On Pretext of Justice for ‘Tray’, Race War Ignited – Courtesy of Obama Inc’s ‘Shock Troops’. White Teens Murdered In The Crossfire. Will AG Holder Investigate, Given The Part He Played? Connecting The Radical Dots…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Commenting on the most incendiary topics of the day is certainly not undertaken in a light-handed manner. Mindful of the many minefields encountered along the way, each one is approached with distinct caution and deliberation, as well as due diligence.

Along this vein, it is this site’s absolute obligation – as well as its mission – to tie in events as they evolve, even though some verbiage herein often appears on the less than delicate side. Regardless, let the chips fall where they may, with the understanding that a sub set are (reportedly) highly uncomfortable by said digging. No worries on this end. Dear readers, just keep spreading the facts, as they emerge.

One such incendiary topic is ‘racial politics’ and its intersection with Obama Inc. His fealty to ‘identity warfare’ has been on full display since he first disgraced/soiled the People’s House, back in 2008. A day in infamy. Regardless of countless domestic disasters – and never mind the foreign explosions affecting American interests – the leader of the free world inserts himself into race-based policing matters. How quaint. So, there is a ‘there there’. And the fact that racial mayhem serves the larger goal, the ‘transformation’ of Amerika, is also glaringly obvious. Thus, becoming ‘involved’ makes (ideological) sense. 

Now, where are the tie-ins referenced above? Better yet, where aren’t they? Well, Zimmerman’s acquittal is inciting riots all across the U.S., but it is not as if their intentions, to create mayhem, wasn’t planned from the get go – if the jury ‘dared’ to judge him NOT GUILTY. To be more precise, they threatened to burn down cities, if the jury determined that Zimmerman should be set free. Shock troops, indeed.

Of course, rational folks understand that Sharpton & gang (encompassing MANY intersecting, radical, hydra fronts) are in the forefront. Again, this is not news. However, what may come as a shock to some – but not at this site – is that several inter-related commentaries wrap around these purposeful explosions. NOT only that, but this blog’s harping on AG Holder as Chief Legal Lawbreaker, as a result, comes full circle. Patience, one and all.

In tandem, the POTUS’s racialist proclivities are evidenced herein, and no amount of verbal gymnastics will set him free of said charge sheet. Adding to the heft of the indictment, along comes the Radical-in-Chief’s latest ploy to ‘secure’ America’s future ‘shock troops’, and, adding mayhem to actual injury, they are being paid to rampage via taxpayer funds! To be more precise, the ‘forgiveness of student debt’.

Alas, one and all, welcome to the boys in the hoodies!



Lawsuit settlement forces police to negotiate on riot control

Under a lawsuit settlement reached earlier this month, the American Civil Liberties Union now must be consulted before Oakland, Calif., police can alter their crowd control policies.

The agreement now may be called into question following WND’s exclusive report yesterday that revealed the ACLU is a full partner of the main group that has been agitating the protest movement surrounding the Trayvon Martin case.

Commentators have been perplexed at how Martin protest crowds last Sunday were reportedly able to control Oakland streets for more than three hours, terrorizing drivers and attacking reporters without police interference.

KGO-TV in San Francisco reported that on Sunday, following the George Zimmerman verdict, “for more than three hours, protesters had complete control of 14th and Broadway near Oakland City Hall, preventing any cars from getting through.”

The report said that at about 8:30 p.m., police opened the intersection to traffic, but the situation “quickly deteriorated when demonstrators surrounded frightened drivers who found themselves trapped. The crowd forced them to turn around.”

“Oakland police officers that had been near the corner retreated, leaving the helpless drivers without police protection. It’s unclear who gave that command.”

KGO documented reporters were attacked by protesters, including a journalist from a partner media group.

“A reporter with our media partner the Bay Area News Group tweeted that she and her photographer were attacked by the crowd. She also tweeted that demonstrators attacked a TV cameraman,” reported KGO.

The police reluctance to stop the violent crowds came 11 days after the city of Oakland agreed to pay approximately $1 million to end a lawsuit filed on behalf of 150 Occupy demonstrators alleging police misconduct during a 2010 mass arrest.

The class-action lawsuit was filed by the radical National Lawyers Guild in coordination with the ACLU.

The Los Angeles Times reported that as part of the settlement, the Oakland Police Department agreed to negotiate future changes to its crowd control policy with the ACLU and National Lawyers Guild.

