of the ultimate capture of the U.S. citizenry.“While doing some Cold War research today, I ran across a most interesting article on the Berlin Wall history. Attached is an excerpt. What is so chilling is that one could change the German names to present administration names and with our current IRS and DOJ ‘scandals’, it is really chilling.

Nothing in the Common Core curriculum teaches children about the fate of ordinary people trapped behind the Berlin Wall.  Their teachers likely think of the Wall in terms of Alfred Hitchcock’s movies.

It was only 24 years ago; roughly one generation ago, that the Berlin Wall came down.  Celebrations televised worldwide were joyous, people scaled the wall, with souvenir hunters taking chunks of it home for the mantle piece.  Like the tragedies of many wars, too soon forgotten were the 5,000 people who attempted to escape over an Iron Curtain, that stood for 28 long years, including their estimated death toll of well over 600.

Just like some governments we know determined to never let any crisis go to waste, the Socialists watched for the right moment to entrap their own citizens in 1961 Germany.

“Building workers in East Berlin’s Stalinallee confronted by a 10% production quota increase saw no reason to strain themselves for a meagre paypacket, and on June 16, 1953 they stopped work. Next day their action was repeated in over 350 towns and cities across the DDR.

“Strikes became demonstrations, not just for new economic policies, but for free, Germany-wide elections and an end to the all-pervading Socialist Party rule. The East German government was at a loss. Soviet tanks rolled in, the uprising was put down and several hundred lost their lives. In that year, another 332,000 would leave for the West. Committed communist poet Bertolt Brecht suggested it might be easier for the government to dismiss the population and vote in a new one.

“That was it. The gloves were off. Ulbricht tightened his control, branded any and all vocal opposition as the criminal actions of those favouring a return to fascism, militarism and atomic war. Citizens’ private lives were opened to public scrutiny and direction. Religion was ‘out’, weddings were to be conducted in Registry Offices only, and young people taking Confirmation could lose their right to education. Under the direction of First Secretary Erich Honecker, all western-facing television aerials were to be destroyed. The single Trade Union was to focus on the new slogan: “World Competition” – in other words, more work!

“Art too was to be State-directed. Walter Ulbricht wanted no more abstracts of “rotten fish and lunar landscapes”, rather heroic portraits of working men, with muscular arms, powerful chests and proud smiles on their faces. Historic buildings were left to fall while new faceless identical blocks were put up in endless rows. Germany’s legacy of historic palaces became kindergartens or old people’s homes.

“… It was decided to soften the population and win hearts. In 1958 rationing of fats, meat and sugar was ended – though with no guarantees of sufficient supplies! Economically there was to be a great leap forward; industrial production was to be expanded, with the illusory aim of overtaking the West by 1961. At the same time however, many previously independent firms were nationalized, and peasants were forced into unpopular Agricultural Cooperatives. So unpopular were they in fact, that peasants unwilling to cooperate were imprisoned. But discontent remained. In 1959 another 143,000 left, and one year later, 199,000.

“During the 1960s both in East Germany and in the Soviet Union, economic policy fluctuated uncertainly between central control and a limited free market economy. Ulbricht brought new people into his administration with new ideas on market competition and productivity. For a time East Germany became world competitive but only in a very few sectors – and the living standards of East German citizens, having risen slightly and briefly, remained stagnant then began to fall as consumer shortages again became apparent. State deficits grew rapidly, world competitiveness became a far-off dream, and discontent continued to mount.

“Economic and budgetary distortions remained, making it difficult either to direct resources or to control a budget. Social subsidies remained on a variety of goods and services including public transport, rents, food and the arts. And the economy was weighed down by an enormous bureaucracy, as well as the Stasi (Staats Sicherheit = State Security), a massive spying operation itself employing thousands, “assisted” by equal numbers of Inoffiziellen Mitarbeitern or unofficial collaborators, unfortunate citizens who had been blackmailed using some minor indiscretion into informing on neighbours and their movements.

“Everyone came to suspect everyone else; after the Fall of the Wall, West Germans (Wessies) would come over to the East and exclaim how dirty everything was and why couldn’t people paint their houses. One simple reason: no paint. But if you did manage to lay your hands on a pot of paint or a length of timber, your neighbours would cross the street to avoid you, assuming that you had to be spying or a Party member.

