IT is impossible to overstate the dangers associated with Malik Obama, Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s Islamist half bro’. So much so, he must be considered a western time bomb. Yup, you read that right.

Said “distinction” is usually reserved for those who have the capacity, the connections, to upend the west. While surely there are many others who deserve TOP billing, let us concentrate on this “person of interest”. He has the ears of the leader of the (heretofore) free world with worldwide assets at his disposal. Ahh…the perks of being a deeply connected insider within the Brotherhood Mafia, and a relative of the Islamist-in-Chief!

Distinction One:

How much more dangerous can it be, once you understand the terror ties that bind the POTUS’s kinfolk: Malik Obama’s terror ties transfixes, explodes within Egypt! U.S. Embassy in Cairo stone silent. Congress too. What are they hiding? What will it take for American action?

 Distinction Two:

As in all criminal operations – and the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia qualifies as such – converging illegal actions come into play. Alas, as the half bro’ of the Criminal-in-Chief, how shocking is it to find out: a noose is tightening around Malik Obama.Tax-exempt fraud charges exposed via private investigator. Daughter of top Egyptian naval admiral joins the fray!

Distinction Three:

Could it get any worse? You bet: Malik Obama, the POTUS’s closely connected half bro’, outed as Al-Qaeda operative. How does this “news” tie-back to Barack HUSSEIN Obama? 

Distinction Four: 

Intrinsically, a previous assertion, re wresting Zion, has been made: Malik Obama’s open ties to Hamas:joins exhortations to wrest Jerusalem from Jewish hands!

ONTO his dangerous Temple Mount thrust….and, there is no way that “dear brother” doesn’t know about his activities!

Obama Wants To Build Third Temple On Temple Mount (Caught On Video)

By Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack

See the AMAZING video in which President Obama’s brother (when we say ‘Obama’, we mean Malik) expresses solidarity with a man who wants to build the third Temple right next to the Dome of the Rock – Islam’s third holiest site – in Jerusalem. Making this situation worse for Malik, himself a professed Muslim, is that the man he’s partnering with in this pursuit, meets the standard of false prophet in Islam; this is an egregious blasphemy.

The man behind the effort to build the temple is Yisrayl Hawkins, a cult leader and self-proclaimed prophet who heads House of Yahweh in Abilene, Texas. To better understand the partnership between Malik and Hawkins, it was reported by Hawkins founded Peaceful Solution, an organization Malik lists as a ‘partner organization’ on his website.

According to the narrator in the video above, during a 2010 speech at the first annual Global Conference on Peace, Malik Obama can be heard saying the following about the third temple:

“It’s easy for me to get with the program because I’m a Muslim, a practicing Muslim, and all of the principles that are within the program are not in conflict with my beliefs. So, it’s easy for me to step right in and be part of the program.”

Aside from such advocacy being blasphemous to his own religion, one month earlier, Malik was in Sanaa, Yemen at an Orphans Development Fund (ODF) Conference. While there, Malik was photographed wearing a Hamas scarf that said in part:

“Jerusalem is ours… Palestine: From the River to the Sea.”

This certainly doesn’t square with his desire for a peaceful solution that includes helping what Islam considers to be a false prophet construct Jerusalem’s third Temple just a few steps from Islam’s third holiest site.

That certainly doesn’t sound like a recipe for a peaceful solution; it sounds like a recipe for disaster.

Inherently, Yisrayl Hawkins is not only a cult leader – similar to Jim Jones, perhaps worse, if you can imagine – but also a polygamist and a pedophile. Think about this:why would an Islamist (of the highest order) partner up with a so-called Christian cult leader, pedophile, polygamist too, if the payoff wasn’t HUGE?

In other words, the enemy of my enemy is my friend takes on the darkest meaning. Know this:building another ! NON-JEWISH edifice on Judaism’s holiest site – the Temple Mount – will render Zion stolen from the Jewish people for, at least, many generations to come! How much more devious and dangerous can it get? Does anyone believe that staunch Zionists will sit still for this? Don’t bet the farm on it.

To be sure, both partners in crime – the Messianist cult leader and Malik Obama – have their own deep-seeded hatred of the Jewish people and Israel. However, Americans should be equally appalled at all the damage the Islamist-in-Chief’s half bro’ is wrecking. He is a dangerous infiltrator on U.S. soil, and utilizing taxpayer funds too!

