Bringing Down ‘Amerika’ Weathermen-Style: The Second Time Around – A Comparative Analysis…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

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As is said, history repeats. Similarly, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Indeed, there is no better illustration of the aforementioned than what is taking place at this critical juncture in time. A nation on the brink.

That being established, before a particular historical comparative analysis can be fully appreciated and understood, it is imperative to note the timing of the uptick (emphasis placed) in wild and “in-your-face” incitement to domestic terrorism; that which was stoked to the nth degree under the two-term reign of HUSSEIN Obama, an avowed Marxist and Islamist. By the way, said ideologies are not mutually exclusive, rather, they converge in their hatred of freedom-based ethos, as well as in their totalitarian methodologies.

In fact, as a precursor to the charges within, the following (which was written in April 2013, out of a long compendium of analytical proofs) is a jaw-dropper, thus, to be utilized as a stepping-stone from yesteryear to the here and now.

Back in March 2013, I received a shout-out (one out of a very long list) from the publishing team of “Bringing Down America: An FBI Informant with the Weathermen (by Larry Grathwohl and Frank Reagan) to write its maiden review. Now, never having been in contact with this outfit beforehand, apparently, my “reputation” precedes me – or, so I am told. In any case, its essence couldn’t be more timely; a barometer and harbinger of things to come.

American Thinker, Bringing Down America: A Review

By Adina Kutnicki

BRINGING DOWN AMERICA: An FBI Informant with the Weathermen, by Larry Grathwohl and Frank Reagan, originally published in 1976, is being reintroduced in 2013. Its introduction is written by Dr. Tina Trent.

During a dangerously volatile period of domestic terrorism, young anarchists were plotting the upending of America. In the vanguard stood the Weather Underground and the Black Panthers. Implanted in 1969 in the heart of a revolutionary movement, Larry Grathwohl, a 22-year-old Vietnam vet, found himself acting as an FBI informant. Inserted into the Weather Underground organization under deep cover, he became privy to their terror plots as well as the leadership’s “reasoning”. It is this facet which still resonates today. BRINGING DOWN AMERICA is a gripping tale of plots and subplots, each one aimed at “the violent overthrow of the bourgeoisie [and] the establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat”, as Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, and Jeff Jones exhorted in their 1974 manifesto, “Prairie Fire: The Politics of Revolutionary Anti-Imperialism.” The subtext of this gripping memoir is brought to the fore in Chapter 14: “The Cover Is Blown:

“Once in the van we drove around the city… while we were driving Maynard & Green (my FBI handlers) began telling me about the mystery man waiting for me. He was an Arab guerrilla. My meeting was to be in strict confidence. They refused to tell me why he was in the country, how he got in, obviously he was working for the U.S….”

The implication was very clear. The FBI understood that the Weathermen were deepening their foreign ties. It was inevitable that Arab terror contacts would be made. Thus, Ali Baba, an Arab informant, was sending a warning to Larry: having him as a “go-between” would mitigate any hesitation to cooperate with the Weathermen, in effect, keeping the FBI one step ahead.

Not only that, Ali Baba issued other warnings to Larry: “the Arabs plan to strike at the next Olympic games in 1972 [reviewer’s note: and they made good on their threat] and there is talk of doing something at the World’s Fair in Spokane in 1974.”

For the record, El (Al) Fatah was the referenced Arab guerrilla group. Yes, the very same terror outfit spawned by the godfather of suicide terror, “Chairman” Yasir Arafat, a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. In tandem, the Weathermen conspired with the KGB and attendant communist regimes. The war being waged against the U.S. by the radical left and Islamist jihadis is premised on the U.S. as the Western spear and Israel as its twin “imperialistic” cousin. It has been playing out for decades, in one form or another. Nothing has changed other than the fact that many escaped justice and are entering their senior years. Despite their advancing age, they are as dangerous as ever — perhaps more so. Bill Ayers, the foremost leader of the Weathermen “is in his third decade as a national leader in the movement to radicalize the educational training of schoolteachers”. His wife, Bernardine Dohrn, a top leader too “is a professor of law at Northwestern and a high-ranking officer in the American Bar Association.” Eleanor Raskin (ne Stein) “is a law professor at S.U.N.Y Albany and, astonishingly, a NYS administrative law judge”. Jeff Jones “currently heads the New York-based Apollo Alliance, a highly influential coalition of labor leaders and environmentalists, and was responsible for drafting President Obama’s 2009 Recovery Act.”

The list of “respectable” cover, of other “notables” in the Weathermen, is equally impressive. Through a stringently planned operational “stealth jihad”, yesteryear’s Weathermen have returned, fully primed to carry out their original goal — the “transformation” of Amerika. Most significantly, they subvert the national interest from a distinctly dangerous vantage point. They are currently ensconced in some of the most powerful positions in academia and political life. The only difference is, this time they are dressed in “capitalist” garb, not only in their clothing choices, but in the wealth they have accumulated, paradoxically, through joining the “establishment”. Who said one can’t enrich oneself, but at the same time deny the masses/proletariat said wealth potential? Highly dangerous in their bomb-making days, their capacity to cripple America, sans firing actual weaponry is that much greater at this critical juncture in time. Deeply involved in the “transformation” process, as promised by President Obama, many of them working inside the executive branch, while others operate through progressive think tanks, they want nothing more than to distance themselves from their bloody past. Therefore, an omerta has descended from the denizens of the leftist media and their powerful organs.

So the timing of this book release couldn’t be more prescient. Although the mainstream media will surely attempt to shield the aforementioned from the facts borne out by the record, they are nothing more than “koshered” domestic terrorists.

Many westerners believe that history is behind them and therefore has no relevance to their lives. Nothing could be further removed from reality, or more deadly. In this regard, stepping back in time to the late 1960s and into the 1970s couldn’t be more imperative or instructive.

Readers, the dots from “Bringing Down America” must be deemed a direct bulls-eye from the very same 1960’s/1970’s revolutionary continuum – straight into the heart of the here and now, as elucidated within “On Pretext of Justice for ‘Tray’, Race War Ignited, Courtesy of Obama Inc.’s Shock Troops: White Teens Murdered in the Crossfire.”

In reality, to those who see America’s foundational roots as a beacon for liberty (despite a plethora of dismal leadership…nary a statesman in the crap-laden bunch), HUSSEIN’s domestic incitement was never in question. However, it wasn’t until six months into his second term that Obama Inc.’s laid groundwork (again, during his first term) came to fruition.

As is known, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Resultant, it was during the very same six months that a “gift” came his way, thus, HUSSEIN latched onto what should have been a policing and investigatory matter, the death of Trayvon Martin, to set the national stage for racial unrest – the likes of which had not been seen since the 1960’s/70’s. Not only that, he used his bully pulpit to stoke the embers for an actual “war on cops“- with the intent to ignite facts on the ground toward total anarchy. Moreover, as expected, Tray’s death was followed up by a full-throated call for gun control. Imagine that. Incontestably, time and again, the (former) Radical-in-Chief incited (and continues to) to domestic terror!

All of which has now come full circle; a tipping point within America. A time that future generations may very well cite as the nation’s second civil war.

Mind you, if additional heft is needed to document their present-day deadly intent, look no further than to the actions taken by James Hodgkinson, a 66-year-old volunteer in Bernie Sanders’ campaign, when he opened fire on GOP lawmakers practicing for their annual baseball game with the Democrats! For heaven’s sake, is nothing off base….

In this regard, recall when House Majority Whip Steve Scalise was wounded (June 14, 2017), almost mortally, at the GOP outing. If not for the quick response of Scalise’s security detail – having prevented Hodgkinson from carrying out a mass atrocity – the result would have been far worse. Never mind the attacks on others, including, Senator Paul Ryan while mowing his lawn! Yes, his attacker, a neighbor, according to The New York Daily News reported that a Facebook page for Boucher contained numerous postings critical of US Republican President Donald Trump. Sounds familiar?

But to speak truth to power, it must be shouted from the rooftops: without the (fakestream) media’s complicity (in the forefront stands Facebook/social media, online mainstream so-called news sites, and print alike) it wouldn’t have been mandatory to assert – at the onset of Trump’s presidency – in February 2017: “Demsters/Leftists/Islamists – Via Fakestream Media – Incite to Civil War & Murder Alike Due To Trump’s Lawful Orders.”

Still, if more proof of the same is required, that’s okay.

Ipso facto, ALL Trump voters/supporters are “fair (target) game”, as are his associates on Capitol Hill – in whatever capacity they may be.

Most significantly, said revolutionary tactics were founded and schooled by Saul Alinsky – the godfather of radical politics via grass roots rebellion, and, none too incidentally, the founder of “community organizing.” Trenchantly, his work is the template/blueprint for all the mayhem. In fact, he was an organizational (rabble-rousing & evil) genius, to the degree in which TIME Magazine (in 1970) had this to say, “It is not too much to argue that American democracy is being altered by Alinsky’s ideas.”

