America, NO Longer A ‘Tyranny-in-the-Making’…THAT Ship Has Sailed…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

At first blush it appears hysterical, over the top and full of hyperbole to suggest that America is akin to a tyranny. After all, there are authentic tyrannies world over and history is replete with their devastation. Be that as it may, Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither are tyrannies. Some creep forward more subtly than others, and it is this incremental-laden application – stealth by stealth – which is (mostly) hidden from prying eyes.Yet, tragically, many wake up when it is too late to stop the national damage, too horrified to even scream at the wreckage before their eyes. 

And it is this ‘soft-like’ tyranny which is often described at this site. Consider what it really, really means to basically have your Constitutional right to free speech relegated to a ‘free speech zone’. Huh? And who gets to move the goal posts, those who instituted the ‘zones’ in the first place? Welcome to Orwell’s universe. So, is it then a rant to posit, the evisceration of free speech is in the here and now? Nope.

It is not for nothing that this blog cites the leadership in Washington as Obama Inc., purposely invoking images of Mafia Inc., not unlike the Brotherhood Mafia! ALL are criminal run enterprises, even though there are differences in play. And the most demonstrative way to describe Obama Inc. is within its parallel to the Iron Curtain, where totalitarian rule intersects with government criminal behavior. Truly, absolutely, a regime gone wild.

America under tyrannical rule: what we must now do

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Image courtesy of Canada Free Press


By Douglas J. Hagmann

14 July 2013: With every new Executive Order, the options that we, the people, have to seek redress for the crimes committed by the United States government are becoming more limited. Have you sent a fax or e-mail to your elected representative lately about an issue of constitutional importance? How did that work out? Have you organized or attended a “rally” lately? Tell me, what has changed by your sincere efforts? Oh, and was the rally limited to a “First Amendment zone,” (or “Free Speech zone”) or a specified location where you were “allowed” to exercise your First Amendment rights granted by the U.S. Constitution? Did you even know such zones existed and if so, are they alright with you?

America has been conquered in a faceless coup, where the meteoric rise of a virtually unknown man of Arab, not African descent (if we are to believe his own tale of his origins) was selected to complete the job of destroying our national sovereignty and eradicating what remains of our civil rights. Meanwhile, the U.S. Congress has been made irrelevant by this unclothed emperor wearing only the headdress of a pharaoh, while the judiciary has been infiltrated and corrupted to the point of being useless as a method of resolution of our grievances.

America under martial law

The United States is effectively operating under martial law. No, not “the troops are in the streets all of the time” type of martial law, but a more subtle form. A type of martial law that exists under the veil of a false sense of normalcy, which can still be plausibly denied to the most gullible among us by both our leaders and the media. Like the proverbial frogs in the pot of water being brought to a boil, most people are being conditioned to accept actions forced upon us that our founders would have not only found objectionable, but absolutely intolerable. In fact, the Revolutionary War was started and fought for much less.

We currently exist under a modern system of tyranny, where the criminality of our leaders is overt and oppressive, yet excused and embraced by those on both sides of the false political paradigm and propagated by the corporate media and the bobble heads of the airwaves. We’ve asked for answers about issues ranging from Benghazi to the Obama eligibility issue and dozens more, yet have received nothing but contempt for merely asking such questions. We are treated as unworthy subjects to royalty. If you don’t believe that, or need examples of this tyranny, then please get out of the way and let us adults do the heavy lifting to do what we must to get our country back on point.

So, exactly what must we do to achieve effective, legal and nonviolent redress, to stop the naked criminality within our government, and to bring a dose of justice to those deserving of it? We could ask for a special prosecutor like the Nixon and Clinton eras, but who would appoint one and wouldn’t such a prosecutor themselves be politically compromised? Also, we’re running out of time. We could ask for congressional hearing, but we’ve seen how well this is working out for the TEA parties. While the TEA party members and other groups are turning blue waiting for congressional hearings to be conducted in an already corrupted venue, others are calling for a second American Revolution. Neither is the answer, at least not now.

Having spent literally hours with an insider who knows how the system in DC works, or more appropriately, how the game is played, I believe there is only one current answer that could be both expedient and effective. It is our last option to stop the corrupt actions of corrupt individuals who are out of control.

What we MUST do

There is only one viable method remaining to bypass the people and groups inside of our government who refuse to  enforce the United States Constitution. We must first recognize and acknowledge that certain people, departments and groups within the United States government are involved in, or leading others to be involved in criminal activity and behavior as part of a corrupt organization. Once we have compiled a complete and detailed list of such criminal conduct, we must then file a civil complaint against the government under the federal statutes of the RICO Act, or the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, enacted by section 901(a) of the Organized Crime Control Act of 1970.

We allege that the United States government at the Executive Branch is operating as a criminal enterprise. The Executive branch has shown not only contempt of congress, but contempt for every American citizen and is operating, by executive order, as the Chicago Mob. Previously, it was the Texas and Little Rock mobs, but organized criminal enterprises nonetheless.

To bypass the corrupt Department of Justice, our efforts must be made from the civil side. The RICO Act allows for us to sue one or more “racketeers” for damage to our person (civil rights, etc.) and property. Civil actions under the RICO Act can be filed in state or federal courts. The structure available for proactive measures already exists under our current RICO law, so we must take advantage of this while we still can.

A trial by the jury of our peers is our last hope for holding these criminals accountable for their actions. The civil aspects of the RICO Act gives us a very big stick to let a jury of Americans decide whether we will continue to be subjects of royalty, or citizens of a Constitutional Republic.

At present, we have no other legal recourse to ask questions with the expectation of receiving answers. There are no more checks and balances within our government. Our efforts thus far have been nothing more than the bleating of sheep to the unclothed emperor and the congressional eunuchs who won’t raise substantive issues for fear of losing their committee memberships or positions of authority. That can be changed, and must be changed, before the next stroke of the executive pen turns martial law light into actual martial law in every corner of the United States.

At its base, it will be a herculean effort to rid the decades-in-the-making albatross from America’s neck, culminating at this point in time. The onus is so much heavier due to the beyond compromised AG’s office, as well as similarly gripped relevant power centers. And while the utterance of ‘revolution’ is surely whispered behind many closed doors, Americans fought the first one for a whole lot less. 

EVERY generation has its burden, its cross, to bear. This one is mammoth.  It can’t be ignored, wished away or sidestepped. The time is now.

15 thoughts on “America, NO Longer A ‘Tyranny-in-the-Making’…THAT Ship Has Sailed…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. To keep my finger on the pulse of this country I speed read thru quite a few political pundits every morning, and the one theme that is appearing more and more frequently is that the constitutional USA has gone away, and we need to exercise a non-violent method of restoring it. But one of these days they’re going to start advocating a violent revolution like 1776 — citing the Declaration of Independence — and the shooting is going to start (probably when the feds come into a state to enforce some federal law and the state has to shoot them to stop them) and we’ll all be swept up in it. It’ll happen real fast and there’ll be no stopping it until it’s over — whatever “over” means. I’m asking for a reality check because that’s the way I see things quickly heading. I say this because non-violent means of purging tyranny have been proclaimed for a long time now, but things keep getting much worse.

    • You basically, said would I’ve been trying to say in short form..People just seem to be floading in space, not wainting to do anything but live life. WAKE UP PEOPLE, If , well, not if, your going to come out of that sleep one day and start screaming WHAT HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!???????????

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