What Was Behind PM Netanyahu’s Vacillation: Should We, Or Shouldn’t We, Allow Islamist Reps. Omar & Tlaib (BDSers) Entry? More Than Meets The Eye! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki


Amendment No. 27 to the Entry Into Israel Law

Emblem of Israel alternative blue-gold.svg
Enacted by Knesset
Enacted 6 March 2017
Introduced by Bezalel Smotrich (Jewish Home)
Roy Folkman (Kulanu)
Prohibiting entry, visa and residency permits to any foreigner who “knowingly issues a public call for boycotting Israel that, given the content of the call and the circumstances in which it was issued, has a reasonable possibility of leading to the imposition of a boycott – if the issuer was aware of this possibility.”

The Amendment No. 28 to the Entry Into Israel Law (No. 5712-1952) prohibits the entry into Israel of any foreigner who makes a “public call for boycotting Israel” or “any area under its control”…..

IN light of the very fact that it is unlawful {emphasis placed} to allow entry to any foreigner who publicly calls for boycotting Israel (see H.Res.496), there never should have been a question: should we, or shouldn’t we, permit Islamist-driven Democratic Reps Omar and Tlaib entry into Israel – never mind that the lawful decision, after much vacillation and pussyfooting, was enacted. Thank G-d.  

H.Res.496 – Affirming that all Americans have the right to participate in boycotts in pursuit of civil and human rights at home and abroad, as protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution.116th Congress (2019-2020) | 


Sponsor: Rep. Omar, Ilhan [D-MN-5] (Introduced 07/16/2019)
Committees: House – Judiciary
Latest Action: House – 07/30/2019 Referred to the Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties.  (All Actions)
Several days ago, we received [Omar and Tlaib’s] trip itinerary,” Netanyahu’s statement continued, “which clarified that they planned a visit whose sole purpose was to support boycotts and deny Israel’s legitimacy. For example, they called their destination ‘Palestine and not ‘Israel,’ and unlike all Democratic and Republican members of Congress before them, they did not seek any meeting with any Israeli official, whether government or opposition.” Continue here…..
ON its face, upon their immediate announcement to visit ‘Palestine’, the two Muslimas should have been deemed by Israel “Exhibits Number One and Number Two” for barring – in so far that Rep Omar (AKA Ilhan Nur Said Elmi) introduced H.Res.496, along with co-sponsor Rep Tlaib. With heavy-assists from others within, notably, Democratic Rep John Lewis – a past supporter of Israel, co-opted by the likes of socialists and Islamists running the Party – its intent is crystal clear: a not so veiled measure to boycott Israel!
MIND you, in a mendacious sleight of hand, its verbiage is dressed up with key buzz words: civil and human rights! Inextricably, in a taunt to fellow members of Congress, they challenged: is anyone within this Chamber against such freedom-based rights? Not only that, the (barbaric) Sharia Lawloving duo have the audacity to conflate said boycott to one against Nazi Germany and apartheid South Africa, opining: failure to support this resolution (effectively, anti-semitic in intent) is tantamount to condoning the genocidal Nazi regime and more! Got that? Of course, they are both fully aware that the so-called Palestinians’ were (and still are) in league with Hitler’s Nazi regime! 

BEYOND the pale. Chutzpah on steroids, too. Egregiously, they abuse America’s House of Representatives; a Chamber meant to enact laws which promote and ensure that the nation’s freedoms and liberties are Constitutionally protected. Instead, they inject the most vile and vicious hatred from time immemorial, anti-semitism, into the halls of Congress, America and beyond – singling out the sole Jewish nation for all-out economic destruction.

MORE specifically, though denied entry to ‘visit Palestine’, their cynicism and ploys know no bounds. Consider:

Apparently her hate for Israel overcomes her love for her grandmother,” said Interior Minister Arye Deri on twitter on Friday evening after learning the US Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib has decided to cancel her trip.

אריה מכלוף דרעי


Rep. Tlaib just tweeted that she won’t be coming to Israel.
Just yesterday she sent me a letter, asking to visit her 90 year old grandmother saying, “it might be my last chance to meet her”.

אריה מכלוף דרעי

I approved her request as a gesture of goodwill on a humanitarian basis, but it was just a provocative request, aimed at bashing the State of Israel. Apparently her hate for Israel overcomes her love for her grandmother.@realDonaldTrump @RashidaTlaib

Rashida Tlaib


Silencing me & treating me like a criminal is not what she wants for me. It would kill a piece of me. I have decided that visiting my grandmother under these oppressive conditions stands against everything I believe in–fighting against racism, oppression & injustice. https://twitter.com/RashidaTlaib/status/1162341203406401536 

Rashida Tlaib


When I won, it gave the Palestinian people hope that someone will finally speak the truth about the inhumane conditions. I can’t allow the State of Israel to take away that light by humiliating me & use my love for my sity to bow down to their oppressive & racist policies. https://twitter.com/RashidaTlaib/status/1162333169846247425 

ALL the more so, though armed with Israeli law solidly backing up barring their entry, why in heaven’s name would so-called tough guy “Bibi” vacillate, even for a nanosecond, that is, should we, or shouldn’t we? Well, if you think it is about President Trump’s truth-telling, think again.
“It would show great weakness if Israel allowed Rep. Omar and Rep.Tlaib to visit. They hate Israel & all Jewish people, & there is nothing that can be said or done to change their minds. Minnesota and Michigan will have a hard time putting them back in office. They are a disgrace!” Trump tweeted.

Shortly after Trump’s tweet, reports emerged that Israel would deny entry to the two U.S. congresswomen. It was unclear if the decision came before or after Trump’s tweet.

THOUGH President Trump’s words certainly gave “Bibi” a tailwind, an out, so to speak, the fact is that his decision had little to do with pleasing Trump, his good friend, nor obeying Israeli Law via Amendment No. 28.
RATHER, it had everything to do with Israel’s domestic politics, in particular, the upcoming election on September 17. While he couldn’t form a stable coalition last go-around (in April 2019) due to a splintering and fracturing of the right-wing, he recognizes all too well that angering his right-wing base (the street, if you will) would spell the end of his ten-year reign at the helm.
SIMPLY put, the majority of right-wing voters (and their like-minded Knesset members, too) are up in arms about BDS proponents entering Israel. The fact that said voters, for the most part, are openly fond of America, still, this is their line in the sand.  More specifically, the thought of their PM flouting Israeli Law to allow them entry, well, that’s their rallying cry for OPEN rebellion against “King Bibi!”
TO wit, the PM had a high stakes decision to make. Thankfully, this time, he came out on the right side, no pun intended. But make no mistake. It wasn’t based on obeying the letter of the law, nor on a moral, principled, and righteous stance. Rather, it was classic “Bibi” – pure brass knuckle political gamesmanship. 

BY the bye, the following American patriot stands head and shoulders above most on the scene, be they in America or Israel – though he needs to understand exactly why “Bibi”, this American-Israeli’s PM, finally manned up. Regardless, pay heed: 

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UPDATE: ‘CLOSED-DOOR’​ INTEL CONFERENCES (SEPT. & NOV. 2019) BACK-TO-BACK: What’s Going On? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

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THE last Intel report from my consultancy with a privately-held Homeland Security entity (Tel Aviv and Washington based), “UPDATE TO: Trends /Adaptations In Jihadi Tactics, Intel Overview, 2018 To Date – The Rashida Tlaib Nexus” (posted January 12, 2019), among other things, presented a bird’s-eye view into what is really going down in Israel vis-à-vis its domestic Arab/Islamic terror menace – sans any Allah-wash, too. Indeed, said (incendiary) charge is irrefutably evidenced by the leadership’s (read: “Bibi & Co.”) decade-long kid-glove treatment towards Arab/Islamic terrorists throughout Israel – never mind any machismo posturing or poppycock “explanations.”

ON the other hand, what has been left hanging in the air within this and that analysis is equally intrinsic to Israel’s security, as well as the wider war against political Islam, that is, the other side of the same coin, so to speak. Effectively, the major knock-on effect (among many others) from the aforementioned “hands-off” treatment is internalized by Israel’s nearby foes – increasingly, they become emboldened (and then some) by the leadership’s continuous volte-faces and retreats, eschewing, all-out victory (not to be impolite, but whatever happened to “Bibi’s” much-heralded balls?).

SIMILARLY, America’s elected and non-elected Islamists have gotten the message: yes, Israel IS a paper tiger! It is what it is. As such, to pretend otherwise is wildly dangerous.

IN this regard, the following is a brief introduction from Jan. 2019 – in relation to the aforementioned entity, as it piggybacked onto its preceding conference, Feb. 2018:

…..Intrinsically, as discussed (January 25, 2018) within “Upcoming ‘Invite-Only’ Intelligence Conference” (in the run-up to last year’s February 1, 2018 Tel Aviv conference), “the principle players and invited attendees are a healthy mix of top-flight, non-politicized Mid East/Islamic (western, but fluent Arabic-speaking) academics; Geo-strategists; counter-terrorism and counter-Intel operatives, as well as forensic types, including law enforcement – active duty and retired”…….

