BENGHAZIGATE’S Stink Bombs…Steadily Creeping To The Fore…Regardless Of The Regime’s Spinmeisters…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

As this blogger indicated from the onset, Benghazigate had everything to do with gunrunning/weapon smuggling – after the illegal invasion of Libya – and nothing to do with freeing the populace from Qadaffi’s rule. Most importantly, euphemistically coined “leading from behind” was no such thing. It was a full throttle U.S. led operation.

More to the point, it was crazy Qadaffi who kept Al Qaeda terrorists at bay – since they were a direct threat to his rule – and at least he pretty much hewed to US dictates, despite his outlandish rhetoric. In other words, he was terrified of America’s hyper-power. And that was a good thing!

Nevertheless, the Pyromaniac-in-Chief beats to an Islamist drummer, therefore, Samantha Power’s “Responsibility to Protect” (R2P) was utilized. So, without Congressional approval, an illegal war was waged but smoke screened under “leading from behind”. The biggest lie/cover up in U.S. history, bar none.

It was under this political cover that the purposefully misnamed consulate was utilized as a shopping bazaar – lock, stock and barrel – for all manner of Muslim Brotherhood operatives, aka Islamists. Of course, to keep their illegal activities under wraps, lies were piled atop lies and security was mostly non-existent, unlike at a regular consulate!

Readers can journey down Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s deadly misadventure by unraveling the links within –

And Northeast Intelligence Network picks up the hunt –

‘Benghazi explained: Interview with an “Intelligence Insider”

Doug Hagmann Wednesday, November 28, 2012

DH: It’s been a while since we’ve discussed Benghazi. What have you heard lately?

II: Before I answer that, I want to get a few things off my chest. Every politician, whether it’s a congressman senator, diplomat, or their spokespeople and the media arelying to the American public every time they call the location of the attack a consulate. It was not. There was absolutely no diplomatic consulate in Benghazi. None. Words are important here. They can create a wrong image, an incorrect picture of what was really going on. The property where our Ambassador and other Americans were murdered was a rented villa consisting of a primary residence with a couple of outbuildings behind the actual house. The reason they’re still calling it a consulate is to subtly divert any questions about our activities there.

DH: Let’s go over this again; exactly what was taking place at Benghazi?

DH: So in reality there were no actual security issues?II: As I said, the place where the attack happened is one of the largest, one of the most active CIA operation centers in North Africa, if not in the entire Middle East. It was not a diplomatic station. It was a planning and operations center, a logistics hub for weapons and arms being funneled out of Libya. Unlike the embassy in Tripoli, there was limited security in Benghazi. Why? So the operation did not draw attention to what was going on there.

II: Oh yes, there were, in Tripoli. Diplomatic cables show that. But it was for the embassy in Tripoli, the Ambassador and the diplomatic staff in general, not specifically for the Benghazi location for two reasons. First, the Benghazi location was a CIA operation, not a diplomatic one. Visible security at that location would draw unwanted attention there. They had to blend in. Remember, the villa was located in a somewhat residential area, sort of like the suburbs. Secondly, additional manpower was not needed there, at this CIA center, as the operation was already winding down.

DH: I know you’ve gone over this before, but let’s get into the specifics of the operation at Benghazi.

II: Good, I want to be clear. After Gaddafi was taken out, there was the matter of his weapons and arms that were hidden all over Libya, including chemical weapons – gas weapons. According to Obama and Hillary Clinton, we were in Libya to collect and destroy these weapons to make for a ‘safer’ Libya. That’s what they were telling the American public. That’s not really what was going on, though, and it seems like all of the other nations except the average American knew it. Anyway, you can find picturesand videos of weapons caches being destroyed, but that is strictly for the public’s consumption.

What was really happening, before Gaddafi’s body was even cold, is that we had people locating caches of weapons, separating the working from those that weren’t, and making a big show of destroying the weapons, but only the weapons that were useless. The working weapons were being given to Islamic terrorists. They were being funneled through Libya, crisscrossing Libya on a Muslim Brotherhood managed strategic supply route. In fact, Michael Reagan called it the modern day equivalent of the Ho Chi Minh Trail in a recent article he wrote, and he is correct.

The entire arms and weapons running operation was headquartered in Benghazi, The weapons were actually being shipped out of Libya from the port city of Dernah, located about a hundred miles east of Benghazi. That was the ‘choke point’ of the weapons being shipped out. Remember the Lusitania? Think in those terms, ships carrying weapons hid among ‘humanitarian aid.’ By the time of the attacks, an estimated 30-40 million pounds of arms were already transported out of Libya.

From there, the weapons were being sent to staging areas in Turkey near the Syrian border, for use by the Free Syrian Army and other ragtag terrorist groups to fight against Assad. The objective was and still is to destabilize the Assad government.

Why Syria, why not Iran?

II: It’s both, but Syria is the primary target here for this operation. First, look at the bigger picture, look at the so-called “Arab Spring.” Who benefits and by default, who doesn’t? Who is the architect for what’s going on throughout the Middle East and North Africa? Whose agenda is being implemented? To specifically address Benghazi, though, look at the bigger picture here and what is trying to be accomplished.

The Obama administration is playing the role of Saudi Arabia’s private army. I think if Americans knew this, they would be outraged. Our service men and women are being sold out as mercenaries for the wants and desires of the Royal family, for the Saudi’s interests. It’s about religious dominance and oil. Who is really benefitting from, say, what’s going on in Egypt? Mubarek is out, and the Muslim Brotherhood is in. Who does that benefit? Saudi Arabia.

Look at what we see happening in Egypt. Destabilization. Do you think the Russians want that? Hell no. Syria is Russia’s red line in the sand, as you earlier wrote. If Syria is lost to the Muslim Brotherhood by the actions of Obama, Hillary Clinton and others in this administration, what happens? Well, it will have an adverse impact on Russia from a military standpoint. They will likely lose access to their Mediterranean deep water port in Syria, which is Tartus.

But think further – three dimensionally. Russia is still the world’s largest oil producer, and that’s Russia’s primary source of income. Then there’s Turkey, adjacent to Syria. A large amount of Russian oil and gas, consumed by the West, flows through Turkey, which is also a player in this operation.

So, the destabilization of Syria which is exactly what Obama and Clinton are trying to do, presents a direct military and economic threat to Russia. Assad at least has kept things in check in Syria. Can you imagine Assad being replaced by someone like Morsi? That would strike at the very heart of Russia’s economic health and military capabilities. Think of what’s at stake here. Do Americans want a regional war? World War III? Has Obama or Clinton asked the American people if this is what they want?

Make no mistake, we are doing the bidding for Saudi Arabia. The U.S., NATO and other allies are engaged in a proxy war with Iran and Russia.

What about Assad’s war crimes?

Assad is no angel, but don’t be fooled by the death toll attributed to him. Now this is important. Remember the first Gulf War? In the run up to Desert Storm, a young woman testified before the Human Rights Caucus – she only testified under her first name, which was Nayirah. Remember that she testified that Iraqi soldiers were taking infants from incubators in Kuwait, leaving them to die? Her testimony was supposedly confirmed by Amnesty International. Her testimony went viral, and every war hawk in the U.S. government cited her testimony, saying we needed to right the wrongs, the inhumanity. It was all one big lie!

After Desert Storm, it was revealed that Nayirah’s last name was Al-Sabah, and she was the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the United States. Her testimony was part of a publicity campaign organized by Citizens for a Free Kuwait, which was run by Hill & Knowlton, a PR firm out of New York. People must learn the back story.

So we see a body count attributed to Assad. Who’s doing the killing, Assad’s people? Maybe at times, but the Free Syrian Army and other groups are doing most of the slaughter. It’s one huge ‘false flag’ operation and the media is selling it hard. And Americans are buying it, just like the testimony of the girl from Kuwait.

It’s one big lie being told by Obama, Clinton, Rice, and others. Many Americans are buying the lie, and the media is selling the lie. The people behind this are laughing at us. Don’t you get it? They’re laughing at us.

And do you want to know what’s at stake? Four Americans were killed in Benghazi. Forty thousand have been killed so far in Syria. Tens of thousands of Syrian people have become refugees. Why? For what? To advance the agenda of Saudi Arabia. For oil.

You know, the so-called right wing establishment were all up in arms about Obama’s submissive bow to the Saudi King. Where are they now? Where’s the outrage that the body count will be much greater than Forty thousand? It is anticipated that if the Obama plan succeeds, not only will America be committed to yet another war, but the body count could be as high as FOUR MILLION. Christians, among others, will be slaughtered. This could trigger a third world war, it’s that serious.

What are Russia and Iran doing? Certainly, they must be fighting back.

Benghazi was a strike against us, the Obama-Clinton agenda. A visible strike, and I’ll explain more about this shortly, because there are events I will point out that will put it all into perspective. But think of it this way. How did we successfully collapse the Soviet Union? I mean, what was the last straw? We attacked their currency – the Ruble. They’re still stinging from that, and Putin was in the KGB at the time. Do you think he forgot about that?

So, how do, or will Russia and Iran strike back if Obama and Clinton continue this insanity? Militarily? Possibly in regional conflicts, but to take us out, to stop us, what is the one area where we are very vulnerable? It’s our economy – our dollar. What’s our dollar tied to? Not gold or silver anymore, and some say it’s not tied to anything. Well, that’s not quite correct. It’s tied to OIL. The free-flow of oil.

Oil transactions everywhere in the world, including Russia and China, are made with U.S. dollars. We buy their oil with our dollars, and they return with those same paper dollars and employ Americans by buying our goods and services. As Michael Reaganwrote: “[t]his system is also crucial to the security of our diplomatic and legal infrastructure, which is ultimately backed by our military. It’s the core of our foreign policy.” He also wrote that “any attack on the free flow of oil is an attack on the dollar. Any attack on the dollar is an attack on our ability to project power and protect Western democracies, economies, and ideals. God have mercy on us all if that attack is successful!”

As a post read incentive and for your video pleasure, Senator James Inhofe delivers the goods – 

‘Video: Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) says Benghazi the ‘biggest cover-up in history’

 on NOVEMBER 28, 2012

Another Republican Senator posits the following: – is Susan Rice’s past tenure at State the prologue to her “involvement” in the Libyan muck? What’s up with these revolutionary gangsteretts…the female version of their counterparts, the gangsters-in-suits…this blogger is pointing to Susan Rice, Huma Abedin, Samantha Powers & their elder “stateswoman”, Hillary – yes, THAT Clinton!

But it must also be internalized: while the Ambassador and the others who were murdered surely knew the risks – as well as the lies being told to the American public – it was also the case that Barack HUSSEIN Obama (in his capacity as Commander-in-Chief) and surrogates were DUTY bound to answer their pleas for help.

And it is always the case, when you lie down with radical American dogs, in tandem with Islamic jihadists, you wake up – if you are lucky – with a lot more than fleas. Nevertheless, the Americans caught in the (barbaric) cross fire hardly believed that their leaders would feed them to Islamist wolves.

They did. Americans died. 

SPOTLIGHT On – The Israel Institute For Strategic Studies (IISS)…Offering Nation-Saving Strategic Policy Prescriptions…Brief Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

This blog is unique in that it is truly a “labor of love”, in more ways than one.

First and foremost, its efforts are centered around its dedication; in memory of my beloved husband, Frank Kutnicki, z”l (of blessed memory). The essence can be found within the ‘About’ tab –

In conjunction, a focal point of the commentaries revolves around Zionist and Conservative ethos. As such, I decided to push forward without any desire to advertise or gain any remuneration. This still stands.

Readers will notice a new link button at the top right hand corner of the blog. This link ties in directly with the blog’s mission statement. The Israel Institute For Strategic Studies (IISS) is founded by Dr. Martin Sherman and his inestimable bonafides are found at the link button, but can be quickly accessed here – . Its contents tell the readers all they need to know, but do take a moment to click on the head shots, found alongside “some evaluation of endeavor”. The supporters are the creme de la creme in their fields. Straight shooters too.

In this regard, there is no better way to stay true to the aforementioned “labor of love” than to add this link button. Without a scintilla of a doubt, I believe – with all my heart – that Dr. Martin Sherman’s strategic policy prescriptions are nation-saving.

Hopefully, the readers will agree too and spread IISS – wide and far!

TREASON By Any Other Dressage Is Still TREASON…The Potus & His Brotherhood Mafia…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Most clear thinkers realize when (rhetorical) smoke is being blown their way and demand that the puffers cease and desist. But when it comes to the puffing of the Islamist/Radical-in-Chief the blow back is hardly a minor annoyance. It is literally world shaking. Life and death. Mine and yours.

It is with this is mind that documenting his crimes against Americans and Israelis must be secured for posterity. The list is long and unwieldy, but its essence is compiled for the readers. This Zionist/American patriot is honored to do the heavy lifting, but you gotta do the reading for yourselves. Can’t do everything!

As a foretaste, take a peek within –, but don’t neglect the links…they can be saved for another day’s lessons. All in due time.

