Islamic-Jihadi Indoctrination Camps: Hamas/PA/Fatah Style..They’re Not Boy/Girl Scouts! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Those of us who dare posit the truth, thereby pointing out the obvious, are tarred and feathered as bigots and warmongers. You know the drill, the never say YES to “peace” and all that jazz. But never mind. Some of us are not sitting on our brains, and yes, we can see from there to here. Sticks and stones…

But let’s not get sucked into navel gazing, thereby playing into the hands of those who prefer to separate the “good” terrorist from the bad. As far as the left is concerned, including Israel’s obsessive “peace” chasers, the good cop/bad cop routine never wavers, lynchings beside the point. As to the PA/Fatah’s kiddies, let’s just say that “peaceniks” are aware of the following, but said reality doesn’t create a ripple effect, not even close – It’s like talking to the wall. Spitting in the wind.

Regardless, the sane among us must charge forward, otherwise we leave the outcome in the hands of the irredeemably evil and their deluded helpers. Bowing out is not an option.

‘No Jihadist Left Behind – Rachel Ehrenfeld, Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center’


Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

No child is left behind the new mandatory Jihadist education program in Gaza.

Muslim Brotherhood’s ideologue and chairman of the International Federation of Muslim Clerics, Youssef Qaradawi, was surely proud to see that his decades-long virulent preaching for Muslims to “carry out Jihad to death,” has been taken seriously by HAMAS.

Tens of thousands of teenage boys in the Gaza Strip have been receiving weekly jihadist/terrorist training in school, as part of the mandatory “Al-Futuwwa” (Youth Courage) program. Videos of the program have been posted on YouTube to further the radicalization of Arabic-speaking Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center* exposé should leave no illusions regarding “peace” in the region anytime soon.

“Hamas has introduced a program in Gaza Strip schools called Al-Futuwwa, which provides military training for tens of thousands of adolescent boys.”

1. Since September 2012 Hamas has run a new program called Al-Futuwwa (“youth,” “courage”) in high schools in the Gaza Strip. In the program, tens of thousands of adolescent Gazan boys receive theoretical and practical military training.

The program has three components: military classes are held weekly in the schools, there are two-week training camps held during school breaks, and practical activities carried out with operatives of the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas’ military-terrorist wing. An article in the British newspaper The Guardian recentlymreported that the weekly classes are part of the curriculum for 37,000 boys aged 15 to 17, of whom about 5,000 have participated in the training camps. They train with Kalashnikov assault rifles and learn how to use hand grenades and detonate IEDs.

2. The military training program is part of comprehensive indoctrination and practical activities held by Hamas for the younger generation in the Gaza Strip.

The activities which begin in kindergarten and continue on into university, are meant to raise a new generation of motivated military and political operatives and activists and to brainwash them with Hamas ideology (the so-called “liberation of Palestine,” refusal to recognize the State of Israel or its right to exist, nurturing the path of jihad and fostering radical Islam).

3. Hamas expects that this new generation will participate in the armed campaign against Israel as operatives in the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades and will integrate into the Hamas movement and administrative activities, thus ensuring Hamas’ long-term control of the Gaza Strip. Another of the program’s objectives is to reinforce the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades’ image as an “army of the people” operating in the service of the movement’s administration, as opposed to the military terrorist wings of the other terrorist organizations, whose role is secondary and which represent affiliation with one faction or another.

Military Training in Gazan High Schools within the Framework of Al-Futuwwa

4. During 2012, called by the de-facto Hamas administration “the year of Palestinian education,” Hamas introduced a program in its high schools called Al-Futuwwa (“youth,” “courage”). Its objective was to integrate military studies into the schools run by Hamas to raise a new generation of operatives and activists to “serve the homeland” and “expel the Zionist occupation from the land of Palestine” (Hamas forum website, January 24, 2013). The ministries of education and the interior of the de-facto Hamas administration direct the program with the support of the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades and Hamas’ security services.

