The Assorted (Terror) Appendages of the US Campaign Against The Israeli “Occupation” & BDS Movement…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

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Presenting, the most exhaustive expose’ re the US leader of “BDS” (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions Movement). Incidentally, one of its main tentacles – the ISM – is featured within –…having been involved with beating back said efforts, for over a decade.

‘The truth about Anna Baltzer: Defaming her grandmother’s legacy’

By Lee Kaplan – Northeast Intelligence Network – including, interview with Congressman Allen West at PJ tv –….MUST view!

23 February 2013: The individual known as Anna Baltzer, whose name remains questionable in terms of legal legitimacy, leads the US Campaign Against the Israeli Occupation and the Boycott and Divestment Movement (BDS) against Israel. Under that name, she has developed a sinecure traveling to churches and colleges worldwide regaling false tales of atrocities by Israel’s Jews against innocent Palestinians with slick presentations, somehow even grabbing a television appearance at Oxford University.What’s in a name?

Using the identity of Anna Baltzer, she claims to have appeared at over 500 venues spreading her revisionist history. Billing herself as the “grandchild of Polish-born Holocaust survivors” and a “Fulbright Scholar” to lend her legitimacy in college venues, Baltzer would appear to be the perfect foil to the Jewish state. But what appears to be  emerging now is that the woman known as Anna Baltzer seems to be a serial liar in terms of her message, and perhaps her legal identity as well.  While in the West Bank, she routinely rubs elbows with known terrorists while citing her very questionable background.

Based on my investigation, it would appear that she is enough of an embarrassment to some of her family that she allegedly fabricated the name Anna Baltzer – or otherwise associated herself with that name without undergoing any obvious legal means allowing her to do so, to conceal her true identity. Research found that she has at least three aliases, including the identity as Anna Baltzer under which she personally collects money while rewriting history and spreading disinformation about the Jews for the anti-Semites in the Middle East.

Fulbright fiasco & damage control

As a journalist I first ran afoul of reporting about Anna Baltzer, when I wrote a series of articles for the Gatestone Institute about her.  In those articles I reported that there was no Anna Baltzer on record as being a Fulbright Scholar; that  no one with the name Baltzer was on record as a Holocaust  survivor from the death camps of Poland, and that no record existed of an Anna Baltzer ever going on a Birthright Tour to Israel. The Birthright Tour is of critical importance to her saga as it is during this event that Baltzer claimed she had been falsely indoctrinated into a pro-Israel position that it inspired her to research the truth about the Palestinian plight.  The facts uncovered during my investigation were the result of an extensive due diligence investigation, something colleges, universities and others apparently failed to do. Despite unproven and lingering questions about the validity of her background, Ms. Baltzer was continually garnering various speaking invitations, including one at the prestigious Oxford University last  January 31st.

When my first investigative article was published, a self-described Jewish anarchist named Daniel Sieradski was noted to be in full damage control mode. Sieradski, having the same objectives to eliminate Israel, writes all manner of cynical “Jewish” materials, continually defends anti-Semites and blames Jews for anti-Semitism, began tweeting about her at Oxford.

He then contacted Gatestone with false accusations of sloppy journalism, contending the inaccuracy of my information about Baltzer despite the authenticated data contained in my report. For his evidence, Sieradski merely sent a computer screenshot from the Fulbright website that listed Baltzer’s real name, Anna J. Piller, suggesting, of course, that my initial information was incorrect.

Inspection of his “evidence” determined that the page he proclaimed as evidence that Baltzer, known as Anna Piller, was indeed a Fulbright Scholar was quickly dismissed. The “evidence” Sieradski offered was nothing more than a page devoted to students hired as teaching assistants by Fulbright, and not a list of scholars. That page merely proved that Baltzer, under the surname Piller, was hired as a teaching assistant to teach English at an English language program in Turkey – an Islamic country. Actually, a separate list of legitimate Fulbright scholars dating back to 1990 and a program for PhD candidates showed no entries or listings under her legal name or alias. At best, she exaggerated her academic qualifications to gain entry to the university speaking circuit. Yet, Sieradski suggested that as a Jew, he felt I owed Anna Baltzer an apology.

Fellow activists from the ISM and Sieradski, who also encourages boycotting of Israel to help starve the Jews into submission, flew into action and changed biographical data on the well-known Wikipedia site to reflect now that her real name was Piller, explaining that this surname was the reason that Baltzer did not appear on the Fulbright Scholarship website. Such revisions were done after and in likely response to the findings from my initial investigative report.

Roseanne Barr bakes and more names for Baltzer appear

It is important to note that Sieradski is a Jew who is part of the in-house staff and writes for the anarchist magazine, Heeb. The cover of that magazine once featured the notoriously anti-Israel Roseanne Barr, sporting a Hitler moustache and placing cookies shaped as Jewish people into an oven.  The weight of the facts and due diligence was apparently no match against the wailing of Sieradski. Gatestone removed my articles.

Undeterred, I simply moved my investigative report to to a more heavily trafficked site. Additionally, I decided to increase the scope of my investigation of the individual using the name Anna Baltzer. There was indeed more to be found.

Most important was her claim of being the grandchild of “Polish-born holocaust survivors” who today is against the existence of Israel as the Jewish national homeland and not only a vindicator of the Palestinian goal to replace the Jewish state with an Arab one, but even of the violence that is practiced by Palestinian terrorists against Jews and other Israelis. Of course, “Polish holocaust survivors” evokes images of Auschwitz and the Warsaw Ghetto, as it is meant to by Anna Baltzer.  I mentioned in my earlier articles her use of her grandparents’ memory was probably at best an embellishment also and that they probably never spent time in the death camps.

And I was right. The International Solidarity Movement, of which Anna is a part, keeps company with another self-proclaimed Jewish Holocaust survivor identified as  Hedy Epstein. Hedy Epstein never spent time in the death camps. Instead, as I previously revealed, Epstein was living in the safety of England during the war as a child.

As previously detailed in my last investigative report, I revealed that Anna Baltzer does not appear to legally exist, at least not in the manner of fashion used by Anna Piller. Her legal name appears to be Anna Judith Piller, yet she has been accepting financial donations made out to her personally under the name Anna Baltzer. My investigative research found no legitimately issued social security number to the Anna Baltzer we know… as Anna Baltzer.

Also noted was yet another possible alias of Carrolle Corosuy, a name that consistently  followed her from various addresses throughout the U.S. since 1997.

Based on my investigation, her actual surname is Piller, which also appears to be her mother’s maiden name. Anna Piller’s father was determined to be Knud Lambrecht, a French linguistics Professor at the University of Texas who appears to be German and not Jewish like Anna’s mother. Lambrecht was once legally married to Anna’s mother, Marion Rose Piller,  and fathered two children with her, both with the mother’s last name Piller in Switzerland. Anna’s family, like her, seems to have a problem with names and identities.

Investigating claims of lineage

But then I dug further. Was Anna indeed the grandchild of “Polish Holocaust survivors” who had a personal epiphany against the evil Zionist Jews, and, who, technically, by her lineage on the distaff side of her family as a Jewish woman, was passing herself off as a conscientious Jew supporting Jew-killers abroad?  After considerable digging I found the identity of Anna’s grandmother: Ida Piller, who later changed her name to Piller-Greenspan after the death of Anna’s grandfather Maurice Piller and Ida’s remarriage.

As I suspected, Ida and Maurice Piller never spent time in the death camps. However, they did endure 13 months of being on the run in western Europe as Belgian Jews until they made it to neutral Portugal. Once there they were going to go to the Dominican Republic when their entry papers came through to go to the United States, they being among the few lucky ones because the Roosevelt administration discouraged Jewish refugee immigration. Ida and Maurice got married when the Nazis invaded Belgium and France in 1940 and also fled Belgium that same day. The Nazis didn’t actually get around to rounding up the Jews in Belgium or France or even making them wear identifying stars until nearly a year later. The Pillers’ connections to Poland were that they were indeed born there, but had grown up in Antwerp, a prosperous location for Jews prior to WW II.  Maurice and Ida tried fleeing to England that offered to accept Maurice if he’d join the army, but refused admittance to Ida. They subsequently made it to neutral Spain and later to Portugal on their own. No deportations, no death camps. They did have unpleasant experiences being turned back at borders, though.

