“Balance of Terror”: Abbas’s PA/Fatah Arabs Murder Jews YET The “Peace” Train Chugs Along…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Cognitive dissonance is a polite way of describing the unfathomable appeasement-oriented actions of Israel’s leaders, even as Jews are continually targets of  terror and murder. Particular aim focuses on Jews in Judea and Samaria/the Jewish heartland, aka the “West Bank”. Mind you, it is this EXACT region where Judaism’s forefathers/mothers lived and died, unlike within Israel’s territories which do not abut the (pause in hostilities) sacrosanct “green line”. In a real sense, sans Judea and Samaria none of the rest is “legitimate”, aside from Judaism’s eternal capital, Jerusalem. Tel Aviv, Haifa and everything in between is up for grabs, if Judea and Samaria (and Jerusalem) is disposed of. Imagine the branja brat packs in Tel Aviv and their surrounding North TA ‘nabes, giving up THEIR homes to jihadists.  Isn’t that a hoot? But seriously…

NEVER mind that historical and biblical facts in this upside down, PC-driven world became bastardized, primarily egged on by civil society elitists from all over the globe. Yet a special place in the “hall/wall of shame” (hell too) must be reserved for Israel’s “leading lights”. They hail chiefly from academia, media, diplo corps and legal circles, and many engorge themselves via foreign funded NGO’s. In point of fact, they eviscerate Judaism’s eternal legacy, as they sup on the altar of appeasement, greed and national debasement, furthering Israel’s delegitimization – http://www.jewishpress.com/indepth/opinions/post-zionist-academics-further-israels-delegitimization/2012/02/08/.  

Hardly a new topic herein, and a recent commentary references their continual capitulation and submission to Islamists, all the while Israel’s internal left stirs the pot – https://adinakutnicki.com/2013/05/02/pm-netanyahus-continual-islamic-leftist-appeasement-endangers-the-national-interest-intersecting-with-jihadists-in-america-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/. 

Most disgracefully, Israel’s ship of fools entail a lengthy list, so much so they can fill several football stadiums, yet they require an airing from time to time – https://adinakutnicki.com/2012/07/15/israels-ship-of-fools-led-by-delusional-leadership-caroline-glick-skewers-them-barack-hussein-obama-too-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki-11/and Caroline Glick, a force to be reckoned with, is hardly a lightweight. 

Other than “business as usual”, what else is going on to call further attention to this dangerous situation? Where to begin…well, as PM Netanyahu’s entourage confabs with State’s John Kerry (http://www.timesofisrael.com/keeping-up-marathon-meetings-livni-and-kerry-to-parley-in-rome/…please internalize that Tzipi Livni heads Israel’s Justice Dept, and she is a mirror image of Obama Inc’s AG Holder…both never met a terrorist who wasn’t really a “good” guy/gal underneath their terror garb…but let’s not get bogged down by minutia) Jews are being murdered and terrorized in their heartland and in other parts of the country too. Know this: rocks/boulders kill!!

‘Member of MK Feiglin’s Team Escapes Murder Attempt’

Rock launched from hurtling Arab truck misses Shai Malka, Director of Feiglin’s Manhigut Yehudit faction.

By Gil Ronen

First Publish: 5/9/2013


The rock that was thrown at Malka

The rock that was thrown at Malka
Shai Malka

Arab terrorists attempted to murder a Jewish motorist near Hevron Thursday morning. The man is Shai Malka, Director of the Manhigut Yehudit faction within Likud, which was founded by MK Moshe Feiglin.

The terrorists threw a large rock at Malka’s car as it drove down Route 60, from a truck that was speeding down the road in the opposite direction. The same method of attack was used to murder Asher Palmer and his baby son Yonatan, in September of 2011, in the same region.

“Thank G-d,” wrote Malka on his Facebook page. “This is the rock that was thrown at me inthe noontime hours from a passing truck on Route 60, about 200 meters north of Har Manoah at Har Hevron.

“Miraculously, the rock only hit a tire and not the window. I almost lost control of the vehicle but G-d was with me and I managed to stop…

“What do I think of this?

“That the army needs to wake up, and the state and the residents do, too… blah blah blah… But it seems that until we have a leadership of faith, this may be what our life’s routine looks like.

“When the state of Israel gives up on its own sovereignty at the Temple Mount, the heart of Jerusalem, — it is declaring, in effect, that this is not our land. And if this is not our land, then when we drive on the roads of Judea and Samaria, we are ‘occupiers’ and it makes sense that we will be attacked with rocks.”


