Sanhedria, Jerusalem (Still) Plagued By Pedophile Ring = Nachlaot, Jerusalem Redux: Political/Legal “Protectzia” Shields POWERFUL Perpetrators! What’s Going On? PART 1 – Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

{UPDATE: What’s going on in Sanhedria, Jerusalem: ‘Cult’ Rabbi in Jerusalem Seminary Case Arrested}

ONE doesn’t have to care a whit about the sacredness of Jerusalem, a.k.a. Zion, to recognize that pedophiles, wherever they exist, are the vilest of the vile. For heavens sake, even among the most hardened prisoners, they are considered the lowliest of scum. Less than dirt.

“Chomo” is prison slang for a child molester and, inmates and officers often claim, they are at the absolute bottom of the implied prison hierarchy.

“Chomos are definitely bottom, then snitches are targeted after them. Drug dealers, white-collar, common folk,” the former inmate said. “Bureau of Prisons (BOP) talks a good game, but you won’t ever provide a safe haven for a chomo in custody.”

BUT before the very serious charges at hand move forward, know this: aside from open source material available to all, this investigative journalist has more than a few law enforcement and relevant sources (in Israel and the U.S.) on tap, just in case first-hand verification, as per this and that back-up, is required. Of course, said sources always remain anonymous. 

THAT being established, for the purpose of exploring and exposing related backgrounder – for the most part, but not exclusively, concentrated in Jerusalem – it is imperative that both the frontal and enabling players are held to account, irrespective of all else. No one is immune.

IN this regard, there are some within Israel’s justice system (not unlike in the U.S. and elsewhere) who make it possible for well-connected pedophiles to escape justice. In fact, some inside the prison system “play ball”, of course, for a certain fee. Mind you, this criminal-like malfeasance serves as a force multiplier – and certainly not for the public good and welfare. Rather, it goes hand-in-hand with targeted political “proteczia”, that is, a societal blight like none other. In plain terms, when it comes to the violated kiddies, one hand washes the other….you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours….to hell with the forever traumatized children! This is the G-d’s honest truth, despicable as it is.

STILL yet, prior to this site’s re-examination of an ongoing and highly organized pedophile ring in Sanhedria, Jerusalem – having been in operation for several years before it was initially uncovered, in 2015 – it is incumbent upon all who proclaim to care about the kiddies, especially, the powers that be, to take a look-back at Nachlaot, Jerusalem; a nightmare of all nightmares which has yet to mete out any real justice! No doubt, the largest pedophile ring in the history of the state of Israel operated under the very noses of officialdom. How can this be?


A playground on Shirizli Street, next to where S, the 'alleged' ringleader of the pedophiles, used to do his morning exercises

IN 2012, according to blogger Elana Kutscher, as well as being a mother of young children living in Jerusalem….
  • What do you do when pedophiles live on the same street as your children’s playground? You call the police, right? Well, Nachlaot residents called the police over a year ago (in 2011), and yet the pedophiles are still there. Not just by the playground, but spread throughout the entire community. According to the police, it’s the largest ring of pedophiles in the history of the State of Israel. Police also say that it’s been operating for at least six years. And over 100 children have been raped and/or abused. Some of these pedophiles have been convicted (not enough). Others are known to be pedophiles but have not been convicted due to lack of evidence. And who knows how many more are out there?…..The laws against pedophiles in Israel, I’m discovering, are ridiculously lax. Which is why someone like A, a US citizen and a convicted pedophile, is able to escape extradition (he is wanted in the States for pedophilia) and live in peace a few blocks away from the children’s playground.
  • So, in 2013, when a shout-out landed in this direction re the above, its urgency couldn’t have been more acute. Resultant, other investigations were put on hold. Not only that, in tandem, an organized ring of rapists (Christian Missionary related) who were preying on young women in Jerusalem had to be exposed. When it rains, it pours. Once again, very powerful benefactors – this time, most of whom aligned with Vatican interests in Jerusalem – were at the epicenter. As such, a fast and furious investigation ensued. Indeed, “favors” were called in from the U.S. and Israel to make it happen. It led to here, here, and, finally, to here  – all of it via a three-part series. Mind-blowing. Numbing.

INDEED, once the series circled around the internet, let’s just say that fast and furious responses – ala stepped-up levels of threatening messages – came this way. But never mind. Clearly, this one and that one had no idea with whom they were dealing.