“Only after Unification, did the full extent of Stasi activities become known, as some 180 kilometers of files and 35 million other documents came to public view. In addition there were numerous photos, sound documents, and tapes of telephone conversations. The psychological impact on the population was almost worse than their physical shortages.”

“Does this have a familiar ring to it as a possibility?”, Beckler asks in this morning’s email to CFP.

By the time socialist governments throw the net over their citizens, it is almost always already too late to escape.

Under Obama, the net is getting tighter.  The IRS spied on average citizens who make up the nation’s Tea Party groups, among others identified as ‘Enemies of the State’.  The same IRS hired by Obama to administer ObamaCare.

Yesterday when Tea Party groups protested in cross-country demonstrations, armed Dept. of Homeland Security agents were out in full force.

Barack Obama’s ‘Iron Curtain’ is descending on America. herein too, as DHS sends armed ! guards and helicopters to monitor Tea Party IRS protestors – Nazi-like.

It must be internalized: Sans said parallel totalitarian building  blocks, it would have been verily impossible for an entire administration to become mired in so many anti-liberty activities – bordering on explosions – if they weren’t backed by a majority within each and every power center, and then some. So, one travels from Benghazigate  – …to all the place markers  causing the regime to go wild, and the curtain lifts – .

As scary, awful and as depressing as it is, there is simply no other conclusion: An impending ‘Iron Curtain’ will blind generations of Americans to come, if not thwarted.

An American nightmare! A western calamity!

Rep Maxine Waters, Corrupt To Her Core, A Racist To Boot, Revealed Obama Inc’s Surveillance Game Plan…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Hubris, foot-in-mouth disease (read: America’s VP, Joe Biden), or anything of said vulgar nature has always been around, especially within runaway power hungry circles. Phew. They just can’t cease blowing their own horns, however, they forget that others – aside from their champions and echo chambers – may very well be listening. Paying attention too. Besides, they are so full of their omnipotence they truly feel shielded. Oh, really? Not so fast.

As such, this site continually harps on the dangers associated with radical revolutionaries, aka the above described “untouchables”, detailing what happens when they grab the helm. Consider the following as prima facie evidence of said (preventable) disasters:

So when authentic revolutionaries hold the reins of power, what else can one expect, other than the expectation of zero privacy and  the gutting of the Constitution? – In this regard, the left, in tandem with willing RINO accomplices, has marched America towards totalitarian rule –

And back in February 2013, a full four months before NSA imploded, this blog cited the disturbing, dangerous parallels between DHS and Germany’s Gestapo – – highlighting the havoc wrought when a regime becomes a surveillance/police state. Yes, “big brother” is spying here, there and everywhere.



Maxine Waters: ‘Information about everything on every individual’

World Net Daily, June 13, 2013

Before word came out that the National Security Agency was tracking your phone calls.

Before it was known the FBI is looking into private conversations.

  • Before revelations described how the Internal Revenue Service wants to know the content of your prayers.

There was the Obama database, according to a member of Congress.

Barack Obama now holds a database “no one has ever seen before in life” that has “information about everything on every individual.”

The confirmation comes from U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., named “dishonorable mention” on an online list of most corrupt politicians.

Judicial Watch reported Waters, the ranking member on the House Financial Services Committee, has helped family members make more than $1 million through business ventures with companies and causes that she has helped, according to her hometown newspaper.

“In August 2010, Waters’ influence peddling earned the attention of a subcommittee of the House Ethics Committee which charged Rep. Waters with three counts of violating House rules and ethics regulations in connection with her use of power and influence on behalf of OneUnited Bank. After a highly controversial investigation, plagued by accusations of impropriety and corruption, on September 12, the committee failed to hold Waters to account for steering … $12 million to OneUnited, in which she and her board member husband held shares,” the report said.

In a video  now getting attention once more, Waters said, “I think some people are missing something here. The president has put in place an organization with the kind of database that no one has ever seen before in life.

“That’s going to be very, very powerful. That database will have information about everything on every individual on ways that it’s never been done before,” she continued.

“And whoever runs for president on the Democratic ticket has to deal with that. They’re going to go down with that database and the concerns of those people because they can’t get around it. And he’s [President Obama] been very smart. It’s very powerful what he’s leaving in place,” she said.

Waters’ comments came back in February on TV One’ sWashington Watch with Roland Martin.