RESULTANT, it is to several ends, some of which are intersecting, that the CEO of this Intelligence entity has set two conferences in motion, seemingly, back-to-back. As always, the first will be held in its highly secured Tel Aviv location. The second, on the other hand, will be off-shore. As to why, and where, I am not at liberty to say. Suffice to know it is not for nothing, nor to see the sights – interesting as they may be. Simply put, this is all business.

BUT know this: the following three targets will be front and center:

  • The ins and outs of Israel’s ever-present and growing domestic threats – with named names – sans any PC lies. It will be followed up with what must be done, once and for all, to squash the threats, as opposed to the leadership’s continuous methods of appeasement.
  • A direct nexus will be drawn, dissected, and exposed – between the leadership’s pandering to said internal foes and the emboldening of Hamas and assorted Jihadi hydra groups, Sunni and Shia, in Israel proper, inside Gaza, and under PA (and Israeli) controlled enclaves in Judea and Samaria.
  • Finally, the increasing threats from Congressional Islamists via Rashida Tlaib and (so-called) Ilhan Omar (as well as “AOC” and other socialists, in league). As a matter of fact, irrefutable evidence, attesting to the same, will be presented at both conferences.

CONCLUSIVELY, since the last Intel “closed-door” conference in Jan. 2019, several corresponding assignments have been executed at this end. And except for a recent ten-day vacation, no stone has been left unturned to dig into this and that. As a result, a compendium of work will be presented in two stages – with an expectation that it will even blow away some of the most hardened counter-terror and counter-intel guys.


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The ‘Normalization’ of Pedophilia – The Last Link In The “Gay Mafia’s” (Fascist-Left’s) Chain of National Destruction. Epstein, NXIVM, Scouts & More! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

AMONG the cacophony of incessant alarm bells blaring within the American landscape – deliberately amped-up ala the nation’s self-appointed elitists – it is near impossible to think straight. Truth dare be told, America is on the brink of a (second) civil war; a hair-trigger away, too. As such, sowing discord and division is key and core. By inciting to racial warfare via identity (protected-class) politics, their ultimate goal, that is, the collapse of America as a Constitutional Republic, is within sight. Know that the (former) “RacialistinChief ” had eight years to stoke the flames, and it is now reaching its inevitable incendiary climax. Yes, he did.

IN this regard, connecting the dots – layers upon layers of contributory factors –  to the disintegration has never been more acute. But like snakes are wont to do,  their trigger points and minefields are purposefully kept off the radar – by those in positions of power whose agenda is the anti-thesis to the underpinnings of America, Western Civilization’s Judeo-Christian roots. As such, the moment of critical mass is, almost, upon the nation. Incontestably, after decades of stirring the national pot, the aforementioned landscape is reaching a fateful juncture.

ONCE again, said national destruction has been ongoing for decades and by design. Know this: it is always aimed at the same targets – via directional markers leading to the hearts and minds of the kiddies! Alas, in order to ‘transform’ the nation into a non-free (i.e., compliant) society, the traditional family, its main edifice, must be deconstructed. Destroyed. In tandem, (subliminal) educational brainwashing through the infiltration and penetration of constructs from socialism, Marxism, and communism must be taught. Imbibed. And herein lies the crux. The insidious danger(s).

Image result for pics of leftist teachers in america

IN UNDERMINING a nation such as the United States, the infiltration of the educational process is of prime importance. The Communists have accordingly made the invasion of schools and colleges one of the major considerations in their psychological warfare designed to control the American mind. By such “cultural” work, the Soviet fifth column obtains an influence, directly or indirectly, over at least a portion of American youth. Some of the young men entering our armed forces, and some of the young women who must support them, are brought within the orbit of pro-Communist thinking, to the detriment of our national security. Future community leaders are also affected. Many by-products beneficial to the conspiracy arise from this infiltration, since concealed Communists in education or their friends become sponsors of Communist fronts, aid in financing Communist causes, and sometimes play a part in influencing the attitudes of certain scientists, specific church circles, and government agencies. 

As early as 1924, in lectures delivered at the Sverdlov University in Moscow, Stalin specified “cultural and educational organizations” as valuable allies in the Communist battle for world dictatorship. These Stalin lectures are now the famous Foundations of Leninism, published and studied widely by the Communists. It was in 1933, however, that extensive infiltration began in the schools and colleges of this country-encouraged by American recognition of Soviet Russia, and stimulated by the Open Letter to the Party. The Trojan horse policy of the People’s Front, which had been initiated at the Seventh World Congress of the Communist International in 1935, gave added impetus to this activity. By May, 1937, the conspiracy considered that enough progress had been made in the schools and colleges to justify a special article of directives in that month’s issue of The Communist, then the official theoretical organ of the Party. This article, “The Schools and the People’s Front,” laid it down as a necessity that “Marxist-Leninist analysis must be injected into every class.” In order that this might be accomplished successfully, “the Party must take careful steps to see that all teacher comrades are given thorough education in the teachings of Marxism-Leninism.” It was stressed that “Communist teachers are faced with a tremendous social responsibility.” They must affect the children’s thinking, and they must mobilize other teachers. But all of this was to be done from the work in the classroom to the agitation among other teachers—“without exposing themselves.” (Italics mine).

This is the instruction which runs through all directives to the infiltrators of our schools and colleges: they must exercise their Communist influence without exposing themselves.” In this very article of May, 1937, an added precaution is given “Only when teachers have really mastered Marxism-Leninism will they be able to inject it into their teaching at the least risk of exposure.” 

The article by John Williamson in the November, 1950, issue of Political Affairs, dealing with general infiltration but referring specifically to trade union work, makes much of the same necessity. The Red infiltrators are there counseled to perform their task in such a way as not to be “exposed” and dislodged from their positions.

This method must be thoroughly understood. If it is not constantly kept in mind, the Red techniques of entering education and influencing its course will be completely missed. Those who contend that Communists should be permitted to teach in our schools “as long as they do not teach Communism openly in the classroom” have not acquainted themselves with the ABC of Red infiltration. And yet, the late Senator Robert A. Taft of Ohio, who represented a considerable section of conservative opinion, has made this grave error. 

In the classroom, the Communist teacher or professor very rarely, if ever, teaches Marxism-Leninism openly. There are hundreds of indirect ways of reaching the same end. Books by Howard Fast, the author who has refused to state whether or not he would fight against Communists if drafted, are proposed as suggested or recommended readings. The works and statements of many other “authorities” who invariably take a pro-Soviet position, such as Professor Frederick L. Schuman of Williams College, can be freely used. The Red instructor has many other “non-Communist” sources to draw on-those leading figures in public life who always follow the Communist line and whom Stalin has designated as the “reserves” the conspiracy should call upon. An entire syllabus which would inevitably lead a student either to embrace Marxism-Leninism or to be sympathetic to the Communist line, can be drawn up without one notably or openly Stalinite reference in it.

Building on that foundation, the Communist teacher or professor notes the pupil or student most susceptible to pro-Red ideas. This student is cultivated privately, with a view to drawing him toward the conspiracy. In like manner, colleagues on the faculty who indicate sympathy for pro-Communist ideas are influenced by personal association to join the Communist Party. The influence of the teacher who is committed to Marxism-Leninism goes far beyond these contact into parentteachers associations (often working behind the scenes with Communists in those groups), in the preparation of books, the presentation of lectures, the voicing of opinions, the raising of finances for the conspiracy. 

Anyone who doubts the widespread character of Communist infiltration into education needs only to consult the Congressional investigations over the years. Specifically, the report of the House Committee on Un-American Activities of April 1, 1951, is most helpful. Entitled The Communist “Peace” Offensive: The Attempt to Disarm, and Defeat America, it cites scores of educators who have aided the Kremlin’s peace partisans. Many of these have been sponsors or members of Communist fronts on a great number of occasions. Robert Morss Lovett, long with the University of Chicago and former American Governor of the Virgin Islands, is there cited as being a member of at least eighty-five Communist fronts. Dr. Harry F. Ward, Professor Emeritus of Christian Ethics at Union Theological Seminary, is reported to be a member of sixty Communist fronts. The late Dr. Walter Rautenstrauch, well-known professor of engineering at Columbia University, is reported to be affiliated with fifty Communist fronts. Dr. Henry Pratt Fairchild of New York University has been associated with forty of such organizations; Colston E. Warne of Amherst and Frederick L. Schuman of Williams College, with thirty, and that is the record also of Dr. Robert S. Lynd of Columbia. 

