The “Gay Mafia” ACCELERATES Its Thrust – No Pun Intended – Into Primary Schools! Social Media Deployed As Enforcers. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

BEFORE the following evidentiary trail proceeds – which is both catastrophic and “yucky”  – let it be inordinately clear: If not for the morphing of three main spears, the “Gay Mafia’s” thrust into America in specific and the west at large would be negligible. This indictment is not to be confused with particular behaviors (engaged in by males, females, for that matter, by this, that, or the other) which said individuals of the age of consent indulge in within the private realm. Simply, it is of no relevance to the dangers at hand, nor is it anyone’s (busybody) business. Conflating one with the other is akin to comparing apples and oranges. Nonsensical. Besides, the separation between the private domain vs. the public sphere must, at all times, be respected. Full stop.

Image result for pics of kindergarten teacher transforming boy to girl

AS to the first spear, the initial thrust: It should go without saying, when one’s leadership is morally bankrupt, well, to expect ethical behavior is as likely as receiving a response from another who is whistling in the wind at you. That likely. And while the list of powerful suspects, perverts, if you will, can fill more than one football stadium, suffice to state that the following (smidgen-based) reports are associated with that which encompasses the diddling of children.


NOW, if your head isn’t ready to explode, let’s veer to spear two; the pedagogical front-arm for the twisted, evil politicians, as well as their equally disturbed, albeit, wealthy patrons.


  • Ask yourselves: In your most feverish nightmares – other than an appearance by the so-called bogeyman – who would have dreamed that parents would be subjected to intimidation by teachers and administrators, all for the “crime” of expressing concern about their children being indoctrinated into an LGBT lifestyle? Has the west gone (collectively) mad? Or, has the boring-in of yesteryear’s radicals borne fruit? Wait and see.

6-year-old School Pupils Write Gay Love Letters to Learn to ‘Accept Diversity’

Primary Schools Told to ‘Celebrate’ Transgender People, Block Complaints Which ‘Interfere’ With…

Primary schools should stock books which “celebrate” transgender people, states Government-backed guidance aimed at fighting prejudice.

Teacher Warns Children Being ‘Groomed’ into Changing Gender by Older Peers | Breitbart

Vulnerable and autistic pupils are being ‘groomed’ into believing they are transgender, a whistleblower education veteran has said.

WHICH brings us to spear three, the one that acts/serves as a dual-front; part cheerleader and part silencer – the media!


THE leftist captured media – with social media in tandem – deploys a myriad of methods to denigrate (and blacklist/censor) all those who disagree with the “Gay Mafia’s” thrust into every sphere imaginable – even when kiddies as young as the nursery set are in the cross-hairs. On the other hand, they remain stone-cold silent when leftist comrades are caught diddling the kiddies! No kidding. And, for the record, this has been ongoing for decades. As Sohrab  Ahmari cogently analyzed in “How the Radicals Became the Technocrats“, it is nothing new under the sun that many who hold powerful political (non-politicians alike) positions have engaged in conduct which would have led “lesser mortals” straight into lengthy jail sentences.

JUST consider the following excerpts from Ahmari’s article as an underlying basis:

EVEN so, this site has been in the forefront of the insidious thrust, with the understanding that capturing the hearts, minds, and the bodies, yes, the bodies, of the kiddies is a central component to destroying America – western civilization in toto.

Image result for pics of obama and reggie love

  • In this respect, a core question arises: To what end? Well, as in most areas of import, there is an end-goal – that which may, or may not, have multiple layers. In this hyper-charged, gender morphing, at times, pedophilia-laced arena, it is best expressed through a lesbian activist and journalist, that is, when she spilled the beans, so to speak.

