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I am an investigative journalist and independent op-ed contributor to various Zionist and Conservative media outlets. I contributed to an in-depth investigative series at FrontPage Magazine with Lee Kaplan from 2003-2007. We are still working together . Go to the 5:59 timeline at -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lwBAv7f1Vg…here as well - http://www.presstv.ir/Program/320411.html - to listen to him address the current situation in Syria. He is a world class expert on the ISM (International Solidarity Movement), and he utilized my foundation in forensics and investigative journalism to “follow the jihadist money.” Unfathomably, the ISM was able to accomplish the above money laundering, courtesy of their IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. Specifically, my name appears at the end of the expose’, ‘Does The Pro-Terror Left Violate U.S. Tax Laws’? My op-eds have been featured at American Thinker, Israel National News, Israel Insider, The Jewish Press, MidEast Outpost, The Freeman Center For Strategic Studies, HONENU – Providing Legal Aid To Israeli Soldiers & Civilians In Distress, JEWSNEWS.co.il (https://adinakutnicki.com/2012/11/10/why-is-drunk-driving-treated-more-leniently-than-assault-with-a-deadly-weapon-op-ed-by-adina-kutnicki-featured-at-jewsnews-co-il/) as well as at other sites. My writings also appear in print media. Highlighted interviews: 'The Inquisitr Interviews Adina Kutnicki: The Reality Of Life For An Israeli Patriot.' It is piggybacked with a second interview ‘The Muslim Brotherhood’s Quest For Global Dominance – An Interview With Adina Kutnicki.’ A recent book review On A Wing From The Holy Land [Review Of An Exciting New Novel About The Spiritual Journey Of An Israeli Woman] was also spotlighted at Inquisitr. This blog received a ‘Watcher of Weasels’ Award - see within – scroll down to ‘Non-Council’ winners. In addition, I am honored to be a part of a very important team effort, as we attempt to beat back against the scourge of Islam at Islam Exposed Online. I am its Israel Administrator. My part can be found herein, at Ask the Expert with Paul “Dave” Gaubatz and throughout the website. News highlights include: from Dave Gaubatz’s newsletter/blog, dated March 31,2014 – ‘The FBI Are Wimps On The War On Islamic Terrorism’ - “I have uncovered thousands of Islamic materials advocating the Muslim community to engage in Jihad. This can be with the tongue, pen, or sword. If you aren’t able to contribute this way, then one has an obligation to help finance the efforts of Jihadist’s. Why then does the FBI not go after the Islamic leaders? Well let’s see: Saudi influence, liberal media influence, and of course the Islamic supporting Obama administration…… What type leaders do we need if we were to even have a chance at defeating Islamic terrorism in America? We need more Megan Kelly’s, Jack Ellison’s, Roy White’s, John Kuchta’s, Adina Kutnicki’s, Brenda and Roger Homefield’s, and fewer journalistic wimps such as O’Reilly.” And BY DANA DiFILIPPO, Daily News Staff Writer: “But this backlash was especially intense: Some who claim CAIR is a terrorist-friendly group see Bender’s employment there as a treasonous public-relations ploy. It is obligatory to out the traitors in our midst,” conservative Zionist blogger Adina Kutnicki wrote of Bender. “This . . . is a matter of Jews aiding and abetting those who seek nothing less than Israel’s destruction, and by definition, the murder of half of world Jewry.” I also assist several Zionist academics with their efforts, chiefly through their policy centers. I am particularly in sync with the policy prescriptions elucidated by Dr. Martin Sherman (his latest tv interview at i.24tv on the “peace process”) and Professor Paul Eidelberg (his latest interview at Inquisitr, ‘Organized Treachery vs. Organized Hypocrisy‘). Therefore, I lend them my insights. My “go to” expert on all matters pertaining to international law, and a country’s right to anticipatory self defense – via preemptive strikes – is none other than Professor Louis Rene Beres of ‘Project Daniel.’ The working group’s original policy paper is found herein. He was Chair of the above strategic nuclear policy paper given to PM Ariel Sharon in 2003 - and subsequently briefed the report to President George W. Bush and to current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu - in relation to Israel’s nuclear strategy in the face of Iran’s pursuit of WMD’s. He is a man of great integrity and humility. Lou, a heartfelt thank you for being my mentor. Favorite quotations Tzedek, tzedek, tirdof…Justice, justice, you shall pursue. צדק צדק תרדוף Mi ha’ashir ha’s’meach b’chelko…The one who is rich is the one who is satisfied with his portion, his lot in life. מי העשיר השמח בחלקו Lao Tzu coined the Chinese axiom – “Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” My beloved husband Frank, z”l (of blessed memory), wise as he was, didn’t know Chinese, but he knew how to raise sons. He understood that instilling self respect and ethical standards, coupled with outstanding education, would allow them to “fish” for life, not only financially, but also morally. The above are life’s most valuable lessons-and gifts-a father can give to his son(s), deeply expressed within a tribute penned on his date of death, his yarzheit. His birthday was duly honored. Born and raised in New York City, I made aliyah (immigrated) to Israel in the summer of 2008. Being fluent in Hebrew allows me to gauge the mood (aka “matzav”) of the country, thus, enabling me to report on core Zionist issues (though in English) with much more accuracy. Most intrinsically (and personally gratifying), I am the mother of two outstanding sons. Both are electrical engineers (MIT & Caltech educated) and proudly serve as IDF reservists. This blog is dedicated in memory of their father; my beloved husband. He is resting, watching over us, on Har HaMenuchot (Mount of Rest) in Jerusalem. A man who believed in justice, loved Israel, was a proud American and especially grateful for the freedoms it gave his parents, after they survived the horrors of Auschwitz. Hopefully, my small effort will enlighten Israelis and Americans (and the west in general) to the dangers posed by our common foes. These dangers are fueled exponentially by the morphing of the Red/Green alliance-radical leftists and Islamic jihadists

Islamic “Refugees”+ Submitting To CAIR’s Demands = U.S. Security Nightmare:The Linkages & Fallout – Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

WHILE leftist-fascists are continuously in an uproar re this and that imaginary “racist” bugaboo (especially, when it comes to Mohammedans – never mind that they do not constitute a race), the fact remains that out-sized dangers await to explode. Yes, their incessant and unhinged agitating serves as a shield and a blindfold type cover.

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MIND you, when the s-hit-storm hits, not one “infidel” will be spared. Categorically, they are more than useful idiots. Traitors.

“Infidels and apostates aren’t like us, they aren’t even human and should be given to ISIS to cut their throats,” say Syrian refugees

Image result for pics of see no evil hear so evil

BE that as it may, let it be shouted from the (virtual) rooftops: Time and again, continuous warnings re impending threats are blared, but countless would rather “see no Islamic evil, hear no Islamic evil, speak no Islamic evil.” Monkey see, monkey do. Suit yourselves.

ATOP it all,  it has become the “norm” to self-censor. Now, aside from the mountain of evidence housed at this site – in tandem with demonstrative knock-on effects from officialdom’s clamp-down on free speech via so-called “hate speech” – clear-eyed readers understand full well that these ears can turn deaf too, albeit, in the polar opposite direction! Thus, highlighting primary exhibits as prima facie evidence of the same – alas, by no means exhaustive in nature – is where it is at, regardless of certain strategies deployed to shut this mouth up.

Image result for pics of isis in america

NOW that the unassailable truths are in plain view, let’s connect up some recent and very tangible dangers vis-à-vis so-called “refugees”; that which clearly prove how the Brotherhood Mafia’s propaganda arm, a/k/a CAIR, is in the forefront – as they submit America to its dictates, creep by creep.

HOW many are aware that strict rules are in place regarding head coverings in venues where security is paramount? If not, time to catch up to speed. The point being, if one is inclined to hide contraband, what better place than under a hat or a hijab? Indeed. 

CONCOMITANTLY, how many are shocked that CAIR jumped into the fray, knowing full well that the City of Atlanta (and elsewhere) does NOT allow prisoners to wear head coverings, including, the non-religious mandated hijab?

CAIR Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper with CAIR Executive Director and founder Nihad Awad

(CAIR Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper with CAIR Executive Director and founder Nihad Awad)

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is a terrorist-front group that is often quoted in the news media as a “civil rights” organization for Muslims.  It is one thing for ignorant reporters to not know about CAIR’s background, but there is no excuse for law enforcement! Our Corruption Chronicles blog has the latest outrage:

Caving into the demands of a terrorist front group, the City of Atlanta Detention Center in Georgia is allowing female Muslim inmates to wear a head scarf (hijab) used as a symbol of modesty in the Islamic dress code. Hats and other head covers are banned in American state and federal prisons for security and safety reasons. Making an exception to this rule to appease followers of one religion sets a dangerous precedent. Besides, the Quran doesn’t require Muslim women to wear a hijab. The cover is optional and those who wear it do so willfully as an act of worship.

