CIA’s Panetta Leaves A Parting “Gift”…An Important Admission Re Benghazigate…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Outgoing officials often offer up “gifts” of sorts, however, the citizens have to recognize them for what they are. Priceless.

On the one hand, a double-edged sword may arise, one which must be calibrated for future use. By listening to another’s words carefully, especially that of a very high ranking official, treasure troves can be gleaned. But you gotta keep your ears attuned. This is no conspiracy talk. It is common sense-based, coupled with a good measure of knowledge.

In this regard, readers are familiar with Benghazigate’s stink bombs, as they repeatedly surface, one poop at a time –

One must also become attuned to certain nuances, particularly when a Four Star Admiral  (albeit retired, freer to voice his considerable professional assessment) drops a bomb on the leadership –

Yet there is always room for more droppings, as evidenced within Hill’s less than honest “testimony” –

So, where does departing CIA Director, Leon Panetta, fit in – parting “gifts” and all? 

‘Defense Secretary Panetta: Obama and Hillary Absent during Benghazi attack’ -videos embedded

by  on FEBRUARY 7, 2013 

During the presidential primary campaign of 2008, a central debate issue was who was more qualified to answer that 3am phone call as president. Barack or Hillary? Based on Senate testimony given by Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta about the Benghazi attacks on 9/11, neither Barack nor Hillary is qualified.

These are really fascinating admissions. In the first video, Panetta tells Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) that neither he nor Gen. Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff never communicated with the President once it became known that Ambassador Stevens had been killed. Former Navy SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty were killed several hours later.

Here is Republican Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) asking both Panetta and Dempsey about what they discussed with Hillary Clinton between the first attack on the consulate that killed Stevens and the later attack on the CIA Annex that killed Woods and Doherty.

Their responses? Uh, we didn’t talk with Clinton at all.

If Panetta and Dempsey were telling the truth, it’s a shocking reality. If they were untruthful, what really happened must be far worse.”

In tandem with the absentee Commander-in-Chief (not unlike a captain of the Titanic)  Hill was nowhere in sight – .

The upshot is real clear, and the utterances come straight from the Director’s mouth: if Panetta’s testimony IS truthful, then Obama & gang not only dropped the ball, but were derelict in the extreme. A VERY grave matter.

On the other hand, if his lips were less than truthful, then what we really think happened was barely the cusp. In other words, Federal pens should be the least of their punishment. 

NOT to continue digging would be a national travesty, regardless of party affiliation and ideological leanings. For if truth no longer matters, then everything else is meaningless. Lost. Gone. Kaput.

5 thoughts on “CIA’s Panetta Leaves A Parting “Gift”…An Important Admission Re Benghazigate…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. Panetta and Dempsey’s answers were an effort to isolate Obama and Hillary from any fallout over the Benghazi attack and deaths. Which means that both of them were in it up to their eyebrows and Panetta and Dempsey knew it.

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