Jerusalem’s (Nachlaot’s) Underbelly:Pedophilia (Sexual Abuse Of Teens/Women Too)DEFILES The Innocent.”Former” Missionaries Involved & “Rabbis” Give Them Cover. Where Is The Nexus? Part One. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

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VERY little surprises, let alone shocks, this American-Israeli. Besides, one doesn’t immerse oneself in the muck in the work herein and except to come out smelling like a rose. Alas, the stinky cheese factor is a small price to pay. Let’s keep our eyes peeled on the objectives within and just ignore the foul odor. There you go…it’s not so hard.

NEVERTHELESS, certain orders (odors) of magnitude should send shock waves throughout a nation’s consciousness, yet, somehow they escape (for the most part) the long-arm of justice. And, most egregiously, after headlines die down, it becomes business as usual – for both the pedophiles/rapists and the nation at large. Not nice. Not nice at all.

INDEED, within Israel’s system of “justice” said crimes often become mired under an increasingly dirty carpet. Powerfully connected fake “Rabbis” – who do not even have the requisite Rabbinic ordination of S’micha סמיכה – engage in pedophilia, all the while they pose as Rabbis within the community! On the other hand, a dirty list of others possess “kosher” ordination, yet give disgraceful cover to these sexual acts of terror! They threaten/bribe those who are in positions to expose the most treacherous acts imaginable. Can you believe it? Well, certain “malleable” police  will be “advised” (via this and that pressure tactic) to take a step back.

AS a result, the most heinous crimes against children (boys and girls alike, equal opportunity pedophiles) and sexual assaults against women are, generally, not prosecuted. Mind you, many of those raping the kiddies are the same criminals assaulting women! Sick, twisted bastards. They deserve the death penalty. Oops, Israel doesn’t have capital punishment. 

THAT being said, the following is not a typical expose’, as certain names will not be provided – other than those linked below within the public domain – yet. This “omerta” of sorts is out of respect for evidence still being accumulated for possible trials, and related to other “delicate” matters. You got that? Never mind. At the end of it all, sach ha’kol, the basis herein is to reel in the perps and the pervs, hopefully, landing them behind bars for life. 

REGARDLESS, what the hell is going on in Nachlaot, Jerusalem? And, for the record, those who are unfamiliar with its seedy underbelly, they have every reason to be truly charmed by this otherworldly, quaint and beautiful neighborhood, as this investigative journalist has been on several occasions.


File:PikiWiki Israel 3988 stairs street jerusalem.jpg
  • STILL, before we dive into this unholy horror, suffice it to say, many who are in positions of power to mete out justice are playing deaf, dumb and blind. Unconscionably, they troll the internet and post DENIAL after DENIAL, feigning that this whole scenario has been blown way out of proportion. Oh really? Liars…enablers…accomplices…reprobates…the whole damn lot of them.

THOUGH many of the newly initiated into this cesspool will shake their heads in disbelief, the question still remains: where do the corrupt “Rabbis” and the “former” Missionaries come into play? In other words: what is their filth-ridden nexus?

IT is this question which is not only relevant but key to unlocking a pedophile ring plaguing Jerusalem and, by extension, all of Israel. Moreover, it is the most dangerous one to explore/expose – literally. 

ASIDE for a well known Missionary crisis within Israel , there are deeply hidden secrets within several “schools”, and they are plagued with sexual abuse. In fact, one “conversion” program – reportedly no longer open for “business” – enabled the pedophilia ring to thrive. Not only that, but those who ran the program are themselves “former” Missionaries, supposedly living as Jews in Israel. Interesting nexus.

YES, it was under this school’s “proverbial wings” that much of the following sexual crimes transpired. As a matter of record, men were not the only suspects involved. A smattering of women pedophiles throughout the community have been equally “busy.” 