Sign the petition demanding Congress begin an impeachment investigation of President Barack Obama

Martin had said, “The reality is like anything else, you’d better get what you can while Obama’s there because, look, come 2016, that’s it.”

Noted talk radio icon Rush Limbaugh at the time said, “What Roland Martin’s saying here is all of you who are looking for prosperity from the government, you better get it and get it now. Get it while you can, get it while Obama’s there, because come 2016, he’s not gonna be there, and then you’re gonna be on your own.”

Then came Waters’ comments.

“Hmm. Okay. Cool. Fine,” Limbaugh said. “What’s that got to do with getting benefits after 2016? Maybe she didn’t understand what he was talking about. He’s talking about, you better get in there, get your goodies right now because in 2016 he’s gone. Better get it while you can. She says, ‘I don’t know, Roland, he’s got this database.’ Maybe she means he’s not going anywhere. Maybe that’s what she means, folks. He’s not going anywhere, ’cause he’s got this database with information about everything on every individual. I’ll bet that’s what she meant, Snerdley. That 2016 isn’t a big deal ’cause he’s not going anywhere. That has to be it.”

Limbaugh raised the issue again this week, identifying Obama’s database as part of his ongoing “Organizing for America” fundraising and campaign outreach.

“You remember Maxine Waters…,” he said. “Organizing for America, the campaign organization that Obama has established that’s being run now, which is part of the Limbaugh Theorem, Obama is doing three fundraisers today, folks. He’s at three fundraisers today. For what? He’s not running for election again. Why are you doing fundraising?

“These are not Democrat Party things. These are Organizing for America. Now, Maxine Waters said that Obama had the most massive database ever collected in America. Information on everybody. It was unprecedented. Nobody had ever had any kind of a database like this. … Maxine Waters lets a lot of truth slip. She let it slip during a congressional hearing with some CEOs of some industry. (imitating Waters) ‘We want to nationalize. We want to take over your business.’ It was the oil industry. And the rest of the Democrats on the committee kind of hung their heads, ‘Oh, jeez,’ like she’s some sort of idiot.

“But instead, what they were doing, ‘Oh, come on, Maxine, shut up, what are you giving up the game for?’ Is what their reaction was,” he said.

Limbaugh continued, “Now, let me ask you this. People like Obama and his buddies, associates, the Democrat Party who want all this power, do you think that they could have it if they came to us and said, ‘This is what we want. We want you to elect us. We want you to support us because we want the power. We want to be able to control –’ Of course not. So how are they doing it? Well, there’s the Limbaugh Theorem to explain Obama’s detachment, but the trick is they have to mislead everybody as to their true ambition, as to their true desire, in order to acquire this power, because it is such anathema to the American human spirit and tradition.

“You acquire all of this data on people, you think about how easy it is to manipulate low-information voters with this kind of information, this kind of data. The way this bunch does it is they claim to be the kings of compassion, the kings of love. All they want to do is help people. All they want to do is give you this and give you that, make sure that can’t be taken away from you and that, so forth, and what they’re ending up doing at the same time is the exact opposite.

“Now, you know this, and this is why all of this is so upsetting. And once you realize it, it’s simple. It’s obvious to see. Then the frustration sets in, ‘Why don’t other people see it? Why don’t they believe it when I tell them about it?’ Because most people can’t conceive of wanting this kind of power. And the people seeking it never, ever give any indication that it’s what they want. Or they wouldn’t stand a chance,” he said.

Waters’ comments came even as the IRS was using apparently illegal tactics to block those groups that might reveal faults in Obama’s plans, the NSA was obtaining phone records on tens of millions of innocent Americans and the FBI was gaining access to reporters’ conversations, all scandals that have swamped the Obama administration over the last few weeks.

Significantly, due to all of the above – and so much more – it should have been totally expected that Obama Inc. would march towards total control. After all, he audaciously and brazenly flaunted an Alinskyite appellation, ‘Organizing for America’! It was another in- your-face, finger-in-the-eye, thereby, daring patriots to stop them. As a result, and understanding what was afoot, these pages alerted the public. Yet barely any backlash arose, a (mostly) slumbering citizenry stood silent. Pray tell, exactly what were they organizing for, perhaps neighborhood block parties? 