To wit, as my April 2, 2013 book review “Bringing Down America” more than proved, just as in the 1960’s/70’s (the Weathermen were led by Bill Ayers HUSSEIN’s buddy from the Chicago ‘hood) when countless campuses and beyond across America were on fire, so too the nation is now ablaze. Mirror images.

Know that the exact same blueprint is their bible; yes, Alinsky’s 13 “Rules For Radicals” is the founding document which outlines the steps they are taking to (purposefully) precipitate an upcoming civil war. Ignite.

Demonstrably, how else can one explain the usage of “Rule Number 13” (1- 12 as springboards) in today’s fiery arena, as targets are picked, frozen, personalized, and polarized. Think: the incitement of “Mad Maxine Waters” (and many others), and the immediate knock-on effects to Kirstjen Nielsen, Sarah Sanders and others associated with “Trumpian” views of America!

RULE 13. Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. Don’t try to attack abstract corporations or bureaucracies. Identify a responsible individual. Ignore attempts to shift or spread the blame. The real action is in the enemy’s reaction. The enemy properly goaded and guided in his reaction will be your major strength.

Coincidence? In a pig’s eye.

More specifically, anyone in their right mind – no pun intended – who believes that the likes of Hamilton Nolan, a senior writer at Splinter News (which is under the direct ownership of Fusion Media Group – a division of Univision, a leftist biased conglomerate – having tasked Splinter to “amplify underrepresented voices, shine a light on systemic inequality, and skewer politicians when necessary as well as contextualize current events, challenge archaic establishments, and champion the historically oppressed”) is not in a position to “read the radical tea leaves” is, simply, delusional.

So, via his perch at Splinter – in his very own rabble-rousing, revolutionary, words:

“Do you think that being asked to leave a restaurant, or having your meal interrupted, or being called by the public is bad? My fascism-enabling friends, this is only the beginning,” writes Splinter senior writer Hamilton Nolan.

Pointing to history, he writes that the U.S. “had thousands of domestic bombings per year in the early 1970s.”

“This is what happens when citizens decide en masse that their political system is corrupt, racist, and unresponsive,” says Nolan.

“The people out of power have only just begun to flex their dissatisfaction. The day will come, sooner that you all think, when Trump administration officials will look back fondly on the time when all they had to worry about was getting hollered at at a Mexican restaurant.”

He reasons that when “you aggressively f— with people’s lives, you should not be surprised when they decide to f— with yours.”

History repeats. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Then, as in now….

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Stalkers & Their (Kiddie) Prey: Online/Offline Footprints – Physicians At Risk Too Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Potentially, anyone – from the young to not so young – can become the target of a determined and fixated stalker. And the advent of the internet in general and social media in particular makes it that much easier to track one’s prey. Stalk. Apparently, a preponderance are blithely unaware of who (or what) may lie in wait. Know that female stalkers can be every bit as dangerous as their male counterparts. Hair-raising.

Not only that, whenever the topic of stalking is addressed, it is usually too little too late. This is the case, most especially, for the kiddies who fall prey to online pedophiles. In other words, typically, the person’s death (or grievous injury) is retold on a crime-oriented youtube channel or the like. Inexplicably, until recently, few resources have been dedicated to preventative measures. Regrettably, it is still easy for stalkers to zero in and latch on, primarily, due to directional markers ala the internet.

As mentioned, it is not just the kiddies who are victimized. In reality, stalkers operate offline too, in conjunction with an explosive online presence. So due to their wide berth and net (no pun intended), this subject merits a laser focus; a multi-tiered one. Wait and see.

While readers who are familiar with my profile will initially assume that the aforementioned is simply an outgrowth of this and that investigation, said assumption is only partially correct.

Inextricably, certain investigations trigger heat toward my end. It goes with the territory. Tellingly, in Nov. 2016, it became necessary to “turn the tables”, so to speak. To wit, I was “advised” to expose particular (Mohammedan) stalkers at “WACDI.NET, Islamic Fatwa-Driven Site, Features WND’s (World Net Daily) Interview With Adina Kutnicki – What Are They Up To?

Even so, as stated, my interest in this topic is multi-tiered. As luck would have it, it was a few months beforehand that “my Doc” entered my life. And like in any budding relationship, slowly, we began opening up to one another.

Resultant, it is with his express permission and blessing that the following (excerpted) expose’, “When Is It Time To Erase Ones Digital Footprints?” developed – as an “opening shot” into this shadowy and lesser-known arena.

  • In this regard, how many realize that dedicating oneself to saving lives – chiefly, in the medical/surgical arena – can be dangerous to one’s well-being? Believe it.
  • But without going into too many specifics, two male physicians (one, a long-standing friend, an ENT specialist, the second, my significant other, a surgeon) have been stalked – online and offline – by former patients who became fixated on their “saviors.” Ingrates. Nuts.
  • It came to a point where they had to call in the police (respectively, the LAPD and NYPD, plus other private resources) to keep their (female) stalkers at bay. Rest assured, they join a growing list of victimized physicians. And while their predators used different tactics, this is where they aligned: whatever it took, they refused to be ignored and leave the objects of their obsession alone. Full-on.
  • Noteworthy, irrespective of location, one can be targeted. Effectively, whether practicing in a big city or a small town, it makes no difference. Stalkers aren’t location-centric.
  • At the end of it all, the aforementioned ENT decided to keep his online footprints, despite being advised otherwise. Already coined a “Top Doc” in LA, it wouldn’t have impacted his practice. Alas, as usual, he is stubborn like a mule. Arrogantly, he thinks he knows better than the professionals he hired! So, while police pressure and such kept his stalker in line for several months, once again – within the space of a year – she started up. As warned that she would, doggedly, she kept track of him online, making it that much easier to continue her hunt. For the record, as of late, she is “quiet”, but who knows for how long.
  • As to “my Doc”, he listened to all of the recommendations – both from the NYPD and his investigative team, unarguably, a top-tier forensic outfit. Atop their “to-do” list: engineering/hacking wizards “erased” him ….down the rabbit hole. For several years, she is hide nor hair……

Regardless of these two cases of personal interest, stats are stats. They dare not be ignored by the wider public. Thus, consider some sobering facts and truths. Mind you, it is understood that stalking didn’t start with the internet. However, its inherent dangers have risen exponentially due to readily available digital footprints. No doubt.

The sobering stats:

More than 20% of physicians say they have been stalked by a current or former patient, according to a survey presented at the American Psychiatric Association‘s annual meeting.

In an online survey, Penn State University Medical Center researchers asked 597 physicians and residents at two Pennsylvania hospitals about their experiences with 10 patient stalking behaviors:

  • 1. Spying or surveillance;
  • 2. Following;
  • 3. Loitering;
  • 4. Unwanted personal approaches;
  • 5. Unwanted phone calls;
  • 6. Unwanted written communication;
  • 7. Sending offensive materials;
  • 8. Ordering or cancelling services or goods;
  • 9. Spreading rumors; and
  • 10. Interfering with property.

Based on the responses, the researchers found that:

  • 38.7% of physicians have experienced at least of the 10 stalking behaviors; and
  • 20.6% had at least one patient who exhibiting stalking behaviors at least three times.

According to the surveyed physicians, the most common stalking behaviors in patients are unsolicited phone calls, letters, faxes, and emails. Meanwhile, unwanted personal approaches and loitering were among the least common behaviors.

Who stalks physicians

The survey found no clear pattern in patients’ motivations for stalking. Altogether, the survey found that only 40% of stalked physicians thought their stalker was mentally ill. It also found that:

  • 30% of stalked physicians thought their stalker liked or was in love with them;
  • 21% thought their stalker was motivated by revenge or punishment; and
  • Nearly 50% had no idea why they were being stalked or offered no explanation in the survey.

Which physicians are stalked 

The survey found that male and female physicians report stalking at about the same rate, although female doctors mostly reported male stalkers while men reported being stalked by men and women equally.

No specialty was particularly prone to stalking in the survey.

About 11% of the survey respondents said they considered quitting as a result of stalking, and 7% said they considered changing specialties.

The survey also found that:

  • 26% of physicians increased security at home;
  • 24% increased security at work;
  • 16% contacted the police;
  • 14% contacted an attorney;
  • 11% changed their phone numbers;
  • 9% went out less often; and
  • 2% moved out of their homes (Gever, MedPage Today, 5/8).

Lesson learned: in a (psychiatric) word, think: transference. Concretely, the patient transfers their affections to (the “god-like” figure of) their doctor….

Therefore, the next time you hear about someone “erasing” their footprints – going through great pains to become “invisible” – know that it is not for nothing, be they a physician or anyone else.  

