The Obama White House: A Clear & Present Danger To The Jewish State, Convincing & Compelling Evidence…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Let’s just dispense with all the mumbo jumbo and political doublespeak, hence, speaking truth to power: Yes, the Obama regime is an enemy of the Jewish State. Period.
EVERY time an opportunity presents itself, to stick a knife in Israel’s back, they jump on board. And those – outside and inside Israel – who still want to insist that Washington and Jerusalem are BFF’s, then just stick your head in the sand and cling to your ghetto mantra. Whatever.
HOWEVER, this address brooks no part of the regime’s betrayals, as well as their bold-faced lies, even though many in Congress support the Jewish State. A preponderance of Representatives fully understand that Israel is the U.S.’s only true and reliable ally, in a region surrounded by a murderous cauldron of anti-American/western populations. In fact, many Arab/Muslim citizens regularly exhort: Death to America/Death to Israel. How much clearer can they be? Is there any other way to interpret such vile rallying cries? On the other hand, many Americans are highly supportive of Israel and this does not go unnoticed. Nor is it taken for granted. Israel’s majority Jewish population overwhelmingly supports America and feels a special kinship to her.      
NEVERTHELESS, those who are actually in charge in the Obama administration have proven to be, again and again, absolute enemies of the thousands year old Jewish homeland. 
Seek…and you shall (hopefully) be appalled…let us sift through their treacheryas Barack HUSSEIN Obama tasked his highest General to sell out IsraelIn tandem, it has become necessary for additional grave warnings to be issued via DEBKAfile Intelligenceregarding Washington’s purposeful ‘leaks’. All the while, Obama Inc. floats ‘trial balloons’ re ‘containing’ Iran. Concomitantly, the cabal in Washington assiduously restrains Israel from its lawful right to pre-emption which is duly extrapolated within Oxford University Press. The end result being, the ultimate betrayal-the poison pill!
Alas, what will it take for America’s leftist Jews to finally realize their Commander-in-Chief plans to take Israel down? And if they are still living in fantasy land, how can they justify yet another ! Obama mouthpiece telling Israel’s enemies her secrets? They can’t. 
Russian SS-N-26 Yakhont anti-ship missile

Russian SS-N-26 Yakhont anti-ship missile

US officials early Saturday, July 13 named Israel as responsible for the July 5 air strikes against the big arms depot at a Syrian naval base in the Alawite port city of Latakia. Dispelling conflicting reports, three US officials asserted that Israel had conducted the air strikes for demolishing the advanced Russian-made Yakhont anti-ship missiles stored there.
DEBKAfile’s military sources report that three strategic arsenals were targeted: One consisted of weapons mostly delivered by Russian air freights in the last two months for the Syrian-Hizballah offensive to recapture Aleppo. A second contained the supersonic Yakhont anti-ship missiles (NATO codenamed SS-N-26) plus their radar systems; and the third, the Syrian army’s strategic reserve of missiles and ammunition, stored there for an emergency, such a possible forced Syrian army retreat to the Alawite region – or even Lebanon.

It is important to note that, although Moscow was perfectly aware that the advanced Russian weapons supplied to Syria were put in the hands of the Lebanese Hizballah, the consignments were not only not suspended but expanded. Moscow is therefore directly arming HIzballah with advanced weapons.
During the attack, neither Syrian radar nor that of the Russian warships cruising off the Syria coast registered any aircraft or missiles heading for the Latakia depot.

They were therefore unable to positively identify the source of the explosions.

Israel and the IDF held their silence – hoping that matters would stay that way, unlike their air strike of May 5 which destroyed Iranian arms shipments for Hizballah stored in the Damascus area, when American sources made haste to finger Israel. This time, too, after a few days’ pause, Washington again broke the story.
This step coincided with US President Barack Obama’s early Saturday phone call to Saudi King Abdullah to discuss the Syrian crisis. They may have discussed a potential Russian or Syrian reprisal for the Israeli air strike.

In their rough, acerbic encounter at the Black Sea resort of Sochi on May 14, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu warned President Vladimir Putin that if Russia sends advanced weaponry to Syria, such as S-300 anti-aircraft missiles or sophisticated radar for upgrading the Yakhont missiles, Israel would destroy them. Putin retorted that if Israel did this, Moscow would hit back.

After Israel’s air strikes over Damascus of May 5, Syrian President Bashar Assad said repeatedly, as did Hizballah and Iranian officials, that another Israeli attack on Syria would elicit an immediate Syrian reprisal.

The theme running through the Syrian and Hizballah warnings was a threat to open a new warfront against Israel from the Golan.

And so, two days after the IDF detected Hizballah movements on the Golan opposite the Israeli border,  the army spokesman Monday, July 8, announced the deployment of extra Israeli forces in the divided enclave.
Tuesday, July 9, a car bomb blew up at Hizballah’s office building in the Bir al-Abd quarter of South Beirut. A next-door Shiite mosque and a technical school were also hit. At least 53 people were injured.

Hizballah did not admit that the targeted office building housed the intelligence and communications centers for its combat operations in Syria. When no organization took responsibility for the attack, Beirut and Tehran pointed the finger at Israeli intelligence as the culprit.

To make matters even more Orwellian, Israel’s military is in sync with Egypt’s, knowing exactly how lethal the Brotherhood is for both. NEVERTHELESS, the leader of the free world begs to differ.
As such, it matters not a whit what aid packages are given to Israel. In fact, the strings attached – dictating that all military aid MUST be pushed back into U.S. defense contractors’ pockets – is a win-win for America. Not only that, but the intel and tech breakthroughs developed in Israel, and then given to the U.S., are priceless. As to why Israel, an emerging economic power, still asks for U.S. aid, well, that will be left for another discussion. For the record, this blog’s position is clear: Time to cut the apron strings!
In effect, Israel’s enemies give the U.S. nothing but grief, kill Americans on its shores and execute worldwide terror, yet they receive comparable aid in the process. This two bit hustle has been going on for decades. Unfathomable. Treacherous.
More pointedly, the title for quintessential reprobates and bastards belongs to…drum roll…Obama Inc.!

7 thoughts on “The Obama White House: A Clear & Present Danger To The Jewish State, Convincing & Compelling Evidence…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. Adina.You and I know obama is a piece of Sh-t. He has deliberately put Israel in the firing line. For what purpose?.Is he goading others to attack Israel,seems like it to me.Some friend,best rid I’d say.I am sure Israel with it’s can do attitude would be more than capable of sorting things out, But,as I have said before, there are evil forces at play.Only Hashem can straighten this lot out.Bob NZ

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