RE-SHAKING The “Down Low Skeletons” In The POTUS’s Closet…The Unexplained Remains Hovering Nearby…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

While Doug Haggman, Northeast Intelligence Network’s Director, is male and Christian, and whereas this blogger is female and Jewish, therein lies our obvious differences. HOWEVER, what is most germane exists within our commonalities: We are truth diggers and hard “nuts” to crack. In other words, he is self admittedly not easily persuadable and a skeptic until proven otherwise, but raise it more than a notch, and therein you will find his female counterpart. A typical “Taurus”…a bull in a china shop.

That being said, one also has to have a few screws loose to go around accusing the POTUS of this and that, let alone the real possibility of complicity in the ultimate crime. Yup, you read that right. And this American-Israeli has all mental faculties intact, thank G-d for that. But there is more than a recognition that raised eyebrows often accompany such utterances, as if by dint of becoming a Commander-in-Chief one is no longer capable of being involved in such heinous activities. Hogwash.

Let’s recap: The question was asked, and answered, back in Sept 2012, posited as such: Who Is Barack HUSSEIN Obama & What Is He Hiding? – assorted corroborating links spell out the dastardly details. Yet to get the readership more currently up to speed, his “missing time”, when Benghazigate blew, tells us all we need to know and even brings some imponderables into sharper perspective –

Yet specifically, regarding the “re-shaking” aspect, how about trying this one on for evidence-worthy scope –

More than a slam dunk.

‘Author Larry Sinclair on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report this Thursday’ – audio embedded!


The Hagmann & Hagmann Report – Doug Hagmann

10 June 2013: Join us for power-packed radio broadcast on Thursday, June 13, 2013 when we are joined by our special guest Larry Sinclair (website), author of Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair – Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder?

As a long-time professional investigator,  I was initially skeptical of the claims made by Mr. Sinclair. Perhaps it was a case of mistaken identity, I thought, as I interviewed Mr. Sinclair about his reported experiences with Barry Soetoro, a/k/a Barack Hussein Obama, while Obama was a junior senator from Illinois. Accounts of consensual sex and illicit drug usage by the putative President of the United States?

As Mr. Sinclair provided detail after detail, my skepticism waned until it disappeared completely – and I consider myself a pretty “hard-sell.”  After reading his new book, I am even more convinced of the veracity of  Mr. Sinclair’s account and why it matters today. Acordingly, it is our honor to have him as our guest this week.

Please join us for what promises to be a riveting show Thursday, June 13, 2013 during the final two hours of our broadcast.

In this regard, is it any wonder that Obama Inc. is desperate to shut Doug Hagmann up, one way or another? In addition, his revelations of a “political dissidents” list smacks of an out of control POTUS at the helm. 

Aside from the above preponderance of truths, it must also be recognized: A penchant for crossing all boundaries in ones personal life – – which led to the above charges in the first place, plus ignoring the rule of law – again and again – lends more credence, than not, that this is a man who is capable of anything. As such, scandal after scandal must be kept at the forefront; as his horrific stewardship underlines the unvarnished, inherent nature of the leader of the free world –

Let’s give the besieged POTUS the benefit of the doubt, regarding the more than suspicious death, at the age of 33, of an award winning investigative journalist, one who brought down Obama’s General McChrystal. He died yesterday in a HIGHLY unusual fiery car crash, hot on the heels of his most recent expose’ regarding the runaway NSA, and whose most recent contact also happened to be with Assange from Wiki Leaks – But don’t be distracted by the “truther” moniker in the above link, oftentimes such bugaboos are used to silence questioners. YES, 9/11/01 was executed by Islamic terrorists, and Bush’s regime had nothing to do with imploding the towers. So by conflating the term “truther” with other conspiracy-laden matters, well….besides, dying in a car crash is not unusual, but this type is more than one in a million. Just something to ruminate over…and in absolute need of the deepest forensic examination, atop hiring the most competent expert to recreate said (more than unusual) crash….UPDATE: Hastings sent revealing email to colleagues right before his death – 

Jury or not, it is increasingly clear that he has actual skeletons to hide and their rattling is not for nothing…pleading to come to the forefront.

The Commander-in-Chief…a human train wreck. Dropping like flies!

16 thoughts on “RE-SHAKING The “Down Low Skeletons” In The POTUS’s Closet…The Unexplained Remains Hovering Nearby…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. Adina, I am bothered by the fact that your blog gets no comments. What you share with us is always relevant and important. I scratched my head over what you problem may be and have concluded that perhaps it is your style. You ask your readers to constantly click on links to related and previous items and that gets to be a big pain in the derriere. Try to provide a synopsis of the content provided by these links so that your readers can read continuously without having to interrupt the flow. Best wishes. Andy

    • Andy, my blog does receive comments and the amount varies. You can see them at the top of the header. But what is most relevant is how many viewers actually read the daily commentaries. And since this is now its first full year in operation, I receive anywhere from 1,000 to 2,500 daily views. Moreover, the commentaries are reblogged too many times to count, just google my name and you will see what I am referring to. Also, the many “pingbacks” I receive swirl the commentaries further online. Some of my commentaries are found on google’s first and second page listings when searching for a particular subject.

      Yes, I know that the links can be cumbersome, but believe it or not many of these links also get clicked on. WordPress has great features and I am able to follow these stats. The point being, the topics I write about are EVER evolving, and I add the links because previous related commentaries give relevant background info. It is impossible to keep reworking the wheel, so to speak. In the main, even if the links aren’t clicked on I do weave the thesis throughout, as best as possible. To be sure, when I write op-eds, or do an interview, the tactics are different, but this doesn’t work for daily geo-political bloggling, at least the kind that I do.

      Take a look at these two links to see the difference in styling –

      But I do thank you for your advice and for taking the time to share your thoughts!

    • I appreciate Adina’s journalistic style. It separates her from the “conspiracy” sites. She does her research and backs up her conclusions with relevent links. Very sharp lady. It is refreshing to find such a capable journalist. Thank you Adina.

  2. Adina thank you for this. I didn’t realize until this post that Adina was a female Hebrew name. Shows what I know even though I’ve spent a week in Israel. Shabbat shalom.

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  6. Those who know the location of the accident are mystified by the velocity, the spectacle of a flying motor in the air from a well built brand new German Mercedes. This is no accident, this town makes such things happen for the movies, but this is unreal.

  7. The author could be interested to learn what and why this renowned gay, Black catholic author also died in L.A
    in a most mysterious manner

    these URL’s will only intorduce the fella but will not explain why he had to be rubbed out, no blood, nothing….

    no LAPD “investigation”…all bungled
    what sis he know
    why was he done like Mr. Okrent, who worked for the campaign since 2004?

    so the list of dead men goes like this

    Congresswoman (D) in Ohio, an elector, pledged for Mrs. Clinton
    sudden heart issue a few days before critical vote 2008
    Little Rock, Dem. party office manager, shot in his office
    2 Choir boys-2007
    1-passport processing fellow,23, RIP, Phili-in his sedan, at night, shot bad
    Andrew Breitbart
    Hastings, more of an intel job less as an elimination for gay expose?

    all my opinion

    these fellows know more: (tab-Is Obama Gay?), some early entries are restricted following a book publishing, public cannot read his earlier entries.

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