Hamas’ Unremitting Terror,Yet, “Bibi” Netanyahu Lies Impotent-Once Again. What’s Going On? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

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SCOWLS, clenched fists, and promises aside, when “Bibi” Netanyahu or his lackeys are queried: What will it take, once and for all, to unleash the IDF to bury Hamas, it is as if they are reading from the same demented script: “What we see from here, you don’t see from there!” 

BE that as it may, as is said, the proof is in the pudding. To wit, how many times does this grave situation, a/k/a “matzav”, have to be tackled and highlighted to demonstrate that Israel’s leadership are wildly derelict in their most sacred duty of all? Ad infinitum. 

BUT for the uninitiated, or the still unconvinced, here we go again. As per the actual facts on the ground….the case….the indictment…. 

  • Back in August 2011, six years after the late PM Sharon, “the bulldozer”, ordered the IDF to destroy twenty five plus thriving Jewish communities in Gush Katif, a/k/a Gaza, and the northern Shomron (to satiate the very same barbarians who rocketed southern Israel for 17 years – only to up the ante and terrorize the entire nation, after the insane “gifting/rewarding” of developed Jewish communities, as evidenced during the last defensive war with Hamas in 2014), this investigative journalist was asked to memorialize the devastating destruction via its knock-on effects (for HONENU – Israel’s National Legal Defense Organization) through a no-holds-barred analytical assessment. Resultant,”The Bitter Fruits of ‘Disengagement‘ ” was written. Shortly, others followed. Painstaking. Searing.
  • Even so, those with eyes and ears and a modicum of historical acumen should have known that one cannot feed rabid beasts and, in return, expect civilized behavior! In fact, as far back as 2007, “No Crime Without Punishment” laid out (at Israel National News) the absolute legal and moral onus upon Israel’s leaders, that is, their sworn duty to mete out punishment commensurate with the acts of terrorism against their citizens. Nullem Crimen Sine Poena. How many understand this sworn obligation?
  • In this regard, under the Orwellian circumstances cited above, it is hardly shocking that a follow-on (again, at Israel National News) report was necessary in January 2008, and with no let up in sight. Ask yourselves: Is it rational, let alone acceptable, that the most fearsome army in the Middle East (indeed, the IDF is ranked Number 8 in the world!) has yet to bring Hamas (and assorted Jihadi offshoots) to its knees?

IN light of the above truth-telling and disinfectant, and as night follows day alike, no one should be shocked that this past weekend Hamas is still “calling the shots”, as to when to fire, and when to “pause” – even though, reportedly, the IDF/IAF targeted this and that Hamas building for destruction, all of which, “coincidentally”, were (always are) empty. Why is this?? And, once again, Hamas’ terror masters are left standing to terrorize at will.

Wave upon wave of Palestinian missiles were aimed at Israeli communities from Gaza on Friday night and Saturday morning, Oct. 26-27, gaining impetus from IDF air strikes at some 87 Hamas targets. The IDF spokesman spoke of 30 Palestinian missiles during the night, although the number was more than 50, of which Iron Dome intercepted 13 that directly threatened residential areas. This Palestinian assault focused on the town of Sderot and the Shear Hanegev Council communities rather than widely-spaced targets.
The IDF reported Saturday that IAF fighters hit the new Hamas General Security headquarters in the Derej district of Gaza City although they admitted the building was empty at the time of the attack. In the streets of Sderot meanwhile householders and their children huddled in shelters and fortified rooms after a day of listening to howling mobs of some 16,000 Palestinians close by, trying to force their way through the Gaza fence at three points, while hurling small bombs, grenades and rocks at the soldiers. Five rioters were killed and dozens injured by IDF gunfire before they were pushed back.

But Palestinian missile fire continued unabated into Saturday morning. The latest IDF bulletin held Syria and the Iranian al-Qods responsible for the Palestinian barrage of Friday night and Saturday morning. This onslaught powerfully debunked the reports of an Israeli-Hamas deal,  brokered by Egypt, for the Palestinian terrorists to gradually de-escalate the border outbreaks, provided Israel held back and gave Hamas time for the process.

It also served as a greeting card from Hamas and Islamic Jihad to Israel’s next military chief of staff, whom Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman named on Friday as  Maj. Gen. Aviv Kochavi, 54. Kochavi is currently deputy chief of staff to Lt. Gen. Gady Eisenkot, after spending three years as OC Northern Command. He served in many key combat and staff capacities during his military career, although evaluations of his capabilities are mixed.

As commander of the Paratroop Brigade (in 2001), he led successful operations against terrorist concentrations (in 2002-2003) in major Palestinian towns for breaking the back of the Second Intifada (Palestinian uprising) that terrorized Israeli civilian centers for two years. Kochavi designed an effective counter-terror raid technique for saving Israeli troops raiding houses for suspects from being exposed to attack in the street. They were given a tool, which was named after him, for smashing through interior walls between rooms.

As head of AMAN (Military Intelligence), while faulted for certain missed strategic evaluations, he had the foresight to develop the unit’s technological capabilities for its leap into cyber warfare.
Kochavi is still remembered as commander of the Gaza Division 13 years ago, when Israel withdrew finally from the Palestinian enclave under the late Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. On Sept. 12, 2005, Kochavi shut the door on the last evacuated Israeli community in the Gaza Strip with the pledge: “If a single shot, or bullet is ever fired from here against Israel, the IDF’s response will be crushing!”

During the subsequent 13 years, that vow stayed in the history books. Only this week, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu noted that, whereas in 2005, Hamas had only 3,000 armed men, the number has since soared to 65,000!  However, in 2009, a year after he assumed the premiership, the Hamas militia numbered no more than 12,000 men.

Policy-making and military thinking in Israel for dealing with unending Hamas terror has remained frozen in place for 13 years. In 2005, Egypt promised to deploy troops on the strategic “Philadelphi Corridor” to prevent the newly-independent and demilitarized Palestinian enclave in Gaza from smuggling in weapons for rearming. That undertaking was not honored, any more than today, Cairo is capable of forcing Hamas to accept a truce.

As for the incoming chief of staff, Kochavi’s critics evaluate his performance as OC Northern command in charge of the Syrian and Lebanese border areas as falling short of his earlier operational and innovative promise. The question now is: Will Kochavi rise above Israel’s long conceptual paralysis with regard to Gaza and resort to action for stopping the increasingly unbridled Palestinian violence? This weekend, the terrorists of Gaza threw down another gauntlet for the IDF, clearly a challenge for Gen. Kochavi to see if he will finally make good on his 13-year oath of a “crushing response”

ALAS, no one can unmask the insane, counter-intuitive so-called “strategic” policies of Israel’s political echelon akin to Dr. Martin Sherman; inarguably, Israel’s foremost strategic policy analyst. As such, listen raptly, for school’s in session.

TRENCHANTLY, a rational leadership – let alone, one which obsessively touts an abiding adherence to democratic principles – wouldn’t allow their citizens to be subjected to a continuous barrage of missiles and kites (in tandem with stepped-up terror tactics) for years on end. In the meanwhile, said abnormal leadership continues to send in fuel and assorted supplies into Hamas-run Gaza (and Iran supported), knowing full well that Jihadis appropriate the largess! Mind you, while “Bibi” gives the go-ahead, ostensibly, to “relieve” the general population from rolling electrical outages, the urgent question is: What about taking care of Israel’s terrorized citizens? In other words, if Hamas was forced to operate in the dark, in tandem, bereft of fuel to run their terror workshops, wouldn’t said strategy go a long way towards bringing them to their knees? Agreed?


KNOW this; The very fact that citizens living within Israel’s southern belt  (after months of incendiary-packed kite/balloon terror and years of missile/rocket barrages) have yet to storm the Knesset, thereby, demanding an end to the onslaught, well, it attests to a form of mental besiegement. Yes, it does.

EFFECTIVELY, once a people believe that normalcy (and safety} is never going to be a part of their lives; that a daily life of terror and more terror (despite knowing that their armed forces can bury their tormentors) is tolerated by their leaders, said mindset becomes a “normative” way of thinking.  

BUT most significantly, since past is prologue, it will take untold casualties for “Bibi” to unleash the powerful IDF – still, only long enough to “mow the grass“, so to speak.

AS always, their “strategic” calculus is not to bury Hamas – mirroring a rational leadership – but to allow them to lick their wounds, and, once again, regroup. Stronger. As to why this is the case, for starters, let’s just agree that “Bibi” (and his so-called right-wing crew) is more scared of angering an ever hostile Euro leadership, rather, than being frightened of the wrath of the majority Zionist public – and that’s the damnable, shameful truth. 

INEXORABLY and most especially, if only “Bibi” was a statesman (his oratorical prowess and flourishes beside the point), Hamas (and assorted Jihadi hydras) would be too scared to rear its head.

CONCLUSIVELY, may the G-d of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob save us (myself included, as an American-Israeli living in Israel) from our derelict leaders!

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Imminent and Ominous: The Facebook-Jihadi Nexus (REVIEW of BANNED….) by Dr. Martin Sherman

Imminent and Ominous: The Facebook-Jihadi Nexus (REVIEW) 

Reprinted from The Algemeiner

By Dr. Martin Sherman (Founder of Israel Institute For Strategic Studies/IISS)

For most Americans, Israelis and other Westerners, Facebook is a benign and useful forum through which to catch up with old friends, make new ones, connect with relatives and engage in virtual exchanges of information.

There is, however, a much darker side to the picture. An increasing number of Islamist terrorists, well-versed in modern technology and its usage for jihad-related tasks, are exploiting the world-wide reach of social networking for their own nefarious purposes – despite the fact that, paradoxically, their principal mission is to recreate, on a global scale, anachronist and oppressive realties from centuries ago.

It is precisely to exposing this disturbing development that the hard-hitting and disconcerting book Banned: How Facebook Enables Militant Islamic Jihad is devoted.

Written by Israeli-American Adina Kutnicki, a widely-read investigative blogger, and Joe Newby, a veteran of the US Marines and, today, an IT expert and conservative columnist — in unabashedly earthy language, replete with robust and unapologetic, politically-incorrect depictions of militant Islam — it raises an increasingly grave problem, which, as the title suggests, is both imminent and ominous: The growing confluence between the world’s largest and most influential public forum, the social network giant Facebook, and the world’s most menacing purveyor of global terror – militant Jihadist Islam.

Kutnicki and Newby could have wished for no greater affirmation of the urgency and gravity of the subject they focus on than the somber caveat issued by the Left-leaning, former head of Israeli military intelligence, Maj. Gen. (res.) Amos Yadlin, to which the authors refer in the course of their threat analysis.

Speaking in January at an international CyberTech Conference at Tel Aviv University on what comprised the major threat facing Israel today, Yadlin warned: “The most dangerous nation in the Middle East acting against Israel is the state of Facebook.”

Pointedly, he added, “It has a lot more power than someone operating a military force.”

Testifying to the severity of the impact of social networking on the physical security of every day citizens, the well-known Hebrew news website NRG wrote, “The social networks on the web are constantly feeding hate to young Palestinians and encouraging them to commit acts of terror.”

Government ministers in Israel have been even more explicit in pointing accusing fingers at Facebook as a tool of terror, strongly substantiating the central message of Kutnicki and Newby.  Thus, after the horrific murder last June of 13-year-old Hallel Jaffa Ariel, Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan and Education Minister Naftali Bennett expressly assigned blame to Facebook for the ongoing spate of killings that had afflicted Israeli society for months.

Erdan was particularly harsh in his censure, asserting that the Palestinian terrorist who stabbed to death the Israeli-American teenager Hallel Yaffa Ariel, in her bedroom, announced his intentions on the website before committing the murder.

He continued:

I have no doubt that Facebook, today, which brought a positive revolution to the world, unfortunately since the rise of ISIS, has simply become a monster… The young generation in the Palestinian Authority suckles all of its incitement against Israel from Facebook and, in the end, goes and commits murders…Some of the blood of the victims of the recent attacks, including that of Hallel, may her memory be blessed, is unfortunately on the hands of Mark Zuckerberg…

However, although Kutnicki and Newby recognize that Israel has long been at the epicenter of the battle against militant Jihadi Islam, they do not limit the focus to the Israeli sphere alone. They expand their study to the pernicious impact of this radical ideology world-wide, with particular emphasis on the West in general, and the US in particular.

But the real crux of Banned is the exposure of the divergent and discriminatory standards that Facebook appears to employ in its attitude towards posts, pages and groups that are sympathetic towards militant Islam on the one hand, and those critical of it, on the other.

Kutnicki and Newby catalogue numerous cases in which Facebook groups that opposed, or warn of, the malevolent aspects have been removed — often without reason or explanation. By contrast, posts that expound venomous — even violent — pro-Jihadi content have been allowed to continue to spread their hateful message, despite complaints as to their objectionable and intimidating nature.

Similar bias prevails against pro-Israeli postings and in favor of anti-Israel ones. Indeed the authors relate in accurate detail a case which I personally experienced, when a fast growing pro-Israel group page I established, “Support Israel’s Intellectual Warriors,” was subjected to a late night barrage of hard-core porn and repulsive horror images from Muslim sources.

As Kutnicki and Newby report, I immediately expunged the offending material, but Facebook removed the group stating I had violated its standards. Explanations from me and numerous outraged protests from angry members were all to no avail. The group was never reinstated — thus punishing the victim of the actions of the transgressors.

In summary then, Banned should be seen as a timely clarion call to all lovers of liberty, tolerance and diversity — and a jarring wake up call for action by the West, before it is too late .

(Dr. Martin Sherman)


(In an example of Islamist incitement posted on Facebook, a screenshot from the page of the Palestinian Authority’s ruling Fatah Party’s showing a mother fastening a suicide explosive belt on a child. Photo: Screenshot/Palestinian Media Watch.)

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Israel’s Intellectual Warriors & The Deconstruction of the Palestinian Narrative: A Western Imperative! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

(1920 – Original territory assigned to the Jewish National Home)

(1922 – Final territory assigned to the Jewish National Home)

Truth dare be told, the bigger the lie the more readily the masses will swallow it. Stipulated, many are used to telling small white lies. But the notion that others, in particular, leaders, would spread the most fantastical tall tales – as if said lies are unvarnished truths – well, it never dawns on most folks to probe any further. And it is this propaganda tool – predicated on exploiting emotional responses with the understanding that small lies are acceptable but colossal untruths are not, therefore, whatever they intone must be true – which has literally invented a separate and distinct people. Voilà, an entire nation. In other words, just stating as such, ad infinitum, has been enough to invent the Palestinian narrative and all its permutations thereof.

Alas, one may still inquire: why does this even matter, after all, if enough people want to identify as part of this or that group, whose business is it anyway? Well, in general, it would be nobody’s. However, when it comes to nationhood, there are codified international laws and set criteria which must be met. Or so it would seem.

In this regard, one needn’t be a super star student in the discipline of political science – one of the main umbrellas under which the aforementioned laws are taught – to understand its primary principles. In fact, the Montevideo Convention on the Rights and Duties of States spells it all out. It became accepted international law in December 1933. Its simplified basis can be found here

Convention on the Rights and Duties of States


Even so, on the other hand, when it comes to the so-called Palestinians, all truths and attendant legal underpinnings are thrown two sheets to the wind, akin to drunks on never-ending benders. Resultant, the Montevideo Convention has been totally abrogated, yet, world leaders and a plethora of non-elected elitists continuously parrot the world’s most gargantuan lie: yes, Palestine has always been a distinct nation and its indigenous people “deserve” to be handed their state back! 