Ida Piller, Anna’s grandmother, was a strong supporter of Israel and an artist who created pictures about the thirteen months she and Maurice were on the lam from the Nazis. She had numerous solo exhibits in the U.S. and abroad and her artworks were proudly featured at Jewish events even in Israel. Her work has been shown at the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. and is part of the permanent collection at the Museum for Ghetto Fighters in Asherat, Israel. She even had a book written about her escape experiences titled When the World Closed Its Doors that was ghost written by a close family friend of the Pillers who I interviewed and who told me she has known Anna personally “since she was nine years old.” The friend explained to me that Baltzer was a made up name and used by Anna Piller so her grandmother would not know what Anna was really doing to harm and defame the Jewish people and Israel for Arab anti-Semites abroad.

Ida Piller died in April of 2011 at 91. It was explained to me by her biographer that Ida Piller never knew her granddaughter, Anna, was touring around making her presentations against the Jews in Israel in churches and elsewhere and the rest of the family kept the information from Ida till the day she died. Ida Piller’s death in 2011 also helps to explain why “Anna Baltzer” now can tell everyone she is also “Anna Piller” publicly; no more grandma to dispute what she says and does. However, Baltzer/Piller cynically still uses her grandparents’ memories to validate her presentations to suggest in the minds of her audiences at churches and colleges, “Look at me, I’m Jewish, my grandparents suffered the Shoah, Polish Jews (are you thinking Auschwitz? Warsaw?), but I want Israel dismantled to create an Arab dominated state called Palestine in its place, and by the way, Palestinian violence is justified.”

Anna, on her website, even speaks literally against “the Judaization of Palestine,” a term that smacks of Nazism and anti-Semitism she no doubt repeats from her Arab handlers.  Imagine that! No Jews living anywhere in Israel as a Jewish state is her goal, but only in PALESTINE under the Arabs. She calls Hebron, the center of the Kingdom of David in the Bible a “Palestinian city.” The Jews are taking over, she says, “Judaizing” the as yet non-existent country of Palestine! The land in the region all belongs to the Palestinians! The Jews have no rights to it. They are “Judaizing it!” She says Israel has no right to exist. Anna is apparently incapable of any independent thought, she uses the same anti-Semitic terms as coined by those who set her up as a paid liar.

Poor Ida Pillar’s granddaughter has found a sinecure preaching for another Holocaust against the Jews in Israel in American churches and at universities, but it’s ok, it’s only against the Jews over in the Middle East this time, you see, and Anna claims she is a “human rights activist” anyway, because it sounds better than being “a propagandist for terrorists and anti-Semites,” like she really is.

To understand the background and motivations of Anna Baltzer/Piller is a fascinating tale in itself. While a student at Columbia U., Anna expressed her dreams on her personal website that this economics and math major should have a dream job that allowed her to travel after graduation. And she found one right away working as a propagandist for Jew-haters and killers in our American churches and on our college campuses. She never was brought up with any real sense of Jewish identity per her own interviews, and who cared about grandma’s experiences, she just wouldn’t tell her what she was really up to while using grandma’s experiences to bolster what she says is her mission as a “Jewish woman” against the Jews, a Jewish Tokyo Rose.

Anna claims she went on the very first birthright tour in January 2000, a free trip given Jewish youths to experience their Jewish roots. She says she felt “indoctrinated” about Israel on that tour so decided to research for herself the Palestinians. She says, “ I  know in retrospect that it was also something of an indoctrination tour, to encourage me to support Israel, perhaps economically and politically as well as emotionally. I hope to go back soon to get a more balanced view of the country.” Next, three years later, she’s in Turkey as a teacher’s assistant teaching English in a Turkish University—a Muslim country. From there she goes and visits Syria and Iran—both countries that advocate for the violent destruction of Israel and wiping out the Jews.  Iran in particular is known for stoning women to death and being a repressive dictatorship to its own people. But this didn’t phase Anna, or make her question if she was indoctrinated on these tours in totalitarian and anti-Semitic states, only the democratic Jewish state of Israel “indoctrinated” her.

More nagging questions no one is asking

One thing that is a nagging question about Anna Baltzer/Piller/Coursuy/Lambrecht is whether it is possible that part of what she is doing isn’t at the behest of Iran. Her propaganda materials about “Zionists” she preaches in Christian churches reads conspicuously like those of Iran’s and Ahmadinajhad’s against the Jews and Israel. Her penetration into Christian churches in the US smacks of Iranians trying to alter American support for Israel as it does by Iran’s proxy, Hamas, who Anna supports. Anna also rubs elbows with terrorists while in the West Bank and even appeared on US TV next to a Hamas apparatchik.  Hamas is a known proxy of Iran along with Hezbollah. Despite her claims of “witnessing” events in the West Bank, her stories in her book are more repetitions of hearsay she was given by anti-Israel Arabs and other ISM activists in the region, her handlers.  This especially goes for atrocity stories she tells Christian church audiences of Israelis (meaning the Jews) about killings of Palestinian children.  After college, why would she need to spend years researching  for a PhD or even really writing a book herself based on factual research when she could merely repeat propaganda and hearsay that was pre-planned for her that she could lie and say she “witnessed”? All she had to do was help the Arabs, Muslims and Iranians smear the Jewish people as the Jewish woman against “Judaization” of the Holy Land. What an easy gig for a lazy girl who wanted to have that job traveling after graduation and get paid for it too!

Before Germany invaded Poland, the images of Poles murdering Germans and especially German children were broadcast all over Germany in films and “documentaries”.  What Anna Baltzer is and does, is serve as a delivery mechanism for Iranian and Arab terrorist groups and their propaganda to turn American and European audiences, particularly Christians, against the Jewish state and Jews in general. Christians in the past have not been terribly supportive of Muslim Arab irredentist goals any more than Jews; Christian Arabs held little interest in the goals of Hamas or of the other terror groups, having been persecuted by them in the Middle East. With the creation of SABEEL, a part of the ISM that Anna works with and belongs to, the effort was devised to try and convince the West that Christian flight from Bethlehem and the West Bank was due to Jewish persecution, not Muslim and Arab violence or persecution. To this end, SABEEL and the tours by Anna Baltzer were created. Anna Baltzer was probably less a result of her own personal intellectual conviction and initiative as a young Jewish woman like she claims, than the opportunity to have a sinecure that would give her income and travel. What did it matter if she earned this by trashing the Jews for Muslim and pan-Arab fascists? A Jewish whore was needed and Anna Piller fit the bill.  And she could travel and get paid for it like she always dreamed to do. All she would have to do is tell some lies and use deceptive presentations. She would even be presented as a published author! The ISM would write glowing reviews of her “book” under pseudonyms on and elsewhere. All she had to do was repeat whatever they tell her to say to demonize the Jews.

She spent about eight months working for the Women’s International Peace Service (WIPS) that grew out of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) and was started by a crazy woman in San Francisco, a flaming lesbian who hates the Jewish people and men and spends all her spare time attacking Israel, Jews and especially America, named Kate Raphael. Israel banned Kate from its shores long ago because of her affiliations with communist subversive groups and advocacy for Palestinian terrorism and staging violent demonstrations. WLPF is a communist group that supported Stalin and still hopes to overthrow the US government. Kate Raphael branched out co-creating the WIPS and can be seen demonstrating all over the San Francisco Bay Area her hatred of the Jewish state and the U.S.

Anna joined the Women’s International Peace Service over in the West Bank. She once wrote me she isn’t a communist and I believe her. She lacks the intellectual and political mentality that even pro-Stalinists have. Anna Baltzer is just a liar and opportunist for Anna Baltzer, one who developed a career trashing the Jews by banking on her mother’s ancestry. Hey, it beats working for a living.

Of course, Anna tells us she’s really just a human rights advocate, and promoting peace. But is she really doing that? An article by her in the ISM-linked Electronic Intifada website about her travels in the West Bank has her recounting her friendly meeting with members of the Al Aksa Martyrs Brigade and a leader named Moussa. Al Aksa is a known terrorist group, even so designated by the U.S. State Department. It has killed many Jews and other Israelis including Israeli Arabs during the intifadas that Anna praises and calls for. It has also killed at least four Americans.

In her article, Anna informs us how Moussa told her the Jews and Arabs got along famously throughout history and how when the Jews created Israel, only then there were problems. Anna repeated this misinformation on TV on the Daily Show, also ignoring the Arab Higher Committee and Palestinian leader Grand Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini, a partner with Hitler and “Palestinian leader,” Arafat’s uncle, that the Arabs used to cooperate with the Nazis in the extermination of the Jews. That’s the same spiel Anna gives her audiences in her live presentations.

