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How/Why The U.S., Under The Obama Regime, Led Iran To A Nuclear Bomb: The Evidence Within – Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

AS a young student of geopolitics (a sub-section of political science), this writer learned early on that its basis, for all practical purposes, is slippery as ice. The contrast couldn’t be any starker to a secondary area of immersion, that is, forensics. Akin to night and day. Effectively, one is non-scientific – despite the jibber-jabber from political and academic quarters – and the other is decidedly science-based. Polar opposites.

Nevertheless, despite the amorphous state of geopolitics, it does have a starting and entry point. To wit, said openings should be viewed in terms of geography and power politics; with the goal being a so-called “grand strategy” for both wartime and peacetime based on a nation’s geographical location (and standing) on the global stage.

IN this regard, effectively, nation-states base their foreign policy objectives upon “grand strategies“, be it purposefully or inadvertently. Generally, they tie into the leadership’s global ambitions. Still, at times, they operate in opposition to a promised set of domestic arrangements and parameters. In turn,  it is this push and pull, a “tug of war”, if you will, that often becomes the locus of domestic, populist conflict.

THAT being established, the U.S. – as the leader of the free world via its exceptional status – has a special obligation to protect the cornerstones of Western Civilization. Like it or not. At the same time, this so-called role of “policeman” can create tension and friction (directly or indirectly), domestically and foreign-wise. Nevertheless, when a patriotic POTUS is at the helm, it is far easier to entrust that the overall national interest is the primary driving force and factor, as mandated. 

On 9/11, Recalling the Ties between Iran and Al-Qaeda
The World Trade Center in New York City before its collapse, September 11, 2001 (Michael Foran / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

ALL of which circles back to Iran’s terrorist-mastermind mullahs, and the global threat that they pose – not only to Israel, the wider Middle East, Europe, and the west at large, but to the U.S. directly.

Image result for pics of iran death to america
OVER and over again, this worldwide danger has been evidenced, but no more so than through (Shia) Iran’s direct collaboration with (Sunni/Saudi/Iraqi) al Qaeda terrorists, during the planning and execution of 9/11/01. Similarly, Iran harbored many operatives who fled to their sheltered arms, having given material support to the largest terror attack on U.S. soil. Not only that, Hezbollah, via sleeper cells, is deeply burrowed all across the U.S. – ready to strike, that is, when given the signal from Iran’s genocidal leaders.

INEXORABLY, it is under the above informational and instructional manuals that two piggybacks, A & B, are housed and must be viewed. Incontestably, they intersect and outline the ultimate betrayal(s) of Barack HUSSEIN Obama and assorted henchpeople; an anti-American POTUS (and regime) who endangered the nation to the nth degree, as well as the west in toto.


  • Ominously, the most significant indictment against Barack HUSSEIN Obama, bar none, became housed within this site, Oct. 3, 2015. Resultant, it ricocheted across the internet at lightening speed, thankfully. This is so because there is nothing more dangerous than allowing the most lethal weapons known to man, WMD’s, to become part of a genocidal regime’s arsenal – whose stated goal is to destroy America, Israel, and, by extrapolation, western civilization. As such, history will record that the onus is upon Obama. Primarily, he provided an umbrella and a shield; an 8-year window to the Mullocracy ala the time, the space, and the financial wherewithal (to the tune of billions) to accelerate their pursuit of WMD’s, as evidenced within the following policy paper, one which this investigative journalist contributed to.

Accordingly, once again, a smattering of its indicting excerpts are presented. Without further ado:“House Of Bribes: How The United States Led The Way To A Nuclear Iran” (pdf here) houses a bullet-proof evidentiary trail. Beyond the (civilized) pale, too.

Its contributors include:

Adina KutnickiAndrea Shea KingDr. Ashraf RamelahBenjamin SmithBrent ParrishCharles Ortel, Denise SimonDick ManasseriGary Kubiak, Hannah Szenes, Right Side NewsMarcus KohanGeneral Paul E. VallelyRegina ThomsonScott SmithTerresa Monroe-HamiltonColonel Thomas SnodgrassTrevor LoudonWallace Bruschweiler, and William Palumbo.

“I think that the American companies will be welcomed in Iran… This is not a game for junior companies, and I call juniors anything below a billion-dollar market cap. This is a big-money game.”
– An American Portfolio Manager, July 2015

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
The Trailblazers: Namazi & Nemazee
National Iranian-American Council (NIAC)
The Open (Iranian) Society of George Soros
Valerie Jarrett – The Puppetmaster
Complicity of the GOP

Executive Summary

The Iranian nuclear deal is a full capitulation to Iran’s terrorist mastermind Mullahs, and the latest in a series of betrayals of the American people and allies by the Obama administration.  At the highest level of the administration, Barack Obama’s Senior Advisor, the Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett, prioritized rapprochement with the terror state.  Throughout the process and negotiations, she had the backing of billionaire investor (and Obama-backer) George Soros, and his multi-headed network of tax-exempt foundations.  Their efforts were driven by deep-rooted anti-Semitism and personal greed.  Meanwhile, since the mid-1990s, a small but very connected Iranian lobby (funded, in part, by George Soros) has been laying the groundwork for normalizing relations with Tehran.  Operating through a variety of non-governmental organizations and political action committees, the lobby courted Democrat and Republican politicians.  With the election of (Soros-backed) Obama in 2008, the Iranian lobby had very receptive ears in the White House.  International business interests were courted and effectively bribed with access to Iranian markets, until finally the deal was realized, approved, and sealed by a vote of the United Nations Security Council.


Thus far, the reports and exposés issued by the New Coalition of Concerned Citizens* have focused on the threat posed by Islamists to American sovereignty.  The Qatar Awareness Campaign brought to light extensive influence network of the State of Qatar and their ruling al-Thani family.  The Betrayal Papers explained the Muslim Brotherhood’s domination of the Obama administration’s agenda and policies, foreign and domestic.

This report will detail the sinister influence of the small, yet well-connected and very powerful, Iran lobby.  Though the Iran lobby’s highest level contacts are prominent Democrats, their reach spans both major political parties.  Like previous exposés, this investigation will mention familiar names, including George Soros, Valerie Jarrett, and the United Nations.

Iran is widely regarded by counterterrorism experts as the heart of Islamic radicalism, and the point of origin for terrorism with a specific geopolitical agenda (i.e., the creation of an Islamic Caliphate, much like the Islamic State, but dominated by Shiites, not Sunnis).  With the eager embrace of a legacy-hungry Obama administration, the Iran lobby managed to achieve a deal which makes the United States the de facto most powerful backer of Islamic terrorism in the world.

How did this happen?…..continue the frightening journey here…..


  • Irrefutably, let it also be stated for the record: absent the above, the following strategic assessment from DEBKAfile – a premiere military intelligence site, with a resounding analytical success rate in highly explosive arenas – wouldn’t assert:

The Israeli intelligence 2020 assessment published on Tuesday, Jan 14, estimates that if Iran continues its nuclear program at the present pace, it will have 25 kgs of highly enriched uranium by winter 2020 and a missile capable of carrying a nuclear bomb in two years.

This estimate matches the forecast Israel made five years ago, DEBKAfile’s sources note, when six world powers signed a nuclear accord with Iran for curtailing its development of a nuclear bomb. What happened was that the $150bn reward received by Iran was invested in advanced weapons systems and in establishing paramilitary groups under its control for planting around Israel’s borders.

The assessment released today is hardly compatible with another estimate in the 2020 intelligence paper that rates as low the prospects of war by Israel’s enemies. Does that mean that those enemies, Iran and Hizballah, will hold off until they accumulate a stock of nuclear warheads? The most pressing question is this: What is Israel doing about the advancing nuclear threat?

Its leaders have refrained from publicly discussing the threat since tensions between the US and Iran became critical. Last week, President Donald Trump declared: We will never allow Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon. On Tuesday, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said on Twitter: “We know exactly what’s happening with the Iranian nuclear program. Iran thinks it can achieve nuclear weapons. I reiterate: Israel won’t allow Iran to achieve nuclear weapons. I also call on all Western countries to impose snap back sanctions at the UN now.”

He was referring to the decision taken earlier in the day by the UK, France and Germany, co-signatories of the 2015 nuclear accord, to activate the dispute mechanism embodied in that accord after repeated Iranian breaches.

This process is long and cumbersome. Hence Netanyahu’s impatient demand. Complaints are first referred to a Joint Commission, then to the foreign ministers, and finally to the UN Security Council, with long pauses in between. For Iran’s non-compliance with its obligations, a vote could “snap back” the international and multilateral sanctions lifted under the accord.

IPSO facto, is there even a scintilla of a doubt, as per the exponentially grave damage an anti-American POTUS can pose to the nation, let alone the free world? If not, why not?

Image result for pics of obama and iran's ayatolla
(Ayatollah Khamenei praises Barack Obama’s anti-war comments – Telegraph

The (hidden) crime of pedophilia – The crime of pedophilia in the Orthodox community…..Op-ed By Adina Kutnicki

{Originally published at Israel National News}

The crime of pedophilia in the Orthodox community does exist and even one instance is a blight; a mark of Cain; a wall of shame, if coupled with deafening silence.

Within any civilized and normative realm, the crime of pedophilia is considered beyond the pale. So much so, inside the hierarchy of the prison system, a “chomo”, slang for a child molester, is at the absolute bottom of the prison pool. That says it all.

With that in the forefront of your mind’s eye, it is hard to find that a community which justifiably prides itself on the highest standards – most especially, vis-à-vis family, religious, communal, and educational values – would stand silent in the face of the existence of any case of pedophilia at all in its midst.

More often than not, the reaction has been akin to “circling the (communal) wagons,” an attempt to keep the issue hidden. Except that those needing protection are not the pedophiles, but the violated and highly traumatized children!. Intrinsically, what kind of message does said thinking send to the children, after all, who are the future of the Jewish community, regardless of locale? Above all else, how can this be?

As painfully evidenced within several exposés at this writer’s site, the crime of pedophilia in the Orthodox community does exist, however, and is a blight; a mark of Cain; a wall of shame, but has been coupled with deafening silence. The subject matter at hand is so serious that bypassing it is unthinkable. Inextricably, keeping this topic under communal cover is a non-starter, regardless of its shameful nature and personal attachments.

In the first instance, it hits too close to home and is akin to a dagger in the heart, including this heart.  When instances were exposed in Yeshiva University’s past, it hit very close to home.  My father – of blessed memory – worked tirelessly at Yeshiva University for 45 years, as a Rabbi in its main Administrative Center in Washington Heights, Manhattan. In fact, he taught at its esteemed school for Rabbinical Studies, REITS, when he first arrived in New York from war-torn Europe. YU’s essence, that is, its raison d’être, is to graduate students who will impart values aligned with, and in keeping to, actions that are viewed as a “light unto the nations.” Effectively, it can’t possibly be realized unless those cases were exposed.

Hot on that reportage and on its heels, the egregious crimes allegedly committed by Malka Leifer have exposed the insidious nature of pedophilia, as well as the ricocheting nature of the devastation wrought in its wake, ping-ponging from Australia to Israel and vice versa. Even more so, this case may connect to a wider net of pedophilia in Jerusalem and various surrounding communities.

Despite the discomfit and shock the findings surely evoke, there are hopeful signs. More and more victims (most of whom are now young adults) are finding the courage to come forward – having found their voices and a sense of power through a smattering of long overdue “noisemakers”, as they ring forth from various corners of the community. As a knock-on effect, the victims no longer feel alone; forced to suffer in silence with their perceived shame ans stigma.