Now, said invention is not only a colossal historical lie but morally perverse. Nevertheless, for this discussion, the reader would do well to avail themselves of a primary fact-based resource, one out of a compendium of scholarly works. Its title is appropriately named, Myths & Facts.org.

But for those who are proactive types, solution seekers, if you will, there is no better address than the Israel Institute For Strategic Studies. And it is not for nothing that piggybacked interviews with its founder, Dr. Martin Sherman, are housed at this site. No need to rework the wheel.

To wit, the following appeal is not only in Israel’s best interests but the west’s at large:

Please help Israel’s Intellectual Warriors –

Help the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies

Click here to DONATE via Pay Pal (Mark Donation “For Video Series”)

IISS has been in the forefront of efforts to lay a foundation for a new assertive Zionist compliant paradigm for the protection and preservation of Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people.

Today IISS is looking to raise $10,000 to complete a high impact video currently in preparation.

We need your help in achieving this modest funding objective to accomplish a vital Zionist objective.

No donation is too small!

Click here to DONATE via Pay Pal (Mark Donation “For Video Series”)

IISS has clearly identified and articulated the unacceptable risks of a two state solution

Help us convey these dangers graphically to as wide an audience as possible

Our video series is designed to

– De-construct the Palestinian narrative.

– Re-construct Zionist narrative.

– Outline a non-coercive humanitarian solution to the Israel/Palestinian conflict.

Once again – Please help Israel’s Intellectual Warriors in our resolute and relentless defense of the Jewish state.

Malcolm Dash, Director of Operations, maldash@strategic-Israel.org

Most significantly, without setting the historical and legal record straight, the accepted narrative, aka myth, of the Palestinian nation, has the potential to set the world on fire. Simply put, it is utilized as a deftly devised propaganda tool, a political and incendiary bludgeon, by militant Islamic jihadists world over. In tandem, they are aided and abetted by leftist enablers. Israel, the Jewish homeland for time immemorial, is demonized as the ultimate thorn in western sides, as opposed to those whose lies started the worldwide fires! Effectively, the fable goes like this: if the so-called Palestinians finally get their “homeland”, all will be well in the Arab/Muslim world. Ipso facto, their riled up and ever aggrieved masses will settle down. O RLY??

On a multiplicity of levels, credo quia absurdum!

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Obama Inc. Violates Israeli Sovereignty/Agreements: Arms/Trains PA/Hamas Jihadis For US Consulate In Jerusalem! Why? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki







(Let us call Barack HUSSEIN Obama by his appropriate name: “Allah’s Muslim Terrorist”!)

TO assert that America’s fate is intertwined with Israel’s is hardly an overstatement, nor is it hyperbole. Both are the twin pillars for western civilization. Therefore, it stands to reason that arming and training PA/Hamas aligned “guards” to serve the US Consulate General in Jerusalem is tantamount to stabbing Israel in the back. Literally. Not only that, doing so VIOLATES signed agreements from 2011, as indicated below!

SO let us first explore the armed betrayal, and then we will segue to the electoral putsch. Never ending.

FIRST and foremost, the PA/Hamas terror junta (as of Sept. 25, 2014 they formed an actual governing alliance, therefore, the charade of “good cop/bad cop” no longer applies) pact is not a secret. No sentient actor can rightfully claim otherwise, neither from the American or Israeli side. That is that.

IN this regard, the majority Israeli public, both secular and religious Zionists, are starting to raise their voices (many are “up in arms” about the actual arming of PA/Hamas soldiers within the Consulate), but it has yet to be determined what Israeli officialdom will do – or not – about this blatant violation of a signed agreement in 2011 re said explosive issue!


Three Israeli security guards who worked at the US consulate resigned in the wake of a plan to hire 35 Palestinians from East Jerusalem as armed security guards who are currently undergoing training in Yericho (Jericho). One of them has gone so far as to accuse the consulate of creating “an armed Palestinian militia.”

According to the report in Yediot Aharonot, the plan is to employ the Palestinians mainly to escort convoys of American diplomats in Judea-Samaria.

This is a breach of an agreement between the Consulate and the Israeli government, signed in 2011, whereby only guards who served in combat units in the IDF who are employed by the consulate will be allowed to carry arms.

The report said that the change in the consulate began months ago, with the appointment of consulate security officer Dan Cronin. Employees say that since they started working there seven Israeli security guards were fired, compared with one Palestinian guard.

The three Israeli guards who recently resigned in protest at his behavior, say he is training the Palestinian security guards at the American facility in Jericho, where Palestinian security forces are training. Some of the guards were even flown to the US for training.

Employees who were employed at the consulate blame Cronin for blatantly opposing Israeli and expressing pro-Palestinian statements.

“The law in Israel is only a recommendation for him,” one employee fired. “Cronin does whatever he wants.”

According to them, some of the Palestinian security guards employed at the consulate were arrested in the past for throwing rocks or have relatives who were convicted of hostile terrorist activities.

“The Consulate head’s behavior tends toward the Palestinians, and Cronin actually established a Palestinian armed militia for the Consulate,” an employee said. “He is training them with weapons, combat and tactical exercises. There is a lack of responsibility here – who ensures that such weapons, once given over to Palestinian guards, won’t make their way to terror groups?”

Armory with machine guns, rifles and shotguns

The report further stated that the consulate has an armory with machine guns, rifles and shotguns, without permission from the Israeli authorities, although Israel is aware of the issue. (blogger’s note: Israel’s political leadership, what say you??)

The anti-Israeli character of the consulate today is clear, according to the report: the most senior adviser is a Palestinian Arab, Ibrahim Delalsh, who sat in Israeli prison for belonging to Fatah-linked terror groups. Another advisor is a relative of one of the leaders of Hamas in Jerusalem, Muhammad Hassan Abu Tir, who has been in and out of Israeli prisons many times.

While diplomats at the Consulate live in Jewish areas of western Jerusalem, they consider themselves “American Ambassadors in Palestine,” according to the report. Its armored vehicles often move to and from Judea and Samaria, its people have contacts with the Palestinian Authority and it takes part in surveillance over construction of Jewish communities in the region.

The Consulate said in response: “The US Consulate General in Jerusalem has full confidence in the professionalism of its staff. We do not discuss the security of our diplomatic mission but note that there are many inaccuracies here. In addition, we coordinate our work with local authorities to the fullest.”

However, the report follows a serious breach of that coordination several weeks ago, when Consulate officials entered the Samaria community of Adei Ad with guards armed with M-16s without permission – and nearly caused an international incident.

LET’s be very clear: the buck stops with Israel’s subservient political leaders, most especially, its PM!

REGARDLESS, those of us who follow these matters are hardly surprised by Obama Inc.’s latest arming of Israel’s enemy. Far from it. Yes, back in 2011, it was reported: armed (and trained by Washington) PA “police” in Israeli regions!


HUSSEIN OBAMA, you are a treacherous bastard.

ALAS, now that we covered (some of) the armed betrayal, as promised, let’s head to his admins attempt to hijack/steal Israel’s election!

IN the main, as noted in a recent commentary, the Renegade-in-Chief’s blatant interference /manipulation in Israel’s election is a distinct violation of international law. No getting around this. 

The Likud party intends to hold a press conference in Tel Aviv Sunday in which it will expose details about “V15 – Victory in 2015,” a campaign it says is using foreign money, and lots of it, to boost Labor and Meretz in the elections.

Likud has filed a motion to the Elections Committee, according to which V15 is carrying out an illegal indirect campaign with a connection to Labor and Meretz. V15 is “making criminal use of foreign sources of funding,” adding that the sums involved were “very high” and their sources unknown.

Likud’s press conference will include MK Miri Regev and Deputy Minister Ofir Akunis.

Haaretz announced that the foreign funded organization “One Voice” is bankrolling the V-2015 campaign. Jeremy Bird, the Obama campaign’s national field director, flew in to Israel with a team of consultants and is running a grassroots, Obama-style campaign from an office in Tel Aviv which takes up the entire ground floor of the building. V-2015 is not supporting a specific party. They are for anyone, “just not Bibi.” Therefore, they believe that the foreign funding pouring into the campaign will not be subjected to Israel’s campaign finance laws. (blogger’s note: oh really now, since when is a foreign gov’t ALLOWED to pour mega funds into a sovereign nation’s elections, regardless of the “non-specificity” of a candidate?…not even the pretense of splitting hair’s will change its illegality)

When asked whether their goal was “Anyone but Bibi,” the response was, “We say ‘replace the government,’ it’s not directed at specific individuals. There have been many years of right-wing governments during which little happened, it’s time to change course and give people hope.”

OneVoice is expected to merge with V15 before the March 17 election, the newspaper revealed, noting the groups have a common goal: To recruit tens of thousands of volunteers for house-to-house canvassing, knocking on anywhere between 150,000 and 1 million doors — a method that was effective in Obama’s first presidential campaign, in particular.

Likud said Saturday evening that Labor and Meretz are “trying to buy governmental power with money.” It said that the New Israel Fund (blogger’s note: New Israel Fund is a radical foreign funded anti-Zionist entity) was among the bodies involved in the campaign, and that millions were also flowing in from Europe in “a serious breach of campaign laws that define foreign donations to political parties in Israel as a criminal offense.”

‘Likud in panic’

The V15 campaign reacted to the motion by saying that “Netanyahu is in a state of panic. After Likud’s campaign staff accepted the fact that it has lost the ground and the streets, the party’s lawyers are trying to stop the energies and buzz around Victory 2015. We bring with us innovative work plans that were learned in successful campaigns worldwide. Obama’s ‘enlistment’ to the campaign exists only in the fevered minds of the right wingers and Likudniks.” (blogger’s note: Tzipi Livni et al…okey dokey…if you say so!)

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and Congressman Lee Zeldin, R-NY-1, have sent a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry asking for information regarding V15, in which they stated that “given the overtly partisan nature of this particular case, we are deeply concerned by the relationship that also exists between OneVoice and the U.S. Department of State. OneVoice lists the State Department as a partner on its website. In its 2013 annual report, the CEO of OneVoice touted the organization’s work ‘together in partnership with the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv and the U.S. Consulate General in Jerusalem…made possible by two parallel U.S. Government grants.’ According to a U.S. government website, OneVoice twice received grants from the State Department in 2014.”

“Given the public statements by a number of Obama administration officials, including the President, that it would be “inappropriate”[ for the government of the United States to exercise any influence over elections in a foreign country including Israel, we believe this issue demands your urgent attention. There appears to be a danger that U.S. taxpayer funds are being used to directly shape the outcome of the upcoming Israeli election--and specifically to campaign against Prime Minister Netanyahu–something all would agree would be highly inappropriate.”

Cruz and Zeldin demanded to know how much funding the US government has provided to OneVoice, and who approved providing such funds. They also asked if there was any knowledge from the State Department or other US government officials of the partnership with V15 prior to providing funds to OneVoice.

Following the revelations regarding V15, the Zionist Organization of America stated that “Obama’s campaign team is giving advice in Israel on how to defeat Netanyahu, while Obama refuses to meet Netanyahu and hypocritically says that it is because such a meeting could be seen as interfering in the election.”

YET, it gets worse….in so far as what will actually happen, if, heaven forfend, Tzipi Livni and crew take over the helm, even though PM Netanyahu leaves a lot to be desired. Indeed, Barack HUSSEIN Obama is working like the devil to upend the majority public’s electoral will.

STILL, for the best analysis on such a horrific outcome, look no further than to Dr. Martin Sherman’s recent Jerusalem Post column, “The Demise of Israeli Patriotism?” As always, he lays it on the (strategic) line.

MOST significantly, the above signifies the hyper disdain Obama Inc. has for Israel, and not just for its so-called right wing (often feckless) leadership. In fact, no rational observer, nor individual who possesses a modicum of personal integrity, can argue that the (criminal) regime within Washington isn’t treating Israel akin to a vassal state. An enemy. No exaggeration.

ON a very basic level the most URGENT questions become: what exactly are Israel’s security agencies doing – or not – about Obama Inc.’s illegal arming/training of the enemy at the US Consulate General in Jerusalem? and, will they raid the ILLEGAL offices of “One Voice”, Obama’s “boots on the ground”, his electoral soldiers in Israel, in the same manner in which they (often) raid the homes of those who are true Zionists and national patriots?

DO pigs fly?


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Leftist Christian & Jewish Leaders Enable Islamic Slaughter:Silencing Truth-Tellers…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

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AS an American-Israeli, and a committed Jewish Zionist living in Israel, one would believe that there are more than enough localized menaces to angst over, leaving little time or inclination to take on U.S. leftist-driven Christian leaders and their flock. Not only that, particularly since the Mid East is on fire and encircling Israel in a vise-like grip, as demonstrably proventime and again –  by a close associate, Dr. Martin Sherman, it is admittedly strange to make mention of this or that Chapel’s leadership. In this regard, the real question is: why should what happens in a U.S. Chapel be more than a blip on this site’s radar? A fair supposition, but deadly inaccurate.

INTRINSICALLY, it is impossible to beat back the enemy at hand, when the political, military, academic and religious leadership of the free world refuse to identify the cancer in their midst. What’s what and who’s who. Deadly.

REGARDLESS, the leftist menace has been a focal point at this site many times – even from its inception, as shown in the above link – and for good reason. Basically, it is their civil society elitists (throughout the west, most notably in America and Israel) who set the tone for policy making, irrespective of the majority public’s wishes. Yet why does this matter?

LEAVE it to Muslim apologists – both followers of Islam and leftists who detest the west, their blasted collaborators – to keep up the pretense: NO, ISIS/ISIL does not represent Islam and what not. Blah…blah…blood-soaked hogwash too.

DEAR readers, to further flesh out the left’s collusion, how many realize that PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) is bought and paid for by left-wing money men/foundations, in particular, Soros-the-devil incarnate? In this regard, is it at all shocking that Boko Haram, one of ISIS/ISIL fellow Islamic jihadi hydras – six of one…half a dozen of another – was sanitized by one of its reporters, even as he opined that this was not the intent of his series? Oh yeah…

Reporter/producer Evan Williams set out to investigate atrocities committed by Boko Haram, but along the way he uncovered a very different story. Video footage given to Williams by numerous sources appeared to show state-sponsored militias — and in some cases the Nigerian military — conducting brutal interrogations and even executions of civilians suspected to be Boko Haram members.

Williams talked to FRONTLINE about how he and his team found the story, how they verified the footage, and how they tracked down witnesses to corroborate the evidence.

Off the bat, let’s be clear: ISIS didn’t “invent” beheading, even though it is the main reason why they are front and center throughout the world. Yes, it became their calling card and it was planned as such. Regardless, as a matter of Islamic record, beheadings are par for their Allah-mandated course. More pointedly, not only does Hamas partake but so does Saudi Arabia, and up and down the Sunni and Shia line. It’s a tradition thing.