“Let us also meander further down the President’s familial tree, upon closer examination, Malik Obama certainly becomes a “person of interest”. While many of us have relatives we would rather avoid, or politely make a conscious effort to sidestep at family functions, none of us (that I know) have the power of the Presidency. Therefore, our less than stellar relatives are mostly family annoyances, even though a bane to us personally. The point being, Malik Obama is more than the President’s half-brother, he is a superstar all on his own. Delicacy aside, he is a “mobbed up” Brotherhood operative. Once again, the Shoebat Foundation reveals the dope:

“Citing Arabic-language Islam researcher Walid Shoebat, that Tahani Al-Gebali, the former chancellor and a continuing adviser to the Constitutional Court of Egypt, has claimed the reason the U.S. cannot fight the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood is because Malik Obama is the architect of the Brotherhood’s financial investments.”

Since the publication of the initial article Aug. 20, sources have obtained independent confirmation that criminal charges have now been filed in Egypt against Malik based on Gebali’s accusation that he was managing investments for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

In response to a question about whether he had visited Egypt or intended to visit Egypt soon, Malik said: “I did not go to Egypt before. I am a Muslim, but I do not promote hatred or violence, and I have not belonged to any extremist group in my life.

Malik Obama is the executive secretary of the Islamic Dawa Organization, or IDO, a group created by the Sudanese government, which has been designated by the U.S. State Department as a terrorist state…”

 And, isn’t the following more than indicative of dangerous liaisons:

Obama’s Temple Mount Cult Now In TURMOIL

Americans – and other westerners – be VERY afraid of this dangerously connected Islamist infiltrator!

Malik Obama supports elimination of Israel but also construction of Jerusalem's Third Temple.


JUST imagine the biggest scandal erupting in America, so much so that countless Americans are clamoring for answers, yet the powers that be pretend that what is isn’t. Been there. Done that.

Such is the tone-deaf behavior of Obama Inc., a regime which operates akin to a criminal syndicate. Hence, expecting them to ‘fess up should be within the same realm of possibility as flying monkeys. Besides, how many times has the following been reiterated, and in how many ways:Obama Inc. Repeatedly Caught With Their Pants Down: A REGIME GONE WILD. Where Is This Leading?

Couple the above with all the evidence compiled against Malik Obama, at this site alone, and truckloads are needed to haul it away. Long-haulers.

Truckload One:

Now, shouldn’t DIRECT links to Hamas, the Brotherhood’s jihadi spawn, be enough to convict Malik Obama and his half bro’…or so you would believe:MALIK OBAMA’S OPEN TIES TO HAMAS:JOINS EXHORTATIONS TO WREST JERUSALEM FROM ISRAEL.HAMAS, THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD’S LINKS TO THE POTUS VIA HIS BROTHERHOOD TIES!

Truckload Two:


Truckload Three:

Nevertheless, as a first pit stop, charges were filed against the POTUS via Egypt:Breaking, EGYPT FILES CRIMINAL TERROR CHARGES AT The ICC- AGAINST OBAMA!

Yalla….يا ألله…

Malik Obama Scandal BLOWING UP in Egypt; U.S. Embassy behaving like Three Famous Monkeys


Recently, Dr. Sadek Raouf Ebeid, whose articles we have published in the past, appeared on a prominent Egyptian television program for nearly 20 minutes to discuss the case of Malik Obama. While there has essentially been both a mainstream and conservative media blackout in America on this scandal, it has captured the attention of tens of millions of Egyptians.

Here is an edited, shorter version of the intervies – with subtitles – between Ebeid and Al Kahera we Nas:

Prominent Arabic newspaper Al-Wafd also picked up on Ebeid’s interview (translated):

Sadek Raouf Ebeid, an Egyptian doctor in the U.S., implored the U.S. Congress to investigate the scandal involving Malik Obama, the brother of U.S. President Obama, saying that by providing Malik’s organization with American taxpayer dollars, the American people are also aiding Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir.

Ebeid, in a televised interview via telephone, said he had notified members of the U.S. Congress that according to the laws of the U.S., Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir is a war criminal, and is prohibited from entering the United States and that because Malik provides material support to al-Bashir, he too qualifies as an enemy combatant / terrorist.

The doctor pointed out that the U.S. authorities have overlooked the laws as they apply to the U.S. president’s brother.

During the interview, Ebeid challenged the U.S. Embassy in Egypt to dispute any of the four allegations he brought forth. In the live interview, hosted by a very well known newscaster in Egypt, Dr. Naeela Emara, Ebeid was asked to lay out the allegations. Emara adopted Ebeid’s public challenge, herself calling on a spokesman from the Embassy to make a statement in response to Ebeid’s claims.

