Obama Empowers Iran; Hezbollah’s S. American Jihadi Cells & Argentina’s Murdered Prosecutor. How Are They Linked? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

GEO-POLITICS operates at warp speed, but its moving parts are rarely understood for what they are. Rather, too many (until recently) have relied upon their leaders (political and media-based) to “set the strategic record straight.”

GRAVE error.

IN this regard, there is little more pressing than stopping Iran from gaining nuclear weapons, irrespective of any obstacle. And for those who believe that the threat is “only” to Israel, think again. Agreed, wiping Israel off the map is their absolute plan, but destroying America is on their target bank too.

BUT to ensure that this existential point is duly cemented, please refer to what Israel just uncovered: satellite images reveal new long-range Iranian missile and launcher! In other words, said missiles are NOT required to strike Israel, but they are target-worthy for America. Bull’s eye.

NEVERTHELESS, first and foremost, Israel’s leaders are duly sworn to eliminate threats, whether near or far. In this regard, PM Netanyahu has a spotty record of accomplishments. Said details were delineated (at a global interview), immediately after this summer’s war with Hamas “ceased”. No sense re-working that wheel.

NOT only that, but PM Netanyahu’s spineless tethering to Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s “rebels” has catapulted ISIS into Israel proper! Don’t believe it? Well, here is the poop and scoop.

ACUTELY, in regard to the existential threat from Iran, PM Netanyahu failed miserably, despite ordering proxy strikes here and there. His inability to abide by his own “red lines”, those which have come and gone, is beyond the pale. As such, let’s place our cards on the table: in the main, he caved. He opted to leave the gravest threat to Israel in the hands of an Islamist POTUS, but now he is attempting to walk back his spinelessness by pleading before Congress!


TRUTH dare be told, back in Dec. 2012 (5 months into this site’s inception), it was painfully obvious that PM Netanyahu’s much ballyhooed U.N.”red line” graph was nothing but a cartoon-like drawing. Meaningless.


MORE pointedly, in Feb. 2013, PM Netanyahu’s worthless “red line” exposed the symmetry between Washington’s gambit to halt N. Korea’s nuclear program – a game of cat and mouse – with Iran’s. Parallels. 


EVEN so, it doesn’t take a strategic master to figure certain moves out: Obama is Israel’s enemy and an avowed Islamist. Incontrovertibly, he is committed to Israel’s destruction, thus, exposing PM Netanyahu’s fatal flaw – relying on him to “take care of business.”

OMINOUSLY, as a shadow war plays out on Israel’s northern border – between Israel, Iran, Hezbollah and Syrian/ISIS agents – it is astonishingly obvious that PM Netanyahu has NOT learned his (tunnel digging) lessons.

AS a matter of record, just as Hamas dug a labyrinth of explosive tunnels right under the IDF’s nose in Gaza – PM Netanyahu ordered them to play deaf, dumb and blind – so too Iran’s proxy pawn, Hezbollah, is tunneling its way underneath northern Israel!  

Israeli settlements along the border with Lebanon have almost given up. They even made recordings of the digging sounds right under their homes, but even this did not convince anyone in the IDF that Hezbollah is digging tunnels.

So let me tell you. The Hezbollah is digging tunnels. Very rapidly. Just like the IDF did not know how many assault tunnels there were in the Gaza Strip, they also do not have a clue as to what’s going on right under its nose along Israel’s northern border. Ego issues? Lack of means? No, just being stubborn. It would take an incident before they would actually believe those living right on the border with Lebanon.

An army which pulls its own soldiers out of settlements along the border with Gaza, won’t believe their digging tunnels right under the border with Lebanon either.

CAN you believe it? Do.

STILL, yet, a three-part mutually inclusive question remains: how does one explain Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s counter intuitive, seemingly inexplicable unpatriotic “negotiations” with Iran, when he understands full well that the mullahs are scamming and scheming? Moreover, where is the linkage between Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s empowerment of Iran; Hezbollah’s Latin American sleeper cells, and Argentina’s newly deceased Prosecutor, albeit under less than kosher circumstances? Everywhere.

INTRINSICALLY, Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s mad dash to secure an “agreement” with Iran’s genocidal mullahs renders ZERO room for “obstacles”, be they from domestic opponents, foreign-wise via Israel, or even emanating from apoplectic Sunni regimes. He is Allah bent re Iran and that is that.

