The Targeted Assassination Of Michael Hastings – The Question Is No Longer: Was The Investigative Reporter Murdered, But Who Ordered The Hit?…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Just because one orders drone hell-fire deployed against Islamists – whether American citizens or foreign born – doesn’t obviate the fact that one can also be an adherent to Islam. Think of all the inter-tribal Muslim killings and this becomes a moot point. In fact, John Brennan, CIA Chief, was chosen to lead the spook agency due to his fealty to Islam and due to the many skeletons rattling around his closet with Obama’s name attached to them. Payola, plus like-minded surrogates. A double anti-American whammy.

Be that as it may, the ‘convenient’ death of hot shot award winning investigative reporter, Michael Hastings, was not an accident, regardless of media spin and other supportive echo chambers, including law enforcement. And, those of us who see from there to here, knowing that the label of  ‘conspiracy theorist’ may stick, will one day be vindicated, even if not within our lifetimes. No matter. It is what it is, despite the dodging, lying media and Obama Inc’s surrogates, as they lead America into the depths of hell.

Nevertheless, what does the above have to do with an Islamist CIA head, and the assassination of Hastings? Everything.

Was Obama’s CIA Chief Behind Journalist’s Murder?

AUGUST 16, 2013 BY  
 According to a hacked email from Defense contractor Stratfor that was reported on by San Diego Channel 6’s Kimberly Dvorak, it was former counter terrorism czar and now CIA chief John Brennan—and not Eric Holder’s Department of Justice—who was behind the recently revealed media witch hunt. Per the email, written by none other than Fred Burton, the president of the huge military contractor Stratfor, “Brennan is behind the witch hunts of investigative journalists…”

Hundreds of phones were tapped and emails gone through at the Associated Press and Fox News, all in a witch hunt to find out who was leaking information that was making the Obama administration look bad. James Rosen, a seasoned reporter at Fox News for years, was even named as an enemy of the state, charged under the Espionage Act. It turned out to be a ploy to get a judge to okay tapping Rosen’s work and personal phone, along with the phones of friends and family members.

Brennan, then as now in charge of Obama’s drone assassination program, has targeted American citizens on foreign soil, specifically the murder of Anwar al-Awlaki and his 16-year-old son, Abdulrahman, in Yemen, along with five other Yemeni teenagers.

The question is, did Brennan take the witch hunt of journalists to the next level? That is, did Brennan order the assassination of an American journalist? It’s really not that far of a stretch, as deeming an American citizen an enemy of the state, guilty of violating the Espionage Act—as was done with Fox’s James Rosen—carries the death penalty.

According to the widow of Michael Hastings, the Rolling Stone reporter killed in a suspicious car crash, Hastings was working on an exposé of John Brennan. Given that the official story of Hastings’ death is falling apart, do we need to look at John Brennan for answers?

According to the official story, Hastings was traveling at 100 miles per hour when he hit a tree, causing his 2013 Mercedes Benz C250 to explode and burst into flames. San Diego Channel 6’s Kimberly Dvorak contacted a San Diego State University professor of Mechanics to analyze newly unearthed video of Hastings’ vehicle seconds before the so-called crash. The professor stated that Hastings was only traveling 35 miles per hour, not 100 miles per hour as investigators claim. Further, according to Dvorak, a witness states that the vehicle blew up before it hit the tree. The unearthed video seems to corroborate this, as multiple explosions occur prior to the vehicle coming to rest at the base of the tree, not to mention the fact that there was minimal damage to the tree. Further, the engine and drivetrain were ejected several hundred feet from the vehicle at a ninety degree angle to the direction of travel. According to the laws of physics, this is impossible. This proves the vehicle exploded before hitting the tree.

Adding further fuel to the conspiracy fire, Hastings sent out a frantic email hours before his death, stating that he was working on a big story and needed to go into hiding, adding that the FBI was investigating him. When the email became public, the FBI vociferously denied investigating Hastings; but friends of Hastingsnot only confirm that the FBI was investigating him, but that the FBI had visited Hastings’ home the day before his death!

The question is not was Michael Hastings murdered, but who did it?

Did the head of the CIA—John Brennan—order the assassination of an American citizen on American soil?

Did John Brennan call for Michael Hastings to be tried under the Espionage Act, and did that prove to be too inconvenient for the head spook? Sources close to Hastings state not only that Hastings was investigating Brennan and his rogue CIA agency, but the NSA as well.

Of course, the NSA is playing damage control right now, being caught with their hand in the cookie jar, vacuuming up virtually all electronic communications. Just-opened mega database facility the Utah Data Center is storing virtually all the world’s communications. As revealed by whistleblower Edward Snowden, under the two NSA programs—PRISM and XKeyscore—the NSA is gorging itself with virtually everything that travels over wire, fiber optic cables, or satellite: Phone calls, emails, Facebook posts and chats, Skype, financial transactions, travel arrangements, even online web browsing and Google searches.

Did Michael Hastings discover that John Brennan had his hand in this or that he was involved in some other nefarious activity, and this needed to be hushed up fast?

Perhaps this is all a conspiracy theory.

Or perhaps not.

Moreover, do bear in mind the following expose’ re a CIA insider, and then consider the lengths the Islamist CIA Director will go to to ‘silence threats’. This is not to suggest that REAL threats don’t warrant elimination, but when the fox is running rampant in the unprotected hen house….