And if written proofs are necessary – to segue from there to here – so be it:

As always, one only has to understand the blood-soaked Koran –https://adinakutnicki.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/islam_and_blood.pdf – to see why Islamic-driven monsters can “justify” their horrifying practices.

“When you meet the unbelievers, smite their necks,” says an ayah, or verse in Sura (chapter) 47.

Sura 8:12 reads: “I will cast dread into the hearts of the unbelievers. Strike off their heads, then, and strike off all of their fingertips.”

Moreover, decapitations aka beheadings are also described in some of the earliest histories of Islam.

For the historical record, Muhammad’s earliest biographer, Ibn-Ishaq, describes how the prophet approved the beheadings of between 600 and 900 men from the Jewish Banu Qurayza tribe following the Battle of the Trench. History not only repeats, but followers of Islam are still implementing centuries-old “practices”, as if civilized society passed them by. It has.

Not only that, but it was a common form of execution under the Ottoman Empire, where it was the “primary form of symbolic aggression among Ottoman soldiers”, according to historian James J Reid. Graphically-speaking, let this tidbit sink in, in so far as Turkey’s President Erdogan (ex PM) is actively planning to resurrent the (reportedly benign…as if) Ottoman Empire. His main helpmates are the Muslim Brotherhood – with Hamas as its front-arm – and Barack HUSSEIN Obama. You read this “news” right here.

As mentioned, Saudi Arabia is neck-deep into the “art form” where a strict interpretation of Sharia law is enforced. Beheading is the form of punishment for a range of crimes, including drug running and apostasy, with approximately 80 people believed to have been beheaded by the kingdom last year. Oh boy, the bitter fruits of Wahhabism.


WHAT more needs to be said to prove that Islamic blood lust is insatiable? Moreover, the left “approves” their tactics, just as long as America (the west) is dead and buried along with as many bodies as it takes. Besides, didn’t Billy boy Ayers, one of the “elder statesmen” of American domestic terror, Obama’s ghost writer, the person who hosted Obama’s first political fundraiser in his home, infamously intone:

In his 2001 memoir Fugitive Days, Ayers recounts his life as a Sixties radical and boasts that he “participated in the bombings of New York City Police Headquarters in 1970, of the Capitol building in 1971, and the Pentagon in 1972.” Of the day he bombed the Pentagon, Ayers writes, “Everything was absolutely ideal…. The sky was blue. The birds were singing. And the bastards were finally going to get what was coming to them.” He further recalls his fascination with the fact that “a good bomb” could render even “big buildings and wide streets … fragile and destructive,” leaving behind a “majestic scene” of utter destruction.

Ayers summed up the organization’s ideology as follows: “Kill all the rich people. Break up their cars and apartments. Bring the revolution home, Kill your parents.”

With regard to those Americans who might refuse to embrace communism, Ayers and his comrades — including Bernardine Dohrn, Mark Rudd, Linda Evans, Jeff Jones, and numerous others — proposed that such resisters should be sent to re-education camps and killed. The terrorists estimated that it would be necessary to eliminate some 25 million people in this fashion, so as to advance the revolution.

NOW that the red/green alliance is seen for what it is, let’s get to the “Chapel”, hopefully, on time:

A Christian man named Chris Garcia was thrown out of Calvary Chapel for wanting to talk about the Islamic persecution of Christians. Mr. Garcia was kicked out of Calvary Chapel Montebello in California by pastors Pancho Juarez, Carlos Mendoza, John Paul Jones  because he was urging the church to bring awareness about Saeed Abedini, a fellow Calvary Chapel pastor who is now in prison in Iran for preaching Christianity to Muslims. Shoebat.com did an interview with Chris Garcia and he explained the story:

ON the other hand, if sissy pants leftists – be they Christians or Jews – need some lessons in how to grow a pair, well, perhaps they just need to take a page out of the following playbook. But for those who just don’t give a damn, they too will reap the Islamic whirlwind. Guaranteed.

Hundreds of vigilantes took up bows and arrows, spears and machetes, and slaughtered no fewer than 100 Muslim jihadists who were a part of Boko Haram. They defeated the Boko Haram Muslims in the area of Mubi, and drove them out. Mubi is the same area where Boko Haram Muslims were forcing Christians to say the Shahada, or that “there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger.” 

 A vigilante group of traditional hunters pose for a picture at their camp in Maiduguri

In another development, a combined team of local hunters, civilian Joint Task Force (JTF) and the military on Wednesday recaptured Mubi, killing no fewer than 100 Boko Haram insurgents in the process and wounding a good number of them.

A source from Mubi said the combined force launched a sustained offensive on Wednesday night which also led to the recovery of five Nigerian Armoured Personnel Carriers (APC) seized by the dreaded Islamic sects in the area.

The source said there were jubilations galore within Mubi as people were seen trooping out in hundreds to show solidarity to the local hunters and civilian JTF following their consistency in chasing out the insurgents from Mubi town.

It was gathered that the 234 Army Battalion as well as other security formations in the area which hitherto fell into the hands of the insurgents had been recaptured and the soldiers were seen trooping in and out of the barracks taking strategic positions against any eventuality.

Daily Independent gathered that all the flags hoisted by the insurgents in some government quarters were destroyed and replaced by Nigerian flags while the Emir’s palace converted to their “Madinatul Islam’ has now been taken over by the Nigerian team.

The source said with the development, the combined fighting spirit should not be stopped until the criminals are completely chased out of Mubi, Michika, and Madagali, adding that any attempt to pause would be more dangerous as it would give the insurgents opportunity to regroup and give them a hot chase.

Others who spoke in Yola but preferred to remain anonymous opined that, “anybody found within the Boko Haram’s vicinity should also be flushed out since most of them are serving as agents to the Islamic sects.”

Corroborating, Baba Dauda, a local hunter said the hunters made up their mind to fight because the insurgents had been maiming too many people in the area.

“We had to wake up and fight the bastards that keep plaguing our societies killing innocent souls.

“People should brace up and start fighting them, we killed many of them. We are not afraid of being killed,” he added.

The state co-ordinator of Civilian Joint Task Force, Bako Goni, said over 2,000 people, including youth vigilantes, local hunters, retired military, police and para-military operatives, artisans and petty traders have signed up to confront Boko Haram insurgents in the state.

RESOLVED, a historical memo must be sent to the following addresses: avowed Islamists; Christian counterparts; leftist Jews; assorted limp-wristed Israeli leaders, and to all those who continuously, obsessively opine about the so-called “Palestinian” nation as the agitating sore point in the Mid East “conflict”, that which reverberates into the west. Poppycock.

SO for the actual historical record, pay heed to Arab leaders who have already spilled the beans, and who can’t place the genie back into the bottle, try as they might.

Fathi Hammad, Hamas’s Minister of the Interior and National Security, had this to say, ” Brothers, half of the Palestinians are Egyptians and the other half are Saudis.” Likewise, Zuheir Muhsin, late member of the Palestinian Liberation Organization’s Executive Council, intoned: ” The existence of a separate Palestinian identity exists only for tactical reasons. The establishment of a Palestinian State is a new tool to continue the fight against Israel.” Similarly, Hussein bin Talal, late King of Jordan, opined,” The appearance of the Palestinian personality comes as an answer to Israel’s claim that Palestine is Jewish.

Hamas minister admits: The Arabs Are Aliens In The Land Of Israel!

CONSEQUENTIALLY, knowing what we know about Islam’s barbaric dictates, how intrinsic is it to expose their leftist collaborators, being that they help wield the west’s forceps in tandem with Islam’s followers?



“Israeli Spring” Cleaning Can’t Come Soon Enough: Bibi Waffles-As Always! What’s To Be Done? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

WARNING: do not watch this on a full stomach!

Hamas Terrorist Funeral Gets An Unexpected Surprise Ending – “Live by the sword die by the sword” Islamic terrorism is famous for their stated love of death, destruction and the shedding of blood. They consider it a glorious honor to strap suicide bomb vests onto the bodies of men, women, children and anyone else who is stupid enough to sacrifice their lives to the moon-god Allah!



The BITTER FRUITS of a derelict leadership…years of appeasement left Hamas free to LITERALLY tunnel their way into Israel, even supplying the cement through “humanitarian” capitulation! It poured into Gaza under the guise of housing needs etc…Israel’s “eyes in the sky” knew better, but Bibi did nothing! Regardless, would any rational leader EVER agree to a “cease-fire” with said genocidal barbarians, regardless of anything else?

FROM the get go let’s agree to stipulate: an oral root canal is never fun. However, if left to fester, one cannot be shocked, shocked when said infected tooth rots and eventually requires an emergency extraction. In fact, one’s entire mouth will likely become inflamed, hence, a more invasive oral surgery will surely ensue without due deliberate care. Cause and effect.

SO too – if one stretches the analogy to its logical and rational geo-political outcome – Zionists tragically find Israel’s “matsav”, מצב, its national condition, in a rapidly deteriorating state, mostly due to PM Netanyahu’s constant appeasement.

Reports in Israeli media cite IAF pilots who bitterly complain that due to the strict limitations placed on their use of fire, they sometimes have to refrain from helping comrades facing terrorist fire on the ground.

Shai Hermesh, a resident of the Gaza Belt and a former MK for Kadima, said Wednesday that local residents have been hearing digging sounds from the ground for years, as Hamas terrorists dug their tunnels into Israel, but authorities preferred to hush up the matter.

INCONTROVERTIBLY, assorted Muslim Brotherhood-related terror groups bear the onus, but they do what Islam demands of them – to murder Jews! On the other hand, Israel’s leadership is mandated to step up and man up, regardless of any and all considerations, including evading massive pressure from Obama Inc and assorted international brayers.

So what does the Obama administration do when it looks like the Israeli military is being successful in disarming the terrorist organization Hamas?  The President of the United States orders Secretary Kerry to draft a cease-fire proposal that directs Israel to stand down while ignoring the militarization of Gaza and the terrorist attempts to kill Jews.  In short, the President of the United States, Israel’s biggest ally, tries to force Israel to commit suicide and lay down its arms in the face of overwhelming terrorist attacks.

REGARDLESS of this or that, a statesman is expected to rise to all challenges. Concomitantly, if unable to perform, said leader must be held to account. After all, when any individual is hired for a job there are requisite standards of performance. If unable to fulfill ones employment obligations, surely dismissal is an option, as it should be. And, as an aside, having been a business owner, this American-Israeli knows exactly what qualifies as acceptable levels of performance – or not. Kal VaChomer, קל וחומר, even more so, there most certainly should be stringent expectations for a national leader to meet! And, nothing, absolutely nothing comes before securing the safety of ones citizens, particularly when it comes to blitzing and tunneling!

WITHOUT a scintilla of a doubt, PM Netanyahu’s meandering from braggadocio and vacillation has emboldened not only Hamas, but all of Israel’s regional (and far off) foes. This has been his ongoing “strategy”, as he “ceases” Israel’s fire before the IDF is able to declare victory. Most egregiously, the military is more than capable of decimating Hamas. Paradoxically, even Israel’s enemies begrudgingly agree that the IDF is second to none. So, what the hell is going on? 

YES, to perform to the max, one must first be let off the leash… even if among the top 10 elite forces in the world!!
The name means “Flotilla 13,” and their official motto is the same as the Israeli military: “Never Again,” in reference to the Holocaust. Their unofficial motto, as they like to joke, is “When the going gets tough, the Jews get pissed.”They are 1 of the 3 most elite Israeli special forces units, but Shayetet 13 is the unit most similar to the Delta Force. They specialize in hostage rescue and counter-terrorism, and because they live so close to a host of nations that seem bent on eradicating them, they are at all times ready in an instant to travel abroad and kill. They are very secretive, but of their missions publicized, the most notable include Operation Spring of Youth, in which they hunted down members of Black September in Beirut Lebanon and killed them, in revenge for the 1972 Munich massacre.
Apart from their firearms and heavy weapons training, they train extensively in Krav Maga, the national martial art of Israel, to which they endearingly refer as “Jew-jitsu.” It’s philosophy is based on the principle that in a real street fight no quarter will be asked or given. Fight to kill. Groin strikes are quite prevalent….


IN this regard, all the tech and acumen in the world is of no use, unless smoke and mirrors satisfies PM Netanyahu’s end game. Hmm.

BESIDES, as is said, the buck stops with PM Netanyahu. Consequentially, Israel’s ship of state has never been more unsteady, and he had two terms in office to turn it around. On the security front, the most important barometer of all, he has failed miserably. As reported, he nixed the idea of targeting Hamas’s MAIN leaders! Okey dokey.

CONSEQUENTLY, due to his lack of inner fortitude, in a nutshell, missiles are targeting the entire nation and tunnel warfare has become a strategic threat. He has wrought a national nightmare. There is no polite way to state this, and there is no need to sugarcoat it either. To the contrary.

FOR like clockwork, one can count on PM Netanyahu to dodge and weave, and there are many reasons for his spinelessness. In the main, whenever his handlers in Washington come knocking, he is unable to say – enough…maspik…מספיק!

DEBKAfile Intelligence – In the past 48 hours, Israel was pressured to accept its fifth “humanitarian” ceasefire in Gaza by President Barack Obama, US Secretary of State John Kerry, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and Chairman of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu came close to folding, whereas Hamas saw the truce as applying only to Israel and therefore used it as a call to arms.

The slogan Israel broadcast: Quiet will be met with quiet and fire with fire, was seen by Hamas as a sign of Israel weakening.

This impression was confirmed on Sunday when the order went out to Israel troops to exercise restraint in the face of sporadic Hamas rocket fire, so as to give the truce a chance.
The Palestinian Islamists used it as a welcome respite for getting organized for the next stage of their onslaught.
Neither Israelis, Americans or Egyptians anticipated the radical Hamas launching an escalated assault on the first day of the Eid el-Fitr festival. In fact, by coordinating rocket, mortar and tunnel terror attacks, they inflicted on Israel one of the worst days of the three-week Operation Defensive Shield, claiming the lives of ten servicemen.

A grim omen of the deadly attacks ahead cam from a surge of rocket fire Monday noon, after a relatively quiet night. It targeted Gaza’s closest neighbors as well as Ashkelon and was followed by a salvo against the Lachish District and the towns of Netivot and Ofakim.

At around 4:30 p.m. Israel time, Hamas thought to give Israel a nasty surprise by sending one of its heavy Iranian Fajr-5 missiles (range 75 km) smashing into Tel Aviv. Instead of taking to the air, the missile plummeted to the ground in the nearby Shifa Hospital compound and exploded. Ten people were killed in the blast.

Half an hour later, Hamas directed mortar fire at the Eshkol District, where a group of soldiers was meeting. One hit its mark, killing four men and injuring nine.

The mortar attack was coordinated with another rocket barrage, this one directed at Ofakim and Mt. Carmel.
At around 6 p.m., a band of 5 Hamas terrorists came out of a tunnel near Kibbutz Nahal Oz They shot dead five defenders and were killed themselves in a firefight with the soldiers.

The tenth soldier was shot dead by Palestinian sniper in the Gaza Strip Monday morning

Their deaths raised to a total of 53 the IDF toll in the three-week counter-terror operation in the Gaza Strip.