Ebeid’s allegations were as follows:

  1. That President / General Omar Al-Bashir of Sudan is classified by the current White House and State Department as an enemy combatant and was denied an entry visa to the U.S. for posing a threat to America’s national interest and its homeland security.
  2. Malik Obama works for one of Al-Bashir’s largest organizations.
  3. Ebeid referred to the Military Commissions Act (MCA) of 2006, amended in 2009. This law deems anyone who provides an enemy combatant with material support, qualifies as an enemy combatant himself, even if he did not pick up arms against the U.S. himself. This would make Malik Obama an enemy combatant.
  4. Malik Obama’s Barack H. Obama Foundation (BHOF) was granted 501(c)(3) status to collect money from unwitting U.S. taxpayers, under false pretenses (EIN# 262461343). This status was granted by former IRS official, Lois Lerner. Both Ebeid and Emara highlighted the fact that the BHOF received its status on a Sunday (June 26, 2011). In the interview, Emara sarcastically stated that Lerner obviously, “…opened the office on a Sunday morning to give Malik what he wants.”

Ebeid warned Dr. Emara that her broadcasting his allegations in this public manner will open the gates of hell her against.

Dr. Emara replied stating, “Egyptians have gone through hell before. They fear hell no more!”

It remains unclear whether the White House will issue a denial or continue to hide its head in the sand in fear of the American public knowing anything about Malik Obama.

Considering that State Department spokesman Marie Harf admitted to continuing dialogue with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the Obama administration is showing no signs of engaging in this scandal publicly.

In Egypt, it’s exploding.

Truth dare be told – and this blogger couldn’t care less what Obama’s goons think – it will be a cold day in hell before anyone can convince this site that the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia is not a worldwide danger, an expertise within!

Not only that, but the dangers from Sudan’s President General Omar Al-Bashir are housed within these pages. 

In this regard, a policy paper was requested, by Dr. Martin Sherman, from this American-Israeli. It reads in part:

INDEED, Malik Obama is affixed at Al-Bashir’s terror tied hip (Egypt’s leadership can’t be fooled…nor many of its public…or this site), as well as enjoined with his half bro’, Barack HUSSEIN Obama too.

How much clearer must the nexus be, before Congress places the American people before its terror-laden leadership and removes the Muslim Brotherhood’s boot, its sword, from the neck of the free world?

MANY are becoming increasingly enraged…and not only in Egypt!!


  1. HOT on the heels of a recent commentary, EGYPT OUTFLANKS OBAMA INC:OUTLAWS HAMAS & DEPORTS CODE PINK’S TERROR ABETTOR, KUDOS TO ‘STOP THE ISM’, OBAMA REGIME HAS YET TO STEP UP,along comes another Egyptian patriot who smacks Obama Inc – in tandem with Congress – broadside. Deservedly so.
As is said, the company one keeps is a reflection of ones worldview and ethos. And, when it comes to judging those who are hooked into worldwide terror, the stakes couldn’t be any higher. So, it is with this in mind that one must absolutely view the POTUS’s half bro’, Malik Obama, as well as the close nexus between the two blood soaked relations.
To be sure, it is easy peasy to make a case against Malik Obama. Kindergarten-play. Undoubtedly, his ability to navigate, thus circumvent America’s so called anti-terror laws, is a done deal. He is a Mafia-like “made man”.
In any event, those who believed that Malik Obama’s (terror) entity was not fast tracked, and thus approved through Washington’s power centers, well, the moon was made of green cheese all along. Sheesh.
In addition to said hogwash, yes, if Malik Obama was not given preferential treatment, then this American-Israeli can henceforth be deemed a die-hard leftist, and not a Conservative Constitutionalist, plus a right wing Zionist! Ridiculous.
Licensed Private Investigator raises Flags in Malik Obama case
by  on March 7, 2014
A licensed Private Investigator has taken notice of the issues surrounding Malik Obama’s Barack H. Obama Foundation (BHOF). In particular, Camilia ElDidi has zeroed in on dates, addresses, and the mysterious absence of the foundation’s current records as a tax exempt entity. We encourage you to read these explosive revelations.
By Camilia K. ElDidi
Licensed Private Investigator
1.) The name used for the foundation established by Malik Obama of “The Barack H. Obama Foundation” has been a deceitful act, meant to intentionally give a false impression, misleading, where the American public and the Internal Revenue Service were conned by it, not to mention, the main four elements of a tort existed in that act;a.) The false representation of fact of the foundation and its functionality
b.) The knowledge of the falsity of its functionality
c.) Was established with the intention of causing damage and loss of funds to the American people
d.) The American people have acted on a false statement by the foundation and sustained damage by so doing. R.F.V. Heuston, Salmond on the Law of Torts 387 (17th ed. 1977), in addition to other Federal violations of Title 18 of the United States Code.
2.) The addresses used when applying for the 501(c )(3) as a Not-for-Profit Organization, when filing the tax return 990EZ, and when listing it as a charity organization are all different addresses and at least one – if not two – addresses are Social Services facilities, another was a mail drop into box No. 401, and the third was a Planned Urban Development in Arlington, VA.
3.) June 26, 2011, the date of the approval of the 501(c )(3) tax exempt status, was a Sunday! The effective date was retroactive to April 30, 2008. I put the applicant to the strict proof of what the funds were used for and the reason to retroactive the effective date of the foundation. Otherwise, it is but a willful attempt to defeat and circumvent the tax law.
4.) The former Director for Exempt Organizations at the Internal Revenue Service, Ms. Lois G. Lerner, has twice appeared before Congress but has not been questioned about these issues. Thefoundation record disappeared from the public records. Yet, funds were paid into it by taxpayers and tax returns [form 990EZ] were published as filed, where the second page was not made available, and would be interesting to know who signed the tax return for the tax exempt foundation.ElDidi and her father.In light of the above…