Chief among the heroes within the Orthodox community – in this highly delicate arena – is the blessed organization Jewish Community Watch (JCW). It is through their Education Center that the veil of secrecy has finally – dare it be said, miraculously – been lifted from the “crime of all crimes”: pedophilia. The header at the organization’s site states it best. Plainly and simply, it reads:

Child sexual abuse is scary but you don’t have to feel powerless. This area will outline steps you can take to prevent child sexual abuse, as well as give you a better understanding of its devastating implications. You can also find tools for speaking about abuse with your loved ones, including tips for communicating with children and early detection methods.

The “Get Help” section of this page provides educational support for those who have been affected by the trauma of CSA. Information is available to help you, whether you’re a victim of abuse, a family member of a victim, or a relative of an abuser.

(All of the material listed in this area has been adapted from various organizations, therapists, and educators including RAINNSafely EverTheMamabearEffectMaleSurvivorPandysStopItNowTaalk).

At the end of it all and at its base, those who stand silently by in the face of such evil, as they “circle the (communal) wagons” to protect the perpetrators, are equally guilty. Aside from that, it is by way of their shameful silence that a double sin has been committed – failing to protect the most innocent among us, as well as blackening the  good name of a community which, for the most part, is law abiding and, more often than not, performing good deeds.

Silence is NO longer an option!

Adina Kutnicki is an investigative journalist, living in Israel since 2008. Her work concentrates on militant Islamic jihad and its western knock-on effects. She is the co-author of BANNED: How Facebook Enables Militant Islamic Jihad, She blogs at: Adina Kutnicki, A Zionist & Conservative Blog (

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Clinton, Inc.’s Body Count Piles Up: FBI Agent Commits ‘Suicide’ – Foundation’s Pilfered Billions At Stake! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

NEVER and never have so many corpses piled up under such ‘mysterious’ circumstances – other than in third world juntas and jihadi hell-holes – aside from those linked to political hits within Clinton, Inc.’s orbit.

IN fact, as per the continuous pile-ups, if any U.S. equivalent is its mirror image, it is ala the Mafia, the Mob. Yes, that bastion of RICO-charged criminals. Mind you, even said outlaws have kinda…sorta….slowed down – thanks to Rudy Giuliani’s take-down of the ‘Five Families’ in the 1980’s via the Mafia Commission trial, that is, under the brilliantly designed RICO statute. Indeed, aggressive law enforcement can do wonders!

STILL, a main difference between the two criminal entities is the following tactical detail: while crime bosses have been known to whack their enemies in plain view, or whenever they can get the jump on their target(s) – be it in broad daylight or under the cover of darkness – on the other hand, Clinton, Inc. contracts out its hits to appear as if they are wholly unrelated to anything other than a ‘suicide’, a random criminal act, some sort of mechanical malfunction (auto or private plane), and the like. Piss-poor via bad luck, too.

BUT before we segue to this summer’s latest ‘suicide’ – indeed, some of us refuse to view it as nothing to see here….moving right along – a recap of Clinton, Inc.’s murder sprees is a journalistic necessity to satisfy proper due diligence. A moral one, too.


Investigative Journalist Jen Moore was found dead (Aug. 20, 2018) in a suburban Washington D.C. hotel room Monday, according to police and shocked and distraught friends and colleagues.

Moore died of an apparent seizure. Police are closely investigating the cause of death after former FBI Agent Robyn Gritz, a friend of Moore’s, made inquiries with homicide detectives Monday afternoon in Prince Georges County, Maryland. Preliminary reports from police said the death was not the result of suicide.

Moore’s body was found by employees at the Country Inn & Suites by Radisson, Washington, D.C. East – in Capitol Heights, Maryland. The investigation is ongoing. An autopsy had not been scheduled as of late Monday.

Moore, an advocate who investigated abused and trafficked children, had been in the process of investigating allegations by a 26-year-old man that — as a young boy — he was sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton and pimped out at private sex parties attended by other D.C. elites.

In fact, just four weeks before her death, Moore filed details of the alleged victim’s claims with the Department of Homeland Security, detailing the allegations against Clinton. Moore contacted Homeland Security beginning on July 6th through July 9th, records show. A week later, she contacted the FBI with identical details about the victim and the shocking allegations against Clinton.

FBI sources report no case has been opened on the evidence supplied by Moore. Homeland Security officials could not be reached for comment.

Moore had approached True Pundit’s Thomas Paine in June with the allegations against Clinton. Paine conducted a series of face-to-face interviews with Moore and the alleged victim in various locales. By July, the victim agreed to tell his story to Paine. But Moore and the traumatized victim wanted to contact Homeland Security and the FBI first to see if they would open a criminal case against Clinton prior to publicizing the claims.

“Jen thought that with a criminal probe, federal agents could use the victim possibly to dangle in front of Clinton to see if he made a mistake or tried to pay him off,” Paine said. “She was worried about the safety of the victim and was working to find him safe harbor until this story broke.

Now she is the one who turned up dead.”

Paine and True Pundit were vetting the details provided by the victim. Paine said the allegations were “credible” and the victim’s testimony and details were beyond convincing.

Paine said Moore accepted the risks with the story and understood things could get very ugly very fast. Per conversations with True Pundit’s Paine:

In the exchange below, Moore discusses an extended stay with the alleged Clinton victim after his interview with Paine. During the interview, the victim sporadically vomited and shivered as he recalled details of his alleged abuse, Paine said.

Since her death, a recording has surfaced of Moore, often referred to as “Task Force” as a nickname, being interviewed by radio and YouTube journalist Farmer Jones. The recording was made just a month before she was found by employees at the Country Inn & Suites by Radisson in Washington, D.C. East-in Capitol Heights, Maryland. Police have ruled out suicide and on Tuesday, True Pundit reported Moore as having died from an apparent seizure. Autopsy results are still not available and the investigation is ongoing.

ALAS, how ‘coincidental’ is it that another dead body, yes, a so-called ‘suicide’, just happened (July 17, 2019) within Clinton, Inc.’s immediate investigative orbit??

A blockbuster report from True Pundit indicates that an FBI agent who committed “suicide” was involved in uncovering a massive Clinton foundation money-laundering conspiracy that allegedly plundered the U.S. Treasury out of billions.

FBI Special Agent Sal Cincinelli allegedly committed suicide last year in stunning news that shocked his family. Cincinelli was found dead at the Container Bar in Austin, Texas “with at least one gunshot wound” in July 2019. He had quit a life as a high-powered Wall Street trader to join the FBI and help clean up the corrupt financial industry.

Mike Moore, who writes at True Pundit under the alias Thomas Paine, broke the news on his podcast that Cincinelli may have lost his life due to his work investigating the Clintons.

“So we’re finding that deceased top FBI Special Agent Sal Cincinelli was a member of a team that was investigating the Clinton Foundation and had witnessed and investigated the fact that large amounts of money were being moved by Hillary Clinton through the Clinton Foundation, coming in coming out, that trace back to the State Dept. during the time that she was Secretary of State,” Moore said on his podcast.

“This is the first time or the first proof that anybody has that she was actually taking money from public money from the State Dept. while she was Secretary of State and moving it around to her cronies linked to the Clinton Foundation, the Clinton cartel and Cincinelli was part of the FBI who was looking into this,” he added. “And incredibly, this has been on the desk of Attorney General William Barr who hasn’t done anything with it.”

The allegations, which have been substantiated by sources that have spoken to True Pundit, are that billions in taxpayer dollars were taken from the U.S. Treasury and placed into the coffers of the Clinton Administration.

“We are talking about billions of dollars that were stolen, siphoned, funneled,” a top-level federal source said. “Not millions. Billions. It’s absolutely massive and other members of the Obama administration are involved.”

Federal agents are reportedly very frustrated that the Department of Justice is overlooking the scandal, with AG Barr – who had previously worked under globalist President George H.W. Bush – apparently maintaining the status quo within the deep state.

“You look at the size of this corruption and realize why Hillary warehoused all her State Dept. emails on a private server and destroyed thousands upon thousands of emails so that no one could get a look at the side deals,” Moore said.

Cincinelli may be the latest man whose name could be added to the Clinton kill count, as people who investigate the Clintons or get in the way of their pursuit of power tend to turn up dead in mysterious fashion.

MOST significantly, how many more dead bodies have to amass (is a football stadium full enough of a body count?), in order for Hill & Bill (and accomplices, materially involved and indirect facilitators) to be (publicly) hauled off to prison for a life-time prison sentence, as long-standing justice surely demands?

{Clinton Inc.’s latest victim!}


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PM Netanyahu, “Serial Appeaser”, Then And Now: Abandons Heroes, Yet, Coddles/ Rewards Terrorists – Dope-Carrier, Alike. How Can This Be? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

{UPDATE: “Netanyahu to fly to Russia ahead of Naama Issachar’s release”…..scroll down and read the prognostication within re this so-called pardon….yes, the price paid for the pothead’s release is beyond a betrayal to the nation – never mind the smoke and mirrors re Bibi’s diplo prowess!}

FULL DISCLOSURE: If not for this writer’s relationship with Tsafrir Ronen (of blessed memory), one of Israel’s “Lions of Zion“, much of the insight gleaned over the years – vis-à-vis Israel’s mendacious leaders and non-elected functionaries – would be mired in the leadership’s smoke and mirrors shows.

THOUGH 11 years has passed since said hero is no longer among us, oftentimes, it feels like yesterday that we worked side by side. At the same time, on a very personal level, this tower of (Zionist) strength was a very gentle and caring man. As such, Tsafrir (of blessed memory) will always be considered a “blood brother.”  

ALAS, upon hearing of his sudden passing (from his devoted wife), the following was featured at Israel National News, Arutz Sheva – Israel’s Hero, My Hero

While all lovers of Zion anxiously scan the news regarding the IAF’s “shock and awe” operation against Hamas, those who received the shocking news of Tsafrir Ronen’s untimely and very sudden death this very same weekend could not help but be shaken to the core of their souls.

While every death deeply affects family and friends, few of those deaths can be described as a monumental loss for Zion. The passing of Tsafrir Ronen, z”l – a stalwart, non-intimidated defender of Zion – will surely register as such, when the history of modern Israel is told in full.

As a former Sayeret Matkal (General Staff Reconnaissance Unit) commando, a prolific documentary filmmaker and a founder of the Nahalal Forum, to name a few of his accomplishments, Tsafrir was a totally devoted defender of the land and people of Israel.

An individual with great vision and a sweeping understanding of Jewish history, he knew instinctively that the war being waged against Israel had many dimensions. As a warrior he understood well the military dynamics, but it was his visceral and incisive understanding of the media war being waged against us that caused him to stand head and shoulders above the rest.

To that end, he decided to direct all of his passions and energies – through the use of his extensive knowledge of the media – to save Israel both from its external foes and internal ones. As the ex-CEO of the Israel History Channel, he knew what needed to be done media-wise. Constructively, he put his vision to work by creating the conceptual and business underpinnings for Israel World Television, the first pro-Israel satellite channel to be broadcast worldwide, providing for 24/7 coverage, FOX News-like.

He assembled an all-star lineup of backers, which included major players in the Israeli and worldwide business scene, coupled with a roster of the most astute political thinkers on the Israeli landscape today. Most importantly, he had the backing of Natan Sharansky, a man of worldwide respect as a champion of freedom. What his diverse group of supporters had in common was the intrinsic understanding that Israel is losing the battle on the media front and that we are at an existential crossroads. They all believed that Tsafrir had the integrity, vision, and expertise to lead the charge.

The sudden loss of this wonderful, humble man is first and foremost a devastating one for his loving and supportive wife Judy and their “three blondinas”, the pet name he had for his three beautiful, blond-haired daughters. They were his pride and joy. On a personal level, I will miss my best friend in Israel; a man I considered my “blood brother”, with whom I worked side by side to support him in his mission and vision.

On a national level, his loss will most likely be appreciated when history is written. In the same manner that few understood the profound essence of all of Ze’ev Jabotinsky’s efforts for our homeland while he was alive, so, too, will Tsafrir’s undertakings resonate in future generations. I suspect that he will be the model that future generations of Zionists will emulate when his activities on behalf of Zion become more widely known.

