Hamas’ Unremitting Terror,Yet, “Bibi” Netanyahu Lies Impotent-Once Again. What’s Going On? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

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SCOWLS, clenched fists, and promises aside, when “Bibi” Netanyahu or his lackeys are queried: What will it take, once and for all, to unleash the IDF to bury Hamas, it is as if they are reading from the same demented script: “What we see from here, you don’t see from there!” 

BE that as it may, as is said, the proof is in the pudding. To wit, how many times does this grave situation, a/k/a “matzav”, have to be tackled and highlighted to demonstrate that Israel’s leadership are wildly derelict in their most sacred duty of all? Ad infinitum. 

BUT for the uninitiated, or the still unconvinced, here we go again. As per the actual facts on the ground….the case….the indictment…. 

  • Back in August 2011, six years after the late PM Sharon, “the bulldozer”, ordered the IDF to destroy twenty five plus thriving Jewish communities in Gush Katif, a/k/a Gaza, and the northern Shomron (to satiate the very same barbarians who rocketed southern Israel for 17 years – only to up the ante and terrorize the entire nation, after the insane “gifting/rewarding” of developed Jewish communities, as evidenced during the last defensive war with Hamas in 2014), this investigative journalist was asked to memorialize the devastating destruction via its knock-on effects (for HONENU – Israel’s National Legal Defense Organization) through a no-holds-barred analytical assessment. Resultant,”The Bitter Fruits of ‘Disengagement‘ ” was written. Shortly, others followed. Painstaking. Searing.
  • Even so, those with eyes and ears and a modicum of historical acumen should have known that one cannot feed rabid beasts and, in return, expect civilized behavior! In fact, as far back as 2007, “No Crime Without Punishment” laid out (at Israel National News) the absolute legal and moral onus upon Israel’s leaders, that is, their sworn duty to mete out punishment commensurate with the acts of terrorism against their citizens. Nullem Crimen Sine Poena. How many understand this sworn obligation?
  • In this regard, under the Orwellian circumstances cited above, it is hardly shocking that a follow-on (again, at Israel National News) report was necessary in January 2008, and with no let up in sight. Ask yourselves: Is it rational, let alone acceptable, that the most fearsome army in the Middle East (indeed, the IDF is ranked Number 8 in the world!) has yet to bring Hamas (and assorted Jihadi offshoots) to its knees?

IN light of the above truth-telling and disinfectant, and as night follows day alike, no one should be shocked that this past weekend Hamas is still “calling the shots”, as to when to fire, and when to “pause” – even though, reportedly, the IDF/IAF targeted this and that Hamas building for destruction, all of which, “coincidentally”, were (always are) empty. Why is this?? And, once again, Hamas’ terror masters are left standing to terrorize at will.

Wave upon wave of Palestinian missiles were aimed at Israeli communities from Gaza on Friday night and Saturday morning, Oct. 26-27, gaining impetus from IDF air strikes at some 87 Hamas targets. The IDF spokesman spoke of 30 Palestinian missiles during the night, although the number was more than 50, of which Iron Dome intercepted 13 that directly threatened residential areas. This Palestinian assault focused on the town of Sderot and the Shear Hanegev Council communities rather than widely-spaced targets.
The IDF reported Saturday that IAF fighters hit the new Hamas General Security headquarters in the Derej district of Gaza City although they admitted the building was empty at the time of the attack. In the streets of Sderot meanwhile householders and their children huddled in shelters and fortified rooms after a day of listening to howling mobs of some 16,000 Palestinians close by, trying to force their way through the Gaza fence at three points, while hurling small bombs, grenades and rocks at the soldiers. Five rioters were killed and dozens injured by IDF gunfire before they were pushed back.

But Palestinian missile fire continued unabated into Saturday morning. The latest IDF bulletin held Syria and the Iranian al-Qods responsible for the Palestinian barrage of Friday night and Saturday morning. This onslaught powerfully debunked the reports of an Israeli-Hamas deal,  brokered by Egypt, for the Palestinian terrorists to gradually de-escalate the border outbreaks, provided Israel held back and gave Hamas time for the process.

It also served as a greeting card from Hamas and Islamic Jihad to Israel’s next military chief of staff, whom Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman named on Friday as  Maj. Gen. Aviv Kochavi, 54. Kochavi is currently deputy chief of staff to Lt. Gen. Gady Eisenkot, after spending three years as OC Northern Command. He served in many key combat and staff capacities during his military career, although evaluations of his capabilities are mixed.