BALTZERILLUSTRATIONHaj Amin al Hussein (Arafat’s Uncle) spent the war with Hitler and was a war criminal. He raised Nazi Muslim troops during the war to murder Jews and Gypsies. Anna Baltzer prefers to believe tales from Jew-Killers in the Al Aksa Martyrs Brigade that the Arabs love the Jews and she will gladly spread this calumny.

Of course, the fact the Arabs massacred the Jews in the Palestine Mandate in 1920,1929, 1936 and routinely murdered Jews before Israel even existed, has no play in her mind. Nor the fact the Arabs attacked Israel the day the UN created the country killing 6,000 Jews in the process and killing another 127in a pit even after the armistice.

Then there’s the issue of checkpoints in her lectures and how she deliberately lies to audiences about them. In 2007,  she spoke at a Presbyterian Church in Berkeley, California to a room filled with sundry ISM and other Jew-haters after she wrote them offering her services to attack the Jews in the interest of “human rights” that was displayed on a Yahoo groups message board. At the presentation that followed, she showed photos of two roads side by side, one modern and sleek, the other one with potholes and worn. She declared the modern one a “Jew only” road in the best Arab propaganda tradition. What she didn’t say was the road she had a photo of was a bypass road created because the Arabs throw rocks and attack Israeli citizens (and not all are Jews) who traveled the older main roads near Arab villages. Only months ago, a young Israeli father and his infant son were both killed by Arabs stoning them on the highway. Israeli Arabs, non-Jews who are Israeli citizens, can use the roads at all times. Palestinians in the nascent Palestinian Authority can use them also after completing a background security check and most Arab taxi drivers do so. There are no “Jew only” roads in the West Bank.

After telling the lie about the roads, she inspires gasps of shock and anger as she tells a fictitious story of a Palestinian woman who was pregnant and lost two babies due to a checkpoint. According to Anna,  the Arab woman arrived at a checkpoint in an ambulance but was refused passage by Israeli soldiers who kept saying “We are just following orders!” as an allusion by Anna to Nazi excuses for atrocities against the Jews at Nuremberg. When I interviewed her afterward, she had no idea who the pregnant woman was, the date or the outcome of any military investigation. Nor had she “witnessed” the event, telling me the story was told to her by Lamis Deek, an ISM-Palestinian activist involved with the Hamas front group Al Awda, who is also an attorney in Sheepshead Bay, New York.  She refused to talk with me after I pointed out she was using hearsay. She also made it clear Lamis was not the woman, but had only told her the story that Anna told a church audience she had personally witnessed. That was back in 2007 when my story was published. Proof she was lying about the event is another article about one of Anna’s presentations at a college a year earlier where she and Lamis Deek told the same story only Lamis Deek was allegedly the pregnant mother who lost two babies at a checkpoint at Deir Balut.  Apparently, my catching Anna in a lie caused her to come out with a second edition of her book where she “witnessed” the same untrue story, only this time the woman who lost two babies was “Hessa, From Deir Balut.”  That Lamis Deek might be Anna’s handler for the Palestinians is a distinct possibility, but the two of them concocting a story of an Arab woman losing two babies due to a checkpoint (that Anna conveniently ignores are set up to keep out terrorists during the violent Intifadas that Anna also supports and calls for) should come as no surprise. There is no Hessa, who lost two babies, there was no such event, but Anna doesn’t mind “witnessing” it to Christian audiences to paint the Jews as being as brutal as the Nazis to “just follow orders.”

During one presentation in 2006, Anna Baltzer decided to use her real name for once, Piller. But at another speaking engagement she told her interviewer Piller was an alias and Baltzer her real name. Perhaps it was then she decided to make sure her grandmother didn’t know what she does. But then, as one reads the introduction to her book, she mentions betraying her grandmother, which is exactly what she does. She acknowledges that Israel is a democracy, a safe haven for Jews but her “friends” in fascist and anti-Semitic countries tell her horror stories about the Jews that she chooses to believe, as if the Iranians in particular are reliable descriptors of Jews and Israel.  So she then tells stories of Jews poisoning barley to kill Palestinians’ sheep, barley she personally helped clean up, she says. Of course, she never saw any Jews poison anything, and the ISM and Arabs love  to create false flags to demonize the Jews. The shibboleth of Jews poisoning wells has been used for centuries to instill hatred and promote pogroms, and Anna is more than willing to continue the tradition. She tells a tale of a child dying of asthma at checkpoint set up to stop suicide bombers that is also fabricated. The best tales she lies about are that Jews throw rocks at innocent Palestinians and assault their children walking to school, something the Arabs are known to do to to the Jews daily. But worse than this are Anna’s affiliations and support of terrorist groups that murder Jews, notably Hamas.

One of Anna’s biggest publicity moments was her appearance on the Daily Show on Comedy Central as the sidekick of Mustapha Barghouti, a Palestinian activist. Anna constantly replays on her websites the interview with the naïve and slap happy host Jon Stewart where she endorses all the lies that Barghouti tells about Israel, including tales of genocide committed by the Jews. One audience member in the audience was so incensed, he shouted , “Liar!” and was removed during the taping. Asked by Stewart after she and Barghouti said they were “peace activists” and “human rights “ workers if she thought Israel had a right to exist, Anna made it clear her answer was no. Barghouti, who she bashed Israel with on the show, has in fact worked actively with and supports Hamas as can be seen by a photo of him below with the Hamas leader Ismail Haniyah. Anna simply lied or used deceptive descriptions to fool an audience. For example, she stated that Jews have always lived better under Arab rule which is a blatant lie, ignoring Islamic pogroms against Jews for centuries even before Israel . She claimed Israel has “violated more UN Resolutions than any other country” when surely she knows the UN is kangaroo court dominated by Arab and other totalitarian states against Israel; the late terrorist thug Mohammar Gaddafi was in charge of the UN Human Rights Commission. Of course, Anna’s real view about human rights concerning Israel’s Jews isn’t that far off from the late Libyan strongman’s: she doesn’t protest Hamas rockets fired on daycare centers in Israel from Hamas in Gaza, instead making excuses for them.  Anna has also endorsed the Hamas despite the Hamas Charter not only calling for the end of Israel, but also the complete annihilation of Jews in the entire world. Grandma would be so proud.

Of course, Anna also called for Boycotting and Divesting from Israel on the TV show, a movement she leads in the United States. The same Nazis her grandmother fled from also instituted a boycott and divestment from the Jews in 1933, to economically starve the Jews out. Grandma would be so proud.

Living up to its name: Comedy Central

Viewers of that tape on Comedy Central would see Anna doing backup for a Palestinian leader who in fact supports Hamas while he claims he is for peace, human rights and democracy. Anna told of Arabs living peacefully with the Jews before the creation of Israel and other Arab shibboleths, then called for boycotting Israel.

BaltzerBarghoutiComedycentralAnna Baltzer appeared on The Daily Show as the Jewish Tokyo Rose next to Palestinian terrorist apparatchik Mustapha Barghouti. She rubber stamped all his lies about Israel and the aims of the Palestinians toward the Jews.

Anna’s sidekick Mustapha Barghouti has appeared in support of Hamas and its leader Ismail Haniyah as is shown in this photograph below. The fact Barghouti got the TV producers to put “Democratic leader” in subtitles under his name and that he had a selfish Jewish whore to sit next to him and back him up does not change the fact he fraternizes with and supports Hamas. Anna does also. Barghouti is from the same Arab family clan as terrorist Marwan Barghouti who killed hundreds of people in Israel including several children during the Intifadas.

Barghouti+ haniyah

Anna’s sidekick Barghouti with Hamas terrorist leader Ismail Haniyah (right).

You won’t hear Anna complain about that or display such pictures in her presentations, because she has learned to parrot whatever her ISM and Arab leaders tell her to say.

Anna concludes every presentation with a photograph of an Arab child throwing rocks at two Israeli policemen standing by their patrol car and then makes an analogy that “If someone came into your house and started trashing your furniture and your couch, wouldn’t you pick up a lamp and hit them with it?” To this end she condones Palestinian violence and suggests her Christian audiences think the Arabs are justified in their endless attacks on the Jews. It’s all part of a good day’s work for Anna Baltzer/Piller/Nardie/Lambrecht. Winston Churchill once said a lie can make its way around the world before the truth can even get its pants on. Anna Baltzer is the embodiment of that phrase.

