A playground in Nachlaot 

This site promised to stay abreast of ongoing developments regarding the travesty of injustice surrounding the scourge of pedophilia and rape within Jerusalem. It threatens Jewish children, women, families and whole communities within Israel. And just because Israel’s leftist-captured media has decided the above is “case closed”…moving right along…it doesn’t mean a damn thing at this end.

Assuredly, a concerted effort is ongoing to flush out the garbage polluting Jerusalem. Part One can be accessed here: Jerusalem’s (Nachlaot’s) Underbelly: Pedophilia (Sexual Abuse Of Teens/Women Too) DEFILES The Innocent.”Former” Missionaries Involved & “Rabbis” Give Them Cover. Where Is The Nexus?

Concomitantly, any investigation worth its merit requires more than one corroborating source. Said requirement has been fulfilled – and then some. Count on it.

That being the case, as dedicated readers are duly aware, this American-Israeli usually delves into the terror hydra of Islamic jihad, specifically, The Muslim Brotherhood Mafia. The associated risks appear obvious. However, exposing the underbelly of crimes against children (and women), specifically, in Jerusalem, requires more than a strong stomach. Rattling certain cages also necessitates extreme caution. This is precisely why certain names are still under wraps – for now. The Missionary linkage creates a dangerous dynamic of its own. It adds another layered minefield to traverse.

To recap, the following excerpt must be kept uppermost in mind for a reliable contextual understanding. Shielding their crimes from the public domain (until fully resolved, and the main perpetrators are behind bars) must not be allowed to happen, regardless of the acquiescence of Israel’s derelict media.

THOUGH many of the newly initiated into this cesspool will shake their heads in disbelief, the question still remains: where do the corrupt “Rabbis” and the“former” Missionaries come into play? In other words: what is their filth-ridden nexus?

IT is this question which is not only relevant but key to unlocking a pedophile ring plaguing Jerusalem and, by extension, all of Israel. Moreover, it is the most dangerous one to explore/expose – literally. 

ASIDE for a well known Missionary crisis within Israel there are deeply hidden secrets within several “schools”, and they are plagued with sexual abuse. In fact, one “conversion” program – reportedly no longer open for “business” – enabled the pedophilia ring to thrive. Not only that, but those who ran the program are themselves “former” Missionaries, supposedly living as Jews in Israel. Interesting nexus.

YES, it was under this school’s “proverbial wings” that much of the following sexual crimes transpired. As a matter of record, men were not the only suspects involved. A smattering of women pedophiles, throughout the community, have been equally “busy”…… 

In light of the above, as is said, truth is stranger than fiction. Yet, why describe it as such? Well, more than one corroborating source is pointing this investigative journalist in the direction of CIA fingerprints – in relation to the unspeakable crimes in Nachlaot! Yes, this appears to be the tragic, unfathomable case.

Now, the first question is: why? Indubitably, this is the part which requires both a basic knowledge of CIA operations (up-endings) in the Mid East, as well as figuring out the benefits accrued to said criminal, yes criminal, involvement. 

Simply put, the CIA meddles in EVERY sphere in Israel, and this is not up for debate. Nor is it merely speculative in nature. Trusted counter-terrorism contacts keep this site abreast re certain matters, and this is all that will be noted on the subject.

In this regard, when allegations surfaced of possible CIA involvement in a pedophile/Missionary-related ring, another question became: what benefits would be derived from unleashing pedophiles and rapists into the heart of Jerusalem?

Significantly, at its base, Washington (and other devious players, but let’s stick to Washington) is doing everything in its power to wrest Jerusalem from Jewish hands –  the multiplicity of political reasons will be left for another discussion.

But never mind. There is more than one way to skin a cat, so to speak. Thus, just suppose Jerusalem/Zion became plagued with horrific scandals, those which seared at the heart and soul of family living, reverberating not only in Jerusalem but outside the capital? Is it far fetched to believe that messing with Jewish kiddies and women would effectuate an emotional, mental, spiritual tumult of cascading proportions, possibly transcending for generations? Undoubtedly. Now, this site is not suggesting that Jerusalem would be up for grabs as a direct result, but rational folks understand that once the bedrock of a community is shaken, well, anything is possible. Many pressure points are utilized to gain objectives. And, one size does not fit all. 