As commander of the Paratroop Brigade (in 2001), he led successful operations against terrorist concentrations (in 2002-2003) in major Palestinian towns for breaking the back of the Second Intifada (Palestinian uprising) that terrorized Israeli civilian centers for two years. Kochavi designed an effective counter-terror raid technique for saving Israeli troops raiding houses for suspects from being exposed to attack in the street. They were given a tool, which was named after him, for smashing through interior walls between rooms.

As head of AMAN (Military Intelligence), while faulted for certain missed strategic evaluations, he had the foresight to develop the unit’s technological capabilities for its leap into cyber warfare.
Kochavi is still remembered as commander of the Gaza Division 13 years ago, when Israel withdrew finally from the Palestinian enclave under the late Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. On Sept. 12, 2005, Kochavi shut the door on the last evacuated Israeli community in the Gaza Strip with the pledge: “If a single shot, or bullet is ever fired from here against Israel, the IDF’s response will be crushing!”

During the subsequent 13 years, that vow stayed in the history books. Only this week, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu noted that, whereas in 2005, Hamas had only 3,000 armed men, the number has since soared to 65,000!  However, in 2009, a year after he assumed the premiership, the Hamas militia numbered no more than 12,000 men.

Policy-making and military thinking in Israel for dealing with unending Hamas terror has remained frozen in place for 13 years. In 2005, Egypt promised to deploy troops on the strategic “Philadelphi Corridor” to prevent the newly-independent and demilitarized Palestinian enclave in Gaza from smuggling in weapons for rearming. That undertaking was not honored, any more than today, Cairo is capable of forcing Hamas to accept a truce.

As for the incoming chief of staff, Kochavi’s critics evaluate his performance as OC Northern command in charge of the Syrian and Lebanese border areas as falling short of his earlier operational and innovative promise. The question now is: Will Kochavi rise above Israel’s long conceptual paralysis with regard to Gaza and resort to action for stopping the increasingly unbridled Palestinian violence? This weekend, the terrorists of Gaza threw down another gauntlet for the IDF, clearly a challenge for Gen. Kochavi to see if he will finally make good on his 13-year oath of a “crushing response”

ALAS, no one can unmask the insane, counter-intuitive so-called “strategic” policies of Israel’s political echelon akin to Dr. Martin Sherman; inarguably, Israel’s foremost strategic policy analyst. As such, listen raptly, for school’s in session.

TRENCHANTLY, a rational leadership – let alone, one which obsessively touts an abiding adherence to democratic principles – wouldn’t allow their citizens to be subjected to a continuous barrage of missiles and kites (in tandem with stepped-up terror tactics) for years on end. In the meanwhile, said abnormal leadership continues to send in fuel and assorted supplies into Hamas-run Gaza (and Iran supported), knowing full well that Jihadis appropriate the largess! Mind you, while “Bibi” gives the go-ahead, ostensibly, to “relieve” the general population from rolling electrical outages, the urgent question is: What about taking care of Israel’s terrorized citizens? In other words, if Hamas was forced to operate in the dark, in tandem, bereft of fuel to run their terror workshops, wouldn’t said strategy go a long way towards bringing them to their knees? Agreed?


KNOW this; The very fact that citizens living within Israel’s southern belt  (after months of incendiary-packed kite/balloon terror and years of missile/rocket barrages) have yet to storm the Knesset, thereby, demanding an end to the onslaught, well, it attests to a form of mental besiegement. Yes, it does.

EFFECTIVELY, once a people believe that normalcy (and safety} is never going to be a part of their lives; that a daily life of terror and more terror (despite knowing that their armed forces can bury their tormentors) is tolerated by their leaders, said mindset becomes a “normative” way of thinking.  

BUT most significantly, since past is prologue, it will take untold casualties for “Bibi” to unleash the powerful IDF – still, only long enough to “mow the grass“, so to speak.

AS always, their “strategic” calculus is not to bury Hamas – mirroring a rational leadership – but to allow them to lick their wounds, and, once again, regroup. Stronger. As to why this is the case, for starters, let’s just agree that “Bibi” (and his so-called right-wing crew) is more scared of angering an ever hostile Euro leadership, rather, than being frightened of the wrath of the majority Zionist public – and that’s the damnable, shameful truth. 

INEXORABLY and most especially, if only “Bibi” was a statesman (his oratorical prowess and flourishes beside the point), Hamas (and assorted Jihadi hydras) would be too scared to rear its head.

CONCLUSIVELY, may the G-d of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob save us (myself included, as an American-Israeli living in Israel) from our derelict leaders!

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PM Netanyahu’s GRAVE Dereliction of Duty – Failure To Protect. An Actual Crime! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

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The more things change, the more they stay the same. 