Even knowing that there are radicals in all movements, doesn’t  lessen the startling admission recently by lesbian journalist Masha Gessen. On a radio show she actually admits that homosexual activists are lying about their radical political agenda.  She says that they don’t want to access the institution of marriage; they want to radically redefine and eventually eliminate it. Here is what she recently said on a radio interview:

“It’s a no-brainer that (homosexual activists) should have the right to marry, but I also think equally that it’s a no-brainer that the institution of marriage should not exist. …(F)ighting for gay marriage generally involves lying about what we are going to do with marriage when we get there — because we lie that the institution of marriage is not going to change, and that is a lie. The institution of marriage is going to change, and it should change. And again, I don’t think it should exist. And I don’t like taking part in creating fictions about my life. That’s sort of not what I had in mind when I came out thirty years ago. I have three kids who have five parents, more or less, and I don’t see why they shouldn’t have five parents legally… I met my new partner, and she had just had a baby, and that baby’s biological father is my brother, and my daughter’s biological father is a man who lives in Russia, and my adopted son also considers him his father. So the five parents break down into two groups of three… And really, I would like to live in a legal system that is capable of reflecting that reality, and I don’t think that’s compatible with the institution of marriage.”

Continue the revelations here.
  • In fact, as per the aforementioned multiplicity of layers and attendant blow-back, HUSSEIN’s DOJ discussed ways in which to legally “kosher” pedophilia and bestiality! Did you know that? More than a slippery slope….
  • But there’s added heartburn, if you can withstand it. Take an educational peek here; a boy/girl scout troll here; condoms alike at 4-H clubs too, view here, and ad nauseum.
ALAS, if 1 + 1 still = 2, it is no wonder that the underlying thesis of this investigative journalist’s analysis (April 2013) within “Bringing Down America: A Review” (at American Thinker) still holds up, despite any darts thrown at it.
EFFECTIVELY, to bring down America (the leading nation of the free world, the most powerful on the face of the earth) necessitates crippling its core institutions – of which the traditional family, via its ethical and moral values, shore up. To said (destructive) end, it requires capturing the hearts, minds, and sexual (traditional) norms of the kiddies ala the most indoctrinating forces, bar none – in collaboration with political, educational, cultural, legal, and, of course, media megaphones. Questions, anyone?
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Canada’s (Unprotected) Jihadi Frontier: A Clear & Present Danger To America – Upped Via Trudeau’s Embrace Of Islam! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

US border control agents stand in formation during a show of force as Central American migrants mass on the other side of the frontier (AFP Photo/Guillermo Arias)

STIPULATED, America’s southern border is a veritable powder keg. Realistically, it is hyper-poised to explode and implode. In fact, there has yet to be a more invasive threat to the nation’s security and sovereignty, that is, if law and order is still considered to be a sine qua non barometer to ensure America’s freedom-based underpinnings.

REPORTER: “Mr. President, any idea that the military may use lethal force against the migrants?”
TRUMP: “If they have to, they have to use lethal force. I hope they don’t have to, but you’re dealing with a minimum of 500 serious criminals. So I’m not going to let the military be taken advantage of. I have no choice. Do I want that to happen? Absolutely not, but you’re dealing with rough people. You ask the people in Tijuana, Mexico, they opened up with wide arms, just come in, come in. Let me help you. Let us take care of you. Within two days, now they’re going crazy to get them out. They want them out. Because things are happening. Bad things are happening in Tijuana. Again, it’s not in this country because we closed it up. Actually, two days ago, we closed the border. We actually just closed it. We say nobody is coming in because it was out of control. You take a look at Tijuana, Mexico. You see what’s happening there. It’s really a bad situation.”
REPORTER: “What do you mean you closed the border and nobody is coming in?”
TRUMP: “If we find that it’s uncontrollable, Josh, if we find that it’s — it gets to a level where we are going to lose control or where people are going to start getting hurt, we will close entry into the country for a period of time until we can get it under control. The whole border. I mean the whole border. Mexico will not be able to sell their cars into the united States where they make so many at great benefit to them. Not a great benefit to us, by the way. But at least now we have a good new trade deal with Mexico and with Canada. But we will close the border. And that means Mexico is not going to be able to sell their cars into the United States until it’s open. But we’re going to either have a border or we’re not. When they lose control of the border on the Mexico side, we just close the border. We have a very powerful border. We built a very strong border in a very short period of time and the military has been fantastic, the job they have done. By the way, border patrol and I.C.E., all of the law enforcement we have involved, and we have local law enforcement, too. They have done an incredible job. And they have wanted this for you know, I’m the first president who’s done to this extent, but they wanted this for years. And some of the presidents, I guess they didn’t care or they wanted open borders. I don’t think they wanted open borders because most of them, if you go back to 2006, they all approved essentially a wall. A very powerful fence, which is pretty much the same thing. But in 2006, if you look, Obama, you look at Hillary Clinton, you look at Schumer, all of the people that are standing up protesting, they think it’s good for them politically. See, I think it’s bad for them politically. I think the fact that they’re weak on the border is very, very bad for them politically. But you know, I have only been a politician for three years so maybe they know better than me.”