Sidney Phillip Marcus
AND, for the public record, the identity of “S” detailed within – the pedophile ringleader in Nachlaot – is Sidney Phillip Marcus. Curiously, he answers to his nickname, Skippy, because he likes to skip rope! Kid you not. More to come on that cretin….as well as his accomplices, Zalman Cohen, Binyamin Satz, and  a slew of others within the pedophile ring.
MORE accurately, according to court documents, they operated as classic gang-bangers: “The Nachlaot Case”, per Judge Amnon Cohen writes: “It turned out that we were talking about an unusual case of sexual assault—regarding the large number of children who were assaulted and also regarding the form of the assault, which wasn’t performed “one [adult] on one [child]” but rather “several [adults] on several [children]: a number of predators together assaulting a number of victims together. 15 additional suspects were interrogated, among them the accused.”
AS per documented therapy sessions, the following is a foretaste of pages and pages in support of the same heinous allegations:

The girl starts talking, slowly, in the language of a little girl, she was talking about how she was taken, taken out of the neighborhood, some of the time she was here, some of the time she was taken out of the neighborhood. Now, it’s very difficult to really know exactly what you accept for little kids and what not. When you’re dealing with young children, I mean, you know your kids. They’re so sweet, and they talk so much narishkeit. It’s very difficult to be able to sift out what’s for real, what’s real, what’s accurate, and what’s not. What’s stam, what’s fantasy. Part of what she told was, that she was given things to drink … at one point, in one of her therapy sessions, she actually showed up, and the therapist said – this girl is drugged. The mother confirmed that night, that she found a needle mark on her. Apparently, part of whatever was done to her, involved drugging her first.

But she talked about a lot of kids together, things being done to them of the same sort. Now, although we question the reliability of little kids, when a young child starts describing things that she clearly knows nothing about other than by the fact that she experienced it, something she never heard about in school and never heard about at home, and at that age, you don’t have the wise aleck that knows everything, we’re talking about little kids! – there are things that she described that she had to have experienced, and we accept that 100%.

But then she said, she’s scared to talk, because they took a cat and slaughtered it in front of her and told her they’d do the same to her if she tells her parents. And she was taken to a fire, and brought closer and closer until it really hurt, and told that if she tells, then she’s going to get thrown into that fire.

And she told of this happening many times. Where? That’s where there’s a lot of confusion. At one point, she was talking about this big building with lots of steps, colored windows. She talked of being taken to a pool. This sounded very much like stories that we had heard from Nachla’ot. Honestly, I was given a lot of literature about what happened in nachla’ot. I read through it, and decided that this is surreal, no level-headed human being can believe it, and it’s therefore untrue. I was unwilling to deal with it. The problem was that when we started hearing these stories, it sounded identical, it sounded exactly like what the kids in nachla’ot testified to……..Well, it didn’t stop there. We started finding out that Sanhedria Murchevet is not the only neighborhood where this is happening. We found out that this was going on in Givat Shaul, in Romema, in Neve Ya’akov. Same kinds of stories. We then found that in many of these neighborhoods, among the kids that were speaking up, there were many who were in chinuch meyuchad, in special ed. Once again, it sounds like these are prime targets……

When I say the whole story, so I’m going to go back and fill in some details now. It seems like there’s a cult operating throughout Yerushalayim. This is nothing less than a cult. We’re not dealing with pedophiles here. We’re dealing with a sadistic cult. Their exact agenda is difficult to know – baruch hashem, our minds don’t work that way.

What we have figured out are several things:

READERS, you got that?

FROM this site’s investigation, think of the crimes as a combination of “garden variety” acts of pedophilia, gang-banging, AND satanic ritual abuse! Either way, NO punishment is too harsh for each and every violator, starting with castration. 

Image result for pictures of avrohom Mondrowitz

Image result for pictures of avrohom Mondrowitz

(Former “Rabbi” Avrohom Mondrowitz is brought to the Jerusalem Magistrates Court for a remand hearing, 18 November 2007, after being arrested by Israeli police and Interpol. The United States Department of Justice has requested Mondrowitz’s extradition to face charges of molesting and sexually abusing children).

REVEALINGLY, as per “A” within Elana’s blog, this motherf***er (some call him a monster, this investigative journalist prefers the aforementioned descriptor) is Avrohom Mondrowitz – having fled the United States in 1984 (from Brooklyn, NY) ahead of multiple child-molestation charges. Apparently, Israeli authorities deem him “untouchable”, that is, he’s protected from extradition! Imagine that. But know that not only does he roam the streets of Jerusalem freely, but lives a hop, skip, and a jump from the epicenter of Nachlaot’s pedophile ring at 10 Yisrael Street – just in case anyone wants to pay him a visit! And, you decide, if his address is a coincidence – or not.

