How/Why The U.S., Under The Obama Regime, Led Iran To A Nuclear Bomb: The Evidence Within – Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

AS a young student of geopolitics (a sub-section of political science), this writer learned early on that its basis, for all practical purposes, is slippery as ice. The contrast couldn’t be any starker to a secondary area of immersion, that is, forensics. Akin to night and day. Effectively, one is non-scientific – despite the jibber-jabber from political and academic quarters – and the other is decidedly science-based. Polar opposites.

Nevertheless, despite the amorphous state of geopolitics, it does have a starting and entry point. To wit, said openings should be viewed in terms of geography and power politics; with the goal being a so-called “grand strategy” for both wartime and peacetime based on a nation’s geographical location (and standing) on the global stage.

IN this regard, effectively, nation-states base their foreign policy objectives upon “grand strategies“, be it purposefully or inadvertently. Generally, they tie into the leadership’s global ambitions. Still, at times, they operate in opposition to a promised set of domestic arrangements and parameters. In turn,  it is this push and pull, a “tug of war”, if you will, that often becomes the locus of domestic, populist conflict.

THAT being established, the U.S. – as the leader of the free world via its exceptional status – has a special obligation to protect the cornerstones of Western Civilization. Like it or not. At the same time, this so-called role of “policeman” can create tension and friction (directly or indirectly), domestically and foreign-wise. Nevertheless, when a patriotic POTUS is at the helm, it is far easier to entrust that the overall national interest is the primary driving force and factor, as mandated. 

On 9/11, Recalling the Ties between Iran and Al-Qaeda
The World Trade Center in New York City before its collapse, September 11, 2001 (Michael Foran / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

ALL of which circles back to Iran’s terrorist-mastermind mullahs, and the global threat that they pose – not only to Israel, the wider Middle East, Europe, and the west at large, but to the U.S. directly.

Image result for pics of iran death to america
OVER and over again, this worldwide danger has been evidenced, but no more so than through (Shia) Iran’s direct collaboration with (Sunni/Saudi/Iraqi) al Qaeda terrorists, during the planning and execution of 9/11/01. Similarly, Iran harbored many operatives who fled to their sheltered arms, having given material support to the largest terror attack on U.S. soil. Not only that, Hezbollah, via sleeper cells, is deeply burrowed all across the U.S. – ready to strike, that is, when given the signal from Iran’s genocidal leaders.

INEXORABLY, it is under the above informational and instructional manuals that two piggybacks, A & B, are housed and must be viewed. Incontestably, they intersect and outline the ultimate betrayal(s) of Barack HUSSEIN Obama and assorted henchpeople; an anti-American POTUS (and regime) who endangered the nation to the nth degree, as well as the west in toto.


  • Ominously, the most significant indictment against Barack HUSSEIN Obama, bar none, became housed within this site, Oct. 3, 2015. Resultant, it ricocheted across the internet at lightening speed, thankfully. This is so because there is nothing more dangerous than allowing the most lethal weapons known to man, WMD’s, to become part of a genocidal regime’s arsenal – whose stated goal is to destroy America, Israel, and, by extrapolation, western civilization. As such, history will record that the onus is upon Obama. Primarily, he provided an umbrella and a shield; an 8-year window to the Mullocracy ala the time, the space, and the financial wherewithal (to the tune of billions) to accelerate their pursuit of WMD’s, as evidenced within the following policy paper, one which this investigative journalist contributed to.

Accordingly, once again, a smattering of its indicting excerpts are presented. Without further ado:“House Of Bribes: How The United States Led The Way To A Nuclear Iran” (pdf here) houses a bullet-proof evidentiary trail. Beyond the (civilized) pale, too.

Its contributors include:

Adina KutnickiAndrea Shea KingDr. Ashraf RamelahBenjamin SmithBrent ParrishCharles Ortel, Denise SimonDick ManasseriGary Kubiak, Hannah Szenes, Right Side NewsMarcus KohanGeneral Paul E. VallelyRegina ThomsonScott SmithTerresa Monroe-HamiltonColonel Thomas SnodgrassTrevor LoudonWallace Bruschweiler, and William Palumbo.