IN light of the above (and so much more), it is manifestly clear that today’s precipitous dangers stem from a decades-long illegal invasion; an inevitable knock-on effect. As such, patriots are well advised to internalize the following idiom’s underlying import, that is, to be able to “walk and chew gum at the same time.” The point being, though imperative to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with those who shore up the southern front, patriots can’t afford to lose sight of the increasingly dangerous Jihadi threat from the northern front, Canada. Emphasis added.

MIND you, while this Jihadi expert is, at times, painted with varying not so flattering descriptors (akin to water off a duck’s back), being compared to a Johnny-come-lately is not one of them. For good reason.

IN this regard, Canada’s Islamist threat has been exposed at this site through numerous exposes’. In tandem, the absolute part played by “pretty boy” Trudeau – an unabashed socialist/Marxist, and lover of Islam – is, unreservedly, a centerpiece. 

WITH this charge sheet on full display, and with the expectation that it will circle the internet like a house on fire, let’s recap.


RESULTANT, under said warm embrace, a triumphant reception was given to well-known Islamist academic in Canada; Tariq Ramadan, a westernized wolf in sheep’s clothing! Yes, he is the all-star grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia, Hassan al-Banna!!

ALAS, it should hardly be shocking, surprising, nor even “news” to read the following threat analysis on November 16, 2018 – indeed, by highly qualified, non-partisan terror experts. Incontestably, take this site’s professional assessment to the bank re their bull’s-eye assessment.

The border between the United States and Canada is thousands of miles long, and is undefended – reportedly the longest undefended border in the world.

There’s even a garden, the International Peace Garden, on the border to mark the fact that there hasn’t been a need for security there. Summertime concerts are held there, with French horns and trombones played by high school kids in Canada, while the flutes and clarinets are in the U.S.

The band director has one foot in each nation.

But, says a report in, “there is now.”

That need for security.


DESPITE all of the evidentiary trails, it is entirely predictable that those in positions of authority – who remain profoundly deaf, dumb, and blind to the threats poised at the southern front – will also elicit shock….shock….and more shock, not if, but when Canada’s (pampered) Jihadis make their way into the U.S., and join up with Mohammedans in the U.S. and explode. After all, entry from friendly, so-called liberal-based Canada is easy peasy. 

WHICH begs the question: when will it become apparent to the rest – a preponderance of American citizens and westerners at large who value the nation-state above the “global village” ala globalists – that it is unsustainable to allow (elected) foxes in the hen-house, so to speak, who tolerate the intolerable?

BY extrapolation, patriots should be ready to smack them down, especially, when they deploy verbal jujitsu; the likes of which should make a whore blush. More specifically, they should be aware of the many bugaboos that are thrown around like sharpened darts; namely, those which fallaciously conflate patriotism and love for ones’s nation-state with yesteryear’s nationalism. How so? By attaching patriotism to the horrors of Hitler and assorted genocidal regimes, thusly, it too becomes “evil” on its face. Hmm.

NOT only that, historically, said mass murdering machines were executed by the fascist-left ala national socialism via political violence – that which is eerily similar to the tactics deployed by (read: ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, and like-minded thuggish, domestic terror groups within the red-green alliance) today’s anti-American, open borders organizing fronts. History repeats.

SIMPLY, “the more things change, the more they stay the same… ça change, plus c’est la même chose” – attributed to Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr –  is as true today as it was yesteryear.

