‘Mama Janet’ Resigns,Yet DHS & Their Fixation On Vets Will Continue: A Regime’s Penchant For Spying – “Putin-esque”…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

NO one needs to convince this blog that white supremacist groups are a danger. And knowing full well that eliminating Jews is as important to them as killing Blacks, well, this registers very high on the self preservation meter.

That being said, let’s place the cards on the table: The tangible priority that DHS assigns to the above domestic threat is barely negligible. And even though ‘mama Janet’ is no longer a factor it will hardly make a dent, at least under Obama Inc’s radical oversight.  Not only that, but US prisons are the largest conduits for Aryan front groups, as well as Islamist ones. Nevertheless, many of them re-enter society more dangerous than prior to their incarceration. Imagine that. Rehabilitation at its finest. But never mind…the fact of the matter is that zippo and zilch is done to suppress said recruitment. And while the above has been the case for years, why isn’t DHS reining them in? Exactly.

But Obama Inc. does have these militias in their sights, yet not for targeting. In fact, they are the useful straw men to achieve other means, and certainly not in America’s interests. So while we are witnessing the anti-American activities of Obama and surrogates, a regime gone wild, they would have Americans believe that they don’t have targets on patriots’ backs, even after they placed bulls eyes on them via IRSgate. Ho hum….

‘Operation Vigilant Eagle’ Spies on Veterans Who Speak Too Freely’

In 2009, the FBI and Department of Homeland Security began a program to monitor white supremacists and “militia/sovereign-citizen extremist groups” for terrorist activities.

Included among the suspected terrorists were Iraq and Afghanistan veterans.

At the time it was revealed, the program called “Operation Vigilant Eagle” caused some controversy but was quickly forgotten and buried by the media.

For the DHS, Vigilant Eagle was the expression of the misdirected paranoia that exists at the agency’s highest levels, which since President Obama stepped into office have issued multiple reports about a supposed wave of terrorism by American conservatives of various stripes, from Tea Party members to off-duty cops.

At the time, Janet Napolitano, Homeland Security secretary and chief conspiracy theorist, told NBC that, “This is an assessment of things just to be wary of, not to infringe on constitutional rights, certainly not to malign our veterans.”

Tell it to Brandon Raub.

Last year, Raub was arrested by a small mob of FBI and Secret Service agents and held for a week at a psychiatric facility, all because the Marine vet likes to gripe in blogs and on Facebook about the federal government. (Who doesn’t?)

According to WorldNet  Daily, one sample of his posts reads, “The United States was meant to lead the charge against injustice, but through our example not our force. People do not respond to having liberty and freedom forced on them”

Ah, yes. You can feel the imminent danger.

He has filed a lawsuit against the federal government. Wonder if another visit to the psych ward is in order?

He was only released last time after a judge stepped in and admonished the agencies holding him that the case was “devoid of any factual allegations.”

Raub’s attorneys claim that the arrest and forcible commitment were an attempt by FBI and other officials with Operation Vigilant Eagle to silence Raub for his criticism of the government.

Documents about Operation Vigilant Eagle show the project idea was hatched in December 2008 as a joint operation of the FBI and Defense Department, as the Bush Administration was packing up and the Obama Administration was moving in, according to the Wall Street Journal.

By February 2009, just weeks after President Obama’s DHS opened shop, a project memo stated that the purpose of Vigilant Eagle was to “share information regarding Iraqi and Afghanistan war veterans whose involvement in white supremacy and/or militia sovereign citizen extremist groups poses a domestic terrorism threat.”

Supposedly, this assessment of a suddenly “growing threat” was based on confidential information, undercover sources and “publicly available” information — I’m betting the Huffington Post or Mother Jones, but the memo doesn’t specify.

Raub’s attorneys say they’ve been contacted by numerous other military veterans recounting similar stories.

After his arrest on August 16, Raub was ordered by a “Special Justice” to be held for 30 days for evaluation and “treatment.” The arresting officials specifically stated his Facebook postings were the reason for his arrest.

Fortunately, Circuit Court Judge Allan Sharrett heard about the case and intervened, throwing out the allegations by the feds.

If this is how we treat our veterans, our country has crossed the line and joined other countries like China and the Soviet Union that use tactical psychological “treatment” and detention to silence the opposition.

Thanks to the Obama Administration, the freedoms our brave veterans fought to protect are slipping away daily. http://godfatherpolitics.com/11001/operation-vigilant-eagle-spies-on-veterans-who-speak-too-freely/#ixzz2Ug5jxqMG

Yet from the get go this blog sent out a clarion call: Calling all vets, Obama Inc. is gunning for you! Talk about pay back for serving ones country.

So vets stand at attention and pay this forward.  

But the hunt is not exactly all inclusive, as Muslim vets are given a pass. Simply put, the Pentagon has been taken over by anti-American leadership. Here’s another nail in its co-option, even as the Pentagon’s chief officers admit there is a clash between civilizations.