To be sure, here’s the irony: whereas “my Doc” is in a profession most would think is safe and impenetrable, still, his footprints needed to be “erased.” Statistically, his case is far from singular. On the other hand, as an investigative journalistblogger, book author and reviewer – coupled with a widely-read online interview presence – it is virtually impossible to do my work without (mega) footprints. In fact, my imprint has reached into the millions – and climbing. Regardless, he is incredibly supportive, although (quietly) apprehensive. 

Concretely, as a knock-on effect to the above (other than utilizing highly-protected email, as well as password-driven sites related to his work in cardio-thoracic surgery, with add-on firewall protections to shield his privacy), he is an online “ghost.”

Thankfully, like most optimists, he manages to see a silver lining. Simply, he is a “glass half full” type of guy. Basically, instead of spending precious free time on social media and this and that online back and forth, he concentrates on other passions – whatever they may be.

Conclusively, others would be well-advised to give it a try, especially, if their work isn’t online-driven.

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Trudeau’s Canada Poses GRAVE Islamic Threat To America, Despite Naysayers. What’s Going On? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

With all the brouhaha surrounding President Trump for (rightfully) taking aim at Canada’s tariffs on US imports (specifically, a 270% tariff on dairy products, plus, varying percentages on other goods), it must be understood that a looming threat – one which has exploded under Trudeau’s reign – must be exposed and paid heed to. Post haste.

Stipulated, America’s northern neighbor has been a friendly one, and vice versa. But the Canada of yesteryear is now overrun with Islamists, most of whom land at Trudeau’s (MP) doorstep. Literally.

  1. Omar Alghabra
  2. Iqra Khalid
  3. Salma Zahid
  4. Arif Virani
  5. Majid Jowhari
  6. Ali Ehsassi
  7.  Yasmin Ratansi
  8.  Ahmed Hussen
  9. Maryam Monsef
  10. Marwan Tabbara
  11. Ziad Aboultaif….and so on and so for….

But before this week’s jihadi aim was taken by America’s (DHS) poohbahs – straight toward Canada, the nation’s northern neighbor and border – know that its basis was first laid out at, as far back as August 2015. It was in anticipation of Trudeau (Canada’s leftist and Islamic-bent “pretty boy”) grabbing the reins, having been the Leader of the Liberal Party since 2013. Part of its underlying thrust can be read at “America’s Neighbor, Canada, Meets ISIS Nightmare: What’s The Upshot?“, and with its essence fleshed out and shored up within the following:

Mind you, a centerpiece at LinkedIn can be found within “Trends/Adaptations In Jihadi Tactics”: Intel Overview, Feb. 1, 2018. It more than hinted at the impending danger – vis-à-vis the mandatory (American intel) eyes peeled and targeted toward the northern border. Resultant, an encapsulation is highlighted under “generalized overview.” The following was stressed:

  • Of special note: The dangers accrued from Islamic students (native and foreign- born) on U.S./Canadian campuses was discussed at great length. They were given as much dissection time as Arab “Palestinians” within Israeli campuses, Israel’s cross to bear. A fixed target was placed on U.S./Canadian universities via their alignment with the MSA (Muslim Student Association); one of the very first front groups set up by the Saudi-backed Brotherhood Mafia. Know that the MSA has a ubiquitous (and very powerful) presence on almost every campus across North America. Inextricably, said students are able to “fly under the radar”, that is, until they become infamous. MIT’s Aafia Siddiqui, a 9/11/01 plotter, is Exhibit Number One, having been on the Board of its MSA – one of many such “accomplished” Jihadis!

In this respect, is it at all shocking that, just this week, Trump’s peeps sounded the (northern front) alarm:

The Department of Homeland Security has released a report called “Department of Homeland Security Northern Border Strategy.”

The Federation of American Scientists describes it as the DHS moving “to protect U.S. against threats from Canada.”

“The Department of Homeland Security today unveiled a ‘Northern Border Strategy’ to protect the United States against threats originating in Canada,” commented Steven Aftergood. “The new Trump administration strategy acknowledges that ‘the Northern Border remains an area of limited threat in comparison to the U.S. Southern Border.’”

But it says “the Northern Border is not without safety, security, and resiliency challenges.”

The report cites drug trafficking, as well as “homegrown violent extremists in Canada who are not included in the U.S. government’s consolidated terrorist watch list and could therefore enter the United States legally.”

The report addresses the need for commerce, travel, tourism and more but also includes “a clear vision and discrete actions that will collectively improve DHS’s efforts to safeguard the Northern Border against terrorist and criminal threats.”

“The international border between the United States and Canada separates two friendly nations with a long history of social, cultural, and economic ties. At 5,525 miles – 1,500 of which are shared by Alaska with British Columbia and the Yukon Territory in Canada – the border is the longest land boundary between two countries in the world,” DHS said.

That means each portion presents its own detection and interdiction issues.

“The Northern border is not without safety, security, and resiliency challenges. The most common threat to U.S. public safety along the Northern Border continues to be the bi-directional flow of illicit drugs,” the report said.

Individuals who pose a national security risk, the report explains, could enter through “the long stretches of difficult terrain between ports of entry…..continue reading here….

Now, not to be a nit-picker, but Trump’s DHS only got it partially right, if, at that. Effectively, the northern border – in comparison to the southern, in that ISIS & offshoots are decamped within spitting distance….painstakingly, revealed in Aug. 2015  is less on fire.

On the other hand, even under Trump, any assessment from the “see no (Islamic) evil, hear no (Islamic) evil” DHS must be viewed as understated (and “less than”), as opposed to right on target. Consider: Intrinsically, DHS’s Kelly (prior to reassignment as Trump’s COS) parroted (still does) that Islam is a religion of peace! Yes, he mirrors HUSSEIN Obama’s dangerous mantra.

The rhetoric of Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly suggests the government’s fundamental assumptions about the threat haven’t changed.

Kelly told the House Homeland Security Committee Thursday that the perpetrators of attacks during the Islamic month of Ramadan have “corrupted” Islam, and he suggested Christian and Jewish beliefs are also causing terrorismBreitbart reported.

“As far as Ramadan goes, you know, first of all, the uptick in violence and activities is done by a very, very small percentage of people who have just corrupted the whole concept of Islam as a religion; but it is what it is,” Kelly told the chairman of the committee, Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas.

Even more so, the Feds – with DHS acting as its titular head – are “spiriting” illegals across the country under HHS (Health & Human Services) cover! The proofs can be found at another expose’, Jan. 25, 2018.

Beyond enraging. Orwellian.

All of which is (still) taking place, even as DHS Head Kirstjen Nielsen exhorts: ” We have ‘zero tolerance’ for illegal immigration!”

Is that so??

Most significantly, since America’s southern border is considered (by so-called patriots) hotter than hot, yet, so much is being tolerated, glossed-over and walked-through alike, does anyone (with a rational thought process) believe that the “lesser” northern threat (according to DHS, no less) will be protected from their most recent and long overdue “action plan”: The Department of Homeland Security has released a report called “Department of Homeland Security Northern Border Strategy.”

You decide.

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Clinton Body Count Ticks Up Ala ANOTHER “Suicide”: When Is Enough Enough? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

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AKIN to political hits within dictatorships (ala strongmen who give the orders to make their opponents and whistle-blowers “disappear”), as well as Mafioso crime bosses (who gun down enemies, wherever they are), trust, The Clinton Crime Family lies in infamy as America’s most accomplished goon squad. Indeed, countless “mysterious” deaths surround them, that is, whenever their presence becomes a liability. Hot. Toxic.

Image result for pics of liars

NOW, let’s just put it out there: the lying, fake-stream media has their backs. This is in tandem with countless political operatives – at home and abroad – who execute their bidding through pay-for-play. Thus, whenever the truth starts to surface, almost, as if in unison and on cue, they exhort: conspiracy theory! But never mind….falling on deaf ears….

STILL, before the latest “mysterious” death surrounding the most infamous political crime family in American history is explored – by the way, a cartel which is tailor made for RICO charges – absolutely, due diligence mandates a well-documented charge sheet, even if abbreviated.   Image result for pics of vince foster  “,”width”:”460″}” data-action=”a-modal”>Ad feedback 

In Hillary and Vince: a story of love, death, and cover-up, the truth is revealed and the lies are exposed by Dean W. Arnold; an award winning author and investigative journalist.

The death by gunshot of Hillary Clinton’s lover, lawyer, and best friend in 1993 was the highest suspicious death of a government official since JFK. Deputy White House Counsel Vince Foster handled the Clinton’s most secretive matters and hired investigators to track down and threaten dozens of women sleeping with Bill. Among the many very questionable items in the investigation of Vince Foster’s death are the following: The coroner’s report says x-rays were taken, but when he testified to Senators none were taken. When a paramedic approached Foster’s body, he saw men running away into the woods. The first person to find Foster’s body guarded the entrance to the CIA. Hillary testified she did not see Foster during the month before his death. A staffer testified she was in Foster’s office at least four times.