TO wit, since knowledge IS power, patriots are urgently advised to internalize Jonah Goldberg’s clear and convincing analysis within “Socialism Is So HOT Right Now“. Its basis is replete with  key “explanations for the enduring power of very bad ideas.” Not only will being armed with an arsenal of truths aid in deconstructing lie after lie, but will enable “walking and chewing gum at the same time” –  hopefully, with eyes and ears peeled towards both of the nation’s perilous fronts, southern and northern.

MOST significantly, a border-less nation is NO longer a nation. Herein lies the crux. 


  {YES, pictures are worth way more than thousands of words! Agreed?}Image result for pics of justin trudeau and islam

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California’s Wildfires Lend Fuel To “Climate Change” Hucksters, Yet, Miss The Real Targets: Fire Jihad + Environmental Extremists, Stupid! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

AS should be expected, when one “can’t see the forest for the trees”, well, most understand that smoldering infernos are nearby and priming to erupt. After all, it is a natural and predictable result of benign neglect, or criminal malfesance. Pick your poison. Sheesh.

FOR heaven’s sake, even the so-called enlightened and self-benighted set should know this is the verily truth – unlike their oft-rehashed smoke and mirror shows. Besides, countless lives hang in the balance, therefore, the non-craven must never give them any leeway to call the (PC) shots.

IN this respect, if one’s (mental) field of vision remains cloud-free from ideological blinders, resultant, certain truths are better positioned to come to the forefront.

  • As such, the above is where a main pillar of faith enters the scenario; the fixation on “global warming”, a/k/a “climate change”, as a go-to causal factor. To wit, its knock-on effect wields a devastating blow to all who, literally, are in the line of fire. Tragic. Similarly, even though adherence to said “theology-like” belief serves as a popular PR move, the fact remains that it has been relegated to junk science status, despite incalculable losses to life and property to boot.
  • Unsurprisingly, it is via strangleholds within the hierarchy responsible for effective management and concomitant maintenance of the nation’s forests and related matters – to mitigate the damages to life and property – that the fascist-left holds sway. More specifically, said obstructionists operate alongside powerful environmental lobbyists and the legislators and bureaucrats who crave their support. In reality, environmental extremists – terrorists, if you will – have set the (fiery) stage, be it by accident or design. Besides, it matters not a whit what their motivations are, since the catastrophic results elicit the same devastating outcome – untold death and destruction.
  • Which brings all of the above man-made carnage (again, piggybacked to the aforementioned junk science, and, mind you, totally unrelated to wildfires that are entirely natural) straight into the explosive path of what is known as “fire jihad

SO, now that that is laid bare, let’s cut to the chase and open up the discussion to some more sober truth-telling, regardless of all the blow-back from the ever-lurking PC speech-minders.

ALAS, in no uncertain terms, Islamic Jihadists, a/k/a Mohammedans, are highly adept at exploiting western weaknesses, that is, their obsessive fixation on multiculturalism and the fear of criticizing anything related to Islam. Top dog. Sacrosanct. Resultant, a “perfect” (fiery) storm has been gift wrapped for them ala millions upon millions of “infidel” forestry – ready….set….go….to blow!!

EVEN so, as always, it is mandatory to shore up the trail through highlighted evidentiary recaps, onerous as it is.


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Register Now For Shurat HaDin’s "Eyes Only" Conference in NYC!

Image result for pics of haifa fires in 2016

{Israel fires: Netanyahu vows punishment for ‘arson terrorism’ – Nov. 25, 2016… was a mega torching, among a long list of fatwa-driven destruction by “fire jihad!”}

ALL of which, without a doubt, is directly linked to California’s deadliest wildfire, bar none. Still yet, never forget this uncomfortable truth: Israel is the targeted laboratory where Jihadi terrorism is perfected and weaponized. Nevertheless, in due course, its deadly effects are exported to America in specific and the west in general. 

One of the many media groups supporting ISIS operations online claimed that the deadly wildfires in northern and southern California are retribution for coalition bombings in Syria.

The image circulated online by Al-Ansar Media uses a photo of a burning building and misspells the state “kalifornia.”

“O america, This is the punishment of bombing Muslims in Syria,” states the text. “This is Allah’s punishment for you. And in shaa Allah, you will see more fires. Praise be to Allah.”