The settlement also places U.S. District Judge Thelton Henderson in charge of ensuring implementation of the agreement for the next seven years.

The ACLU’s involvement in brokering Oakland police crown control policies may now be considered controversial after WND’s report yesterday detailing the legal advocacy group is partnered with Dream Defenders, the main group leading the Trayvon Martin protests in Florida.

Dream Defenders has been agitating Martin protests since the onset and has been credited with successfully advocating for Zimmerman’s arrest.

The group was behind the protests that blockaded the Sanford Police Department, demanding the police chief be fired for failing to bring charges against Zimmerman, who was acquitted of second-degree murder Saturday.

The small Community Relations Service at Eric Holder’s Justice Department facilitated a meeting between Dream Defenders and city officials that resulted in a Justice review of the police department.

Sanford police chief Bill Lee ultimately was fired. Lee has claimed he was dismissed for not arresting Zimmerman.

Dream Defenders further led protests and marches demanding Zimmerman’s arrest. Just prior to Zimmerman’s arrest in April 2012, the Justice Department reportedly phoned Dream Defenders to inform the group that Zimmerman was to be arrested within 48 hours.

The group is now organizing protests in the wake of Zimmerman’s acquittal. On Tuesday, Dream Defenders demonstrated outside the Seminole County Capitol building and other locations.

Dream Defenders bills itself as a nonviolent sustainable network of youth and student leaders fighting for social change. The group says it trains youth and students in civil disobedience, direct action and civic engagement.

The group is made up of students and recent graduates from several Florida universities and is openly backed by SEIU, the ACLU and the Soros-supported Southern Poverty Law Center.

The groups have held joint initiatives on many occasions. In January, for example, Dream Defenders, the ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center held a community town hall in Tallahassee “to discuss the issue of keeping our children in the school system and out of the juvenile justice system.”

Dream Defenders’ ties to these are other radical groups go much deeper.

WND found that Gabriel Pendas, Dream Defenders’ organizer, is also employed as “Lead Organizer” by the SEIU. Pendas has been organizing Dream Defenders’ marches for Martin.

Pendas, who openly identifies as a socialist, previously served as president of the heavily Soros-backed United States Student Association.

The student association is a member of the small Free Exchange on Campus, a group created to oppose the efforts of conservatives who speak at American college campuses. The group seems to mostly focus on opposing the campus education initiatives of former radical David Horowitz.

The far-left Rootscamp.com wrote that without Pendas “there would be no Dream Defenders.”

Continued the website: “With his leadership, within months, a sprawling organization uniting black and brown youth across the state was formed. We have now built the structure necessary to develop youth leadership while also directly challenging racial injustice, the prison-industrial complex, and the criminalization of minority communities.”

Meanwhile, Dream Defenders’ political director is Ciara Taylor, who also serves as campaign coordinator for the ACLU. She previously was community outreach liaison at the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Dream Defender founder is Phillip B. Agnew, who also serves as the group’s executive director. Agnew is also listed as a paid SEIU organizer.

Nelini Stamp is a Dream Defenders director. In 2011, Stamp served as an organizer for the ACORN front group Working Families Party.

Stamp was interviewed as one of the earliest Occupy Wall Street organizers.

“We are actually trying to change the capitalist system we have today, because it’s not working for any of us,” Stamp said.

Stamp participated in the “Take Back the Dream” movement with Van Jones, the infamous former “green” jobs adviser to President Obama.

In a November 2012 piece she wrote for Prospect.org, Stamp hailed the organizing efforts of something called the Midwest Academy.

“The Midwest Academy and the Highlander Research and Education Center train organizers, but we have nothing like them in most states and localities. By 2016 and 2020, several more states will have become majority-minority, and we need to be able to shape that change,” she wrote.

Midwest is an activist organization described as teaching the tactics of direct action, confrontation and intimidation as advocated by notorious radical community organizer Saul Alinsky.

WND was first to expose that Obama himself funded the Midwest Academy when he served on the board of the Chicago Woods Fund from 1999 to December 2002 alongside unrepentant Weatherman terrorist Bill Ayers…

Not only that, but their shock troops have formed into ‘bash mobs’ all over California, and, like cockroaches, they are spreading across the country. Alas, Obama Inc’s racial mobs in LA are exacting ‘justice’ for ‘Tray’, as they confer with scum bag Sharpton and their ‘hoodie’ forces, how best to beat the crap out of ‘crackers’.  They ransacked and terrorized shoppers in Walmart because they knew their backs were covered by Obama Inc! Not done yet…not by a long shot. Another gang-bang against White America is piled on by…drum roll…Iran’s murderous mullahs as they exhort rallying cries – ‘justice for Tray’This is coming from barbarians who cut the hearts out of those who oppose their rule, but never mind. Most ominously, the following came down the pike, but we all know that these deaths should rightfully be placed at the Lawbreaker-in-Chief’s door, but they won’t be! 