  1. One shouldn’t be surprised that the administration which failed to notice that June 26, 2011 was a weekend in America, had also failed to recognize that June 30, 2013 was a Revolution in rebellion of corruption in Egypt and was not a coup.
  2. No one in the Arab world is unaware of General Omar Al-Bashir’s indictment by the International Criminal Court (ICC) of war time crimes and crimes against humanity.
  3. Malik Obama’s public association with Omar Al-Bashir is not undisclosed; he had declared it publicly on the foundation’s website. Al-Bashir is the first president to ever endorse Osama Bin Ladin and grant him safe harbor. That is the same person who was behind the 9/11 attacks that resulted in the murder of nearly 3000 Americans and American heroes; bin Laden was then ordered to be taken down by the President of the United States.

How many in the United States knew of Malik Obama or of granting him a tax exempt status, let alone expeditiously on a Sunday and retroactive about 38 months?

This is a status that numerous, honorable Americans with noble intentions of helping their communities, Farmlands, Education, Healthcare, Assisted Living Homes, Employment and Training offices, benefits to Veterans who made this country the “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave”, and religious beliefs to assist and comfort their fellow citizens; would be honored to be granted the same status.

Malik Obama should not have been granted tax exempt status on a Sunday or any other day of the week.

In light of the above findings, and the information submitted with Dr. Sadek Raouf Ebeid, in our mutual letter to the Congress, Malik Obama should have been denied entry into the United States, on the same grounds rightfully used by the United States against Malik Obama’s boss General Omar Al-Bashir.

Dr. Ebeid, who has been working with me for some time, relayed his sentiment to me during the writing of this report.

He stated that if the 113th US Congress fails to act, after this additional information, that he will feel comfortable, as a medical doctor, to certify that the current US Congress is indeed clinically dead.

He further pledged to support any American voter to remove his current Congressman from all life support systems.

Ebeid feels that the great American Veterans need better and, deserve much better than a Congress that fails to fight corruption in its own backyard.

NOW, the one area which this blogger differs, in respect to Camilia K. ElDidi’s professional assessment, is found within her first charge sheet: “where the American public and the Internal Revenue Service were conned by it, not to mention, the main four elements of a tort existed in that act;….”. YES, the American people were purposely deceived, however, the IRS was in no way conned, not at all. 

In fact, in regard to the ISM (International Solidarity Movement) and its terror-linked hydra, the IRS understands the inter-related relationships between Muslim Brotherhood aligned terror fronts. As a matter of record, the IRS is completely complicit, when it comes to rewarding terror orgs with tax exempt status as demonstrated within:

While the ISM is on the IRS’s radar – due to heavy lifting by Lee Kaplan and this blogger – it is nowhere near enough, especially considering the truckloads of evidence against them, in more ways than one.

Therefore, before getting to the meat of the latest news, a recap is in order.

Firstly, a full forensic investigation was undertaken during different points between 2003-2007 by my corporate tax practice (as a co-owner had full latitude and discretion to do whatever was necessary), regarding the ISM and its tax exempt status (refer to Many hours of pro bono work were accumulated, due to the seriousness of the issue. NO (financial) stone was left without examination.

A midway point in the investigation led to a centerpiece expose’ at Frontpagemagazine – ‘Does The Pro-Terror Left Violate U.S. Tax Law?’ – At the time, it was intrinsic to keep a lower public profile, therefore, make note of the credits (via a footnote) at the end of the investigation, coupled with William Levinson, who assisted in its review.

