ADNAN OKTAR’s Islamic Mouthpiece(s) Receives Another (Jewish) Gift: Israel Hayom, A Zionist/Israeli Paper, Lends Its Platform. Addendum To: The Jewish Press Has Mega Explaining…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

As duly warned within a recent commentary – dated August 11, 2013 – The Jewish Press (Other Jewish/Israeli Media Outlets Have Mega Explaining To Do: Are They – Unwittingly, Or Not – Providing Cover For Islamic Supremacists? What’s Going On?) has allowed Islamic supremacists to disgrace its pages. Moreover, it was further asserted, they were not alone in lending said media megaphone to PROVEN Islamic forces.

Mind you – as this site is painfully aware – it is difficult for most to swallow the bitterest of pills; yes, far too many ‘peace’ activists are nothing of the sort. It is what it is, despite what one wishes them to be. Not only that, especially in Adnan Oktar’s case, his syrupy message, also a poison pill, is offered up by comely females – such sweet, prettily packaged music to (besieged) Jewish ears! NO schmatta-wearing, foaming-at-the-mouth, garden variety Islamic adherents are his mouthpieces. So, understandably, it is easy enough to fall prey. Nevertheless, and herein lies the caveat and onus, media outlets – and not just Jewish ones – are ethically/morally bound to investigate those they lend a voice to. Consider: Would any paper – Jewish or otherwise – give a platform to Hitler’s followers? Same thing. For the (media) record, they would be raked over the coals for doing so. 

Specifically, to fully internalize where the dangers lie, one must understand who Aylin Kocaman fronts for, and the methods her group employs to reel in those who are truly grasping at straws, in their desperate quest for any sweet murmurings of ‘peace’ – lullabies of sorts. Sort of like scorned lovers, seeking any form of reconciliation, however, reuniting is far more dangerous (read:on steroids) than going their separate ways.

Moreover, the aforementioned shill answers directly to Adnan Oktar, therefore, it becomes mandatory to peer within: Turkish Creationist Promoted By Muslim Brotherhood Blames “Atheist Zionists” For Middle East Troublesas a result, its impact will become deadly clear.

Post haste, meander onto the ever so revealing clip: Turkish Thinker Adnan Oktar Tells about His Struggle against the Freemasons
Al-Jazeera TV (Qatar) – September 28, 2007 –
, but pay particular attention to the discussion at 1:40 minutes, as the ‘stealth’ jihadist demonstrably shows his Islamic supremacist ambitions, and exhorts the absolute imperative to eliminate Zionism.

Need more convincing, but do take heed, for the following entangles with additional angst: Adnan Oktar’s ‘peace’ efforts are shot to smithereens, duly exposed herein –, as well as at –

Not content yet with the evidence? Alas, they further opine/feign within: ADNAN OKTAR’S CULT FOLLOWERS CALL FOR TURKISH-ISLAMIC UNION FOR WORLD PEACE……..Sex, flies and videotape: the secret lives of Harun Yahya …and blackmail galore! Jewish media outlets, you got that?

As to his ‘hotties’, of whom Aylin is front and center, well, nothing works better than a veritable feast – to one’s eyes: TURKEY’S ANTI-EVOLUTIONIST SHOWGIRLS : An Islamist fringes wraps its hard anti-Darwin message in skin-tight Versace, drag-queen make-up and po-mo posing …and the least of it entails titillating male fantasies!

Gents – perhaps some ladies too – don’t get too excited by the above showgirl link, for the aforementioned Aylin does more than just purr…see the following threatening messages lobbed directly at a ‘friend’ of mine in a “pro-Israel” Facebook group no less:

Lisa sent me the following screen capture of Aylin Kocaman’s threat, in a post (now offline) – link within –


aylin kocaman threatens lisa michelle 25.5.2013

Read the whole malevolent exchange ! Pray tell, does this sound like someone who yearns for ‘peace’?

But there’s more. Just keep perusing, as you scroll down to the main event. Enter: Israel Hayom.

