Islamists Are Bloodthirsty Whatever Their Stripes: Assad’s Butchers, His Opponents Too. Six Of One/Half Dozen Of Another…Addendum To:Islam & Blood…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Westerners are mostly ( emotionally ) incapable of understanding the blood lust which animates Muslim society. Instead, they cover their eyes, close their ears, and pretend that these folks are no different than others at odds with diverging cultures/ideologies.

Dangerous hogwash.

It is for the above reason ( and so much more ) a preponderance of this blog’s commentary concentrates on the real dangers inherent in Islam, instead of what wishy washers hope it to be.

Thereby, it is imperative to internalize the main caveat – there is no such thing as “moderate” Islam. It is not akin to being Christian-lite or Jewish-lite, with the freedom to choose ones path, however uncomfortable it makes others who adhere to stricter standards.

“Off with the head” is hardly a tenet within Judeo-Christian doctrine, if one eschews religious doctrinal strictures. Not so with Islam.

Furthermore, Its laws obligate jihad against infidels, and that is that. Islamic jurisprudence ( Shariah ) supports brutality against those deemed “unclean”, and there is nowhere else to turn for justice – at least according to normal western standards –

Therefore, the sooner their blood-fueled rampages are fully internalized, the more equipped westerners will be to protect their interests, on every level which is required. As such, it is imperative for the readers to understand, and to pass on, ‘Islam & Blood’ –, as well as,

‘What The West In General…And Its Leaders In Particular Know About Islam…Can Fill Less Than A Thimble..’ as a complementary analysis to Islam & Blood.

‘Bloodthirsty Syrian Rebels…EXPOSED:Kidnappings & Death’ – 

“It has come to light that the ‘Free Syrian Army’ rebels are not just the victims of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad’s regime. They are also perpetrators of violent crimes, torture and murders themselves.”

“Walid Shoebat, a former Islamic terrorist, has made it his mission to expose what is going on in the Arab world by translating articles into English, and to bring photographs as well as videos posted on Youtube and other media sites by Arabs who post in the Arabic language. Most Westerners do not know Arabic and therefore are missing a wealth of information posted on Arabic web sites.”

“In an interview with Arutz Sheva’s Tamar Yonah on her News & Views radio program, Shoebat described the atrocities taking place in the Islamic world. In graphic detail, he spoke of the rapes and kidnappings of Christian Copts in Egypt. He provided to Yonah the video & audio of the mother of a young woman, ‘Mary’, who was kidnapped by the Muslims and sold to an Egyptian car salesman.  The mother was filmed at a demonstration attended by the Coptic community. In the video she is shown crying and begging for the return of her daughter. Coptic families are often fed a story that their missing daughters actually ran off with the Muslim man because they were in love and that their daughter has converted to Islam of her own free will. Her mother cries out that if this is true, Mary should be allowed to come out and say so herself.”

“Shoebat told Yonah that any serious government investigation into the matter of kidnappings of non-Muslims in Egypt is futile, “The government and the security forces do not interfere, because a Muslim kidnapping a Coptic girl  …he force-marries her, and now she is married to a Muslim, and by Sharia law, …the Egyptian security forces don’t do anything.”

“When wanting to know more about the kidnapping story of ‘Mary’, Shoebat tells Yonah, “Tamar, you have to watch it (the video) you cannot be ‘told’ about it, you have to watch it.”  Yonah then plays the dramatic audio on the program for the listeners to experience the emotional trauma experienced by the Coptic community in Egypt.”

You cannot be ‘told’ about it, you have to watch it.

“Shoebat’s son, Theodore Shoebat, has just compiled together a series of videos in a short 13-minute film entitled ‘Bloodthirsty Syrian Rebels’. The video shows several scenes of atrocities and crimes against humanity carried out by the Free Syrian Army on other Syrians. Shoebat told Tamar Yonah that some of these clips in the video showing beheadings, executions, and body defilement were taken from the cell phones of the Syrian rebels after their capture by government forces. Often times, the bodies of the victims were tossed into sewers, which Shoebat stated, were filled with excrement. The situation is intolerable for people living in Syria, Egypt, or any other place where the Arab Spring has taken root. Shoebat says that for the average person, they have two choices:  “The Party line, or the coffin – or in this case, the Party line or the sewer.”

“With the Obama Administration’s more than tacit support of the Syrian Rebels, it is vital that these atrocities of the Free Syrian Army be exposed.  Shoebat’s film, ‘Bloodthirsty Syrian Rebels’, is extremely graphic and cannot be shown on most television media outlets.  According to Shoebat, after posting it on Youtube, it was subsequently removed.  He has since, only been able to host it on his website, but has released the film to Arutz Sheva.  WARNING: This video is extremely graphic.

“To hear the radio interview with Walid Shoebat where he supplies more of the details and explanations of why little, if anything, is being done to stop these crimes, clickHERE.”

The fact of the matter is that it is plain as day that Assad’s henchmen are butchers, as well as others in the “Arab Spring” house cleanings. What isn’t obvious is the ushering in of Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood & other Islamic barbarians in their stead.
The inherent question is – what happened?
What happened is that western busybodies – or more accurately – R2P mischief makers entered the fray, attempting to rearrange the decks in favor of the Islamist-in-Chief.
This blog has already proven the following : none of the current Middle East  explosions are happenstance. They are the handiwork of a POTUS with a definite agenda; anti-American and Islamic in scope.
‘Barack Hussein Obama’s Toxic Brew Of Radical Leftism…Third World Fixation…And Devotion To Islam’ has ushered in a Middle East on the brink of hell fire.
In other words, it takes an Islamist ( with world class assets at his disposal ), who is also a third world devotee, to help ignite these tribal fires, knowing full well the costs it will bear upon the US in specific, and the west in general.
Evil….thy name is Barack Hussein Obama….aka Barry Sotero!!

RED HOT WARNING : From Northeast Intelligence Network’s Director…DHS Issued ‘GO’…Gearing Up To Secure Election For Barack Hussein Obama IF Polls Slip…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Featured at this blog – in a top billing capacity –  reveals a swath of destruction, so ordered by the Pyromaniac-in-Chief. In tandem, yours truly has outlined the expected dangers, elicited from another four year reign of anti-American terror.

Post haste, the readers should re-concentrate on the following commentaries, even though there are many others at this site –

Exhibit Number One – focuses upon DHS as the lynch pin, July 31, 2012 – ‘The Purposeful Deconstruction of the US…The Co-opting of DHS Into A Radical Force For Societal Change’ –

Exhibit Number Two – ‘The Thug-in-Chief Hell Bent On Disarming Christian Patriots…Ordered His Racialist AG To Turn Up The Heat’, lays bare how intrinsic the top law enforcement official is to his radical transformation –

Exhibit Number Three – ‘Shoring Up Barack Hussein Obama’s Second Term Plans’ gets into specifics of the planned destruction –

Exhibit Number Four – ‘Fomented Chaos By POTUS Allows Him To Issue Executive Orders…’ demonstrates how radicals twist powers at their disposal – meant to be used sparingly – into hammer & tongs –

Exhibit Number Five – ‘When Radical Politics Trumps National Security…What Can Go Wrong?’ lends credence to the claim, that leftist ideologues superimpose their ‘ends justify the means’ credo above all else, regardless of its detrimental effects to national security –

Exhibit Number Six – ‘The Wizard of Oz Behind Barack Hussein Obama…Pulling His Strings…Making Sure He Stays Put’ fine tunes that his re-election is NOT up for debate –

Exhibit Number Seven – ‘Northeast Intelligence Network…Famous Odds Maker Classmate…Billionaire Builder…America’s Sheriff Arpaio…’ expounds upon very rational, prominent folks asking the same expolosive questions, yet no one dares answer/address them-

Exhibit Number Eight – ‘Revealed…The Second Term Plans Of An Obama Presidency…Nothing Short Of A National Nightmare’ gets into more specifics of the stakes at hand –

Enter, Douglas Hagmann, Director Northeast Intelligence Network via this explosive expose – ‘It’s Going Hot’ –

“It’s going hot.” Those were the ominous opening and closing words from my source inside the Department of Homeland Security in two separate contacts we had within the last 72 hours. Readers to this website and listeners to my radio program know this source as “Rosebud,” a source with access to high levels within the DHS administration.”

“Readers of this website and listeners to my radio program are familiar with this DHS insider from previous leaks detailing alleged plans by members of the Obama administration to keep him in power beyond the 2012 elections.  One could argue that any person of reasonable sensibilities would certainly find this a delusional prospect and tinfoil hat conspiracy nonsense. After all, we have a Constitution, or what’s left of it, that dictates our election process, at least for now. As such, one might logically ask how any sane person can even entertain the prospect of not having normal elections in November.”

“I would feel the same, and did so as well until the last few years. Today, things are much different than they were four years ago, or even last year at this time. Judi McLeod, award-winning founder and editor of Canada Free Press and not one to succumb to delusion or fantasy, points this out and provides a solid foundation for this possibility in her column published on August 27, 2012 titled “Staged crisis leading to suspended elections could happen on our watch.” What a difference four years can make.”

“For the purpose of full disclosure, I must note that what follows is a compilation of the information I obtained from my source from two separate contacts within a 72 hour period. Both contacts have been assembled into a single “conversation” for easier reading. None of the information has been changed or otherwise edited.”

New information from DHS source

“According to my well-placed source within the DHS apparatus, what amounts to a final authorization was reportedly given to DHS directly from the White House. A “go signal” if you will.”

“It’s going hot. The plan, or whatever specific operation that was devised, is going hot, being put into motion. You’ve got to let people know that something is up, approval has been given, and unless somebody stops it, we’re going to have a staged event inside the U.S., and it’s being set up so that it gets real ugly real fast.” Obviously, I asked for clarification and more details.”

“Look, I’ll tell you everything I know, what I’ve heard and seen, and some of what I’ve been told, but you’ve got to get this public. Even then, I’m not sure we know enough about the specific operational details, have enough time, or have the ability to overcome the characterizations of lunacy they’re going to throw at you, at us, for even talking about this. I’ve heard you talk about the ‘normalcy bias’ of most Americans, and that’s part of what we’re fighting. Look at what they did to you and the content of last information I gave to you. It was like that pass a secret game in first grade, you know, where one student whispers something in the ear of the kid next to him and it’s passed around the room until it gets to the last student. By that time, it’s nothing like the original ‘secret.’ It’s the lesson kids learn about spreading gossip. There was some state representative from Tennessee that sent out a mass e-mail of a screwed up version of what you wrote and then later retracted it,” he stated.

“I reminded him that it was Tennessee State Representative Kelly Keisling who sent an e-mail to his constituents based on what amounted to third-hand information he read on the Internet. It centered around an alleged fake assassination attempt, something I never wrote, I told him. “Yes, that’s it. Didn’t you find the timing of that odd? I mean, the information I gave you was back in late April. When did Keisling send that e-mail and then make his very public retraction? Two or three weeks ago? Give me a break. They wanted to discredit you and anyone who makes public their intentions as bad as they want to know where the leaks are coming from,” he stated. “Believe me when I tell you they are desperate on a number of levels.”

“My source continued: “Don’t think for one second that the sudden resurrection of the information, as incorrect as it was by that state rep, was an accident, because it wasn’t,” he replied. “Maybe the rep was played and clueless to the original story, but the way the story was managed after the fact made you look like a fool, like a real nutcase,” he said. I thanked him for the reminder.”

“That’s their playbook,” he emphasized. “[Glenn] Beck, you on CFP, your show and others who talk about Alinksy tactics are right. Remember, Alinsky when he wrote that ridicule is the most potent weapon, and there is no defense because it irrational and infuriating. Trust me when I tell you that you are going to get hit hard and called crazy, this time with much greater intensity. Expect it the closer we get to the end game. But, pay attention to who is exploiting the false rumors, and you’ll get an idea who is behind the larger agenda,” he added.”

“I asked my source for details. “What exactly is the plan? Can you give me specific details? How do you know about this plan ‘going hot?’”

“Okay, from what I’ve been able to learn, there have been a couple different plans or scenarios developed, ready to be implemented at a moment’s notice, but each are distinctly different in nature and timing.” stated my source. “This is done for a few reasons. Look how the weather changed the plans for [Vice-President Joe] Biden’s visit to Tampa. That’s just one example. They’ve got contingencies. They are watching the poll numbers. They are closely monitoring public sentiment. But the objective of the plan is that they want to portray Obama as a victim of racist hatred by the white gun owners, the people concerned about the Constitution, the people they consider fringe. They want to silence their critics, prove that talk show hosts are causing hatred, and that all gun owners are behind the recent shootings. That’s at the heart of the plan. But to understand just how insidious this is, you’ve got to understand the people who are behind it.”

Nero in the White House, Caligula at the DHS

My source continued, “I’ve been trying to get as much information as possible, but it’s not been easy. This is definitely a plan that has its origins at the highest levels of the White House, and seems limited to maybe a handful of the people closest to Obama. The only reason I know about this authorization order, or approval, or whatever you want to call it, is that there was a major slip up at the very upper level of DHS, and I mean the very upper level” he stated.

“Remember the news about sexual harassment, intimidation and all of the garbage that’s gone on between the people Napolitano brought in and promoted due to their ‘lifestyle’ preferences? These are some sick people, mental rapists and perverts, who she’s brought in to her innermost circle. They make Caligula look like a boy scout, at least with power and sex. Well, one of those people, close to Napolitano, was involved in a meeting where the concept and approval of a false flag was being discussed.”

