Israelis/Jews Slaughtered By ‘Catch & Release’ Terrorists + Americans Murdered By Illegals: Where Are The Parallels? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

“He Who is Compassionate to the Cruel
Will Ultimately Become Cruel to the Compassionate” (450 – 200 BCE)

THE above dictum is a Haggadic commentary on Ecclesiastes {7:16} AKA Kohelet Rabbah (קהלת רבה) and it is included in the collection of the Midrash Rabbot – commentaries on the Hebrew scriptures attached to the Biblical text. Its essence is as true today as it was when it was written.   

AS such, there are certain “life lessons” which should be deemed for time immemorial; they have proven to be timeless, in relation to cause and effect.

IT is in this respect that Israel’s leaders must be judged. In other words, in so far that their habitual usage of “catch and release” continuously costs countless Jewish lives, they must be held to account. Yes, these innocent souls have been “sacrificed” for a sundry of political (domestic and international) calculi. As the late (and much ballyhooed) Shimon Peres infamously and audaciously intoned to a grieving parent:

Months after the first Oslo Accords were signed in 1993, Hamas terrorists kidnapped and murdered Israeli soldier Nachshon Wachsman, 19. Then-Foreign Minister Shimon Peres told the grieving parents that their son had been a “sacrifice for peace.”

In reality, Nachshon was a victim of Oslo, his mother Esther says. “My son was a victim of the whole Oslo process. There was never any reduction in hostilities, it was exactly the opposite,” she told Arutz Sheva.

“Nachshon had another five good friends here in Ramot, in Jerusalem. They were all murdered in that same period after the Oslo Accords,” she recalled. “Yaron Chen, Frankental, Algrabli, they were all Nachshon’s friends from the same neighborhood and they were all killed then.”

Senior Palestinian Authority officials hinted this week that the PA may cancel the Oslo Accords. “When were there Oslo Accords?” Esther Wachsman asked. “They were never kept, except for bringing Arafat and his gang here. When were they kept? We never had even a moment of quiet here, there were more murders than ever.” .

Wachsman recalled the day that Peres told her family that their son had been a sacrifice for peace. “We told him, ‘Let your son be a sacrifice for peace.’”


Image result for shimon peres coined sacrifices for peace

(Another, among an endless list of said “sacrifices!”)

BUT before we segue to the most recent casualty of said heinous “catch and release” modus operandi (mind you, an outgrowth of “sacrifices for peace”, regardless of the party at the helm), let’s highlight some Exhibits and previous Charge-Sheets.


  • Who recalls PM Netanyahu’s infamous, outrageous, and otherwise counter-intuitive “prisoner exchange” in October 2011 with Hamas – the Brotherhood Mafia’s Gazan arm – for IDF soldier Gilad Shalit? Well, it’s past time to “take an accounting.” An inventory.
  • So, in “exchange” for Shalit, over 1,000 (the gov’t is “fuzzy” on the exact number) terrorists were released – many of whom went back to terrorize and murder more Jews! Go figure. In fact, from 2011-2014, six Israelis were murdered (with many more maimed by their hands), while the exact number from 2015 to date has yet to be released. Hmm. Not only that, whether by wielding various instruments of death, or through other tactical means, said “catch and “release”   poses a VERY grave danger – never mind all those who have yet to be caught, only to be released! Regardless, consider the recent case of Ramzi Alaouk:

“On November 26, 2018, Israeli media outlets revealed on Sunday evening that special intelligence forces together with the Israeli police have uncovered a Hamas terrorist who was working on building up a new terror infrastructure inside Israel that would enlist new terrorists to carry out large-scale attacks on Israeli. The terrorist, established a new network of activists but worked too hastily and accidentally tipped off security agencies in Israel to his activities. The agencies were thus able to topple the entire network.

The activists who were enlisted, have already been arrested and are currently sitting in prisons across Israel. The majority of the activists revealed the entire operation of the network while being interrogated by the police.

The terrorist who launched the initiative is none other than Ramzi Alaouk, who was a prisoner released during the Gilad Schalit deal and exiled to the Gaza Strip. Alaouk is currently at large……”

INDUBITABLY, the dangerous knock-on effects go on and on – as evidenced by a few more Exhibits and Charge-Sheets.

  • Alas, four years before PM Netanyahu made the decision to free over 1,000 terrorists in 2011 – once again, letting loose genocidal foes on an already terrorized public – this Jihadi expert had the following to say at Israel National News:
  • In July 2007, “No Crime Without Punishment” laid bare how Israel’s leaders (regardless of who sits at the helm) behave akin to “legal outlaws” against the national interest. Yes, “Nullum Crimen Sine Poena.”
  • And like night follows day, a follow-on became necessary in April 2008 via “The Silent Jews.” Inextricably, today’s “catch and release” is nothing new under the (Israeli) sun.
  • Resultant, is it any wonder that it became requisite due diligence to give this interview, namely, “Can Israel Survive As The Jewish State? – An Interview With Adina Kutnicki”, (March 2015).

Image result for pics of ori ansbacher

ALL of which segues back to the most recent casualty from the very same “catch and release” – the massacre of nineteen-year-old Ori Ansbacher, of blessed memory. May her blood be avenged! “Tzedek, Tzedek, Tirdof….Justice, Justice, Shall You Pursue.”

Image result for tzedek tzedek tirdof hebrew 

Killer in court: Smiling Palestinian charged with brutal murder of Israeli teen girl


Murderer of Ori Ansbacher was arrested two years ago on the Temple Mount and threatened: “If you let me go, I will come back with a knife.”

