Al Jazeera ‘America’, The Brotherhood Mafia’s TV Propaganda Arm, Debuts: America Is In Grave Danger…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

FAR be it for this blog to get enmeshed in corporate skirmishes – as if there are not enough REAL threats to report on – but this one takes center stage due to a whole lot more than 2 well flushed entities dueling it out in actual court, as well as in the court of public opinion. Much more.

First off, though many of the current media outlets are indisputably anti-American and noxious, the launching of Al Jazeera ‘America’  (an oxymoron of Orwellian proportions, but never mind) will make them appear like piker’s in the propaganda department, yet few viewers will have a clue. Herein lies the danger and crux.

NO amount of effort has been spared at this site to alert readers to the dangers of the Brotherhood Mafia. And, it is hardly the case that such opprobrium is without merit. Hell no…if only…in which case this blogger would issue mea culpas all around and just ‘fess up to jumping the gun. Saying sorry is not all that difficult, if warranted.

Alas, the dangers posed to America (and the west) become manifestly higher through every level of the Brotherhood Mafia’s infiltration and penetration, yet compounded exponentially via the launching of its ‘American’ channel. It can best be compared to letting pyromaniacs into ones neighborhood, and not expecting to find all the structures in smoldering ruins. Who would allow such imminent dangers to accrue? Moreover, by giving the keys to the airwaves to Islamic mouthpieces – those who seek nothing less than America’s complete submission to Sharia Lawdoes anyone believe that freedom of religion will remain part of the American landscape for too long? Besides, wherefore America goes, so too does the rest of the west.

Even so, NEVER mind all the media ‘star’ power they have accrued along the way, for it is not as if whores don’t come in all sizes, shapes, genders and backgrounds. Oh yeah.

In fact, in relation to Egypt’s current thrust against the Brotherhood Mafia, along comes Al Jazeera doing what they do best: Al Jazeera Caught Airing Fake Death of Muslim Brotherhood ProtestorNo shock evinced on this end.

But, sans Al-the whore-Gore none of the following would be possible, as he pimped himself for the entry of Al Jazeera ‘America’! Yet, if anyone thinks Congress will lift a finger to stop the Islamic putsch in its tracks…keep dreaming. Leading the championing of the Brotherhood’s media arm into U.S. households is none other than Hillary Clinton and John McCain, you know, the shrill cheerleaders for Huma Abedin, the most dangerous Brotherhood/Sisterhood operative in America’s power centers, bar none. So, while Gore was the bag man, Hill and John (others on Capitol Hill too) worked the aisles of Congress.

UPDATE: Al Jazeera Sues AT&T Over Contract Dispute As New Network Launches

By LISA DE MORAES,  Tuesday August 20, 2013
2ND UPDATE, 6:45 PM: Al Jazeera America has released a statement about its lawsuit against AT&T: “Al Jazeera America made a decision to seek judicial intervention in its dispute with AT&T,” the network said. “Unfortunately AT&T’s decision to unilaterally delete Al Jazeera America presented us with circumstances that were untenable — an affiliate that has willfully and knowingly breached its contractual obligations. Accordingly, we had no choice but to take this action and to enforce Al Jazeera America’s rights under its agreement with AT&T — and to compel AT&T to do the right thing. Al Jazeera America’s strong hope is to resolve this matter quickly so that AT&T’s customers will have access to our unbiased, fact-based and in depth coverage of the news that is important to Americans.”

UPDATE, 5:45 PM: Al Jazeera has sued AT&T for refusing to carry the Qatar-based company’s new Al Jazeera America as part of its pay TV service, claiming AT&T is violating a deal it had with Al Jazeera’s U.S. division, according to a filing in Delaware Chancery Court. AT&T officials’ decision amounts to a “wrongful termination of an affiliation agreement,” Al Jazeera said in the filing, which accompanied a sealed complaint, Bloomberg reported late this afternoon. Details on the case came from a cover sheet that contained a brief description of the network’s claims, Bloomberg reported.AT&T announced shortly before the new network’s launch this afternoon that it had dropped Al Gore’s Current TV channel last night, and would not carry Al Jazeera America, on U-verse due to contract disputes. Al Jazeera had paid $500 million for Current TV in January and replaced it with Al Jazeera America. “AT&T’s decision to unilaterally delete Al Jazeera America presented us with circumstances that were untenable — an affiliate that has willfully and knowingly breached its contractual obligations,” a rep for Al Jazeera told Bloomberg.