But for readers who believe the charges proffered are fantastical – not so fast!

Do recall the following from Part One, as it bears special and significant scrutiny. Its initial reporting was not for nothing: “In fact, one “conversion” program – reportedly no longer open for “business” – enabled the pedophilia ring to thrive. Not only that, but those who ran the program are themselves former Missionaries , supposedly living as Jews in Israel. Interesting nexus….”

Interested parties, keep following the bread crumbs. The female head of the (now defunct) “conversion” program is a “convert” to Judaism and a “former” Missionary from Mississippi, Mrs Sarah Vorst. Okey dokey. In league with her efforts, several of her Jerusalem associates have CONFIRMED TIE-INS to the school (they are also “former” Missionaries) AND the CIA. Even more “puzzling” are two “mysterious” deaths – they worked in tandem with the school as “consultants” and were involved in other “risky business” – one of whom had a confirmed CIA background…trying to find out about the other. Coincidental? Put on your thinking caps.

Moreover, a particular witness – a previous (traumatized) student at the aforementioned school – put into these hands testimonial evidence to the above linkage. This individual was in an absolute position to see/hear things which affirm the charge(s). A travesty which screams to the heavens.

As a matter of record, the amount of sheer terror instilled in many of the victimized children and women – and even some students were threatened at the related conversion program, having stumbled upon this and that – to keep their mouths shut is the stuff of nightmares – theirs! Getting them to talk is akin to prying gold loose from Fort Knox. But when they do talk….

Nevertheless, it is intrinsic to remember a germane point: just like in any “successful” operation, a central meeting place is always necessary for those who are involved in nefarious activities, whether of the sexual or criminal element. Therefore, it has been alleged – by some who are close to matters at hand – that a well-known address played (and still does) a part in the pedophilia/Missionary connection.

Enter: Machane Yehuda

Shuk (26).JPG

Mahane Yehuda Market on a busy Friday

Mahane Yehuda Market is located in Jerusalem

Mahane Yehuda Market
Location within Jerusalem

Affectionately called “The Shuk”, it’s located between Agrippas and Jaffa Streets, an invigorating 10 minute walk from Jerusalem’s city center. Been there…done that…and quite a few times.

Now, at first blush, the immediate aspect one notices when entering this bigger than life (smallish) quarter, is the wonderful assault on the senses, as a cascade of Middle Eastern aromas waft throughout its many stalls and food shops. Heavenly.

But, rest assured, the cornucopia of delights found within the maze of stalls and restaurants are not the only things for sale. The ubiquitous drug score is a well- known seller’s/buyer’s market, in and around “The Shuk”. And, it has been reported that police actively monitor the drug situation, as they should.

However, less well-known (to the public at large) is the underbelly of sex “sales” – also in and around “The Shuk”. Yet, what does this have to do with the Nachlaot scandal? Everything.

Used as a meeting haunt for those who plot against the children (and women) of Nachlaot (and beyond its communal confines), their “talent scouts” are also known to seek out those who comprise the underbelly of perversion within the city, to be called upon, when needed. And, as in all well-oiled criminal ventures, financial motives factor in. So, aside from the aforementioned “Shuk”, is there a better place to hawk (but away from prying eyes) kiddie porn and other salacious materials? Nope. Does anyone doubt, as pedophiles violate the kiddies, that a camera isn’t rolling and capturing live images? This horrendous (but not unexpected) tidbit came from a closely aligned “birdie”, whose Intelligence bonafides include gathering evidence via the “dark web”, and above-ground, too. He has been a hero – more than once – to this site.

Not only that, but more than tangentially related to the CIA/Missionary connection – which set up the pedophile ring – a highly politically connected Rabbi (and there is more than one “clergyman” involved) from Rockland County, NY, himself a sexual predator, has his hands deeply embedded within this vile outrage. Sexual terrorists spreading their wings.

How so? Well, this particular pervert, already a known liability in the NY Rabbinical scene, still has juice but that’s another story. Nevertheless, he exported his criminal sexual appetites to Jerusalem and placed the scandalous “conversion” school under his tutelage and the purview of said “former” Missionary from Mississippi, in tandem with her cohorts. Whether he knew about the CIA connection is neither here nor there. It is enough that he is a sexual predator!