Besides, it was not as if other hints weren’t dropped, even to the point of ‘The One’ touting a mega “civilian force” before a national audience – – one which would mirror the military in size! A “W T F” jaw dropper exhortation…. Indeed, his own little shock troops. How many more road maps are needed to pave the way for Americans, demonstrating that a surveillance state is in the offing?  

As is said, the proof is in the (NSA) surveillance pudding –

America, Police State-In-The-Making: The Muzzling Of Citizen Journalists/Bloggers; NSA Spying On Millions Too…What Say You? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

EVERY generation has its burden to bear, and most are familiar with the hell on earth wrought by Hitler’s totalitarian regime and its onerous consequences for the world. Most significantly, failure to stop his evil designs wiped out half of world Jewry, and other “undesirables” similarly died under his boot! YET, even though many of the signs were evident, well before millions were burned in his furnaces, few stood up to be counted, while they could. And we all know how said silence turned out, as a result, many millions were thrown into the crematoriums with barely a whimper from within and without Europe.

Of course, the Iranian regime is seen as the current Hitlerite incarnation, but this is self evident because its leadership continually promises to wipe out half of world Jewry, as well as others who thwart their hegemonic designs. Even so, Obama Inc., as leader of the free world, is more than dragging its feet – – proving how far America has fallen into the pit under his stewardship. History repeats.

NEVERTHELESS, what is less obvious is the lengths this renegade regime will go to in order to execute their plans, even after being caught in scandal after scandal – the following report should thrust this issue straight into the forefront, if not, nothing else will. For the targeting of the head of Northeast Intelligence Network absolutely demonstrates that alternative media is decidely in their cross hairs. 

‘Surveillance & Intimidation by the Obama regime’ – Northeast Intelligence Network’

4 June 2013: I have been outspoken about Barack Hussein Obama (a/k/a Barry Soetoro) and his list of lies and deception, but have not limited my investigation and criticism to him or his administration alone. I have, however, reported extensively on the murderous attacks at Benghazi and the entanglement of lies involved in that attack. I have spoken to and interviewed government whistle blowers, and now they are in danger.  I have developed certain contacts in the press, all which will remain undisclosed. I will state, however, that some of my press contacts are related to a certain “scandal” that has made national and international news. While that “scandal” (read CRIME) is still percolating just below the surface, too few have done and said too little.

Suddenly – without breaking any laws whatsoever, in my quest for truth, I find myself in a rather “uncomfortable” position – a situation that has pretty large fingerprints and dire potential consequences for ALL journalists, citizen journalists, bloggers, and ANYONE who is simply seeking the truth. On the advice of counsel already contacted, I have been instructed not to say much. Yet. But I will not be muzzled, nor shall the truth.

Folks, we are at war… a war for the very freedoms men and women before us have died. My search for the truth will not be stopped by the Chicago mob, the Washington mob, or any other criminal enterprise.  YOUR freedoms are at stake. YOUR Constitutional rights are at stake. It’s time to wake up and wake others up to what is happening around them – around you… and soon, TO you.

Please read this… use social media to share it. Tell others. WARN OTHERS. Get informed. Click here for the details by Marinka Peschmann. Today. Now. While we still have the chance. I am asking for your help.

More will follow… you can take that to the bank, err, I mean your mattress –

Yes, the links are imperative to read, in order to internalize the depth of Obama Inc.’s crimes. Marinka Peschmann deftly lays bare this criminal regime, posing as America’s leadership. 

IF anyone thought that previous commentaries comparing DHS and attendant security services (NSA included, as it SEIZES phone records of millions of customers, most of whom pose no risk to national security –…and their sweep SPECIFICALLY targets millions of Americans, yet EXCLUDES foreigners – to Germany’s SS was overreach, well, the linked commentaries should put that fantasy to rest – parallels are absolutely stunning in (historical) context, and this is without yesteryear’s Nazi SS fielding today’s technology!

And it is precisely why whistle blowers are feverishly in their sights, admonished to stand down and to shut their traps – or else –

Similarly, Rosen, though a FOX News mainstream journalist and not part of the alternative media like Doug Hagmann, found himself in their dragnet, along with other reporters. Know this: IF the NSA’s ILLEGAL sweep ensnares a veteran investigator and journalist from Northeast Intelligence Network, none of us will be safe. Not only that, if allowed to spy on millions, as if average citizens are deemed guilty without probable cause, then America is no different than a police state. Most significantly, the leadership will eventually silence one and all. And THAT’s their end goal. 