BODYCOUNT killed by the Clinton machine. MEDIA BLACKOUT IN AMERICA –

The Clinton Chronicles – The Bill Clinton Murders


BUT not one to mix apples and oranges, so to speak, why would the following medical professional state the following – in explanation as to why she can’t “out” herself – after discovering Hill’s illness during her presidential run? You decide.

I am a professor at a medical school. I have taught at three institutions (currently in my third). I will not provide my exact credentials because several people who have tried to speak out against Hillary Clinton have been killed (look up “Clinton Body Count”). The Clintons have also ruined the lives of others who have spoken out, including Drew Pinsky. Drew Pinsky had his show canceled and received death threats, and Huffington Post writer David Seaman was terminated and is living in hiding for his columns about Hillary’s health. Thanks for understanding the reason why I do not disclose my exact credentials.

MIND you, it would take a (more than) Herculean effort to list and document the charge sheets in toto. Regardless, keep uppermost in mind: as to the chosen method to execute this and that kill, it just depends. Intrinsically, be it through a staged suicide, homicide via robbery or what not, the facts on the ground remain the same: dead is dead!! You got that?

ALAS, as rational folks close their ears to the tsk, tskers and noisemakers (whose sole aim is to distract from the criminally liable truths re Clinton, Inc.), the by-product is that they are able to decipher and discern what’s what – irrespective of the modus operandi, that is, that another victim lies atop their highly-stacked body count! Not only that, know that the “mechanics” of this and that hit may never be known. Yet, in reality, this is a matter for the authorities, but only if they are upholding their sworn duties.

AS many have come to expect and tragically accept, in concert with a “see no (Clinton) evil, hear no (Clinton) evil” back-benching media, law enforcement (Feds and local, including, the vaunted NYPD) lack the balls (while some are actually on their side) to tangle with (and to lock up) the MOST powerful crime family in the nation. How much longer will millions of patriots tolerate the intolerable, effectively, allowing their crimes to go unanswered?  

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ONTO the latest so-called victim of “suicide”…..

Investigators say Anthony Bourdain was killed by Hillary Clinton goons

ACCORDING to BuzzFeed (a left-wing smear-machine/propaganda site, posing as the go-to online address for “all the news that’s fit to print”) there is “no there there”, when it comes to the “suicidal” death of Anthony Bourdain, June 8, 2018. Bull-sh*t.

As of early Friday afternoon — a week after the news of Anthony Bourdain’s death — the second non-news mobile search result on YouTube turns up a bizarre conspiracy theory about Anthony Bourdain being on the verge of “exposing elite pedophiles” before his death.


Anthony Bourdain had been harassed and threatened by Hillary Clinton operatives just weeks before he was found dead in an apparent “suicide.” 

According to investigators, Mr. Bourdain was planning to expose pedophile rings connected to Hollywood and D.C. shortly before his death.

His body found Friday after reportedly hanging himself. He was just 61 years old.

Bourdain was a fierce critic of Harvey Weinstein and denounced the serial sexual abuser, calling for swift justice to be served.

During his condemnation of Weinstein, he publicly stated that Hillary Clinton had full knowledge of the sexual abuse, and had done so “for years”:

“know what Hillary Clinton is NOT? She’s not stupid. Or unsophisticated about the world. The Weinstein stories had been out there for years.”

Jeff Hulme@jeffhulme

So go for it , but no one would give a shit if it wasn’t Trump and he wasn’t President. A lot of people are shady, or assholes , that mean the Feds can jack you up? He was shady 2 years ago no warrants?

Anthony Bourdain


..and I am in no way an HRC fan. I’ve been on the receiving end of her operatives’ wrath. And it ain’t fun,

It’s no secret that people who cross the Clinton’s wind up dead … mostly from suicide. Just this week, famous designer and Clinton Foundation member, Kate Spade reportedly killed herself. Spade hung herself as well, NYPD officials said. Are Spade’s and Bourdain’s deaths both coincidences? or are they added bodies to the list of folks who made the mistake of angering Hillary and Bill? reports: Back in October of 2017, CNN’s Bourdain made statements regarding Harvey Weinstein, suggesting Hillary Clinton had to know of his history of being a sexual predator. Bourdain’s girlfriend, actress Asia Argento, accused Weinstein of raping her.

The tweet angered Hillary spokesman, Brian Fallon. He took to Twitter to tell Bourdain to “eat a scorpion.” Many other Clinton winged monkeys followed suit.

Brian Fallon


Go eat a scorpion or something. 

Anthony Bourdain


know what Hillary Clinton is NOT? She’s not stupid. Or unsophisticated about the world. The Weinstein stories had been out there for years

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One month ago today, Anthony Bourdain tweeted he was not a fan of HRC, and he was on the receiving end of he’d operatives’ wrath.
One month ago…


MOST significantly, before naysayers tsk, tsk in this direction for sundry reasons (as well as due to the “in your face” methods of the above truth-teller, that which some may find discomfiting), it won’t make a dent to folks who can see from there to here. Besides, rational thinkers must admit the none too coincidental timing of Bourdain’s “fortuitous” demise on June 8 for Clinton, Inc. – a mere three ! days after he (more than) hinted at upcoming revelations. Hmm.

BUT just in case his last Instagram posts (cited atop the page) go down the rabbit hole and disappear from these pages alike (yes, it has been known to happen), they are re-created below for the evidentiary trail.

Anthony Bourdain on June 5, 2018 while on Instagram typed “I have information that will lead to the arrest of Hillary Clinton”.

And Another message on May 2, 2018 Anthony Bourdain said on Instagram “Let’s assume, for purposes of discussion, that HRC is Satan’s consort and eats children and puppies whenever possible.In what way is Mikey Cohen, the president’s fixer, NOT a problem?”

Another message on May 2, 2018 Anthony Bourdain said on Instagram in a reply to a couple of people he said…and I am in no way an HRC fan. I’ve been on the receiving end of her operatives’ wrath. And it ain’t fun.”

QUESTIONS, anyone? Still need a road map?                                                                      

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“The Wing’s” Founders, Femi-Nazis Alike, Decry: “All-Male” Clubs Discriminatory – “All-Female” Clubs, Woke! “Safe Spaces” & More. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

WHEREAS there is nothing new under the sun, relative to “the war between the sexes” a/k/a “the battle of the sexes”, its underbelly can no longer afford to be dismissed. Swept under the rug. In two words: pooh-poohed.

EVER since femi-Nazis emerged within the women’s liberation movement in the 1960’s and overtook it, what was once a positive force for change has become a danger to society as a whole. While its genesis gave voice to legitimate concerns (such as, creating parity between men and women in the workplace, among other inequities), a breakaway faction, deeply-steeped in radical ethos, changed the calculus. Consequentially, then as now, few understand the gravity of its hijacking. Its knock-on effects.

BUT without delving into countless examples, suffice to assert: under the guise of nurturing and protecting women via their all-empowering and proverbial “wings”, said radical feministas have created a devastating chasm between men and women; the likes of which pale in comparison to the “crimes” of the very same misogynists they rail against! From hereon in, let’s coin them what they truly are: misandristics….man-eaters….bitches. Pick your poison.

ALL of which underlies the femi-nazi movement, whereby a top priority has been (and still is) to storm through “all-male” bastions and private clubs, stake their claim(s), and tear apart their male bonding. What the hell for? For heavens sake, if getting men out of their way – supposedly, to separate from them being a key objective – let them keep their man-caves!! But that’s not good enough – they must be beaten to the ground. Infamously, they set their sights on Harvard’s male-only haunts and a host of others.  

Image result for i am woman hear me roar

NOW, before this and that (anti-woman) invective is hurled toward this direction, trust, few exemplify the true meaning of “I am woman hear me roar” akin to yours truly.

IN fact, operating within a male-dominated, machismo-fueled domain of counter-terror (and its offshoots) has elicited even more, not less, respect for the so-called testosterone-fueled male. While enraging to femi-nazis, know that few show as much respect in this direction as they do. Meanwhile, countless she-devils whine and opine, hyperventilating, in the process: we need “safe spaces!” Dare this strong-willed, albeit very feminine, woman ask: from whom??  

IN this respect, how enraging is it to realize that the aforementioned storm-troopers (and they are) are not only reveling in The Wing – the “all-women”, separatist, gender-exclusive, high-priced, membership-based shared workspaces club(s) – but claim to possess the high-road in the process? Mendacity on steroids!

Image result for pics of the wing womens club

SAY whaaat?

For a feminist utopia like this, the phrase “human-rights investigation” doesn’t seem exactly on brand. But as Jezebel reported this week, the women’s club is now the subject of an investigation by the New York City Commission on Human Rights (NYCCHR), which wants to ensure the club is in compliance with anti-discrimination laws.

