Real-Time Jihadi Threats To The American Homeland: What Will It Take To Drag Socialist-Driven (Paid Off) Dems To Seal The Entry Points? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

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THERE are moments in time when it is impossible to drive home the severity of the dangers at bay, most especially, to the “see no evil, hear no evil” citizenry – AKA the “monkey see, monkey do” crowd.

ADDED to the mix of the above blinded populace, it is safe to assume that a preponderance of others are busy navigating through their day-to-day routines, thus, they remain mute. But never mind, we all have obligations, including, associated pressures and challenges. Regardless, it is the sworn duty of each and every representative of “the people” to work towards keeping the nation safe – grandstanding notwithstanding. Period.

BUT in order to clear through the smoke and mirrors which passes for today’s American leadership (as they operate in tandem with the talking heads who support them), no amount of excuse-making dare be tolerated. Not only that, the threat from Islamism is deeply embedded within the body politic and every related sphere of influence. Therefore, to whatever degree possible, the average American (of majority age) must become involved.

IN fact, the danger has never been more acute, in so far that Islamic/Jihadi-laced tentacles are more entrenched than ever within Congress via Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar – as they join a growing list of others inside Congress, all of whom are anti-American and antisemitic alike. In reality, the situation is so dire that even Saudi Islamists understand what’s what – vis-à-vis the entrance of two Muslimas into the epicenter of American hyper-power politics. O M G!

A Saudi news outlet writes a hit piece on the two new Muslim women elected to the U.S. Congress?

Truth is often stranger than fiction, and yes, this really just happened. Al Arabiya, a pro-government, Saudi-owned pan-Arab news outlet, just lambasted Somali American Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Palestinian American Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) for their ties with Linda Sarsour, U.S. Muslim Brotherhood-linked groups and a plethora of other individuals who share the Brotherhood’s Islamist political project.

Al Arabiya makes its case by showing how the Democratic party’s quest to wrest control of Congress “led to an alliance with political Islamist movements … pushing Muslim candidates and women activists of immigrant minorities onto the electoral scene.”

The Saudi’s mortal enemy is Iran. There is no love lost in the kingdom for former President Obama and his Democratic cohorts for pushing Congress out of the way to make room for the controversial Iran nuclear deal, which deposited billions of dollars into the hands of the ayatollahs and helped foster their nefarious plans for regional hegemony in the Middle East.

The Saudis are equally threatened by the Muslim Brotherhood, whose quest for power over Middle East governments was beginning to be realized in the Arab Spring. The Brotherhood also enjoyed large support by the Obama administration, both in Egypt and by US-linked Brotherhood groups which were considered by the White House as their “top” outreach partners.

As the Saudi news outlet noted, “The common ground between Congresswomen Omar and Tlaib is that both are anti-Trump … especially his foreign policy starting from the sanctions on Iran to the isolation of the Muslim Brotherhood and all movements of political Islam.”

Al Arabiya considers the sponsorship and support received by the two Muslim candidates as a tactic employed by Islamists to infiltrate Congress through the immigrant and Black communities as well as through women’s groups, as represented by their prominent Islamist spokesperson, Linda Sarsour.

Al Arabiya calls Sarsour a “Palestinian American activist … with roots in Muslim Brotherhood and a member of the Council on American-Islamic Relations [CAIR].” The piece documents at length Sarsour’s ties to these and other Islamist and terrorists groups and causes.

Of course, the irony of the piece is ever present to those of us in the West who would first and foremost want to say to say to the Saudis: Get your own house in order first.

The sharia principles that rule the kingdom – which make women second class citizens and human rights non-existent, not to mention the lack of a democratic system of government — are, of course, not too different than the theocratic rule in Iran or the Muslim Brotherhood’s goal of establishing a worldwide caliphate.

The exportation of Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabist theology to mosques and madrassas worldwide has certainly contributed to as much global terrorism as that which has been sponsored by the mullahs running the Islamic Republic of Iran.

STILL yet, regardless of the Saudi’s “hit” piece and their own internal Islamism and support thereof, the facts are what they are re all of the above. Mind you, as per Sarsour, well, this Muslim Brotherhood expert couldn’t have been clearer as to her ties to the Brotherhood Mafia and HUSSEIN Obama! Indeed. Inextricable.

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KNOW this too: none of the above could have come to pass without HUSSEIN Obama “softening” the way ala the highest tentacles within the nation. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

MORE specifically, as excerpted (February 1, 2015) within “Obama Cooperates With The Grandson Of Muslim Brotherhood Founder, As Ramadan Exhorts: Colonizing US/Canada F/B/O Islam“, is it any wonder why the Islamist-in-Chief granted him a visa and embraces the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia? 

“My bothers and sisters, we must exploit the so-called democracy and freedom of speech here in the West to reach our goals.

Our prophet Muhammad, peace be unto him and the Koran teach us that we must use every conceivable means to defeat the enemies of Allah.

Tell the infidels in public we respect your laws and your constitutions, which we Muslims believe that these are as worthless as the paper they are written on.

The only law we must respect and apply is the Shar’ia.”

Tariq Ramadan – 

CLEAR as a bell. But continue here with the less than six degrees nexus between the (former) Islamist/Marxist-In-Chief and the Brotherhood Mafia!

ALL of which circles back to real-time Jihadi threats via open borders and the socialist Demsters, many of whom are Islamic apologists alike.

SO, aside from years of verifiable Jihadi threats exacerbated by a fully porous southern border – highlighted here, here, here, here, here and throughout this site – the following urgent questions before the reader are interrelated and hyper-linked:

  • Overall, have the Jihadi threats increased or decreased?
  • What are the markers in support of one direction or the other?
  • In tandem, what is really motivating Pelosi (with Schumer in tow) to dig in her heels, aside from bonafide socialist, far-left leanings and general political pandering to her/their base? Patience.


  • In mid-January 2019, Hasher Jalal Taleb (a Jihadi from Georgia) was arrested in a plot to blow up the White House (along with other D.C. landmarks, as well as a prominent Jewish institution) via an anti-tank weapon and other explosives! Now, does it get any clearer than that, as to how determined Allah’s Muslim Terrorists are to bring down America?
  • But if clarity is still out of reach, well, how about this latest “news” (not that it is the first time, albeit, in other border states): Border ranchers, specifically, in Lordsburg, New Mexico, found prayer rugs on their properties. Pray tell, what for?? Rhetorical.
  • But there’s more. In Nov. 2016, Border Patrol nabbed another Mohammedan (out of countless), as he attempted to cross from Mexico into the U.S. – and this catch was on the no-fly terrorist watch-list! Is this clear enough? Besides, what about others who slipped through?

FOR added truth-telling, the above is not even a drop in the bucket, as per the underlying dangers from Islamic Jihadis within the homeland! In light of said real-time threats, how could it be that the Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Rep. Eliot Engel, is shutting down the terrorism committee to create a “Trump Investigation Panel?” Asked and answered.

