Hillary Clinton (2016’s Demster Front Runner!) Covered Up Pedophilia At State: Say What?…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

It takes a certain type of political animal, as well as an individual with bent proclivities, to cover up the indefensible. And to most moral, normal folks, there is little more egregious than diddling with the children. A penchant for pedophilia is NEVER acceptable nor defensible. That is that. And if castration is the only alternative, then off it goes.

Now this blog understands that some may well get their shorts, skirts, or even pantsuits in knots by the following statement, but no matter: When one becomes enmeshed in the gay/transgender/anything goes lifestyle, well, everything becomes acceptable! The art of the possible. Surely this is not to suggest that heterosexuals aren’t guilty of criminal violations of children, but the hetro community is much more traditional, hence, mindful of crossing certain lines via protecting deviants within. A world of difference. A non-circling of wagons.

In other words, once political/communal cover is given to pedophiles – through the likes of the Gay-in-Chief and his like-minded surrogates – as amply evinced by his choice for ‘safe schools’ czar, then the proof, as is said, is in the pudding. Kevin Jennings (though cast aside, currently working in the shadows due to concerted uproar), passed muster in Obama Inc’s first term, despite being a man-boy lover! ‘SAFE SCHOOLS’ CHIEF PRAISED CHILD-SEX PROMOTER’ – Jennings: “I was ‘inspired’ by NAMBLA’s Harry Hay”!  Ipso facto, a certain sub-set’s ‘tolerance’ level for all manner of depraved behavior should be obvious to all!

Enter Hillary. Her lifestyle choice, as well as her back up of the Brotherhood Mafia, is duly reported. As discussed, Hill is a thoroughly modern Millie, but not in the traditional sense. Her ‘relationship’ with Huma Abedin (aka Humala) is well known within these pages. But to catch newbies up to speed, here’s the scoop: A repeat from 2008 is about to be played out in 2016, and Sheriff Arpaio is raising the alarms tooYet there is even more dirt to consider, duly reported below. Are Americans even paying attention? 

‘Clinton Covered Up Ambassador’s Pedophilia’

JULY 11, 2013 BY  
U.S. Ambassador to Belgium Howard Gutman routinely ditched his security detail in Brussels and solicited prostitutes—this according to a suppressed Inspector General report.  Further, Gutman was alleged to have been engaged in pedophilia—sex with children. When agents discovered that Howard Gutman was having sex with children—underage prostitutes—it was allowed to continue for months! Why? It proved to be too damaging to the State Department. It proved to be too damaging to Hillary Clinton, slated by the Democrat party to run for President in 2016. And if anyone knows Hillary Clinton, she will stop at nothing until she is enthroned in the Oval Office.
Clinton’s damage control team have claimed ignorance that Hillary knew nothing of Gutman’s sex with children; yet after higher-ups couldn’t keep the sickening activity secret anymore, none other than Under Secretary of State Patrick Kennedy summoned Gutman to Washington to keep a tighter lid on his pedophilia. The Under Secretary of State knew, yet Clinton herself didn’t know? Sounds like one of Barack Obama’s excuses with the IRS scandal: Everyone in the Oval Office knew the IRS was targeting conservatives, but Barry Obama found on out “by looking in the newspaper”? Yeah, right.

Gutman should have been thrown in jail and ID’d as a sexual predator, not dispatched back to Brussels to continue his pedophilia behind closed doors.

But this is only the beginning of the coverup. Aurelia Fedenisn, the former State Department Inspector General staffer turned whistleblower who brought Hillary Clinton’s coverup to the public’s attention, was given the classic shakedown: FBI agents camped in front of her house, bullied her children, and demanded that she sign documents—in effect a confession—that she had stolen confidential State Department documents. Fedenisn refused and has paid the price, becoming one of the many hounded and intimidated whistleblowers pursued by the Obama administration.

But this was only Part 1 of Clinton’s coverup. Remember Watergate? It all started when a group of Nixon’s thugs broke into the Watergate office complex in order to bug the Democrat Headquarters, in order to photograph confidential documents. Guess what happened to the law firm Schulman & Mathias, the attorneys representing Aurelia Fedenisn? Their office was broken into multiple times in a single day. Even though there was money, even silver bars in the office, the only thing they took were computers. Computers containing the files of the case of Hillary Clinton’s coverup of criminal behavior.

Welcome to the beginnings of a new Nixonian administration headed by Hillary Rodham Clinton, set to begin in January of 2017…UPDATE re the break-in- via The Watergate of Whistleblowers that could bring down Hillary Rodham Clinton.

So when realizing that a world leader(s) is capable of turning blind as a bat to those who mess with children, one has to internalize that criminal break-ins are more than acceptable. All in a day’s work. Burying bodies? Whatever it takes. A non-issue.

Hill is up to her eyeballs in illegal activities, so much so that average folks would land behind bars for a lifetime, if caught. Ditto her boss. The entire crew in toto.

UPDATE: The requisite Hollywood whitewash is on board for her 2016 run…covering up more (illegal) dirt than a NY, Staten Island landfill!

The “Killing Of The Dollar” & Obama Inc’s Erupting Scandals…Where Is The Nexus? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

One of the main reasons why Doug Hagmann, from Northeast Intelligence Network, is viewed as a “person of interest” by Obama Inc is because of his on target analysis of “things to come”, albeit via a wealth of digging and high level contacts.To be sure, as the head of an intelligence agency he juggles two distinct, but overlapping roles: one as an investigative journalist and the other as a seasoned private investigator. He is more than capable of tapping into a network of high level contacts. And being an unabashed Christian patriot (a double whammy) hardly endears him to the anti-American gangsters running Obama Inc.

Even so, rating surveillance by the NSA (and assorted agencies) is certainly suspect, unless whatever he digs up is decidedly non-kosher, if you get the drift. The buried – or so they thought – secrets he has uncovered renders him a “high value” subject.

So with NSA’s rampant domestic spying in the forefront, and internalizing that American mosques and attendant Islamic communities – which requires the most surveillance – are hardly in their sights, it becomes more than obvious that NSA’s spying on ALL Americans is not what it seems. Not by a long shot. And even more worrisome is the resultant damage incurred by a regime continually caught with its pants down, as such, are they to be entrusted with anything, let alone carte blanche spying? Certainly not.

But few expected the following fallout, in as much as foreign spying is part of the calculus, but certainly not to the degree revealed, especially on countries deemed more than friendly. What’s going on, even as EU officials lash out? Mind you, these same EU poohbahs surely are privy (and have been instrumental) to America’s dollar collapse. However, this does not mean that they agreed to be spied upon too!

‘Financial Insider: “We Are Moving Into the Last Stages Before An All Out Collapse” – Northeast Intelligence Network

With the United States having reached unprecedented levels of debt and no end in sight, Europe close to widespread destabilization, and Japan now having lost control of their bond market, it should be quite apparent that there is no turning back.

Governments around the world are doing everything in their power to maintain the perception that all is well. Despite their best efforts, however, the coming catastrophe cannot be stopped.

The following video and accompanying excerpt recorded on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report Nightly Radio Show features Steve Quayle and financial insider “V,” also known as the Guerrilla economist.

This is critical knowledge and foresight into what is happening, what the triggers for the next collapse will be, and how the world’s elite plan on making their exits.

You will never hear information like this from mainstream media sources until after the fact, if ever.

Be forearmed and forewarned, because as “V” notes, what’s coming will leave no one on this planet untouched.

Video excerpt produced by The Daily Sheeple with permission from The Hagmann and Hagmann Report

The collapse that’s going to occur here is going to be a trifecta of bonds, stocks and real estate combined.

The Fed over here has ordered – and I want everybody to listen because this is insider information – the Fed has ordered the U.S. pension funds to begin to acquire U.S. debt. That is coming down the pike, it’s going to start happening, the states are going to start carrying it in order to fatten up their books… So, we are moving into the last stages before an all out collapse.

That’s exactly where we’re headed.

Now the Rubicon has been crossed… the armies are surrounding the Capital itself.

Excerpt continued…

We’re at a very critical juncture, and that’s what’s got me freaked out the most. The Japanese have lost control and they don’t know what to do at this point. .. They’re telling the public “don’t worry, everything’s ok.”

That is a signs, folks, that they are panicking. That is a sign that everything is not OK… that there is a great fear and trepidation that has begun.

And when this thing goes bust, this is the trigger that’s going to bring this whole thing down.

We’re on the last leg for this whole storybook. Unfortunately, it’s not going to be a storybook ending. So we’re in the last few pages of a chapter that’s been written about a hundred years ago, and it’s soon coming to an end.

 Now the question becomes, what exactly are they going to do?

They’re going to bring this thing to a halt. They’re going to create economic turmoil and a crash. And then they’re going to sell the population on some sort of armed conflagration, some sort of a massive global war. 

That is typically the playbook of the globalists. That is typically what we see, a pattern that is repeated often.

A small scale controlled regional war is not going to fix the $1.5 Quadrillion derivative debt globally.

A small scale regional war is not going to fix the massive levels of unemployment in America, in Europe, in Japan…

It’s not going to fix the economic problems that have festered in much of the western world and parts of the world that utilize a western style of banking.

It’s not going to fix it this time.

This time they’re going to drag everybody in. This time there’s not going to be anybody who’s going to be unaffected.

Let me tell you right now. It is mathematically impossible to pull this back. It’s mathematically impossible.

You cannot recall this. 

Recorded May 24, 2013 (full interview here)http://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/financial-insider-we-are-moving-into-the-last-stages-before-an-all-out-collapse_06072013

As this blog duly documented, even though China basically owns America, the fact of the matter is that the complete slaughter of the dollar has to become a fait accompli. Once done, there will be nothing to do but allow the Feds to dole out the crumbs, just as they planned. World War 111, anyone?

America, NO Longer A ‘Tyranny-in-the-Making’…THAT Ship Has Sailed…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

At first blush it appears hysterical, over the top and full of hyperbole to suggest that America is akin to a tyranny. After all, there are authentic tyrannies world over and history is replete with their devastation. Be that as it may, Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither are tyrannies. Some creep forward more subtly than others, and it is this incremental-laden application – stealth by stealth – which is (mostly) hidden from prying eyes.Yet, tragically, many wake up when it is too late to stop the national damage, too horrified to even scream at the wreckage before their eyes. 

And it is this ‘soft-like’ tyranny which is often described at this site. Consider what it really, really means to basically have your Constitutional right to free speech relegated to a ‘free speech zone’. Huh? And who gets to move the goal posts, those who instituted the ‘zones’ in the first place? Welcome to Orwell’s universe. So, is it then a rant to posit, the evisceration of free speech is in the here and now? Nope.

It is not for nothing that this blog cites the leadership in Washington as Obama Inc., purposely invoking images of Mafia Inc., not unlike the Brotherhood Mafia! ALL are criminal run enterprises, even though there are differences in play. And the most demonstrative way to describe Obama Inc. is within its parallel to the Iron Curtain, where totalitarian rule intersects with government criminal behavior. Truly, absolutely, a regime gone wild.