But make no mistake, the underbelly of their inter-related terror ties became obvious throughout the investigation. In addition, there were so many 501 (c)(3) IRS violations, they became glaring to anyone with a working background in forensics accounting (and the office was duly up to speed in said techniques – well before this project was undertaken- the practice offered it as a niche specialty ). More to the point, the results from the office always turned out in favor of the client, whenever engaged in a forensics examination.

Case closed. IRS, guilty as charged! Congress, beyond derelict! Obama & bro’…jail’s too light a sentence!


Dr. Sadek Raouf Ebeid

Dr. Sadek Raouf Ebeid

UPDATE: Here it blows…. Egyptian Doctor Files Terrorism Complaint With U.S. Congress Against Barack Obama

NOT unlike a broken record, this site has hammered home TWO consistent and interlocking themes: Barack HUSSEIN Obama is DIRECTLY affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Mafia, as is his half bro’ Malik Obama. Secondly, the MB is the “parent” umbrella for Al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda, like many of the MB’s terror offshoots, is its main spearhead. 

Hammer Blow One:

How much clearer can it get, other than to reveal the following:EXPOSED: A LIST OF MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD MAFIA OPERATIVES INSIDE AMERICA. Next Up:Their Linkage To Obama Inc. 

Hammer Blow Two:

IF further evidence is required, re the “helping hands” from Barack HUSSEIN Obama, well, here are some more goodies to ponder over: MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD MAFIA COMPLETES ‘PHASE 3′ FROM ‘THE PLAN’, INFILTRATES AMERICA’S FAMILY COURT SYSTEM. 2 MORE ‘PHASES’ TO GO!

Hammer Blow Three:

Alternatively, ask yourselves: why would the POTUS’s Pentagon train Al-Qaeda linked terror groups?OBAMA’S PENTAGON TRAINS AL-QAEDA LINKED JIHADIS ON U.S. SOIL, JORDAN & ELSEWHERE!

Hammer Blow Four:

Malik, his Brotherhood/Al-Qaeda linked superstar bro’, is up to his neck in terror and is now FRONT PAGE headlines in Egypt and related countries. But never mind, Obama Inc’s captured media finds no interest in this mind blowing story. As such, leave it to alternative media to expose this and that:The Muslim Brotherhood’s Quest For Global Dominance – An Interview With Adina Kutnicki

For the pictorial record, here are 2 which highlight terror-soaked Malik, as he operates hand-in-glove with Hamas – another progeny of the MB – in lock-step with Al-Qaeda:

translated: Jerusalem is ours – WE ARE COMING!Here is the full photo:Malik: Expressing support for Hamas at an 'orphan' conference.

Muslim Brotherhood Fighters

Hammer Blow Five:


So, let us now jump over to Egypt – a relatively short distance from this blogger’s perch – and see what’s transpiring at their trial of the century:

Obama’s Brother an ‘Al-Qaeda Enemy Combatant’ according to Egyptian who filed Complaint his Country is taking very seriously

An extremely explosive charge was levied against the brother of the President of the United States on the air today. The charge? Well, that there is evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that Barack Obama’s older brother is “an al-Qaeda Enemy Combatant”. Who made this charge?

His name is Dr. Sadek Raouf Ebeid. He served as an officer in the Egyptian Air Force and he is currently a physician in the U.S. In August of last year, he filed a complaint with the Attorney General’s office in Egypt against Malik Obama, the older brother of President Barack Obama, based largely on our research. Since that time, the Egyptian people know as much about the case as most Americans know about the Kardashians.

In fact, according to Ebeid, the Malik Obama scandal made Egypt’s 10:00 news last night. It’s a ubiquitous story in that country but in the U.S., short of some prominent blogs picking up the story and Dennis Miller having Walid on his show to essentially pooh pooh the story, no major media wants to touch it. Even Erik Rush, the man Sean Hannity credits for breaking the Jeremiah Wright story, is all over our findings. Yet, Hannity remains silent.

Later in the show, Barrack plays clips of Rep. Michele Bachmann’s interview with the Daily Caller’s Ginny Thomas.

Alas, there are far too many who require the actual taped conversations between the Islamist-in-Chief and his bro’, yet, such evidence may not even suffice their litmus tests. Ho hum.

As a matter of fact, even America’s courts of law require lesser burdens of proof, than his champions/leeches demand. If this is how they want to play it, so be it.  

But they shouldn’t be surprised if an international arrest warrant is issued for Barack HUSSEIN Obama – as an accomplice to Malik’s crimes – possibly ordered by the Egyptian government. It may not be far behind: 


The POTUS may yet end up an international fugitive. A war criminal. Oh well. You lie down with terror dogs….