Back in July 2007, eleven years to date, it was imperative to write “No Crime Without Punishment ” on behalf of Israel National News. Tragically, as then, its essence resonates as if written today. An excerpt reads as follows:

 …..Intrinsically, every time the IDF gets close to vanquishing our enemies, they are rolled back. Instead of operating as an offensive force, they have been mandated to wage a defensive war, whose core goal is “containment,” certainly not victory. Why?

Even if one tries to convince oneself that Washington and others prevent the IDF from achieving victory (through various measures), it still doesn’t take the absolute onus off the leadership. First and foremost, it is their sworn duty to protect their citizens.

In essence, Israel’s leadership has become “legal outlaws.” World-recognized, international criminal law expert Professor Louis Beres states,  “Terrorism is a crime under international law, and incontestably one of the most serious. The precise offenses that comprise this crime can be found at the European Convention on the Suppression of Terrorism…. [Every] state has an obligation under international law to prosecute and punish terrorists…. [Any] person who commits an act which constitutes a crime under international law is responsible and liable to punishment….” 

In addition, Israel’s Basic Law is very clear. Israeli leadership is obligated to protect the enshrined civil and human rights of its citizens – Zionists included. Doesn’t all the above violate this sacred law?…..
Nullum Crimen Sine Poena. No Crime Without Punishment.
Indeed, in 2007, Israel’s southern belt was continuously fired upon, even after the late PM Sharon, in 2005, executed the wholesale destruction of Gush Katif and parts of the northern Shomron to appease Hamas! Incontestably, from a strategic calculus, what is taking place today must be viewed as the knock-on effects from the appeasement of Gush Katif, a/k/a Gaza, as detailed within “The Bitter Fruits of Disengagement.” Inextricably, those who appease terror ensure more of the same – and exponentially worse! So much so, in August 2011, at the behest of HONENU, Israel’s National Legal Defense Organization – and with first-hand testimony and evidence in hand – the aforementioned expose’ was meant to memorialize the sixth year of the region’s wholesale expulsion and destruction, and to set the record straight for the Jewish people’s collective memory. The following are some searing excerpts, which, as an aside, cause this investigative journalist as much pain today as when the report’s findings were compiled:


Few events in Israel’s recent history sear the Jewish soul as did the destruction of 25 thriving Jewish communities in Gush Katif and the northern Shomron, as ordered by the Sharon-Olmert government. The sixth anniversary of what is referred to as the ‘disengagement’ of August 2005 now looms over Israel’s collective conscience.

In a move that set Jew against Jew, the IDF was used to engineer the expulsion of more than 8,600 people from their homes. Gush Katif residents watched in horror as the living were dragged from their homes and the burial places of the dead were desecrated. Later, 26 synagogues were burned by Arab mobs.

The destruction itself took place over 10 days, but the physical and mental preparations occupied many months beforehand. Three years later, in August 2008, a report entitled “The Mental Preparation for the Disengagement and its Aftermath in the IDF” would shed light on the intense preparations that took place.

The authors call the disengagement “a precise operation” performed with seven levels of security that took 18 months to plan.

“To execute robotic responses [by IDF soldiers] in a precision-like fashion, southern military commander Dan Harel appointed a team of psychologists to ‘transform’ the soldiers’ thought processes,” write authors Ruth Eisikowitch, Dr. Gadi Eshel, Dr Amira Dor, Boaz Haetzni, Attorney Aviad Visoli, Dr. Rachel Tassa and Dr. Moshe Leibler.

The report describes a series of psychological exercises “planned to ‘release’ the soldiers from their conscience by carrying out exercises in emotional disconnect.” The psychologists’ notes on those exercises are detailed in the journal Military Psychology(No. 5, December 2006)…..continue reading the dastardly truth here…..

All of which brings the reader to the here and now.

As regular readers are aware, July 1, 2018 urgently necessitated: “Why Are The IDF’s Hands Tied, As Iranian Agents Amass At The Golan? What Are IDF Military Correspondents/Censors Hiding From The Public? Similarly, a follow-on report, July 20, 2018, should have been an expected clarion call, of course, except for the comatose or willfully blind: “Israel’s Northern/Southern Fronts PRIMED To Explode: Will The IDF, Finally, Be Unleashed?

As such, under rational parameters, one can be forgiven for thinking that “Bibi” would, finally, instruct the IDF: maspik, enough, topple Hamas and kill them off for firing (within the past few weeks) upwards of 250 rockets/missiles; for “kite terror” which continues to destroy (for months on end) tens of thousands of dunams in Israel’s southern belt, and, for the nineteen civilians injured over the last two days!!

Well, one would be (deadly) wrong for believing that protecting the public is his highest priority. It is not.