When mentally recuperated, mosey on down to the hell fire the Pyromaniac-in-Chief unleashed on Israel’s southern border, the border which his Egyptian Brotherhood collaborators – with Hamas as their forward arm – are ensconced. You know, the terrorists Israel is obliged to “cease” their fire with –

And an Islamist-in-Chief’s work isn’t complete unless the entire Mid East’s decks are rendered asunder, even from as far away as Libya, Sudan and here and there –

But in order to indict him with the charge of TREASON, an irrefutable definition is in order. Enter, ARTICLE III:U.S. Constitution

Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort. No person shall be convicted of treason unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open court.

The Congress shall have power to declare the punishment of treason, but no attainder of treason shall work corruption of blood, or forfeiture except during the life of the person attainted.

Then again, a POTUS who abhors the Constitution – other than its bastardized, “living/breathing”, transformation rendering – would hardly feel obliged to abide by its American underpinnings. But that doesn’t mean that patriotic Americans have to demur. After all, it is in Congress’s power to get the ball rolling. And the last time this blogger checked ( hardly an illiterate dumb bell ) the reps can be similarly persuaded/pressured – whatever works.

Trucking with a terror entity ( as Hamas is designated by U.S. law! ) surely reaches the bar for TREASON, or so it would seem.

‘The Western Center For Journalism’ – embedded video

‘Obama Commits Treason With The Muslim Brotherhood’

“We witnessed another one of Barack Obama’s oddities with the Muslim Brotherhood. The first anomaly was when Obama was almost giddy when the Muslim Brotherhood president of Egypt, Mohammed Morsi, ascended to power. The Muslim Brotherhood had openly called for the destruction of the United States “from within”, most recently apparent in Muslim Brotherhood front groups like CAIR calling for the purging of any training materials within the FBI and CIA that “offended” Muslims. Barack Obama of course dutifully complied.

The most recent oddity, however, is Obama calling on Morsi to “broker a truce” between Hamas and Israel. Hamas has fired on average one thousand rocketsper year at Israel from the Gaza strip; and for eight days, Israel did something that they should have done a decade ago: fight back.

Keep in mind that the Muslim Brotherhood is the parent organization of Hamas. Keep in mind that, like Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood has called for the annihilation of Israel. So for Obama to call on Morsi to “broker a truce” is ridiculous.

The so-called “truce” amounts to Israel ceasing to defend herself and the opening up of the Gaza strip blockade that has kept Iran and other extremists countries (now Egypt) from shipping more powerful weapons to Hamas.

Furthermore, Obama colluding with someone who is part of an organization that has openly called for the destruction of the United States amounts to treason in my book.”

And while Israel’s leaders leave little to be desired – and this blog spares them no quarter/refuge…seek and you shall find… – the facts of the matter are: sans mega arm twisting; sundry threats; and additional hammer and tongs applied by the Islamist-in-Chief, Hamas would be buried six feet under.

Thus, Zionists are doubly cursed; with a spineless, feckless, non-statesman Israeli leadership; at the same time that the most hostile POTUS, ever to disgrace the People’s House, is in power.

An anti-American POTUS who is guilty as charged: TREASON.

Due to all of the above, a confluence of anti-Israel/western earthquakes will surely be its result.

PM Netanyahu’s Sister-in-Law, Daphne Netanyahu, Brilliantly Exposes ‘Israel’s Own Tyranny Of Cliches’…Adina Kutnicki

On behalf of the Israel Institute For Strategic Studies (IISS) – a policy center this blog is honored to assist ( ) – we are proud to feature a most timely and prescient analysis by Daphne Netanyahu, PM Netanyahu’s sister-in-law.


by Daphne Netanyahu
(Daphne Netanyahu is editor in chief of the Israeli on-line Hebrew weekly Maraah

“It turns out that Israel and America share something in common, beyond moral
values, strategic interests, and way of life. It’s a tyranny of clichés, which with
regards to America Jonah Goldberg describes in his recent book of that name.
In Israel, as in the United States, important segments of the news media and the
thinking “elite” seek to direct public discourse by imposing glib concepts through
constant repetition, turning them into accepted truisms. It’s a type of thought
control which typifies the essential lack of free market of ideas in Israel,
especially with regard to the Arab-Israeli conflict.

One of the labels that our home-grown moderators of public discourse frequently
attach to their opponents’ positions is “extremism.” The opposite of extremism is
of course “moderation”, which in turn brings on such wonderful things as
“reasonableness” and ” even handedness.” All are worthy of entry into the Israeli
Hall of Fame of tyrannical clichés. They all sound nice and good, yet in the
political context, what do they really mean? More often than not, they are simply
a front for radical ideologies.

In Israel, political views, in particular those labeled “extreme,” are not examined
in relation to real world situations and problems . Similarly, solutions being
proposed are not seriously examined with regard to their quality and
effectiveness. Instead, all are discussed in accordance to a seemingly arbitrary
scale of “values” which exist in the market of ideas at any given time. The
spectrum of such values extends from the “right-wing” (“extreme” right wing is the
proper connotation), through “moderate positions” to the “left” (absent, of course,
the title “extreme”). But the distinction of what is politically on the “right” versus
what is “moderate” is not made according to examination of actual facts and
actual problems, and thus such titles are left without any inherent value.

What is so “reasonable” about such positions?

Immediately after the 1967 war, then-defense minister Moshe Dayan announced
that he would be willing to give to the Arabs the Judea and Samaria territories
(relabeled the West Bank) in return for a negotiated peace. Since then, our
accumulated experience of 45 years has shown that this idea has no basis in
reality. Not only do the two parties not share a common goal, they in fact have
opposite ones: Whereas Israel seeks to live and thrive, the Arabs want it to be 2
annihilated, preferably disappearing along with its Jewish inhabitants.Nevertheless, for the last four and a half decades, the ideas of “land for peace” and later, “a Palestinian state for the sake of peace,” are widely called “reasonable” and their promoters “flexible.” In fact, the degree of praise for this “flexibility” rises in direct proportion to the percentage of land one is willing to surrender.

If this were only a question of a kind of twisted branding of political views, no
great harm done. But in a world of tyrannical clichés, “flexibility” – especially
when it comes to negotiating with the Palestinians – has become king. Before
Israel’s currency of clichés took hold, there were very few Israelis, in the days
following the Six-Day War, who were willing to give the Arabs the entire West
Bank for peace. moreover, those who were willing to include Jerusalem in this
transaction could be counted on the fingers of one hand; they were considered to
be almost delusional. Yet, not so long ago – despite all that the Palestinians
have shown us about their real intentions through violence, public praise of
slaughtering of Jews, and their non-stop hate-indoctrination – this same deal was
offered to the Arabs by two Israeli prime ministers who belong to what is now
often described as the political center: Ehud Olmert and Ehud Barak.
When the mistakes made by the neighborhood grocer always turn out in his
favor, it’s not too farfetched to assume that they are not accidental. The same
can be said about the so-called “flexibility” that for years has been taking over the
Israeli marketplace of ideas. For it is always heading in one direction, towards
demanding more and more concessions from Israel, never mind even recent
developments such as the “Arab Spring,” Hamas’s control over Gaza, or
Hezbollah’s domination of Lebanon. Since the demand for flexibility always aims
to bring about a leftward shift of public opinion, one could easily conclude that
this demand is no mere accident, but is deliberate and the result of someone’s

According to the evolved labeling principle, yesterday’s radical views are now
granted the status of “moderation” held by the “political center,” thus allowing
room for more radical views in the left. But in truth, it is unclear what is so
moderate about the idea of “two states for two Peoples” in the very narrow strip
of land west of the Jordan River. Nor is it clear what is so reasonable about
giving a state to a terrorist authority which not only declares suicide bombers to
be national martyrs, but also denies the very existence of a Jewish people, not to
mention their right to statehood.

There is no point in trying to pinpoint the reasons why such views are considered
“moderate.” But there is a certain logic in the methods and goals of those
promoting them . By using tyrannical clichés, they exploit the natural desire of
human beings to be considered “moderate” and “reasonable.” Such desire
stems not only from the generally positive connotation that the word “moderate”
has in non-political daily use, but also from a simple human need to be comfortably surrounded on all sides by others, or in other words to be in the “center.”

This kind of “moderation” in stance can be achieved more easily when the facts
themselves become irrelevant as a yardstick by which people measure their
political views, when their position relative to others becomes their only
guideline. Meanwhile, their position from the edge of the body politic prevents
them from noticing that the entire body – like a swarm of bees – is shifting
steadily to the left. Those “centrists” may not notice the swarm’s movement, and
they certainly don’t admit that behind the scenes there may have been someone
who has maneuvered them leftward.

How good to be in the “center”?

In Israeli politics, when the absence of ideology and a stated worldview is merged with a desire to be “moderate,” two things result. The first is the convergence towards the center by parties that were once identified with clear and differing positions, such as Likud and Labor. The second is the creation of a “centrist” party prior to each election for the last 35 years – whether Shinui (Change), The Democratic Movement for Change, The Center Party, Kadima (Forward), or the current Yesh Atid (There’s a Future), to name a few. Such “centrist” parties often win quite a large number of seats, usually giving them the balance of power in any coalition, only to fade away before the next election.

Those promoting the political “center” usually boast that their moderate positions
are in alignment with the principles of the “rule of law.” But in truth, the rule of law
is the exact opposite of a pragmatic centrism. For the law does not necessarily
reflect the opinion of the majority of the population, even though it was voted
upon by a majority of representatives. Rather, it is often the outcome of a
thoughtful deliberation, of accumulative experience and of contributions by
experts. As such, it is not influenced by fleeting popularity of issues, but
addresses the problems at hand. Thus, the law also serves to protect the
citizens of the state from the vagaries and, often, the stupidity of its leaders.
The same is true about party platforms and the subjugation of their leaders to
them. Their ostensible purpose is that the leader will abide by the spirit of the
party and will represent the will and intentions of its constituency. The party
platform, too, is the result of thought and experience, and its purpose is to
minimize the chance that the party leaders will make grossly wrong decisions.
But the necessity of a guiding platform is exactly what the “centrist” parties
reject. They take pride in the fact that their leaders aren’t bound by ideology, and
that based on their past performance – whether in the military, academy or media
– they should be allowed to act according to what common sense tells them
about oncoming events. These parties in fact consider it a form of great wisdom
in not having a specific agenda in place. Thus, the platform of such centrist
parties is phrased in general terms, making it almost impossible to bind the
leader to any specific guidelines, unless doing “good” (or bringing “hope” or a
“better future”) is considered a guideline and platform.

In this way, the voters of the centrist party actually put the country’s future in the
hands of someone who will navigate the ship without having committed himself to
any specific course or to avoiding crossing any red lines. Voting for such a
leader practically means giving him unlimited power of attorney to do whatever
he likes, provided he cloaks his actions in a semblance of legality. In Israel,
unfortunately, we have already experienced the undesirable results of this kind of
leadership, which in the absence of clear ideology has succumbed to the
pressure imposed on it by the left-leaning media and the slew of others who
dominate the public debate.

There is, of course, a limit to the extent to which the Israeli public can be
manipulated, which is why virtually all of these centrist parties exist for only one
term. It is simply that reality, i.e., actual events, bringing forth issues and problems
which demand real answers and solutions – and those that have been offered by
the “centrists” have clearly been shown to have failed.

All leaders need guidelines which will enable them to see the trail in the dense
forest called the state. But the meager tools that are available to the heads of
the centrist parties, together with constant pressure for “centrist” and “moderate”
positions , virtually guarantee the failure of these elite-led “leaders”. This is all
the more so because these positions are in fact not “moderate” at all, when
taking into account reality. In fact, one can say that they are “extreme” in the
degree of harm they do. For in fact, these centrist party heads are led in their
thinking not by some imaginary “center,” but by a focused and determined
minority who exploit the pro-“centrist” atmosphere which they themselves create.
It is thus that they promote their radical ideas, always wrapped in terms such as
pragmatism, flexibility, social justice, democracy, and the rule of law. They all
promise not only improvement in Israel’s international standing, but also peace,
equality and justice. Too bad (for them, and for us) that things haven’t quite
turned out that way.

In light of the repeated failures of the centrist parties and the policies they
promote, the Israeli public should have long ago done some soul-searching
about them. Yet true soul-searching is impossible as long as there is no
recognition that the public discourse is led by a biased ideological minority. But
this minority – which due to its public positions controls much of public debate –
allows discussion of issues only along the lines set by the tyrannical clichés
which it has established for us. Their terminology sanctifies obscurity,
pragmatism, and non-commitment to any policy or to the setting of real national
goals – unless those goals are those of “peace” and “social justice”.
In praising a lack of commitment to ideology, the radical minority (which in fact
does have an ideology of its own) orchestrates a new worldview, by which the
course that the elected leader may have initially committed himself to becomes
irrelevant. In the name of a false loyalty to supposed “democracy” and the “rule
of law,” they get us used to berating any ideology other than theirs. This not only
stifles the political discourse; it pollutes it. With regards to Israel, when the
political debate is thus contaminated and disconnected from reality, such
pollution can result in disaster.”

