Jerusalem PD/HQ’s Obstruction of Justice: Nachlaot/Sanhedria/Ger Pedophile Investigations – Nexus To The Malka Leifer Case, The Australian Connection (PART 2) Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

{UPDATE: i24NEWS TV Interview With Manny Waks re Malka Leifer (Jan. 9, 2020} – ISRAELI PANEL RULES MALKA LEIFER FIT TO STAND TRIAL}

AS promised within “Sanhedria, Jerusalem Plagued By Pedophile Ring = Nachlaot, Jerusalem Redux: Political/Legal ‘Protectzia’ Shields Powerful Perpetrators! What’s Going On? – PART 1″ (Dec.30, 2019), no stone will be left unturned, that is, until a MEGA spotlight is shined, come what may, on a long-term, unforgivable crime – exacerbated by the grave malfeasance of (a minority of) Israel’s powers that be.

NAMELY, it is not for nothing that the aforementioned exposé targets political and legal “protectzia”, as prime addresses of culpability. Rage.

RESULTANT, it must be internalized that obstruction of justice can take various forms. Generally, it falls into the “passive or active” column. On its face, passive obstruction involves taking the “ostrich position.” More commonly known as “going along to get along”, it is sans any particular calculus. On the other side of the spectrum lies the active part; that which, usually, includes financial gain. Mind you, for those who are brutish in nature, wielding power and control is as intrinsic and intoxicating as the monies gained. Orgasmic.

Image result for pics of niso shaham

(Pictured to the right is Niso Shaham, the personification of evil!)


IN this regard, the “passive or active” charge-sheet is where Jerusalem PD/HQ ties into the betrayal of all betrayals – arrogantly, they believe that the public will stand silent. Not exactly.

KNOW this: it is not accidental, nor incidental, that Niso Shaham (the most brutish Commander to disgrace Jerusalem PD/HQ, a bastard of all bastards, a sexual abuser of women, to boot) happened to be in charge from 2008-2013 – the midway point between the public catching wind of the largest pedophile ring in Israel’s history, belatedly, admitted to by HQ! To reiterate for the record: by dint of considerable investigative experience at this end (and in consultation with highly- trained Intelligence operatives), it has been concluded: it is very unlikely that his tenure is coincidental to the years-long metastasizing of the pedophile/rape ring. Alas, as is known, every dog has its day. Yes, he is now a convicted sex offender!

Former Jerusalem police chief Nissan ‘Niso’ Shaham was found guilty of sexual assault, fraud and breach of trust for coercing multiple women under his command to have sex with him….

2018-05-10 – State of IL v Niso Shaham (31283-10-13) in the Tel-Aviv Magistrate Court – Request (No 77) for electronic service of Judge Benny Sagi May 09, 2018 “Post-it Decision” (Request No 73) – “there is no right to inspect the electronic signature of the judge”// מדינת ישראל נ ניסו שחם (31283-10-13) בבית המשפט השלום ת”א – בקשה (מס’ 77) להמצאה אלקטרונית של “החלטה בפתקית” של השופט בני שגיא מיום 09 למאי, 2018 (בקשה 73) – “אין זכות עיון בחתימה האלקטרונית של השופט”

Image result for pics of niso shaham
BUT we are not done yet, that is, police-wise.
IN furtherance to the video testimonies embedded in PART 1 (dated Dec. 30, 2019, viewed here and here), a newly developed synopsis and adjunct report (in Hebrew and English) is found below. Per the investigative arm of Israel’s Channel 13 (as encapsulated by journalist Haim Rivlin, an associate of Raviv Drucker), additional weight is levied against officialdom. Hot on the heels to the revelations on Dec. 30, 2019, mind-blowing video testimony ensued on Thursday, Jan. 2, 2020. Pointedly, this go-around, Jerusalem’s PD/HQ are in its cross-hairs – for both passive and active malfeasance! 


WITHOUT further ado, onto the dual language summary:

In advance of Thursday’s investigative video, NEWS 13 broadcasted headlines that there would be a police response to the “Dark Secret in Jerusalem” series. The police announced that they would “review the complaints filed in full.” They further stated: as a rule, they don’t re-investigate past complaints, however, due to the broadcast of the plan, the Investigation and Intelligence Division decided to reexamine the complaints, in addition to any new evidence. Via video interview clips shown in advance at NEWS 13, Haim Rivlin (and team) concluded that the programming was set – until it wasn’t.