PREVIOUSLY:  “Al Jazeera viewership is going up in the United States because it’s real news,” RNC’s least favorite miniseries heroine Hillary Clinton explained in an old news clip that Al Jazeera America dredged up to show in its first hour of on-air existence this afternoon. “What Al Jazeera has done is achieve something that all of us … want to achieve and that is to make a contribution,” added Sen. John McCain, standing in front of a backdrop plastered with the new network’s name.

“We are here to tell the story, the way it happens — as it happens,” on-air talent Antonio Mora and Richelle Carey told viewers in the network’s opening moments. Voice-over Guy jumped in to tell viewers it’s creating “original American programming, from New York to San Francisco, with a rich mix of content “from home and around the world, because journalistic integrity knows no borders” as a guy rides by on a motorcycle sporting antlers on his helmet, representing America. Congratulations if you chose “integrity” as your drinking-game word for the network’s first hour of on-air life, though “community” also was a big player, and  “Nashville” a surprising contender in that first hour, which wasn’t so much a news program as a one-hour infomercial for the network, during which were introduced some of its on-air personalities, including Joie Chen, Mora, Carey, Ali Velshi, etc.

Related: Al Jazeera America’s Interim CEO: Network’s Name Not A Liability

Chen, who’s anchoring the network’s evening news program America Tonight, got by far the most airtime in the first hour, talking about “great storytelling,” “great journalism” and “great opportunity.” Added Velshi, who’s hosting new Real Money, “It’s about exposition.” Although there was loads of talk about the network’s Nashville bureau in that first hour — one of 12 around the country and also including Washington D.C., Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Seattle, New Orleans, Dallas, Denver, Miami, and San Francisco — the network pointed out proudly, over a shot of the Statue of Liberty, that it will be headquartered in New York City, the “media center of America” and the cultural center of the world. New York’s also one of the places you could not see the launch — because Time Warner Cable announced back when Al Gore’s low-budget network Current TV was being sold to Al Jazeera to create the new network that this is not what it had signed on for. The two sides are still talking, Al Jazeera’s interim CEO said in a recent phone news conference call with the press.

(AT&T U-verse joined Time Warner Cable late last night, citing contract disputes dating back to the channel’s time as Current TV, an AT&T spokesman said this afternoon. “We dropped the Current TV channel, and will not carry Al Jazeera America on U-verse due to contract disputes. We could not reach an agreement with the owner that we believed provided value for our customers and our business,” AT&T said. AT&T U-verse, which has about 5 million subscribers nationwide, said it dropped Current TV at 11:59 PM ET last night — that’s just 15 hours before Al Jazeera America launched in that channel spot in what was to be about 40 million homes. On the Al Jazeera America website, the network still said it is available on the service at launch time.)

A great deal of time in the first hour of the network’s life was spent listening to Americans who are unhappy with current TV news choices:

“I’m always amazed at how American-centric the news is here, and I’m not sure that it’s always the same in other countries,” said a random guy in Manhattan who was wearing a Dairy Queen T-shirt and holding a Starbucks coffee.  “I don’t always feel like we’re getting fed the truth and the whole story,” added a heavily tatted guy in a Nashville bar.

