UPDATE TO: Stalkers & Their (Kiddie) Prey:Online/Offline Footprints-Physicians At Risk Too – Commentary By Adina Kutnicki


It is not for nothing that the subject of online/offline stalking made its way to these pages (June 24, 2018). And while it is indeed a very highly alarming public safety concern – most acutely, in relation to the most vulnerable of all, the kiddies – the fact is had it not touched a nearest and dearest (in the medical field), well, it would have been left to others to sound the alarm. After all, these hands are already full, that is, with sirens re Islamic Jihad and more! That’s the long and short of it.

With that being established, an Updated Report can be found below. But, to understand what’s what, it is advised to read (or refresh, whatever the case may be) the aforementioned initial assessment.

Potentially, anyone – from the young to not so young – can become the target of a determined and fixated stalker. And the advent of the internet in general and social media in particular makes it that much easier to track one’s prey. Stalk. Apparently, a preponderance are blithely unaware of who (or what) may lie in wait. Know that female stalkers can be every bit as dangerous as their male counterparts. Hair-raising.

Not only that, whenever the topic of stalking is addressed, it is usually too little too late. This is the case, most especially, for the kiddies who fall prey to online pedophiles. In other words, typically, the person’s death (or grievous injury) is retold on a crime-oriented youtube channel or the like. Inexplicably, until recently, few resources have been dedicated to preventative measures. Regrettably, it is still easy for stalkers to zero in and latch on, primarily, due to directional markers ala the internet.

As mentioned, it is not just the kiddies who are victimized. In reality, stalkers operate offline too, in conjunction with an explosive online presence. So due to their wide berth and net (no pun intended), this subject merits a laser focus; a multi-tiered approach. Wait and see.

While readers who are familiar with my profile will initially assume that the aforementioned is simply an outgrowth of this and that investigation, said assumption is only partially correct.

Inextricably, certain investigations trigger heat towards my end. It goes with the territory. Tellingly, in Nov. 2016, it became necessary to “turn the tables”, so to speak. To wit, I was “advised” to expose particular (Mohammedan) stalkers at “WACDI.NET, Islamic Fatwa-Driven Site, Features WND’s (World Net Daily) Interview With Adina Kutnicki – What Are They Up To?

Even so, as stated, my interest in this topic is multi-tiered. As luck would have it, it was a few months beforehand that “my Doc” entered my life. And like in any budding relationship, slowly, we began opening up to one another.

Resultant, it was with his express permission (and blessing) that the following (excerpted) expose’, “When Is It Time To Erase Ones Digital Footprints?” developed – as an “opening shot” into this shadowy and lesser-known arena.

  • In this regard, how many realize that dedicating oneself to saving lives – chiefly, in the medical/surgical arena – can be dangerous to one’s well-being? Believe it.
  • But without going into too many specifics, two male physicians (one, a long-standing friend, an ENT specialist, the second, my significant other, a surgeon, “my Doc“) have been stalked – online and offline – by former patients who became fixated on their “saviors.” Ingrates. Nuts.
  • It came to a point where they had to call in the police (respectively, the LAPD and NYPD, plus other private resources) to keep their (female) stalkers at bay. Rest assured, they join a growing list of victimized physicians. And while their predators used different tactics, this is where they aligned: whatever it took, they refused to be ignored and leave the objects of their obsession alone. Full-on.
  • Noteworthy, irrespective of location, one can be targeted. Effectively, whether practicing in a big city or a small town, it makes no difference. Stalkers aren’t location-centric.
  • At the end of it all, the aforementioned ENT decided to keep his online footprints, despite being advised otherwise. Already coined a “Top Doc” in LA, it wouldn’t have impacted his practice. Alas, as usual, he is stubborn like a mule. Arrogantly, he thinks he knows better than the professionals he hired! So, while police pressure and such kept his stalker in line for several months, once again – within the space of a year – she started up. As warned that she would, doggedly, she kept track of him online, making it that much easier to continue her hunt. For the record, as of late, she is “quiet”, but who knows for how long.
  • As to “my Doc”, he listened to all of the recommendations – both from the NYPD and his investigative team, unarguably, a top-tier forensic outfit. Atop their “to-do” list: engineering/hacking wizards “erased him down the rabbit hole.” For several years, she is hide nor hair……

Regardless of these two cases of personal interest, stats are stats. They dare not be ignored by the wider public. Thus, consider some sobering facts and truths. Mind you, it is understood that stalking didn’t start with the internet. However, its inherent dangers have risen exponentially due to readily available digital footprints. No doubt.