5. An article in the British paper The Guardian recently reported on Al-Futuwwa. Its main points were the following [ITIC emphasis throughout]

a) The high school curriculum includes weekly classes in which boys become familiar with Kalashnikov assault rifles and other weapons. Instructors from the interior ministry’s national security services also teach first aid, firefighting and the values of “discipline and responsibility.” Parents can remove their sonsfrom the program but rarely do so.

b) To supplement the course there are voluntary camps during school breaks, in which boys are instructed in how to handle guns and explosives.

The Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades operatives assist in the training using live ammunition and real explosives (Note: See the military display below, photographed at the Gamal Abdel Nasser School in Sajaiya in the eastern Gaza Strip).

c) 3) According to the Hamas ministry of education, the course is now part of the curriculum for about 37,000 pupils aged 15 to 17. So far, about 5,000 have participated in the training camps. A 17 year-old boy (called “Mohammed” in the article) said that he spent six hours a day for two weeks at a training camp, along with 170 other students from his school. They practiced firing Kalashnikov assault rifles, using hand grenades and detonating IEDs. Their instructors were operatives from the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades and Hamas’ national security. The boys learned “self defense” and how to “confront the occupation” [i.e., fight Israel]. “Mohammad” said that he supported Hamas and would consider joining the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades.

6. The people in charge of Al-Futuwwa are Mahmoud Syam, general director of educational activities for the Hamas ministry of education, and Lieutenant Colonel Mahmoud al-Nahale, in charge of the program for the ministry of the interior.

In March 2013 Mahmoud Syam visited a number of high schools where the program was being taught, and said that so far it had achieved its aims and that the government also was considering adapting the program for high school girls.

He said that in the future emphasis would be put on a variety of training exercises including the use of weapons and learning skills on the ground (Website of the ministry of the interior of the de-facto Hamas administration, March 31, 2013; Website of the ministry of education of the de-facto Hamas administration, March 20, 2013).

Participation in Operational Activity on the Ground

7. Al-Futuwwa students are integrated into the operational activities of the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades to complete their training and theoretical studies.

According to the Hamas forum, on May 3, 2013, 140 Al-Futuwwa students participated in nighttime activities in Gaza along with operatives from the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas’ military-terrorist wing. They patrolled and secured junctions and other key points in Gaza City (Hamas forum website, May 3, 2013).

Military Display of Al-Futuwwa Students in a School in Gaza City

8. On April 10, 2013, Al-Futuwwa students held a military display at the Gamal Abdel Nasser school in the Sajaiya quarter in eastern Gaza City. They simulated the attack and takeover of an “IDF post,” the abduction of an “Israeli soldier,” and ended the display by firing anti-tank weapons at the “Israeli post.” They used live ammunition before a large audience. The display was conducted by a Hamas announcer who excited the audience by promising more explosions for “the Zionist enemy.” The display was taped and posted on the GAZA ALAN Facebook page (GAZA ALAN Facebook page, April 10, 2013). It was also posted on YouTube. (

Criticism of the Al-Futuwwa Program

9. Samir Zakout, director of the field research unit of the Al-Mezan Center in the Gaza Strip[1],was severely critical of the de-facto Hamas administration for introducing the Al-Futuwwa program into Gaza Strip high schools. He called the program “empty and with no educational content.” He added that the Hamas administration first had to solve more important problems in Palestinian education in the Gaza Strip and provide them with educational values in a different way. He said that Al-Futuwwa was liable to endanger the schools in the Gaza Strip and expose them to attacks by the Israeli Air Force (MBC-TV, Dubai, November 12, 2012).

10. On another occasion, quoted by The Guardian’s correspondent in the Gaza Strip, Samir Zakout said that Hamas had cut sports activities for the past six years, and how had found time to have military training in schools. He added that Hamas was building a “military culture” and creating the next generation of “militants.”

See the Full Document in pdf format.

