Obama’s March Towards Gun Control Runs Through ObamaCare…Via Its Definition of “Mentally Ill”…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Some of us are used to being called “hysterics”, essentially by those who prefer to “see no evil, hear no evil”. For when the alternative is more horrific than “seeing from here to there”, many choose the path of least resistance. At least this is the way they see it.

Now that you are totally confused, along comes some glaring truths, but it is not fair to blame the messenger. Not at all.

And when orders come from the tippy top, albeit shrouded under DHS – a supposedly homeland protection agency – it becomes easier to disarm the public, figuratively and literally – adinakutnicki.com/2012/09/03/the-hunt-against-vets-excluding-muslim-servicemen-is-the-first-path-to-disarming-patriotic-americans-the-game-plan-to-label-right-wing-citizens-as-domestic-terrorists-dave-gaubatz-spills/.

Yet still, add in the most radical, revolutionary regime in U.S. history, and leave it to them to hide – within the bowels of ObamaCare – the most non-transparent power grab, bar none. Herein morphs a legislative behemoth with the disarming of American citizens, as its contents leave open a loosey goosey, ill-defined, whimsical interpretation of what constitutes mental illness. Bonkers.


Exclusive: Dr. Lee Hieb explains dangerous weapon in hands of state

Published: 02/04/2013

author-image by LEE HIEB, M.D. 

Dr. Lee Hieb is an orthopaedic surgeon specializing in spinal surgery. She is past president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, a free market medical organization.

In the administration’s latest push to limit the Second Amendment rights of its citizens, the term “mental health” is being bantered about and used as common ground between anti-gun activists and staunch defenders of gun rights.

Sen. Roy Blunt, Missouri Republican and NRA backer, objected to President Obama’s proposals but agreed the “focus should be on mental health.” Others, while proclaiming support for the Second Amendment, propose “a meaningful conversation about mental health,” or that we should “identify people who are mentally ill.” After all, how could anyone support guns in the hands of the mentally ill?

Wait … not so fast. The problem is one of definition: Who is mentally ill?

The use of psychiatry against dissidents in the Soviet Union was one of the major human rights scandals of the 1970s and 1980s. Overt tyrants don’t need to employ psychiatry as a weapon, but establishing a dictatorship that pretends to be a republic requires a stealthy way of silencing opponents. As the Soviets discovered, not everyone is afraid to speak out, and when dissidents are perceived by the public as speaking truth, they must somehow be discredited.

What better way than to be labeled mentally ill? That accomplishes two things: First, the mentally ill person can be silenced and secreted away into a mental institution. And secondly – this is especially important for prominent people who may have left behind their written statement – it discredits the person’s beliefs. If the dissident is determined by “great medical men of learning” to be “mentally ill,” then people will be less likely to take his words seriously.

Nuclear Physicist Andrei Sakharov was sent into interior exile in Gorky for his “peace of mind” after being diagnosed by psychiatrists at the Leningrad Institute as a “talented but sick man.” His sickness came to light when he published a tract in the U.S., recommending build-up of the nuclear arsenal.

Soviet psychiatry in the Brezhnev era and beyond was predicated on the concept of “heterodoxy.” If you didn’t believe the official dogma, you must have been ill. Under the politburo, this meant not believing in Marxism, or having some form of God-centered religious belief.

In 1974, neurophysiologist and political activist, Vladimir Bukovsky and the incarcerated psychiatrist Semyon Gluzman wrote “A Manual on Psychiatry for Dissenters,” in which they provided potential future victims of political psychiatry with instructions on how to behave during inquest in order to avoid being diagnosed as mentally sick.

Even after the fall of the Soviet Union, political opponents, human rights activists and psychiatrists who did not believe in punitive psychiatry were incarcerated in mental institutions. Gluzman himself spent seven years in the Gulag, and 3 years in Siberian exile for refusing to diagnose a mental illness in a human rights activist.

One of the factors that allowed psychiatry to become so entwined with the totalitarian authority, according to Yuri Savenko, the president of the Independent Psychiatric Association of Russia, was the total nationalization of the psychiatric profession. In other words, the psychiatrists all worked for and were paid by the government. They no longer were employed by their patients.

Thomas Szasz in his 1984 book “The Therapeutic State,” says the collaboration between government and psychiatry results in a system in which disapproved thoughts, emotions and actions are repressed (“cured”) through pseudomedical interventions. Thus illegal drug use, smoking, overeating, gambling, shoplifting, sexual promiscuity, pederasty, rambunctiousness, shyness, anxiety, unhappiness, racial bigotry, unconventional religious beliefs and suicide are all considered diseases or symptoms of diseases – things that happen to people against their will. This attitude, Szasz concludes, can lead to unwanted treatment being forced on someone – just for his beliefs.