In turn, said NY scum partners up with some VERY powerful, politically connected Rabbis (and others) in Jerusalem, one of whom is a major ringleader in the conversion business! Cogitate over these scummy connections. Could it get any more twisted, criminal and worthy of communal outrage? Not on this end.

For now, it is enough to let the above sink in, but do absorb the following postings:

Posting One:

The Missionary linkage is more than provable, particularly considering how laser-focused they are in making inroads. Unconscionably, they possess much assistance from TOP political leadership, and even from some who claim to be Jewish activists: U.S. Christian leader “rabbi” Jamie Cowen establishes messianic law firm in Israel! This cretin has lined the pockets of some very powerful players in Israel.

Posting Two:

Regardless of all the lies and obfuscations, from both the pedophiles and Missionaries and those who cover their backsides, the fact of the matter is that some have already been exposed…the genie is out of their bottle: The Halacha (Jewish Law) of Reporting Paedophilia.

Posting Three:

And victims in Israel who believe they have nowhere to turn – as many so-called Rabbis “circle the wagons” – it is cold comfort to know that this is the same disgraceful reaction (see no communal evil, hear no communal evil) on the part of too many in the diaspora: Pelcovitz and Leading Orthodox Rabbis Line Up Behind Sex Offender Evan Zauder

Posting Four:

Alas, as an upside, there is no more appropriate place to host a child protective conference than in Jerusalem: Historic Child Abuse Conference in Jerusalem

Sach ha’kol, at the end of it all, this site will get down to specifics…brass tacks…at a later date. Timing is everything.

UPDATED POSTSCRIPT: the following is “food for thought”….still, no reasonable person should expect this writer to tell where the info came from, other than that a “deep cover” source was involved. He gave permission to reveal this tidbit:

As to one of the “mysterious” deaths related above, it was “ruled” a “suicide” for public consumption, but this was a cover story. Said individual was hogtied, with cloth stuffed in his mouth, when found. Therefore, how can one commit “suicide” under said conditions, even if Houdini? And, dear readers, this is just one such anomaly in the ongoing saga….

ANOTHER “mystery” surrounded the beating received by Sarah Vorst, the aforementioned “former” Missionary from Mississippi, the head of the “conversion” school. And, while this beating was reportedly done by a street hooligan, well, the authorities know better. How so? Apparently, they linked (again, not for public consumption) her severe beating to the “mysterious” death, you know, the one who was found hogtied and all. 

The questions before us are: why are there so many non-truths surrounding these deeply connected players? Who is protecting whom? What are they afraid – those who are involved, in whatever capacity – will be revealed, if the truth spills out?











  1. Lee, haven’t come across that linkage, but there is MUCH more to this story than revealed so far. As you well know, there are times when extreme caution is necessary. This is one of those times! Naming certain names would blow the roof off of some powerful players…inside and outside Israel.

    • You are spreading innuendo and gossip! I’m not sure who your sources that were in Sarah Vorst’s school were, but i know one student (who is not Sarah’s biggest fan) who showed me a blog that attacked Sarah. My friend said it had no validity at all and that the person was angry because Sarah wouldn’t support her conversion. I do know that Sarah was never a catholic, and that baptists don’t do the things sarah has been accused of.
      I suggest you speak to people from the community that are not guilt ridden because they didn’t protect their children. I know the people that started this witch hunt. Just like the McMartin case, the stories have been embellished and exaggerated, but are destroying innocent lives.
      i welcome you, Adina Kutnicki, to come to my home and meet my daughter and son-in-law who lived in Nachlaot until recently. They know the people involved because they lived there. Please come and discover the truth so no more lives are ruined!
      I am not a convert, but I do know the seriousness of hurting a ger.

      • “mb”, okay now. If you knew anything about my investigatory background – you may want to read my “About” tab – you would realize that nothing gets printed without requisite backup.

        In other words, aside from direct testimony from those who were very closely linked to Ohel Sarah Emenu, the fact of the matter is that independent investigatory contacts confirmed this and that. Now, you are free to believe what has been written or not. This is your business. But there is no way that anyone will “prove” to me that what I have uncovered isn’t the reality at hand.