In no small measure, this blog has been steadily hammering home the same overall theme as Daphne Netanyahu. It is heartening to be in such esteemed company. And ‘The Paradox of Israeli Politics:Vote Right, Get Left’  – directly points to Israel’s electoral dysfunction, which in more ways than one lends to the above morass. Heck, it is designed to elicit said results, thereby, cementing the power within leftist cliques.

And heaven forfend that Jewish nationalists speak up…they are tarred and feathered as worse than extremist…all for the “crime” of nationalist/Zionist ethos.

Let us place the onus squarely where it belongs, amply evidenced herein – if not for their indoctrination/hegemony, with the added mischief-making attributed to lock-step media forces, “koshered” by a leftist, Arabist-bent legal system, all of the above would be moot.

Case closed.

Benghazigate’s Petraeus Testimony Will Ensnare The POTUS & His Gang…Addendum To: Covering Up Benghazigate Exquisite Political Timing…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

As in all walks of life, and regardless of ones station, when a person has little to lose they often go for broke. Meaning, even though the mighty and powerful have a greater threshold for pain – due to their built-in layers of insulation – they too have their limits.

Thus, Petraeus’s armor was pierced the moment he was forced (whichever way he was enticed) to lie down, and this blogger is not referring to his extramarital carnal bliss. Ahh…the stupidity of too many middle aged men, regardless of their profession and position.

But the reader must first take a stroll from Benghazigates’s underpinnings, which leads squarely here –

And as the lies keep growing bigger – sort of like Pinnochio’s can’t make this stuff up – the Liar-in-Chief (surrogates too) keeps spinning and weaving –

The more they open their traps, the closer diggers get to their filthy core – (immoral) stench is overpowering, especially for those who value cleanliness.

Which leads to the sacrificing/scapegoating of a CIA Chief, timed exquisitely for political theater – dead Americans be damned –

Stage left/right…enter femme fatales…and the General’s unraveling Ensnared in a honey trap….

Regardless, the buck stops with the faux Commander-in-Chief, a man unworthy of shepherding cattle, let alone the free world.



November 19, 2012
“Until Friday, there were two possible explanations for why the White House failed to immediately call the Benghazi attack an act of terrorism. One was incompetence, the other was worse.

Now there is only one, and it is the worse one. Based on the persuasive testimony of ex-CIA boss David Petraeus, it is clear the Obama administration made a deliberate decision to mislead Congress and the American people.

The repeated claim that the attack was spontaneous and grew out of a demonstration against an anti-Islam video – a claim made by the president and secretary of State as they stood next to the bodies of four dead Americans – was a monstrous lie. It was vile and done for the basest of reasons.

Because we now know the truth of what happened – CIA reports were edited to remove the names of al Qaeda groups involved in the attack, Petraeus said under oath – we also know the motive. It was political self-preservation, meaning the president and his team put politics first.

The timing helps tell the tale. Just days removed from his Charlotte convention, where he danced on the grave of Osama bin Laden and boasted that al Qaeda was decimated, Obama couldn’t bear to admit that affiliated groups were thriving in North Africa. And he certainly couldn’t admit they had carried out a murderous attack on our consulate on the 11th anniversary of the most awful day in American history.

To do so would be to acknowledge the failure of his decision to ignore hard-line Islamists and that his team had erred egregiously in rejecting pleas for more security from Libya Ambassador Chris Stevens.

So the president lied, including in a speech to the United Nations, where he cited the video as the reason for the attack. He sent out reams of flunkies to do the same, including his snide press secretary, Jay Carney.

Most notably, UN Ambassador Susan Rice went on five Sunday television shows to spin the nonsense about the hijacking of a demonstration – a demonstration that never existed. Rice made a fool of herself, and now, she, too is damaged goods.”

Alas, more and more dung is amassing at the POTUS’s door, as highly respected, conservative commentator Erik Rush struts his stuff. Erik, give ’em hell.

‘Now it Gets Ugly

– Erik Rush  Sunday, November 18, 2012

“The craven but successful ploy on the part of the administration to defer addressing the issue of Benghazigate until after the election is evident, unless one is a consumer of the establishment press (mainstream media). The American public is being encouraged to focus upon the romantic dalliances of fallen CIA Director General David Petraeus with a predatory publicity hound, and obscure emails between an ugly Middle Eastern-American socialite, the publicity hound, and another general. This, I suppose, would be in lieu of focusing upon the effluvia of lies being fire-hosed from the mouths of President Obama and his administration vis-à-vis the events of September 11, 2012, in Benghazi, Libya.

These deceptions have been so blatant and so outlandish that I can only describe them as surreal. At House and Senate intelligence committee hearings this week, intelligence officials ostensibly tried to explain their deportment on September 11 as regards the reported pleas for aid leading up to and through the attack on the consulate in Benghazi. Meanwhile – with help in distraction from the press – the administration continues to purvey contradicting accounts of whether or not aid was requested by slain Ambassador Christopher Stevens and CIA operatives, while at the same time attempting to clarify that very matter.

During a recent press conference, Obama was unable to answer a correspondent’s question addressing whether he had attempted to render aid to the beleaguered personnel in Benghazi on September 11. His obfuscation would have been taken as the mutterings of a mental defective were it any other individual. Obama’s faux chivalry in his defense of UN Ambassador Susan Rice, who blanketed the media with the fairy tale tying the Benghazi attack and other Middle East uprisings to an anti-Islam video, was rife with petulance, comical challenges, and self-contradiction. One can almost hear the scrambling of feet as White House and intelligence operatives scurry to prepare their CYA briefsObama’s faux chivalry in his defense of UN Ambassador Susan Rice”

And so it will unfold…when a man’s entire persona is wrapped in machismo (heck, even a wimpy looking General – throughout his career – has to possess nerves of steel); wearing ones medals on an already puffed up chest; presenting himself as a stand up guy; the admission of infidelity – stepping down to boot – is more than a lethal sting. It is a wrecking ball. A mortal/moral blow.

So, regardless of all his strategic prowess (and it is considerable) he is now left with a reputation in tatters. And it is this cheapened, bloodied soiling which will end up ensnaring the Pyromaniac-in-Chief, though likely behind closed doors.

The mightier they are the harder they fall. And the erstwhile General’s mega ego has been splattered before the world’s stage.

Everything and anything is on the table. The (true) tales he will tell. Nowhere to run…nowhere to hide – thus, (eventually) encircling the POTUS!

The Death Of The West, Or Its Survival, Runs Through Western Academia…Addendum To: The Paradox & Pitfalls Of Liberal Democracies…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Generations of Americans – and others in the west – have been co-opted/corrupted through the (mis)education process. 

IF one is a cultural relativist, aka die-hard leftist, then the fruits of academia’s (mis)labors have borne major bounty. But for those who treasure western civilization’s linchpin – Judeo-Christian moorings – then the devastation wrought is incalculable. Its wreckage can be seen all over the west (and most trenchantly) in the disgraced halls of American/western academia.

NO one who knows this blogger has any doubt, just how much higher education is valued. Nevertheless, without a true reformation, it will be less of a case whether or not it is necessary, but more of a question whether it should be shunned altogether. Its destructive underpinnings are THAT dangerous and insidious.

A glimpse into the blackened halls of academia can be found within ‘The Paradox & Pitfalls Of Liberal Democracies’ – – but it is so much worse.

AND without an authentic reformation western civilization will eventually peter away! Undoubtedly. But once again, Professor Paul Eidelberg, a true renaissance man, comes to the rescue. His credentials are here – – but know that they are just the tip of his sage analysis. Thus, heeding his impenetrable advice is not only pressing, it will serve as a major bulwark towards the west’s salvation.

‘Toward a Revolution in Education’

Prof. Paul Eidelberg

The Age of Enlightenment, which peaked in the eighteenth century, was very much a struggle against the corruption that had occurred in the Church of Rome.  This corruption facilitated the atheism that permeated the Age of Enlightenment.

What has taken the place of that clerical-dominated Church in the twentieth century is the secular-dominated University, the seed bed of multicultural moral relativism.

The greatest enemy of Judeo-Christian America is not Islam so much as the atheism and nihilism generated by the University-bred doctrines of historicism and positivism. These two doctrines are the primary sources of moral and cultural relativism—and note well that these doctrines flourish in Normless as opposed to Normative Democracy.

Relativism, as I have repeatedly shown and documented during the past four decades, has emasculated the United States. It has also enfeebled the Government of Israel. More than Saudi oil, than any other single factor, Moral Relativism has made the United States a patron of terrorism. Has not the United States Congress, at the behest of a series of Presidents, appropriated and dispensed yearly grants of hundreds of millions of dollars to the Palestine Liberation Organization (the PLO), a consortium of terrorist groups committed to Israel’s destruction?

The  same academic relativism has induced Israel’s government to appease the PLO and even endorse a PLO state in Israel’s heartland.

Notice, moreover, the media’s condemnation of Israel in its current war of self-defense against terrorist controlled Gaza. This grotesque Israel-bashing is a direct consequence of the moral relativism (or “moral reversal”) that animates college-educated journalists whose corrupted minds cannot recognize and face EVIL: the evil of Hamas, of Fatah, and yes, of ISLAM, whose leaders vow to wipe Israel off the map and who gleefully scream “Death to America”!

There can be no genuine peace with any Islamic political entity for the simple reason that Islam’s hatred of “infidels|” is rooted in Islamic theology, in its Jihadic scriptures, which provide a religious veneer for despots and despotism.

Surely 1,400 years of Islamic tyranny and 250 million Christian, Jewish, Zoroastrian, Buddhist, and Hindu victims of Islamic imperialism should be enough to convince any uncorrupted human being — and you will find some among former Muslims– that this bellicose ideology is a brutal form of paganism adorned in a fabricated monotheism whose deity is not bound by reason and justice–for that would impose limits on Allah’s absolute power.

But it’s not Islamic absolutism so much as democratic moral relativism that needs to be overcome to overcome Islam. This will require an intellectual revolution in Western academia. No, I am not calling for an academic Inquisition ala Joseph McCarthy. What is needed is the creation of alternative institutions of higher education—institutions that do not crush students with thousands of dollars of debts and years of dependency.

The revolution needed is in the social sciences and humanities where relativism flourishes. There are wealthy people capable of understanding the basic causes of Europe’s moral decline and now America’s. These people need to be galvanized to support  the development or reconstruction of colleges and universities that do not emasculate youth by indoctrinating them with moral and cultural relativism.

America’s colonial colleges–suffice to mention only those now called Princeton, Columbia, and Harvard–produced America’s greatest statesmen: Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Adams. There was no moral relativism among these classically-educated philosophic statesmen. How could there be given a living Declaration of Independence that refers to “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God,” the ultimate source of our unalienable rights to “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness”?

Alas, during the past one hundred years, moral relativism has dominated  American colleges and universities, has trashed the Declaration of Independence, and what Lincoln called our “ancient faith.”

In fact, many colleges and universities professors are now preaching anti-Americanism—and this, by the way, is why we have a “post-American” President in the White House!

And so it will be in the future if 40 to 50 million voters are dependent on government — unless alternative or reconstructed educational institutions are established, institutions that restore the creativity of American Exceptionalism and produce a new generation of philosophic statesmen.”

Like a two-tiered hydra, the scourge of Islam cannot be dealt with if western academia nourishes its blood. Whither one goes, so too does the west. ‘Islam & Blood’ leads the charge –

Most significantly, when a nation/culture stands for everything it stands for nothing. And it is not for nothing that (im)moral relativism is at the core of the west’s precipitous decline.

Either America’s academic edifice becomes a serious target for traditional Americans, or it will bury the west.



The Coming Encirclement of Syria…Six Of One…Half A Dozen Of Another…Addendum To: Islamists Are Bloodthirsty Whatever Their Stripes…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Geo-political chess pieces ( sort of like deck chairs, but on the Titanic! ) are arranged on various levels, thus, some are highly visible and others – not so much. And when it comes to the always fiery Middle East, the games being played are earth shattering in nature. Doubly so for tiny Israel, barely the size of a postage stamp.

So while Assad’s killing machine has to be dealt with sooner or later, the fact of the matter is that its bloody outcome (for westerners) is between a Shia rock and a Sunni hard place. Or to put it more bluntly, between the choice of one Islamic devil over another. NOT very good options.

In a nutshell – for Israel in particular and for westerners in general – we are facing the choice of a stealth killer/onslaught on a Sunni slower burner, or a rapid Shia hell fire. The Islamist-in-Chief is working assiduously to implant the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia as the region’s hegemonic power. Hints: Mubarak – GO NOW – Benghazigate too.

Hence, his (alongside like-minded players) chips are heavily invested in Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood, poising them to grab the reins from Assad. And this blogger has repeatedly warned about the Brotherhood’s plans for the west – O M G!!

And Islamists are bloodthirsty, whatever their stripes – tells the gory tale.

And there is no need to remind the readers about Saudi Arabia’s Wahabbi thirst for terror, as the main actor (with the help of Iraq/Iran and others…they merge forces when killing westerners is the goal…but part company when their hegemony is being threatened) in 9/11/01. This is no small matter because they will come out on top too, once the dust settles.

