Israel’s “Second-Class” Jewish Citizens, The Southern Front – Rocketed, Fire-Bombed, & Blitzed For Decades, With No Relief In Sight. What’s Going On? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

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IN a rational universe, regardless of any and all political calculi, it would be unthinkable for self-proclaimed democratic (and civilized) leaders to allow a portion of their citizens to be continuously subjected to rocket fire, missile blitzes, and/or sundry incendiary firings. After all, one’s legitimacy to lead is wholly tied into one’s ability to keep (to a reasonable degree) the citizens safe  – even the less chichi, those who, for the most part, reside in the battered and beleaguered south. Agreed? Besides, within Israel’s “in the know” circles, it is an unspoken secret that they are not considered by the political and media elites, AKA the chattering classes, as “equals” to the branja pack; who happen to reside (and play) within the likes of upscale North Tel Aviv and its outer burbs. Trust, these ears are more than clued into this and that within certain cliques.

BACK to the irrefutable facts on the ground within rocket range of the terrorized south….

WITH a population of thousands upon thousands (depending upon various variables) in rocket range of Gazastan (a subsidiary of Iran and its proxy pawns, namely, Hezbollah), how can it be – and for decades on end – that every manner of terror is inflicted upon southern Israel, and with no relief in sight? Yes, it’s more than a fair assessment and question alike. Btw, as analyzed ad infinitum, this is a prima facie example of Sunni terrorists (Hamas, et al.) cooperating/collaborating with Shia terrorists (Iran/Hezbollah, et al.), in order to bring down a mutual foe.

AS reported in July 2016:

CONSEQUENTIALLYwhen it comes to bringing down the twin pillars of western civilization, America and Israel, Shia and Sunni jihadists cooperate and collaborate. Effectively, as is said, this is where the rubber meets the road. And it is into this vortex of anti-American (and anti-Israel) hell that Iran’s proxy arms co-join with Sunni monsters, their counterparts, wrapping around each other, despite their centuries-long bloodletting…..continue the bullet-proof trails here…..

WHICH begs the question: since this Orwellian situation dovetails with the reality at hand, how can it be that Hamas’s terror masters are allowed to breathe, even for one more day – with the bizarre excuse that Iran’s (northern) proxies are “more” dangerous, when, in fact, they are one and the same, at least, when it comes to killing Jews/Zionists, separately, or co-joined?

(May 30, 2019) Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar on Thursday thanked Iran for providing his terror group the rockets it used to strike deep into Israel and warned the Jewish state that Tel Aviv would be struck again in response to any offensive against the Gaza Strip.

“Iran provided us with rockets, and we surprised the world when our resistance targeted Beersheba,” Sinwar said in a live TV address, referring to the weekend of violence at the beginning of the month, during which Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad fired nearly 700 rockets at Israel.

The Hamas leader then went on to warn that if Israel “resumes its aggression,” his group would strike Tel Aviv and other cities with twice as many rockets.

Israel has long charged Iran with trying to arm Palestinian terror groups in Gaza and maintains a blockade of the Strip to try and stop the import of sophisticated weapons systems.

Iran has also supplied tens of thousands of rockets to the Hezbollah terror group in Lebanon…..continue reading the rest of the blasted report here.

BUT before we delve into (more of) the unvarnished truth, know this: year after year, Bibi and his mouthpieces have been jibber-jabbering via ready-made mantras – in an effort to create a smoke and mirrors show for their unconscionable inaction against Hamas & assorted terror arms operating in Gazastan! In reality, with the ever-present “ceasefire” in hand, the main balderdash, as mentioned, is that the northern front is the number one priority – never mind that it was the same lack of political will to crush Hezbollah in its infancy that has led to Iran’s cat’s paw becoming a strategic and mega menace in Lebanon and Syria! Credo quia absurdum.

NOT only that, the continuous and horrific terror inflicted upon Jewish communities in the south has been analyzed at this end for years – even prior to the crimes, yes, crimes against several thousand Jewish souls whose lives (even their loved ones were dug up from their resting places!) were uprooted and torn asunder in 2005 to execute the so-called “Disengagement” from Gush Katif and the Northern Shomron! Know this too: promise after promise was made by the late PM Ariel Sharon and his back-benchers (AKA “the bulldozer”, ironically) to the majority Zionist public that the uprooting of their brothers and sisters would end the terror. And, if not, Hamas would be crushed. Stone-cold lies, 14 years onward.

MORE specifically, how many times have the citizens heard: Israel will not negotiate under fire! O RLY? Are we sensing a pattern, yet?

ALL of which circles back to PM Netanyahu’s faux persona as a right-wing, nationalist leader, juxtaposed against what the real situation, AKA matzav / מצב, is on the ground – even as he bloviates that he is the only one capable of keeping Israel’s encircling enemies at bay! Claptrap. Moreover, for added heft and facts at large – as to what really has transpired under his decade-long governance – see here, hereherehereherehere, and so on. Trust, “Mr. Security”, he is not.

IN this regard, the fact that a rocket from Gazastan struck a synagogue and a school (by the grace of G-d, no one was killed or maimed) on June 13, 2019, and  Hamas’ terror chiefs are still standing, well, that onus stands atop Bibi’s head. Indubitably.

Palestinian terrorists fired a rocket from Gaza into southern Israel late Thursday, striking a Chabad building housing a synagogue and school but causing no injuries, Israeli authorities said.

The rockets – fired from the town of Beit Hanoun, according to Channel 13 – set the stage for a likely Israeli reprisal and raised the possibility of a new round of fighting, weeks after a ceasefire deal between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.

Israeli police said the rocket struck a building in the Israeli border town of Sderot, a frequent target of rocket fire.

The ceasefire, reached in early May, has begun to unravel in recent days. Overnight on Wednesday, Israeli fighter jets struck an underground terrorist infrastructure belonging to Hamas in the southern Gaza Strip. The attack was in response to rocket fire from Gaza earlier that night, the IDF reported.

“The IDF will continue to act against attempts to harm Israeli civilians and considers the terrorist organization Hamas responsible for everything that is happening in and out of the Gaza Strip,” the Army spokesperson’s office said in a statement.

“Netanyahu is only strong with words,” Benny Gantz, former IDF Chief of Staff head of Blue and White, the main opposition party, said in a statement Thursday morning, the Hebrew-language daily Hamodia reported. “The continued rocket fire by Hamas is evidence that we have lost our deterrence.”

“Only exacting an immediate heavy price from Hamas will clarify that Israel doesn’t only talk, but also uses force,” Gantz said.

‘This situation cannot continue. As I have said in the past, only a military operation will bring quiet to our area,” Sderot Mayor Alon Davidi stated in response to the rocket attack, TPS reported.

