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MANY of the site’s readership already know that this blog is dedicated to (Israeli) Zionist and (American) Conservative interests. This is why its raison d’être rallies around, protects, both principles. Like a guard dog. It is not for nothing.

ADMITTEDLY, being an American-Israeli, a right-wing Zionist and an American patriot to boot, renders many to go off the rails, especially Islamists and leftists. The invective sent this way – non-printable. The threats – off the charts. Agreed, this blogger is their worst nightmare, as evidenced within two major interviews (here and here) and with another in process.  

AND it is this site’s passionate foundation which eschews any fantastical reporting, regardless of how comforting it may be at the most “opportune” of times. Yes, see no evil, hear no evil. Folks, such dangerous foolishness is never gonna happen. Let the chips fall where they may.

ALONG this same trajectory, it is also no secret that Israel’s (Jewish) leaders are appeasers of the highest magnitude, although the reasons are manifest in scope. However, there is one (mental) aberrant feature which stands above the rest and it is highlighted within said excerpted interview:

Wolff Bachner: As I mentioned in my introduction, there is a terrible conflict between the majority of Jews who support Israel and a well funded, highly organized minority of Jews who have worked over time to delegitimize the state of Israel.

Why would Jews turn against the one safe haven on earth for the Jewish people and stand with her enemies who have sworn to wipe Israel off the face of the earth?

Just how serious of a problem is the Post-Zionist movement in Israel and how are they able to get away with behavior that many Jews feel is simply treasonous?

Adina Kutnicki: First and foremost, the Post-Zionist movement in Israel is replete within every sector where civil society elitists permeate. They burrow deeply inside the political and military hierarchies and their tentacles reach within academia, media, legal, cultural and public diplomacy arenas. Many are leftist ideologues, but some are simply well paid whores, handsomely provided for by various foreign-funded NGO’s, all in order to ply their wares. The New Israel Fund (among others) is a major umbrella front for those who seek to delegitimize Israel as the Jewish national homeland. On the other hand, it is estimated that a very small fraction (approximately 3%) of the Jewish majority public veers to the left. Nevertheless, the majority’s wishes are continually marginalized, and herein lies much of the rancor and push back from nationalist Jews, of which I am immeasurably aligned with.

Adding to the morass, the fact that Israel has yet to adopt a Constitution (Professor Paul Eidelberg, a renowned American-Israeli political scientist cited above – a PhD from the University of Chicago – has drafted/shaped many of Israel’s future Constitutional components, and they are held within the Knesset as place markers) muddies the waters. In word and deed, this is a fatal flaw which allows many offenses – which would otherwise be deemed treasonous – to fly under the radar, despite Israel’s Basic Laws.

As to the mental aberration, why Jews (hailing chiefly from the left) side with sworn enemies, well, this is a question which Dr. Kenneth Levin, a Harvard psychiatrist, as well as a PhD historian from Princeton, answered in his masterpiece; a monumental, epoch feat of scholarship “The Oslo Syndrome: Delusions of a People Under Siege.” To make a long story short (and to save myself from a throbbing headache…this subject irks to no end), a chronically besieged people – and the Jewish people qualify like none other – often end up internalizing the hatred and delude themselves about the malevolent intent of their enemies. The visceral, non-quenching hatred is too onerous to bear, therefore, fantasy becomes blurred with reality. Feeling totally out of control, they invent a fairy tale, not unlike chronically abused children. But this is just its tip, the rest must be gleaned through the book itself. It is an eye opener and jaw dropper.

NOW, in light of the HORRIFIC news that the kidnapped Israeli teens have been found dead, the leadership’s delusional thinking focuses into sharper relief!

Baruch Dayan Emet – Blessed is the True Judge – ברוך דיין האמת 

Cover Photo

Missing teens       1 OF 5


AS a matter of record, aside from the rabid left (approx 3-5% of Jewish voters) and a significant portion of a radicalized Arab Israeli public (their leadership are in bed with the enemy, that’s already been established), the majority of Jewish Zionists – secular and religious – understand what’s what. What is at stake. In effect, they are livid at the leadership’s coddling of the enemy, their feckless and spineless leadership, at the expense of their security and national pride! Israeli radio, tv and print media attests to the “matzav”, the situation, the mood, of the nation’s majority-thinking.

THESE latest “sacrifices for peace” must be allowed to rest in peace, but their “brothers and sisters” have a sacred obligation in this regard; to hammer the leadership and not merely resort to incessant hand wringing in its stead! What good does that do? Zip.