The Camp Fire in Butte County, north of Sacramento in California’s Gold Rush country, has claimed the lives of at least 48 people, according to Cal Fire incident stats today. The blaze, which started Thursday, has destroyed 7,600 residences and 260 commercial buildings, making it the most destructive fire in the state’s history as it ripped through Paradise, Calif., at a speed of 80 acres per minute. It was 35 percent contained today at 130,000 acres. The cause is still under investigation.

The Woolsey Fire has torched 97,620 acres in Ventura and Los Angeles counties after starting on Thursday, and was 47 percent contained today. The blaze resulted in the evacuation of Malibu, reaching the Pacific Coast Highway. There have been two fatalities and 483 structures destroyed including several celebrities’ homes. The cause of this blaze is also still under investigation.

ISIS has not officially taken responsibility for either of the fires. The terror group has previously suggested both wildland and commercial or residential arson as an attack tactic.

This time last year, as several wind-whipped blazes ravaged California, ISIS highlighted the ferocity and toll of the wildfires in multiple issues of their al-Nabanewsletter, which usually focuses on news from around ISIS’ occupied territories and conflict zones.

In January 2017, ISIS’ Rumiyah magazine — which was published in multiple languages including English yet is no longer produced by the terror group — stressed to would-be jihadists that “incendiary attacks have played a significant role in modern and guerrilla warfare, as well as in ‘lone wolf’ terrorism,” claiming a November fire at a furniture factory in Losino-Petrovsky, Russia, and highlighting scores of wildfires around Israel that month as incidents that “demonstrated the lethality of such an effortless operation.”

The Woolsey Fire has torched 97,620 acres in Ventura and Los Angeles counties after starting on Thursday, and was 47 percent contained today. The blaze resulted in the evacuation of Malibu, reaching the Pacific Coast Highway. There have been two fatalities and 483 structures destroyed including several celebrities’ homes. The cause of this blaze is also still under investigation.

ISIS has not officially taken responsibility for either of the fires. The terror group has previously suggested both wildland and commercial or residential arson as an attack tactic.

This time last year, as several wind-whipped blazes ravaged California, ISIS highlighted the ferocity and toll of the wildfires in multiple issues of their al-Naba newsletter, which usually focuses on news from around ISIS’ occupied territories and conflict zones.

In January 2017, ISIS’ Rumiyah magazine — which was published in multiple languages including English yet is no longer produced by the terror group — stressed to would-be jihadists that “incendiary attacks have played a significant role in modern and guerrilla warfare, as well as in ‘lone wolf’ terrorism,” claiming a November fire at a furniture factory in Losino-Petrovsky, Russia, and highlighting scores of wildfires around Israel that month as incidents that “demonstrated the lethality of such an effortless operation.”

KNOW this too, and take it to the (mental) bank: anyone who believes that ISIS and their assorted Jihadi accomplices (or another hydra thereof, it makes no diff) is blowing smoking and is full of hot air (irrespective of whether they decide to take claim for this and that specific operation) has rocks for brains. Yes, their soldiers for Allah live (and die) to wage Jihad – whether “fire jihad”, or via another weapon of mass destruction directed towards infidels and their land, Dar al-Harb. 


It Has Been Stated Most Explicitly In The Koran… Fight Those Who Interfere With Establishing the Rule Of Allah; ‘Today, In Every Part of the World, Muslims are Being Forced to Wage Jihad in Their Own Defense

  1. “Muhammad… Said That a Person Who Dies Not Having Waged Jihad, Or Never Having Wished In His Heart to Participate in Jihad, Is Like One Who Died In a State Of Hypocrisy”
  2. “A Jihadi is Nameless; He Never Fights for His Fame… Hundreds of Thousands of the ‘Companions of the Prophet’ Sacrificed Their Lives in the Path of Allah’
  3. Qari Mansoor Ahmad: “Jihad is Essentially One of the Greatest Orders of Allah, and It Is Extremely Necessary for Safeguarding Islam And Its Very Existence”
  4. “One Thing Should Be Clear to All of Us: The Law of Allah Should Be Followed in This World, and the Muslims Are Responsible for Its Implementation… It Has Been Stated Most Explicitly In the Koran… Fight Those Who Interfere With Establishing the Rule Of Allah”
  5. Mohammad Hanif Tayyab: “And By the Grace of Allah, It [Islam] Has Spread with Speed Despite All Obstacles; Today, In Every Part of the World, Muslims Are Being Forced to Wage Jihad in Their Own Defense”
  6. “All Three Of Us Have Maintained That Jihad Stands for the Glory of Religion [Islam]; It Does Not Stand For the Glory of America; Jihad Would Be for the Glory of Islam”

AS is said, forewarned is forearmed!