Rest in peace, my dear friend. May your memory be for a blessing. With eternal friendship.

KNOW this: The above is hardly a meandering trip down memory lane. Rather, it is precisely due to the lack of statesmanship and moral leadership (polar opposites to Tsafrir, of blessed memory) that Jewish scoundrels (the Joint Arab List Party and its terror supporters, too) find their “home(s)” within Israel’s dysfunctional political system. Effectively, party hacks can utterly defy the will of the majority public – despite the promises made to the very same electorate that ushered them into the top tier! This is so because Israel is not a representative democracy within any realm of democratic norms. Third election, anyone?? Pointedly, the underpinnings of this broken swamp can be found via Vote Right, Get Left:The Paradox of Israeli Politics. 

WITH that truth-telling set straight, “deals with the devil” have become business as usual and the “norm” within Israel’s hierarchy. Consider:

INCONTESTABLY, the above outrages (plus, decades worth of others) have one main component and ingredient in common – and this is aside from, and atop of,  the structural quagmire: appeasement.

Image result for pics of hamas with shekels

IN the first three instances, Hamas (akin to the PA junta, and assorted Brotherhood Mafia appendages/front-groups) is the beneficiary of the leadership’s political chicanery. As evidenced and excerpted within all three:

IN 2007, in the first instance….

……On a daily basis, Jewish soldiers and security officers risk life and limb to capture these killers, but the Israeli leadership treats their heroic actions as nothing more than a game of cat-and-mouse. Not only is this message seared into the souls of the soldiers, thus demoralizing them, but also into the consciousness of the terrorists. How many times have we witnessed the humiliating spectacle of newly captured terrorists smile for the cameras, wave victory fingers, and brazenly state that they expect to be released, while being hauled off to jail?

The terrorists have surely imbibed the message that a catch-and-release program is part of the Israeli leadership’s plans – no matter how heinous the terrorists’ crimes. If you were a terrorist, wouldn’t you, too, internalize the same hopeful message? No such positive message is aimed at the Jews…..


IN 2015, in the second instance…..

Israel allowed 14,000 tons of building material into Gaza on Wednesday, the defense ministry said of the largest single shipment since last summer’s Hamas terror war – despite the fact that Hamas is using such materials to rapidly rebuild its terror tunnels to attack Israel.

COGAT, the IDF Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories, told AFP that some 354 trucks passed through the Kerem Shalom goods crossing in southern Gaza carrying “construction materials,” without elaborating what goods were let in.

The news comes as Hamas is working to rebuild its tunnels into Israel that were used to attack Israelis in Operation Protective Edge to lethal effect.

Hamas is intensively rebuilding its terror tunnel infrastructure, with the digging reportedly taking place six days a week with three shifts each day.

Over 1,000 diggers are said to be employed by Hamas to construct the tunnels, and the current estimation is that the tunnels lead up to Israeli territory – Hamas will extend them beyond when it feels the time is right to strike.

It was cleared for publication on Wednesday that Hamas had planned to use its tunnels for a massive abduction operation during last summer’s war.

Despite the overwhelming evidence that Hamas is gearing up for its next terror war against Israel after its third attempt fell short last summer, Israel continues to ship in construction goods that are being used to rebuild the tunnels…..

CLEAR as a bell.

IN 2020, in the third instance…..

Goldin said at the panel, “Every family in Israel sends its sons to the IDF in order for them to return home. There is a heavy issue here. It is the duty of the state to give the feeling of security to every citizen. There is terrorism here against the families [of the missing soldiers]. There is a terrorist organization here that uses every means to disintegrate Israeli society through the families of the missing soldiers.”

“Five and a half years ago, during Operation Protective Edge, we consciously decided that we lost to terror and abandoned the fighters and this is done blatantly every day. It is inconceivable that every day there is an ‘arrangement’ [with Hamas]. We’re talking about an upgrade of the Gaza Strip,” Goldin charged.

“There’s a gas pipeline that went under the radar last week and was arranged to enter the Strip. Are Hadar or [Avera] Mengistu or other IDF soldiers who were left behind worth less than a gas pipeline or a deal for strawberries? Is the Qatari money which pays the salaries to Hamas officials in Gaza worth more than Hadar and Oron?” Goldin wondered. “The most blatant point that needs to be said here is that our children and our pride in our country and the justification for being here are being harmed. There is a government here that does not miss an opportunity to abandon soldiers and blatantly does so.”

Goldin added, “We in the family do not think that Hadar should be returned at all costs. We say sharply and clearly that they should not be abandoned at all costs and this is what has been done for the past five and a half years. Freeing terrorists is not the only way to release prisoners and missing persons. In two months, US President Trump is going to introduce his ‘Deal of the Century’. Will the captives and missing persons be included in the deal?

TRUE to form, again, in Jan. 2020, at the same time that the captives’ families query aloud – as to the continuous, dangerous, egregious, and insufferable “deals made with the (Islamic) devil” – Naama Issachar, an actual dope-carrier, smuggler, if you will, rest assured, will receive a “get out of (Russian) jail” and “Deal of the Century”, too, at the hands of Israel’s appeasing and mendacious leaders! At what (national) cost? And, how can this be? Rhetorical.

Yaffa Issachar, Naama’s mother, met Thursday with Prime Minister Netanyahu and Russian President Putin at the Prime Minister’s Residence in Jerusalem.

“It’s clear Naama is from a good family,” Putin said after the meeting. We will take everything into account when we make the decision. Everything will be fine,” Putin promised Yaffa after the meeting.

Netanyahu’s office responded, “PM Netanyahu is very satisfied from President Putin’s statement, and thanks him for his readiness.”

“I am excited, optimistic. The journey is behind us,” Yaffa told Channel 13 earlier. “I hope this is it, that I will hear something good from the president, that he will bring my daughter home to Israel. It’s hard to digest that a simple person like me would meet a president of such status.”

In Israel, a package of gestures was formulated for the Russians to allow President Putin to make the decision to release Naama Issachar.

Her impending release will not only be possible thanks to “Alexander’s Courtyard” in the Old City, recorded in the records about three weeks ago in the name of the Russian Church; Israel also intends to change its attitude toward a number of other Russian properties in Jerusalem, including a part of the Russian Compound which is not the famous detention complex.

Channel 12 reported that the Russians demanded procedural relief on assets that have a Russian connection. In addition, Israel is committed to facilitating access to the Russian monastery and church in the Ein Karem neighborhood of the capital. Alongside all this, Israel will loosen the criteria for Russian citizens to enter the country.

IF that is not mind-blowing enough…..

Naama Issachar, an Israeli backpacker, was on her way home to Israel from India when she was found to be in possession of marijuana. In April 2019, Issachar was sentenced to a 7.5-year prison sentence in Russia.

According to Galatz, in October, when the issue of requesting pardon came up, Naama asked her mother, “Mom, why do I need a pardon? That means I’m a criminal and I’m not.”

However, though she claimed to have “no idea” how the drug got into her bag, Naama was recorded telling her friend that she’s “in much bigger trouble” than the two had hoped for. She has also claimed that she never confessed to the smuggling attempt.

MOST significantly, how can an Israeli leadership justify going to such great lengths for a dope-carrier, who, according to this investigative journalist’s opinion, should shut up and do her time for her crime. On the other hand, meanwhile, Israel’s war heroes are left in the bloody hands of Hamas, at the same time that Hamas (and assorted terror groups) receives gift….after gift….after gift…..

DEAR reader, it all goes back to the fact that none of the leaders are DIRECTLY accountable to the electorate – most especially, the PM, who happens to be a “serial appeaser“, to boot!

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UPDATE TO:“Closed-Door”​ (U.S./Israel/Cyprus) INTEL Conference, Nov. 2019 – Commentary By Adina Kutnicki


Since the “Closed-Door” Intel conference in Nov. 2019, two months’ time have come and gone, that is, a drop in the bucket, in relation to gathering valuable Intel. Yes, unless a “ticking bomb” is uncovered, by far, it is more fruitful to watch, observe, blend in, and be as unobtrusive as possible. A fly on the wall. This requires a highly trained and specific set of skills, notwithstanding fluency in Hebrew and Arabic. Patience is a virtue, dear reader.

As such, in line with two of the bullet points via the aforementioned November report, certain developments bear noting, even if particular gaps must remain muted. No matter.

Regardless, let’s recap:

  • Alongside the “persons of interest”, a detailed listing of their terror-related attacks has been documented/appended – that which reads like a running indictment/dossier; a “who’s who” attachment to the FBI’s Most Wanted List(s). By the way, their material supporters were included, too.
  • Accompanying the above, direct links were established (through a highly powerful follow-on presentation) between the aforementioned TOP Jihadis to countless terror attacks – committed by material facilitators, those who serve as their proxy arms. Mind you, they very rarely get their hands “dirty.” As it happens, much of the above Intel has been gleaned through captured audio and video evidence (of course, non-detected) via well-paid informants, and a bucket-list of other means. And, for the record, many of the “persons of interest” live in Israeli cities and villages, never having been arrested for sundry calculi; others spent considerable time in prison, while some were released during assorted insane “hostage swaps”, only to slaughter, again.

So in the spirit of updating interested parties, it is alongside this and that attendee from the (privately-held Homeland Security entity) conference that further evidence is being gathered and developed re ongoing collaborative operations between East Jerusalem jihadi clans, in alliance with their northern belt “Palestinian” brothers and sisters, in the Wadi Ara region. While several clans are atop our “watch-list”, the Jabarin’s stand out for a multiplicity of reasons – many of whom are concentrated in Umm al-Fahm, the epicenter of the Islamic Movement in Israelled by the iron-fist of the notorious Raed Salah from his “seat” of terror!

More specifically, within said investigatory trails, freelance operatives (a tidbit: they have zero problem “blending in”….) have found themselves following “persons of interest” within the clan from the Wadi Ara into the zig-zagging alleyways deep inside E. Jerusalem’s Shuafat’s hidey-holes, as well as Beit Hanina’s, among others. As a matter of (recorded) record, said freelancers have been known to schmooze up one or another of the Jabarin’s, naturally, in an unobtrusive manner! Of course, authorities are alerted, that is, if actionable material is uncovered.

Now, as another outgrowth of the conference, a reciprocal relationship has been nurtured between our (rest assured, prior to the conference, vetted “six ways to Sunday”) Cypriot partners; two of whom paid a recent visit to exchange information in person. In furtherance thereof, a particular quid pro quo took place, They were introduced to an invaluable contact (developed at this end, over the years), who just happens to be a member of the Druze community and a more than trustworthy Israeli patriot. It is through this contact (possessing this and that back-channel inside Syria’s borders) that this “exchange visit” assisted said Cypriots with important Intel to bring back home. All around, sababa was heard, in Israeli and Greek accents.

And while most of the media’s focus on the tri-lateral relationship between Israel, Cyprus, and Greece centers upon energy independence and economic cooperation, it is intrinsic not to lose sight of the overwhelmingly mutual – independent and interdependent – security concerns that are jihadi in origin, Sunni and Shia.

Most significantly, with Turkey’s Erdogan, a Brotherhood Mafia strongman zeroing in laser-like on all three nations, cooperative efforts are more than beneficial. Instructive. Not only that, coupled with Syria’s cauldron of hell-fire in the mix, let’s just say that meetings between “the guests” and the aforementioned patriot, well, it will be a gift that keeps giving – on all sides!

Kadima boychiks….méchri argótera….yalla, too….