        Besides, how exactly is sitting down with someone, just because they lived in Nachlaot, going to change the facts at hand? I prefer to rely on facts which emerge from deep level investigating. And, it should be noted, wading into this muck has been heart rending. Regardless, my discomfit – or that of others – pales in comparison to what happened to the kiddies (and the rape of some women), and this is why justice has to be served, however long it takes.

      • the students from the sarah vorst nightmare school will not agree with you. you have no idea who this woman is and the damage she has done

        i know her personally and her side kick Zalman Cohen now having a court case for raping woman and children in our neighbourhood. yes i live here and know many of the people involved . and no my children are overseas and were not touched, baruch hashem so this is not a guilt trip for me

        oh please do tell me all about those who started the witchhunts.



  4. come and see how it will change what you are saying are “facts”. what will it change? are you afraid to find out what you reported is not accurate?

  5. mb, don’t try and goad me, I have already been in contact with more than enough people “on the ground” in Nachlaot…plus other matters. I don’t run an investigation through readers who “dare” me. Are you kidding?

  6. i know who some of those people are and what those people’s motives are. i’m not trying to goad you or dare you. i would love to have a dialog with you because i am interested in seeing the evidence (not for the molestations).

  7. mb, you have no idea where my info is coming from, even though some people have been more outspoken than others throughout this scandal. Does your supposition then become akin to “evidence”, and that you know who my contacts are?

    And, do you think that this is the way investigations unfold: that a “sit down”, with someone who disagrees with said findings, results in showing a treasure trove of info? Not on this end.

    You need to get this straight: I have names, correspondence, documentation and the like pointing me from there to here. It ain’t good news, at least for those who have been named – so far.

  8. i know who started the whole thing. i have been on the inside since the beginning of the witch hunt, privy to information as it came to light. i’ve seen some of the documentation (correspondence) of people they’ve accused of being missionaries and know that it is not what it seems. it took me a good year to discover the inconsistencies and half truths and outright lies.
    no, but i think if others have info that would be helpful in an investigation, the investigator would be anxious to find it out. there are always different sides that an investigator may not have discovered and that’s what great journalism requires. i see that you are not interested, so that’s too bad.

  9. mb, okey dokey, so if you know the “truth”, then you know what you know and that should be that, right?

    Alas, what are your credentials in investigative work? If you want to know what mine are, well, I think this one contact (who agreed to have his name out there, re some of the work we do together, rest assured, there are others) should set your mind at ease – http://islamexposed.org/about-us-2/contact-us/ask-the-expert-questions-from-fans/ask-the-expert-with-paul-dave-gaubatz/

    The point being, this is the milieu I “play” in, what’s yours?

  10. i feel like your france’s station 2 during the al durrah fiasco. we are certainly not in agreement, because you, like the journalist from france’s station 2, don’t want to see any facts that would disrupt your “truth”. and this takes away from what happened to the children.

  11. mb, that’s okay, as mentioned, you can believe what you want. But unless you can PROVE to me where YOUR credentials/evidence lies, well, having a “meet” with you is not a good idea. After all, mine are out there – at my “About” tab – all over the internet, even in print media!. I was courteous enough to send you a rock solid contact link too. My heavens….and I thought you said “that’s that” at your last comment. Hmm.

    Now, think about it this way: for someone who first said ” the stories have been embellished and exaggerated, but are destroying innocent lives.”…and then you (in short enough span to give someone whip lash) turned around and said “I suggest you speak to people from the community that are not guilt ridden because they didn’t protect their children”…so, either the kiddies were abused or not…you get the contradiction here?

    Another thing: you cryptically state “i have been on the inside since the beginning of the witch hunt, privy to information as it came to light. i’ve seen some of the documentation (correspondence) of people they’ve accused of being missionaries and know that it is not what it seems. it took me a good year to discover the inconsistencies and half truths and outright lies”…so, “you be” an investigator too, or are you one of the accused? I’m just wondering….

    Bottom line: you are out to protect “certain” people, but it ain’t the kiddies. Therefore, WHY would I agree to have a “meet” with you? Most significantly, who the hell are you and what is your REAL name?? “mb”, why are you hiding behind initials? I am not. I let it all hang out, other than my sources!

    Thus,inquiring minds want to know,what are you up to?

    BTW, nice touch/try with the Al-Durah comparison….again, “you be” goading me. Not gonna work!