So, what is one to do? She won’t stop doing her tours and preaching against the Jews. Her audiences are mostly already groups predisposed to Jew-hatred. Where the problem occurs is when she makes her presentations to churchgoers and the uninitiated at colleges. To that end people should print out this and my earlier articles about this woman and send them in advance to every pastor and priest, to every college dean and administrator and campus newspapers so when she makes her rounds, the truth comes out about this vile woman who is a self-serving fraud. She doesn’t promote peace, or human rights, in fact promoting endless war against the Jews in Israel and the operations of Arab terrorist groups. It’s time for Anna Baltzer’s happy sinecure to end, and the only way to do it is to show what a liar and tool she really is.


Anna Baltzer’s Campaign of Fabrication

Exposing Anna Baltzer

A Case of “Catch Me If You Can”: Anna Baltzer

Anna Baltzer: Jewish Defamer of Israel

Daily Show Duo Spreads Lies About Israel

Write your college or church administrator not to allow this woman to do presentations. This is not an issue of free speech but of a fraudster whose purpose is to promote the goals of anti-Semites and anti-Americans abroad.

ANYONE who claims to care about Israel (America too) has a part to play, and Lee Kaplan offers up substantive evidence and action plans. Readers can either sit on the sidelines, or not. It’s in your hands. Your hearts as well. 

Continuing to work behind the scenes…

Chuck Hagel’s Confirmation… & His “Fortuitous” Senate Win Going Back To 1996…Once A Fraudster…Always…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Subversion of the democratic, liberal process is not just the purview of the left, though their tentacles are deeply rooted within – the ends ALWAYS justifies the means.

That being said, poisonous apples exist within every grouping, thus, a purging is mandatory, lest toxins spread. Besides, the intrinsic value of honesty and integrity – the most intangible of all leadership assets – is in short supply. Paradoxically, these assets are barely in demand. A national/western tragedy.

Yet in regard to newly confirmed DM Hagel, it was not as if there weren’t enough blaring lights, signaling his ill suitability for duty, unless he was vying for a Muslim command post! Some of his glaring deficits can be found herein –, but they are by no means all inclusive.

Even if one prefers to eschew said evidence, tossing it overboard, shouldn’t it matter that his Senate win was more than suspect, being that he was not only a “dark horse”, but chairman of the company which counted the computerized votes on his own behalf? Does conflict of interest ring any alarm bells? Does voter fraud appear more than a possibility? If not, do pigs also fly? Mind you, even if nothing else was known about the above strange “coincidence”, shouldn’t all Americans (despite party affiliation) be livid at this blatant rig? One would hope so.


Details revealed in magazine profile on alleged GOP plan to steal election

An attempt by Senate Democrats to push through their controversial nominee for defense secretary, former Sen. Chuck Hagel, R-Neb., failed today on a 58-40 vote as Republicans said they haven’t been given answers to their questions.

Republicans have numerous reservations about Hagel.

He recently was endorsed by Iran for the post, and another endorser was the Communist Party USA.

But an issue that has yet to be raised has been sitting in plain sight ever since Harper’s documented it in a report about the time of Obama’s re-election.

The report charged the GOP “aims to paint the country red” under the headline “How to Rig an Election.”

It was Harper’s that actually credited Hagel with symbolically inaugurating an era of questions about election fraud.

“Hagel, an unknown millionaire who ran for one of Nebraska’s U.S. Senate seats in 1996 … trailed the popular Democratic governor, Ben Nelson, who had been elected in a landslide two years earlier. Three days before the election, however, a poll conducted by the Omaha World-Herald showed a dead heat, with 47 percent of respondents favoring each candidate. David Moore, who was then managing editor of the Gallup Poll, told the paper, ‘We can’t predict the outcome,’” Harpers said.

“Hagel’s victory in the general election, invariably referred to as an ‘upset,’ handed the seat to the G.O.P. for the first time in 18 years. Hagel trounced Nelson by 15 points. Even for those who had factored in the governor’s deteriorating numbers and a last-minute barrage of negative ads, this divergence from pre-election polling was enough to raise eyebrows across the nation,” Harpers continued.

“Few Americans knew that until shortly before the election, Hagel had been chairman of the company whose computerized voting machines would soon count his own votes: Election Systems & Software (then called American Information Systems). Hagel stepped down from his post just two weeks before announcing his candidacy. Yet he retained millions of dollars in stock in the McCarthy Group, which owned ES&S. And Michael McCarthy, the parent company’s founder, was Hagel’s campaign treasurer,” the report said.

The report said: “Whether Hagel’s relationship to ES&S ensured his victory is open to speculation. But the surprising scale of his win awakened a new fear among voting-rights activists and raised a disturbing question: Who controls the new technology of Election Night?”

In the next election, a relatively unknown Democrat ran against Hagel, but he collected only 70,000 votes from the 400,000 registered Democrats. His demands for an investigation of the vote-counting were unsuccessful, the report said.

WND’s own analysis of the 2012 election concluded vote fraud took place.

The analysis found that the fraud was enough to steal the election.

“Although no single instance or aspect of vote fraud was likely enough to tip the election for Obama, the aggregate of their corrupt activities – including illegal campaign donations, taking advantage of states without voter ID requirements, military ballots delivered too late, as well as the laundry list of elements identified in this report, may well have been.”

Further, the analysis found the media provided perhaps the greatest in-kind benefit to the Obama re-election effort. The media provided Democrats an advantage of countless billions in biased reporting. It suppressed news unflattering to Democrats while exposing or even contriving stories damaging to Republicans and mischaracterizing their positions, while uncritically promoting the Democrat narrative:

  • The networks suppressed facts surrounding Benghazigate, leading moderate Democrat commentator Pat Caddell to label the media “the enemy of America.”
  • The mass media have been, with a few notable exceptions, largely silent on the “Fast and Furious” DOJ gunrunning scandal responsible for the deaths of two Americans and countless Mexicans. Eric Holder has been able to successfully deflect calls for an independent investigation of Fast and Furious because the media offers no pressure.
  • CBS withheld its knowledge of the Petraeus affair until after the election to save the administration embarrassment
  • The administration withheld a damning food stamp report showing the biggest monthly increase in a year, until well after the election.

WND’s evaluation of evidence of vote fraud during 2012 found members of the president’s team “did everything possible to rig the game in their favor.”

“They took liberties with the law Republicans would never dare attempt and obstructed voter-integrity efforts at every turn, while the vast political-media-entertainment-education-union-nonprofit complex went all in to promote Obama’s narrative.”

Democrats and their media allies also engaged in what has been described as a dishonest and “vicious” campaign to discredit the Republican nominee while steadfastly shielding the administration from its many scandals. Any of these scandals could have sunk Obama’s reelection prospects had the media reported them with the enthusiasm they showed in attacking and spreading disinformation about Romney.

Sign WND’s petition urging Congress to investigate fraud and abuse in America’s election system!

Reports that were confirmed:

  • 75 GOP vote inspectors were ordered to leave Philadelphia poll locations by Democrat poll judges. One judge was caught on audio. A court order sent them back but who knows what went on while they were gone? These poll locations were all within the 59 precincts where Romney received no votes.
  • In Philadelphia, the Community Voters Project, an ACORN clone that employs some former ACORN workers, shredded Republican voter registrations. This is not the first time they have been in trouble.
  • The Florida AFL-CIO threatened True the Vote and Tampa Fair Vote with legal action for submitting voter registration challenges.
  • Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings issued a highly publicized threat against True the Vote and Election Integrity Maryland just for checking voter rolls. EIM found 11,000 questionable registrations, including 1,566 dead voters. The Maryland Board of Elections took no action.
  • Cummings also attacked the Ohio Voter Integrity Project with the same baseless claims.
  • Think Progress falsely claimed True the Vote was “under investigation” by Rep. Cummings, when in fact he has no legal authority to do so.
  • Despite overwhelming nonpartisan public support for voter ID laws, Attorney General Eric Holder’s Justice Department and liberal jurists have delayed, emasculated or defeated ID laws in Texas, Wisconsin, South Carolina, Arizona and Pennsylvania.
  • Holder has vowed to fight voter ID laws as restricting voters’ rights.
  • The Obama administration “spiked investigations” of eight states that had major voter roll problems.
  • The Holder Justice Department conspired with Project Vote on National Voter Registration Act (aka Motor Voter) enforcement lawsuits, which force state and local agencies to become, essentially, low income voter registration drives.
  • In 2009 DOJ announced to its attorneys that it would not enforce voter roll maintenance laws because it wouldn’t increase voter turnout.