“[Hamas leaders Ismail] Haniyeh and [Yahya] Sinwar are ‘sons of death’ and we should hit them first,” he continued. “The dear residents of Sderot and the Gaza perimeter deserve to raise their children in peace and quiet, as are all residents of the country……

DEAR reader, take note: the mighty IDF is one of the strongest armies in the world, but it has been reduced to a reactive/defensive force, instead of an offensive one – and therein underlies the thrust.
NOT only that, Bibi can be considered a “legal outlaw!” How so? As this writer analyzed in an op-ed at Israel National News, many moons ago (July 26, 2007) via “No Crime Without Punishment: Nullum Crimen Sine Poena” : 

…….In essence, Israel’s leadership has become legal outlaws. World-recognized, international criminal law expert Professor Louis Beres states, “Terrorism is a crime under international law, and incontestably one of the most serious. The precise offenses that comprise this crime can be found at the European Convention on the Suppression of Terrorism…. [Every] state has an obligation under international law to prosecute and punish terrorists…. [Any] person who commits an act which constitutes a crime under international law is responsible and liable to punishment….”….continue reading the truth-telling here…..

SO, you decide if a 2015 global interview was on target – or not.

STILL yet, if more intellectual and strategic heft is required, so be it. To wit, pay special heed to the following analysis by Dr. Martin Sherman, unarguably Israel’s foremost strategic analyst. (Full Disclosure: he was acknowledged in this author’s book, “BANNED: How Facebook Enables Militant Islamic Jihad”, and it was not for nothing).

…….Readers will doubtless recall that I have warned incessantly that Israel’s current policy:

(a) will eventually result in the erosion of the Jewish population in the Negev;

(b) will allow the Gazan terror groups to devise methods to neutralize the efficacy of the billion dollar anti-tunnel barrier encircling the Gaza Strip—particularly the use of drones; and

(c) because of its innate reticence to engage in a large-scale decisive offensive against the Gazan terrorist entity, is causing Israel to continually back away from conflicts that it can win, risking backing itself into a conflict that it cannot win—or win only at ruinous cost……the entire analysis is jaw-droppingly on target!

INEXORABLY, the adherence to “Nullum Crimen Sine Poena” separates true statesmen from those who are merely facsimiles thereof – to the detriment of the majority of the citizens and the rule of law.

MOST significantly, since the above is the stone-cold truth, it follows that thousands upon thousands of Jews living in the cross-hairs of the southern “Gaza-Belt” are, sans a scintilla of a doubt, treated as “second-class” citizens. Truth dare be told, why they haven’t stormed the Knesset, until “equal” human rights and treatment is afforded them and their families, well, that remains a mystery at this end.

(Note: This horror was inflicted in 2012, as has been the case for many, many years…..and it is still ongoing…..with no end in sight!)

CONCLUSIVELY, with another ! round of elections slated for September 17, 2019, the pickings are slim. On the one hand, if the top-heavy slate of blowhard Generals (in the main, they are ideological/political leftists) from the Blue and White party take over the premiership, the security situation will go from very bad to much worse. Count on it. On the other, if “Mr. Security” would, finally, release his iron grip on the Likud (the only party capable of saving Israel from its foes), the facts on the ground will change in Israel’s favor.
INDEED, Israel’s saving grace lies between Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked and Education Minister Naftali Bennett from the New Right Party (Hayemin Hehadash), that is, if they manage to take over the helm. Guaranteed, they will steer the ship of state rightward – with all that that entails. They are the true “Lions of Zion!”
THIS is the G-d’s honest truth.
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The “Gay Mafia’s” Continuous Assault On America’s (Western) Kiddies: Capturing Their Bodies, Hearts, & Minds – The Insidious Thrust, Aided & Abetted By Islamists Within! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

LET’S be abundantly clear: This investigative journalist couldn’t care less what  consenting adults do (or don’t) in their private domains. Heck, they can swing this way, that way, or the other and it means (less than) diddly squat at this end. Think of it this way: What happens in one’s private quarters, stays in one’s private quarters. Understood?

NOW that that is out of the closet, so to speak, when it comes to the safety and welfare of the kiddies, well, that is every decent person’s business – let alone law enforcement’s. As such, western society has set down very clear boundaries as per their protection – to the extent that child molesters/pedophiles are deemed the lowest pond scum among the pecking order within the prison population! You got that?

IN this regard, atop this site’s hierarchy lie two main targets: Islamic Jihad + the Gay Mafia” – both of which, at first glance, may appear unrelated. No matter. As it happens, the opposite is the case. Yes, they are wholly intertwined. And, in due course, their intersection will veer into sharp focus.

IN the main, this site has been in the forefront of exposing the “Gay Mafia’s” onslaught – to the extent of coining the moniker, much to the chagrin of the radical left. So much so, its insidious thrust has been tackled from mid 2012 (the onset of these pages), and it is not for nothing. In fact, its basis can be found here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and so on and so forth.  Ad nauseam.                  

NOT only that, a whistleblower from within the hierarchy of the Vatican (a cesspool of pedophilia) felt morally compelled to alert to the dangers attributed to the “Gay Mafia.” Well, welcome to this site’s bandwagon. Clarion calls.

AS reported, June 11, 2019: The former Vatican ambassador to the United States told the Washington Post a “Gay Mafia” among Church leadership is blocking attempts to seriously address clerical sexual abuse.

In an extensive interview, snippets of which were published Monday, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò said that the sexual abuse crisis would be “far less severe” if the “problem of homosexuality in the priesthood were honestly acknowledged and properly addressed.”

“Given the overwhelming evidence, it is mind-boggling that the word ‘homosexuality’ has not appeared once, in any of the recent official documents of the Holy See” dealing with clerical sexual abuse, Viganò told the Post.

Instead, a “gay mafia” among the bishops, seeking to protect themselves, was “sabotaging all efforts at reform,” he said…..continue reading the shocking revelations here, if you dare…..

O M G….my heavens too….

STILL yet, for those who seek the god’s honest truth, well, keep reading, regardless of the discomfit. Buck up.

ALAS, on our stepped-up journey, let’s continue onto the educational front via a historical visual aid.

(Introducing….Lesson from History: Transgender Mania is Sign of Cultural Collapse – Camille Paglia)

AND now that that lesson has (hopefully) been learned, let’s segue to some added truths, horrific as they are. As always, the slippery slope has come to the end of the line….the edge of the cliff…..

BUT if you think that the public library is a safe venue to take the kiddies to escape their clutches, you would be wrong. Yes,”Drag Queen Story Time” is all the rage!!

OVERWHELMINGLY, in light of what has been revealed, is it any wonder that radical leftists in California are teaching the kiddies the “merits” of pedophilia?? 

UNSURPRISINGLY, it is along this very same slippery and treacherous slope that twitter (part and parcel of the radical left’s social media censorsblocked Ray Blanchard, a P.h.D. psychologist who “helped write the DSM V Rules on Gender Dysphoria in expressing his clinical views on Transgender Identity.” Conservatives, this is the “new” America!