So back to the NRA. I see this one coming. This is a one-two sucker punch let loose in the name of civil society and treatment of poor mentally ill people. The government lets us Second Amendment people keep guns, but only if we are not mentally ill – and it is the government which will define “mentally ill.”

Recently, the issue of post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, in returning Vets has been mentioned in the context of gun permits. Of course the government makes a great show of concern for our returning injured vets, making sure that mental health facilities are expanded to insure timely care. And of course, unless the vet has a solid diagnosis of PTSD or some other mental diagnosis, he or she will not be eligible for care. But once given the diagnosis, the veteran is at risk of losing constitutionally guaranteed rights under the rubric of making gun ownership conditional on “mental health.”

Brandon Raub, USMC veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, made quite colorful anti-war and anti-administration remarks in a Facebook page. He was subsequently drug away in handcuffs by local authorities purportedly at the request of mental health workers.

Col. Thierry Dupuis, county police chief, acted under the state’s emergency custody statute which allows a magistrate to order civil detention and psych evaluation of anyone considered potentially dangerous – i.e., he was hauled off and jailed for a “pre-crime.” He hadn’t hurt anyone. He hadn’t done anything overt except express his beliefs on paper. And anyone with a three-inch kitchen knife is “potentially dangerous.”

You out there worried about Agenda 21? Crazy!

Have fervent Christian beliefs that leads you to wear long dresses? Crazy!

Homeschooler? Obvious agoraphobic.

Dr. Charles Sell, DDS, was confined in federal prison for five years and nearly subjected to forced anti-psychotic drugging. He was deemed “paranoid” and thus incompetent to stand trial. After serving many years, he was sprung finally after an arduous legal battle was waged in his defense. Initially charged with defrauding Medicaid, at the end he was found to have “defrauded” the Medicaid system only about $35. His paranoid delusion? That the government was “out to get him.”

Psychiatry is a dangerous weapon in the hands of the state. We cannot cede to the government authority to define mental health, nor allow mental health “experts” to decide our fitness to exercise our constitutional rights. And we must be vigilant as more people disappear into the mental health system.

Just imagine the following scenario: a faceless, ill-informed, yet ideologically obsessed, highly paid bureaucrat deciding whether or not one is “mentally fit” to retain their Second Amendment rights. In the meanwhile, the message conveyed to the general public (via a compliant, lock-step media) is that of a leadership looking out for everyone’s welfare. Oh yeah. Topsy turvy. Crazy too.

In tandem, a litmus test is preposterously set up through ObamaCare, as doctors are now tasked to ask their patients –  all doctors, not just psychiatrists, pimple poppers too –  if they own guns (as well as “this and that”), questions which have nothing to do with the medical visit at hand – www.ama-assn.org/amednews/2013/01/28/hll20128.htm. Besides, Obama and gang (the “oh so smart set”) realize, many are not only anxiety-ridden when they visit the doctor, but are often intimidated too, even if the doctor’s bedside manner is up to snuff. How’s that going to sway a “mental fitness” diagnosis?

All their gobblygook aside, let’s be clear – none of the above has anything to do with keeping Americans safe, despite some physicians jumping on board. These docs instinctively understand – though most are loathe to admit – they are as qualified to gauge ones fitness to own a firearm (unless one enters the doctor’s office with a tinfoil hat on their head, or is foaming at the mouth) as this blogger is capable of judging a ballet contest, knowing next to nothing about ballet! Not only that, but the revolutionaries in charge pretend that physicians are as well versed in “gun safety” as those who are gun enthusiasts. The insanity of it all…perhaps Obama’s goons should offer a shout out to the NRA. Now, that makes (mental health) sense.

But not all docs are afraid of the system, as evidenced by Dr. Lee Hieb. Joining her is a very famous physician, the most well respected pediatric neurosurgeon in America. He sees ObamaCare for what it is – a TOTAL power grab – www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2013/02/11/dr_ben_carson_on_criticizing_obamacare_somebody_has_to_stand_up_to_the_bullies.html#.URpThAozh38.facebook …but mainly concentrates on its fiscal hammer blow. However, the Radical-in-Chief knows very well, the way to “forward march” is through economics and guns – adinakutnicki.com/2012/08/07/barack-hussein-obamas-deconstruction-plans-green-wise-via-the-economy-disarming-the-citizens-via-gun-control-connecting-the-dots-addendum-to-the-second-term-plans-of-an-obama-presidency-c/

So in light of the above, is it “hysterical” to posit: Obama’s march towards gun control runs through ObamaCare, and their “definition” of “mental illness”? If one is still suspended in disbelief, perhaps one of Obama’s psychiatric evaluations are in order!