“This is where they almost lost it. You’ve got to understand that this whole thing is very compartmentalized and we’re talking about a very small group of people in this meeting. This person knew some of the information, not all of it, and let some information slip to a counterpart. That counterpart, who found herself involved in a situation way over her head, talked. I won’t go any further, but that’s how I ended up learning the latest information,” said my source. “Now you should have an idea of how this slipped out. But they had a quick handle on damage control, given the circumstances behind the disclosure. Potentially embarrassing circumstances, sexual blackmail” he added.

“I asked my source whether DHS is involved in the actual planning or staging of the event. In response, this source stated that Janet Napolitano and her closest aides are playing a supporting role. ” She has to be involved because she has to control the response to a staged event. She’s involved to coordinate and implement the clampdown, after the fact. She does what she’s told. From everything I’ve heard, I believe the plans come from Valerie Jarrett and possibly a close friend and Obama associate who has a very big stake in Obama’s re-election.”

“What happens and when it happens depends on the events of the next sixty days. If it appears that Obama does not have a lock on the next four years to finish what he started, what he has been told to do, then watch for it ‘going hot.’”

Bone chilling. Numbing. Spine tingling. Otherworldly….other related adjectives. 

Not to make a too fine point, but this blogger also fingered Valerie Jarrett – Barack Hussein Obama’s alter ego – as his ‘plotter’ of radical strategy – .

As such, it came as NO surprise that the source, deep within DHS, targeted her too.

I’m just saying…..feel free to call me ‘the connector’…of ( geo- political ) dots.

Russian Warships Pull Out Of Syria…..What Does This Portend? Short Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

DEBKA Intelligence is a reliable resource, much more so than others.

‘Russia Is Disengaging From Syria : Arms Shipments Stopped, Warships Exit Tartus’ bears internalizing-

“Russian naval vessels have unexpectedly departed the Syrian Mediterranean port of Tartus and Russian arms shipments to Syria have been suddenly discontinued. DEBKAfile’s military sources reveal that those and other steps indicate that the Russians are rapidly drawing away from the Syrian arena to avoid getting caught up in the escalating hostilities expected to arise from military intervention by the US, Europe and a number of Arab states. Russian intelligence appears to have decided that this outside intervention is imminent and Moscow looks anxious to keep its distance for now.

According to our military and Russian sources, these drastic steps must have been personally ordered by President Vladimir Putin. He is believed to have acted over the objections of some of his army and naval chiefs. This would explain the mixed statements issuing from Moscow in recent days about the disposition of Russian personnel at the naval base in Tartus and Russian military personnel in Syria.

Wednesday, Aug. 22, Commander of the Russian Navy Vice Adm. Viktor Chirkov said that if the fighting in Syria reached Tartus, Moscow may decide to evacuate the base. He stressed that this decision would have to be taken on the authority of President Putin. He was the first Russian official to suggest the possibility of an evacuation.
A week later, Aug. 28, Russian chief of staff Gen. Nikolai Makarov denied anything had changed in the working procedures of Russian military personnel in Syria or that there were any plans to evacuate the Russian naval base in Tartus:

“I think it’s too early to draw conclusions [from the situation in Syria],” said the general. “No one is running away from there.”

When a Russian journalist pressed the general and ventured to ask whether Moscow was terminating its military involvement in Syria, Marakov retorted, “Why are you so worried about Syria?”
But he didn’t answer the question.

DEBKAfile’s military sources disclose that the Russians have taken five significant military steps with regard to Syria in the last two weeks:

1. They cancelled a large-scale naval exercise dubbed “Caucasus 2012” scheduled to start mid-August in the eastern Mediterranean opposite the Syrian coast;

2. Warships from three fleets – the Northern, Baltic and Black Sea – concentrated opposite Syria have dispersed and returned to their bases;

3. Syrian President Bashar Assad was notified that Moscow was halting military aid to his army – except for intelligence updates and advice on logistics from Russian military advisers;

4.  Moscow has not clearly announced a freeze on arms shipments, including replacement parts for Russian weapons, which make up the bulk of the Syrian army’s weaponry. Officials have only said, “There are no large Russian weapons shipments planned in the near future to Syria.”

5. The only Russian naval ship left in Tartus – a floating Russian Navy PM-138 shipyard – is also under orders to depart Tartus and return to the Black Sea in September.
A Russian source disclosed that all the remaining Russian personnel in Tartus have gathered on the floating shipyard, except for two officers on shore. This vessel and the remaining personnel are evidently packed up and ready to sail at any moment out of the Syrian port.”

This go around, ‘reading the tea leaves’ is hardly an exercise in military intelligence. It is a matter of common sense – via connecting the geo-political dots – as well as a grounded understanding of the region’s dynamics.

So, unlike the meddling in Libya via ‘R2P’ ( Samantha Powers concoction – ‘Responsibility To Protect’…which made matters MUCH worse, but I digress ) and elsewhere, albeit in varied permutations, this one is smack up at Israel’s borders.

Not only that, but the Iranian Hitler and Hizbullah – his proxy arm – will join the fray. Moreover, much of their wrath will be directed against Israel, hoping to turn the heat in another direction.

What remains to be seen is this – will our ‘leading lights’ use this as an opportunity to strike Iran, via a ‘lights out’ EMP, thus stopping them in their tracks forthwith?

Time will very soon tell!

Visual Aid Exposing Barack Hussein Obama’s COMMUNIST Roots…Adina Kutnicki

Once again, a short visual aid. Many prefer this medium.

This blog’s readership is (mostly) familiar with the contents therein, but it is a great one to pass onto others in need of some truth telling.

Basically, one cannot sit at the feet of Communist mentors and grow up a patriot, unless one sees the errors of their (mis)education. And, when they become old enough they break free, thus choosing another course. 

Americans, and others too, understand that Barack Hussein Obama has imbibed the Communist and Islamist lessons of his youth. 

They are inextricably linked to his DNA. As such, American patriots MUST throw him out of the ‘People’s House’, and into the dustbin of (regrettable) history!

Tangible…Lethal…Military-Related Results From The Red/Green Alliance…Via The Corrosive Influence Of An Islamist-in-Chief…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

In everyday life, and most especially in times of war, the Jewish dictum cited below is not only proper, but it is invariably life-saving. Even more so, if ( and, this is where the caveat lies ) the ultimate goal of war is to eventually “secure/win the peace”, then what better way to do so, other than to dispatch the enemy, before they have a chance to kill even more innocents?

Dunces can grasp such a basic “rule of war”. So, what’s up with US political (which wags the military) leadership, as well as Israeli leadership? Hint : both are virulently infected with “PC (im)moral relativism” psychosis, which is a cancerous tumor if left uncured.

Furthermore, logic and rational thinking dictates: a leadership which has mercy on ones enemies, is a leadership which will eventually have the blood of many innocents on its hands. In other words, what exactly is the expected result of leaving ones enemies – in a time of war – standing?

The ‘Midrash’ –                                                     explains many of life’s elemental lessons, with the following being one of them – ‘one who is compassionate to the cruel will ultimately become cruel to the compassionate’. As it is written, “And Saul and the nation spared Agag and the best sheep and cattle.”, and it is written (Ibid. 22:19) “And Nov, the city of priests, he smote with the edge of a sword.”

Extrapolating into current times, the above could not be any clearer, truer, or more contemporary in its meaning.

Therefore, this blogger has invested considerable time and energy – detailing the disasters/wreckage wrought by the (misnamed) Commander-in-Chief – demonstrating the utter disdain he has for America’s standing, as leader of the free world. Barack Hussein Obama, and his like-minded surrogates, has set out to destroy said position through a two-pronged approach – castration of the military, as well as a deconstruction of the American economy.

Most recently, ‘When Radical Politics Trumps National Security…What Can Go Wrong?Everything’ elicits a range of emotions, from nausea to outrage. General Dempsey’s disgraceful upbraid of military heroes, all for the “crime” of speaking against the Radical-in-Chief  ( after they left the service! ), exposes his derelict military leadership, and is more appropriate for a banana republic, rather than the United States of America.

Say what?

Further stirring the pot…are the revelations contained herein – ‘The Thug-in-Chief Hell Bent On Disarming Christian Patriots…Ordered His Racialist AG To Turn Up The Heat’ exhibits another manifestation of a radical at the helm. In other words, symbols of hyper-power, either via a hardened military apparatus, or a Constitutionally, legally armed populace, are foreign concepts to Barack Hussein Obama. Why is this? Here is why –

Moving right along…. ‘Shoring Up Barack Hussein Obama’s Second Term Plans…’ leaves no doubt, that destroying the economy and disarming the citizens is part of the regime’s plans –

And if your stomach can still withstand it, ‘Barack Hussein Obama’s Reflexive Disdain For US Military Power…’ illustrates his basic animus towards all symbols/people military- related –, as well as

Thus, the following report must be viewed within the prism of the above wrecking balls. There is no way around it. A tipping point has taken place within the military’s leadership. And if not turned around, the most feared fighting force in the world will become nothing more than a shell of its former self.

‘U.S. Commander Excuses Muslim Troop Murderers’ –

“Dhimmitude is the status that Islam’s Sharia law imposes on non-Muslims, making them subject to a number of humiliating regulations designed to enforce the Qur’an’s command that they ‘feel themselves subdued.’” Threatened with being proclaimed “enemies of Islam [and becoming] fair game as objects of violence” should they rebel against their Muslim masters, dhimmis can forever be counted on to bend a knee in “chastened subservience” to the murderous legions of Allah.”

“Of course, the station of dhimmitude does not necessarily have to be FORCED on non-Muslims. Today there are many who willingly—even eagerly–submit to an existence of craven servitude. Newsrooms, universities and the Democrat Party are filled with these pathetic souls. And so, unfortunately, are the upper echelons of the United States Military.”

“There can be no more perfect example of a cringing dhimmi than General John Allen, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan. Speaking via satellite last week to reporters at the Pentagon, Allen suggested that “…the rising number of attacks on U.S. troops by Afghan police and soldiers may be due in part to the stress on Afghan forces from fasting during the just-concluded Muslim holy month of Ramadan.”

“Yep. Though Allen said the reasons for the murder of 10 American servicemen over the past month “are not fully understood and likely can be attributed to a variety of factors,” the general courageously honored the memory of his murdered troops—most of whom were shot down by Afghan security forces TRAINED by his own men–claiming that “fasting during the heat of summer and the peak of the fighting season” was a significant contributing factor in their deaths.”

“Coincidentally, this is the same General Allen who apologized so PROFUSELY at the beginning of the year for the unintentional burning of a number of Qurans at the Baghran airbase near Kabul. Addressing his sickening plea for forgiveness to the “noble people of Afghanistan,”—including, no doubt, the hundreds outside the base chanting “Die, die foreigners”– Allen did everything but slash his wrists in atonement for the tragic and unforgiveable deed. Naturally, he assured the throng that charred remains of the revered tomes would be “properly handled by appropriate religious authorities.” Presumably that will involve pious clerics in white gloves.”

“The link to Allen’s 1 minute, 27 second apology is included here. Watch it only on an empty stomach.”

“On August 10th, 6 US servicemen were killed in “rogue” attacks by “friendly” Afghan security forces. A week later, 2 were murdered by an Afghan policeman. All in all nearly 40 American soldiers have been killed since January by Afghan citizens ostensibly working WITH our troops to rid the nation of members of the Taliban.”

“But rest assured, NONE of these killings can be attributed to an Islamic religion which demands the utter subjugation or death of infidels and “foreign invaders.” For that would mean the honorable General Allen was responsible for shielding—even providing excuses for– those responsible in the death of his troops by embracing a phony and ultimately deadly mantra of political correctness. And no American commander could possibly do such a thing.”

“It’s behavior which is reserved for dhimmis only.”

Fellow Americans ( yes, I am an American-Israeli ), as wretched as you are feeling about the betrayal of your leaders, leaders in Israel are no walk on the beach. In fact, they are heartburn, ulcer and cringe worthy, and that is on a good day!

Consider : “Israel’s Failure of Leadership…’ is the reason why so many terrorists live to see another day, and Jews ultimately die, as a result of their mendacious behavior-

Adding insult to grievous injury: how does a leadership justify releasing terrorists for any reason, least of all to placate ones enemies?

They can’t. Yet, they continually do so!

Topping off the list of Israel’s leadership horrors, one is hard pressed to find another which beats this – the wanton, total destruction of thriving Jewish communities, all in the delusional hope that a genocidal foe will be satiated.

‘The Bitter Fruits of Disengagement’ will go down in history – in a class of self-destruction – like none other –

Dhimmitude takes many forms, but few grovel lower than those who should be standing strong and proud. Whither are they? Not in Israel, and obviously not back in the States.

The west is near bowed. These are the fruits of the “red/green” alliance.


Reading Is Essential….To Understand US ( & Other) Dynamics At Play…’9/11, Stealth Jihad, And Obama’…A Powerful Reading Resource…Adina Kutnicki

EVERY so often, this blog steers the readers towards certain books. ‘Fool Me Twice’, ‘Infiltration’ and ‘The Muslim Mafia’ are at the forefront of must reads.

Along comes another, ‘9/11, Stealth Jihad & Obama’, and it is duly added to the treasure trove. 

While there is a laundry list of others – worthwhile to our common cause – the elements of time and money make it necessary to zero in on certain releases.

The readers may, or may not, agree, but this is the latest recommendation –

Once done – if you buy it – pass/pay it forward!

Republican National Convention Heralds “Arab Spring” In Its Platform…Oblivious To The Unfolding Arab/Muslim Nightmare…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Whenever one sacrifices core values and ideals – “going along to get along”- an opening is widened for mischief makers who lie-in-wait.

There is a world of difference between sticking to principled values, and just being obdurate, regarding minute matters which hardly matter in the scheme of things. Intelligent and reasonable people know the difference. One hardly needs to be a rocket scientist to realize this distinction.