Jezebel’s piece explores the unanswered questions around whether or not a female-only space is lawful in New York state; businesses considered “public accommodation” are forbidden from discriminating based on gender without applying for exemptions, which are only granted in rare cases. It also considers the legal precedents that may exist for treating such a space differently than male-only clubs. (Women, one could feasibly argue in a post-Weinstein world, need a safe space more than men.)

But what the article doesn’t explicitly state—and what the commission would not confirm when asked by Quartz, due to a policy of not commenting on an open investigation—is whether the inquiry is about The Wing’s no-men-allowed policy, or some other aspect of their membership criteria. The Wing, for its part, disputes an investigation is happening at all, and told Quartz the two parties have merely “mutually agreed to have a conversation.”

Regardless of whether the NYCCHR’s investigation is about gender, there is a less discussed narrative sitting below the surface—one that has scarcely been mentioned in the many words written about The Wing and its feminist bona fides.

While The Wing can tout diversity in many forms, gaining admittance to the club requires a degree of privilege—one that could preclude some socioeconomic minorities. Indeed, the club’s policies, expensive fees, and membership criteria potentially deny the vast majority of women who most need the safe space it provides. While Jezebel’s reporting points out that there is a “deep well of case law to support its right to exclude men from membership privileges,” the dynamics of social privilege are harder to parse.

Despite the fact that The Wing holds feminist inclusivity as a core tenet of its values—not to mention its sophisticated content strategy—there are ways in which it’s not all that different from the private gentlemen’s clubs of yore. The Wing may be a space that caters to a racially diverse, feminist group of people who identify as women, but it also provides networking opportunities and de-facto career advancement to members of society who are already inherently privileged. In this way, it’s not unlike other elite, members-only clubs—it just appears more woke.

In response to the investigation, an impassioned echelon of women have stepped up to defend the safe space that The Wing provides. After the news of the commission’s active probe broke, the club’s members launched a defiant counter-argument online, spawning the hashtag #IStandWithTheWing. Many took to Twitter and tagged the NYCCHR and New York City mayor Bill de Blasio directly, noting how the private members’ space was a necessary antidote to the #MeToo era. (The Wing’s co-founder and CEO Audrey Gelman told Quartz that they have “been assured that the de Blasio Administration fully supports the mission of The Wing and will work with us to see it prosper.”)….continue reading….

OKEY dokey.  Indeed, while most women revel in “girl time” (including, this one) with new and old friends, how exactly would the presence of males encroach on said connectivity, that is, unless invited into the conversations? Moreover, are women so fragile that they wilt under a man’s (possible) stare and become speechless? Nonsense. Ridiculous. Outrageous. Hogwash. On the other hand, the fact remains that radical feminists are running “The Wing-Show”, as well as the movement in general – all the #MeToo bandwagoners beside the point.

CONSIDER: recently, the club tweeted, “All hail @ Hillary Clinton!!!!” Speaks, and tweets, for itself. Co-founder Audrey Gelman had no qualms, much less, fear, about proclaiming to the New York Times, “We’re a coven, not a sorority.” Exactly. And so on and so forth….Image result for pics of the wing womens club

BY the bye, just in case anyone (male or female) is wondering, “The Wing” is rife with brass balls, mind you, even as they claim to be feminists! How so? Well, they proudly accept millions in venture capital from….you guessed it….men! But even as they high-five Tony Florence, a general partner at NEA, for his funding prowess, their misandry rears its ugly head thusly, “Men have been strictly prohibited from the premises. Investors like NEA general partner Tony Florence and male reporters who have written about the company haven’t been allowed to enter during business hours. This has sparked a fair amount of controversy in recent months.” Whoa! Ingrates. Yes, males can hand them over mega bucks, but still be denied access. What’s that about? Rhetorical. Meanwhile, those who fix their plumbing and electricity have no option, but to enter their sacred and hallowed ground. Hmm. Good to know that men are “valued” for some things, at least, according to wing-nuts.

ALAS, despite their vociferous claims that they are following in the footsteps of pioneering torchbearers and trailblazers, for the record, as per this “sister’s” megaphone: they are liars and revisionists – and that’s for starters. For when one reaches back into history, practical and conscience-driven feminists of yesteryear – circa the 19th-century women’s clubs’ – emerge. Indubitably, they are spinning in their graves.

MOST notable was Jane Croly; a real feminist and a pioneer in women’s clubs. While she clearly tilted to the left – after all, she was the mother to progressivism’s founding father, Herbert Croly – her bonafides should have ensured that Sorosis, the private women’s club she founded in 1868, was  radically bent. Far from it.

IN reality, while holding steadfast to her progressive vision, she (and others in her generational milieu) understood that some issues take precedence over radicalism, that is, public service.

TO wit, to internalize how far off course the femi-nazis have gone, is to encapsulate Sorosis’s mission statement – as to what feminism really meant to the movement’s courageous pioneers. As such, “Croly became very involved in improving working conditions for women, supporting professional female journalists, and advising and assisting educated girls looking for employment. Through her dedication to women’s clubs, she committed to helping other women obtain the education that the society of men had failed to support….”

IN juxtaposition, today’s radical feminists raise up and hail the likes of Linda Sarsour; a Sharia Law advocate and Muslim Brotherhood activist who adheres to Koranic dictates that demean, devalue, and endanger women, to a degree which, in a rational universe, should not only be an anathema to liberal-based women, but decried as the poster woman for feminism! Read: FGM, “honor-killings“, and an ongoing list of barbaric crimes against women.  

MOST obscenely, the fact that Sarsour, “patron saint” Hillary, and other femi-nazis adorn the wallpaper at The Wing’s NYC “women-only caves” (three, at last count….likely, at the one in D.C. too, never mind their plans to expand with outposts throughout the nation and overseas alike), only serves to attest to where their forward march is heading. Ask yourselves: in what way are The Wing’s founders and their fellow travelers (and, don’t underestimate the profound effect their messaging has on the up-and-coming younger membership) any different from segregationists at large? Gender apartheid, anyone?

BY extrapolation, isn’t there a clear, convincing and compelling case per the following charges: aside from the absolute violation of America’s antidiscrimination laws (based upon several factors, including sex), how long can The Wing (pretend to) stand on solid legal or moral ground before its wings are firmly clipped – no pun intended?

NOT only that, isn’t it more than rational to assert: the deceitful dissembling – let alone the hypocrisy – of today’s femi-nazis know no bounds. For years, they shrilly protested against “all-male” clubs, screaming, like banshees: they want in – or else! Naturally, citing, of all things: discrimination! 

SO, is it now the “norm” – in today’s hyper-radicalized American landscape – “what is good for the goose but not the gander” is acceptable, just as long as femi-nazis are in control? Concomitantly, is the following seen as “the truth” too:


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Reform & Conservative Jewish Leadership “At War” With Judaism & Israel – What’s To Be Done? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Image result for hebrew union college la honors michael chabon

{Self-hating Jew, Michael Chabon, depicted receiving an honorarium at this year’s graduation from the Reform Movement’s flagship entity, the Hebrew Union College. Paradoxically, it was coined a “Coalition for Jewish Values!” Orwellian. Suicidal.}

MOST have a hard time wrapping their mind around a very harsh reality, namely, that there are “traitors within.” Of course, history is replete with said treacherous behavior. But when it comes from deep within one’s so-called tribe – a tiny and beleaguered one at that – the knife twists even sharper. Unconscionable. Unforgivable. Mind you, none of this is meant to suggest that mere ideological, political, or this and that difference(s) represents the grave crisis at hand. Far from it. 

BUT before seguing to what can only be deemed a Jewish tragedy and travesty, rational folks must agree that there are certain red lines which should never be crossed by one’s communal leadership. 

MOST egregiously and dangerously, doing so under the guise of what it means to be a “good Jew” – housed under the bull-crap of the “tikkun olam” umbrella mantra – is not only reprehensible, but worthy of tarring, feathering, and disabusing in a most public manner. Hence, today’s smack-down – though hardly a stand-alone at these pages, as will be bullet-pointed below.

It is so very difficult, indeed utterly unbearable, to sit silently by while Jews, and now the general religious and secular communities, completely misuse and distort the term Tikkun Olam– certainly not intentionally or out of any malice, but rather out of ignorance in the pursuit of virtuous goals and principles which may be applicable to general society and civilization but which have tragically become a poor substitute for authentic religious observance.

This repair rhetoric has become an obsession, a catch-all credo. Everything today is Tikkun Olam. Enough with the Tikkun Olam. It is a senseless and meaningless misconception, its true meaning nothing like it is commonly used and purported to be.

