Terror Hunter, Tom Trento – Once Again – Enters The Fray Via Trento Vision: Is Israel Smart Enough To Attack Iran? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Only those living in a cave, or in their own alternate universe, aren’t aware that the nuclear clock is ticking via Iran’s genocidal regime. In this regard, PM Netanyahu’s infamous ‘red line’ has been explored ad infinitum. Contained within the embedded link can be found the gravity of the situation, aka, the ‘matzav’. 

That being said, ‘to strike or not’ has never been about the ability to do so, as Israel possesses the requisite ‘tools’ without any back up needed from the Islamist-in-Chief. But it has always been, and tragically so, the case that Jerusalem’s joined-at-the-hip dependency on Washington has hampered effective action, and not just in the Iranian orbit. True, booms here and there exploded as required, but they were only tactical delays, albeit momentarily (mentally) uplifting. A false sense of security. ‘Permission slips’ are the usual ‘norm’.

Into the fray enters Tom Trento from The United WestSome readers are familiar with the connection herein, but for those who aren’t it is time to jump on board. His info/intel/insights are priceless. Seal Team Six seems to agree too, otherwise they would not have aired on Trentovision.
Is Israel smart enough to attack
Many people think that a preemptive attack by one country against another is
unacceptable in today’s enlightened world. HA! First of all, we are fighting an enemy,
Jihadi Muslims, who reject the “enlightened” elements of the 21st century and secondly,
we are dealing with actionable threats that can bring about apocalyptic results.
Watch this show as we sift through some very touchy areas related to the
USA and Israel destroying Iran’s nuclear capability.
Join us on Thursday at 5pm eastern, as we talk with Major General Paul Vallely
Billy and Karen Vaughn, parents of SEAL team Six warrior, Aaron,
who was killed in action on August 6, 2011.
This disturbing story of Extortion 17 (call sign of the helicopter that went down)
is a graphic example of how the US government is betraying it’s war fighters
and it’s citizens in prosecuting a convoluted doctrine of modern warfare.
As to the question of pre-emption and its legal legitimacy, look no further than to the world’s expert, Professor Louis Rene Beres (my mentor). Most significantly, Project Daniel was presented to PM Ariel Sharon back in 2003, regarding Israel’s legal right to pre-empting Iran’s genocidal program.
Yes, oftentimes it takes those outside the established leadership to get to the heart of the matter. As a matter of record, if not for alternative media as well as stalwart hunters and diggers, the dangers within – purposefully fueled by Obama Inc. – would be exponentially worse.
In effect, those who are tasked to serve and protect American citizens are doing no such thing. In fact, the citizens need protection from them! But it is not as if it is a bed of roses in Israel either. Hell no. IF not for the leftist machinations from Israel’s civil society elites – who really run the country – its strategic situation would not be in a noose, duly evinced by peering through the enemy’s binoculars!

PHASE TWO To ‘Deconstructing The U.S. Economy’: Gold Plunges 66%, Two Days Later JP Morgan’s MAIN Gold Warehouse Catches Fire. Coincidence? What’s Going On? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Many of us who have been paying attention, especially those who ‘dig’ for the truth, have been raising alarms over the current financial chicanery (as well as the erupting scandals) exacerbated by Obama Inc., in tandem with worldwide players. In particular, the in-bed manipulation, via politicians and banksters, is coming to a head. However, its effects will absolutely explode under the reign of Obama, and it is not for nothing. 

As leader of the (heretofore) free world, whatever the Radical-in-Chief sets in motion reverberates worldwide. As such, a centerpiece expose’ set this particular blog discussion on course, back in August 2012. Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s Deconstruction Plans: Green-Wise Via The Economy & Disarming The Citizens Via Gun Control was a warning shot. It was followed up, in rapid succession, by Shoring Up The POTUS’s Second Term PlansBoth were the foundations for future commentaries, based upon highly suspicious information leaking out (from trusted investigative contacts) re ‘mama Janet’s’ DHS, duly described herehereherehereherehereand so on, until its cumulative warning evinced at The Killing Of The Dollar & Obama Inc’s Erupting Scandals: Where Is The Nexus?

Most significantly, before reaching the thrust of the fire – literally – pay heed to the following, warned about at Killing The Dollar

Some might be surprised to learn that the fate of America’s economy has already been determined, verified and announced by the Obama White House. Yet, it has received scant attention from the corporate media. In 2011, economist Kyle Bass interviewed a senior member of the Obama administration about its planned solutions for fixing the US economy and trade deficit[i].The economic agenda: In plain sight

Among the questions he asked was about U.S. exports and wages, but the question itself was not nearly as important as the response he received from this senior administration official. In fact, this single, seven word response clarifies everything, explains everything, and leaves little else to discuss: “We’re just going to kill the dollar.”

Now, onto the ‘deconstruction of the economy’ referenced above, and it includes both currencies – the dollar AND gold.

Massive Fire JPMorgan Gold Depot – False Flag? (Video)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

What better way to make sure there is no longer any gold than to ‘destroy the lack of evidence’? A massive fire has struck JPMorgan’s gold depot. Does the FACT that JPMorgan’s gold inventory plunged 66% on Friday have ANYTHING at all to do with this fire? When will American’s learn the bankers have looted us all? At least all of us still doing business with the bankers….something I gave up long ago…

A journalist on scene on Wall Street this evening has just sent us footage of a massive fleet of Firetrucks and ambulances in front of JP Morgan’s former headquarters at 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza, with fire-fighters stating they are responding to a COMMERCIAL VAULT FIRE IN THE BASEMENT of JPM’s headquarters at 15 Broad St!
With JPM’s gold inventory plunging 66% Friday to an all-time low of 46,000 ounces, and with reportedly over 502,000 ounces still standing against JPM for the JUNE gold contract, is the long anticipated force-majeure event in progress?