Thus, people who are sincerely steeped in Conservative ideals and politics will hardly be surprised at the report depicted below. However, people who pretend to be of similar persuasion, but only as long as it suits them, will be “oh so shocked”.

Moreover, the term RINO – Republicans In Name Only – is not for nothing. It depicts leaders ( but can also apply to regular folks ) who choose to stay within Republican Party politics, but are only conservative on paper.

It is under the stewardship of squishy Republican leaders that a host of Islamic foxes entered the governmental hen house. By no stretch is it honest to claim that Democrats are the only ones at fault for Islamic infiltration/penetration.

Not by a long shot, but they are absolutely the main ringleaders. (aside from Grover Norquist-the biggest Islamic fox in the Repub power-broker house) Their helpmates – RINOS’s.

Take a gander at the following Orwellian text from their party platform, courtesy of –

‘The Republican Platform and “the Arab Spring”

“There was another odd statement in the foreign policy section of the Republican platform:

We recognize the historic nature of the events of the last two years–the Arab Spring–that have unleashed democratic movements leading to the overthrow of dictators who have been menaces to global security for decades.

“What stands out here is how closely “the Arab Spring” is identified with the overthrow of “menaces to global security.” Ben Ali and Mubarak were oppressive and brutal authoritarian rulers, but “menaces” to global security are what they clearly were not. As far as the U.S. was concerned, they were quite the opposite. Gaddafi had been such a menace at one time, but he had ceased to be one many years ago. That didn’t stop the U.S. from helping to orchestrate his downfall, but that had nothing to do with eliminating a “menace” to global security. Indeed, overthrowing Gaddafi has led to the creation of other menaces to international security in Africa, but that certainly isn’t going to be mentioned. Syria is the one case where this description might apply, yet Assad is the only one of these four still in power.”

“So the statement isn’t very accurate, and it conveys a very confused understanding of what has been happening in the last twenty months. More important, it reflects the remarkable unwillingness among Republican democratists to acknowledge that popular uprisings can and do contribute to instability and insecurity. It suggests that the GOP’s leadership is still inclined to view events in the Near East and North Africa through a very distorted ideological lens.”

This blogger is not a leader of any party – unless one considers the matriarch of (a segment of) the Kutnicki clan akin to a party head! – but their confused interpretation of foreign affairs is stunning, and deadly inaccurate.

Deconstructing the above idiocy is “elementary, my dear Watson”.

Consider the following breadcrumbs as your clues, but leaders should hardly need a blogger’s assistance – and from one living half way across the world!

Clue number 1 –,

Clue Number 2 –,

Clue Number 3 –,

Clue Number 4 –,

Clue Number 5 –,

Clue Number 6 –,

Clue Number 7 –,

Clue Number 8 –,

Clue Number 9 –,

Clue Number 10 – the biggie… containing the most intrinsic policy paper to date, as it delineates/expounds upon the underpinnings of Islam, thus defining its clash with the west  –

Bearing the above in mind, the latest revelations by Walid Shoebat ( a repentant, ex Muslim Brotherhood terrorist ) only adds to the already dangerous, feckless pronouncement cited above, via the Republican’s party platform.

‘Infiltrated: Republican Party and Fox News’

by  on AUGUST 27, 2012 in BLOGGENERAL

Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack

“As we demonstrated with The Abedin “Affairs” with Al Saud, there is a movement afoot in the West that seeks to transform Muslim minority lands into Muslim majority lands. And while the Right points fingers at the left on an array of issues, we need to seriously examine this movement’s spigot—Saudi Arabia and the Royal family.”

“Prince Alwaleed bin Talal is a member of that family. He acquired 5.46% of Fox News Channel’s parent Company – Newscorp. – in 2005. He is also its second largest shareholder. It was Fox News that provided a platform for perhaps the most stinging rebuke of Rep. Michele Bachmann’s questions about Muslim Brotherhood infiltration in general, and Huma Abedin’s background in particular. Edward Rollins – Bachmann’s former campaign chief – denounced Bachmann with a piece entitled, “Shame on you, Michele” while Fox provided no counter-balance to speak of.”

“The Fox News website also reported the rebukes of Bachmann by John McCain and Republican House Speaker John Boehner, yet Bachmann’s position was all but ignored.”

“So much for “Fair and Balanced”.

“Alwaleed has purchased significant influence at major U.S. Universities and has contributed to CAIR. How does this all work? Well, it was explained by Al-Walid himself. In an article that appeared on Accuracy in Media’s website,Diana West quoted from an interview the Saudi Prince granted to Arab News:

“Arab countries can influence U.S. decision-making ‘if they unite through economic interests, not political,’ (Alwaleed) stressed. ‘We have to be logical and understand that the U.S. administration is subject to U.S. public opinion. We (Arabs) are not so active in this sphere (public opinion). And to bring the decision-maker on your side, you not only have to be active inside the U.S. Congress or the administration but also inside U.S. society.’”

“Even the very liberal, Soros-backed Think Progressreported on bin Talal’s influence over the Fox News Channel. In 2005, during riots in France (and two months after bin Talal acquired 5.46% of Newscorp.), the banner being run on Fox said, “Muslim riots.” Think Progress quoted bin Talal as saying the following:

“I picked up the phone and called Murdoch… (and told him) these are not Muslim riots, these are riots out of poverty. Within 30 minutes, the title was changed from Muslim riots to civil riots.”

“In 2001, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly interviewed Sami al-Arian and aggressively pursued al-Arian when the latter seemed to implicate himself as being involved in terror fundraising. Al-Arian was eventually convicted and O’Reilly’s efforts played a key role. It would be O’Reilly’s high water mark on such matters.”

“In an exchange with bin Talal in 2011, Fox News host Neil Cavuto made the pecking order quite obvious when he referred to the Saudi Prince as “Your Highness”.

“Then, in May of 2012, conservative host Sean Hannity welcomed none other than Ground Zero mosque imam, Feisal Abdul Rauf to his program to…promote his book. To his credit, Hannity was not as deferential as Cavuto was with bin Talal but he did provide Rauf with the platform to market his book.”


“The Democratic Party is lost and it has gladly welcomed Islamists so why are there Islamists with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood registering with the Republican Party? Part of the answer is that the Republican establishment is allowing them in. It is the Tea Party, which predominantly understands the Islamic threat that rejects Brotherhood elements.”

Let us look at some examples.

“CAIR’s Executive Director for South Florida is a man named Nezar Hamze. As such, Hamze is furthering the cause of CAIR’s leadership. The group’s national Executive Director and co-founder is Nihad Awad, a man who has expressed support for Hamas; he denounced the convictions of Islamic fundamentalists found guilty of the 1993 WTC bombing and did so while expressing a belief that the Mossad was behind that bombing. Prior to that Awad was the Public Relations Director for a Hamas front group. Incidentally, Hamas seeks the elimination of Israel.”

“Another CAIR co-founder – Omar Ahmad – was actually quoted by the San Ramon Valley Herald on July 4, 1998 as saying something that should be considered antithetical to both political Parties in the United States:

“Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran…should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.”

“If Hamze will not denounce the views of his group’s leadership, he has no place in the Republican Party. Yet, Republican Party leadership will not denounce him.”

“When Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) made comments critical of CAIR and would not apologize, Moon Khan – a Muslim Republican who is a precinct committeeman and York Township board of trustees’ member – invited Walsh to his home for some ‘dialogue’ with some other members of the Muslim community. Walsh ultimately visited Khan’s home and addressed more than 80 Muslims but did not apologize, though not for lack of trying on Khan’s part.”

“Walsh’s initial comments were critical of CAIR, a group sympathetic to both Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. As a Republican, why wouldn’t Khan stand with Walsh? Instead, he painted Walsh as defensive and unyielding, as someone unwilling to apologize for his comments. Khan once served as a chairman of Brotherhood front, ISNA’s 1997 National Convention’s Media Relations Committee.

“The son of Mahboob Khan, Suhail Khan, was born to a man who co-founded two Muslim Brotherhood groups in the United States – the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and the Muslim Students Association (MSA). Despite this undeniable truth, while at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in 2011, Suhail said on camera that, “there is no Muslim Brotherhood in the United States.” With that one sentence, Khan denied his father’s work and obviously did so because he didn’t want the truth about it revealed.”

“Besides founding two Muslim Brotherhood groups, Mahboob Khan was an anti-Semite who agreed with the primary goal of the Muslim Brotherhood in America – overthrow the United States from within. The elder Khan never hid his true colors. In fact, as Paul Sperry wrote in Front Page Magazine, his son Suhail pledged to carry on his “dear father’s shining legacy”. Conversely, at CPAC, Suhail denied his father’s work. Yet, of all the people the Republican Party goes out of its way to distance itself from, Suhail Khan gets a pass.”

“Then we have Grover Norquist who is perhaps the most prominent Republican to avoid accountability for his Islamist ties. Norquist is founder of Americans for Tax Reform (ATR), a conservative group formed at the behest of Ronald Reagan in 1985. Then, something happened circa 1998. Norquist began to be influenced by two men who would later be convicted on charges related to terrorism – Abdurahman Alamoudi and Sami Al-Arian. According to Center for Security Policy’s Frank Gaffney, Alamoudi’s deputy – Khaled Saffuri – co-founded an organization called the Islamic Free Market Institute (IFMI), with Norquist. In 2005, Gaffney reported that he made it known to Norquist that the ATR founder was consorting with Muslim leaders who had unseemly ties. Gaffney wrote at the time:

The idea that Norquist was unaware that he was aiding and abetting Islamists became untenable after I, among others, made known to him that his outreach effort was reaching out not to peaceable, tolerant, pro-American Muslims… but to those who are none of the above – i.e., adherents to an Islamofascist ideology and/or their sympathizers, financiers and apologists.

“Less than two months after the 9/11 attacks, in a an article published by theNew Republic, writer Franklin Foer wrote about how Saffuri, Norquist’s co-founder at the Islamic Free Market Institute, began ushering Islamic leaders into the White House shortly after George W. Bush’s inauguration nearly one year earlier with the help of none other than Suhail Khan, an administration advisor at the time whose job was to help with Muslim outreach.”

“Moreover, as recently as 2009, Khan was listed as a Board member of both Norquist’s IFMI as well as CPAC’s American Conservative Union (ACU).”

“In 2011, when much of the backgrounds of Khan and Norquist were available for public consumption, it was reported that Gaffney was the one who had been banned from CPAC while Khan and Norquist proudly attended.”

“The Republican Party’s silence over such an egregious, two-pronged affront was not just deafening; it was a damning indictment of itself.”

“Dutch Parliamentarian Geert Wilders launched his anti-Islam Party known as the Freedom Party (PVV) and has seen tremendous success. Formerly a member of the right wing, yet liberal VVD Party, Wilders broke away because VVD supported welcoming Turkey into the European Union (EU). With the passage of time, Wilders is vindicated on a near daily basis in that regard.”

“American politicians can learn much from Wilders’ path. VVD’s support for Turkey’s ascension to the EU is indicative of Islamic influence on the Party. When Wilders formed the PVV Party, he eliminated that possibility by identifying his Party as being “anti-Islam”. In 2010, The Week reported that Wilders would be launching his Party in both the USA and the UK.”

“As long as agents of the Muslim Brotherhood are able to successfully portray anyone who opposes them as racist, Islamophobic, or intolerant, Brotherhood apparatchiks will continue to make strides in much the same way that Nezar Hamze, Moon Khan, Suhail Khan, Grover Norquist, and Alwaleed bin Talal have made strides.”

“Conservatives will one day be faced with a decision. When that day comes, they will have to decide if the Republican Party can be sufficiently held accountable for identifying groups and individuals sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood. If it cannot, the birth of an anti-Islam, Tea Party will be in order.”

“Many of those who call us racist are anti-Semites, which makes them racist projectionists.”

Walid Shoebat is a former member of the Muslim Brotherhood and author of For God or For Tyranny –

Another Republican betrayal via ‘Profiling Huma Abedin’s Defenders’ –

“Here is a list of prominent Republicans (click their names for details) who have sided with those above by either siding with Huma Abedin or denouncing Michele Bachmann for raising questions. Unless and until they renounce their current positions, they risk disgracing their very names and legacies:

Senator John McCain (AZ)
Senator Scott Brown (MA)
Senator Marco Rubio (FL)
Speaker John Boehner (OH)
Rep. James Sensenbrenner (WI)
Rep. Mike Simpson (ID)
Rep. Richard Hanna (NY)
Ed Rollins (Bachmann’s former campaign chief)

November’s election, by all accounts, is fateful. Therefore, it is essential that scores are settled after the election.

As treacherous as the above RINO’s are, it is imperative that the Islamist-in-Chief is defeated.

First things first.

Nevertheless, true Conservatives should make it their business to target the above culprits for ouster, when their seats are up for re-election.

Placing Conservative values as core party issues must be a rallying cry.

Tea Party…clean house…and rock on!

Fellow Capitalists…Hold Onto Your Retirement Assets…The Thieves In Charge Of US Policy Are Knocking Down Your Portfolio Doors…Adina Kutnicki

As one fellow capitalist to another, I offer this jaw dropping report as a free gift to the readers. Hold onto your seats….and to your wallets!

‘The Government Plot To Nationalize IRA’s and 401k’s Continues’ via

The Signs & Timeline:

September 2009, Goldworth Financial uncovered the early blueprint of our Government`s Plot to Nationalize Private Retirement Accounts.  The 401(k)/IRA de-privatization is the brain child of Teresa Ghilarducci, who through funding from the White House and the Highly Influential Ford & Rockefeller Foundations, engineered a new “Regulatory & Tax Incentive”.  We reported, the purpose is to herd and ultimately force Americans to convert their Retirement Accounts into Government Managed accounts.