Teens with Free Zimmerman bumper sticker slaughtered in Jacksonville

topconservativenews.com ^ | 7/16/13 


Two white teenagers were murdered in the parking lot of a Golden Corral in Jacksonville, FL. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s office says they were killed by multiple perpetrators, and that they have a photo of the suspect’s car. There were also multiple witnesses. However, they have not released any information or description of the suspects or the suspect’s car.

Family and friends took to social media to report that the brothers had a “Free Zimmerman” bumper sticker on their truck. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office issued a statement denying that the killings were related to the Zimmerman trial…..updated herein.

It is verily impossible, no matter how many knots one tries to twist these facts into, to deem them ‘coincidences’. For the historical record: with the AG at the tippy top; to the POTUS’s inextricably tied radical groups, purposefully inserting themselves into policing matters; to obstructing/instructing the police to ‘stand down’, concomitantly, a complete violation of their sworn duty to protect and serve; to the newbie ‘community organizing’ grads serving as ‘coordinators’, this regime is a mirror image of any fascist-like dictatorship in the world. Isn’t this precisely what the Radical-in-Chief meant when he opined about the creation of a civilian force as formidable as the military

Ominously, his ‘shock troops’ are readying. But are you, patriots, prepared?


30 thoughts on “On Pretext of Justice for ‘Tray’, Race War Ignited – Courtesy of Obama Inc’s ‘Shock Troops’. White Teens Murdered In The Crossfire. Will AG Holder Investigate, Given The Part He Played? Connecting The Radical Dots…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. The dream of a ’60’s radical coming true.

    ‘A new phase in the Obama NSA ‘tail wagging the dog’ gambit?’

    Friday at an impromptu press conference Barack Obama continued moving forward in his attempt to divide the country by once again inserting himself into the George Zimmerman verdict.

    Is he merely being divisive or is this an attempt to fan the flames in order to keep a potential new phase in the NSA scandal out of the news?

    Read at The Political Commentator here: http://goo.gl/fZN4n


    Michael Haltman
    The Political Commentator
    New York, New York
    Twitter: @ThePoliticalCom

  2. The Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case is all about the benjamins* for Martin’s parents and their lawyers Natalie Jackson and Bernie Crump. There’s a foundation set up for remembering Trayvon that takes donations, plus black churches have been taking donations for over a year “for the family.” Photographs exist of baskets full of US dollars being collected at these churches. Al Sharpton got involved early, smelling money and publicity. Obama and Holder used the case to distract from Obama’s many, many scandals.

    Yes, there was a riot in Oakland, a mostly black city. There have been individual cases of non-blacks being beaten or robbed by blacks. Since then Sharpton, Sybrina Fulton (Trayvon Martin’s mother) and others have been calling for peaceful protests. I think they sense if blacks riot the civil rights suit and more benjamins won’t happen. Trouble is, the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division has already conducted an extensive investigation of George Zimmerman, a Hispanic Democrat, and all they found is that he mentored black children. Obama’s apparently impromptu speech the other day was a hint that there would not be any civil rights charges brought since there’s no evidence at all of Zimmerman being racist.

    Adina is right though. Obama is the most racially divisive president the US has ever had. Considering slavery and the American Civil War, that’s saying something.

    *benjamins are US slang for $100 bills which carry a picture of Benjamin Franklin.

    • The Martins already sued the HOA and received over a MILLION, and next it will be the taxpayers of the entire Country if those “professional racists'”, Jackson, Sharpton and the rest have their way. Obama and Holder have demonstrated for the last 4 years they are outright racists’ who “hate” (terrible word) White people and anything to do with respectable law and order. White people have been “punked” for over 60 years, and we have bent over backward trying to appease them. This Trayvon was a disrespectful “fool”, and Geo. Zimmerman is now the scapegoat for the true “hate” in this Country!!!