*UPDATE: FDNY tweet confirms fire is in a commercial vault!…herein as well – Liveleak.com reports on massive fire in the basement at JP Morgan gold warehouse on Wall Street.

Make no mistake, gold’s plunge 66%, this past Friday, set the actual fire in motion! Coincidence?  

Due to all of the above a decision was made, in April 2013, to agree to review Bringing Down America: An FBI Informant With The WeathermenThis was not undertaken lightly, with the forethought that it could serve as another lightening rod for those seeking – at all costs – to protect this dangerous regime. Nevertheless, this blog stands by every charge presented at American Thinker.

Michael Hastings & His ‘Mysterious’ Fiery Crash: Investigative Reporter Came Too Close For Obama Inc’s Comfort…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

There are many bugaboos used to silence truth seekers. The usual suspects are laced with charges of ‘racism‘. Big whoop.Thus, if you believe Zimmerman is innocent – despite his acquittal – you’re targeted as a vile ‘racist’, never mind that the arresting Florida Police Chief agrees with this blog’s assessment: Yes, Zimmerman was arrested to ‘placate’ the public! In a similar perverted vein, heaven forfend, if you voice opposition to the gutting of DOMA, you’re deemed an unrepentant ‘homophobe‘ – traditional family underpinnings and Judeo-Christian moorings, be damned.              

And the latest one is a made up out of whole cloth         ‘phobia’, ‘Islamophobia‘. Therefore, if you refuse to be silent, regarding the dangers of political/theo Islam, watch your back – literally. Sheesh. And there are too many other leftist silencers, but some of us refuse to be cowed. NOT in this lifetime…

Back to Hastings, and those who work assiduously to frame Obama Inc’s narrative. In this regard, as most realize (though from the media coverage, one would be hard pressed to posit alternative theories…the crash is ‘solved’…case closed, despite ALL the irrefutable discrepancies), car crashes fall into several categories. They can be weather-related, and mechanical failure is sometimes (though less often) at play. It runs the gamut. Forensics often (though not always) determine the proximate cause. However, a fatal crash, more often than not, is the result of the driver or another driver’s impairment or recklessness. 

And it is not as if this blog is unfamiliar with said subject matter. In a tangentially related matter – the wreckage wrought by alcoholism – the following fall out has been explored at these pages on multiple occasions and from various fronts. The Deadly & Devastating Effects of Drunk Driving is one such piece of exploration.

In any case, it is verily impossible to pull the wool over these eyes, and when unsure of the ‘facts’ presented, there are more than a few experts to tap into, that’s a fact. Hastings death is no exception.

So when 1 + 1 and a + b aren’t adding up, it may be easier to let things rest, rather than tarred with another bugaboo – a ‘conspiracy theorist’. Yet, while there are far too many of them out there in cyberspace (and elsewhere), this address spares them no umbrage. Besides, there are overwhelming and pressing matters to attend to – little ones to spoil too – with precious time left for nonsense. Least of all, there is no inclination to see things which are not there. But leaving the ‘truth’ to the lying media is so much worse. Color this blogger ‘this or that’. Who cares.

In light of the above, try the following on for your own thoughtful evaluation, and see what comes to the forefront. Re-shaking the ‘down low’ skeletons is a treasure trove of evidence which indicts the POTUS, whether or not its contents make the reader uncomfortable. Sorry for that.


Jul. 8, 2013 

It has been almost three weeks since BuzzFeed reporter Michael Hastings was killed in a fiery car crash in Los Angeles, yet important details about his death are still unknown.

XETV-TV in San Diego is investigating the mysterious car accident to find answers regarding the award-winning journalist’s sudden death. Hastings is best known for his 2010 Rolling Stone bombshell story that forced Gen. Stanley McChrystal to resign as commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan.

Details of Reporter Michael Hastings Death in Fiery Car Crash Remain a Mystery

XETV-TV details what we know about Hastings’ death so far:

According to City News Service Hastings, 33, “was driving south on Highland Avenue when he apparently lost control of the compact (2013 Mercedes Benz CLK250) near Melrose Avenue and crashed into palm trees in the median about 4:20 a.m. Tuesday (June 18). The car’s engine reportedly ended up about 200 feet away from the impact site.”

An eyewitness at the scene, Jose, employed at nearby business ALSCO Inc said, the car was travelling very fast and he heard a couple explosions shortly before the car crashed.
In fact, the explosion was so intense that it took the LA County assistant corner, Ed Winter, two days to identify the burned-beyond recognition body of Hastings. Officials confirm that an autopsy has been performed, but the cause of death is pending. LAPD media spokesperson Lieutenant Andrew Neiman said, “it will take several weeks to get the toxicology results.” By stark contrast, in Italy, ‘Sopranos’ star James Gandolfini’s family received the toxicology report within a few days.

Despite the intensity of the single car accident, an LAPD statement determined that there was “no foul play” involved.