Each student should examine this report carefully, since it gives an indication of the scale on which the peace partisans (so valuable to the Kremlin) have penetrated our educational institutions. Dr. J. B. Matthews, after careful examination of the records, declares that since 1935 “the Communist Party has enlisted the support of at least thirtyfive hundred professors—many of them as dues paying members, many others as fellow travelers, some as out-and-out espionage agents, some as adherents of the Party line in varying degrees, and some as the unwitting dupes of subversion.” (American Mercury, May, 1953, Communism and the Colleges,” by J. B. Matthews.)……continue reading their subversive swathe through America’s schools here

TO wit, it is not for nothing that this site is rife with evidence of the same via a centerpiece expose’: “The Left’s Deconstruction of America: Capturing The Hearts & Minds of The KiddiesA Catastrophic Conservative Failure.”

EVEN so, regardless of all the heavy-lifting already done at this site (mis)educationwise, there is lots more work to be done – if saving the kiddies, the future of the nation, remains a top priority!

RESULTANT, it must be understood and internalized: the “Gay Mafia” (marching in lock-step with the fascist-left, decade after decade) has acquired win after win. Victory after victory. In a pincer-like vise, their activists (with major assists from every power center) control many of the key levers – some of which have been exposed and explored here.

BUT there’s more. Much worse. So, buckle up. Hang on tight. Click on the links, too.

As if it wasn’t bad enough that this mentally unstable individual is being allowed to indoctrinate young children, with the blessing of the American Library Association, Pontiff has come out and expressed his true intentions. “I’m here to let you know that this event is something that’s going to be very beautiful and for the children and the people that supported are going to realize that this is going to be the grooming of the next generation.” Pontiff has been quoted as saying…..

DEAR reader, is it any wonder that more and more youngsters are supremely confused and suicidal? Shamelessly, they are cheered on and exploited by those whose sexual deviance know no bounds, and whose ultimate goal is to destroy the nation! A double and heinous crime.

TO reiterate, even though the kiddie indoctrination is near complete (again, on two corresponding fronts), the real power players from the fascist, totalitarian left understand that the ‘normalization’ of pedophilia – the last link in the “Gay Mafia’s” chain – must take root, that is, in order for America’s final collapse to come to fruition.

ALL the more so, it is not for nothing that millions upon millions (who are not infected with the “Gay Mafia’s” insidious poisons) watch on in horror – as the evils embedded inside Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophilia/sex trafficking syndicate are unraveling. Not only that, the very same crimes, as well as (some of) the very same players, overlap within NXIVM; a cult-like, pedophilia/sex trafficking entity, too. How can this be? Mind you, it is not accidental, nor is it incidental, that many of those who control the levers of power – elected and nonelected elitists – engage in pedophilia and support the “Gay Mafia’s” perverse crimes. 

AS an aside, let’s digress for a moment. The most influential person in this writer’s life, Irene Silverman Dzikansky, of blessed memory, used to say: “while America serves as a great blessing in its capacity as a liberal democracy, it must be careful not to become too liberal, whereby the brains of its citizens are in danger of falling out!!” In other words, decades ago, she warned: a society which sets no limits or boundaries (no pun intended), is a society ripe for disintegration. Truer words never spoken. Thanks, mom, for teaching and imparting said pearls of wisdom.

INEXTRICABLY, by internalizing what is really going down with the most powerful people in America, their end-game becomes clarified, as well as one’s preparation thereof, alike.  

MOST significantly, to save the kiddies IS to save the nation. In so doing, arm yourselves for the battle to come, whatever that entails.




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ERIC Arthur Blair, aka George Orwell, couldn’t have been more prescient in his overall prognostication: democratic societal norms will disintegrate, that is, if totalitarianism takes over political, media, educational and cultural power centers. In reality, said prediction not only hits the target, but also sums up all of the rest of his clear-eyed assessments via the following:
“The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.”
INCONTROVERTIBLY, a perfectly executed bull’s eye.
EFFECTIVELY, ever since cultural Marxists and Islamists, political bedfellows, locked arms – in the U.S. in particular, and in the west in general – up is down; evil is good; falsehood is truth; wrong is right, and so on and so forth. That is that. 
BUT what is more: given two antagonists – one a moral relativist, the other a moral absolutist, then, all other things being equal, the absolutist is more likely to persevere and win in any protracted conflict. It is doubtful that the Allied Powers in the Second World War would have conquered Nazi Germany had they not believed that Nazism is evil, and that freedom or liberal democracy is worth fighting and dying for. 
IN this regard, a major knock-on effect to America’s (the west in toto) prostration to moral relativism has allowed for, among other things, the entry of CAIR – an unindicted co-conspirator to the largest terrorism trial in U.S. history, the Holy Land Foundation Trial (HLF), 2008 – to call the shots. Yes, they do. Wait and see. In the meanwhile this IS CAIR!

NOW that that is established, before the latest update is revealed, it is imperative to see from there to here.
AS such, no sooner did this investigative journalist and Brotherhood Mafia expert execute her due diligence (patriotic duty, too) through an explosive expose’, “Islamic Terror Alphabet Criteria (ITAC) Deployed: Georgia’s (Terror) Mosques Evaluated Via Its Template“, the threats poured in. Mind you, said actions are akin to notorious Mafioso kingpins (on steroids) issuing threats to those who caught them dead to rights, sans FED push-back. Not likely. Yet, when it comes to Jihadis, more often than not, the FEDS and DHS turn deaf, dumb, and blind. Why is this? Rest assured, this is not an idle indictment of the nation’s domestic intelligence apparatus. It is not for nothing.
IN fact, one only has to hark back to May 2015, to digest the proof of the pudding, so to speak. Yes, it can be gleaned within “Islamic Money/Gold Laundering In Massachusetts Finances Jihad: FEDS Ignore Evidence. What Can Be Done?
BUT never mind. Let’s get into CAIR’s TARGETED threat. In the forefront, should be the way(s) in which Islam’s Jihadis (when in America and the wider west) call their soldiers to arms – through the Koranic based dictates of Takiyya, Tawriya, Kitman, and Muruna via the finely tuned ‘art’ of deception towards infidels!
TEHRAN (IQNA) – On one Friday in late June, Arafat Afaneh greeted the two older white men warmly and invited them into the Islamic Center of Savannah, where he works as the facility manager.

One man said he was Muslim. The other man, he said, was his cousin, who wanted to learn more about Islam.

“We welcome anybody,” said Afaneh. “This is a place of worship.” He gave them a copy of the Quran and brochures on Islam and invited them to stay and listen to the Friday sermon. Something nagged at Afaneh, though, because “they didn’t look happy. They were not smiley or looked like people who were coming to a place to learn. I felt there was something not right about them.”

His suspicions were right and helped prompt a statewide warning. Afaneh said he found out through the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) that the men were alleged members of anti-Muslim groups Sharia Crime Stoppers and The United West, both labeled hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center. After their visits, they were “talking trash about the Islamic center. They said it was disgusting.”

One of the men wrote about his visit to the Savannah mosque in a report published on The United West website: “This would be a mosque that Islamic terrorists and their supporters who are travelling would feel comfortable attending,” he wrote. It also says in an analysis that “the IC of Savannah is the home for Islamic terrorists and their supporters and is used as a training base and regional HQ for developing the strategy for meeting the well-established and very open goal of forming an Islamic caliphate in America …”

Neither man could be reached for comment. Since then, the Georgia chapter of CAIR has warned mosques across the state to be vigilant.

“Georgia mosques are warm and welcoming and they should continue to be warm and welcoming, but we cannot let dangerous bigots take advantage of our hospitality by spying on us and inciting violence against us,” said Edward A. Mitchell, executive director of CAIR-Ga.

Mitchell said a second mosque in Statesboro was also visited. Jante Khabeer was at the Bulloch County Islamic Center in Statesboro in June when he heard knocking on the door. He called out to two men walking away. One pretended to be Muslim but mangled the traditional greeting. He also said “that he was Islam (not Muslim) and that the other man was interested in Islam.” “Something wasn’t clicking,” said Khabeer.

They asked when prayers began. By then, Khabeer suspected something was amiss. He told them 3 p.m., later than the 12:30 start time, when there would be fewer people. They didn’t return. He later recognized them from photos circulated by CAIR. He’s not afraid, just more alert. Many mosques have beefed up security in recent years, following several violent incidents and threats against Muslims in the United States and abroad.

In March, for instance, a massacre at two mosques in New Zealand left 51 people dead and scores injured. Much of the attack was broadcast live on Facebook. In the wake of that attack, mosques in metro Atlanta increased their security.

Accused shooter Brenton Tarrant, a suspected white supremacist, was arrested in the terrorist attack, the nation’s worst peacetime mass shooting. He recently pleaded not guilty.

And, in the US, a man, Craig Stephen Hicks, was arrested and charged with killing three Muslim college students in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, in 2015, which was largely described as a hate crime. Hicks, who pleaded guilty last month, was sentenced to three consecutive life sentences without parole.

The national office of CAIR documented a 17% increase in anti-Muslim bias incidents nationwide in 2017 over 2016. And those only include cases that were reported.

Afaneh now worries followers of anti-Muslim groups might inspire others to do harm or harass members of the mosque. Mosque leaders have beefed up security and asked local law enforcement to conduct extra patrols. He’s also reached out to the FBI.

