Tennessee’s Islamic Explosion: Radical Imam, Yasir Qadhi, A Macro Jihadi Exhibit. What’s The Upshot? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Dr. Yasir Qadhi

(Dr. Yasir QadhiVerified account @YasirQadhi Islamic Theologian & Scholar | Dean of Academic Affairs, AlMaghrib Institute | Religious Advisor, Memphis, TN muslimmatters.org)

IN an otherworldly paradox, America’s deep south is crawling with jihadi terrorists, some of whom are illegals, others are native born, and many more are “newly minted” Muslim-Americans. The fact that Tennessee, a Bible Belt state, is in the forefront (as well as other deep south conservative bastions and Mid West ones alike) and rife with Islamists is not an accident. In fact, a plan is in place to dump as many Mohammedans as possible via the so-called “refugee” resettlement scheme. Effectively, what better way to tip the balance of power in the US in favor of Islam, other than to swamp said communities with Islam’s followers, essentially, turning them upside down? Diabolical. 

The migrant tsunami that is already deluging the European Union is on track to also swamp America.

A huge nationwide “refugee resettlement” network is already in place to ramp up the escalation planned by the U.S. State Department for acceptance of United Nations-designated migrants. A map of the United States produced by the State Department’s Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (shown above) shows the areas where its “contractor” organizations are set up to bring the migrant wave to what the State Department propagandists calls “welcoming communities.”

Organizations such as International Rescue Committee, U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, Church World Service, World Relief, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, and many more “contractors” receive hundreds of millions of tax dollars from the State Department (DOS), Health and Human Services (HHS), Housing and Urban Development (HUD), as well as foundation grants, to bring in migrants designated as refugees by the UN High Commission for Refugees.

Across the country, from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon, from Boston to San Diego, from Seattle to Miami — and dozens of points in between — cities and towns are targeted to receive a flood of Muslim “refugees” from Syria, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Afghanistan, and other parts of Africa and the Middle East. It’s not only our major coastal cities that are scheduled to be hit with an enormous influx of unfortunates from foreign lands; smaller heartland cities and towns, such as Sheboygan (Wis.), Twin Falls (Idaho), Grand Forks (N.D.), Lexington (Ky.), Turlock (Calif.), Spartanburg (S.C.), Abilene (Texas), Cedar Rapids (Iowa), and many more, have also been targeted for their “share” of UN-assigned “refugees”…continue reading

Bernhard Pudewell's photo.

AS always, along this same infiltration and penetration and in anticipation of hordes of Muslims, preps for their barracks…aka mosques…lay the groundwork. Yes, the bigger the better! Could it be any clearer? Could it get any worse?

(Memphis Islamic Center – MIC – MEGA mosque monstrosity in Shelby County is a prime exhibit of the above…another Brotherhood operated front arm!!)

NOT only that, when Tennessee’s jihad erupted on July 16, 2015, the following was front and center: “Tennessee’s Brotherhood Mafia Connections: Their Barracks Within Must Be Eliminated!” Mind you, while patriots sent message after message of thanks re the in-depth info, guess how certain Islamists reacted? Hint: Suffice to state that they were hardly pleased, and their reactions ranged from (figuratively) foaming at the mouth to a dartboard with an embedded pic of yours truly found circulating the web, and so on. Sheesh. Now, why would there be such divergent reactions to exposing jihad in Tennessee (America at large), if there is nothing to fear from Islam? Rhetorical.

THUS, it is along this same jihadi trajectory exploding all over the nation that a familiar name and face keeps making an appearance, a highly dangerous Brotherhood backed Imam. Moreover, having popped up at this site on various occasions, and in light of recent ISIS developments, a commentary from Aug. 2014 bears repeating:

Enter, the latest in a long list of Islamic jihadis within America…who have bully pulpits to match!

An Imam in Tennessee named Yasir Qadhi is using the ban on images of James Foley’s beheading to argue for the ban of speech critical of Islam. This is exactly what the purpose behind the Innocence of Muslims video was. It was designed to gin up Muslim protests in order to pressure western governments to enact laws making criticism of Islam criminal; it’s all part of the Istanbul Process as Shoebat.com has reported.

In the case of Foley, Qadhi’s twisted logic is as follows: If the U.S. finds it appropriate to censor graphic images of Foley out of respect for his family, it should also find it appropriate to censor images critical of Islam, like the Danish Muhammad cartoons and presumably, Innocence of Muslims.

Here is what Qadhi posted on his facebook page:

Twitter recently announced that they would delete any tweets that showed images of the execution of the American journalist James Foley, and ban the account of the user who posted such images. Facebook as well announced a strict policy in this regard. This was done to respect the memory of the deceased and honor his family’s request.

Now, I actually sympathize with this type of censoring, mainly because I don’t feel that such gruesome images should become commonplace and be seen by millions of men, women and children (and I mean ALL gruesome images, not just of this journalist).

However, what was interesting was the fact that this news wasn’t given that much national attention, nor was there any outcry regarding ‘censorship’ or ‘freedom of speech’ or ‘infringing on rights’. In fact, quite the opposite: most people who commented were supportive. People in the Western world, by and large, are sympathetic to such a ban, and appreciate the respect that Twitter and FB are showing to the families of the bereaved.