Shortly after his death, a number of reports surfaced that fueled conspiracy theories across the Internet.

It was first revealed that Hastings reportedly reached out to Wikileaaks attorney Jennifer Robinson just a few hours prior to his death, claiming the FBI was investigating him. The FBI has denied that Hastings was ever under investigation.

An email Hastings sent to friends and colleagues hours before his death created even more mystery. It read:

“Subject: FBI Investigation, re: NSA -Hey (redacted names) — the Feds are interviewing my ‘close friends and associates.’ Perhaps if the authorities arrive ‘BuzzFeed GQ,’ er HQ, may be wise to immediately request legal counsel before any conversations or interviews about our news gathering practices or related journalism issues. Also: I’m onto a big story, and need to go off the rada[r] for a bit.

All the best, and hope to see you all soon. Michael”

In his book, “The Operators: The Wild and Terrifying Inside Story of America’s War in Afghanistan,” Hastings revealed that a former McChrystal staffer threatened to hunt him down and kill him “if we don’t like what you write.” Hastings claimed he replied: “Well, I get death threats like that about once a year, so no worries.”

XETV-TV also points out some inconsistencies and concerning details and theories about the crash:

After reading accounts of the car crash and examining the scene of the accident erroneous details were hard to overlook. Stories discussed the road as narrow, not true, it’s a four-lane road with a large median dividing traffic. Some reports said there was a curve in the road, also not true; in fact it’s straight freeway-to-freeway. Also, there was no damage to the median curb, only fire discoloration. But the most significant missing evidence was the absence of any skid marks—even though the car made a 60-degree turn into a palm tree.

Research of this topic reveals a new angle to this story, namely —Boston Brakes.

This theory was explained by a former Marine Gordon Duff who refers to the “Boston Brakes” technique, in which “drive by wire” cars, specifically a Mercedes Benz, can be manipulated remotely to simulate an out-of-control accident, according to his Veterans Today story (The 2010 story is a must read). The story details are eerily similar to Hastings fiery accident scene as there were no skid marks.

Adding credence to the possible car-hacking scenario is former U.S. National Coordinator for Security, Infrastructure Protection, and Counter-terrorism Richard Clarke. After news broke on the Hastings car accident, he confirmed the “drive by wire” concept.

Law enforcement officials have also discussed the unusual intensity of the fire inside Hastings car. “It’s highly unusual since gasoline generally doesn’t burn that hot,” the report adds. The video of the car fire appears to resemble a “thermite” burn.

“No matter how you slice this highly suspicious car accident, a Mercedes is not going to explode into flames without assistance” XETV-TV explains.

Automobile experts reportedly claim fires in new cars occur due to three main reasons: “Running the engine out of oil, running the engine out of coolant, or a mammoth car mangling accident, that leaves the hot side of the battery to short out against the frame before it reaches the fuse panel.”

Read the station’s full report here. Most intrinsically, Northeast Intelligence Network agrees with this blog’s assessment: Hastings was murdered ! Yes, he was. His recent investigative work, regarding NSAgate, got him killed. And to call this regime criminal in nature is to insult garden variety criminals!

Whether or not the truth wins out, the fact remains that Obama Inc’s skeletons are rattling and will eventually tumble out. The questions become: Will all the dead and buried have their TRUE stories revealed? Consequently, will those involved receive their just punishment? 

IF past is prologue, don’t hold your breath. We all know that the Clinton machine is still running strong, despite their buried bones. Vince Foster, anyone?

On Pretext of Justice for ‘Tray’, Race War Ignited – Courtesy of Obama Inc’s ‘Shock Troops’. White Teens Murdered In The Crossfire. Will AG Holder Investigate, Given The Part He Played? Connecting The Radical Dots…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Commenting on the most incendiary topics of the day is certainly not undertaken in a light-handed manner. Mindful of the many minefields encountered along the way, each one is approached with distinct caution and deliberation, as well as due diligence.

Along this vein, it is this site’s absolute obligation – as well as its mission – to tie in events as they evolve, even though some verbiage herein often appears on the less than delicate side. Regardless, let the chips fall where they may, with the understanding that a sub set are (reportedly) highly uncomfortable by said digging. No worries on this end. Dear readers, just keep spreading the facts, as they emerge.

One such incendiary topic is ‘racial politics’ and its intersection with Obama Inc. His fealty to ‘identity warfare’ has been on full display since he first disgraced/soiled the People’s House, back in 2008. A day in infamy. Regardless of countless domestic disasters – and never mind the foreign explosions affecting American interests – the leader of the free world inserts himself into race-based policing matters. How quaint. So, there is a ‘there there’. And the fact that racial mayhem serves the larger goal, the ‘transformation’ of Amerika, is also glaringly obvious. Thus, becoming ‘involved’ makes (ideological) sense. 

Now, where are the tie-ins referenced above? Better yet, where aren’t they? Well, Zimmerman’s acquittal is inciting riots all across the U.S., but it is not as if their intentions, to create mayhem, wasn’t planned from the get go – if the jury ‘dared’ to judge him NOT GUILTY. To be more precise, they threatened to burn down cities, if the jury determined that Zimmerman should be set free. Shock troops, indeed.

Of course, rational folks understand that Sharpton & gang (encompassing MANY intersecting, radical, hydra fronts) are in the forefront. Again, this is not news. However, what may come as a shock to some – but not at this site – is that several inter-related commentaries wrap around these purposeful explosions. NOT only that, but this blog’s harping on AG Holder as Chief Legal Lawbreaker, as a result, comes full circle. Patience, one and all.