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Bringing Down America, San Francisco-Style: What Happens When Weather Underground Spawn Take Over American Justice & Cities, Too? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

ALMOST seven years ago, this investigative journalist received an urgent shout-out to write the first book review for the reintroduction of BRINGING DOWN AMERICA: An FBI Informant with the Weathermen (by Larry Grathwohl and Frank Reagan, originally published in 1976). Upon reading the manuscript, the following was written and featured at American Thinker

During a dangerously volatile period of domestic terrorism, young anarchists were plotting the upending of America. In the vanguard stood the Weather Underground and the Black Panthers. Implanted in 1969 in the heart of a revolutionary movement, Larry Grathwohl, a 22-year-old Vietnam vet, found himself acting as an FBI informant. Inserted into the Weather Underground organization under deep cover, he became privy to their terror plots as well as the leadership’s “reasoning”. It is this facet which still resonates today. BRINGING DOWN AMERICA is a gripping tale of plots and subplots, each one aimed at “the violent overthrow of the bourgeoisie [and] the establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat”, as Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, and Jeff Jones exhorted in their 1974 manifesto, “Prairie Fire: The Politics of Revolutionary Anti-Imperialism.” The subtext of this gripping memoir is brought to the fore in Chapter 14: “The Cover Is Blown:”

Once in the van we drove around the city… while we were driving Maynard & Green (my FBI handlers) began telling me about the mystery man waiting for me. He was an Arab guerrilla. My meeting was to be in strict confidence. They refused to tell me why he was in the country, how he got in, obviously he was working for the U.S….

The implication was very clear. The FBI understood that the Weathermen were deepening their foreign ties. It was inevitable that Arab terror contacts would be made. Thus, Ali Baba, an Arab informant, was sending a warning to Larry: having him as a “go-between” would mitigate any hesitation to cooperate with the Weathermen, in effect, keeping the FBI one step ahead.

Not only that, Ali Baba issued other warnings to Larry: “the Arabs plan to strike at the next Olympic games in 1972 [reviewer’s note: and they made good on their threat] and there is talk of doing something at the World’s Fair in Spokane in 1974.”

For the record, El (Al) Fatah was the referenced Arab guerrilla group. Yes, the very same terror outfit spawned by the godfather of suicide terror, “Chairman” Yasir Arafat, a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. In tandem, the Weathermen conspired with the KGB and attendant communist regimes. The war being waged against the U.S. by the radical left and Islamist jihadis is premised on the U.S. as the Western spear and Israel as its twin “imperialistic” cousin. It has been playing out for decades, in one form or another. Nothing has changed other than the fact that many escaped justice and are entering their senior years. Despite their advancing age, they are as dangerous as ever — perhaps more so. Bill Ayers, the foremost leader of the Weathermen “is in his third decade as a national leader in the movement to radicalize the educational training of schoolteachers”. His wife, Bernardine Dohrn, a top leader too “is a professor of law at Northwestern and a high-ranking officer in the American Bar Association.” Eleanor Raskin (ne Stein) “is a law professor at S.U.N.Y Albany and, astonishingly, a NYS administrative law judge”. Jeff Jones “currently heads the New York-based Apollo Alliance, a highly influential coalition of labor leaders and environmentalists, and was responsible for drafting President Obama’s 2009 Recovery Act.”

The list of “respectable” cover, of other “notables” in the Weathermen, is equally impressive. Through a stringently planned operational “stealth jihad“, yesteryear’s Weathermen have returned, fully primed to carry out their original goal — the “transformation” of Amerika. Most significantly, they subvert the national interest from a distinctly dangerous vantage point. They are currently ensconced in some of the most powerful positions in academia and political life. The only difference is, this time they are dressed in “capitalist” garb, not only in their clothing choices, but in the wealth they have accumulated, paradoxically, through joining the “establishment”. Who said one can’t enrich oneself, but at the same time deny the masses/proletariat said wealth potential? Highly dangerous in their bomb-making days, their capacity to cripple America, sans firing actual weaponry is that much greater at this critical juncture in time. Deeply involved in the “transformation” process, as promised by President Obama, many of them working inside the executive branch, while others operate through progressive think tanks, they want nothing more than to distance themselves from their bloody past. Therefore, an omerta has descended from the denizens of the leftist media and their powerful organs.

So the timing of this book release couldn’t be more prescient. Although the mainstream media will surely attempt to shield the aforementioned from the facts borne out by the record, they are nothing more than “koshered” domestic terrorists.

Many westerners believe that history is behind them and therefore has no relevance to their lives. Nothing could be further removed from reality, or more deadly. In this regard, stepping back in time to the late 1960’s and into the 1970’s couldn’t be more imperative or instructive.

AS it happened, this writer’s body of work, in relation to the red-green axis (an amalgamation of socialists/Marxists/communists, in concert with like-minded revolutionary Islamists), caught their attention.

YES, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. To wit, the red-green axis is a “natural” alliance; in sync bedfellows, albeit, temporary in nature.

IN this regard, as soon as it became known that George-the-devil-incarnate-Soros (a Judenrat, during the Holocaust) turned his anti-American/anti-Israel/anti-western laser towards destroying the U.S. (most recently, by implanting radical, revolutionary appointments within the legal system) well, alarm bells started to ring at this end. As is known, once a viper, always a viper. 

Chesa Boudin (Jeff Chiu / Associated Press)

{Chesa Boudin fist-bumps his way to San Fran’s total destruction!}

AND though revolutionary-leaning DA’s (and other so-called legal appointments) are ensconced in various Demster-controlled cities – due to “dark money” pumped through a network of Soros’ front-groups – the appointment of San Fran’s DA Chesa Boudin is the most frightening, even by the radical standards of a city which has reached the depths of hell.

OMINOUSLY, the appointment of Boudin (spawn of not one, but two domestic terrorists ala the hierarchy of the blood-soaked Weathermen) to the top post in San Fran’s legal system bespeaks of a danger to the nation, like few others. Guaranteed. Again, it never could have happened without MEGA political and financial muscle, the likes of which has yet to bear fruit, so to speak.

Newly-installed San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin summarily fired seven key felony prosecutors on Friday, despite campaign promises to clean up violent crime in the city.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported the firings, which were the most dramatic since a new DA fired 10% of the staff in 1995:

Some firings, the Chronicle noted, were not quite a surprise, as Boudin had run specifically against adding “gang enhancements” to prosecutions, arguing that such prosecutions were aimed disproportionately at minority defendants.

But others were a surprise. The Chronicle cited sources who said the effect on morale among the 135 prosecutors was “devastating.”

Boudin is the son of two Weather Underground radicals who were getaway drivers in a 1981 armored car heist that led to the deaths of two police officers and a guard, the UK Guardian recalled.

Though Boudin promised to stop violent crime in the city, he also campaigned against prosecuting what he called “quality-of-life” crimes in San Francisco, such as public urination, and said he would “decriminalize” homelessness.

Boudin has responded to public criticism of the firings, telling NBC Bay Area: “”It should not come as a surprise to anybody that a newly-elected official would want to make staff changes.”

However, critics contend that some of the prosecutors he fired would have followed his orders regardless of their past records.

One of the fired attorneys reiterated to Bay Area public radio station KQED: “I think the impact on morale is going to be devastating.”

DEAR reader, this is where Boudin’s worldview comes from….the apple doesn’t fall far from the (terror) tree. Overwhelmingly, “prison reform” is merely the tip of his “transformation” agenda!

In 1981, when Chesa Boudin was 14 months old, his parents — members of the radical and violent Weather Underground — left him with a babysitter so they could take part in an armored car robbery. It became one of New York’s most notorious botched heists, a crime that left two police officers and a Brink’s truck guard dead in a New York suburb.

Thirty-eight years later, Boudin is set to become San Francisco’s top prosecutor. In a matter of weeks, he will be sworn in as the city’s district attorney, the latest in a line of prosecutors seen as criminal justice reformers who are taking the reins across the country.

Like his peers on the left, Boudin ran on a platform of ending “mass incarceration,” eliminating cash bail, creating a unit to review wrongful convictions and refusing to cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, as well as prosecuting ICE agents who violate so-called sanctuary city laws. He also wants to move the district attorney’s office away from prosecuting prostitution and minor quality-of-life crimes to focus, instead, on taking on corporations and prioritizing the most serious offenses.

Boudin, 39, spent decades visiting his parents in prison and, as a result, learned the ins and outs of the criminal justice system from a unique vantage point. Boudin’s parents were getaway drivers in the attempted Brink’s robbery in 1981 in Nanuet, New York, about 35 miles north of New York City. His mother, Kathy Boudin, pleaded guilty to murder and robbery and was imprisoned for more than two decades. His father, David Gilbert, is still behind bars after he was convicted of murder and robbery.

IN no uncertain terms, if a mirror-like exhibit is required as per the proof of what awaits, that is, when a revolutionary takes over a city’s helm, look no further than to  Marxist/Commie-driven Mayor of NYC, Bill de Blasio – as he lets loose criminals to prey upon an unsuspecting public, instead of ensuring their safety, as sworn to execute. In fact, serial offenders – newbies, alike – have zero fear of the so-called powers that be. Crime, it does pay!

IN fact, the following is just one knock-on effect (out of countless to come) to the above wretched course: a serial bank robber in NYC very well knows the radical calculus – as messaged by NYC’s revolutionary Mayor, as well as like-minded officials across the nation. Yes, have no fear, the (1960’s/1970’s) goals of the Weathermen and the Black Panthers, though decades later, have overtaken the nation’s legal system – one DA appointment at a time!!

The insanity of the new law clearly wasn’t lost on the prime suspect.“I can’t believe they let me out,” Woodberry marveled as he retrieved his vouchered property at One Police Plaza in lower Manhattan, sources told The Post. “What were they thinking?”

NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea voiced his frustration after The Post broke Woodberry’s story online Saturday.

“What motivation does this suspect have to return to court? None,” Shea tweeted.

INCONTESTABLY, sans proper law enforcement, the ability to provide law and order is dead on arrival. DOA. Once said breakdown occurs, each and every state, city, and small town throughout the nation will become “transformed.” Effectively, the disintegration of city by city – by the likes of Boudin – occurs piece by piece, stealth by stealth, that is, until the nation becomes akin to a third world hell-hole! Unrecognizable.


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EXCLUSIVE REPORT: Saudi Jihad At Pensacola’s Naval Air Station, As Examined By A World Class Counter-Terrorism & Counter-Intelligence Expert – Truths & Proofs. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

{Naval Air Station base, Pensacola, cordoned off by crime scene tape….more pointedly, it should read: Jihadi scene tape!}

No doubt, when in a life-and-death struggle, it is imperative to head to the most highly qualified expert in the field. Similarly, with jihad exploding throughout the world, Americans, Israelis, and Europeans are increasingly subjected to gravely perilous circumstances – most acutely, on their home turf. They are in the direct crosshairs of Mohammadans.

As such, it is a no-brainer that listening to, and learning from, the “expert among experts” must be the first order of business and address to head to and heed. Life-saving.

Dave Gaubatz is a world class counter-terrorism and counter-intelligence expert whose boots-on-the-ground experience is second to none. He is also the premier authority on the Muslim Brotherhood. His book, Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America, is unsurpassed in the world of counter-terrorism. His investigative team uncovered the largest Muslim conspiracy in U.S. history, uncovering over 12,000 documents and 300 hours of audio/video materials relating to criminal terrorist activity against America. Although he might be best known to the public for this work, he is also known by many as the “Terrorist Hunter.”

Aside from co-authoring the magna carté of books on the Muslim underworld, Dave Gaubatz is a U.S. State Department-trained Arabic linguist and a retired Federal Agent with the U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI). Among his many achievements, he has investigated felony crimes against the U.S. Air Force and government and was the very first Special Civilian Agent deployed to Nasiriyah, Iraq, in 2003 for Operation Iraqi Freedom. He has received extensive training and experience in Islamic ideology and tactics—including from former members of Islamic terrorist groups, as well as from Muslim military and law enforcement who served under the late former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein.

