Video of COS Gantz With Troops Amassed At Gaza Border…Chomping At The Bit To Destroy Hamas…Frustrated In The Field!

NOT unlike a yo-yo, a marionette whose strings are waiting to be yanked, PM Netanyahu veers from accepting an absolutely illegal ceasefire – pausing the IDF’s firepower, even as missile blitzes continue apace – to ordering the forces to “go ahead” and strike back, but only after a constant flow of attacks. What kind of leader behaves this irrationally, in effect, leaving ones citizens in agonizing limbo? 

NOW, in certain situations flexibility is a plus but never in life and death matters. For heavens sake. Intrinsically, no one should be foolish enough to believe that said pause in fire is some sort of deep thinker’s “strategy”. Hogwash. It is PM Netanyahu’s reflexively spineless response to this and that pressure, especially when Washington’s malefactors are in the region. 

NEVERTHELESS, within this blogger’s circle of contacts (mainly among a considerably high level cadre of strategic and counter terror related professionals), no one expects PM Netanyahu to go the distance and vanquish Hamas. In fact, if he does so, well, most would fall off the edge of their seats. Assuredly, this does not mean that they are cynical in nature. Not at all. Rather, they tend to be realistic and operate from a rational paradigm, just like this blogger. Moreover, they internalize that past performance is the best prognosticator of future performance. Thus, PM Netanyahu’s record of capitulation and “cease-fires” are legendary and unprecedented, even within Israel’s long list of appeasing, spineless, genuflecting and apologetic leaders! A humiliating spectacle to boot.

JUST to back track a bit, PM Netanyahu is like a broken record…déjà vu and then some. Let us hark to December 2012 and see what shakes out of his appeasement tree:

YET, for too many years and ongoing till today, malfeasance from Israel’s leadership (their legitimacy – qualifying due diligence – derives upon protecting the citizens above ALL else…even to the point of eschewing this pressure point or that…statesmen understand these distinctions…and it is not as if the leadership can ignore thousands of missiles/rockets raining down on citizens, thus pretending that a worthless/toothless cease/death fire is the answer….evidenced within DEBKAfiles’s latest report too) towards its majority public has been on full display but too many in Jewish circles…hey GA Assembly…”Peace/Death Now” devotees…how’s that PA/Fatah junta working out…alongside others whose intent is clearly malignant, those who can be counted on to turn deaf, dumb and blind. Enough. Maspik. ‘The Gaza (2012) operation’s ending shakes West Bank security, opens door to Hamas…..

BUT a hopeful sort would believe, that was then and this is now. Not so fast. As predicated in today’s thesis, there are many levels of capitulation and Bibi is its master. Consider the “news” of the day on July 15, 2014:

A barrage of rockets fired from the Gaza Strip targeted southern Israel, the Shfela region and the Haifa area hours after Israel agreed to an Egyptian ceasefire initiative effective as of 9 a.m….

Hamas took responsibility for the rocket fire.

The IDF stated that the government had instructed it to refrain from responding to the rocket attacks as part of the ceasefire deal.

The Security Cabinet Sunday morning accepted the Egyptian proposal for a ceasefire that, from Israel’s perspective, went into effect at 9:00 am.

The IDF said just after noon on Tuesday that 35 rockets had been fired into Israel from Gaza since Israel accepted the ceasefire initiative….

ADDING to the PM’s disconnect from reality, he has the temerity to sack his Deputy DM, all for the “crime” of objecting to any display of national weakness. 

READERS, the above is neither parody nor satire, it is the G-d’s honest truth. It is our reality, our nightmare – from our leadership!

MOST significantly, any ceasefire, as demonstrated at the onset of the latest volley from Hamas’s years-long missile war, regardless of who brokers it, is manifestly illegal according to international law. This is not an opinion, it is a legal fact.

IN furtherance of the leadership’s illegality, and to understand why Israel is where it is, the following is more than “food for thought”:

AS a matter of historical record, PM Netanyahu himself consummated the Oct. 23, 1998 Wye Memorandum which implemented the perfidious Oslo Accords!
PM Netanyahu, alongside arch terrorist Arafat, with “Bubba” Clinton….helped open up the gates of hell to Palestinian terror!
The late Howard Grief, whose monumental work “The Legal Foundation and Borders of Israel under International Law” (having read this epic feat of scholarship) is unsurpassed, shared with this blogger’s contact Professor Paul Eidelberg, the idea that perhaps in the future, a “Commission of National Inquiry,” will reveal the truth about Oslo and the illegality of the 1993 Israel-PLO Agreement. 
Until then, if any PM revealed that truth about the illegality of that Agreement, the house of Israel would collapse. Ponder the enormity of the above charges…

REGARDLESS of said perfidy and illegalities, if anyone believes that Hamas and its supporters are cowed by PM Netanyahu’s tough rhetoric, this is nonsense. Perversely, they understand Israel’s blow hard(s) very well.

“JEWS, GET BACK IN THE OVENS!” from TheUnitedWest and Breitbart tv on Vimeo.

BESIDES, placing lipstick on a pig will not obviate its ugliness factor, nor does perfuming it quell its stench. PHEW…So, to stretch the analogy even further to other malodorous stinks, Israel’s top leader is smelling more and more like a rotten skunk, the likes of which is placing the entire nation of Israel in grave peril!

NEVER one to mince words (especially when it comes to the safety of the Jewish homeland…nor America, this blogger’s birth home) this much is GLARINGLY obvious: PM Netanyahu, Bibi, has gotta go!! Now, since there isn’t a song yet in his “honor”, readers can just replace “Obama” with Netanyahu and the overall sentiment will be the same, even though this American-Israeli has no beef with his handling of the economy.To the contrary. That’s his forte.

ALAS, if he still seeks a powerful leadership position he must return to his old job as Finance Minister (2003 – 2005…his MIT education at Sloane School of Management prepared him well) but leave the Zionist-related heavy lifting to those who are up to the herculean task of finally, belatedly, attaining victory over our genocidal foes. He just isn’t (inner fortitude-wise) up to the job, regardless of all the blah, blah…as the mantra goes…rendering his crowning as a fait accompli…there is NO other pol capable of beating Bibi….yada, yada. Hmm. A preponderance of the majority Zionist public (secular and religious) beg to differ!

AS a result,

“Bibi’s Gotta Go”!


  1. It might appear that there is a contagion at the PM’s residence that seems to morally weaken the old warriors inhabiting it. Sharon was infected with it as is now Bibi. One of the symptoms would seem to be loss of courage in the face of our enemies. Shot of courage – STAT!

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