Nevertheless, corrections officials at the City of Atlanta Detention Center changed the rules to satisfy the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a co-conspirator in a federal terror-finance case involving the Hamas front group Holy Land Foundation (read more in a Judicial Watch special report that focuses on Muslim charities). CAIR was founded in 1994 by three Middle Eastern extremists (Nihad Awad, Omar Ahmad, Nihad and Rafeeq Jaber) who ran the American propaganda wing of Hamas, known then as the Islamic Association for Palestine. The Obama administration allowed CAIR to transform the way U.S. law enforcement agencies conduct anti-terrorism training by allowing the group to bully agencies at the local, state and federal level to alter counterterrorism training materials determined to be discriminatory against Muslims…..continue reading….

INESTIMABLY, as always, their thrust is two-fold: On the one hand, if a hiding place is needed, well, they got that covered. On the other, by twisting arms through any means possible – chiefly, through lawfare, that is, if public “shaming” doesn’t work – the main goal, submission, is that much closer – and without non-Muslim citizens the wiser. They got that right!

ALL of which brings the danger from so-called “refugees” to the highest alert possible (Mohammedans in toto, be they “refugees”, or home-grown), most especially, if one considers poisoning the food supply a national security threat, as well as contamination through communicable diseases!

Image result for pics of starbucks inviting refugees to work

In an effort to stab President Trump in the back and play politics with their crappy coffee, Starbucks has been on a Muslim refugee hiring frenzy in recent months that has typically backfired. After 10,000 Muslims were given jobs as an act of resistance against Trump’s migrant ban, a watchdog program that performs consumer affairs on popular businesses discovered fecal material in numerous samples of Starbucks coffee. As the coffee giant defiantly moves to hire even more more refugees despite what was just found in their coffee, unfortunately, poop in coffee might be the least of our concerns after what was just discovered in California.

On Tuesday, Starbucks held a hiring event exclusively for Muslim refugees in San Diego, with the coffee franchise proclaiming their intentions to hire more than 10,000 refugees at baristas across the United States over the course of the next 5 years. But unfortunately for the remaining Americans who aren’t scared to sip on possible crap-contaminated coffee, consuming Starbucks could now be fatal.

21.4 percent of Muslim refugees in the San Diego County carry tuberculosis, a disgusting disease that infects the lungs and is easily spread through the air by speaking, coughing, sneezing, or spitting. The location that Starbucks is picking their Muslim workers from is in San Diego County, a place where this highly-contagious disease runs rampant throughout the Muslim migrant community.

Research by a prominent doctor by the name of Timothy Rodwell, who works as a professor and physician in the Division of Global Health at UCSD, warned of the rampant TB after screening Muslim refugees in San Diego. He noted that this leading refugee resettlement site poses the highest rates of active TB in the entire country, where Brietbart reports that an astounding 1/4th of these Muslims have the disease.

Pamela Geller weighed in on the massive threat that these Muslim workers pose to the heath of Americans who will now be sneezing and coughing over steaming hot cups of coffee at Starbucks across America saying, “In other words, the incidence of active TB among the 4,280 refugees who were resettled in San Diego County between January 2010 and October 2012 was 327 per 100,000, more than 100 times greater than the incidence of active TB among the entire population of the United States in 2016.” She went on:

“About four percent of the entire population of the United States tests positive for latent TB infection. Around 10 percent of those with LTBI will develop active TB at some point in their lives. The triggering mechanism to activate latent TB is not entirely understood, but high levels of stress, crowded living situations, poor public health practices, the presence of other diseases that lower the immune system, and behavioral conduct–such as smoking–appear to increase the chances of activation.”

“The 21.4 percent of refugees in the San Diego County study who tested positive for latent TB infection is about five times the national average.”

Breitbart News reached out to Starbucks to inquire if safety measures were being put in place in the form of mandatory testing for latent and active TB in their Muslim workers, but predictably, the liberals running the company have no time to respond to a conservative news site.

KGTV reported:

“About 30 Starbucks managers will conduct on-the-spot interviews at the International Rescue Committee’s office located at 131 E. Main Street in El Cajon from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 8. Applicants are encouraged to visit Starbucks online career center prior to the event and bring resumes along with them. The store managers will talk to the refugee applicants about what it’s like to work for Starbucks and review qualifications for the barista position.”

“The world’s largest coffee chain said it would focus initial efforts on markets where refugee need is greatest and there’s a store base to meet the need.”

“According to state and federal data, San Diego fits the bill.”

“No other California county has received more refugees during the past decade than San Diego county.”

“In 2016, San Diego settled 3,100 refugees, along with 520 military interpreters on special immigrant visas.”

It’s absolutely disgusting that Starbucks would gamble with the lives of millions of Americans in order to make a political statement with their products. But if consumers are willing to ingest Tuberculosis-infected coffee in order to show their solidarity with Muslim migrants, then perhaps the weeding out of the gene pool is something we should celebrate. The less morons running rampant and destroying our country, the better!

Image result for pics of starbucks inviting refugees to work

PATRIOTS, BOYCOTT STARBUCKS! Pay it forward. Besides, your very well-being, and that of your loved ones, depends on doing so.

MOST significantly (and somewhat understandably), even though Stealth Jihad a/k/a Civilization/Cultural Jihad is harder for most to recognize and identify, it is not as if hints…clues…bread crumbs…whatever…are not being given – and from Mohammedans themselves, be they “refugees” or homegrown Jihadis. You got that??

AND this is precisely the arena where CAIR reigns supreme. For the most part, leftist-fascists tug at the “heart-strings” whenever so-called “refugees” are mentioned, thus, reeling in clueless Americans in the deadly process.

YES. more than a national security threat!

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The Last Two Jews of Mogadishu: Living Under Al Shabaab’s Fire – By Nancy Hartevelt Kobrin, Ph.D.: A Review By Adina Kutnicki

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When Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, is brought up to most Americans (and westerners in general), the first image which springs to mind is the hideous spectacle of the bloodied corpse of U.S. Staff Sgt. William David Cleveland being dragged through the streets by supporters of Somali warlord Mohammed Aideed to the ecstatic cheering and jeering from a braying and ululating crowd. Jackal-like.

More specifically, when the subject of Somalia is raised, those of us who toil in the Jihadi muck veer in the direction of the multi-headed Islamic terror hydra Harakat al-Shabaab al-Mujahideen (حركة الشباب المجاهدين) – more commonly known as al-Shabaab, when unspeakable horrors are perpetrated in the region.

Briefly, it was founded in 2006 in East Africa. In 2012, its members pledged allegiance to al-Qaeda. Its ideology is based upon Salafi Jihadism, a/k/a Wahhabism, within Sunni Islam.

Image result

So it is with said backgrounder in mind that Dr. Kobrin’s recently released (January 10, 2018 ) book, The Last Two Jews of Mogadishu (MultiEducator, Inc.), must be read. Internalized.

Under the aforementioned umbrella, westerners are led to believe that Somalia is a 100% Islamic country. Not exactly. Reportedly, 99.8% are Muslim, with the majority adhering to the Sunni branch of Islam. It goes without saying, Sharia Law is the law of the land – with all its barbaric underpinnings. Even so, minorities do exist. Christians comprise less than 0.1%, non-Somali ethnics practice animism, while less than 0.1% are Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, or unaffiliated with any religion.

Unsurprisingly, all is not as it seems – even more so, on the historical front.  As Ben I. Aram writes:

“The history of Christianity is considered to be very brief and as such receives
only cursory mention in many of the books surveying this subject for Africa.
Furthermore the story is often assumed to have begun just over a century ago,
with the advent of modern western mission activity. However, evidence from
three directions sheds light on the pre-Islamic Judaeo-Christian influence:
written records, archeological data and vestiges of Judaeo-Christian
symbolism still extant within both traditional Somali culture and closely
related ethnic groups. Together such data indicates that both Judaism and
Christianity preceded Islam to the lowland Horn of Africa.11”

But not to be lost in the immensely intrinsic discussion about the real status of minorities in Somalia – with “the last two Jews of Mogadishu” in the forefront – Dr. Kobrin, a world-class psychoanalytic expert on suicide terrorism, analyzes its knock-on effects into western society – with a particular emphasis placed on Somalis within America, many of whom continue to pose a grave danger to national security.