The Pew Research Center published a report showing election rolls in a shambles nationwide. It found:

  • 24 million invalid or inaccurate voter registrations
  • 1.8 million deceased voters
  • 2.75 million registered in multiple states.

Confirmed voter fraud and other abuses

Countless cases of confirmed vote fraud were reported in the recent cycle and the Obama team repeatedly rode the razor’s edge of legality in pushing voters to the polls. A few examples:

  • Patrick Moran, son of longtime U.S. Rep. Jim Moran, was caught on video by James O’Keefe’s Veritas Project, telling an undercover journalist how to commit vote fraud.

Aside from all the rational reasons, why a Pentagon led by an anti-American will lead to disaster, Hagel has already been proven unfit for command. The fact that he so easily drapes himself in Repub garb is just another pox on both parties. 

On its face, protecting the Republic should never be reduced to red states or blue states. It is an American interest. Therefore, Hagel’s appointment, in tandem with the entire Obama apparatus (, is an out-sized disaster.

Intrinsically, he has exhibited (through his Islamic financial relationships, policy speeches and overall cozy anti-American alliances) outright contempt for the colors which truly matter – red, white and blue.

The Republic has just suffered a devastating body blow, soon to be compounded by the appointment of John Brennan at CIA. The nails in the U.S. coffin are closer than ever.

G-d have mercy, but not on the traitors in our midst!

Chuck Hagel’s Underbelly Gutted…& Why The Islamist-in-Chief Will Go To The Mat For Him…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, along comes some more misery, at least for those who are patriotic Americans and care about the welfare of Israel. A double target for haters of Judeo-Christian ethics, yet not for those who are chief proponents of Sharia Law. Both outlooks are diametrically opposed to one another. Like bitterly divorcing couples, they have irreconcilable differences, despite the harping of  “interfaith/multi-culti” brayers, and this is the G-d’s honest truth. As such, the policy paper, “Islam & Blood”,  is the definitive address on this world shaking topic –

Understanding the above policy paper’s underpinnings, one is then better positioned to internalize, exactly why Sharia Law devotees must never be allowed to burrow into America’s power centers, let alone lead from them! A struggle over this issue is more than mandatory, without exaggeration, western civilization (eventually) hinges on it. If left unattended its cancer will spread. And before its full effects are recognized, its edifice will wither and die.

Specifically, the following adds to why Hagel will be an unmitigated, unprecedented western disaster, at least from the halls of America’s Defense Department:

In addition, op-ed, ‘Hagel’s $ 160 Billion ‘West Bank’ US Troops Deathtrap’ is no small matter, and it comes “straight from the horse’s mouth”.

‘Op-Ed: Hagel’s $160 Billion ‘West Bank’ US Troops Deathtrap’

Published: Saturday, February 23, 2013
Hagel, at Obama’s bidding, plans to send troops to Judea andSamaria (the “West Bank”) where they would soon be victims of Hamas terror. It’s in writing. An investigative report.

Mark Langfan

The writer, has created an original educational 3d Topographic Map System of Israel to facilitate clear understanding of the dangers facing Israel and its water supply. It has been studied by US lawmakers and can be seen at

There is only one reason that Chuck Hagel was picked by President Obama to be US Defense Secretary, and why Obama will go nuclear to get him confirmed:

Hagel is the only person alive now dumb enough to deploy US “peacekeeping” troops to what is surely a “West Bank” deathtrap. Don’t believe me??! Well, in early 2009, two years after Hamas violently took over Gaza, Hagel along with a ragged has-been crew of “Israel Lasters” had some strong “recommendations” for the incoming President Obama.

I will let Hagel’s 2009 “recommendations” speak for themselves. But to lend a note of rationality, Florence Gaub, a NATO researcher, in 2010 published a NATO Research paper outlining some of the problems of such a deployment. (I.e. it would need about 60,000 US/Nato troops and about 160 billion Dollars over 10 years) I and I will excerpt her report as well.

Obama’s determination in confirming Hagel is based on Obama’s belief that Hagel will cripple Israel at any price: including the deaths of  thousands of US soldiers at the hands of Hamas suicide bombs in the Palestinian Authority.
“A Last Chance for a Two-State Israel-Palestine Agreement,” April 2009. “Submitted to theadministration of President Barack Obama” by Zbigniew Brzezinski, Chuck Hagel, et al.

The U.S. parameters should reflect the following fundamental compromise:

[A] non-militarized Palestinian state, together with security mechanisms that address Israeli concerns while respecting Palestinian sovereignty, and a U.S.-led multinational force to ensure a peaceful transitional security period. This coalition peacekeeping structure, under UN mandate, would feature American leadership of a NATO force supplemented by Jordanians, Egyptians and Israelis. We can envision a five-year, renewable mandate with the objective of achieving full Palestinian domination of security affairs on the Palestine side of the line within 15 years. Page 6

III. Substantive Issues to be Resolved: Israel-Palestine


The borders between the two states must be physically secure and fully controlled for their entire length. A U.S.-led multinational force would likely be essential for a transitional period once a peace agreement is concluded. Palestine would likely be non-militarized. No doubt Jerusalem will require a special security and administrative regime of its own and special arrangements will be needed for the use and regulation of Palestinian airspace. Page 12


Security. Demilitarization of the Golan Heights and limited forces zones on both sides – all likely to be supervised by multinational forces featuring American leadership – will be mandatory. Page 13

Annex: Addressing Israel’s Security Challenges

Beyond the current efforts we expect that, upon the full agreement of the parties, there will be a robust international effort involving outside armed forces for a period of indeterminate length assisting Palestinian authorities in executing their responsibilities in the security sphere and helping them build capacity in order eventually to act without outside assistance. Page 14

Naturally, the U.S. will play a large and perhaps decisive role. Yet it should not act alone – there should be broad participation reflecting international consensus on the importance of supporting the emergence of a truly sustainable two-state outcome. Page 14

Although General Jones’ mandate has focused exclusively on the Israel-Palestine track, clearly there would also be a robust American role in implementing the security-related aspects of any Israel-Syria accord. Beyond helping the IDF with improving capabilities designed to compensate for full withdrawal from territory occupied on the Syrian front since 1967, the U.S. would undoubtedly play a vital role in monitoring a demilitarized Golan Heights and providing early warning services to both parties. Page 16

In our view there is no avoiding a central U.S. role in helping the parties (especially the Palestinian side) meet their security-related responsibilities to each other in the context of two states. Page 16


Research Paper – Research Division – NATO Defense College, Rome – “NATO: Peacekeeping in the Holy Land? A feasibility study,” by Florence Gaub. March 2010.

This paper argues that such a mission would struggle to be successful, and is very likely to fail. Although the idea is attractive to some who would like to prove NATO’s global peace-enforcing capacity, the chances are that this endeavor would turn bad and tarnish NATO’s image in more ways than one. NATO is not currently ready to take on this kind of mission, and might never be. Page 2

Bright lights, big city

Also, there are over 19 cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants. In total, 4.2 million inhabitants in the area live in cities of this kind, with more than half a million living in refugee camps. This itself implies two things: first, arms caches are difficult to locate without local knowledge, and arms smuggle is facilitated greatly. Disarmament measures would be even more difficult to enforce than they already are under friendlier circumstances. Page 8

Less is not more, less is less

Independently from the local security forces, the NATO force in Palestine (hence the minimalist version) would, if it follows the example of the successful cases of Bosnia and Kosovo, need forces ranging from 43,700 to 76,000 men, including the police forces. Of these, between 16,100 and 28,000 would patrol Gaza, and between 27,600 and 48,000 theWest Bank. Page 10

Current theatres of operations would have to be reduced in size before a suitable size NATO mission in Palestine would be available without introducing longer deployments – something many Allies would like to avoid. Page 11

Who dunnit?

Stabilisation missions are largely infantry missions. This is topped in our case by the fact that in worst case scenario, the tasks would entail urban warfare and counterinsurgency, which are also infantry heavy tasks. Page 11

According to some estimates, 57,000 of the 76,000 men would preferably be international civilian police or gendarmerie. Page 11

Time is Money

Aside from the costs for the mission itself, additional costs can be expected, due to the training of the Palestinian police, building infrastructure and providing equipment. Some estimates calculate between $9.61 billion and $16.72 billion per year, not calculating reconstruction efforts, which in the case of the recommended 5 years would result in a total number between $48.05 billion and $83.6 billion. Page 11

In a Nutshell

NATO’s mission in Palestine would have slim chances of success, and a high probability of failure. One should not be blinded by perceptions of a historical opportunity and embark on an endeavor that could cost NATO credibility, prestige, money and lives simply because it seems to be a politically symbolic chance in a lifetime to establish NATO as a global security provider.