EVEN so, if traditional-leaning Europeans believe they will escape this very same psychosis and scourge, they would do well to think again. In reality, a whistleblower within the UK revealed that their kiddies are being used for transgender experiments!

BACK to the opening assertion, that is, that the linkage between the “Gay Mafia” + Islamic Jihad mandates front and center attention and remains a critical lesson plan. Simply, its basis must be understood for the sake of the kiddies, as well as for the health and welfare of the nation as a whole. Its survival. 

ALAS, its tie-ins:

INEXTRICABLY, it is indisputable that countless fail to connect the dots between the most highly toxic and dangerous force multiplier, bar none: Islamic Jihad + the “Gay Mafia”, AKA the “redgreen alliance. As mentioned, this alliance stems from their common goal: The destruction of America. Trenchantly, the stakes couldn’t be higher – in so far that its eventual and inevitable knock-on effect is the disintegration of western civilization. 

INDEED, said goal supersedes all. Intrinsically, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” becomes their overall modus operandi through the nexus thereof. In the main, the (temporary and expedient) merging of political Islam with the radical left is used as a bludgeon against America’s foundational roots. It is the most potent social and political weapon deployed, to date. 

MAKE no mistake: It matters not a whit to the radical left that Islam’s “Holy” Book underpins the killing of gays: Quran (7:80-84) “….For ye practice your lustson men in preference to women: ye are indeed a people transgressing beyond bounds…..And we rained down on them a shower of (brimstone)”… long as they seek the destruction of America. The west.

(Qaradawi – World’s biggest Islamic/Brotherhood leader ruling to throw gays from a building!)

THE point being, it is said mandate (coupled with others) which explains why gays (and other infidels) are killed in countries under the barbaric tenets of Sharia Law, and in the most public forums imaginable. Thus, let’s cut to the chase: How many have seen videos (and read reports) showing gays being thrown off roofs – which happens to be their go-to method? Incontrovertibly, the spectacle of being hurled to one’s death, under the banner and sword of Islam, is meant to be an “object” lesson for all who dare to “switch teams.” Hmm.

AGAIN, how can it be that Islamist Reps Omar & Tlaib stand shoulder to shoulder on behalf of gays, to the point of full-throated support for all manner of LBGT thrusts?

Rep. Ilhan Omar, D., Minn., has accused the Trump administration of being “bigoted” amid reports that U.S. embassies have had requests to fly the rainbow Pride flag denied.

June is Pride Month, promoting visibility for the LGBTQ community, and U.S. embassies in Israel, Germany, Brazil, and Latvia made requests to the Trump administration to fly the flag on the official embassy flagpole in honor of Pride. According to NBC News, those requests were denied by the State Department.

“This is another blatant example of this administration’s bigotry and discrimination against the LGBTQIA+ community,” Rep. Omar tweeted on Monday in response to the news……

WELL, to hammer it home, it is in service of their quest to destroy America that a temporary alliance has been forged via the well-worn adage “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” – in the expectation that the disintegration of the traditional family, the epicenter of the nation, will facilitate its downfall. 

SIMILARLY, the radical left, known haters of all things smacking of religious overtones, not only hold their fire against Islamists, but praise them to high heavens! How can this be? Asked and answered.

What’s strange is these leftists will do it despite the fact that history shows that once radical Islamists gain power, they would likely wipe out their Leftist collaborators – it happened in revolutionary Iran.

“They’re the first to get their throats slit,” said Matthew Vadum at a CSP panel discussion based around his new book “Team Jihad: How Sharia Supremacists Collaborate with Leftists.”……continue the truth-telling here…..

MOST significantly, while the “Gay Mafia” has overtaken every sphere of influence within America – starting with early childhood education – capturing their bodies, hearts, and minds alike, their partners in crime, the “Islamic/Brotherhood Mafia”, stand ready to come to their aid at every imaginable infiltration and penetration. Literally.

TO wit, if the above nexus is not the most dangerous threat to the kiddies, by extrapolation, the future of the nation in toto, what else qualifies?

CLEAR as a bell. Don’t say you weren’t warned!!

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Rep. Omar’s (Somali) Constituency Terrorizes White Community & U.S. Taxpayers FUND Islamic Supremacy: Where Is The Nexus? As Always, “Follow The (Brotherhood’s) Money!” Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

EVERY competent investigator knows – be it during a criminal or civil probe – that a major investigative track revolves around the money trail. Yes, therein underlies the oft-cited dictum: “follow the money!”

BUT when it comes to tracking and tracing Islamic Jihadi terror (a redundancy in terms, but no matter), well, its importance and relevance must always remain a top target. On high alert. Even so, as intrinsic as the money trail is, its mirror image lies within an elemental and grounded knowledge base of Islam. In other words, first and foremost, it must be internalized: Islam’s basic underpinnings lead in only one direction, as such, the rest is merely smoke and mirrors. Hence, the PC blinders must be removed and replaced with a non-PC equation: Islam’s basis = Jihadi terror. Period. Full stop.

Image result for pics of islam will dominate the world

TO wit, the Koran is rife with Jihadi dictates, regardless of all the spin via Allah-washing. More specifically, they are revealed by some very influential Muslims. Among others, British Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary is front and center. In any case, listen to his truth-telling at the above linked video. Indeed, this Jihadi expert was called upon to analyze Choudary (and others) at more than one global interview. Hmm. Trust, he is not contained, as falsely reported, since being freed from a “half stint” in prison. Nor is he a so-called radical. He is representative of “pure” Islam. Plain and simple.

RESULTANT, today’s warning is meant to shine the brightest spotlight on a heightened threat – with the knowledge that anti-Semitic, anti-American Rep. Omar (with Tlaib in tow) is openly and repeatedly fundraising within the “who’s who” in Jihadi Brotherhood Mafia terror!

FOR heavens sake, what other conclusions should be drawn from her brazen, high profile actions? Rhetorical. So, in light of said monetary fundraising, why shouldn’t her Somali constituency terrorize the white community (read: non-Muslim) through various tactics of intimidation, safe in the knowledge that they are shielded in their (Jihadi) thrust? After all, one of their own is sitting in the halls of Congress, alongside fellow Jihadi Tlaib! Bulls-eye.

House Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is infamously tied to terrorist organizations and individuals and the Somali residents in her home district seem to be taking her lead.

Last Friday, a dispatch audio from the Minneapolis Police Department reveals that an incident involving “a group of 8-10 males chasing people with hammers” occurred near the University of Minnesota in the “Little Mogadishu” neighborhood.

Turns out this was a group of juveniles ages 12-15. In the police reports their names are redacted due to the fact that they are minors. It is clear that the group of males were Somali minors and were targeting white people and people who they perceived to “have money,” according to one eyewitness account.