Thus, it is against this backdrop of unremitting Islamic fire and fury within Somalia (yes, the bloodletting never wanes, despite the so-called homogeneous nature of the nation’s super-majority Sunni Muslim population) that Dr. Kobrin deftly introduces Rami and his mother Ashira – “the last two Jews of Mogadishu” – to the reader. At the same time, she exposes the region’s cauldron of hell.

Living like anusim (אֲנוּסִים….Jews who have been forced to abandon their faith throughout the centuries), mother and son practice Orthodox Judaism secretly at home, while publicly hiding “in the closet.”

Back in 2007, Dr. Kobrin began a three-year correspondence with nineteen-year-old Rami, a/k/a  “Av M.” As she poignantly describes on page 14: “It is his nickname, short for Avraham and Mordechay, his last name and his father’s name, Shamul Mordechay. The letter “M” was also a play on the name of the city that he loved so much ‒ Mogadishu. However, in his later emails, Avraham shifted to calling himself “Rami,” the more intimate nickname he used, which is a shortened form of “rahamim,” Hebrew for mercy: Avraham – Av [father] + rahamim [mercy]. Hence, I also switched from Av to Rami.”

It was during the period of 2007-2010 that a flurry of emails were exchanged between the two. Infused with harrowing details re al-Shabaab’s rampages and world events, they are juxtaposed against “ordinary” life. Awe-inspiring and heart-rending.The following is emblematic:

To: Nancy/Ayaan
Date: 17 May 2008, 17:00 PM
Shaloooooom Ayaan.
See tahay? maa ficaan tahat, waqt badan maan is maqlin [Som. We haven’t heard
from each other for a long time] ,
Waan iska ficana nahay anaka, wax sas maku hayno, oo aan barwaaqo aheen,:)
[Som. We are fine, we have nothing to report but prosperity] tomorow lesson.
We heard rumors, that some jewish returned to yemen from israel, or my mother
did, when she was in her younger days, but it was just rumor, we didn’t know.
Anyway, we are doing good, I will not write much today, because we have to save
some gas, it has been a little bit hard finding gas now days, like two these days, and u
can not trust the electricty, it of and on. about the food riot, it was terrible, it was
not far from us, but it was scary, some even went in to house, and stole food, i mean only food, noting else, it was very supricing because u expect people to steal some value, but they just stole food.
and another good thing is, the ethiopian soldier, gave some food to poor people in
Mogadishu, the money was from they pay check.
did u hear about this ? and the sad thing is, people were happy, but they were scared
that the shabab will name those who went there, and they they will get punnishment,
meaning assination, so the people who went there, had their face covered, like abaya,
you know abaya?it is the ninja cloths or nikhab?? even the male wore some kind of face cover, because it was dangerous for them to go there without covering their face
It was amazing, we saw it on the news, I think hole Mogadishu stopped that day,
it was all over the tv and radio, some even said, it was somalis who is pretending to
be Ethiopians, many theory and stories.
how was your shabat? our was ok, noting special, just normal. little bit sad about
the chinese earthquake.
talk soon rami

As the reader fasts forward to April 10, 2010, Rami wrote:

To: Nancy/Ayaan
Date: 8 April 2010, 8:01 PM
Salaan Qaali [Som. Greetings Dear].
Ayan my friend how are you?
I’m so happy to write you this email.
We are well. we are in yemen at the moment. In aden.
i will write you a longer email next time.
it is sign from hashem [Hebr. The Name, i.e. G-d], i remembered my secret
question to this email account.
and now i’m in touch with you. again

Worryingly, despite repeated attempts through various channels, Dr. Kobrin never heard from Rami again. The very fact that he treasured the correspondence, promising, “I will write you a longer email next time“, does not bode well.

In the meanwhile, Rami’s bravery should serve as an abiding and shining example to the young, not so young, and those in between. Not only did he (and his mother) demonstrate that Judaism is an eternal light that can never be extinguished, but he “came out” as a Jew through a blog he started in 2007.

Av M
Greetings from Mogadishu: Just wanted to share my energy with the world, a normal
citizen of the world, http://avrahamshanshi.spot.co.il
Av’s Profile
About Me
Sex: Male
Location: Mogadishu, Mogadishu
Introduction: A world citizen just like you
Fields of interest: Political, Jews, Music, tv Yemen, Somalia, teyman culture
Favorite movies: Rambo
Favorite music: Hindi, teyman music, Somali
Favorite books: i don’t think i have a favorite. i have read all my books.
Email at: avraham.mordechay@yahoo.com
A blogger since 2007

(Rami, if you see this – from one Jewish blogger to another – I salute you, and wish you and your mother nothing but safe passage!)

Above all else, The Last Two Jews of Mogadishu (Dr. Kobrin’s fifth book) is an exemplary and distinguished work of scholarship. It is infused with historical accuracy, as opposed to PC revisionism via sanitation. At the same time, the incomparable heroism and abiding faith of Rami and his mother Ashira – “the last two Jews of Mogadishu” – coupled with the humanity of the “good people” of Somalia, permeates its riveting pages.

Im nin’alu daltei n’divim daltei marom lo nin’alu
“Even if there is no mercy left in the world, the doors of heaven
will not be closed”
— Rabbi Shalom ben Yosef Shabazi


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Adina Kutnicki is the co-author of BANNED: How Facebook Enables Militant Islamic Jihad (WND Books, September 2016). Her investigative work concentrates on Islamic Jihad and its western knock-on effects. She blogs at: Adina Kutnicki, A Zionist & Conservative Blog (www.adinakutnicki.com), and is a contributing author to several news sites. She is a consultant to a privately held Homeland Security entity.

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Jihad in “The Sunshine State” Unimpeded: Al-Qaeda/ISIS/MB in the Forefront! How Can This Be? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

ACROSS the U.S., Jihadi activity continues apace. Unmolested. Even so, some states are more “active” than others. Superstars. Such is the case with the Sunshine State, Florida – a veritable hub….terror-nest….worse than a cesspool. It is that bad.

Image result for pics of jihadi cesspool

AS a matter of record, Florida should be considered a “Jihadi playground” – open sesame-like. As always, to catch readers up to speed, a look-back is mandatory for patriots and discerning readers.


  • While many have heard of Sami al-Arian, too few are familiar with his terror bonafides; that which should have caused a football stadium full of law enforcement types to sit up and pay attention to from the get-go. In brief, a legal resident of the U.S. since 1975 – up until his deportation in 2015 – for years, he was the Brotherhood Mafia’s head chieftain for PIJ (Palestinian Islamic Jihad) in the U.S.! His headquarters were in – you guessed it – Florida! To be exact, Tampa U of South Florida was his professorial cover and hub. For the devastating details,Top Islamic Dog, PIJ’s Sami al-Arian, Deported reveals his trail of Jihad. Trial.Terror_arrest_made_in_South_Florida_3232250000_22073758_ver1.0_640_480
  • On the other hand, very few have heard of Harlem Suarez, a/k/a Almlak Benitez – another Florida Jihadi among a laundry list within the state, never mind the rest throughout the nation. Regardless, “ISIS American Jihadi Arrested in Florida” should serve as a wake-up call – or not.
    Image result for omar mateen pics
  • But let’s not forget Florida’s Omar Mateen, you know, the ISIS Jihadi who rocked the U.S. with his massive death toll – killing forty-nine and wounding fifty-three at Orlando’s Pulse Gay Club! So much so, he “earned” a chapter within “Banned: How Facebook Enables Militant Islamic Jihad.” It is entitled, “Jihad In Orlando: Facebook Takes Center Stage.” It is not for nothing.

THE point being, despite the fact that the above is hardly a drop in the (Florida) bucket and elsewhere alike – and that the list is too unwieldy and onerous to cite – still yet, there is one piece of Jihadi information which dare not be overlooked – it is that important to national security!

ENTER, Nabil-el-Shukri! 

OUT of the gate, know that el-Shukri is the scion of one of the most infamous and influential al-Qaeda families, that is, aside from the bin Ladens’! Yes, he is part of Islamic Jihadi royalty. Dynasty.

AND while it is the case that several high-ranking al-Qaeda Commanders of his familial tree have been dispatched to Allah’s hell-hole, “sonny-boy” is charging full-steam ahead – yes, you guessed it, in Florida!

