The Intersection of “Killing The Dollar” & The “New World Order”…Joe Biden Enters The Fray…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Joe, foot-in-mouth, Biden has (once again) let loose a bucket-load of (verbal) diarrhea. But this time around it is not just a fool’s gaffes, but an uttering of  global consequence. Imagine that, trusting a bird-brain like Biden (come on folks, we know he is high up in the political food chain, but he is a serious mental midget…couldn’t tolerate him for a dinner partner, let alone anything else…guess wifey Jill, although a doctor, is enthralled with his powerful connections…women have been known to compromise for access) to let loose with a bombshell, but perhaps his handlers believed it would soften the blow, coming from someone who regularly “misspeaks”. Using him as a global errand boy – with the Radical-in-Chief’s complete blessing – is sort of like “testing the waters’, or a “trial balloon”…as we are forced to watch him mock us too –

And when the following propositions were posted many readers took notice: 

Specifically, a case was made for Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s fealty to communist, Marxist, socialist and Islamist rule, in juxtaposition to America’s place as the global leader –

Building upon that theory, overwhelming evidence was presented, demonstrating Obama’s proclivities to global dictates, chiefly through kleptocrats at the U.N.  – And what he can’t ram through Congress – for those few who still exert some American spine – he issues via executive fiat. A dictator-in-training, as evinced by the left’s march (under his tutelage) towards totalitarian rule –

Alas, where does loose lips Biden fit in?

‘Biden Calls For New World Order’ – APRIL 8, 2013 By  – Western Center For Journalism – embedded video

As the global elites tighten their grip on the neck of America, Joe Biden does their bidding by speaking out for a new world order. This new world order will be a place of less freedom and more tyranny.

Covered here too –

In fact, this blog recently brought (more than tangentially related) info to the readership’s attention, albeit from a totally divergent mindset. As a matter of record, said contents swirled around the blogosphere at top speed, even when compared to other postings. This related arena hits each of us in the gut, at least those whose livelihoods are tied into the dollar.

Eight months ago, well into the Radical-in-Chief’s campaign for a second term (less than 6 weeks into this blog’s inception), it became incumbent to issue the following alarm bells. It was crystal clear,  “The One” was gunning for the deconstruction of the U.S. economy, therefore, the dollar had to fall via several pressure points. ObamaCare & “green” schemes were in the forefront, but many related bomblets lurked alongside them, including untold numbers of illegal aliens as “koshered” citizens, and criminals receiving even more financial “benefits” – .

Equally alarmed, Northeast Intelligence Network dug deep into its intel assets, and in April 2013 shored up the above thesis – . It doesn’t get any scarier, closer to the core, than that.

In concert, along comes Western Center For Journalism, as they issue the exact same alert, explaining how “back door” channels are being used to effectuate said goals, in the same stealth manner as this blog indicated above via ” many related bomblets lurked alongside them”.

‘Insider: Obama Plans To ‘Kill’ U.S. Dollar’ – Western Center For Journalism’ – embedded video

APRIL 5, 2013 BY 

The so-called “Gang of Eight” yesterday announced they were very close to coming up with an immigration reform bill.

Leading conservative Republicans, however—not the gaggle of RINOS that make up half of the Gang of Eight—point out that the immigration “reform” bill has a flaw:  it will provide a back door for millions of illegal aliens to collect welfare.

The cost? Several trillion dollars.

That’s trillion with a “t.”

That would put our national debt above the “magic number” of twenty trillion, the point that many economists state is the tipping point of our economy. Tipping point meaning the U.S. economy would implode.

Add to this the fact that Obama is actually calling for a second Stimulus—as if a trillion dollars flushed down the toilet wasn’t enough.

Add to this the artificially high level of the stock market due to Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke’s endless printing of money in which many are stating a crash is imminent—losing up to 90% of its value.

If one were a conspiracy theorist, it would seem like Barack Obama was actually trying to collapse the economy, putting us in a place like Cyprus where the EU is “taxing”—that is, confiscating—privately held bank accounts to the tune of 40% of their value.

On April 2, Ben Bernanke was asked if the U.S. would do the same thing in a dire economic crisis.

Bernanke hemmed and hawed for several minutes and finally gave up this answer: “It’s unlikely.”

Gee, that sure instills confidence in our banking system.

I guess we’re just a bunch of knuckle-dragging conspiracy theorists who think Obama is actuallytrying to collapse the economy—by devaluing (killing) the U.S. dollar.

Except that is exactly what a high level source in the intelligence community has stated, as reported in the Canada Free Press on Monday, in the widely read article, “Intelligence Insider: Obama Administration Agenda to Kill U.S Dollar.”

But that is just the beginning. According to the source, after the collapse of the economy, after the collapse of the dollar—after the U.S. dollar is properly devalued and buried long after the collapse of the euro—there will be a banshee cry by the globalists and banksters for an international currency with global government in order to prevent another world-wide economic crisis.

Yes, the economic crisis that they caused.

Obama’s push to gut the Second Amendment, the DHS’s stockpiling of two billion rounds of hollow point ammunition and tens of thousands of assault weapons, and Obama pushing George W. Bush’s Patriot Act to Orwellian levels by spying on literally every single American—is all part of a plan to institute a totalitarian New World Order.

Welcome to Barack Hussein Obama’s fundamental transformation of America.

So, believe it or not, it still behooves most of us to take a deep hard look at where we stand, especially in relation to what we are ready to give up. Now if world leadership is not a problem, then keep the blinders in place. If not, then take a stand, whatever (emphasis added) it entails.

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