Speaking of the whole story: In this getting-acquainted hour of Al Jazeera America, viewers were told the parent media company launched in 1996 and “global media” was forever changed. They also were told that Al Jazeera English launched about a decade later. They were not told Al Jazeera is part of an international news group funded by the Qatar royal family or that, in July, more than a dozen Al Jazeera staffers at its network in Egypt resigned, charging the network with bias in its coverage of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Related: Al Jazeera’s Egypt Bureau Raided, Personnel Arrested

“I don’t pay it a lot of attention and I don’t have a lot of understanding — I know it has something to do with the Middle East,” a Nashville hairstylist who calls himself Mr. 24/7 said about Al Jazeera America. Nashville, Mr. 24/7 explained, is not a trend-setting city, though he thinks that may change now that AJA’s in town.

As promised, Al Jazeera America has very few ads. The network’s very first: Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor: “The best a man can get.”

Finally, after one hour of meet-and-greet, the new network got down to the news, anchored by former CNN regular Tony Harris. The network made a point of leading with nearly seven minutes — an eternity in the TV news business — about the escalating political crisis in Egypt. This was  a strong statement, in TV news circles. Then, a lengthy piece on the wildfires in the western US, including a bit about the military aircraft used to help firefighters battle the flames. After the latest on the NSA leaks, a Vonage ad and a report on the weeks-old hunger strike at prisons across California, they head into a report on the difficulties being experienced by JC Penney. Harris threw to his former CNN colleague Velshi.

“Great to be working with you again — I missed it!” Velshi said happily.

As a matter of record, freedom of the press/media is certainly not a national suicide pact. To wit, would Hitler’s propaganda arm been given a license to beam into U.S. households during the Nazi’s reign, only to claim that a so called democracy must include ‘diverse’ opinions? And, if Fed regulators know – as well they should ! – that Al Jazeera is the brainchild of the Brotherhood Mafia, and that their plan is to upend America from its roots – via the democratic process, until they gain a complete foothold – would they still accede to its launch? Not only that, its Qatari founder, Sheikh Hamad bin Thamer Al Thani, was recently deposed, and his son, who is against the Brotherhood’s encroachment, replaced him.

As such, since this ‘beaming’ is taking place under Obama Inc’s protective (Fed) umbrella, isn’t it safe to conclude that they are in bed with its plans? Asked and answered. 

The Sharia States Of America IS their goal. Very doable. Know this: The underlying purpose of Al Jazeera ‘America’ is to soften up public opinion to eventually IMPOSE Islamic Sharia Law; a set of Muslim strictures which are antithetical and irredeemably hostile to individual freedom and liberty. Most intrinsically, the lie that freedom of religion means that the U.S. Constitution must allow for Sharia Law is just that – leftist hyperbole, as predictably argued by the ACLU. For IF a construct – political, religious or otherwise –  is in direct contravention of Constitutional underpinnings, then its implementation, de facto, becomes obviated under U.S. law. 

Besides, since when did a majority of Americans accept that Islam & its relationship to blood is compatible with U.S. laws? This is not poppycock, but amply evidenced within the above scholarly link. And, the absolute fact that Al Jazeera was founded by Muslim Brotherhood operatives, whether its ‘American’ component or any one of its foreign channels and offshoots, should make it a NO GO in America – or so one would expect!

UPDATE: Apparently, Cliff Kincaid is in agreement with this blog’s assessment.

6 thoughts on “Al Jazeera ‘America’, The Brotherhood Mafia’s TV Propaganda Arm, Debuts: America Is In Grave Danger…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. They just need to hire Bagdad Bob to complete the coven of international talent. We have already seen a number of “miracles” from Al J. like raising the dead off a gurney, and a dead man climbing back into his dropped casket, live on air. Al J fits right in with the rest of the lying media in this country. “News” agencies are a running joke among Americans.

  2. “Al Jazeera America’s strong hope is to resolve this matter quickly so that AT&T’s customers will have access to our unbiased, fact-based and in depth coverage of the news that is important to Americans.”

    Which Americans? Low-information, Americans? Islamist Americans? Obama worshiping Americans?

    Don’t give in an inch AT&T!

    Bernie, we need a new news channel dedicated to the task of exposing Al Jazeera! Now that I would subscribe to!

    Push it:

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