January 2010, we reported on the upcoming meeting between the Labor Department and the Treasury Department, who met to discuss: “ways to promote the conversion of 401k savings and IRA accounts into annuities or other steady payment streams.”

Where do you think the Treasury Department wants to put your money?

Remember, mid/late-2009 is when China notably reduced their purchases of U.S.Treasury Bonds.

On February 12, 2010– CNBC’s Rick Santelli voiced his concern over the “Almost” Failed 30 year Treasury Bond auction.  He said, “Something massive is going on here, and it is being covered up.  We are very likely on the next stage of the crisis: The U.S Bond Market Collapse!

Who or What kept the auction from Failure?

Only 10 minutes before the end of the T-Bond auction, a “Mystery” Direct-Buyer purchased the unsold Bonds.  The Fed’s later disclosed, they stepped in and bought 25% of the Bonds auctioned off by the Treasury department.

Now they`re “stepping-in” at Every auction and buying Over 61%!

The Treasury Department needs “Fresh” -New Buyers; New Money… Your Retirement Account?

The last week of February 2010, we reported on the government documents that further confirmed, the Plot to Nationalize Private Retirement Accounts: “In chapter 3 of the annual report on the middle class, released in February by Vice President Biden and the white house task force on the middle class, the Obama Administration`s call for enhancing the “retirement options”.  The plan as sketched in the 43-page document, called for the creation of something called “Guaranteed Retirement Accounts (GRA`s)”.

A few weeks later…
The March 9 edition of Business Week reported: “New Federal Regulation designed to promote the conversion of 401K savings and Individual Retirement Accounts into annuities or other steady payment streams, would help drive cash into government controlled entities such as American International Group (AIG).”

January 2011, Goldworth Financial reported and Warned that: “Government employee pension plans are at the Highest Risk”.  These accounts would be the first to succumb to a government “grab”.

A few weeks later, on May 15thThe Washington Post reported: “Treasury to tap pensions to help fund government”.

We later Warned, it wouldn’t be the last time and  YES, with new legislation, they did it again!

On January 17, 2012–  Reuters reported:  “The Treasury dips further into pension to avoid debt limit”. (emphasis added)

It`s True, Big Government is getting BIGGER and our Constitutional Rights are Diminishing.  The Supreme Court`s ruling on ObamaCare, has opened the Legal Door for much more!

The Latest Move Towards Nationalized Retirement Accounts:

The Latest move can be found in the Obama Administration`s, 256 page- FY 2013 Budget Proposal.  The revival of his 2008 presidential run, the “Automatic IRA” which has now “Evolved” into two proposals:

Secure Choice Pension & Government Retirement Accounts (GRA’s), both of which automatically- “Mandate” 5%  6% contributions into Government Run Pension fund.

One feature of “GRA`s”  is once a participant dies, the uncollected equity belongs to the government.  It’s no wonder the Retirement age for GRA’s will be 67, and one proposal calls for 69 years of age.  They’re “off the hook” as soon as you`re dead.

Another change to the retirement account laws, the Tax Benefit.  The current Tax Deduction will be replaced with a “Credit“, which is only redeemable after retirement. To be Eligible for the Tax Credit, you will be given the “Option” to place Your Equity into Annuities composed of U.S Treasury Bonds, that will payout an estimated 3% annually.

Yes, you`ll be Investing/Buying what China No longer wants, U.S. Debt (Treasury-Bonds).

Will This Socialistic Plot end, when Obama`s Term ends?

No matter who wins, our government is Neck-Deep in Debt.  When faced with the Reality of a Complete government Collapse… a Politician will do, what a Politician, needs to do!   The $4.6 Trillion in IRA’s and the $4.3 Trillion in 401(k)s … are all too tempting!

The Train is already in Motion!

On May 18, 2011, senators Herb Kohl (D-WI) and Mike Enzi (R-WY) introduced S1020: “Saving Enhancement by Alleviating Leakage in 401k saving Accounts”, AKA: Seal 401k savings accounts.

First comes Restriction, then Outright Control!  This Bill will Restrict you from accessing Your money; you wouldn`t even be able to borrow from it.

On February 16, 2012, Rep. Richard Neal (D-MA) introduced HR4049-“Automatic IRA Act of 2012”. Yes, the very same proposal found in President Obama`s FY-2013 Budget Proposal. Much like Obamacare, it`s a mandate for both the employer and employee. Both must pay into a government “Managed” Pension Fund; this Bill has other similarities to GRA`s.

On February 23, 2012  California congressman Kevin De Leon introduced SB1234, it`s known as: “Golden State Retirement Trust”. This Bill is based on GRA`s

On May 6, 2012 Lauren Schmitz, a research analyst at the Bernard L Schwartz Center for Economic Analyst (SCEPA), introduced HB5337. SCEPA is the very same Institution where Teresa Ghularducci originated the GRA concept. Of course, this Connecticut Bill is also based on GRA`s.

Other states such as Florida and Ohio have made or are actively conducting moves such as GRA’s.


The Social Security Administration would administer the GRAs in addition to existing Social Security benefits. Without a tax incentive, 401(k) plans would likely cease to exist, making Social Security and GRAs the principal retirement investment vehicles for many Americans. However, Congressional borrowing from the Social Security Trust Fund for non-Social Security spending`s has resulted in a Treasury debt to the Trust Fund in excess of $2.6 billion. Implementation of GRAs would provide the federal government with an entirely new source of capital to raid to meet current spending needs. In essence, taxpayers would be nudged out of Section 401(k) plans and into a government held and government-managed retirement system that the Treasury couldborrow against. These measures comprise a network of capital controls that use regulation, incentives, taxes, and the threat of civil and/or criminal penalties to incentivize taxpayers into directing their investments where the U.S. government has more disclosure, control, and access to the capital.

Can an Entire Country be “Persuaded” to Give-up Their Money?

Countries such as Belgium, Poland, Hungary, France, Argentina, Bolivia and Ireland have already Seized Private Retirement Accounts.  They convinced their citizens through newly formed legislation and of course ….. Tax implications.

Did the Supreme Court`s Ruling, open Pandora`s Box?

FoxNews commentator, Judge Napolitano said: “The supreme court ruling on ObamaCare, gives the federal government `power on a platter` to tax everything under the sun.”

If you have read Goldworth Financial`s previous reporting on the de-privatization of retirement accounts, yet are waiting for the official government announcement: “To protect you and for the good of our country, we are nationalizing private retirement accounts”.  By then, it will be too late!

It’s the old “Frog in a Boiling Pot of Water”, they turn up the heat, in stages.

If the Supreme Court`s ruling on ObamaCare didn’t wake you, it should.  The Ruling will simply be used as Case Law when Government “herds” everyone into Nationalized Retirement Accounts.

You have worked Long and Hard for your money, taxes will take a portion, inflation will take a portion… Don’t allow Government to Take the Rest! Government money is Only a Note, a government promise; tangible Gold & Silver are Constitutional Money.

Much like Eminent Domain, most assets can be “taken-over” by the government.

Certain Gold categories have been Exempt from Previous Federal Recalls.

Upon imbibing the above, this blogger would like to add a simple thought – did anyone ever imagine that the US government would seize major industries (GM/Government Motors), as they did only a few years back?

Ladies and gents – it was merely a prelude to the coming attraction!


The International Solidarity (ISM) Terror-Linked Movement: Its ‘Martyred’/Poster Girl For ‘Resistance’, Court Case Verdict Comes Down…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Those who are familiar with this blogger’s ‘About’ tab know about the “interest” in the ISM.

In a nutshell, they are the most dangerous/insidious international terror front group at large; they work directly with Palestinian terrorists (and other Islamic organs); all the while they pose as a non-violent “aid” group.

And herein, those who wish to play deaf, dumb and blind find an (im)moral escape hatch.

Nevertheless – what may not be clear – this American-Israeli entered the “Islamic fray” through her investigative work with Lee Kaplan, arguably the world’s expert on the hydra-linked ISM. Therefore, whatever shakes out of their terror tree is of immediate import.

As a short recap – the following are building blocks, which basically describes Lee Kaplan’s hunt of ISM shock troops.

Firstly, take note of ‘Time To Take Direct Aim…Stop Pussyfooting Around…Investigative Journalist Lee Kaplan Takes No Prisoners’, and be sure to click on the links…. paying particular attention to the embedded ‘’, it takes direct aim at the case at hand. 

Then, onward to –  ‘Northeast Intelligence Network Digs Deeper: Do You Know Who Your Neightbors Are?’ …followed by, ‘Red Alert Issued Via Lee Kaplan’

Back to today’s blaring headline.

As stated, in the above linked commentaries, if it were not for Lee Kaplan’s anti-terror tracking of ISM terrorists, it is hardly likely that the evidence amassed at the Rachel Corrie trial would have entered the light of day.

Moreover, the Haifa court’s reliance on his expert testimony attests to the above.

So it is with great relief, as well as pleasure, that this blogger brings forth some good news – for a change of pace!

“Haifa Court Rules Against Rachel Corrie’ –

Judge Gershon invokes “combatant activities” exception, says US activist who was killed by IDF bulldozer in Gaza could have avoided dangerous situation; Corrie attorney accuses court of endorsing human rights violation.

Activist Rachel Corrie before being killedPHOTO: REUTERS

“The Haifa District Court on Tuesday ruled against the family of Rachel Corrie, the American pro-Palestinian activist struck and killed by a bulldozer in Gaza.

In the verdict, Judge Oded Gershon invoked the principle of the combatant activities exception, noting that IDF forces had been attacked in the same area Corrie was killed just hours earlier.

Corrie, 23, from Olympia, Washington, died in Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip, on March 16, 2003, when an IDF bulldozer struck her during a protest by pro-Palestinian group the International Solidarity Movement.

Reading a summary of his 62-page decision, the judge described Israel’s investigation into the incident as appropriate and said it had no mistakes.

Asserting that Corrie could have avoided danger, he dismissed claims that the IDF was negligent in the incident and denied the family’s suit for symbolic damages. The IDF did not violate Corrie’s right to life, he continued, asserting that she inserted herself into a dangerous situation.

The state, he continued, was not responsible for any “damages caused” due to the combat situation but nonetheless called Corrie’s death a “regrettable accident.”

“I am hurt,” Corrie’s mother, Cindy, told reporters after the verdict was read.

Speaking outside the courtroom minutes after the verdict was released, an attorney representing the Corrie family in the case said the court endorsed the violation of Rachel’s human rights,.

The court’s decision, Attorney Hussein Abu Hussein noted that the verdict was so close to the state’s position that state attorneys could have authored it themselves.

Corrie was protesting injustice in Gaza when she was run over and killed by an IDF bulldozer, the attorney said, accusing the state and IDF of violating her human rights.

Corrie’s family filed the civil suit against the Defense Ministry in the district court seven years ago. They claim that the IDF either deliberately killed Corrie or is at least guilty of gross negligence.

Senior US officials criticised the original military investigation into the case, saying it had been neither thorough nor credible. But the judge said the inquiry had been appropriate and pinned no blame on the army.

Immediately after the trial ended in July, Corrie’s family alleged that important evidence, including several surveillance tapes from the time Corrie died, were withheld as part of a coverup over the circumstances of her death.

Among the evidence the family claims has been withheld from the civil suit are surveillance tapes that show color footage of events before and after Corrie’s death.

The color footage was used in a Channel 2 documentary, but the IDF has denied that the color footage exists, the family claims.

IDF officials did submit as evidence a black and white surveillance video with footage from immediately before and after Corrie’s death.

The family also claims there are discrepancies between a photograph of the bulldozer that they say killed Corrie taken by International Solidarity Movement activists, and a bulldozer shown on footage presented by the IDF.”

Most mendaciously, the Corrie family, as well as her leftist, terror sympathizing supporters, are loathe to admit that Rachel – a “terror wannabe” – DIRECTLY consorted with stone, cold Jew-killers!

Yes, she did. The evidence is very clear on this.

And despite the Corrie’s outrage at the verdict against their daughter, these Jew-hating bastards still haven’t a clue.

Israeli courts gain immense prestige/satisfaction ( via kudos from their leftist supporters at home and abroad ) by socking it to the troops, as well as patriotic Jews.

The point being, Israel’s justice system is irredeemably leftist and bent toward the Arabs and their causes. Having investigated this issue far too many times, witnessing many outrages in the process, this is indisputable.

The Corries – and their reflexive, anti-Israel back benchers – would do well to read the following ( out of too many others to cite )- if they dare.

‘Justice In The Holyland : Is It Ideologically Driven?’ was featured at The Jewish Press. Its disgraceful conclusions speak volumes. 

‘Is Justice Ideologically Blind In Israel – Or Not? You Decide’ seals the deal. It expounds on how the courts consort with leftist/Arabist plaintiffs/defendants, to the detriment of Jewish nationalists and soldiers, as well as obviating their democratic “due process”.

Being deeply enmeshed with the issue of Jewish justice in Israel, it is important to note that those who defend its borders – the IDF – are often thrown to the wolves as rapidly/viciously as are nationalist civilians. Most significantly, these civilians are law abiding citizens, who have the legal and democratic right to protest when their homes/lives are threatened.

The courts/prosecutors couldn’t care less.They are just obstacles/impediments in their “conceptzia” – a new and “improved” Israeli, mirrored after their leftist, social engineering pipe dreams.

Thus, IF there had been a scintilla of evidence to rule in favor of the Corrie’s the court would have done so. Knowing much about this issue – and it is considerable – the judges and the majority of lawyers are shedding tears over this “miscarriage of justice”, being forced to rule against Rachel Corrie.