In tandem, the POTUS’s racialist proclivities are evidenced herein, and no amount of verbal gymnastics will set him free of said charge sheet. Adding to the heft of the indictment, along comes the Radical-in-Chief’s latest ploy to ‘secure’ America’s future ‘shock troops’, and, adding mayhem to actual injury, they are being paid to rampage via taxpayer funds! To be more precise, the ‘forgiveness of student debt’.

Alas, one and all, welcome to the boys in the hoodies!



Lawsuit settlement forces police to negotiate on riot control

Under a lawsuit settlement reached earlier this month, the American Civil Liberties Union now must be consulted before Oakland, Calif., police can alter their crowd control policies.

The agreement now may be called into question following WND’s exclusive report yesterday that revealed the ACLU is a full partner of the main group that has been agitating the protest movement surrounding the Trayvon Martin case.

Commentators have been perplexed at how Martin protest crowds last Sunday were reportedly able to control Oakland streets for more than three hours, terrorizing drivers and attacking reporters without police interference.

KGO-TV in San Francisco reported that on Sunday, following the George Zimmerman verdict, “for more than three hours, protesters had complete control of 14th and Broadway near Oakland City Hall, preventing any cars from getting through.”

The report said that at about 8:30 p.m., police opened the intersection to traffic, but the situation “quickly deteriorated when demonstrators surrounded frightened drivers who found themselves trapped. The crowd forced them to turn around.”

“Oakland police officers that had been near the corner retreated, leaving the helpless drivers without police protection. It’s unclear who gave that command.”

KGO documented reporters were attacked by protesters, including a journalist from a partner media group.

“A reporter with our media partner the Bay Area News Group tweeted that she and her photographer were attacked by the crowd. She also tweeted that demonstrators attacked a TV cameraman,” reported KGO.

The police reluctance to stop the violent crowds came 11 days after the city of Oakland agreed to pay approximately $1 million to end a lawsuit filed on behalf of 150 Occupy demonstrators alleging police misconduct during a 2010 mass arrest.

The class-action lawsuit was filed by the radical National Lawyers Guild in coordination with the ACLU.

The Los Angeles Times reported that as part of the settlement, the Oakland Police Department agreed to negotiate future changes to its crowd control policy with the ACLU and National Lawyers Guild.

The settlement also places U.S. District Judge Thelton Henderson in charge of ensuring implementation of the agreement for the next seven years.

The ACLU’s involvement in brokering Oakland police crown control policies may now be considered controversial after WND’s report yesterday detailing the legal advocacy group is partnered with Dream Defenders, the main group leading the Trayvon Martin protests in Florida.

Dream Defenders has been agitating Martin protests since the onset and has been credited with successfully advocating for Zimmerman’s arrest.

The group was behind the protests that blockaded the Sanford Police Department, demanding the police chief be fired for failing to bring charges against Zimmerman, who was acquitted of second-degree murder Saturday.

The small Community Relations Service at Eric Holder’s Justice Department facilitated a meeting between Dream Defenders and city officials that resulted in a Justice review of the police department.

Sanford police chief Bill Lee ultimately was fired. Lee has claimed he was dismissed for not arresting Zimmerman.

Dream Defenders further led protests and marches demanding Zimmerman’s arrest. Just prior to Zimmerman’s arrest in April 2012, the Justice Department reportedly phoned Dream Defenders to inform the group that Zimmerman was to be arrested within 48 hours.

The group is now organizing protests in the wake of Zimmerman’s acquittal. On Tuesday, Dream Defenders demonstrated outside the Seminole County Capitol building and other locations.

Dream Defenders bills itself as a nonviolent sustainable network of youth and student leaders fighting for social change. The group says it trains youth and students in civil disobedience, direct action and civic engagement.

The group is made up of students and recent graduates from several Florida universities and is openly backed by SEIU, the ACLU and the Soros-supported Southern Poverty Law Center.

The groups have held joint initiatives on many occasions. In January, for example, Dream Defenders, the ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center held a community town hall in Tallahassee “to discuss the issue of keeping our children in the school system and out of the juvenile justice system.”

Dream Defenders’ ties to these are other radical groups go much deeper.

WND found that Gabriel Pendas, Dream Defenders’ organizer, is also employed as “Lead Organizer” by the SEIU. Pendas has been organizing Dream Defenders’ marches for Martin.

Pendas, who openly identifies as a socialist, previously served as president of the heavily Soros-backed United States Student Association.

The student association is a member of the small Free Exchange on Campus, a group created to oppose the efforts of conservatives who speak at American college campuses. The group seems to mostly focus on opposing the campus education initiatives of former radical David Horowitz.

The far-left Rootscamp.com wrote that without Pendas “there would be no Dream Defenders.”

Continued the website: “With his leadership, within months, a sprawling organization uniting black and brown youth across the state was formed. We have now built the structure necessary to develop youth leadership while also directly challenging racial injustice, the prison-industrial complex, and the criminalization of minority communities.”

Meanwhile, Dream Defenders’ political director is Ciara Taylor, who also serves as campaign coordinator for the ACLU. She previously was community outreach liaison at the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Dream Defender founder is Phillip B. Agnew, who also serves as the group’s executive director. Agnew is also listed as a paid SEIU organizer.