“I think that the American companies will be welcomed in Iran… This is not a game for junior companies, and I call juniors anything below a billion-dollar market cap. This is a big-money game.”
– An American Portfolio Manager, July 2015

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
The Trailblazers: Namazi & Nemazee
National Iranian-American Council (NIAC)
The Open (Iranian) Society of George Soros
Valerie Jarrett – The Puppetmaster
Complicity of the GOP

Executive Summary

The Iranian nuclear deal is a full capitulation to Iran’s terrorist mastermind Mullahs, and the latest in a series of betrayals of the American people and allies by the Obama administration.  At the highest level of the administration, Barack Obama’s Senior Advisor, the Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett, prioritized rapprochement with the terror state.  Throughout the process and negotiations, she had the backing of billionaire investor (and Obama-backer) George Soros, and his multi-headed network of tax-exempt foundations.  Their efforts were driven by deep-rooted anti-Semitism and personal greed.  Meanwhile, since the mid-1990s, a small but very connected Iranian lobby (funded, in part, by George Soros) has been laying the groundwork for normalizing relations with Tehran.  Operating through a variety of non-governmental organizations and political action committees, the lobby courted Democrat and Republican politicians.  With the election of (Soros-backed) Obama in 2008, the Iranian lobby had very receptive ears in the White House.  International business interests were courted and effectively bribed with access to Iranian markets, until finally the deal was realized, approved, and sealed by a vote of the United Nations Security Council.


Thus far, the reports and exposés issued by the New Coalition of Concerned Citizens* have focused on the threat posed by Islamists to American sovereignty.  The Qatar Awareness Campaign brought to light extensive influence network of the State of Qatar and their ruling al-Thani family.  The Betrayal Papers explained the Muslim Brotherhood’s domination of the Obama administration’s agenda and policies, foreign and domestic.

This report will detail the sinister influence of the small, yet well-connected and very powerful, Iran lobby.  Though the Iran lobby’s highest level contacts are prominent Democrats, their reach spans both major political parties.  Like previous exposés, this investigation will mention familiar names, including George Soros, Valerie Jarrett, and the United Nations.

Iran is widely regarded by counterterrorism experts as the heart of Islamic radicalism, and the point of origin for terrorism with a specific geopolitical agenda (i.e., the creation of an Islamic Caliphate, much like the Islamic State, but dominated by Shiites, not Sunnis).  With the eager embrace of a legacy-hungry Obama administration, the Iran lobby managed to achieve a deal which makes the United States the de facto most powerful backer of Islamic terrorism in the world.

How did this happen?…..continue the frightening journey here…..


  • Irrefutably, let it also be stated for the record: absent the above, the following strategic assessment from DEBKAfile – a premiere military intelligence site, with a resounding analytical success rate in highly explosive arenas – wouldn’t assert:

The Israeli intelligence 2020 assessment published on Tuesday, Jan 14, estimates that if Iran continues its nuclear program at the present pace, it will have 25 kgs of highly enriched uranium by winter 2020 and a missile capable of carrying a nuclear bomb in two years.

This estimate matches the forecast Israel made five years ago, DEBKAfile’s sources note, when six world powers signed a nuclear accord with Iran for curtailing its development of a nuclear bomb. What happened was that the $150bn reward received by Iran was invested in advanced weapons systems and in establishing paramilitary groups under its control for planting around Israel’s borders.

The assessment released today is hardly compatible with another estimate in the 2020 intelligence paper that rates as low the prospects of war by Israel’s enemies. Does that mean that those enemies, Iran and Hizballah, will hold off until they accumulate a stock of nuclear warheads? The most pressing question is this: What is Israel doing about the advancing nuclear threat?

Its leaders have refrained from publicly discussing the threat since tensions between the US and Iran became critical. Last week, President Donald Trump declared: We will never allow Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon. On Tuesday, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said on Twitter: “We know exactly what’s happening with the Iranian nuclear program. Iran thinks it can achieve nuclear weapons. I reiterate: Israel won’t allow Iran to achieve nuclear weapons. I also call on all Western countries to impose snap back sanctions at the UN now.”

He was referring to the decision taken earlier in the day by the UK, France and Germany, co-signatories of the 2015 nuclear accord, to activate the dispute mechanism embodied in that accord after repeated Iranian breaches.

This process is long and cumbersome. Hence Netanyahu’s impatient demand. Complaints are first referred to a Joint Commission, then to the foreign ministers, and finally to the UN Security Council, with long pauses in between. For Iran’s non-compliance with its obligations, a vote could “snap back” the international and multilateral sanctions lifted under the accord.