  12. mb, another thing: your – whoever you really are – fast and furious missives to this expose’ came at a “strange” time. In other words, this past Thurs, a radio interview (as you must know) was given at the Tovia Singer show, at Israel National Radio/News.

    Now, follow the trail: knowing what I know about this whole scandal, I listened very intently to it and posted the following, but only AFTER a previous comment was censored. However, a follow up one was allowed. Interesting. It reads “Censorship, alive and well at Arutz’s Tovia Singer Show…
    It appears as if those who do not prescribe to the jive talk, re Mrs. Lawson’s “holier than thou” journey, are banished from this forum.Well, aside from certain truths which were not disclosed within the interview, namely,what was Mrs. Lawson’s CLOSE connection to Zalman Cohen & Ohel Sarah Emenu,the question becomes:why is it okay to champion a woman whose mission seems to be bringing in as many Christian people into the fold?Since when does Judaism SEEK converts?Does she have another agenda?
    Adina Kutnicki, Israel (10/5/14) – http://www.israelnationalnews.com/Radio/News.aspx/5350#.U3BVtPmSxes

    The question becomes: is this why you came out of the woodwork, are you “damage control” to the above?

    Full Disclosure: Over the years, I have proudly written for Israel National News – http://www.israelnationalnews.com/Articles/Author.aspx/451. Hence, I have no ax to grind with their site. To the contrary. Don’t even go in that direction…

  13. mb, looks like “you be” quieted down and I suspect it is not for nothing. However, I also suspect you are watching this commentary, plus other areas of concern. Have at it. So, to keep you up to speed – no one has ever accused me of being non generous – see this little tidbit, re the ongoing kerfuffle. Now, since English is not the following poster’s native language, pay no mind to certain misspellings etc, but her gist is clear:

    Tzprh ” oh my G’d is this for real??? WTF
    this people still scare me to death, I have never before or after met this sort of people in my entire life, I can’t believe this woman has the courage to lie like she does (my note:the reference is to the guest at Tovia Singer’s Evangelical interview)it is unacceptable, sincersly I think this whole little poisoning group with sarah vorst, zalman cohen …and this woman are psychopaths/ sociopaths there are no other explanations, very dangerous people for this little young country and after all this years still making me sick even to listen to her/ their voices again KNOWING who they really are and what they are capable of.
    all those lies so much lies can’t belive it, Jews do not need this sort of garbage, what a cold hard face after all this years, I can’t believe this, but now is everything on the table finally, the end of this bull-sht bunch of lies. I really wonder how they can underestimate the power of jewish brains, for sure they are convinced they have G’ds protection the G’d of israels protection, but what do they know, they really don’t, do they? some things can be forgiven but there is one that can’t be forgotten or forgiven… the children, my baby….”

    MORE than indicting….yet, just the tip…of those now willing to speak out…

  14. To: “mb” and all the rest of the supporters of Zalman (Salman Cohen), Sarah Vorst etc…I defy anyone to dispute this charge!

    Nachlaot case: the prosecution opened an investigation into the evidence against Zalman Cohen. Inside: indictment

    Last edited on 19:06:13 at 23:32:28 on – by…..

    This week some of the witnesses were summoned to the atrocities committed by Zalman Cohen children of Nachlaot.

    Indictment includes much material, which lists the actions. Full indictment is the link at the end of the report.

    However, the prosecution chose to see the single hits, and not related to the facts in its possession – some of which appear in the indictment itself, and the indictment of his friend Benjamin Sichuan – indicate ritual injuries organized brainwashing (ritual child abuse):

    A. Sadistic extraordinary vulnerability, not all injuries are ‘ordinary’. Examples of Article 2 of the indictment (Rule 3).

    B. Group of vulnerability: the big number of extraordinary harm and injuries, as well as the existence of harm (from the evidence of children, some of whom played at the trial of Sichuan). Things like that do not match the profile of a pedophile Normal and lonely, but a good match ritual vulnerability profile.

    C. Existence of Christian abuses nachlaot characteristics, as follows: The fact that Salman Cohen was a professor from a Christian organization – Pretender Orthodox organization – Root & Branch, as shown here and here . This organization was exposed Started by “Christian Embassy in Jerusalem.” The other heads of harm are Christian past, and / or members of the above organization., Children reported that they regularly preached Christianity, and brought them to the churches.