The sobering stats: ….continue reading the whole (scary) thing….

All of which leads back to today’s updated report:

From the get-go, fixated and determined stalkers should be considered mentally unstable and dangerous. Moreover, said “diagnosis” dare not translate into a lack of intelligence, nor one’s ability to “think outside the box.” Indeed, more often than not, a certain level of (scary-creepy) ingenuity is in the mix too! Such is the case with “my Doc’s” stalker. Hang on….

Apparently, when she came up empty online – unable to track and trace her “heart’s desire” due to his erasure down the internet’s “rabbit hole”, effectively, frustrated from chasing a ghost – other avenues were pursued. Mind you, stalkers rarely quit, until (and unless) forced to.

As such, “Plan B” was executed. She used her medically recommended biannual cardio-thoracic exam as much more than a wellness check – actually, it became a sleuthing mission to gather information/Intel on her prey. Can you imagine being consumed by such a fixation??

Sly as a fox, she recognized: by sticking to a network of surgeons from a particular NYC radius, one or the other would be professionally associated with her object of obsession, likely, knowledgeable about his current whereabouts. Not only that, instinctively, she knew to steer clear of his former practice – the start of her stalking – with an understanding that colleagues/staff would have instructions re any inquiring minds in “my doc’s” direction. As it happens, they have been put on notice by the NYPD: never reveal his whereabouts, regardless of who does the asking!


Unbeknownst that their new patient is an “on the record” stalker, an office manager at one of the cardio-thoracic practices (which was on her “targeted” list within said radius) didn’t realize she was being “chatted up” – as this very dangerous woman sat in the waiting room for her examination. As officially reported back to “my Doc” (after this saga came to a head), skillfully, she made sure to bring up the surgeon who saved her life and sang his praises to the high heavens! Imagine that.

One innocuous sounding query after another (as per the manager, and relayed back to the NYPD and to the investigative team), his stalker led the “idle” chit-chat back to here: “I understand he is no longer in the NYC area, but do you know where he is practicing? I would like to thank him, once again, for saving my life.” Well, having no reason to stay silent, she responded: “I heard he immigrated to Israel – to such and such city – I believe!!” That’s all she wanted to know….

Now, recall this from the initial article: “As to ‘my Doc’, he listened to all of the recommendations – both from the NYPD and his investigative team, unarguably, a top-tier forensic outfit. Atop their ‘to-do’ list….

Yes, they are top-tier.

Upon immigrating to Israel, his investigative team – in concert with the NYPD – quietly alerted Israel National Police and Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport Security of the identity of his stalker – just in case. In other words, her name was added to a list of “undesirables”, if she attempted to board any carrier to Israel.

Lo and behold, just last week (seven months after my initial analysis), she attempted to board an El Al plane at JFK, in anticipation of “paying him a visit!” Thankfully, before she knew what hit her, she was escorted to a holding area at JFK – led away by New York Port Authority Police, as well as by El Al Security. Trust, these tough as nails security types don’t mess around. Mind you, as allowed, they turned her luggage inside and outside. Well, as expected, they found several items of concern, most especially, a map of his neighborhood with his exact address! Hmm.


  • Never and never underestimate the tenacity of an obsessed stalker – whether male or female;
  • Always listen to your gut,
  • And, finally, don’t try and handle a stalker without professional assistance. After all, life or death may well be at stake. Ask yourself: if you had a tooth ache, would you pull the tooth out by yourself? If your appendix burst, would you cut it out on your own? Think about it….


  • Know that all efforts are being exerted to find out how she came that close, in that “my Doc” is officially “unlisted” in Israel in every which way. Btw, the word is that an indictment is being prepared for her arrest, mostly, due to other “findings” in her luggage. Let’s leave it at that.


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