IPSO facto, is there even a scintilla of a doubt, as per the exponentially grave damage an anti-American POTUS can pose to the nation, let alone the free world? If not, why not?

Image result for pics of obama and iran's ayatolla
(Ayatollah Khamenei praises Barack Obama’s anti-war comments – Telegraph

Obama’s “Islamophobia” Thrust; Paris’s Carnage; The UN’s Organization Of Islamic Cooperation – Their End Game. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

MUCH has been written at this site about the bugaboo of “Islamophobia”, and its origins can be found here.


INHERENTLY, it was totally expected that Barack HUSSEIN Obama, immediately after the carnage in Paris, would join the chorus of Sharia Law advocates, citing “Islamophobia” as the exact cause and culprit.

Attorney General Eric Holder is flying off to Paris this weekend for a meeting with the French Minister of Interior in the aftermath of a violent terrorist attack in which 12 people were killed and 11 wounded at the Paris magazine Charlie Hebdo, which printed cartoons of the prophet Muhammad.

Holder, who will meet with French officials on counter-terrorism, is a big opponent of “Islamophobia” against Muslims.

 “There can be no ‘us’ or ‘them’ among Americans,” Holder said at a 2010 dinner held by the California-based group Muslim Advocates. “And I believe that law enforcement has an obligation to ensure that members of every religious community enjoy the ability to worship and to practice their faith in peace, free from intimidation, violence or suspicion. That is the right of all Americans. And it must be a reality for every citizen.”

“We have also strengthened efforts to prevent and combat hate crimes — and to protect American Muslims from acts of violence and discrimination,” Holder said.

“More than ever before, all 94 U.S. Attorneys Offices are partnering with the Department’s Civil Rights Division to act as force multipliers in helping to deliver our nation’s most vital protections to their communities. Just this past Tuesday, nearly a third of the nation’s United States Attorneys gathered in Washington for an unprecedented meeting to work on this issue — and to identify additional ways to strengthen outreach to Muslim and Arab-American communities.”

DE facto, the twisted thinking goes: something has to be done about the (bloody) effects due to “insulting” Muslims – a direct cause of “Islamophobia” – and that is that. SO sayeth the leftist-driven Southern Poverty Law Center, as their columnist railed (back in 2011) in: “Jihad Against Islam”! Whoa…pot kettle…

NOW, within geo-politics, assuredly, little happens in a vacuum. Therefore, it was reported (at this site) ala the “Istanbul Process” – when Clinton was Sec of State  that much Islamic mischief was afoot.Yes, for years, bowing down to Islam has been front and center within Washington’s power centers. However, it has accelerated under the reign of Barack HUSSEIN Obama. 

Secretary Clinton addresses the Istanbul Process for Combating Intolerance and Discrimination Based on Religion or Belief, Washington, DC.

BUT along the lines of never allowing a “crisis to go to waste”, and in tandem with the avowed desire to push through Shariah’s Blasphemy Laws, a tailor-made set of explosions fit the bill.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Ambassador to the UN, Ufuk Gokcen is using the Paris terror attacks to push an agenda started in his home country of Turkey with the help of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2011. As an international voice of the OIC, a Muslim bloc of 57 nation states, Gokcen is using the Paris attacks to apply pressure to non-Muslim countries to enact blasphemy laws that would criminalize criticism of Islam. Known as the “Istanbul Process”, which was officially kicked off by Hillary, then Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu (now Prime Minister) and the OIC Secretary General from Istanbul in 2011; it’s all about exploiting such tragedies to push its agenda.

The OIC’s Ambassador to the United Nations Ambassador Ufuk Gokcen took to twitter and expressed his support for an article that revealed the real reason for Davutoglu’s appearance in the Paris rally.

As reported, Resolution 16/18 was used as the foundation for the inaugural “Istanbul Process” meeting chaired by Hillary and Davutoglu. The decision to point to the Innocence of Muslims as reason for the Benghazi attacks and riots all across the Middle East was likewise intended to push the “Istanbul Process”.

SIMILARLY, Barack HUSSEIN Obama always sides with Islamists (the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia), against those seeking to rid them from their midst, effectively throwing Egypt’s El-Sisi under the bus, as he did to Mubarak too.

AS a result of Obama Inc.’s treachery, the Brotherhood’s propaganda arm in America, CAIR, becomes emboldened at every turn, muscling and muzzling this one and that one. Its latest target – FOX News.