AND if the leadership refuses to set the ship of state rightward, well, in a so-called democracy, the citizens have a right, an obligation, to hold their feet to the fire. In fact, this American-Israel, livid as hell, recommends: as a first order of business, a concerted campaign of civil disobedience should ensue. Start with Zo Artzeinu as a template….and then…

TAKE a page out of other successful campaigns too, look outward, if you need inspiration. Keep uppermost in mind: yes, the leadership have a sworn obligation to protect the citizens, this is not a favor they are “gifting”. Fellow Israelis, do a quick study of the civil rights protests under Martin Luther King’s stewardship. Why?

INHERENTLY, is there ANY more basic civil right, than that of living free from incessant terror? So, as Israel’s southern citizens live in terror, due to a constant onslaught of missile barrages, and as 3 of OUR boys lie buried for eternity – coupled with too many other terror attacks to enumerate – what will the majority Zionist public actually commit to, in order to ensure Jewish justice? Working day and night on this end…

WITHIN light of the harsh reality painted above, the following DEBKAfile strategic analysis (tragically) sums up the leadership’s devastating failures; pointing to their inability to truly assess the strategic calculus, not unlike before the Yom Kippur War:

Three months after Israel’s National Intelligence Estimate judged the prospect of a conventional war close to nil, Al Qaeda’s cohorts are grabbing wide stretches of Iraq and knocking on the doors of Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

Iran, Hizballah – and now ISIS – must be wondering what makes Israel tick in view of this behavior.  Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi’s jihadis are fighting under the flag of the Islamist State of Iraq and the Levant. For them, the Levant is not just Syria and Lebanon and Jordan, but also “Palestine” i.e. Israel.
Jerusalem had better wake up fast. Jordan and Saudi Arabia have deployed tank divisions on their borders against ISIS encroachments. The two kingdoms are Israel’s eastern and southern next door neighbors…..

ADDING to the toxic mix, has anyone ever heard of such insanity; whereby a so-called rational Israeli leadership allows funds to be transferred to terrorist prisoners – from an avowed enemy leadership – as payment for a “job well done”?? If not, be prepared to internalize their serial mendacity, and it goes back many years!

YES, this entire indictment exposes the leadership’s “strategic” thinking!

Fast Draw – Israel Funds Palestinian Terror

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8796564_m כקשאורקNow they remember. It’s unbelievable. We’re helping the Palestinian Authority to fund terrorists, behind bars or free men – free men who will almost certainly go back to prison very soon.

Only yesterday Minister of Economy Naftali Bennet announced that he’ll do everything to stop the transfer of salaries from the Palestinian Authority to security prisoners held in Israeli prisons.

Another unbelievable fact – cabinet ministers, during a discussion, raised the issue of the legal challenges this presents, although they decided to review the matter over the next few days. One possible solution: Cut down on the tax money transfers to the Palestinian Authority.

According to Bennet’s data a terrorist serving a sentence of five to ten years gets 4,000 shekels a month. 10-15 years: 6,000 shekels; 25-30 years: 10,000 shekels; and the most serious offenders, serving sentences of more than 30 years, get 12,000 shekels a month.

iHLS – Israel Homeland Security

In addition, any Palestinian prisoner held by Israel gets 400 shekels for personal expenses twice a year, with additional sums given to married men or fathers. How much does an average Palestinian police officer make, in comparison? 2,700 shekels a month.

According to Bennet about 4,000 ex-prisoners continue to receive salaries even after they’re set free. They also get pensions. “Ziad Awad, the murderer of Baruch Mizrachi who was set free as part of the Shalit exchange agreement, got a salary from the Palestinian Authority during his first prison term, was released and got a released prisoner salary, and now he’ll get a “raise”, since he murdered another Jew and got sent back to prison.”

Was our government unaware of the truth all this time? Were the cabinet ministers actually surprised? Wake up, esteemed members of the cabinet. Israel helps fund terrorism carried out against its own citizens and you’re doing nothing, absolutely nothing.

And now they’re concerned about “legal trouble”. People have lost their minds. Deal with it. That’s what your getting paid to do!

LET there be NO doubt: it pains to no end to admit to a worldwide audience, yes, Israel’s leaders are, quite frankly, delusional. But not in the way Israel-haters obsessively opine. In fact, it is the leadership’s fantastical thinking, their derelict stewardship, which has manifestly, inordinately BENEFITED those who want nothing less than Israel’s total destruction! 

DEMONSTRATING their insanity even further, take a peek at this, but don’t forget to bring your vomit bag:

Netanyahu also denounced the demonstration staged at the Israeli Arab town of Umm al-Fahm which urged the kidnapping of more Israelis to force Israel to free convicted Palestinian terrorists from jail. The authorities are considering outlawing the extremist “Northern Branch of the Israeli Islamist movement” as a terrorist organization, he said. Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman added: “We expect the law and order authorities to act expeditiously to demonstrate that Israeli society will not tolerate this incitement in its midst…..

IF your head isn’t already exploding, read on….

