The White House’s (Washington’s) Romance With The Brotherhood Mafia: What Are The Consequences For America & The Free World? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Outing the Brotherhood Mafia’s infiltration/penetration is a central component to this blog site. This is mainly due to their steady rise within America and the worldwide ramifications which ensue, as a DIRECT result to their catapult within its core recesses of power.

Each day which passes with Barack HUSSEIN Obama at the helm cements their Islamic grip. No ifs, ands or buts. The Brotherhood Mafia operated in America’s shadows via stealth jihad for years, but this is no longer the case. If anything, Boston’s jihad blew that wishful thinking sky high – literally – as body parts exploded due to their handiwork. Yes, the Chechen monsters represent part and parcel of the overall jihadi network, regardless of ‘this or that’ cockamamie media spiels. And, the Brotherhood Mafia are the umbrella organ of all jihadi groups, even when warring against each other. Not only that, they are absolutely, incontestably enmeshed in the American landscape, so much so that the CIA Director, John Brennan, is a Muslim convertYou think the above is a whole lot of hooey and phooey? Keep dreaming. 

Though it has been entirely the case that Islamic jihadists (under whichever umbrella name they operate/travel) possessed green lights to ‘work’, ‘study’ or otherwise immerse themselves in America over time, the warp speed in which their main operatives became ‘koshered’ evolved under the reign of the Islamist-in-Chief

And even those whose eyes are wide open, how many know that Islamic terror supporters LIVE on U.S. military bases, and, poof, disappear?

ARTICLE 27 July 2013
“Islamic Terror Supporters Living on our Military Bases, then Disappearing”
The public is not aware of a dangerous trend happening inside America, and the media (right and left) will not expose this national security trend.
For many years foreign nationals (sent by their respective governments) from such countries as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and other Islamic based countries are traveling to America to work and live on U.S. military bases.
For over 24 years I worked and lived on military bases. Much of that time was as a Federal Agent (OSI).  The American public would be surprised, upset, and afraid if they knew how many foreign military members come to work on our bases and suddenly disappear and never to be seen again.
It was always a serious concern to me when we investigated the disappearance of a foreign national, especially one’s from Islamic based countries.
It is no secret many of these foreigners have went into the secret underground world of ‘Sleeper Cells’. While an Agent I strongly encouraged our government to get more involved in these cases and to make the public aware of this national security issue.
Of course as per the norm, the public was not informed. over the last few years there have been some leaks to the media about this, but the media for the most part has ignored. Why?
For people who believe the U.S. government, specifically the DOJ, does not control much of what is reported in the media, they are wrong.  They have an enormous amount of influence about what national security issues are discussed and to what depth they are discussed.
I will give one example. I had left federal service in late 2003.  I began working with a former Iraqi Police Captain who had helped American troops in Iraq, and thus had to be brought to the U.S. for his own safety.  We were conducting research on Sharia compliance in America, and the theory that the more Sharia compliant, the more there is a likelihood of violence or the supporting of violence against innocent people.  We now know this is true, but in 2005 it had not really been proven.
Glenn Beck contacted the Iraqi officer and I while we were in Florida.  He wanted to do a television interview with the Iraqi and I.  We agreed.  The interview lasted several hours and was conducted on a beach in Florida.  We explained Sharia law and how Sharia law is practiced by Muslims.  Beck was very interested and scheduled the interview to be aired the next day.
Within a few hours of our interview the FBI contacted Beck’s team and the former Iraqi police officer.  The interview was to be shutdown in the best interest of National Security.  Much of the Sharia law discussion pertained to Saudi Arabia, and the media and DOJ did not want to upset the Saudi’s.
How many foreign nationals from Islamic based countries are missing from U.S. military bases.  So many that our government has lost count.  Lackland AFB in San Antonio hosts thousands of Saudi military personnel. Several are missing.  The government could use the media to post the pictures of the missing foreigners and ask for the public’s help.
This has not happened and will not. Again why?  Many of the missing foreigners are from Saudi Arabia, and this would embarrass the Saudi government.  The last thing we want in this world is to embarrass the Saudi government. Right?
But in order to understand the magnitude of the dangers, one must internalize how coddled Islamic jihadis are by Obama Inc.!