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The Transformation of America, The Puppeteers: The Red-Green Alliance – The Nexus To Today’s “Socialist States of America”, A Nation Divided. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

IN order to fully comprehend and internalize the horrifying, yet, seemingly inexplicable dynamics behind the unassailable metamorphosis of America, it is imperative to become familiar with the core goal of the puppet-masters – as they grasp the nation’s (collective) throat into a final choke-hold. Sans a scintilla of a doubt, their absolute fealty to the red-green alliance is the overarching impetus behind the nexus thereof. Resultant, one side acts as a force multiplier for the other. Full-throated.

IN this respect, and before we delve any further, the foundational groundwork for the national transformation into the “Socialist States of America” must be laid bare, as well as made inordinately clear: it was uber elitist Woodrow Wilson, the 28th President of the United States, who initiated the Executive train – straight into the ever-lurking arms of socialists/Marxists/communists! Indeed, a betrayal of monumental proportions. Incontestably, it was a treasonous violation, for he (alongside too many others, in the intervening decades) swore to uphold the Constitution! 

AS excerpted:

  • Along this Orwellian pathway, let’s take a gut check through a historical look-back. Long before Common Core became a nightmarish reality, the plot was hatched – decades ago, to co-opt public education. Based upon socialist models of government control, America’s fascist-left mirrored their march straight from Marx’s Communist Manifesto! In fact, it all began during Woodrow Wilson’s Presidency, yes, the “godfather of American progressivism.” Simply, his plan (with like-minded surrogates) was to prolong World War 1, to such time that societal upheaval was at maximum chaos. In turn, a “reorganization” and “reorientation” of American life – away from its founding roots – would swoop into place. Savior-like. Moreover, in the forefront, said turmoil (and attendant “mop-up”) was planned in concert with the Carnegie, Rockefeller, and Guggenheim Foundations, but with others in tow. Guess what? Some of these evil, twisted bastards helped Nazi socialists perpetrate the Holocaust, and supported eugenics too! Indeed, this is all part of the historical record. Know thy history well. And speaking of history, Guggenheim Fellowships were (and still are) mandated to produce the next generation of historians, that is, of the revisionist kind! It was through the (mis)educational march that American history was deconstructed, and, with it, western civilization in toto.

Wilson: The Declaration Of Independence Is Irrelevant….

AS to how America came from there to the “here and now”, patriots must continue reading for educational purposes, that which will lead to mental clarification. Said insights will exert the necessary knock-on effects, thus, paving the way for MASSIVE push-back via counter-actions. Know this: one must understand their “ends justifies the means” philosophy (twisted, as it is) to not only know how to plan effective counter-measures, but to be able, in the first place, to anticipate their methods of operation. Simple as that. Evil.

Image result for pics of sun tzu the art of war

YES, Sun Tzu, in The Art of War, laid it all out. Indubitably, he was the most brilliant military strategist of all time. And, this IS war! There is no time to lose.

Image result for pics of liars

STILL yet, before we segue to the puppeteers, it is equally intrinsic to hold to account the mainstream media, a/k/a the “fourth estate“, their accomplices – without which the treacherous alliance would be hard-pressed to indoctrinate an under-informed and confused public. To be sure, other suspects include left-wing academia, fellow travelers in the legal arena, and assorted so-called apolitical NGO’s and not-for-profit “watchdogs.” As if. Read: SPLC.

CONSEQUENTIALLY, if integrity and honesty still count for anything, well, the aforementioned should be regarded as no more reliable than a two-dollar whore – if even that. Self explanatory.

BACK to the main culprits….the transformers….the betrayers….the puppeteers!