Terrorist Arafat Irfaiya, who was arrested on suspicion of murdering Ori Ansbacher near Jerusalem last Thursday, threatened to carry out a terrorist attack two years ago in order to become a Shaheed (martyr -ed.).

Channel 13 News on Sunday evening published transcripts of Irfaiya’s interrogation in 2017, after he was arrested by police officers at the entrance to the Temple Mount with a large kitchen knife in his pocket. Irfaiya threatened then that he would carry out an attack again and that he intended to return to Israel with the goal of “becoming a Shaheed” or going to jail.

During his interrogation in 2017, the suspect was asked whether he was a Hamas sympathizer, to which he replied in the affirmative, and detailed, “In what they do, for example, they defend the Palestinian people with weapons.” According to the transcripts, Irfaiya changed versions during his interrogation. For example, he said at first that he did not think of stabbing or harming a policeman, then later claimed that he wanted to be arrested but did not intend to attempt another attack, and finally said he was willing to carry out an attack in order to be arrested.

“I want to be a Shaheed,” he declared at the time. When the interrogator asked him how he intended to become a Shaheed, the suspect replied, “I will do it again, I will buy a knife again and I will come back here to go to jail or be a Shaheed. I will do anything in order to go to jail. And if you release me, I’ll come here with a knife and I’ll be a Shaheed.”

Earlier on Sunday evening, the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) confirmed that the murder of Ori Ansbacher was a terrorist attack. In the course of his interrogation, the terrorist reenacted the murder to the Shin Bet and police interrogators and conspicuously connected himself to the case. The interrogation of the terrorist is ongoing and the details of the investigation are under a gag order.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Sunday evening visited the family of Ori and briefed the family on the progress of the investigation.

MIND you, there would have been NO need for the PM’s visit, but for the fact that the buck stops with him re “catch and release!!” Agreed? More bluntly, shouldn’t those who gave the order to release him (and all the rest) be considered accomplices to murder? If not, why not?

TO wit, it is with the above in mind that U.S. patriots must learn some basic lessons – that which are fully exposed from the catastrophic mistakes of Israel’s decision-makers, even though, seemingly, the strategic landscape is hardly a direct parallel.

Image result for pics of catch and release illegals

INTRINSICALLY, this unyielding Zionist and American patriot urgently advises: in an uncompromising manner, press forward with ZERO tolerance towards the infiltration and penetration of illegals in general, and the subsequent “catch and release” used by derelict law enforcement/security agencies. As is known, it has caused untold death and carnage – and with more to come, if allowed to continue.

BUT, as always, visuals aids are key. Invariably, a picture is worth (more than) a thousand words.

STILL yet, if your heart can withstand it, many others have been sacrificed (by those who truly believe that the entry of illegals is more important than the safeguarding of Americans), and their stories can be viewed here.

INESTIMABLY, don’t let their deaths be in vain!

MOST significantly – and despite all of the above – strategic lessons have yet to be learned by Israel’s so-called smarties. Again and again, they fail to draw the salient lessons/parallels between an endless list of terrorist crimes. Causes and effects. Thus, by any rational calculus, the aforementioned should preclude the release of even one murderous captive!

CONCLUSIVELY – and as repeatedly asserted – Israel’s security services are second to none. Therefore, the notion that Shalit (and other captives alike) couldn’t be extricated from Gaza via this or that (stealth or invasive) method is ludicrous. Hogwash. After all, Gaza (which is within spitting distance and under the 24/7 “watchful eyes and ears” of Israel’s vaunted security services, unlike rescues/operations that have taken place hundreds – and even thousands – of miles away) is a terrain which is more than “accessible”, as well as highly familiar to the top security apparatus.

BUT never mind. This is the same mendacious Israeli leadership that recently assisted in the transfer of millions of dollars (fifteen, to be exact) into Hamas’s blood-soaked hands – paid for via Brotherhood-aligned Qatar!

NOT only that, since 2012 (all of which has been under “Bibi’s” tenure), the very same “serial accommodator” facilitated the transfer of over 1.1 billion to Hamas-run Gaza! Effectively – sans any jive-talk – the PM is helping to fund/fuel Hamas’s genocidal war against Israel. Incontestably, this is more than a crime – despite the “rationales” of various spin-meisters. How can this be? How can the Zionist, majority public tolerate such treachery – year after year – in the “name” of political expediency?

THERE’S more. Not to be overlooked, the very same leaders backbench for the  PA/Fatah junta, again, for the benefit of payments to terrorists! It is ala tax monies collected through Israel that said funds are transferred into the accounts of PA terrorists! Of course, with elections around the corner, all of a sudden, “Bibi” is playing tough (naturally, with his trademark scowl) and promises to finally stop the flow of terror funds to PA/Fatah “shahids!”


Image result for pics of PA martyrs

PERHAPS, just perhaps, each and every Israeli poohbah must be mandated to absorb these two primers: The Koran For Dummies, as well as its companion, Islam For Dummies, before being allowed to run for office. After all, countless lives are at stake.

TRENCHANTLY, this requirement should be the first stepping-stone, before placing their hats in the ring, so to speak. Besides, the political rules which apply in western-based democracies can’t apply in Israel – not as long as it’s surrounded by barbaric-laced Muhammadans!



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  1. If you do not want your children to die teach them to fight.
    My daughter was reloading her own ammo for her own .357 Ruger by 10 years old.
    She was shooting the pistol at 8, taking 3 Taekwondo classes a week.
    This world tries to kill children every minute of every day.
    Give your kids the tools to survive or go to their funerals.
    There is a balance.

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