In this warning, the Iranian official introduced two new features: Tehran has never before set red lines for Israeli military action; neither have the Iranians ever admitted to relaying a warning to Israel through Washington – at least not in public.

The Islamic Republic was saying in effect that it is not only acting in concert with the Obama administration over a nuclear accord, but the two powers will also be aligned against any potential Israel military action against Iran that is intended to upset the nuclear accord unfolding between Washington and Tehran.
In Washington, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki declined to comment on “private diplomatic contacts with Iran” beyond saying that no threat was delivered to Israel in the latest round of nuclear talks….

AS reiterated, the Islamist-in-Chief has the mullahs backs. He will NOT tolerate any “interference” re the “negotiations”, as such, Iranian mouthpieces felt secure enough to publicly state as much!

POINTEDLY, jihadi cells primed throughout South America help to accelerate a front arm, one which is within striking distance of America. In fact, this trigger hair scenario is sans nuclear weapons! Imagine that.  

(In 2011, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad palling around with Hugo Chavez…hmm)

AS to the Argentinian Prosecutor’s very suspicious death, look at what he was on the cusp of exposing, thus, even causing the investigative journalist – who broke the story – to flee for his life to Israel: 

Damian Pachter, a reporter with the Buenos Aires Herald, broke the news that a prosecutor who accused Argentina’s government of a cover-up had been found dead from a gunshot wound in his apartment.

Alberto Nisman’s death has rocked Argentina, and the government of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner – who Nisman accused of secret and illegal dealings with Iran – first called it a suicide before suggesting he had been killed.

In the latest development in the murky saga, Mr Pachter abruptly fled the country on Saturday and flew to Tel Aviv after concluding he was being tracked by Argentine intelligence agents.

“They are using their security forces to chase me,” Mr Pachter said after arriving in Israel. “I just had to move fast and quick, as fast as I could in order to get onto a plane and leave the country.”

“I was sitting around there for two hours or so when a very strange person came in. He wore jeans, a jeans jacket and Ray-Ban sunglasses. I noticed him immediately but stayed where I was. He was sitting two tables from me,” Mr Pachter wrote.

“I then had to consider the best thing to do, because when an Argentine intelligence agent is on your tail, it’s never good news. He didn’t just want to have a coffee with me, that’s for sure.”

He left on Saturday morning, flying first to Uruguay, then Spain and on to Israel, where he is a citizen.

The Argentine government responded by tweeting out the details of his flight from the official account of the presidential palace, apparently in an effort to show that Mr Pachter was due to return in February and had not really fled.

CONCLUSIVELY, understanding that the Islamist-in-Chief is more in league with rogue actors, rather than with his sworn duty to protect America, Hezbollah’s ready-to-pounce factor suits him very well. By the way, Putin is in league with the S. American jihadi thrust into America. Similarly, he shields Iran’s mullahs from any attacks on their nuclear facilities. Yes, the oft-mentioned highly flammable red/green alliance.

MOST significantly, is it any wonder that Barack HUSSEIN Obama went ballistic when Congress recently issued PM Netanyahu an invite to address Congress (lying that he was not notified, when he was), so much so that he is refusing to meet Israel’s duly elected leader, ostensibly, on the bizarre grounds that the White House doesn’t interfere in Israel’s elections! Liar, liar, pants on (Islamic) fire….

NEVER mind the fact that Bubba Clinton made sure to invite “never say die to peace” PM candidate Peres for a pow wow, a month before Israel’s election. Yet, even more revealing, the Liar-in-Chief has dispatched a TOP GUN team to ensconce themselves in Tel Aviv, chiefly, to ensure that PM Netanyahu loses the upcoming March elections! Brass balls.

 NOW, aside from the fact that the Anti-American-in-Chief wants radical leftist/Arabist Livni  – a crass political opportunist, no less – to take over Israel’s premiership, in tandem with her comrades, the real thrust lies within his desperate quest to stop PM Netanyahu from having any real say during the “delicate negotiations” with Iran.

BOTTOM LINE: let’s get this straight: from the get go, the Renegade-in-Chief, in tandem with his main consiglieri, Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett, have made it their mission to assist Iran in becoming an emerging empire, a nuclear power. Thus, she has been in secret talks with Iran’s leadership since 2012, at the very least! 