Again, killing the west slowly/stealthily, or quickly via Shia added bellicosity are the options/outcomes. Make no mistake. The pre-ordained “cease/death fire” outcome in Gaza had everything to do with the above chess game and little to do with Israel’s ultimate security.

From Israel’s perspective the toppling of Hamas’s regime is a strategic imperative. However, outside players pulling its strings believe otherwise and couldn’t care less. Therefore, a degradation of Hamas’s firepower WAS allowed (how generous) in preparation for the real showdown. And in diplo-babble, FM Lieberman hinted as much –

“Lieberman added, “We had many misgivings and not all of them can be shared with the public. This was not a strategic operation. We explicitly said that there are three goals: stopping the rocket fire, restoring deterrence and destroying Hamas’s stockpiles of long-range Fajr missiles. We achieved all those goals.”

Asked why Israel did not utilize Operation Pillar of Defense to topple Hamas, something Lieberman himself has called to do in the past, he answered, “We placed the issue of Gaza in the coalition agreement because we knew it was a problem that needs to be dealt with. Our advantage is definitely in the Air Force. Our weak spot is our value for human life. Entering Gaza means fighting from house to house in Khan Yunis, Gaza and Rafiah.”

“Eradicating Hamas will not take two or three months, not even four months,” said Lieberman. “At this time it was not appropriate to make decisions like that, so there was no misleading of the public. We did our best.”

And if this American-Israeli finds herself in a charitable mood she would almost feel sorry for the leadership. But she isn’t. She admires, and relates to, statesmen and men with chests…pussycats…she throws to the curb.

As to the encirclement of Syria and the immediate showdown in the region-

‘Middle East in high suspense for Gaza operation sequels’

DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis November 25, 2012, 8:53 AM

“While Israel’s Pillar of Cloud was still in full spate over the Gaza Strip and southern Israel, the United States, Russia, Iran, Israel and Turkey were each respectively putting their next moves in place in a broader radius, DEBKAfile reports.

Saturday, Nov. 17, America acted to shore up its naval and Marine forces in the region. Washington gave its approval for NATO to post Patriot anti-missile batteries in Turkey opposite the Syrian border together with advanced AWACs electronic warning aircraft. Both weapons systems are to be manned by US military crews. Next, the USS Iwo JimaAmphibious Ready Group took up position opposite the Israeli and Syrian shores, adding another section to the menacing ring forming around Syria.

Moscow, Iran and Damascus, for their part, decided that the same coalition that laid a trail of disaster for its allies in the Gaza Strip, Hamas and Jihad Islami, were now about to pounce on Iran’s best friend, Bashar Assad, by moves to enforce protected asylums and no-fly zones in Syria.

In Tehran and Moscow, the Gaza offensive was not perceived as a lone Israeli operation but rather as the ground-breaker for a broader offensive by the US, Turkey and Qatar and the product of their combined intelligence brains rather than of military war planners.

Iran had been systematically building up the Gaza Strip as its “southern front” to fight enemies who attacked its nuclear facilities. The obliteration of a large portion of the military infrastructure Hamas and Jihad Islam had accumulated left this plan in shambles. Moscow and Tehran fully expect Washington to next turn the attention of the intelligence team which engineered the dashing of Iran’s hopes in Gaza to Syria and Hizballah, exploiting Tehran’s momentary weakness.

Moscow reacted by posting the Russian Black Sea Fleet’s naval task force opposition the Gaza, i.e. Israeli coast Friday, Nov. 11, purportedly to rescue distressed Russian citizens “should the Israeli-Palestinian fighting worsen in Gaza.”

Their arrival was announced Nov. 23, two days after a ceasefire went into effect in Gaza.

The Russian task force includes the missile cruiser Moskva, the destroyer Smetlivy, the large landing ships Novocherkassk and Saratov, the tugboat MB-304 and the large oil tankerIvan Bubnov.

DEBKAfile’s military sources say its real mission concerns forthcoming events in Syria rather than a worsening of hostilities in Gaza. Indeed it has been stationed facing the USS Iwo Jima which is in position opposite the Israeli and Syrian coasts.

As for Tehran, Saturday, Nov. 24, President Mahmud Ahmadinejad phoned the Hamas Prime Minister of the Gaza Strip, Ismail Haniya, and Jihad Islami leaders to assure them that Iran will continue to supply them with munitions as before and refill their depleted arsenals within weeks.

This assurance was widely publicized by Tehran as deterrence for the US-Egyptian-Israeli plan to shut down Iran’s arms smuggling routes through Sinai to the Gaza Strip. The promise by US President Barack Obama to send US troops to Sinai for this mission finally persuaded Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to suspend Israel’s operation in the Gaza Strip last Thursday, Nov. 21 after eight days and accept a ceasefire.

The week ahead holds three major events, DEBKAfile’s military sources report.
1.  Iran is not expected to let its Gaza debacle go by without response – probably by some act of military or terrorist violence. Israeli intelligence closely watched Iranian parliamentary speaker Ali Larijani putting his head together on how to go about  punishing Israel with Bashar Assad in Damascus on Friday, Nov. 23, and with Hizballah’s Hassan Nasrallah in Beirut the next day.
2.  A fresh war escalation is on the cards in Syria in response to the deployment of US-manned Patriots and AWACs on Turkey’s border with Syria. Syria may decide to vent its ire against Israel.
3.  Egypt’s pro-democracy, liberal and anti-Muslim Brotherhood forces are arrayed for a major battle against President Mohamed Morsi for his assumption of extraordinary powers. This contest has the potential for undoing the fragile ceasefire reached between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Part of the deal was for Morsi to personally monitor and arbitrate the implementation of the secret understandings for Gaza and Sinai that were negotiated between the US, Egypt and Israel in order to open the door to the ceasefire.”

Alas, Hamas must stay in place, as the Brotherhood Mafia ( with Barack HUSSEIN Obama at the forefront ) demands their survival. Hint: they are the forward-arm on Israel’s southern border; aimed/poised for its destruction. Nevertheless, Iran’s paymasters have been arming them to the teeth. Ahh…the twists and turns of the Islamic terror bazaar.

And this is exactly why the trio in Israel – Netanyahu, Barak, Lieberman – kept opining “all their objectives are met”, but they are merely pawns in the mischief makers’ chess board. At least, until they are forced to go for broke.

Northeast Intelligence Network’s Director…& His ‘Food For Thought’ To Fed Up Americans…Addendum To : States Are Positing:Is It Time To Secede…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

What would otherwise appear – on its face – to be an outlandish story is not what it seems. Quite the opposite. In fact, its inherent lessons are found in its out-of-the box, off-the-hook thinking. 

This blogger surrounds herself with world class ‘helpers’, well known for their non-conventional strategic acumen – but mostly in pursuit of this or that (western) result – and to say that they are masters of the geo-political domain is hardly an overstatement. Similarly, on a familial level am blessed to have ‘go to’ resources in engineering/tech/scientific realms, but endless lessons – even in two lifetimes – will never allow all of their acumen to sink in! But that’s okay.The point being, some arenas are best left to others. You gotta know what you don’t know and proceed from there.

And some matters, though seemingly far-fetched, can be understood by most of us. So the info contained below, via the analogy from Doug Hagmann’s ‘inside source’, will likely ring some (happy) bells, instead of the usual alarming kind. Patience, dear readers.

Neither a recommendation nor a rejection, the following is only offered as ‘food for thought’. Bear in mind a previous commentary and the rest will flow therein.

At last count, in addition to the 23 cited, many more are seeking severance from the bondage of an out of control, liberty-sucking Federal gov’t colossus –, something which many Americans never thought of, let alone imagined, as an option to their torment.

NOT anymore.

‘The alligator at our door’ – Northeast Intelligence Network, Doug Hagmann

15 November 2012: “I met with my “intelligence insider” source yesterday, but the discussion was not about Benghazi or foreign affairs. He told me that he wanted to talk about something even more important right now, something that the federal government does not want us to talk about. Something that is shaking the “elite” to their very cores. Naturally, that certainly got my attention, as it should yours. We walked along a dirt pathway in the middle of nowhere, far away from prying eyes and ears, at least the ones we could see.

One day when she did not keep to her normal routine of hanging clothes outside, she heard a loud banging on her back door. The banging was not the knock of a friendly visitor, but of something much more menacing. Peering out of the window in her study located at the rear corner of her home, she was horrified to see a well nourished, 12 foot long monster banging its snout against the back of the house. It was no longer the small, lean reptile she once knew. The banging was nearly continuous and becoming more incessant, as the alligator demanded his gluttonous due.He told me about a Louisiana woman who bought a stately, two story home on an expanse of property that included a picturesque pond and cypress swamps situated directly behind the mansion. When she first moved in, she noticed a relatively small baby alligator sunning on the bank of the pond located nearest the house. Every day, the woman would hang clothes to dry  on a clothes line attached to a rear pillar of the expansive back porch. Initially, it was out of respect that she would take a freshly slaughtered chicken outside with her, tossing it to the alligator before hanging the clothes on the line. As months turned into years, she began to buy fresh turkeys instead of the smaller chickens to feed the growing alligator. First it was one, then two a day.

Frightened, the woman ran to her refrigerator where she had one remaining fresh turkey, retreated to her second floor rear balcony, and tossed the turkey onto the ground away from the porch. She heard the thuds of the alligator as it moved toward the food, and watched as it consumed the large turkey in one snap, then retreating to the nearby cypress swamp.

She called animal control who sent a man to survey the situation. Upon seeing the size, girth and aggressiveness of the alligator, he asked the woman why she waited so long to call. When she related the history of her relationship with the alligator, the man nearly shouted at the woman, what were you thinking! Can’t you see the monster you created?

And so it is with the federal government.

As we discussed the groundswell of support by citizens advocating their state’s secession from the United States, my source addressed the motivation behind the movement. “You know, this is one issue they are very afraid of. People are starting to wake up, and they don’t like that.”

As we walked, he appeared to be thinking out loud, asking almost rhetorically if there is a more effective approach, or perhaps one that would be needed if people were really serious about secession. “Aren’t Americans, especially the God-fearing Americans, the Christians, tired of their tax money being used and misused by the bloated federal government for things that they do not want, and to fund programs with which they don’t morally agree or need?”

He noted that Americans already pay taxes everyday to some 90 thousand different taxing entities for items they buy or use, while the taxes paid to the federal government, or federal income tax, is something totally different. He began to quiz me on my knowledge of the federal income tax system. Did you know that the federal income tax is a voluntary assessment? “Research it,” he said.

He then asked me if I knew how many court cases per year, on average, that federal courts adjudicate related to people refusing to pay federal income tax. “No clue,” I responded. Twelve, maybe 14 a year, he told me. One of the busiest years it was 28. Do you want to know why, and do want to know why we don’t hear about this low number? He paused, “because sometimes the IRS loses, and that’s not good PR for the government.”

He continued as we walked. “Don’t you get it? It’s feeding the bloated alligator, and the alligator is now pounding on the door of every American demanding more! Isn’t it time to recognize the bloat of what has been created and stop feeding the beast?”

“So, just thinking out loud, what would happen if a group of like-minded people united and decided that enough is enough, and they would stop paying federal income tax? Stop feeding the bloated beast? What would happen if like-minded state governors got on board, and stood up to the federal government, and protected the citizens of their states?”

Most assuredly, it would have to be done properly, he reasoned, with your “voluntary assessment placed in a protected trust account somewhere, but out of the alligator’s reach and held in abeyance until matters are settled.” Then he added one critical thought. “If the people advocating secession are indeed serious, why would they continue to pay federal income tax when they would receive no benefits as a result of secession? Stop feeding the beast, is this not the most logical and necessary step to succession?”

He shook his head and looked at the ground, his voice trailing off to nearly a whisper. “The federal government is funding abortions, contraception, foreign wars, and money is lining the pockets of the federal banks and bankers, to pay off a fake and unsustainable debt. Don’t Americans understand they’re feeding the beast with every tax dollar they voluntarily pay? What about the Christians in America?”

In a moment of clarity, or so I thought, I asked him about “rendering unto Caesar,” the Bible passage cited so frequently when such a topic is discussed. At that point, he put his hand on my shoulder and said, “my brother, you need to reread and understand that passage and related scriptures in their proper context.”  Following our meeting, I did, and urge readers to do the same.

As we were about to part, my friend looked at me and said that things are about ready to get bad across the country, “like Hurricane Sandy bad.” He continued, “like I told you, a perfect storm is in the making. The agenda is the ‘take-down of America from within.’ You see it unfolding before your very eyes with the military, and the loss of political will by the establishment right to fight for their country. Next, it’s the economy.”

What’s our best chance? I asked.

“Well, there is fear in DC, real fear, of not secession itself, but the spirit of the people behind the secession movement. If the people figure it out in time, unite and say no more for you until you get your act together, well, like I said, it is this that they fear the most.”