America under tyrannical rule: what we must now do

Northeast Intelligence Network


Image courtesy of Canada Free Press


By Douglas J. Hagmann

14 July 2013: With every new Executive Order, the options that we, the people, have to seek redress for the crimes committed by the United States government are becoming more limited. Have you sent a fax or e-mail to your elected representative lately about an issue of constitutional importance? How did that work out? Have you organized or attended a “rally” lately? Tell me, what has changed by your sincere efforts? Oh, and was the rally limited to a “First Amendment zone,” (or “Free Speech zone”) or a specified location where you were “allowed” to exercise your First Amendment rights granted by the U.S. Constitution? Did you even know such zones existed and if so, are they alright with you?

America has been conquered in a faceless coup, where the meteoric rise of a virtually unknown man of Arab, not African descent (if we are to believe his own tale of his origins) was selected to complete the job of destroying our national sovereignty and eradicating what remains of our civil rights. Meanwhile, the U.S. Congress has been made irrelevant by this unclothed emperor wearing only the headdress of a pharaoh, while the judiciary has been infiltrated and corrupted to the point of being useless as a method of resolution of our grievances.

America under martial law

The United States is effectively operating under martial law. No, not “the troops are in the streets all of the time” type of martial law, but a more subtle form. A type of martial law that exists under the veil of a false sense of normalcy, which can still be plausibly denied to the most gullible among us by both our leaders and the media. Like the proverbial frogs in the pot of water being brought to a boil, most people are being conditioned to accept actions forced upon us that our founders would have not only found objectionable, but absolutely intolerable. In fact, the Revolutionary War was started and fought for much less.

We currently exist under a modern system of tyranny, where the criminality of our leaders is overt and oppressive, yet excused and embraced by those on both sides of the false political paradigm and propagated by the corporate media and the bobble heads of the airwaves. We’ve asked for answers about issues ranging from Benghazi to the Obama eligibility issue and dozens more, yet have received nothing but contempt for merely asking such questions. We are treated as unworthy subjects to royalty. If you don’t believe that, or need examples of this tyranny, then please get out of the way and let us adults do the heavy lifting to do what we must to get our country back on point.

So, exactly what must we do to achieve effective, legal and nonviolent redress, to stop the naked criminality within our government, and to bring a dose of justice to those deserving of it? We could ask for a special prosecutor like the Nixon and Clinton eras, but who would appoint one and wouldn’t such a prosecutor themselves be politically compromised? Also, we’re running out of time. We could ask for congressional hearing, but we’ve seen how well this is working out for the TEA parties. While the TEA party members and other groups are turning blue waiting for congressional hearings to be conducted in an already corrupted venue, others are calling for a second American Revolution. Neither is the answer, at least not now.

Having spent literally hours with an insider who knows how the system in DC works, or more appropriately, how the game is played, I believe there is only one current answer that could be both expedient and effective. It is our last option to stop the corrupt actions of corrupt individuals who are out of control.

What we MUST do

There is only one viable method remaining to bypass the people and groups inside of our government who refuse to  enforce the United States Constitution. We must first recognize and acknowledge that certain people, departments and groups within the United States government are involved in, or leading others to be involved in criminal activity and behavior as part of a corrupt organization. Once we have compiled a complete and detailed list of such criminal conduct, we must then file a civil complaint against the government under the federal statutes of the RICO Act, or the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, enacted by section 901(a) of the Organized Crime Control Act of 1970.

We allege that the United States government at the Executive Branch is operating as a criminal enterprise. The Executive branch has shown not only contempt of congress, but contempt for every American citizen and is operating, by executive order, as the Chicago Mob. Previously, it was the Texas and Little Rock mobs, but organized criminal enterprises nonetheless.

To bypass the corrupt Department of Justice, our efforts must be made from the civil side. The RICO Act allows for us to sue one or more “racketeers” for damage to our person (civil rights, etc.) and property. Civil actions under the RICO Act can be filed in state or federal courts. The structure available for proactive measures already exists under our current RICO law, so we must take advantage of this while we still can.

A trial by the jury of our peers is our last hope for holding these criminals accountable for their actions. The civil aspects of the RICO Act gives us a very big stick to let a jury of Americans decide whether we will continue to be subjects of royalty, or citizens of a Constitutional Republic.

At present, we have no other legal recourse to ask questions with the expectation of receiving answers. There are no more checks and balances within our government. Our efforts thus far have been nothing more than the bleating of sheep to the unclothed emperor and the congressional eunuchs who won’t raise substantive issues for fear of losing their committee memberships or positions of authority. That can be changed, and must be changed, before the next stroke of the executive pen turns martial law light into actual martial law in every corner of the United States.

At its base, it will be a herculean effort to rid the decades-in-the-making albatross from America’s neck, culminating at this point in time. The onus is so much heavier due to the beyond compromised AG’s office, as well as similarly gripped relevant power centers. And while the utterance of ‘revolution’ is surely whispered behind many closed doors, Americans fought the first one for a whole lot less. 

EVERY generation has its burden, its cross, to bear. This one is mammoth.  It can’t be ignored, wished away or sidestepped. The time is now.

The Obama White House: A Clear & Present Danger To The Jewish State, Convincing & Compelling Evidence…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Let’s just dispense with all the mumbo jumbo and political doublespeak, hence, speaking truth to power: Yes, the Obama regime is an enemy of the Jewish State. Period.
EVERY time an opportunity presents itself, to stick a knife in Israel’s back, they jump on board. And those – outside and inside Israel – who still want to insist that Washington and Jerusalem are BFF’s, then just stick your head in the sand and cling to your ghetto mantra. Whatever.
HOWEVER, this address brooks no part of the regime’s betrayals, as well as their bold-faced lies, even though many in Congress support the Jewish State. A preponderance of Representatives fully understand that Israel is the U.S.’s only true and reliable ally, in a region surrounded by a murderous cauldron of anti-American/western populations. In fact, many Arab/Muslim citizens regularly exhort: Death to America/Death to Israel. How much clearer can they be? Is there any other way to interpret such vile rallying cries? On the other hand, many Americans are highly supportive of Israel and this does not go unnoticed. Nor is it taken for granted. Israel’s majority Jewish population overwhelmingly supports America and feels a special kinship to her.      
NEVERTHELESS, those who are actually in charge in the Obama administration have proven to be, again and again, absolute enemies of the thousands year old Jewish homeland. 
Seek…and you shall (hopefully) be appalled…let us sift through their treacheryas Barack HUSSEIN Obama tasked his highest General to sell out IsraelIn tandem, it has become necessary for additional grave warnings to be issued via DEBKAfile Intelligenceregarding Washington’s purposeful ‘leaks’. All the while, Obama Inc. floats ‘trial balloons’ re ‘containing’ Iran. Concomitantly, the cabal in Washington assiduously restrains Israel from its lawful right to pre-emption which is duly extrapolated within Oxford University Press. The end result being, the ultimate betrayal-the poison pill!
Alas, what will it take for America’s leftist Jews to finally realize their Commander-in-Chief plans to take Israel down? And if they are still living in fantasy land, how can they justify yet another ! Obama mouthpiece telling Israel’s enemies her secrets? They can’t. 
Russian SS-N-26 Yakhont anti-ship missile

Russian SS-N-26 Yakhont anti-ship missile

US officials early Saturday, July 13 named Israel as responsible for the July 5 air strikes against the big arms depot at a Syrian naval base in the Alawite port city of Latakia. Dispelling conflicting reports, three US officials asserted that Israel had conducted the air strikes for demolishing the advanced Russian-made Yakhont anti-ship missiles stored there.
DEBKAfile’s military sources report that three strategic arsenals were targeted: One consisted of weapons mostly delivered by Russian air freights in the last two months for the Syrian-Hizballah offensive to recapture Aleppo. A second contained the supersonic Yakhont anti-ship missiles (NATO codenamed SS-N-26) plus their radar systems; and the third, the Syrian army’s strategic reserve of missiles and ammunition, stored there for an emergency, such a possible forced Syrian army retreat to the Alawite region – or even Lebanon.

It is important to note that, although Moscow was perfectly aware that the advanced Russian weapons supplied to Syria were put in the hands of the Lebanese Hizballah, the consignments were not only not suspended but expanded. Moscow is therefore directly arming HIzballah with advanced weapons.
During the attack, neither Syrian radar nor that of the Russian warships cruising off the Syria coast registered any aircraft or missiles heading for the Latakia depot.

They were therefore unable to positively identify the source of the explosions.

Israel and the IDF held their silence – hoping that matters would stay that way, unlike their air strike of May 5 which destroyed Iranian arms shipments for Hizballah stored in the Damascus area, when American sources made haste to finger Israel. This time, too, after a few days’ pause, Washington again broke the story.
This step coincided with US President Barack Obama’s early Saturday phone call to Saudi King Abdullah to discuss the Syrian crisis. They may have discussed a potential Russian or Syrian reprisal for the Israeli air strike.

In their rough, acerbic encounter at the Black Sea resort of Sochi on May 14, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu warned President Vladimir Putin that if Russia sends advanced weaponry to Syria, such as S-300 anti-aircraft missiles or sophisticated radar for upgrading the Yakhont missiles, Israel would destroy them. Putin retorted that if Israel did this, Moscow would hit back.

After Israel’s air strikes over Damascus of May 5, Syrian President Bashar Assad said repeatedly, as did Hizballah and Iranian officials, that another Israeli attack on Syria would elicit an immediate Syrian reprisal.

The theme running through the Syrian and Hizballah warnings was a threat to open a new warfront against Israel from the Golan.

And so, two days after the IDF detected Hizballah movements on the Golan opposite the Israeli border,  the army spokesman Monday, July 8, announced the deployment of extra Israeli forces in the divided enclave.
Tuesday, July 9, a car bomb blew up at Hizballah’s office building in the Bir al-Abd quarter of South Beirut. A next-door Shiite mosque and a technical school were also hit. At least 53 people were injured.

Hizballah did not admit that the targeted office building housed the intelligence and communications centers for its combat operations in Syria. When no organization took responsibility for the attack, Beirut and Tehran pointed the finger at Israeli intelligence as the culprit.

To make matters even more Orwellian, Israel’s military is in sync with Egypt’s, knowing exactly how lethal the Brotherhood is for both. NEVERTHELESS, the leader of the free world begs to differ.
As such, it matters not a whit what aid packages are given to Israel. In fact, the strings attached – dictating that all military aid MUST be pushed back into U.S. defense contractors’ pockets – is a win-win for America. Not only that, but the intel and tech breakthroughs developed in Israel, and then given to the U.S., are priceless. As to why Israel, an emerging economic power, still asks for U.S. aid, well, that will be left for another discussion. For the record, this blog’s position is clear: Time to cut the apron strings!
In effect, Israel’s enemies give the U.S. nothing but grief, kill Americans on its shores and execute worldwide terror, yet they receive comparable aid in the process. This two bit hustle has been going on for decades. Unfathomable. Treacherous.
More pointedly, the title for quintessential reprobates and bastards belongs to…drum roll…Obama Inc.!