Turkey, Israel & The Egyptian Problem

August 28, 2013

Aylin Kocaman
Turkey, Israel and the Egyptian problem

The reason for the disaster into which Muslim countries have fallen is not some imaginary conspiracy perpetrated by the ever-mysterious “them,” but the Islamic world itself. The only reason for brother killing brother in Muslim lands, a never-ending descent into barbarism and the presence of man hunting snipers, is Muslims themselves.

Yes, the West has always had designs on the Middle East. There have always been Western countries that have nourished radicals for their own interests. There have always been voices saying, “Let us create turmoil so they turn on one another and leave us alone.” They did not conceal themselves; they felt no need to because a single spark in the Middle East was all it took. Yet if such a tiny spark sets the whole Middle East aflame, it is Muslims alone who are responsible.

Which Muslims? Enlightened Muslims who refuse to unite, who cannot strengthen themselves in the face of radicalism and who are invariably passive. These Muslims realize that radicalism is a scourge, but spend their time merely bewailing the fact rather than uniting. If they were to combine together with all the good people in the world — Christians, Jews, Buddhists, atheists and communists without discrimination — and the power of love was to emerge, then neither the Islamic world nor the world as a whole would be in this state. It is illogical to blame others for the turmoil in the Middle East.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is livid at the massacres in Egypt. Turks expected the tragedy we are now seeing from the time the military intervention happened, and it may be because of these events that Turkey has taken such an interest. Turkey has seen four separate coups. It is a country that has hanged its own prime minister and ministers because of these coups. It may be the country that best knows the savagery represented by military interventions against the government and its policies. That is why there was a mass reaction and considerable anger in Turkey against the Egyptian military intervention. The reason for that reaction was not that Turkish people supported Morsi, but that they were opposed to coups.

There has been much mention that “democracy is not [solely] the ballot box” to justify the slaughter in Egypt. That was an argument also used against this Turkish government during the Taksim Gezi Park protests. The fact that these words, from the French Jewish writer Bernard-Henri Levy in 2011, were used at a conference attended by Israeli Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, suddenly concentrated minds in that direction. Some newspapers carried headlines reading, “Did Israel plan the events in Egypt?” That is why Erdogan ascribed responsibility for the increasing spread of that idea in Egypt to Israel.

If you ask me, such an accusation should not have been made. That was a gambit that should not have been made in Turkish foreign policy. Israel should not have been accused with such evidence, especially at a time when Israel and Turkey have entered a fine period of peace, when an alliance between the two countries could lead to greater peace and well-being and when radicals are just waiting for the opportunity to blame Israel.

Of course, democracy is not just the ballot box, but the ballot box is a precondition. The government’s subsequent actions consolidate it. When that fails, the solution must again be sought in democracy. Not with tanks.

The Muslim Brotherhood did not strengthen the democracy that emerged from the ballot box during its administration. It did not use it well and build on it. There needed to be a deep-rooted change within the Muslim Brotherhood for it to grow. A society that values art, beauty, music, science and women and that does not discriminate on the grounds of religion, ethnicity or clothing should have emerged. The Brotherhood should have eliminated the threat of radicalism through giant reforms; however, since it failed to do that, it was thought of in the same terms as that threat. But that failure does not justify wanton repression or slaughter, of course. And likewise, it does not justify seeking scapegoats.

Those who thought the threat of fundamentalism could be removed with military intervention were wrong. Fundamentalism is a serious and broad-based problem in the Middle East. Fundamentalists represent a majority among members of the army in Egypt, and they will very likely be in the new administration. And some radical groups angry at the status quo in Egypt will become even more radical. The threat to Israel will therefore not be over. If Israel wants to end the threat, this is not the solution.

As a Muslim who knows Muslims, their current perspective and the region very well, and who also strives against anti-Semitism, I must issue this important reminder: The slaughter in Egypt has begun spreading opposition to Israel in a far stronger manner than ever before. Anti-Israeli voices are now much stronger. Opposition to Israel inevitably leads to anti-Semitism, and this also does grave harm to Muslim minds in need of proper education.