With over three decades of combined experience in this arena, Dave held Top Secret/SCI clearance on counter-intelligence and counter-terrorism matters for over 15 years and has received the highest levels of intelligence, including for weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and espionage. He has also been briefed into many “Black Project” programs for U.S. national security purposes and has been assigned to numerous counter-intelligence and counter-terrorism operations. His vast accomplishments and expertise have earned him numerous U.S. awards for identifying WMD sites and exposing Islamic terrorists and their plots against the U.S. and our troops. 

After leaving his position in the United States Air Force (USAF), Dave continued his work as a Civilian Agent and trained over 3000 U.S. law enforcement officers in Arabic and counter-terrorism involving Islamic terrorist groups and their supporters. He has personally been to and examined over 350 mosques and Islamic centers in the U.S. alone and over 100 abroad; has reviewed thousands of Islamic documents on tactics to attack U.S. interests and overthrow America; and has studied over 5500 publications, books, and brochures and over 2000 hours of lectures by Islamic scholars and leaders.

Currently, Dave conducts onsite fieldwork at mosques, Islamic centers, and various Islamic venues throughout America, gathering firsthand intelligence and primary source evidence/materials to evaluate their risk/threat levels through a rating system and specific set of criteria, the “Islamic Terror Alphabet Criteria’”(ITAC), which he developed himself. He then makes national security recommendations — primarily to alert the American public, but he also notifies the proper authorities of potential threats with sworn affidavits. Tragically, some of his previous warnings have been validated by actual violent attacks. 

Even so, when it relates to the so-called motive of the Saudi jihadi at Pensacola’s Naval Air Station, one hardly needs to hear said “diagnosis” from a renowned expert. Sheesh. Not only that, the fact that investigators came across his writings, one of which stated “the countdown has started ” (four months before the attack), well, if it hadn’t been the plot all along, that would have been the shocker! Indeed, a paltry few (21 out of approximately 850 training on U.S. soil) are being expelled, as a result thereof.

Most significantly, Gaubatz’s off the charts, highly-regarded credentials are the requisite due diligence and the mandatory expertise needed to connect the most intrinsic and salient linkage(s) to the overall call to jihad: Mosques. Incontestably, they are the leading purveyors, incubators, and meeting places; the dispensaries of the overarching incitement(s) to wage jihadi war against the infidel!  

Presenting, Dave Gaubatz’s preliminary overview to his 27-page Sworn Affidavit affixed below.

The Examination & The Purpose of Islamic Mosque Research In Pensacola, Florida, During The Period of Jan. 9 – 11, 2020  – by Dave Gaubatz

There are numerous counter-terrorism professionals who write articles and give opinions on national news networks pertaining to their thoughts (assumptions) of Islamic mosques and inform millions of Americans around the world of their assumptions, as per whether a mosque is dangerous or safe. This information is relied upon by politicians, law enforcement, and the general public. Decades ago, I determined this was a dangerous and very unprofessional manner to make national security decisions based on assumptions.  As a former Federal Agent, I found it most professional and accurate to conduct firsthand research, instead of relying on assumptions. This is my sole purpose for going to mosques. I review a number of factors inside the mosque such as the material and Sharia adherence the Islamic leaders are using to “train” their worshipers on the correct manner Islam is to be practiced.
It is not my goal to debate or change the mind of any person. My goal is to provide a professional analysis after reviewing firsthand evidence in a mosque. People can accept or refuse to accept. There was a time when I provided audio and video from an innocent 7-year-old Muslim girl in a mosque who said she had been physically and sexually assaulted by members of her mosque and she had been married off to an older Muslim man. This information was provided to law enforcement, politicians, the media, and no one would come forward to help this innocent child. The basic reason given was that it was the Islamic culture and we (America) should not get involved.
So, again, I wrote a 27-page Affidavit with plenty of justification for politicians and law enforcement to take heed: members of the two Pensacola mosques that I attended and investigated will, in the near future, injure or kill innocent Americans. As a lone American investigator I can do no more. It is now up to the public to demand our elected leaders and senior law enforcement do their jobs and protect America and our children by closing down mosques that advocate violence in their basic materials.
The following two mosques were evaluated and my final analysis is as follows:
For more detailed information, refer to my 27-page Affidavit attached below.
#1Islamic Center of Northwest Florida, Pensacola, FL, 32514, Phone: 850-698-0222
RATING: Extremely Dangerous
#2:  Al-Islam Dawah Center, 1550 Barrancas Av, Pensacola, Fl, 32502, Phone: (850) 435-7238
RATING:  Extremely Dangerous
Summary:  In January 2020, retired U.S. Federal Agent Dave Gaubatz was asked by citizens of Florida to conduct an unbiased firsthand research project at the two mosques listed above. The citizens were concerned that the Saudi national Muslim terrorist, Air Force student Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani, may have been encouraged by members of both Pensacola mosques to wage murderous jihad against innocent Americans.
On January 10, 2020, I, Dave Gaubatz, attended the mosques during the Friday Jummah prayer times. Fortunately, the prayer times were scheduled at different times. I had to split my time between the two mosques. The concerns of the Florida citizens were correct. Both mosques are controlled by Saudi Arabia (Sunni/Wahhabi) and there was an abundance of materials advocating hate toward non-Muslims (especially Jews and Christians), hatred and advocating death to homosexuals, marrying female children as young as 6 years old, taking slaves in the current day, and destroying non Islamic governments. The majority of the worshipers were Shariah compliant.
I use a system I developed over a period of 40 years via firsthand research in over 375 mosques in America alone. ISLAMIC TERROR ALPHABET CRITERIA (ITAC)
(copyright 2019 by Dave Gaubatz). I encourage all to use the ITAC system as a tool and to share it with others. Please be professional and give credit to Dave Gaubatz for the development of this counter-terrorism tool.

Most urgently, the aforementioned 27-page Affidavit serves as testimony to what lies in wait, that is, if its highly alarming warning bells are ignored – by senior law enforcement, political leaders, and, most inherently, the public at large.

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Iranian “Sleeper(s)” Awakened In Florida: Answered The “Call To Jihad”- Countless In The Wings!Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

LET’S be inordinately clear: Jihad is jihad. Dead is dead. As such, whether a cell answers the call, or a so-called “lone wolf” executes said Islamic mandate, the fact remains that Mohammedans (Shia or Sunni….six of one, and half a dozen of the other) are performing what is required of the faithful: Jihad! Incontestably, it is referred to as the “sixth pillar” of Islam. In fact, those who engage in jihad are called mujahideen. Got that? Besides, it is not an option for religious Muslims to ignore the call to jihad – be it in a frontal, material, or supportive role. Simply put, one cannot forego satiating pagan moon-god Allah!

The Biblical and historical evidence shows that the Moabites worshiped Baal. The pre-Islamic and Muslim sources show (a) that the Meccans took over the idol Hubal from the Moabites and (b) that Allah and Hubal are actually identical. Thus, whether the Meccans are Ishmaelites or not, the evidence is still strong and sufficient to conclude that Muhammad’s Allah is actually Hubal, i.e. the Baal of the Moabites and thus not the God of the Bible. Muhammad incorporated the characteristics and names of various other gods into his new monotheistic message about Allah, but he apparently started the construction of Allah with Hubal, the chief god of the Meccans.

BUT before the incendiary topic at hand goes any further, it is beyond imperative that jihad’s face is exposed for what it is – and not “explained” away via western apologists through a well-worn definition propagated by the Islamic Supreme Council of America (ISCA), in an attempt to mollify non-Muslims and to present Islam in a “benign” light. Don’t dare allow yourselves to be fooled.

IN brief, ISCA Founder and Council Head, Muhammad Hisham Kabbani (in concert with Seraj Hendricks), opines in “Jihad: A Misunderstood Concept In Islam”: “The Arabic word “jihad” is often translated as “holy war”, but in a purely linguistic sense, the word “jihad” means struggling or striving.” Hmm. But never mind. Most inherently, at least for the enumerable dead and maimed (regardless of worldwide locale), it matters not a whit where its basic meaning, linguistically-speaking, is derived from. In any case, who cares, other than the actual perpetrators of militant jihad and those who seek to serve as their apologists and jive-talkers? But what does matter is its fiery end-result! And that is clearly visible, at least, for those whose eyes are wide open and choose not to remain in the dark. Blind as bats.

ALL of the aforementioned disinfectant brings the discussion straight back to the blessed elimination of Iran’s terrorist mastermind, Soleimani, on January 3, 2020. Yes, a New Year’s gift to the civilized world, akin to none other!

IN this regard, a much verboten topic emerges via the above knock-on effects – which touches and focuses upon the direct and immediate danger from the “sixth pillar” of Islam: Jihad. Though hardly news at this end, it appears as if the Democrat-media complex has only taken notice of the “revenge” angle through the mullocracy’s non-veiled threats – then, turning around and blaming President Trump for their rage! Regardless, for those of us whose main concern is the safety of America (and Israel, the “Little Satan”), the primary focus must be: Jihad! Secondarily, the “sleeper cells” must be eliminated. Period. Basically, without the call to jihad, there would be no “sleeper cells”….a + b….1 + 1….

AS asserted on January 7, 2020:

  • Back in Sept. 2012, basically, storming out of this (blog’s) gate, (Shia) Iran’s jihadi front-arm debuted. Enter….Hezbollah Burrowed Within U.S. Cities: Latin American Forward Bases.”
  • Only a year later, July 2013, this writer received an award from via its resident punditry, namely, Wow Magazine! – We Watch Weasels So You Don’t Have ToThe cited analysis is housed at this site under the title: “Barack HUSSEIN Obama Acts As A Shield For Islamic Regimes: Iranian Freedom Fighters Exposed His Hand.” Its basis couldn’t be any more germane. Full circle. It opens with the following:

Many moons ago – at least in the time frame of too many ADD-afflicted westerners – the Islamist-in-Chief was immersed, as usual, in perpetual campaign mode and golf jaunts, all the while Iranian freedom fighters were slaughtered in their streets. Barely four years have passed since the leader of the free world ignored their pleasas Iranians begged for assistance to remove the boot of the mullahs via the so called “twitter revolution. Obama Inc’s national disgrace is amply described within the above Washington Times Editorial……..

  • April 6, 2014, brought forth “Sleeper Cells Implanted In ‘Any City’ USA, Awaiting Orders To Strike: FBI Ordered To Stand Down.” Without a shadow of a doubt, it must be viewed as the “primer of all primers”, as to what awaits and what should be done!
  • Alas, again, in June 2014, this site revealed: “The Storming Of U.S. Border Ties Hezbollah To MS-13 & WMD’s! ‘Cooperating’ U.S. Officials, Too. Say Whaaat??”
  • Fast forward to January 28, 2015, and additional underlying alarm bells blared: “Obama Empowers Iran; Hezbollah’s S. American Jihadi Cells & Argentina’s Murdered Prosecutor. How Are They Linked?” Dear reader, connect the dots to the here and now….
  • Moving right along to March 18, 2017, “Islamic ‘Sleeper Cells’, Hezbollah (Shia) & Brotherhood (Sunni) Prepping Jihad In America: The Proofs” is more evidence of the same.
  • And, finally, May 18, 2018, the “clarion of all clarion calls” was sent out to patriot Americans via “Iranian ‘Sleeper Cells’ DEEP Inside America – Primed & Waiting. Why Haven’t They Been Eliminated?” Regardless, this is not the time to say: told you so!

IPSO facto, when it hit the news cycle that an Iranian national was arrested in Florida and nearby Mar-a-Lago, to boot, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to piece together the non-coincidental timing.

The Iranian government has pledged revenge for the elimination of their top general, Qassem Soleimani, at the behest of President Donald Trump.

They have put a bounty on his head, and many rumors have been circulating and even hard intelligence surfacing showing that lone wolf jihadis or sleeper cells in the US may soon try to answer the call.