Such is life in the leftist, crazy house of Israel’s justice system! 

But visualizing their extreme collective heartburn soothes an aching Zionist heart.

Ask this blogger if she cares.

Besides, their daughter….the terrorists….and all their supporters warrant the same fate!

Israel’s MASSIVE Failure of Leadership: Ignoring Professor Louis Beres’s MANY Warnings…Addendum To : Israel’s Ship Of Fools…Led By Delusional Leadership….Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

With the Iranian menace encircling our throats it is urgent to place – front and center – the most trenchant analysis before the public.

It is no secret that this blog relies on Professor Louis Rene Beres; ever so grateful for his time and patience over the years. It bears repeating – without his moral and targeted support – the efforts contained herein would likely not have come to pass.

Basically, in his debt –

In this regard, it is necessary to re-link several intrinsic commentaries to fully grasp his latest assessment. Backgrounders are essential.

‘Two Ways Israel Can Deter A Nuclear Iran….By Professor Louis Beres, My Mentor’ –,

as well as,, are mandated reading to understand the crisis at hand.

As such, due diligence requires to bring forth the professor’s latest analysis, with all due haste and seriousness.

‘Israel’s Remaining Strategic Options’ –

Louis René Beres (Ph.D., Princeton, 1971), is Professor of Political Science and International Law at Purdue. The author of many major books and articles in the field, including some of the very earliest publications on Israeli nuclear strategy, he was Chair of Project Daniel (Israel, 2003)

John T. Chain (USAF/Ret.) was Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Strategic Air Command (CINCSAC), and Director, Joint Strategic TargetPlanning Staff. General Chain also served as Chief of Staff, Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, and Director, Bureau of Politico-Military Affairs, U.S. Department of State.

Special to Arutz Sheva:

Sometimes, the scholar, the soldier, and the diplomat can learn from the playwright.

“Do you know what it means to find yourselves face to face with a madman?” inquires Luigi Pirandello’s, Henry IV. “Madmen, luck folk, construct without logic, or rather with a logic that flies like a feather.”

“In the unpredictable theatre of modern world politics, a real-life drama that can routinely shudder with absurdity, decisional constructions that are based on pure logic can collapse before madness. Moreover, if enemy madness and nuclear weapons should happen to coincide, an affected country’s resultant misfortunes could quickly become intolerable.”

“Still, even now, amid the ongoing strategic drama of Israel versus Iran, there is no compelling or convincing evidence that key decision-makers in Tehran are “mad.” Of course, irrationality is not the same condition as madness, and pertinent Iranian leaders might still meet the usually accepted criteria of an irrational or non-rational state. Here, however counterintuitive, Iran’s leaders could choose, at least on occasion, to value certain preferences more highly than national survival, yet maintain a consistent and transitive rank-ordering among these key preferences.”

“In all likelihood, both operationally and diplomatically, the window of Israeli preemption opportunity is already closed. Nonetheless, even in the absence of an effective eleventh-hour Israeli and/or American defensive first-strike against Iran, Israeli security would not necessarily suffer an irremediable or existential setback. Although an irrational Iran might not be responsive to the more orthodox strategic threats of retaliatory destruction, it could still remain subject to other relevant threats.”

“For Israel, this now implies, inter alia, a core obligation to (1) carefully and comprehensively identify such alternative threats, and (2) fashion this unorthodox hierarchy of alternative threats into a purposeful deterrence policy.”

“Undoubtedly, by “choosing” to forego anticipatory self-defense against Iran, the legal equivalent of a permissible first-strike, Israel could have to live with protracted uncertainty. After all, “coexistence” with an already-nuclear Iran could mean having to endure under a constant threat of devastating Iranian nuclear attack.”

“It is, in fact, with just such a bitterly unacceptable prospect in mind, that Israel has been steadily expanding and upgrading the country’s critical active defenses.”

“Improved Israeli interceptors contain new software to deal effectively with Iran’s Shahab and Sajil missiles. Naturally, there exist more-or-less related technologies to cope with Iran’s Conqueror rocket.”

“The central pillar of Israel’s active defense plan for Iran remains the Arrow anti-ballistic missile program. Iron Dome, a reinforcing system, is intended primarily for intercepting shorter-range rocket attacks. David’s Sling, now in earlier stages of development, is designed for use against medium-range rockets and cruise missiles.”

“Technically, judging from the most recent tests, everything appears entirely “on track.”

“At the same time, no matter how promising the interpenetrating Israeli protection systems and their components happen to be, there are urgent reasons for MOD/IDF never to become too dependent upon active defense. This is because no system of ballistic missile defense (BMD) can ever be dependable enough to preclude or minimize a core strategy of deterrence. Even with the very best deployable systems of ballistic missile defense, there may be too-high levels of “leakage.” This actionable conclusion becomes especially obvious in those emotionally hard-to-imagine cases where incoming warheads would be biological and/or nuclear.”

“Israel must move, conspicuously, to strengthen its historically ambiguous nuclear deterrent. In order to be dissuaded from launching an attack, any rational adversary, and possibly also an irrational one, would first need to calculate that Israel’s second-strike forces were sufficiently invulnerable to any considered first-strike aggressions. Facing Israel’s Arrow, this adversary would likely require increasing numbers of missiles, in order to achieve an assuredly destructive first-strike capability.”

“Over time, however, this adversary could still undermine the critical deterrence benefits of Israel’s active defenses. It would achieve this valuable “efficiency” simply by adding regular rocket increments to its own arsenal of offensive missiles.”

“Israel must continue to develop, test, and implement a missile interception capability that will best match the enemy threat. It must also take prompt and even innovative steps to enhance the credibility of its still-ambiguous nuclear deterrent. If, as expected, Iranian nuclearization should continue to proceed unobstructed, Israel will then have to prepare, expeditiously, and among other things, to remove its bomb from the so-called “basement.”

“n such palpably unstable circumstances, any continuing posture of deliberate nuclear ambiguity would simply cease to be reasonable or rational.

“We may presume that Israel already has a secure and penetration-capable nuclear force.”

“This second-strike capacity, hardened and dispersed, should now be made more recognizably ready to inflict an unacceptably damaging retaliatory salvo. As any exclusively “counterforce” targeting posture could have major deterrence shortfalls, Israel’s primary nuclear targets must generally be identifiable enemy cities. From the standpoint of optimally enhancing nuclear deterrence, it may also be time for Israel to release certain carefully selected information about its sea-based retaliatory forces.”

“There is more. Israel must clarify that Arrow and its other corollary active defenses would always operate simultaneously with Israeli nuclear retaliations. This point is incontestable. Iran must be made to understand that, where appropriate, Israel’s defensive deployments would never supplant, or even render less probable, an Israeli nuclear reprisal.”

“Iran should never have been allowed to proceed this far with its illegal military nuclearization. Now, in consequence, Israel will have to deal with a uniquely hostile enemy regime by instituting steady enhancements of both its nuclear deterrence and active defense capabilities. Although the prospect of regime-change in Tehran might at first appear desirable and perhaps even compensatory, such an actual leadership transformation could ultimately offer Israel little more than a transient illusion of enhanced security.”

“Conceivably, in fact, a successor regime in Tehran could prove more worrisome for Jerusalem, and also for Washington. Indeed, examined from the all-important perspective of blatantly annihilatory Jihadist inclinations, Ahmadinejad and his current clerical masters may still not represent the most dangerous possible expression of an Iranian national leadership. Sometimes, we may witness, truth is starkly counterintuitive.”

“In the matter of enemy delivery systems, Iranian nuclear harms could be directed toward Israel, not only via direct missile strike, but also by terrorist-proxy platforms. These platforms could include cars, trucks, and boats. Should a newly-nuclear Iran ever decide to share certain of its weapons-usable materials and/or scientific personnel with Hizbullah in Lebanon, Israel might then have to face a heightened prospect of nuclear terrorism. The multiple perils posed in this scenario could also impact American cities.”

“Soon, leaders in Israel and the United States will no longer be able to “kick the Iranian nuclear can” down the road. More than likely, however, in their now too-long delayed tactical calculations, the preemption option will finally have to be rejected. Unassailably, in time, this controversial option will simply have become demonstratively more costly than gainful.”

“What’s left? The “good news” is that deterrence, even of an enemy state that might sometime not value its physical survival above all other relevant values, could still work. For Israel, successfully deterring a possibly irrational nuclear adversary in Tehran need not be judged out of the question. Irrationality, we should recall, is not the same as madness.”

“As we have already noted, an irrational Iranian adversary might still display a consistent and transitive hierarchy of preferences. Almost certainly, the very top of any such preference ordering would reveal the thoroughly immutable religious expectations of Shiite Islam. Significantly, in particular circumstances, no-longer-rational leaders in Iran could plausibly calculate that the overriding theological benefits of any long-term peace with Israel would plainly exceed the expected costs.”

“It is possible, and perhaps even probable, that, for the foreseeable future, authoritative Iranian leadership elites will remain entirely rational, thus valuing their country’s physical survival more highly than any other preference, or combination of preferences. Here, Iran would remain subject to the very same “normal” threats of retaliatory destruction that ordinarily affect other rational states in world politics. While there can never be any absolute guarantees of such a distinctly preferred scenario, it is also be premature to conclude that a newly-nuclear Iran, whether rational or irrational, would lash out viscerally, at Israel, or at its other enemies.”

“In the interminably high-stakes drama of world politics, irrationality is not the same as madness. It follows that even an irrational Iranian nuclear regime might not lie outside or beyond the ordinary calculations and readily determinable consequences of Israeli nuclear deterrence. An intransigent Tehran could still confront Israel with the intimidating aspect of incessant belligerence, but this could be substantially less ominous than offering Jerusalem the indecipherable and utterly indifferent face of genuine madness.”

Rest assured, without the tragically flawed, mostly besieged mindset of Israel’s top leadership, the Jewish homeland would not stand at the precipice. This truth is more than self evident  through the following –, in addition to –

To our great/collective horror, and to Israel’s ( derelict ) leadership’s eternal shame, history will prove the efficacy of Professor Louis Rene Beres’s clarion calls.

His foresight prompted (well recorded) specific recommendations to Israel’s and America’s top leadership. It spanned back to the beginning of Iran’s dabblings in its “nuclear (death) project”.

Nevertheless, as is their wont, Israel’s leaders continually allowed Washington to pull Jerusalem’s strings, thus bowing to their dictates! Hence, Israel is facing an absolutely existential crisis, even if the leadership has some “breathing” room in the near future.

IF anyone is worthy of being called a modern day prophet – in regard to Iran’s “project of death” – it is Professor Louis Rene Beres.

On the other hand, Israel’s leaders will be recorded – for all time – as fools and knaves, allowing half of world Jewry to hang in the balance.

Make no mistake. The rest of world Jewry will pay a price, and the entire west will eventually become imperiled too.

Islamists are continually exhorting – first the Saturday people…then the Sunday people.

They mean EVERY bloody word !!


EVERY Alarm Bell Is Ringing…Tying Barack Hussein Obama To The Muslim Brotherhood…Huma Abedin At The Tippy Top (eye popping video embedded)…Addendum To : When Does Trucking With Terrorists…Breaking Bread & PRAISING…Land One Afoul Of American Law? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

On its face, the inherent two-prong question for Americans ( and those who care about America’s place in leading the free world ) is : why did the Muslim  Brotherhood/Mafia rise to power, both in the Middle East and Washington, at this very juncture in time? And how did they accomplish their feat?

In other words, through a myriad of actions – some obvious, others less so – they were kept at bay for decades, particularly via Hosni Mubarak’s iron fist, and were certainly relegated (mostly) to the shadows in Washington power centers.

This blog reveals ( through many commentaries ) ‘how’ the Muslim Brotherhood/Mafia infiltrated/penetrated Washington in the first place. As to the ‘why’, it is self-evident through their manifesto, also linked to several commentaries.

Seek…and you shall find.

While it is true that they operated full force (under the radar) for several decades, it is also the case that their “koshering” became absolutely “legitimate” through the Islamist-in-Chief’s efforts. That “science” has been settled.

Enter….Huma Abedin, Deputy COS to Sec of State Clinton.

This blog, “six ways to Sunday”, connects both Huma Abedin and  the Radical-in-Chief with Islamist forces. To recap, via just a few commentaries, please go here –

Exhibit Number 1 –,

Exhibit Number 2 –

Exhibit Number 3 –

Exhibit Number 4 –

And being that the above appetizers cements the linkage between Huma Abedin and Barack Hussein Obama to the Muslim Mafia, can freedom-loving westerners think of a more urgent task, other than exposing their Islamist plans?

NOT this blogger.

Therefore, the following video is more than a must view….it is an obligatory pass forward!

Once again, it is up to the alternative media/bloggers to do the heavy lifting. 

Besides, those who fail to cherish freedom will surely lose theirs. And upcoming generations will rightfully blame those who remained silent.

All due credit must be given to the Western Center For (Real) Journalism for bringing this latest video to the forefront !!



Israel’s “National Right” Is Right…Proving How Wrong The Left Always Is…Yet…Its Mainstream Leaders Fail/Fear To Follow Through With The Obvious Conclusions/Solutions…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

FULL DISCLOSURE : this blogger works in concert with Dr. Martin Sherman and his strategic policy center Meaning, ( among other matters ) as such, am absolutely in sync with his policy prescriptions.

It goes without saying, we are of like-mind. And very few things are more outrageous to this writer, than placing ones integrity behind any organization which is not only a waste of time, but of less than vital national import. Serious times mandate serious solutions.

That being said, it is important for the readers to understand that Dr. Martin Sherman is not just a run-of-the-mill blowhard academic. FAR from it. He is the “master’s master” in political science and security policy. In other words, his expertise lies not only in his superb academic background, but, most importantly for the readership, in his “operational” resume.