Yet, if the above is not convincing enough – of Federal malfeasance – brace yourselves:

‘HORRORS OF FEMA DISASTER RELIEF’ – World Net Daily, Nov. 18, 2012

“Right now, homeless Americans are literally freezing, wrapped in blankets and trash bags as they struggle to survive in FEMA tent cities such as New Jersey’s “Camp Freedom,” which reportedly “resembles a prison camp.”

“Sitting there last night you could see your breath,” displaced resident Brian Sotelo told the Asbury Park Press. “At (Pine Belt) the Red Cross made an announcement that they were sending us to permanent structures up here that had just been redone, that had washing machines and hot showers and steady electric, and they sent us to tent city. We got (expletived).”

Sotelo said Blackhawk helicopters patrol the skies “all day and night” and a black car with tinted windows surveys the camp while the government moves heavy equipment past the tents at night. According to the story, reporters aren’t even allowed in the fenced complex, where lines of displaced residents form outside portable toilets. Security guards are posted at every door, and residents can’t even use the toilet or shower without first presenting I.D.

“They treat us like we’re prisoners,” Ashley Sabol told Reuters. “It’s bad to say, but we honestly feel like we’re in a concentration camp.”

EVER since 9/11/01 many Americans have felt both outraged and powerless, and not only toward the Islamic enemy. It has become incontestably clear; the Federal government has become the problem, not the solution. This is not hyperbole.

INSTEAD of dealing with the Islamic onslaught head on – aside from some (mis)adventures in the Middle East – the opposite has transpired.

In an Alice-in-Wonderland, Orwellian trajectory the enemy has become a non-entity (hence, ‘Islamophobia’ was birthed) and PC strictures have silenced Americans, thus, taking away their Constitutional freedoms. They are admonished, in a myriad of ways, to dare NOT name the enemy – Muslim Islamists. More to the point, without their adherence to Islam, none of this would matter. 

Hence, Islam IS the root problem, as indicated in Islam & its relationship to blood – – and here too, through the dissection of the biggest lie – – Yes, there is NO moderate Islam!

ADDING grievous insult to injury, the Feds have pushed generations of Americans off the fiscal cliff, including many yet to be born! How’s that for taking care of America’s business.

And, if this American-Israeli – with her late husband, z”l, of blessed memory – ran their business the way the Feds ruin the government’s coffers, this blog would never have come to pass, as said business pursuits led to financial freedom and the ability to dig and dig; buy presents for the kiddies; and never mind being able to feed a quite large, continually ravenous doggie!

So, what’s a patriot to do? That’s your call.


Symbolism In The Arab/Muslim World & Its Intersection With The Islamist-in-Chief’s Mockery Of The Christian Cross…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Immersing in the Arab/Muslim muck is not only otherworldly it is downright depressing. Filthy too. Needless to say, when serious diggers wade in, some feel the necessity to repair to an immediate shower cleansing. At least this investigative journalist does! The flip side is that one is always scrubbed clean. And if one is lucky enough the stench will lift, albeit, temporarily.

In other words, what does the above have to do with the Islamist-in-Chief’s rhetorical finger to the Christian Cross (out of too many other vile/in-your-face gestures), during his recent White House turkey-fest? Everything.

Those in the know understand that symbolism holds a top-tier rung within the Arab/Muslim world. It rules. “Honor/shame” too. And this was precisely why Barack HUSSEIN (emphasis on his middle name) did what he did, as he signaled to his two main comrades – radical leftists & Islamists; Christianity’s centrality in America  is (almost) over. Understood?

Therefore, it was also no accident that the Islamist-in-Chief (wifey & kiddies in tow) dressed in black and red, during his inauguration in 2008. Can’t wait to see their dressage this go around. Allah would be proud, as black and red, alongside green and gold, are 2 of the main colors of Black Liberation followers (Rev Wright’s Trinity Church should give us more than a clue), adherents of Nation of Islam too. Muslim nations also adorn them as their symbols. Whoa. Heady stuff.

And this color-based rendition comes full circle, as it leads right to the Commander-in-Chief’s fealty to Sunni Islam via his Cairo apology tour to the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia with Mubarak nowhere to be found, as well as his dastardly bow to the Saudi King. Again, symbolism. 

And many of the proofs are contained herein: 

So, connecting the Brotherhood dots starts with his Cairo apology tour –

And in short order the “Arab Spring”/Winter/Nightmare began…and ended with a Muslim Brotherhood Mafia operative as Egypt’s Prez! – – and if this was accidental, well, then, there are many bridges for sale. Dirt cheap.

Which brings us to the POTUS’s Saudi bow – – a complete no-no in US Presidential history. Again, NOT an accident.

Leftist radicals abhor religion like the plaque, except when it comes to their Islamic cohorts; for they too want the Sunday people (as much as the Saturday people) diminished or gone. Hence, they ideologically align – the RED/GREEN alliance.

 Which brings us squarely back to his rhetorical finger.

‘Barack Obama’s open mockery of the Sign of the Cross’

Canada Free Press – Judi McLeod, Editor

It was an open mockery of the Christian prayer that is accompanied by the immortal words used by peasants and kings over the centuries: “In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit”.

Obama, who is left-handed,  made the sign of the cross with his left hand, which out of respect for the centuries-long Christian practice, no one ever does.

Obama’s left-handed sign of the crosswas made over a gobbling turkey during the National Thanksgiving Turkey Presentation Ceremony, that takes place at the White House every year shortly before Thanksgiving, having been resurrected by George H.W. Bush in 1989.

Obama departed from the usual “presidential pardon” granting the turkey a “special dispensation” in words as he twice made his left-handed Sign of the Cross.

There were lots of giggles from the two Obama daughters and lots of gobbling from the turkey recorded during the ceremony now on YouTube.

Clearly using his left hand for all to see, Obama made the Sign of the Cross backwards.

Pagan and fairytale like in concept, beginning in 2005 presidential “pardoned” birds were sent to Disneyland to live, and served as the “honorary grand marshal” of that year’s Thanksgiving Day parade, following concerns raised by animals rights objections that the birds had not survived for long.

“For the previous 15 years they had been sent to Frying Pan Park near Herndon, Virginia. (Wikipedia).  “Names were generally chosen in online votes taken at the White House website.”

“In 2010 and 2011, the turkeys were sent to live at Mount Vernon, the estate and home of George Washington.

“The origins of the tradition of pardoning the White House turkey are unclear.  Many credit President Harry Truman with starting the informal and lighthearted tradition in 1947.  However, the Truman Library says that no documents, speeches, newspaper clippings, photographs or other contemporary records are known to exist that specify that he ever “pardoned” a turkey.  The Eisenhower Presidential Library saysdocuments in their collection reveal that President Dwight Eisenhower ate the birds presented to him during his two terms.  President John F. Kennedy spontaneously spared a turkey on Nov. 18, 1963, just four days before his assassination, but did not grant a ‘pardon’.

“Presidential pardoned turkeys are to be are raised in the same fashion as turkeys designated for slaughter,  but are selected “at birth” for pardoning and are trained to handle loud noises, flash photography and large crowds.  Because most Thanksgiving turkeys are bred and raised for size at the expense of longer life, they are prone to health problems associated with obesity such as heart disease, respiratory failure and joint damage.  As a result of these factors, most of the pardoned turkeys have very short lives.  After their pardoning, frequently dying within a year of being pardoned.”

Why Obama would choose the Thanksgiving Turkey Ceremony to mock the Sign of the Cross two weeks after his reelection is anybody’s guess.

But many will be asking is making a left-handed Sign of the Cross amid giggles and gobbles a mockery only a Muslim would make?”

This American-Israeli is perfectly aware of America’s Judeo-Christian underpinnings and knows history (American, Middle Eastern & western civilization) well, thus, fully cognizant that America has always been a primarily Christian majority/based nation, up until a few decades ago.

And it is this awareness which renders a fear for America’s future. For once a wayward Commander-in-Chief – Islamist/Radical to boot – dares to dislodge Christianity from America’s roots (ever since he disgraced the People’s House, from 2008 onward), the nation of the Founding Father’s will, sooner than most realize, be a dead letter. Chilling.

This should send shivers down every American’s (other westerners too) spine, or so it would seem.

Spineless Leaders ALWAYS Revert True To Form,They Cave…And Israel’s Leaders Are Its Poster Boys…Addendum To : Israel’s Ship Of Fools…Led By Delusional Leadership…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

To state that this blogger has been receiving non-stop missives, and from all over the world, is hardly an understatement. The questions/recriminations have been coming in fast & furious – via email, instant messaging and otherwise – as soon as readers found out the inauspicious, though hardly unpredictable news: Israel’s leaders caved to a “cease/death fire”. Alas, our “dear” leaders prefer to call it  “understandings”. Balderdash.

The bulk of inquiries were separated into two categories: what caused Israel’s leaders to cave? Perhaps the missiles will (hopefully) cease…talk about pie-in-the-sky dreaming. Regardless, the sentiments were largely along the lines: what the hell were they thinking? Were they smoking too much hookah…perhaps too many libations? Who knows.

Hard as this nationalist Zionist tries to personally respond, to those who have yet to receive an answer, please re-read these commentaries, as they will get you from there to here.

First and foremost, the following is MANDATORY reading, as it eviscerates Israel’s leadership –, exposing them as the FOOLS/TOOLS they are!

And in furtherance of the considerable angst/heartburn/heartache we feel – there really are NO adequate words – the leaders have yet to internalize one of Judaism’s inherent dictum’s – Tzedek, Tzedek TirdofJustice, Justice You Shall Pursue. And it is not as if this is an inconsequential tenet, as we collectively witness its efficacy throughout Israel’s dealings with our enemies – regardless of the terror entity’s name. They ALL want us dead and buried, but will our leaders be our gravediggers, however unintentional? This is the G-d’s honest truth.

As such, the following commentaries are more than supplemetary readings:

Alas, there should be nothing more important for a Jewish leadership – needless to say, obligatory – than to chase after justice for its citizens –

And this is why ‘No Crime Without Punishment’ is always at the fore/core –

Maddeningly, this American-Israeli feels the continued obligation to remind the world…Jewish justice necessitates revenge…the more punishing the better…for Jew-hatred is non-quenchable –

But to our collective sorrow, it takes an inestimable American-Israeli political scientist ( his creds are here – ) to expose Israel’s leaders for what they are – Pussy Cat Prime Ministers!

Israel’s Pussy Cat Prime Ministers 

Prof. Paul Eidelberg

Part I

“Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, written about 500 B.C.E., is the oldest military treatise in the world.  Even now, after twenty-five centuries, the basic principles of that treatise remain a valuable guide for the conduct of war.

Sun Tzu should be of interest to the General Staff of the Israel Defense Forces, in view of the Arab Terrorist War that erupted in September 2000 and continues today with Hamas in Gaza.  Since Oslo 1993, and thanks to its flawed leaders, Israel has suffered more than 15,000 casualties. More than 1,600 Jews have been murdered  by Arab terrorists who live in accordance with the Quran’s “religion of peace.”

Referring to the IDF’s limited response to Muslim murderers, former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon once said, “self-restraint is strength”! Was Mr. Sharon dictum inspired by the Sermon on the Mount? Or was it derived from a misreading of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War?  For it so happens that Sun Tzu would have a general exhibit, at first, “the coyness of a maiden”—to draw out the enemy—but thereafter he would have him emulate the fierceness of a lion.

In contrast, Israeli prime minsters usually emulate a pussy cat.  Instead of destroying the enemy—Hamas or the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority—they follow the policy of self-restraint. They live in existential denial of the genocidal objectives of Muslims toward the Jewish people.  Otherwise, given a stitch of courage, they would have ordered the IDF long ago to demolish the enemy to an extent that seared into Muslim consciousness the lesson: Don’t mess with Israel.

Of course, when the forces of the enemy exceed your own or occupy superior ground, then self-restraint is prudence.  But when this situation is reversed, self-restraint is transparent weakness.  In fact, Sun Tzu goes so far as to say, “If fighting is reasonably sure to result in victory, then you must fight, even though the ruler forbids it.”

This would obviously violate the principle of military subordination to civilian authority—a principle Israel’s political elites would proclaim to preserve their democratic reputation, especially in the United States, where democratic hypocrisy counts most.  Never mind Jewish casualties or sacrificing Jewish soldiers on the alter of “Political Correctness.”

Sun Tzu did not have to worry about journalists and humanists who make the rational conduct of war impossible, and who therefore prolong the killing. When U.S. Admiral Bull Halsey said,  “Hit hard, hit fast, hit often,” he was merely echoing Sun Tzu’s advice.  We read in the Torah, “When you go forth to battle against your enemies” (Deut. 20:1).  The Sages ask: “What is meant by ‘against your enemies'”?  They answer: “God said, ‘Confront them as enemies. Just as they show you no mercy, so should you not show them any mercy.'”

Sun Tzu would therefore be appalled by the readiness with Israeli governments engage in cease fires or “hudnas,” which allow Arab terrorists to regroup and accumulate more and deadlier weapons.  Sun Tzu calls for the uninterrupted attack.  He unequivocally opposes a protracted war: “There is no instance,” he says, “of a country having benefited from prolonged warfare.” But protracted war is the inevitable result of the supposedly humanitarian policy of self-restraint pursued by Israel’s pussy cat prime ministers.