Major Hassan/Fort Hood Murdered in the Name of Islam & U.S. Government Pays Him to be in Jail! By Dave Guabatz

Regardless of what “news organization or Saudi supported Islamic organizations’ are reporting, the violent ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood is very active in America. The tragedy (murders) at Ft. Hood by Major Hasan are the acts by what many Islamic scholars refer to as a ‘Pure Muslim’. Individuals like Major Hasan are acting upon what they are being taught within many Islamic Centers. Americans must demand our elected officials do their jobs and legally close down centers advocating violence against innocent men, women, and children. The following statements are examples of what Maj Hasan was being taught in America, and there are innocent Muslim children like Rifqa Bary who are trying to speak out, but are being shutdown by politicians who care more about the next election than they do our country and our children.
Major Hassan was doing his part in the name of Islam to reform America to the ways of Sharia as this DVD portrays.
Only the U.S. government pays a terrorist hundreds of thousands to stay in jail.  Now if a vet who is rendered disabled during war time and is on Social Security Disability, the checks stop if the Vet is in jail for over 30 days, regardless of the circumstances. Respectfully, Dave G..
“Every Muslim should have the desire for martyrdom in his heart. If he is unable to go into the battlefield, he should certainly have the desire for martyrdom in his heart”
* Pamphlet: “40 Hadith on Jihad” page 7. Author: Maulana Abdus Samad Siyal. Published in Pakistan.
“It is learnt from this Hadith that physical jihad will continue right till the day of resurrection and will be waged as such in some part or the other of the world”. We do not deny the benefit of waging an academic and intellectual war. However, an intellectual war alone cannot be fought everywhere. There are special places and occasions for it. In short, despite waging a jihad with the tongue, pen, rationale and intellect, the Muslim community cannot be absolved of the duty of waging physical jihad”.
* Pamphlet: “40 Hadith on Jihad” pages 21 -22. Author: Maulana Abdus Samad Siyal. Published in Pakistan.
“The only reward of those who make war upon Allah and His messenger and strive after corruption in the land, will be that they will be killed”.
* Booklet: “Duties of the learned to Ignorant Muslims”, page 5. Author: Abdul Qadir Oudah (Muslim Brotherhood/Egypt). Published in Pakistan.
“Whatever is against Sharia, is unlawful for Muslims, irrespective of any Government which has declared it lawful or has ordered it to be acted upon because the right of legislation for any Government is restricted to the condition that the law framed by it should be in accordance with the Sharia, its fundamentals and legal spirit. Now, if any Government considers it lawful to exceed these prescribed limits, then because of this attitude of the Government, unlawful shall not become of this attitude of the Government, unlawful shall not become lawful and it would not be lawful for any Muslim to act upon or enforce laws against the Sharia. Rather in such a situation it becomes obligatory for every Muslim to refuse to accept those laws and abstain from acting upon them, for it is unconditional for the Muslims to obey the orders of men in power”.
* Booklet: “Duties of the learned to Ignorant Muslims”, page 34. Author: Abdul Qadir Oudah (Muslim Brotherhood/Egypt). Published in Pakistan.

One needs to internalize the insidious effects which Obama Inc. has on the U.S. military, and how it came to pass that jihadis can ‘hide in plain sight’ on military bases too! To break it down to its bare essence, the U.S. military is now training foreign jihadis on American soil!

Evil on its face. By design.

8 thoughts on “The White House’s (Washington’s) Romance With The Brotherhood Mafia: What Are The Consequences For America & The Free World? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. It amazes me that only 12 years after 9/11 we have mooslims in the upper reaches of the U.S. government. It is a though Josef Geobbels had been an Assistant Secretary of Defense in 1939. Perilous times in which we are living.

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