Israeli politicians, the Israeli press and writers should be more careful than ever before. They must not forget that every loose word will nourish the radicals and inevitably harm innocent Jews and Muslims. They must also bear in mind that this will put Muslims like us, who are striving with all our might to eliminate anti-Jewish feeling, in an extraordinarily difficult position. They must try to see that it is not easy to win over a society raised with prejudices against the Jews. They must try and make it easier for us.

It is for good reason that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calls on his staff to avoid commenting on Egypt; this is a very smart and appropriate call and he is to be commended for it. In my opinion, the best policy for Israeli politicians to follow in this sensitive time is to take no sides in Middle Eastern domestic conflicts. It is important for Israel to adopt a moderate and calming policy rather than an aggressive or partisan one. Israel must do its best to try to calm things down and always speak of peace. It must never inadvertently strengthen the radicals’ hand.

And what of Turkey? Turkey must definitely facilitate the improving of relations with Israel. The voices emerging from Turkey at this stage are highly important. We must not forget that every angry voice may cause damage, even further increasing anti-Semitism in the Arab world. A peaceable Turkey that calms matters down and extends the hand of friendship to Israel would be much better.

Aylin Kocaman is a commentator on Turkish TV, a columnist for Asharq Al-Awsat, Al Ahram Weekly and Gulf Daily News, and a peace activist.

Most significantly, while the above author, in tandem with Adnan Oktar – with whom she consorts/reports to- opines that ‘peace’ and understanding are the only way forward to stamp out anti-semitism and strive towards world harmony, the flip side is DANGEROUSLY/wildly different. Adnan Oktar’s ties/backing by the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia evince a whole other truthful (Islamic) agenda!
And, if this site’s previous evidence – discerned through the Jewish Press’s ‘outreach’ – isn’t convincing enough for readers, then surely little else will suffice. For if all it takes to convince well known Jewish media to jump aboard their ‘peace’ wagon are honey-laced murmurs, then we, as a Jewish people, are in for more than a bumpy ride; one which will be a catastrophe of our own making!
Sach ha’kol, at the end of it all, Israel Hayom, underwritten by a mega Jewish philanthropist, Sheldon Adelson, surely can’t be in sync with Adnan Oktar’s designs for the Middle East via the Turkish-Islamic Union. He knows better. But it appears that his Editors (as well as the Publisher) failed to do their proper due diligence, as required by any conscientious media outlet. To wit, they must be remonstrated, if not by their boss, then by the court of public opinion – Jews and non-Jews alike.
In its essence, the same challenge given to The Jewish Press is presented herein: Israel Hayom – other media outlets as well – we are watching…waiting…

‘The Jewish Press’ (Other Jewish/Israeli Media Outlets Too) Has MEGA Explaining To Do: Are They – Unwittingly, Or Not – Providing Cover For Islamic Supremacists? What’s Going On? And, Will They Reverse Course Before It Is Too Late? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

MORE often than not bombshells are dropped into this site’s sphere of influence. And, it is not as if this blogger isn’t used to highly charged terrain. As a matter of fact, associates/interested parties/circumstances draw this blog into divergent ‘areas of concern’. Be that as it may, when the bomblets/indictments revolve around Jewish (communal) interests, well, suffice it to say that the heart weighs a little heavier. Sigh. It is what it is.

Consider the following, respectively, as exhibits Number One and Number Two, in relation to aforementioned bombshells. Yet, they are ‘just’ opening salvos, regarding communal concerns: A ‘Mark of Cain: Pedophilia/Sex Abuse Rocks Yeshiva University’ couldn’t be more shocking – a MEGA stink bomb. As to another ‘mark of shame’, how can one close ones eyes, in relation to the wreckage wrought by alcoholism and substance abuse within the Jewish community? One can’t.

Alas, since there is no rest for the weary or wicked, along comes another heart breaker, but let’s first explore a backgrounder on the latest ‘area of concern’.