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TRENCHANTLY, is this not an act of malfeasance to the highest degree, and of piece with the rest of the evidence? And, is this not a lock-step move to “resist” Trump at all costs (to implement their long-awaited socialist agenda), regardless of any and all threats to national security? If not, why not?

STILL yet, the worst is to come, but it is hardly unexpected. It is also more than a jaw-dropper. Hang on tight. Follow the money too.

OVER the years, drip by drip, this site’s U.S. sources (counter-terrorism/counter-Intel operatives) have referenced this and that re Pelosi and crew – as to why they are protecting the interests of Mexico to the detriment of America. Time and again, the “Arizona Mafia” was mentioned in a hyper-linked manner to the “Mexican Mafia!” You got that? So, when this detailed report/expose’ popped up via a Tea Party PAC, let’s just say that it mirrored – almost to a tee – years of references from this one and that one who operate inside Arizona and alongside its border states.

(Tea Party PAC) – Former Democrat and now Trump supporter Jeffrey Peterson unloaded on Democrats in an epic tweet storm this week, explaining the real reason that the Democrats will never build the wall.

He says they’re being paid off by Mexican cartels.

Peterson says he is a former Democrat who is one of many joining the #WalkAway movement, and that he now supports Trump.

He asserts that the Democrats will never give in to the wall, because they are being funded by the Mexican Mafia. He has connections to Arizona politics and says this is the primary reason Democrats are being so stubborn about funding the wall…read the whole mind-blowing/numbing report…..and don’t miss this hyper-link within….

{Memo to the aforementioned operatives: Guys, being that you all keep track of my site, high-fives all around!!}

MOST significantly, book after after book can be written about the betrayals from U.S. leadership, as well as the ongoing “successful” Jihadi attacks perpetrated upon America. This is so, particularly, since 9/11/01 – even though the “opening shot of Jihad on US soil ” began on November 5, 1990 with the assassination of Rabbi Meir Kahane at the Marriott Hotel in New York City. Not only that, there is a growing compendium of terror attacks which have been stopped in various stages of preparation, hence, they were “unsuccessful” – but not for a lack of trying! Mind you, while it is also the case that many Muslims live peaceful lives, the fact is that almost all terror attacks have been committed by Muslims, like it or not. Conversely, less than a drop in the bucket haven’t been. Hmm.Image result for united socialist states of america

TO wit, a final pressing question remains: What will it take to convince the most mendacious Congressional leadership – who are aiming to transform the US into the “USSA”, the United Socialist States of America – in the nation’s history to seal the border(s) from Jihadi terrorists, that which dovetails with their true aspirations, that is, to bring down America? Indubitably, this highly valid prognosis is aside from countless murderers, traffickers (human and drug), and assorted criminals who have already crossed into the nation and wrecked terror and mayhem. Alas, how many heard about the illegal alien who was arrested last week on suspicion of committing 4 ! murders

AND, so it goes. America, the greatest experiment in freedom the world has ever known, is doubly threatened – by the onslaught at the border(s) and by an equally determined anti-American leadership!

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UPDATE TO: Stalkers & Their (Kiddie) Prey:Online/Offline Footprints-Physicians At Risk Too – Commentary By Adina Kutnicki


It is not for nothing that the subject of online/offline stalking made its way to these pages (June 24, 2018). And while it is indeed a very highly alarming public safety concern – most acutely, in relation to the most vulnerable of all, the kiddies – the fact is had it not touched a nearest and dearest (in the medical field), well, it would have been left to others to sound the alarm. After all, these hands are already full, that is, with sirens re Islamic Jihad and more! That’s the long and short of it.

With that being established, an Updated Report can be found below. But, to understand what’s what, it is advised to read (or refresh, whatever the case may be) the aforementioned initial assessment.

Potentially, anyone – from the young to not so young – can become the target of a determined and fixated stalker. And the advent of the internet in general and social media in particular makes it that much easier to track one’s prey. Stalk. Apparently, a preponderance are blithely unaware of who (or what) may lie in wait. Know that female stalkers can be every bit as dangerous as their male counterparts. Hair-raising.

Not only that, whenever the topic of stalking is addressed, it is usually too little too late. This is the case, most especially, for the kiddies who fall prey to online pedophiles. In other words, typically, the person’s death (or grievous injury) is retold on a crime-oriented youtube channel or the like. Inexplicably, until recently, few resources have been dedicated to preventative measures. Regrettably, it is still easy for stalkers to zero in and latch on, primarily, due to directional markers ala the internet.

As mentioned, it is not just the kiddies who are victimized. In reality, stalkers operate offline too, in conjunction with an explosive online presence. So due to their wide berth and net (no pun intended), this subject merits a laser focus; a multi-tiered approach. Wait and see.

While readers who are familiar with my profile will initially assume that the aforementioned is simply an outgrowth of this and that investigation, said assumption is only partially correct.

Inextricably, certain investigations trigger heat towards my end. It goes with the territory. Tellingly, in Nov. 2016, it became necessary to “turn the tables”, so to speak. To wit, I was “advised” to expose particular (Mohammedan) stalkers at “WACDI.NET, Islamic Fatwa-Driven Site, Features WND’s (World Net Daily) Interview With Adina Kutnicki – What Are They Up To?

Even so, as stated, my interest in this topic is multi-tiered. As luck would have it, it was a few months beforehand that “my Doc” entered my life. And like in any budding relationship, slowly, we began opening up to one another.

Resultant, it was with his express permission (and blessing) that the following (excerpted) expose’, “When Is It Time To Erase Ones Digital Footprints?” developed – as an “opening shot” into this shadowy and lesser-known arena.

  • In this regard, how many realize that dedicating oneself to saving lives – chiefly, in the medical/surgical arena – can be dangerous to one’s well-being? Believe it.
  • But without going into too many specifics, two male physicians (one, a long-standing friend, an ENT specialist, the second, my significant other, a surgeon, “my Doc“) have been stalked – online and offline – by former patients who became fixated on their “saviors.” Ingrates. Nuts.
  • It came to a point where they had to call in the police (respectively, the LAPD and NYPD, plus other private resources) to keep their (female) stalkers at bay. Rest assured, they join a growing list of victimized physicians. And while their predators used different tactics, this is where they aligned: whatever it took, they refused to be ignored and leave the objects of their obsession alone. Full-on.
  • Noteworthy, irrespective of location, one can be targeted. Effectively, whether practicing in a big city or a small town, it makes no difference. Stalkers aren’t location-centric.
  • At the end of it all, the aforementioned ENT decided to keep his online footprints, despite being advised otherwise. Already coined a “Top Doc” in LA, it wouldn’t have impacted his practice. Alas, as usual, he is stubborn like a mule. Arrogantly, he thinks he knows better than the professionals he hired! So, while police pressure and such kept his stalker in line for several months, once again – within the space of a year – she started up. As warned that she would, doggedly, she kept track of him online, making it that much easier to continue her hunt. For the record, as of late, she is “quiet”, but who knows for how long.
  • As to “my Doc”, he listened to all of the recommendations – both from the NYPD and his investigative team, unarguably, a top-tier forensic outfit. Atop their “to-do” list: engineering/hacking wizards “erased him down the rabbit hole.” For several years, she is hide nor hair……

Regardless of these two cases of personal interest, stats are stats. They dare not be ignored by the wider public. Thus, consider some sobering facts and truths. Mind you, it is understood that stalking didn’t start with the internet. However, its inherent dangers have risen exponentially due to readily available digital footprints. No doubt.