Monday night, Israeli troops appeared to have started expanding the operation to the west. The inhabitants of Jebalya and Zeitun were told to leave their homes and, soon after, Israel artillery began shelling Ain Bureij.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon and Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz made a joint TV appearance Monday, offering a pledge to continue the campaign against Hamas until all goals were achieved, however long it takes.
Netanyahu said: “Today we suffered terrorism from above and below.” The destruction of terror tunnels, he said, was an essential step towards the demilitarization of the Gaza Strip, which offered the only path to real peace.

Ya’alon said Israel would no longer a tolerate dialogue through terror tunnels and rockets. Hamas had been punished and would continue to be, he said, until it understood that Israel will never be brought to surrender.

Gen. Gantz: “As a human being, it is hard for me to accept civilian deaths,” he said, – unlike Hamas, which is solely responsible for 10 deaths at Shifa hospital, in whose grounds a missile aimed at Tel Aviv exploded prematurely.

The 24-hour “humanitarian ceasefire” was the stage for a major escalation in violence as Hamas strutted its stuff, fully confident of its ability to stand up to the next stage of the IDF operation. Will Israel’s war planners finally show iundivided resolve to win this momentous struggle against an expansionist Islamist terror movement?

NEVERTHELESS, no good will come from whining about Israel’s decrepit state of affairs. Yet, background info is a must for those who are left wondering: what in heavens name is going on in Israel, especially since Jews are supposed to be so smart and all?

Little is more emblematic of this genius, as this mind blowing VIDEO demonstrates – FIRE IN THE SKY: IRON DOME PROTECTS ISRAEL FROM HAMAS ROCKETS

Vocativ speaks to Dr. Danny Gold, the man known as the father of the Iron Dome missile defense system, and possibly the most popular person in Israel right now.
Folks, despite the massive amount of Jewish/Israeli genius, don’t confuse academic/tech smarts with (political) backbone and moral fortitude, coupled together with (jungle-like) street smarts. Worlds apart. 


UPDATED DEBKAfile – A decision to push ahead for the next stage of Israel’s counter-terror offensive in the Gaza Strip was widely expected Monday night, July 28, after a day of deadly coordinated attacks by Hamas at the cost of 10 Israeli soldier’s lives. The IDF was braced ready to carry out the order for an operational response a soon as it came down from Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon to Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz.

But the order did not come. Netanyahu and Yaalon continued to pin their hopes on someone forcing Hamas to pretend to accept yet another unsustainable ceasefire, even though they are progressively losing their cabinet majority and people are growing increasingly impatient with their stand-and-wait stance. Successive polls show that support for pushing Hamas hard all the way is steadily rising and stands now in the region of 80-90 percent, while opposition to any ceasefire grows stiffer every day.

Yet, instead of going forward, Netanyahu and Ya’alon appeared Monday night to be clutching at a new straw: Palestinian Intelligence Chief Majid Faraj was due in Cairo Tuesday along with an unidentified Hamas representative to discuss a ceasefire with the Egyptian intelligence chief, after rejecting Cairo’s original proposal for failing to meet Hamas’ terms.
Official sources in Jerusalem continued to feed the media with the myth that Hamas is badly in need of truce, a misapprehension which keeps Israeli troops in the Gaza Strip from advancing. The artillery and air strikes the IDF conducted Monday evening in no way deterred Hamas from ramping up its spiral of violence yet again….

DEMONSTRABLY, there are prescriptive remedies and they are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they go hand in hand, yet timing is everything. One requires immediate implementation, another is an intermediate step and the third is an overhaul of a different nature. Let’s term it: Israel’s structural makeover.

Immediate Step:

LOOK no further than to Dr. Martin Sherman’s strategic prescriptions, and take them VERY seriously. He is the master of this domain. Most recently, he described at his Jerusalem Post column “Why Gaza Must Go”. Indeed.

Intermediate Step:

ONCE the actual smoke clears, it is mandatory for Zionists to exert their democratic rights in a massive way, like those who took to the streets during the civil rights struggle of the 1960’s. After all, what is more basic than the right to live free of missile fire and terror tunnels? In this regard, the current leadership must be forced to “retire”. They have failed the majority public. There is no other option. Period.

Third Step:

YET, in order to understand how Israel reached this critical national juncture – whereby a looming Iranian menace is dangling like the Sword of Damocles, and the most potent army in the Mid East is absolutely held back from beating Hamas into the ground – one must internalize the specific flaws inherent to Israel’s political structure. Suffice it to say, this American-Israeli’s op-ed on the subject should serve as initial guideposts: The Paradox of Israeli Politics: Vote Right, Get Left sufficiently illustrates how the voting public mistakenly believes that voting in a right-wing/nationalist party will actually effectuate the leadership’s course of action. Regardless, there are remedies, but the majority Zionist public must not only understand where the fault-lines lie, but be fed up enough to effectuate said changes.

NOW, while there is no doubt that the IDF operates heroically (and then some), the fact of the matter is that you know the political leadership has no intention of winning the war when top military brass (not those sitting in war rooms, but those on the ground) exhort:

IDF chiefs have asked the government for a clear decision on whether to expand their counter-terror operation in the Gaza Strip which entered its 22nd day Tuesday – or terminate it. This was reported by a senior IDF officer Tuesday. He put it this way: “Decide now whether we go in or out.”

DEBKAfile: This comment reflects the mounting criticism in the IDF high command of the government’s slowness in reaching a decision about the next stage of the operation against Hamas. This irresolution, they say, exposes the troops to danger and point to the 10 fatalities the IDF suffered Monday.

SIGNIFICANTLY, those who follow this blog also know that suffering fools is not tolerated, least of all when it comes to matters of life and death. Therefore, this American-Israeli will put it even more starkly: either they allow the troops to reach victory, or they better get them the hell out of (immediate) harm’s way. Otherwise, every hair harmed on their heads will end up at the (political) leadership’s doorstep, one way or another. Guaranteed. They will pay.

Some officers are saying that too much focus may have been placed by official spokesmen on the tunnel problem, possibly in order to distract attention from the extent to which the heads of government have held the armed forces back from gaining any serious advantages in the war on Hamas – or even terminating its rocket blitz….. 

DO sear into your brains what these officers are (circumspectly) accusing the political leadership of! Charge sheet: grave malfeasance.

REALISTICALLY, the only military option forward is to adhere to Economic Minister Bennett’s stark words, himself a Reserve Officer in the General staff’s commando unit, Sayeret Matkal. Tragically for the nation of Israel, to PM Netanyahu’s everlasting (historical) shame, he is acting deaf, dumb and blind:“A senior Israeli officer warned that the on-again off-again truces place Israeli servicemen in harm’s way”…… 

Only a decisive victory will prevent the next war,” he wrote on Facebook.

“Radical Islam seeks to erase the Jewish state from the face of the earth,” he explained. “They do not seek a strip of land or a Palestinian state. Only our annihiliation. Khamenei in Iran. Nasrallah in Lebanon. Haniyeh in Gaza. Meshaal in Qatar. All of the jihadist arms that are waiting to see how we respond.

“The world watches from the sidelines, apathetic, even pointing its finger and moralizing, without understanding that this is all coming to them very soon. Providing theoretical justification for our right to self-defense but denouncing, in practice, our realization of that right.”

The tunnels, Bennett opined, are not the root of the problem. The root is “our enemies’ belief that they can win. That if they do not relent in their struggle, we will be worn out and run away from here. This hope must be uprooted. And it can be. By force.”

MOST significantly, the following is said with the utmost severity and with the heaviest heart, but its words are no less true: our sons (and daughters) are dedicated citizen soldiers, many of whom are combat Reservists. They are true “Lions of Zion”, be they religious or secular. Moreover, some soldiers hail from a tiny fraction of the minority Arab (Druse, Christian, Muslim) public, but their sacrifices are no less important.

AS such, particularly, in relation to the Reservists, they left their families and jobs to jump to the “call of duty” for weeks on end. This was done even with the knowledge that they may very well be saying goodbye to their loved ones for the last time! 

IN this regard, there is no bigger crime than exposing them to unnecessary danger, one which is born out of political cowardice. Therefore, indeed, like a RAGING infection left unattended – in light of said critical care diagnosis – an uprooting via a multiplicity of levels, as described above, is the only nation-saving option.

TO wit, this American-Israeli defies any authentic Zionist to argue otherwise. Double dare…


{150,000 dead in Syria: no Mustard riots. ISIS murders thousands, no Mustard riots. Jews defend themselves against Hamas terror and all hell breaks lose. Mohammedanism is a mental disorder!}

IT is always gratifying to connect valued contacts in order to serve a common cause. A win-win.

IN this regard, when Tom Trento of TrentoVision (working in concert with Breitbart tv) reached out for this blogger’s assistance, relative to strategic imperatives for Israel – as worldwide frothing at the mouth continues unabated because Israel dares to defend its citizens against a blitzkrieg of relentless missile attacks – it became a top priority to give a shout out to Dr. Martin ShermanHe is, simply put, the “expert among experts” within Israel’s strategic policy making arena. This site dares anyone to counter said (professional) assessment.

{Watch anti-Israel demonstrators commandeer a police car in Germany. Turkish immigrants lead the charge}


THAT being said, the following is the initial exchange, among a flurry of back-and- forths with both parties. Color this blogger “the connector”.

7/12, 11:25am

  • Hi Adina, we just launched a daily special report on the war and I need your help!! Check out our first show on Breitbart TV and let’s talk –  http://www.breitbart.com/breitbart-tv

    Tom Trento with (ex) Rep. Allen West, former U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel

    CONSEQUENTLY, Dr. Martin Sherman is a featured expert at this site and he is well-known to an increasingly world-wide readership. Sans a scintilla of a doubt he is considered Israel’s leading “intellectual warrior”, generally an oxymoron in terminology. This is the case because a preponderance of Israel’s so-called “intelligentsia” – western academics and civil society elitists are similarly infected – are steeped in moral relativism and leftist groupthink. In this regard, they are mentally incapable of seeing (strategically) from there to here.

    IN any case, as a result, his strategic policy center, Israel Institute for Strategic Studies, is the only button link at this blog. Moreover, a three-part interview is housed within and it spread like wildfire.   

    WITHOUT further ado, at Breitbart tv, re-presenting Dr. Martin Sherman…

    OPERATION PROTECTIVE EDGE-DR. MARTIN SHERMAN’S STRATEGIC POLICY VIDEO INTERVIEW: ON today’s show, Jew-haters from all around the world assemble to preach their “religion of love”, and sing, from “the river to the sea”, as a marching song to destroy Israel….Dr. Martin Sherman explains why the Israeli military policy is illogical and irresponsible. Tom Trento has some words of advice for Prime Minister Netanyahu.The United West and Center for Security Policy present “Operation Protective Edge – An Inside Look: Destroy HAMAS.”

    {the pic/links below…also feature Dr. Martin Sherman’s interview…Part One to a several part series…Part Two debuts 7/16}

    (See 11:25-minute mark for Part Two with Dr. Martin Sherman)

MOST intrinsically, the following underlying fault-lines must be internalized by Israel’s leaders, in order for them to finally throw off the (besieged-like) albatross around their collective necks:


A core component within the IDF’s military doctrine (though mostly unknown outside its borders) is “havlaga” – ההבלגה‎ –  aka “restraint is strength”. It was designed by none other than Prof Asa Kasher, a leftist professor of philosophy and ethics!

NOW, as any rational high schooler can discern, the restraint of ones soldiers translates into the inability to attain victory. In other words, if strength is derived from “holding ones fire”, is it even conceivable to subdue ones enemy? In effect, how does the IDF break the enemy’s will, thus, forcing them to “agree” to surrender? Essentially, this ill conceived, non-strategic doctrine (even though part of the IDF’s core military code) is why the enemy keeps rearing its head.

CONCOMITANTLY, leave it to Israel’s foremost “intellectual warrior” to decimate what has become a core component of Israel’s “fog of war” via his Jerusalem Post column: The Ruinous results of restraint.



ALONGSIDE the aforementioned ruinous military “strategy” belies the absolute refusal of Israel’s ruling left (be it from the political, legal, media, academic, public diplomacy and overall civil society non-elected realm) to admit defeat in the arena of “land for peace”, under which the perverse, illusory Oslo Peace (Death) Accords was birthed. Ladies and gents, many of us knew that the “peace process” would become nothing but a highly dangerous trap. Illusory. 

AS a matter of historical record, leaders and others (inside and outside Israel’s borders) who persist in said fantasies bear DIRECT responsibility for years of missile attacks on Israel, culminating in Hamas’s (Iranian-supplied) current onslaught. Not only that, similarly, Arafat’s two intifadas (ala Israel’s original Oslo “peace partner”…and PA/Fatah’s Abbas, his prote’ge’, is planning a third) were a direct outgrowth of the same delusional and malignant “process”. Demonstrably, this latest round of war crimes from Hamas is a build up, a culmination, of all the “peace” overtures and “ceasefires” (when brokered with terror orgs they are a violation of international law!) from Oslo’s brayers within Israel’s midst. Outside too. Unfathomable. Unforgivable.

IN a very tangible realm, as is said in Israel, sach ha’kol, at the end of it all, leftist Orwellian concepts (aka “the conceptzia”) mandate a post-mortem within Israel’s civil society venues. As a result of said burying, it will free up political leaders to enact long overdue Zionist-focused strategic policy imperatives. Naturally, those tasked to monitor (and develop) IDF military precepts will have no other option, but to reverse the twisted, victory-averse doctrine of “havlaga”. Significantly, all of the above will finally free Israel’s leaders from their mental shackles and allow them to attain a clearly defined outcome; a surrender (white flag, if you will) from whichever enemy dares to raise its sword against the Jewish nation of Israel.

ALAS, it is the left’s poisonous fruits which aid in fueling the conflict, gifting unabated oxygen to Israel’s foes. Effectively, the “gift that keeps giving”, by restraining the hands of the leadership and tying them into constrictive knots.

INHERENTLY, either the leadership buries the left’s doctrines or their policies will bury the nation. A sustainable middle ground does not exist, when it comes to squashing the will of those hell bent on a genocidal war. Simple as that.

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JUST imagine the biggest scandal erupting in America, so much so that countless Americans are clamoring for answers, yet the powers that be pretend that what is isn’t. Been there. Done that.

Such is the tone-deaf behavior of Obama Inc., a regime which operates akin to a criminal syndicate. Hence, expecting them to ‘fess up should be within the same realm of possibility as flying monkeys. Besides, how many times has the following been reiterated, and in how many ways:Obama Inc. Repeatedly Caught With Their Pants Down: A REGIME GONE WILD. Where Is This Leading?

Couple the above with all the evidence compiled against Malik Obama, at this site alone, and truckloads are needed to haul it away. Long-haulers.

Truckload One:

Now, shouldn’t DIRECT links to Hamas, the Brotherhood’s jihadi spawn, be enough to convict Malik Obama and his half bro’…or so you would believe:MALIK OBAMA’S OPEN TIES TO HAMAS:JOINS EXHORTATIONS TO WREST JERUSALEM FROM ISRAEL.HAMAS, THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD’S LINKS TO THE POTUS VIA HIS BROTHERHOOD TIES!

