CDC (Centers For Disease Control & Prevention) & FEMA…What Are They Up To? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

One needn’t be a rocket scientist, nor even all that bright, to interpret certain government actions, ever since Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s first term. Hail the Pyromaniac-in-Chief! His fingerprints are beyond suspect. There are so many breadcrumbs leading to his purposeful fires, one would have to be willfully, or wholly, ignorant not to connect the dots.

While it is also the case that foreign threats are extremely grave, it doesn’t obviate his domestic plans. Yes, he can walk and chew gum at the same time. As such, the Commander-in-Chief is readying plans for massive civil unrest, irrespective of foreign mischief.

The evidence is overwhelming and breathtaking, therefore, it has to be seen for what it is: a blueprint for an (eventual) Fed government takeover via Martial Law. A crisis which will not go to waste. Essentially, the combination of economic fallout from ObamaCare and other derelict policies, plus their absolute gunning for Second Amendment rights, will surely ignite the nation. Cause and effect.

Where to begin? A prudent point of entry should be the co-joining of the Radical-in-Chief’s “point woman”, Valerie Jarrett, with DHS’s “mama Janet”, two equally radical-bent women –

But in order to effectuate “this and that”, the politicizing of a home front agency must be completed –…making it that much easier to turn on those who oppose the party line’s dictates.

And if the above sounds Gestapo-like, well, this is because it is – .

Due to the facts at hand, the following revelations (confirmed by various outside contacts) should be seen as another layer of preparation, not if, but when massive amounts of citizens will have to be subdued. And if you prefer to close your eyes, go right head. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

‘Obama’s CDC Has Stackable Coffins Ready…’ – video embedded

FEBRUARY 19, 2013 BY 
“FEMA clearly is fast becoming the Obama administration’s secret in-country military operations that is scaring citizens out of their wits.  A video narrated by Dale Bohannan has popped up online with photos of what first appear to be porta-potties.  But on closer inspection, the black plastic containers are what the narrator reveals to be as many as 125,000 outsized casket liners that are in no way there to service the needs of live American citizens!
Bohannan drove down a newly cut road through a soybean field in Madison, Georgia and spoke with the field’s owner, who told him the Center for Disease Control (CDC) owned these coffin liners and was leasing his land for their storage!   “These are cremation containers for multiple bodies–patent # 5,425,163–burnable, (and) generate very little pollution.  They are multi-use cremation containers,” says an unidentified commenter to this video.  Further information claims that the lids have been modified so they could be STACKED easily because “Americans can withstand the notion of many bodies being thrown into these coffins far better than they could the sight of bulldozers tossing bodies in big holes as was seen after the large tsunami overseas.”

Images of these black, disposable coffins cement in the minds of many Americans the notion that our government is not to be trusted and that our government is not really looking out for us, but rather is looking out for the higher ups, the politicians, and the elites in Washington, D.C.

The first Amendment guarantees “the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”  But the newly updated manual for the 3rd Infantry Division, 1st Brigade Combat Team now stationed in various American states includes, for the first time, protocols for subduing civil unrest and crowd control of US citizens.  A federal manual being used by FEMA and the Joint Terror Task Force, “…gives the government the authority to step in and IMMEDIATELY crush any civil disturbance or turmoil which might occur.  Civil disturbances are defined as riots, acts of violence, insurrection, unlawful obstruction or assemblage or other disorders prejudicial to public law and order.” But who, exactly, will define “unlawful obstruction or assemblage” or “disorders prejudicial to public law and order?”

In 1968, Operation Garden Plot was initiated by the Department of Defense for the purpose of creating “…military preparations for suppressing domestic civil disturbance…” But Americans have begun to ask who our government is preparing to fight and for what reasons! Why did Janet Napolitano’s Department of Homeland Security need 1.6 billion bullets and 7000 fully automatic rifles? (By the way, when purchased for the DHS, these rifles are called “personal defense weapons.” When you and I buy SEMI-automatic rifles, we are accused of owning “assault weapons.”)

What does she need all of those weapons for, all of those bullets? Who is the DHS preparing to kill?”

Goosestepping further, if your hearts can withstand the stress, DHS purchased and retrofitted 2700 light armored vehicles for domestic use, and they are being “tested” in a city near you –…is totalitarian rule not far behind?

NONE of the CDC’s/FEMA’s coffin preparations have anything to do with natural disasters. If you believe this is a conceivable explanation, then you might as well believe in the tooth fairy. Besides, natural disasters are nothing new, yet these preps are. They are unprecedented, and operating under the “watchful” eyes of the POTUS and his crew.

If you also believe that said “stackables” only happen in third world dictatorships and communist regimes, then you haven’t been paying attention to facts on the ground, all of which point in one direction –

Evil by design. On its face.

18 thoughts on “CDC (Centers For Disease Control & Prevention) & FEMA…What Are They Up To? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. And just how many would read this and say “impossible”? Will SCOTUS and CJ Roberts drop the ball once again and seal a fateful future?

  2. The fact that only two comments have been made should give one pause….maybe they won’t need all of those coffins after all….It’s looks like only the two of us are awake. :/

    • Your point is well taken, insofar as people comment – at the site – off and on, sometimes more than others.

      That being said, the real indicator is not in the comments, but in the amount of times each commentary is viewed. WordPress has many valuable features, and one shows how many times a commentary has been viewed. Considering that the commentary is only two days old, and that is has been viewed hundreds of times, well, that tells the tale. I expect that it will receive many thousands of views, particularly as it has already been re-blogged (by others, I have nothing to do with that) to tens of conservative sites.

      All is not lost, but time is growing short. That’s for sure.Thanks for tuning in.

  3. Under the idea that the burn boxes are to be used in a disaster, possibly
    a nuclear event expected at and American City, this is possible but
    considering the people involved why would they care about victims.
    It would appear someone has some dirty work planned and an out of
    sight out of mind thinking at work. It could be that the home security
    people are actually and army being readied to subdue America but I
    can not expect them to get to far, I rely on the Marines, they are
    Semper Fi………………….and to many patriots are under arms.

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