NOW, before an update is provided, know that the “person of interest”, Nabil-el-Shukri, is the “prodigal” son of (deceased) “Sheikh Gulshair” – having been an Imam at (some of) the most dangerous mosques in the U.S. That should tell you something!

MORE specifically, he was assigned to the “Blind Sheikh’s” terror mosque, the Al Farooq (attached to the Al Kifah Refugee Center) on Atlantic Ave. in Brooklyn, NY. As it happened, Gulshair was his main translator in the early 90’s. And if some of this sounds a tad familiar, well, it should. The “Blind Sheikh” planned the 1993 Twin Towers bombing – the “dry run” for 9/11/01!

AS an interesting side-note: Before immigrating to Israel, this Brotherhood Mafia expert had the occasion to “slip in and out” of Al Farooq via this and that contact – and with none the wiser. Mind you, the referenced associate is of Sephardi Jewish descent, whose appearance resembles an Arab much more than a Jew! Not only that, having lived in several Middle Eastern countries, he has their mannerisms and inflections down pat, aside from being completely fluent in Arabic – never mind  Hebrew and English. Let’s just say that when one is a “fly on the wall”, well…..

Image result for pics of Adnan El Shukrijumah

MOVING right along…..

NABIL-el-SHUKRI’s (deceased) older brother, Adnan El Shukrijumah, was a TOP-ranking al-Qaeda Commander! Imagine that.

AND with his “stellar” pedigree at your fingertips, it’s time for the promised (Floridian) update.

WITH the above in the forefront, one needn’t be a so-called “Islamophobe” to urgently inquire: How can it be that U.S. security agencies have not only failed to arrest el-Skukri for his many acts of material support for Jihad – let alone incitement to acts of terror – but are turning blind eyes to his fundraising via GO FUND ME for his terror-tied Tamarac, Florida-based Alazhar School website??

Assalamu Alaikum,

 عَنْ أَبِي هُرَيْرَةَ أَنَّ رَسُولَ اللَّهِ صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ قَالَ إِذَا مَاتَ الْإِنْسَانُ انْقَطَعَ عَنْهُ عَمَلُهُ إِلَّا مِنْ ثَلَاثَةٍ إِلَّا مِنْ صَدَقَةٍ جَارِيَةٍ أَوْ عِلْمٍ يُنْتَفَعُ بِهِ أَوْ وَلَدٍ صَالِحٍ يَدْعُو لَهُ 

Abu Huraira reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “When the human being dies, his deeds come to an end except for three: ongoing charity, beneficial knowledge, or a righteous child who prays for him.”

Source: Sahih Muslim 1631

Grade: Sahih (authentic) according to Muslim

Donate now to Alazhar School Expansion Project, any amount will help. This is the only free standing Islamic School in all of South Florida, where all the funds raised go directly back to the school and children. “Teaching our Children to Live, Love, and Learn Through Islamic Values.”
The project Total Cost around $4.5 Million
The School have saved around $2 Million
We’re able to get a No interest loan for $1 million
We raised Last Saturday 05/13/2017 $540,000 (Alhamdulilah)
We Need $960,000.

There are two names prominently found on the Tamarac, Florida-based Alazhar School website. One is that of the school’s principal, Dina Ibrahim, and the other is that of the school’s administrator, imam and finance officer, Trinidad-born Nabil el-Shukri. Recently el-Shukri took to the fundraising site GoFundMe to ask for money for a school expansion project. Given the terror-related background of el-Shukri and the extremism coming from a number of Alazhar teachers, any expansion of the school presents an increased threat to the community.

Nabil el-Shukri first arrived in the United States in late 1995, when he, along with his mother and siblings (three sisters and a brother), was summoned to come to Brooklyn, New York by his father, Gulshair Muhammad el-Shukri-Jumah (Shukrijumah). Gulshair, then-missionary for the Saudi Arabian government, found himself in the middle of a federal terrorism trial dealing with the February 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center….

Following their January 1996 sentencing, Gulshair ushered his family out of New York and into South Florida.

In May 2001, el-Shukri’s brother, Adnan, left the United States for Trinidad. Following the September 11 attacks, a number of al-Qaeda terrorists in US custody, including 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, identified Adnan as a key al-Qaeda operative. Years later, Adnan would serve as a Senior Commander for al-Qaeda. As head of al-Qaeda’s external operations, Adnan was in charge of the September 2009 plot to conduct multiple suicide bombings in the New York City subway system. In December 2014, Adnan was killed during a pre-dawn raid conducted by the Pakistani military in South Waziristan.

While Nabil el-Shukri cannot be blamed for his family’s past, his own past – and present – is rife with Islamist extremism. This includes his MySpace page, myspace.com/onsitedesigns, named for el-Shukri’s former graphic design and printing company. Today, apart from a photo of el-Shukri, the page is restricted from public view. Previously, though, everyone was able to see its disturbing content.

There were the graphics containing black al-Qaeda flags. There was the poster of a Hamas militant with an upraised rifle on a horse watching Jerusalem burn in the distance, with the threatening slogan (in Arabic), “Oh Jerusalem, we are coming.” And there was the graphic containing images of dead and captured US troops. The graphic was taken from the Iraqi terrorist site albasrah.net. The site features a number of photos of masked jihadis brandishing rocket launchers. One photo on the site depicts an Iraqi boy in front of a burning car proudly holding up a leaflet, which states (in Arabic), “Fallujah, the cemetery of the Americans.”

In his position as administrator of Alazhar School, el-Shukri was interviewed for a video produced by al-Hikmat, the media arm of the Pembroke Pines, Florida-based Darul Uloom Institute mosque. The video was published in June 2011. Later that same year, in December 2011, a link was placed on the homepage of the Alazhar website to al-Hikmat’s site and remained there until July 2014.

Darul Uloom has numerous links to al-Qaeda terrorists, starting with el-Shukri’s brother, Adnan, who was a prayer leader there. “Dirty Bomber” Jose Padilla was a student at Darul Uloom. And Darul Uloom Arabic teacher Imran Mandhai, along with fellow mosque attendees Hakki Aksoy and Shueyb Mossa Jokhan, hatched an operation at Darul Uloom to blow up power stations, Jewish businesses, and a National Guard armory. 

Currently, el-Shukri is looking for assistance to expand his school, $500 thousand of assistance. Computer photos from the expansion project depict a brand-new, attractive and technologically sound infrastructure. However, the city of Tamarac and all those who are effected by the school’s presence need to determine whether or not the school should exist in the first place. And Nabil el-Shukri is not the only concern about Alazhar. There are dangerous radicals within the ranks of its teachers, as well.

One, a third grade teacher whom the school has promoted, is children’s book author and black power advocate Tauheedah Stephens. This past August, Stephens posted on her Facebook page a video from the anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, anti-gay Black Times, making the outrageous claim that sex hormones placed in produce have caused homosexuality to “run rampant.” Other videos on the Black Times site mock Orthodox Jews and teach how to build homemade guns. Last month, Stephens promoted on Facebook a cartoon book in support of the violent Black Panther Party being marketed to young children, titled ‘The ABCs of the Black Panther Party.’

Azza Ibrahim is a former kindergarten teacher at Alazhar School. Today, she works at Nur-Ul-Islam Academy (NUIA), a children’s school with past links to Hamas. Ibrahim is very public about her support for the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt. She posts innumerable graphics onto social media featuring Brotherhood symbols and leadership. She, as well, has posted images denouncing Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, one of him draped in American and Israeli flags and one threatening his life with him staring at a hangman’s noose. Last month, she posted a photo of herself along with a graphic of Israel covered completely in a Palestinian flag…..

IF the above is not enough to make a patriot howl at the moon, another U.S. mosque leader has been caught preaching: “Kill the Jews!” Are America’s security arms even listening? If not, why not? 

BUT if all of the above fails to raise the alarm to the highest decibels, perhaps this intel will resonate – or not.

The statement said that overnight on Jan. 6, Syrian “militants” (terrorists) sent a large swarm of unmanned aerial vehicles to attack Russia’s Tartus Naval base and Khmeimim air base. Russian defenses took control of six drones and its Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft missile and gun system shot down another seven. DEBKAfile’s military sources learned from the Russian statement that they used electronic measures to manipulate the UAVs’ navigation systems and bring them down intact. Moscow has now launched an urgent technical analysis of the captured drones, which were revealed capable of enabling terrorists to conduct attacks from a range of some 100km, and discovered using for the first time modern guidance technologies on satellite GPS.
Russian security services are also urgently investigating who supplied these advanced UAVs to terrorists, warning that they make it possible for them to conduct air strikes anywhere in the world.