The territory involved presents aspects that would cause any campaign planner nightmares – densely populated, urban areas with highly intermingled conflicting populations, a volatile political ambiance where the tides can turn any second, and a very experienced opponent if it ever comes to counterinsurgency. Thus, this mission would need thorough preparation, careful planning, sufficient staffing and funding, a significant amount of political will, and would leave a very narrow margin for success. At the current stage, and with its other operations ongoing, it seems irresponsible to hasten NATO into a mission that has all the ingredients to turn into a quagmire that equals the Alliance’s involvement in Afghanistan. Page 12


And now for my analysis: Florence Gaub’s NATO College real analysis exposes Hagel’s US “peacekeeping” “recommendation” for the US defense policy fraud it is. Based on Hagel’s sheer hate of Israel, and without a whit of real thinking, Hagel would have had Obama commit the greatest US defense error in US history bringing the deaths of thousands of US soldiers, and the destruction of Israel, America’s anchor in the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean.

Can anyone imagine the depraved analysis Hagel has been spewing while, at this very moment, he is currently the “Co-Chair” of Obama’s “President Intelligence Advisory Board” (“PIAB”)?

In fact, Obama specifically nominated Hagel as Co-Chair of the PIAB as reward for Hagel’s 2009 insane Middle East “recommendations.” No wonder Obama’s policy has enabled Iran’s nuke program, and betrayed all our historic allies. “Hagel” and “Intelligence” are mutually exclusive terms. For 3 years, Obama has seen Hagel prove himself to be a useful-idiot  who will dance to any Kill-Israel tune Obama plays for him.

So, in conclusion, Obama will do anything and everything to get Hagel confirmed because Obama knows Hagel, and only Hagel, hates Israel enough to sacrifice 1000s of US soldiers in body bags, and dumb enough to gladly blow 160 Billion US dollars, we don’t have, in order to grossly cripple, or perhaps even destroy Israel. In 2007,

Hagel saw Hamas takeover the Gaza Strip in 10 seconds flat. So in 2009, he knew the 60,000 US troops he was recommending Obama send into the “West Bank”  would have been instantly trapped by Hamas, and subject to multiple Marine Beirut Barrack’s-type suicide blasts and kidnappings. But to compound Hagel’s rank stupidity, Hagel also wanted to put US troops on the Golan at the same time. Imagine what Assad would have done with US troops on the Golan Heights!! Add to the thousands of US body bags,

Hagel would happily spend 160 Billion US dollars we will have to borrow from the Chinese (over ten years of a minimum deployment) to expose US troops to mass-murder suicide bombing by Iran’s Hizbullah, and Tel Aviv to Hamas fired chemical-katyusha rocket barrages. (As an author’s note, if AIPAC plans on lobbying the US Congress for their “West Bank/Golan-for-Dead-US-GIs” “peace” plan, they should also plan on fighting Mark Langfan like they did in 1994; when they tried it the first time, and lost. Remember well the Nickels’ Defense Authorization Amendment fight!!!! See, US Troops On Golan Quicksand, by Mark Langfan,1994,

But get this, in early 2009, Hagel proved his total obsession with annihilating Israel by his stating in the 2009 paper’s preface: “In short, the next six to twelve months may represent the last chance for a fair, viable and lasting solution.” (Toto, we’re not in Nebraska 2009 anymore!) So, in 2009, Hagel was fiercely advocating for 60,000 US troops to have been already deployed by 2010, and 45 Billion US dollars already poured down the drain!! Such defense policy insanity conclusively proves Hagel is uniquely and inherently disqualified to be US Defense Secretary. Hagel’s 2009 “White Paper” shows only one thing: Obama has, in Hagel, knowingly nominated someone whose abysmal defense policy judgment is only “exceeded” by his evident virulent genetic in-bred German-Polish hate for both Israeli and American Jews.

The US Senators now voting for Hagel’s confirmation don’t know that they are now really voting for a deployment of 60,000 US soldiers to the “West Bank” and Golan Heights. If the Senators don’t stop this catastrophic train now, the Obama-Hagel “peace” locomotive will run them over when the actual time comes for the deployment decision.

Calling Israel’s “Guardian” Chuck Schumer?? Where are you?”

There is every conceivable reason to fulminate over the appointment of Chuck Hagel, as steward of America’s defense. If anything, there are so many proofs available, once presented to a criminal court of law, where the burden is “beyond a reasonable doubt”, the sentence would be GUILTY as charged, almost from the onset of the jury’s deliberations. Sealed like a drum.

At the same time, there is also no doubt why the anti-American POTUS – a hater of Israel too…both fixations almost always piggyback – nominated Hagel. Ditto Brennan.

Congress Gives “Inquiring Minds” The Finger: Don’t Dare Ask Questions About Al Jazeera…The TV Arm of The Brotherhood Mafia’s Propaganda Arsenal…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

How many are familiar with the term “whistling Dixie”? For those who aren’t, its base meaning is the following: don’t hold your breath, it ain’t gonna happen, or go jump in the river. You get the drift.

But when it comes to matters of life and death, such noxious responses are hardly acceptable, at least according to those whose minds are still operating on full speed. In this regard, when Americans (as well as other westerners) want to know why Al Jazeera, the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia’s tv propaganda arm is allowed to penetrate its airwaves, the least Congress can do is to feign interest. Newsflash: It ain’t gonna happen.

Consider Congress’s record of immoral and willful blindness:

Just bear in mind the stalwart clarion calls from Representative Michele Bachmann (and a few others), as she attempted to alert Americans to the Brotherhood’s infiltration and penetration – …one would suspect she was a criminal or worse, for daring to point out the obvious perils.

Par for their treacherous course, Senator John McCain and Rep Keith Ellison (a Muslim devotee), along with a gaggle of others, tarred and feathered Rep Bachmann – …so much so they have a targeted campaign to oust her. Can you believe it? How dare they.

However, for the newly initiated, lest anyone believes this American-Israeli is talking smack, the Brotherhood Mafia takes no “infidel” prisoners, and this is a fact. Their war against America (the west & Israel) knows no bounds. Here is their step by step plan to subdue America via Islam, as exhorted via Al Jazeera, to embrace Sharia Law – No wishy washy, finger-in-the-air embrace. A full submission. Or else.

So, along comes Al-pimping-Gore and his sale of Current TV to Al Jazeera, never mind the irony of a die-hard, crazed global warming freak, selling his hard asset to a terror mouthpiece, which happens to be in existence due to billions of oil revenue. Understood? Seriously, put him on a wig, high heels, red lipstick and a cheesy dress…voila…a “lady” of the evening.

Back to the never can say NO Congress, at least when it concerns Muslim infiltrators. Regardless of party affiliation, their leaders heralded the “Arab Spring” during their party platforms – No joke.


‘Let’s put the evidence on the record’ regarding network’s work with terrorists

WASHINGTON – Congress is resisting calls to investigate Al Jazeera, which recently acquired Al Gore’s Current TV, according to Cliff Kincaid, president of America’s Survival.

“It seems logical that the House Homeland Security Committee would look at Al Jazeera as a possible Homeland Security threat, and yet a letter we sent to this committee on January 9 has yet to be received with an official response,” Kincaid said.

He said a committee staffer called him but said arrogantly: ‘We are not listening to you. You aren’t going to drive our agenda.’”

Kincaid said if anyone doubts Al Jazeera should be investigated,  “I say, let’s have a congressional hearing.”

“Let’s put the evidence on the record to demonstrate how Al Jazeera works hand and glove with al-Qaida and other terrorist groups,” he said.

Kincaid said his organization “simply wants Congress to do its job.”

“Ever since Current TV and Al Jazeera made this deal, my group has simply said – let’s investigate and see if the law is being followed, or if Al Jazeera is a terrorist organization.”

Kincaid acknowledged the First Amendment protects foreigners from coming into the U.S. and voicing their opinions, “as long as those are done within the limits of the law.”

“The problem with Al Jazeera is they are already evading current laws, and they qualify, in my opinion, as a global terrorist entity,” he said.

He noted that Al Jazeera also has hired a public relations firm to speak on its behalf.