31 thoughts on “Obama’s March Towards Gun Control Runs Through ObamaCare…Via Its Definition of “Mentally Ill”…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

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    • Yes, we are living in VERY dangerous times. This is an understatement, since residing in the cross hairs of the Islamic beast (in Israel) would seem to be hair raising enough. But what is happening in the U.S. is enough to reverberate throughout western civilization. It won’t be felt right away, but by the time its entire effects are felt, it will be too late.

  2. Some of us stuck with one of the labels in question are going to suffer BIG time when this stuff is fully implemented. More people who consider themselves to be “normal” will then join the ranks of vets who have already lost their right to carry arms! Then the crying will start after a time, but way too late, I fear!

  3. And Brandon Raub’s story…I watched unfold online that week in real time. What he went through opened my eyes enough to realize what was actually happening as I saw Benghazi unfold that following week as well. What’s sadder yet is that according to his lawyer from the Rutherford Institute (both of high regard among those who have been paying attention over the years), he knew at that time of around 22,000 other Vets or gun and/or Christian activists who have “disappeared” via the loophole in VA state law! Raub’s story is not singular and around that time, I found other Vets, mostly Marines, who have been charged under strange circumstances, and often locked away–particularly if they’re out-spoken. Raub baited himself on purpose and because of his preparation, caught the incident on tape and ensured it would be spread all over the web; THAT is the ONLY reason why he got out, when the others haven’t! Other outspoken Vets like Sgt. Charles Dyer (youtube’s “July4Patriot” who was one of the founders of OathKeepers) have also been innocently charged of crimes and put away. Makes me SICK to see such valiant, patriot members of the military pay so dearly b/c they are the few who take their oath to the Constitution seriously! Then there’s the “Leavenworth 10” (now 8) that Rep. Allen West tried to bring to media attention…

    Thank you, Adina, for having even mentioned him–that means he and his fellow Vets in the fight have not been forgotten regarding their “off the battlefield” battles! God bless! And God bless America as the Founders intended!

  4. Note that such as Adam Lanza (and many other shooting- spree perpetrators) were left to roam free, despite repeatedly coming to the attention of medical authorities. Such people are often left to roam free despite the best efforts of their legal guardians to have them committed. And yet, those who posed no physical harm to anyone, but who the state saw as an ideological threat, were committed. If that doesn’t prove to you that the Obama administration – and previous ones – don’t care about public safety, then you probably voted for Obama.

  5. Our current world here in the former America is in a deadly state. Any of you who have ever suffered from depression (and that’s a lot of people) better get off your anti-depressants! You will be on the list of unable to bear arms. I read (I forgot where, that in the Affordable Care Act that the NRA was able to get added to the bill that physicians are forbidden to ask a patient about firearms. I wish I had saved that article. Guess I’d better do some research!

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  9. Thank you for your labor to bring this information to us. I have spend the better part of a day trying to find a copy of: A manual on psychiatry for dissidents / Vladimir Bukovsky. I cannot find it anywhere, nor is there a library in my state that has this booklet. I found it online, in Russian, but I lost the link and now cannot find that. I know of a Russian man who “might” translate it for me. Adina, do you know HOW I can obtain a copy of this book. I believe Americans are going to need this information. I am hoping to hear from you soon! Thanks again.

  10. Shalom Lauren,

    I have no idea where to access the manual but it is a great question. Are you in touch with anyone in the mental health field, even someone who is a student? I am in the midst of several projects, but if you can’t find it in a few weeks check back with me. I will see what I can do.

    It is quite possible that book stores, which specialize in Russian academic fields, may be able to assist.

  11. Dear Adina, I have written this letter but to no avail. I wrote to you about my attempt to secure a copy of the esteemed Dr. Vladimir Bukovsky’s booklet, and I still cannot find it. Here is a letter I wrote to a group, who I thought may pass on my words to him, but so far I cannot find a copy of his “A Manual of Psychiatry for Dissenters.” You wrote back asking if I am in the health care business. NO, indeed I am not. I am an American citizen, a house wife, who believes in the Constitution, and I know that any one of us Americans could be compromised and picked up by the 0 administration. I want to know how to best protect myself from these American psychiatrist who are detaining American citizens. You told me to let you know if I am unsuccessful at finding a copy of this manual which we Americans now need to help us if and when the 0 regime comes for any one of us. If you can help me find a copy of this excellent work that will, eventually, be needed by millions of Americans. Thank you for your writing. I read your posts daily.

    • Hi Lauren, yes, I recall your post. I will pass on your request to one of my contacts, he may know how to find the answer you are seeking. If he finds anything out I will let you know. But in the interim, there are ways to protect your family from an out of control regime. For starters, check out which organization, in you area, is most actively involved in patriotic efforts. Being part of a group, which is serious in intent, is very helpful. Everyone has a part to play. Start in your own neighborhood and then branch out.

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