AND while many in the U.S. pooh, pooh anything which the Russians report, well, that’s a good thing because they are finely-honed propagandists. But when it comes to this issue, pay heed: This site’s considerable counter-terror and counter-intelligence sources assure that the Russian assessment is devastatingly on target. Trust, if that’s good enough confirmation at this end, it should be enough for all the rest!

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Europe’s Mohammedan (“Migrant”) Nightmare + America’s Exploding Islamic Population = Unspeakable Acts of Barbarism! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

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ONE needn’t be a genius type to understand the following axiom: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Ain’t that the (1 + 1 = 2) easy peasy truth!

AND being that the self-evident proofs are beyond overwhelming as to the following calculus, that is, the greater the influx of Mohammedans into the west, the rise of barbarity increases commensurately, ipso facto, why would any rational western leader accede to their entry, let alone champion it? Indeed.

SO now that the mental health issue is brought into the forefront of the discussion, let’s recap. Afterwards, hopefully, the reader will see from there to here.


  • With all due deliberation, how much clearer must it be, other than to hear it from their own lips: Yes, Islamists admit that the end goal of the so-called “migrants” (aka “refugees”) is to execute the Mohammedan mandate of hijrah – Islamic migration into the west! Pray tell, to what end?
  • In furtherance to the above, this site reported on May 28, 2016: Rape-Jihad is exploding in Europe, but police and judges are blaming the victims! Is there even a modicum of rational thinking, by any discernible yardstick, within this “judgment?”
  • Not only that, relative to exposing their barbarism to the max, what about this blood-thirsty depiction: Mohammedans gang-raped an interpreter, while she filmed a documentary on the “Plight of Refugees!!” Did you ever?
  • Incontestably, is it any wonder that a Euro nation, Sweden, has been coined the “rape capital” of the west in Feb. 2015? By extrapolation, western women must be deemed sacrifices at the altar of Islamic “migration.” Those who contest – stand up and say your piece, otherwise, sit down and shut up!

IN this regard, as we move forward to Europe’s Islamic onslaught at the lead-in to 2018, get a load of this: An Italian woman received a New Year’s “gift” from one of Allah’s Muslim terrorists – and it wasn’t wine and roses! Ominously, it was par for their barbaric “norm.” Get used to it.

A Muslim immigrant from Somalia snuck into a hospital and tried to rape a woman – while she was in labor!

Ali Abdella, 38, entered Rome’s Sant’Eugenio Hospital, where he stole a hospital uniform and went into the unidentified pregnant woman’s hospital room. He then began groping her thigh and masturbating in front of her.

The woman screamed, which alerted hospital staff to the intruder. Police arrived soon after, and arrested Abdella on the scene.

Abdella, who had been living in Italy for five years, has been charged with sexual violence and theft. His first day in court is scheduled for January 10.

SO it is along this Mohammedan minefield (be it via “migrants” or home-grown Islamists living in the west, it makes no diff) that a study within the German government could no longer deny the obvious, despite Frau Merkel’s Allah-wash insistence: “I didn’t say it would be easy. I said back then, and I’ll say it again, that we can manage our historic task – and this is a historic test in times of globalisation – just as we’ve managed so much already, we can manage it.”

A study conducted by the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs has found a direct correlation between the mass influx of migrants during the migrant crisis and the rising level of violent crime in Germany.

The criminologists behind the study looked at the period between 2014 and 2016 in the state of Lower Saxony and found that before the migrant crisis violent crime had only increased by 10.4 per cent compared to after the height of the crisis where the number had dramatically increased to 92.1 per centDie Welt reports.

Migrants have been shown to commit far more violent acts proportionally to their size of the population in Germany and according to the researchers, they accounted for suspects in one in every eight violent crime cases. 

The authors give several potential explanations as to why the migrant crime rate is so much higher than the rest of the population, saying that most migrants are men aged 14-30 who are the age bracket most likely to commit violent crimes.

The study also notes that crimes that occur within asylum homes are much more likely to be reported due to the presence of social workers and security guards.

In order to combat the rise of violent crimes among migrants, the researchers say the young migrant men should be put in sports programmes and other social projects.{Author’s note: OMG, does insanity know no bounds??}

Criminologist Christian Pfeiffer, one of the authors of the study, also noted the lack of women in the asylum homes and said the all-male environments tend to devolve into “violent masculine norms of legitimacy”. 

Despite that, crime reports clearly indicate violent attacks still occurs in migrant homes despite the presence of women. In one infamous case last year an Afghan migrant killed the five-year-old son of a woman living in the same accommodation and was later shot dead by police. Female migrants have regularly been the victims of crimes, by their fellow migrants as well as those employed to protect them.

Since the height of the migrant crisis in 2015, cities like Berlin have seen migrants and non-Germans account for around half of all criminal suspects. Areas like Alexanderplatz or the Ebertplatz area in Cologne have been described as “no-go zones” due to the high number of young migrant gang members operating in them.

Asylum seekers have also been the alleged perpetrators of some of the most shocking murders in Germany in recent years, including the suspected rape and murder of Maria Ladenburger by 33-year-old Afghan Hussein Khavari and the recent fatal stabbing of a 15-year-old girl in Kandel.

EVEN so, what does all of the above have to do with America & the so-called “refugee” crisis? Everything.


  • In light of Europe’s downfall, is it an exaggeration to assess: Cultural suicide is facilitated by civilizational Jihad – the clash of civilizations = the death of the west! And, inextricably, the U.S. is the main domino! Indubitably.
  • More specifically, Islam’s parasitic underpinnings mandate that adherents turn on their western “host” countries, as they advance via this and that “probing.” No doubt.
  • And for more proof of the same, Europe’s self-immolation is a foreshadowing for America – like it or not.
  • Alas, as to the so-called “refugees”, well, Americans, watch out – they will control your streets, if not sent packing!

MOST significantly, let there be no doubt: The very fact that the amount of Mohammedans is expanding within America, trust, it lends to a Europe-style nightmare – sooner than later.

Pew Research Center came out this week with an updated estimate of the American Muslim population, which is sure to cause a stir on all sides of the issue.

The new numbers come in at 3.45 million Muslims living legally in the U.S. in 2017. That represents only 1.1 percent of the U.S. population but it’s up, by Pew’s estimates, from 3.31 million in 2016.

The U.S. Muslim population grows by about 100,000 every year, according to the Pew study.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, says Pew’s estimates are way off, and that the true number is roughly double, in the 6 to 8 million range – and that was more than two years ago.

“Muslim advocacy groups such as the Council on American Islamic Relations routinely cite a span of 6 million to 8 million people in describing the size of Islam in America. That would be between 2 percent and 3 percent of the U.S. population and make Muslims greater in number than Mormons or Jews,” CAIR stated on its website in March 2015.”

If CAIR, an offshoot of the extremist Muslim Brotherhood, is correct and there are at least 6 million Muslims living in the U.S., that would represent 2.4 percent of the total population and exceed the number of Jewish Americans by about a million.

The facts bear out that the higher a nation’s Muslim population, the more anti-Semitic attacks occur in that nation. France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and the U.K. have all seen increasing numbers of hate crimes against Jews and Jewish properties since they began importing mass numbers of Muslim migrants. It has gotten so bad in France and Germany that many Jews have been quietly migrating out of those countries in recent years.

Both Pew and CAIR note that they are watching closely for the day when Islam surpasses Judaism as the second most populous religious group in America. CAIR, as stated above, thinks that has already happened, while Pew forecasts it will not happen for another 22 years.

Pew estimates that 5.3 million Jews live in the U.S., but unlike the Muslim population, Judaism is not growing in America, due largely to low birthrates.

Pew says the Muslim population will continue to increase and should surpass Judaism as the nation’s second most common religious faith by 2040.

The main drivers of Muslim population are high fertility rates of Muslim women, compared to Christian and Jewish women, along with continued migration of Muslims into the U.S. from abroad.

Pew itself admits that that estimated Muslim population growth is difficult because there is no official count — the U.S. Census does not ask Americans their religious affiliation. So Pew is offering what amounts to its best guess based on its own surveys, outside sources and previous research.

The true size of the U.S. Muslim population is likely somewhere in the middle of the Pew estimate and the CAIR estimate, probably around 5 million.

