Islamic Jihad & Koranic Imperatives: Its Underlying Sexual Components…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

One dare not underestimate the twisted symbiotic relationship between a Muslim mother and her child (particularly sons), and the imparting of deeply ingrained cultural taboos through said dynamic. As strange as it sounds to westerners, this particular bonding, endemic in Muslim/Arab societies, accounts for much of the clearly visible pent up sexual rage in Muslim society. It starts in very early childhood. Its underlying dynamic, via a morphing of theology & politics, is brilliantly explained in the embedded policy paper, Islam & Blood.

It is this primary, guttural confusion – passed on from mother to child – which causes much of their inner turmoil. Don’t dismiss its central core in Islamic society. And while this blog has no interest, nor inclination, towards psychobabble, the above is Koranic and culturally-based. Its essence accounts for much of their yearning towards jihad. It goes without saying, the continual Islamic fatwas interspersed throughout this period of “nurturing” becomes like a second skin, even if too young to understand its basic imperatives. Nevertheless, it is ever present. The kiddies live and breathe jihad. It is their oxygen.

Now don’t be confused by all the so called “modesty police” and the psychotic emphasis on covering women from head to toe, lest Muslim males (and infidels too) become frisky and aroused. 

But do take a breather and exhale, as a new Islamic twist – fatwa-driven – has turned the tables, regardless of some back pedaling due to rising outrage. Women are now sanctioned, under Islam, to strut their stuff, and then some. It is all halal approved in the name of jihad! Allah is surely overjoyed. Hopefully these jihadi women are taking the time to shave their legs, to be all they can be. After all, we wouldn’t want their soldiers for Allah to be displeased. For crying out loud…

‘The Sex Jihad’

by Raymond Ibrahim
Special to IPT News
June 18, 2013