NOW, onto the pedophiles defiling the kiddies in Sanhedria, Jerusalem…..

FOR the best overview of what’s plaguing Sanhedria (and surrounding communities), the report below (from 12/22/19) tells most, but not all, of the tale. No point in re-working the wheel. 

MOREOVER, a VERY explosive video by investigative journalist Raviv Drucker (Dec. 8, 2019, the first one below) should shock even the most jaded, as well as the “in the know” – yours truly, included. Trust, this head nearly exploded from rage.

AND, one more mind-blower, before their masks are fully ripped off. It was “advised” at this end to check out if pornographic videos of the kiddies were uploaded for added titillation and revenue streams. Without going into too much detail, an urgent shout-out was directed to this one and that one in the U.S., since they operate inside the “dark web” for intelligence gathering. Apparently, some are housed within its deep recesses. As promised, they will notify relevant authorities in Israel – for whatever good it will do. Enough said.

ALAS, two beyond the pale videos can be seen below. If they pop up with a shortened link, just click on the top left-hand corner icon, albeit, with a caveat: do not view either on a full stomach!

(For English speakers: the second video (12/5/2019) describes the most serious cases that occurred in Israel in the field of child exploitation. As such, “The Source” re-opens the investigation files of dozens of testimonies of children from neighborhoods in Jerusalem, who have been removed from their educational settings and have experienced severe violence involving ritual elements)

AFTERWARDS, if you are still sitting upright, read the most nauseatingly vile betrayal of countless kiddies – no less, in the holiest city of Judaism, Jerusalem!

(The Ger Rebbe…let’s call him “Papa of the pedophile!”)

Image result for pictures of avrohom Mondrowitz
Image result for pics of Rabbi Avraham Mordechai Alter
(The actual pedophile, Rabbi Avraham Mordechai Alter!)

Sexual Assault Allegations Rock an Israeli Hasidic Community – 22/12/2019

The son of Rabbi Yaakov Aryeh Alter, leader of Ger Hasidic community, has been accused of abusing male yeshiva students over years. The Sect, which denies allegations, did not notify authorities and paid a large sum to prevent publication.

For years, S., a member of the Ger Hasidic community, has been trying to forget his memory of events in the room of Rabbi Avraham Mordechai Alter, the son of the ultra-Orthodox sect’s admor, or leader, Rabbi Yaakov Aryeh Alter. Even after S. married and became a father, he didn’t tell anyone.

“They don’t talk about such things in Ger,” he said. “It’s not talked about. Our biggest disgraces are things like that. No one tells. No one talks.”

S. and another Ger member told Haaretz that the younger Alter sexually assaulted them about two decades ago at the Ner Yisrael yeshiva in Jerusalem. A number of sources describe a cover-up of the incidents that allegedly took place over years and were known to at least one senior figure in this influential Hasidic community in Israel.

The admor and his son reject the allegations, and refused to respond further.

The admor only received information years later about the assaults his son has been accused of. The admor, one of the most important leaders in the ultra-Orthodox community, ordered that his son be removed from the yeshiva, but the case was not reported to the authorities and no assistance was offered to the complainants.

The complainants told Haaretz that they feared the price to be paid if their identities were disclosed. “If my name gets out, that would personally endanger me,” one said. The second added: “I can’t endanger myself and my family. I have nightmares just thinking that maybe my name would come out.”

Meanwhile, the Hasidic community reportedly paid hundreds of thousands of shekels to ensure that the details would not become public.

The younger Alter, who is now in his 60s and is the eldest of five sons and four daughters of the admor, had special status at the yeshiva. He did not have an official position, and his duties amounted to giving a lesson on the Torah portion of the week, but he was surrounded by an aura, S. says. “He was considered a very spiritual figure. Everyone looked up to him.”

As S. put it, “It happened when I was about 16. He called me to his room at the yeshiva, locked the door and told me to come near him. First, he caressed me. After that he began with affectionate slaps and pinches on the cheek …. I didn’t understand what was happening to me, what he wanted. I didn’t suspect a thing.

“He began to talk, and again and again got closer and closer. I didn’t understand. I didn’t suspect a thing until he unbuckled my belt. I was shocked. I thought to myself, ‘What’s this?’ He opened it harder. I didn’t let him. He said, ‘Let me, let me.’ He tried to pull down my pants. There was no chance that I would let him. I fought. I was shocked and shaken up.”

