GUN CONTROL Freaks Take Aim In Israel: Not Solely The Purview Of U.S. Leftist Revolutionaries…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Readers are familiar with this blog’s ZERO tolerance regarding gun control, and its resonant outrage regarding the disarming of law abiding citizens. Aside from leaving citizens defenseless, equally enraging is the push to eviscerate a U.S. Constitutional bedrock. In other words, a double whammy is struck at those whose only “crime” is their intent to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. Yet those who bear watching – garden variety criminals and terrorists – will always, by hook or by crook, gain access to firepower. History has proven this to be the case, so let us cease pussyfooting around the matter. Black markets thrive, regardless of this or that “control”. A fool’s paradise.

That being said, now that Americans are witnessing a regime gone wild – – does anyone in their right (no pun intended) mind believe that Washington’s miscreants are trustworthy, so much so that one would place their faith in the leadership to “have their back” when the chips are down?

And the fact that the left goes postal any time their power is at risk, isn’t this another ! qualified reason to keep ones guns close, rather than giving them up? –’s hope so.

And while Americans have their crosses to bear – chiefly in the footprints of Obama Inc. – what can one say about Israel’s demented left, you know, those who also (dis)grace these pages…the bane of this American-Israeli’s existence – Besides, with terrorists embedded within the fabric of Israel, whether in Israel proper or beyond the mythical “green line” – basically an armistice line created after Israel beat back several invading Arab armies – shouldn’t the “right to carry” be an inherent Jewish interest, at least if survival is the goal? One would think so. And since the enemies at Israel’s jugular have no intention of taking up knitting, then surely the (Jewish) right to bear arms is more than a necessity –

Full disclosure: it is entirely heartwarming to see a Jewish boy (or girl) at target practice. You never know when the skill will come in handy, whether in Israel or elsewhere. 

‘Ex-Security Chief: Don’t Rush to Take Our Guns’

Former IDF security chief says guns can prevent murder.
By Maayana Miskin
First Publish: 5/22/2013
Gun range (file)

Gun range (file)
Flash 90

There have been increasing calls in recent weeks to restrict gun ownership, particularly in light of recent domestic murders committed by off-duty security guards. The murder of four people in a Be’er Sheva bank this week spurred further calls for increased gun control.

That would be a mistake, says former chief of IDF Internal Security Gershon Eckstein.

“I don’t recommend getting worked up and coming up with all kinds of proposals to reduce gun ownership and collect weapons in the wake of the horrific murder at Bank Hapoalim in Be’er Sheva,” he said.

“Just three years ago, the streets of our cities were plagued by terrorism, and more than a few terrorist attacks were stopped by an immediate response from citizens with personal weapons,” he noted. Armed citizens stopped terrorists in multiple tractor attacks in Jerusalem and during the shooting at Merkaz Harav Yeshiva. Guns have also been credited in ending attacks on motorists by Arab or Bedouin gangs.

“We are still not free of terrorism, and it could return to our streets,” Eckstein warned. “A terrorist attack that is not met with an immediate response could continue, and leave many victims. The police cannot be everywhere at once.”

Weapons could also be used to stop attacks like that in Be’er Sheva, he said. “Imagine if the murderer had been mentally stable, and if one of the other customers waiting at the bank had started to murder civilians,” he said. “The first thing he would have done would have been to neutralize the murderer using his weapon, and that would have saved lives.”

“The personal weapons owned by the Israeli public are the final line of defense and of immediate response, and need to be used to save lives,” he concluded.

In the main, the thesis, “leftist dogma the same world over” – proven again and again; chiefly through intuiting their end goals: controlling the populace.

Totalitarians to their core.

4 thoughts on “GUN CONTROL Freaks Take Aim In Israel: Not Solely The Purview Of U.S. Leftist Revolutionaries…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. Would like to see a study of how many people have died from gun violence and how many people have escaped physical harm or worse because they or someone had a gun and used it for defense.

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