Alpha News reports:


The incident was apparently reported to 911 just before 10 p.m. on Friday according to the audio and other social media police scanner reports. A 9:48 p.m. Facebook post on 2nd Precinct Minneapolis Crime Watch page said that University of Minnesota (U of M) police were requesting assistance from Minneapolis police (MPD) and Metro Transit police for “a group of 8-10 males chasing people with hammers” and that some people were injured. A Facebook post a minute later on Minneapolis Scanner page said that the three police departments were responding to “multiple [911] calls” about “10-12 Somali teen males armed with hammers chasing people,” also with “several injuries reported.” Both Facebook pages regularly post summaries of police scanner audio.

A person who claimed on social media to have been at the station when the incident occurred said that the group of males had “hammers and bars,” and that they seemed to be “attacking anyone who looked like they had money or were white.” The witness, who said he isn’t white, said he didn’t want to “[take] on a bunch of dudes with blunt objects,” and that he “hurried an older white lady away” and they walked a few blocks to catch a bus.

On Wednesday there was an attempted robbery at the same location during which two U of M students were injured, according to a media report. It’s unknown whether these incidents are related.

Terror in Minnesota! It should be no surprise that the children of Somali immigrants are behaving this way. They have not come to America to assimilate but rather to take over and spread their own ideology. No doubt they are feeling empowered with Rep. Omar in office who speaks unapologetically on behalf of Muslims.

In a report by D.C. Dirty Laundry, writer Tim Brown points out that Herman Mustafa, executive director of the Dallas-Fort Worth CAIR Branch said, “If we are practicing Muslims, we are above the law of the land.”

This is very much the philosophy of Muslims. They do not believe they should be required to fall in line as Americans. They aren’t here to be Americans. They are here to make Americans into Muslims. The very core of Islam is to convert all unbelievers and if they will not be converted, destroy them. They hate the “infidels” and have no desire to live alongside of us peacefully.

Has Rep. Omar come out and condemned the behavior of this group of juvenile Somalis? Nope, and I wouldn’t hold your breath.

Image result for pics of minnesotastan

INDEED, it is not for nothing that Omar’s ‘hood and adjoining neighborhoods have been dubbed (within these pages) “Minnesotastan.


ALL of which leads straight back to two devastating and intersecting truths, and both have been exposed at these pages on multiple occasions. However, with the growing dangers at hand – due to the infiltration and penetration of Reps Omar and Tlaib (in tandem with “AOC”) – they must be reiterated, regardless of how long it takes: U.S. taxpayers are funding Islamic Jihad and the money trails are abundantly clear, that is, if one knows where to look!

INCONTESTABLY, as per the taxpayer claim, readers may want to recall (10/2015) the evidentiary trails presented here. Hint: NYC Mayor Comrade De Blasio is deeply in the mix, yes, that Presidential wannabe!     

NOW, as to the aforementioned “follow the money” being a major investigative tracking tool, let there be no doubt: The trails found within a blockbuster investigation (5/2015) “Islamic Money/Gold Laundering In Massachusetts Finances Jihad: FEDS Ignore Evidence” should be considered prima facie evidence. Dead to rights. This is the case, even though additional proofs were revealed in “BANNED: How Facebook Enables Militant Islamic Jihad” (Sept. 2016), Chapter Two.

ALAS, the most recent (May 2019) back-up linkage (out of countless over the years) amounts to, at the very least, $ 41 Million of Taxpayer-Subsidized Islamism in furtherance of Islamic Jihad!

BUT above all else, the Islamic imperative to subdue humankind to Allah is non-negotiable and Shariah Law will lead the way – never mind the jibber-jabber from western apologists that there is nothing to fear from Islam; a”peaceful” and compatible religion within the west. In a pig’s eye. Never and never.

Image result for pics of islam will dominate the world

BESIDES, how many so-called religions co-opt public spaces akin to Mohammedans – and, in America, no less, the outpost of western civilization??  

Muslims Take Over Entire City And Here’s What They Forced People To Do

QUESTIONS, anyone?

(Minneapolis, “Little Mogadishu”)

Image result for pics of little mogadishu minneapolis
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Antisemitism’s “Mainstreaming” In America Via A Four-Pronged Assault:”The Remaining Acceptable Bias/Prejudice Within Polite Societal Discourse” – Commentary By Adina Kutnicki


COINED by yours truly in 2011 and in 2012, the above truth-telling is cited by  Professor Emeritus Raphael Israeli, an esteemed and renowned expert in Islamic, Middle Eastern, and Chinese history at Hebrew University. In two of his 15 books – one of which is “Defeat, Trauma, Lesson: Israel Between Life and Extinction” (pg 236), and the other “Israel’s Nightmares: Palestinian and Muslim Zombies Haunting Israel (pg 426)” – its essence is self-evident. Not for nothing.   

INEXTRICABLY, throughout the last decade (or thereabouts), anti-Semitism has reached a fevered pitch within the west – the so-called civilized world – the likes of which has not been seen since 1930’s Europe. Indeed, it is no longer confined to the Holocaust-drenched continent from which it has never receded.

RATHER, sans a scintilla of a doubt, a confluence of powerful socio-political forces has facilitated its re-emergence with a vengeance. 

SIMPLY put, America’s heretofore “underground” socialist hard left has reared  from the shadows in convergence with an empowered Islamism – as they poison the anti-Semitic well, so to speak, unencumbered. As to Europe, that ship has sailed long ago, only to be exacerbated by Merkel’s spearheaded and well-planned refugee invasion throughout Europe.

ALAS, in today’s hyper PC-laced landscape to “bring down America“, a stepped-up Jihad against Judaism and Christianity is necessary to destroy the foundational pillars of the nation. Resultant, the infusion of identity politics by leftist power brokers; coupled with Islam’s frontal arms; with heavy assists from major media spheres, more aptly, the “fake news industrial complex”, and supported via like-minded academia, the “mainstreaming” of anti-Semitism in America has become “normalized” to an unprecedented degree in the nation’s history. Yes, the west in toto. Effectively, it is no longer “taboo”, nor is it an “ism” that is beyond the pale. To the contrary.


  • Incontestably, anti-Semitism is on the rise in the U.S. at an alarming rate. In fact, nowhere is it more self-evident than at the PC obsessed bastions of higher education – fostered by a two-pronged assault ala leftist group-think and Islam’s warriors. Omnipresent. Just take a peek at said prognosis in 2014, but be prepared for your head to spin. Sorry about that.

The Professors - The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America (book cover).jpg

  • Even though the aforementioned anti-Semitic prognosis is nearly five years old, not unlike a cancerous tumor, if left unchecked and untreated, it metastasizes. Yes, a poisonous scourge has infected the halls of academia. Unreservedly, a pox on leftist profs and like-minded admins! There you have it. Let it be recorded for time immemorial. So, is it at all shocking that a conservative prof – rarer than a blue moon – warned: “GET OUT! It’s time for Jews to realize they are no longer welcome in American universities.  As such, they have become whirlpools of downward mobility that target the people and the ideas that they once cherished and protected. It’s time for Jews to stop paying for them…..” and so on and so forth here……
  • Still yet, and not to beat a dead horse, isn’t it fair to conclude: College administrators are aiding and abetting anti-Semites. Indubitably, they are.