Palm Beach police have revealed that an Iranian national was detained on Flagler Memorial Bridge just a few miles away from the president’s Mar-a-Lago resort.

The Iranian had with him knives, a machete, a pick ax, and $22,000 in US currency, according to the Palm Beach Daily.

He also had a parked car at the Palm Beach International airport that was examined by a bomb unit to search for explosives.

Palm Beach Daily reported:

A man arrested by Palm Beach Police this morning had $22,000, a machete and a pick ax, in addition to knives in his possession, according to an officer with the department.

The man, who was identified by his passport as an Iranian national, also had a car parked at Palm Beach International Airport, the officer said.

The department is working with other federal partners in the investigation, the officer said.

The man was arrested just over the Flagler Memorial Bridge at Bradley Park. Initial reports said he had several knives on him. No details are available on what led to the man being brought to officers’ attention.

The law enforcement officer initially told the Daily News that the man appeared to be homeless or without a known address.

A Daily News photographer who arrived on the scene saw the man, who also had camping gear, being arrested by three Palm Beach Police officers and two plainclothes officers, who he was told were from another department.

Earlier this week, a Florida security guard was arrested for threatening to kill President Trump in retaliation for Soleimani, who he described as his “leader.”

Authorities have charged Chauncy Devonte Lump with threatening to kill President Trump in retaliation for the killing of Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani. 

{Chauncy Lump, 26, from the Fort Lauderdale area, faces federal charges of threatening to kill the president}

INEXORABLY, there are no ifs, ands, or buts about it – Masoud Yareilzoleh was on a jihadi mission, as mandated by Islamic dictates! However, he was not “Number One” to heed the call. Number One to answer was Lump – even though not an Iranian, he was awakened! No, it wasn’t a “joke”, as he opined upon his arrest.

MORE specifically, follow the timing and trail: Soleimani was whacked on the 3rd of January, but it took only a week for both to “come out of the shadows.” To obey. Mind you, whereas, technically, Lump doesn’t fall in the “sleeper” category, it no way obviates his jihadi fervor and commitment. As to the Iranian, only a “sleeper” agent could be so well-prepared, no less, in a week’s time. Again, it matters less than diddly squat if they (and those who follow) operated as a so-called “lone wolf”, or as part of a cell. 

MOST significantly, patriots must be ready to meet the jihadis, head on, when, not if, it comes to it. Resultant, anyone who dares to come for legally-owned firearms, well….  

Image result for pics of the sword of islam

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{MEMO: FB’s censors are limiting the sharing of Adina Kutnicki: A Zionist & Conservative Blog! Indeed, the following message from FB’s censors is crystal clear:


Desecrating Christianity (And Judaism) Considered “Art” – Drawing Cartoons of Muhammad, Taboo! Why The Double Standard? What’s Going On? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

FROM the get-go, let it be stated for the record: A freedom-based society should never, ever censor speech or so-called art, regardless of its offensive nature – that is, unless said speech explicitly {emphasis added} calls for violence and physical harm to others. Otherwise, it should be deemed: Hand’s-off!

AT its core, a nation can’t claim to be free, then, at will, turn around and censor this and that. Besides, said picking and choosing amounts to: Freedom for thee– but not for me. Vice versa. Not only that, the same also applies to the silencing of Holocaust deniers and their ilk, or the related expressions of support thereof. This is so, despite having lost many family members to Hitler’s murderous onslaught and extermination camps. Acutely, censoring horrific depictions of Jews – for the most part, ala blood libel messaging – can’t be exempt. Inexorably, the slippery slope….

Image result for pics of censorship

THAT being front and center, while the offensive nature of the following “art” elicited a nauseous impact at this end (as have others, similarly depicted over the years) and is beyond the pale, nonetheless, censoring it should be off the table.

A student at the University of Southern Maine has created a sick Satanic art display deliberately desecrating the Bible that has Christians expressing outrage.

The “art” piece was created by Riley Harris for a class assignment. The intent, CBN reports, was to “transform a book into something new.”

So this Riley chose The Good Book.

Conservative radio commentator Todd Starnes told CBN News that the art display includes a desecrated Bible and satanic images.

He explains that the piece is called “Unholy Bible: Very Revised Standard Edition.” It reflects the head of Christ covered with a satanic image and includes torn pages from the Bible.

“He actually ripped pages out of the Bible and painted them to look like flames from the lake of fire. Then he took portraits and paintings and Christ and in place of the face of Jesus he placed a satanic image. You can actually see the nativity scene with Mary cradling the Christ child and there is an evil satanic face on the Christ child,” Starnes said.

The self-professing atheist says the purpose of his exhibit is to “question authority.”

“I was thinking a lot about questioning authority in general,” Harris said. “People question different types of authority, but for some reason, religious authority seems too taboo to question, so I thought I would give it a shot”…….

According to, the exhibit is on display in a building on campus utilized by community groups and church members.

“I think it’s very inappropriate and repugnant,” said Casco Bay Church of Christ member Charlie Flynn said. “This is someone’s sacred text being desecrated destroyed and displayed in a public place.”

Unsurprisingly, the university supports the student and affirms that Harris is not violating any rules.

“The university supports freedom of speech rights for all students, affirmed and upheld by Board of Trustee System Policy 212,” the school said in a statement.

The policy reads, “The Board of Trustees is committed to protecting the rights all University community members share to free speech, which includes free expression and assembly.”

Flynn says this art piece has nothing to do with freedom of speech.

“If I saw a Koran with pig blood on it I would certainly call someone or a Torah with unclean foods on it,” he said. “This is a Bible with Satan’s image put over Jesus’ image and around Christmastime.”

Harris said he’s only “making people think.”…….

OFFENSIVENESS aside (again, its outrageous depiction is not in question), it is imperative for onlookers not to miss the forest for the trees, so to speak. 

INTRINSICALLY, countless are aware what happens when Islam, heaven forfend, is the object of what Muslims and their leftist enablers consider not only offensive and outside the limits but blasphemous! Imagine that. It is as if Islamic laws surrounding blasphemy have any legal (or moral) standing in the U.S., or, for that matter, in the wider west. Hell no.

Said and Cherif Kouachi.

(Charlie Hebdo jihadists, Saïd and Chérif Kouachi, who led the deadliest terrorist attack on France in 50 years, Jan. 2015)

On January 7, 2015, three Islamic militants with Kalashnikov rifles attacked the Paris offices of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, leaving 12 people dead, including eight cartoonists. On January 11th, a video surfaced of Amedy Coulibaly, one of the Hebdo gunman, pledging his allegiance to ISIS. Islamic State flags were discovered in his apartment, as well.

The two brothers with whom Coulibaly carried out the attack, however, had declared their loyalty to a rival group, known as Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

Kouachi referred to himself and his brother as defenders of the Prophet Muhammad and said that he had been sent by al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). The brothers told police negotiators that they were ready to die as martyrs, and just before 5:00 PM they emerged from the building and were killed in the ensuing shoot-out.

AS is known, countless westerners have been killed for said “crime”, Charlie Hebdo-like.   

MEANWHILE, others have been threatened or marked for death – all for daring to criticize Islam or its madman, “prophet” Muhammad, in any verbal or visual realm, let alone via cartoon-mocking imagery. Yes, the following FB pic of yours truly was circulated online ala a non-veiled warning: STFU re Islam and Muhammad – or else! 


AS it happens, its digital footprints were tracked down by counter-terrorism contacts. Two addresses were found to be most prominent, namely, Iranian jihadis (incidentally, they were part of an assemblage of the Revolutionary Guards, IRGC), as well as their equally outraged and offended Sunni Brotherhood Mafia counterparts, in Turkey. Indeed, a more than proof positive illustration of Shia and Sunni working cooperatively, albeit taking one (of many) breather from their centuries-long enmity to target the infidel enemy! Hmm.

MORE glaringly, who recalls the fatwa on Pamela Geller’s head, and the unfathomable “stand down” from the Islamic-captured FBI and attendant security agencies? Well, aside from the explanatory video, the following trail is more than proof of the same: 

  • Back in May 2015, in response to Dean Obeidallah’s challenge to expose those who believe it is their American right to mock ‘”prophet” Muhammad, the following was penned: “Islamophobe” Cartoon Contest By Dean (‘Palestinian’) Obeidallah: Bring It On!” Self explanatory. Absolutely, not all of us are cowed and bowed.


ALAS, lo and behold, the ever prostrating Washington Post found the onslaught against satirists/cartoonists a hard pill to swallow. Still yet, true to form, in a not too subtle jab, the so-called reporter opined “understanding” for the alleged attacks – had it been others who were targeted! Chicken-sh*t appeaser. Of course, had the scribbler stated the real truth behind the onslaught, that is, it’s Islam, dear reader, well, that would have been the news-maker. Headliner.

At least 12 people have been killed after gunmen stormed the offices of Charlie Hebdo, a French satirical newspaper, in Paris on Wednesday. President Francois Hollande has called the attack a “terrorist attack without a doubt” and early indications point to it being carried out by Islamist extremists.

The attack is horrifying no matter what way you look at it, but it’s almost bewildering when you consider the target. The attackers weren’t fighting the French state. They weren’t killing soldiers and appear to have only incidentally killed policemen. They weren’t even attacking a far-right group that pushes an anti-Islam line.

Instead, they were targeting satirists and cartoonists, such as the newspaper’s editor, Stéphane Charbonnier, and Jean Cabut, better known as Cabu. The terrorists wanted to kill people who make drawings for a living.



SANS a scintilla of a doubt, for America (the west at large) to remain free, no one – not even the governmental powers that be – should have any say as to what is “acceptable” discourse, regardless of the forum. As such, the following is offered as more than food for thought for those who wish to remain unchained: “Islamic Blasphemy Laws & The Silencing of Free Speech Via The Red-Green Axis: The Parallels. The Dangers.


The Saturday Evening Post

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{MEMO: FB’s censors are limiting the sharing of Adina Kutnicki: A Zionist & Conservative Blog! Indeed, the following message from FB’s censors is crystal clear:


Soleimani’s (Blessed) Elimination Awakens “Sleeper Cells”: Americans Forewarned. Be Prepared! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Image result for pics of soleimani

{UPDATE: Israeli Intelligence Helped Kill Soleimani} atta boychicks…..a blessing on your heads!!

{UPDATED ALERT: Border Patrol Circulates Intel Alert Titled ‘SUSPECTED SUICIDE BOMBER EN ROUTE TO THE U.S.‘}

CARDS ON THE TABLE: once the blessed, yes, blessed, news broke that Soleimani was dispatched to Allah’s hell-hole, imagine, if you will, the immediate reaction from this counter-jihadist and investigative journalist. Yes, some revelry ensued. So much so, even “Doc”, the ever genteel partner of yours truly, joined in the hooting and hollering. Oh, what joy!

NATURALLY, the “elimination” of this or that arch jihadi terrorist is always cause for celebration, that is, if saving {emphasis added} lives is the goal – never mind the left’s jibber-jabber that the discharge of a blood-soaked, arch enemy amounts to an “unlawful assassination.” Hogwash. Anti-American. Nonsense. Poppycock, too.

Despite Soleimani’s bloody record, the drone strike that killed him, carried out at the direction of President Trump, has been bitterly denounced by Democrat office holders and their wholly-owned mainstream media subsidiary. To hear them tell it, by authorizing the killing of  Soleimani without first consulting Congress, Trump has acted illegally and heedlessly and unnecessarily risked all-out war with Iran. 

While Democrat and media criticism of Trump is hardly news, the context and vehemence of this latest condemnation raise interesting questions regarding the Democrats’ true motives which, as will be discussed below, appear to be nefarious and corrupt. 

First, let’s consider the exigent circumstances leading up to President Trump’s decision to kill Soleimani.