The POTUS’s Impeachment Looms Larger, Yet Not From The (Scandal-Ridden) Direction Most Americans Assume: What Is He Hiding?…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Almost to a certainty, readers can bet on the fact that this blog will post additional dots connecting the Islamist-in-Chief to the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia. Like pigs to shit.

In reality, this is precisely where the POTUS’s above moniker originated from; his deep, abiding relationship with his ‘Brothers’. One doesn’t spend over a decade investigating the Islamic muck without coming across various golden nuggets, some more valuable than others.

So to recap their symbiotic, sympatico nexus, the following must be reiterated and reviewed. Most assuredly, ones roots are hard to ignore, even though some in the Sunni world are furious at the Brotherhood’s ascension, but that’s for another discussion. Most significantly, it is not for nothing that Barack HUSSEIN Obama ordered Mubarak to GO NOW, even while he stayed his hand when true freedom seekers, in 2009 in Iran, sought to remove the boot of the mullahs. Why the disparate treatment? Hint: The Brotherhood Mafia wasn’t in play in Iran’s bloody revolution.

But the kinship doesn’t just extend to the Mid East & foreign associated ‘Brothers’. Not by a long shot. His administration is Siamese-like linked, so much so that high level members operate within the White House, as well as strategically positioned inside every Washington power center. Understand this: Obama’s White House is central to their stealth/cultural jihadAs a result, terrorists in the White House are par for the course, yet the regime sees no such ‘conflict’. Indeed.

Terrorists In The White House

JULY 12, 2013 BY  – video embedded

On June 13, 2013, Hamas-linked radical cleric Sheik Abdullah Bin Bayyah met with the Obama administration, none other than National Security Advisor Tom Donilon heading the meeting. Also included was the Obama administration’s special envoy to the Muslim community, Rashad Hussain, who is deeply embedded in the Muslim Brotherhood.

This is the same Hamas—officially designated as a terrorist group by the U.S. government—who have called for the destruction of the United States, the destruction of Israel, and the annihilation of the Jewish people down to every last man, woman, and child.

This is the same Hamas who have openly murdered thousands of innocent people, including shooting rockets into Israeli schools.

This is the same Hamas who regularly chant “Death to America!” on every street corner.

What exactly was the Obama administration discussing with our enemies? Removing Hamas off of the list of designated terrorists organizations!

Oh, but this is only the beginning…

Hamas is only one side of the radical White House coin—the Muslim Brotherhood being the other side.

Yes, the Muslim Brotherhood that Barack Hussein Obama backed in Egypt, and still secretly hopes will be returned to power.

The same Muslim Brotherhood that in their owninternal documents call for the destruction of the United States.

The same Muslim Brotherhood whose front group CAIR—the Council on American Islamic Relations—an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terrorist funding trial—has had literally hundreds of meetings with the Obama Administration.

But the Muslim Brotherhood not only meets with the Obama administration, but is inside the Obama administration.

All of the following individuals have deep ties to the Muslim Brotherhood:

Arif Alikhan, assistant secretary of Homeland Security for policy development.

Mohammed Elibiary, a member of the Homeland Security Advisory Council.

Rashad Hussain, the U.S. special envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference.

And Eboo Patel, member of Obama’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships.

Barack Obama says NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden is a traitor for aiding and abetting the enemy. But Barack Hussein Obama is the enemy.

EVEN so, just as within any power relationship there is usually a quid pro quo. Now the following news will come as quite a shocker to most readers, yet was alluded to (by relevant contacts), ever since the Egyptian military (with Saudi Arabia and UAE backing) ousted Morsi. Now that their cover – the Islamist-in-Chief & the Brotherhood Mafia’s – was blown elsewhere, it became ‘safer’ to piggyback it at this site.

SHOCKER from ARABIC MEDIA: Secret $8 billion deal between Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Below is a summary of the video in Arabic that reveals an agreement made between Barack Hussein Obama and Mohamed Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood to give 40% of Sinai to Hamas in exchange for $8 billion allegedly already paid to Morsi by Obama.

No wonder Obama is asking the Egyptian Army to release Morsi: the-muslim-in-chief-obama-asks-egyptian-leaders-to-release-his-bff-mohamed-morsi


This is a Google translation of the story which appears in French from Poste deVeille in Canada:

h/t Susan K


• SECRET agreement between the Obama administration and the Muslim Brotherhood (not the Egyptian government) to give 40% of the Sinai and the annexation of that part of Egyptian territory in Gaza. The objective is to facilitate the conclusion of a comprehensive peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians

• This agreement was signed by Khairat el Shater (number 2 of the Brotherhood) by Morsi and the Supreme Guide FM. (FM stands for Muslim Brotherhood)

• A sum of U.S. $ 8 billion was paid in exchange for FM.

• The document was seized by the army following the deposition of Morsi. This is the army that has leaked the news.

• An investigation is ongoing Morsi and El Shater. An arrest warrant was filed against the Guide to FM and other members of his office.

• FM signatories to the agreement are liable to the death penalty for treason.

• The Obama administration would try to reach an agreement with el Sissi (chairman of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces): recognition of the legitimacy of the “coup” in exchange for his silence about the secret agreement. But el Sissi would be more interested in the conviction of FM and discredit their organization which is Egypt’s main source of danger.

• The Republican members of Congress are seriously looking into the case. If proven, the process of Obama impeachment could be triggered.

With the above knowledge in mind the following comes full circle: the real reason for the abject hysteria emanating from Obama Inc. to Morsi’s ouster! In a nutshell, there are 8 billion reasons to keep the lid on this explosive dynamite and treachery. Moreover, Americans will find out that the leader of the free world set aside their taxpayer money to prop up the Brotherhood’s terror spawn, a designated terror group! Not only that, but it will expose his true intent regarding Israel, as Hamas will then have MORE land mass to terrorize and shoot missiles from. Clear as a bell.

Impeachment….more than a possibility. That is, unless Congress believes that conducting secret agreements, plus awarding Al Qaeda billions to set up (terror) shop, is also not an impeachable offense. Same thing. No difference.

‘Mama Janet’ Resigns,Yet DHS & Their Fixation On Vets Will Continue: A Regime’s Penchant For Spying – “Putin-esque”…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

NO one needs to convince this blog that white supremacist groups are a danger. And knowing full well that eliminating Jews is as important to them as killing Blacks, well, this registers very high on the self preservation meter.

That being said, let’s place the cards on the table: The tangible priority that DHS assigns to the above domestic threat is barely negligible. And even though ‘mama Janet’ is no longer a factor it will hardly make a dent, at least under Obama Inc’s radical oversight.  Not only that, but US prisons are the largest conduits for Aryan front groups, as well as Islamist ones. Nevertheless, many of them re-enter society more dangerous than prior to their incarceration. Imagine that. Rehabilitation at its finest. But never mind…the fact of the matter is that zippo and zilch is done to suppress said recruitment. And while the above has been the case for years, why isn’t DHS reining them in? Exactly.

But Obama Inc. does have these militias in their sights, yet not for targeting. In fact, they are the useful straw men to achieve other means, and certainly not in America’s interests. So while we are witnessing the anti-American activities of Obama and surrogates, a regime gone wild, they would have Americans believe that they don’t have targets on patriots’ backs, even after they placed bulls eyes on them via IRSgate. Ho hum….

‘Operation Vigilant Eagle’ Spies on Veterans Who Speak Too Freely’

In 2009, the FBI and Department of Homeland Security began a program to monitor white supremacists and “militia/sovereign-citizen extremist groups” for terrorist activities.

Included among the suspected terrorists were Iraq and Afghanistan veterans.

At the time it was revealed, the program called “Operation Vigilant Eagle” caused some controversy but was quickly forgotten and buried by the media.

For the DHS, Vigilant Eagle was the expression of the misdirected paranoia that exists at the agency’s highest levels, which since President Obama stepped into office have issued multiple reports about a supposed wave of terrorism by American conservatives of various stripes, from Tea Party members to off-duty cops.

At the time, Janet Napolitano, Homeland Security secretary and chief conspiracy theorist, told NBC that, “This is an assessment of things just to be wary of, not to infringe on constitutional rights, certainly not to malign our veterans.”

Tell it to Brandon Raub.

Last year, Raub was arrested by a small mob of FBI and Secret Service agents and held for a week at a psychiatric facility, all because the Marine vet likes to gripe in blogs and on Facebook about the federal government. (Who doesn’t?)

According to WorldNet  Daily, one sample of his posts reads, “The United States was meant to lead the charge against injustice, but through our example not our force. People do not respond to having liberty and freedom forced on them”

Ah, yes. You can feel the imminent danger.

He has filed a lawsuit against the federal government. Wonder if another visit to the psych ward is in order?

He was only released last time after a judge stepped in and admonished the agencies holding him that the case was “devoid of any factual allegations.”

Raub’s attorneys claim that the arrest and forcible commitment were an attempt by FBI and other officials with Operation Vigilant Eagle to silence Raub for his criticism of the government.

Documents about Operation Vigilant Eagle show the project idea was hatched in December 2008 as a joint operation of the FBI and Defense Department, as the Bush Administration was packing up and the Obama Administration was moving in, according to the Wall Street Journal.

By February 2009, just weeks after President Obama’s DHS opened shop, a project memo stated that the purpose of Vigilant Eagle was to “share information regarding Iraqi and Afghanistan war veterans whose involvement in white supremacy and/or militia sovereign citizen extremist groups poses a domestic terrorism threat.”

Supposedly, this assessment of a suddenly “growing threat” was based on confidential information, undercover sources and “publicly available” information — I’m betting the Huffington Post or Mother Jones, but the memo doesn’t specify.

Raub’s attorneys say they’ve been contacted by numerous other military veterans recounting similar stories.

After his arrest on August 16, Raub was ordered by a “Special Justice” to be held for 30 days for evaluation and “treatment.” The arresting officials specifically stated his Facebook postings were the reason for his arrest.

Fortunately, Circuit Court Judge Allan Sharrett heard about the case and intervened, throwing out the allegations by the feds.

If this is how we treat our veterans, our country has crossed the line and joined other countries like China and the Soviet Union that use tactical psychological “treatment” and detention to silence the opposition.

Thanks to the Obama Administration, the freedoms our brave veterans fought to protect are slipping away daily. http://godfatherpolitics.com/11001/operation-vigilant-eagle-spies-on-veterans-who-speak-too-freely/#ixzz2Ug5jxqMG

Yet from the get go this blog sent out a clarion call: Calling all vets, Obama Inc. is gunning for you! Talk about pay back for serving ones country.

So vets stand at attention and pay this forward.  

But the hunt is not exactly all inclusive, as Muslim vets are given a pass. Simply put, the Pentagon has been taken over by anti-American leadership. Here’s another nail in its co-option, even as the Pentagon’s chief officers admit there is a clash between civilizations.

And even patriots who haven’t served, conveniently dumped into the “militia” category (this is not to suggest that dangerous militias don’t need scrutiny…they do, but they are being used as a bugaboo against Tea Partiers and the like) definitely need to pay heed, as ALL patriots are in their cross hairs. Can anyone rationally explain DHS’s shopping spree for billions in ammo/hardware? Nope.