It is not at all a centuries-old tradition, it is not a call to action, and it is not a commandment. And to be clear, Tikkun Olam does not even mean repairing the world in the sense of social justice. Nor in traditional sources is Tikkun Olam in any way even a direct human imperative or action, but rather one that is left in G-d’s hands.

We cannot, and are not instructed to, save the world, or even to repair it. Judaism teaches no such thing. Rather, we are instructed to conduct ourselves properly, to observe the Mitzvos, the Commandments (which are not good deeds, but rather commandments, required imperatives), and in that way to contribute to society and civilization both by example and through practice and action…..continue the truth-telling here…..

NOW that that has been established, it must be noted that the most recent nails in the heart of Reform and Conservative Judaism were “predicted” at these pages. How so? As always, let’s rebuild the case. Then, and only then, will the truth become self-evident. The indictment sealed.

  • Going back to Sept. 2012 (the onset of this site), it became an absolute imperative to warn my fellow “tribes-people” about the dangers associated with voting for, once again, HUSSEIN Obama! Mind you, a preponderance made said mistake in 2008. Indeed, the so-called smart-set never seem to learn their lessons, at least, when it comes to their real religion: leftist universalism!
  • Demonstrably, in between 2012 and 2016, know that several more proofs of the same have (dis)graced this site, but no matter. Like clockwork, along came another mandatory outing – this time in the aftermath of the 2016 election cycle. Par for their leftist course, the ADL got in on the act – they just can’t help themselves! Egregiously, their stated (fundraising-inclined) mission is: “To stop the defamation of the Jewish people, and to secure justice and fair treatment to all…“, but truth dare be told, if a leftist and universalist outcome is not assured, well, the poohbahs at ADL have zero interest in pursuing “justice.” This was exactly what transpired when President Trump won the election, as their smear machine went into hyper-drive. Full throttle.
  • So, is it any shock that a main day camp for the Conservative Movement, Camp Solomon Schechter, in the summer of 2017, flew the “Palestinian” flag, yes, ostensibly in a “hand of friendship” to visiting Muslim children?? Indeed, it is under this flag that avowed enemies of the Jewish people, let alone Israel, pledge their allegiance to! Comparatively, can anyone imagine a so-called Jewish camp flying the Nazi flag for any conceivable reason? Same thing. Mind you, it was only after outraged parents and benefactors raised a ruckus that the camp’s leadership, sort of, kind of, apologized. Too damn late.
  • Disgracefully and dangerously, Solomon Schechter’s leadership betrayed its own to appease the powers-that-be on the left who bow to “the god of universalism” – Jews and non-Jews alike.
  • Camp Solomon Schechter and Camp Ramah, “the camping arm of Conservative Judaism”, have chosen sides – and it’s not the Jewish one. Wait and see…
  • Which brings us to one more repugnant exposure (August 21, 2017), that is, before the newly promised indictments. Alas, once again, this finger is pointing in the direction of Michael Chabon (and wifey, Ayelet Waldman) via an open indictment of a self-hating Jew. He isn’t satisfied with maligning Israel, not at all. A low-life, a “JBB” (Jew by-accident of-birth), not only does he seek the destruction of Israel, but the evisceration of Judaism in toto! Tragically, the aforementioned join an increasingly long list of self-destroyers. But it is due to their (misguided) “stature” that they require the highest form of opprobrium.

TO wit, how much worse can it get? VERY.

Image result for pics of camp ramah embracing muslims

Major American Jewish groups have had to deal with the challenge of Jewish anti-Israel groups. Some of them, like Jewish Voice for Peace, exist to serve as fig leaves for antisemites. Some, like J Street, were formed to legitimize anti-Zionism among American Jews and push mainstream Jewish groups away from their traditional support for Israel.

Over the past few weeks, the leaders of the Reform and Conservative movements have chosen to deal with these challenges by delivering their flagship institutions – and through them, their movements – into the hands of Jewish antisemites. That is, they have placed their movements on the fast track to self-destruction.

On May 14, Hebrew Union College in Los Angeles held its annual graduation ceremony. HUC, with its campuses throughout the US and Jerusalem, is the flagship institution of the Reform movement. HUC ordains Reform rabbis, cantors and professionals. Its curriculum and priorities determine the direction of the entire movement.

This year, HUC’s leadership conferred an honorary degree on novelist Michael Chabon and asked him to deliver the annual commencement address….

The pinnacle of Chabon’s anti-Jewish screed to newly ordained Reform rabbis revolved around his revulsion at the Passover Seder. Insisting that the whole story of the Children of Israel’s enslavement in Egypt and subsequent liberation was a lie (“It seems pretty clear that we just made the whole damn thing up”), he explains that God is immoral because he hardened Pharaoh’s heart, “ensuring the slaughter of thousands of innocent Egyptian boys.”

And of course, Israel is the evil, modern equivalent of Pharaoh’s Egypt.

Chabon then exhorted the new Reform religious leaders that their job is to transform Judaism into Chabon’s image. They must essentially completely reject its teachings. They must reject Israel. They must transform Judaism into something indistinguishable from the radical leftist mélange that inhabits Chabon’s hometown of Berkeley, California.

When a few Jewish writers condemned the HUC for inviting Chabon, the college’s interim president Rabbi David Ellenson and the dean of its Los Angeles campus Joshua Holo published an article where they did more than just defend having provided an antisemite with their most prestigious platform in the name of open discourse and diversity – they defended Chabon’s positions.

In their words, “Chabon… articulated deeply Jewish and Zionist commitments (not merely abstract or literary in nature, but specifically religious, communal and even tribal).”

If there was ever a better articulation of “white is black and black is white,” it’s hard to think of one.

Chabon articulated a deep desire to destroy Judaism and Zionism and replace them both with anti-Judaism and anti-Zionism, in the name of destroying the tribe, community and religion through intermarriage.

By defending Chabon’s message, and pretending it was the opposite of what it was, Ellenson and Holo adopted it as HUC’s message.

Chabon’s message is now the position of the Reform Movement.

This brings us to the Conservative movement.

Last week, the radical group IfNotNow held a workshop in Boston for young activists who will work this summer as counselors at Jewish summer camps affiliated with Reform and Conservative Judaism. Several of the participants will work as counselors at the Conservative movement’s Camp Ramah.

Camp Ramah, whose eight-week session costs nearly $10,000 per camper, is one of the most important institutions in the Conservative movement. With nine camps throughout the United States, 9,000 campers a year and some 200,000 alumni, Camp Ramah has played an outsized role in engendering and maintaining Jewish identity, Zionism and communal attachment and commitment among young American Jews.

Aside from sports, drama and other standard summer- camp fare, campers at Ramah have daily Hebrew classes and Torah classes. The camps are kosher and keep Shabbat. Israel and Zionism have always played central roles as well in Ramah’s daily routine.

According to the JTA write-up, IfNotNow’s workshop was the brainchild of a Camp Ramah alumna. Its goal is to bring the group’s ideology into Camp Ramah.

IfNotNow met with Ramah Director Rabbi Mitch Cohen in March. Several workshop participants have been hired by Ramah.

The very fact that IfNotNow members have been hired by Ramah means that the camp – and through it, the Conservative movement – has embraced Israel hatred, and indeed, hatred of Judaism, as a legitimate position.

IfNotNow is a spin-off of J Street. It was formed during Operation Protective Edge in 2014. Its members organized violent protests outside the offices of major Jewish groups in New York and Boston demanding that they end their support for Israel and support Hamas terrorists.

IfNotNow members said kaddish for Hamas terrorists.

The group has placed the cessation of US support for Israel among its top goals.

HUC’s decision to honor Chabon was shocking in and of itself. Chabon is an outspoken hater of Israel and Israeli Jews. His books Olives and Ash: Writers Confront the Occupation, and The Yiddish Policeman’s Union are, each in their way, major assaults on Israel’s very right to exist, not to mention on the inherent morality of its existence.

So by inviting Chabon to speak, HUC wasn’t merely inviting a “controversial” speaker – it was inviting a speaker who openly hates Israel.

At the commencement, while he laced his address with Israel hatred – and a particularly vicious abhorrence for Jews who live beyond the 1949 armistice lines – Chabon did not focus his remarks on the Jewish state.

Most of his speech was a diatribe against Judaism. Chabon began his speech with an assault on endogamous marriages. When a Jew marries a Jew, he explained, they create “a ghetto of two.”

The Jewish marriage ceremony is hateful because “it draws a circle around the married couple, inscribes them – and any eventual children who come along – within a figurative wall of tradition, custom, shared history, and a common inheritance of chromosomes and culture.”

In contrast, intermarriage “is the source of all human greatness.”

Judaism is hateful in Chabon’s views because it is all about drawing lines, distinctions and boundaries. And he thinks boundaries and lines – up to and including the separation of the heavens from the earth – are evil.

Chabon took his audience on his journey from Jew to anti-Jew and explained that it would be no tragedy at all if Judaism would disappear altogether.