Notice how Israeli prime ministers yearn for the approval of the nations (including those complicit in the Holocaust).  Compare their obsequiesceness with America’s anti-American president Barack Obama, whose apologetic foreign policy has aroused the contempt of the Arab-Islamic world, a world  that respects only the strong horse—POWER.  Notice, too, how Washington is always preaching self-retraint—Hiroshima and Dresden notwithstanding.

Part II

Some years ago, while teaching officers at Bar-Ilan University, I was informed, much to my dismay that Israel’s Command and Staff College did not teach Clausewitz’s classic On War.  It shows in the IDF’s benevolent behavior toward Israel’s enemy even in the midst of armed conflict.  Clausewitz warns  that “in such dangerous things as war, the errors which proceed from a spirit of benevolence are the worst.”

Recall the Yom Kippur War, in which 3,000 Jewish soldiers perished.  Certain general officers of the IDF obeyed the commands of the Golda Meir Government by not launching a pre-emptive attack.  Later, the Agranat Commission of Inquiry blamed them for the disaster.  Sun Tsu would have agreed with that conclusion—but of course for different reasons.  He would have faulted the generals for “self-restraint,” that is, for heeding the commands of their Government.

Israeli prime ministers have lacked the the will to win the Terrorist War that Yasser Arafat initiated in September 2000—the will to vanquish the enemy in the shortest possible time.  By failing to practice the basic principles of war, they multiply the number of Jewish (as well as non-Jewish) casualties.  Let’s elaborate on Clausewitz.

Clausewitz defines war as “an act of violence intended to compel our opponent to fulfill our will.  Violence is the means; submission of the enemy to our will the ultimate object.”  For as long as the enemy remains armed, he will wait for a more favorable moment for action.

The ultimate object of war is political.  To attain this object fully, the enemy must be disarmed.  Disarming the enemy “becomes therefore the immediate object of hostilities.  It takes the place of the final object and puts it aside as something we can eliminate from our calculations.”  In other words, first disarm the enemy, subject him to your will.  The political comes later.  But Israeli prime ministers put the cart before the horse. Instead of killing terrorist he wants to negotiate with them. In fact, he waxes ad nauseum on “reciprocity.”

War is the art of killing. Hence the statesman must take into account not only the forces of the enemy, he must also arouse the pugnacity and strengthen the will and determination of his people.  They must ardently believe in the justice of their country’s cause and understand the importance of victory as well as the consequences of defeat.  The statesman must display political wisdom, moral clarity, and decisiveness.

Above all, the statesman must have, in his own mind, a clear view of his post-war goal or political object. The political object will determine the aim of military force as well as the amount of force or effort to be used. Here is where Benjamin Netanyahu, following his two predecesors, Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert, spells disaster.  His political object is a Palestinian state, for which he needs a “negotiating partner”—today, Mahmoud Abbas.

It was because he advocated a Palestinian state that Ariel Sharon did not destroy the entire Arab terrorist nework in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza.  This is why he employed limited means—targeted killings and destruction of some Arab bomb factories—but never a full-scale attack to win the war and so devastate the enemy as to eradicate the enemy’s desire to wage war for a hundred years—as the Allied powers did in Germany and the United States in Japan.

Had Sharon destroyed the enemy, as could have been done in two weeks after 9/11, the international howl that would erupt would have subsided with the fall and fall out of the Twin Towers, and the people of Israel would once again walk upright, proud and confident in Israel’s future.

Alas, not only the Arabs go with the strong horse, as Lee Smith has shown.  So do the weak-kneed or morally flawed leaders of democracies.

Israel’s Prime Minister wrote a book entitled A Place Among the Nations. Ahmadinejad may not bother to erase Israel from the map.  He may leave this task for Israel’s Government.”

ONLY G-d up above can save us from our delusional/demented/spineless leaders!

Hashem Y’rachem. G-d have mercy!

What Happens When Washington’s Counter-Terror Officials (Past & Present) Align With Muslim Brotherhood Mafia Fronts? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Whores come in all types of packaging, but most recognize them as “ladies” of the night. Not so fast.

Oftentimes, this blog strips bare those who violate trusted positions in U.S. (and Israel too) leadership, whether still on duty or retired. Makes no difference. And it is not as if this is an easy task being that there are too many miscreants, deeply embedded in the pockets of those who wish America & Israel ill. Regardless, whatever their main impetus, let their psychiatrists, or significant others, delve into their dark recesses. This American-Israeli has too many pressing issues to hunt down. Alas, one does have to catch some nappy time…playtime too…delicious, precious babies await attention.

NEVERTHELESS, a laundry list of former Presidents, Congressional reps and government advisers are joined at the hip with their Saudi paymasters; in exchange for lucrative speaking gigs, as well as post retirement libraries too.

But especially since 9/11/01 (and even years before…see evidence at an op-ed posited here –, it has become more than self evident; coinage from the Islamic world is nothing less than dealing with the anti-western devil. Literally.

Though infuriating, and surely violating more than one U.S. law (international laws too), the fact of the matter is, a former high official in national security, Richard Clarke, is one such duly ensnared.

Really? Indeed.

This is the same Richard Clarke……who understands the “ins and outs” of one of the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia’s tentacled groups – Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) – like a pimp knows his whores. That intimate. As such, Clarke knows full well, Al Qaeda is part and parcel of the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia.

So, if this blogger knows the Brotherhood score –– so should the targeted focus of this commentary. 

For further edification, and as an indictment, the following is embedded in his above linked wiki file:

‘Early WARNINGS ABOUT AL-Qaeda THreat’

“Clarke’s role as a counter-terrorism advisor in the months and years prior to 9/11 would lead to the central role he played in deconstructing what went wrong in the years that followed. Clarke and his communications with the Bush administration regarding bin Laden and associated terrorist plots targeting the United States were mentioned frequently in Condoleezza Rice’s public interview by the 9/11 investigatory commission on April 8, 2004. Of particular significance was a memo[8] from January 25, 2001, that Clarke had authored and sent to Rice. Along with making an urgent request for a meeting of the National Security Council’s Principals Committee to discuss the growing al-Qaeda threat in the greater Middle East, the memo also suggests strategies for combating al-Qaeda that might be adopted by the new Bush administration.[9]

In his memoir, “Against All Enemies”, Clarke wrote that when he first briefed Rice on Al-Qaeda, in a January 2001 meeting, “her facial expression gave me the impression she had never heard the term before.” He also stated that Rice made a decision that the position of National Coordinator for Counterterrorism should be downgraded. By demoting the office, the Administration sent a signal through the national security bureaucracy about the salience they assigned to terrorism. No longer would Clarke’s memos go to the President; instead they had to pass though a chain of command of National Security Advisor Rice and her deputy Stephen Hadley, who bounced every one of them back.

Within a week of the inauguration, I wrote to Rice and Hadley asking ‘urgently’ for a Principals, or Cabinet-level, meeting to review the imminent Al-Qaeda threat. Rice told me that the Principals Committee, which had been the first venue for terrorism policy discussions in the Clinton administration, would not address the issue until it had been ‘framed’ by the Deputies.[10]

At the first Deputies Committee meeting on Terrorism held in April 2001, Clarke strongly suggested that the U.S. put pressure on both the Taliban and Al-Qaeda by arming theNorthern Alliance and other groups in Afghanistan. Simultaneously, that they target bin Laden and his leadership by reinitiating flights of the MQ-1 Predators. To which Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz responded, “Well, I just don’t understand why we are beginning by talking about this one man bin Laden.” Clarke replied that he was talking about bin Laden and his network because it posed “an immediate and serious threat to the United States.” According to Clarke, Wolfowitz turned to him and said, “You give bin Laden too much credit. He could not do all these things like the 1993 attack on New York, not without a state sponsor. Just because FBI and CIA have failed to find the linkages does not mean they don’t exist.”[10]

Clarke wrote in Against All Enemies that in the summer of 2001, the intelligence community was convinced of an imminent attack by al Qaeda, but could not get the attention of the highest levels of the Bush administration, most famously writing that Director of the Central Intelligence Agency George Tenet was running around with his “hair on fire”.[10]

At a July 5, 2001, White House gathering of the FAA, the Coast Guard, the FBI, Secret Service and INS, Clarke stated that “something really spectacular is going to happen here, and it’s going to happen soon.” Donald Kerrick, a three-star general who was a deputy National Security Advisor in the late Clinton administration and stayed on into the Bush administration, wrote Hadley a classified two-page memo stating that the NSA needed to “pay attention to Al-Qaida and counterterrorism” and that the U.S. would be “struck again.”

9/11 Commission

On March 24, 2004, Clarke testified at the public 9/11 Commission hearings.[11] At the outset of his testimony Clarke offered an apology to the families of 9/11 victims and an acknowledgment that the government had failed: “I also welcome the hearings because it is finally a forum where I can apologize to the loved ones of the victims of 9/11…To the loved ones of the victims of 9/11, to them who are here in this room, to those who are watching on television, your government failed you. Those entrusted with protecting you failed you. And I failed you. We tried hard, but that doesn’t matter because we failed. And for that failure, I would ask, once all the facts are out, for your understanding and for your forgiveness.”[11]

Many of the events Clarke recounted during the hearings were also published in his memoir. Among his highly critical statements regarding the Bush administration, Clarke charged that before and during the 9/11 crisis, many in the Administration were distracted from efforts against Osama bin Laden‘s Al-Qaeda organization by a pre-occupation with Iraq andSaddam Hussein. Clarke had written that on September 12, 2001, President Bush pulled him and a couple of aides aside and “testily” asked him to try to find evidence that Saddam was connected to the terrorist attacks. In response he wrote a report stating there was no evidence of Iraqi involvement and got it signed by all relevant agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the CIA. The paper was quickly returned by a deputy with a note saying “Please update and resubmit.”[12] After initially denying that such a meeting between the President and Clarke took place, the White House later reversed its denial when others present backed Clarke’s version of the events.[13][14]

Prior to the 9/11 Commission, portions of Clarke’s August 6 Daily Briefing Memo, entitled “Bin Ladin Determined To Strike in US” to President Bush were subsequently redacted by The White House for national security reasons. Despite the title of the memo, in response to aggressive questioning from Richard Ben-Veniste – a Democratic member of the 9/11 Commission – Rice stated that the document “did not warn of attacks inside the United States.”[15] Clarke then asked on several occasions for early principals meetings on these issues, and was frustrated that no early meeting was scheduled. No principals committee meetings on Al-Qaida were held until September 4, 2001.[16]

In a late November truthout interview, former Clinton advisor Sidney Blumenthal said, “Clarke urgently tried to draw the attention of the Bush administration to the threat of Al-Qaeda.. the Bush administration is trying to withhold documents from the 9/11 bipartisan commission. I believe one of the things that they do not want to be known is what happened on August 6, 2001. It was on that day that George W. Bush received his last, and one of the few, briefings on terrorism. I believe he told (Clarke) that he didn’t want to be briefed on this again, even though Clarke was panicked about the alarms he was hearing regarding potential attacks. Bush was blithe, indifferent, ultimately irresponsible… The public has a right to know what happened on August 6, what Bush did, what Condi Rice did, what all the rest of them did, and what Richard Clarke’s memos and statements were.”[17]

Former Deputy Attorney General Jamie Gorelick, the only member of the 9/11 Commission to read the President’s Daily Brief, revealed in the hearings that the documents “would set your hair on fire” and that the intelligence warnings of al-Qaida attacks “plateaued at a spike level for months” before 9/11.[18]

And one shouldn’t give a rat’s behind about the mud slinging between Bush bashers and his defenders, as to whose doorstep 9/11/01 lands at. This blogger will leave said reckoning squarely in the highly capable hands of her readership. You all decide.

So the question before us is still: how is it possible a HIGH level counter- terror operative, upon his post-Washington assignment (by both parties!), finds himself “in bed” with MPAC; the same umbrella terror organization he rang alarm bells over? Once again, leave it to Walid Shoebat to get to the down and dirty.


“Regular readers might remember the name Haris Tarin. He is the Executive Director for the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) in Washington, D.C. He is one of Huma Abedin’s defenders. Tarin was featured in an article at OnIslam that focuses on MPAC’s work with a group known as the National Security Network (NSN).

Via OnIslam:

A Muslim activist is winning the admiration of Americans for his efforts to tackle issues that stoke tension between Muslims and non-Muslims and energize younger generations to balance between their faith and the western life.

“What I like about working with Haris and MPAC is that they understand both the needs of their community and the way Washington works,” Heather Hurlburt, director of the nonprofit National Security Network, told The Washington Post.

Hulburt’s group cooperated with Haris Tarin, director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) in Washington to hold a series of hearings on extremism in the US.

Aside from the infamous Samuel “Sandy” Berger and Gen. Wesley Clark listed as members of the NSN Advisory Council, the name another individual who was very involved in dealing with the threats of al-Qaeda in both the Clinton and Bush administrations, appears as a member of this Council.