[1] The Al-Mezan Center is a Palestinian NGO based in the Gaza Strip. Its main office is in the Rimal quarter of Gaza City, and it has branch offices in Jabaliya and Rafah. It is headed by Issam Yunis, who has a Master’s degree in human rights from Essex University in London. The organization plays a prominent role in anti-Israeli lawfare in collaboration with other Palestinian NGOs.

Rest assured, whatever kiddie terror rap is (eventually) pinned on Hamas’s gangsters goes ditto for their PA/Fatah brothers-in-arms, despite their inter-tribal rivalry and occasional warfare. Intrinsically, it was these same “peace” partners who lynched this blogger’s “brothers” in Ramallah, dipping their hands in Jewish blood – But if you require a visual aid peer within – And if not for their inextricable link with blood this discussion would be moot – . DOA.

Besides, a PA (terror) state is illegal, even in contravention of international law. And if you require the most expert opinion of all, don’t rely on my word, but do rely on my mentor’s, Professor Louis Rene Beres -(

‘Palestinian Statehood, Terror, and the US Election’

Published: October 24th, 2012

“Whenever an insurgent group resorts to openly unjust means, its actions become incontestably terroristic. Even if the ritualistic Palestinian claim of a hostile Israeli “occupation” were somehow reasonable rather than invented, the corresponding right of entitlement to oppose Israel “by any means necessary” would be false.

Significantly, any openly unjust means would remain an obvious expression of terrorism, even if these means were sponsored by a now accepted sovereign state. Alternatively, in these post-independence circumstances, such means could also become a war crime.

Whatever the particular issue at hand, international law always has determinable form and content. Its principles and practices cannot be fashioned and re-fashioned by individual terror groups or by terror-supporting states in order to satisfy certain presumed geo-political interests. This is especially the case wherever terror violence purposely targets evidently fragile and vulnerable civilian populations.

Whatever their cause, national liberation movements that fail to meet the test of just means can never be protected as lawful or legitimate. Even if we could accept the intrinsically spurious argument that Hamas and/or Fatah are somehow able to fulfill the explicit criteria of “national liberation” movements, it would remain perfectly obvious that they still do not meet the recognizable standards of discrimination, proportionality, and military necessity. These authoritative standards of humanitarian international law are made most prominently applicable to insurgent organizations by the common Article 3 of the four Geneva Conventions of 1949, and also by the two 1977 Protocols to the Conventions.

These core standards are also binding upon all combatants by virtue of broader customary and conventional international law, including Article 1 of the Preamble to the Fourth Hague Convention of 1907. This rule, generally called the “Martens Clause,” makes all persons responsible for upholding the “laws of humanity” and, reciprocally, the “dictates of public conscience.”

Under international law, the ends can never justify the means. As in the case of war between states, every use of force by insurgents must be judged twice, once with regard to the justness of the objective (in this case, a Palestinian state that seeks to be built upon the ruins of a correspondingly dismembered Israel), and once with regard to the justness of the means used toward achieving that annihilatory objective.

In law, murderers of mothers and young children who take an undisguised delight in the blood of their victims can never be “freedom fighters.” Indeed, if ever they should become entitled to such a laudatory designation, we would then have to recalculate the authentic meaning of international law. More precisely, we would have to concede that such law was really nothing more than a quaintly veneered authorization for unhindered evil.

American and European supporters of a Palestinian state continue to presume that Palestine would become an agreeable part of a two-state Solution. For these optimistic believers in “peace,” this 23rd Arab state will gratefully coexist with a still-standing Jewish state. Both U.S. presidential contenders should understand this presumption is plainly contradicted by the undisguised expectations of leading Palestinians, and is regularly dismissed everywhere else in the Arab/Islamic world.

Again, consider cartography. The official Map of Palestine at the PA website continues to include all of Israel. Significantly, there is only one state on this map. As readers may already know, it is not Israel.

The Palestine Liberation Organization was formed in 1964, three years before there were any “occupied territories.” What, exactly, was the PLO attempting to “liberate” between 1964 and 1967? There is no more important or primary question.

