Israel’s Failure of Leadership…Its Lack of Statesmen…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

The main distinction between a statesman and an ordinary leader is the ability to place national (security) interests above personal political ambitions. Geo-politics is the biggest game of high stakes poker, thereby, millions of lives hang in the balance. The decision to protect ones citizens (in the long or short term) can result in placing a leader’s political career in jeopardy.

Many scratch their heads in bewilderment, wondering how Jewish leaders (supposedly known for their smarts) can make so many grave errors in judgment, particularly in the realm of strategic calculations. Specifically, and most recently, the much heralded IDF left most of Hamas’s terror leadership (and many of their foot soldiers too) alive and kicking during Operation Cast Lead. To be sure, the military leadership is subservient to the political leadership, however, it too is infected with personal political aspirations.

At play are two dangerous paradigms, one of which is the IDF doctrine of havlaga, “restraint is strength”, an oxymoron of Orwellian proportions. This doctrine was designed by a leftist professor ( all ‘credit’ due to Professor Asa Kasher, what a shock), which basically attempts to place an otherwise lofty goal-taking the moral high road-juxtaposed against the dynamics of brutal battlefields.

In tandem, Israel’s political leadership basically follows leftist doctrines (my op-ed, ‘The Paradox of Israeli Politics:Vote Right, Get Left’ explains the phenomena ), and in order for a high military leader to transition to political office (upon their retirement) they must prove their leftist bonafides. Hence, their hands are tied into double knots, both by the orders of the political leadership and through their future political ambitions. Restraint becomes a much more appealing/viable option under the above considerations-the path of least resistance. Hmm….

Back to the game of geo-politics. With Egypt’s recent fall to the Islamist Brotherhood, coupled with Hamas-their spawn-ruling Gaza, the above detriments (with a more than willing IDF Chief of Staff in tow, during Operation Cast Lead into Gaza in 2009) exposes what happens when personal ambitions trump national interests. The following is a non-hysterical rendering, by a well known Israeli analyst, explaining where the dangerous fault-lines (and onus) lie when statesmen are not at the helm-

Hidden Factors Within Obamacare’s Passage… Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Thursday’s long anticipated Supreme Court ruling, regarding the constitutionality of Obamacare, was unexpected due to the fact that legal scholars, from various sides of the spectrum, viewed it as a violation of the Commerce Clause. Hence, most were shocked at its passing, as were all of this blogger’s (high level) legal contacts.

Not surprisingly, as a matter of judicial record, they were proven correct. In fact, Justice Roberts, in rendering the majority opinion, said as much. However, the Court concluded that Obamacare was not unconstitutional, under the Congress’s purview to levy taxes. And tax they will. Herein lies the rub. While Obama, and his water carriers, insisted (he was caught on video stating as much, emphatically wagging his finger in the process, plus this stellar analysis, by a brilliant federal prosecutor, is a must read – that Obamacare was NOT a tax, the Court upheld it under its banner. Another intriguing interpretation can be found here – Adding to the mix is this worthwhile analysis –

Therefore, with four months to go before the most important election of our time, the Republicans (and especially Tea Party activists) have been handed a backwards gift, a silver lining of sorts. They will be able to prove, beyond any legal doubt, two things. Firstly, that Obama outright lied when he vehemently insisted it was not a tax. Secondly, with Obamacare in place, those who can least afford more taxes will now be taxed to the hilt, despite the health care goodies promised.

To make matters even more glaring, with the economy as the number one issue, small business owners, plus others, will have a mega platform to hammer the POTUS. They will opine, and rightfully so, that the insertion of Obamacare will kill business growth, thus killing job growth! Ipso facto, the only way to save the economy-which no one believes is on anything, but life support-is to repeal Obamacare (which the next POTUS can) through voting for Romney.

Most interestingly, no one (yet) other than syndicated radio host Michage Savage (himself a physician) offered this gem to seriously ponder. Justice Roberts suffers from epilepsy, as such, he is on medication to avoid seizures. Why is this important? Medical professionals understand the deleterious side effects of such powerful anti-seizure drugs. Savage further noted that  Roberts has written several opinions which appear muddled.

Perhaps it is time for Romney’s team to look into this area of thinking. Consider: There was never any doubt that the 4 justices to the left of the spectrum were going to grab onto anything, however tenuous, to pass Obamacare, all they needed was their 5th vote. Who is most likely to fit the bill, those whose thinking is not taxed by anti-seizure medications, or the one who is slightly off kilter? Most understand, despite the ideological divisions in the Court-often reported as outright acrimonious – they ultimately protect each other. Their “club” is similar to those who belong to law enforcement. The “blue wall of silence” ensures that secrets within their closed circle stay secret. Same here.