“We don’t know which one of those dummies might try to come and do something when we’re having a big gathering,” Afaneh said. “We don’t know who might plan some kind of terrorist attack.”

BUT CAIR wasn’t done. Not by a long shot. 

Earlier this week, CAIR-GA issued a statewide alert about four Islamophobes who have been trying to harass the Muslim community. Although these individuals were fomenting trouble in Georgia, they might do the same in other states, including Texas.

“As a precaution, we advise the DFW mosque leaders that if any of these hatemongers are seen on their property to report them to the police for criminal trespass,” said CAIR-DFW Acting Executive Director Ekram Haque. “The mosque security and police should be the only ones to confront these individuals.”


On July 24, the Georgia chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Georgia) today warned mosques across the state that anti-Muslim hate groups have launched a campaign to enter, spy on, and endanger Islamic houses of worship in Georgia, starting with three mosques in Savannah.

On June 28, 2019, the Islamic Center of Savannah hosted a public interfaith event. During the event, members of the hate groups Sharia Crime Stoppers and The United West entered the mosque, introduced themselves to congregants using false names, and claimed to be either “Muslim” or interested in learning about their Muslim neighbors.

The visitors were actually Dave Gaubatz, an Islamophobic conspiracy theorist identified as an anti-Muslim extremist by the Southern Poverty Law Center; David Bores, co-founder of Sharia Crime Stoppers and former police chief of Woodstock, Ga.; and Mary Wierbicki, a writer for the anti-Islam hate group The United West.

After visiting the Savannah mosque, The United West sent a nationwide alert from Gaubatz to its 14,000 subscribers. Gaubatz and the hate group falsely claimed that “there are no safe mosques; there are only various degrees of danger;” that “Islamic terrorists and their supporters who are travelling (sic) would feel comfortable attending” Savannah’s largest mosque; and that the mosque is in fact “the home for Islamic terrorists and is used as a training base….”

SEE: Dave Gaubatz Published Blog Portraying Florida Islamic Center as an Incubator of Terrorist Activity

Last year, CAIR-Georgia released a report showing that David Bores, the retired chief of the Woodstock Police Department, had spent several years teaching anti-Muslim hate classes to Georgia law enforcement officers for training credit before his final appearance at the Barrow County Sheriff’s Department in March 2018.

SEE: Police Association Suspends Approval for ‘Islam in America’ Course

SEE: Training Course on Islam Not Yet Approved for Course Credit

MOST significantly, when it comes to Jihad, Sunni and Shia lock arms – regardless of the fact that they have been warring for centuries on end. Resultant, CAIR ensured that their threats against the aforementioned counter-terrorism investigators appeared within the overall ummah, from near and far! 
AND the fact that they realize that the FEDS (local police, politicians, media, et al.) are in their pockets, in a manner of speaking, lends them the assurance and confidence to scream Islamophobia; their victim-hood bludgeon through a made up out of whole cloth bugaboo.
REGARDLESS, this site (and others) is, once again, placing the FEDS on notice, warning: WHAT SAY YOU?? 


Click “Archives”, dated Aug. 5, 2019 to read
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Ilhan Omar’s Unmasking: Paternal (TERROR) Roots + Alias Alike – MULTIPLE Criminal Frauds, Pre/Post Immigrating To America! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

AS is said, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” Indeed, ‘it be’ true.

EVEN more so, when one’s (poisonous) familial roots are steeped in Jihadi terror, ominously, it is rarer than a blue moon, a flying pig moment, too, for said progeny to switch teams. It is what it is. Get over it.

IN other words, relocating to the west hardly tamps down one’s Muhammad-induced Jihadi fervor. After all, “since Muslims believe that God talked to Muhammad and dictated the contents of the Koran to him, Muslims are indoctrinated into believing the Koran is God’s word, and so they act on the numerous incitements that they find in it…..” Resultant, Islam and Blood are inextricably linked.

INDUBITABLY, even if pronouncements are made, yes, they too are Americans (westerners), such utterances are worth less than diddly squat. For heaven’s sake, it’s the ‘Islam (Sharia Law) thing!’ Got that? Besides, for the most part, Islamic mandated hijrah is where said immigration is at. Just look what has resulted – and this is for starters.

RESULTANT, this investigative journalist and Brotherhood Mafia expert – despite massive push-back – has spent close to two decades tracking and tracing Jihadi thrusts into America and Israel. As such, the dangers to the west in toto are in full view.

BACK to the so-called Omar….

HOW fast can one say shuck and jive….tap dance….spin-doctor…. deflection….and all that jazz….without answering a very simple ‘yes or no’ question, even on the most basic level? For starters, “who are your family members, and where do they live?” Now, that shouldn’t be so hard to answer, should it, even for an average five-year-old?

SO, what’s her problem? In plain-speak, what the hell is going on? Well, collusion, yes, real collusion {emphasis added} is going on. That’s what. Mind you, her sudden reticence to answer the most basic queries is coming from a most vociferous member of what has become known as ‘the (hit) squad’ – actually, a foul, loud mouth membership of four with zero verbal filters, at least, when it comes to inciting against conservatives, never mind demanding each and every nugget from Trump’s past, be it financial, familial, or otherwise. Bull’s eye.

REST assured, in regard to the in-your-face, freshly minted Islamic Congresswoman (in concert with fellow Jihadis, Rashida Tlaib, Linda Sarsour, plus others of like-mind, be they reds or greens), much has been written (by alternative media) about her antiAmerican, pro-Jihadi, anti-semitic incitement from the halls of Congress and beyond. In fact, other than the comatose, who hasn’t heard/read about her vile broadsides, or seen her haughty demeanor, especially, when discussing Jihadi terrorists and demonstrating support thereof? Rhetorical. 

DEAR reader, before additional and highly intrinsic evidence is revealed within this expose’ (that which will tighten the evidentiary noose around Muslima Ilhan Omar, yes, you read that right….btw, no apology will be forthcoming), please arm yourselves with the following; both of which are foundational building blocks within these pages, among a growing compendium of proofs of the same. Hang on tight….

Image result for pics of ilhan omar ny post
Image result for pics of liars liars pants on fire
NOW that that is settled, the next task is of utmost import: blow off all of the PC brayers and snakes, they are veritable and verifiable liars – many of whom congregate inside and outside the body politic. Beltway.
MOST recently, those who tsked, tsked over a (more than) defensible truth bomb, that is, ‘send her back’ – dropped from so-called ‘deplorable’ rally-goers, you know, those who ‘stubbornly cling’ to their guns via the Second Amendment – well, if patriotism had any meaning left, said brayers would have jumped the bones of the two Muslimas who infiltrated America’s halls of power under the guise of adhering to the laws of the land, instead of attacking the truth-tellers! Sheesh. And speaking of double standards….

{Oct. 4, 2012}

{December 2015}

SO, as night follows day, after HUSSEIN Obama’s eight-year ‘transformative’ process, clearly, what’s good for the leftist/Islamist goose is verboten for conservatives. For the ‘crime’ of refusing to fall in line and carry water for those afflicted with multicultural psychosis – even as the leaders of the pack, above all else, will commit any crime to hold onto power – truth is turned upside its head. Sacrificed.

ALAS, the most recent kerfuffle over the aforementioned bomblet, ‘send her back’, demonstrates that truth is no longer a valued commodity, indeed, as denigrated as a two-dollar whore. No matter. And despite a cacophony of apologias from both sides of the aisle (disappointingly, even President Trump quasi-caved, in his attempt to walk it back), truth bombs will keep dropping from this site. Guaranteed. Oh, adding insult to grave injury, the two Muslimas entered the very same ‘send back/deport’ fray – and long before the so-called ‘deplorables’ – as amply demonstrated by their tweets. Of course, the Demonrat Media Complex never picked up the lede(s).

ALL of which brings us full circle to the most critical juncture in modern U.S. history – the upcoming 2020 election, upon which the fate of the Republic rests.  Via a high-wire act of deflection and deception from the reds and the greens, the wagons are circling to shield the likes of the fraudulently named Omar (Tlaib, ‘AOC’, and fellow comrades) from her criminal fall-out – that which totally eviscerates the rule of law. America, the heretofore greatest experiment in human freedom, will stand or disintegrate, depending on which side wins the raging cultural war(s). Know this: there will be no middle ground. Hence, before it is too late, the MEGA bombs must be deployed.


  • Tellingly, before we segue to her (belatedly talked about) fraudulent ‘marriage’ to her brother (with all of its attendant knock-on effects ala tax fraud and bigamy charges), it is beyond fact-based that her paternal (terror) roots would have disqualified her (and papa, plus other family members) from entering the U.S. from Somalia! In fact, Ilan Omar is NOT even her real name!! You got that?
  • Introducing, Ilhan Nur Said Elmi, aka Ilhan Omar (who came into the U.S. with fraudulent docs appended to the real Omar clan!), the daughter of Nur Said Elmi Mohamed, yes, the chief propagandist for Somali dictator and warlord, Siad Barre! Not only that, papa was a leading trainer for Somalia’s (child) soldiers!