Most intrinsically, who but Hastings’s significant other would know that the target of his last investigation was none other than Brennan? In fact, some ‘pillow talk’ often veers away from the murmurings of sweet nothings into weightier topics, and most of us know this to be true. So, who indeed. Just for the record: Whether or not Holder’s Dept of (in)Justice was directly involved – from the get go – is of no consequence. But rest assured, his crew was ordered to give ‘legal’ cover, regardless of the actual law of the land. And, that, dear readers, is all we need to know about whichever juncture he partook in this plot. AG Holder is up to his neck in whatever went down. Yes, he is.

Consequentially, isn’t it a tad too coincidental, just as Andrew Breitbart dropped dead, as he too was about to break a mega story re the Radical/Islamist-in Chief (but never mind us knuckle draggers/doubting Thomases…those of us who have such suspicions are relegated to the fringes of ‘polite’ society, yet the ‘inner sanctum’ is scared witless of said questioning…why?), Hastings is no longer among the living and he too was about to release explosions re Brennan and his boss, Barack HUSSEIN Obama! What a coinquidink. IF the above is just happenstance, well, then pigs fly and the moon is made of green cheese. And, then this site’s (‘outlandish’) claims can not be deemed conspiracy theories either!

Fair is fair.

27 thoughts on “The Targeted Assassination Of Michael Hastings – The Question Is No Longer: Was The Investigative Reporter Murdered, But Who Ordered The Hit?…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. All interesting questions. Nothing adds up to a drugged reporter driving into a tree accidentally. I’ve seen large trees that got hit by speeding vehicles. It tends to cause serious damage to the tree as well as the vehicle. I never thought I’d live in a “thugocracy” but here we are.

  2. Adina, did you catch the DHS weapons buyer who the runs the War on the Horizon website? In a related question, when does Mossad come off vacation? They are getting somewhat behind in work. They may be up for some overtime. Israel may need to liberate us before this is over, it is looking bad. There is an al Qaeda training camp in rural Michigan. The Feds have been told and have not acted. Imagine that! Life used to be simple, if the star was red, shoot, if white, don’t shoot. Today you can’t know who is friend or foe because it is a state secret.

  3. glad to see this story is not buried.

    after the “crash” I saw a you tube of the Mercedes going through a red light. it was caught on a police dash cam.

    the police didn’t give chase but drove at normal speeds in the direction of the car took. in minute or two it came upon the accident scene which had fire crews with hoses out. Makes it look like the fire crew was pre-positioned.

    • Hint, anything you see on American news programs has probably been edited. Sorry You can’t believe anything you see or are told-except, sometimes they get sloppy.

      • I wish that wasn’t true but it is. We saw what they did in the Trayvon Martin case. If it doesn’t fit the progressive “narrative” it either gets changed or doesn’t make it on the news.

  4. The government and Satan worship seem to be inextricably mated. If your threaten their power they kill you. In 2000, two Nebraska State Patrol plainclothes officers came to my apartment. It was the Nebraska Patrol Profiler, Gary Plank, and his captain whose name I don’t remember. They had been sent to murder me because I wrote that the Nebraska Capitol building had been designed and built as a huge Baal Tower for worshipping Satan. A group called the Innocents have their yearly initiation in the Capitol and their logo is the snarling red horned head of Satan above crossed tridents, and with the number 13 branded on the back side of his skull. Legend has it that Hitler planned to use the Capitol as his office building after winning WWII. The two officers played good cop/bad cop with me for two hours inside my apartment, until they were finally so exasperated that they were standing over me with their hands on their pistols while I sat on the edge of my bed. They repeatedly baited me to lunge at them so they could shoot me. They baited me by making derogatory statements about my beautiful deceased wife. Questions like how could I trust her because she was so pretty?
    At the very end of Clinton’s presidency before he left office, he came to Nebraska to pay homage to the devil tower. I had written that if people knew the Capitol was a Satanic temple, then they would come with torches and pitchforks to tear it down the way it was done in ancient Israel as described in the Bible:
    “All the people went to the temple of Baal and tore it down. They smashed the altars and idols and killed Mattan the priest of Baal in front of the altars.” (2 Chronicles 23:17)
    “They demolished the sacred stone of Baal and tore down the temple of Baal, and people have used it as a latrine to this day.” (2 Kings 10:27)
    Webb Cook

    • Webb, coincidentally, I am ‘hooked in” with an investigative journalist from Middle America. He has spoken at great length about the strange ‘goings on’ in Lincoln Nebraska, and other related matters. I just listened intently and kept it in the back of my mind.
      Obviously, I was not privy to any interrogation that you received, but suffice it to say, what I know about this issue from a contact, plus being intimately familiar with ‘good cop/bad cop’ techniques, suffice it to say, your story rings more than true!

      BTW, see here too –

      • Thank you for your reassurance, Adina. As you can imagine, I always have to wonder how this info will be received. It’s so heartening to receive such replies as yours.

      • One other thing: had they wanted to dispose of you they could have, that’s for sure. But they likely wanted to send you a message to shut up, and scare the daylights out of you.

  5. Excellent work Adina!! Every covert agent should be reading your articles to get enlightened as to what to do and where to go so as to earn their salary from the tax payers pocket and not otherwise waste their/our time.

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