America, Police State-In-The-Making: The Muzzling Of Citizen Journalists/Bloggers; NSA Spying On Millions Too…What Say You? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

EVERY generation has its burden to bear, and most are familiar with the hell on earth wrought by Hitler’s totalitarian regime and its onerous consequences for the world. Most significantly, failure to stop his evil designs wiped out half of world Jewry, and other “undesirables” similarly died under his boot! YET, even though many of the signs were evident, well before millions were burned in his furnaces, few stood up to be counted, while they could. And we all know how said silence turned out, as a result, many millions were thrown into the crematoriums with barely a whimper from within and without Europe.

Of course, the Iranian regime is seen as the current Hitlerite incarnation, but this is self evident because its leadership continually promises to wipe out half of world Jewry, as well as others who thwart their hegemonic designs. Even so, Obama Inc., as leader of the free world, is more than dragging its feet – – proving how far America has fallen into the pit under his stewardship. History repeats.

NEVERTHELESS, what is less obvious is the lengths this renegade regime will go to in order to execute their plans, even after being caught in scandal after scandal – the following report should thrust this issue straight into the forefront, if not, nothing else will. For the targeting of the head of Northeast Intelligence Network absolutely demonstrates that alternative media is decidely in their cross hairs. 

‘Surveillance & Intimidation by the Obama regime’ – Northeast Intelligence Network’

4 June 2013: I have been outspoken about Barack Hussein Obama (a/k/a Barry Soetoro) and his list of lies and deception, but have not limited my investigation and criticism to him or his administration alone. I have, however, reported extensively on the murderous attacks at Benghazi and the entanglement of lies involved in that attack. I have spoken to and interviewed government whistle blowers, and now they are in danger.  I have developed certain contacts in the press, all which will remain undisclosed. I will state, however, that some of my press contacts are related to a certain “scandal” that has made national and international news. While that “scandal” (read CRIME) is still percolating just below the surface, too few have done and said too little.

Suddenly – without breaking any laws whatsoever, in my quest for truth, I find myself in a rather “uncomfortable” position – a situation that has pretty large fingerprints and dire potential consequences for ALL journalists, citizen journalists, bloggers, and ANYONE who is simply seeking the truth. On the advice of counsel already contacted, I have been instructed not to say much. Yet. But I will not be muzzled, nor shall the truth.

Folks, we are at war… a war for the very freedoms men and women before us have died. My search for the truth will not be stopped by the Chicago mob, the Washington mob, or any other criminal enterprise.  YOUR freedoms are at stake. YOUR Constitutional rights are at stake. It’s time to wake up and wake others up to what is happening around them – around you… and soon, TO you.

Please read this… use social media to share it. Tell others. WARN OTHERS. Get informed. Click here for the details by Marinka Peschmann. Today. Now. While we still have the chance. I am asking for your help.

More will follow… you can take that to the bank, err, I mean your mattress –

Yes, the links are imperative to read, in order to internalize the depth of Obama Inc.’s crimes. Marinka Peschmann deftly lays bare this criminal regime, posing as America’s leadership. 

IF anyone thought that previous commentaries comparing DHS and attendant security services (NSA included, as it SEIZES phone records of millions of customers, most of whom pose no risk to national security –…and their sweep SPECIFICALLY targets millions of Americans, yet EXCLUDES foreigners – to Germany’s SS was overreach, well, the linked commentaries should put that fantasy to rest – parallels are absolutely stunning in (historical) context, and this is without yesteryear’s Nazi SS fielding today’s technology!

And it is precisely why whistle blowers are feverishly in their sights, admonished to stand down and to shut their traps – or else –

Similarly, Rosen, though a FOX News mainstream journalist and not part of the alternative media like Doug Hagmann, found himself in their dragnet, along with other reporters. Know this: IF the NSA’s ILLEGAL sweep ensnares a veteran investigator and journalist from Northeast Intelligence Network, none of us will be safe. Not only that, if allowed to spy on millions, as if average citizens are deemed guilty without probable cause, then America is no different than a police state. Most significantly, the leadership will eventually silence one and all. And THAT’s their end goal. 

UPDATE: and the following was posted by Glenn Beck, on the heels of this blog’s latest commentary –…more than stunning in its related implications.

FURTHER UPDATE to NSA’s surveillance of Doug Hagmann, Northeast Intelligence’s Director –…as spooky as it gets…