The sobering stats: ….continue reading the whole (scary) thing….

All of which leads back to today’s updated report:

From the get-go, fixated and determined stalkers should be considered mentally unstable and dangerous. Moreover, said “diagnosis” dare not translate into a lack of intelligence, nor one’s ability to “think outside the box.” Indeed, more often than not, a certain level of (scary-creepy) ingenuity is in the mix too! Such is the case with “my Doc’s” stalker. Hang on….

Apparently, when she came up empty online – unable to track and trace her “heart’s desire” due to his erasure down the internet’s “rabbit hole”, effectively, frustrated from chasing a ghost – other avenues were pursued. Mind you, stalkers rarely quit, until (and unless) forced to.

As such, “Plan B” was executed. She used her medically recommended biannual cardio-thoracic exam as much more than a wellness check – actually, it became a sleuthing mission to gather information/Intel on her prey. Can you imagine being consumed by such a fixation??

Sly as a fox, she recognized: by sticking to a network of surgeons from a particular NYC radius, one or the other would be professionally associated with her object of obsession, likely, knowledgeable about his current whereabouts. Not only that, instinctively, she knew to steer clear of his former practice – the start of her stalking – with an understanding that colleagues/staff would have instructions re any inquiring minds in “my doc’s” direction. As it happens, they have been put on notice by the NYPD: never reveal his whereabouts, regardless of who does the asking!


Unbeknownst that their new patient is an “on the record” stalker, an office manager at one of the cardio-thoracic practices (which was on her “targeted” list within said radius) didn’t realize she was being “chatted up” – as this very dangerous woman sat in the waiting room for her examination. As officially reported back to “my Doc” (after this saga came to a head), skillfully, she made sure to bring up the surgeon who saved her life and sang his praises to the high heavens! Imagine that.

One innocuous sounding query after another (as per the manager, and relayed back to the NYPD and to the investigative team), his stalker led the “idle” chit-chat back to here: “I understand he is no longer in the NYC area, but do you know where he is practicing? I would like to thank him, once again, for saving my life.” Well, having no reason to stay silent, she responded: “I heard he immigrated to Israel – to such and such city – I believe!!” That’s all she wanted to know….

Now, recall this from the initial article: “As to ‘my Doc’, he listened to all of the recommendations – both from the NYPD and his investigative team, unarguably, a top-tier forensic outfit. Atop their ‘to-do’ list….

Yes, they are top-tier.

Upon immigrating to Israel, his investigative team – in concert with the NYPD – quietly alerted Israel National Police and Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport Security of the identity of his stalker – just in case. In other words, her name was added to a list of “undesirables”, if she attempted to board any carrier to Israel.

Lo and behold, just last week (seven months after my initial analysis), she attempted to board an El Al plane at JFK, in anticipation of “paying him a visit!” Thankfully, before she knew what hit her, she was escorted to a holding area at JFK – led away by New York Port Authority Police, as well as by El Al Security. Trust, these tough as nails security types don’t mess around. Mind you, as allowed, they turned her luggage inside and outside. Well, as expected, they found several items of concern, most especially, a map of his neighborhood with his exact address! Hmm.


  • Never and never underestimate the tenacity of an obsessed stalker – whether male or female;
  • Always listen to your gut,
  • And, finally, don’t try and handle a stalker without professional assistance. After all, life or death may well be at stake. Ask yourself: if you had a tooth ache, would you pull the tooth out by yourself? If your appendix burst, would you cut it out on your own? Think about it….


  • Know that all efforts are being exerted to find out how she came that close, in that “my Doc” is officially “unlisted” in Israel in every which way. Btw, the word is that an indictment is being prepared for her arrest, mostly, due to other “findings” in her luggage. Let’s leave it at that.

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The “Normalization” Of “Rape-Jihad” & The Complicity Of Western Leadership: Its Nexus To The MB’s “5-Phased Plan” For America. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

IT has yet to be the case that what starts in Europe stays in Europe. To the contrary. The reality is that it takes very little time for the continent’s poisons to infect America’s shores. Mind you, it is a paradox of historical proportions that yesteryear’s American Patriots within the Thirteen Colonies (in their struggle to break away from the political and economic yoke of the British Empire) fought bravely to win independence from the Empire’s iron-grip, only for later generations to succumb to the many viruses from across the so-called pond – most of which are leftist-based and multicultural-obsessed to the max. Thus, two hundred and forty four years later, much of the sickness engulfing Europe has been adopted and embraced by many within America’s top leadership (elected and non-elected), and with millions of citizens in tow. It is not for nothing.

Image result for obama's cultural marxism

WITH this truth-telling in mind (lying atop the leftist madness which is raging throughout Europe, as well as inside America’s socio-political landscape), the “normalization” of “rape-jihad ” – via a red-green alliance – was birthed.

BUT if it all sounds too fantastical, so be it. Regardless, the evidence is overwhelming and bullet proof. Just consider the following as a drop in the bucket:

STILL yet, for those who require Koranic back-up, well, Muslimas are also on board – as they aid “the boys” in this civilizational war! Indeed, derived from the same Koranic underpinnings, sexual-jihad and slave-jihad are inspired by Muhammad. 


10382: Ruling on having intercourse with a slave woman when one has a wife

Could you please clarify for me something that has been troubling me for a while. This concerns the right of a man to have sexual relations with slave girls. Is this so? If it is then is the man allowed to have relations with her as well his wife/wives. Also, is it true that a man can have sexual relations with any number of slave girls and with their own wife/wives also? I have read that Hazrat Ali had 17 slave girls and Hazrat Umar also had many. Surely if a man were allowed this freedom then this could lead to neglecting the wife’s needs. Could you also tell clarify whether the wife has got any say in this matter.