Nelini Stamp is a Dream Defenders director. In 2011, Stamp served as an organizer for the ACORN front group Working Families Party.

Stamp was interviewed as one of the earliest Occupy Wall Street organizers.

“We are actually trying to change the capitalist system we have today, because it’s not working for any of us,” Stamp said.

Stamp participated in the “Take Back the Dream” movement with Van Jones, the infamous former “green” jobs adviser to President Obama.

In a November 2012 piece she wrote for Prospect.org, Stamp hailed the organizing efforts of something called the Midwest Academy.

“The Midwest Academy and the Highlander Research and Education Center train organizers, but we have nothing like them in most states and localities. By 2016 and 2020, several more states will have become majority-minority, and we need to be able to shape that change,” she wrote.

Midwest is an activist organization described as teaching the tactics of direct action, confrontation and intimidation as advocated by notorious radical community organizer Saul Alinsky.

WND was first to expose that Obama himself funded the Midwest Academy when he served on the board of the Chicago Woods Fund from 1999 to December 2002 alongside unrepentant Weatherman terrorist Bill Ayers…

Not only that, but their shock troops have formed into ‘bash mobs’ all over California, and, like cockroaches, they are spreading across the country. Alas, Obama Inc’s racial mobs in LA are exacting ‘justice’ for ‘Tray’, as they confer with scum bag Sharpton and their ‘hoodie’ forces, how best to beat the crap out of ‘crackers’.  They ransacked and terrorized shoppers in Walmart because they knew their backs were covered by Obama Inc! Not done yet…not by a long shot. Another gang-bang against White America is piled on by…drum roll…Iran’s murderous mullahs as they exhort rallying cries – ‘justice for Tray’This is coming from barbarians who cut the hearts out of those who oppose their rule, but never mind. Most ominously, the following came down the pike, but we all know that these deaths should rightfully be placed at the Lawbreaker-in-Chief’s door, but they won’t be! 

Teens with Free Zimmerman bumper sticker slaughtered in Jacksonville

topconservativenews.com ^ | 7/16/13 


Two white teenagers were murdered in the parking lot of a Golden Corral in Jacksonville, FL. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s office says they were killed by multiple perpetrators, and that they have a photo of the suspect’s car. There were also multiple witnesses. However, they have not released any information or description of the suspects or the suspect’s car.

Family and friends took to social media to report that the brothers had a “Free Zimmerman” bumper sticker on their truck. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office issued a statement denying that the killings were related to the Zimmerman trial…..updated herein.

It is verily impossible, no matter how many knots one tries to twist these facts into, to deem them ‘coincidences’. For the historical record: with the AG at the tippy top; to the POTUS’s inextricably tied radical groups, purposefully inserting themselves into policing matters; to obstructing/instructing the police to ‘stand down’, concomitantly, a complete violation of their sworn duty to protect and serve; to the newbie ‘community organizing’ grads serving as ‘coordinators’, this regime is a mirror image of any fascist-like dictatorship in the world. Isn’t this precisely what the Radical-in-Chief meant when he opined about the creation of a civilian force as formidable as the military

Ominously, his ‘shock troops’ are readying. But are you, patriots, prepared?


A Mark Of Cain: Charges of Pedophilia/Sex Abuse Rocks Yeshiva University, Modern Jewish Orthodoxy’s Flagship Institution of Higher Learning…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Full Disclosure: The following report hits very close to home. A dagger in the heart. It involves an institution which evokes many wonderful childhood memories. There was free rein to explore its vast campus, not to mention the opportunity to flirt with cute boys. This is a result of having a father – of blessed memory – who worked at Yeshiva University (YU), for 45 years, as a Rabbi in its main center of administration. In fact, he taught at its esteemed school for Rabbinical Studies, REITS, when he first arrived in New York from Europe. NEVERTHELESS, the subject matter at hand is so serious that bypassing it becomes unthinkable. Besides, as one who duly reports on the depravities of the Gay-in-Chief (and surrogates), as well as deviance embedded at Hill’s State Dept., surely keeping this topic under communal cover is a non-starter, regardless of its shameful nature.

But for those not in the know, it is important to understand that The Forward (cited below) is a widely read Jewish communal newspaper for many generations of Jews, and by other groups as well. More specifically, it is socialist leaning and highly in sync with Demster politics. Its publishers are reflexively hostile towards Jewish Orthodoxy. So, it is no surprise that they collaborated on an interview with Huffington Post. Fellow travelers.

That being said, just because tragic news is reported at leftward papers, doesn’t obviate the truths discussed, at least in this particular case. Even a broken clock is right once.

And being that this blog rarely veers off geo-politics – aside for occasionally discussing the devastating societal costs due to alcoholism/substance abuse – some may be shocked by this posting. Personally, it’s not a walk on the beach…  

Rabbi Norman Lamm Resigns; Yeshiva University Chancellor Cites Mishandling Of Sex Abuse Allegations

Religion News Service  |  By DAVID GIBSONPosted: 07/01/2013 4:54 pm EDT

Norman Lamm Resigns

NEW YORK (RNS) The chancellor and head of the seminary at Yeshiva University, the flagship U.S. school for Orthodox Judaism, resigned his posts on Monday (July 1) and acknowledged that he had mishandled sex abuse allegations against staff members in the 1980s.