DEAR reader, recall the onset of this expose’, “As is said, ‘the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.’ Indeed, ‘it be’ true.” Ipso facto, on its face, not only is the so-called Omar the direct spawn of a Somali terrorist, but proven to have entered the U.S. under fraudulent papers and another’s family name, albeit, with their cooperation. Say it ain’t so….

BESIDES, within a law abiding nation, how much more illegal does it have to get to ‘send/deport her back‘ – but only after a long stint in prison for fraud and more! 

DEMONSTRABLY, isn’t it clearer than ever as to why this Muslima in Congress supports Jihadis, wherever they may be? Hope so. As an aside, Tlaib, her fellow Islamist in Congress, too, has a familial terror tree. Take a peek here. Once again, the apple…..

  • Indeed, the above is where the rubber meets the road, so to speak. When it comes to the fraudster’s multiplicity of frauds, yes, criminality, it is within the underlying crime, that is, the ‘original sin’ – entering the country under falsified docs – that the stage was set for her ‘marriage’ to her brother, which, in turn, led to one fraud atop another! Could it get any more twisted? Count on it. All in due course….

BUT, for now, the evidentiary trails are rife with MEGA falsifications, some of which are laid out below – at least, for those who are not (ideologically) blind as bats to the facts at hand.

Confirmed: Birth Date Of Ilhan Omar’s Brother-Husband On Wedding Certificate Matches His School Records

The marriage certificate between Ilhan and Ahmed Nur Said Elmi has his birthdate as April 4, 1985.

This is the same birthdate used on his school documents.

It is also clear that her brother-husband Ahmed Nur Said Elmi has an almost identical name to her father Nur Said Elmi Mohamed.

Since this story started making the rounds again in the conservative media Ilhan Omar’s supporters and liberal reporters started stalking and threatening the whistle-blowers who broke this story on the corrupt Minnesota Democrat.

According to David Steinberg Ilhan Omar’s Somali supporters and liberal reporters from The Daily Beast and Mother Jones are trying to dox the Somali whistle-blowers….continue reading the Mafialike tactics here….

STILL yet, if in need of additional aids (aside from the two linkages posted underneath “Here’s your something”, ala the New York Post….a blessing on their truth-telling heads) linking up aka Omar to Jihadi terror, well, have at it.

                {View: Congresswoman Ilan Omar: Terrorist}


BUT not to be subsumed in all the criminal and Jihadi muck, don’t ever forget: if not for the incestuous relationship between the DNC and the joined-at-the-hip, lying, ideologically-bent media complex, the likes of Omar would never have made it to the halls of Congress, let alone within spitting distance of any power center. Agreed? In fact, Minnesota’s own media rags (talking heads, too) refused to step up and execute their due diligence, before she ascended to the halls of Congress! More than negligent….

EVEN so, alternative media (with much pushing and shoving from this site, alike) forced several media outlets to explore this burning issue. Still yet, they insist there is no there there! And leading the (denial is a river) fray is the Muslima’s hometown paper; the omerta-like Star Tribune! As to be expected, the ‘possibility’ that their Teflon Don Muslima may have some skeletons hidden in her closet, well, said buried bones are never gonna spill forth. Besides, they remain ‘unconvinced.’ Hmm.  

THERE’S more. Admittedly, it ain’t pretty. But true is true. The very fact that a cadre of multicultural devotees – some of whom are gripped by a mental besiegement syndrome, and count themselves among this investigative journalist’s ‘tribe’ – fawn over this most dangerous member of Congress (and her ilk) attests to the uphill battle. Yes, they lend her (kosher) cover and a fig leaf! And while this is nothing new among leftist Jewry, the fact remains that their throats will be slit, regardless of all their prostrating. 

TRUTH be told, if they lie down with (terror-driven) dogs, they shouldn’t expect any assistance from this end, that is, even if they awaken in time. Harsh, but no less true. 

ONE more thing: not to be lost in the documented deep dive attaching to the most ‘celebrated’ Muslima in the U.S. – let alone Minnesota – where is the state’s AG in all of this? You know, said multiplicity of crimes would not only be investigated, but land the average Joe or Jane in the slammer for years on end! So, could it be that ‘Keithy’, that is, Keith Ellison, is of like-mind, as documented here, here, here, here, and so on? Just askin’…..


{Btw, aside from a very deep dive into the fraudster’s crimes, Glenn Beck eschews one major fatal flaw, that is, papa’s terror ties!! No matter…..}

Image result for pics of liar liar pants on fire
Image result for pics of ilhan omar all in the family
(read in “Archives”, dated August 2, 2019}
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“Islamic Terror Alphabet Criteria” (ITAC) Deployed: Georgia’s (Terror) Mosques Evaluated Via Its Template! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

FIRST and foremost, one of the measures of professional integrity is the ability to give credit where credit’s due. Without exception, too. In turn, this allows for the most righteous work-product; one which may, or may not, involve collaborative teamwork. 

THAT being stated, Americans owe a huge debt of gratitude to Dave Gaubatz – and not only for this newly devised methodology; a first-ever standard of application to measure Islamic terror within the nation’s (western) mosques, namely, the “Islamic Terror Alphabet Criteria” (ITAC). 

ADVISEDLY, after the reader delves into its nitty gritty (hopefully, with lessons learned) via a set of rigorously established, highly professional, and non-PC criteria (as presented below), the recommendation within is to piggyback it with one (out of enumerable) particular analysis at these pages, to be augmented by “In Their Own Words“, too. A tall order, albeit necessary.


WITHOUT further adieu…..introducing, a most trusted colleague…..

Sworn Affidavit 

Dave Gaubatz, USAF (retired), U.S. Federal Agent (retired), and American Patriot (active)
8 July 2019

NOTE: When I conduct counter-terrorism research in America it is my objective to expose Islam when Islam requires exposing, which is 24/7.  Anything I do or any materials I uncover are for public release.  It is my policy to provide the public my raw intelligence first before providing to all others.  Only the American public can protect America.  It is the responsibility of the public to insure politicians and our senior law enforcement do the job which they have sworn an oath to do, which is protect America and most importantly protect our children.  The public must also demand our media report the news based on facts and evidence and not their personal political agendas as is now the case by far in America.

Note: The following 20 points are for credibility purposes to validate the counter-terrorism research I conducted in the Statesboro and Savannah Georgia region during the period 26 – 30 June 2019.

  • Background:  I was a U.S. Federal Agent with a Top Secret/SCI clearance for approx.. 15.5 years.  This was during the time 1988 – 2003.
  • In addition to my Top Secret/SCI clearance I was also briefed into many programs known to the public as “Black Projects”.  These projects pertained essentially to counter-terrorism and counter-intelligence operations.  These cases were U.S. National Security matters.
  • On 11 Sep 2001, I was assigned as an (1811) civilian Federal Agent in Albuquerque, NM.  I had primarily been assigned the duties of ‘Technology Protection’ in regards to our countries highest classification of technologies used to defend our country.
    After the attack on our country, 11 Sep 2001, I was assigned to the Foreign Service Institute (U.S. State Dept./Arlington, Va.  My duties were to train full time in Arabic and counter-terrorism issues.  The Arabic language course was one year.  During this time period I was sent to Jordan for a three-week immersion program to better understand the Arabic language, the culture, and Islam.
  • In Jan 2003, before Operation Iraqi Freedom, I was deployed as a civilian Federal Agent to ArAr Air Base, Saudi Arabia (next to Iraqi border).  My full time duties were to collect intelligence involving potential attacks against U.S. Armed Forces personnel and to conduct counter-espionage against Saudi Arabian government/military, Iraqi, and other people in the ArAr area.  I led several counter-terrorism/counter-intelligence expeditions.
  • From Apr – Jul 2003, I was assigned inside Nasiriyah, Baghdad, Basrah, and other cities in Iraq, and my primary duties were counter-terrorism and counter-intelligence.
  • While in Iraq I interviewed numerous Iraqis and Iranians in regard to terrorism acts against the U.S., the Islamic ideology pertaining to violent Jihadists activity, and the methodology of Islamic terrorists.
  • While in Iraq I had the opportunity to discuss the training and tactics used by Islamic terrorist leaders and their supporters.  I had the opportunity to review thousands of pieces of Islamic material pertaining on tactics to attack U.S. interests and the overthrow of America.
  • I have received training on the Islamic ideology/tactics from people who were former members of Islamic terrorist groups and from Muslims who were investigating groups themselves.  These people included military and police officers who served under Saddam Hussein (former Iraqi President).
  • Since returning from Iraq in 2003, I have trained over 3000 U.S. law enforcement officers in Arabic and counter-terrorism involving Islamic terrorist groups and their supporters.
  • I have discussed Islamic issues with over 600 Imams and Islamic leaders.
  • I have listened to over 2000 hours of lectures by Islamic scholars/leaders that have been trained in Sharia law.
  • I have read over 5500 different publications, books, and brochures by Islamic scholars.
  • In 2005, I hired a senior Council on American Islamic Relations leader to provide me training on the operation of this Islamic organization.  This was an undercover operation directed toward CAIR.
  • I have personally conducted first hand research at over 300 Islamic Centers/Mosques in America and over 100 outside of America.  The research has included speaking with the leaders, worshipers, and reviewing the materials they use to educate their worshipers (men, women, and children).
  • I have monitored several overseas based Islamic terrorist group internet sites.
  • I have received numerous U.S. Government awards pertaining to my work in protecting our country, our technology, and U.S. Armed Forces personnel.
  • I have worked jointly in counter-terrorism research and investigations with Muslims and non-Muslims.
  • I have written two books. 1:  Arabic for Law Enforcement and Military 2: Muslim Mafia
  •  At the direction of a former Under Secretary of Defense for President Ronald Reagan I placed 5 undercover researchers inside a Muslim Brotherhood organization (CAIR) operating inside America.  The result was uncovering over 12,000 documents and 300 hours of audio/video relating to criminal terrorism against America.


