Gun Control Madness & Its After Shocks…Directly Related To Students & Gun Stores Too…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

A recurrent blog theme deals with leftist madness, particularly as it impinges on the kiddies. And this is no small matter, whether they are 6 years old or 16.

Specifically, does it make sense to trust leaders who task domestic terrorists (as well as a man-boy devotee, designated as the “safe school’s czar”) to oversee the nation’s education curriculum, with anything, least of all ones children?- If the answer is a resounding negative, then surely the infected school system is rotten to its core.  

As as upshot, when it comes to gun control the left is out of control. Simple as that –…as they keep marching toward’s disarming legal gun owners –

Even more so, since the same leftist (mis)educators are in league with radical Demsters, has anyone bothered to ask them: Why was ObamaCare rammed through in the first place, even though a majority of Americans were up in arms? –

Which leads right back to the abysmal lack of judgment, emanating from those who educate America’s children!


Mar. 2, 2013

A Florida high school student wrestled a loaded gun away from another teen on the bus ride home this week and was slapped with a suspension in return.

The 16-year-old Cypress Lake High student in Fort Myers, Fla. told WFTX-TV there was “no doubt” he saved a life after grappling for the loaded .22 caliber revolver being aimed point-blank at another student on Tuesday.

“I think he was really going to shoot him right then and there,” said the suspended student, not identified by WFTX because of safety concerns. “Not taking no pity.”

The student said the suspect, a football player, threatened to shoot a teammate because he had been arguing with his friend.

Authorities confirmed to WFTX the weapon was indeed loaded, and the arrest report stated the suspect, identified by WVZN-TV as Quadryle Davis, was “pointing the gun directly” at the other student and “threatening to shoot him.”

That’s when, the teen told the station, he and two others tackled the suspect and wrestled the gun away. The next day, all three were suspended.

“How they going to suspend me for doing the right thing?” he asked.

The school’s referral slip said he was given an “emergency suspension” for being involved in an “incident” with a weapon. Lee County School District spokesman Alberto Rodriguez said in a statement that “If there is a potentially dangerous situation, Florida law allows the principal to suspend a student immediately pending a hearing.”

“Those kids had to fight for their lives,” the mother of the suspended teen said. “All the kids that was involved in this they should have a pat on their backs because they did the right thing to save someone from burying their child.”

The suspended teen is allowed to go back to school Monday.

Meanwhile, the student accused of pointing the weapon has been charged only with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon “without intent” to kill.

The sheriff’s office said the investigation is ongoing and that the charges are “based on our findings at this time.”

Yet as worrisome as the above is, there is some good news, at least coming from those who refuse to be cowed and bowed. 


High-capacity gun magazines airlifted to ‘freedom-loving’ Americans

A gun-magazine company in Boulder, Colo., has announced a campaign based on the Berlin Airlift to help Coloradoans “trapped inside occupied territory” to purchase large-capacity magazines before the Legislature passes a series of gun-control bills next week.

Magpul Industries manufactures magazines and other gun accessories for private, law-enforcement and military use. WND recently reported on how the company may be forced to relocate if the Democrat-controlled Legislature moves forward with plans to ban high capacity magazines, which is one of the company’s key products.

Following the president’s lead on the firearms issue, Democrats in the House passed a series of gun-control bills that the Obama administration has said would help them pass similar measures in other states.

Vice President Joe Biden “said it would send a strong message to the rest of the country that a western state had passed gun-control bills,” Tony Exhum, a Democrat lawmaker from Colorado Springs, told the Denver Post.

The series of bills included:

  • H.B. 1224, which would bans all magazines that hold more than 15 rounds.
  • H.B. 1226 would prohibit those with concealed carry permits, including off-duty police officers and former military personnel, from bringing their weapons on college campuses.
  • H.B. 1228 would force residents to pay for exercising a constitutional right by making them pay for a background check to prove they are not criminals. There is no limit on the amount the Colorado Bureau of Investigation could charge for the background check.
  • H.B. 1229 bans the private sale and transfer of firearms and institutes universal background checks and/gun registration for all Colorado gun owners.

In addition to the four house bills, on Monday the Senate Judiciary Committee will also conduct hearings on two additional bills.