Previous reporting by WND has documented that one of the main drivers of Muslim immigration into the U.S. is the food processing industry, especially the meatpacking sector, which employs an estimated 5 to 12 percent of its workforce with refugee labor…..

REGARDLESS of anything else – as per the exact amount of Mohammedans in America – the fact remains that their adherence to the barbaric underbelly of Islam, Sharia Law, is a clear and present danger. 

We already know this is happening in London and Paris.

St. Cloud Hospital in St. Cloud, Minnesota, came out with its annual list of top 10 most popular baby names for 2017, and No. 3 on the list of boys’ names was a bit of a surprise.

No. 1 – Henry
No. 2 – Liam
No. 3 – Mohamed
No. 4 – Jack
No. 5 – Nolan
No. 6 – William
No. 7 – Jackson
No. 8 – Logan
No. 9 – Wyatt
No. 10 – Grayson

INEXTRICABLY, the question becomes: Are patriots willing to wait until major portions of America resemble mirror images of Europe’s Mohammedan nightmare, or not? 


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Iranian Freedom Fighters Rise Up, Again – Will 2018 Fare Better Than 2009? and, Wherein Lie The Differences? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

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TO those who are unfamiliar with the jungle-like apparatus of Mid East dictatorships – as well as the knock-on effects to the geo-political landscape – much of what is transpiring in the Iranian arena appears to be déjà vu. Yes and no.

BUT before we delve any further, the reader dare not conflate Iran’s freedom fighters to the likes of so-called Palestinians! Hogwash. The point being, one side is bravely fighting to remove the tyrannical and bloody yoke of their leaders, while the other are guerrilla terrorists, whose sole aim is the destruction of another nation, Israel. Apples and oranges.

AS a matter of record, in Aug. 2013, a particular analysis on the 2009 struggle  was cited for a “Watcher of Weasels” award, and it was not for nothing.

Many moons ago – at least in the time frame of too many ADD-afflicted westerners – the Islamist-in-Chief was immersed, as usual, in perpetual campaign mode and golf jaunts, all the while Iranian freedom fighters were slaughtered in their streets. Barely 4 years have passed since the leader of the free world ignored their pleas, as Iranians begged for assistance to remove the boot of the mullahs via the so called “twitter revolution. Obama Inc’s national disgrace is amply described within the above Washington Times Editorial.

It goes without saying, the Islamist-in-Chief has no interest in freeing the Mid East from the sword of Islam. His embrace of the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia is more than emblematic of said charge. In fact, the polar opposite is the case. Currently, the leader of the free world is agitating (also threatening Egypt’s military) for Morsi’s Mafia to be set free, even though Egypt’s military has evidence of treason against them. Think about what this means in terms of which side America is siding with and the geo-political blow back, its knock-on effects. Besides, each and every intervention (“leading from behind or full frontal) ends in further disaster, both for the west and towards regional factions seeking freedom.

True to form, here is a devilish sampling of the Pyromaniac-in-Chief’s handiwork:

Regarding the Mid East landscape, the planned empowerment of the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia ala Egypt is resoundingly resonant. Thus, an earthquake in the Arab world’s most populous nation is erupting.  And since the Brotherhood Mafia is a GLOBAL organ the blow back exploded into the heart of Boston’s streets

As such, are the above constructs compatible with a Commander-in-Chief who hearts liberty and freedom, or is he more in line with totalitarian rule emanating from political-theo Islam, the authentic boot of the mullahs and assorted Islamists?


‘We were expecting Mr. Obama to help the Iranian people … but he hasn’t’

  • The sister of a man arrested and tortured to death by the Islamic regime in Iran says the Iranian people love America and Americans and it hurt them when the Obama administration did nothing to help with a sprouting democracy movement there at the outset of his administration.

Nasrin Mohammadi was interviewed by WND about a pending lawsuit against the powers of Iran who jailed her brother, Akbar, for seven years, then killed him.

  • In two videos, she explains how the help sought by the Iranians, repressed under the mullahs of what was ancient Persia, never developed. The pro-democracy movement surged during the time of the Iranian elections, which took place shortly after Obama was elected.

The case in which she is a plaintiff against Iran and its president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is seeking $387 million in damages.

The claim recently was submitted by attorney Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch on behalf of members of the Mohammadi family, including Manouchehr, Reza, Simin and Nasrin.

“Iran is a state sponsor of terror that is performing acts of terrorism on citizens of its own country as well as the United States,” Klayman wrote in a Memorandum on Damages under the Alien Tort Claims Act, the Torture Victim Protection Act and the Foreign Sovereign Immunity Act.

He said, “The systematic imprisonment, torture, and extrajudicial killings being performed deserve nothing but the most extreme monetary punishment. Because the award of punitive damages comes from multiple plaintiffs with multiple causes of action an amount of $300 million is appropriate in this instance… The amount is enough to punish the defendants, who continue to imprison, torture, and murder their own citizens and others who they oppose to this day.”

Klayman broke down the claim as $45 million for economic damages, $27 million for pain and suffering, “solatium damages,” which are mental anguish damages, of $15 million, and the $300 million in punitive damages.

“This amount is nothing but a drop in the bucket for the world’s second largest producer of oil and world’s most prolific and dangerous designated terrorist state,” Klayman noted.

He explained, “In cases such as this, the [court] analysis typically results in punitive damages in an amount three times Iran’s annual expenditure on terrorism, or $300,000,000.”

There was testimony submitted just weeks ago on the damages, since the defendants already are in default, having failed to respond to the court action.

The complaint charged Ahmadinejad, the nation’s supreme leader, the Revolutionary Guard, and the Islamic Republic of Iran as a whole brutally tortured and murdered Akbar Mohammadi.

He was the first student leader to call for “regime change” in Iran as part of the so-called Green Revolution, Klayman said.

“Hopefully,” Klayman said, “this trial will serve to wake up Americans and others to the threat of Islamic Iran to the civilized world, in order to have them demand that our government finally support the Iranian freedom movement by abandoning the administration’s policy of appeasement, truly support Israel, and eliminate these neo-Nazi mullahs and their proxies, as the nation was forced to do with Adolf Hitler.”

Testimony in the case was sought from former CIA Director Jim Woolsey, Iran experts Michael Ledeen and Ken Timmerman, and former U.N. Ambassador Alan Keyes.

“President Obama and his administration, rather than supporting freedom fighters like the Mohammadis and working for regime change (which would also eliminate Iran’s nuclear threat), have turned a blind eye to these crimes against humanity and instead, like Neville Chamberlain with Hitler, have sought to appease the Islamic Republic of Iran. Now, justice will finally be done in an American courtroom,” Klayman said.

The second part of Nasrin Mohammadi’s video: (An additional three parts of the series are contained in a report to be published soon).

“He (Akbar) was not just a freedom or political activist,” Nasrin Mohammadi explains. “I miss him today. I was so close to him.”

The goal is to pull back the curtain on the atrocities imposed by the government in Iran, she said.

“I’m proud of him. He lost his life for his nation, for freedom and human rights,” she said. “The regime took him to jail and arrested him. After serving seven years in jail, the regime took him in the dungeon of the jail and tortured him. He was killed under torture. He was chanting viva freedom.”

She said the case will reveal to the world the terrorists in the Islamic regime.

Nasrin Mohammadi relates in her second video how her parents were told by the government to shut her up too, and she eventually left Iran entirely.

“We were expecting Mr. Obama to help the Iranian people. … but he hasn’t,” she said. “Mr. Obama, are you with us or are you with the mullahs? Yes. Mr. Obama is with the mullahs…”

WND reported earlier when Judge Beryl Howell scheduled the trial in the dispute on behalf of the Mohammadi family.

The case originated several years ago on behalf of Akbar and Manouchehr Mohammadi. They were two famous student leaders who were instrumental in kick-starting the freedom movement in Iran.

The students were imprisoned and tortured, and in Akbar’s case, killed by the Islamic regime in Iran. Klayman said the case not only seeks compensation for the atrocities but, more importantly, justice for crimes against humanity.

Howell’s earlier ruling said Ahmadinejad, Ayatollah Sayid Ali Hoseyni Khamenei, the Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution and the Islamic Republic of Iran were in default.

Klayman said Iran is a “major threat” to the world peace, and it needs to be put in its place.

“In so doing, not only will the Persian people be freed from bondage and terror, but the nuclear threat will have been largely eliminated, and Israel and the West protected from the horrors of this regime,” he said.