Here is Michael Savage’s analysis for your collective consideration –

You decide if there is possibly a “black robe of silence”…..perhaps, some skeletons rattling under Justice Robert’s robes, yet to be uncovered!

Tzedek, Tzedek Tirdof, Justice, Justice You Shall Pursue, Nullum Crimen Sine Poena, No Crime Without Punishment…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

On the face of it, today’s blaring headline ‘Hamas Terror Mastermind Convicted of 46 Murders’, appears as a triumph for Jewish justice. Nevertheless, hold onto your celebratory mood, it is premature to bring out your party hats.

You can be forgiven for thinking that Jewish justice demands that criminals pay for their crimes, let alone multiple heinous murders. Whether Israel’s leadership governs from the left or right, Jewish justice has taken on a new context. To wit, a ‘catch and release’ terror program has become part and parcel of Israel’s  political and strategic calculus for decades. Never mind that authentic Jewish justice,Tzedek, Tzedek Tirdof, Justice, Justice You Shall Pursueas well as international law, via Nullum Crimen Sine Poena, No Crime Without Punishment,  mandates commensurate punishment is meted out.

As articulated in one of this blogger’s op-eds in July 2007,, Israel’s leaders have implemented their own bizarre interpretations of both Jewish justice and international legal justice. How quaint.

To highlight the deleterious effects, of the subject at hand, to society at large, the readers should refer to an article written by The Washington Post,, a publication which is hardly pro Israel, yet even they realize that releasing terrorists is not in Israel’s public interest. Astonishing.

Making matters even more offensive, morally and security-wise, Arab citizens within Israel ( talk about biting the hand that feeds you ! ) exhibit expansive joy for their fellow Arab (terror) brethren when they walk out of jail, greeted as heroes by one and all. Not to be outdone, Arab MK’s in the Knesset join in the merriment and kudos, hailing their freedom as a symbol of their steadfast ‘resistance’. Not only do the released terrorists please Allah by killing Jews, and gain fame too, but they enjoy their freedom in the process. A win-win. To further illustrate the Arab disconnect with the country which feeds, houses and educates them, look no further than this ‘declaration of war’, straight out of the leadership’s mouth-,7340,L-4249009,00.html.

As is said, insanity is doing the same thing over and over, yet expecting different results. If past is prologue, as evidenced by the following report,, then Israel’s leaders, at least in the realm of politically based terror releases, can be deemed insane. Of course, they will opine that ‘gestures/concessions’ to the PA/Fatah junta is necessary to bring Abbas (Arafat’s protege’ and henchman) to the ‘peace’ table, albeit kicking and screaming. Moreover, whenever Hamas prisoners are released (a real head banger, after all, our leaders designate them a terror group, as does Washington) our mental midgets still contend that they need to even the scales, because not to do so weakens Abbas, himself an unrepentant Jew-killer, as well as a Holocaust denier too.

Sach ha’kol, at the end of the day, our leaders appear as they are-fools and knaves!

Arab/Bedouin Land Theft & THEIR Outrage…..Always The Victim…..Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Not to be too impolitic, a ‘crime’ among the (il)liberal set, which is worse than any real crime committed in the name of Allah, aside from FM Lieberman (and several others) few dare to state the truth. So, here it is –

Right on cue Israel’s leftist media jackals (the perpetually chagrined talking heads) tarred, feathered and branded Lieberman with every bugaboo epitaph under the sun for boldly stating the obvious. Which is, dare I utter it, Arab members of the Knesset (plus many of their constituents, but I will leave that for another discussion) are, at the very least, anti-semitic/anti-Zionist, and, at the worst, they are traitors. Traitors who have colluded, incited, and pledged their fealty to our sworn foes. Imagine that.

Most infamously, Arab MK Azmi Bishara collaborated with Hizbullah during the 2006 war, fleeing the country in the process. More recently, Arab MK Zoabi was aboard the IHH (terror sponsored) Mavi Marmara flotilla, as it tried to break a legal blockade against Gaza.There are too many instances to cite whereby Arab MK’s have openly sided with the enemy,  however, the above two stand out for their brazenness. What is truly astonishing/mind boggling is that they are still ! MK’s in our Jewish Knesset. The reasons for this are manifold and mutifaceted, best left for another discussion.