Through multiple sources it has been brought to this site’s attention that The Jewish Press is providing a forum for Islamic supremacists. It hardly matters whether it is unintentional, for the damage accrued is still the same. The (soon to be) referenced jihadists feign ‘brotherly’ love, and said gooey sentiments are enough for far too many deluded brethren, even those religiously imbued. Unfathomable. Despicable. Are they sitting on their G-d given brains? 

The charges herein mainly revolve around The Jewish Press’s Internet ‘sister’ publication, even though its Print editor insists that one operates independently from the other:                      

               “The Jewish Press is the largest independent weekly Jewish newspaper in the United States……and quickly won a following for its eclectic mix of Jewish news, political and religious commentary… For over five decades now The Jewish Press has championed Torah values and ideals from a centrist or Modern Orthodox perspective. The paper has been a tireless advocate on behalf of the State of Israel, Soviet Jewry….and has taken the lead in urging a greater communal openness in addressing domestic violence and other social ills. Known for its editorial feistiness, The Jewish Press was politically incorrect long before the phrase was coined…..In 2011 the website and related Internet properties were relaunched as an independent, daily online newspaper, with breaking news and in depth articles on Israel, the Jewish People and the world. The Internet edition is managed by Stephen Leavitt, and the senior Internet editor is Yori Yanover. PRINT CONTACT info found herein….” Moreover, the following was printed atop the Friday, October 7, 2011 PRINT edition: ” Starting this Wednesday, October 5, join us as we welcome a new edition to The Jewish Press family – The e-Edition. No matter where you are in the world, simply log onto, click the e-Edition and enjoy the same informative and dynamic newspaper we have been offering our readers for over half a century…”  

NOT connected? Oh, really? Both operate under the same Jewish Press umbrella, and the PRINT edition is specifically noted as a ‘point of contact’. Additionally, the website ADVERTISES for its PRINT subscription – Jewish Press Print Subscription – thus, it truly becomes six of one, half a dozen of another with less than six degrees of separation. Tragically, other Jewish/Israeli media outlets are equally embracing in their acceptance of Oktar’s ‘friendship’. All in due time.

Now, while it is surely the case that editorial discretion is up to those who sit at said perch, it is also obligatory upon The Jewish Press, a paper of (Jewish) record and import, to uphold its main mandate; the protection of the Jewish community within Israel and the diaspora. And, it’s a sacred mission. So, just as they must be supported if they ‘out’ Jewish malfeasance – rest assured, this blogger stands squarely behind such heavy lifting, as evidenced in the opening shot – it goes without saying, or it should, that lending a platform to Islamic supremacists (or their apologists) is always a NO GO ZONE…FULL STOP…regardless of ‘this or that’ gobblygook intention. 

But before we dig into the heart of the matter it is imperative to understand the following: A forum is being given to a group headed by an individual under the axis of the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia, hardly a topic unfamiliar within these pages. Peer within Turkish Creationist Promoted By Muslim Brotherhood Blames “Atheist Zionists” For Middle East Troublesand its impact will become deadly clear.

Without further ado, below is just a tiny sampling of the evidence amassed against The Jewish Press’s wayward (editorial) staff: 

Commence your torturous journey with the following video clip, Turkish Thinker Adnan Oktar Tells about His Struggle against the Freemasons
Al-Jazeera TV (Qatar) – September 28, 2007 –
, but pay particular attention to the discussion at 1:40 minutes, as the ‘stealth’ jihadist demonstrably shows his Islamic supremacist ambitions, and exhorts the absolute imperative to eliminate Zionism. How dare he! Then, juxtapose this brief, but VERY revealing clip to the picture painted of the very same Adnan Oktar, as he is feted at The Jewish Press!