Now the above doesn’t obviate the fact that a small percentage of returning vets come home with problems and are in need of “follow up”. Of course they not only require medical assistance, but are owed the best of care. Yet NOT by DHS’s goons, but by health professionals for PTSD or physical infirmities, and a democratic nation entitles them to as much. And more.

Most revealingly, the core issue is that DHS realizes that those who return intact are not only combat trained, but less likely – after all their sacrifices – to lie down and take commands to give up “this and that”. Herein lies the crux of the spying. The hunt against them too. Evil on its face. By design.

Is it still any wonder why this site compares DHS to Germany’s Gestapo? And if the symbiosis between Obama Inc to Germany’s Gestapo is still seen as a bridge too far, perhaps their coming mandate, to spy on ones fellow workers, will stir the pot. It can be gleaned via Obama’s plan to “predict” future leakers! 

Abbas’s/Abu Mazen’s Palestinian Authority & Its UNRELENTING Anti-Jewish Incitement: Leftist ‘Peace’ Fetishists Outside & Inside Israel Soldier On…What To Do? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Whatever happened to children’s magical fairy tales, instead of programs which evince imaginative ways of killing ‘Joos’ and growing up to be a jihadi ‘martyr’? Isn’t  Disney movies, Veggie Tales, Barbie, CareBears, and Winnie the Pooh (in Arabic!) enticing enough? Guess not.

And when the goal is to incite to kill, well, depicting your sworn enemy as nothing more than monkeys and pigs is the most efficient path to dehumanizing them. But it is not as if this is news to any of Israel’s resident ‘peace’ fantasists, nor the unrelenting busybodies around the world, chiefly in Washington and Eurabia’s capitals. 

Let’s take a short meandering down memory lane, and we will see what shakes out of the jihadi tree. Don’t be too shocked.

In PA Statehood and its violations of international law there are so many egregious crimes to cite, that one does not know where to start listing them, never mind castigating those who champion their outright violations of human rights and all norms of civilized behavior. 

But regardless of the heinous actions of the PA/Fatah/Hamas terror juntas, the ‘peace’ train chugs along with many Israeli leftist fantasists, aka civil society elites, hopping on board. The seeming insanity of Israel’s resident obsessives is tackled within a recent interview at Inquisitrand their damage wrought may very well bring down the Jewish State. They are that intrinsic to the circle of death.

Often lost in the discussion is the assistance given by America’s (and other western nations are inextricably linked) ‘helpmates’ who operate under the ISM jihadi umbrella. Readers should know that their hands are filled with Jewish blood, and many of its leaders are radical Jewish leftists too! Leftist Churches are deeply in the mix, and their whole nexus is described within the above link, aptly titled, The Assorted Terror Appendages of The US Campaign Against The ‘Occupation’.

Rest assured, the absolute illegality of propping up the PA/Fatah/Hamas (they are all inter-related) terror apparatus violates international law on a multiplicity of levels. Its legal efficacy is duly described within by – none other than this blogger’s esteemed ‘go to’ resident expert – Professor Louis Rene Beres. What happens when UN thugs bestow statehood upon terrorists

So the following ‘news’ shouldn’t be unexpected!

‘Little girls on PA TV:’

Jews are the “most evil among creations,
barbaric monkeys, wretched pigs,”
condemned to “humiliation and hardship”

by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik

Palestinian Authority TV continues to promote Islam-based hate speech and Antisemitism, voiced by little children. In this latest example, two sisters recited a poem that included the following demonization of Jews:

“You who murdered Allah’s pious prophets (i.e., Jews in Islamic tradition)
Oh, you who were brought up on spilling blood
You have been condemned to humiliation and hardship
Oh Sons of Zion, oh most evil among creations
Oh barbaric monkeys, wretched pigs.”

The poem also taught that Jerusalem is not for Jews, because Jerusalem “vomits” out the Jews who are said to be “filth” and “impure”:

“Jerusalem vomits from within it your impurity
Because Jerusalem, you impure ones, is pious, immaculate
And Jerusalem, you who are filth, is clean and pure.”

Click to view

Palestinian Media Watch has documented previous examples of hate speech and Antisemitism voiced by children on official PA TV, including:

Need more edification? The Blaze tells the tale as well

Lest anyone requires further education, wondering, who exactly are the ‘Palestinians’ and where did they originate from, look no more. After all, this IS a valid question, especially since they are seeking to ‘reclaim’ the thousands year old Jewish homeland. So to answer this conundrum, as clearly as possible, let’s turn to the words of their own leadership, duly expressed in this blogger’s recent interview at Inquisitr: “Thus, the following is a sampling, but by no means exhaustive: Fathi Hammad, Hamas’s Minister of the Interior and National Security, had this to say, ” Brothers, half of the Palestinians are Egyptians and the other half are Saudis.” Likewise, Zuheir Muhsin, late member of the Palestinian Liberation Organization’s Executive Council, intoned: ” The existence of a separate Palestinian identity exists only for tactical reasons. The establishment of a Palestinian State is a new tool to continue the fight against Israel.” Similarly, Hussein bin Talal, late King of Jordan, opined,” The appearance of the Palestinian personality comes as an answer to Israel’s claim that Palestine is Jewish.” To be exact, the late, non-lamented Chairman Arafat – the Palestinian godfather of suicide terror, schooled by the KGB, but I digress – was Egyptian-born! Thereby, isn’t it appropriate to posit: Shouldn’t “straight out of the horse’s mouth” proofs be more than enough evidence, to finally put to bed the lies spun on behalf of the Palestinian narrative? 

In its essence, the question still remains: What happens when mega rich ‘peace’ obsessed instigators get involved? Hint: Scores of dead Jews litter graveyards; countless are maimed for life, both physically and mentally; and the real possibility of the destruction of the Jewish homeland, for the third time in history, is more than feasible! 

May all those who continue said immoral (and illegal) campaign fall flat on their face – for starters – thus, unable to get up and charge forward. Regardless of their lofty positions, political power and otherwise influential stations in life, this is the least they deserve. Don’t dare get distracted by their opining: Yes, we ‘only’ want ‘peace’! 

Peace of the grave.

“Mama Janet’s” DHS LOSES ! 226 Illegals, Deemed National Security Threats Too…How Did This Happen? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Mannish “Mama Janet” is playing fast and loose with America’s security, even as she brags about her department’s top-tier performance. Really. And if she was actually being graded by a non-biased review panel she would be at T Minus Zero. That bad. She should be considered a flunk out by any measurable standard. Bottom rung. Not sure about anyone else, but this blog holds high standards for professional performance. No slackers tolerated. That intrinsic.

It is impossible to overstate the dangers to national security, resulting from the bastardization of DHS’s original mandate of a homeland protection force, to one whose focus now lies in the opposite direction. Of course, she serves at the “pleasure” of the Commander-in-Chief, therefore, she is carrying out his dictates, but she is no less guilty. For if this is not the case, then how could DHS target patriots yet leave borders unsecured and Muslim Americans off limits? Besides, DHS serves as the operational base for Valerie Jarrett who is a communist/Islamist supporter, therefore, its activities are more than suspect. This doesn’t bode well for America. 

As such, is it shocking to find that 226 ! dangerous foreigners are loose within the U.S., even as many of DHS’s assets roam the country keeping an eye on tea partiers and their assorted supporters?

‘DHS Can’t Find 266 Illegals Who Pose ‘National Security’ Threat’

The Department of Homeland Security, with some 240,000 employees and an annual budget of more than $60 billion, admits it can’t find 266 foreign nationals who overstayed their visas and could pose a national security threat.

Rebecca Gambler, director of Homeland Security and Justice Issues for the Government Accountability Office, testified on May 21 before the House Subcommittee on Border and Maritime Security. She disclosed that in 2011, DHS identified 1,901 illegal overstays “who could pose national-security or public-safety concerns.”

As of March 2013, 14 percent, or 266, still can’t be located.

Of the 1,901 potentially dangerous overstays, 481 cases were given to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations division because they presented “potential public-safety threats,” according to a GAO report cited by CNS News.

Another 302 were in the process of changing their status to continue living in the United States, 711 had left the country, and nine had been arrested.

“We have reported that most overstays are likely motivated by economic opportunities to stay in the United States beyond their authorized periods of admission,” Gambler said.

“However, overstays could pose homeland security concerns. For example, five of the 19 Sept. 11, 2001, hijackers were overstays,” she said.

Two U.S. senators — Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Joe Lieberman of Connecticut and Ranking Republican Susan Collins of Maine — cited the GAO report and noted that “40 to 45 percent of the estimated total population of illegal aliens — 4 million to 5 million people — stayed past their visa expiration dates. But DHS’ U.S. VISIT program — which is supposed to identify people who overstay their visas by comparing entry and exit information — cannot keep up with the number of potential overstays it identifies by matching entry and exit records.”

Sen. Lieberman said: “Despite numerous congressional and DHS efforts, we still lack an exit system that will effectively identify people who have overstayed their visas, and do so in real time.”

And Sen. Collins said: “According to the GAO report, ICE should do a better job identifying the estimated 4 million people in the United States who have stayed illegally after their permission to be here expired.

“I understand that only 3 percent of ICE efforts are focused on these cases. That seems insufficient and shortsighted, as almost half of all unauthorized residents fall into this category.”

A column on the Accuracy in Media website observed: “Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano boasts of the success of her department in dealing with illegal immigration and related issues including border security.

“However, past and recent GAO studies present a different picture.”

For even if one desires to give DHS the benefit of the doubt it would be impossible to do so. And considering that Obama Inc. is run by anti-American revolutionaries, isn’t it prudent to err on the side of caution and proclaim: Yes, they lost them, but they were were never a priority to begin with! “Softening” up America is their main mission and DHS’s insertion of heavy Russian/Eastern Euro armor within Mid America is hardly comforting. This is the reality since the Radical-in-Chief is knee deep with Putin, and his second term “flexibility” is bearing Russian fruit. Indeed, DHS has been fielding heavy armor on behalf of Eastern European troops, as globalists prepare for an (eventual) takeover. Not to be lost in the translation, dangerous Shariah adherents are not even on “Mama Janet’s” radar!

Thus, is there any longer a doubt as to where Obama Inc. lies on the hot button issue of illegal aliens, and the promises made to “secure” the border, once heretofore illegals become “legal”? And should Americans rely on weepy-eyed, alcoholic-challenged Boehner to step up to the plate to secure America’s interests re illegal immigration? Do pigs fly? Does smoke and mirrors take on new found resonance and clarity? It should!

FAST & FURIOUS Pushed Out Of The Spotlight, But Peeking Back In: What Does This Mean? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Almost magic-like, Operation Fast & Furious fell off the national radar. Poof…down the (media and AG Holder’s) rabbit hole, except for a few stalwarts toiling to ferret out its true scope. As to its intent, well, some of us understand what’s what.

More to the point, the deconstruction of the economy has everything to do with gun control, as does Obamacare with its attendant “loopholes” for the “mentally ill”.

Yet, miraculously, the following fall out from the criminal AG’s gunrunning operation is surfacing, once again, on the Mexican front.