Back to Lieberman and his clash with Arab MK Talab Al-Sana, another anti-semitic, anti-Zionist reprobate.Apparently, in Lieberman’s capacity as FM (Foreign Minister), Arab MK’s became enraged that he had the audacity to check out charges made by Regavim-an NGO set up to protect Jewish land from illegal confiscation-thereby, identifying scores of illegal structures set up by Bedouin clans in one, out of many illegal, village. Mind you, the absolute, provable land theft by Arabs is so large it runs into the tens of thousands of dunams, and that is an understatement. No matter, the Arabs and their leftist cheerleaders are spitting bullets..

For a taste of what Jewish Zionists, patriots, nationalists are up against, please read

This is just the tip of the spear.

Anti-Semitism, Anti-Zionism Takes Center Stage In NYC Democratic Primary Race. Here’s The Results……Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Openly and increasingly anti-semitic, anti-Zionist vitriol was on full display during the recent NYC Democratic primary contest for Congress, a contest which pitted Hakeem Jeffries against Charles Barron. The fact that this is my hometown, my stomping grounds, brings it that much closer to the fore. Enraging.

What seems to be missing from the full court media discussion (especially from the New York Times, the misnamed ‘paper of record’, the leading purveyor of all things anti-semitic, anti-Zionist worldwide, as it regularly fails to adhere to any journalistic integrity) is the extensive vile background of one of the contestants, a long-time fixture in NYC Democratic politics.

How can it be, that an ex Black Panther radical/terror supporter ever got elected to party politics in the first place? It seems clear that any party leadership, with a semblance of good vs evil, would have precluded him from representing anything (smacking of public trust), other than being part of an FBI watch list!

I know, radical is chic, and anti-Israel rhetoric chicer, especially among the fringes of the Democratic party. However, it begs the question-how venomous/bigoted does a person have to be in order to preclude them from representing any party, least of all one in NYC, a city with one of the largest concentrations of Jews in all of the US?

Alas, the good people of this hard fought over district displayed much more courage, and common sense as well, than the poohbahs in charge of vetting party candidates. They handed Charles-the hater-Barron a resounding loss, smacking him down in the process. To be sure, no one should dare suggest that this was a ‘black’ issue. It certainly wasn’t. After all, the race card can not be played here, both candidates are black and THAT was never the issue.

The following is at least one good reason for the people of NYC to breathe a sigh of relief, no thanks to their wretched leadership-

Is justice (ideologically) blind in Israel, or not? You decide. Commentary by Adina Kutnicki

Two of my op-eds,, and, examine the conditions under which leftists and right wing nationalists are treated in Israel when engaged with the justice system. In other words, is there a system in place, whereby ideological constructs determine the manner in which justice is meted out?

Over the years there have been many cases worthy of examination. However, to keep my readers up to speed, I offer this fast developing situation, as a special exhibit/test case, which we can all examine together. Following this case will glean a more direct window into charges often brought forth by right wing nationalists, to wit, that there is indeed two systems of justice in Israel. I refer the readers to, as the exhibit/test case to follow.

At the conclusion of the police’s investigation, we shall take note how the justice system deals with the leftist/anarchist ringleaders involved in the criminal (destruction of property etc) mayhem during the so called ‘social justice’ protests. Moreover, if this is not the icing on the cake, I do not know what will qualify, see

Countering the heretofore inexplicable…. there are remedies…..Commentary by Adina Kutnicki

To further illustrate the absurd paradox, whereby a ruling national leadership allows its citizens to literally become hostages in their own homes, scurrying back and forth like rats to their shelters (if they are fortunate enough to have one ! ) attempting to avoid the next missile/rocket attacks, I humbly refer the readers to one of my recent op-eds (out of several others on this heretofore inexplicable topic, they can be found further down my ‘HOME’  section) .

Therefore, as the reader comes across many head spinning, infuriating articles, enraging to the degree where the person feels as if their head is exploding, ( my prescription is not to clench ones hands and feel hopeless, but to get involved on any level possible to change the calculus. There are ways to do this, some of which I expect to delineate throughout my blog. For now, a good place to start is to assist Dr Martin Sherman in his efforts. He can be contacted through his site –

I truly believe our very lives, our ability to live freely as Jews in our homeland, depends on taking concrete actions, as opposed to wringing our hands in despair and disgust.