About two hours before the full broadcast was set to air, the police took a “lighter” tone and approach. Reversing themselves, they announced there was no basis to suspect the existence of cults and organized exploitation in the communities….

Overall, despite all of the testimony provided by the investigative program “The Source“, viewers should decide if “complaints have been carefully investigated.”

חיים ריבלין:
אתמול (ד’) שידרנו בכותרות מהדורת חדשות 13 את תגובת משטרת ישראל לתחקיר “הסוד האפל בירושלים” בו הודיעה המשטרה כי תבדוק מחדש את התלונות שהוגשו בפרשת סנהדריה.

נוסח התגובה המלא היה:
“ככלל התלונות שהוצגו בתוכנית נחקרו על ידי המשטרה בעבר, עם זאת בעקבות שידור התוכנית הוחלט באגף החקירות והמודיעין לבחון מחדש את התלונות שהוצגו, בנוסף נעשתה פניה למערכת התוכנית באם התקבלו תלונות חדשות או ראיות היכולות לשפוך אור חדש על האירועים. עם סיום בחינת החומרים יוחלט על המשך הטיפול”
אנחנו שידרנו את כותרת התגובה ונתנו לה ביטוי לאורך היום בשורת ראיונות בתקשורת. אלא שהערב, כשעתיים לפני השידור, המשטרה בחרה לשלוח תגובה מרוככת הרבה יותר שזה הנוסח שלה:

“ככלל וכפי שכבר נאמר בעבר התלונות שהוצגו בתכנית נחקרו בקפידה ע״י המשטרה מהן עלה כי לצד ראיות לקיומן של עברות מין בהן הוגשו כ״א לא נמצא כל ביסוס לחשד על קיומן של כתות ואו פעילות מאורגנת לניצול של ילדים בקהילות המדוברות
עובדה שאף נתמכה על ידי הקהילה הרלוונטית .
לא זאת ועוד החקירה העלתה חשד מבוסס לניסיון ליצירת מצג שווא מצד גורמים בעלי עניין לעידוד השמועות על הפגיעה בילדים .
יודגש עם זאת כי לאור רגישות הנושא נעשתה פנייה למערכת התכנית, בכדי לברר האם התקבלו תלונות חדשות או ראיות היכולות לשפוך אור חדש על האירועים. ולבחון את המשך הטיפול בהם ואף פונה גם כעת לכל מי שיש בידיו מידע כזה להעבירו לטיפולה”

אולפן התוכנית הוקלט מראש היום (ה’) בצהריים, דבר שהובהר לדוברות המשטרה מראש. תשוו בעצמכם את התגובות ובעיקר תצפו בתוכנית “המקור” הערב ותחליטו האםהתלונות נחקרו בקפידה“.

DUE to the above “strangeness” ala the very obvious flip-flops, the overriding questions are divided into a two-part piggyback: why did the reps from Jerusalem’s PD/HQ perform a whiplash-like volte face? And, what are they really afraid of, ipso facto, hiding? Hmm.

NOW, hold on tight – here comes The Malka Leifer Case and officialdom’s tentacled shield!

A serial pedophile who fled back to Israel, she is accused of horrendous crimes against students, while serving as a principal at a Hasidic school in Melbourne, Australia. Unfathomably, she is now accused of similar crimes in Israel. Monstrous.

EVEN though she returned to the bosom of the Ger Hasidic community, her (Australian) crimes seeped into the public domain through various openings. Blessedly, in a twist of fate, her flight back to their welcoming arms allowed for her Israeli victims to find their voices. 

STILL yet, inquiring minds demand to know: could it be that some in officialdom (in her Haredi community, too) knew of her pedophilia (prior to her Australian posting) and kept it hush-hush, possibly, to give her a chance to “reform”, or, more likely, to take the heat off – in the expectation of what may lie in wait and blow-back onto them? 

EITHER way – as per the full extent of Leifer’s crimes, aided and abetted by cover-ups – the following is a cogently written overview of the life-altering wreckage she left behind: “Litzman, Leifer, and the Rabbis Against Justice” (March 12, 2019) tells the horrific tale. Still yet, nothing is more gripping than hearing from the victims through their own heartfelt testimony. Keep in mind: akin to most abusers, Leifer zeroed in – like a hunter to its prey – on those who were “broken”, having been raised in troubled homes. Unspeakable.