SO as the world witnesses the abrogation of U.S. leadership, they are forced to hear the White House’s mouthpiece opine, “it is inaccurate to use phrase ‘radical Islam’ to talk about terrorists!

HECK, even tv’s SHOWTIME hasn’t escaped their net, as they “may avoid Muslim terrorist storyline in season 5”. Oh well…another one bows down. Submits.



COUNTER jihadists, for the most part, understand what needs to be done to beat back Islam’s inroads against the west, but there is some disagreement as to what sits atop the pecking order. Yes, there are several imperatives housed at this site, however, in light of the multifaceted threat level – demonstrably clear through the explosions in Paris – the following is Number One: basically, westerners must cease dealing with Islam’s barbarians though their western prism. Forthwith. Simple as that.

EFFECTIVELY, a mental reversal, a volte-face, is in order, even though it can be very discomfiting. Regardless, the more one understands what makes them tick – culturally, politically and religiously etc – the more equipped one is to counter their inroads. The above is precisely why this site was formed, to act as a repository for said information, plus other (related) matters too. However, countering jihad has always been the focal point.

RESULTANT, in solidarity with the victims in Paris, the signage has become             “Je Suis Charlie”. Well and good. This gut level outpouring of western camaraderie, “rallying around” those who were slaughtered, is very important. However, there is a time and place for everything.

KNOW this: in so far as what works, when operating against the jihadi arena, well, “feel good” tactics absolutely, incontrovertibly, miss the most important mark; that which will ACTUALLY keep Islamic jihadists on the run! In reality, they are laughing their (smelly) asses off at emotional displays, what they consider the west’s Achilles heel.

IN this regard, arguably, if the intent is to fight fire with fire – the jury is still out, if westerners are resolved to do so…its leaders certainly aren’t – and demonstrate fierce resolve against the imposition of Shariah Law, sentimental identification with victims of jihad is viewed as a TOTAL sign of weakness by Islamists, whether they are of Arab origin or any other background in between.  

THE point being, if the leadership amassed in Paris had any backbone (let alone requisite clues how to counter jihad) they would have taken a polar opposite approach. Concomitantly, different “marching orders” would have filtered down to the millions of marchers, and the leaders would have set the tone, even if many decided to go their own way. Moreover, westerners congregating at social media (and elsewhere) would have picked up on this new assertive stance. Most importantly, the jihadists would have as well!

NEVERTHELESS, it is not too late to turn things around, though the window of opportunity is closing fast. Precipitous. Basically, all the signage, henceforth, must be to render Muhammed in all his barbaric and perverse ignominy, leaving aside the natural inclination towards sentimentality, at least for this part of the global struggle.

TO wit, such steadfast, massive resolve would signal to those who only respect STRENGTH and RESOLVE that the drumbeat against them will go on and on and on… 

THE above was precisely why a VERY FRONTAL approach was taken in this week’s commentary…a method to the “madness”: thus, ripping the mask off of “prophet” Muhammed !


MOST significantly, the back door to implanting Blasphemy, Shariah Law’s silencing of all anti-Islamic speech, becomes a byproduct of “Islamophobia”. Voila. After all, only “Islamophobes” speak out against Islam/Muhammed, so if they are silenced, well, the bloodshed will cease. Do non-halal pigs fly too?

THEREBY, as Barack HUSSEIN Obama, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) at the U.N., and worldwide Shariah Law proponents advocate, the overriding “necessity” of Shariah Law’s Blasphemy dictates become self-evident. Indeed, the aforementioned muzzles become the only tool capable of guarding global “peace”. A perverse inversion of what the west has to do to triumph over evil. 

AT its base, the long-standing intention has been – wherever pro Islamists reside, whether ensconced in America’s power centers, Eurabia, the Mid East, Asia, Africa and even in the caves of Afghanistan – to seize upon particular bloodletting, those which link a “cause and effect” from “insulting” Muslims!

charlie special imagebot

ALAS, as Charlie Hebdo gives them the proverbial finger, by producing their “salute” to Muhammed after last week’s carnage – surely evincing much displeasure from the Islamist-in-Chief – similarly, why isn’t he concerned by the potshots the satirical weekly takes at Jews, Israel and everything (of a touchy nature) under the sun? And, what about the Arab/Muslim world’s CONTINUOUS incitement against the “zionist entity” and “Joos” – depicted as apes, pigs and monkeys – within EVERY forum they oversee, even in their schoolbooks?