    Three triangle vertices – sadistic extraordinary vulnerability group, and the characteristics of the Christian, were to lead the police and prosecution have long concluded that the vulnerability of brainwashing ritual, intended to affect the children’s religion.

    Everything here is backed testimonies and documents….
    A. All Main harm Nachlaot were Christian past, and / or belong to an organization – daughter of a missionary organization known as the “Christian Embassy in Jerusalem.”

    In. Which was led by the famous woman was a former official missionary. After H”grot “her first, she was a missionary overseas for years among Jewish communities.

    C. They had a closed group of activists. All these activists were also related to Christianity. Among themselves they call themselves Christians but do not believe in Jesus’ Jews go. ”

    Wednesday. Damaged children told of preaching Christianity, the various means of persuasion and bringing churches. These testimonies were received from dozens of children, who do not know each other, and who live in different neighborhoods!

  15. MORE linkage…and “SV” is Sarah Vorst (aka Sarah Brown–Kramer-Vorst):

    “A group of Christian activists who worked with the woman known to SV in 2006, consisted mainly of four members: SV, Zalman Cohen, Michaela Lawson, beautiful homes D’Acosta.
    The four of them set up and operated many organizations together, and were kept in constant touch.

    The connections between them:

    The woman known SV founded the studio convert, and ran it along with Lawson. Daughters were all training studio (Coaching) with Zalman Cohen. According to the students, the woman known SV and Lawson “were in love” with Salman Cohen.

    Da Costa founded the integration organization “Help Marranos”, and Zalman Cohen was one of the speakers on behalf of the organization. During certain periods D’Acosta was secretary Salman Cohen.

    Lawson, D. Acosta and Zalman Cohen, lectured together at conferences of the Christian organization Root And Branch. Also Zalman Cohen D. Acosta gave lectures on the site “virtual residency……”

  16. MORE here:

    One. Year (2000) a warning message to the Registrar of Associations of Christian identity of the organization Root And Branch, masquerading as an Orthodox Jewish organization, was sent.

    Two. In Law (2006) wrote in Rishon Lezion Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu zt that beautiful homes D’Acosta (also uses the names: Linda Cooper, bee houses to Dakosta) uses the name as a cover for its actions in the organization Implementation Help Marranos, and misleading the domain. letter here .

    Three. When she reached SV, the woman known Center, to Israel, sent Rabbi (Conservative) of Bridgeport, Conn. letter to the Interior Ministry, where he warns about this woman (what was then still, C.) it missionary, a liar and a cheat, and one should take care of her.

    Four. Concerns about Misionriuth D’Acosta raised in 2005 about the Christian advertising on its site, and further developed around these concerns extensive discussion, see for example here .

    Five. A student of the woman known SV Center, wrote in 2006 a long article 53 sections full description of the woman’s actions. Seen here .

    Six. Attorney Leah Amador opened a whole blog to expose pedophiles (blog here ) and already in 2007 fought against Zalman Cohen, a close friend of the woman SF Center, and his partner. Finished her words: “I did my utmost to heaven, and the responsibility lies with the parents who were willing to come and complain about done to them.

  17. MORE here:

    Specifically, Lowell Glynn, chairman of the missionary enterprise “Root and Branch” (see references above)

    There are moles within certain authentic anti-Misssionary orgs in Israel, and someone by the last name of Friedman bears close scrutiny.

    One. Along with the woman known SV (aka Sarah Vorst etc) Center, and her friends D. Acosta and Lawson, founded the organization assimilation “Help Marranos,” to assimilate Christian people of Israel.

    Two. Was part of the School Coaching Zalman Cohen, the culprit Center, a Christian organization active in R & B..

    Three. Along with its chairman Lowell Glynn, spoke on behalf of the organization many times on different occasions.

    ALL of the above culprits…less than 3 degrees separated!