Citing anonymous sources within the Iraqi security service and Shi’ite militia commanders, Reuters reports that, at the time of his death, Soleimani had instructed al-Muhandis “and other powerful militia leaders to step up attacks on U.S. targets in the country using sophisticated new weapons provided by Iran…” including Katyusha rockets and shoulder-fired missiles capable of bringing down helicopters. Moreover, “the U.S. intelligence community had reason to believe that Soleimani was involved in ‘late stage’ planning to strike Americans in multiple countries, including Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon…”

In fact, by the time Soleimani was killed, the initial phases of the planned attacks had already taken place. The Soleimani strike followed by days a thirty-plus rocket attack by a Quds Force militia on an Iraqi military base which killed an American civilian contractor and wounded four American servicemen. And, the day before Soleimani’s death, the same Quds Force militia had assaulted the U.S. embassy in Baghdad.

Thanks to superior intelligence gathering and analysis, a brief opportunity arose to target and eliminate Soleimani and disrupt his plan of attack. Under those circumstances, time was of the essence, and the president had to promptly order the drone strike and end the threat. Whether such exigent circumstances would have allowed for advance notice to Congress is an open question…..continue the uncomfortable truth-telling here……

MIND you, aside from all the background noise, back-benching, hand-wringing, and a myriad of geo-political factors, international law is very clear about the “crime of terrorism“, and the ways in which it can (and should) be dealt with under the law. Its legal umbrella, for the most part, is housed within a doctrine termed “Nullem Crimen Sine Poena“, a.k.a. “No Crime Without Punishment.” In part, it reads:

“Terrorism is a crime under international law, and incontestably one of the most serious. The precise offenses that comprise this crime can be found at the European Convention on the Suppression of Terrorism…. [Every] state has an obligation under international law to prosecute and punish terrorists…. [Any] person who commits an act which constitutes a crime under international law is responsible and liable to punishment….”

MOREOVER, as the architect and operational commander of the Iranian effort to tighten its grip and control over the so-called Shia crescent, stretching from Iran to Iraq through Syria into southern Lebanon, Soleimani was the world’s defacto arch terrorist mastermind, bar none. In fact, his status as international “top terror dog” overrides that of Osama Bin Laden and Abu Bakr alBaghdadi, despite their  beyond blood-soaked hands. Agreed, they were more infamous. But for those who operate in the domain of counter-terrorism and counter-intelligence, no doubt, they will back up this site’s assessment. Let’s call it a “relativity thing.”  

SINCE 2008, as some may be aware, this American-Israeli has been living in Israel – in the direct cross-hairs of the mad mullahs and their terrorist proxy arms. Resultant, there is a “dog in this (life and death) fight”, so to speak. Despite said proximity, there remains a degree of calm within – trust, it is not borne of ignorance, or a “see no evil, hear no evil” mindset. Why is this? Simply, the IDF/Naval Warfare Arm/IAF and attendant security services are more than capable of dealing with the threat, that is, if given the orders to do so and let off their leashes! Not only that, it is an “open” secret that U.S. intelligence agencies have been known to rely on Israeli counterparts for real-time “target-practice” and other operational matters.

STILL yet, at this end, the real threat comes from Israel’s political realm and the chaos within. Its instability. As revealed in a previous analysis: “In a nutshell, the Israeli political system is a broken, non-representative polity – a fractured, mish-mash of parties, requiring the ruling coalition to play a numbers game. Beyond phew. Third election, anyone??”

WITH that said, as an American patriot, too, it is of critical importance to assist with this and that.

IN this regard, since (more accurately, prior to) President Trump’s ascension to the White House, it is beyond obvious that countless Americans are hyper-busy fending off assaults from those (inside and outside the body politic) who seek to bring the nation to bent knees.

TO wit, an up-ticked tempo to Iran’s (ever-present) saber-rattling is reverberating throughout the world. Most acutely, it is being felt in America through the filter of countless talking heads – most of whom do not have a clue about geo-politics in general and Islamic jihad in particular. Ignoramuses. Stipulated, Israelis not only live amidst Iran’s saber-rattling on a regular basis, but with its bloody knock-on effects due to the IDF’s “restrained” hand(s), as ordered by the political echelon! 

BUT now that Trump demonstrated what true leadership looks like, as opposed to appeasement (read House Of Bribes: How The United States Led The Way To A Nuclear Iran here, a policy paper this writer is immeasurably linked with), even if the far-left refuses to acknowledge the facts, it is incumbent upon this patriot to recap highly specific warnings from the inception of this site, back in 2012. More specifically, they elaborate upon, and intersect with, current reportage from patriotic corners. As such, Iran Has Hezbollah Sleeper Cells In The U.S. Ready To Strike – featured last week – should be considered every patriot’s front-line read. Defense. Indeed, knowledge is power. This site’s recapped warnings, bull’s-eyes, if you will, are below.


  • Back in Sept. 2012, basically, storming out of this (blog’s) gate, (Shia) Iran’s jihadi front-arm debuted. Enter….Hezbollah Burrowed Within U.S. Cities: Latin American Forward Bases.”
  • Only a year later, July 2013, this writer received an award from via its resident punditry, namely, Wow Magazine! – We Watch Weasels So You Don’t Have To. The cited analysis is housed at this site under the title: “Barack HUSSEIN Obama Acts As A Shield For Islamic Regimes: Iranian Freedom Fighters Exposed His Hand.” Its basis couldn’t be any more germane. Full circle. It opens with the following:

Many moons ago – at least in the time frame of too many ADD-afflicted westerners – the Islamist-in-Chief was immersed, as usual, in perpetual campaign mode and golf jaunts, all the while Iranian freedom fighters were slaughtered in their streets. Barely four years have passed since the leader of the free world ignored their pleasas Iranians begged for assistance to remove the boot of the mullahs via the so called “twitter revolution. Obama Inc’s national disgrace is amply described within the above Washington Times Editorial……..

  • April 6, 2014, brought forth “Sleeper Cells Implanted In ‘Any City’ USA, Awaiting Orders To Strike: FBI Ordered To Stand Down.” Without a shadow of a doubt, it must be viewed as the “primer of all primers”, as to what awaits and what should be done!
  • Alas, again, in June 2014, this site revealed: “The Storming Of U.S. Border Ties Hezbollah To MS-13 & WMD’s! ‘Cooperating’ U.S. Officials, Too. Say Whaaat??”
  • Fast forward to January 28, 2015, and additional underlying alarm bells blared: “Obama Empowers Iran; Hezbollah’s S. American Jihadi Cells & Argentina’s Murdered Prosecutor. How Are They Linked?” Dear reader, connect the dots to the here and now….
  • Moving right along to March 18, 2017, “Islamic ‘Sleeper Cells’, Hezbollah (Shia) & Brotherhood (Sunni) Prepping Jihad In America: The Proofs” is more evidence of the same.
  • And, finally, May 18, 2018, the “clarion of all clarion calls” was sent out to patriot Americans via “Iranian ‘Sleeper Cells’ DEEP Inside America – Primed & Waiting. Why Haven’t They Been Eliminated?” Regardless, this is not the time to say: told you so!

MOST urgently, the overarching advice within is:

  • Firstly, read the above links….chapter and verse.
  • Secondly, imbibe the linked book embedded below. Cover to cover. As such, what’s really going down will become manifestly clear – as to “the hows” and “the whys” Iran’s Revolutionary Islamic Regime deploys its proxy arms to export terror throughout the Middle East, as well as worldwide. With this fact-based information in hand, not only will the targeting of Soleimani be internalized for what it really is, but it will be understood through a multiplicity of knock-on effects – primarily, as a mega, pre-emptive lifesaving measure from future blood-soaked plots, that which even Muslims (who were his victims, too) should be applauding. Yes, some Iranians are thanking Trump!
  • Last, but certainly not least, if ever there was a time to take the 2nd Amendment to heart, this is it. Enough said.

Image result for pics of hezbollah in america

INCONTESTABLY, while the raising of the RED FLAG OF WAR is more than symbolic in Shia history, the fact is that Iran (via proxy arms) has been AT WAR with America (and Israel) since the Islamic Revolution in 1979 – a total of 41 years and with no end in sight!! 

MOST significantly, Islam and Blood are inextricably tied. This has been the case since time immemorial. But, blessedly, there is an upside. Countless patriots are, finally, waking up to what Islam is ala Sharia Law – a cancerous scourge!

Image result for pics of iran raising red flag of war
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{MEMO: FB’s censors are limiting the sharing of Adina Kutnicki: A Zionist & Conservative Blog! Indeed, the following message from FB’s censors is crystal clear:


Jerusalem PD/HQ’s Obstruction of Justice: Nachlaot/Sanhedria/Ger Pedophile Investigations – Nexus To The Malka Leifer Case, The Australian Connection (PART 2) Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

{UPDATE: i24NEWS TV Interview With Manny Waks re Malka Leifer (Jan. 9, 2020} – ISRAELI PANEL RULES MALKA LEIFER FIT TO STAND TRIAL}

AS promised within “Sanhedria, Jerusalem Plagued By Pedophile Ring = Nachlaot, Jerusalem Redux: Political/Legal ‘Protectzia’ Shields Powerful Perpetrators! What’s Going On? – PART 1″ (Dec.30, 2019), no stone will be left unturned, that is, until a MEGA spotlight is shined, come what may, on a long-term, unforgivable crime – exacerbated by the grave malfeasance of (a minority of) Israel’s powers that be.

NAMELY, it is not for nothing that the aforementioned exposé targets political and legal “protectzia”, as prime addresses of culpability. Rage.

RESULTANT, it must be internalized that obstruction of justice can take various forms. Generally, it falls into the “passive or active” column. On its face, passive obstruction involves taking the “ostrich position.” More commonly known as “going along to get along”, it is sans any particular calculus. On the other side of the spectrum lies the active part; that which, usually, includes financial gain. Mind you, for those who are brutish in nature, wielding power and control is as intrinsic and intoxicating as the monies gained. Orgasmic.

Image result for pics of niso shaham

(Pictured to the right is Niso Shaham, the personification of evil!)


IN this regard, the “passive or active” charge-sheet is where Jerusalem PD/HQ ties into the betrayal of all betrayals – arrogantly, they believe that the public will stand silent. Not exactly.

KNOW this: it is not accidental, nor incidental, that Niso Shaham (the most brutish Commander to disgrace Jerusalem PD/HQ, a bastard of all bastards, a sexual abuser of women, to boot) happened to be in charge from 2008-2013 – the midway point between the public catching wind of the largest pedophile ring in Israel’s history, belatedly, admitted to by HQ! To reiterate for the record: by dint of considerable investigative experience at this end (and in consultation with highly- trained Intelligence operatives), it has been concluded: it is very unlikely that his tenure is coincidental to the years-long metastasizing of the pedophile/rape ring. Alas, as is known, every dog has its day. Yes, he is now a convicted sex offender!

Former Jerusalem police chief Nissan ‘Niso’ Shaham was found guilty of sexual assault, fraud and breach of trust for coercing multiple women under his command to have sex with him….

2018-05-10 – State of IL v Niso Shaham (31283-10-13) in the Tel-Aviv Magistrate Court – Request (No 77) for electronic service of Judge Benny Sagi May 09, 2018 “Post-it Decision” (Request No 73) – “there is no right to inspect the electronic signature of the judge”// מדינת ישראל נ ניסו שחם (31283-10-13) בבית המשפט השלום ת”א – בקשה (מס’ 77) להמצאה אלקטרונית של “החלטה בפתקית” של השופט בני שגיא מיום 09 למאי, 2018 (בקשה 73) – “אין זכות עיון בחתימה האלקטרונית של השופט”

Image result for pics of niso shaham
BUT we are not done yet, that is, police-wise.
IN furtherance to the video testimonies embedded in PART 1 (dated Dec. 30, 2019, viewed here and here), a newly developed synopsis and adjunct report (in Hebrew and English) is found below. Per the investigative arm of Israel’s Channel 13 (as encapsulated by journalist Haim Rivlin, an associate of Raviv Drucker), additional weight is levied against officialdom. Hot on the heels to the revelations on Dec. 30, 2019, mind-blowing video testimony ensued on Thursday, Jan. 2, 2020. Pointedly, this go-around, Jerusalem’s PD/HQ are in its cross-hairs – for both passive and active malfeasance! 