STRANGELY, mum’s the word. Why??

(“courtesy” of Charlie Hebdo)

ON the other hand, as offensive as the above is to Jews and Zionists, and to all people of good conscience – this investigative journalist to boot –  why is it that we understand that the overriding right to free speech supplants ones personal discomfit, whether religious-wise or not?

OTHERWISE, wouldn’t it be the case that we also have an excuse, a “religious” duty, to slaughter those who print said incitement, or at the very least demand a TOTAL restriction on said depictions, vile as they are to those who hold Judaism and Israel dear. Agreed?

FAIR is fair…except when one is viewing the world through the lens of “Islamophobia”!

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Malik Obama’s RADIOACTIVE Terror-Tied Nonprofit: Hands Off! What’s Going On? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki


IT is hardly a secret that U.S. intelligence agencies – of which the CIA and NSA play/manipulate at center stage – operate as separate entities. Yes, they are bureaucratic behemoths and turf struggles abound, often to the detriment of the mission at hand. Yet, at the same time, their work may very well overlap. It just depends. 

SPECIFICALLY, as most realize, the CIA is tasked with conducting foreign intelligence operations. On the other hand, the NSA is in charge of making and breaking codes, and also intercepts communications abroad. Its acronym is SIGINT, a discipline which this investigative journalist couldn’t “make or break” in two lifetimes. We all have our strong suits, and there is no pretense that technological expertise is one such domain. Laughable.

THAT being said, a deep understanding of geo-politics and the Muslim Brotherhood in toto (including, Islam’s political and cultural “norms” too) can be found within. Not only that, but world class resources can be accessed, even before many are able to finish their daily chores. That quick. Don’t doubt this.

BUT why is the above being mentioned? And what does it have to do with Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s terror-tied brother? Everything.

IT has already been proven that Barack HUSSEIN Obama is aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia.  

SIMILARLY, Malik Obama is more than hooked into the Brotherhood and he is an important fixture and deal maker. Indeed, even Egyptians are transfixed by all the tie-ins with Obama Inc and Egypt’s Brotherhood Mafia! Time and again, this site exposed said linkage.

ATOP said explosive nexus, how many know that Repub insiders are acting as shields for Obama and his half bro’s Sudanese fronted nonprofit? 

SO the main questions become: 

                                            Number One:

WITH all the dope leaking out (but only through alternative media sources) regarding Malik Obama’s Brotherhood terror sponsored nonprofit, why aren’t Repub power brokers clamoring to reveal this and that, even for a political edge, let alone patriotic ethos?

                                           Number Two:

UNDERSTOOD, yes, the media is in his pocket, yet few ask a most pertinent question: other than their own biased, leftist outlook, what else is tying mainstream media bosses to the Betrayer-in-Chief’s tethers? 

IN answer to question one, we must backtrack to the CIA and additional threads linking Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s CIA roots.

ADDITIONALLY, question two also dovetails with the media’s tie-in to the CIA. Indeed, this is also where the NSA, under his rule, was caught running wild. Thus, among other matters, lips are permanently zipped through massive domestic spying, blackmailing whomever they are tasked to silence by the POTUS! No kidding.

CONFUSED? Let’s straighten it out:

There has been a major breakthrough in the case of Malik Obama. It may also help to explain why members of Congress, mainstream media, and shockingly, even the attorneys for Tea Party groups targeted by the IRS have chosen to ignore the earth-shattering scandal involving the President’s eldest brother. This new discovery reveals a mosaic of intrigue that has never before been presented. It’s a scandal with everything… and more.

Obama in New York during his Columbia days.

What you are about to read consists of previously reported data points but now also includes a key figure that eliminates much speculation when viewed in the context of these data points – the Executive Director in whose home was formed the Foundation headed by Barack Obama’s Muslim brother, Malik.

The trail leads back to Barack Obama’s time at Columbia University and the Executive Director of the Barack H. Obama Foundation (BHOF), Alton Ray Baysden, a registered Republican with a 35-year career with the U.S. State Department and Intelligence Community, as has reported. Baysden’s field of operation included diplomatic security; he also worked in Karachi, Pakistan at a time when Barack was doing work for an employer that helped American businesses operate abroad. That employer also had a history of putting CIA operatives on their payroll, according to the New York Times.

Malik Obama and Barack Obama in Oval Office.