This site will not tolerate any refuge for the so called “Arab Spring”, in reality, an Arab nightmare, and the outrageous spin put out by Obama’s minions and their assorted leftist henchmen. Hence, the following also inserts the nail in the mendacious mantra, yes, Barack HUSSEIN Obama has Israel’s back!  

Indictment sealed!

BACK to 2018, the here and now.

Brave Iranian women can be heard chanting “Dignified Iranians, support us” in this latest anti-regime protest in Khomeyni Shahr (‘s Isfahan Province) on Day 5 of nationwide for a . video sent out via the MEK network.  

EVEN though their cries for freedom in 2009 – for the most part – mirror the crux of today’s struggle, there are intrinsic differences. Effectively, they may determine a different outcome.

YES, then as now, the “Green Revolution” in 2009 echoed shouts for personal freedom, plus an end to economic corruption. But little emphasis was placed on the regime’s support for terror – both internally and outside its borders. On the other hand, this go-around, distinct clarion calls against the fanatical Mullahcracy are ricocheting – in relation to their financial (and immoral) backing of stone-cold killers, as they plunder Iran’s economy in support of dictatorships in Syria and beyond.  

AS such, ever since the uprising began last week, cries of “Death to Dictator” are reported throughout the nation. This is hardly an inconsequential development. No small matter.

(Protesters scream: Down with Hezbollah!!)

MORE specifically – and inordinately significant – the foreign front is completely turned upside its head. A much needed blessing!

BACK in 2009, when the Islamist-in-Chief took over, shamelessly, he stood silent while the regime killed protesters en mass. Not only that, due to his nod of approval, the regime is stronger today, as they consolidated their power in 2009. Inestimably, coupled with HUSSEIN’s support from that point onward, their march toward nuclear power status in 2015 was always in the bag, so to speak.

EVEN so, there is a tiny window of opportunity to turn the tide, but it depends upon how President Trump decides to proceed. So far, on the public front, his straight-shooting verbal support lends Iranians much needed moral courage from the leadership of the free world. It must not be underestimated. Essentially, he has their backs.

Image result for iranian protesters thank Trump

BUT not to be overlooked, “western hands” (read: U.S.) are surely assisting behind the scenes, while certain Arab Sunni regimes (more than likely, the Saudis & Gulf Emirates) are doing the same. For in raw survival and political terms, the calculus is the following: What better way to topple the “mad mullahs” – the nemesis of the aforementioned Sunni regimes – than to create a climate for their demise, thereby, lending a tailwind for regime change and the space for a moderate leadership to emerge? Think: pre 1979. Indeed.

{UPDATE: As always, this site’s hooked-in counterterror sources are spot on. On Jan. 8 – 4 days after this commentary – it has been reported:

Before the eruption of this upheaval, Western intelligence agencies had ranked Iran as the sixth cyber power in the world after the US, Britain, China, Russia and Israel. But when Western and Arab agencies operating behind the anti-government movement acted to reverse the government shutdown and restore the networks, they were amazed to find how easy it was. The US State Department played its part by encouraging virtual private networks to help users gain access to blocked websites. In no time, the cyber weapon had slipped out the grasp of the ayatollahs’ regime……

STILL yet, don’t get distracted by the brutal tactics of the fanatical regime and their true believers. In tandem, they can always amass enough foaming at the mouth Mohammedans to scream “Death To America” and “Death To Israel.” It is like their second skin. Nevertheless, “average” Iranians (unlike “average” Sunni Muslims) are more in sync with Americans and Israelis, than with the fanatics in Iran. They too are willing to place their lives on the line for the sake of freedom.

IN fact, before the rise of the Islamic Republic in 1979, relations between Iran and Israel were not only friendly, but based on mutually shared interests via cooperative efforts. However, no sooner did the Mullahs take over, Israel became a targeted enemy of Iran’s genocidal regime, as did America alike. 

BUT it doesn’t erase what once was, and what can be again, that is, if their boot is removed. Thus, the following message from PM Netanyahu:

The Iranian regime tries desperately to sow hate between Iranians and Israelis. They won’t succeed. When this regime finally falls – and one day it will – Iranians and Israelis will be great friends once again. I wish the Iranian people success in their noble quest for freedom. pic.twitter.com/kk8wTYmhnz

— Benjamin Netanyahu (@netanyahu) January 1, 2018

Netanyahu continued: “I will not insult the Iranian people. They deserve better.” He predicted the regime’s eventual demise as its citizens pursued freedom.

LET us all pray – and assist, in one way or another – that Iranian freedom seekers are successful – not only because it is the moral course to take, but their success will be the west’s. Meanwhile, pay no heed to the revolting responses from America’s leftist-fascists, as well as their counterparts abroad. Simply, their interests are antithetical to freedom.

INCONTESTABLY, if the regime is toppled, much of their worldwide terror will grind to a halt, sooner than later. Resultant, is that not a win-win for the entire free world? If not, why not? 

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Minnesotastan’s Sharia Compliance On Full Display: Police Department Overtaken – “Infidels”, Be Damned! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

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DESPITE all the chest-thumping and denials to the contrary from western poohbahs that they are NOT bowing to Islam, well, some of us know better and recognize what’s what. Who’s on first.

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MORE specifically, when America’s so-called freethinkers bristle at such a notion, claiming, they are merely being “inclusive” – you know, the multicultural clap trap and catch-all mantra –  the fact remains that it is more than dangerous nonsense. And for those who tsk, tsk at the idea of non-Muslims submitting to Islamic dictates without being the wiser, it doesn’t change the damnable facts at hand. Screwed is screwed.

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BUT while it would take another book to catalog the massive amount of evidentiary proofs attesting to the same, time is of the essence. Even so, there are two particular trails (among enumerable) within these pages which are more than substantive in basis, that is, highlights of America’s submission. In other words, indeed, Americans are falling under the boot of Islam, even without uttering the actual “Shahada” – the Muslim profession of faith. Testimony.

لَا إِلٰهَ إِلَّا ٱلله مُحَمَّدٌ رَسُولُ ٱلله

lā ʾilāha ʾillā llāh muḥammadun rasūlu llāh

There is no god but God. Muhammad is the messenger of God.


Incontestably, the next generation of kiddies (throughout the public school system, no less, where religion is supposed to be left at the educational door) are being groomed and indoctrinated to embrace Islam, therefore, it is way past time to face facts – at least, one would think so. Besides, the truth couldn’t be any starker.

And even though many are familiar with Common Core, countless fail to understand what its insidious underbelly really entails and where its roots lie – the “introduction” of Islam as the “path” forward! So consider the following as a core exhibit:

  • On Feb. 2, 2016, this site reported: “Qatar Funds Islamic Indoctrination Via Common Core: Publishers (Pearson, Others) Whore For Cash – The Proofs.”


But if the above is not enough to make patriots white-hot with rage, there’s more.Yes, the adults are faring just as badly as the kiddies! After all, what could be worse than the silencing of non-Muslims via Sharia Law’s dictate of Blasphemy – “insulting” Islam or “prophet” Muhammad, one thrust at a time, and in the (heretofore) “land of the free and the home of the brave!


  • Still yet, for those who choose to remain in the dark, do you really believe that you can “slander” and not be punished, be it in one form or another? Think again. On Nov. 7, 2014, the following was blared: “Shariah Blasphemy Laws Demanded By Appeasing Leaders: Evidence (Heads) Piles Up At Obama’s Door!

MOVING right along, once again, Minnesotastan enters the fray. But before we proceed, know that it is hardly a one-off state which is infected to the max. Not by a long shot. In reality, U.S. appeasers – hiding behind the Islamist curtain – are being coached by CAIR, the Brotherhood Mafia’s propaganda mouthpieces. Indubitably, their tentacles are spread throughout the nation.


IN this regard, how many are familiar with the cold-blooded murder of Justine Damond, an Australian tourist, on July 15, 2017? In a nutshell, she was gunned down by a Somali “diversity hire” with the Minneapolis PD while reporting a potential crime! Un-freakin’-believable!

NOT only that, it is imperative to internalize: the infestation within every level of officialdom is so tilted towards shielding “all things” related to Islam, non-Muslim citizens must finally recognize the facts at hand. To wit, law enforcement in general, and leadership in specific (be it within city, county, state, or federal jurisdictions), do NOT have your backs. Memo to “infidels”: you are on your own! Forewarned: lock and load.