Yalla…يلا – يللا – ياللا…translated to: hurry up…let’s go…get a move on…Besides, Egypt’s leadership doesn’t give a damn about Obamabot zombies and their delicate sensitivities!

For that matter, neither does this site!



Some “mysteries” are not all that mysterious, in fact, they are downright obvious. However, when an omerta descends upon the captured western media, particularly in America’s own backyard, well, folks often become blinded. No matter. This blog is here to lift the scales and to pierce the veils.

NOW, without knowing anything else, why didn’t the following two revelations raise some eyebrows (within Editorial bureaus at major American news outlets & beyond), enough to at least OPENLY posit the most basic question:Mr. President, are you a Muslim?

                                                      Revelation One:  
Mr. Obama recalled the opening lines of the Arabic call to prayer, reciting them with a first-rate accent. In a remark that seemed delightfully uncalculated (it’ll give Alabama voters heart attacks), Mr. Obama described the call to prayer as “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.”

In which parallel universe would it have gone unnoticed, having heard that ones POTUS reveres the Islamic call to prayer as “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth….”? Perhaps, had he intoned “the sound of Church bells ringing is one of the prettiest sounds on Earth”, in so far as the U.S. was founded on Christian (and Jewish) principles, it wouldn’t have registered. But this…holy smokes. Agreed?

Revelation Two:

And what further proof is required to demonstrate where his adherence and allegiance lies, if not from the “horse’s mouth”:

“I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”  quote from page 261 of “The Audacity of Hope”

How tone-deaf and denial-ridden are some – while others are in favor of having a Muslim at the American helm, for this and that reason – when American media FAILS to splash the above as front page headlines, not as today’s news but from several years ago? 

ADDING to the charges, there is NO evidence of Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s allegiance to America, nor of his “professed” Christianity. In fact, the absolute opposite is the case.

Fact One: 

What can be more anti-American than a POTUS who arms AND trains the enemy:A GROWING case warrants the POTUS’s impeachment, as he arms the Muslim Brotherhood/Al Qaeda aligned terrorists via Benghazigate!

Fact Two:

Herein can be found several important linkages, proving how invested Barack HUSSEIN Obama is in spreading his Islamic roots, as is Hill, but for reasons of her own: updated linkage re Obama’s & Clinton’s Muslim Brotherhood ties.

Fact Three:


Fact Four:

Just in case anyone believes that the POTUS’s proclivities are neither here nor there and are not having any concrete impact, think again:REVEALED: MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD MAFIA COMPLETES ‘PHASE 3′ FROM ‘THE PLAN’, INFILTRATES AMERICA’S FAMILY COURT SYSTEM. 2 MORE ‘PHASES’ TO GO!

IN light of the above, pay strict attention to “Uncle Sayid”…bless his loose lips…

President Obama’s Uncle: “WE ARE ALL MUSLIM” (Caught on Video)

by  on February 10, 2014
**SHOEBAT EXCLUSIVE** By Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack We obtained several videos from Middle Eastern sources. In one, President Obama’s uncle Sayid,about whom we’ve reported in the past, about his dealings in Saudi Arabia being in bed with Wahhabist madrassas. Here he was assuring the Middle East in this rare interview that the whole Obama family are “all Muslim”, everyone. We assembled the following clip (unedited versions are linked to below) never before reported in Western circles until now. Of course, no one in the U.S. media wants to even address the sensitive issue of President Obama’s Islamist connections; it’s a taboo:
Aside from the President’s terrorism-connected brother Malik Obama, how many Americans know Malik acts somewhat like an ambassador himself while using President Obama’s name every time he visits a foreign country. In Egypt, President Obama’s popularity is nil among secular Muslims who openly believe that President Obama is an Islamist while in the West, even supposedly well-intended organizations that expose the Muslim Brotherhood agenda often twist themselves into pretzels to avoid the plain truth, that the Obamas (as they themselves declare) are indeed all Muslim and support Islamist interests.
Consider the ‘reasoned’ Global Muslim Brotherhood Watch (GMBW) website. This site reported on Malik Obama’s connections to the IDO and concluded that nothing could be proven that links him to the Sudan branch of IDO (GMBW isn’t swayed by photos on Malik’s website, nor do interviews Malik granted [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]) Apparently, GMBW don’t want to examine the sources in Arabic, and they conclude that Malik was likely welcomed into the group based on the prestige of his name. Of course, missing from GMBW’s analysis are the several Obama family members who are connected to terrorism, as well as our recent revelations, which include Malik prominently wearing a scarf in Yemen that calls for the elimination of Israel, that including all the website links to Hamas front organizations.
What is also missing are all the world tours by ambassador Malik, representing the family. These visits include supposed peacekeeping in Sudan, the Balkans, Turkey and the Middle East, all while he carries out simultaneously with President Obama what seems to be an evident Islamist agenda.According to Musa Obama, the communications between Barack and his family are funneled through one conduit – uncle Saeed Obama.
In fact, Malik’s international excursions are about more than prestige. He’s like an ambassador who uses his brother’s name wherever he goes. Muslim Sudanese politician Abdullah Deng Nial, who acts as Trustee for the Secretariat of Muslim Waqf in the Islamic Supreme Council, is currently the Deputy Secretary-General for Hassan al-Turabi, a Sudanese Muslim terrorist who was close to both World Trade Center masterminds – The ‘Blind Sheikh’ and Osama bin Laden. Hassan al-Turabi with Osama bin Laden. Hassan al-Turabi with Osama bin Laden. Here is Nial, proudly revealing what Malik does in Sudan, via Meshkat (translated):