As always, “Bibi”, Israel’s “serial accommodator” (the buck stops with him) has decided upon “tit for tat” as the IDF’s “strategic” response to continuous terror from the Brotherhood’s Hamas, thereby, deploying the same “knock on roof”  smoke and mirrors shows. Yes, by so doing, the leaders hope to quell a restive and highly-charged Zionist public through toothless and useless actions. Who do they think they are fooling??

After 250 rockets from Gaza hit Israeli locations, one a heavy Grad, Israel’s security cabinet meeting Thursday, Aug. 9, directed the IDF to continue to pursue “powerful action against terrorist forces.” This was tantamount to a decision against a major Israeli military campaign against Hamas at this time, while instead carrying on with tit-for-tat air strikes as before, and leaving the targeted communities to their despair. Some 19 people were injured in the last two days. Hamas is therefore still allowed to call the shots, exactly as it has done in the last four months, while inflicting in Israel diverse brands of terror. It is still up to Hamas to decide whether to stop shooting rockets at Israel or continue the barrage ongoing for two days, as well as determining the level of its retaliation for Israeli reprisals.

Therefore, after an Israel air strike demolished the five-story Hamas internal security building in the Gaza City’s Rimal district – in return for the first Grad fired on Beersheba, a major city in southern Israel, in four years, Hamas is expected to ratchet up its rocket fire on Israeli civilian locations in the coming hours and days. Israel forewarned residents of the Rimal district of the bombardment. The building was therefore empty of Hamas officials, a repeat of the “knock on roof” tactic the Israeli Air Force used in the past to avert collateral civilian casualties in counter-terror attacks.

This practice is an element in the IDF-Hamas duel which has its own strange rules. In the heat of Wednesday’s rocket barrage, Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Gady Eisenkot stated that the IDF “is better prepared than it has been in the past decades.” Prepared for what? No answer was forthcoming from the cabinet the next day. In the general’s judgment, Hamas has still not broken those unwritten rules. He therefore persuaded the prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman to hold back from approving a full-scale campaign to halt Hamas’ nagging violence once and for all.

Realizing that this stance will offend the popular will, in the sight of the suffering of the targeted population of southwestern Israel, both have not been seen or heard in public for some days. Meanwhile, they are hoping against hope that something may come of the long term truce mediation effort conducted by the UN emissary and Egypt, although realistic chances of this are practically nil.

Bastard leadership.

Still yet, here’s the upshot: regardless of all domestic and foreign political pressures (surely, Trump’s Orwellian “peace plan” is atop the leadership’s calculation to “hold their fire”, of course, no one beholden to Washington would want to interfere with that, as well as their continuous trembling fear of world opinion), Israel’s PM, first and foremost, is duty bound to protect the citizens, without which he becomes a “legal outlaw”, that is, according to  international law. 

In this regard, in 2014, then, as now – after the summer-long blitzkrieg by Hamas which blanketed all of Israel, and Hamas was (purposefully) left standing to rebuild and regroup – the IDF’s smoke and mirrors shows targeted empty buildings, warning Gazans in advance of impending attacks! Mind you, in the meanwhile, Hamas’s terror chieftains remain safe in their underground bunkers, only to emerge after the dust settles, so to speak – stronger than ever!!

 And just as “Bibi” opined after the IDF’s “tit for tat” in 2014 – that Israel will not negotiate under fire, even as he turned around and did just that – so too he did at yesterday’s Security Cabinet meeting. Has he learned nothing from past “ceasefires?” Rhetorical.

Most significantly, it must be recorded: Hamas controls, yes, they do, when the mighty (but castrated) IDF fires, or ceases its fire; when Israel’s southern citizens cower in bomb shelters, or don’t; when Jewish/Zionist land burns down, or doesn’t, and, most significantly, when Jews can live securely in the Jewish homeland free of constant terror!

And for that, and for all the fiery aftermath, the onus lands on “Bibi’s” head via his absolute dereliction of duty and failure to protect – itself, a grave crime against the majority Zionist public!

Alas, it was not for nothing that in an interview given to Inquisitr.com (Sept. 2014), “ISIS, Islam And Obama: Understanding The threat To The Free World”, Netanyahu’s dereliction of duty became central to the wildfires at hand. As excerpted:

…..Significantly, I am able to access some professionals who are just a notch below the actual decision-making level and their rage is duly palpable. It is these intimate “off the record” conversations (through face-to-face meetings, among other avenues) which are particularly scary and worth noting. They are well aware of the acute dangers facing Israel, most of which became greatly exacerbated through too many smoke and mirrors shows (most recently, under PM Netanyahu’s two-term tenure), and “Operation Protective Edge” was more than emblematic of this unflattering descriptor. Besides, it is the most accurate and honest way to define the “operation.”