MIND you, the fact that he has empowered the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia is decidedly not in contradiction with assisting Iran’s ascendancy, even though Sunni Arab/Gulf states are in an uproar over Washington’s drive to essentially usher Iran to the nuclear threshold.

WHAT the hell is really going on?

IN effect, he has been hedging his Islamic-driven bets, indubitably, as both Shia and Sunni powers are ascending. The point being, an Islamic Shariah law (global) takeover is the end point.

BUT if Obama Inc.’s intentions are still unclear, ponder what his mouthpiece at State, John Kerry, has been stating, even as Islamists (Shia and Sunni) slaughter in the name of their pagan, Allah: terrorists kill for thrill seeking, not Islamic jihad! Heck, even many Egyptians are livid, becoming very vocal about Obama Inc’s machinations and intentions. Not exactly complimentary.


AGAIN, Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s goal is NOT to eliminate Iran’s nuclear program, but to create the appearance that his “peaceful” “negotiations” stopped Iran from becoming a nuclear power under his stewardship! In a pig’s eye.

B H O – the (west’s) devil incarnate. No doubt.



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10 thoughts on “Obama Empowers Iran; Hezbollah’s S. American Jihadi Cells & Argentina’s Murdered Prosecutor. How Are They Linked? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. On the subject of Obama and Kerry, I was going to say that the Americans owe it to the rest of the so called free world to get rid of these feckless fools and leave it at that, because apart from dismantling the U.S. they are a danger to the rest of us! On second thoughts though, maybe they are just two stooges effectively doing the bidding of their masters, whoever they may be. Their efforts are too structured to be mere stupidity or coincidence. We all need to be afraid, very afraid! They have the power and the chutzpa to use it even when it means trashing the American constitution and acting ‘illegally’.

  2.                   Stop donating to U.S. Jewishorganizations!                BS”D

      Abraham H. Foxman is a retiring life-long National Director of the Anti-Defamation League of the B’nei Brith, one of the major American-Jewish Organizations. According to http://www.charitynavigator.org,Abraham H. Foxman’s salary from ADL in 2012 was $3,733,930. Yes, over $3.7million from ADL, not counting other perks. That is, 6.14% of ADL’s revenue!!!ADL boasts that it “…fights anti-Semitismand all forms of bigotry, defends democratic ideals and protects civil rightsfor all…”

    US Jews who support ADL in vain hope that it will defend them against the Jew-hate, may not be aware that every 6 little pennies on their donated dollar goes into the deep pocket of Abraham H. Foxman. Foxman is a norm, not an exception in the corrupt world of the U.S.Jewish establishment. I’m yet to see a non-profit U.S. Jewish communal top executiv ewith salary less than $100,000. Most of them get over $500,000/yr.,substantially draining Jewish resources & lining their own pockets. I am yet to see one of these fat cats getting up in the morning & putting a regular 40-hour work week with only a 2-week annual vacation like any other responsible employee. Jewish Forward http://forward.comreports that U.S. Jewish charities are a $26 Billion (1 Billion = 1,000Millions ) industry with annual revenues of $12-14 Billions, plus many outfits on top of the 3,600 registered with IRS, who’s revenue is a mystery.It is true that the US Jewish Federations support some local Jewish school, yeshivas & other necessary organizations serving Jews. Still, not bad for about 6 million American Jews, ain’t it? One could think that with such funding, with such top-paid managing talent, American Jewish life & culture are flourishing & there is no Jewish poverty in US… BS! Most American Jews are not even affiliated with the organized Jewish community; alienating, assimilating, intermarrying and disappearing from the official Jewish radar.Reason is simple: people, especially the young, sense the corruption & lies & walk away from it all, revolting. Judaism preached from the U.S. mausoleums, called “temples”,“synagogues” or “shuls” ( yes, even the “orthodox” are no exception ) is a bunch of disconnected senseless rituals, with the Jewish Idea totally missing. Same goes for most “Jewish” “Made in China” objects,  music, film, most newly-written books,mass-produced paintings & every other form of US Jewish “art”.I am yet to see a U.S. Jewish communal event,organized by the establishment outfit, where people would not be shaken for money and not lied to & brainwashed by crooked self-elected “leaders”.One of the most common verbal tricks used by the US Jewish leaders is that they “care”.I recall how a President of Hadassah, after losing millions of her outfit’s funds to her buddy Madoff, issued a panicky press release,begging for donations “to save lives in Israel”. What she didn’t disclose,was how many precious lives could be saved by her $400,000 per year salary for job of lies, theft & mismanagement???