“The Islamic Council in the south supports the government in Khartoum, as well as the southern government, which paid the Council two billion pounds in support of the programs of incorporation. The General Conference to recognize the establishment of the Muslim Council was held in the southern capital of Juba and included Muslims from the ten states of the South. It was attended by the Mufti of Rwanda, the Mufti of Uganda, the Mufti of Kenya and the Mufti of Tanzania and the brother of U.S. President, Malik Obama as well as guests from the Gulf countries and some Arab and African countries. We called it the Islamic Council, in line with the Islamic councils located in neighboring countries. It was done in order to establish a large block for the Muslims in the region [South Sudan]. Now Muslims in the south have an entity and an official representation. It is the only body recognized by the Government of the South.”

Malik works diligently to establish an Islamist representation in the Christian South Sudan, advancing the interests of his bosses Suar al-Dhahab and Omar Al-Bashir. Does the GMBW even know what they are talking about? How could the “Christian” President Obama at one point in time prevent Salva Kiir, the Christian president of South Sudan, from aiding rebels who wanted to topple Malik’s boss, al-Bashir to replace his Islamist government with a secular government? Andrew S. Natsios of Foreign Affairs elaborates:

“…major rebel leaders in Darfur formally announced a new alliance to depose Bashir’s Islamist autocracy (the Sudanese affiliate of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood) and install a secular democratic pluralist state.”

And who stopped him? The “Christian” President Obama. He attacked the Christian leader. Natsios concluded:

“That led to an acrimonious meeting between U.S. President Barack Obama and South Sudanese President Salva Kiir late last year. The South has since stopped weapons transfers.”

Malik could still keep his job, which includes protecting the world’s leading genocidal maniac Omar Al-Bashir. Hollywood actor George Clooney has made bringing Al-Bashir to justice his cause celebre. Yet, he is one of Barack Obama’s biggest fundraisers. His silence on the Obama family’s relationship with Al-Bashir is (and has been) deafening. More examples (out of many) can be provided regarding Malik’s ambassadorship. In August of last year, the secret ‘Obama Ambassador’ Malik visited Turkey during his ‘Balkan peace tour’, whichbegan in Skopje, Macedonia, the birthplace of Mother Teresa. While there, his so-called ‘peace deals’ were even rewarded and Malik was presented with the Balkan Charter of Peace awardfrom the Balkan Club of Peace. Yet, in an interview with the U.K. Daily Mail, Malik was adamant that he does not use the family name to elevate himself:

He (Malik) is fed up with people criticizing him for trying to cash in on his younger half-brother’s famous name. “It’s also my name and my birthright. Let’s not forget that I was born before him,” he says.

That is simply not true. In endless interviews and speeches, Malik always introduces himself as the President’s brother. During his tour, which included stops in several cities, Malik proceeded on tovisit the city of Gostivar in Macedonia, where he was welcomed by Mayor Nevzat Bayt, the Mufti and even speaks a former commander of the ‘extremist’ Albanian NLA Talat Xhaferi, also known as Commander Forina (Komandant Forina). Malik Obama in Gostivar with Mayor (not cashing in on his brother's name). Malik Obama in Gostivar with Mayor (not cashing in on his brother’s name). As for the people in attendance during Malik’s visit, quotes the Mayor as saying the following, which includes the typical buzzwords used by false Islamist purveyors of peace (translated):

“Gostivar welcomes Malik Obama, the brother of the President of the United States… The people here of peace, tolerance and understanding can be trusted to convey your message throughout Macedonia. Gostivar is… made up of people with a tolerance and understanding that is unmatched… They live in harmony among themselves. People of our city make up a mosaic of different ethnic groups and religions. This is an important asset that we should preserve.”