In other words, without naming names, the following points (via a multiplicity of meetings) became duly resonant:

As highly sought after experts operating mainly (but not exclusively) in areas of strategic affairs and counter-terror, they understand (from grounded experience) what it means for Israel not to win a decisive victory over Hamas, or for that matter over any regional foe. Inherently, we discussed both the strategic knock-on effects (to be explored below), as well as the psychological components of PM Netanyahu’s decision not to bring Hamas to its knees, effectively making them wave the white flag of surrender.

Not inconsequentially, they pointed to a particular internal danger which has been (purposefully) overlooked, but given a tail-wind due to PM Netanyahu’s failure to deliver a full-on, top-down, knockout blow to Hamas. Intrinsically, a growing segment of the Arab minority population has already chosen sides; they are rooting for Hamas’s victory over Israel. Without guile, they identify themselves as “Palestinians” and not as Israelis, even though they completely benefit from all of Israel’s largess. Ingrates. Traitors……

Consequentially, every triumphalist exhortation by Hamas’s leaders (even though a good portion of the Strip has been reduced to rubble…like water off a duck’s back) further sears into the Zionist public’s consciousness certain truths: that their mighty IDF – inarguably the strongest army in the Middle East – were never given orders to liquidate Hamas’s top leadership and their attendant underground command and control centers, a pre-requisite to victory. This is the case even though they had to endure missile blitzes, for weeks on end, blanketing the entire country!…..continue here….

Inextricably, a rational leadership would follow the once fearless Israeli leadership, as expressed thusly: Whack them and finish (זבנג וגמרנו) !! Understood? 

But not to restate the obvious, the same sentiments expressed by an Israeli General – upon learning about another ! “ceasefire” – are felt within, though he said it more eloquently: 

General: ‘I want to vomit from shame’

Former Southern Command head Brig. Gen. (res.) Zvika Fogel furious at ceasefire with Hamas. ‘We are getting weaker.’

Demonstrably and resolutely, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

{UPDATE, 8/19: (Minister) Bennett: Caving In To Hamas Will lead To War}

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Israel’s Mentally Besieged Leaders & Jewish Self-Flagellation: A Sickness Unto Itself. What’s Going On? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

This Israeli bus was completely incinerated by a suicide bomber.Buses are a favorite target of Palestinian terrorists.

(This Israeli bus was completely incinerated by a suicide bomber.Buses are a favorite target of Palestinian terrorists.)

NOW, before we head to the specifics of the most recent self-flagellation displayed by Israel’s leaders and self-appointed elites, let’s clarify what they are wailing and railing about: yes, the entire Jewish house is ‘guilty’, on ‘fire’, and that is that! Say whaaat?

LET’s separate two attacks perpetrated by Jews, a rarity, in and of itself: one against a ‘Palestinian’ household, and another towards several participants in the Gay Pride Parade in Jerusalem – of all places!

REPORTEDLY, a Jewish terror attack caused the death of a ‘Palestinian’ baby (injuring others) on July 31 in the village of Duma, located in Judea and Samaria, aka the ‘West Bank.’ Said act led and fed Israel’s news cycle – print, tv and radio – non-stop, as if it was Priority Number One, never mind all the terror attacks perpetrated by ‘Palestinians’ upon Jews on a continuous basis, atop the encirclement by Hamas, ISIS, Hezbollah, etc! Hmm. Pardon the bluntness, but Israel’s talking heads act as if attacking Jews is ‘business as usual’, therefore, they can’t bother to get all worked up about it. It is almost as if Jews ‘deserve’ all their punishment. Really.

NOW, most will agree that said attack in Duma was completely out of civilized bounds. Moreover, the perpetrators, if anything, should have gone after those who were directly responsible for murdering Jewish innocents. Yes, there are ways to find out this and that. In other words, let there be no doubt: ‘vigilante’ justice is not a bad thing, but the targets have to be picked carefully and not indiscriminately. Enough said.

NOT only that, Israel’s leaders continually (despite their self-righteous excuse-making) release bloody terrorists in exchange for prisoners, be they dead or alive. Effectively, Jewish citizens are subjected to the leadership’s freeing of stone cold killers – and always with the bizarre mantra – to move the ‘peace process’ forward! Did you ever?

In perhaps the most gut-wrenching of all Israeli prisoner exchanges, in 2008 Israel released Samir al-Quntar, a Lebanese terrorist who in 1979 brutally destroyed an entire Israeli family, for the bodies of Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev. Goldwasser and Regev were captured in the July 12, 2006, cross-border raid that sparked the Second Lebanon War. Prior to the swap, Israel had no concrete information on the soldiers’ status and was still holding out hope that the two men would be returned alive. In addition to the release of Quntar, who during his terror attack was seen bashing in the head of four-year-old Einat Haran with rocks, Israel also set free an additional four Hezbollah fighters and returned the bodies of some 200 others.