Students at Emory University awoke earlier this month to find flyers posted in their dorm rooms informing them they would be evicted in the coming days. Intended to intimidate Jewish students on college campuses, these mock eviction notices are a common tactic of Students for Justice in Palestine, an antisemitic group with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

What distinguished this year’s annual week of harassment of Jewish students on Emory’s campus from other SJP events was that the eviction notices were officially sanctioned by the Emory Office of Campus Life, replete with a stamp of approval indicating that a faculty member or administrator had approved of the notice….continue reading the whole blasted truth!

  • In this regard, it is patently, painfully, and tragically obvious that today’s college campuses, more often than not, are hostile environments for Jewish students akin to the run-up to the Holocaust. Comparatively, the similarities are eerily striking. And, once again, without the media’s outright collusion, it would be impossible to Allah-wash the facts – as their lock-step efforts lift up Mohammedans and protect the rabidly anti-Semitic left.
  • Thus, consider the following as just one illustrative exhibit among a continuous list of said force multipliers. Mind you, the media, an extension of the Demsters in Congress, protects Omar and Tlaib akin to the treatment given to teflon gods: don’t dare touch the Islamic Reps, the freshmen duo!

The Washington Post has addressed inflammatory comments by Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) about the Holocaust by focusing on the Republican response to her statements, rather than on Tlaib’s own remarks.

Image may contain: 2 people, text

Tlaib made the flagrantly false claim in a recent Skulduggery podcast (at 28:11 in the audio) that Palestinians had offered Jews a “safe haven” after the Holocaust.

In reality, the major Palestinian leadership figure of the time, Hajj Muhammad Amin al-Husseini, collaborated with Nazi Germany, and Palestinians violently opposed Jewish immigration — before, during, and after the Second World War.

Tlaib also made the awkward remark that “[t]here’s always kind of a calming feeling I tell folks when I think of the Holocaust,” meaning that she felt reassured about the “fact” [sic] that Palestinians had helped Jews (they did not).

Tlaib brought up the Holocaust on her own, by way of defending her call for the destruction of Israel through the creation of a single Palestinian state.

The Post described the controversy in an article headlined, “House Republicans criticize Rep. Tlaib over remarks on Holocaust, Israel.” The newspaper did not cover Tlaib’s remarks on their own.

In the article, the Post defended Tlaib, saying that Republicans who had criticized her use of the phrase “calming feeling” were “falsely accusing her of using the phrase to describe her views about the Holocaust itself.”……continue the travesty here…..

  • By extrapolation and beyond a shadow of a doubt, and regardless of any and all anti-Semitic (and anti-American) poisons spewed from the lips of Omar and Tlaib, they (their surrogates alike) are the winners in the left’s cultural war(s) against Judaism and Christianity – around which the Constitutional Republic was formed. Born. Understood?
  • Even so, as per the openly manifested resurgence of anti-Semitism in America, the evidence is so overwhelming that some of the proofs are impossible to hide. Consider:
  • In 2019 alone – from NY to Chicago to Boston and many points in between – hate crimes against Jews are exploding. Indeed, per the NYPD, two-thirds of the hate crimes that are documented (a near doubling since previous years, never mind those that remain unreported) are anti-Semitic!
  • In fact, it has gotten so bad, the NY Post ran an op-ed “Anti-Semitic attacks are rising in Brooklyn and it seems like no one cares.” Whoa.
  • More specifically, as of May 2019, police in Brooklyn are investigating 2 unprovoked anti-semitic attacks. Never-ending.
  • As to Chicago in the month of May: “An unknown arsonist attempted twice to set on fire a synagogue building in downtown Chicago, while vandals smashed the windows of cars parked outside of a synagogue on the far north side of the city…..”
  • Likewise, Boston is hardly a safe haven from the knock-on effects of the “mainstreaming” of anti-Semitism. In reality, as reported, the FBI and local police are equally busy from the most recent attacks in May 2019: “The FBI, state and local police, and other agencies are investigating three separate fires last week at two Chabad centers in Boston as possible hate crimes…..The first fire occurred last Saturday at the Chabad Center for Jewish Life Arlington-Belmont in Arlington, a Boston suburb, but did little damage and was put out easily. Last Thursday, a second fire started at the same location, and then approximately an hour later another fire started about 12 miles away at the Chabad Jewish Center in Needham…..” Pattern-like??

TELLINGLY, eight decades after the systematic slaughter of a large portion of world Jewry and the reestablishment of the Jewish homeland, how can it be that an Israeli Ministry is set aside to still ! fight anti-semitism – as mentioned, the likes of which has not been seen since 1930’s Europe? Rhetorical.

MOST significantly, know this: It gives this investigative journalist, author, and blogger no pleasure in having zeroed in on the scourge in 2011 and 2012, that is,  “Anti-Semitism is the remaining acceptable bias/prejudice within polite societal discourse.” In this instance, being wrong would have been so much better than being right! 

BUT it is what it is. And this is precisely why, eight years onward (May 1, 2019), it was reported by AP Worldwide:

TEL AVIV, Israel (AP) — Israeli researchers reported Wednesday that violent attacks against Jews spiked significantly last year, with the largest reported number of Jews killed in anti-Semitic acts in decades, leading to an “increasing sense of emergency” among Jewish communities worldwide.

Capped by the deadly shooting that killed 11 worshippers at Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life synagogue on Oct. 27, assaults targeting Jews rose 13% in 2018, according to Tel Aviv University researchers. They recorded nearly 400 cases worldwide, with more than a quarter of the major violent cases taking place in the United States…….

“There is an increasing sense of emergency among Jews in many countries around the world,” said Moshe Kantor, president of the European Jewish Congress, an umbrella group representing Jewish communities across the continent.

“It is now clear that anti-Semitism is no longer limited to the far-left, far-right and radical Islamist’s triangle — it has become mainstream and often accepted by civil society,” he said…..

INCONTESTABLY, a cancerous tumor from time immemorial has gone “mainstream!!”


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Shariah Enforcers Penetrate America + Terrorists Adjudicated As ‘Criminals’ – Wherein Lie The Dangers? How Did This Happen? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

WHILE most Americans (westerners alike) believe that Jihadi terror commenced on September 11, 2001, that would be wrong. In reality, the ‘opening shot of Jihad’ on United States soil made its official debut on November 5, 1990, with the very brazen public assassination of Rabbi Meir Kahane at the New York Marriott East Side Hotel in Manhattan. In fact, its basis was revealed at this expert’s expose’ at Israel National News (in 2005). Effectively, almost 30 years onward, Mohammedans are calling the shots in America, with the ‘end game’ being the imposition of Shariah Law. This is so, irrespective of time and place – however long it takes.