And even patriots who haven’t served, conveniently dumped into the “militia” category (this is not to suggest that dangerous militias don’t need scrutiny…they do, but they are being used as a bugaboo against Tea Partiers and the like) definitely need to pay heed, as ALL patriots are in their cross hairs. Can anyone rationally explain DHS’s shopping spree for billions in ammo/hardware? Nope.

Now the above doesn’t obviate the fact that a small percentage of returning vets come home with problems and are in need of “follow up”. Of course they not only require medical assistance, but are owed the best of care. Yet NOT by DHS’s goons, but by health professionals for PTSD or physical infirmities, and a democratic nation entitles them to as much. And more.

Most revealingly, the core issue is that DHS realizes that those who return intact are not only combat trained, but less likely – after all their sacrifices – to lie down and take commands to give up “this and that”. Herein lies the crux of the spying. The hunt against them too. Evil on its face. By design.

Is it still any wonder why this site compares DHS to Germany’s Gestapo? And if the symbiosis between Obama Inc to Germany’s Gestapo is still seen as a bridge too far, perhaps their coming mandate, to spy on ones fellow workers, will stir the pot. It can be gleaned via Obama’s plan to “predict” future leakers! 

17 thoughts on “‘Mama Janet’ Resigns,Yet DHS & Their Fixation On Vets Will Continue: A Regime’s Penchant For Spying – “Putin-esque”…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. Why do think Mama Janet resigned,I thought she was there for the long haul. Seems odd, they were supposedly thick as thieves. Maybe wrong colour, maybe not Muslim enough?? Bob NZ

    • Bob, ‘mama Janet’ is full throttle on race-based preferences, as well as making sure that Muslims remain a protected class in America.
      But I am being told that the push to ‘legalize’ millions of illegals renders her too toxic at the helm. The point being, there is ‘dirt’ coming down the pike that she assisted much of their entry, even while as governor of Arizona! Having her ‘resign’, and with a cushy academic payoff, will lend them some ‘six degrees of separation’, or so they believe..

      • Allow me to add a little here: Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is an agency of the Department of Homeland Security which Napolitano has resigned from. ICE is well known for refusing to take custody of illegal immigrants and prosecute them. If ICE won’t take them, the county or city law enforcement agency that originally caught them has to release them after a certain number of days. This sometimes resulted in illegals committing more crimes in local jurisdictions without being deported or prosecuted. In the Western US, we’ve known about this for years.

        Here’s an example: a drunk illegal driving a stolen car causes an accident that kills people in another car. The illegal is caught, shown to be an illegal immigrant which ICE refused to deport, then runs back to his country of origin as soon as a lenient judge grants bond. Or how about this one: a van full of illegals is stopped by law enforcement and found to be smuggling both illegals and drugs. The driver has been turned over to ICE multiple times but ICE has a “catch and release” policy so he was a free man each time.

        The feds refuse to enforce the law. The states are getting very fed up about all of this. I suspect somebody is planning a big expose about all of this, just from the fact that Napolitano has resigned. The fact is she can continue to do damage to the US in her new job as well, via race and gender based preferences as well as championing the “rights” of illegal immigrants. Mexifornia, here she comes!

  2. Without White Christian support Israel would dissolve into the boiling mass of islamic hordes that surround her. Like it or not, when we go, you go. Careful dear, don’t bite the hand that wants to rescue you. We wince at every bullet sent to an Islamic government because we know it will ultimately be fired at a Jew. Nazi and Aryan nations are ugly reactions to the aggressive oppression of Christians and Whites by communist organizations as the SPLC, ADL, the Nation of Islam and any branch of the Federal government. The US government has been at war with White Christians for 60+ plus years and one can not help but notice that the tip of the spear are the communist so called Jews. If communists are atheists, how can they be Jews, and most the Jews I have met were rather Caucasianoid. And before you bushwack me with some multicultural doctrine, explain how Israel arrested and deported a couple hundred thousand blacks last year to maintain the Jewish character of the state of Israel, and why don’t Jews support the “right of return” to muslims who claim to be residents of ancient land of Judea. We can see that a communist Jew is no Jew at all. And White people who want to see their race survive are not Nazi. It was Whites who tore down the gates of the Nazi death camps. It will be Whites who turn back the Islamic armies. And they are coming for Jews, Baptists, Catholics, and Mormons..

  3. The Obama cabal has to find a way to neutralize military veterans. They are afraid of them because they are the ones with knowledge of strategy and tactics and weapons experience in combat situations. If it comes to an open and armed revolt, conservative military veterans are the most dangerous to the Obama regime. Thus they must be demonized as loons and white supremacists. If they happen to be black, they are called Uncle Toms. If they come back with PTSD, then PTSD will be re-defined as a dangerous psychological disorder that means the sufferer must be disarmed and his Second Amendment rights suspended indefinitely.

    It’s frustrating to see it, know what’s happening, and not be able to do a thing about it. I think I finally know what ordinary Germans felt like in the late 1930s.

  4. Sam is correct in the regime’s efforts to marginalize and neutralize the vets. There are reports out there that vets coming in to the VA’s for psych. treatment are given dangerous cocktails of powerful psychotropic drugs… not a good sign.

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