In a letter sent to students, faculty, alumni and donors, Rabbi Norman Lamm, 85, said that in failing to report the abuse complaints to police, he was acting “in a way that I thought was correct, but which now seems ill conceived.”

“I understand better today than I did then that sometimes, when you think you are doing good, your actions do not measure up,” wrote Lamm, for decades a leading figure in Orthodox Judaism.

“And when that happens — one must do teshuvah,” he said, using the Hebrew word for repentance. “So, I too must do teshuvah.”

Lamm’s resignation comes more than six months after a Jewish newspaper, The Forward, revealed that university officials responded to complaints of sexual abuse by staff at an affiliated boys’ school by quietly allowing at least two suspected abusers to leave and find work elsewhere.

More than 20 men have said that they were abused by either Rabbi George Finkelstein or Rabbi Macy Gordon and that the university knew about the allegations and covered them up; both rabbis, who now live in Israel, have denied the charges.

Kevin Mulhearn, a lawyer representing 22 men allegedly abused at Yeshiva University High School between 1971 and 1989, said Lamm’s apology was “a positive first step” but said the university needed to do more.

“The conspiracy of silence at Y.U. involves many high-level administrators, not just Rabbi Lamm,” Mulhearn told The Forward. “It is the institution as a whole, not just one man, which needs to make amends.”

Lamm took over as Yeshiva president in 1976 and remained as chancellor and head of the prestigious seminary after he retired as president in 2003.

In his letter on Monday, Lamm did not directly say that he was stepping down because of the abuse scandal. He said the resignation was “in accordance with an agreement reached 3 years ago” and indicated that he was not in good health, saying that his family had to help him write the letter.

His discussion of the abuse episodes also took up just four paragraphs in a lengthy six-page reflection on his tenure.

The university said in a statement released to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency on Monday that Lamm had agreed to leave three years ago when his contract expired in June 30 of this year. The current YU president, Richard M. Joel, released a brief statement that made no mention of the abuse scandal and praised Lamm for guiding the university with “steadfastness and vision” and for making “unparalleled” contributions to Jewish life.

Still, Lamm’s departure is another jolt to a cornerstone of the Modern Orthodox movement.

In May, The Forward reported that an investigation commissioned by Yeshiva’s board of trustees to delve into the charges had stalled.

And in March a top rabbinic dean at Yeshiva’s seminary gave a talk in which he said sex abuse charges can be “tall tales” spun by children and that they should be screened by a board of rabbis before being reported to authorities.

In the talk, Rabbi Hershel Schachter, one of the most respected members of the seminary’s faculty, was also quoted using a derogatory Yiddish term for black people when he said that reporting abuse allegations is especially dangerous because officials could put a Jew “in a cell together with a shvartze, with a … black Muslim who wants to kill all the Jews.”

The YU episodes also tracked reports that leaders in the ultra-Orthodox movement have covered up allegations of child sexual abuse in their insular communities, and may still do so.

These incidents, as well as reporting on sexual abuse scandals in schools, college football, the Boy Scouts and other organizations that work with children, have often mirrored the dynamic that led to the abuse crisis that has rocked the Catholic Church in the past decade.

Child safety experts say that broadening the focus on abuse to communities outside the Catholic Church would be a positive development if it prompts an awareness of the scale of the problem and the need to take act.

Let there be no doubt: This posting will rile up some in the Jewish community, simply by the fact that too many prefer ‘dirty laundry’ to hide behind closed doors. But this address brooks no such quarter, as many already realize from various ‘airings’exposing the problem of alcoholism and substance abuse.

Most significantly, what about the students who are still suffering from the abuse? Do they not deserve the community’s support and courage to tell their tales? And, don’t the perpetrators, regardless of the passage of time, warrant punishment, not only by the justice system, but the court of public opinion? 

It is on behalf of the victims (and future ones too) that it is incumbent to keep the issue at the forefront. This crime cries out for justice. Pedophiles, regardless of their religion, race or stature in the community, deserve nothing but contempt. Certainly not our protection, a circling of communal wagons, so to speak.

A mark of Cain.

IRSgate, Via Its Chief Counsel, Lands Squarely At The Lawbreaker-in-Chief’s Door! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Out of a laundry list of scandals swirling around Obama Inc two resonate the most with average Americans – IRSgate and NSAgate. One deals with financial fleecing and the other with a TOTAL invasion of privacy. Not exactly the way to engender trust, nor endearment, in ones leadership, to say the least.

To be sure, unless operating off the radar financially without requisite SS numbers in the murky waters of ‘cash’ only payments – commonly referred to in business as ‘off the books’ – most are as scared of the IRS as they are of being bit by a Pit Bull or some such wild animal. Maybe even more so. A trip to the dentist, in comparison, is a piece of cake, even if much drilling/pulling needs to be done. The IRS is that onerous.

It is this abject fear of the IRS’s ability to financially ruin a person’s life which has rendered IRSgate to register so high on the Richter scale, not that other scandals implicating Obama Inc. aren’t equally criminal in nature! But most relate better when they can project themselves into the mix, hence, taxpayers – large and small – are hoping for the ax to fall, but this time on the IRS!

That being said, IRS about to be blown wide open was penned less than two months ago, ever mindful of the dread and contempt felt by the average citizen, as juxtaposed against a deep knowledge base of the inner workings of the IRS. Sort of like having a bird’s eye perspective, both as a taxpayer and (previous) co-owner of a corporate tax practice while living in the NY/NJ area.