“DLA Piper is huge, global, multinational law firm that represented Al Jazeera in the purchase of Current TV from Al Gore,” he said. “They will now go on Capitol Hill to sell this transaction behind the scenes and behind close doors to soften up any opposition to this deal. They have all the money in the world from Qatar – which backs Al Jazeera – we simply say, ‘give the American people the chance to see the inner-workings of this deal and have some oversight over this deal.”

The move to hire the PR company came on the heels of a press conference held by America’s Survival in Washington, D.C., that questioned why the U.S. government hasn’t conducted a congressional investigation into Gore’s sale of Current TV to the Middle East news organization.

“The Qatar regime advertises itself as ‘America’s Strongest Partner in the Gulf’ but has supported terrorist groups such as al-Qaida, Hezbollah and Hamas,” said Kincaid.

“Osama bin Laden aide and 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who is currently in U.S. custody in Guantanamo Bay for acts of terrorism, lived and worked in Qatar but was allowed to leave for Pakistan as U.S. authorities were trying to apprehend him, according to the report of the 9/11 commission,” Kincaid said.

Anti-jihad blogger and activist Pamela Gellar, a WND columnist, and Jerry Kenney also spoke at the America’s Survival press conference. Kenney discussed his filing of a complaint with the U.S. Department of Justice.

The complaint alleges Al Jazeera and Russia Today “represent foreign propaganda television networks, which are in violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act.”

“They have not registered, as is required by law, and are not disclosing that their programs are distributed on behalf of a foreign government,” the complaint states.

With the purchase of Current TV, Al Jazeera extended its reach in the American market to more than 40 million homes.

Former Vice President Al Gore, who stands to make $100 million in the $500 million sale, said in a statement that the Qatar-owned network shares the same mission as Current TV, which is “to give voice to those who are not typically heard; to speak truth to power; to provide independent and diverse points of view; and to tell the stories that no one else is telling.”

Kincaid told WND, “In the United States, it is against the law to provide material support to terrorists, with ‘material support’ defined as including expert advice or assistance and communications equipment.”

In World War II, he pointed out, Tokyo Rose and Axis Sally “broadcast their anti-American diatribes from overseas and were apprehended by U.S. authorities after the war and sent to prison for treason.”

“In the more shocking Al Jazeera case, the U.S. is officially still at war with global terrorism, but Al Gore is giving the channel a base of operations on American soil with access to 40-50 million homes,” Kincaid said.

Does anyone believe that Congress hasn’t (unofficially) submitted yet to Islam/Sharia Law? Alas, the main caveat is ‘fessing up to the citizens, perhaps through a Congressional address. They owe that much to those they are sworn to protect. One would think.

To be fair, there are tangible missing ingredients to their full submission, and this blogger is not one to make light of Islamic requirements. They include, but the list is not meant to be exhaustive: the installation of prayer rugs, foot basins, minarets (here and there) and several times a day prayer calls to Allah, from deep within the bowels of Congressional halls. Ones aching head. Ringing ears too.

Oh, and don’t forget, many Congressional members will soon be greeting each other with “Inshallah”, as well as “Salamu_alaykum”…if the Al Jazeera train is not stopped in its tracks! Full speed ahead. Where is “Thomas The Tank Engine” when you need him, to stop Sharia Law dead in its tracks?

In Loving Memory of Frank Kutnicki, z”l, On The Fifth Anniversary Of A Husband & Father’s (Sudden) Death…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Those who are familiar with the “About” tab – – have come across a dedication within its page. It goes without saying, this type of personalized dedication is not for nothing. It comes from the depth of one’s soul.

As such, this blog has only been in operation since June 2012, a full year has not passed since its inception. In this regard, this is the first year, as a blogger, that I can publicly dedicate February 20th to my beloved husband, Frank Kutnicki, z”l, of blessed memory. This is his (English calendar) yahrzeit, his date of death.

Losing a loved one is, first and foremost, a personal and family tragedy. Yet having a blog connects one with dedicated readers all over the world. Thanks for that.

Even so, a loss is compounded when it occurs like a bolt out of the blue, in what should have been the prime of a loved one’s life. You never really recover, but you do learn to put one foot in front of the other and adjust. A “new normal” of sorts.

Now resting on Har HaMenuchot (Mount of Rest) in Jerusalem, the following words embody the essence of a magnificent husband and father:

       Forever will be missed our beloved husband and father,                                

       Rich in the embrace of his everlasting love,                                                                           

       Always placing our needs before his own,                                                             

       Nothing but warmth exuded to all,                                                                            

      Kindly, compassionate, wise beyond measure, remaining close to our hearts.                                     

In no small realm I would be greatly remiss in not mentioning the tremendously unselfish part played by our sons over the last five years. Without their strong shoulders moving forward would have been a million times harder. Without their moral (and technical) support it would have been impossible to put together this blog.

Forever grateful and blessed for their loving hearts. Their father would be very proud, but hardly surprised. After all, he was their role model.

Frank, rest in peace. Dearly missed –






Benghazigate Unraveling…Stitch By Stitch…Master Weavers Execute The Unraveling…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Weaving together a tapestry – at least one which is a work of art – takes time, skill and incredible patience. Similarly, its unraveling (for whatever reason) must be executed just as carefully and diligently…stitch by stitch. If not, its many precious threads will become tangled and unusable, the next time the weaver starts anew. And that would not be a good thing.

The above construct also applies to metaphorical weaving, maybe even more so, as its pieces/threads are less obvious to the naked eye, and potentially much more dangerous.  Such is the case with the sordid saga of Benghazigate, and its many intricately layered tall tales. Having already highlighted its main spinners, dodgers and weavers, patriots are now left wondering: where exactly does John Brennan fit in, the man whom the Commander-in-Chief nominated to head the CIA? In the main, his part is played out herein – …with several supportable links which serve as supplementary material. A treasure trove. A veritable feast.

Most essentially, the readers must become familiar with the man being entrusted, by the Commander-in-Chief, to head U.S. intelligence assets. As another one of this blog’s “go to” guys (not sure why, but there is a dearth of women in the mix…go figure) the following gentleman is beyond reproach. Tom Trento, of The United –…is a very serious “hunter and digger” against the threats towards America. One would be well advised to pay him heed.

‘Video: The John Brennan puzzle is slowly being pieced together’ – embedded video

by  on FEBRUARY 13, 2013
Folks, don’t look now but the pieces of the Benghazi puzzle are starting to come together. Check out this video from Tom Trento – the same guy who interviewed John Guandolo last week about John Brennan’s alleged conversion to Islam. Before scoffing at the conversion, ask yourself if Brennan HAD converted to Islam, would he have had an interest in shipping weapons from Libya, to Turkey, then on to Syria to help the Brotherhood fight Bashar al-Assad? The answer to that question is an emphatic yes. In this segment on Trento’s radio show, they also bring up the new book Benghazi: The Definitive Report, which itself goes a long way toward piecing this puzzle together.”

At the end of this “death dance” there will be a winner and a loser. It cannot end with a “draw”, or a mutual desire to agree to disagree. This is due to the crux/underpinning of the threat; a threat whose basis underlies the fuel for Islamic jihad – Sharia Law. 

In the same manner in which parents wouldn’t (literally) split their child in half, so too, Sharia Law adherents also view their struggle. It is all or nothing. Non- compromising. There are no glasses half full, at least in the long-term. Short-term, yes, but only until they become strong enough to impose their will.

Consequently, if John Brennan heads the CIA, the external fighting arm of the intelligence community – whereas the FBI is its internal arm – there is little doubt that the “war on terror” win end in the Islamist’s favor. While he is part and parcel of drones mowing down this or that Islamist, Americans will (mistakenly) believe that Brennan is taking America’s fight to a patriotic conclusion. Think again. It is a tactical maneuver and nothing more.

A drone strike, here and there, will not bring the enemy to its knees. Not at all.  But it will be the unseen “heads up”, given by one of the most powerful players in the free world (that only an adherent to Islam can signal), which will turn the tide towards Sharia Law, the main goal.