UPDATE: and the following was posted by Glenn Beck, on the heels of this blog’s latest commentary –…more than stunning in its related implications.

FURTHER UPDATE to NSA’s surveillance of Doug Hagmann, Northeast Intelligence’s Director –…as spooky as it gets…

“Sheep To The Slaughter” Via Obama’s Revolutionary Dictates…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

“Silence of the Lambs” (, a bone chilling psycho thriller, elicits shivers up the spine, even if viewed via DVD/video and not at the cinema on full screen. The point being, even though viewers realize (at least one hopes so) they are watching fiction they still can’t help but recognize; yes, such evil does exist, even if not an exact replica of the story line. Tingling performances by award winning actors, Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins, resonates evil personified. 

Why is this relevant? Evil on its face, often by design, must be seen for what it is. It dare not be confused with “different strokes for different folks” regarding this or that. Once one crosses a certain Rubicon it should be considered as a pivotal point; often a leading precursor to a disaster-in-the-making, and not just on a personal level. 

So the questions become two-fold: where is this line drawn? and how is it recognizable for what it is? A good barometer is to trust one’s gut and to look around at the landscape for guideposts. But one must be rational enough to see relevant markings for what they are, and not what one wishes them to be. And being familiar with history absolutely illuminates said trails .

Extrapolating therein, then consider: what has changed significantly since Barack HUSSEIN Obama took over the helm, even though many fault-lines were previously visible? Well, aside from the fact that he has placed in motion foreign fires, resulting in a chain of global conflagrations – – his domestic grabs concerning individual liberties are off the hook. 

On the domestic front, once the economy implodes it is almost a done deal – – and Obama Inc’s trajectory is just about on target. Every economic policy they design purposefully pushes the fiscal house closer to the cliff. But never mind, Obama & gang party hardy, never missing a chance to kick it up with Beyonce, JayZ or the rest of Hollyweird’s (vomit) crew, even as N. Korea threatens to explode the entire peninsula, and the Mid East is more than a tinderbox. Alas, fiscal imprudence (who do you think pays for Obama Inc’s celebrity soirees?) goes hand in glove with tone deaf behavior –

Yet the above, dangerous as it is, can’t be implemented without booby traps set for gun control, even as the left babbles otherwise, yes, it’s all about the kiddies – Nevertheless, all is not lost, at least if one refuses to be “silent as a lamb”.

‘Silence of the Lambs in America’ – Northeast Intelligence Network

In present-day America, we are being bombarded with increasingly dire headlines about the condition of our nation. Common elements among these headlines of domestic disorder and discontent are reports of unbridled government overreach into our lives, from much-publicized gun control laws, warrantless searches and seizures, to the perverse and absurdly shameful degradation of our human dignity at the hands of the TSA and the DHS. Today, we are facing an assault on our freedoms for which those who lived before us have shed their blood, entrusting us with the gift of an indivisible nation under God. Yes, under God.

As Americans, we are witnessing the systematic dismantling of our country by the incremental erosion of our liberties and rights by methods that are shaking the very foundations upon which this country was founded. We’ve seen this before, as history is filled with examples of our current predicament; but somehow, today, things seem different to those who are paying attention. In many ways, things are indeed different, yet it is fitting to cite what was written long ago: “The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.”Time seems to have sparated us from the ultimate sacrifices of our forefathers, for we no longer see their blood that once stained dirt on the battlefields of America. We no longer relate to the sorrows of our ancestors or their sacrifices, nor do we feel the pride of their successes. We are no longer taught the history of a nation that freed itself from tyranny and oppression. Instead, we are subjected to the deliberate perversion of history that characterizes our founders as terrorists – along with portraying those of us who object to such depictions as threats to the state – by an ever-increasing totalitarian government operating in tandem with modern-day academia and a state-sponsored press.

Today’s headlines proclaim that those of us who cherish the rights bestowed upon us by our Creator are now considered to be terrorists. This is the result of the cancer of moral and cultural degradation that we have allowed to take root in the very soil stained with the blood of our forefathers. The ultimate test of a moral society is the kind of world that it leaves to its children. What are we going to tell our children and grandchildren about what we’ve done to stop the metastasis of tyranny?