‘Police chief killed with rifle lost in ATF gun-tracking program’

LA Times

July 5, 2013

WASHINGTON—A high-powered rifle lost in the ATF’s Fast and Furious controversy was used to kill a Mexican police chief in the state of Jalisco earlier this year, according to internal Department of Justice records, suggesting that weapons from the failed gun-tracking operation have now made it into the hands of violent drug cartels deep inside Mexico.

Luis Lucio Rosales Astorga, the police chief in the city of Hostotipaquillo, was shot to death Jan. 29 when gunmen intercepted his patrol car and opened fire. Also killed was one of his bodyguards. His wife and a second bodyguard were wounded.

Local authorities said eight suspects in their 20s and 30s were arrested after police seized them nearby with a cache of weapons — rifles, grenades, handguns, helmets, bulletproof vests, uniforms and special communications equipment. The area is a hot zone for rival drug gangs, with members of three cartels fighting over turf in the region.

A semi-automatic WASR rifle, the firearm that killed the chief, was traced back to the Lone Wolf Trading Company, a gun store in Glendale, Ariz. The notation on the Department of Justice trace records said the WASR was used in a “HOMICIDE – WILLFUL – KILL –PUB OFF –GUN” –ATF code for “Homicide, Willful Killing of a Public Official, Gun.”

Hundreds of firearms were lost in the Fast and Furious operation. The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives allowed illegal purchasers to buy the firearms at the Lone Wolf store in the Phoenix suburb and other gun shops in hopes of tracing them to Mexican cartel leaders.

The WASR used in Jalisco was purchased on Feb. 22, 2010, about three months into the Fast and Furious operation, by 26-year-old Jacob A. Montelongo of Phoenix. He later pleaded guilty to conspiracy, making false statements and smuggling goods from the United States and was sentenced to 41 months in prison.

Court records show Montelongo personally obtained at least 109 firearms during Fast and Furious. How the WASR ended up in the state of Jalisco, which is deep in central Mexico and includes the country’s second-largest metropolis, Guadalajara, remained unclear.

After the shooting in Jalisco, local officials said some of the suspects confessed to two other shootouts in the area, including one that left seven people dead, all part of the continuing feud by rival cartel members.

The ATF declined to discuss the matter; officials said they are still compiling an inventory of all the lost firearms for a complete account of the Fast and Furious operation.

Instead of being tracked, almost all the weapons were lost as they flooded across the border into Mexico. In all, some 211 people were killed or wounded by Fast and Furious weapons in Mexico, according to Mexican authorities. And on this side of the border, a Fast and Furious weapon was found at the Arizona  scene where U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was slain in 2010.

Terry’s slaying set off a number of investigations in Washington into Fast and Furious. It led to the firing or demotion of many ATF officials, including the agency’s acting director, who stepped down. It ultimately prompted the GOP-controlled House to vote Atty. Gen. Eric H. Holder Jr. in contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over a number of Fast and Furious records sought by the House Oversight Committee.


It goes without saying – or it should – those who play fast and loose with liberty’s foundations are capable of anything, even murder by proxy. And when innocents die on both sides of the border, surely Obama Inc’s hands aren’t clean. They are blood filled. A regime which goes wild is one which truly believes that the ends justifies ANY means. No restraints necessary. Herein lies the crux to AG Holder’s illegal gun running: Its nexus to gun control. 

Patriots, watch your backs. Obama Inc. and its gun control fetishists are aiming for you!

Islamic Jihad & Koranic Imperatives: Its Underlying Sexual Components…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

One dare not underestimate the twisted symbiotic relationship between a Muslim mother and her child (particularly sons), and the imparting of deeply ingrained cultural taboos through said dynamic. As strange as it sounds to westerners, this particular bonding, endemic in Muslim/Arab societies, accounts for much of the clearly visible pent up sexual rage in Muslim society. It starts in very early childhood. Its underlying dynamic, via a morphing of theology & politics, is brilliantly explained in the embedded policy paper, Islam & Blood.

It is this primary, guttural confusion – passed on from mother to child – which causes much of their inner turmoil. Don’t dismiss its central core in Islamic society. And while this blog has no interest, nor inclination, towards psychobabble, the above is Koranic and culturally-based. Its essence accounts for much of their yearning towards jihad. It goes without saying, the continual Islamic fatwas interspersed throughout this period of “nurturing” becomes like a second skin, even if too young to understand its basic imperatives. Nevertheless, it is ever present. The kiddies live and breathe jihad. It is their oxygen.

Now don’t be confused by all the so called “modesty police” and the psychotic emphasis on covering women from head to toe, lest Muslim males (and infidels too) become frisky and aroused. 

But do take a breather and exhale, as a new Islamic twist – fatwa-driven – has turned the tables, regardless of some back pedaling due to rising outrage. Women are now sanctioned, under Islam, to strut their stuff, and then some. It is all halal approved in the name of jihad! Allah is surely overjoyed. Hopefully these jihadi women are taking the time to shave their legs, to be all they can be. After all, we wouldn’t want their soldiers for Allah to be displeased. For crying out loud…

‘The Sex Jihad’

by Raymond Ibrahim
Special to IPT News
June 18, 2013

Putin & Obama Knee Deep In “Cooperative Efforts”: Russian Troops Training On U.S. Soil! What Are They Up To? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Don’t be distracted by the so called “deep freeze” between Obama, the Potentate-in-Chief, and his ideological red henchman Putin – an actual strong arm dictator – over spats relative to the Mid East. Even in the best of relationships there is room for disagreement. Think of it as a lover’s spat. It ain’t that far fetched, even though one is hetro (the younger the girls the better…talk about robbing the cradle) and the other is gay, not to confused with “bi”, despite being a papa, albeit on the “down low”. Now that was a messy explanation! But most intrinsically, when it comes to divvying up leverage in the Mid East, well, things can get a little dicey, even among pals.

NEVERTHELESS, understanding their ideological ties that bind is germane to the discussion. Therefore, let us first peel back the Radical-in-Chief’s looking glass and see what pops out. Rest assured, American ethos will be hide nor hare. Yet before we even go straight to the “news”, reported below by Alex Newman, do recall a previous commentary, one which swirled around the web at lightening speed – CDC & FEMA: What Are They Up To? Its relevance lies in the fact that both agencies are up to no good, even though their original mandates are securing the homeland and safety of American citizens. Not exactly.

‘FEMA Signs “Exchange” Deal With Russian Government’

Written by   – July 4, 2013

FEMA Signs “Exchange” Deal With Russian Government

Following outrage and controversy last year over the Obama administration’s unprecedented decision to invite Russian troops for terror drills on U.S. soil, the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is now under fire for signing more agreements to “cooperate” with Vladimir Putin’s Russian “Emergencies Ministry” (EMERCOM) in a wide array of fields. Among the controversial deals outlined in an official Russian press release: exchanging of “experts” and “experience,” “provision of security at mass events,” and “cooperation in disaster response operations.” Critics of the scheme reacted with a mixture of fury and deep concerns.

After the news was picked up in the alternative media, it quickly went viral, stirring widespread fears that Russian forces could be deployed inside the United States under the bogus guise of “security.” Officials from both governments rushed to deny the speculation, trying to downplay the agreements as merely routine international collaboration. However, it remains unclear why the American people would need or want any sort of “assistance” from the Russian government, which, despite the supposed fall of communist tyranny, is still widely regarded as a lawless gangster regime.

According to government press releases and statements by officials, the latest agreement between the Department of Homeland Security’s FEMA and the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry provides for “expert cooperation in disaster response operations” and further “study” of latest practices. “In addition, the parties approved of U.S.-Russian cooperation in this field in 2013-2014, which envisages exchange of experience including in monitoring and forecasting emergency situations, training of rescuers, development of mine-rescuing and provision of security at mass events,” continued a statement released by EMERCOM after the summit, adding that the level of cooperation between the two governments would continue to develop.

Apparently, protecting the planet from potential threats from space was on the agenda as well. “We have decided that the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and Russia’s Emergencies Ministry will work together to develop systems to protect people and territory from cosmic impacts,” claimed Russian “Emergencies Minister” Vladimir Puchkov in a statement to journalists. “I believe we can make a technological breakthrough in this area if the Emergencies Ministry and FEMA supervise this project, attracting the finest minds and research groups including in Canada, Europe, China, and Southeast Asia.”

The extra-constitutional “agreements” were inked late last month in Washington, D.C., at the fourth annual meeting of the so-called “U.S.-Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission Working Group on Emergency Situations.” The shady outfit, formed under the Obama administration, is one of almost two dozen similar “working groups” bringing together top U.S. and Russian officials. The bodies are cooperating on everything from the drug war and agriculture to terror, science, “rule of law,” health, environment, energy, nuclear issues, education, culture, media, business, arms control, and more, according to the U.S. State Department. The Senate has not ratified any of the international deals, as required by the Constitution.

“The [Emergency Situations] Working Group promotes enhanced U.S.-Russia cooperation in the field of emergency management,” the State Department says online about its controversial scheme. “In partnership with a wide range of U.S. and Russian agencies, including the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and EMERCOM, the U.S. Departments of State, Homeland Security, Defense, FEMA, and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) have conducted many joint-exercises, exchanges, and conferences with the goal of sharing best practices and improving emergency response capabilities.”

News about the most recent round of agreements between FEMA and EMERCOM first went viral after being reported by the alternative site Infowars, which has readership numbers that dwarf more than a few establishment media sources. Citing the EMERCOM government press release, reporter Paul Joseph Watson said the agreements suggested that some major public events in the United States could rely in part on authorities from Russia to provide security. As the report pointed out, that would be a violation of federal law — not to mention the Constitution.

Commenting on the FEMA deal with Russian authorities, popular conservative talk-radio host Michael Savage called for the arrestof responsible U.S. officials. “You know who FEMA is — don’t you? — the people with the camps ready for you,” he said on July 1, also suggesting that Russian troops would be providing “security” at events in the United States in violation of Posse Comitatus restrictions. Throughout the segment on the U.S.-Russia agreements, Savage continually referred to the Obama administration as a criminal regime that needed to be stopped.

“Many people fear that this government is getting ready for some major action against the people, they think that this gang that targeted its political enemies through the IRS and the NSA is getting ready to use foreign troops on our soil who will not hesitate to shoot to kill,” he continued. “This is illegal. Whoever signed it for the U.S. government should go to prison… This is what’s emerged under this criminal administration… Obama is a gangster — he’s running the country like he’s a gangster commander.”

The New American reached out to FEMA and other relevant U.S. agencies for comment through multiple channels, but officials did not respond to repeated requests. Instead, a spokesman for FEMA tried to downplay the bilateral “agreements” in a statement offered to Kremlin-funded media outlets, saying there would be “no exchange of security or military personnel” under the latest bilateral arrangement. “The agreement continues information-sharing meetings and observation opportunities with first responders and emergency managers,” the unidentified FEMA spokesman claimed, adding that the dubious “partnership” between U.S. and Russian authorities existed for 17 years.

In the 1950s, congressional investigator Norman Dodd was tasked with investigating the subversive activities of major tax-exempt foundations. As part of the project, Dodd said he spoke with Ford Foundation President Rowan Gaither, who reportedly told him that the immensely powerful institutions were working under White House directives. “The substance of the directives under which we operate is that we shall use our grant-making power to so alter life in the United States that we can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union,” Gaither is widely quoted as having told Dodd.