To wit, this sandal-licking interview appeared on April 12, 2012 – Prominent Turkish Muslim Leader Sends Passover Blessings to the Jewish Nation By: Yori Yanoverand some of the bile is evinced in these words, courtesy of the ‘prominent Turkish Muslim leader’

       Yanover: Your love for all monotheistic people is clear and admirable. But while Jews are devoid of a directive to convert others to our faith, the very foundation of most Christian denominations is the command to bring others into theirs. Is it possible for God-loving men to live in peace with a large Christian element fomenting such aggressive intentions? Would it not spell constant tension and unrest within the community of God?

     Adnan Oktar: It is natural for members of all faiths to think their beliefs are true and to defend them. Jews, Muslims and Christians have a perfect right to defend and tell others of their beliefs. However, it is of course unacceptable to try to force anyone to be a Christian or compel anyone to be a Muslim. Such a thing has no place in Islam. In verse 256 of Surat al-Baqara, Allah reveals, “There is no compulsion where the religion is concerned.” I do not believe my Christian brothers will put any such pressure or duress on others either. Jews, Christians and Muslims can all live together as servants who believe in the one Allah, who love Him and call upon Him. The important thing is to be very honest. No problems will arise so long as people are honest, because honest people never do anything incompatible with good conscience. They never do anything that will be displeasing to Allah. Lovelessness, harshness, oppression and compulsion are all displeasing to Allah. Those who love Allah stay well away from them…..”


In plain English – not the bastardized kind – Oktar is exhorting, to one and all, and dare I repeat his main message: “Jews, Christians and Muslims can all live together as servants who believe in the one Allah, who love Him and call upon Him.” So, if Jews and Christians believe in the ‘one Allah’ !, then all relations will be swell. And, the interview continues along the same dhimmitude refrain, yet The Jewish Press’s interviewer prattles on, oblivious – or not – to the explosions/exhortations lobbed within said interview!

FAR be it for this blog to step into matters which are not within its purview or knowledge base, but aside from this site’s vast compendium of research/investigations into Islamic imperatives – amply evidenced within a groundbreaking policy paper ‘Islam & Blood’ – this writer has been on both ends of the interview process.

As an interviewer, ‘Presenting Part Three: A Strategic-Based policy Interview With Dr. Martin Sherman’ tells the tale. On the opposite side of the spectrum lies ‘The Inquisitr Interviews Adina Kutnicki: The Reality Of Life For An Israeli Patriot’Therefore, it is impossible to blow smoke in this direction. Don’t even go there.

Regardless, for those who require further visual and audio aides to ‘see from there to here’, listen to the words of several high profile Rabbis – some have even written articles for The Jewish Press – and you be the judge, as to whether or not something is rotten within – Yes, pay attention to the 2:39 marker, whereby Rabbi Yeshayahu Hollander (figuratively) bows down to Allah, via his agreeing with Adnan Oktar….talk about obsequious and craven. 

NOT to be lost in the shuffle of those bowing down to Allah, another dhimmi rears his head, as Rabbi Avraham Sherman prays for Adnan Oktar’s mission to be successful! Imagine that. Thus, as Oktar clearly insists that it is incumbent upon ALL to accept the ‘one Allah’, Rabbis continue to play deaf, dumb and blind. Concomitantly, inexplicably, The Jewish Press adds a tailwind. Beyond contemptible.

IF your heart can withstand it (never mind your mental equilibrium), a full scale investigation has been undertaken, explicitly to expose the underbelly of Adnan Oktar’s mission, and then some. Glean within: 


“Adnan Oktar and the Islamist Sex Cult” by Sam Westrop is one of the best, most comprehensive current expository sources that I’ve come across on Adnan Oktar. His downloadable 2013 report* at the Website below is replete with accessible footnote links, including the MEMRI video in which Oktar admits his eventual goal is of Islamic world domination: (tiny URL) or

“Israeli politicians and Jewish media across the World,” writes Westrop, “have excitedly embraced the efforts of Turkish television channel A9 to effect and encourage interfaith dialogue – or, as the channel itself puts it, promote “peace and love” between all peoples.”