Answering the call

Just as the insidiously evil oppression by our government existed in many forms in the past, so does the template for freedom. The question is whether we are prepared to answer the call to preserve our remaining rights and regain our liberties lost. To do so, however, requires us to recognize not just the symptoms, but the disease itself. For it is the disease of evil –  aided and abetted by silence in the face of evil – that allows tyranny to exist and flourish.  Fortunately, we have an example to which we may refer. There are lessons to be learned by history, and examples to personify.

Sixty-eight years ago this week, Dietrich Bonhoeffer (pastor, martyr, prophet and spy)[i] who was arrested in Hitler’s Germany, was hanged in Flossenburg, a Nazi death camp. Much has been written about the life and death of this man, with particular focus on his faith-based convictions in thought and deed. The manner in which he lived his life in a country that experienced the perverse incremental transformation of political, moral and religious values should not only serve as an example to us in America, but as a warning. Properly viewed, his senseless execution by the direct orders of a maniacal and tyrannical madman exists as a metaphorical exclamation point at the end of a sentence – his death sentence. He met his fate as he lived his life, with such unwavering convictions that even the most respected of his peers were unable, or perhaps unwilling, to stand firm beside or behind him.

Sadly, most high-profile Americans claiming to possess intellectual honesty and moral integrity (particularly those with a microphone or keyboard and an audience of significance) seem to lack the corresponding desire and courage to point out the disturbing similarities between the state of Hitler’s Germany and present-day America. And there are many such parallels. The precious few who do point them out are the victims of a relentlessly vicious campaign of character marginalization, and accusations of racism and bigotry. We become “magnets of marginalization” by people with a rabidly Progressive and Socialist mindset. Unsurprisingly, the tenor and tempo of such accusations are rising, as they are met with little resistance.

The reason for this tenacious campaign against men and women of faith is simple. It exists in the legacy of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and has the ability to exist in each of us, should we summon the courage to be steadfast in our refusal to acquiesce to the tolerance of evil. Dietrich Bonhoeffer was outspoken against those who remained silent in the face of the moral and religious degradation of his country. He spoke out against lukewarm pastors and cultural Christians who supported Hitler, or acquiesced under the pressure of the false doctrine of tolerance.

As we’ve seen from issues ranging from infanticide to the insidiousness built into the health care bill that requires Christians to act against their beliefs, the majority of the Christian conservatives have capitulated through compromise. Unlike Dietrich Bonhoeffer, they endorse the perversity of political and social correctness that exists in present-day America, opting against taking a stand for their faith.

As God-believing Americans who cherish the rights bestowed upon us and enumerated within our Constitution (perhaps better known in the Western media as “bitter clingers”), we are in the midst of the destructive transformation of our nation. The tinder is present and ready for ignition, needing only one spark from any source to ignite America into a state of chaos that would result in a tyrannical clampdown.

The firewall to prevent this transformation – the Christian leaders and the body of the church – is crumbling by inaction and outright apostasy. The parallels between the present-day United States and Hitler’s Germany are evident. Just as the similarities are evident, so is our collective inaction, which is eviscerating the very soul of America. It is this silence and inaction that will rip America from her Judeo-Christian foundations, and make it possible for a fall of biblical proportions.

Sixty-eight years ago, Dietrich Bonhoeffer died not only for his faith, but to illustrate that we must not be silent in the face of tyranny. If not for our own sakes, let us summon that same courage for the sake of our children and their children. After all, the ultimate test of a moral society is the kind of world that it leaves to its children[ii].

Due to the above, and so much more, is it unreasonable to compare the precursors to Nazi socialism with America under the reign of Obama? Disarming the populace, (purposeful) economic implosions via fall guys and straw men are resonant comparisons. In historical terms, the Nazis scapegoated the Jews & smaller “suspect” segments of society, and the Radical-in-Chief has vets and conservative folks to feed off of – Don’t EVER forget: the stirring of class and race warfare fits both profiles. If the (historical) shoe fits –

So as America sinks to its lowest depths in world stature and economic weight, the POTUS & wifey (with attendant crew) behave as if they are already dancing on its (historical) grave. Thus, every pressure to remove this criminal regime is a patriot’s duty. And with scandal after scandal – “the gift that keeps giving” – their removal is appearing within reach – .

What say you?