It is very important for American citizens and others who are victimized by Islamic based terrorist groups and their supporters to understand there is a dramatic difference in investigating mosques in predominately Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia versus mosque activity in America.  One cannot rely on Sharia compliance from a Saudi mosque for instance and a mosque in Savannah, Georgia.  Sharia compliance alone can more closely determine if a mosque in an Islamic country poses a potential threat to innocent people and countries than Sharia compliance in a mosque in America will.

Mosques located throughout the Middle East have been around for over 1400 years and the earliest mosque in America was less than 100 years ago (1922, Chicago, Illinois).  Even as late as 1980 there were only a 150 or so in America.  Now there are approximately 3000, but this is in no comparison to the tens of thousands throughout the Middle East and for which Sharia compliance has been brainwashed and enforced into the Muslim mind for 1400 plus years.  Sharia compliance in a mosque has been branded in the Islamic culture throughout the Middle East but is still in its infancy in America.

The major point for one to understand is that it does not take a large percentage of Muslims in a mosque to be Sharia compliant in order for the mosque to be evaluated as a high risk for terrorism to generate from the mosque.  Example:  If the mosque membership is 350 and only 20 are truly Sharia compliant does not necessarily mean this mosque poses a low threat of potential violence.  In the Middle East it likely would.  But, since many Muslims in America are first generation ‘converts’ they are still in a learning curve compared to their fellow Muslims in the Middle East.  It will take time for Sharia compliance by a large percentage of Muslims in an American mosque to be the primary source to determine the potential danger the mosque poses.

To make an accurate determination if an American mosque is more dangerous than another American mosque or Middle Eastern mosque requires the researcher to have many of the requirements as are mentioned in my 20 points of credibility listed above and to have the 26 factors evaluated as I have identified below.  I have named this evaluation criteria “The Islamic Terror Alphabet” (copyright Dave Gaubatz 2019)


  • The Islamic ideology is not peaceful; it is violent and dangerous to the world.
  • There are no safe mosques; there are only various degrees of danger.
  • When (not if) the Islamic leaders throughout the world (Sunni/Shia/Sufi) determine they are powerful enough to plunge the world into total chaos so as to complete their final objective of an Islamic Ummah (nation) worldwide, all mosques, all Muslims will unite to meet this goal.
  • There is only Pure Islam and Pure Muslims.
  • There is no such thing as moderate Islam or moderate Muslims.
  • A Muslim in accordance with their Prophet Mohammed must adhere to all aspects of Sharia law.  They are not allowed to pick and choose which parts of Sharia to follow and not to follow.  Sharia is an all or nothing.  If a Muslim does not do this, they are Apostates of Islam.  The penalty is death for them, regardless if they are in Saudi Arabia or Savannah, Georgia.
  • Islam defined:  Islam is a political, economic, and military ideology which uses religion as a tool to achieve their ultimate goal of an Islamic Ummah worldwide and under Sharia law.
  • Sharia law defined: Sharia is a belief that everything Mohammed said or did in his life is the perfect example to all.  What he did and said is Sharia.  Sharia covers everything a Muslim does in his/her life from the moment they awake until they fall asleep and even while they are deep in sleep.
  • Sharia law cannot be changed nor removed from Islam.  There is no validity in the reform of Islam.  There are Muslims (Apostates) who claim to want to reform Islam, but once you have removed Sharia, you have simply started another religion.  You can no more remove Sharia from Islam than you can the 10 Commandments from Christianity.
  • Evaluate the mosques solely on firsthand evidence and do not rely on 2nd, 3rd, or other sources unless they are validated by an experienced counter-terrorism researcher.
  • Remain unbiased. If there is no firsthand evidence to support a rating above ‘Dangerous’ then rate the mosque at the lowest level.
  • Innocent people throughout the world must realize that the Islamic Prophet Mohammed endorsed child marriages and Islamic scholars do not refute this. Mohammed married Aisha when she was six (6) years old and consummated the marriage when she was nine (9). In actuality Mohammed married a 6-year-old child and began sexually assaulting and raping her. Do not get wrapped up in the nice and soft word of consummating. An adult does not consummate with a child, he rapes them. This very act and belief alone makes the whole of Islam dangerous regardless of the millions of peaceful interfaith meetings Islamic leaders may put on. Although Mohammed died over 1400 years ago Muslims firmly believe he is the purest example of all and one who must be followed in every aspect of his life. To this day in 2019 Muslims believe Mohammed was correct in marrying children and raping them. This practice has not repealed by Islamic scholars and is still conducted openly throughout the world, to include America.


(copyright 2019 by Dave Gaubatz) Dave Gaubatz encourages all to use the ITAC system as a tool and to share with others, but be professional and give credit to Dave Gaubatz for the development of this counter-terrorism tool.
Islamic Center of Savannah, Georgia

AMosque location (neighborhood, strip mall, typical identifiable mosque structure, or Islamic Center) Keep in mind a mosque is defined as a place for Muslims to gather for prayer and strategic planning.  The place can be in the basement of a house, a garage, a room in a university, a small building structure or a mega structure) The IC of Savannah is an Islamic Center which is typical for a Sunni mosque. The term Islamic Center is not typical for identifying Shia mosques. They do not use this term.

BNumber of members: 350 plus

CSunni/Shia/Sufi: This is a Sunni Wahhabi/Salafist mosque that primarily use the Hanbali Islamic school of thought. There are four Sunni schools of thought. 1. Hanafi 2. Maliki 3. Shafi’I 4. Hanbali. Most counter-terrorism professionals agree the Hanbali school of thought is the most dangerous. ISIS, Al Qaeda and other Sunni terrorist organizations follow the Hanbali school of thought.

DMaterial in mosque (such as Fiqh Us Sunnah, Riyadh Ul Salheen, Sahih Muslim, Tafsir Ibn Kathir, Sahih Bukkari, Reliance of the Traveler, Maududi or Qutb material, etc…) Fiqh US Sunnah, Riyadh Ul Salheen, Sahih Muslim and Sahih Bukkari were located in the prayer room available to all worshippers. These manuals describe in detail for Muslims to carry out physical (fighting) Jihad, Child marriages (authorized), Slavery (authorized), the beating of women (authorized), killing of non-Muslims and even Muslims who are not Sharia compliant, informing Muslims to never take as friends Christians and Jews, killing of Apostates of Islam (authorized anywhere in the world), and the describing the objective of Islam which is to establish an Islamic Ummah (nation) worldwide and under Sharia law. The objective can and must be established by warfare as needed. Many other violent topics are discussed in the manuals. Much of the material in the mosques is in Arabic. For those Muslims who do not read Arabic they are encouraged to go online and read the materials in English which are readily available.

EConversations with worshipers: Dave Gaubatz spoke with Islamic leaders and worshipers. Sunni/Salafist is the predominant ideology of this mosque that the Imam tries to instill. Copies of the Quran and two Islamic books were provided to Dave Gaubatz. Halaco Market in Fairfax, VA, was mentioned as a source for Sunni /Salafist/Wahhabi material. I have personally visited this Islamic market/bookstore on at least 25 occasions. Very violent and dangerous materials are at this business.

FSharia decorum in mosques (example: prayer rug/carpet) No Black Flag of jihad was observed. The prayer rug did have the required lines on the rug for the ‘forming of the lines’. The Wudu (cleansing of the body) was in the mosque. The women were in a separate side away from the men. There was a throne type seat in the front area of the prayer room.

GAny affiliation with CAIR, IIIT, MSA, ISNA, etc. Brochures from IIIT and CAIR were observed. CAIR does have an affiliation with this mosque.

HSharia compliance of Islamic leaders: The Imam and Islamic leaders Dave G. observed were Sharia compliant.

IHow are women/children treated: The women are not allowed contact with the men. They are completely isolated from the men. Children were observed in the men’s and women’s side of the prayer room.