Praise be to Allah.  Islam allows a man to have intercourse with his slave woman, whether he has a wife or wives or he is not married.A slave woman with whom a man has intercourse is known as a sariyyah (concubine) from the word sirr, which means marriage.This is indicated by the Qur’aan and Sunnah, and this was done by the Prophets. Ibraaheem (peace be upon him) took Haajar as a concubine and she bore him Ismaa’eel (may peace be upon them all).Our Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) also did that, as did the Sahaabah, the righteous and the scholars. The scholars are unanimously agreed on that and it is not permissible for anyone to regard it as haraam or to forbid it. Whoever regards that as haraam is a sinner who is going against the consensus of the scholars.Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):“And if you fear that you shall not be able to deal justly with the orphan girls then marry (other) women of your choice, two or three, or four; but if you fear that you shall not be able to deal justly (with them), then only one or (slaves) that your right hands possess. That is nearer to prevent you from doing injustice”….{Author’s note: read the whole thing…be prepared to vomit too.Alas, in light of the snippets presented within, it should be entirely expected that an “infidel” woman (another victim of “rape-jihad”) was hardly supported by those whose allegiance and sympathies lie with jihadis!


A refugee worker who was in charge of eight Iraqi refugees who gang-raped a teacher blamed the attack on the victim.

The Iraqi refugees were sent to prison after being convicted of raping the German teacher in Vienna, Austria, in 2015. The family of refugees met the woman at a bar and brought her back to an apartment where she was raped.

The aid worker responsible for resettling the eight men and helping them transition into Austrian society ultimately told the media he felt as though their sentences were too severe. Off-camera, he expanded on that opinion by saying that the woman gave them “false signals” and blamed her alcohol consumption for the rape.

Only one of the men, Daily Mail reported, admitted his role in the attack and said his drunkenness was a crime in his home country and in his faith.

The woman, identified only as Sabine K., was so traumatized by the rape that she had no choice but to quit her job.

All eight men were sentenced to between nine and 13 years in prison, but were not deported back to Iraq because the country’s punishment for rape is the death penalty.

“The refugee guardians play a big role. They are like the teachers in a school,” another refugee worker said of the worker who defended the rapists. “There are lots of people who have never experienced living in an open society. They come with questions — if the women here are totally open and if they can go out and drink coffee with women.”

Many readers expressed their disgust over the incident, calling on Western governments to properly screen refugees who enter their countries.

“Can somebody explain to me why the hell people are protesting to keep these less than slugs here. What the hell is wrong with you? Everyone of them need to be sent back to the s*** hole they came from. They are infiltrating our Country and if we don’t wise up, we are in for pure hell. Send them back or shoot them, either way get them out of here,” one reader commented on Facebook.

“One fact! If they are deported back to Iraq they can not be hanged for rape. Iraq is a Muslim Country and governed by Sharia Law and it is not against Sharia Law to Rape an Infidel Female! This is the real problem with so many of the Western Governments and Justice Departments. Very few of them are even familiar with Islamic Laws and continue to act stupidly regarding treatment of Violent Muslim Criminals!!” another added.

Other readers felt that the United States should learn from incidents like the gang rape in Austria.

“Several things I have learned about Muslims, they completely have no value of life and completely no respect for life both human and animals. It’s the most barbaric culture I have ever heard of. Trump please make America strong again. Have we all forgotten about 9/11, not me, it’s etched in my mind forever. Wake up America!!!” one reader wrote.

RESULTANT, Muslim rapists (even in the heart of middle America, no less) are shielded by “sympathetic” Prosecutors, the lock-step media, etc. – in their non-remitting quest to prop up the inflow of so-called refugees into the nation. Though hailing straight from the belly of Jihadi-driven cesspools, America’s Marxist-Islamist driven (elected and non-elected) leaders are non-pulsed from halting the “process” – the very same forces who champion the entry of unending, unfettered, non-vetted illegal immigrants, many of whom are criminals. Know that their actions are a direct knock-on effect from HUSSEIN’s two-term reign of infiltration and penetration. 

MIND you, all of it (and so much more) ties back to the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia and their 5-Phased Plan; that which dovetails with the left’s quest to destroy America. Birds of a feather. Wait and see.

Phase 1: Establishment of an elite Muslim leadership, while raising taqwa, or Islamic consciousness, in the Muslim community.

Phase 2: Creation of Islamic institutions the leadership can control, along with the formation of autonomous Muslim enclaves.

Phase 3: Infiltration and Islamization of America’s political, social, economic and educational systems, forming a shadow state within the state. Escalation of religious conversions to Islam.

(One of the hot spots of conversion to Islam is America’s extensive system of prisons).

Phase 4: Openly hostile public confrontation over US policies, including rioting, and militant demands for special rights and accommodations for Muslims.

Phase 5: Final conflict and overthrow (jihad).

NOW, think about this: the very fact that “Phases 1 – 4” have already been accomplished (once again, refer to the “5-Phased Plan“), how much closer are Muhammadans in America to “Phase 5” – in so far that two newly-elected Muslimas to Congress, in tandem with their Islamic-laced brother’s appointment to the AG post in Minnesota, openly consort and support Jihadis, all their taqiyya (Islamic-sanctioned deception and lying) hogwash notwithstanding??

 View image on Twitter

View image on Twitter

Abbas Hamideh@Resistance48

I was honored to be at Congresswoman @RashidaTlaib swearing in ceremony in and private dinner afterward with the entire family, friends and activists across the country.

In a 2015 tweet, he wrote of the leader of the terrorist group Hezbollah, “Always loved this heroic resistance leader! Long live Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah!”

I was never a band wagoner. Always loved this heroic resistance leader! Long live Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah!


EFFECTIVELY, demonstrably….illustratively….inextricably….and all related descriptors thereof: Tlaib’s (and her “sistas-in-arms”, Ilhan Omar and Ocasio-Cortez) fellow travelers are Jihadis of the highest “caliber!

MOST significantly, westerners dare not be lulled into a false sense of security, in so far that ISIS’s formation of a Caliphate (in Iraq and Syria) has suffered some setbacks. Like water off a duck’s back….as they regroup and reconstitute elsewhere.

SO while ISIS (an offshoot of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, AKA AQAP, of which the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia is their parent) is occupied doing this and that, their parental heads are plotting the last phase of “The Plan” within America – the main pillar of western civilization, or of what’s left of it!


Image result for pics of islamization of america

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UPDATE TO:”Trends/Adaptations In Jihadi Tactics, Intel Overview”​, 2018 To Date – The Rashida Tlaib Nexus – Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

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Stipulated, Israel’s security services are second to none. As such, regardless of geographical location and the passage of time, they (almost always) catch their prey. Nevertheless, it is also the case that politically-driven directives – in concert with genuflection to international pressure – has been known to stay their hands vis-à-vis Arab/Islamic-driven terrorists. On the flip side, more often than not, it causes them to be heavy-handed with right-wing Jewish activists who refuse to “stand down” against Arab/Islamic aggression. Shabak, AKA Shin Bet, AKA GSS, once again, this finger is pointing at you! Resultant, as a knock-on effect, plots are allowed to fester and mushroom to the point of deadly consequences. Trust, this is the ugly truth. Moreover, it is backed-up by well-informed, experienced operatives.