Imagine anyone else positing the following thought processes and actions, then magnify them to the nth degree, since they are held by a potential head of the CIA! After which, decide whether or not they have America’s back, “Domestically, he claims that radical Islam does not pose its own, unique threat to American security. He has helped strip language about “radical Islam,” “jihad,” and similar terms from government vernacular, choosing instead to refer to “violent extremism” in an attempt to deny terrorists religious credibility. When it comes to jihad, he stubbornly maintains the word does not belong in conversations about terror, no matter what terrorists themselves say….Brennan’s complacency regarding the jihad threat was made clear in May 2010, when he expressed a desire to encourage “moderate elements” of Hizballah, which is a State Department-designated terrorist organization.  “There is certainly the elements of Hizballah that are truly a concern to us what they’re doing. And what we need to do is to find ways to diminish their influence within the organization and to try to build up the more moderate elements,” a Reuters report quoted Brennan saying.He did not explain where such elements could be found, how they could be identified, or what separated them from the Hizballah “extremists”……..
That was just the latest in a series of similar statements Brennan has made about Hizballah, the group which ranks second only to al-Qaida in killing Americans in terrorist attacks. The Iranian-founded and funded group “started out as purely a terrorist organization back in the early ’80s and has evolved significantly over time,” Brennan said in an Aug. 6, 2009 speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. “And now it has members of parliament, in the cabinet; there are lawyers, doctors, others who are part of the Hezbollah organization….”

Is it any wonder that an Islamist-in-Chief is ideologically in sync with Islamic convert, John Brennan?

‘Muslim Brotherhood Operatives Barack Obama And John Brennan’ – video embedded

FEBRUARY 16, 2013 BY 

“The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) were found to be unindicted co-conspirators in the largest terrorist-funding trial in U.S. history—the 2008 Holy Land Foundation trial.

Yet the Obama administration has not only had contact with these groups, but has brought them into the White House—embraced them would be a more proper term—having “hundreds” of meetings beginning almost immediately after Obama ascended to power.

According to a Daily Caller investigation:

In 2009, a judge confirmed the Justice Department’s decision to name CAIR as an unindicted conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation conspiracy to smuggle funds to HAMAS, which is a jihadi affiliate of the Egypt-based brotherhood. Five men in the smuggling ring were sentenced to jail in 2009, including two who were given 65-year sentences.

Obama’s current chief counterterrorism advisor and CIA head appointee John Brennan spoke at an ISNA-sponsored (and White House approved) conference in February of 2010. Brennan used his time to parrot Barack Obama’s often-quoted meme about how great of a religion Islam was, about the “goodness and beauty of Islam,” that “Islam is a religion of peace,” etc. Brennan failed to explain, however, why jihadists continually refer to this “religion of peace” while strapping on suicide vests. Nor did he explain that the Holy Land Foundation trial named ISNA as a Muslim Brotherhood front group.

In October of 2011, the group Muslim Advocates wrote a letter signed by fifty-seven Muslimorganizations, whose main signatories were CAIR and ISNA, demanding the Obama administration remove “bigoted” language found in FBI training materials— terms like “jihad” and “Islamist,” the rationale being that these terms “offended” Muslims.

Brennan responded to the letter personally and not only purged FBI training materials butimplemented a mandatory re-training program for FBI agents; U.S. Army officers; and all federal, state, and local law enforcement who had been subjected to “biased training.” Those who refused to tow the politically correct line, like war hero and Army trainer Lt. Colonel Matthew Dooley, were summarily blacklisted.

Instead of purging FBI training materials of anything that “offends” the Muslim Brotherhood, America should purge this country of Muslim Brotherhood operatives John Brennan and Barack Hussein Obama.”

To give patriot’s more angst – so sorry for that – the following video exchange is more than noteworthy, take a peek – 

‘Video: Authors of Explosive book about Benghazi’

by  on FEBRUARY 20, 2013 

“If the charges made by former Green Beret Jack Murphy and former Navy SEAL Brandon Webb are correct, the truth about what happened in Benghazi is coming out despite the Obama administration’s attempt to avoid it. The charge made by Webb and Murphy is that John Brennan was ordering weapons raids in Libya without the knowledge of then CIA Director David Petraeus or U.N. Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

This is an explosive revelation. Webb and Murphy appeared on Fox and Friends to discuss it.

It’s a must-see.”

Do Americans really want to entrust the security of the U.S. to a compromised American like Brennan, one whose loyalties are not only divided, but believes that   a drone policy (even when militarily the preferred option) will suffice, at the same time that he purges “Islamic jihad” from official lexicon? What’s up with that?  To make matters even more chilling, who in their sane mind (still) believes that Hezbollah, Hamas are not killing machines, even when running a government?
More to the point, what kind of counter-terror official doesn’t recognize the opposite: when the government ARE the jihadists, where is the “moderation” going to come from?

Patriots, be afraid. VERY afraid.  

Should The Puppeteers Of The “Arab Spring” Be Held To Account? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Depending on where ones fealty and ideological outlook lies, what is objectively obvious often becomes a matter of “interpretation”. However, some things are not open to parsing, as the facts on the ground belie ones fixed mindset.

Such is the case with the misnamed “Arab Spring”, in actuality, a regional and a global disaster. Its reverberations are being felt within Arab Muslim lands, as the centuries-in-the-making inter-Arab struggle, between Sunni and Shia, comes to the fore. There are tens of thousands of dead bodies as factual testimonials. Of course, the ideologically blind will aver their eyes, just as they did during the communist/Marxist killing fields.

Be that as it may, the “Arab Spring’s” blow back is not only barreling onto American (western) shores, but is being orchestrated from within its recesses. As is said, “it takes two to tango”, and the dance card is between the Islamist-in-Chief (and surrogates) and the Brotherhood Mafia. The goal being, Sunnis must come out on top, even though Shia are part of the same Mafia. Sort of like spats (lasting for centuries!) between rival gangs – Bloods and Crips come to mind.

IF the company one keeps is emblematic of ones leanings/designs, then surely Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s recent picks are more than revealing, indeed, they are revolutionary – The links within are prima facie evidence of his collusion.

‘Obama Admin Orchestrated The Arab Spring’ – video embedded

FEBRUARY 9, 2013 BY  
By most accounts, the Arab Spring went horribly wrong. The democratic elections that swept away dictators—for the most part friendly to the United States—have produced Islamic totalitarian governments.

Mohammed Morsi, president of Egypt, is probably the example par excellence. He quickly nullified the constitution,  neutered the judiciary, shut down any media that was critical of his government—branded as critical of Allah—and set up a macabre torture chamber.

Barack Obama, who championed this Arab Spring and even helped the Arab Spring along by arming and supporting the Libyan “rebels” (who were for the most part linked to Al Qaeda), apparently didn’t see this coming.

But Barack Obama is only human. He didn’t envision, like many others, that the people throughout the Middle East and North Africa would elect totalitarian Islamists that would become the Unites States’ enemy, right?

Although it is odd that Obama has embraced Mohammed Morsi with open arms. Mohammed Morsi is part of an organization—the Muslim Brotherhood—that has vowed to destroy the United States. In the words of one of their key documents:

The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers…

Mohammed Morsi has called for the invasion of Jerusalem and annihilation of the Jewish people and for a worldwide caliphate that places every country—including the United States—under the thumb of a Muslim caliph.

And it is odd that Obama is sending F-16sto Egypt headed by a man who has vowed to destroy the United States and Israel.

Barack Obama couldn’t have planned to install Islamists throughout the Middle East and North Africa, could he?

That is something that can’t be imagined. A sitting U.S. president who is working with the enemy?


Yet that is exactly what happened.

According to Tony Cartalucci, who was the first to report in his Land Destroyer Report on the database hacking scandal of defense contractor giant Britam, linking Barack Obama to a proposed false flag chemical weapons attack in Syria, the Obama administration was indeed behind the Arab Spring. The so-called “spontaneous grassroots movement” was nothing but a sham. Cartalucci describes in his recently published book War on Syria, Gateway to World War III:

…Local dissidents…received training, funding and material assistance from foreign powers through organizations funded largely by the US State Department…One of the organizations involved in recruiting, training, and supporting youth activists ahead of the “Arab Spring”…was, or Alliance of Youth Movements,  [who] would later be described admitting to US funding and involvement in the “Arab Spring” uprisings.

Now it all makes sense. The Obama Administration’s hundreds of meetings with Muslim Brotherhood front groups CAIR and ISNA. Obama calling for long-time ally Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak to step down. The illegal war in Libya. Arming of the Muslim Brotherhood-controlled Egypt with tanks and F-16s. And now backing the Syrian “rebels” (Muslim-Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda operatives).

Barack Obama is in bed with the enemy, America. And there is only one solution: Impeachment.

And after impeachment?

Prison. . Interestingly, Cartalucci’s thesis is very close, in its analysis, to the following blog commentary –

Where do patriots go from here? It’s up to those who see the “forest from the trees”. Is impeachment supportable? Undoubtedly. Is it doable? Of course. Is it likely? The jury’s still out.