Truckload Two:


Truckload Three:

Nevertheless, as a first pit stop, charges were filed against the POTUS via Egypt:Breaking, EGYPT FILES CRIMINAL TERROR CHARGES AT The ICC- AGAINST OBAMA!

Yalla….يا ألله…

Malik Obama Scandal BLOWING UP in Egypt; U.S. Embassy behaving like Three Famous Monkeys


Recently, Dr. Sadek Raouf Ebeid, whose articles we have published in the past, appeared on a prominent Egyptian television program for nearly 20 minutes to discuss the case of Malik Obama. While there has essentially been both a mainstream and conservative media blackout in America on this scandal, it has captured the attention of tens of millions of Egyptians.

Here is an edited, shorter version of the intervies – with subtitles – between Ebeid and Al Kahera we Nas:


Prominent Arabic newspaper Al-Wafd also picked up on Ebeid’s interview (translated):

Sadek Raouf Ebeid, an Egyptian doctor in the U.S., implored the U.S. Congress to investigate the scandal involving Malik Obama, the brother of U.S. President Obama, saying that by providing Malik’s organization with American taxpayer dollars, the American people are also aiding Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir.

Ebeid, in a televised interview via telephone, said he had notified members of the U.S. Congress that according to the laws of the U.S., Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir is a war criminal, and is prohibited from entering the United States and that because Malik provides material support to al-Bashir, he too qualifies as an enemy combatant / terrorist.

The doctor pointed out that the U.S. authorities have overlooked the laws as they apply to the U.S. president’s brother.

During the interview, Ebeid challenged the U.S. Embassy in Egypt to dispute any of the four allegations he brought forth. In the live interview, hosted by a very well known newscaster in Egypt, Dr. Naeela Emara, Ebeid was asked to lay out the allegations. Emara adopted Ebeid’s public challenge, herself calling on a spokesman from the Embassy to make a statement in response to Ebeid’s claims.

Ebeid’s allegations were as follows:

  1. That President / General Omar Al-Bashir of Sudan is classified by the current White House and State Department as an enemy combatant and was denied an entry visa to the U.S. for posing a threat to America’s national interest and its homeland security.
  2. Malik Obama works for one of Al-Bashir’s largest organizations.
  3. Ebeid referred to the Military Commissions Act (MCA) of 2006, amended in 2009. This law deems anyone who provides an enemy combatant with material support, qualifies as an enemy combatant himself, even if he did not pick up arms against the U.S. himself. This would make Malik Obama an enemy combatant.
  4. Malik Obama’s Barack H. Obama Foundation (BHOF) was granted 501(c)(3) status to collect money from unwitting U.S. taxpayers, under false pretenses (EIN# 262461343). This status was granted by former IRS official, Lois Lerner. Both Ebeid and Emara highlighted the fact that the BHOF received its status on a Sunday (June 26, 2011). In the interview, Emara sarcastically stated that Lerner obviously, “…opened the office on a Sunday morning to give Malik what he wants.”

Ebeid warned Dr. Emara that her broadcasting his allegations in this public manner will open the gates of hell her against.

Dr. Emara replied stating, “Egyptians have gone through hell before. They fear hell no more!”

It remains unclear whether the White House will issue a denial or continue to hide its head in the sand in fear of the American public knowing anything about Malik Obama.

Considering that State Department spokesman Marie Harf admitted to continuing dialogue with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the Obama administration is showing no signs of engaging in this scandal publicly.

In Egypt, it’s exploding.

Truth dare be told – and this blogger couldn’t care less what Obama’s goons think – it will be a cold day in hell before anyone can convince this site that the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia is not a worldwide danger, an expertise within!

Not only that, but the dangers from Sudan’s President General Omar Al-Bashir are housed within these pages. 

In this regard, a policy paper was requested, by Dr. Martin Sherman, from this American-Israeli. It reads in part:

INDEED, Malik Obama is affixed at Al-Bashir’s terror tied hip (Egypt’s leadership can’t be fooled…nor many of its public…or this site), as well as enjoined with his half bro’, Barack HUSSEIN Obama too.

How much clearer must the nexus be, before Congress places the American people before its terror-laden leadership and removes the Muslim Brotherhood’s boot, its sword, from the neck of the free world?

MANY are becoming increasingly enraged…and not only in Egypt!!

Israel’s Leadership, Its Achilles Heel:Serial Mendacity Morphed With Besieged Mentality.A Road To Disaster…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Many of this blog’s readership are duly familiar with Professor Paul Eidelberg and the close association herein. Nonetheless, it bears repeating, for not unlike with Dr. Martin Sherman, as well as with Professor Louis Rene Beres, his assessments often serve as a self mirror, at the same time that further insights are often gleaned.

I assist several Zionist academics with their efforts, chiefly through their policy centers. I am particularly in sync with the policy prescriptions elucidated by Dr. Martin Sherman (his latest tv interview at i.24tv on the “peace process”) andProfessor Paul Eidelberg (his latest interview at Inquisitr, ‘Organized Treachery vs. Organized Hypocrisy‘). Therefore, I lend them my insights.

My “go to” expert on all matters pertaining to international law, and a country’s right to anticipatory self defense – via preemptive strikes – is none other thanProfessor Louis Rene Beres of ‘Project Daniel.’ The working group’s original policy paper is found herein. He was Chair of the above strategic nuclear policy paper given to PM Ariel Sharon in 2003 – and subsequently briefed the report to President George W. Bush and to current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – in relation to Israel’s nuclear strategy in the face of Iran’s pursuit of WMD’s. He is a man of great integrity and humility.

Lou, a heartfelt thank you for being my mentor.

But before we get to the main event, please understand that the ways in which Israel’s top leadership reacts to serial terror is more than indicative of their state of mind.

The Palestinian sniper who Tuesday, Dec. 24, shot dead an Israeli civilian employed by the IDF to repair the damaged Gazan border fence, sent  Israeli government and military chiefs into an agony of indecision over how to fight back against surging Palestinian terrorism attacks without derailing ongoing US-sponsored Middle East peace talks. Tuesday afternoon, Israeli warplanes struck a Hamas base in Gaza. This was no more than a relatively mild response. However, Hamas is evacuating its bases in case of further strikes.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu had hoped that by refraining from punishing the Palestinian attacks – spreading out from Gaza, across the West Bank, in Jerusalem and inside Israel – he could bring the talks to a successful conclusion. But he was wrong. Like his predecessors, he faild to meet the challenge which defeated them too: How to talk peace with the Palestinians under terrorist aggression.  

Netanyahu however finds himself in worse straits due his secretiveness on the extensive concessions he has offered the Palestinians in such sensitive areas as the Jordan Valley as well as the West Bank, under US Secretary of State John Kerry’s bulldozing tactics.

He almost gave the game away by a secret meeting he held with the dovish ultra-religious Torah Judaism (Aguda) Party leaders, suggesting he was planning a government reshuffle to drop pro-settlement factions from his government in favor of a lineup more amenable to concessions.

With the above firmly in mind, presenting,

Serial Mendacity: The Road to a Mental Disorder

Prof. Paul Eidelberg


Much of the historical data in this article is drawn from scattered reports of the Independent Media Review and Analysis (IMRA) and other sources. It was necessary to lightly edit this assorted material to make it more coherent and historically more familiar to diverse readers.

My paramount objective is to provide prima facie evidence that Israel is a self-­entrapped state; that its decision makers are ensnared in escapism or in denial of reality. I dare say that these decision makers are suffering from a mental disorder comparable to schizophrenia. This disorder is obscured by the co-presence of normal behavior, but which normal behavior does not preclude irrational responses to the hostile attitude and behavior of Israel’s most proximate antagonists, the Jew-hating Palestinians.

With Israel, we are dealing with Jewish politicians confronted by existential threats as well as by Arab-Islamic enemies whose traits of character cannot be readily understood and realistically addressed by people whose formal education and moral values and whose habits of life are maladapted to the language and behavior of Muslims and Arabs. This means that the Jewish state of Israel does not fit very well in the Islamic sea of the Middle East, where even Arabs and Muslims are each at their own throats. But this means that Western political analysts, including highly educated students of Islam may lead us astray as we try to understand the conflicts raging in the Middle East, especially the conflict between Israel and that nebulous entity called the “Palestinians,” an almost random conglomeration of people lacking clear-cut historical and territorial definition, as well as clearly defined ethnic and religious characteristics. As for Israel, it seems to be limping along from crisis to crisis without any clear sense of national purpose beyond the mundane but not very inspiring value of security.

Part I. Analysis of a Syndrome: Hung by Their Own Petard

Israel is trapped in a syndrome I call “serial mendacity.”  Not that mendacity is a national trait of Israelis. Rather, it’s a reaction to the mendacity which diverse scholars say is deeply engrained in Arab-Islamic culture. Even Sonia Hamady, a liberated Arab sociologist, admits that “Lying is a widespread habit among the Arabs, and they have a low idea of truth.”

Hence it’s ironic that mendacity became the modus operandi of Israel’s government when Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and his Foreign Minister Shimon Peres consummated the fraudulent Oslo or Israel-PLO Agreement of September 1993. This nefarious agreement obscures the most pertinent truths about Israel’s enemy, Islam.

First of all, Islamic supremacism makes it impossible for Muslims and Jews to coexist in genuine and abiding peace. Second, how can Muslims engage in honest negotiations with infidels, when their holiest book, the Quran, describes infidels as apes and dogs? Third, the Muslim doctrine of taqiyya makes a virtue deception and dissembling even with regard to fellow-Muslims. Successful taqiyya is a mark of individual and social superiority, which harmonizes with the theological supremacy that animates Islam and its wars against unbelievers. These characteristics of Islam undermine the primacy of reason as opposed to the primacy of force in resolving disputes with adversaries. As a consequence, it is futile and self-defeating to deal with Muslims on the basis of ‘reciprocity” or compromise, concepts foreign to Arab-Islamic culture.

As conceived by Muslim statesmen, the Oslo Agreement was nothing more than a diplomatic tactic designed to obtain territory from peace-intoxicated Jews and thus facilitate the annihilation of Israel. The demise of the Jewish state is of course sanctified by Islamic scriptures.

It follows that Israeli decision makers did not take these scriptures or Islam seriously. They disregarded Islam’s 1,400-year tradition of genocide, its denial of the nation-state system on the one hand, and its global ambitions on the other. In contrast, Israel’s democratic politicians have been conditioned by the Western concept of pluralism and adulation of parliamentarianism whereby diverse parties resolve their differences by means of mutual concessions or compromise.

Probing more deeply, the fact that Israeli politicians, unlike their Muslim counterparts, prefer to resolve differences via the primacy of reason as opposed to the primacy of force or intimidation clashes with a basic principle of Islamic theology. We need to bear in mind that Islam’s Deity represents absolute Will unbound by Reason, hence unbound by law or justice. This theology stands in striking contrary to Judaism—as illustrated by Abraham’s questioning the justice of God’s projected destruction of Sodom and Gomorra. Can anyone imagine Muhammad or Saladin or Ahmadinejad interposing between Allah and the genocides committed in his name by Muslims?

Given the overweening arrogance of Muslims underlying their murderous hatred of Infidels and supplemented by their art of deception called taqiyya, Muslim diplomats and despots have made fools of western statesmen. Prevarication is congenital in Islam, but what Western decision makers and opinion makers dare expose this seemingly “racist” portrayal of Islam?  It needs to be born in mind, however, that that the untruthfulness intrinsic to taqiyya harmonizes with Islam’s theological rejection of the primacy of reason which, in the West, is the faculty for communicating truth.

Both Israeli and American leaders have ignored Islam’s addiction to taqiyya. By so doing they have endowed Islamic mendacity with a religious veneer and have thereby conditioned Israelis and Americans to remain silent about the Oslo charade. This silence has effectively deprived American and Israeli statesmen of free will—ironically, the human faculty denied by Islamic theology! We may therefore say that the Oslo charade has made Western liberals and atheists the victims of a theology which not only rejects free will, the very quality that distinguishes the human from the subhuman, but which thereby warrants Islam’s denigration of infidels as apes and dogs!

Part II. The Unfolding of a Monumental Dilemma

Now, these ironic conclusions aside, one thing must be kept uppermost in mind: Oslo obscured the fact that the PLO is dedicated to Israel’s destruction. This truth was known to every Israeli Prime Minister, beginning with Yitzhak Rabin. It was concealed by all of his successors: Shimon Peres, Benjamin Netanyahu, Ehud Barak, Ehud Olmert, and Ariel Sharon. All were ensnared in falsehood.

None of these prime ministers possessed the wit and the guts to expose the mendacious and vicious nature of the PLO—something I had personally and naively recommended to Peres in a September 1976 meeting with him arranged by former Israel Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Haim Laskov. If Prime Minister Netanyahu revealed the truth about Oslo, he would be incriminating all of his predecessors, as well as himself! Such an exposé would collapse the State of Israel, for it would then be known to the people of this country that their prime ministers were guilty of at least criminal negligence, hence that they were responsible for the thousands of Jewish casualties resulting from the Oslo Agreement. No future prime minister of Israel can avoid this dilemma!

Let us therefore review some of the evidence accumulated by IMRA which exposes the fraud perpetrated by the Government of Israel. We begin with a letter to Yitzhak Rabin from PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat dated September 9, 1993 and published by Ha’aretz Magazine:

Mr. Prime Minister,

The signing of the [Israel-PLO] Declaration of Principles marks a new era in the history of the Middle East. In firm conviction thereof, I would like to confirm the following Palestine Liberation Organization commitments: The PLO recognizes the right of the State of Israel to exist in peace and security. The PLO accepts United Nations Security Council Resolutions 242 and 338. The PLO commits itself to the Middle East peace process, and to a peaceful resolution of the conflict between the two sides and declares that all outstanding issues relating to permanent status will be resolved through negotiations … The PLO renounces the use of terrorism and other acts of violence and will assume responsibility over all PLO elements and personnel in order to assure their compliance, prevent violations and discipline violators….

The PLO affirms that those articles [of the PLO Covenant] which deny Israel’s right to exist, and the provisions of the Covenant which are inconsistent with the commitments of this letter, are now inoperative and no longer valid….


Yasser Arafat
Chairman, the Palestine Liberation Organization

September 9, 1993

Prime Minister Rabin responded on the same day: “… The Government of Israel has decided to recognize the PLO as the representative of the Palestinian people and to commence negotiations with the PLO within the Middle East peace process.”

Four days later [on September 13, 1993], the Declaration of Principles was signed in Washington. A month later, the Israeli government committed itself to the PLO by encouraging the activity of the Palestinian institutions of East Jerusalem. In April, an economic agreement with the PLO was signed in Paris. In May, the first PLO officials arrived in Gaza and Jericho, and two months later Yasser Arafat arrived in Gaza. In August of 1994, the protocols transferring authority to the PLO were signed at the Erez checkpoint and Cairo, and in November, donor countries decided on generous grants to the PLO. In December 1994, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the head of the PLO, the Prime Minister Yitzhak of Israel and Foreign Minister Peres.