With the above in mind, no sooner did last year’s (Feb. 1, 2018) “closed-door” Intel conference wrap up its findings, an updated list of “target banks” landed in this lap. As such, via marching orders from the CEO of the privately-held Homeland Security entity underlining these efforts, it became clear that more – not less – collaboration with this one and that one would be required. As we say in Israel, barur. Understood. So, it came as no surprise when shout-out after shout-out (day or night) from last year’s attendees (among others sent this way) became commonplace. (As an aside, the only reprieve was in mid-Oct., when notice was given that these ears would be incommunicado, while on a two-week cruise; a respite to the Greek Isles).

Intrinsically, as discussed (January 25, 2018) within “Upcoming ‘Invite-Only’ Intelligence Conference” (in the run-up to last year’s February 1, 2018 Tel Aviv conference), “the principle players and invited attendees are a healthy mix of top-flight, non-politicized Mid East/Islamic (western, but fluent Arabic-speaking) academics; Geo-strategists; counter-terrorism and counter-Intel operatives, as well as forensic types, including law enforcement – active duty and retired.”

Tellingly (from mid-February 2018 to date), akin to a house on fire, a widely known “hotbed of terror” kept popping up on this radar. But what is less well-known (except to certain security types) is that plots from these tightly woven Arab/Islamic-infused villages – under the iron-fist of the Islamic Movement in Israel – collaborate with Muhammadans in the US, some of whom are related clansmen! Yes, you read that right. In fact, whether in Israel or abroad, the aforementioned hotbeds operate hand in glove with the global Muslim Brotherhood Mafia, its parent – a subject which is an acknowledged expertise within. As noted at a mainstream global interview:

“Adina is an expert on the Muslim Brotherhood and her previous interview about the expansionist ideology of the organization sent shock-waves across the internet. Adina is an editor of several websites that examine the growing violence in the name of Islam, and she is the creator of a popular Israeli blog. Her insights into the conflict between Israel and the Islamic terrorists of Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and the Palestinian Authority will give our readers an opportunity to find out the truth about the Middle East without the Israel bashing propaganda of the mainstream media…..” Hmm.

So, take it to the bank: when certain “sleeper cells” are activated within targeted US cities, guaranteed, every effort has already been made (by particular clans in Israel) to share this and that “recipe” with their agents who live in “dar al-harb”, the “house of war” – having already proven to be surefire modes of delivery through various attacks. Incontestably, Israel is their “laboratory for terror!”

To wit, aside from specific findings which, understandably, cannot be shared, there are some which can be. We will get to that. Beforehand, the following are core questions for the reader’s reflection and consideration:

  • Which hotbed is it ?
  • Which clans operate atop its pyramid?
  • In the main, how is this Intel developed?

Actually, it is the third question which underpins the rest. Well, not to go into too many details, specific attendees (freelance operational assets, if you will) bounce between the US and Israel for this and that, while others may find themselves a mere half hour away from this end, or, for that matter, anywhere within this tiny country. Mind you, from the northernmost point in Israel to its southernmost tip, it takes approximately 4.5 to 5.5 hours to traverse the nation. Yes, that tiny.

To said end, the morning of January 10, 2019, I presented an updated Intel policy paper at the very same secured facility in Tel Aviv which housed last year’s conference. Among several areas of high concern, a segment of the presentation zeroed in on what is reallygoing down in “The Triangle“; AKA the Wadi Ara, AKA the Nahal Iron. An overview is below, including the nexus to US Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib!

On the other hand, a decision was made to hold the remainder of the “target banks” in abeyance. Regardless, as the epicenter of the Islamic Movement in Israel – led by the iron-fist of the notorious Raed Salah from his “seat” of terror in the city of Umm al-Fahm – this northern belt has MANY eyes and ears in place, official and freelance. For further edification, its southern arm – based out of Rahat – is mendaciously depicted by official Israeli mouthpieces as less “radical”, but this is nonsense. Hogwash. While its leader, Hamed Abu Daabas, is presented as a “moderating” voice, the fact is that when his northern terror counterpart needs back-up, Daabas (and his followers) is right there beside him! Islamists-in-arms. Yes, officialdom is well aware.

In this respect, in order to fully internalize and appreciate why “boots on the ground” spent a year shuttling Intel back and forth to these ears (and to counterparts in the US and Israel) re activities in the Wadi Ara region (among other matters), a basic overview of its geographical terrain is mandatory for those outside the region. Call it: “Geography Lesson Plan 101.”

And while studying this topical land mass, know that these citizens of Israel have full political rights – again, while living within an incubator and epicenter of terrorism. Additionally, there exists a deep nexus between East Jerusalem’s terror-tied clans and their northern brethren.

Specifically, they only have to traverse – from beginning to end – a 20 km wadi (valley), a mere 12 1/2 miles in length to Jewish neighboring cities to hand over instruments of terror to others, or to carry out attacks all across the nation! In reality, some of the points in between should be considered as close as a hop, skip, and a jump – that close! Let that factoid sink in. The Wadi Ara’s primary entry point, a riverbed, begins in northern Israel (northwest of what is called the Haifa District) and is a converging point between Samaria at Menashe Heights and what is called the Sharon plain. Significantly, it is a juncture between the north and the Sharon plain, that which includes Central Israel, and, most especially, Tel Aviv. As such, discerning readers should be able to understand the Wadi Ara’s strategic significance, even if never having laid foot on its soil.

That being established, primarily, it is the tribal nature of the Arab/Muslim culture that sets the stage for the full-on allegiance of entire clans (oftentimes, clustered within the same villages, towns, and cities), as they walk down the path to terror with clan leaders.

Introducing, the top-tier of the “Wadi Ara target bank“: it was developed from the aforementioned “shout-outs” (throughout 2018 to date), and rated as per their hyperactive plotting and “recipe-sharing” –

  • The Jabarin clan;
  • The Darwish clan;
  • The Da’abes clan;
  • The Khatib clan,
  • The Dahamsheh clan…among others….

Of course, this is not the forum to get into specific details and associated plots. Rather, it is the place to enlighten the public as to what is at stake, sans all the Allah-wash from western leaders, including Israel’s. With this in mind, it is imperative to reveal a highlighted security concern from the conference. Incontestably, it links up the inextricable terror nexus between Israel and the US – vice versa.

In brief, many Americans have expressed concern about the newly elected Rashida Tlaiban ethnic “Palestinian”, who represents Michigan in Congress. Well, they don’t know the half of it.

Effectively, I have been given permission to reveal this tidbit: when two of the assets associated with the conference (counter-terrorism and counter-Intel freelancers) were in Michigan (AKA Michiganstan) on another assignment, by accident, they “stumbled” upon a bombshell. It revolves around a clear connection between particular “Palestinian-Americans” (Jihadis-In-Suits) from clans in East Jerusalem, who happen to collaborate with clans in the Wadi Ara, who just happen to have access to Rashida Tlaib and her associates! This linkage is via what they termed the “Ramallah Connection” ala the AFRP, The American Federation of Ramallah, Palestine. Oh, what a tangled web of terror. Btw, her parental and close extended family live in a small, but highly active, Islamic-laced village, Beit Ur al-Foqa. It lies smack in Israel’s Judean hills.