In his words, “On the day that the last Jewish couple dies, after watching their children marry Hindus, Lutherans, atheists, Sunnis, Buddhists, the fault for that extinction will lie squarely with Judaism itself – and not because Judaism failed to enforce its teachings against intermarriage but because it was necessary… to have such teachings in the first place. Any religion that relies on compulsory endogamy to survive has, in my view, ceased to make the case for its continued validity in the everyday lives of human beings.”…..continue reading the horrendous truth here…..

NOW, with the latest (communal/tribal) dirty laundry hanging out, what’s the upshot? 

UNLIKE others who prefer to either close their eyes and ears to the truth, or attempt to create a silk purse from a sow’s ear, this address is more confrontational.

IN other words, to Jewish and Christian supporters of Israel: the more that these flagships and their leadership are exposed for what they really represent (effectively, demonstrating that the Reform and Conservative movements of yesteryear no longer exist, the ADL alike), the more likely their highly derelict and dangerous stewardship will collapse. In two words: bankrupt them!!

IN so doing, duly qualified non-traditional Jews who really care about their people’s survival will be forced to step up into positions of leadership, with the understanding that doing nothing is akin to a slow suicide – tribal-wise, spiritually, familial-wise, and personally. 

INESTIMABLY, according to the glorious words of Hillel The Elder (110BC – 10AD) in Ethics of the Fathers, 1:14, its authentic meaning cries to the heavens for action:

If not us, who? If not now, when?

Image result for pics of kenneth levin's book delusions of a people under siege

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NYC’s Marxist Mayor Strikes Again: Targets Stuyvesant High, Bronx Science & Other Top-Tier! Deconstructing America, One “Diversity” Obsessed City At A Time. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Image result for pics of bulls eye targets

FULL DISCLOSURE: whereas all the targets within these pages are, to one extent  or another, zeroed in on due to the danger(s) they present to America and Israel (the west at large, by extension), a smattering hit closer to heart and home than others. In other words, while the thrust of today’s commentary revolves around the knock-on effects from countless policies enacted by Bill De Blasio – NYC’s anti-American, Marxist-driven, and Islam-coddling Mayor – its basis is decidedly non-personal. But the fact remains that a personal element exists too. Intersects. That’s just the way it is. A two-fer. Wait and see.

EVEN so, above and beyond the personal realm, it is mandatory due diligence to first expose his crimes against America, in so far that whatever shakes out in NYC – the heretofore flagship city of the nation – catapults well beyond its borders. Like it or not.

Sarsour (in rust-colored Muslim headbag) is smitten with deBlasio, who cracked down and ended the NYPD's surveillance of Muslims

(Flanked by Islamists of all stripes, most notoriously the Brotherhood Mafia’s chick from the Brooklyn ‘hood, Linda Sarsour!)

De Blasio’s (Encapsulated) Crimes:

And since Marxist-loving NYC Mayor De Blasio recently castrated the NYPD’s surveillance demographics unit  – inside the Muslim community/mosques – let’s just say that his appointed Police Commish was ordered to (effectively) UNDO all of ex Police Commish Raymond Kelly’s “infiltration & penetration, to the degree in which NYC was kept safe under his tenure. Holy jihad!

Let there be NO doubt: the desecration of sacred ground in NYC would never be tolerated, if the likes of former Mayor Giuliani (despite this and that flaw) held the reins. In fact, any building application for such a monstrosity – albeit, couched in condo-speak, under the guise of an Islamic “museum” – would have become DOA within the city’s morass of bureaucratic red-tape. Know this: without inordinately heavy (political) muscle, no one can do an end-run around the process. What does that tell you?

Most audaciously, the fact remains that a double crime against patriotic Americans is being committed in NYC; with all “credit” given to revolutionary Marxist, Islamic imbued Mayor Billy boy de Blasio. By the way, his predecessor, Bloomberg, happens to be king of Shariah Law compliant financial instruments! Hmm.

And as this investigative journalist already proved at Joe For America (within the linked expose’), the following must serve as part of an overwhelming and overarching indictment – more than enough to nail de Blasio’s head to the wall. Yes, his alliance with the most retrograde forces threatening America – ala co-joining between Islamists and Marxists – is a done deal…..

BUT we are not done. Before Comrade De Blasio’s most egregious, anti-meritorious thrust against the kiddies is laid out, let’s be very clear: its underpinnings are hidden beneath the “mother of all lies”, that is, that poor, disadvantaged students can’t compete with so-called privileged students for spots at top-tier schools in NYC or elsewhere! Nonsense. Hogwash. But never mind the real facts at hand:

For all of his smug moralizing, Mayor Bill de Blasio’s plan to diversify the city’s eight elite high schools would violate the commandment to care for the least of his brothers and sisters.

That is, he’d give more seats to low-income black and Hispanic students — at the expense of the low-income Asian-American kids who now predominate at the schools.

As Stuyvesant alumni association chief Soo Kim rightly put it: “We don’t believe that the solution is taking from one needy community and giving to another needy community.”

Exactly: These Asian students aren’t the children of wealth, connection and means; by and large, they’re from poor, immigrant families.

The city’s own poverty report says Asians are the poorest demographic group, with 24.1 percent living at or below poverty — vs. 19.5 percent citywide. The poverty rate in Sunset Park, one Asian neighborhood, is 29.1 percent; in another, Flushing, it’s 25.2 percent.

And the elite high schools are hardly bastions of privilege:

  • Brooklyn Latin: 61.7 percent of students live in poverty
  • Brooklyn Tech: 60.8 percent
  • Queens HS for the Sciences: 60.5 percent
  • Stuyvesant: 44.3 percent
  • Bronx Science: 44.2 percent

Overall, 45 percent of students at the “elite eight” qualify for free lunch….continue reading the damnable truth here…..

AS is said, this is where the rubber meets the road, rather, where the non-personal meets the highly personal – the full disclosure realm.

BACK in the day, this investigative journalist’s beloved late husband, Frank Kutnicki (may his memory be for a blessing), was a stand-out student at Stuyvesant High School; having graduated with the Bronze Award for exceptional accomplishment! Inestimably, one of the few “jewels in the crown” of NYC education, as well as the country at large – at least, up until now.

ALAS, his classmates were mostly Asian too (go, “tiger moms”), and with fellow Jews in the mix. Truth dare be told, within the aforementioned cultures, education is key and core. In reality, they were (still are) the ones who “made the grade”, when it came to the cut-throat admissions test. Make no mistake, it is too damn bad on those who don’t pass the hurdles. Simply put, where is it written that life has to be fair?? It isn’t. Get over it.

NOT only that, this family’s patriarch had two huge strikes against him, and poverty was the least of it. With parents who barely survived the Holocaust, even living with a highly traumatized mother and father (and atop it all being dirt poor) was not used as an excuse and obstacle. Without self-pity and complaint, a seat at Stuyvesant was in his (merit-based) grasp! By extrapolation, to have considered Frank even remotely privileged would have been as real as one’s belief in the tooth fairy. You see where this is going…..

IF not, the point being: then as now, only one’s G-d given brains (coupled with the drive to succeed….don’t underestimate the value of said contributory factor) will get one into such a high-stakes academic powerhouse, never mind graduating on top of the pack too! Intrinsically, in particular, how many know that Stuyvesant High School has produced Nobel Prize winners, and a lengthy list of others of notable repute? Now you do.

BUT despite these verily truths, to the likes of De Blasio and his gang of commissars, none of this matters. What matters is that a dumbed-down “diversified” process ensures that the best high schools in NYC (in due course) take on the same “equalizing” effects of each and every social engineering experiment gone devastatingly awry. Read: the disastrous fall-out all across U.S. academia! Ask yourselves: why is it that high-achievers are punished by the fascist left to satisfy mediocrity and worse? 

EVEN among the heretofore top-tier universities, a race-based, minority-driven, hodge-podge of quotas ala affirmative action produces countless unqualified graduates – that is, if they even manage to graduate. Tellingly, how bad has it gotten that a lone powerhouse remains, notably, the California Institute of Technology, by refusing to kow-tow to “diversity?” Rhetorical. And this is precisely why Caltech is in a class by itself – as per a fully elucidated analysis written by Russell K. Nieli, a Senior Preceptor in Princeton University’s James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions, and a Lecturer in Princeton’s Politics Department. He is the author of “Wounds That Will Not Heal: Affirmative Action and Our Continuing Racial Divide.”

BUT what does all this mean? Conclusively, the most efficient way to destroy a productive, high-functioning society, a meritocracy, is through two doors: the familial and the educational.

INEXTRICABLY, it is through “door one” that America’s traditional family is being cut off at its roots – all “credit” to social engineers who hail from the fascist-left and environs. 

AS per “door two”, the facts within “A” (Used To Be) For Apple, Now It Is For Activist are more than bullet proof re the charges against (mis)education in America.