In September 1995, Oslo II, also known as the Taba Agreement, called for Israeli withdrawals from various areas of the “West Bank.” In November and December of 1995, the PLO assumed control over six cities in Judea and Samaria. In January 1996, 812 terrorists were released from Israeli prisons and 10 days later, elections were held for the Palestinian Authority Council and its president. The reconciliation process reached its climax in April 1996, when Prime Minister Shimon Peres announced that the Palestinian Covenant was annulled.

However, in 2002, nine years after the 1993 exchange of mutual recognition by Yasser Arafat and Yitzhak Rabin, the Government of Israel (with the participation of the Labor Party) accepted the assessment by the Israel Defense Forces General Staff and the Shin Bet security service that the continued presence of IDF forces in Judea and Samaria is a necessary—though not always sufficient —condition for preventing terror activity. In the opinion of many of these officials, Oslo had fostered a dangerous distortion of the message of peace vis-à-vis the PLO, indeed, that the political method of resolving disputes between of the Arab residents of Samaria, Judea, and Gaza on the one hand, and Israel on the other was “blocked” or no longer tenable.

The perception of the Oslo Agreement as a means leading to peace was based on three assumptions. The first assumption was that the PLO had given up its traditional goal of eliminating the State of Israel. The second and related assumption was that the PLO had really given up violence as an instrument to achieve that traditional goal. The third assumption was that the PLO had renounced its claim of the right of return of the 1948 Arab refugees to their homes. Therefore, the logical conclusion was that a genuine and abiding peace agreement with the PLO was within reach, since the main obstacles were removed from the path to peace, while the remaining disputes, which were detailed in the Declaration of Principles, would be settled around the negotiating table.

That hope was not realized, despite the early, formative period of the Oslo Agreement in the years 1993-1996, when a “dovish” government headed by the Labor Party, with the participation of the left-wing Meretz party, was in power. The PLO terror war continued despite Oslo, and it proceeded along two axes.

The PLO’s Strategy and Tactics

The PLO’s goal was embedded in two plans, strategic and tactical. The strategic plan was included in the Palestinian Covenant, which was approved by the Palestinian National Council (PNC) in Jerusalem, in 1964. The plan is based on the negation of Jewish nationhood. The Jews have no right to statehood in Palestine since they “only belong to a religion.” But since such a state was established on Palestinian land, it must be removed through “armed struggle.”

The PNC approved of this plan in 1974. The plan was known as the “stages plan” for the liberation of Palestine. The PNC decided to achieve control over all of Palestine gradually by negotiations punctuated by “armed struggle.” The PNC had thus decided on a “peace-and-terror” strategy, a strategy of stages by which to truncate and eventually eliminate the Jewish state.

About a year before the 1993 signing of the Oslo accords, the late Faisal Husseini discussed the distinction between strategy and tactics in a speech to an Arab youth organization in Amman (Al-Ra’y, Jordan, November 12, 1992). “In the life of all nations there are two political strategies: the overall strategy and the current political strategy. We have to know that the slogan for the current stage is not ‘from the sea to the river’ … we have not conceded and will not surrender any of the existing commitments that have existed for more than 70 years … We have within our Palestinian and united Arab society the ability to deal with divided Israeli society … We must force Israeli society to cooperate … with our Arab society, and eventually to gradually dissolve the ‘Zionist entity,’”

Two years after the signing of the Oslo Agreement, Husseini repeated this cunning Palestinian stratagem on July 22, 1995, at the University of Jordan. “The political solution we are now proposing is within the context of our political strategy and not our overall strategy. Our policy with regard to the second strategy is known. If you ask any Palestinian, he will tell you that the boundaries of Palestine go from the river to the sea. There are no arguments over that. We might be mistaken about our political strategy, but we are never wrong about our permanent overall strategy.” Husseini proved that this is indeed his permanent view when he reiterated the distinction six years later. He told the Cairo Al-Arabi on June 24, 2001: “We distinguish the strategic, long-term goals from the political phased goals, which we are compelled to temporarily accept due to international pressure … The Palestinian borders according to the higher strategy [are] ‘from the river to the sea.’ Palestine in its entirety is an Arab land, the land of the Arab nation, a land no one can sell or buy, and it is impossible to remain silent while someone is robbing it, even if this requires time and even [if it means paying] a high price.”

In that interview, Husseini revealed the PLO’s strategy with regard to the Oslo Agreement. “The people of Troy … cheered and celebrated thinking that the Greek troops were routed, and while retreating, they left a harmless wooden horse as spoils of war. So they opened the gates of the city and brought in the wooden horse. We all know what happened next.”

Arafat described the tactic in a speech at a Johannesburg mosque, in May 1994 in which he compared the Oslo Agreement to the peace agreement signed between Mohammed and the Koraish tribe, at the Hudeibah springs. Mohammed signed the agreement in a moment of weakness, all the while intending to violate it and eliminate the Koraish, after he gained strength —which is what he did. “This [Oslo] agreement,” said Arafat in Johannesburg, “I am not considering it more than the agreement which had been signed between our prophet Mohammed and Koraish, and you remember the Caliph Omar refused this agreement and [considered] it a despicable truce.”

Barely an hour before the signing of the Declaration of Principles at the White House on September 13, 1993, Jordanian television broadcast a brief speech by Arafat in Arabic, which he had taped in Washington a few hours earlier. With caution that was appropriate to the timing, he mentioned the foundations of the PLO’s traditional struggle: liberating Palestine and turning it into an Arab land, the right of return of the Palestinian Diaspora to their homes, the “stages plan” of 1974 for gradual fulfillment of that right, and jihad as the means of fulfilling the plan.

There was no contradiction between what the PLO’s leaders were saying publicly in Arabic, and what was being said to Israeli representatives in closed-door discussions, and there was no concession on the right of return of the refugees to their actual homes. Deputy Defense Minister Mordechai Gur, who conducted talks with the PLO’s representatives during 1994, said (Ha’aretz, January 30, 1995), “It’s not very pleasant to hear what I hear from the Palestinians. They aren’t talking about the house in Hebron … They are talking about the university hill in Tel Aviv … Once, during one of the sessions, I called aside the head of their delegation and told him that if I were to record the discussions and play them back to the members of my party, not the opposition, 90 percent of them would say ‘stop the talks immediately.’”In early 1995, the Palestinian Information Ministry issued Booklet No. 5 in which the State of Israel is defined as “land occupied in 1948.”
Middle East Media Research Institute Booklet No. 6 declared: “Palestinian refugees and the right of return,” published in English 28 years after the 1967 war, refers to “more than four decades of occupation.” It says “the 1947 resolution guarantees the right of return of all those Palestinians who want to return home and live in peace with their neighbors.” Other sections of the booklet mirror the Palestinian covenant. “The Palestinian people didn’t accept the Balfour Declaration at anytime … The 1947 resolution on the partition of Palestine came only to complement the unjust laws and military orders enacted by the British Mandate government – the partition of Palestine was baseless and illegal … The purpose of the Zionist movement was the establishment of a state of their own at the expense of the original inhabitants of Palestine … Arab and international attempts that sought to convince the Jews to accept self-autonomy rule in Palestine, were doomed to failure …”Arafat himself declared on the Voice of Palestine, November 11, 1995, that the handover of responsibility for cities in the “West Bank” to the PLO will not end “until all of Palestine is liberated.” A clear definition of “all of Palestine” was heard from one of the “moderates” in the PLO leadership, Ahmed Qureia (Abu Ala) who declared on December 23, 1995 at the Deheisheh refugee camp near Bethlehem, “Inshallah, the return [of all the Arab refugees] is coming soon.”For Israel, the test of real change in PLO goals would be the implementation of Arafat’s letter of September 9, 1993 renouncing terrorism. When Prime Minister Peres announced on April 24, 1996 that the Palestine National Council had that day annulled what amounted to the genocidal provisions of the PLO covenant, he described this as “the most important ideological event of the past 100 years in the Middle East”; but this he said without realizing that Arafat had deceived him. The circumstances and details of the deception were only to become known two years later, in an article by the legal advisor to the Foreign Ministry in the years 1993-1996, Joel Singer (“The truth about the covenant,” Ma’ariv, June 19, 1998).When the government realized it had been deceived, it demanded a “clarification” from Arafat. It received, in English, a false version of the PNC decision which was nonetheless approved by Israel’s Government presumably because it surfaced only a few weeks before Israel’s May 1996 elections. Singer said in his article that “this was blatantly a political decision.” Elsewhere the article quotes Arafat, “I never gave an opinion to the Israeli government saying that the amendment to the Palestinian Covenant, as adopted by the PNC, met the Palestinian commitments.”The PLO’s fraud was exposed by the chairman of the PNC, Salim Za’anun ten days after the PNC met. He told Al-Nahar on May 5, 1996, that “the PNC accepted a ‘third formulation,’ different from what Israel demanded.”
Five years later, he revealed the entire truth in a manifesto issued in Cairo on February 2, 2001: “The PLO Covenant continues to exist, because the PNC was never convened to ratify the changes that were proposed in the past, particularly because no legal committee was appointed to draft the necessary change.”All of this makes clear that even in the “years of hope,” the PLO did not give up realization of all its rights, as expressed in this order: first, the right of return of the refugees to their homes; second, the right of self-determination after the return of the refugees; and third, the right to establish a state with Jerusalem as its capital on the basis of the fulfillment of the first two rights. The gap between these three conditions and the existence of the State of Israel is unbridgeable….Nissim Zvilli, a member of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee stated in Ha’aretz, July 27, 2002: “I remember myself lecturing in Paris and saying that Arafat’s double-talk had to be understood. That was our thesis, proved [later] as nonsense. Arafat meant every word, and we were naive, thinking that he is doing it to overcome the resistance to the agreement among his public.”
As far as the PLO is concerned, the Oslo agreement was not derailed and the violence involved in its implementation was dictated from the moment it was signed. Things could not be any different—and therefore they were not.People like MK Nissim Zvilli learned from the bitter Oslo years that Israel cannot reach peace by giving up homeland. The “alchemists,” who failed to bring peace-by-giving-up-land with an agreement, now promise us serenity while abandoning the land without an agreement. [This was exemplified in August 2006 in Israel’s unilateral withdrawal from Gaza.] Israel’s desperate politicians assume that what does not happen with retreat will happen with escape.Escapism is not only a recipe for continuing war. [Escapism is a mental disorder. In fact, it is one of the negative symptoms of schizophrenia, which also includes delusions, apathy, depersonalization, stereotypic behaviors, flattened emotional reactions (to tragedies), impairment of volition, and lack of self-esteem (vis-à-vis others).]
To conclude, let us step back to gain some historical perspective.  In 1993, Israel’s Labor Government, seemingly oblivious of the 1,400-year Arab addiction to violence, hoped that the Oslo Agreement would result in the annulment of the PLO’s genocidal Covenant, and that it would put an end to terror and lead to peace.
The Knesset ratified the Agreement 61 to 50.In 1998, the Likud Government knew that the PLO’s genocidal Covenant remained in force. The Government knew that the operational agreement between the PLO and Hamas about the division of labor with regard to the use of terrorism and negotiations remained in place. In fact, the Government’s own sources were explicitly warned that the PLO intended to violate the Oslo Accords as well as the Wye River Memorandum, the agreement Netanyahu and the Palestinian Authority signed on October 23, 1998. The Knesset nonetheless approved the Wye agreement 75 to 19. (None of the extensive security provisions embodied in that agreement have been observed by the PA or enforced by the Netanyahu Government.)Israel’s Government is not only inept; it suffers from a profound intellectual and moral sickness quite rampant in Western Civilization, which lost its moral compass when it abandoned its roots in the Old Testament.  Mere criticism alone will get us nowhere. To go on and on subjecting the territorial policies of Israel’s Government to rational and empirically-based analysis—which Oslo critics have been doing for more than 20 years—is no more effective than trying to talk sense to a catatonic schizophrenic.◙
To wrap things up, when asked by Prof Eidelberg to critique the above analysis, this blogger offered the following and it speaks for itself:
Firstly, you are laying out a prima facie case how Israel’s leaders have adopted serious maledictions from their enemies, as they stumble from one crisis to another, and then pass off their behavior (having become serial liars themselves) as “strategies” which must be implemented, either for “peace” or for security, or a combination thereof. 

Now, it is one thing to lie to ones enemies to “get the job done” ala psy ops etc, but it is another order of magnitude to do so to ones own citizens, particularly in relation to life and death matters. Not only that, but they have adopted their own lies as truths. They are literally trapped in their own (mental and mendacious) vortex.

You have demonstrated that DIAMETRICALLY opposed value systems make it impossible to bridge the divide between Israel (the west) and the Arab/Muslim world, thus abrogating any agreements signed etc. Pretending what is isn’t has become Israel’s/west’s modus operandi. Que credo absurdum.Most tellingly, despite ALL the Arab leadership’s admissions to Arab audiences – revealing what their strategies and tactics are – none of this gives Israel’s leaders pause, even with the evidence of Arab duplicity before them. As such, they are entrapped by their serial mendacity, loathe to EXPOSE the full extent of Arab leadership’s treachery – and through their own words no less! 
In effect, if they so desired, Israel’s leaders could hold both domestic and foreign press conferences, proving, once and for all, through Arab statements, precisely why Oslo must be vitiated. Alas, such (long overdue) statesmanship would indict the entire Israeli leadership and this they will NEVER tolerate. Hence, they would rather continue along the nation’s dismemberment. 
NOT only that, but Israel’s leaders played a DIRECT part in all of Oslo’s national destruction, in so far as the leadership understood precisely what the PA junta was up to. In other words, there is NO longer any plausible deniability. Sach ha’kol, they are accomplices to the PA/PLO/Fatah’s crimes!
You clearly delineated that to continue their serial mendacity they had to pretend that “this and that” didn’t exist, so that they could be free to sign “this and that”. In other words, style over substance, but in matters of grave national import, possibly existential in nature. What kind of leaders behave/operate this way? Serially mendacious…who also happen to be mentally ill/besieged.


Indeed, a mirror image.


A person who, with intent that any area be removed from the sovereignty of the state or placed under the sovereignty of a foreign state, commits an act calculated to bring this about, is liable to life imprisonment or the death penalty. – Section 97(b) of the current Penal Code in Israel – under “Treason.”

As to the illegality of releasing terrorists, the U.S. is in breach of the international legal aspect to the Palestinian demand for Israel to free terrorists, and to the US support for this demand. Binding UN Security Council resolution 1373 requires all states to “Deny safe haven to those who finance, plan, support, or commit terrorist acts, or provide safe havens.” In addition, Israel’s leadership are equally in violation of said international binding resolution by bowing to U.S. demands.

IN tandem with the above, there are a slew of laws within Israel’s Penal Code – primarily dealing with Jewish SOVEREIGN rights within Israel – which are violated with impunity by Israel’s leadership on a regular basis, yet propped up under political “necessity”, as if there is no other option but to chop apart the Jewish patrimony – or else. Really. This is the insidious cover under which the leadership hides behind, and opines that it just can’t be helped, as it is in the nation’s “interest” to do “this and that”. How ignorant of the laws of the land do they think its Jewish citizens are? As to the Arabs in Israel, they (mostly) support said lawlessness.