SO, in furtherance of the mission at hand, and regardless of the personal discomfit (truthfully, countless showers at this end can’t remove the inner stench), it is incumbent to lend witness to that which should be deemed beyond the pale. As such, the video testimonies of Elly Sapper, Dassi Erlich and Nicole Meyer (PARTS 1 & 2) should be heralded as evidence to the resilience of the featured survivors (among countless others) – to the extent of pursuing their tormentor from Australia to Israel. Ladies, BRAVO! (As an aside, yours truly would have done the same). Besides, as moral human beings and Jews, these valiant young women have truly imbibed the following Jewish dictates:  

“Tzedek, tzedek, tirdof…Justice, justice, shall you pursue.”
צדק צדק תרדוף – Shoftim (Deuteronomy 16:18-21:9)

“He who becomes compassionate to the cruel will ultimately become cruel to the compassionate.” – Midrash Rabba (Ecclesiastes 7:16)

DEAR reader, it’s time to grab a few snacks (you will need them for endurance), to take some deep breaths, and to give these courageous (now grown up) souls your full attention – they deserve nothing less!


ATOP it all, to make matters even more twisted and outrageous, Leifer’s close association with the Ger Rebbe (and the official shield he wields from MK Litzman) goes even deeper. It has come to the attention of these ears that the Ger’s family, more than likely, housed Leifer during certain periods of time! Can anyone imagine the “table talk” – in so far that the Rebbe’s son, Rabbi Avraham Mordechai Alter, is also an “alleged” pedophile!

FOR heaven’s sake…..


EVEN if left unspoken, rational folks intuit the following calculus: to perpetrate a massive cover-up, particular force multipliers must be in place. Thus, it is along said construct that Israel’s political leadership enters into play – as it sits atop the hierarchy, ready to exert its hyper-muscle onto underlings. In other words, one or another Ministry can dispense many goodies to those who play ball, and the police operate at their service, as do other official entities. Indeed, power politics is a force to be reckoned with.

NOT to be overlooked, to retain the right-wing at the helm (as it happens, the ideological stomping grounds of this investigative journalist), certain “deals with the devil” are brokered. Enter, Litzman’s UTJ, a two-tier party. It is comprised of Litzman’s all-powerful Agudat Yisrael Hasidic arm, in reality, the fiefdom of the Ger Rebbe! It bills itself as a so-called right-wing entity, even though it fights, tooth and nail, against conscription into the IDF, the core institution of Zionism. However, its second (but subservient) tier, Degel Hatorah, Gafney’s party, is UTJ’s Zionist arm.

IN a nutshell, the Israeli political system is a broken, non-representative polity – a fractured, mish-mash of parties, requiring the ruling coalition to play a numbers game. Beyond phew. Third election, anyone??

IT is this untenable political structure which gives UTJ in general, and MK Litzman in particular (see here), the political muscle and maneuverability to place a choke-hold over Likud’s leadership, as well as other right-wing partners. Never mind Yisrael Beiteinu, with Avigdor Lieberman as its strongman….

INCONTESTABLY, it is along said twisted trajectory that Jerusalem’s PD/HQ enters the fray. Its team of investigators have been, for all intents and purposes, instructed: shut down the investigations against pedophiles/rapists from the Ger community – as well as others, even if tangential to their inner circle. No doubt.

IN fact, throughout the scandal-plagued years, expert witnesses (mostly, from the Ger Hasidic community, some of whom reside in the U.S. and are flown in for “consults”) have given false testimony to conform with Litzman’s pressure tactics. Demonstrably, one stark illustration is found below. But, trust, it is the tip of his corruption – at the behest of his benefactor, the Ger Rebbe! Basically, Litzman strong-armed the testimony of the Chief Psychiatrist of Jerusalem, Dr. Charnes – ensuring that it was flipped upside its head to protect serial pedophile, Malka Leifer! Of course, remuneration sweetened the pot, so to speak.

Jerusalem District Psychiatrist Jacob Charnes in 2016 (Facebook)

(Introducing, the bought and paid for Dr. Charnes….re his “expert” testimony in The Malka Leifer Case….a serial pedophile, charged with 74 counts of child-sex abuse….and climbing!)

After authorities in Melbourne filed an indictment against her, Australia officially filed an extradition request in 2012. Two years later, Leifer was arrested in Israel but released to house arrest shortly thereafter.