MOREOVER, freeing terrorists is so fraught with minefields that this investigative journalist wrote several op-eds on its egregiousness. The following was written in 2007 ‘No Crime Without Punishment’ and nothing has changed. You got that?

MOVING right along to the Gay Pride attacks, it is imperative to internalize the following: the fact that the leadership gives permission for said parade to wend through the holiest (and most contentiously fought over) city in all of Judaism is akin to setting a match and watching it go alight. Indeed.


INHERENTLY, one must ask these questions: isn’t a huge parade in Tel Aviv more than enough of a display of ‘tolerance’, as demanded by radical leftists and Israel’s very own Gay Mafia? and, what are their motivations, that they would poke fingers in the eyes of those who uphold Jerusalem as a city imbued with monumental holiness? 

MIND you, the leadership has ZERO problem with saying NO CAN DO – forbidding this and that – at least when it comes to avoiding the ruffling of Islamic feathers. Hence, the continuously outrageous discrimination against Jews on the (Jewish) Temple Mount in Jerusalem! More than indicative.

IN any case, absorb the above while reading the following:

A teenage girl seriously wounded after an anti-gay extremist stabbed her and several others in last week’s attack on Jerusalem’s gay pride parade died Sunday, a hospital official said.

Shira Banki, 16, succumbed to her wounds, and her organs will be donated, Hadassah Medical Center spokeswoman Hadar Elboim said.

The girl was among six people wounded Thursday by an ultra-Orthodox Jewish man, Yishai Schlissel, who had carried out a similar attack on a gay pride parade in 2005. He had angrily spoken out against the parade after his release from prison three weeks earlier.

The parade was proceeding as planned, with party music, Israeli flags and rainbow-clad marchers wending their way through central Jerusalem, when the attacker lunged into the march, stabbing people with a long-bladed knife before being apprehended by police.

MOST significantly, cogitate over the ‘timing’ of Yishai Schlissel’s release from prison and ponder: why the hell didn’t the leaders make sure that he stayed in prison, at least until the parade was over and done with, as ill-conceived as it was to begin with? 

HERE’s the thing: those of us who are very familiar with the tactics of Israel’s entrenched left (and they are the ones in charge of policy-making, this is a fact) also know what their modus operandi is. Clear as a bell.

EFFECTIVELY, their end goal entails vilifying the religious sector, whether it entails the more moderate national religious, or those who are considered Haredi and less inclined to integrate outside their communities. But, as is said, what does this have to do with ‘the price of tea in China?’ A whole lot.

WITHIN the left’s idée fixe the ends always justifies the means. Along these lines, who recalls (ex) PM Ariel Sharon’s brutal expulsion of over 8,600 loyal Jews from their homes/communities in Gush Katif and the northern Shomron in 2005? How many realize that as a result of said anti-democratic expulsion/destruction, terror from said ‘gifted’ area ratcheted up exponentially? In effect, appeasement…capitulation…self-debasement…begets MORE terror!

EVEN so, once again, why is it being mentioned within this commentary? Well, several high-powered leftists (including their captured media mouthpieces) spilled the beans, relative to why they supported said brutish and wanton Jewish destruction. In effect, they were hoping to finally put the so-called ‘settler’ movement in its ‘proper’ place within Israel’s pecking order, by extrapolation, religious Zionism.

IN concert, the expectation was to evoke a level of incitement towards a ‘war of brothers’, aka milchemet achim, one in which the mostly national religious sector would be tarnished and never recover from, if they dared to fight against the revered IDF (no less, of which the national religious are overwhelmingly represented within the ranks of IDF officers) who were ordered to expel them! Understood? Alas, said twisted mindset underlies why they released, 3 weeks prior, a very religious (unbalanced) man from jail (who previously ! attacked others during a Gay Parade in Jerusalem in 2005) into that which is heralded as the ‘holy’ grail for the secular leftist public.

Israeli soilders force out residents from Gush Katif in August of 2005Israeli soilders force out residents from Gush Katif in August of 2005
 The destruction of those communities – and the expulsion of the 350,000 Jews who live in them – was also not an end unto itself. For the leftist ideologues who invented the idea of unilaterally withdrawing from Gaza, destroying the settlement enterprise is a necessary precondition for destroying religious Zionism.

And religious Zionism has to be destroyed in order to destroy Zionism.

This true purpose of the Gaza withdrawal was made clear by leftist ideologues in the months that preceded the withdrawal.