Regardless, there is no getting around this horrific fact. In effect, those who are entrusted to protect the rights/title inherent to the Jewish people’s eternal homeland, are its grossest violators. For even if the Jewish majority wanted to concede parts of Israel, they have NO mandate to do so. NONE at all. 

In this regard, let us hark back to yesteryear and take a trip down historical (legal too) memory lane, one which is fully supported within the following legal treatise authored by the (late) preeminent legal scholar, Howard Grief:The Legal Foundation And Borders Of Israel Under International Law: A Treatise on Jewish Sovereignty over the Land of Israel

“No Jew is at liberty to surrender the right of the Jewish Nation and the Land of Israel to exist.This right is reserved to the Jewish People throughout the generations. Our right to this land, in its entirety, is enduring and eternal and until the coming Redemption, we shall never yield this historic right.” -David Ben-Gurion, 20th Zionist Congress speech, Basel 1937

Believe it or not…

Israel’s Legal Right to Samaria is enshrined in International Law!

A cold, hard look at the law reveals an undeniable if inconvenient (for some) truth: Israel and the Jewish People have full sovereign rights to Judea and Samaria. A fair and objective analysis of the various post-WWI declarations, agreements, decisions and treaties regarding the Question of Palestine (not to be confused with today’s made-up “Palestine” that the “Palestinians” claim as theirs) can only lead to this conclusion.

The most significant of these decisions was the San Remo Resolution of 1920, which recognized the exclusive national Jewish rights to the Land of Israel under international law, on the strength of the historical connection of the Jewish people to the territory previously known as Palestine. The outcome of this declaration gave birth to the “Mandate for Palestine,” an historical League of Nations document that laid down the Jewish legal right to settle anywhere in western Palestine, between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. In fact, in San Remo, the nations of the world had formally obligated themselves not only to establish a Jewish state on the historic Jewish Homeland but also to facilitate its development as well (see Article 6 of the still-binding Mandate for Palestine). This plainly means that today’s Israeli settlements are in fact 100% legal and that the accusation of “occupation” is completely false. Back then, the concept of a “Palestinian People” was unheard of and “Palestine” referred only to a Levantine region and never to an Arab nation or state. Believe it or not.

From San Remo to Samaria: Following the WWI defeat of the Turkish Ottoman Empire, the League of Nations (precursor to the U.N.) decided to divide up the huge landmass of the vanquished Ottomans as follows: a mandate, or trusteeship, for France (Lebanon and Syria) and a mandate for Britain (Iraq and Palestine [comprised of what is today Israel, Gaza, Judea, Samaria and Jordan]). The legal position of the whole of Palestine was clearly defined in several international agreements*, the most important of which was the one adopted in April 1920 at the San Remo Conference, attended by the Principal Allied Powers (Council of Four). It decided to assign the Mandate for Palestine under the League of Nations to Britain. Two years later an agreed text was confirmed by the League and came into operation in September 1923. In Article 2 of that document, the League of Nations declared that

“The Mandatory shall be responsible for placing the country under such political, administrative and economic conditions as will secure the establishment of the Jewish national home, as laid down in the preamble.”

The preamble clearly stated that

“recognition has hereby been given to the historical connection of the Jewish people with Palestine and to the grounds for reconstituting their national home in that country.”

It was on this basis that the British Mandate was established. The San Remo Agreement was the last legally binding international decision regarding the rights to what is today known as the West Bank, and thus, according to international law which is still binding to this day, these parts, Judea and Samaria, belong to Israel and the Jewish People, period.

The significance for Israel and the Jewish People of San Remo cannot be overestimated. None other than Chaim Weizman, the Zionist leader of that time, declared:

“The San Remo decision…is the most momentous political event in the whole history of our (Zionist) movement, and, it is perhaps, no exaggeration to say in the whole history of our people since the Exiles”

Moreover, similar evidence was brought forth in the following interview: The Inquisitr Interviews Adina Kutnicki: The Reality Of Life For An Israeli Patriot (May 2013) –

Wolff Bachner: In your own writing, you have been quite outspoken about the Israeli government’s abusive treatment of the Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria (Gaza and the West Bank). They were encouraged by Israel’s leaders to move into the territories after 1967 and build entire communities, but since 2005 they have been uprooted time and time again by the order of the Israeli government.

What is the legal status of Judea and Samaria ? Wasn’t the land promised to Israel in 1924 under the San Remo doctrine, which is considered irrevocable international law under the UN’s founding charter? Isn’t Judea and Samaria actually Jewish land and don’t Israelis have the right to settle in these areas?

Why are Israeli leaders treating their own citizens which such brutality and contempt, as we have seen over and over in the gruesome videos of Israeli soldiers and police viciously assaulting Jewish settlers and destroying their homes with tanks and bulldozers?

Adina Kutnicki: Wolff, you keep hitting them out of the ballpark. Herein lies another lightning rod question which requires much needed edification (and disinfectant) for the general public.

The legal status of Judea and Samaria is currently “disputed” territories, even after Israel recaptured its (San Remo codified) heartland from an annihilatory waged war in 1967. Besides, whatever happened to “the victor goes the spoils” ? Regardless,”occupied” territories has become the accepted lexicon and tragically Israel’s left keeps trotting out the “occupation”, as if it is a truth derived from Sinai. Adding to the crux of the matter, it is absolutely, irrefutably the legal case that San Remo bestowed Palestine to the Jewish people. San Remo bases itself on Article 22 of the League of Nations, as such, ” a sacred trust of civilization” was declared and this Mandate created a Jewish national home in Palestine (incidentally, Palestine is the pejorative name given to Judea by the Roman Emperor Hadrian, over 2,000 years ago, as a reminder of the Philistines, an ancient enemy of the Jewish people). Even more so, the following clause was significantly added: “Whereas recognition has thereby been given to the historical connection of the Jewish people with Palestine and to the grounds for reconstituting their national home in that country.” The legal case is closed, or so it would seem. But when it comes to Jewish title to their historical, legal, biblical birthright, nothing is as it should be. Up is down and wrong is right. Is it any wonder that evil is now reconstituted as good? For a complete education on the subject I refer the readers to Howard Grief’s (an eminent international legal expert) tour de force ” The Legal Foundation and Borders of Israel Under International Law.” What a fountain of (legal) truth.

As to Israel’s leaders…where to begin? A good place to commence is through a basic understanding of Israel’s political system – an (un)holy mess. In this vein, I penned an op-ed at American Thinker (reprinted at The Jewish Press) entitled ” The Paradox of Israeli Politics: Vote Right, Get Left.” To be precise, due to this glaring paradox, whereby the majority public elects a generally right wing leadership, citizens find themselves governed from the left. The reasons are manifestly beyond the scope of this forum, but a simple google search will direct interested readers to the aforementioned article.

In any case, this dysfunction explains how PM Sharon (and others have followed suit) was able to defy the will of the majority electorate who carried him to victory. Hence, he ordered the unilateral “disengagement” from Gush Katif (aka Gaza) and the northern Shomron, as he directed Israel’s citizen soldiers to bulldoze thriving Jewish communities, all the while over 8,600 lawful, taxpaying citizens were expelled – almost as if by fiat – even defying a referendum in the process. Orwellian. If any other western leadership behaved in such a brutish, non-democratic manner towards its Jewish citizens, well, all hell would have broken loose. Not to be lost in the discussion, had PM Sharon executed the same wholesale destruction towards its Arab citizens, then let’s just say that hell on earth would be more than an apt description. And in memory of the 6th year of said expulsion, another op-ed (“The Bitter Fruits of Disengagement“, August 19, 2011) was penned. It was featured at the Jewish Press and several other media outlets.

The above political pitfalls covers the “how” part of the question, and the “why” segment falls under the general purview of appeasement syndromes, not unlike Stockholm Syndrome. But as related above, its genesis lies in the Oslo “peace” process, thus, the “Oslo Syndrome” is highly applicable.

Wolff Bachner: The Netanyahu government seems dedicated to persecuting Israeli Jews who are Nationalists and believe in a strong Israel. Zionist patriots are prosecuted for hate speech if they say a word that is critical of Palestinians or Israeli officials and Rabbis are arrested for quoting Torah. Jewish homes in Israel proper are being destroyed by the Israeli authorities while Arabs squat and build with impunity on Jewish owned land. Israeli NGO’s accept millions of dollars of foreign money from nations and organizations that are openly hostile to Israel and use the money to defame Israel in the eyes of the world and endanger the lives of Israelis.

No other nation on the planet would tolerate hostile foreign governments undermining their national sovereignty and allow their citizens to accept money from those governments to attack the policies of their own country. Has the government of Israel lost its mind and its Jewish soul?

Is it now a crime in Israel to stand up for your country in the face of endless Muslim / Arab aggression and demand the government stop compromising with people who want to commit genocide against the Jewish people?

Adina Kutnicki: The Netanyahu government is emblematic of the disparate treatment meted out towards nationalist Jews, in contrast to kid glove treatment reserved for leftists and Arabists. It is entirely befuddling to those who are convinced that Israel has a nationalist leadership. While there are nationalists within, the overall policy is far from “right wing”. The left has a stranglehold on the justice/court system (Tzipi Livni, the current AG, is an avowed leftist), and its state prosecutors are beyond the pale. They haven’t met a Jewish nationalist who is not “guilty” and in need of “re-education”. Again, much of this lies within the scope of Israel’s broken parliamentary system of governance, whereby MK’s are not held accountable, hence, the lack of responsibility to a particular constituency.

As a matter of record, on behalf of my work with HONENU Legal Defense Organization – an Israeli non-profit designated to defend Israeli soldiers and citizens, free of charge, from legal traps which ensnare “settlers” and those who support their efforts – a series of investigations ensued. A centerpiece expose’ detailed a stunning indictment of Israel’s General Security Service (GSS), and as a reference point, its equivalent arm in the U.S. is the FBI. Instead of utilizing its frontal assault against a dangerous Arab fifth column, both inside the “green line” and in Judea and Samaria, it expends huge resources to entrap “settlers’, in the expectation that they will give up their defense of the heartland and just go “home” within Israel proper. Good luck with that. “Administrative Detention Orders Against Jewish Nationalists” (October 2011) delineates said internal struggle. Aside from its posting at HONENU, it can be found at the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies/The Freeman Blog. It is not easily digestible, so I apologize in advance for any ensuing heartburn.

I will leave it up to the readers to make their own determination, as to whether the leadership has lost its mind, its Jewish soul or both. It’s not a hard calculus to discern.

But never mind, the leadership’s treachery is executed and conducted under the banner of “political maneuverings”, disguised as diplomatic imperatives, and “what we see from there, you don’t see from here”. Reprobates.

Aside from their oft repeated diplo speak and mumbo jumbo, multiple Israeli governments have egregiously vitiated Israel’s own laws, (with the “peace” process at the forefront, they also violate concrete laws when releasing terrorists, not only in contravention of Israel’s “Basic Laws”, but in the international legal arena too), making nonsense of any semblance of “rule of law”.

As a result, they continually exhibit grave (im)moral bankruptcy, and worse! So, even if they wake up one morning and collectively decide, that ceding the majority of the Jewish heartland is “mandatory” for “peace”, they are STILL not allowed to do so! Manna dropping from the sky couldn’t cover their behinds. End of story. Or so one would believe…

THEREFORE, pay rapt attention to the following column by Dr. Martin Sherman, a close associate; the most incisive strategic policy analyst – bar none – within Israel! Into the fray: Infuriating, insidious, immoral.

Then hop on over herein: Confronting Israel’s Precarious Future: An Interview With Dr. Martin Sherman: Part OneMind numbing.

In a nutshell, those who are bereft of any semblance of moral and ethical behavior think little of betraying their dead & living, therefore, JEWISH JUSTICE is always denied. Recoil, when thinking how easily legal (not to mention moral) dictates are thrown asunder! 

Tragically, aside from the insidious, immoral treachery emanating from Obama Inc., rest assured, Israel’s leaders bear just as close watching, as it is THEIR sworn obligation to protect Israel from said predators!

And if more evidence is required, it important to recognize that the release of CONVICTED Jew-killers is never sanctioned under Israeli law – for political considerations or otherwise – nor under International Law, so much so that the following would hardly come to pass without the leadership’s violations thereof: Terrorist hard core swapped for Gilead Shalit believed orchestrating current Palestinian attacks. So, as a result, any ensuing Jewish blood lands at the leadership’s door. They have become – unwittingly or not – accomplices. Years of terror releases surely tells the bloody tale. 

NO sense placing lipstick on whatever pig stinks up the truth. The results lead to the same foul and deadly ending.

VOTE RIGHT, GET LEFT: ISRAEL’S DANGEROUSLY DYSFUNCTIONAL POLITICAL SYSTEM STRIKES AGAIN. Additional Leftist Treachery In Store Via A Newly Appointed COMMISSAR, Shai Nitzan!…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

The following op-ed at American Thinker (by this blogger) was not only well received, but linked to other sites, including The Jewish Press – The Paradox of Israeli Politics: Vote Right, Get Left by Adina Kutnicki. In addition, an interview was conducted by Inquisitr.com regarding this very same subject matter: The Reality of Life For An Israeli Patriot. All of it, headache inducing… head spinning…mind boggling.

Both were written for American (western) and Israeli audiences (translated into Hebrew too) due to the fact that so many have expressed profound bewilderment/befuddlement at Israel’s incomprehensible – dare one say, schizophrenic – decision making process.

In this regard, there is a “coalition of the willing” who refuse to be cowed by the “powers that be” – including this American-Israeli – taking them to task in very public forums, come what may.

Israel’s pre-eminent strategic policy analyst, Dr. Martin Sherman, spelled out the resultant strategic disasters from said dysfunction, in too many prominent venues to count. But a recent analysis is a stand alone, Confronting Israel’s Precarious Future: An Interview With Dr. Martin Sherman.

     The failure of Israel to defend its image—never mind, advance—its image abroad has given its detractors virtually free hand in attacking it and in undermining its international legitimacy. This has the inevitable result of allowing the animosity towards Israel to grow unchecked, leaving its supporters abandoned without adequate arguments to defend it – or themselves – against the unfounded defamation and slander.

    This diplomatic debacle is in fact a grave dereliction of duty by the Jewish state and its official organs. For it has not only made it far more difficult to publicly support, defend and identify with Israel and Zionism. It has made it considerably more dangerous.

   Indeed, Israel’s anemic efforts to explain its policies and the constraints and imperatives that mold it –reflected, among other things, by the miserly budgets it allots its public diplomacy–are putting Jewish communities across the world increasingly at risk. For through their association with Israel, they have become surrogate targets for the anger the distorted portrayal of the country has aroused among numerous sectors across the globe.

  This situation was rather caustically, but aptly, diagnosed by the very eloquent British columnist Melanie Philips, a staunch supporter of Israel, who in a brilliant but scathing interview on Israeli TV, scolded: “Israel has made itself defenseless…Israel has vacated the battlefield of ideas…”

In tandem, do pay keen attention to Dr. Martin Sherman’s latest tv interview at i24newsregarding the counter intuitive, obsessive compulsive “peace process”. A “road map” to Israel’s dismemberment…“peace by peace”“piece by piece”. What kind of dysfunctional leaders continue down such a path? Israel’s.