JMosque etiquette (forming of line during prayer, selling of material in mosque, etc..). The Imam paid close attention to the forming of the line before the prayer. It is against Sharia law to openly sell materials in a mosque prayer room. No sales were observed.

KImam lecture (mention of Sharia, Jihad Qital, Punishment in the grave, Fiqh, etc…) Sharia compliance was mentioned throughout the lecture. Punishment in the Grave was also mentioned several times.

LInvited guests (out of town Islamic leaders, CAIR, etc.) There was an Islamic leader from Chicago who was invited by the Imam to speak. He was raising money for an Islamic school based in Chicago to prepare students to be Islamic scholars in America. He stated thus far the program has graduated 50 students. The program is for a period of 6 years.

MSharia compliance of nonIslamic leaders: Many of the worshippers were not Sharia compliant in their dress, but were complaint enough to be in the mosque. 20 plus men were 100% compliant and these are the ones likely to be involved in future violence toward innocent people and/or involved in acts of terrorism against our country.

NBusiness cards shared (internet sites, businesses, emails, etc…) Business cards were provided to Dave Gaubatz. These can be used for future coordination/operations if deemed feasible.

OConfirmed Islamic terrorists have/had not visited mosque: No known terrorist information has been made public pertaining to any visiting the Savannah mosque, but Muslims travelling from one mosque to another is quite common.

PActive duty military at mosque: One U.S. marine and One U.S. Army member attended the mosque (males).

QU.S. Govt. Civilians and/or politicians at mosque: U.S. government stickers (passes) were observed on a few vehicles in the mosque parking lot.

RLocal, State, Federal Law Enforcement presence: Local city police officer conducting security.

SIs local govt. liberal or conservative: Savannah govt. is predominately liberal

TAre U.S. military bases within 50 miles: there are U.S. military installations within 50 miles of the mosque.

UAre Islamic businesses within 15 miles: Yes, an Islamic market and various small businesses (some medical)

VIs state liberal or conservative: Georgia is a conservative state, but liberalism is increasing especially in the larger cities.

WLocal media liberal or conservative: Media in local area is considered liberal.

XInterfaith programs: There is public information the mosque leadership are involved in interfaith activity with Christian and Jewish people/leaders.

YHow does mosque compare to mosques in U.S. with confirmed terrorist ties such as Dar Al Hijra mosque in Fairfax, VA): Dave Gaubatz and his team of CT researchers have spent in excess of two weeks at Dar Al Hijra mosque in Virginia. 911 terrorists had visited the mosque. The IC of Savannah is on the same scale as Dar Al Hijrah. This would be a mosque that Islamic terrorists and their supporters who are travelling would feel comfortable attending. They would be welcome at this mosque. The Imam is Pakistani and is working to insure all aspects of Sharia are observed.

ZGUT feeling of qualified researcher: (Very Important) This area is rated very high. An explanation and analogy is required. Every human and animal have internal systems fight or flight sensors that alert them to potential dangers. This is how we survive. Over years and years of life experiences our minds are able to fine tune this protective system. Police officers use this safety mechanism each and every day to evaluate hundreds of potential danger signals in order to know how to respond in order to save their lives and the lives of innocent people. In a shoot or don’t shoot situation officers sometimes have a few seconds or less to evaluate situations to best respond. This is when their life experiences kick in and numerous things race through their mind when they are deciding to shoot (kill) or not shoot (not kill).

When evaluating the potential danger of an Islamic mosque Dave Gaubatz does the same thing as one of the 26 indicators to determine danger. He bases over 35 years of travelling and working in Islamic based countries, visiting hundreds upon hundreds of mosques, interacting with good and bad people of the Islamic ideology, interviewing dozens of confirmed Muslim terrorists, their supporters, and reviewing thousands upon thousands of pages of their books and manuals, and in operating in dangers gang infested areas within America and in combat zones in Iraq. Based on these experiences within a matter of minutes or less he is able to kick in his survival skills upon entering a mosque. His experiences have led him to accurately analyze and reason that all mosques are homes to potential danger, but at varying degrees. When he worked gangs and narcotics in numerous major American cities there was little doubt a gang infested neighborhood posed likely dangers, again there were various levels of dangers based on other aspects of his experiences. The same is true using the ITAC system. A GUT feeling combined with 25 other important factors triggers an evaluation for danger.

Evaluation Rating: Dangerous, Very Dangerous, or Extremely Dangerous

Final Evaluation of Statesboro, Georgia Mosque:  Dangerous, but final evaluation pending.

Final Evaluation of Masjid Jihad, Savannah, Georgia:  Dangerous, but final evaluation pending

Final Evaluation of the Islamic Center of Savannah, Georgia: Extremely Dangerous (on a scale of 1-10 this mosque would be rated 9)

  • Imam is Pakistani
  • Sunni with a strong form of Salafist/Wahhabi influence       
  • Analysis: It is the determination of Dave Gaubatz that the IC of Savannah is the home for Islamic terrorists and their supporters and is used as a training base and regional HQ for developing the strategy for meeting the well-established and very open goal of forming an Islamic caliphate in America (and world) and under strict Sharia law. The Islamic leaders will use two forms of Jihad defined as the ‘pen and tongue’ before they will use the violent form of the ‘sword’. The pen form of Jihad are the writings of Muslims to alter non-Muslims into accepting and believing Islam is a religion, is peaceful, and is the solution to all of the worlds problems. This form of Jihad also includes the use of the media. The tongue form of Jihad is of course verbal communication through Interfaith programs, open mosques for non-Muslims, and most dangerously the infiltration of the Islamic ideology into our public schools to brainwash American children into accepting Islam as the answer to all personal and worldly problems. It is the belief of Islamic scholars that American children are the future of America and the majority of their Dawa (education and spread of Islam) is directed toward them. Islamic terrorist groups have literature sent to American schools and libraries which are very colorful to influence their young minds.

The last form of Jihad is the use of the sword which is Jihad Qital (physical). Islamic leaders have informed Dave Gaubatz during his various undercover operations that right now in America they (Islam and its leaders) are winning and their strategy of an Islamic caliphate in America is on pace to succeed with limited violence.
One Imam informed Gaubatz, “there has not been another 911 such attack in America because Islam is winning and at this point another large scale attack would set their movement back 25 years. When a large scale attack is required to further subdue Americans it will then be carried out. The plans are already in place. The Islamic leaders know there will be small scale terrorist attacks such as with Fort Hood, Texas, the Boston Bombings and others that will put fear into the hearts of the American people and its government. Islamic leaders realize the liberal leaders and politicians will label these attacks as ‘Lone Wolf” attacks and disassociate them from mainstream Islam”.

It is important for readers to understand that there is no such thing as a ‘Lone Wolf’ terrorist attack. Muslim terrorists who conduct small scale attacks are doing so in the name of Islam, Allah, and to please their Prophet Mohammed. The attacks are carried out because their Islamic training has taught them the sure way to reach Allah and Paradise is to fight for the goal of an Islamic caliphate. Jihad Qital is one such way to achieve this goal.

RECOMMENDATION: Provide this report to the public in a mass distribution campaign. Then and only then will America’s senior law enforcement and politicians do the job they have sworn an oath to do (protect America and our children). Do not be fearful of personal attacks or frivolous lawsuits or the name calling (Islamaphobe, haters, racists) that will without a doubt come about. The protection of America, our Constitution and our children should and must be the ultimate goal of all Americans.

“Our American military and law enforcement officers have died by the thousands to protect our Country, Constitution, and Children (3 C’s). They do not run from the enemy and American citizens must never run from the enemy, especially inside our great country. To do so will result in an automatic defeat”. Dave Gaubatz

{Memo from Adina Kutnicki: Each & every patriot – plus those who don’t want to live under the boot & sword of Sharia Law – has a part to play. At the very least, pay close attention to neighborhood mosque(s). With technology at most everyone’s fingertips, forward this life/nation-saving evaluation to family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, as well as to Congressional reps. No time to lose!}

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The Muslim Brotherhood Mafia & Its Entrenchment Into EVERY U.S. Sphere: Will Trump (Finally) Designate It A “FTO”? If Not, Why Not? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

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{Muslim Brotherhood logo, crossed swords + the Koran, with the Arabic word “Prepare” inscribed…extrapolate from there….) 


BACK in 2017, President Trump directed the State Department to look into designating the Muslim Brotherhood a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO). (More than) rightfully so. Long overdue, too. In response, anti-“America First” types at Foggy Bottom, you know, those who are averse and allergic to assert, first and foremost, the national interest, demurred. Resultant, foreign interests continuously supersede America’s at State. Plain and simple.

INDEED, this manifestly urgent and righteous designation was met with the most intellectually dishonest assessment; one which even astute students of strategic affairs – armed with a modicum of historical acumen, and with a concentration in transnational terror organizations – would find appallingly ignorant. More pointedly, said students would recognize their so-called explanation as a bold-faced lie, too.