This proves my point that I made in a lecture many years ago, when the controversy over the blasphemous images of the Prophet (SAW) erupted. I claimed back then that the issue of the cartoons had nothing to do with ‘freedom of speech’, but rather with each society’s own views on what is acceptable and unacceptable to show.

Each society has a self-imposed and ever-changing red-line of taboos that it will not cross, in speech or in images. For this society, respect should be shown to the deceased’s family; for us Muslims, an infinitely more amount of respect should be shown to our religious symbols and especially to our Prophet (SAW).

Here we have a moral equivalency argument that says posting photos of Foley’s beheading is as taboo in America as posting cartoons depicting Muhammad is in Islam.

On that note, Qadhi has also referred to Jews and Christians as “filthy” and that they may be killed if they don’t convert to Islam in this video:

Qadhi is a highly educated Imam. It shouldn’t take a degree to understand that most Americans would find those words worse than taboo.

Based on his own logic, perhaps Qadhi should censor himself.

Here is Qadhi explaining his relationship with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair:


IN this regard, lo and behold, the aforementioned Islamic barbarian issued a startling warning in an interview, and the fact that he has a huge Shariah Law bully pulpit in Memphis, Tennessee, well, it just begs many questions. 

STILL yet, bear in mind that his views absolutely mirror ISIS’s, even though he attempts to place some distance between the two. Hogwash. Not only that, but it serves his (and fellow Islamic leaders) purpose to discourage Muslim youth in America from going overseas to fight, in so far as they are needed at home! This is a highly consequential factor.

A known radical Imam from Memphis Tennessee made a chilling announcement during an interview with the Christian Science Monitor. Yasir Qadhi told the CSM he is regularly approached by young Muslims struggling whether to answer the Islamic States (ISIS) group call to arms.

“I have had and will continue to have lots of dialogues with young men. I am happy to say that none of the people I have spoken to about these issues have gone overseas” Qadhi warns that U.S Foreign Policy in Muslim lands is the driving force behind radicalization among young Muslims.

Qadhi gives two other factors he believes are pushing young Muslim men considering fighting for terrorists, which are their warped understanding of Islam, and the belief their religion has been demonized since 9/11. The policies regarding the Middle East, the use of drones against innocent people, Gitmo, and the  plight of Palestinians just add to their anger.

So while blaming America for the disgruntled Muslims mindset, the most ludicrous comment from the Imam is regarding his request to federal prosecutors. Qadhi wants a guarantee he and others doing outreach work will not be subject to investigation and threats of criminal charges for aiding and abetting any students if they in fact they do travel to Syria or commit a terror attack.

Yasir Qadhi is the founder and scholar of the Al- Magreb Institute in Houston TX, the same institute Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the designated “underwear” bomber attended.

Qadhi is the same Imam that attended the University of Medina next to Al Qaida terrorist Anwar Al- Awlaki whose radical writings were promoted by Qadhi.

During a lecture at a Boston mosque Qadhi advocated replacing democracy with Islamic rule.

In a sermon in his mosque in Memphis Tennessee, Qadhi repeatedly referred to Christians and Jews as filthy and as apes and pigs.

That is the same sentiment espoused by members of ISIS, the same group Qadhi claims to be saving young men from joining.

isis in america

In a disturbing speech to intelligence officials this past week, FBI Director James Comey stated they are investigating possibly 900 ISIS operatives in the United States.  Director Comey said that the number of concerns about ISIS operatives and Islamic State supporters are “slowly climbing,” MSN reports. Comey added that ISIS has attempted to expand its reach into the U.S. and is using social media to attract “disaffected” young people. You know, the same “disaffected” young men Qadhi is having contact with.

Perhaps instead of the Memphis Imam worrying about himself being charged if one of his students joins ISIS, he should worry about all citizens of Tennessee. Maybe he should even notify the authorities, unless of course they’re Christians or Jews.

(Vicious Islamic Jew-hatred)

“Hitler never intended to mass-destroy
the Jews… The Hoax of the Holocaust
I advise you to read this
book, you’ll want to write this down
The Hoax of the
Holocaust, a very good book. All of this is false propaganda…”

Yasir Qadhi, one of Ground Zero Mosque Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf’s Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow


BUT regardless of anything else, what must be kept uppermost in mind is the fact that countless Muslims in America are ready to fight and die on behalf of moon god Allah, and a preponderance indeed want to replace the Constitution with Shariah Law! Understood?

(Many of the Muslim immigrants said there should be blasphemy laws in America.)

MOST significantly, he was born in Houston, Texas to Pakistani parents, so just let that important tidbit sink in. Resultant, he is native born, yet, as dangerous as they come. In other words, it matters not a whit where Islam’s followers are born, it IS Islam itself which is the common denominator and not their birth place. Know this: This assessment is of utmost importance. Never forget it.

SO the questions become: Since Islam is underpinned by Shariah law, and Shariah law finance funds global terror, what precisely must be done to save the west? Cut off its oxygen…the head of the snake!

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