For instance, Haaretz published an editorial a month before the withdrawal explaining, “The real question is not how many mortar shells will fall, or who will guard the Philadelphi Route [between Gaza and Egypt], or whether the Palestinians will dance on the roofs of [the destroyed communities].

“The real question is who sets the national agenda. The disengagement of Israeli policy from its religious fuel is the real disengagement currently on the agenda. On the day after the disengagement, religious Zionism’s status will be different.”

As the leftist ideologues perceived things, it wasn’t enough to simply kick the settlers out of their homes and destroy their communities. They had to be humiliated and made to suffer in order to ensure that no one would dare to identify with them.

As a consequence, when the idea of building a new settlement for the evacuees in southern Israel was floated a few months before the withdrawal, the Left firmly opposed it.

Haaretz columnist Avirama Golan explained that doing so would empty the expulsions of political significance.

In her words, “Transferring the evacuees from Gush Katif to a brand new neighborhood built especially for them along the beautiful strip of Nitzanim transmits a problematic implicit message. This is a message that says to the Jewish settlers in the territories: ‘You are a chosen group. You will not be like all the other Israelis.’ If this is what the government does in the evacuation of Gush Katif, the main sting of the evacuation of the settlements will be neutralized. It will be as though nothing has been done.”

The goal of the Left in destroying the Jewish communities, and indeed the goal of the so-called peace movement was laid out explicitly in November 2013 by Ron Pundak, Yossi Beilin’s partner in negotiating the Oslo Accords with the PLO in 1993.

In an interview with the International Crisis Group Pundak explained, “Peace is not an objective by itself. It is a way to transition Israel from one era to another: to an era of what I consider is a normal state. Israelization of society rather than its judaization”….continue reading

ALAS, aside from many provocations linked back to powerful leftist fronts within Israel (this site possesses enough evidence to fill a book), there is an underlying sickness within the Jewish (leftist) psyche. It is the same besieged mentality of Israel’s leaders which refuses to bring victory to its beleaguered Jewish citizens, even though possessing the superior fighting force in the Middle East. How could this be?

WELL, relative to Israel’s national security and geo-politics – and not one to re-work the wheel – much of this contributory dynamic and psychosis has been explored through various interviews. However, the most recent one (March 2015), ‘Can Israel Survive As The Jewish State’ , encapsulates the phenomenon’s dire knock-on effects in stark detail. 

WOLFF BACHNER: And speaking of responsible world leaders, why isn’t the Prime Minster of Israel bringing up these serious issues with the nations involved in the peace process and especially with Obama and demanding an end to all military threats to Israel before Israel will negotiate again? Is he trying too hard to appease Obama and the various European talking heads, and by doing so, weakening Israel’s position even further in a peace process that is already an anti-Israeli charade?

ADINA KUTNICKI: It is this lock-step and debasing march which stopped him (during 9 years as PM, from 1996-1999 and 2009-2015) from declaring victory over Hamas during the 2014 summer-long war, one which blanketed/blitzed the entire country with missile and rocket barrages. More indicting, instead of laying waste, years ago, to Iran’s mushrooming genocidal WMD program, he is still begging President Obama to lead the charge, knowing full well that he has no such intention. Chasing ghosts….continue reading

IN tandem, the following excerpt from another interview (May 2013), ‘The Reality Of Life For An Israeli Patriot’, couldn’t be any starker:

As to the mental aberration, why Jews (hailing chiefly from the left) side with sworn enemies, well, this is a question which Dr. Kenneth Levin, a Harvard psychiatrist, as well as a PhD historian from Princeton, answered in his masterpiece; a monumental, epoch feat of scholarship The Oslo Syndrome: Delusions of a People Under Siege. To make a long story short (and to save myself from a throbbing headache…this subject irks to no end), a chronically besieged people – and the Jewish people qualify like none other – often end up internalizing the hatred and delude themselves about the malevolent intent of their enemies. The visceral, non-quenching hatred is too onerous to bear, therefore, fantasy becomes blurred with reality. Feeling totally out of control, they invent a fairy tale, not unlike chronically abused children. But this is just its tip, the rest must be gleaned through the book itself. It is an eye opener and jaw dropper….continue reading….

AND it is into this reality check which the inestimable intelligence site, DEBKAfile, enters the fray via ‘Israel’s Hysterical Self-Blame Spree Will Fuel More Terror and Violence: Not Everyone Is Guilty.’

Israeli leaders and media indulged in their knee-jerk responses -‘We’re all to blame” and “”We all ignited the flames” – to two separate, individual Jewish hate crimes, repulsive though they were. It should be a far cry from universal condemnation of the fire bombing of the home of a sleeping Palestinian family, burning a toddler to death and critically three members of his family, to collective self-flagellation and loud laments that “The whole house is on fire,” and “Israel has fallen.”

