The “Killing Of The Dollar” & Obama Inc’s Erupting Scandals…Where Is The Nexus? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

One of the main reasons why Doug Hagmann, from Northeast Intelligence Network, is viewed as a “person of interest” by Obama Inc is because of his on target analysis of “things to come”, albeit via a wealth of digging and high level contacts.To be sure, as the head of an intelligence agency he juggles two distinct, but overlapping roles: one as an investigative journalist and the other as a seasoned private investigator. He is more than capable of tapping into a network of high level contacts. And being an unabashed Christian patriot (a double whammy) hardly endears him to the anti-American gangsters running Obama Inc.

Even so, rating surveillance by the NSA (and assorted agencies) is certainly suspect, unless whatever he digs up is decidedly non-kosher, if you get the drift. The buried – or so they thought – secrets he has uncovered renders him a “high value” subject.

So with NSA’s rampant domestic spying in the forefront, and internalizing that American mosques and attendant Islamic communities – which requires the most surveillance – are hardly in their sights, it becomes more than obvious that NSA’s spying on ALL Americans is not what it seems. Not by a long shot. And even more worrisome is the resultant damage incurred by a regime continually caught with its pants down, as such, are they to be entrusted with anything, let alone carte blanche spying? Certainly not.

But few expected the following fallout, in as much as foreign spying is part of the calculus, but certainly not to the degree revealed, especially on countries deemed more than friendly. What’s going on, even as EU officials lash out? Mind you, these same EU poohbahs surely are privy (and have been instrumental) to America’s dollar collapse. However, this does not mean that they agreed to be spied upon too!

‘Financial Insider: “We Are Moving Into the Last Stages Before An All Out Collapse” – Northeast Intelligence Network

With the United States having reached unprecedented levels of debt and no end in sight, Europe close to widespread destabilization, and Japan now having lost control of their bond market, it should be quite apparent that there is no turning back.

Governments around the world are doing everything in their power to maintain the perception that all is well. Despite their best efforts, however, the coming catastrophe cannot be stopped.

The following video and accompanying excerpt recorded on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report Nightly Radio Show features Steve Quayle and financial insider “V,” also known as the Guerrilla economist.

This is critical knowledge and foresight into what is happening, what the triggers for the next collapse will be, and how the world’s elite plan on making their exits.

You will never hear information like this from mainstream media sources until after the fact, if ever.

Be forearmed and forewarned, because as “V” notes, what’s coming will leave no one on this planet untouched.

Video excerpt produced by The Daily Sheeple with permission from The Hagmann and Hagmann Report

The collapse that’s going to occur here is going to be a trifecta of bonds, stocks and real estate combined.

The Fed over here has ordered – and I want everybody to listen because this is insider information – the Fed has ordered the U.S. pension funds to begin to acquire U.S. debt. That is coming down the pike, it’s going to start happening, the states are going to start carrying it in order to fatten up their books… So, we are moving into the last stages before an all out collapse.

That’s exactly where we’re headed.

Now the Rubicon has been crossed… the armies are surrounding the Capital itself.

Excerpt continued…

We’re at a very critical juncture, and that’s what’s got me freaked out the most. The Japanese have lost control and they don’t know what to do at this point. .. They’re telling the public “don’t worry, everything’s ok.”

That is a signs, folks, that they are panicking. That is a sign that everything is not OK… that there is a great fear and trepidation that has begun.

And when this thing goes bust, this is the trigger that’s going to bring this whole thing down.

We’re on the last leg for this whole storybook. Unfortunately, it’s not going to be a storybook ending. So we’re in the last few pages of a chapter that’s been written about a hundred years ago, and it’s soon coming to an end.

 Now the question becomes, what exactly are they going to do?

They’re going to bring this thing to a halt. They’re going to create economic turmoil and a crash. And then they’re going to sell the population on some sort of armed conflagration, some sort of a massive global war. 

That is typically the playbook of the globalists. That is typically what we see, a pattern that is repeated often.

A small scale controlled regional war is not going to fix the $1.5 Quadrillion derivative debt globally.

A small scale regional war is not going to fix the massive levels of unemployment in America, in Europe, in Japan…

It’s not going to fix the economic problems that have festered in much of the western world and parts of the world that utilize a western style of banking.

It’s not going to fix it this time.

This time they’re going to drag everybody in. This time there’s not going to be anybody who’s going to be unaffected.

Let me tell you right now. It is mathematically impossible to pull this back. It’s mathematically impossible.

You cannot recall this. 

Recorded May 24, 2013 (full interview here)

As this blog duly documented, even though China basically owns America, the fact of the matter is that the complete slaughter of the dollar has to become a fait accompli. Once done, there will be nothing to do but allow the Feds to dole out the crumbs, just as they planned. World War 111, anyone?