“The programme is part of a hardline group run by Turkish Islamist Adnan Oktar (aka Harun Yahya), and extremist with a history of promoting Holocaust Denial and who fuses Ataturk nationalism with Turkish Islamism in his attacks upon Jews, Darwinists and Atheists. His group of followers is best described as a cult; one accused by a number of critics of using sexual abuse and blackmail to achieve political leverage.”

A9 is falsely perceived by a number of media outlets as an example of a moderate Islamic voice that is working to bring Jews and Muslims closer together. While this is indeed the declared purpose of A9, it is a façade that shrouds a hostile agenda. Just as democracy was a useful means for Turkish Islamists to propagate their anti-democratic views, so too is A9’s declared devotion to interfaith dialogue a sanitizing veneer that distracts from its more sinister ideas.

*Also see downloadable report at

Jewish media journalists and Israeli Rabbis have been invited to Adnan’s headquarters free of charge and subsequently agreed to support him. Let it be known that Adnan Oktar has a long history of inviting many influential people to his headquarters which has a camera in every room, filmed sex orgies, and used these same films for black mail so as to demand support for his causes. Adnan Oktar who was diagnosed as being mentally ill, claims to be the next Muslim Mosiach. It is interesting that after various Rabbis have been invited to Turkey, support Oktar’s claims in one way or another in video links below.

Who is Adnan Oktar (pen name: Harun Yahya)? He is claimed on his web page to be a ‘world renown and respected scholar’ who has devoted himself to writing about scientific and faith-related subjects such as the theory of evolution and miracles of God.
He is further described by supporters as a respected ‘scientist’ who has publications in incredibly diverse areas of interest (actually he is not a university graduate). He speaks only Turkish. The fact is that, his publications and his foundation (Science Research Foundation) have recently been banned in Turkey, and most members of his “sect” have been sent to court. This was not due to their Islamic and scientific activities, but due to crimes such as blackmail, extortion, possession of unlicensed weapons and sexual intercourse with minors. About three years ago, upon complaints of victims and many years of suspicion, Turkish police raided residences of this group. The discoveries at the houses and testimony of the group members were shocking. Under the mask of promoting Islam and scientific facts, the group members had been found to engage in extensive criminal activity. These crimes included blackmail, possession of unlicensed weapons and sexual intercourse with individuals under age 18. The head of the group, Adnan Oktar (recorded by police cameras, leaked and shown on Turkish TV channels such as Kanal D, ATV, Star) confessed to blackmailing people who they regarded as an obstacle to their enterprises. These people included the reporters for the newspaper Hurriyet, Emin Colasan, and Fatih Altayli, after they questioned some of Harun Yahya’s activities such as bribing the municipality of Ankara.

More information at this link:

Yori Yanover, an editor of the Jewish Press, continues to print Sinem Tezyapar’s articles and attempts to justify it . . .
In this April 21, 2013 article, “A Muslim Perspective: Boston’s Tragedy Must Not Generate More Hate,” that was published one day after the Boston Marathon Bombing, Sinem describes jihad as peaceful and loving and essentially accuses the victims of being hatemongers, propagandists, criminal, and of “inciting lynch mob.”

Turkey’s anti-evolutionist showgirls
An Islamist fringes wraps its hard anti-Darwin message in skin-tight Versace, drag-queen make-up and po-mo posing

Sinem Tezyapar is a fake, an outright fraud. She’s not a modernist Muslim, nor an advocate for free speech, she’s nothing more than a willing stooge for fundamentalists in false clothing.


The following links are from the JPress by Sinem Tezyapar. Most of the talkbacks have been censored.
After a free trip to Turkey, Adnan Oktar’s headquarters, various Rabbis freely support Adnan Oktar stating that the time for Mosiach is close and that the 3rd and final Jewish Temple should start from Turkey.

Rabbi Hollander, Abrahamson and Rahimi with Adnan Oktar-

Rabbi Lau with Adnan Oktar –

Here is another Rabbi along with Rabbi Hollander that claims Islam is the oldest religion to mankind in a video which also supports Jews for allah.