IRS abuse of Tea Party groups can be chalked up to “rogue employees” in Cincinnati, huh? Not according to the latest from the Washington Post.

The chief counsel’s office for the Internal Revenue Service, headed by a political appointee of President Obama, helped develop the agency’s problematic guidelines for reviewing “tea party” cases, according to a top IRS attorney.

In interviews with congressional investigators, IRS lawyer Carter Hull said his superiors told him that the chief counsel’s office, led by William Wilkins, would need to review applications that the agency had screened for additional scrutiny because of potential political activity.

Previous accounts from IRS employees had shown that Washington IRS officials were involved in the controversy, but Hull’s comments represent the closest connection to the White House to date.

The IRS counsel is a political appointee. Obama appointed Wilkins to that position in April 2009, so he was there across the entire abuse regime. Previous testimony in the IRS scandalhas revealed that Wilkins learned of the abuse by at least August 4, 2011, but White House spokesman Jay Carney told the press in May 2013 that Wilkins never bothered to inform the White House about it. This new information calls the previous testimony into question: Wilkins apparently knew of the abuse earlier than August 2011, because his own office was involved in it. His likely excuse: His staff went rogue and acted stupidly on their own. No one is ever in charge of, or accountable for, anything in Obama’s government, unless they’re in the military or otherwise expendable. Wilkins is probably too high to be expendable.

We’re getting ever closer to discovering that the White House through its counsel’s office was involved in, and probably directing, the abuse of citizens who were organizing to speak out against the Obama agenda. Catherine Engelbrecht’s case indicates that the IRS abuse is just one line of attack; the Obama government unleashed the full alphabet soup on her after she founded True the Vote.

That’s part of why Eric Holder has been unleashed on George Zimmerman. The right hand is hammering an innocent man while the left hand tries to wave Obama’s most dangerous scandal away. They’ll risk civil unrest to keep this particular scandal off the front pages.

And not to be remiss in burying the White House into quicksand, along comes one of their cheerleaders who inadvertently landed them into deeper holes. Kismet. As a Democrat testifying at yesterday’s hearing she inadvertently let the cat out of the bag. Oh, their Pinocchio noses keep growing…

In need of audio visuals? No problem. Take a peek herein To wit, if said revelations do not (eventually) land the Lawbreaker-in-Chief and his underlings straight into jail cells, then no amount of boomerangs will suffice. Therefore, one will then be able to state with assurance that IRSGate is…case closed. And that is that. 

NO Ifs, Ands Or Buts: Barack HUSSEIN Obama Is TIGHTENING The Screws On Israel. What Will Bibi – Israel’s PM – Do, If Anything, At This Late Hour? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

As most of this blog site’s readership are aware, the specialty herein is geo-politics, with an emphasis placed upon the Mid East and the U.S. And in no uncertain terms, there has not been a scintilla of prevarication regarding what is obvious on its face: The Islamist-in-Chief is an AVOWED enemy of the Jewish State. So much so, that many commentaries are written on this very subject, even one as recently as this week. Recall the assertion: The Obama White House: A Clear and Present Danger To Israel. It speaks for itself. Crystal clear. NO ifs, ands or buts. 

DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis July 17, 2013, 12:15 PM (IDT)
Obama and Ashton put their heads together

Obama and Ashton put their heads together

It doesn’t take a political genius to see how US Secretary of State John Kerry’s arrival in Amman Tuesday, July 16, for his sixth bid to bring Israelis and the Palestinians to the table, ties in with the new EU anti-Israel funding guidelines published on the same day. To avoid a head-on clash with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, the US president has loosed the Europeans in full cry against Jerusalem and its policies. European Union foreign affairs executive Catherine Ashton chairs the international negotiating forum with Iran. And so, the EU has given Tehran a broad wink that it is worth its while to come to a fresh round of nuclear diplomacy while Israel is kept on the run in the settlements-cum-borders dispute.

Israel is further weakened by its own internal political difficulties.
The third Netanyahu cabinet is painfully shorthanded of ministers for dealing with foreign diplomacy and national security affairs. In the absence of a foreign minister, shackled with a new cabinet which took office in February, and beset with a reshuffle of his close aides, the prime minister is obliged to carry himself most of the burden for key decisions on the essential business of state.

When he decides not to decide on any issue, that issue is shuffled into the pending tray to await his attention – and of late, this is happening too often.
Netanyahu is taxed currently with keeping tabs on the conflict close to Israel’s borders in Egyptian Sinai, the threatened spillover of the Syrian war – only part of which reaches the public – and the approach of a nuclear Iran, which he admits is dangerously close to consummation. Every few weeks, he is put on the spot for fast decisions by US Secretary of State Kerry’s peace drive.
It is no wonder that Netanyahu drops some of the balls he is juggling.
The last ball to slip out of his hands was the new European Commission’s new guideline for the alliance to distinguish between the state of Israel and territories outside the 1967 Green Line for the purpose of co-funding projects and grants.

This guideline is grounded in the EU’s fixed determination that East Jerusalem, Gaza, the West Bank and the Golan were illegally occupied by Israel after the 1967 Arab-Israel war. The “settlements” housing more than a half a million Jews are likewise deemed illegal. Therefore, from Jan. 1, 2014, any Israeli entity seeking European project funding or grants will be obliged to declare it has no connection, direct or indirect, with a “settlement.”
There is nothing new about this determination. The European Union has for years boycotted goods manufactured in settlements and demanded that Israel exporters label their products with the source of manufacture. Ever since 1967, the UK has withheld pensions and allowances from British expatriates living outside the Green Line until they relocate to addresses London deems kosher.
And that is only one of many examples.