THEN as now, this site pulls no punches. So, on May 31, 2014, the following was attested to – as per the inherent dangers from Islam, that is, Sharia Law. Irrefutable, regardless of any discomfit.

Let’s be clear from the get go: Agreed, Islam has been around for centuries and it is nauseatingly deemed one of the three “great” religions, regardless of its barbarity. Get over it. In any event, it is time to cease pandering to its “hallowed” status and to commence telling the truth, otherwise the west will be destroyed. Simple as that.

In reality, it has never stopped its war-like thrust. On the other hand, its catapult has never been more obvious. Ensured. Additionally, don’t become (mentally) entrapped into believing that to “wage war” against Islam is akin to any form of bias against individual Muslims. It is not.

Assuredly, the west’s struggle is against a totalitarian political ideology. Hence, it must be re-focused against a politically fascist and religious cloaked doctrine which has, from time immemorial, targeted western infidels, many of whom are also apostates from Islam. Essentially, “pure” Islam dictates who lives and who dies. Period.

In fact, Winston Churchill presciently noted the following observations and his predictive words are as true today as they were when he uttered them.They are absolutely historically accurate. Beyond dispute.

“How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries!
Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia
in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. The effects are apparent in many
countries, improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods
of commerce and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the
Prophet rule or live.  A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and
refinement, the next of its dignity and sanctity.  The fact that in Mohammedan
law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property, either as
a child, a wife, or a concubine, must delay the final extinction of slavery until the
faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men.

Individual Moslems may show splendid qualities, but the influence of the religion
paralyzes the social development of those who follow it.  No stronger retrograde
force exists in the world.  Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant
and proselytizing faith.  It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising
fearless warriors at every step, and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the
strong arms of science, the science against which it (Islam) has vainly struggled,
the civilization of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilization of ancient Rome.” ……. continue reading the unvarnished truth-telling here…..

ALAS, after decades of Jihadi terror within America (and the west at large, never mind its continuous carnage inside Israel, the western outpost within the Islamic-driven, barbaric-laced Middle East), let’s face facts: (political) Islam’s infiltration and penetration has not been tamped down, rather, it has made great strides in every sphere of national influence. Of course, much of its thrust has been facilitated by the out-sized influence of CAIR (the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia’s/Hamas’s propaganda arm in North America), a designated ‘unindicted’ co-conspirator in the 2008 trial of the Holy Land Foundation For Relief and Development (headquartered in Richardson, Texas) during the largest terror trial in U.S. history. What’s going on? How can this be? 

The five convicted individuals were Ghassan Elashi, former CEO Shukri Abu-Baker, Mufid Abdulqader, Abdulrahman Odeh, and Mohammad El-Mezain.

  • Abu-Baker was sentenced to 65 years.
  • Elashi, also a member of the founding Board of Directors of the Texas branch of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), was sentenced to 65 years.
  • Mufid Abdulqader was sentenced to 20 years.
  • Abdelrahman Odeh was sentenced to 15 years.
  • El-Mezain, former endowments director, sentenced to 15 years.

TO wit, with nary a smattering of cards on the table, some of which are displayed above, it is imperative to play catch-up with more recent developments, albeit, they are hardly exhaustive in nature.


  • Ominously, almost 19 years after the most devastating attack on U.S. soil since Pearl Harbor, how is it possible that two high-profile al-Qaeda Jihadis are being released early for ‘good behavior’, aside from the fact that they should have spent the rest of their lives in jail, never to breathe free again? Well, isn’t it clear that adjudicating Jihadis akin to ‘common criminals’ is a recipe for disaster, when the likes of Najibullah Zazi (who plotted to detonate bombs/WMD’s within the NYC subway system, and then ‘flipped’ on others to get a reduced sentence) and the infamous John Walker Lindh AKA the ‘American Taliban’ will be free to plot again against America (unless they take up knitting, or some such benign activity), regardless of all the legal jibber-jabber? Besides, countless Jihadis within Israel’s bizarre ‘exchanges’, once freed, have gone on to kill many innocents, despite their ‘promises’ to renounce terrorism against Israel! Yes, Israel is the ‘laboratory’ for Islamic terrorism. In any case, incontestably, push-back from multi-hydra Islamic power centers inside America, in tandem with leftist (legal) back-benchers for ‘leniency’, is the most dangerous and powerful weapon against America, bar none.
  • teachingislaminuspublicschool-vi
  • By now, it should be obvious that said weaponization is a mortal threat to the fate of the nation. So, how can it be that Allah’s Muslim Terrorists are still ! allowed to infiltrate the educational system, despite countless alarm bells at this site and elsewhere, many of which exposed the enabling of leftist helpmates? Indeed, why is Islam treated to ‘special’ dispensation within the public {emphasis added} school system, to the degree that two school districts (in left-wing Washington State) ADOPTED  Shariah Law based strictures of Ramadan – (un)holy cow – by blessing students in Arabic ala the ‘suggestions’ of CAIR, yes, that bastion of who’s who in the Brotherhood Mafia terror chain!!
  • But if that’s not enough to make you scream and for your head to explode, once again, non-Muslim students (in Maryland) are being forced to recite the Shahada, the Shariah Law mandated prayer for conversion! But, it is not as if this site (a few years back) didn’t sound the Shahada-based alarm too – here, here, here, and throughout this site. Sheesh.
  • Now, if, mistakenly, you think your pig farm is safe from their grasp, think again. As an aside, this warning is coming from someone who doesn’t eat pig for non-kosher reasons, but never mind. Besides, is America still the land of the free….the home of the brave….to raise pigs, or not? You decide.

BUT to be truthful and totally above board, it is not as if Americans (and westerners at large) haven’t been given ample warning, and in countless ways. Straight from the horse’s mouth too.

Muslim to Christians about threat of radical Islam: ‘We tried warning you’ — Video

STILL yet, if you can’t wrap your (western) freedom-based mind around the left’s support of Reps Omar & Tlaib, full-throated Islamists, ala two-steps, back-shuffles, and jive-talk – as evidenced via “Why Would ISIS Praise Reps Omar, Tlaib, & ‘AOC?” – stop scratching your head. Simply, what must be front and center is the axiom: ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend.’ Yes, both harbor extreme anti-American/western animus and that is that!

AND this is precisely why the ‘normalizing’ of Islamism has crept into the Socialist- Democratic body politic, and every sphere of influence in between. Not only that, atop all of Omar’s (and Tlaib’s) anti-semitic and anti-American rants and support of Jihadists, you know, when she attempted to win leniency for 9 men accused of trying to join ISIS, how much clearer does it have to be, that is, to admit that Shariah Law enforcers have penetrated the very heart of Congress? And the very fact that Omar spewed the most inciting venom of all, namely, “America was founded on the history of Native American genocide, on the backs of black slaves. This is not going to be the country of white people”, and Pelosi & gang still have her back, well, that about sums up the cementing of the red/green alliance within the epicenter of American politics. Agreed?