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Sharia-compliant police in Minneapolis have removed a candlelit memorial for Justine Damond, an unarmed, innocent Australian woman who was shot dead by a Minneapolis Somali Muslim cop, Mohamed Noor, after discovering the shrine was placed by white nationalist patriotic anti-Islamization group called Identity Europa.  Identity Evropa said it made the memorial to Damond after a prosecutor decided there was not enough evidence to bring charges, despite the testimony of the Somali cop’s partner who was in the driver’s seat across which Noor fired his gun, killing Damond.

Identity Europa is American offshoot of the rapidly growing ‘Generation Identity’ and ‘Defend Europa’ anti-Islamization groups, and slandered as white supremacists both in Europe and now in Muslim-infested Minneapolis.

The group said they erected the shrine at the precinct because it was where Minneapolis Police Officer Mohamed Noor, who allegedly shot Damond, was assigned. “One family will be having an incomplete Christmas this year,the group posted on Twitter.


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Identity Evropa, which promotes “European identity among people of European heritage,” is listed as a white nationalist group by the widely discredited Southern Poverty Law Center and is labeled as a white supremacist group by the far left Anti-Defamation League.

By Saturday, the memorial was reportedly vandalised, with the roses and signs missing. On Sunday, Minneapolis Mayor-elect Jacob Frey released a statement, condemning the group “in the strongest possible terms.”

“The action taken this weekend outside the 5th Precinct was cowardly and disgusting,” Frey said, according to KSTP. “Identity Evropa and those who share their values have no place in our city. Hate has no place in Minneapolis. Period.”

The California-based Identity Europa said that said they set up the shrine after “a judge recently decided not to charge” Noor, who they labeled as a “Somali-born killer.”

Earlier this month, members of the advocacy group Justice 4 Jamar, secretly recorded Hennepin County attorney Mike Freeman telling them that that he did not have enough evidence to file charges against Noor five months after the shooting.

Earlier this month, Damond’s devastated father questioned the integrity and completeness of the probe into his daughter’s death after the case’s chief prosecutor was shown on camera to be highly critical of investigators.

Ms Damond’s death drew widespread condemnation and led to the forced resignation of the city’s police chief.

YOU got that?? Even the Minneapolis Mayor-elect Jacob Frey released a statement, condemning the (patriotic) group “in the strongest possible terms”, knowing full well that he doesn’t have a snowball chance in hell of being elected, that is, if he doesn’t toe the Islamist line!

MOST significantly, U.S. leaders, with law enforcement in tow, are protecting the cult of Islam at the expense of the safety of the nation. Mind you, it is not as if Muhammedans operate out of plain view, even when it comes to the kiddies. Consider:

WITHOUT any sugarcoating, did you know there are many kiddies across the Islamic world – and inside the west alike – who are grooming to be “beheaders?” Pray tell, what parent(s) wouldn’t be proud to have a son/daughter proficient in the “art” of decapitation – execution-style? But never mind. Alas, relax. Stop obsessing, fretting, and, yes, dreaming about your little one growing up to become a doctor, a lawyer, an accountant, or (a personal favorite) an engineer. After all, there’s a new “vocation” to add to your parental wish list – head chopper! Moreover, think of all the mega bucks in tuition you will save, if you just switch your priorities Allah-ward! 

Amid cries of ‘Allah o Akbar’ (god is great), a young boy, barely 12 years old, lifts his machete and strikes at his victim who is lying on the ground, all tied up for the kill.

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Islamic Doctrine Fuels Jihad: Muslims By Birth & Converts, One & The Same – Facebook In The Fray! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

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(No comment required!)

THE main challenge facing westerners lies within identifying – to a greater than lesser degree – the physical attributes and mannerisms of Jihadis, of course, before they strike. Mind you, said preemptive measure is inclusive of both sexes alike; a “feminist” equalizer like none other! Alas, the oh so taboo topic of profiling enters the equation. Pinpointing.

BUT prior to this life-saving discussion, know that the reds (fascist-leftists) and greens (Muhammedans) will scream to the high heavens, while wagging their fingers in this direction: Adina Kutnicki is “Islamophobic”  which is, btw, a made up out of whole cloth so-called “phobia.” Basically, it was invented as a propaganda device by Iranian fundamentalists at the end of the 1970’s….yes, Iran’s manipulative weapon, to be unleashed through their Islamic revolution! No matter. Just consider their lies to be nothing more than a distraction via jibber jabber, if even that – in one (deaf) ear and out the other. 

NOW that we got that weaponized truth straightened out, let’s head to the mission at hand. First and foremost, it is Islamic doctrine which mandates Jihad and the killing of infidels – without which the world cannot be fully submitted to the boot of Islam. Indeed, it sounds fantastical to western sensibilities, but it must be understood that Muhammedans take the dictates of the “prophet” Muhammad, a madman, as gospel! They live and die by his words.

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(The “All-American” graduate of the Marine Corps, prior to his conversion to Islam!)

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(Juxtapose both pics, and recognize what converting to Islam involves. Take note of his finger salute…no, it is not the middle finger FU appendage, it is an ISIS identifier!)

IN this regard, while a preponderance of Islamists can be identified by a particular garb and demeanor – within both sexes – the fact remains that countless fly under the radar, with many westerners insisting: Well, they must be “moderate” followers of Islam, after all, they don’t look fanatic! Hogwash. If one is a true believer, one cannot have one foot in and the other out, otherwise one is deemed an apostate. Incontrovertibly, Islam is all encompassing, and that is that. There is no concept of “live and let live” in Islam.

SO, in reality, not unlike al-Qaeda’s fellow Jihadis who brought down the Twin Towers, ISIS (Islamist leaders overall) has urged soldiers for Allah to “blend in.” In fact, each and every violation of Sharia Law will be forgiven (and rewarded in “paradise”) in sacrifice of the “highest” cause of all; the spread of Islam throughout Dar al-Harb, territory of war!  

The booklet, called Safety and Security Guidelines for Lone Wolf Mujahideen, offers a chilling insight into the levels of preparation expected of those wishing to cause carnage in Europe.

The 58-page terror manual, which has burning western-style buildings on the front cover, gushes about the importance of surprise when launching an attack to cause maximum impact.

It urges home-grown terrorists to carry out attacks as they are less likely to be noticed.

It also explains how nightclubs, full of loud music and drunk people, are the perfect place to discuss terror plans without being recorded or snooped on.

The main thrust of the instruction booklet is the necessity to blend in with the western way of life and to avoid ‘looking like a Muslim’ so as to stay below the radar of the security services.

It has even been translated into English for those in the West who don’t speak Arabic.

The introduction says: “No doubt that today, at the era of the lone wolves, brothers in the West need to know some important things about safety in order to ensure success in their operations.

“We thought a lot of non-Arabic speaking brothers would find it interesting and may apply it in their blessed operations.”

Readers are urged to wear a Christian cross, splash on the aftershave, cut off beards and even shun prayer meetings and mosques to avoid detection.

ISIS is targeting the UK

The FBI announced on December 22nd that they had arrested a man planning an attack on San Francisco on Christmas. Here’s what we know about the suspect in the Christmas terror attack.The 26-year-old suspect, Everitt Aaron Jameson, was arrested at his home in Modesto, California, on December 20th. He said that he was working “in support of ISIS.” Jameson is a tow truck driver, and, according to the Los Angeles Times, he told an FBI agent posing as an ISIS leader that he thought San Francisco’s Pier 39 would be ideal for a terrorist attack.Jameson is accused of providing information to a foreign terrorist organization from October 24th through December 20th, according to an FBI affidavit obtained by NBC Bay Area. The agent who filed the affidavit, Christopher McKinney, also recorded that Jameson said he would “do anything for the cause.”The suspect reportedly was planning to build a pipe bomb. Rifles and ammunition were discovered at his residence. Jameson chose Pier 39 as the location of the attack because it was a crowded tourist spot. He said he was inspired by the October 31st attack in New York and the December 2015 attack in San Bernardino, California.FBI agents said they found a suicide note at Jameson’s house that took issue President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.Jameson graduated from basic training with the U.S. Marines in 2009 with the rifle sharpshooter qualification. But he was discharged when military officials discovered he had concealed his history of asthma.
Jameson is a recent convert to Islam. According to the FBI documents, he had recently been posting and liking pro-terrorism content on Facebook. The affidavit also said that Jameson “espoused radical jihadi beliefs.”

CONCOMITANTLY, Islam must be declassified from a religion, per se, and replaced where it belongs, that is, as a political construct. By extrapolation, it should not be protected and shielded by the Constitutional mandate of freedom of religion.


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