Moreover, without a doubt, Professor Steven Plaut holds the leadership’s feet to the fire too. Evidence abounds to his broadsides. I’m An Israeli Soldier coupled with Schadenfreude & Israel’s Left are simply two illustrations of his clear thinking.

Netanyahu Appoints a Bolshevik Commissar 
Professor Steven Plaut

Whenever the Likud has been in power, the first priority on its agenda has been to implement the policies of the Labor Party and those to the left of it.  This is why Bibi “two states solution” Netanyahu appointed more leftist judicial activist judges than his Labor party predecessors did.  This is why Netanyahu refuses to end agricultural bolshevism or break up the cartels and monopolies that operate in Israel, ironically including those for milk and for honey.  This is why freedom of speech for non-leftists has been curtailed under Likud administrations.  This is why Netanyahu scuttled laws that required disclosure of funding for leftist anti-Israel NGOs operating in Israel, along with other laws to defend Israeli democracy.  This is why Netanyahu did nothing to end the governmental funding for tenured treason.  Under Netanyahu governments, Israeli state prizes general go to anti-Israel leftists.  Leftist institutions are coddled and often funded with state money.  Netanyahu thinks that such decisions make him popular among the Left and its captive media venues, and make him appear a supra-partisan statesman.

One of the most aggressive enemies of freedom of speech and democracy under the Netanyahu governments has been Shai Nitzan.  He served as the special button man for the Attorney General’s office in Israel to harass and persecute the “Right.”  While Nitzan repeatedly attempted to prosecute “Rightists” for daring to exercise freedom of speech, including Rabbis who expressed opinions not to the liking of the Left, I personally think his very worst assault on democracy took place in the “Bukay Affair,” which is described here:  http://frontpagemag.com/2009/steven-plaut/the-bukay-affair-by-steven-plaut/ .  I issued my own calls for the dismissal of Nitzan as early as 2009 (seehttp://www.isracampus.org.il/third%20level%20pages/Israeli%20extremism%20-%20thought%20control%20in%20israel.htm ). While interrogating Soviet-style a nationalist professor (not me) for things he said in the classroom and prosecuting teenage children for attending rightist demonstrations, Nitzan refused to prosecute leftists and Arabs calling for murder and violence (see http://zioncon.blogspot.co.il/2011/07/open-calls-for-bloodshed-and-violence.html ).

Nitzan is so openly leftist that he ruled that leftist portraits showing Netanyahu in SS uniform are protected speech while anything that implies disagreement with the theology of Yitzhak Rabin or anything that “insults” any leftist public official (like a Supreme Court judge or Shimon Peres) is “incitement” and a crime that must be prosecuted.

 This morning the Netanyahu government announced that Nitzan is to be the next State’s Attorney, in essence the Israeli Chief Prosecutor.

The only conceivable reason for this seems to be that Uri Avnery or Tamar Goszansky (from the Israeli communist party) were not available to serve.

As to the abundance of evidence proving the bonafides of the latest COMMISSAR, Shai Nitzan, Israel’s State’s Attorney, its Chief Prosecutor, “Nitzan is widely perceived as an avowed ideological enemy of the Jewish settlement enterprise in Judea and Samaria, a perception that engendered much criticism of the possible appointment in the months leading up to the announcement.”  

As to how “voting right ALWAYS gets left”, thus, rendering pernicious leftist outcomes, bear this uppermost in mind: ALL occurred under a supposed “right wing” leadership! Below are three indictments – out of enumerable – which serve as devastating exhibits: 

ADMINISTRATIVE DETENTION ORDERS AGAINST JEWISH NATIONALISTS  – ADINA KUTNICKI – Freeman Center For Strategic Studies is a case study whereby right wing leaders pursue Jewish nationalists with equal impunity, as do their leftist counterparts. Same modus operandi.

 Once they set their sights on a Jewish nationalist target, the Israel Security Agency utilizes a variety of methods. It may move the process forward quickly by citing ‘information’ which requires immediate detention or expulsion. Gleaned mostly through unsubstantiated intel in the first place, (which is often fabricated) the cases rarely lead to formal indictments, with many charges quietly dropped. Sometimes, they dangle incentives before those identified as more likely to succumb to pressure. For instance, they may offer to pay for everyday necessities to ease a family’s financial burdens. Lately the security services have employed a new tool of harassment–arresting those who come home after midnight!….

Justice in the Holy Land? 

Is It Ideologically Driven?  Honenu (Legal Aid to Israeli soldiers & citizens in distress) can attest that it is 

 Adina Kutnicki – demonstrates that there are two parallel legal criteria set up in Israel; one used to judge Jewish nationalists, the other used to adjudicate against leftists and their Arab counterparts.

Could it be true, are there really two parallel sets of justice/rules of law, one applied to leftists and their Arab counterparts, the other to right wing nationalists and their ‘settler’ brethren? These questions require urgent answers, particularly in light of several recent high profile, disturbing events taking place in Eretz Yisrael…..

The outrageous, humiliating spectacles of Rabbi Dov Lior and Rabbi Yaakov Yosef hauled into police stations, for the ‘crime’ of endorsing (issuing a haskama) a leading Jewish legal treatise, Torat HaMelech, The King’s Torah, raises the specter of the arrival of a new level of selective prosecution against the nationalist sector. The threatened charge: Incitement. A troubling thought indeed……

On the other hand, unlike Rabbis and Jewish nationalists, leftists do not suffer the same personal and public humiliations nor are they arrested for their comments which actually incite to Jewish murder!….

Consider the following, albeit a tiny sampling of their high profile utterances: Professor Yehudah “Judd” Ne’eman, Professor Emeritus at Tel Aviv University Faculty of the Arts, an Israel Prize Winner (usually reserved for those on the far left), publicly called for a civil war. Unlike the above Rabbis who simply interpreted Jewish law, Professor Ne’eman urged his fellow leftists to execute a “war between the political left and the Jews of Judea and Samaria”, AKA the “settlers”. Even though recordings of Ne’eman’s statements were obtained and publicized by Israel’s TV Channel 1, incredulously, he was never called in for investigation by the State Prosecutor’s office.

His call follows a recent statement by former Technion physics professor Oded Regev that he would be willing to volunteer in a civil war against the radical right. Oded lobbed this verbal grenade,”I believe that there is only one way to overcome the religious extremists and that is through organized violence, through launching warfare in the full meaning of the term. Anyone who does not surrender in that war will be incarcerated. Those Rabbis and their friends continue in the tradition of Goebbels”.

Not to be outdone in his leftist vitriol, Professor Eyal Nir, of Ben Gurion University’s Chemistry department, (following in the infamous footsteps of Neve Gordon, BGU’s poster boy for worldwide anti-Israel rhetoric) likewise incited against the nationalist sector, calling “on the world to come and help break these scoundrels’ necks.” His “ scoundrels” were young Jews who marched with Israeli flags on Jerusalem Day through areas lightly populated by Jews in our united capital…..

And, The Hunt Continues:The Hunt Against Jewish Nationalists Continues – Adina Kutnicki – exhibits the brazen, often illegal tactics used to pressure Jewish nationalists into giving up their quest to live within the Jewish heartland, Judea and Samaria aka the West Bank. Simple as that.

Under extreme pressure from the left wing media, Israeli police continue to arrest Jewish nationalists with little or no evidence. Even though most charges are eventually dropped, the detainees face difficult conditions in prison cells and interrogation rooms…

WITH the above firmly planted in mind, the seemingly inexplicable dichotomies and paradoxes have hopefully become clearer. YET, this recent explosive interview with Professor Paul EidelbergOrganized Treachery vs. Organized Hypocrisy: A 35-Year Study of Israel’s Dysfunctional Government strips bare the treachery and the hypocrisy of Israel’s dysfunctional government!

Despite the fact that the Likud Party won more than 70 percent of the votes in February 2003, when it campaigned against the Labor Party’s policy of unilateral withdrawal from Gaza, Likud Prime Minister Ariel Sharon adopted Labor’s policy and thus effectively nullified that 2003 election! Moreover, in October of the following year, the Knesset “legitimated” Sharon’s coup by enacting the “Gaza Evacuation Law,” thanks to the votes of 23 Likud MKs who thus betrayed their February 2003 election pledges to the nation…

Sharon’s nullification of the 2003 election was actually political coup d’etat. Add the spiritual coup that Prime Minister Netanyahu pulled four months after the March 2009 election. In June of that year, Netanyahu, without Knesset or public debate (and contrary to his own Likud Party’s constitution), endorsed the creation of an Arab Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria, the cradle of Jewish civilization! So much for Proportional Representation, exalted as one of the blessings of democracy…

The fact that almost every democracy on the planet manages to conduct its public business by means of multi-geographic- constituency elections should dispel the fiction that Israel cannot function well or justly without its existing system. The truth is that 65 years of this “system” has engendered the shoddiest politics. In the 1999 elections, 29 Knesset Members hopped over to rival parties in order to obtain safe seats! Israel’s political “system” is a disgrace as well as a disaster, and only the ignorant along with self-serving politicians want to preserve it!”…..

Israel has not only flawed politicians but also flawed political institutions—and this includes Israel’s Supreme Court which has usurped legislative and executive powers of government by its pernicious and unparalleled dictum that “everything is negotiable.” This dictum gives the Court the power to negate the cherished values of the Jewish people–and it has done so! The lack in Israel of a Constitution that defines the Legislative as well as the Executive powers of the Government renders the range of these powers extremely vague—so much so that the PEOPLE have no idea of what is permissible or impermissible. Even law professors find it difficult to distinguish a basic law from ordinary legislation. But here’s the coup de grace. In 1992, a coup d’état occurred in Israel without the public having the vaguest idea of what was in store for the Jewish state.In that year the Knesset enacted Basic Law: Human Freedom and Dignity. This so-called basic law was enacted by the absurd vote of 32-21, i.e., with less than half of the Knesset’s membership voting! This was an act of judicial despotism for which Israel may thank the Court’s President Aharon Barak— famous or infamous for his dictum “everything is justiciable.”…….

Does anyone still wonder how/why Shai Nitzan is merely the latest (in a VERY long line) socialist COMMISSAR to be elected by a pithy “right wing” leadership?

Israel’s Arab Enemies Exhort The Truth In Arabic: We Will DESTROY Israel. Israel’s Leaders Lie To Its Jewish (Majority) Citizens About “Peace”. What’s Going On? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Much has been written at this site regarding Islamic mandates, particularly in relation to jihad. Terms are bandied about by others, some of whom have little understanding of their depth and breath.

In this regard, a mission herein is to enlighten and duly inform, with the goal being action-oriented, as opposed to throwing up ones hands. 

And just because Islamic leaders lie to their citizens (on a regular basis) regarding other matters, it doesn’t mean that the collective Arab/Muslim goal to destroy Israel isn’t full of truth telling. Say what? But first things first.

Islamic imperatives dictate submission to Allah – Islam LITERALLY means to submit – and this is not up for debate. It is obligatory. Besides, unlike other religions, there are no squishy areas in ones adherence to Islam, if one seeks to stay in the fold, or even remain alive in Muslim-ruled countries. And it is this all or nothing ideology which renders the world awash in jihadist bloodletting.

On the other side of the spectrum, Israel’s leaders lie on a regular basis too, but from the opposite side of the spectrum. They (for the most part) understand full well that “peace” (as defined by their enemies, with the unbearable price tag to be extracted) is unattainable, as it will literally destroy the nation – through every “peace” process and by every piece of land they surrender. This is not rocket science. Their “peace” at all costs obsession/quest has left a trail of thousands of dead and maimed Jewish bodies. In fact, one only has to peer through a PA officer’s binoculars to realize how attainable their end goal is. Easy as pie.

Few Israeli intellectuals have the integrity to admit as much, but Professor Paul Eidelberg is not among the liars and fraudsters.

Paul Eidelberg

When Yasser Arafat said, “Peace means the destruction of Israel,” that’s speaking as it is.

When Benjamin Netanyahu said (at his most recent speech at Bar-Ilan University), “For peace, the Palestinian Authority must recognize the Jewish homeland,” that’s speaking as it ain’t.

Arafat, an accomplished liar, was telling the truth—to his audience, an Arab audience that possessed understanding, not fools.

Netanyahu, a less accomplished liar, was obscuring the truth—to his audience—an audience that lacked understanding, an audience of fools.

Translate Netanyahu’s Bar-Ilan remark into Arabs terms. “For peace, the Palestinian Authority must renounce Islam, jettison the Qur’an and 1,400 years of Islamic history and theology.”

What would be the audience of such a remark? Obviously not an audience of fools. The audience would be one that understood the true nature of the conflict. Such an audience would recognize that the democratic or ethnocentric and “value-free” idea of conflict resolution does not apply to the anti-democratic world of totalitarian Islam.

Such an audience would understand—as did Alexis de Tocqueville—that  nations devoted to Islam have much in common with the pagan nations mentioned in the Bible. Such nations which, like the Canaanites, sacrificed their children as burnt offerings to Baal, are comparable to Muslims nations that use their children as human bombs.

Since such nations do not recognize the Biblical concept of man’s creation in the Image of God, they reject the idea of the inviolable dignity of the human personality. This Islamic denial of Genesis 1:26 prompts Muslims to call Jews “pigs” and “dogs.”  Hence, the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians of which Netanyahu speaks is a conflict between good and evil, and this is beyond the ken of the “value-free” political science that has either influenced Israel’s Prime Minister or that induces him to speak of the conflict as it aint and not as it is.

Here’s another way of rendering Netanyahu’s Bar-Ilan remark into Arab terms. “For peace, the Muslim world must change its power structure. Its leaders must cease being autocrats and become democrats.”

The above renderings of Netanyahu’s Bar-Ilan remark means that the conflict in question is not resolvable in peaceful terms. However, to make such a “politically incorrect” statement is beyond the capacity of politicians like Mr. Netanyahu, who dare not speak of the conflict as it is, but only as it aint.

Similarly, Prof Eidelberg’s rendering of Oslo’s Authentic Truth makes nonsense of Israel’s leadership’s “promises”, and exposes what the enemy has in store for her. Would Israel’s leaders ever be so truthful? NOT if they want the powerful, non-elected leftist “elites” to back them. 

However, there are some duly doable prescriptions for the onset of long-standing “peace and quiet”, thus, promising to usher in decades of calm and without surrendering an inch of the Jewish homeland! It has yet to be tried: Kill For Peace. Hell, it worked for the U.S. (when they had leaders who understood how to take care of business) and allied powers during WW 2.

In tandem with the above insights and recommendations, Dr. Martin Sherman is another such intellectual giant who stands above the fray of Israel’s braying “peace” jackals. His weekly Jerusalem Post column skewers the leadership’s mendacity, and it can be found within Into The Fray. MORE than worth the read, if truthfulness is your barometer. His recent interview at Inquisitr.com, Confronting Israel’s Precarious Future: An Interview With Dr. Martin Shermanis a devastating indictment of Israel’s leadership, most trenchantly, their lack of strategic policy making, which, by default, has led to many “peace” disasters. 

The point being, it doesn’t have to end this way, as there are intellectual warriors at the ready. They just need more support.

Heed the valiant profs and their dire, but sober, warnings.