His name is Richard Clarke, former National Coordinator for Security in the Clinton administration.

Shockingly, Clarke said the following in 2003:

The common link here is the extremist Muslim Brotherhood – all of these organizations are descendants of the membership and ideology of the Muslim Brothers.

In 2004 testimony, Richard Clarke apologized to the American people for allowing the 9/11 attacks to happen, saying that their government “failed them”.

Considering the fact that Clarke understands the Muslim Brotherhood hierarchy as well as the extremely close connections that MPAC has with that group, why would he be serving on an Advisory Council that seeks to partner with the likes of MPAC?”

By the bye….the MPAC hasn’t changed its Islamist stripes…they still truck with jihadi terror!!

Does consorting with terrorists (without even the cover of six degrees of separation…as an “adviser” who will “partner” with MPAC…huh and duh?)…in the hip pocket…supping with the devil…take on broader/renewed/alarming context?

Rhetorical question.

FURTHER UPDATE…SEE BELOW…BRIEF WAR UPDATE – As An Addendum to : ‘Cease/Death Fire’ Or Not…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

NOW, it is not as if yours truly believes anything posited at this blog makes a difference in the leadership’s decision making (as if…though she is blessed to  have the ears of some acute strategic thinkers), but she wants to give them their due props, if they stick to their Zionist guns, at least for the time being. Hopefully, they will not exhibit their usual ADD behavior.

So, let’s not celebrate, just yet. And this blogger realizes the odd, seemingly cognitive dissonant word choice – celebrate – in contrast to our life and death struggle. However, if you live in the fiery Middle East, you know that things are looking up – hence, the celebration – if Jewish leaders decide to (possibly) finish the fight.

After all, ever since the hellish Oslo Peace/Death Accords, Israel’s leaders decided that they were tired of fighting…tired of winning. G-d’s honest truth. You can’t make this stuff up. Besides, whatever gave them THAT right?

And who knows how long their (questionable) new found steel of armor will last, but we can only hope, pray, and apply as much public pressure as is warranted to make sure they do the right thing. Which means, executing policies/strategies which are imperative for their citizens/soldiers and NOT for international busybodies.

So, for the promised update to – – see the latest via DEBKAfile.

‘Israel Rejects Unilateral Gaza True’ 

DEBKAfile Intelligence, Nov 21, 2012 

” The inner security cabinet of nine minsters led by PM Netanyahu just ended a long meeting today with a decision to reject proposals for a unilateral cease fire.”

Short and sweet…there is no available link.

AGAIN, before lovers of Zion get too excited, this is Israel’s leadership we are talking about. So, it wouldn’t be shocking if somehow…via much arm twisting…their arms get twisted in the opposite direction.

Lest anyone believes that Hill will leave the region empty handed, then there is a bridge for sale too.

Would be thrilled, beyond measure, to be proven decisively wrong!

FURTHER UPDATE: It took all of less than 15 minutes for our demented leaders to cave…the Islamist-in-Chief and Hill…got their way – a ‘cease/death fire’ will commence!

‘Egyptian FM and Clinton jointly announce Gaza ceasefire at 9 p.m.’

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report  November 21, 2012, 7:50 PM

“The announcement was made in Cairo by Egyptian foreign minister Mohamed Kamel Amr and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Cairo Wednesday, Nov. 21. A statement from Israel’s Binyamin Netanyahu, Ehud Barak and Avigdor Lieberman follows half an hour before the ceasefire is due to go into effect at 9. p.m.
Palestinians have fired 90 missiles against Israel day while the IAF carried out sorties against 120 terrorist and government targets in the Gaza Strip.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton joined world leaders in harshly condemning bombing of a Tel Aviv bus Wednesday, Nov. 21, as a “terrorist attack” when she arrived in Cairo from Jerusalem and Ramallah. She found Egyptian-brokered ceasefire for the Gaza Strip near vanishing point. Police are hunting for the bomber who placed his explosive device under a bus seat and fled before it blew up on Shaul Hamelekh Blvd. opposite the defense ministry and IDF GHQ and injured 27 people. Three are still in serious condition.

More than 75 Palestinian missiles were fired against Israel from Gaza up until 1500 hours, a good proportion  intercepted by Iron Dome. The IAF struck a wide range of Hamas government offices, banks, safe house and rocket positions in the Gaza Strip.

A witness of the bus bombing reported a man placing a package on one of the seats and exiting the bus. Another claimed the package was thrown in to the bus through a window. A large dragnet has been thrown in the area for suspects and abettors. The attack took place as US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was closeted in Jerusalem for her second meeting with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders to discuss the stalled Gaza ceasefire.  DEBKAfile:  The Tel Aviv bus attack, recalling the 2000 Palestinian suicide bombing offensive plaguing Israel streets, could prompt an early Israeli decision to go forward with the IDF ground operation against Gaza terrorists.

Police have been on alert for terrorist attacks since last week when Hamas and Jihad Islami threatened to revert to their suicide bombing campaign inside Israeli towns.”

‘Netanyahu Told Obama – I Agree to Ceasefire’

According to Egyptian foreign minister, ceasefire will go into force at 9:00 p.m.

There you have it.

UPDATE: ‘CEASE/DEATH FIRE’…Or Not…Will Israel’s Leaders Bow To The Islamist-In-Chief’s Dictates?…The Jury Is Out…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

This blogger has made NO secret of her position, re the gravest question mark hovering over Israel, in relation to Operation Pillar of Defense (its name in English, but its real name, derived from the Bible, is Operation Pillar of Cloud, Amud Anan…this is NOT for nothing…know your Bible well…) to “cease”, or not. To be, or not to be. Literally.

The following outlines the above’s urgency without any reservations – What part of NO isn’t resonating with Israel’s leadership? 

And in no small measure, whatever the outcome is, its impact will be felt within the most pressing concern of all – Iran’s genocidal program. As evidenced in a previous commentary, Iran is the master terrorist, orchestrating whatever rains down on Israel – Crystal clear.

Thus, a DECISIVE victory over Hamas is a similar blow to Iran, as well as to its proxy arms, Hezbollah and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ). And it is not as if our leaders haven’t been through “this commission of inquiry” and “that commission of inquiry”, as they stopped short of victory during two previous campaigns, in 2009 and 2006. Once again, they acceded to international dictates – cease your fire!

So, what does one make of a leadership which dares to even consider going down that dangerous road again? Only G-d knows. Their shrinks too. If not, they need urgent psychiatric care!

DEBKAfile – Nov. 21, 2010

‘For Israel, a truce is the worst of all worlds: Tied hands, Hamas unbowed’

“Jerusalem, Cairo and Gaza were all waiting for US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to arrive Tuesday night, Nov. 20, for tying up the ends of a Gaza ceasefire accord. Until then, Israel held back from its approval and the Palestinians were hurling as many deadly missiles as they could.

DEBKAfile’s analysts say that by giving in to international pressure for a ceasefire, Israel’s leaders Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Ehud Barak, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman would show they have failed to learn from their predecessors’ mistakes in ending the last two wars against terrorists inconclusively and prematurely.

After those wars, Israeli civilians were again thrust into the front line against missiles. In 2006, it was the population of northern Israel; in 2012, a million people living in southern Israel are in this intolerable predicament.  And after Hamas’s rockets reached Tel Aviv and Jerusalem for this first time in this round of Palestinian missile aggression, the next round will no doubt spill over into the central Israeli heartland as well.
Tens of thousands of soldiers and reservists were meanwhile held on the Gaza border in suspense for a ground incursion. They stood there and watched as the missiles flew over their heads to explode in their towns and villages and in Cairo, the politicians wrangled over an early ceasefire.

Operation Pillar of Cloud was kicked off Nov. 14 with the targeted assassination of one of Israel’s most implacable enemies, Ahmed Jabari, commander of the Hama military wing, amid high hopes that this time it would be different. They were heartened by the IDF’s recovery of its legendary speed, precision and inventiveness and trusted the troops to finish the job left undone by Cast Lead in 2008.

Israel’s political and military leaders fervently vowed not to stop until lost deterrence was regained, Palestinian missile and terror capabilities were degraded and the people of the south could at last lead normal lives.

Hamas and Jihad Islami were caught off-balance by the loss of the Hamas commander in chief and the highly successful air operation which followed. But instead of seizing this moment for rapid in-and-out, lightning ground incursions against well-defined targets, the three Israeli ministers paused.

The chance then passed into the hands of the terrorists who used it to send their Iran-made missiles against Greater Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. At that instant, they multiplied their million targets to five.

Israel responded by calling up 75,000 IDF reserves and pouring 68,000 troops onto jumping-off stations along the Gaza border ready for an incursion.. One lesson was drawn from the 2006 conflict against the Lebanese Hizballah: Missiles cannot be stopped by air strikes.

The IDF spokesman Brig. Yoav Mordecai then started releasing upbeat televised communiqués announcing that the air offensive had so far deqraded 30, 40, 50 percent of the Palestinian missile capacity. However, as he spoke, Hamas somehow managed to expand the radius and intensity of its missile blitz until, finally Tuesday, on Day 7 of the Israeli operation, they landed two massive salvoes of 16 Grad missiles each on Beersheba’s quarter of a million inhabitants.

By then, the military had sensed that the three ministers running the operation were dithering between embarking on a ground operation to finish what they started and giving in to the mounting international pressure to accept a profitless ceasefire.
With US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton due to land in Israel Tuesday night, it was clear they had missed the boat for independent decision-making.

The Israeli public was informed by the media that the negotiations for a truce with Hamas and Jihad Islami led by Egypt were heavy going but approaching an announcement.

DEBKAfile traces the progress of the negotiating process in Cairo, stage by stage:

1. From Friday, Nov. 16, two days into the Gaza operation, the three Israeli ministers at the helm bowed to President Barack Obama’s repeated requests every few hours for yet another 24 hours’ grace for Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan and Qatar Emir al-Thani to conclude their bid for a ceasefire.
2. Saturday, Nov. 17, the IDF units mustered on the Gaza border received orders to go in. Some notified their families by text messages.  Less than an hour later, the order was cancelled and they were pulled back after another phone call was received in Jerusalem from President Obama.

3.  By then, it was too late for Israel’s leaders to correct their worst strategic mistake. They had gone along with Obama’s devolution of the ceasefire brokerage effort on three avowed foes of the Jewish state: Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood; Erdogan who keeps on slamming Israel as “a terrorist state;” and the Qatari ruler, who is bankrolling Hamas’s purchases of sophisticated weapons smuggled out of Libya.

The “truce brokers” prevented Israel from taking its place at the table. The Israeli delegation sent to Cairo was confined to exchanges though Egyptian intelligence officers, while at the same time forced to accept Hamas and Jihad Islami as negotiating partners.
4. When they saw tens of thousands of IDF reservists standing idle on the Gaza border, Hamas and Jihad Islami strategists concluded that, while they may have lost the opening round of the war, they had gained enough momentum to make up for it in the days that followed.
5. Building up their stake for the endgame, the two terrorist organizations intensified their missile blitz on Israel and raised their terms for a ceasefire. Meanwhile, international pressure from Western leaders on Jerusalem to step back from a ground operation was crushing.
By Tuesday, Netanyahu was willing to assure visiting German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle: “I would prefer this to end with a diplomatic solution. I hope we can achieve one, but if not, we are fully entitled to defend ourselves by other means and we shall use them.”

The Prime minister had also come around to accepting Egypt’s role in monitoring and managing the proposed ceasefire and providing guarantees for its implementation.
Netanyahu, Barak and Lieberman gave there consent to this arrangement in the face of strong objections from top military commanders and intelligence pros. The latter argued that, even with the best will in the world, the Muslim Brotherhood rulers of Egypt were not up to the task.

6.  The clincher was the news that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had left the Obama party touring the Far East and was on her way to Jerusalem and Cairo Tuesday night to tie up the last ends of an accord to stop the fighting in Gaza.
The issue had acquired ramifications which transcend the embattled Palestinian enclave: For Washington, Morsi’s acceptance of a key role in the execution of the truce would signify that Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood had after all chosen to join the US-Israel orbit in preference to the radical Middle East camp – albeit without fanfare for fear of embarrassment at home and in the inter-Arab arena.

The Obama administration expects Israel to go along with this perception.
DEBKAfile’s sources report that this is a dangerous illusion because, in the first place, it does not truly represent the intentions or orientation of the Egyptian president or the Muslim Brotherhood. In the second, it flies in the face of ten years of experience.

Even when Hosni Mubarak, a far more pro-Western figure, ruled Egypt, Cairo never upheld a single security accord negotiated with Israel for the Gaza Strip or Sinai and sponsored by Washington. Why would the Muslim Brothers behave any differently?
But even if Cairo does take charge of the ceasefire deal, it would put Israel in the invidious position of having to run to the Egyptians to complain about every Hamas violation, helpless to do anything about the smuggling into the Gaza Strip of fresh and better munitions with more powerful multiple warheads, or stop the groundwork being laid for the next Palestinian blitz.
The boast by government sources that the first missile fired from Gaza in violation of the truce would be met with an extra-powerful response unfortunately recalls the pledge of a former prime minister Ariel Sharon. After he disengaged Israel from the Gaza Strip in 2005 and pulled out every last civilian and soldier, Sharon declard that the first bullet fired from the Gaza Strip would be met with a powerful response.
Since then, the bullet has evolved into a missile… and is still growing.