What is being promoted by Oktar and his girls are in one of the stages an Islamic take over.

The Secret of Muhammad’s Success (and how Oktar girls are able to continue lying).


One needn’t think that The Jewish Press is the sole Jewish- related media organ captivated/smitten by Oktar’s taquiyya-driven, stealth jihad. NOT by a long shot. But their platform is huge. Additionally, through one of ‘Oktar’s stable of girls‘, get a load of where else his Islamic message was given a boost – the Jerusalem Post! 

Turkey and Israel

“It is essential for Turkey and Israel to act together if the problems in the Middle East are to be eliminated……” read the whole thing….after which, are my readers feeling the ‘Turkish love’…warm and fuzzy-like? Then, listen to these ‘syrupy’ words – Vomit.

Adding fuel to the fire is the ACTUAL admission from Oktar’s followers, but do internalize their MAIN message: Israel must submit to their strictures, as laid out under the Turkish Islamic Union, otherwise there will be no ‘protective’ umbrella! You got that? Israel’s ‘shield’  will take effect, but only once the Jewish nation submits to the dictates of the (reconstituted) Ottoman Empire! 

“Ceylan Ozbudak works with the controversial Islamic leader Adnan Oktar, also known as Harun Yahya. One of Oktar’s announcements has been his desire to build a temple for all religions on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount.

Ozbudak suggested that Turkey can mediate between Israel, the Palestinian Authority, Egypt, and other surrounding countries for peace. She added that Turkey could protect the Jewish people’s right to live in Israel as well as manage the region. But will this grandiose plan work and does Israel want to give up much of its sovereignty to be protected by the former Ottoman Empire?

Ozbudak hosts a television show called, ‘Building Bridges’, with a variety of other young Turkish women. They have stated on the program that in order to ensure peace, “we believe that this can only be done through a Turkish Islamic Union, where all the countries will be independent in their states, but they will be under one roof and Turkey will be the spiritual leader of this Turkish Islamic Union”

The show airs on A9TV, which states on its website that it “has been set up to build up love, justice and solidarity among people and our main aim is being pioneer for peace all over the world by using the unifying policy of Turkish Islamic Union. In every show youwatch you will feel this policy clearly.”

More specifically, piggybacked by the above incendiary charges, albeit using Oktar’s ‘alias’, aka Harun Yahya  – ‘Sex, flies and videotape: the secret lives of Harun Yahya’, by Halil Arda…is further excerpted within:                                                                          

          “On to this stage walked Oktar, clutching the first of his books, Judaism and Freemasons, a derivative retread of anti-Semitic clichés in the manner of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which identified Jews and the masons as the devious obstacles to the emergence of a new, powerful Turkish-Muslim nation. “The principal mission of Jews and Freemasons in Turkey,” Oktar wrote, “was to erode the spiritual, religious, and moral values of the Turkish people and make them like animals……

         Throughout the 1980’s and early ’90’s, Oktar built up his community. Followers were especially active in the swanky summer resorts along the shore of the Sea of Marmara. A friend of mine, who spent most of her holidays in the late 1980’s at her parents’ summer flat in the area, recalls how the followers’ targeting worked: “They bought flats there and singled out attractive girls and boys. The boys were very good-looking, boys who can easily charm you. I guess this is why they started with the boys. Once the girls entered the cult, they had to give up sexy fashion, so they wouldn’t be able to attract new members. But for the boys, the rules were more relaxed, so that they could continue recruitment……

       The social organisation within the group was becoming rigidly hierarchical and, as is common in messianic cults, sexual relations were tightly controlled, with the putative messiah given access denied to others. Oktar considered all female members his legitimate possession. Berk, a recent defector after seven years, describes the groups: “There were sisters (bacilar), concubines (cariyeler) and brothers (kardesler), the male members. The brothers were allowed to marry the concubines, while the sisters were all married to Adnan Hodja.” Of course these marriages were not legal, but they were treated as such within the group. As with Scientology, discipline was maintained through humiliation, the threat of expulsion and physical violence. “I know personally,” Berk told me, “that Oktar beats the sisters…..