Therefore, MK Naftali Bennett (Minister of Economics and Trade, a hi-tech tycoon AND a Sayeret Matkal – commando – Reserve Officer) had this to add, although he did offer “six degrees of separation” between the irrational aspect of “peace” parleys with those who choose to murder Jews. NEVERTHELESS, he knows the (military & historical) score, and the coalition understands how indebted they are to his faction’s support. They would do well not to rattle his cage too much. 

‘Bennett: Take Offensive in Judea and Samaria’

Economics Minister says he met with security chiefs and is “closely monitoring” terror situation.
By Gil Ronen
First Publish: 5/9/2013

Economics and Trade Minister Naftali Bennett held talks in recent days with Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon, Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz and Central Command Head Maj. Gen. Nitzan Alon, in an attempt to improve security for the Jews of Judea and Samaria.

“Recently, the security situation on the roads has deteriorated,” the Bayit Yehudi chairman wrote on his Facebookpage.

“There are rock roadblocks, cinderblocks thrown at cars, attacks on cars and more. Evyatar Borovsky, 32, was murdered. Adelle Biton, 3, is unconscious in the hospital.”

He told his Facebook followers that he visited the community of Talmon this week and spoke to residents, who told of growing tension in their region. “They said how afraid they were to drive at night, or to drive on the roads with children at all.”

“These are residents of the state of Israel, like all of us,” he added. “They work, pay taxes, serve in the reserves. In other words, they are you and me. They deserve security. Israel is committed to the security of its residents. What is simpler than that? It is the responsibility of the government of Israel. It is my personal responsibility as a member of it.”

Bennett said that he discussed the matter in with Yaalon, Gantz and Alon and that he “The open fire orders must be revised, forces must be redirected to that area, offensive activity needs to be ramped up, the throwing of rocks needs to be treated as a life-threatening action.

“I will continue to monitor matters closely,” he promised.


Most specifically, the following is what the soldiers have to say: we’ve capitulated to rock throwers! –  http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/167925#.UY9ZPbX-Fn.

DESPITE all of the above remedies do exist, but they must be grabbed onto as if they are a (national) life preserver, in so far as the never gonna die “peace” train chugs along apace. Thus, to crystallize how the internal  “matzav” (situation/condition) came to be, at least for those less in the loop, pay attention to PM Netanyahu’s sister-in-law, Daphne Netanyahu, as she elucidates on the “tyranny of cliches” – https://adinakutnicki.com/2012/11/27/pm-netanyahus-sister-in-law-daphne-netanyahu-brilliantly-exposes-israels-own-tyranny-of-cliches-adina-kutnicki/ .

Then piggyback the above insights onto the following – after internalizing the heart of said (mental) tyranny – and jump aboard the main address where brilliant, incisive, constructive strategic prescriptive solutions can be found – http://www.strategic-israel.org/. And as a foretaste to the gems found within Israel Institute For Strategic Studies, this blog presented (with more to come) the first of a series of interviews with Dr. Martin Sherman; Israel’s foremost strategic policy analyst and its preeminent “intellectual warrior” – https://adinakutnicki.com/2013/03/07/presenting-part-three-a-strategic-based-interview-with-dr-martin-sherman-why-you-should-support-israels-intellectual-warriors-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/.

NO exaggeration.

7 thoughts on ““Balance of Terror”: Abbas’s PA/Fatah Arabs Murder Jews YET The “Peace” Train Chugs Along…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. When it comes to Judea and Samaria, the Hebrew Scriptures are quite clear as to the owners.

    OTOH – In the Six Day War in 1967, Moshe Dayan had the Temple Mount in his hands and did not eliminate the mooslim melanoma which sits on top of it. I am not saying Dayan was a fool, but merely that he missed a great opportunity.

    Dayan had captured Jordanian artillery under his command. He should have used this to destroy everything on the Temple Mount and then blame it on the Jordanians.

    Don’t get me wrong. I am not denigrating Dayan. Dayan was a great military leader. But, he missed a wonderful opportunity.

    The so-called “Dome of the Rock” will continue to be a blister on the butt of the 7th century pedophile and all beastialists until it is finally erased from history.

  2. Don, let me set the historical record straight: yes, Dayan was an important military commander. And yes, he was more than a fool; he was an appeaser of the highest order. As such, decades later we are suffering for his folly, and many have died due to its effects. This is the bare faced truth. No sense sugarcoating it.

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