AS cited, it was Woodrow Wilson who “koshered” the entry of “progressive socialism” into the political sphere, albeit, in incremental (educational) stages. However, it was with the stealth, yes, stealth entry of Barack HUSSEIN Obama (through the world-wide tentacled reach of Soros‘s mega-funded front groups) that decades-long boring from within became a foreseeable reality. Not only that, his ascension to the Presidency became a coup de grâce for the cementing of Islamism (via Sharia Law) and, to be exact, its coupling with Leninism. This is not a fairy tale, nor an “alt-right” conspiracy theory. But it IS a conspiracy against the millions of patriots who live in the United States of America.

IN fact, this site proved – time and again – that Barack HUSSEIN Obama is deeply in bed with his red roots from his childhood ala his maternal side – specifically, via the mentor-ship of his late “uncle”, Frank Marshall Davis, a card-carrying communist. Inextricably, he swings both ways – and this is aside from the sexual realm! 


As per his Sunni roots, they are courtesy of his patria familia. But make no mistake: his fealty to the Sunni side in no way obviates his allegiance to the Shia side. Read: “House of Bribes: How The United States Led The Way To A Nuclear Iran.” But (mentally) prepare to find out how far and deep the betrayal(s) are – and they are going from strength to strength!

ALL of which is deeply tied into the chaos which is enveloping America, in reality, driving the nation to the breaking point. The precipice. As stated, the bricks were laid decades ago.

MOST acutely, patriots shouldn’t waste precious time, wondering: how is it that avowed Islamists (akin to the likes of Muslim Brotherhood darling, Linda Sarsour) can wrap their arms around those who embrace the “god” of secularism and the Gay Mafia’s agenda, overall, the tenets of socialism/Marxism/communism, at the same time that they adhere to Sharia Law above all else – that which is diametrically opposed to liberal democracy, and in contravention of the “Sharia States of America“?

WELL, when it comes to their unremitting hatred of America, as the old saw goes: “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Trust, the broken pieces will be sorted out – akin to the spoils of war – that is, when America is ripped apart.

MIND you, Mohammedans are so invested in aligning with socialists/Marxists/communists who are on the march and rising in America, enraging as it is, it is a sight to behold. Just peer within the links, most especially, at Sarsour’s dog and pony show. To a tee, she utilizes the all-important tenet of Islamic taqiyya, as an adaptive method for the “home-boy/home-girl” persona, proving, that Mohammedans are like-minded comrades-in-arms.

AT least they are – for the time being. 

Image result for pics of transformation of america

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Islamic Blasphemy Laws & The Silencing of Free Speech (By The Red-Green Axis): The Parallels. The Dangers – Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

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AS always, underlying the symbiotic nexus between Islamists and the fascist-left is zero-tolerance for those who dare to defy their dictates – totalitarian-like, it is their way…or else!! Said truth is revealed through an ever-increasing level of threats and concomitant violence. 

CONSIDER: Throughout the run-up to the 2018 mid-term elections, Linda Sarsour, the Muslim Mafia chick from the Brooklyn ‘hood (btw, she threatened Jihad against Trump and his supporters, while cloaking herself in the American flag), has been warning Americans neither to defy Islam’s march on the nation, nor refuse to hue to socialist policies, otherwise, they will suffer the consequences – whatever they may be. Pray tell, what could a vociferous, well-connected – to the highest levels of the Brotherhood Mafia and leftist power circles – Islamist mean by that?? It’s a more than fair question.    

ALL of which binds the linkage between Islam’s Blasphemy laws to the fascist-left’s hammer blows against free speech. Full circle.

EFFECTIVELY, when Americans in specific and westerners in general are unable to criticize “prophet” Mohammed – or, for that matter, the underpinnings of Islam, that is, Sharia Law – well, how is that not censorship of free speech? In reality, just think back to the murderous Jihad plotted against Pamela Geller (and too many others) in 2015, for the “crime” of sponsoring a cartoon contest of Mohammed! Trenchantly, did you ever dare to think that such anti-freedom outrages would befall America, the heretofore land of the free and the home of the brave? Not only that, did you know that Eric Holder, HUSSEIN Obama’s (legal) henchman, stealthfully, attempted to introduce Blasphemy laws into the American legal system? If not, now you do. Is that not an absolute violation of the Constitution’s underpinnings? 