Indeed, more than a few independent researchers came to similar conclusions. The Infowars report about the FEMA agreements, for example, cites State Department Publication 7277. Entitled Freedom From War: The United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World, this document was presented by the Kennedy administration to the United Nations in 1961. Long quoted by the John Birch Society and other opponents of world government, it outlines the official U.S. government policy to progressively disarm the world while strengthening the United Nations and the capabilities of its armed forces. The eventual goal, in essence, is to create a global government under the UN with a monopoly on force that would merge the “Free World” with the countries already enslaved under communist dictatorships.

While cooperation between Western governments and U.S. administrations has been steadily increasing since the supposed collapse of the communist Soviet Union, President Obama has increased the depth and scope of that “partnership” to unprecedented levels. Among the most stunning examples of Obama’s cozy relationship with Russian authorities: telling then-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that after the 2012 election he would have “more flexibility,” continually praising the Russian government while cutting back America’s nuclear arsenaldefying Congress and federal law to send U.S. taxpayer money to the Russian military, inviting Russian troops to Colorado for terror drills, and more.

Of course, the controversial agreements between FEMA and EMERCOM make up just one small piece of the larger puzzle and the big picture. As The New American has documented extensively, the plan to foist a dictatorial one-world government on humanityhas been in the works for many decades — likely more than a century, at least. Cooperation between the U.S. government and Russian authorities would obviously be central to the scheme. In recent years, the troubling trends have been accelerating quickly, and without a major outcry by the American people, there will be little standing in the way of the global establishment’s sinister plot.


Adding to the “mysterious” relationship, between the above ideological twins separated at birth, some tidbits have a way of coming full circle, even though the exact time frame can’t be known until they make their appearance. Few Americans realized that Eastern European/Russian boots have already implanted on U.S. ground, even though Obama’s surrogates attempted to claim there was “no there there”. They were deaf, dumb and blind, even after trusted contacts gave them a shout out. Dead silence. But we knew better and ran with it. 

Egypt’s & Syria’s Civil Wars – Brotherhood/Salafists/Al Qaeda In The Forefront – Christians Beheaded: The Cancer Of Islam…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

All eyes are rightfully peeled on Egypt and its swirling revolution. indeed, a regional earthquake is brewing. While there are surely authentic yearnings for freedom within the mix, for the most part, this upheaval has more to do with practical bread and butter concerns – literally – And A Pining For A return to Nasserism.

In short, ever since the unceremonious booting of Hosni Mubarak shifted the economy – always tottering – off the cliff, the Islamist-in-Chief’s Brotherhood pets egregiously aggravated the situation to a fiscal calamity, if one can even imagine. A clear case of governmental malfeasance. A once semi-dependable underpinning to their economy, tourism, dried up under the Brotherhood’s boot. Well, at the very least, Barack HUSSEIN Obama and Morsi’s Mafia have one thing in common: They pushed their respective economies into the toilet. Stone cold broke. Interesting.

But back to Egypt’s internal pit. Basically, the main opposition are a conglomeration of Nasserists, pan Arabists, socialists and fascists. They yearn for a return to Nasser’s socialist rule! Not exactly amenable to western democracy, but a curious political dichotomy nonetheless. Being that Obama Inc. is mobbed up with Islamists who cheer on the Brotherhood, they know full well that the Brotherhood’s opposition are reds, and a preponderance of the POTUS’s surrogates are “in sympathy” with these leanings too. It creates a political minefield for Washington’s players, as they perform acrobatics between the reds and greens. Sort of like being caught between two lovers. And this glaring, gaping paradox is not even addressed in the leftward media. What a kerfuffle. Are they just dense?

That being said, in tandem, the putsch against Mubarak created living conditions which went from bad to WORSE, and overall standards went to hell-in-a-hand-basket. The point being, most of the population from the rural/outlying areas are on the brink of starvation. The rest are not far behind. To be sure, the brutal, hands on approach of the Brotherhood Mafia – in their attempt to impose strict Islamic law – engendered much ire. They are clueless in the arena of how to win friends and influence people. Perhaps some courses with Dale Carnegie would of helped – or not. This crew is not exactly open to helpful suggestions, at least not from an American-Israeli infidel woman and a Zionist to boot, but let’s not digress. Besides, when ones family is on the cusp of starvation, how much patience is there for the “modesty police” and their ever present haranguing, even to the point of whip lashings? 

Specifically, an attendant commentary spelled out the subtext of the current regional fires, adequately outlined in The Islamist-in-Chief Lit A FuseBut since much of our attention is riveted on Egypt, let’s not lose sight of Syria’s brutal civil war. Its maelstrom is no less intrinsic. Both underlying fires are deeply linked and their outcomes will be as well. Yet separating the forest from the trees is mandatory, all in order to focus on related pressing concerns. 

Do readers recall the following commentaries, which concentrated on dangers posed by Islam to the Christian community throughout the world, yet duly highlighted the Syrian “rebels” within Islam and Barbarism? Most are under the impression that the “Saturday People” are their only targets. Not by a long shot…or a head chop, to be exact. Eating Christian/infidel flesh is not off their halal-approved menu! Tasty delights.

Catholic Priest Beheaded in Syria by Al-Qaeda-Linked Rebels as Men and Children Take Pictures and Cheer

by SHARONA SCHWARTZ July 1, 2013

Syrian Catholic priest Francois Murad killed last weekend by jihadi fighters was beheaded, according to a report by Catholic Online which is linking to video purportedly showing the brutal murder.

As TheBlaze reported last week, Murad, 49, was setting up a monastery in Gassanieh, northern Syria. Last Sunday, on the Christian leader’s Sabbath, extremist militants trying to topple President Bashar Assad breached the monastery and grabbed Murad.

While earlier reports suggested Murad may have been shot to death, Catholic Online reported Saturday: “The Vatican is confirming the death by beheading of Franciscan Father, Francois Murad, who was martyred by Syrian jihadists on June 23.”

The Catholic news service quotes local sources who report that the radical Al-Qaeda-linked Jabhat al-Nusra, or Al-Nusra Front, was behind the savage killing.

In video posted by Live Leak purporting to show the execution, dozens of men and boys are seen cheering on as three men are seated on the ground awaiting their grisly fate.

The men are methodically beheaded one at a time by men holding what appears to be a simple kitchen knife after which the heads are placed on top of the bodies.”

This blogger let it all hang out in a recent interview, to the point of warning the Christian world: They too are on the Islamic chopping block!  The Inquisitr Interviews Adina Kutnicki starkly pointed out,  “Yet the saying, “First the Saturday People, then the Sunday People”, has never been more relevant nor acute, as global jihad swathes across every corner of the world. Essentially, the same religious “holy” war raging against Israel (and by extension to the Jewish people) is meting out against Christians. Their slaughter will continue apace, as long as Islamic overlords hold sway. To wit, it is no longer a question of whether or not there is a clash between civilizations. That ship has sailed. The west is drowning in “infidel” blood, as mandated by Islamic doctrinal Sharia Law.”

And when Muslim apostates are beheaded for converting to Christianity, well, then their killing field is complete – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFzlh0QxnxY. Yet straight from the horse’s mouth is always best, so here is the Islamic Sharia Law foundation for beheading. Thus, “off with the Christian, Jewish and apostate’s head” should resonate worldwide, at least wherever Sharia Law rules or gains a foothold, even in the west! This is not “just” a Middle East and regional disaster. London anyone?

UPDATE: And this just in from DEBKAfile Intelligence, supporting one of the main theses herein: If not for the Islamist-in-Chief, the region would not be on a knife’s edge – ‘Obama frowns on Egyptian army’s alignment with Gulf regimes, coming crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood’…evil, thy name is Barack HUSSEIN Obama!

Egypt’s Brotherhood Mafia Defanged-For Now-YET Muslim Brotherhood Calling The Shots In America! How Did This Happen? The Islamist-in-Chief’s Hysterical Reaction: Why? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

A predominant blog theme revolves around the pernicious collusion – and the effective blow back – between the red/green alliance. Its centerpiece is duly described at this site’s About tab. It is THAT intrinsic to the clash between civilizations, currently played out before the west’s horrified eyes. It is this century’s life and death global struggle. History will record it as such, at least when the dust settles and countless lie buried in the process.

Emblematic of said struggle is, paradoxically, evidenced through the parts played by red/left forces paramount within Obama Inc., in tandem with their green/Islamist helpers. They are concentrated within Washington’s power centers and all over the world, chiefly in the Mid East and Africa. And it is this seemingly inexplicable dichotomy which leaves many Americans (and westerners) scratching their heads, incapable of understanding how the leadership of the free world can continually back the least freedom seeking outcomes. Stop scratching. 

Obama Inc’s backing of Egypt’s Islamist Brotherhood is a case in point, and the attendant hysteria at their ouster ‘as of yet’ to be explained…all in due time – “Tuesday morning, US President Barack Obama and Chief of US General Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey intervened in the Egyptian crisis early Tuesday, July 2, in an attempt to save the besieged President Mohamed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood. Obama called the Egyptian president and Gen. Dempsey phoned Chief of staff Gen. Sedki Sobhi, hoping to defuse the three-way crisis between the regime, the army and the protest movement before it gets out of hand.

The crash of Morsi’s presidency would seriously undermine the objectives of the Arab Revolt pursued by the Obama administration as the arch-stone of his Middle East policy.” – http://www.debka.com/article/23088/Army-deposes-Morsi-In-TV-statement-army-chief-names-judge-provisional-president-Tahrir-Sq-jubilant .

Nevertheless, being shocked at said alliance and outcome is what is truly shocking! After all, the road map has been clear as a bell, both within Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s personal nexus to the Brotherhood Mafia and their infiltration and penetration into Washington, resulting in the heralding of the Brotherhood’s ascension to power in Egypt, just a year ago. None of the above was happenstance. It was pre-planned.

So again, there should be little surprise to find out that patriots are NOT calling the shots in Washington, but the Brotherhood Mafia is! And before we get to their latest putsch, let us recall the following: The head of the CIA John Brennan is a Muslim convert, and he has been instrumental in putting in place Brotherhood front groups to fight on behalf of the overall Brotherhood Mafia. And partners in crime include Demsters in Congress, in league with their RINO counterparts. They brook NO questioning re the infiltration/penetration of the Brotherhood into America at large.

Due to the preponderance of evidence cited above, the fact that the FBI no longer works for America’s citizens, as it bends to the will of the Brotherhood, is a “natural” outcome! The police and security forces dance to Islamic dictates. Yes, they do. Not only that, but an Omerta has descended from the chief law enforcer of the land, AG Eric Holder.

FBI’s Most-Wanted Ads Blocked by Muslim Brotherhood Group

‘Most Wanted’ ads help the FBI gain information about the whereabouts of dangerous terrorists. CAIR and its allies got the ads taken down.
By Ryan Mauro

Thu, June 27, 2013

FBI Faces of Global Terrorism Ad - Blocked by CAIRFBI Faces of Global Terrorism Ad – Blocked by CAIR

The U.S. government has long offered rewards for its most wanted terrorists as a way of incentivizing people to be on the lookout. Its success obviously relies upon widespread knowledge of the award and what the terrorists look like.