Before going back that far, take a look at a series of events that transpired over a five-week period in the spring of 2008, as Barack Obama was campaigning for President:

Friday, March 21st: The Washington Post reports that three State Department contract employees breached the passport files of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John McCain. Two of those employees are fired.

Sunday, April 6th: At a fundraiser in San Francisco, Barack admits to traveling to Pakistan while in college. Stealing the headline, however, was the infamous Obama quote about conservatives who “cling to guns or religion”, leaving open the possibility that the latter quote was intentionally delivered to allow that Pakistan trip to fly under the radar or at least to take a back seat in the shock value department.

Monday, April 7th: A man named A. Ray Baysden issues his only ever book review on Amazon. It is for a book entitled Immigration Chaos, written by immigration hawk Neville Cramer and Baysden gives it five stars. The contents of the book include revealing the corruption taking place at DHS. Again, why would such a person sign on with the Muslim brother of a pro-amnesty Presidential candidate in the same month?


Tuesday, April 8th: After reaching out to the Obama campaign for clarity on the surprise admission by Obama that he visited Pakistan in college, ABC News reports the campaign said Obama traveled to Karachi, Pakistan for three weeks in 1981, the year he began attending Columbia University.

Thursday, April 17th: Lt. Quarles Harris Jr., who is said to be a key witness in the case of the passport file breach at the State Department from weeks and months earlier is shot dead. Harris is found in his car outside a Washington, DC church and was said to have been cooperating with the investigation.

Harris: Murdered on 4/17/08

Wednesday, April 30th: The date on the BHOF 501(c)(3) approval letter showing the retroactive date the foundation became tax-exempt. Baysden is identified as the Executive Director. It is not known if this is the date of the meeting in Baysden’s home, only that it’s the date of exemption. The actual meeting may have taken place earlier in the month.

In 1984, Baysden was stationed in Karachi, Pakistan (his bio has a gap between 1980-88 so his time there could have spanned several years). Below are screenshots, presented by last year, that include the cover of a State Department directory for Key Officers of Foreign Posts, dated January, 1984. Alton R. Baysden is listed on page 55 as being stationed in Karachi, Pakistan. Note that the cover states it’s a “Guide for Business Representatives”. The relevance of this will be made known shortly:

Columbia University copy of State Dept. Manual.

Baysden stationed in Karachi, Pakistan in 1984.

Upon graduating from Columbia in 1983, Obama took a job with Business International Corp. (BI) in Manhattan and worked as junior editor until late 1984, the same year Baysden was stationed in Karachi. The stated purpose of BI was to assist American companies operating abroad.

According to a New York Times article published in 2007, while at BI, Obama also wrote for a weekly newsletter known as the Business International Money Report. Though it might be a stretch to identify the future president of the United States as a journalist in 1984, it could be argued that he technically qualified, which may take on added significance in light of BI’s connection to the CIA.

That leads to an extremely revealing 1977 New York Times article by John M. Crewdson entitled, “C.I.A. Established Many Links To Journalists in U.S. and Abroad”. Here is a screenshot of three paragraphs from the article. The crux of the article is that news organizations – both large and small – sometimes knowingly and sometimes unknowingly, hired CIA operatives who were actually doing double duty. One of those “news organizations” was the one Barack worked for after leaving Columbia:


Relevant excerpts transcribed:

…The Times found that at least 22 American news organizations had employed… American journalists who were also working for the C.I.A. In a few instances the organizations were aware of the C.I.A. connection, but most of them appear not to have been.

Crewdson reports that “…some of the most influential in the nation” were players, to include “ABC and CBS News… Time, Life and Newsweek magazines… The New York Times… The Associated Press… The Christian Science Monitor, The Wall Street Journal…”

Then comes the bombshell…

Among the lesser known organizations were the College Press Service, Business International,the McLendon Broadcasting Organization, Film Daily and a defunct underground newspaper published in Washington, The Quicksilver Times.

Seven years later, Barack Obama would find work with that organization in bold. Does this prove that Obama was doing intelligence work simply because he worked for BI?

Alone, no but it becomes a different story entirely with Baysden’s connection to Malik.

In the 2007 New York Times article, one of Obama’s co-workers at BI – Dan Armstrong – said that at the time he and Barack worked at BI, the company had a total of 250 employees world-wide. The odds of someone like Obama doing double duty with the CIA while at BI would seem to be higher than if he had been working at a major media organization with thousands of employees as opposed to one with less than 300; that doesn’t even factor in all of his CIA connections as POTUS.