AS such, the reader should bear in mind the following significant notations, before continuing any further:

Notation One:

SEVERAL sources – independent of each other – confirmed “this and that”, otherwise this commentary would not have seen the light of day. Moreover, it is intrinsic to understand: many of the victims are TERRIFIED to relate what they know, as they understand what their tormentors will do to them, if they dare speak out. The victims must be protected. Period.

IN effect, the fact that many of their violators are ROAMING free becomes a double crime. It makes it impossible for their victims to obtain justice, and to spare future victims from the same plight. Monstrous.

There was no hint of pedophilia in the community before October 2010. But the Haredi community in Nahlaot now believes that the highly organized ring has been operating secretly for years—possibly generations—and is governed by an elaborate hierarchy. According to community members with whom I’ve spoken over the past year, they believe that a small number of masterminds, including the 70-year-old Vorst, a convert to Judaism who directs Ohel Sarah Imenu, an organization that facilitates Haredi conversions, used formerly abused teenagers and mentally handicapped locals as scouts for the victims. Community members believe that these scouts watched the children and parents from outdoor locations that offered prime vantage points—under the guise of tending gardens, doing calisthenics, or panhandling—and memorized their schedules, recording when the children would be unsupervised. The pedophiles noted the schedules of various homeowners, residents of Nahlaot claim, and they allegedly snuck into dozens of apartments and sheds in the neighborhood in order to abuse the children, who have pointed out these locations to their parents. Many are convinced that there are Christian missionary motivations at play here and that false converts have infiltrated their community. A number of locals told me they believe that the videos and media produced by the pedophile ring are being sold for tens of thousands of dollars or more.

The Nahlaot situation is already widely referred to as the worst pedophile case in Israel’s history. This is a phenomenal understatement. If true, this would be, in terms of the number of perpetrators and the scope of conspiracy, unprecedented in known criminal history. Indeed, not only that: It would be the first proven instance of an association generally acknowledged to be the great white whale of sex crimes. “To be perfectly blunt,” said Dorothy Rabinowitz, a member of the Wall Street Journal’s editorial board who won a Pulitzer Prize for her extensive coverage of such cases, “there is no such thing as a pedophile ring.”

By the summer of 2011, there was, in the eyes of many in the community, no doubt that a pedophile ring was in their midst. It was around this time, too, that Leiby Kletzky, an 8- year-old Hasidic boy from Brooklyn, was abducted and gruesomely murdered by someone in his community. Parental fears were at a fever pitch. Aaron Leibowitz, a rabbi in Nahlaot, wrote an open letter to the community:

A great darkness has come over our community. I am sorry to have to share with any of you who may be hearing this for the first time that over 100 children, almost exclusively from the charedi camp, have been molested by a circle of despicable sexual predators living amongst us. While a few of these monsters have been put behind bars, there are others who continue to walk free due to a lack of hard evidence, and the problematic nature of child testimony. I was personally told by the social service official in charge of interviewing the children that there is no doubt that some of these men are guilty, only a lack of admissible evidence.

This lack of admissible evidence was indeed a problem from the start. The two-page report of Noa Klein’s original complaint, which is now court evidence and which I read in Politi’s office, shows the interviewing officer clearly growing more and more concerned about Satz. The complaint certainly contains potentially inappropriate behavior—including having children over to play games—but nothing illegal was mentioned. Satz was nevertheless held, but after six days he was released due to lack of evidence.

doll in Nachlaot; photo Michal Chelbin

Three days later, another complaint, this one filed by a local father named Dovid Manheim, mentioned Satz as well. Unlike Noa Klein’s complaint, this time Satz was directly accused. Mannheim approached the police to find out why Satz had been released after only six days. “My neighbors … told us that Binyamin Satz abused the children of one of the neighbors,” he said, according to the complaint. “We later found out that Binyamin Satz was arrested last Friday and was then released to house arrest, since there was no evidence against him because the kids didn’t tell the police or investigators. So, I came here yesterday to help, and I met the investigator Aliza, to find out how I can help in this case. She told me they need a testimony about an act that happened with a child. I came to the police today, because last night I asked my son [redacted], who’s 7, ‘Did you go into his house?’ That’s all I asked. And then he told me everything on his own.”