Judges deemed her mentally unfit to stand trial and eventually removed all restrictions against her, concluding that she was too ill to even leave her bed.

That ruling was based on the opinion of Jacob Charnes, who has changed his determination three times in the Leifer case, most recently recommending that a new psychiatric panel be convened to make an updated assessment.

On Sunday, a Jerusalem District Court judge ruled that Charnes would not be allowed to choose the panel that will likely determine the fate of Leifer.

While some were baffled by Charnes’s flip-flops, a possible reason for them emerged in April when police began investigating whether he had been pressured by Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman, who heads the ultra-Orthodox United Torah Judaism party, to change his medical ruling to deem Leifer unfit for extradition.

Leifer was rearrested in February 2018 following a police undercover operation that cast doubts on her claims regarding her mental state, and has remained in custody since. The operation was launched after Jewish Community Watch hired private investigators who placed hidden cameras in the ultra-Orthodox West Bank settlement of Emmanuel that showed the alleged sex abuser roaming around the town without any apparent difficulty…..

In July, police recommended indicting Litzman on charges of fraud and breach of trust. Charnes has been interrogated under caution in the case, but authorities have stopped short of recommending he be charged as well. Last July, police recommended Litzman be charged with fraud and breach of trust for allegedly pressing ministry employees to issue a false psychiatric report to block Malka Leifer’s extradition on medical grounds. They also recommended he be charged with bribery over an unrelated matter.

IT is into this embarrassingly, immoral cesspool that the raping of kiddies (some of which has proven to be satanic/cult-based….again, see here), as well as the raping of young women seeking to convert to Judaism (within so-called Jerusalem-based “kosher” conversion programs, see here) continues to be white-washed. Ignored. Know that this particular evil was imported from several Vatican-infused Missionary hotbeds in the U.S., alongside others from across the globe.

INEXORABLY, as a matter of untainted record: this investigative journalist possesses gut-wrenching, nightmarish, first-hand written testimony from forever traumatized women. Its essence describes the actual crimes that were committed against them, as well as the secondary crime; the knock-on effects due to officialdom’s abandonment – and, even now, they fail to hold the perpetrators to account!



(R) Deputy health minister Yaakov Litzman seen during a press conference after meeting with president Reuven Rivlin at the President’s Residence in Jerusalem on April 15, 2019. (L) A private investigator tagged Malka Leifer as she spoke on the phone, while sitting on a bench in Bnei Brak, on December 14, 2017.

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4 thoughts on “Jerusalem PD/HQ’s Obstruction of Justice: Nachlaot/Sanhedria/Ger Pedophile Investigations – Nexus To The Malka Leifer Case, The Australian Connection (PART 2) Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. Magnificent expose, sharing. Shmuel came with me to meet the 3 sisters here in Jerusalem, when they came over from Australia and had a protest outside the court. I attended one court case a few months ago, and what went on was a circus. The lawyers for Leifer put on a show straight out of a bad soap opera and while he was strutting his stuff, Liefer started to shake and quake to his song. It ws almost funny in a sad way. She jerked and quaked as he got louder , they practised together how to get the shake quake dance lined up with strutting peacock thunderous words. I wanted to die of shame that this is supposed to be a serious court case. What a joke our legal system is when the Judge did not shut down this obvious propoganda for the media . What a joke when the Judge did not immediately send her back to Australia, because at that hearing, JCW gave their video evidence to the Judge where it was crystal clear she was faking her claims that she was at home all day long and had a babysitter with her. In my naive belief that somehow video evidence of crime is enough to send that woman to Australia, soon shattered when it was not done. Since then the case has dragged on month after month after month.

  2. MEMO: To all interested parties:
    It is intrinsic to recognize that efforts are still underway to bring a particular pedophile to justice; believed to be the ringleader in Nachlaot!
    Under the guise of “communal fellowship”, he ingratiated himself into several synagogues in Jerusalem. Unbeknownst to the congregants, they welcomed him with open arms.
    In a classic “grooming” scenario, he befriended the parents, afterwards, he reeled in the kiddies!
    In any case, I called in a favor (an owed “quid pro quo”) from one of my trusted investigators to dig into his background in the U.S., before he came to Jerusalem to target the kiddies. So far, I am being told that his footprints are, what is called in the business, “erased.” The question becomes: WHY??

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