Armstrong was asked about Obama’s account of his time at BI as it was described in Barack’s 1995 BookDreams From My Father. Armstrong charged that Obama’s description of his time at BI was an “exaggeration” in order to “make it a good story”. One of the lines from Dreams was as follows:

“Like a spy behind enemy lines, I arrived every day at my mid-Manhattan office.”

The irony is that contrary to Armstrong’s claim that Barack exaggerated his time at BI, there is a possibility that he may have understated it.

Obama would become President of the United States 25 years later and “the media” showed no interest in vetting him. Just how many secrets does he hold and how much dirt does he have on how many very powerful people? The insanely favorable treatment he has received from media outlets and even his opponents has been breathtaking to behold. The simple explanation is that such individuals and entities are afraid of the race card. If that’s a factor, it’s a small one but makes a workable excuse.

Former Business International employee Obama and Greek Columns at 2008 Convention.

To be fair, Crewdson reported that the CIA program he was writing about in 1977 had ended years earlier. Does anyone really believe such an operation was just ended, never to return? Having you believe that is part of the CIA instruction manual. Besides, there is overwhelming consensus that never in the history of the United States has there been a more complicit and fawning media when it comes to the Barack Obama candidacy and presidency; vetting did not take place relative to the candidate who deserved it most.

There has got to be a reason that transcends race and Republicans being afraid to challenge him because of it.

It’s time to put an end to this case being about circumstantial evidence exclusively but it requires members of Congress, the media (conservative media included) and attorneys for Tea Party groups to take the baton and do so. To this point, they have all failed the American people. The fact remains that no matter how much of the aforementioned evidence is coincidental or circumstantial, the introduction of Baysden into this whole mess all but closes the loop.

In 1984, the U.S. was aiding the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mujahideen in its fight with the Soviet Union from Karachi, Pakistan. As such, the man named Baysden listed in that manual had to be part of this effort. Barack Obama made at least one three-week trip to Pakistan with his Pakistani ‘friends’ during this period. If he had the charisma to one day be elected POTUS, he certainly had enough to qualify for an intelligence asset gig in the 1980’s. A man who would one day become a very close adviser to Barack Obama – Zbigniew Brzezinski – visited Pakistan in 1979 when he was Jimmy Carter’s National Security Adviser and gave the Taliban a pep talk, as reported:

In addition to working for an organization with a history that included hiring CIA operatives performing double duty, Barack Obama’s entire family in Kogelo is Sunni Muslim (except for him, of course), making him a perfect fit as an operative from the city where Baysden was working – Karachi. In fact, Barack is said to have recited the Islamic call to prayer with at “first-rate accent” by none other than a fawning New York Times writer in Nicholas Kristof. During the 2008 Presidential campaign, George Stephanopolous was very quick to come to Obama’s rescue when the presidential candidate inadvertently referred to his “Muslim faith” before Steph threw him a lifeline:

Everyone came to Barack’s rescue during his 2008 campaign, including his Republican opponent John McCain, who inexplicably refused to go after Obama’s weakest spots, to include Jeremiah Wright or Bill Ayers. Then of course, there was this infamous and disgraceful town hall appearance about one month before the election in which McCain was booed by his own supporters for defending Obama. In so doing, McCain defied the cardinal rule when on the campaign trail go after your candidate; he did the opposite. In so doing, the people who were readiest to put their differences with McCain aside and rally to his candidacy actually booed him; it was unprecedented:

In 2013, McCain’s 2008 running mate Sarah Palin revealed that she was forbidden to discuss Obama’s connections to Jeremiah Wright or Bill Ayers during the campaign:

Shockingly, 2012 was not really any different. Republican nominee Mitt Romney showed no interest in fighting back against libelous and slanderous charges levied against him by the Obama campaign. At one point, he was accused of murder. The brazen unwillingness on the part of Romney to show any self-respect led to voters showing him the ultimate in disrespect; millions chose not to vote.