Since May 1985, when then-prime minister Shimon Peres freed 1,150 terrorists for three IDF soldiers held hostage by Palestinian terror master Ahmed Jibril, Israel’s behavior has consistently encouraged our enemies to take hostages.

Through their willingness to release murderers for hostages – and even for hostage bodies – our leaders have told our enemies that they should feel free to steal our children. Their payoff is guaranteed.

Through their willingness to free murderers, our leaders have shown our enemies that they should feel free to murder as many Israelis as they can. They know that once their comrades take another Israeli hostage, (or three), they will go free.

And of course, our politicians are not the only ones at fault. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his colleagues and predecessors swim in an acrid stream, where this sort of behavior is required.

To their disgrace, our media consistently behave as advocates and lobbyists for hostage-takers and imprisoned murderers against Israeli society….

SO, in tandem with such personal heartburn, how much more odious can it get – actually a double crime – when subjected to an irrational leadership via a majorly flawed political system, which is actually designed to set the stage for national nightmares? Indeed, Israel’s appeasing leaders are responsible for gifting pleasure and succor to those who are considered mortal foes, even as these same enemies scream: Israeli leaders are “war criminals”! Assuredly, a win-win – for the enemy.

NOW, you be the judge: isn’t the wholesale release of indicted terrorists from prison – for whatever political/diplo calculus – a bonus for Israel’s tormentors and an unbearable price paid by the majority Jewish public? Tragically, there is nothing new under the (Israeli leadership’s demented) sun, as this blogger demonstrated in an op-ed, back in 2007.

EVEN more so, many of the above actions are against Israel’s own Prevention of Terrorism Ordinance. In reality, releasing terrorist murderers, allowing the transfer of monies for each KILL – plus other egregious coddling – renders the leadership “legal outlaws”. Crazy too.

AGAIN, a Zionist patriot’s Orwellian nightmare! Bibi, et al…wake the hell up…before the majority Zionist public turns the country upside down! 

MEMO TO BIBI & GANG: prove that you deserve to lead our people, our citizen soldiers – 

UPDATE: true to form, Israel’s irrational, totally (mentally) besieged leadership have decided NOT to act against incessant missile barrages on its southern citizens…in any other “normal” nation they would be run out on a rail….

Wednesday night, July 2, Israel’s security cabinet held its third special session in two days to map out a response to the kidnapping and murder of Eyal Yifrach, Gil-Ad Shaer and Naftali Frenkel, who were laid to rest in mass funerals Tuesday. Despite the impression of indecision, the select group of senior ministers conveyed,DEBKAfile’s sources report that they did in fact decide to hold back from a major military operation in the Gaza Strip. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Defense Minsiter Moshe Ya’alon abd Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz decided that instead of smashing Hamas infrastructure at its home base in the Gaza Strip, the Israeli army would continue to pound its networks on the West Bank.

This decision was the outcome of heavy arm-twisting on the part of Egypt, Qatar and Jordan. They urged Israel to continue to smash Hamas in Mahmoud Abbas’ West Bank domain, but to leave the Islamist organization be in the Gaza Strip.

By heeding Arab advice on how to respond to the tragedy of three murdered young Israelis, the government found within hours that it had opened the door to unbridled violence both in Jerusalem and against the communities who have the misfortune to live within range of Gazan rockets…..

Tons of rocks and explosive devices were hurled during the day at Israeli police and security forces attempting to restore order in Jerusalem’s Palestinian districts.
In the Gaza Strip, Hamas and the Jihad Islami leaders, knowing they were safe from Israeli retribution, let loose with volley after volley of rockets and mortars – 30 in a single day – against Ashkelon, Netivot, Sdot Negev, Sderot, Kerem Shalom and the Eshkol District. Three were downed by Iron Dome interceptor. But no defense system is proof against a missile blitz on this scale.

The three cabinet sessions not only failed to come up with ways to deter Hamas terror or cut its armed capabilities down to size, but reached a decision that opened the gates of violence in two arenas – Jerusalem and Gaza.

FURTHER sealing the indictment, the evidence is housed within.

(Delusional) case closed. Indictment sealed – against Israel’s leaders!



  1. Oh no! I have been praying daily for the kidnapped teenagers and been unable to find any news. Planned to ask your help today. I am heartsick to hear the disgusting news and so sad for everyone. May all the killers be found and punished.. We are living in evil, dishonest times. Thank you for keeping us informed.

  2. the Good Book writes stories of those who became kings at very young age, Israel is still very young but the free world is beginning to look to her for correct thinking & behavior. Evil could triumph & a dark age of extreme violence is beginning to look very possible.


  4. well we are not surprised are we Adina??? nothing surprises us anymore. our leadership lies and lies and lies about everything. they are beyond disgusting… watch out you will soon be on Livni’s hot list for those who dare to speak out , are you shaking in your boots?? sigh.


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