WITHOUT further ado, onto the dual language summary:

In advance of Thursday’s investigative video, NEWS 13 broadcasted headlines that there would be a police response to the “Dark Secret in Jerusalem” series. The police announced that they would “review the complaints filed in full.” They further stated: as a rule, they don’t re-investigate past complaints, however, due to the broadcast of the plan, the Investigation and Intelligence Division decided to reexamine the complaints, in addition to any new evidence. Via video interview clips shown in advance at NEWS 13, Haim Rivlin (and team) concluded that the programming was set – until it wasn’t.

About two hours before the full broadcast was set to air, the police took a “lighter” tone and approach. Reversing themselves, they announced there was no basis to suspect the existence of cults and organized exploitation in the communities….

Overall, despite all of the testimony provided by the investigative program “The Source“, viewers should decide if “complaints have been carefully investigated.”

חיים ריבלין:
אתמול (ד’) שידרנו בכותרות מהדורת חדשות 13 את תגובת משטרת ישראל לתחקיר “הסוד האפל בירושלים” בו הודיעה המשטרה כי תבדוק מחדש את התלונות שהוגשו בפרשת סנהדריה.

נוסח התגובה המלא היה:
“ככלל התלונות שהוצגו בתוכנית נחקרו על ידי המשטרה בעבר, עם זאת בעקבות שידור התוכנית הוחלט באגף החקירות והמודיעין לבחון מחדש את התלונות שהוצגו, בנוסף נעשתה פניה למערכת התוכנית באם התקבלו תלונות חדשות או ראיות היכולות לשפוך אור חדש על האירועים. עם סיום בחינת החומרים יוחלט על המשך הטיפול”
אנחנו שידרנו את כותרת התגובה ונתנו לה ביטוי לאורך היום בשורת ראיונות בתקשורת. אלא שהערב, כשעתיים לפני השידור, המשטרה בחרה לשלוח תגובה מרוככת הרבה יותר שזה הנוסח שלה:

“ככלל וכפי שכבר נאמר בעבר התלונות שהוצגו בתכנית נחקרו בקפידה ע״י המשטרה מהן עלה כי לצד ראיות לקיומן של עברות מין בהן הוגשו כ״א לא נמצא כל ביסוס לחשד על קיומן של כתות ואו פעילות מאורגנת לניצול של ילדים בקהילות המדוברות
עובדה שאף נתמכה על ידי הקהילה הרלוונטית .
לא זאת ועוד החקירה העלתה חשד מבוסס לניסיון ליצירת מצג שווא מצד גורמים בעלי עניין לעידוד השמועות על הפגיעה בילדים .
יודגש עם זאת כי לאור רגישות הנושא נעשתה פנייה למערכת התכנית, בכדי לברר האם התקבלו תלונות חדשות או ראיות היכולות לשפוך אור חדש על האירועים. ולבחון את המשך הטיפול בהם ואף פונה גם כעת לכל מי שיש בידיו מידע כזה להעבירו לטיפולה”

אולפן התוכנית הוקלט מראש היום (ה’) בצהריים, דבר שהובהר לדוברות המשטרה מראש. תשוו בעצמכם את התגובות ובעיקר תצפו בתוכנית “המקור” הערב ותחליטו האםהתלונות נחקרו בקפידה“.

DUE to the above “strangeness” ala the very obvious flip-flops, the overriding questions are divided into a two-part piggyback: why did the reps from Jerusalem’s PD/HQ perform a whiplash-like volte face? And, what are they really afraid of, ipso facto, hiding? Hmm.

NOW, hold on tight – here comes The Malka Leifer Case and officialdom’s tentacled shield!

A serial pedophile who fled back to Israel, she is accused of horrendous crimes against students, while serving as a principal at a Hasidic school in Melbourne, Australia. Unfathomably, she is now accused of similar crimes in Israel. Monstrous.

EVEN though she returned to the bosom of the Ger Hasidic community, her (Australian) crimes seeped into the public domain through various openings. Blessedly, in a twist of fate, her flight back to their welcoming arms allowed for her Israeli victims to find their voices. 

STILL yet, inquiring minds demand to know: could it be that some in officialdom (in her Haredi community, too) knew of her pedophilia (prior to her Australian posting) and kept it hush-hush, possibly, to give her a chance to “reform”, or, more likely, to take the heat off – in the expectation of what may lie in wait and blow-back onto them? 

EITHER way – as per the full extent of Leifer’s crimes, aided and abetted by cover-ups – the following is a cogently written overview of the life-altering wreckage she left behind: “Litzman, Leifer, and the Rabbis Against Justice” (March 12, 2019) tells the horrific tale. Still yet, nothing is more gripping than hearing from the victims through their own heartfelt testimony. Keep in mind: akin to most abusers, Leifer zeroed in – like a hunter to its prey – on those who were “broken”, having been raised in troubled homes. Unspeakable.

SO, in furtherance of the mission at hand, and regardless of the personal discomfit (truthfully, countless showers at this end can’t remove the inner stench), it is incumbent to lend witness to that which should be deemed beyond the pale. As such, the video testimonies of Elly Sapper, Dassi Erlich and Nicole Meyer (PARTS 1 & 2) should be heralded as evidence to the resilience of the featured survivors (among countless others) – to the extent of pursuing their tormentor from Australia to Israel. Ladies, BRAVO! (As an aside, yours truly would have done the same). Besides, as moral human beings and Jews, these valiant young women have truly imbibed the following Jewish dictates:  

“Tzedek, tzedek, tirdof…Justice, justice, shall you pursue.”
צדק צדק תרדוף – Shoftim (Deuteronomy 16:18-21:9)

“He who becomes compassionate to the cruel will ultimately become cruel to the compassionate.” – Midrash Rabba (Ecclesiastes 7:16)

DEAR reader, it’s time to grab a few snacks (you will need them for endurance), to take some deep breaths, and to give these courageous (now grown up) souls your full attention – they deserve nothing less!


ATOP it all, to make matters even more twisted and outrageous, Leifer’s close association with the Ger Rebbe (and the official shield he wields from MK Litzman) goes even deeper. It has come to the attention of these ears that the Ger’s family, more than likely, housed Leifer during certain periods of time! Can anyone imagine the “table talk” – in so far that the Rebbe’s son, Rabbi Avraham Mordechai Alter, is also an “alleged” pedophile!

FOR heaven’s sake…..


EVEN if left unspoken, rational folks intuit the following calculus: to perpetrate a massive cover-up, particular force multipliers must be in place. Thus, it is along said construct that Israel’s political leadership enters into play – as it sits atop the hierarchy, ready to exert its hyper-muscle onto underlings. In other words, one or another Ministry can dispense many goodies to those who play ball, and the police operate at their service, as do other official entities. Indeed, power politics is a force to be reckoned with.

NOT to be overlooked, to retain the right-wing at the helm (as it happens, the ideological stomping grounds of this investigative journalist), certain “deals with the devil” are brokered. Enter, Litzman’s UTJ, a two-tier party. It is comprised of Litzman’s all-powerful Agudat Yisrael Hasidic arm, in reality, the fiefdom of the Ger Rebbe! It bills itself as a so-called right-wing entity, even though it fights, tooth and nail, against conscription into the IDF, the core institution of Zionism. However, its second (but subservient) tier, Degel Hatorah, Gafney’s party, is UTJ’s Zionist arm.

IN a nutshell, the Israeli political system is a broken, non-representative polity – a fractured, mish-mash of parties, requiring the ruling coalition to play a numbers game. Beyond phew. Third election, anyone??

IT is this untenable political structure which gives UTJ in general, and MK Litzman in particular (see here), the political muscle and maneuverability to place a choke-hold over Likud’s leadership, as well as other right-wing partners. Never mind Yisrael Beiteinu, with Avigdor Lieberman as its strongman….

INCONTESTABLY, it is along said twisted trajectory that Jerusalem’s PD/HQ enters the fray. Its team of investigators have been, for all intents and purposes, instructed: shut down the investigations against pedophiles/rapists from the Ger community – as well as others, even if tangential to their inner circle. No doubt.

IN fact, throughout the scandal-plagued years, expert witnesses (mostly, from the Ger Hasidic community, some of whom reside in the U.S. and are flown in for “consults”) have given false testimony to conform with Litzman’s pressure tactics. Demonstrably, one stark illustration is found below. But, trust, it is the tip of his corruption – at the behest of his benefactor, the Ger Rebbe! Basically, Litzman strong-armed the testimony of the Chief Psychiatrist of Jerusalem, Dr. Charnes – ensuring that it was flipped upside its head to protect serial pedophile, Malka Leifer! Of course, remuneration sweetened the pot, so to speak.

Jerusalem District Psychiatrist Jacob Charnes in 2016 (Facebook)

(Introducing, the bought and paid for Dr. Charnes….re his “expert” testimony in The Malka Leifer Case….a serial pedophile, charged with 74 counts of child-sex abuse….and climbing!)

After authorities in Melbourne filed an indictment against her, Australia officially filed an extradition request in 2012. Two years later, Leifer was arrested in Israel but released to house arrest shortly thereafter.

Judges deemed her mentally unfit to stand trial and eventually removed all restrictions against her, concluding that she was too ill to even leave her bed.

That ruling was based on the opinion of Jacob Charnes, who has changed his determination three times in the Leifer case, most recently recommending that a new psychiatric panel be convened to make an updated assessment.

On Sunday, a Jerusalem District Court judge ruled that Charnes would not be allowed to choose the panel that will likely determine the fate of Leifer.

While some were baffled by Charnes’s flip-flops, a possible reason for them emerged in April when police began investigating whether he had been pressured by Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman, who heads the ultra-Orthodox United Torah Judaism party, to change his medical ruling to deem Leifer unfit for extradition.

Leifer was rearrested in February 2018 following a police undercover operation that cast doubts on her claims regarding her mental state, and has remained in custody since. The operation was launched after Jewish Community Watch hired private investigators who placed hidden cameras in the ultra-Orthodox West Bank settlement of Emmanuel that showed the alleged sex abuser roaming around the town without any apparent difficulty…..

In July, police recommended indicting Litzman on charges of fraud and breach of trust. Charnes has been interrogated under caution in the case, but authorities have stopped short of recommending he be charged as well. Last July, police recommended Litzman be charged with fraud and breach of trust for allegedly pressing ministry employees to issue a false psychiatric report to block Malka Leifer’s extradition on medical grounds. They also recommended he be charged with bribery over an unrelated matter.

IT is into this embarrassingly, immoral cesspool that the raping of kiddies (some of which has proven to be satanic/cult-based….again, see here), as well as the raping of young women seeking to convert to Judaism (within so-called Jerusalem-based “kosher” conversion programs, see here) continues to be white-washed. Ignored. Know that this particular evil was imported from several Vatican-infused Missionary hotbeds in the U.S., alongside others from across the globe.

INEXORABLY, as a matter of untainted record: this investigative journalist possesses gut-wrenching, nightmarish, first-hand written testimony from forever traumatized women. Its essence describes the actual crimes that were committed against them, as well as the secondary crime; the knock-on effects due to officialdom’s abandonment – and, even now, they fail to hold the perpetrators to account!



(R) Deputy health minister Yaakov Litzman seen during a press conference after meeting with president Reuven Rivlin at the President’s Residence in Jerusalem on April 15, 2019. (L) A private investigator tagged Malka Leifer as she spoke on the phone, while sitting on a bench in Bnei Brak, on December 14, 2017.

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