The media assumed its role as Obama’s propaganda arm as well. In the second presidential debate, CNN’s Candy Crowley infamously came to Obama’s rescue when the subject turned to the Benghazi attacks. On top of that, Romney was ill-equipped to respond despite Benghazi being his biggest opportunity to make Obama a one-term president:

In the third debate, as more had been learned about what happened in Benghazi, viewers anticipated Romney drilling Obama on the subject. Since debate number two, he had plenty of time to read up on the details of the scandal. The video of the debate below is cued up to start with moderator Bob Schieffer asking the very first question, which involved Benghazi. Instead of hitting Obama where he was weakest, Romney took a dive and the subject never came up again:

If members of Congress were really interested in getting to the truth about the IRS scandal, Lois Lerner’s involvement in granting Malik’s Barack H. Obama Foundation (BHOF) expeditious and illegally retroactive tax-exempt status would have been introduced; she would have been asked about that in one of the two House Oversight Committee hearings she appeared before. Had she been publicly asked about Malik’s ties to a State Sponsor of Terrorism in Sudan, Lerner could have been exposed as an accessory to terrorism in addition to helping the President’s brother commit fraud; she would have transformed into a canary before America’s eyes.

To read more about Malik’s connections to Islamic terrorism, click here.

To this day, Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA) refuses to acknowledge this gargantuan issue after declaring the claims as being “spot-on” during a radio town hall in 2013, as reported. Perhaps worse, when IRS Commissioner John Koskinen appeared before Kelly at a House Ways and Means Committee hearing a year later, Kelly physically embraced the Commissioner and didn’t raise the issue once in the five minutes he was given, as reported.

Kelly is the only known member of Congress to not only acknowledge the scandal – as well as its legitimacy – publicly and proceed do nothing. He is certainly not the only member of Congress who knows about it;that’s a fact.

Perhaps even more vexing has been the refusal of True The Vote’s attorney Cleta Mitchell to introduce the scandal in one of the several congressional hearings she has attended. Contrasting the egregious treatment her client Catherine Engelbrecht received from the IRS with the illegally favorable treatment received by BHOF is a contrast made to order. Engelbrecht, a conservative member of the Tea Party is a law-abiding citizen who was run through the wringer by the IRS when she tried to get tax-exempt status. The president’s brother, who has been connected to the financing of terrorism and a State Sponsor of Terrorism, saw his 501(c)(3) status expedited by Lerner.

True the Vote President Catherine Engelbrecht (L) and her Attorney Cleta Mitchell (R)

Yet, Mitchell ignored it all despite knowing the details, even after her client was a victim of further injusticewhen a judge ruled she couldn’t have a forensics expert help find Lerner’s emails. Why?

The BHOF was founded in the home of a man named Ray Baysden in April of 2008 but never filed for its tax-exempt status, as reported. When the heat was put on BHOF in May of 2011, courtesy of a formal complaint by the watchdog group National Legal and Policy Center that was reported by the New York Post, the powers that be kicked into gear. Making the BHOF legal became a top priority from the top down.

Paperwork that should have been filed three years earlier but wasn’t, was finally filed. BHOF had been accepting tax-deductible donations without being tax-exempt, a crime if done so more than 27 months without that status.

BHOF received its 501(c)(3) approval letter, replete with Lerner’s signature and a date stamp of June 26, 2011 – a SUNDAY! Lerner had backdated the approval by a whopping 38 months and in record time!

Malik Obama's Foundation granted 501(c)(3) status on a Sunday.

As if the crime of fraud is not bad enough, Lerner should have been put on the hood for being an accessory to terror funding as Malik has deep ties to terrorists, terror groups and even on State Sponsor of Terrorism, as has reported. The most explosive scandal in the history of the United States is being universally ignored and the reason why is clear.

A whole lot of people have had their dirty hands tied behind their backs. They’ve also been gagged by a President who knows all their secrets and knows how to make them dance. In return, he’s been protected and just continues living like a king.

Can you think of a better reason why all this is getting ignored?


ALL of the above more than accounts for the “radio silence” on the most corrupt, anti-American regime in U.S. history. In fact, it demonstrates the extent that the Sword of Damocles hangs over many heads, akin to dictatorships around the world. Indisputably, even the brother of the leader of the free world is untouchable, a Teflon Terror Don. Simply put, Obama Inc. has enough blackmail on every player with juice, stopping them in their tracks. Dead, if it comes to it...dropping like flies!

CONCOMITANTLY, the above (partly) explains why so many (from the media, and both sides of the political aisle) have been cowed into submission, re his non-existent paper trail. His bonafides.

IS it any wonder that Nero-like, he fiddles, plays golf, while the country burns? Yes, without nary a care, nor fear of ANYONE daring to stop him! 

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