However, the new guidelines have exacerbated the rift between Brussels and Jerusalem and signal a further deterioration. If in future every Israeli firm is required before every financial or business transaction with Europe to disassociate from EU-proscribed Jewish communities, then bilateral trade, whose volume has climbed to 40 billion euros, will gradually decline, with as much economic fallout for Europe as for Israel.

Israel’s prime minister responded fast and hard to the new EU guidelines with a bitter broadside for what he sees as outside interference in the definition of Israel’s borders, in a manner which compromises direct Israel negotiations with the Palestinians. Direct negotiations are the only way to define those borders, he stressed, and the EU measure had the effect of tilting them in the Palestinians’ favor.

Netanyahu was particularly incensed by the EU dropping its bombshell on the day John Kerry arrived in Amman to pick up his mission for reviving the peace track, which he interrupted empty-handed earlier this month.

Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon greeted Kerry’s arrival by eulogizing his mission, accusing the Palestinians of burying it by sheer obstructionism.  Ya’alon no doubt followed the line set by the prime minister.

Kerry spent five hours talking to Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas Tuesday night, in yet another effort to melt his insistence on Israel meeting his preconditions for a meeting.

By Wednesday morning, the US Secretary had not yet arranged to meet Israeli officials this time round.

Israeli policy-makers understand that Washington is dodging a showdown with Netanyahu by using the Europeans to clobber his policies at a moment of internal weakness in Jerusalem. Now they realize they must brace urgently for the next chapter in the Obama campaign: Ashton will build on the EU steps to get a fresh round of world power-Iranian nuclear negotiations underway by persuading Tehran that Brussels, with Washington’s backing, is in full flight of a diplomatic campaign for cutting Israel down to size.

By pulling the wires behind the European campaign, the Obama administration is after three goals:

1. Persuading Tehran to return to international diplomacy on its nuclear program by diminishing Israel’s leverage.
2.  Confronting Israel with diplomatic isolation on an issue of prime importance to its security, i.e., the prospect of a nuclear-armed Iran, unless the Netanyahu government agrees to concessions to the Palestinians on final borders.
3. Warning Netanyahu that his failure to toe the Obama line on the Syrian conflict and the Egyptian army coup will cost Israel dear. Instead of lining up with what is seen in the region as an ineffectual Washington, Israel struck out on its own to play ball with regional forces on the move, the Arab rulers of the Gulf and the Egyptian army. The US president has used the European Union to make sure Jerusalem understands that he too will pursue his own game – and it will be at the expense of Israel’s interests.

Sans a scintilla of a doubt, the fact that Israel is bereft of ‘intellectual warriors‘ has allowed its pithy strategic policy-making (which can be ameliorated through aggressive public diplomacy) to fall into a pit of darkness. It is this glaring, gaping deficit which has led to PM Netanyahu’s (and his predecessors) empty ‘tool box’. This cannot be emphasized enough. It is THAT intrinsic.

As a result, the following is more than enough evidence, proving how Israel’s lack of statesmanship has led its majority population from there to here. Thus, isn’t it time for an ‘Israeli Jewish Spring’? – Israeli concessions key to resumed talks with Palestinians DEBKAfile July 18, 2013

On May 28, DEBKAfile first disclosed some of Israel’s key concessions for enabling US Secretary of State John Kerry to sell the Palestinians his blueprint for the resumption of peace talks: They include the first Palestinian international airport at Jericho, the environs of which would be turned into the hub of an independent Palestinian economy; and a Palestinian potash plant on the Kalia shore of the Dead Sea – marking Israel’s first withdrawals from the West Bank. Further withdrawals would be contingent on progress in the US-sponsored bilateral negotiations. Israel will permit the Palestinian Authority to extract gas from the British BP deep-sea drill off the shore of the Gaza Strip. Finally, Binyamin Netanyahu agreed to meet Mahmoud Abbas’s demand for the release 104 Palestinians serving more than 20 years in Israeli jails.

YET, despite the horrific state of Israel’s leadership, when deciding how evil the POTUS’s leadership is, bear uppermost in mind the ‘Sophie’s Choice’ he is presenting to Israel’s often delusional, appeasement-minded leaders. NOT only that, but consider who it is that he is propping up, as well as demanding Israel give its heartland, and part of its capital, to  – genocidal foes. Besides, what type of monumental bastard(s) dictates that Israel – the oldest nation-state in history, aside from two previous destruction’s  – has to either die slowly (piece by piece…’peace by peace’) or through nuclear annihilation? The Barack HUSSEIN Obama kind, may he rot for all eternity!

We all know that Israel has many ‘bombs in the basement, and they were designed for deterrence purposes. But know this: This blog’s position is very clear – the entire Arab/Muslim Mid East should burn to the ground, before any of the above, heaven forbid, comes to pass. And that’s the truth.

More pointedly, Jews are recognized for their cerebral endowment. Well and good. It is time to harness/channel this enormous brain power in a manner which will truly ‘reshape’ the calculus. After all, being smart won’t amount to a hill of beans, if the Jewish people still hue to the dictates of those who seek their destruction. You think?