(Pay heed to this speech at CAIR, the propaganda arm of Hamas from the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia in North America, as they fete Talib’s “victory” for Islamic interests!)

Conclusively, to further internalize why the eyes and ears of “freelancers” are absolutely necessary, the following is instructive:

Even though the Islamic Movement in Israel was established in 1971 (with underpinnings that have always been crystal clear, as to an operational aim to overthrow the state), it was only in November 2015 that its Northern Branch was”officially” outlawed – with its (ideological parallel) Southern Branch left intact. Think about that. Nevertheless, even after security forces raided and shuttered a cadre of its offices, not only is it still operational – and it is – it is going strong! How can this be?

Not only that, the Northern Branch’s terror master, the aforementioned Raed Salah, laughs in the face of a multitude of arrests. He recognizes full well that Israeli authorities will never stop his incitement to terror and participation thereof. After all, Israel’s official radio stations, print media, academic institutions, and parliamentarians (from the communist and “mainstream” Arab Knesset parties) still consider him an “untouchable” player in the Arab/Islamic sector!

In light of the above and so much more, this updated report stems from a full-blown, year-long analytical trail; one which was presented in policy paper form before select attendees, as referenced in paragraph three. It culminated with key recommendations, some of which have already been passed on to non-politicized security entities and related parties – in Israel and the US.

Time will tell….

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Islamic Anti-Semitism Infects/Invades America Via Mohammedan Physicians & Spiritual Leaders: Jews A Priority Target! A Call To Action. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

THOSE who are regular readers of these pages can’t help but notice a particularly incessant drumbeat; that which is laced with proof after proof (enough to choke a stable of horses) regarding Islam’s infiltration and penetration into the west and attendant dangers thereof. AKA knock-on effects.

Related image


BUT for others who are newly on board, no worries. A recap is on tap to catch up to speed. Even so, for this discussion, let’s stick to two of their spears out of countless – one which is more well-known, the other, not so much. Afterwards, it will become incontestably clear why the “status quo” – by allowing the Islamic infection and invasion into America in specific and the west in general to stand as is – must be uprooted. Still yet, bear this in mind: even though the “Saturday People” are first in their cross-hairs, the “Sunday People” have gotta go too

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((Imam Qadhi in Tennessee!)


  • MORE specifically, as to Islam’s spiritual leaders, well, much has been analyzed at this site (see here, herehere, here, here, here, and so much more) re their murderous calls to Jihad against Jews and Christians via mosques (for the most part). So, whether their dictates and ceaseless shrieks are sounded within Dar al-Islam (where Islam is the law of the land) or Dar al-Harb (where “infidel” laws are dominant) is of little consequence. After all, dead is dead! But what is of grave import is what American/western leadership do about said illegal incitement – and, that’s not a distinction without a difference. Yes, there are laws against calls to murder, let alone, falsely shouting fire in a crowded theater.
  • In this respect, understanding the Jihadi’s mindset is imperative, in so far that all devoted followers of Muhammad – be they spiritual leaders, physicians, or what not – fall “victim” to the madness, that is, Islam. Inexorably, their prophet  Muhammad was a madman! As such, once Islam’s basis is internalized, it is this window of understanding which tears down the biggest lie of all: Islam is a “religion of peace!

EVEN so, despite all the “proof in the pudding”, it is a verboten topic. Taboo.

TO wit, whereas so-called mainstream media would never and never touch the following truth-telling – regardless of all of the back-up evidence, even if presented on a silver platter – thankfully, Israel National News (Full Disclosure: it is a major Israeli news outlet that yours truly has written for) has no such qualms. To the contrary.

Muslim immigration into North America has brought with it several religious preachers who call for the murder of Jews. This happens sometimes in mosques where these words are occasionally even cheered by the hating faithful. This type of incitement is also frequently found on social media.

The same extreme hate-mongering by Muslim preachers in Western Europe has been previously exposed by this writer. The incitement by Muslims against Jews in the Western world has increased as a result of the non-selective immigration policy of these countries. Hate imams living in democracies calling for the murder of Jews is a reality which is not looked at systematically despite the fact that it should be subjected to extreme scrutiny.

A few examples of North American imams calling for the murder of Jews will illustrate this. In 2017, Ramadan Elsabagh head of the Islamic Services Foundation Quran Institute in Garland Texas, posted a recorded prayer to his Facebook page calling to “destroy the Zionists and their allies, and those who assist them and those who allowed them into the abodes of the Muslims. . . Oh Allah save [Al Aqsa] from the hands of the accursed violators. . . . Oh Allah destroy them.” Elsabagh is also a featured Quran reader on many internet sites.

When President Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in December 2017, Imam Raed Saleh Al-Rousan of Houston, Texas preached that “Muslims should fight the Jews.” He spoke in Arabic. The Washington-based MEMRI Institute uploaded an English translation of his inciting words to their website. Al-Rousan then apologized saying that he is opposed to all forms of terrorism.

Around the same time, Imam Abdullah Khadra of Raleigh, North Carolina mentioned a Hadith – a traditional saying of Mohammed – about killing Jews.

In Jersey City. New Jersey, Imam Aymen El Kasaby called the Jews “apes and pigs.” He promoted their annihilation and was cheered on by people attending his sermon. He prayed to Allah: “Count them one by one, and kill them down to the very last one, do not leave a single one on the face of the earth.” The worshippers responded Amen”…… ….continue reading (even if your blood is boiling, as it should) to internalize the extent in which Islam’s poison has infected America, Canada, and the west at large.

WHICH brings the discussion to the second spear, again, out of countless.


  • First off, when “Spear One” is understood for what it is, it completely and utterly ties into two major premises, as per their murderous quest to execute Jihad. Firstly, it matters not a whit where the Muhammadans originate from, nor what they do for a living. Secondly, some (due to their respectable professional cover) can cause more harm than others – and this is not a fairy tale! Enter, “Physicians for Allah! 
  • While many were shocked, shocked to read that Lara Kollab – an ethnically “Palestinian” Muslima D.O. (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine) from Ohio – crowed on twitter the following murderous threats/promises, know that there wasn’t an iota of shock at this platform. Tragically, it is the few and far between who really understand what’s what. Regardless, when examining what she holds dear within her Islamic-laced heart, please internalize that this newly minted US physician is hardly an anomaly – NOT by a long-shot!
  • May Allah take back (end the lives) of the Jews so we stop being forced to go to those unclean ones.” “Allah will kill the Jews” and “Allah will take the Jews who exiled us from our country.” “Hahha ewww… I’ll purposely give all the yahood [Jews] the wrong meds.” Kollab compared Jews to dogs in separate tweets, as well as made statements minimizing the effects of the Holocaust.