For the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity, the fact that Americans would become aware that majority of the most-wanted terrorists are Islamic extremists compelled it to take action. As usual, CAIR cried “Islamophobia,” deployed its interfaith partners and was successful in having the most-wanted terrorist ads taken down.

The U.S. government posted ads on buses in Seattle that said, “Faces of Global Terrorism.” Their purpose was to notify citizens that up to $25 million could be earned for information leading to the neutralization of 16 top terrorists. OnIslam.net explains that 7 of the terrorists are from Africa, 4 from the Philippines, 3 from the U.S., 1 from Malaysia and 1 from Chechnya.

CAIR, noticing that these 16 terrorists are Muslims, said the ads were offensive and claimed that it promotes Islamophobia. The director of CAIR’s branch in Washington state, Arsalan Bukhari, took action and rallied his non-Muslim allies.

Bukhari and CAIR teamed up with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) chapter in their state. As the Clarion Project has reported, this is not the first time the ACLU has allied with CAIR and other U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entities. The director of the ACLU’s Center for Democracy spoke at a CAIR fundraiser and the organization has come to the defense of CAIR, despite its connection to the radical Muslim Brotherhood.

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn and Rep. Jim McDermott (D-WA) also got involved. McGinn’s press release credits CAIR and the ACLU, as well as the Minority Executive Directors Coalition, Mothers for Police Accountability, the Seattle Human Rights Commission, the Asian Counseling and Referral Service and the Faith Action Network, among others in the successful campaign to thwart the ads.

Another member of the bloc against the government’s ads is the Northwest Washington Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, the largest Lutheran denomination in the country. The Church is a member of the Shoulder-to-Shoulder Campaign, an interfaith coalition that includes the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), CAIR’s fellow Brotherhood entity. The coalition was ISNA’s top bragging point when it met with Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan in May.

The pressure worked. FBI Special Agent Fred Gutt said the ads were taken down as “a result of our continued engagement with the community and the feedback we are getting.”

Yet again, CAIR succeeded by portraying itself as the voice of the Muslim-American community.

Its moderate Muslim opponents, like Dr. Zuhdi Jasser of the American-Islamic Forum on Democracy, are sidelined. Jasser supports the ads and says that “When the FBI puts up pictures of individuals that happen to be on the list, those photos need to come out and those are the most recent.” Jasser added,

“I’m trying to figure out how the FBI does its work and somehow also has to be concerned about political correctness.”

Characterizing the FBI as biased against Muslims is an old exercise for Bukhari and CAIR. In December 2009, it was reported that he advised Muslims not to talk to the FBI. “There’s nothing to gain from talking to law enforcement,” he said to a Somali audience at a mosque. The reason he cited was Islamophobia. “There are too many things happening to Muslims recently,” he said.

According to a former U.S. Muslim Brotherhood front member, Abdur-Rahman Muhammad, it was decided at a private meeting that the term “Islamophobia” should be used to silence opponents to the Muslim Brotherhood’s agenda.

“This loathsome term is nothing more than a thought terminating cliché conceived in the bowels of Muslim think tanks for the purpose of beating down critics,” he says.

Dr. Jasser, a Muslim who is vocal about the abuses that taken place in the name of combating Islamophobia, framed the latest controversy as part of an overall ideological struggle.

“If you do not identify Islamism, you will be asleep to the world’s greatest threat in the 21st century,” he warned.

In light of the above, the red part of the alliance (chiefly through the media and academia) has to be brought into the picture, for without their Allah washing none of the above would evince any head wind within America. In reality, they have koshered the made up out of whole cloth bugaboo, “Islamophobia”designed by Brotherhood propagandists, in the service of silencing any criticism of Islam. The long-range goal being, the Sharia States of America.

NY Times ‘Model Muslim’ Endorses Sharia for America

The day before the anniversary of Sept. 11, 2010 Sinclair Hejazi Abdus-Salaam was featured in a NY Times article.
By Ryan Mauro

Wed, June 19, 2013

Screenshot of the New York Times article featuring Sinclair Abdus-Salaam one day before the anniversary of Sept. 11, 2010.Screenshot of the New York Times article featuring Sinclair Abdus-Salaam one day before the anniversary of Sept. 11, 2010.

The day before the anniversary of Sept. 11, 2010 the New York Times featured Sinclair Hejazi Abdus-Salaam as a typical model Muslim American in an article titled Muslims and Islam Were Part of Twin Towers’ Life.

Yet, in a video taken of Abdus-Salaam less than six months later, Abdus- Salaam is seen stating unequivocally that Sharia law should replace the U.S. constitution, complete with punishments for crimes that under Islamic law require stoning.

The video (see below) shows Abdus-Salaam attending a lecture by his old friend and associate radical Imam Sirhaj Wahhaj at an event at the University of Central Florida. The event, held on February 25, 2011, was organized by a chapter of the Muslim Students Association, a group that a 1991 U.S. Muslim Brotherhood memo identifies as one of “our organizations and the organizations of our friends.”

An interviewer presents Abdus-Salaam with a startling 1992 quote from Wahhaj, who is listed by the U.S. government as a possible unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing: “If only Muslims were clever politically, they could take over the United States and replace its constitutional government with a caliphate. If we were united and strong, we’d elect our own emir and give allegiance to him. Take my word, if eight million Muslims unite in America, the country will come to us.”

Abdus-Salaam’s reaction is equally as startling. His immediate response is, “Listen, I don’t have a problem with that.”

Taken aback by the blunt response, the interviewer made sure he understood correctly, asking, “So you would like to see Sharia law in place of the Constitution?”

Leaving no room for ambiguity, Abdus-Salaam responds, “By all means.”

The interviewer further questions Abdus-Salaam about tenets ofSharia law – specifically, the fact that apostates — Muslims who leave their faith — deserve the death penalty. McDaniels asks again whether this is the law Abdus-Salaam would like to see in the U.S., and he gives the same answer: “By all means.”

Abdus-Salaam further offers, “Let me tell you something about Shariah law, if we had Shariah law, in this country, it would prevent prostitution because the men can marry more than one wife. “

“What’s the penalty for prostitution?” asks the interviewer.

“The woman is … stoned,” Abdus-Salaam answers, “But the man?  They let the man off free,” he says.

(For clarification, the video shows a clip from Wahhaj’s speech where he is seen preaching. “What is the punishment according to the Koran for those who commit fornication? What’s the punishment?  Lashes, 100 lashes. Not stoning,” says Wahhaj.)

Abdus-Salaam says he would describe himself as being “ideologically in sync” with Wahhaj. Reinterating how he wants to see the American Constitution replaced with Sharia, Absu-Salaam says, “I’m American, I was born in this country. My forefathers are slaves. Slaves! … [But] anything is better than wrong. Right is better than wrong!”

The quotes from Abdus-Salaam were easily obtained by the interviewer. All he did was ask about Sharia law—something that apparently the New York Times declined to do before praising Sinclair Hejazi Abdus-Salaam as a typical American Muslim in its pro-Ground Zero Mosque article.

Editor’s Note: Sirhaj Wahhaj, who has a history of radicalism, leads Masjid At-Taqwa in Brooklyn and the Muslim Alliance in North America (MANA), an Islamist group with a postal address in Lexington, Kentucky. As reported on June 17, two of Wahhaj’s MANA colleagues serve or have served on the board of the Interfaith Center of Philadelphia and Religious Leaders Council of Philadelphia.


Being that this site is both Zionist and Conservative – geo-political assessments are primary – the centerpiece of the efforts herein always revolve around two core and interconnected components: What blow back does any given political push/outcome have on Israel, as well as on America and the west in general? With this in mind, it is intrinsic to also note: What, if any, knock-on effects does the ouster of the Brotherhood Mafia in Egypt have on Israel’s security? In tandem, what part does its ouster play to stem (or not) the Brotherhood’s vise-grip on America’s power centers? 

Basically, Israel’s southern border will remain hot for the foreseeable future, as the Sinai is exploding with Al Qaeda/Salafist terrorists. However, with the Brotherhood no longer calling the shots, there will be some wiggle room, with less of a desire to stir the pot. Of course, Egypt is no friend of Israel, but that is a far cry from being actively belligerent. Most significantly, Hamas, the Brotherhood’s bastard child, will be weakened and less “adventurous”, knowing full well that their parents are in the (political) dog house.

Recall the outrageous spectacle of Israel’s leadership calling off the “dogs of the war”, re-tethering the IDF, during operation “Amud Anan” aka “Operation Pillar of Cloud” in 2012. In actuality, due to Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s dictates, Jerusalem held back its “chomping at the bit” forces from decimating Hamas. Hence, the insane and humiliating acquiescence to a “cease fire”. So while Egypt’s military (with the quiet backing of Saudi Arabia and the UAE) thwarted Washington’s dictates to leave the Brotherhood in place, Bibi Netanyahu cravenly bowed to its will. This strategic disaster was discussed at length in November 2012, and duly addressed at UPDATE:Cease/Death Fire. One can only hope that Jerusalem learns the requisite lesson: Independent actions are more than mandatory. They are obligatory upon a free and sovereign nation.

As to the question, regarding the fallout for the Brotherhood Mafia in Washington, well, the jury is still out. It is too early to assess. But rest assured, the White House’s resident Islamists are deeply examining the same question. Count on it.

UPDATE: Reading the regional “tea leaves” has become easy peasy – Egyptian Israeli Military Alerts Prompted By Islamist Mutiny Threats From Sinai.

The Snowden Affair & NSA’s Outing: What Is Obama Inc. REALLY Afraid Of? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Contrary to all common sense, patriotic outrage, legal precedent and American interests, Obama Inc. consistently insists that trying foreign terrorists in the U.S. criminal court system is the “American” way. In fact, their mantra has been, it will show the world what a transparent and open democracy America is, chiefly via the laws it upholds as sacrosanct foundations to truth and justice. Blah, blah, blah…as if there is ANY legal basis to do just that.

Never mind the national secrets which will surely be revealed, once “due process” kicks in, with all the attendant discovery and disclosure requirements in a U.S. court of law. Having taken more than a fair share of law courses – civil, criminal, Constitutional, business etc – this blog knows the score. Rule 16. Discovery & Inspection is very clear, as are all the laws evinced thereof. None of it is rocket science, otherwise, truthfully, would not have aced its coursework. In addition, the surviving Boston bomber is being given all due “rights” in the criminal court system, to the extent of refusing to even label the Chechen terrorist as an “enemy combatant”. Astonishing. Outrageous. Laws twisted pretzel-like, to gift the Boston jihadist legal “rights”. 

But what does the above have to do with the NSA & Snowden’s flight to “parts unknown”? Everything. 