Bear in mind the following to understand that the good Professor is not blowing smoke. As is said, he knows his stuff.

“About Martin Sherman”…                                                                                                                              “From my past acquaintance with him, I can testify that he has never sought conformity or consensus. There can, however … be little doubt that his ideas are challenging, provocative and carefully argued. Indeed, the very controversy they may stimulate is perhaps among their greatest merits. For they raise questions of substance as to the conceptual validity … of several major tenets of international relations policy assessment and deterrence”- Shabtai Shavit, former Head of Israel’s Mossad.

Now, why in the world would a former Head of Israel’s Mossad ( the CIA’s Israeli counterpart ) have an ‘acquaintance’ with him?


And this too –

” I have known Dr. Martin Sherman for many years; our acquaintance spans both Israeli campuses and campuses abroad. I have always been impressed by Dr. Sherman’s ability to uncover the truth, to present his arguments with eloquence, and to politely yet thoroughly disprove widely held misconceptions and opinions.”

“To be a proponent of Zionist principles and to speak out for Israeli security in today’s academic climate is no small feat; to remain steadfast in these positions requires both academic and personal integrity of an order rarely seen.”

“For this reason, I believe that the creation of a new institute for strategic studies in one of Israel’s major universities is of vital importance. As a past Commander of the IDF’s Institute for National Security, I believe that there is an acute need for a civilian institute whose purview is the objective and realistic analysis of Israel’s strategic environment.”

“Dr. Martin Sherman is an ideal candidate to bring this mandate to fruition.”


“Gen. (Ret.) Yaakov Amidror”

Moving right along….

” I have known Dr. Martin Sherman for more than 10 years.”

“I have been greatly impressed from his analytical capabilities as well as his precise and forceful manner in which he expresses his views.”

“Despite all costs to himself – personally and professionally – he has never let political correctness’s considerations to influence his research or corrupt his conclusion.”

“I believe that Dr. Sherman’s endeavor to address the disturbing and damaging phenomenon of anti-Israel bias inside the nation’s academe is of paramount importance.”

“I strongly endorse his effort to establish an independent policy center inside the existing academic establishment to contend with and counteract this damaging phenomenon and encourage support for his initiative.”


Moshe Yaalon

Vice Prime Minister

“Minister of Strategic Affairs”

Then onto….

” The recent revelations in the national press regarding the strong post-Zionist bias and widespread exclusion of pro-Zionist views from the faculties of social science and humanities in the Israeli academe underscore the importance and urgency of Dr. Martin Sherman’s initiative to establish a policy center within the existing academic establishment to redress this grave shortcoming in Israel’s intellectual landscape.”

“I have known Dr. Sherman for over twenty years during which I have developed great respect and appreciation for the principled manner in which he has conducted himself on issues of Israel’s strategic interests – despite pressures from his professional milieu.”

“He has never compromised on his meticulously researched positions – which he has always presented both eloquently and persuasively – for the lure of greater personal gain or professional advancement.”

“In his analyses of ongoing events and his predictions of future outcomes, he has proved consistently more accurate than virtually all of the mainstream opinion in the Israeli academic establishment.”

“In view of the above, I strongly endorse Dr. Sherman’s endeavor, which will without doubt answer a dire need, and fill a critical gap in Israel’s system of higher education today.”

“I wish him every success in enlisting the necessary resources required to implement his goal, and hope that all those mindful of Israel’s future security will extend him their support.

Yours sincerely,

“Dr. Uzi Landau – Minister of National Infrastructures”

Plus, several other notables, among them a Nobel Prize Laureate – Professor Robert Aumann, 2005 Economics.

In this regard, Dr. Sherman’s strategic policies are also featured in his weekly column at the Jerusalem Post. It is called  ‘Into The Fray’. For the uninitiated, the Jerusalem Post’s Board ( hand-picked through their moneyed associates, but desperate to fit into the  PC milieu) is mostly squishy center, tilting to the left. However, mindful of the positions of the national right, which entails a good majority of Israel’s Jewish public, they throw several bones to their audience. This is achieved chiefly through three brilliant columnists; one of whom is also part of its Editorial Board, namely Caroline Glick.

Dr. Sherman, Caroline Glick and Sarah Honig are their drawing cards/star power. Nevertheless, it came as a shock to his loyal readers when he announced that his column would be discontinued. But, as is said, “money talks”.

The readership were incensed, and many threatened to cancel their print & Premium online subscriptions. Others said they would no longer tune into the website. Lo and behold, they decided to continue his column.

Now, it is no mystery what went down, but at the end of the process the readership kicked butt.

The questions become: Why did the Board get its shorts into knots to begin with; and why at this juncture? Could it be, that the strategic polices offered below ( by none other than “the master” in his discipline ) scared them witless, but knowing full well that he has the ultimate prescriptions?

You be the judge.

In addition, for the purposes of this commentary, Part 2 is delineated in full and Part 1 is linked. Being that Part 2 offers the meat, it is only proper that it appears in plain sight. However, Part 1 is necessary reading to thoroughly follow the strategic issues at hand.

Moreover, it is worthwhile to glance at some of the posters comments too. It gives a gleaning into the mood/situation ( aka ‘matzav’ ) within Jewish circles, as well as others who care about Israel’s survival.

Into the Fray: What’s wrong with the Right – Part II

08/23/2012 21:00

The Right must realize that between the river and the sea, either exclusive Jewish or exclusive Arab sovereignty will eventually prevail.

right wing protest Tel AvivPHOTO: BEN HARTMAN

With all the money that has been invested in the problem of [the] Palestinians, it would have been possible long ago to resettle them and provide them with good lives in Arab countries – Andrei Sakharov, human rights activist and 1975 Nobel Peace Prize laureateAllow me to begin with an announcement. The decision to discontinue this column has been reversed. I should like to thank my readers for their robust support and The Jerusalem Post for its consumer-conscious response. Now to the business at hand.This article is relevant reading only for those who share the belief that Israel should survive permanently as the nation-state of the Jewish people. For those who hold dissenting views, much of what is expressed here will be neither pertinent nor persuasive.But for those who share my point of departure, what follows has the inexorable inevitability of deductive mathematical logic, making the conclusions that emerge from it commensurately inescapable. The fact that they may be unpalatable to some will do nothing to make them any less true.The Right’s intellectual surrenderThere have been many unfortunate developments in the evolution of the discourse conducted over the last quarter-century on the Arab-Israeli conflict in general, and the Israeli-Palestinian component of it in particular. Arguably the most regrettable of these has been the “intellectual surrender” on the part of many on the so-called Right to the tyranny of their political adversaries on the so-called Left.True, numerous spokesmen of the Right have repeatedly provided cogent and convincing critiques of the Left’s dysfunctional doctrine and it flagship dogma, the two-state-solution (TSS). However, their most palpable and pernicious failure has been their inability/unwillingness to follow through on the logic of these critiques and draw the conclusions their rationale necessarily implies.They have been markedly remiss in not proposing a convincing and comprehensive alternative for the conduct of the affairs of the nation which if adopted, would result in a sustainable outcome that ensures the long-term survival of Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people.

Devastating defeat

The result has been a devastating defeat for the political credo of the Israeli Right.

This has been most dramatically reflected by the erosion of the core-ideals of the ruling Likud Party – the party of government for most of the three-and-a-half decades since it first came to power in 1977 on a platform of Greater Israel and the resolute rejection of territorial withdrawal in general and the TSS in particular.

Despite its longstanding and vocal opposition to the TSS, it has never articulated a clear idea of how it envisions the permanent-status arrangement. As a result, the Likud found itself unable to respond effectively to the pointed and very pertinent question from its TSS-adherent adversaries: “So what’s your alternative?”

With no comprehensive countervailing paradigmatic position to promote or defend, it found itself gradually forced to give way under the weight of this onerous question, and to increasingly adopt elements of the TSS-paradigm which it had not only previously opposed, but was proved totally vindicated in doing so.

It is impossible to understate the damage this corrosive process has caused.

The situation that confronts us today defies belief: The Likud is urging (some might say, beseeching) the Palestinians to enter into negotiations over an arrangement (the TSS) which it, itself, vehemently rejected several years ago as unacceptably dangerous. Incredibly, this is occurring despite the fact that all the dangers warned of did in fact materialize!

It is difficult to imagine a greater – and more uncalled for – intellectual capitulation and a more devastating and unmerited ideological defeat.

Imperative to recognize imperatives

To survive as the permanent nation-state of the Jewish people Israel must address two fundamental imperatives:

• The geographic imperative

• The demographic imperative

It is self-evident that if either of these is inadequately addressed, Israel’s status as the nation-state of the Jewish people will be gravely jeopardized, eventually becoming unsustainable.

The mainstream discourse invariably – and deceptively – presents Israel’s only choice as being between accepting the TSS – which would make Israel untenable geographically, or the OSS (one-state solution) – which would make it untenable demographically.

Neither comprises an acceptable policy-paradigm for anyone whose point of departure is the continued existence of Israel as the permanent nation-state of the Jews.

This, as we will see, compels us to the inexorable conclusion that between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea there can – and eventually will – prevail either exclusive Jewish or exclusive Arab sovereignty.

Untenable geographic reality

Why the TSS entails an unacceptable geographic reality, except under wildly unrealistic – hence irresponsible – “best-case scenario” assumptions has been spelled out in considerable detail on numerous occasions by numerous authoritative experts.

Indeed, for any moderately well-informed person with a modicum of common sense and intellectual integrity, it is a conclusion that is manifestly unavoidable.

I will therefore refrain from repeating these details, which I have set out in several previous columns, and suffice with the following observation: In the absence of any compelling contrary evidence, Israel’s working assumption must be that there is no reason to believe that a TSS-compliant evacuation of the West Bank (or large tracts thereof) by the IDF will produce results essentially dissimilar to those precipitated by similar withdrawals elsewhere.

Accordingly, there is no reason to expect that TSS-implementation will not culminate in Israel’s urban metropolis – from Haifa to Ashdod, where up to 80 percent of its civilian population resides, a similar proportion of its economic activities is conducted, and much of its vital infrastructure is located – being subjected to realities similar to those to which Sderot and its environs are subjected.

Clearly, such realities (or even the tangible threat thereof) would – at negligible cost to Israel’s adversaries – make any socioeconomic routine impossible to maintain.

Such a situation would be extremely difficult to redress, other than by the coercive dismantling of a sovereign state, something virtually unthinkable in today’s international milieu.

Untenable demographic reality

The OSS, on the other hand, along with other hybrid/interim proposals that envisage a large Arab population being included, as enfranchised citizens, within Israel’s sovereign territory, would create an unacceptable demographic reality for anyone wishing to preserve it as the permanent nation-state of the Jews.

True, recent “counter-establishment” demographic studies, headed by people such as the indefatigable Yoram Ettinger, have provided persuasive, well-researched evidence that the demographic threat is far less acute – or at least, less urgent – than usually portrayed, both in terms of its present scale and its future trends.

However, even if these estimates are correct (as they appear to be), this does not imply that there is no longer a grave demographic problem, but only that we have more time to deal with it in a more measured, less pressured manner.

For any proposal involving the permanent inclusion of a large, enfranchised socio-culturally discordant population within the frontiers of Israel will precipitate a unbearable societal burden, “balkanizing” the country, making it impossible to govern.

No matter how ingenious the schemes devised to dilute the political power of the additional Arab population might be, this would not alleviate the gravity of the threat, even if they could overcome the daunting array of judicial and legislative challenges they would inevitably encounter. For the problem is not merely a numerical one of how to produce – or prevent – parliamentary majorities, but one of the relative weights of inherently adversarial socio-cultural sectors that would make up the weave of Israel’s societal fabric.

Brutally simple dilemma

While addressing the geographic imperative requires Israel to maintain control of all Judea and Samaria (or at least of sufficiently large segments to make the TSS unviable), addressing the demographic imperative means that the Arab population of these areas cannot be permanently incorporated into the population of Israel.

To adopt a policy based on any contrary – and highly implausible – assumptions would be an unconscionable gamble of historic proportions, gravely imperiling the Jewish state.

We are left to confront a brutally simple choice: Either forgo the Jewish nation-state or address the need to significantly diminish the scale of the Palestinian-Arab population.

Whether one relates to this stark dilemma with a sense of moral outrage or equanimity will not affect the inexorable logic that led to its deduction, or the necessity to acknowledge its inevitability. Trying to evade the bleak nature of this inescapable choice by reformulating it in less forbidding terms would be no more than an exercise in hypocrisy or self-delusion.

Half-baked, poorly thought-through alternatives that would leave Israel with impossibly torturous and lengthy borders, and disconnected or quasi-connected enclaves, accessible only by narrow, indefensible corridors would – even if they could be implemented – solve few problems and acerbate many.

So, for those who find the prospect of forgoing the Jewish nation-state unacceptable, the grim decision is whether to address the problem of diminishing the Palestinian-Arab population by coercive or by non-coercive means.

Discounting the coercive

Coercive displacement of populations is hardly a rare phenomenon in today’s world and – depending on the classification and the source – its luckless victims number up to 30 million. Moreover, it should not be forgotten that the Palestinians have publicly proclaimed that, had the fortunes of war been reversed and the Arabs been victorious, they would have had no compunction in expelling any surviving Jews from “Palestine.” Even today it would be hopelessly naïve to assume that given the opportunity they would not embrace such measures.

Yet despite all this – and in the absence of large-scale military conflict – moral, political and practical considerations preclude physical coercion as an instrument of Israeli policy to achieve demographic goals.