If living in harmony is the standard, Macedonia appears to have failed to meet it when selecting its Defense Minister. Xhaferi was appointed to his Minister of Defense post in February of 2013. It was not without controversy – and even riots. According to a detailed report by Tom Vangelovski, the NLA:

“…instigated an armed attack against the Macedonian state in 2001…”

Xhaferi is apparently also a deserter:

“When the 2001 war began, Xhaferi, like many other Albanian police and military personnel, deserted the army and joined the NLA.”

The Islamist NLA claimed to fight for more rights for the Muslim Albanian minority. In 2008, Xhaferi was charged with obstructing a policeman. The former NLA commander also has a history of creating chaos within the political system. His resume smacks of a Macedonian version of Bill Ayers. Front Row seats in Gostivar: Mayor Bayt, Malik, Talat Xhaferi. Front Row seats in Gostivar: Mayor Bayt, Malik, Talat Xhaferi. Malik meets the Mufti in Gostivar. Malik meets the Mufti in Gostivar. Here is the Mayor presenting Malik with another award (don’t worry, it has nothing to do with Malik’s family name): Mayor presenting Malik with another award (don't worry, it has nothing to do with Malik's family name). Mayor presenting Malik with another award (don’t worry, it has nothing to do with Malik’s family name). After a quick perusal of the other photos posted on the site, it’s easy to see that Malik Obama is the main attraction and was treated like an emissary of President Obama himself. Our ‘secret’ ambassador Malik also traveled to Serbia and visited with President Tomislav Nikolic. Of all the stops Malik made along his tour, Turkey should have been the most high-profile. It wasn’t. In fact, it’s only mentioned as a place he would be visiting. Details of the visit are very difficult to find. At the time of Malik’s visit to Turkey, Dr. Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, a Turk, was the Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), which is headquartered in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Malik has been there too. In fact, he met with then OIC Secretary General Ihsanoglu in 2011. 2011: Malik Obama with the Secretary General of OIC in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in 2011. 2011: Malik Obama with the Secretary General of OIC in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in 2011. As we’ve reported before, in his capacity as Executive Director for the IDO, Malik Obama works for an organization overseen by Sudan’s Omar al-Bashir. As such, while Secretary General for the OIC, Ihsanoglu once prayed with al-Bashir, the overseer of Malik Obama’s IDO, who is wanted for crimes against humanity. Al-Bashir and OIC's Secretary General praying together. Al-Bashir and OIC’s Secretary General praying together. In light of our recent findings on Malik’s Hamas scarf, Turkish media picked up the story. Malik has attempted to discredit us in the past, when he broke his silence in an interview with Turkey’s Anatolia Press. In so doing, he did not refute a thing; he simply attempted to discredit us with innuendo. That’s understandable. It’s quite difficult to refute this photo: Malik Obama supports elimination of Israel. Malik Obama supports elimination of Israel. Speaking of ambassadors, it became news recently that so many of Obama’s ambassadors are donors to his campaign and don’t meet basic qualifications for the job. The newly announced Ambassador to Argentina – Noah Byson Mamet – admitted during his Senate hearing that he’dnever even been to that country; State Department spokesman Jen Psaki couldn’t even confirm that he speaks Spanish. ABC’s Jonathan Karl frustratingly asked State Department spokesman Jen Psaki: “How much does it cost to become an ambassador… in the Obama administration?” If Barack Obama is willing to appoint unqualified donors to ambassadorships, would he be willing to appoint his Muslim brother as an informal ambassador? Instead of focusing on President Obama’s controversial ambassadorial appointments, perhaps the media should begin asking about what Malik Obama is doing acting as an ambassador himself. Note: To watch cousin Musa Ismail Obama spill the beans on Al-Jazeera, click here. Here is another video of Musa speaking in Arabic at the “Al-Salamu A’lyaykum” project. At the :55 mark, he says:

“This project is considered an Islamic Da’wa.”

Here is a video that profiles Barack Obama’s grandmother Sarah: (click links atop article)

Whichever way his defenders shuck and jive, they cannot wiggle him out of his roots; they bind him to Islam and they are rock solid:The Islamist-in-Chief & his Kenyan Wahhabi relatives: Obama’s Inner Roots.

So, a shout out to “Uncle Sayid” is warranted: thanks fella, you just gave (one of) this blog’s thesis your (halal-approved) thumbs up!

شكرا…. thank you in Arabic …. תודה …thank you in Hebrew…. فصاعدا onward in Arabic…צעדה קדימה…forward march in Hebrew…and so on….