After hearing these stories, Lerner began to suspect that her own children’s developmental issues—which include extreme fear, antisocial tendencies, nervousness, and incontinence—might be due to Satz as well. She told me she gently interrogated her younger son, then 4-and-a-half years old. “I told him Binyamin Satz is in jail,” she recounted. “He said, ‘Why?’ I said, ‘because he did things to kids. Did he ever do anything to you?’ He told me, ‘No, he never did bad things, he just wanted to educate me.’ ‘How do you educate kids?’ He said he gave punishments for bad kids. He started describing, ‘He stuck a screwdriver in my backside,’ and all these sexual things that I can’t describe.”

By late 2010, dozens of children had told their parents they were abused, and the circle of accused kept growing. The acts reported by the children, nearly all between the ages of 3 and 9, are incredibly horrific and often very bizarre. Virtually none of the allegations involve only one molester and one victim; the children have consistently claimed multiple offenders and multiple victims. There are reports of orgies involving as many as 20 adults and more than a dozen children. There were, allegedly, frequent raping and forced sodomy of children as young as 2 years old. The children claim that various objects—including large branches, semi-automatic rifles, screwdrivers, and other carpenter’s tools—were forcibly stuck up their anuses and other orifices; that knives were held to their throats; that they were told that if they didn’t voluntarily return to be raped, they would be “chopped up into little pieces,” or that their entire families would be murdered. They claim that they were shown, by way of threat, the guns that would be used for this purpose and told that cameras had been installed in their homes to ascertain their silence. The children claim that they were, on various occasions, bound up and beaten, held on top of open flames, lashed with sticks, burned with chemicals, given soft drinks spiked with hallucinogens, and injected with drugs.

DUE to all of the above, several queries beg to be asked:

Query One:

WHY exactly did some of these “former” Missionaries (mostly women, but some men too) come to Israel in the first place, aside from their stated reasons to “convert” to Judaism? 

Query Two:

EXTRAPOLATING further – and in light of the bombshells within – isn’t it reasonable to posit: what better way to infiltrate/penetrate Jewish communities than to go straight for its jugular? In other words, by defiling scores of Jewish kiddies and raping many Jewish women, isn’t this a form of serially breaking the spirit of Jewish souls for generations to come? 

AND, isn’t the whole point of undermining Israel as a Jewish State – from a Missionary’s perspective – to weaken it, so much so that its limping carcass “reverts” back to those who believe it is theirs to begin with?

MIND you, an increasing proportion of hostile Israeli Arabs use lesser known tactics to destroy and destabilize Israel, as opposed to their more widely known frontal assaults. As a result, some choose to lure vulnerable Jewish girls into Arab/Muslim quarters and hold them captive. It is a dangerous and rising phenomenon.

PLEASE internalize that there exists complete “sympathy” for Missionaries within Israel, by said sectors who seek to undermine the Jewish nation. Aside from the perverse sexual gratification which drives these Missionary predators – this is true of all sexual predators – it is their ability to shatter as many Jewish souls as possible which is often irresistible. Simply put, the trauma inflicted on their victims serves to weaken the Jewish state. A double pay off.

YET, there is an upside – one always has to look for hopeful signs, if possible – the main Missionary ringleader is in jail and awaits trial. NOT one – as reported in Exhibit Four – but two men died under “mysterious” circumstances, in relation to this entire predatory ring. Hmm.

READERS, rest assured, this site is keeping a watchful eye on this travesty of injustice, in that too many of these criminals are still roaming free! Therefore, there will be follow-ups, on each lead sent this way.