          Video cameras were installed in the communal apartments, which allowed Oktar to exercise control over his followers and outsiders. As the criminal indictment vividly illustrates, young girls were lured into sex parties with the promise of being admitted to the group, but ended up having to perform sexual acts with men of influence, whom the group needed for its economic and political success. The encounters were filmed and used to coerce the men in question to act in the group’s interest……

          Sensing another opportunity immediately after 9/11, Oktar instantly shed his formerly virulent anti-Semitism and published a piece called “Islam condemns terror”, designed, apparently, to curry favour with America. Oktar’s group already had established good relations with US congressmen in 2000, when his Science Research Foundation received the endorsement of seven members of Congress and retired Senator Steve Symms, who described it as “a major influence for good among the younger population of Turkey” and praised its “commitment to democracy, preservation of national and moral values, and respect for law”…..

Adana Oktar's plan for a Turkish-Islamic UnionSince then Oktar has become an ardent proponent of interfaith dialogue, attempting to unify believers of all stripes against the corrupting influence of Darwinism, which he now holds responsible for Fascism, anti-Semitism and the Holocaust. Most recently, he has been talking about the “Turkish-Islamic Union”, which would bring peace to the entire Muslim world under the leadership of Turkey……

          Thanks to the “War on Terror”, Oktar could paint himself as a credible alternative to radical Islam; thanks to our timidity and incompetence around issues of faith he can gain credibility as a representative of Muslim sentiment and a champion of “inter-faith dialogue.” 


And, what doesn’t this site know about “inter-faith” dialogue and its pernicious effects? Not much.

Though Halil Arda’s indictment continues on – and should be read in full at the above link – a nagging question begs/screams to be asked, albeit doubtful it will be answered: Is it possible that the above same ‘filming’ techniques have been used on some of Judaism’s ‘smitten’ brethren? In other words, is blackmail involved? Don’t get mad at ‘inquiring minds’, thus, pointing (deflecting) fingers in this site’s direction. No Allah-wash.

NONETHELESS, Allah is surely proud of Oktar’s deception and depredations. Holy smokes. In this regard, what say you, The Jewish Press? Why haven’t you conducted your due diligence, before allowing this creature (and others of similar persuasion, but let’s not muddy the waters) to sully your pages, thereby, slapping your devoted readers in the process?

FULL DISCLOSURE: This American-Israeli has been privileged to contribute to The Jewish Press, over the past several years. The op-eds can be accessed hereinbut the sidebar links to other contributions from this writer. For many decades, this Jewish ‘institution’ became a ‘bible’ of sorts for Orthodox Jewry, as well as many Christian supporters who love Israel. This is a (communal) fact. 

So, as a professional courtesy, this blog calls upon The Jewish Press’s senior editors – in Print and Internet…you know who you are – to fully address said concerns. A ‘tikkun’ a reckoning, of sorts. But this site is not referring to ‘tikkun olam’ (‘repairing the world’), a revolting mantra often used by leftist Jews, which leaves little room for ‘taking care of pressing Jewish business’.  

Many Jews, and non-Jews alike, await a swift and detailed response. Besides, this blog address is as good as any – perhaps better than most – to start the dialogue. An accumulation of several hundred thousand viewers – in just over a year – lends this site viable credibility and heightened visibility.

As a matter of record, having just won an award from Watcher of Weasels – The Council Has Spoken!! (just scroll down to ‘Non-Council Winners’), it behooves the editors at The Jewish Press – again, Print and Internet – to seriously address this grave situation. You get the drift. Besides, it is not for nothing that the award winning commentary exposed Obama Inc’s covering for Islamist jihadists! 

And, another thing, no ‘weasling’ out…squirming…dodging…or weaving will be countenanced. Straight shooting a necessary requirement. A communal obligation.

The Jewish Press – other media outlets as well – we are watching…waiting…