      • JBSPuddintane wrote:

        Some points to check out:
        -Trayvon DID NOT live with either of his parents at the time he was sent to Sanford to stay out of trouble. He was living with his uncle Stephen Martin, in Miami.
        -Trayvon was not raised by Sabrina Fulton. From age 3 to 15 (2010) he was raised by Alicia Stanley, and by all accounts was a fine kid under her care with his 2 step-sisters.
        -Tracy Martin (DAD) began cheating on his wife Alicia Stanley, 2 years prior to leaving her when Trayvon was 15, with Brandi Greene who lives in Sanford. Once he left Alicia, he sent Trayvon back to his mother 2010, who barely knew him, so that his new lifestyle wouldn’t be cramped.
        -DAD has gang tattoos specifically identifying him as a CRIP. One very visible one on his neck, right side. You don’t get one of these tattoos unless you are legitimately connected with those people. Try putting on a leather jacket that says “Hell’s Angels” across the back and ride around town on your motorcycle for a while and see what happens. The media image team promptly had him get a new tattoo to cover the gang tattoo up..BUT there are still photos captured and saved on the web of him speaking in public with Al Sharpton present prior to the tattoo scrubbing. The gang tattoo was obviously aged and the covering tattoo is clearly brand new and crisp & clear.
        -Sabrina Fulton has stated she didn’t know Trayvon had a twitter account, and she clearly did not know what was going on in his facebook account, where he clearly makes inquiries to get codeine & pot, among other things Real involved parenting Sabrina, nice work. She clearly didn’t know about his videos posted to the web of him participating in a street-fight club. Or his you-tube subscriptions to channel s dedicated to MMA street-fighting, and Andy Milonakis who is part of the “LEAN” and pot subculture (google LEAN or look in the urban dictionary online if you dotn know what it is).
        -Phone records & captured facebook pages reveal that Trayvon was discussing getting a .38 (illegally) pistol with at least one other friend, offering to “share it”
        -Phone records also show text messages that Trayvon was discussing getting a gun WITH (or possibly from) HIS DAD

        These two “parents” have a LOT of nerve parading around as if this incident destroyed the family. “DAD” pawned off Trayvon wherever he could, and Sabrina Fulton was completely uninvolved with Trayvon almost his entire life until 2010, and even then, at some point after he got mixed up with the wrong types of kids and started getting school suspensions, she pawned him off on her ex-brother-in-law, Tracy Martin’s brother, Stephen. Of course it isn’t so hard to do when the majority of Americans, especially the white ones, have their heads so far up their a**es that their vision is limited by what they can see through their own bellybuttons and refuse to disregard the corrupt lying media for exactly what it is, corrupt and lying.

        These two know they are directly responsible for Trayvon’s behavior and ultimate death when they go home after a long day of selling their baloney narrative of the loving caring parents. But when you got celebrity hustlers like Sharpton and the complicit media fawning for you two to do the dance and sell the story, I suppose it isn’t that hard to go out there and propagate the LIE.
        Jul 20, 2013 11:40am EDT — REUTERS NEWS SERVICE

  3. The loathsome hypocrisy and dearth of transparency of the Dreg in the White House began when a TARP was pulled over America’s eyes in crisis, to allow the whole stimulus wealth distribution fraud to take place. Charges of racism against anyone who would dare criticize the first Black President began with the Pigford scandal that his MSM minions covered up like a cat in a litter box. The house of cards I refer to as Occupy White House, in reality has only one card and that is the politically correct joker known as the Race Card. The “Card” totting Attorney General with the arrogant “my people” agenda, has an Assistant Attorney General, in the Civil Rights Division mind you, accused of Racial Discrimination by DOJ employees and he is about to become our next Secretary of Labor. Being mindful of Chaucer’s ‘Troilus and Criseyde’ is advised when taking in the latest crisis Occupy White House has lain on our lawns. The Obama Inc. “shock troop army” will expand when more radical organizers are hired by the IRS as the so called “navigators” for Obamacare. How disgusting is all of this? Well, the target that this President has now hung on the back of George Zimmerman, like the one he hung on Seal Team Six, is a political move to revive his falling approval ratings in the wake of scandal after scandal after scandal. Every time you think we have seen the lowest form of humanity possible from this President, he re-defines the meaning of dreg.

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  5. The United States of America which everyone respected, no longer exists. Well, anyone who voted these fools in to destroy our Country….CONGRATULATIONS, I hope you are pleased at the end of this Administration.

  6. Yes. I’m prepared and so is the rest of my family. I really didn’t think I’d have to spend my “golden years” fighting for freedom, but so it goes. Bring it on.

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