    Few months back, I spoke to a 70 year old Jewish widow in Kiev, in Ukraine,plunged in the civil war. This old widow went to local charity, funded by Jewish United Fund (JUF) begging for food parcel and minimal monetary assistance in order to pay her heating bill. Such “assistance” is about $10 (150 grivens) per person.  She got no food & no “assistance”, rudely turned away by a clerk. This is an everyday occurrence at the US Jewish-funded foreign charities. Most funds get stolen by local functionaries who see corruption at the source.

    Same is true in Israel, where much of US-raised funds go. While gifts to Israeli hospitals & schools get wide publicity,most money go to support leftist & arab “democratic”, “progressive”,“egalitarian” & “oppressed minority” causes. That is, to fund destruction of the Jewish sovereignty & advance arab nationalist & jihadist interests, including bloody arab terror against Jews. Like a pack of vicious dogs, US Jewish functionaries watch hat not a penny will go “beyond the Green Line” – to Judea & Samaria,where Jewish Pioneers build Hebrew society & culture while defendingagainst gory arab terror. Jews, as People, been around for 40 centuries… 4,000 yearsof scribed, recorded & studied Jewish Hebrew theology, history &culture. With such great knowledge & experience, one may think that American Jewish community can offer some good advise to the U.S.Government through its rabbis & communal leaders.Do they?

    Recent history tells us otherwise.During the Holocaust, since 1933, when Nazis came to power, US Jews, urged by same corrupt leaders, ignored pleas of their own brethren being mercilessly slaughtered by the millions.For over 50 years, since the 1917 bolshevik takeover, US Jews did nothing to help Soviet Jews to immigrate from the oppression. Only in 1969, when the Jewish Defense League, led by fearless Rabbi Meir Kahane, ZT’L,began campaign for Soviet Jews, these “leaders” attacked Rabbi Kahane like a pack of vicious dogs.In 1993, these same “leaders” advocated for “Oslo Peace”,welcomed terrorist Arafat on the White House lawn & did absolutely nothing to help families of over 1,000 Israelis murdered as a result of their “Oslo War” & 10,000 of our wounded.On top of that, the subject of “Oslo Peace” is officially forbidden & conveniently forgotten. Any Jew who have the courage to voice dissent, is intimidated & snitched on. I know one hit with false criminal charges & jailed into silence.US Jewish leaders continue with their bloody failed policies on Israel& refuse to warn the White House & the State Department. 9/11, wars in Iraq & Afghanistan, global sand-nazi terrorism taught these irresponsible crooks absolutely nothing. Such is the US Jewish establishment’s “care”.Truth is, they “care” as much about the Jewish Community asthey “care” about the country where they were born & got rich.   What’s missing in U.S. Jewish “leaders”, is the Torah concept of“mesirut nefesh” – self-sacrifice, faith, courage & will to stand up for what is dear to the Jewish soul & patriotic American citizenship.
    Few generations back, there were “Dollar a year men” who used their talents to advance this country for $1 per year salary. Where are they today?   Picture is clear. Unfortunately, widespread corruption in the Jewish community been around for many centuries. Notorious Karl Marx,father of Bolshevism, back in 1850s, wrote: “ What is a Jewish god? – Money!”Yet, cynical Marx, who’s daddy was a mishumad, noticed what was going on inside German Jewish community, quite accurately. Therefore, it is only logical to state that the vast majority of the U.S.”Jewish” leaders are a bunch of thieving Marxists, followers of Bolsheviks, who prove Marx was right!

      Shame! To hell with them! Don’t give them even a penny!    

    On Wednesday, January 28, 2015 12:44 AM, Adina Kutnicki wrote:

    Adina Kutnicki posted: “GEO-POLITICS operates at warp speed, but its moving parts are rarely understood for what they are. Rather, too many (until recently) have relied upon their leaders (political and media-based) to “set the strategic record straight.” GRAVE error.” | |

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