In all law, terrorist crimes mandate universal cooperation in both apprehension and punishment. As required punishers of “grave breaches” under a still-decentralized regime of international law, all states are required to search out and prosecute, or to extradite, individual terrorist perpetrators. In absolutely no circumstances are states permitted to characterize terrorists as “freedom fighters.” Any such characterization would reject the fixed obligations of international criminal law.

In absolutely no circumstances are states permitted to support terror violence or war crimes against other states.

This is most emphatically true for the United States, which incorporates all of international law as the “supreme law of the land” in Article 6 of the Constitution, and also in certain Supreme Court decisions. Though almost no one seems to be familiar with such an “arcane” history, this American nation was formed by its Founding Fathers according to the timeless legal principles of Blackstone’s Commentariesand in conformance with antecedent and universal Natural Law.

As Americans, we have a genuine obligation to avoid expressly specious manipulations of international law. Whether in New York, London, or Tel Aviv, “freedom fighters” do not orchestrate their wars against office workers, nursery schools, buses, flower markets, or mothers and their babes in ice-cream parlors.

Until we can finally reconcile this elementary human understanding with jihadist portions of the Middle East, our so-called international community will run the risk of transforming assorted and feuding Palestinian gangs into a UN-supported government.

If this bestowal of sovereignty is allowed to proceed, we could soon expect, however counterintuitive, a continuation or even an enlargement of Palestinian violence. The uncontested fact that any such excursions into violence would now have the blessings and succor of a newly constituted state would in no way diminish the associated criminality.

President Obama and Governor Romney should both take close heed. Jurisprudentially, these destructive acts of a Palestinian state would remain as fully verifiable instances of terrorism, or they would emerge as egregious new violations of the law of war. Either way, there would still be no Palestinian peace with Israel.”

Know this, their non-quenchable barbarism will NOT be forgotten. Nor forgiven. By the way, the lynch in Ramallah was not a one off!

8 thoughts on “Islamic-Jihadi Indoctrination Camps: Hamas/PA/Fatah Style..They’re Not Boy/Girl Scouts! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. On Barack Hussein Obama’s first trip to Israel as POTUS in March of this year, he offered assurances of continued U.S. support to their Prime Minister with the scripted for camera words “We have your back”. Later in this trip he referred to Israel’s “foreign army” in part of the Palestinian territory with his signature campaign style rhetoric to an assembled for camera group under the gaze of Yasser Arafat. The arrogant insults by the Muslim President of the United States were planned and intent on undermining the leadership of Netanyahu. The writing on the wall has spoken. The finale words of Barack Hussein Obama in this world will be “Allah akbar”.

  2. yes

    in gaza the children play with suicide vests and AK47 and in the USA kids pointing fingers in grade school get expelled.

    I really think that until it becomes a hot war things will continue to deteriorate. if the leftists were smart (which they aren’t) and go slow they can avoid a hot war and just win by attrition.

    • True, but personally I just want it over with. I have no patience for “negotiations” over how many Jews have to die. As such, it will require Israel’s requisite firepower. The open question is, as always: how many Jews will have to be sacrificed on its “peace” altar before our resident leftist brayers get on with it? In fact, if not for the IDF doctrine of “havlaga”, “restraint is strength” (a concoction/perversion designed by a leftist prof for the IDF’s “code of conduct”!), this war would have been won decades ago.

  3. And yet…and yet…while mooslim children are imbued with the death cult by Hamas, the leaders of Hamas are treated as real “statesmen” by the West. The 24/7 “assistant” the American Secretary of State was from a family with ties to the murderous mooslim brotherhood. The US government allows Chechen jihadists into the country and reward them with money and homes.
    And few have the courage to say that this will lead to destruction if not checked. It is a though liberals and mooslim supporters/enablers are mesmerized by their own coming obliteration.

    “A decline in courage may be the most striking feature that an outside observer notices in the West today.” – Alexander Solzhenitsyn

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