  • S.B. 195 prohibits citizens in Colorado from taking online concealed carry training courses.
  • S.B. 196, which bans “assault” weapons sales in the state.

With Democrats in charge of the governorship and both state houses, the measures are expected to pass.

In anticipation of the magazine ban, Magpul has announced a project it calls the “Boulder Airlift” in its latest newsletter. The company said the project imitates the Berlin Airlift, which flew in supplies to West Berlin after the Soviets prevented the city from getting needed provisions in the days following World War II.

“Similar to the Berlin Airlift, the Boulder Airlift will bring much-needed supplies to freedom-loving residents trapped inside occupied territory,” the letter said. “While we plan to initially use FedEx or UPS instead of aerial delivery, we figure that $5 flat rate shipping will make up for any loss of ‘style points.’”

It goes on to explain the company is permitting Colorado residents to create a special account to purchase magazines prior to the ban.

“If the pending state legislation limiting sales and transfers of standard capacity magazines does pass, we will not be the only ones affected; Colorado residents’ right to purchase and transfer standard capacity magazines will be infringed in the near future,” the newsletter said. “With that in mind, we are beginning a program to help as many residents of our home state as we can, while we still can. To meet this need, we have set up a process for CO residents to purchase limited quantities of magazines from our website.”

The company is selling Colorado residents high-capacity magazines at bargain basement prices. The price for a 30-round magazine for an AR-15 is $12.95 with other magazines for MAK-90 7.62 rounds selling for $19.95. At stores, many of the same magazines are currently being sold for upwards of $50.

The company has warned lawmakers that if the magazine ban passes, they will be forced to relocate to another state.

“If we’re able to stay in Colorado and manufacture a product, but law-abiding citizens of the state were unable to purchase the product, customers around the state and the nation would boycott us for remaining here,” said Doug Smith, chief operating officer for Magpul Industries. “Staying here would hurt our business.”

Democrat Rep. Daniel Kagan said Magpul just doesn’t understand what the law says.

“Manufacturers will be able to still sell and transfer these high-capacity magazines to individuals in other states, the U.S. military and law enforcement,” Kagan told the Post. “We want [Magpul] to stay here in Colorado. It would be sad to see them leave.”

Dudley Brown, president of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners and executive director of the National Association of Gun Rights, said Democrats will be engaging in political suicide if they continue with their plans to ban products produced by Magpul and strip away the rights of law-abiding gun owners.

“Gun owners are coming out of the woodwork right now to fight the battle,” Brown said. “What they are doing to us now in the legislature, we get to do to them in the next election, and we’re not going to play nice, either. We know how to play hardball, and we’re really going to play hardball this year.”

Weld County Sheriff John Cooke said he applauds Magpul’s efforts to help the state’s residents.

“I think their project is great. They recognize the unfair limitations that legislatures are putting on Colorado residents when none of the other surrounding states have a magazine ban. Magpul being a Colorado company, at least for now, is performing a great service. This is a great thing for the people of Colorado.”

Cooke said the magazine ban makes no sense, and he noted that his department has never had a situation that involved criminals using high-capacity magazines.

The sheriff has been an outspoken advocate for the Second Amendment during his time in office. Recently he declared his office had no intention to enforce any of Obama’s executive orders on gun control.

“I’m not going to help him in any way,” Cooke said. “I’m not going to enforce it because it’s unenforceable and because I don’t have the resources. The federal government doesn’t have the resources.”

Critics have said Cooke does not have the right to choose which laws to enforce; however, the sheriff brushes aside the concerns, accusing critics of having a double standard.

“Obama has refused to defend the Defense of Marriage Act. He has also chosen not to enforce our immigration laws. I find it interesting that these critics have no problem with that. Why should I be held to a different standard than the president?”

Cooke noted that the company has always been known for fair prices.

“They’ve always been really reasonable in the prices they charge. This program will help the law-abiding citizens of Colorado purchase a legal product that can help them with self-defense in these last few days before the Democrats decide to prohibit their sale.”

Valiant Americans, whether business owners or regular folks, take deep umbrage at the infringement of power hungry leaders, as they tread on their capitalist domain and their Second Amendment rights. The sentiment is the same: don’t DARE stomp on America’s liberties! Thus, taking care of business is the only way forward –

Rock on!

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