Trump first directed the State Department to look into designating the Brotherhood in 2017, but it decided that the group did not meet the legal requirements of an FTO, since it is not a unitary organization and does not have an established pattern of violence…..continue reading the whole atrocity here…..

WHO do they think they are smokin’?

ALAS, such is what passes for analysis from the “leading lights” in U.S. foreign policy circles, as gleaned by FOREIGN AFFAIRS – the “bible” published by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR): yes, that bastion of globalists who are joined at the hip to U.N. policy directives ala the autocrats within! No exaggeration.

NOW, let there be no doubt that the expertise within, that is, the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia, is recognized by non-PC blinded experts throughout the world – some of whom, believe it or not, hail from particular Islamic-infested cesspools! Of course, their names won’t be outed within, unless they reveal themselves beforehand. After all, it’s a life or death proposition.

IN this regard, this topic (coupled with its dangerous knock-on effects to America in particular and the west in general) has been analyzed at this site ad infinitum. In fact, the most recent explorations can be accessed via the links below.

MIND you, housed below are two noted intelligence experts – both of whom articulate highly cogent analyses sans any PC Allah-washing. Dear reader, without a doubt, intellectual and internal fortitude is mandatory to beat back the gravest civilizational scourge, that is, Islam. In turn, the ability to pressure the leadership into cutting the Brotherhood off at its knees will be within reach. So, school’s in session….



NOW that the educational realm is revealed for what it is and is duly within grasp, how much more urgent does it have to get to arouse millions of patriots, in so far that public schools across America – in words and actions – are elevating Islam to top-dog status in the educational sphere? Indeed, how can it stand that a West New York school board in Newark, New Jersey (alongside others, caught bowing down to Islam) allows Muslim students to proselytize and convert classmates on school property, regardless of any gobbledygook re “inclusion” and “tolerance?” Besides, just imagine the hues and cries from all across the nation, if Christian or Jewish students dared to do the same? Incontestably, the howls and shrieks would be deafening, as they should be.


STILL yet, the Brotherhood Mafia’s incursion marches apace, unencumbered, and unmolested into, of all places, Disney World! Imagine that. Pay very careful heed…..

Image result for pics of zafir rashid
(Zafir Rashid – farthest to the left – a Muslim Brotherhood CEO, an experienced bag-man behind the latest infiltration and penetration – Disney World, here they come!!)  


Considering Islam’s founder, Muhammad, had a thing for children, and apparently so did Council on AmericanIslamic Relations coordinator Ahmad Saleem, who was among 100 people busted in a child prostitution sting in Orlando in 2015, it’s not surprising that a Muslim operation would form a sharia-compliant resort in Orlando right next to Disney World.  It’s also not surprising the people behind the resort have ties to Islamic terror organizations.

Jacob Engels, an Orlando based journalist, has uncovered quite a bit of background concerning the man behind the “all halal” and Muslim families accommodating resort titled “Golden Lagoon,” which is modeled after The Grand Medina Nature Reserve & Beach Resort in the Dominican Republic, a  country we are now questioning whether or not is friendly to American tourists after 11 Americans were apparently poisoned to death inside of 12 months.

Engels informs us about the man behind it all, Everest CEO Zafir Rashid.

He writes that Rashid:

…formed an Orlando-based affiliate company, GMR Development Orlando Inc., for the project, which will be its first in the United States. In Canada, the company specializes in multi-family real estate, student residences, commercial/retail mixed-use communities, and hospitality properties.

It will span over 200-acres and is estimated to cost $500 million.

Rashid’s companies have sponsored the Reviving the Islamic Spirit annual gathering, where WTC bombing co-conspirator Siraj Wahhaj and noted anti-Semite Linda Sarsour have spoken. Wahhaj’s son was recently busted running a terrorist training compound in New Mexico and Sarsour has stated that we shouldn’t “humanize” the Jewish people.

The Grand Medina Resort, Rashid’s Dominican Republic based and soon-to-open carbon copy of the proposed Orlando project, recently sponsored the Islamic Society of North America’s annual convention in Houston. ISNA has admitted ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, both extremist terrorist organizations operating in America and abroad.

Engels rightly asks, “At face value, you might think that there is nothing wrong with having a “Muslim friendly” resort, but how can we be sure that “Muslim friendly” does not mean “Muslim only” or terrorist friendly? We have seen how massive Muslim migration has taken over cities in Minnesota and Michigan, where non-Muslim residents are unwelcome and in imminent danger. Honor killings in these areas, particularly in the Midwest, are on the rise.”

Mr. Engels also noted that Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) has one of their largest and most active branches in Central Florida.

There is no talk from the FBI on this as Orlando continues to be a hotbed for Islamic growth, just as the Tampa area has become.  Not that the FBI would do any good anyways.  We’ve seen what they did in Garland, Texas, how they dropped the ball on 9/11, the utter failure when it came to a beheading plot against Pamela Geller and several jihad attacks, including the Pulse shooting three years ago in Orlando and numerous other Islamic jihad attacks on American soil.

“Sharia in the Sun” is what Engels calls this and he’s right.

This is happening right out in the open.

Does anyone seriously think this is not going to be a war room of sorts for anti-American Islamic terrorists to plot their next jihad here in the States?  If you don’t think that is a possibility, then you simply don’t know your history or you are willfully ignorant.  There is no in between.

INEXTRICABLY, as repeatedly analyzed at this site and elsewhere, stealth jihad, for the time being, is their weapon of choice to reel in a PC-addicted, multicultural-obsessed western public. Yes, it is working like a charm, similar to the sleight of hand at the Magic Kingdom!

EVEN so, guess what? One needn’t believe the experts cited above, if disinclined to listen to non-PC westerners. As such, if the words of Brotherhood Mafia insiders are more convincing, so be it.
THUS, akin to several (more than candid) Jihadis cited in interviews and at these pages, this Muslim Brotherhood expert warns: the failure to listen to the following two Islamic voices will be a grave mistake.


Suheib Yousef, son of Hamas co-founder Sheikh Hassan Yousef, has fled from the terrorist organization to an undisclosed Asian country…..

Suheib Yousef said that the corruption among Hamas members in Turkey was a catalyst for his leaving his post in Hamas’s “political branch” in the country and for giving the interview…..

“Hamas operates security and military operations on Turkish soil under the cover of civil society,” he said. “They have security centers from which they operate advanced listening equipment, to listen to people and (Palestinian) leaders in Ramallah.”

Yousef added that Hamas’s intelligence gathering “isn’t for the Palestinian cause,” but rather sold “to Iran in return for financial assistance”….

Hamas in Turkey is also used to conscript people, including children, to commit terror attacks against Israelis, he said.

Yousef clarified that Hamas has no desire to improve the lives of Palestinian people or to establish a Palestinian state…..

“The point of the attacks in the West Bank (Judea and Samaria) is to kill civilians, not for the aim of resistance, or Jerusalem, not for liberating Palestinian land, and not even because they hate Jews,” he said. “They send out these innocents because they want to export the crisis [from Gaza] to the West Bank.”

He revealed that he was “shocked by the behavior” of Hamas leaders who ignore the hardship and poverty in Gaza while living extravagant lives in Turkey.

“Hamas leaders [in Turkey] live in fancy hotels and luxury towers, their kids learn at private schools and they are very well paid by Hamas,” Yousef said. “They get between four and five thousand dollars a month; they have guards, swimming pools, country clubs. They pay $200 for one course [at fancy restaurants] for one person and a family in Gaza lives on $100 per month.”

Suheib is the second son of the Hamas co-founder to desert the terrorist organization. His older brother, Mosab became an undercover agent the Shin Bet, Israel’s internal security service, from 1997 to 2007…..continue the rest of the truth-telling here….

BUT despite these bombshell defections and revelations, what is the nexus between the flight of two of Hamas’s scions vis-à-vis what transpires on U.S. soil, relative to the Brotherhood Mafia?
As it happens, it has already been proven that CAIR was set-up and organized by Hamas; the Gazan arm of the global terror organization. It operates as the Brotherhood Mafia’s propaganda front within the U.S. and Canada. Simple as that. Deadly, too.
MORE specifically, CAIR is an unindicted coconspirator to the largest terrorism trial in U.S. history. Resultant, how can it stand that it is under their umbrella and spear that the way has been paved for the Brotherhood’s entry into every national sphere – including the dangers at bay, as exhibited within the educational, cultural, and entertainment arenas alike, Disney World style!

INEXORABLY, once the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia’s entrenchment is understood for what it is, the latest encroachments – atop all of their previous infiltration and penetration into the kiddie sphere – serve to underscore the acute urgency to cut off their tentacled reach. Indubitably, it couldn’t be more ominous.

MOST significantly, all of which is a direct outgrowth of what transpires when they are left unopposed. In tandem, when their political enablers are not held to account in the court of public opinion via massive push-back – with nary a knock-on effect from the so-called justice system – Shariah compliant Islamists find themselves closer than ever to gaining the keys to America’s kingdom – and not only by way of Disney World!


Image result for pics of muslim brotherhood in america
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