MOST significantly, is it any wonder that Omar (along with Tlaib, ‘AOC’, and their entire anti Judeo-Christian cabal) feels empowered enough to continue spewing her venom via the following:

“Religious fundamentalists are currently trying to manipulate state laws in order to impose their beliefs on an entire society.”

The new laws are efforts “to criminalize women for simply existing, to punish us when we don’t conform to their attempts to control us.”

“But because it’s happening here, with the support of the ultra-conservative religious right, we call it religious freedom,” she said.

“I am frustrated every single time I hear people speaking about their faith,” said Omar.

MIND you, as she vomits out her anti-Christian and anti-Jewish bile, she does so while wearing her hijab in Congress – due to a change in the rules governing non-head coverings – in order to accommodate her attachment to fundamentalist Islam! Did you ever?? What utter chutzpah too. Indubitably, CAIR (with Brotherhood Mafia groups in tow, in league with their leftist hench-people) exerted the political muscle to change a heretofore ‘set in stone’ rule. Hmm.


BUT above all else, what matters most is the underlying supremacist ideology of Islam – that which is Shariah law prescribed to subjugate humankind to Islam, no ifs, ands, or buts. However long it takes.


Image result for pics of islam meant to dominate the world
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Brennan’s Treachery Comes Full Circle – As Evidenced At These Pages, 2013 To Date – Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Image result for pics of a wolf and a shepherd boy story

” The Shepherd Boy And The Wolf “, a classic short story, is often taught to junior and senior high school students to illustrate the importance, relevance, and contextual framework of morality. Its overall basis breaks down thusly: “once a liar, always a liar.” Similarly, “once a crook, always a crook” should be considered a comparative axiom; an extrapolation thereof. Bare bones lessons in morality.

AS such, it is hardly a shock that John Brennan, a serial liar with a monstrous size crooked bent, continues to be exposed at these pages. In fact, he made his debut (alongside HUSSEIN Obama, and the equally lying and criminally bent, Hill) in January 2013 – a mere few months after this site’s inception. That fast. Not for nothing.

IN this regard, before evidencing Brennan’s full circle and blessed reckoning  (now that the deep state sh*t is hitting the fan ala the blow-back from the bought and paid for claptrap-filled dossier), let’s perform a righteous cleansing akin to a colonoscopy. No kidding.


  • Naturally, and at all costs, the Director of the CIA is sworn to protect America. This is a sacred duty. But when a rogue, anti-American takes over the helm, well, many levels of hell are bubbling and competing to become unleashed. To wit, he more than warranted top billing in January 2013 – when appointed to this most sensitive and powerful post. As is said, timing is everything. Therefore, said top billing preceded the start of his tenure on March 8, 2013. So, to commence the unmasking, the first directive from herein is to peer into “The Intersection Between John Brennan And A ‘Mysterious’ Death During Obama’s First Term.” And it is within this initial walk-through that his treachery will start to gel. Cement. Indeed, from the get-go, his lying and criminal mind-set is of piece with third world leaders. Juntas.


  • Now that that task is accomplished, let’s move on. Akin to whiplash (sorry for that), this site was forced to fast forward to less than a month later (February 11, 2013, to be exact), and to level another warning shot to the American people: “John Brennan, A Muslim Convert, Is A MEGA Muslim Mafia Infiltrator!” Say it ain’t so….
  • But we are far from done. Not at all. Tragically, how many travesties can one parasite – who oversees America’s “spook” agency, no less – be guilty of? This query was asked and answered on March 11,2013: “John Brennan Eschews The Bill of Rights: Another Nail In The American Coffin.” Beyond the pale.
  • Alas, it is hardly shocking that this site reported in June 2013: ” CIA Brennan’s Spooky Skeletons Creep To The Fore.” Now, the fact that it isn’t even shocking is what is so shocking – unless one is living in a banana republic!
  • Moving right along to Brennan’s growing compendium of criminally-inclined actions, guess where else his ‘activities’ were unearthed? Well, in September 2013, this bombshell was noted: ” UPDATE: The Assassination Of Michael Hastings & Its Nexus To Obama’s Bonafides & Passport – Brennan’s Sticky Fingers In The Mix!
  • Oh My….here we go again….round and round Brennan’s twisted treachery. But, this time, to May 2014: “Brennan’s Deadly Fingerprints Are All Over Benghazigate.” Yes, that Benghazigate!
  • Indeed, how much more can patriotic Americans be expected to bear before…..Regardless, hang on tight. How many know about the central part he played in releasing Taliban terrorists, you know, those captured by the sweat and blood of U.S. soldiers? If curious, read about the betrayal here.
  • Still yet, if your heart can withstand it, let’s head to December 2014 to recalculate and recalibrate the damage accrued, so far, by querying: ” Why Did Obama & Brennan Gift  A ‘Torture’ Report To The Islamic Ummah?” Why, indeed.
  • Never-ending. In March 2015, guess what Brennan, Islam’s full-on protector, did? He expunged Islam from ISIS, that’s what! Therefore, isn’t it prudent to ask: To whom was he reporting – in his capacity as the Director of America’s front-arm foreign spy agency – the nation’s secrets and assets? Rhetorical. Resultant, isn’t it clear where his loyalties lie?
  • Even so, stay strong, fellow patriots. Keep reading. We are almost down to the (“cleansing-recap”) wire. After all, knowledge is power. In January 2016, it was reported at these pages that Brennan infiltrated, yes, infiltrated, the Charter School system for the benefit of Islam – never mind the public school system which has been infected for years. As such, the question becomes two-fold: Why is this no longer shocking? and, why isn’t it plastered all over the so-called mainstream media? Hmm.
  • Consequentially, when the Islamist-in-Chief left office and the long-knives came out for President Trump’s scalp, it behooved recapping (in April 2017) the initial unmasking(s) of Brennan (cited above) – knowing full well what a mega huge force he is in the “deep state”; a chief traitor, among a long line of deeply embedded cohorts!

NOW, as we power onward to the present state of (traitorous) affairs, here’s some additional ammunition – all of which was warned about at this site, in one form or another.  

Late last week, di Genova also told Fox News host Laura Ingraham that the former chiefs of the FBI, CIA, and DNI are going to “pay the Barr bill” for their “conspiracy” that began with then-CIA Director John Brennan and ended with the Democratic National Committee, Real Clear Politics reports.

“This is very serious business and for the first time, I now believe that some of these guys are going to go to prison,” DiGenova said……

IN the main, isn’t it time for Brennan (and fellow surrogates) to go down?? Apparently. Faster….faster…..

Brennan Going Down: John Durham Zeroes In On Former CIA Head

BUT, as always, disputes are taking place – as to which of his facilitators at DOJ are the main collaborators behind the trumped-up Steele dossier. Six of one, half a dozen of the other…..