That leaves non-coercive measures, such as generous economic inducements, to address Israel’s demographic imperative.

It would be a grave error to dismiss this rigorously derived conclusion as an unrealistic rant or an unachievable, extremist goal.

It is not rooted in any messianic dogma of divine dictates (I would probably be deemed a scandalously sinful secularist by many); or in some fanatical fascist fundamentalism (I often find myself closer to the Center-Left than to the radical Right on a host of socioeconomic issues); or in a ethnocentric desire for tribal purity (I, too, appreciate the merits of social diversity and am susceptible to the lure of multiculturalism, although I do balk at the moral relativism that often springs from it).

Indeed, it is a conclusion that reflects sentiments articulated by some of the most prominent human rights activists in modern history (as the example in the opening excerpt illustrates).

Questions to be addressed

But the conceptual validity of an analytical conclusion – however compelling –does not ensure its practical applicability.

To assess the chances of its implementation, numerous operational questions need to be addressed:

• How are these proposed non-coercive inducements to be structured? What would be their scope, scale and sources?

• What is its feasibility given the prevailing opinions in both the Israeli and Palestinian publics?

• What diplomatic objectives need to be achieved internationally to prepare for its implementation?

• How does Israeli diplomacy – both official and public (particularly the latter) – need to be restructured to meet these challenges?

• How do pro-Zionist civil society elites – in Israel and abroad – need to be mobilized to prime public opinion?

It is to these and other questions of operational practicality that I will devote next week’s column.

Martin Sherman ( is the founder and executive director of the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

Part 1 is here –

Isn’t it obvious why officials, who actually effectuate Israel’s security policies, rely on his expertise, even if they are thwarted (through pressure politics) from implementing said prescriptions? 

And is it ANY wonder that the denizens on the left are TERRIFIED to debate him?

Does “chew up and spit out”…”taking an opponent to the wood shed” resonate?

The Dangerous Morphing/Twinning/Sell-Out Of Israel’s Leftist Media…With A Lethal, Leftist Washington Regime…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Americans ( and other westerners ) are getting used to the idea that many of their media outlets are working in concert with their political masters. They are at their service.

NEVER mind that such twinning runs contrary to all democratic principles in a free society.  In fact, alternative media are up-in-arms about this dangerous collusion. There exists very strong evidence – pointing towards several US media giants – demonstrating that they have leaked national security secrets at the behest of Barack Hussein Obama’s radical administration. As expected, the erstwhile Commander-in-Chief feigns plausible deniability.

And pigs do fly.

Be that as it may, and evidenced by several commentaries at this blog (to be cited below), Israel has more than its share of radical leftists. They work in service of “so and so” within the Israeli government, as well as aligning with several western governments – chiefly, the gallery of rogues in Washington.

Now, as dangerous as it is when US media feeds the enemy intel ( and it is! ), imagine how much more so ( as is said in Israel, kal v’chomer ) it becomes when Israel’s internal traitors ply their wares. After all, Israel’s width and depth can fit within the blueprint of Lake Michigan, NJ or similar sized allotments. In other words, the damage wrecked is potentially existential.

Therefore, though we are all “used to”, and repulsed by, traitors in our midst, the situation has become intolerable due to the dangers posed by Iran’s Hitlerite regime.

Aside from their decades long worldwide terror campaign – specifically targeting Israelis/Jews/Americans, as well as their ritualistic exhortations to ‘wipe out the Zionist entity/cancer’ – their most recent threats bears complete internalizing.

‘Iran Admits Giving WMD’Ss To Terrorists, Rogue State Threatens Israel Over Syria’ 

“Israel will be obliterated by chemical, microbial and nuclear bombs, Iran is warning, but those weapons of mass destruction will be used first on Tel Aviv by Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad at the start of a decades-old Muslim dream of destroying the Jewish state.”

“An alarming commentary last week in Mashregh, the media outlet of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, confirmed that the Islamic regime not only has WMDs but has armed its terrorist proxies with them. Mashregh speaks for the regime.”

“It warned Israel that if the fighting in Syria does not stop, an all-out attack on the Jewish state will be launched and that at zero hour, Tel Aviv will be the first city to be destroyed.”

“The threat to retaliate against Israel with weapons of mass destruction is credible,” said Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security, who previously served on the House Armed Services Committee and with the CIA. “A highly credible source in 2005 warned that a decision had been made at the highest level of the Iranian government to arm numerous ballistic missiles with chemical and biological warheads to retaliate against Israel if Iran’s vital interests were endangered. The fall of [Syrian President Bashar] Assad would constitute endangerment of Iran’s vital interest.”

“The commentary said that for 18 months, Israel, with all its power, has tried to reshape Islamic movements that have targeted the “Zionists” into a conflict between Muslims, with Syria at the center of its efforts.”

“The Mashregh column charged that Israel is behind the Syrian crisis in order to strategically change the geopolitics of the region and defeat one of the main players in the Islamic world’s “resistance front.” It warned Israel that with the direction it has chosen, “There is a dead end, and the threat of mass killing awaits.”

“The commentary recalled the doctrine of the founder of the Islamic revolution, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini: “If they stand against our religion, we will stand against their world. If all this bloodshed is to provide a better future for Israel, we will destroy their world.”

“The lengthy analysis claimed that several forces are involved on both the diplomatic and military fronts to break the Syrian “resistance front.”

“It cited Turkish forces on Syria’s border with that NATO country but also claimed there are American forces along the Golan Heights and in Jordan, and Saudi, Qatar and French forces at the Syrian border with Lebanon.”

“Their defeat from the fronts within [Syria] and the movement of their forces on the borders are signs that the world’s Zionists have lost hope on the capability of [anti-Assad] terrorists against Syrian forces and now are looking for an opportunity to get the armed forces of others involved,” the commentary said.

“A strategic look at the situation in Syria, it said, shows that in order to safeguard Damascus and Bashar Assad’s regime, it is necessary to destroy “the center responsible for these destructions, which will force the enemy to retreat.” To that end, Iran will break “the security of Israel by targeting Tel Aviv.”

“The commentary, citing the weak economies in America and Europe, said that in an all-out confrontation between the “resistance front” and Israel, the West will stay out of it, not wanting to fight Syria with a military of 220,000 military personnel and 240,000 reserves, Iran’s massive forces and Hezbollah.”

“Should Israel and its allies succeed in unraveling Syria so the legitimate Assad regime loses control, the commentary said, there are but two scenarios:

“Groups armed with weapons of mass destruction (chemical, microbial and nuclear bombs), which have been obtained on the black market, will surely target Tel Aviv.” .

Thus, a reasonable question becomes : what does the above report have to do with Israel’s traitor-like media?


‘Obama Using Israeli Paper To Foil Israeli Strike?’

“The United States is colluding with a top Israeli newspaper to stymie Israel’s efforts to strike Iran’s nuclear weapons program, according to a leading nationalist pundit.”

“Writing in Friday’s edition of Makor Rishon, one of the Israel’s veteran journalists, Amnon Lord, paints a picture of intense U.S. meddling in internal Israeli political and security-oriented processes in an effort to prevent a successful Israeli strike on the weapon program meant to make it extinct.”

“From a technical military point of view, Israel does not require any kind of coordination with the Americans,” writes Lord regarding the plan for a raid on Iran. “There is a concern that the Americans will learn of the date for an attack and try to prevent it in different ways. The Americans have not given the Israelis a feeling that they are truepartners in the operative arena, in the past two years. On the contrary, the IDF has identified preventive American activity against an Iran operation.”

“This is particularly evident in the grave matter of the leaks regarding Azerbaijan in the past, about the Kurdish region, and recently in the publication of the flight paths to the target. All this is the product of our ally, with the cooperation of one of the largest media platforms in Israel, which serves and assists the Obama administration against the government of Israel. The Americans are the ones who are feeding some of the arch-pundits with damaging information.”

“Lord – who was formerly Makor Rishon‘s editor-in-chief and currently writes a weekly column and is a senior editor – does not name names, but most informed Israeli readers would have no doubt that he is referring to the Yediot Aharonot media empire. In essence, he is accusing the newspaper of colluding with an external force – the Obamaadministration – against the Israeli government and the IDF, in an existential matter of national defense.”

“Lord states that Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz, the IDF Chief of Staff, is hard at work preparing the IDF strike on Iran and that reports that he thinks such a strike is beyond the abilities of the Israeli military are “simply a disinformation campaign by media people who disguise the fact that it is motivated by a political view.”

As noted above, this blog has amply addressed the dangers posed by Israel’s internal left. Its chief culprits include : leftist parasites from the media, academia and judiciary/legal system.

‘The Paradox & Pitfalls of Liberal Democracies…In a Time Of (im)Moral Relativism.. The Havoc Wrought By Leftist Academia’ applies succinctly to Israeli academia and (most other) western institutions of higher learning. However, this writer specifically addresses US and Israeli campuses.

Moreover, ‘What Happens When Resident Leftists/’Peace’ Fantasists Hold The Reins Of Power…Regardless of Which Party Holds Sway?’ evinces the out-sized role media plays in capitulating to our enemies, through blaring their ‘peace at all costs’ fixation. IF only yours truly ( or another ) could quantity how many dead and maimed Jews land at their doorsteps! In fact, this is exactly the same modus operandi detailed in the thesis of today’s commentary.

In tandem, ‘Israel’s Ship Of Fools..Led By Delusional Leadership…Caroline Glick Skewers Them..Barack Hussein Obama Too’ exposes the mendacious relationship between Israel’s leaders – regardless of which party holds sway – and its corrosive media, plus the ( often hidden ) part the POTUS plays.

If further proof is required – ‘When Intellectual Honesty Smacks Up Against Leftist Delusions…A Nation-Saving Prescription To Beat Them Back’ is as much about the media as it is about academia, detailing the catastrophic damage they have wrought upon half of world Jewry.

And the ( depressing ) fact of the matter is that leftism is a parasitic host with no remedy, nor address – to date – to kill it off. ‘Leftist Dogma The Same World Over…Freedom Loving People, Beware’

Just substitute post-Zionist academics with post-Zionist media, and the rest flows from there – ‘Post-Zionist Academics Further Israel’s Delegitimization’ –

And if the reign of terror from Israel’s left wasn’t operating in full force, would the following commentary be necessary ? ‘Is Justice (Ideologically) Blind In Israel, Or Not? You Decide.’


This blogger would rest easier if the topic at hand no longer required said services.

And realizing that a major Israeli news outlet is in service of The Islamist-in-Chief, it is hardly realistic that this effort will no longer be required.

Those who question : is Amnon Lord’s report true, are simply not in tune with reality on the ground.

The above report  is surely the tip of the media giant’s – Yediot Aharonot – corrosive/collusion, in the service of Barack Hussein Obama! To be sure, the Arabist-leaning/fire breathing, Ha’aretz ( a major daily, quoted by all of Israel’s enemies ) is in the tank too.

Treason, by any other dressage, is still treason!

Barack Hussein Obama’s Toxic Brew Of Radical Leftism..Third World Fixation…And Devotion To Islam…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

A witch’s brew of totalitarian ideology, courtesy of the red/green alliance, is laying a swathe of destruction throughout the Middle East. Menacingly, it is extending its death grip into the heart of the the free world.

All due credit must be given to The Islamist-in-Chief. 

In short order, the leader of the (heretofore) free world is ‘set to formally embrace Egypt’s President Morsi‘. He is, without a shadow of a doubt, the Brotherhood’s ‘front man’ to the most populous Arab nation in the world. The implications are enormous. They are very grave.

The blog commentary, similarly named below, spells out how this tragedy transpired –

In tandem, a full rendition of The Brotherhood aka Muslim Mafia is set forth in ‘Connecting the Brotherhood Dots…Courtesy of the US Commander-in-Chief…& His Islamic Outreach’ –, plus in several other commentaries at  this blog.

And, for those who prefer visual props, the following link should do (part) of the trick –

But for this blog’s readers in Israel – and for all who care about her fate – a ‘special’ shout out comes from The Muslim Mafia’s supreme leader. Oh, how sublime…it leaves a real tingly feeling –

So, other than this writer’s personal tidings to The Islamist-in-Chief ; his sidekick ‘Madame’ Secretary of State ; and her ‘special friend’, Deputy Chief of Staff Huma Abedin ; and with slaps on the backs all around for their heavy lifting, let it be recorded for all time – if not for their tenacity in ushering the Moo Bros into the western forefront, generations of Americans, as well as others, would not be the recipients of their efforts.

Besides, the following would then qualify as a moot point – ‘Silence In Washington As Morsi Tramples Democracy’ 

“Just over a week ago, Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi effectively precipitated a palace coup. He sacked his top intelligence chief, the country’s military leadership, and other key members of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) in the space of five days.”

“A constitutional document limiting his powers was largely scrapped. Meanwhile, the Obama administration deliberately ignores the unfolding debacle, a monster of its own creation, and forges ahead with a policy completely contrary to American security interests. “We had expected President Morsi at some point to co-ordinate changes in the military leadership, to name a new team,” said George Little, the Pentagon press secretary. “The United States…look[s] forward to continuing a very close relationship with the SCAF.”

“The ostensible basis of that very close relationship was initially illuminated by the Washington’s Post’s David Igantius, who contended that one of the reasons Obama administration officials “appear to have confidence” in what has occurred is because Egypt’s newly appointed defense minister, Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Sissi, had “extensive contact with United States in his previous post as head of military intelligence,” and because “he spent a year of professional training in the United States.”