ADDING insult to grave injury, this wannabe Jihadi is not only highly dangerous and an absolute public health hazard – no kidding – but an ingrate! Yes, a full-blown ingrate. How so? She received her medical education at a JEWISH institution, one in which even Muslims are welcome to study! You got that? However, upon learning that their recent graduate has deep-seeded murderous rage towards Jews, well, that was a (multicultural) bridge too far, even for their inclusive way of thinking.

Touro College@WeAreTouro

Touro College is appalled by the anti-Semitic comments reportedly made by Lara Kollab, a graduate of the Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine. The mission of Touro College is to educate, perpetuate and enrich the historic Jewish tradition of tolerance and dignity.

AND while she was kicked out of her residency program at the Cleveland Clinic, that’s just a temporary band-aid, so to speak. In no uncertain terms, every effort must be made to permanently bar her (and others of said ilk) from practicing medicine in the US – for that matter, anywhere in the west. After all, from the get-go, she made her intentions crystal clear – in violation, in mockery, of the basic and core tenets of the Hippocratic Oath. As excerpted:


I SOLEMNLY PLEDGE to dedicate my life to the service of humanity;

THE HEALTH AND WELL-BEING OF MY PATIENT will be my first consideration;

I WILL RESPECT the autonomy and dignity of my patient;

I WILL MAINTAIN the utmost respect for human life;

I WILL NOT PERMIT considerations of age, disease or disability, creed, ethnic origin, gender, nationality, political affiliation, race, sexual orientation, social standing, or any other factor to intervene between my duty and my patient;……

BUT there’s more. As indicated, she is not an anomaly. She is, by far, not the first Muslim medical practitioner to go “rogue.” And herein lies the American/western danger.

The Qur’an tells Muslims that the Jews are the strongest of all people in enmity toward them (5:82), accursed by Allah (9:30), and always scheming against the Muslims (2:79; 3:75-3:78, 3:181, etc.). These and other Qur’anic passages likely provide some insight into Kollab’s mindset. They also may explain the actions of the Muslim doctor in Belgium who refused to come to the aid of a 90-year-old Jewish woman who had suffered a rib fracture, saying: “I will not come! Send her to Gaza for a few hours, then she will not feel pain anymore.”

A Muslim Doctors Without Borders nurse, Hani Mohammed Almajdalawi, outdid both Kollab and her Belgian colleague and took her Jew-hatred even farther, actually firing upon Israeli Defense Force troops at the Gaza border.

The Qur’an also tells Muslims that they can seize infidel women (“captives of the right hand”) and use them as sex slaves (4:3, 4:24, 23:16, 33:50, 70:30). Those Qur’anic passages illuminate the likely mindset of the Muslim doctor, a migrant from Syria, who raped four patients while serving as an assistant doctor at a hospital in Bavaria.

Likewise Houston doctor Shafeeq Sheikh, who was convicted of raping one of his patients at Houston’s Ben Taub General Hospital, despite his insistence that she, though sedated and attached to machines, made advances upon him that he, the irresistible lug, couldn’t fend off. In Britain, the energetic Dr. Amirul Haque sexually assaulted five of his female patients over one ten-day period.

Also in Britain, another Muslim migrant physician, Imran Qureshi from Pakistan, demonstrated that the victims need not be non-Muslim women if a Muslim woman indicates that she may not be the niqab-wearing type: Qureshi, according to MailOnline, “said the 21-year-old woman was ‘sexually available’ because she had previous boyfriends.” Continue reading about “soldiers for Allah” who set out to wage Jihad under the banner of medicine!


WHILE the chance(s) of convincing multicultural-obsessed and apologetic academics/administrators in America (the west) to properly vet prospective Muslim medical students – re their views on Jews and Christians – is less than slim to none, or, as likely as pigs learning to fly, it doesn’t excuse rational folks from performing their own due diligence. An end-run, if you will.

TO reach said goal post, it is imperative to get the (conversational) ball rolling. For all practical purposes, those who already have access to widely-read platforms are “called to action” to create a cascading domino-like effect. Then, and only then, the groundwork will have been laid for a full-court national discourse. But if the idea is too disquieting, think about it this way: every anti-western, anti-traditional insanity is gifted a full-on free pass – from “proper” toilet access for this, that, or another so-called gender, and to so much more. So, by extrapolation, why isn’t the potential life-threatening risk to millions of non-Muslims considered to be of equal and intrinsic value? If not, why not?

TO wit, rallying behind a concerted public awareness campaign – whose sole aim is to sound the alarm, irrespective of any and all screams and charges of “Islamophobia” – is more than righteous. Besides, as repeatedly evidenced, “Islamophobia” is a made up of whole cloth bugaboo, invented by various hydra-based propaganda arms. So, just close your ears to their ever-ready bludgeon, that which is designed to squash the truth.

NOW, while it is also the case that many Muslims perform their medical duties with the best of intentions, one can’t deny the fact that Muhammadans are (more often than not) brainwashed with murderous hatred towards Jews and Christians. It is fact-based that Islam and blood-lust are inextricable, discomfiting as it is.

ALAS, since no one in authority will dare to do what is morally right and necessary to protect the non-Muslim public, it behooves others to pick up the slack. The mantle. The gauntlet. 

CONCLUSIVELY, a personal shout-out from this “yahoodi” to Lara Kollab becomes mandatory due diligence:

Hey, you بغيض /hateful Muslima, daughter of moon-god Allah, listen up: some of us are paying attention; who also happen to have access to a wide range of media resources – among other assets. So, know that you are now put on notice, as others will be. At the same time – by revealing your blackened heart – you placed a target on this danger in a very frontal manner. For that, this American-Israeli – a right-wing Zionist to boot – thanks you!! Yalla….يلا نلعب ……

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Israel’s Electoral/Security Earthquake: Caroline Glick Joins The Fray Via Hayemin Hehadash – The “New Right” Party Emerges!! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

FULL DISCLOSURE: over a decade ago – specifically, in the summer of 2008 – when this expert in Islamic Jihad immigrated to Israel, a cadre of well-placed and highly-connected Israeli opinion makers stated (in paraphrase form): if we (who know her well) could encourage the inestimable Caroline Glick to join the electoral fray, would you consider bringing your talents into “the process?” Hmm.

LO and behold, two years later, in April 2010, we were introduced at a privately-held security conference in Jerusalem – which was, incidentally, coordinated by these hands. Be that as it may, as it happened, when it came time to shake hands, Caroline stated (again, in paraphrase form): I know who you are, and so does my mother. We love your writing! Sweet.

BUT while going down memory lane is certainly a welcome distraction (from that which is contributing to the west’s decline, namely, the red-green alliance), know that this is inconsequential, especially, when considering the grave matters at hand, that is, who will steer Israel’s helm at this VERY highly critical juncture.

