The “Two State” Solution: Peering Through The BINOCULARS of A Palestinian Intelligence Officer – Embedded Pictorials…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Just as one can rely on the sun rising and setting; dogs barking; pigs eating sh-t; and nature taking its course, so too can Zionists count on missiles flying out of PA/Fatah/Hamas ruled territory. Regardless, the “peace” process soldiers on (it has a life of its own…if only it would die already…), almost as if idiot savants expect a new day to dawn to “solve” Arab/Muslim hatred of Israel/Jews. 

But if there are still those who require additional convincing, as to the insanity of said endeavor, partake in this writer’s interview with Inquisitr and it will set the (historical, legal) record straightWith the above background internalized, the mendacity of “two stater” fetishists, “peace peddlers” (obsessive compulsive-like), is further demonstrated through the following commentary: When leftist, mega rich instigators get involved, what can go wrong? Adding to Israel’s legal standing, Professor Louis Rene Beres, a renowned international law expert, sets the historical and legal record straight, despite the tone deafness of the perennially deluded and craven..six of one, half a dozen of another, as one looks back at the tangled narrative of Middle East peace.  

YET, even if the above doesn’t convince you, perhaps the following pictorial will finally bury the “two state” monster. Besides, even if Israel/Zion holds no historical and biblical import for all the world’s busybodies, as well as Israel’s left, the fantastical notion that there is room for another state inside Israel’s heartland – and an irredeemably hostile one at that, which swears by its Charter, and Allah, to annihilate Israel – – is literally insane. Beyond mendacious. No sense pussyfooting around.

But to glean a true perspective, horrific as it is, peer within this photo montage. Mind you, the following was “gifted” for display to Israel Institute for Strategic Studies, founded by Dr. Martin Sherman. The photographer is Hagai Nativ, except for pics 9 & 10. You be the judge. Decide whether or not ceding the literal “high ground” to PA/Fatah (and whatever other terror groups they deem fit) intelligence officers appears rational, regardless of this or that pressure, or appeasement syndrome inculcated by besieged delusional mindsets. Israel’s leaders (civil society elites) stand in the forefront of said deniers of reality. However, there are those who “see straight”, able to evince nation-saving strategic policies. This blog’s interview series with Dr. Martin Sherman highlights said imperatives.

The following pic titles can be clicked on below:

1 – Main Terminal & Runway at Ben Gurion Airport – As Seen From “Palestine”

2 – Plane Taking Off on Runway of Ben Gurion Airport – As Seen From “Palestine”

3 – same as 2, but from a different vantage point – As Seen From “Palestine”

4 – same as 2, again, via a divergent target point…covering all bases – As Seen From “Palestine”

5 – same as 1, but shown from another firing angle – As Seen From “Palestine”

6 – Azrieli Towers & Central Tel Aviv – As Seen From “Palestine”

7 – Diamond Exchange Area, Ramat Gan – As Seen From “Palestine”

8 – Reading Power Station & North Dan Region – As Seen From “Palestine”

9 – North Tel Aviv & Diamond Exchange, Ramat Gan – As Seen From “Palestine”

10 – Hadera Power Station, Adjacent To Caesarea – As Seen From “Palestine”

Sach ha’kol, at the end of it all, the following will be the strategic results, per Dr. Martin Sherman and his acute analysis:

From the highlands of Judea and Samaria, the Palestinians would control all, virtually all of Israel’s:

  • Major air fields – military and civilian – including its only international airport Ben Gurion
  • Sea ports and naval bases
  • Vital infrastructure installations and systems – including:
  •           power generation,
  •           water conveyance,  
  •           land transport systems (road and rail;)
  •           communications
    •       Vital Centers of Military Command & Control
    •       Major centers of Civilian Government
    •       80% on the civilian population and economic     activity of the country

All of the above would be in range of weapons being used today against Israel for territories relinquished to the Arabs. So this can no longer be dismissed as “right-wing scare mongering”, since it merely reflects the past precedent of recent decades.

Even a fraction of what the North and South has suffered – or even a tangible threat thereof – would make  the maintenance of any semblance of socio-economic routine in the country untenable. 

As is said, a picture is worth a thousand words…but multiply the existential threat to Israel’s survival – if “Palestine” is heaven forbid “birthed” – by many other pictorials exhibiting similar dangers.

NATIONAL SUICIDE is in the offing, despite any fleeting/temporary relief which may accrue upon said “gifting”! Never mind the pats on the back, high fives notwithstanding.

5 thoughts on “The “Two State” Solution: Peering Through The BINOCULARS of A Palestinian Intelligence Officer – Embedded Pictorials…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. Exactly,A two state monster will never ever work.The Arabs want Israel gone full stop,and that is never going to happen.What does Kerry not understand,He is not to be trusted,But I am sure the powers that be can see that and will be ready and not fall into any traps he is planning . Israel must never concede one more inch of land because that would be the end!!! As for the new president of Iran, Same donkey different saddle.Keep your eyes wide open.Bob NZ

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