  18. Follow this trail…..

    The following Rabbi reviewed Michaela Lawson’s book, featured (and mentioned above) at the Tovia Singer Show on May 8 – http://www.israelnationalnews.com/Radio/News.aspx/5350#.U3MuIPmSxes

    Maccabee Institute, Jerusalem
    “Franz Kafka once said one should only read books which bite and sting one. A book must be an axe which smashes the frozen sea within us. This Spark Ignited does and does well: the job of melting a ‘frozen sea’. Astonishingly frank, deep, and beautiful, Spark Ignited lives up to its name and the graphic design of its cover. It is, I dare say, an authentic, indispensible, and even startling book for our times. Just as the Hebrew nation was created and grew in unusual and unprecedented circumstances, so did the people chosen for this book. These stories of their lives are unique, but also representative of the odyssey of Hebrew souls flying back home on a wing and a prayer. The ups and downs of these righteous folks and their courage to advance remind me of what Henry David Thoreau (1862) said: “If we will be quiet and ready enough, we shall find compensation in every disappointment.” Their stories are like a microcosm of the nation, and the waxing and waning of the moon to which we are collectively compared by Chazal (our Sages).
    Covenants ago, in a land by rivers bounded, we took the less traveled road and that has made all the difference. Spark Ignited demonstrates that G-d was, is, and will always be there for those who sincerely try and do not give up in the face of adversity!
    Spark Ignited articulates a vision of the ingathering – a coming home that is about to increase from a trickle into a tsunami. Spark Ignited talks about a love between a people and their Creator. An intense relationship lives and exists between Hashem and his specific people, and does so with plenty of room in His love for everyone else; thus Spark Ignited inspired me and others to whom I gave it to read. Spark Ignited took us to a higher love and understanding. Several stories are told with candor, dramatically narrated, and illustrate the odyssey of returning Hebrew souls. The stories are told in a provocative, passionate, memorable, and interesting way. Simply a literary pleasure.”

    Concomitantly, he is also associated with suspect Missionary orgs, even though his work is supposed to be counter Missionary….read the whole thing, decide for yourselves where the truth lies- http://jewishisrael.ning.com/profiles/blogs/hebraic-roots-and-rabbis-gone

  19. MANY have asked me: how is it that the gov’t of Israel stands still for all the Missionary treachery? Where is their outrage? Well, the following is the best explanation to date…no use reinventing the wheel, so to speak.

    “To understand the reason for the unqualified support, you have to know the background of the organization “Christian Embassy in Jerusalem.” The organization is the main stronghold of the Zionist Christian, Christianity, U.S. large influx of millions of Christians, and ideology is the return of the Jews to their land is the first part of the prophecies of the New Testament, and by Hziitm, following this unfolding return of the man Jesus’. To do this they encourage the settlement of Jews in Israel.

    This stream is actually the main lobby U.S. support of Israel, and its impact even greater than the Jewish lobby there. Support began during Prime Minister Menachem Begin and Carter, and continued through Reagan. Supports this as part of my current non – Sabbath Judea and Samaria. In general, they support the decisions made by Israel and defending itself against its enemies, the Lebanon war, the tension vs Iraq at the time, as tensions with Iran today.

    Israeli government leaders know well the power of the stream above and by specifying, so they welcomed him.

    (Source: Evangelicals and Israel, Donald Wagner, Evangelicals and Israel, Donald Wagner )

    Largest institution of the Zionist Christianity Current country is “Christian Embassy in Jerusalem,” which has about 50 permanent employees throughout the year, and Bhgaot thousands of pilgrims flock. Prime Ministers of the current generations right, be sure to visit pours annual Sukkot Christian Embassy building, and always was for the organization “open door” for political leaders.

    (Source: Antipas Ministries, SR. Shearer )

    Nachlaot harm belonged this Christian organization. Zalman (Stefan) Cohen, a leader of harm Nachlaot, was a regular lecturer on behalf of the “root and branch” Root And Branch, a branch of the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem, an Orthodox Jewish organization Pretender (see here ).

    He was lecturer on their behalf has been since – 2001 (see here ). well as secretary of the Zalman Cohen, beautiful homes D’Costa, was a lecturer in the Organization R & B, and its own organization “Help Marranos” was related to R & B.

    The founders of the organization Help Marranos, and intimate close friend of Salman Cohen was also a famous woman in Nachlaot.

    No wonder the Police investigation of Nachlaot direction of vulnerability ceremonial Ritual Abuse does not receive the necessary backing her upper windows of the prosecution, because in addition to the ‘problem’ diplomatic investigation more than ten churches bringing in children, in addition to be an investigation of this serious accusation and damage relations with the organization U.S. Federal Reserve, which supports the right of Israel and Israeli policy….”

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