CONSEQUENTIALLY, another investigation is ongoing with several associates – and we are also tracking the movements/links of particular “person(s) of interest”- who are linked in with pedophilia and Missionary activity. Our laser-beam is on this “person/pervert of interest” (and some of his associates), and he came onto our radar via his thrust into pro-Israel social media sites, particularly at Facebook. HUGE mistake.

IN effect, a red-line warning is issued herein:

DO NOT dare mess with the kiddies…you will be hunted down like the dogs that you are. Nowhere to run…nowhere to hide.


Exhibit Number One:

Haredi kids eyes covered croppedHere is a court document for Zalman Cohen that discusses his alleged sex abuse of minor children in the Nachlaot neighborhood of Jerusalem, Israel.

Exhibit Number Two:

Nachalaot Pedophilia: Yisrael Hayom Report

Exhibit Number Three:

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Vigilante Justice’ in Jerusalem; Avrohom Mondrowitz, Fake Rabbi, Shrink Alleged to Have Molested up to 300 Children, Beaten by Unknown Assailant (VIDEO)

Exhibit Number Four:

3 more arrested in Nahlaot pedophile case

Exhibit Number Five:

Israeli court convicts first suspect in Jerusalem pedophile ring case

Two others still on trial in affair that shocked residents of the capital’s Nahlaot neighborhood.

FASTER, faster…so many more still need to be locked up!!

16 thoughts on “Jerusalem’s (Nachlaot’s) Underbelly:Pedophilia (Sexual Abuse Of Teens/Women Too)DEFILES The Innocent.”Former” Missionaries Involved & “Rabbis” Give Them Cover. Where Is The Nexus? Part One. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. Reblogged this on RELIGION'S CELL and commented:
    Pedophilia, abuse and rape cross all denominational barriers. This IS a WORLDWIDE problem and one that is in desperate need of people’s attention. Laws need to change and become harsher toward these predators, and fast, in order to protect women and children from these abuses!

  2. All religious environments provide a great place for pedophiles to hide, especially as they are given a position of trust. Pedophilia and its cover-up in the Orthodox Jewish world is multi-generational and upheld by leaders under the auspices of talmudic interpretations that a Jew must not go to the gentile court system against a fellow Jew. Not all leaders support this behavior.

    You do need to be careful to educate parents on how to keep their children safe (something very laking) while not creating an environment of panic leading to false accusation, suggestive and improper questioning of children and assumptions of abuse that have led to horrible travesties such as the McMartin Preschool case, the Akiki trial, the Satanic Ritual Abuse fraud, the recovered memories fraud and other situations. I can imagine that there will be some replies that SRA (now labeled Sadistic Ritual Abuse) and recovered memories are real.

    It is also quite rare, although not non-existant, for women to molest children, although there are cases, such as the kidnapping of Elizabeth Smart, where women facilitated the male abuse, and women/wives frequently close their eyes to such things.

    As far as this, “missionary,” conspiracy to molest Jewish children, it sounds like something dreamed up by Yad L’achim or some other anti-missionary organization. I would ask if there is any evidence that these persons actually even have a proven link to any group or organization.

    Adina, you are a talented journalist, so I would hope you employ those skills in interviewing all the involved persons and gathering evidence. Obviously, we all hold biases, but a good journalist seeks to work in an as objective and equitable manner as possible in order to preserve their credibility. Yes, I know this is currently as rare as the proverbial needle in a haystack. And there are young girls, likely from dysfunctional homes, who are deceived by Arab men and find themselves unable to leave and/or unable to leave with their children safely. However, if an adult woman makes a decision of her own free will to date/marry an Arab, a non-Jew or a not up to observant standards Jewish person, it is criminal to kidnap that person and hold them incognito at a seminary for indoctrination in their brand of Orthodoxy.

    Some may not be aware that the murderer of Leiby Kletzky had chased children and acted in a threatening manner prior to this tragedy, but this behavior was ignored under the code of silence. As well, when Leiby went missing, the police were not called until much later. It is possible his life might have been saved if the police, rather than the Halizah, the Orthodox community security, had been contacted.