S. says he tried to get out of the room but the door was locked and Alter had the key.

“He made me swear that I would never tell about what happened there,” S. said. “I had no choice, so I agreed. He told me: ‘What do you think? What did I do to you? What did I want? What was it?’ I responded, ‘I have no idea. I don’t know,’ and he replied, ‘Does it seem like something to you? Do you suspect something?’ I said, ‘No, nothing. Everything’s okay.’ And then he let me go.”

S. kept his promise. About a year later, he heard about a student at the yeshiva who said he had been assaulted by the rabbi. He looked into the rumors and the student told him that he had been a victim of a similar act…..

A. is another student who says he was sexually assaulted. “Studying with him was a great honor. One time he locked the room, called me to him and tried to grab me. I managed to escape,” the student said, adding that he had been afraid to discuss this because the rabbi’s father was the admor.

He says he also did not entirely understand what had happened. “I was afraid, but I also didn’t get what it was. It didn’t occur to me what he wanted exactly.”

Later, when A. returned to studying with the rabbi, Alter was more successful with an attempt at sexual assault, A. said.

“He locked the door and grabbed me ‘there.’ The key was in the lock,” A. said. “I opened it and ran away hysterical. He ran after me, but I got to one of the [disciplinary] supervisors and told him what had happened. He tried to calm me down and give me encouragement.”

A. says the supervisor contacted him the following day and told him that he had consulted with a leading figure in the Hasidic community, Avraham Yosef Ihrenstein, who was responsible for matters involving modesty. A. says the verdict was that the incident could not be talked about.

“Ihrenstein told the supervisor to order me to cut off contact with Alter and not tell a soul about it,” A. said. “I understood from talking to him that I was endangering myself if I talked about it, that the admor’s son was holy. I felt threatened.”

He said he interpreted the threat as spiritual as well – he would also suffer harm in the afterlife. “I kept quiet and didn’t tell my parents, friends or anyone at the yeshiva. It bothered me terribly,” A. said. Even after A. got married he told no one. He says the incident affected his relationship with his wife; he wasn’t able to have a sexual relationship with her.

A. has since stayed away from the younger Rabbi Alter, while S. says he has never spoken to Alter about his suffering.

“He can pass by me and me by him and it’s as if we were invisible. There’s no contact between us. As a young person, this lie pained me,” S. said.

“How is it that the world holds him in esteem and honors him? On the inside, he’s a person like that who’s capable of doing such things, and on the outside he’s the son of the admor who we’ve been taught is the holiest thing. It’s not rational.”

Discipline and modesty

The Ger Hasidic movement was founded in Poland 160 years ago. It is the wealthiest Hasidic sect in the world and is considered the most extreme when it comes to discipline, modesty and sexual relations. The admor’s influence in Israel extends beyond the Hasidic community, especially on issues involving religion and state.

The Ger movement is represented in the Knesset by Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman of United Torah Judaism’s Agudat Yisrael faction. Litzman has been a close associate of the admor for many years and is thought to take direction from him.

UNHOLY smokes.

THE glaring question before all of us in Israel is: since Litzman is invested in securing cover for pedophiles, let’s put all the cards on the table: as a henchman, yes, a henchman, who hails from the Ger community, what are the chances – in his sworn position as Deputy Health Minister – that he can protect the health and welfare of those already traumatized (with others down the road) at the hands of his community and beyond, at the same time that he is instructed, per his Ger benefactors, to protect the tormentors of the kiddies? It is akin to a Mafia Lieutenant being in charge of the public treasury, at the same time that he takes orders from the head Don to raid its coffers!

BUT we are not done with the indictments. 

YES, without any hesitation or reservation, may the perpetrators and their enablers rot in hell. They committed a double/kaful crime and sin; against the most innocent among us, as well as having blackened and besmirched the good name, a.k.a. shem tov, of a mostly law-abiding and moral Jewish religious public. Unforgivable.  

Image result for pics of malka leifer

UPCOMING, PART 2: THE AUSTRALIAN CONNECTION: THE MALKA LEIFER CASE – An Australian female pedophile, a MEGA predator, fled to Israel, again, being shielded by Israeli “protectzia”….less than six degrees separated from the Ger Rebbe and his minions! 

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  1. The Rabbi of Gur finally unmasked, this is so important for us in Israel if we are ever going to clean up the pedophile situation here. Thank you for this article, hard hitting and necessary to wake up the sheeple. This cannot go on any longer. Not one more day.

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