“National Review’s Andrew McCarthy reveals the nonsense behind such an assessment, noting that even the Wall Street Journal, which he describes as “stuck on the democracy project dogma,” was forced to admit that al-Sissi “has a broad reputation within military circles as a Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer.” The same WSJ article encapsulates the administration’s dogmatic thinking as well, noting that “U.S. officials expressed confidence that Gen. Sissi will maintain close ties with the U.S., which provides Egypt with $1.3 billion a year in military aid, and uphold Egypt’s peace deal with Israel.”

“Al-Sissi is hardly an anomaly. As the New York Times discovered (no doubt, much to their chagrin), the Egyptian military’s new chief of staff, Gen. Sedky Sobhi, wrote a paper seven years ago, while attending the United States Army War College in Pennsylvania as a student. In it he argued that the United States’s presence in the Middle East, along with its “one sided” support of Israel, was fueling hatred and miring the U.S. in an “unwinnable global war” with Islamist militants. Sobhi further contended that it was wrong to characterize Al Qaeda and other militant groups as merely “irrational terrorist organizations.” “I recommend that the permanent withdrawal of United States military forces from the Middle East and the Gulf should be a goal of U.S. strategy in this region,” he wrote, adding that the United States should pursue its objectives through “socioeconomic means and the impartial application of international law.”

“An unnamed Obama administration official, speaking anonymously so as not to upset American/Egyptian relations, blithely dismissed Sobhi’s writings. “A lot of academic theses offer up interesting ideas that don’t go very far, and often end up as shelf ware,” he said. “This isn’t exactly causing concern. We believe we will work well with the new Egyptian military leaders.”

“The Times reiterated the administration’s contention that “American officials said their confidence in Egypt was unshaken”–even as they noted that Samer Shehata, a professor of Arab politics at Georgetown University, considers it “naive” for American officials to think that positions held by Mr. Morsi and the Brotherhood represent “fringe thinking.” Shehata further insisted that the Brotherhood’s ideology is tantamount to “the Egyptian Kansas,” in that its foreign policy positions “reflect rather than oppose what the Egyptian center is thinking.”

“The cold reality of that so-called centrist thinking was revealed late last week by Jewish newspaper Algemeiner, which reported that Muslim Brotherhood supporters terrorized secular media members, including several Arabic websites, such as Arab News, Al Khabar News, Dostor Watany, and Egypt Now, because they all reported that people opposed to the Morsi regime were being “crucified.” A translated excerpt of the violence reads as follows:

A Sky News Arabic correspondent in Cairo confirmed that protestors belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood crucified those opposing Egyptian President Muhammad Morsi naked on trees in front of the presidential palace while abusing others. Likewise, Muslim Brotherhood supporters locked the doors of the media production facilities of 6-October [a major media region in Cairo], where they proceeded to attack several popular journalists.”

“Muslim cleric Hashem Islam Ali Islam, one of Egypt’s top religious leaders, not only refused to apologize for these atrocities, he endorsed them. Characterizing a protest against the regime scheduled to take place on August 24th as an “apostasy against democracy and freedom,” he issued a fatwa urging the Egyptian people to confront these people, and “if they fight you fight them.” He continued: “If some of you are killed by them, you will go to Paradise, and if you kill them, no ‘blood money’ will be warranted, because their killing is permissible.” Hashem Islam’s advocation of violence is nothing new. In a statement virtually ignored by Western media, he also called Islamic martyrdom against Jews “a religious duty.”

“Also ignored by Western media was a meeting of the Egyptian parliament’s People’s Assembly Proposals and Complaints Committee back in March. During that gathering, MP Adel Azzazy, a member of the hard-line Islamist Nour Party, proposed a bill aimed at using Sharia Law to determine the punishment for certain crimes. It called for the application of “Heraba,” whose penalties include execution for murder, and the amputation of an arm and a leg from opposite sides of body for robbery and property theft. If murder occurs during the property theft, the penalty, determined by a judge, would be death or crucifixion. “This is God’s law and is not optional,” Azzazy said, commenting on his proposal. “The current penalties are not deterrent enough.” The assembly’s committee asked Azzazy to reformulate the bill after the Justice Ministry’s representative, Haytham al-Baqly, criticized its lack of accuracy–because many of its stipulations are already part of existing law.”

“’s Senior Fellow Clare Lopez explains the genesis of such jurisprudence.
“Crucifixion is a hadd punishment, stipulated in the Quran, Sura 5:33, and therefore an obligatory part of Shariah,” said Lopez, who further noted that the Muslim Brotherhood “haven’t the option to not include crucifixion within their legal code.”  She also issued a stark warning to Egypt’s Christian Copt community. “The Copts must get out of Egypt as soon as possible–for the many millions who will not be able to get out, I expect things will continue to deteriorate–just as they did for Germany’s and Europe’s Jews from the 1930s onward,” she predicted.

“Yet the most ominous part of the equation is why Lopez believes Morsi can get away with it. “He knows he’s got the USG [U.S. government] and president in his corner no matter what he does,” she contended. “He doesn’t have to pretend, no need for ‘plausible deniability.’ He also knows he’s got the majority of the Egyptian people behind him.” Yet it may even be worse than that. “This is exactly what many of us expected [Morsi] to do and I think the White House knew, too, and not only expected but wanted Morsi and the Brotherhood to take over Egypt,” Lopez added.

“A Washington Post story published August 13th seemingly confirms that assessment, noting that the Pentagon, the State Department and the White House issued a statement assuring the public that they had “anticipated” such changes. “We knew that a transition was coming. But we didn’t know the precise timing,” said a senior Defense Department official, speaking on condition of anonymity at the time. Yet another administration official, also wishing to remain anonymous, revealed exactly how prepared the Obama administration truly is. “The bottom line, the big picture, is that these guys are going through this momentous transition,” the official said. “There are going to be surprises and bumps in the road.”

“Andrew McCarthy sums up those surprises and bumps. “Meanwhile, dissenters and journalists are already being imprisoned and beaten–if not worse…Terrorist leaders have been sprung from the prisons. The Sinai has become a jihadist haven. Women are attacked in the street if they fail to don the veil. A fatwa that prohibited eating during Ramadan was issued. Christians are fleeing in droves, their churches torched behind them. And the emirs of Hamas are warmly received as brotherly dignitaries.”

“American Enterprise Institute Middle East analyst Michael Rubin explains where this is eventually leading. “Morsi certainly wants absolute control. The Egyptian army have never been saints, but Morsi will broker no checks to his power as the Muslim Brotherhood writes a constitution and imposes its dream of an Islamic state on Egypt.”

“These developments represent the true nature of what is occurring in Egypt. And despite Secretary of State Clinton’s airy pronouncement a month ago that America’s engagement with these would-be jihadists will be based on ”their commitment to universal democratic principles,” president Morsi has long indicated his preference for Sharia law, which, despite all leftist-inspired protestations to the contrary, is antithetical to democratic principles. Furthermore, Morsi is still scheduled to visit the White House next month, adding to his legitimacy, even as Obama administration officials have yet to offer an ounce of criticism for his efforts to transform Egypt into an Islamic state. As such, it is they who will ultimately bear the full consequences of their fecklessness — crucifixions, suppression of the media, church burnings, and the murder of infidels included.”

And, these are the ‘Brothers’ that Barack Hussein Obama helped usher in as kingpins in the Middle East and beyond. Note: their penchant for western buzz words – albeit interspersed with their war-like rhetoric – democratic, electoral, change….blah, blah, blah.

Via DEBAFILE Intelligence

‘The Muslim Brotherhood is whipping up the protest’

“A frequent Western visitor to Amman on business describes what he sees these days in Jordan’s main cities. He told DEBKA-Net-Weekly that the Muslim Brotherhood is mainly responsible for whipping up the street protests. They are still small – rarely numbering more than 1,000-1,500 protesters. But he gained the impression that the Brothers were moving in stages and, if they wished, could rally larger numbers, getting 10,000 demonstrators out on the street.”

“The situation is tense and dangerous,” he said. “But it’s hard to find anyone in Jordan willing to say this out loud.”

“On Friday, July 6, around 1,500 Jordanian protesters, mostly Islamists, turned out in support of a demand to withdraw a controversial electoral law and promote a Muslim Brotherhood decision to boycott the early election expected later this year.”

“We demand a democratic electoral law,” they shouted. “We want the constitution reformed and a real fight against corruption,” read a banner carried by the protesters in central Amman.”

“The people want change. Revolution is the solution,” they chanted, hoisting a large national flag.”

“Salem Falahat, a leading Brotherhood light saluted “tribes and political parties willing to boycott the vote.” Other pro-reform demonstrations were held in southern and northern Jordan.”

Readers are free to draw their own conclusions, regarding whether or not Barack Hussein Obama’s meddling went terribly awry, or was purposeful.

Knowing full well where his sympathies and allegiances lie, this blogger prefers to stand on the side where a preponderance of the facts prevail.

The fact of the matter is Barack Hussein Obama told the world where his heart lies on several occasions. Just two such utterances –

If the political winds shift in an ugly direction, I will side with the Muslims” ,

And, “the Muslim call to prayer is one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset’.

So, who but a devotee of Islam speaks this way?

And, do read this link – ‘The House The Muslim Brothers Built’. The timeline of their pivotal ascension – under The Islamist-in-Chief’s watch ! – couldn’t be any clearer.

To cap it off, yours truly gifts to her reader’s this delicious blog post by ‘The Xenophile Historian’ – ‘Our First Moslem President?’

More than worth reading…and an absolute must to pass on!!

War Alert Update: DEBKAFILE Intelligence Assesses Syrian Chemical Warfare Plans…Addendum To : Update : US & Foreign Forces Stand At Ready…Chemical Weapons Their ‘Red Line’…Adina Kutnicki

It is no accident that the ushering in of the ‘Arab Spring’, aka Arab Winter Nightmare, happened under the Islamist-in-Chief’s watch.

While too many Arabs/Muslims are, if anything, warmongers, needing little excuse to kill…kill..kill (since jihad is sanctioned by their Koran), it is also the case that a nudge here or there – chiefly through the deposing of Hosni Mubarak – created a usually chaotic Middle East into a cauldron of hell.

And, for this alone he will be remembered in history books as  – the Incendiary-in-Chief!


Syria’s CW brings top US official to Jerusalem’

 “Thursday, July 12, the Syrian army used its large missile exercise to test-fire Scud D missiles designed to carry the sarin nerve gas and cyanide.
Friday, July 13, US military sources revealed that Syria had moved its chemical weapons out of storage and transferred them to missile and artillery units.”

“That day too, US State Department Spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said, “We have repeatedly made it clear that the Syrian government has a responsibility to safeguard its stockpiles of chemical weapons. The international community will hold accountable any Syrian officials who fail to meet that obligation.”
“She pointedly directed her warning at the Syrian field officers in command of the chemical weapons.”

“2. Following this development, which the administration called “incredibly dangerous for our national security,” President Barack Obama there and then sent his National Security Advisor Tom Donilon to Israel.”

“Donilon arrived Saturday morning, July 14 and went straight into closed-door conference with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Ehud Barak, Israeli National Security Advisor Yaakov Amidror, IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz, Mossad chiefTamir Pardo, and IDF Military Intelligence chief Maj. Gen. Aviv Kochavi.
Donilon warned this elite security group that Assad might well decide to launch his chemical weapons for war – first against the insurrection against his regime and later against his foreign foes. Jordan was in line as his first objective.”

‘US weighs an Israeli air strike to destroy Assad’s chemical weapons’

 “One option discussed was a preemptive Israeli Air Force raid to demolish Syria’s chemical weapons stores. US sources do not divulge what was decided. However, the Pentagon is known to object to any such operation on the same grounds as the Obama administration’s resistance to an Israeli strike against Iran’s nuclear installations: that it would unite the people behind the regime.”

“DEBKA-Net-Weekly’s Middle East sources refute this argument and stress that this consideration is not borne out by the reality of popular sentiments – either in Syria nor Iran.
The US official spent Saturday and the following day up until his departure for Washington getting the US and Israel in step for action in the event of Jordan coming under unconventional weapon attack from Syria.”

“Jordan obviously lacks the military resources for contending with a chemical attack or for hitting back. Any reprisal would be up to Israel.”

“DEBKA-Net-Weekly’s intelligence and military sources report the American national security adviser wanted to be clear about the circumstances that would prompt an Israeli response and its scope.

‘Iran and Hizballah prefer terror to chemical warfare against Israel’

3.” His talks with Israeli leaders were based on the information from intelligence sources reaching Washington, Jerusalem, London and Paris attesting to a decision in Damascus, Tehran and Hizballah to unleash a stepped up terrorist campaign against Israel worldwide.”

“Their attempt to blow up an El Al plane and a busload of Israeli tourists in Limassol Tuesday, July 10 fell flat with the Hizballah operative assigned the mission nabbed by the Cypriot police.”

“But a week later, on July 18 in Bulgaria, a suicide killer blew up another bus as it drove Israeli tourists out of Burgas airport. Seven people were killed and more than 30 injured.
These attacks are seen as the opening shots of the broad-based terror campaign just ahead, starting with Israel but also moving onto American, Turkish, Saudi and Jordanian targets.”

“Iran and Hizballah strongly favor a plan for attacking Israel’s Tamar natural gas field, 80 kilometers west of Israel’s big Mediterranean port of Haifa, the center of national oil and petrochemical industries (see attached map).”

“Tamar is rapidly developing into a major suppler of gas for Israel’s electricity infrastructure before the end of 2012, to replace the Egyptian gas cut off by terrorist sabotage.
Blowing up Tamar would hit two Israeli birds with one stone: It would cause Israel serious strategic and economic damage by hitting a major fuel source, while also drawing one-third of its missile ship fleet from positions around Iran and keep those warships tied down to safeguarding Israel’s other gas fields in the Mediterranean.”

A pyromaniac…aka the POTUS!