BUT, most significantly, rational folks can discern: America has come to a point in time, a ‘do or die’ fork in the road, notably, a critical juncture in its modern history. Know this: Without a full-on cleansing, a reckoning, and jailing(s) alike, the Republic will die – sooner than later.

AND while this is not a prognosis that is easy to deliver, it is hardly the time to despair. Weaken. For truth dare be told, in reality, it is past time to BUCK UP!!

AGAIN, faster…..faster…..

Image result for pics of comey and brennan

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INTEL OVERVIEW: From 1/2019 To Date – Rep. Tlaib’s Jihadi Nexus Flushed Out! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Image result for pics of rep tlaib in west bank

As part of my contractual obligations with a privately-held Homeland Security entity, a quarterly Intel analysis – with footnotes and exhibits – is a central component. Moreover, as many have come to realize, the entity underwrites a bi-annual Intel Conference in Tel Aviv – of which I am the ‘resident’ expert on the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia. As an American-Israeli living in Israel (with highly reliable sources and resources in both countries), my expertise is particularly valuable. In other words, I am ‘up close and personal’ with this and that Jihadi hydra through various channels. Let’s leave it at that.

Intrinsically, it is through much heavy-lifting that many are becoming increasingly aware that what ‘goes down’ in Israel, that is, Jihadi-wise, has direct knock-on effects on America. Vice versa. (Europe alike.) This terror nexus is touched upon throughout a growing compendium of work, however, for this discussion, the previous quarterly analysis is ‘ground zero’: ‘Trends/Adaptations In Jihadi Tactics, Intel Overview, 2018 To Date – The Rashida Tlaib Nexus.’

Resultant, how much greater can the impact upon U.S. national security be (think: 9/11/01) – other than through various causal (Jihadi) sequences, as they catapult between both nations with the backing of what should be termed a (Socialist-Democratic) Congressional ‘seal of approval’, no less? Bulls-eye.

Alas, as many have come to the realization that particular members of Congress are aligned with Islamism, the need for more, not less, information is a must. No ifs, ands, or buts. By extrapolation, political Islam, in direct opposition to western values, is where their loyalties lie. To wit, for the survival of the west, it is way too dangerous to pussyfoot around this incendiary topic.

Now, while Tlaib’s ‘Palestinian’ Jihadi roots were touched upon in the aforementioned (Jan. 2019) Intel overview, a particular excerpt bears repeating. In this way, additional ‘droppings’ will veer into sharp focus. Relief.

Effectively, I have been given permission to reveal this tidbit: when two of the assets associated with the conference (counter-terrorism and counter-Intel freelancers) were in Michigan (AKA Michiganstan) on another assignment, by accident, they ‘stumbled’ upon a bombshell. It revolves around a clear connection between particular ‘Palestinian-Americans’ (Jihadis-In-Suits) from clans in East Jerusalem, who happen to collaborate with clans in the Wadi Ara, who just happen to have access to Rashida Tlaib and her associates! This linkage is via what they coined the ‘Ramallah Connection’ ala the AFRP, The American Federation of Ramallah, Palestine. Oh, what a tangled web of terror. Btw, her parental and close extended family live in a small, but highly active, Islamic-laced village, Beit Ur al-Foqa. It lies smack in Israel’s Judean hills……

As such, it is along this twisted path of terror that, once again, an urgent spotlight has been shined (via the Homeland Security entity) on Tlaib. It is not for nothing.

Indisputably, it is due to her new-found power via the halls of Congress (alongside Omar & ‘AOC’) that her DEEP ties to Ramallah’s terror axis – you know, the very same city and seat of power which Arafat, the godfather of ‘Palestinian’ terror, reigned supreme – must be exposed. Excised. But, as always, a brief backgrounder is mandatory reading.

Yes, how many recall ‘Operation Defensive Shield‘ (March/April 2002), an IDF ‘root canal’ imperative at the Mukataa in Ramallah, the headquarters where Arafat and assorted terror kingpins holed up? Well, Tlaib’s family, rooted in Beit Ur al-Foqa (alongside a ‘sister’ village, Beit Ur al-Tahta), are supporters, in every sense of the word, of the ‘arc of terror’ which extends from within Ramallah and beyond; a super-charged arena which is a stone’s throw away (approx. 8 miles, no longer than 10 min. by car) from her devoted base!

Now, at this end, in order for operational assets to gather what they must, a balancing act, a tightrope, of sorts, is in play. Of course, terror targets realize that official and unofficial/freelance operatives are in their midst. That’s nothing new.

Even so, the following was brought to these ears for dissemination:

  • Relatives of Tlaib’s from the same clan – be they close or distant on the family tree; some of whom are housed within terror-steeped Ramallah, and, btw, operate right under the very noses of EU mucky-mucks and assorted ‘dignitaries’ – act as couriers/money launderers for ‘activities’ in the U.S.!
  • Know this too: the ease in which her clans-people (and other associates) gain access to assorted U.S. visas serves to facilitate the ‘transport’ of monies and other fungible goods. In the meanwhile, some funds are held back and peeled off the top, for ‘operational’ use against Israeli targets! You got that?

But there’s more.

  • For the most part, the monies come from EU hand-outs for supposed ‘humanitarian’ efforts, as well as via Arab ‘bag-men’ who are, ostensibly, ‘investing’ in the many luxury hotels and stores that are ubiquitous throughout the city!

Unreservedly, it is forbidden to reveal (even to my partner, my ‘Doc’) any operational methods in which this or that Intel is collected. Still, suffice to state: human Intel (emphasis placed), combined with listening devices, can’t be beat!!

To wrap up today’s evidentiary trail, albeit miniaturized, let this update serve as a two-tier warning: as the second shot in the bow towards Tlaib’s menacing presence on Capitol Hill; in tandem with undeniable video/audio proofs, as seen below. Effectively, they tie in where her loyalties lie. Hint: not with America!

This video is from a pro-jihad rally that occurred during Operation Protective Edge in This video is from a pro-jihad rally that occurred during Operation Protective Edge in 2014. This war was precipitated when Hamas kidnapped and murdered three young Israeli teenagers. Israel was also defending itself against Hamas rockets that were slamming southern Israel. Hamas was firing rockets from the civilian population of Gaza into the civilian population of Israel. A double war crime.

When Tlaib won her Congressional seat she did not wear an American flag, she wore the flag of a non-country called “palestine”. Interestingly enough, no politicians or media attacked her for “dual loyalty”, like they do all Jewish Americans. Food for thought……


Finally, Tlaib’s recent pronouncement, ‘The Holocaust is calming‘ ( demonstrates the ease in which (purposeful) historical revisionism becomes ‘fact’, as well as how quickly PC captives jump to defend the indefensible.

Indeed, for an excellent analysis, listen up.

Until next quarter’s Intel update…..

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