MOST resolutely, it must be understood: under a Marxist/socialist agenda there is no place for individual success. Period. Concomitantly, rewards for high achievement are non-existent.

SO, whereby said ruling commandants live enriched, success-driven lives, the masses must be “equalized.” Effectively, the question becomes: since control is at the heart of the aforementioned, isn’t it easier to subdue an across-the-board non-success-driven populace, as opposed to one which strives for excellence? 


(Pro Scientia Atque Sapientia: For knowledge and wisdom)

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UPDATE: Asian-Americans: Mayor Bill de Blasio ‘Pitting Minority Against Minority’
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Londonistan’s Jihadi Hate Preacher: His Imminent Release Vs. Tommy Robinson’s Incarceration – Europe’s Self-Immolation. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

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AS is said and is (hopefully) known, the company one keeps is reflective of one’s worldview. Like-mind. And when considering how protective the EU is of its Mohammedans, little is more emblematic of said truth – believe it or not.

(File) Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon, AKA Tommy Robinson, former leader of the right-wing EDL (English Defence League) is escorted away by police from a Britain First march and an English Defence League march in central London on April 4, 2017

(#FreeTommyRobinson: As of 5/28/18, over 400,000 Sign Petition Demanding Release of UK Activist)

SO much so, as recently as May 30, 2018, it became mandatory due diligence to warn: “The Collapse of Western Civilization – The Death of Free Speech, Tommy Robinson Style” is at bay. Incontestably. For in no uncertain terms, the west (with the EU in the lead) has tilted toward Islam for decades – in a seismic, earth-shattering shift. Of course, the fascist left, in league with Islamists, denies that Eurabia even exists. Liars and reprobates. 

The four-decade political and economic relationship between Europe and the Arab countries of the Middle East, institutionalized in the annual European-Arab Dialogue, has spawned a virulent and hostile amalgam calledEurabia.” It will not simply go away with a change in European Union (EU) policy. Rather, its roots are deeper. Indeed, how the Eurabia issue is handled today will largely determine Europe’s future.

The images of Eurabia are manifest in millions of people burning American and Israeli flags during the Iraq war and openly supporting Yasir Arafat, Saddam Hussein, and other brutal dictators. Eurabia is also discernible in the explosion of anti-Semitic activity and a lack of empathy for Jewish rights in various European countries. Increasingly, Jews find themselves under attack, chiefly from Muslim extremists and radicalized youth, and European governments and law enforcement agencies react to these violations of rights only tepidly and only after the sustained pressure of publicity. The Eurabian phenomenon can also be seen in the intimidation into silence of critiques of Islam and Muslim society, epitomized by the slaying in broad daylight of Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh, who had made a documentary on the travails experienced by Muslim women within Muslim societies.

This pernicious merger began with Charles De Gaulle in the 1960s. De Gaulle saw that the power of France diminished with the loss of its colonies and he believed a more unified Europe would restore some French glory. In order to unify Europe, the continent needed to form an international bloc that could rival America. The Arab nations of the Middle East, unparalleled in their oil wealth, seemed to be good partners. Laying the foundation for this relationship, on November 27, 1967, De Gaulle said that French-Arab collaboration would be a fundamental element in French politics. Since then, France has adopted a highly amiable policy toward the Arab world and a hostile attitude toward Israel….continue your educational reading….

THAT being established, it makes total (Orwellian) sense that UK-based Tommy Robinson, a patriot and supporter of western values, landed in jail for the “crime” of exposing the scourge of rape-jihad ala Mohammedan grooming gangs (mind you, even as this plague catapults all across Europe), in juxtaposition to the imminent release of a stone-cold supporter and inciter to Jihad, yes, that Anjem Choudary – having served just two years into a five-year sentence! Indeed, in a non-Islamic-captured nation, he would be in jail for life. Agreed?

EVEN more so, know that one of the aforementioned is a productive member of society who actually works for a living, while the other – guess who’s who – receives a string of welfare benefits, despite his public crowing: “benefit payments are a Jihad-seeker’s allowance !!” 

Anjem Choudary has been recorded telling followers to claim benefits as part of their struggle to bring sharia law to the UK

(Anjem Choudary has been recorded telling followers to claim benefits as part of their struggle to bring sharia law to the UK)

A controversial Muslim cleric who lives off benefits is urging his followers to also sponge off UK taxpayers by claiming their ‘Jihadseeker’s allowance‘.

Anjem Choudary, who in the past has planned to disrupt the minute’s silence on Remembrance Sunday, also openly mocked hard-working Britons, calling them ‘slaves’.

The Sun newspaper secretly filmed him saying Islam will overrun Europe, David Cameron and Barack Obama should be killed and calling the Queen ‘ugly’.

But today he said he had been ‘joking’ and his words had been misconstrued.

He also maintained that Osama Bin Laden was his ‘hero’.

The father-of-four takes home more than £25,000 a year in benefits and lives in a £320,000 house in Leytonstone, East London…..continue reading the horror show….

MOST significantly, none of the largess gifted to Islam’s barbarians (thousands upon thousands, and from the taxpayer trough) is an accident, nor is it happenstance.

NOW, as is always the case, and one way or another, be it this major Jihadi or that one, eventually, they find themselves in these cross-hairs – some of whom threaten this and that revenge. So what??

DEMONSTRABLY, on Oct. 2, 2014, the following excerpts were reported at World Net Daily (by the way, the Internet’s first independent news site, a pioneer) within “43 Islamists on Trial for Euro-terror Plot “:

Choudary, who praised the perpetrators of the Sept. 11 attack and the 2005 attack on London, wants Islamic law, or Shariah, to be implemented throughout the U.K.

In an interview, Choudary acknowledged he knows Belkacem but doubted the Belgian recruited fighters for ISIS, because he’s been in jail since February.

“It’s very strange to me that Belgium is putting on this trial at all. They’ve charged 43 people but only about eight or nine of them are actually in court,” Choudary said. “It seems to be a very politically motivated trial designed to tarnish the reputation of these Muslims.”

Choudary dismissed the fear that ISIS fighters will return home to Belgium and other European countries.

“Once they go to Syria, it’s really unlikely that any of them will return. Some have already become martyrs dying on the battlefield. However, many of them are having their passports revoked and are essentially left without a country to return to,” Choudary said.

He claimed it’s “fantasy” to think such fighters would come from the U.S. then return.

But there are already reports of ISIS fighters returning home to Europe and to the U.S., said Clare Lopez, vice president for research and analysis at the U. S. Center for Security Policy in Washington, D.C.

Some intelligence community officials have expressed concern that ISIS could have a presence in the United States. We know that any number of jihadis, perhaps more than a 100 from the United States and thousands from Europe, have gone off the fight in jihad in Syria and Iraq,” Lopez said. “We know that some of them have returned.”

Authorities estimate 300 Belgians have traveled to the Middle East to fight with ISIS. Muslims from other European countries have also joined ISIS. A recent BBC News report said there are as many as 3,000 Europeans fighting with ISIS in Syria or Iraq.

Van Ostaeyen said there is general concern of rising violent jihadist activity in Europe after the June attack on the Jewish Museum in Brussels by a French Muslim.

Israel-based intelligence analyst Adina Kutnicki said the concern over ISIS is well founded. However, Kutnicki told WND in an interview that the jihadists’ point of origin should not be the focus.

“Firstly, whether they are recruited in Belgium, or any other Western nation, is not the issue. The fact that Islamic jihad has come full circle – spreading its wings from the Mideast, back into Europe, only to re-enter the Mideast – is in order to fulfill the main mandate. That’s the reestablishment of the caliphate,” Kutnicki said.

Former Air Force counter-intelligence officer and terrorism analyst Dave Gaubatz said any effort to downplay the ISIS threat to the U.S. is seriously misguided.

“ISIS and other Islamic terrorist groups, motivated by their Islamic ideology, are the world’s most dangerous threat. ISIS has money, followers, a military and a strategy for world conquest,” Gaubatz said.

Lopez emphasized ISIS fighters returning to Europe and the U.S. have two distinct advantages…..and so on and so forth….

BUT despite all of the consistent evidence attesting to the self-immolation of Europe (with approximately a decade to go before America follows suit, that is, if patriots don’t fight back), the fact remains that Mohammedan Choudary “deserves” credit for telling it like it is.

IN other words, he isn’t pretending that what is isn’t; that Islam is compatible with democracy (a contemptible lie, in and of itself); that followers of Islam don’t hate “infidels”, and that the main goal of all of its true adherents isn’t one and the same –  the application of Sharia Law over every single nation!


PATRIOTS, wherever you reside in the west, it is what it is. Alas, just get busy and take back what is yours – before the (west’s) lights go out!!

G-dspeed to America, Israel, and the west in toto.

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