STIPULATED, Israel’s security situation is always on a trip-wire. After all, only the comatose and severely mentally challenged are unaware of said reality within the jungle-like Middle East. Even so, the urgent question remains: why is it that under the long-time leadership of so-called right-wing “Bibi” a/k/a “Mr. Security” (from 2009 to date), the looming dangers have steadily increased, instead of being tamped down? Rhetorical.

YES, he campaigns from the right, but, make no mistake, he governs from the left. The following is more than an evidentiary (recent) trail of this incendiary charge: “PM Netanyahu’s Appeasement of Hamas = Increased Terror Attacks = Dead/Maimed Jews. Why Won’t He Change Course?” Read it. Study it. Pay it forward.

Gal Berger גל ברגר


Exclusive: 3 suitcases w 15 million dollars in cash entered Gaza today w the qatari envoy through Israel (Erez crossing point). The money goes to Hamas, to pay salaries of civil employees. Exclusive pic

THAT being established, a large segment of the majority Jewish public (secular and religious) is, to one degree or another, imbued with Zionist ethos – of which right-wing, nationalist sentiment runs deep and to the core. By extrapolation, coddling terrorists is an absolute NO-NO! Ipso facto, the last straw for many Likud voters was “Bibi’s” (latest) appeasement of Hamas’s terror masters, to a degree unprecedented in Israeli politics! Read: $ 15 million in pay-offs. Blood money. But even within centrist circles, trust, this craven appeasement was a bridge too far. Ya’ think?? Not only that, it is dangerous to underestimate the Zionist public’s underlying betrayal, regardless of “Bibi’s” jive-talk and that of his craven mouthpieces. Never mind the feeling(s) of humiliation….beyond frustration and the pale too.

IN this regard, over the years, it is among the aforementioned public that a volcano of outrage has been bubbling. So much so, it became necessary to document its trajectory. Guess when? On the cusp of the last election, March 17, 2015 – that’s when! In fact, some may recall the following mainstream interview, in so far that it circled the internet like a house on fire: “Can Israel Survive As The Jewish State? – An Interview With Adina Kutnicki ” Imagine that.

AS night follows day, here we go again, but this time there is an added twist – and some real “hope for change.” Indeed, the seemingly invincible “King Bibi” has, for the first time, the challenge of his political life from the most formidable trio of authentic and proven right-wingers via the newly formed party, Hayemin Hehadash, the New Right! Yippee, the real “Lions/Lionesses of Zion!”


ENTER, the new party’s Chairman, Naftali Bennett. His bonafides not only surpass the highest bar in the security arena, but his business acumen is stellar alike. His political career is no less accomplished. In other words, from day one, he has the chops to lead the nation from a security-wise, economic-wise, and education-wise perspective. Not too shabby. See here.

AS to his right-hand partner, the party’s second in command, well, Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked has kept her promises in her capacity as the nation’s top Justice enforcer – despite all of the obstacles (actually, well-laid traps) put in her path by the leftist/Arabist-bent AG’s office! Indeed, she is an intellectual and formidable force to be reckoned with – but don’t be distracted by her foxy-looking physical exterior. As is known, looks are deceiving. Lesson learned: don’t mess with Ayelet!


AND rounding out this “take-no-prisoners” trio is, none other than, the immeasurable Caroline Glick – a multi-talented powerhouse who needs little introduction to this site’s readership.

Longtime Jerusalem Post columnist Caroline Glick is running on Hayemin Hehadash’s list in the April elections, she announced on Wednesday.

Caroline is a relentless Zionist fighter,” party co-chairman Naftali Bennett said. “With her, we are building today the dream team of the Israeli Right in order to expand the right-wing block – so that Israel can be triumphant again.”

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, the party’s other leader, called Glick “a courageous fighter symbolizing the real, pure, conservative Right. She will be a great addition to the Knesset from our side.”

Glick expressed excitement in joining Hayemin Hehadash, and would “join forces with people entirely committed to Zionism and love of Israel.

Together we will work to protect Israel, to increase its security and to enact truly right-wing policies,” Glick stated. “This is an emotional day for me. I call on all those whose hearts beat with a Zionist spirit, secular and religious, to join us. This is your home.”

Bennett and Shaked founded Hayemin Hehadash this week, breaking off from Bayit Yehudi. The party is meant to be solidly right-wing, with a mix of religious, secular and traditional candidates.

Glick has been a columnist for the Post since 2002, and in recent years began writing for Maariv and American far-right website Breitbart.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu considered Glick to be one of his appointees to the Likud list in 2015, but decided against it because, Likud sources say, she harshly criticized him in some of her columns.

Meretz came out against Glick, saying “Hayemin Hehadash [the New Right] proved that it is the same old, inciting Right. She who leads wild incitement on social media and on every other stage joins he who tried to destroy secularism and she who tried to destroy the judiciary.”

Also on Wednesday, the National Union, a party that ran with Bayit Yehudi in the last Knesset, began a negative campaign against Bennett and Shaked. The party called the ministers’ political maneuver a “dangerous turn” that divided religious Zionists and the Right “for petty politics and personal promotion.”

The party released a video with the announcement to introduce Glick to the Israeli public.

BY the bye, pay no mind to the sour grapes emanating from National Union. As NU honchos know, religious Zionists are fed up too with the faux right-wing blowhards.  

STILL yet, to round out this earthquake in Israeli politics, listen up to the following brief video. Oh, it has English subtitles for non-Hebrew speakers, thereby, patriots everywhere will not mistake its underpinnings!


AS we say in Israel, sach ha’kol, at the end of it all, it remains to be seen if the majority Zionist public chooses the right (no pun intended) course on election day, April 9th. Not only that, there is no doubt that “King Bibi” will promise the sun, moon, and the stars (with payolas at the ready for certain influential folks) to all those who stay the course – thus, keeping him at the helm, only, to betray them once more. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me a third time….. 

BUT if this unabashed, unapologetic, nationalist, right-winger hasn’t stated a clear and convincing case – as to why reversing course is a must for Israel’s long-term security – it is not for the lack of trying. Still, there are times when doubling-down is the way to go. Thus, a message was posted atop the Facebook page of yours truly. It reads:

“WHILE I have never gone out on a limb to endorse any of the opportunists within Israel’s fractured political sphere, suffice to say: this time is different! It is of the essence.

The trio from the new party, “Hayemin Hehadash” (the New Right), are not only accomplished fighters for Israel, they are LIONS of ZION!! My (discerning) partner, “my Doc”, agrees. So, we are encouraging ALL of our formidable colleagues, friends, family & true (white and blue) Zionists in Israel to support this party & bring them to victory!! KADIMA….”

COLLECTIVELY, they can bring Israel’s enemies to their knees – and that’s enough of a reason to PRAY FOR THEIR SUCCESS!

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