The whole house is not on fire and we are not all guilty, although this was the message President Reuven Rivlin offered the nation Saturday night, July 1, in an outpouring of raw emotion that will inflame passions instead of offering remedies.
Equally counter-productive was the linkage of the murder of a Palestinian baby Friday, July 31, with the stabbing attack by another individual from a separate fringe group of radicals on the Jerusalem gay pride parade Thursday night. This linkage was made by far-out groups of protesters in order to point the finger at their standard culprits – the ruling parties – and force the entire nation to bow their heads in shame. It did not matter that the heads of all government factions, from Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu down utterly denounced both crimes and condoled with the victims.

But gay protest leaders saw fit to deny Education Minister Naftali Bennett and MK Magal Yinon a platform for speaking in support of their Tel Aviv rally, because they refused to sign a document put before them enumerating the gay community’s demands. While not at all funny, this incident recalled a scene from the Seinfeld comedy series when Kramer was pushed out of a gay parade in New York, when he refused to attach the parade’s official pin to his shirt. (blogger’s note: thus, the universal Gay Mafia appellation)

The same Israeli opposition groups never used the superlatives they are throwing out now when three Israeli teenagers were brutally kidnapped and murdered in cold blood by Hamas terrorists on June 12, 2014. There were no cries that the “house is on fire” then, or when a Palestinian firebomb brought 11-year old Ayala Shapira close to death in an Israeli car driving on a West Bank road near her home, least of all for the countless Palestinian terror attacks committed during the years before and after the 1967 war.

No one makes a fuss, certainly not President Rivlin, when hardly a day goes by without fire bombs and firecrackers being tossed into Jewish homes in Jerusalem and civilian and law enforcement vehicles as a matter of course. By some miracle, no one has been burned to death, only their homes and cars trashed.
None of this of course justifies in any way the murder of Palestinian children or a knife attack on a gay parade in Jerusalem.  But living in the nostalgic past when we believed we were different and special is unrealistic. Life in Israel is tough, hardscrabble and fraught with security threats never far away. People are rougher than they would like to be. The self-styled “liberal” media, by falsely depicting two Israels – one enlightened and progressive, the rest hooligans, murderous mobsters and trigger-happy soldiers – pour kerosene on fires set by certain parties for personal or political advantage.
In an environment of crisis such as Israeli society is undergoing today it is more important than ever to keep a sense of proportion.

Equating an undoubted act of terror by Jewish individuals against Palestinians with the organized, self-condoned Palestinian terrorism against Israelis and Jews, decade after decade, is an oversimplification that clouds the path to a constructive approach. Both should be energetically addressed, but they are different in nature and call for different remedies. It is important to de-emotionalize the atmosphere, put a stop to the orgy of self-flagellation and collective blame and turn to a professional, objective course of action.
A lesson in calm and good sense in a crisis came from an unforeseen source: Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas. His first reaction was a decision to turn to the International War Crimes Court at The Hague – over the top, like that of Israelis. But the next day, he instructed Palestinian security forces to act firmly to prevent the outbreak of violent Palestinian protests and, above all, the use of firearms.

TO wit, while Israel’s professional breast-beaters (never mind the world’s gang bangers) wail and flail over two clearly wrongful and condemned terror acts (akin to needles in haystacks, comparative to the other side!!), they would do well to take a collective deep breath and regain their self-composure, if they can help themselves. If not, they will bear the onus for inciting even MORE terror attacks from the ever murderous Arab/Muslim jihadis! Do they understand this calculus? Do they even care?

AFTER all, Israel’s leaders are blaming the entire Jewish nation, so why the hell shouldn’t the ever fiery barbarians feel ‘justified’ in killing every Jew they can get their hands on? Consequentially, do they really want to be responsible for pouring additional fuel on the (Arab/Muslim) fire? Resultant, the house will literally be on fire!

POST haste, they must visualize in their mind’s eye the tens of thousands of Jewish victims of Arab Islamic terror and gain a (mental) grip.

TO this end, perhaps they require reminders: out of COUNTLESS victims of Palestinian terror, presenting 2 families: The Hatuel Family, in 2004, one such Jewish family wiped out in an instant, and depicted in the attached video.


ADDITIONALLY, Danny, Einat and Yael Haran – among Jew-killing terrorist Samir Kuntar’s victims! 


MEMO to the leaders (elected and self-appointed) of Israel: ENOUGH. MASPIK. די .מספיק! 

SAVE your crocodile tears for those who truly deserve it!

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