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IN this regard, and in a deliberate and assiduous manner, America’s fascist-left alike are laser-focused towards silencing free speech. This is no longer up for debate. As it stands, their tactics run the gamut. But most dangerously and ominously, violence through tactics of intimidation is their go-to modus operandi. Inexorably, the very fact that the domestic terror group, the “New Black Panthers” (part and parcel of Black Lives Matter), is confident and brazen enough to insert themselves – by the barrel of a gun, no less – into the Gubernatorial campaign for Georgia’s far left candidate, Stacey Abrams (mind you, as they did during HUSSEIN Obama’s campaigns), attests to the stepped-up dangers at bay via the “normalization” of junta-like violence. 

INDISPUTABLY, the proofs are beyond manifest. They can be evidenced here, here, here, here, and so on and so forth. 

RESULTANT, as the mid-term elections come to a head, few should be shocked….shocked….that “handsy, creepy uncle” Joe Biden is threatening violence, if Demsters fail to impose their will. Yes, major elected and non-elected officials are cheering him on. Mind you, the aforementioned are in league with Hussein Obama – you know,”if they bring a knife to a fight, you should bring a gun” violent rhetoric. Still, if you can withstand it, just imagine the captured media‘s 24/7 cycle of hateful, venomous coverage, that is, if Trump had issued such a violent threat. Hmm. Double standard, anyone?

With the critical midterm elections taking place on Tuesday, it appears Democrats are starting to panic.

In recent weeks, Democrats and many in the mainstream media have largely blamed President Donald Trump’s “rhetoric” for incivility across the country. Yet, several prominent Democrats have made incendiary — and sometimes violent — comments about their Republican counterparts.

On Wednesday, New York Democratic candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sent out a bizarre email demanding Democrats “push back” against Republicans and Trump, who she referred to as “cold-hearted monsters.”

In a very lengthy email, the self-described socialist vowed to protect voters from “white supremacist forces” that she claims are terrorizing Americans under Trump.

“Six days from now, we can defeat the brutal white supremacist forces of anti-Semitism, anti-immigrant nativism, and racism. We can hold accountable the cold-hearted monsters who have repeatedly attacked our health care,” the email stated.

“We can send a message to the bigots and billionaires that this country belongs to all of us. We can win if we show up on November 6. We must end Republican control of Congress and begin to reclaim our nation,” it added.

Later in the email, Ocasio-Cortez argued it’s time to push back against white supremacists, bigots, and Islamophobes, which could be a reference to Trump.

“Our chance to push back against white supremacist forces across our nation, against the xenophobes who are militarizing the border, against the bigots who seek to erase our transgender families, against the apologists for sexual assault and the Islamophobes who sow hate to divide us,” the email stated.

Ocasio-Cortez sending out arguably one of the most bizarre political emails ever comes as several other prominent Democrats have made controversial comments.

On Thursday, former Vice President Joe Biden suggested during a campaign rally that a union boss should beat up a GOP lawmaker.

While stumping for struggling Democratic Sen. Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, Biden appeared to encourage a union president to use physical violence against GOP Rep. Kevin Cramer.

EVEN so, per more proof of the same (silencing) nexus: although the FBI just arrested another ! Mohammedan (this time, Ahmad Suhad Ahmad in Tucson, Arizona) for teaching fellow Islamists to build car bombs, alas, Americans /westerners are “encouraged” (by Islamists and their fascist-left counterparts/apologists) to stay mute, regarding the direct linkage between the violent underpinnings of Islam to Jihad. After all, that would be Islamophobic!

SIMILARLY, those who disagree with the fascist-left about anything, namely, their refusal to toe the Gay Mafia’s agenda, or, more broadly, eschew the socialist-Marxist ideology – heaven forfend, if they “cling” to their Constitutional right to (legally)  bear arms – hell hath no fury like a fascist-leftist scorned!

INDEED, this is war – like it or not. Inevitably, their goal is to “Bring Down America“, as yours truly analyzed at American Thinker in April 2013. Deal with it.

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