Sach ha’kol, at the end of it all, it really is a simple calculus. Our righteous soldiers are standing unbelievably strong, upright, proud and ready to vanquish our foes. Our brave/beleaguered citizens are willing to hunker down, but only if victory is the aim.

The only questions still ! (maddeningly) before us all are: will our leaders revert to spineless decisions, going wobbly, once again? Or, will they man-up, statesman-like, proving they are worthy of their citizens/soldiers?

Our leaders will (likely) be the death of us.

UPDATE: Islamic barbarians/monsters…yet the Islamist-in-Chief demands Israel’s leaders ‘negotiate’ with them! 

‘At least 25 injured, 5 seriously, in Tel Aviv bus bombing. Alert for more attacks’

Damn Barack HUSSEIN Obama and Israel’s leadership, if they accede to his dictates!

WAR ALERT: US Warships In Place For Possible Evacuation of Americans…Addendum To: Middle East On Fire…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

There is no need to ramp up drama emanating from the Middle East, particularly with Israel FINALLY taking the war to the bastardized progeny of the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia – Hamas.

And for the record, this blogger does NOT want a ‘cease fire’; a mechanism which will only facilitate the terrorists to regroup and replenish…pushing off the next war to another day….kicking the terror can down the road. Besides, just as a cancerous tumor needs to be irradiated/eradicated at its roots, so too does Hamas & its offshoots. Our leaders dare not accede to Washington’s dictates, thereby, ignoring the will of the majority public. If so, they will be punished at the polls. Make no mistake, Israel’s southern residents are fed up, and their town leaders are warning Bibi & Barak – NO CEASE FIRE!!

Besides, attempting to get Morsi (their Padre De Familia Brotherhood President… who will execute a head fake…allowing his Hamas Brothers’ time to accumulate more weaponry…but on the other hand, pretend to be a ‘peacemaker’…collecting billions from US taxpayer coffers…thus, subsidizing their war against us…sort of like asking Mussolini to intercede with Hitler…que absurdo?…see…taking Spanish in high school paid off ) to rein in his ‘wayward’ jihadists, is also akin to depending on the head of the Italian Mafioso to broker detente with their underling hit squads. It is like rain pouring down your head, yet pretending that it’s only spit. Alas, once programmed to kill, it is too late to ‘moderate’ said blood lust. It ain’t gonna happen. And comparing stone cold assassins, to a defensive/offensive, western style, citizen’s army, is to compare virgins to whores. World’s apart.

Which leads the readers to wonder: exactly who are the players, the Islamist-in-Chief is depending upon, to get the ‘deal’ done? Consider their bonafides, sort of like a (western) curriculum vitae:

Egypt’s Morsi is an Islamic devil of the highest order, and the Pyromaniac-in-Chief welcomes him with open arms – Why?

This is why –

Which leads us straight back to DEBKAfile’s report –

‘US warships turn around toward Israel for possible evacuation of Americans’

DEBKAfile Intelligence – Nov. 20, 2010

The US has ordered three amphibious warships with 2,500 Marines aboard back to the eastern Mediterranean to remain on standby off Israel’s shore in case they are needed to evacuate American citizens. TheUSS Iwo Jima, the USS New York and the USS Gunston Hall, were sailing west of Gibraltar on their way to back to Norfolk, Virginia, when they were turned around.

DEBKAfile: The United States have never before evacuated American citizens from Israel. The US notice does not say whether a possible evacuation would include the US forces posted in American bases in Israel. A mass evacuation would entail a Marine shore landing in order to lead the evacuees to the amphibious craft.

The Iwo Jima is a helicopter carrier, while the New York, one of the newest vessels of its kind in the US Navy, is a primary class of amphibious transport dock.
Although a decision to evacuate nationals was defined in the CNN report as a “remote contingency,” our sources stress that it is extreme enough to be taken only when a war situation is envisaged capable of endangering Americans.

This step negates the expectation articulated widely in Israel Monday, Nov. 19,  that a ceasefire with the Hamas is within reach. It rather indicates that Washington sees the situation surrounding the Gaza Strip in a far different light, more like a situation holding the threat of a general conflagration beyond the confines of the Israel-Hamas contest in Gaza.

According to the same report, the US military also maintains three to four ships off the coast of Israel that are capable of shooting down ballistic missiles. That deployment has stretched for some months in the face of a potential ballistic threat from Iran.”

ADDING to the war danger is this (the readers know full well how yours truly feels about warning the enemy population, but she doesn’t run the military) too:

‘IDF signals E. Gaza City dwellers to leave. Roads to S. Israel closed’

DEBKAfile Special Report November 20, 2012, 4:08 PM

The Israeli Air Force has dropped leaflets signaling residents of the eastern outskirts of Gaza City Tuesday afternoon, Nov. 20, to leave their homes as Palestinian rocket fire on Israel intensifies and spreads to fresh locations. More than 100 fired so far. The IDF closed highways to southern Israel after hitting 11 missile teams, 30 buried launchers and 120 tunnels used as bomb shelters by Jihad fighters. The Palestinians reported 7 killed.

Two missiles aimed earlier at Jerusalem landed in a Palestinian village on the West Bank outside Gush Etzion.

A man was seriously injured in the Eshkol district, the second casualty in the Eshkol district Tuesday after an IDF reserve tank officer was seriously injured by shrapnel from a falling missile. Day 7 of the Israeli operation and Day 10 of the current Palestinian rocket offensive saw a heavy rocket barrage from the Gaza Strip right across the towns and villages of southern Israel.

Several shock victims are in hospital. Early morning saw three Palestinian salvoes of 30 rockets on Beersheba. A local bus was cleared of passengers seconds before a direct hit. Iron Dome intercepted eight rockets before they landed on the city and another three of the scores which damaged vehicles and property in Kiryat Gat, Beer Tuvia, Ofakim, Eshkol, Shear Hanegev, Ashdod, Ashkelon and smaller locations. Monday, two Ashkelon schools took direct hits.  They were empty of children who have been kept home from school for six days.

The US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton interrupted her Far East tour with President Barack Obama Tuesday and is on her way to Jerusalem and Cairo to salvage the stalemated talks for a Gaza ceasefire.

Up until noon, three Palestinian salvoes of 30 rockets were aimed at Beersheba. A Beersheba local bus was cleared of passengers seconds before a direct hit. Iron Dome intercepted eight rockets before they landed on the city and another three of the scores which damaged vehicles and property in Kiryat Gat, Beer Tuvia, Ofakim, Eshkol, Shear Hanegev, Sderot, Ashdod, Ashkelon and smaller locations. Monday, two Ashkelon schools took direct hits.  They were empty of children who have been kept home from school for six days.

The US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton interrupted her Far East tour with President Barack Obama Tuesday and is on her way to Jerusalem and Cairo to salvage the stalemated talks for a Gaza ceasefire.”

MEMO TO HILLARY : stay the hell away…our firepower will do the job…or is THAT what you are afraid of?

And we are where we are, courtesy of an Islamist-in-Chief and his Brotherhood Mafia….as US warships are ready to ‘possibly’ evacuate American citizens.

Take special note: this is the first time an order like this has been put forth, and it is DIRECTLY due to the Islamist-in-Chief’s empowerment of radical Muslim forces. 

This is geo-political blow back at its highest magnitude, and any student of geo-politics, as well as of the Middle East, recognizes it too.

May the POTUS never have a restful night’s sleep again! Ever.

SIX ALARM FIRE – In U.S. – Coming To A City Near You…Via Hezbollah…Addendum To : Benghazigate ‘Femme Fatales’…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

EVER since this blogger became involved in the ‘”track and hunt” of Islamic jihadists (see its genesis here – ), one factoid kept creeping to the fore; the fingerprints of Iran. 

While they have varying groups of jihadi “soldiers for Allah”, their forward thrust is Hezbollah. It is their tentacled, terror footprints which are spread over the globe. But of special concern to Americans, should be those amassed in Latin America (in the tri-border region), and most significantly, as they are the ones ALREADY embedded within “any city/town USA”.

Regardless, would like to be the bearer of good news – for a change! – but it is what it is. Adding to this deadly mix, have been warning the readers – concerning America’s porous borders – about the multiplicity of entry points for smuggling.

One of the most lucrative partners of Islamic jihadists (certainly not exclusive to Iran’s proxies, but they do have a quasi monopoly…kind of like the Teamsters) are the multi-faceted, “talented” drug kingpins, lording over much of this human cargo, in tandem with weapons smuggling. All of this “entrepreneurial” activity centers around Iran’s (eventual) orders to pounce.

And it is not as if government officials haven’t been aware of the looming dangers. To the contrary. Yet…the Islamist-in-Chief (and his surrogates) favors a “hands off approach” to the illegal alien issue.

In point of fact, the infamous ‘Fast & Furious’, which not only killed American agents but Mexicans too, in turn allowed for an unprecedented weapons flow into the hands of these same cartels, now arming Iranian agents! Talk about coming full circle…almost like a necklace of death.

You got that? Though quite a few sleeper agents have been picked up crossing the border, it is a pittance, especially when juxtaposed against those who slipped through.

RED FLAGS were raised yesterday (before today’s “news” at WND), as well as too many times to count –, and the Lebanese hottie deserves our due attention…and not for ogling!

Onto the latest update:


Congresswoman: Cartels may be smuggling Hezbollah across border

“A U.S. congresswoman is warning that while the world’s eyes are on Iran’s growing threat against Israel, the Islamic nation’s terrorist surrogates may have already formed sleeper cells here in the United States.

Rep. Sue Myrick, R-N.C., asserted in a radio interview today she believes it’s possible that Hezbollah, the radical terrorist organization tied to Iran, may be working with Mexican cartels to funnel not only drugs, but also terrorist sleeper agents into the U.S.

“Former [Defense Intelligence Agency] people and others have told me what is going on, there have been a couple of arrests in this country relative to people who have had ties to Hezbollah or Iran, and my concern has been with the drug cartels and the gangs that are operating in Mexico,” Myrick said. “There is, what I have been told, a very strong presence there of coordination between the two.”

Myrick was speaking to Aaron Klein, host of “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio,” which airs from 7-9 p.m. Eastern on New York’s 77WABC Radio and is also streamed live on the Internet.

“I’m very concerned about the fact that they’ve been in Central America and South America for so long – we all know that, that’s a recognized fact – and our border is not secure,” Myrick continued. “We do not know who is in this country, and I really believe because of what is happening, because of the growing presence of Iran, their influence in those areas – and it is a growing presence – that there is just an opportunity for them, with our weak border that we have, to come into our country.”

Myrick explained that she has been asking the Obama administration for years to expand its drug and border investigations to include activities of terrorists funneling through, “but there just hasn’t been any movement whatsoever to get this done.”

Klein asked Myrick why the Obama hasn’t moved the Department of Homeland Security to action.

“I have no idea,” she answered, “[but] one of these days we’re going to wake up with a very big surprise.”

Klein further pressed his guest about Iran’s nuclear aspirations and the possibility that having surrogate Hezbollah agents crossing the U.S.-Mexican border could bring the worst of Islamic terror to the U.S.

“A lot of people think the Iranian threat is thousands of miles away – it’s all about Israel, it’s all about the Middle East, it doesn’t affect the United States,” Klein said. “Yes it does! They could give nuclear capability to Hezbollah, and then we’re talking about suitcase nukes, EMP threat, who knows?”

Myrick confirmed both she and her contacts in the Drug Enforcement Administration are “very concerned” about “what have they already brought into the country and where is it and what can they do to cause harm to us, because that’s their intention. It’s no secret. They publicly say that.”

Myrick has sounded the alarm before.

Earlier this year, after an alleged Iranian operative plotted to assassinate a Saudi diplomat in Washington using a hired gun on loan from a Mexican drug cartel, Myrick asserted the DHS was ignoring mounting evidence of a Hezbollah presence in Mexico.

“I don’t have a lot of faith in the Department of Homeland Security,” said Myrick. “They should be looking at these groups in Mexico much more closely.”

DEA Administrator Michele M. Leonhart similarly told Fox News, “The dangerous connection between drug trafficking and terrorism cannot be overstated.”

“Given the evidence available,” Myrick also told Fox, “it only makes sense that DHS should, at the very least, investigate the presence of Hezbollah along our Southern border, regardless of who is in office.”

Klein’s interview with Myrick can be heard below:”

Understand this – the relevant questions aren’t: are they here or not, and are more being smuggled in? THAT ship has sailed. U.S. reps know the truth, and surely Aaron Klein does too. But by the reps positing the contents (of the above article) with a lingering question mark, it allows for some wiggle room. Plausible deniability too.
And that, dear Americans, should worry all of us!!