In the main, this site has no investment in Snowden per se. And if it is PROVEN he is revealing secrets, that enemy states can use against America, then this blog will be in the forefront of clamoring for ultimate punishment. That being said, the core of Obama Inc.’s angst revolves around what Snowden revealed in the most public way: The unfettered spying on ALL Americans. Trusted sources have repeatedly been in agreement: There has been NO indication that anything related to high value national security has been breached. Apparently, Northeast Intelligence Network backs up said assessments.

But it is the case that the regime has much too much to hide, too much at stake, to deal with the pesky requirements of “due process”. Need some reminders? Try these on for sizing: America is a police state in the making; The POTUS’s “enemies lists”; DHS Insider confirms the true intent of NSA’s spying; The Purging: An Omerta Re Islam + Terror; Obama’s goons are eyeing/spying on America’s kiddies. All of the above links fall under one main category – a regime gone wild! Folks, in all honesty, would you entrust your cat or dog with this malignant crew, let alone with ferreting out national truths?

‘The truth about the Snowden affair and why you should care’

Northeast Intelligence Network, July 3, 2013

3 July 2013: Some call Edward Snowden a traitor, while others call him a hero. One thing that is certain is that he cannot be both to the citizens of the United States. Interested by this stark difference of perception, I decided to investigate exactly what it was that he allegedly did that caused this drama that has captivated so many.  In the process, I found that there is a lot of misinformation and outright disinformation that exists about his actions. Most troubling is that much of it seems to be coming directly from officials within the U.S. government and members of the corporate media. In this investigative process, I also learned why every American, and every “free” person reading this regardless of what country in which you live, should be very concerned about the case of Edward Snowden.

A second but closely related theme that should be well beyond debate is that any federal law that violates the United States Constitution is not a valid law. There is a rich history for the principle that an unconstitutional law is void, and no legislative act that is contrary to the constitution can be considered valid. Again, the Edward Snowden affair must be properly viewed in this context.One overriding theme that was reinforced during my investigation is that our elected officials have a rabid contempt for any constitutional limitations placed upon them. While this is not exactly a news flash, the case of Edward Snowden must be viewed against this backdrop of contempt, which is not specific to any one political office or party and knows no restraint.

Edward Snowden in brief

Although there are many side issues and offshoots of the case “against” Edward Snowden, the core issue of the matter is fairly straightforward. At the heart of all the drama and legal machinations being discussed is one very simple issue: his security clearance and the executive order under which it was created and Edward Snowden was working.

Proper understanding of the issue required me to contact a very highly placed, known and trusted source familiar with how the various processes of security clearances work. While this statement might seem oversimplified to those in the intelligence business, it makes little difference to us as American citizens or freedom loving people of our own countries. It does not change the facts of the Snowden affair.

At the time Edward Snowden received his security clearance, he signed away certain constitutional rights in exchange for his loyalty to the government, and to operate at the mercy and direction of the office of the President or his designate. Nonetheless, he is still an American citizen.

Based on the information obtained during the course of my investigation, it appears that Mr. Snowden, while working in the capacity described, learned that he was involved in activities that he reasonably believed to be in direct opposition to the laws of the United States Constitution. He found that contrary to what was being said by the government to the American people and the world, he was not only aware of, but involved in spying activities that were inconsistent with the protections, rights and freedoms afforded to us by the U.S. Constitution.

At some point, as an American, he had to make a decision. It would be an unenviable position that would forever change his life. Does he violate the executive order under which he was operating to expose a system of spying on the American people, a system that was so vast and out of control that he felt so compelled to let us know what is actually taking place and face the consequences, or does he keep his mouth shut and continue to operate under an order he believed to be unconstitutional?

Included within that decision was something else. Would his revelations harm, in any way, the security of the United States and his fellow citizens? Again, based on my investigation of the information released, nothing was revealed by Snowden that any potential enemy of the U.S. did not already know. Additionally, he did not appear to release any “fruit” of the data mining and spying operations, but merely disclosed the scope and extent of its existence.

What then, is Edward Snowden allegedly guilty of? He can only be guilty of one of two things, but he cannot be guilty of both. Either he criminally disclosed our national secrets to our external enemies, consequently putting all Americans at risk in violation of his oath, or he decided that as a citizen, he had an  obligation of overriding importance to his fellow citizens that trumped the oaths he signed and was working under, to expose government programs that are operating outside of the laws of the U.S. Constitution.  It’s really that simple.

A solution exists

Amid all of the drama that exists pertaining to where Edward Snowden will likely end up, there is a simple, viable solution that would benefit all involved that no one seems to be talking about – perhaps for good reason. As it stands today, should Snowden return to the United States, he would not be permitted the same rights as any other citizen under the U.S. Constitution to have an open and fair trial or answer the charges against him based on the “contract” he signed for his clearance. In reality, he could and likely would be tossed in prison indefinitely, denied access to legal counsel, and denied all of the normal and customary rights granted to American citizens accused of a crime. He would have less rights than murders and most terrorists, and the proceedings against him could, and likely wood take place well outside of the purview of American citizens.

All of this could be avoided while still forcing him to answer the charges against him. With the stroke of a pen, the President could simply sign an order that would allow Mr. Snowden to return to the United States and be subjected to be tried in the American criminal justice system, , in open court, in a manner consistent with the Constitution of the United States that would afford him the normal judicial and constitutional protections as an American citizen.

Knowing this, perhaps the appropriate question that one that no one is asking, is what is this administration afraid of by allowing this case to proceed in this manner? Are the risks of multiple international incidents more palatable or easily manageable than a system of transparent judicial process? If so, something is terribly wrong.

Who will be valiant for justice sake?

Edward Snowden made a conscious decision to expose a massive, draconian system of spying on American citizens that he believed is violating the rights of every American. He could not reconcile his responsibilities under the executive order in which he was working with his knowledge as an American citizen himself. He made a conscience decision to fall on the side of the fence for the American citizen.  Is anyone coming to his aid?  Who will be valiant for justice sake?


In plain English, Obama and henchmen/women are picking and choosing who “deserves” the “right” to due process! Guess what? Obama Inc. denies due process to American warriors but NOT to jihadists. Color this blogger none too swift, but isn’t it more than pressing to challenge the gangsters running Washington to put up or shut up, demanding: President Obama, as Commander-in-Chief, utilizes Executive powers hither and yon. With the stroke of a pen, he can entice Snowden to return to face America’s justice system. How so? The POTUS must detail in writing, thus assuring Snowden’s right, as an American citizen (who didn’t blow up an American city, create terror and actually murder anyone, unlike the Chechen bomber), to a completely open, transparent trial, with all due process applicable. Now, wouldn’t this demonstrate, to one and all, how truly just the American system is? 

Read Snowden’s first public statement, and judge for yourselves what’s what – http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2013/07/statement-from-edward-snowden-in-moscow-2699014.html?utm_source=direct-b4in.info&utm_medium=verticalresponse&utm_content=beforeit39snews-verticalresponse&utm_campaign=&utm_term=http%3A%2F%2Fb4in.info%2FrALb

UPDATE: Now we’re cooking….U.S. Explodes With 100 Anti-NSA Protests. Let freedom ring!

Alcohol Abuse & Its Devastation, The Victims It Consumes: Israel’s Navy (Literally) Falls Prey…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

There are certain hellholes (mental and physical) which permeate all stations and boundaries, be they socioeconomic, gender or geographic in nature. The referenced stranglehold jumps oceans and leaps tall buildings. Such is the pernicious and insidious effects of substance abuse. In particular, alcoholism or its precursor alcohol abuse – more often than not – are death traps. This is not only the case for the addict, but for those unfortunate enough to become entangled in their path.

The tragic nightmare of alcoholism is evidenced and starkly amplified below, and its findings are more than heart rending. On the socioeconomic scale, suffice it to state, a physician generally reaches decidedly comfortable heights, aside from the high personal stature accrued. But said status hardly immunizes an accomplished professional from becoming a slave to addiction, to the point of operating on patients while duly impaired! Take, for example, the unfathomable breach of the Hippocratic Oath, as told by a highly respected, seasoned physician: “Could this pill CURE alcoholism? Doctor drinking himself into an early grave tells of his ‘fairy tale’ recovery.” This horror story can be accessed within ‘Alcohol Addiction: Its Stranglehold On Anyone Unfortunate Enough To Succumb To Its Lure’It is by NO means an isolated case.

Alcohol’s tentacled, inebriating embrace wraps around women, as much as it does around men, whether one is a powerful female executive, regular office worker or stay at home mom. Alcohol (drugs as well) is an equal opportunity abuser and destroyer. Diane Schuler was a “typical” suburban, soccer-loving mama, but no longer alive to tell her harrowing tale; one which not only destroyed her family but others as well. So it is incumbent upon others to be duly mindful of the carnage she wrought, evinced through ‘The Underbelly of Substance Abuse and Its Crossing of All (Societal) Red Lines’.

NOT to be remiss in the trail of devastation, how many are aware that too many who are viewed as rescuers often need rescuing themselves? Simply put, countless in law enforcement, firefighting and security capacities fall sway, and many die (taking down others with them) as a direct result. Never mind the attendant dangers to the public, while paradoxically performing (potentially) life saving duty under the influence, duly described within ‘Police Chiefs Discuss a Tough Issue’.

And for more than obvious reasons, some security-related assignments require abstinence from alcohol, even when fraternizing after hours. Alas, certain individuals are simply incapable of upholding their “oath of duty”. The lure of alcohol is too strong to resist, and they fall prey to its immediate seduction. And whether or not it is “fair” to impose any such rule in the first place, the fact of the matter is that there are too many who imbibe to excess and are train wrecks in the making. Hence, a blanket rule becomes mandatory. So if one cannot adhere to such strictures one has no business in said line of work. Simple as that.

In light of the above, and attesting to alcohol’s wreckage, a young Israeli Navy recruit lost his life and dragged two officers down with him, although as collateral damage. But the fact of the matter is he absolutely had an underlying addiction, whether as an abuser or an alcoholic. And those closest to him may have failed to even recognize his addiction, or chose to blind themselves to reality. There are always enablers in the addict’s midst. Few are islands onto themselves. Either way the damage is irreversible. At its core level, one doesn’t get to the point of drinking oneself into oblivion, hanging onto the back of a moving train, without such a predilection. Similarly, one doesn’t drive drunk, or end up in an emergency room due to alcohol poisoning, if not an abuser, or onto the path of full blown alcoholism. And that’s the (clinical) truth. 

‘Two Israel Navy officers sacked over fatal accident ‘

DEBKAfile July 1, 2013

“Israel’s Navy chief Maj. Gen. Ram Rutberg Monday sacked the commander of a warship and his deputy after a crew member, Hanan Maman, fell to his death from a moving train Thursday, June 27. Maman was hanging on to the rear of the train and taking mobile photos of his escapade when he fell. Investigators discovered the tragedy occurred after seaman attended a party at which alcohol was consumed in breach of standing orders.”

Whether or not sacking the commander and his deputy is an appropriate response, this much is for sure: Alcohol abuse/alcoholism is an equal opportunity killer, regardless of age, sex, profession, race or religion. This young sailor – and now his entire grieving family – paid the ultimate price. The Navy commander and his deputy – their families too – are no less affected. 

Alcoholism: The Wreckage In Its Wake. Bulls eye.