    I understand that in many of these communities, this issue is not considered a topic for discussion. But there have been some inroads as one author wrote a book specifically targeted to the Orthodox community designed to teach children how to stay safe. One psychologist held a seminar at a New York JCC where she told the parents, “Tell you child that if an adult ever asks them to keep a secret, they are to come tell mommy right away and mommy will give you a treat.” My children are grown now, but I was well aware of the statistics and did everything in my power to protect my children as well as empower them to protect themselves.

  3. pedos become aware of their attraction at a early age, same as gays, same as straights. & they go where the availability is easy, like rapist. they don’t want to get caught. an unlocked house is more likely to get robbed than locked with alarm. they share this info. with fellow pervs. & they don’t care who it hurts. .they are sick & cant be cured.! hard lesson to learn.

  4. Jewish Sex Offender Registry – Here are 637 cases of Rabbi sexual abuse and pedophilia if anyone is interested in reading them…. I will always lean toward believing a victim before I will believe a religious leader. I came out of an Independent Fundamental Baptist Cult. There are many thousands of abuse survivors from this one cult and countless thousands the world over that have been abused within their respective religions. All bare the same scars of being silenced, shunned, threatened and shamed. This evil is worldwide. It spans all religions and secular institutions. Silence on this issue only allows it to grow bigger and stronger. The ones that suffer are majoritively women and children.

    “In order to escape accountability for his/her crimes, the perpetrator does everything in their power to promote forgetting. Secrecy and silence are the perpetrator’s first line of defense. If secrecy fails, the perpetrator attacks the credibility of his victim. If he cannot silence him absolutely, he tries to make sure no one listens.” — Judith Lewis Herman

  5. Thanks Adina! Here in USA (and probably elsewhere) there are also a lot of pedophiles in Christian organizations, who use the church as cover. This use of the church as cover has apparently been going on for centuries.

  6. fantastic to see that you are bringing the story back into the light. you have no idea how happy i am to see this as i am the single voice in the wilderness here still trying to bring the story back into the public attention so we can stop the rest of the perverts here who walk around still.

  7. chaya.
    to answer some of your comments . i live in the heart of the nachlaot pedophile scandal and some of the people like gang leaders are my neighbors and all the child victims are too. to your comment on the missionaries, yes they are connected. we have missionaries on our street who are involved in the case. there were also arabs, christians,haradi jews and less religoius jews involved too. a real mix .i know these people personally .(dont know adina and have never met her in person)

    as for panic in 2011 when the story broke here and world wide, i am one of the few mothers who were involved in bringing it to public attention, Jewish mum,and a few others from here who prefer to be nameless but were on tv news shows with their faces covered and even one father spoke and a few children did. there was total panic here when the story got out, everyone was terrified of everyone and every man was a suspect.

    as people calmed down and saw that a few of us tried to help the children and parents realized what had happened to their kids, who are still getting help to this day. a huge factor that calmed down the situation was when one of the worst gang leaders who had a little community garden here near my house, and i was helping him for 5 years to tend to the little garden not knowing anything. so the garden was his excuse to hang around and keep his eye on the children. on 6 september 2011 i was finally told what was going on and 2 days later the little garden was a pile of rocks . plants were given away and all his woodwork and posters were thrown out by me. that changed the atmosphere greatly as the kids were not terrified to see him hanging around anymore.and then the little sports field next to the garden where he did skipping exercises was given a fake green grass carpet which changed the appearance and then everyone calmed down a lot as he could not hang around there anymore his excuse was gone.

    another thing that calmed down a lot was that my own garden in the same street then became the community garden and its very pretty and has little toys and animals and cheerful funny things in it. brought great energy back to calm down everyone. the atmosphere has changed here now and people are not afraid of each other like back in 2011, now that the secret is out and people talk about it openly now. the secret is over.





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